Ted Cruz Stays Positive Despite Grim Numbers in Indiana

May 02, 2016 · 341 comments
Hummmmm (In the snow)
Definition: Staying positive: the denial of reality; removal of amazing amounts of sensory information leaving a very distorted perception; bullet flying at your head at 2,600 feet per second but you stay positive and say "what bullet" or that won't hurt or Oh, look at that squirrel; imagine denying everything with the color blue...how much is left to look at?
Cybele Plantagenet (flying low)
Cruz is not being positive. He's being delusional. Bye bye Ted...time to slither back to your lair.
Eugene Gorrin (Union, NJ)
Trump is up by double-digits in Indiana, and Kasich is running a strong third. So much for that Cruz-Kasich alliance.

It's the beginning of the end for Cruz. He made a fatal mistake. After excoriating the party establishment in the Senate and on the campaign trail, Cruz has now made common cause with the party establishment in a desperate attempt to stop Trump. Cruz became an opportunist - and a very desperate one at that.

Lyin' Ted morphed into Opportunist Ted. By tomorrow night, he will have become OusTed.

And Donald the Buffoon keeps rolling along.
Joyce Medina (Florida)
I hope that Indiana is smart enough to vote for TRUMP.
Sarah (N.J.)
Ted Cruz is, as we know, a Radical Conservative. Example, his obsession with transgender people and bathrooms. Ted seems intent on making this a problem.

Yesterday I was listening to Ted emote about something or other, when I began to notice his hairstyle. It is close-cropped, and the style was probably a trendsetter in the 1950s. It fairly shouts, "Radical Conservative."

At least the much-discussed hair of Donald Trump is more "Now."
Lisa Fremont (East 63rd St.)
Cruz and Carly are now crawling back under their collective rock.
Never knew I could feel sorry for an inanimate object
Lisa Fremont (East 63rd St.)
The fact that Cruz rose to the level of US Senator from Texas and then as GOP Presidential candidate is incomprehensible and horrifying. If not for the wisdom of the American public, he might have even attained the Oval Office.

While we celebrate Cruz's demise, we need to realize that the next Cruz is awaits in the wings. Let's not let it come this close next time.
JoJo (Boston)
I'm a Humanist, not a Christian, but I respect sincere Christians and would certainly consider voting for one, which is why I would never vote for Cruz or any other hypocritical panderer who proclaims they simultaneously believe fervently in the Prince of Peace and unnecessary war. Jesus would be rolling in his grave if he hadn't risen from it.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
I don't care whether people believe in God or not. I just get real cynical if they tell me what they think God thinks.
BlueWaterSong (California)
The fatal flaw with NeverTrump is the lack of any palatable alternative in the pack of incompetents that stepped forward. Presumably, they have to come out of the convention with some nominee. "NeverTrump" sounds great until you look at who is waiting to step in and how much support they were able to generate. They simply do not have an alternative.
Lisa Fremont (East 63rd St.)
Does Guinness Book of Records have categories for:
Shortest USA VP candidacy
Most Bible thumps
most unsuccessful candidate Presidential campaign collusion.

Just asking ;}
fran soyer (ny)
Trump and Cruz have IDENTICAL policies.

A vote for Trump IS a vote for Cruz.

Cruz is Trump with manners. Otherwise, they are 100% completely indistinguishable ...
DCBarrister (Washington, DC)
Under no sane application of human thought are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz identical.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Both of these gentlemen have distilled out the same essences of Republican reactionary fantasy. Maybe Trump's version is less obnoxious because it doesn't invoke God.
Dax7 (New York, NY)
The Texas Rattlesnake Roundup cannot come too soon this year. There's a big one on the loose in Indiana, and Hoosiers don't like snakes. Come get your Senator.
Jill (<br/>)
"Pray for Ted, indeed."
Pray for somebody who even John Boehner considers Beelzebub?
RM (Vermont)
The situation reminds me of an old Mickey Gilley country music song, "The girls all look prettier at closing time". Its about a guy, partially inebriated, who picks up a lady in the bar at closing time. But as he sobers up, he realizes he has made a serious mistake.

Well, it appears that establishment Republicans closing time romance with Lucifer is coming to an end, when they now are really getting a good look at him in the morning's light.
Interesting that God willed a long primary season. I would have thought He would have been too busy determining the outcome of basketball tournaments and baseball season openers to bother Himself with the Indiana GOP primary. It couldn't possibly be for the California primary because everyone knows God hasn't set foot in that state in years.
Christian (St Barts, FWI)
After his defeat Tuesday, the anointed-by-God Cruz can scrap his campaign in the junkyard of all the other Republican self-proclaimed Messiahs who've run for president: St Buchanan with his pitch forks, St Bachmann with her delusions about virtually everything, St Hucklebee with his infomercial snake oils, St Sarah with her guns and her exorcisms, St Ben Carson with his self portraits standing next to a black Jesus, and all the other faith-fueled whacko birds our religion-soaked nation spawns on its never ending bender of worship of a fictional God.
Rami (&amp;lt;br/&amp;gt;)
Cruz is implying that voting for him is " a mandate for genius"? The self regard is boundless!
robert s (marrakech)
It takes some a little longer to see a snake.
Theodore Myers (Long Beach, NY)
you are incorrect! kindly re-read the article and you can see that it was Trump who stated "it's a mandate for genius"
chris87654 (STL MO)
"Ted Cruz Stays Positive Despite Grim Numbers in Indiana"
In some cases, there's a very thin line between being positive" and being delusional".
Tiago (NYC)
Really? Does the Tex-Canadian luciferian really feel this country is ready for more Texas?
I say we need a longer break.
Damian (Boston)
"Senator Ted Cruz expressed gratitude for the “common-sense good judgment” of Midwesterners. " Too bad Ted Cruz doesn't have any common sense. He's a disaster waiting to happen.
drollere (sebastopol)
the fact that trump has serially eviscerated every one of his opponents -- at least, those who did not (like scott walker) commit seppuku through their own incompetence -- has been a delicious comedic treat for everyone who despises the parasitic political parties and the militarized corporate welfare state they have made of this country.

it's still not generally acknowledged that trump has successfully mounted a third party campaign from inside an established political party, like the "alien" instar bursting out of the chest of its host. what fun it will be to see it burst from the sobbing heart of ted cruz!

well, not so fast. the new and really exciting possibility is that ted cruz, the same tex cruz who refuses to endorse his party's candidate if that candidate is trump, will mount a split party campaign for "real conservativism".

the six month spectacle of ted cruz and donald trump carping at each other while hillary clinton screeches with laughter is likely to liberate an entire generation from the media ginned superstition that "politics matters".
frankpcb (panama city beach)
Ted Cruz will never get the money to run an independent campaign, but if does so will Bernie and Clinton will really be screeching then!
Lisa Fremont (East 63rd St.)
"Ben Carson has withdrawn from the Iowa Primary"
"New York values..."
Using his daughters for vote gathering
Choosing a VP without the nomination
Accusing Trump of National Enquirer lead re alleged affairs
Making every state "the most important state'--until he loses it.
And of course...shutting down the Federal Government and costing the people of the USA billions of dollars.

All I can say is...there isn't a big enough rock for me for Ted to crawl back under
stephen (Los Angeles)
I think part of the animosity towards Teddy Boy is that in fact his allegiance to "God" is also just a political ploy. He looked around and decided that having an electorate base of "Christians" served his political ambitions. Even the Christians on some level know this guy is one big opportunistic fraud....he just oozes "I'm not authentic" and that explains perhaps how he ever got elected in Texas to begin with. For some reason they seem to enjoy being defrauded and bamboozled (see George W Bush, Rick Perry and also current Governor ) in that state.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
To have faith, you need credulity.
gunste (Portola valley CA)
The key point is really the turn out among the dedicated Republican voters. To date, that has been 15 to 25% of registered Republicans, the activists. In November, the turnout will be higher for those who vote "AGAINST" someone, but the minority Democrats may still carry Indiana despite its label of a GOP state. No matter who the GOP candidate is, it will be a choice of "who will do the least damage". - It speaks poorly for America that we cannot field outstanding, widely admired candidates. Our system is broken by excessive antagonism that surpasses all benefits of a democratic government which is too far divided.
Judy Konos (Louisiana)
Ted Cruz
From inception had the blues
To be President
A Cabinet he must choose!
Duncan Phyfe
Well that might do!
As long as its American
Electorate will see me through!
Oh Thomasville, Oh Seymore
The time has come to say
Join me in my cabinet
with my VP today!
Glenn (Princeton NJ)
How does Rep. Louie Gohmert know that if Cruz loses Indiana to Trump that, still, "God wants every state to be on record?"
Adirondax (mid-state)
There is something marvellously fulfilling about watching Ted Cruz twist in the wind.

It couldn't have happened to a more twisted, religiously self-important fella.
Hicksite (Indiana)
"Indianans"? Really?
Skep41 (California)
Everybody I have disliked politically has come out against Trump. The DNC, the RNC, the Pope, the Mexican government, every obnoxious leftist activist on the planet, Soros, movie stars, academics...but nothing has given me more pleasure than the humiliation, defeat and renunciation he has dealt to the Christian Right. The Donald doesn't care about what bathroom in North Carolina people go in, whether pizza parlors in rural Indiana cater gay weddings or any of that other nonsense. And now he has shown Cruz, champion of those idiots, to be the nasty, dishonest, back-biting, self-righteous creep that he is. I didn't like Trump at first but attack after attack forced me to rethink him as The Donald outwitted and outmaneuvered his less imaginative opponents one by one. Now the ghastly Cruz is about to bite the dust and as that dust clears we will be getting ready for the Main Event. The Battle To Stop Clinton III! Can the Trump-Man stop the Progressive Monster who is wrecking cities, destroying lives and dragging a formerly great nation into a Denmark-style nightmare of stagnation and Political Correctness? Time will tell.
fran soyer (ny)
Yeah, but did you vote for Arnold ...

The last time we tries the "celebrity outsider" routine, the candidate conveniently forgot to tell everyone that he fathered a child with his maid and the maid / mistress and the maid / mistress love child were living with him and his snookered wife.

God knows what Dodgy Donnie is hiding ...
Rick (San Francisco)
I'm a democrat, but Arnold was/is no Ted Cruz and, frankly, neither was/is he Donald Trump. He was pretty much the sort of Republican this country used to have; you know, the sort who could make compromises with Democrats and govern from the consensus middle. He was a Hollywood star and he lived the life of a Hollywood star. Affairs, etc., are side shows. JFK, FDR, Ike, GHWB. For that matter, Bill Clinton.
SL2 (Indiana)
It seems that every time the NYT write about Indiana they get this wrong: people from Indiana are not "Indianans," they are "Hoosiers!"
Kate (Greenwich,CT)
Ted Cruz is acting and sounding more and more like a TV preacher, waving his arms and pontificating. Religion has no place in the WhiteHouse!
Etaoin Shrdlu (New York, NY)
It seems theists are correct when they assume that God wants Cruz to prevail. As St. Paul pointed out, "Satan is the god of this world." (2 Cor 4:4) His current avatar is that veritable "Lucifer in the the flesh" whom Boehner despises.

Is it the case that nothing happens in this world that is not the will of some perverse and inscrutable supernatural Trickster? Are pestilence, starvation, and genocide are His caring will for His children? This would explain a lot of election results.
A. Stanton (Dallas, TX)
According to Mrs. Rabinowitz, my high-school physics teacher of many years gone by, momentum depends on how much of some kind of stuff is moving and how fast that stuff is moving. So according to her, the problem now for both Sanders and Cruz is not enough stuff moving too slow.
"Gunner Ted" Cruz is history. A mass of his delegates are now "mushy."
It's Trump vs Clinton.
I hope Hillary's strategists can keep their fingers off the trigger with disastrous revelations long enough to see him through the convention and onto the campaign trail.
Trump is Palin w/out the intellectual rigor and less testosterone.
DCBarrister (Washington, DC)
John Boehner's comments ended the Cruz campaign, which was already on political life support.

Ted Cruz will never be able to outrun being called Lucifer incarnate by the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives.
Mark (Phoenix)
Ted Cruz. This is a man that stood up for hours, reading Green Eggs And Ham and shutdown the Government iN the fall of 2013.. Then he later denied that was his intention. "TrusTed" ? Nope. Not by nearly enough people. ....Soon to be known as "DefeaTed."
Michael M (<br/>)
Ha! "DefeaTed" is *perfect*!

Seriously. See
Dermot (Babylon, Long Island, NY)
Working class Americans are flocking to register for the upcoming elections this fall, especially in New York.
One reason is that they are fed up with their local, state and federal representatives who don't seem to really care about their particular problems. For example, Long Island motorists are being caught in an insidious $80.00 Red Light Traffic Camera scam. Thousands of decent, hard-working middle class people have had to pay these exorbitant fines or lose their driver's license. It's a cash cow racket that brings in millions of dollars to the county government each year. Yet, when motorists try and complain about the cameras, the county government and judges won't listen to them.
When the common people continually get stabbed in the back by devious politicians, they start to rebel. They don't trust the current establishment in either the Republican or Democratic Party and want to vote in an outsider for President. And it is going to happen in November. Just watch...
ScubaDude (DC)
These 'traffic scams' are rally the automated ticketing company's doing. They 'lease' this equipment to local governments and take a cut of the revenue (40-60%) and guarantee that a certain amount will be generated. It is because we don't hire enough government workers (local/state/federal) to reasonably enforce the laws. Too much money to be made to go back. They have camera machines everywhere in DC and while some are necessary (near schools, etc...) they are popping up everywhere; you'll get a ticket for 'illegal right turn' or 'not coming to a complete stop' at 3 and 4 in the morning when nobody is out and there is NO TRAFFIC ON THE ROAD. Then the fine doubles after 30 days. COMPLETE RIP OFF. Don't see many in the wealthy areas though. Welcome to let's outsource government functions to the private sector; everyone pays more!
DCBarrister (Washington, DC)
It's really unfortunate, but being Lucifer incarnate just doesn't seem to lend itself to sustained voter support.

KMW (St Louis)
I love this guy. He tells it like it is. People don't want to hear the truth, so they call him names. He would have been a great president. Unfortunately, although he is young, he has values most people don't want to hear about today. They rather vote for Trump who contradicts himself constantly, Bernie who wants to tax everyone to death to give out freebies (never could understand that logic) or Hillary who is associated with so many conflicts and bad dealings. I love this country, we are so screwed up!!!!
Eraven (NJ)
It is a sad commentary that Republicans come up with the likes of Teump and Cruz as possible presedential candidates. One is Lucufer in the flesh and the other is a vagabond with no clue on any subject.
This election perhaps should be the simplest of all for the people to choose. One side Teump, other side Hillary or Bernie. But looking at the support Trump is getting it is surprising to what level have we lowered ourselves. People will get the Government they deserve
Mauloa (U.S.)
Cruz is like the "cast aside boyfriend" who continues to stalk the former girlfriend who is married to someone else. He expects "things to change". It is pitiful to have to sit and watch. For those "never Trump" dreamers - they too are pitiful - as the Examiner contributor added this morning with his "4th round" take over by Romney/Ryan/Haley. The kindest thing to all of these pathetic losers is for Trump to get the 1237 delegates outright - so it ends their misery. The people are only becoming more Trump oriented - not because they started out with him - but because the corrupt, deceitful, nasty behavior of other candidates and elitist RNC/GOP. We aren't fooled anymore thanks to the internet and mass of information.
mgb (boston)
This latter-day McCarthy-ite's modus operandi is to always point an accusatory finger. Frankly, I am shocked, shocked that "it's the mainstream media" which is responsible for the lack of support for this pitiful man's campaign. He can't bring himself to look in the mirror and admit that he and his proposals are intensely disliked. And as for his whip-smart supporter, Representative Louie Gohmert's claim that “God wants every state to be on record,” doesn't he realize that She has a sense of humor?
HL (Arizona)
As much as I dislike Donald Trump, he recognizes the importance of Planned Parenthood for women’s health, he has said that the poor will get health care; he has said Iraq was a mistake and if the war was started with fake evidence Bush should have been impeached. He is also vanquishing a very smart, very evil little man who invokes God as his reason to shut down our Government all by himself.
Andrew B. (New York, NY)
I agree with Sen. Cruz that the mainstream media wants this race over, because it fits into their narrative about politics better. Ironically, it was only a week or so ago that media luminaries were questioning the fairness of their coverage of the non-Trump candidates in the GOP primary field.

The GOP rules say that you must have 1,237 delegates to become the GOP nominee. Those saying otherwise are doing so because a) they want to disregard party rules and deny the will of a majority of their party or b) they are afraid about how their party will be publicly portrayed. I believe the GOP voters should be allowed to dictate the story that the media covers, and if that is a contested convention then so be it. Otherwise, the media will cover the story that gets them the highest ratings.
DCBarrister (Washington, DC)
Three weeks ago Ted Cruz mocked Donald Trump for whining about the media.
Today Ted Cruz is whining about the media.

Oh Karma, you big beautiful gal!
Girish Kotwal (Louisville, KY)
Ted Cruz has good reason to stay positive although Indiana is his last hope to remain that way. I just drove through Indiana on I-65 over the weekend and I did not see signs of any of the presidential hopefuls or realization that the state of Indiana could make or break the chances of Cruz staying on with the slim hopes of winning the state and trekking along to a potential convention fight. I talked to a Catholic patent attorney working for a large corporation in Indianapolis who had been with a church group on Saturday morning who said he had been considering supporting Cruz even though he had heard the negative comments about Cruz from ex-Speaker Boehner and another colleague who is a registered democrat and a big Obama supporter who said he was considering voting for Sanders even though he agreed 100% with Trump's foreign policy direction. Indiana has some very different rules for the primaries they explained to me and that makes the Indiana primary even more crucial and interesting and different by allowing registered voters to vote in the primary for a candidate of their choice irrespective of their registered party affiliation.
frankpcb (panama city beach)
Its called an open primary and all states should do that so independent voters don't get locked out of voting,
Peter (<br/>)
I wish to thank Ted Cruz for bringing me one step closer to actually believing God exists. Cruz's utter humiliation this primary season is proof enough that God not only exists, but has both a sense of humor and a dose of schadenfreude.
R Velasquez (New Jersey)
When Ted Cruz stated that he was going to repeal every word of Obamacare, abolish the IRS and send all the millions of illegal immigrants home, I knew his candidacy didn't deserve any serious consideration.

Hang it up, Ted. The only record you're setting right now is being the candidate with the highest number of reluctant supporters.
Jimmy (Greenville, North Carolina)
Ted is making Donald look all that more appealing.
fran soyer (ny)
Actually no he isn't.
robert s (marrakech)
Yes, He is.
JD in TN (Gallatin, Tennessee)
Such a great point. Trump is a reality-show star, and if this were "Survivor," wouldn't you want Ted Cruz to be the guy against you in the final, Republican tribal council?
alan Brown (new york, NY)
I believe Cruz is a man driven by ambition beyond what is the norm for presidential aspirants. He does lie blatantly. His comments about "New York Values" was a dog whistle to every kind of bigot. To earn the hatred of John Boehner and over 50 Republican senators takes some doing. But I remember Joe McCarthy and how he terrorized a nation with his rants and charges for close to a decade. Cruz is malevolent but has done little damage and will be dispatched tomorrow in the middle of America. Good riddance but if you lived as an adult in the 50s you know he does not rival Joe McCarthy who fit John Boehner's apt description of Cruz more aptly.
keith (LV-426)
It'll be a relief to see another (and hopefully the last) of the Religious Right candidates effectively taken out of this race. Evangelical voters have represented one of the most active and persistent political groups since the late 70s, and for all their work and dedication they've never been successful in putting forward their ideal presidential candidate.

George W. Bush was perhaps the closest to that ideal, but not quite the ample theocratic ideolog for which they've longed over the past 40 years. Ted Cruz on the other hand fits that ideal perfectly, and it's troubling how far he has come in this primary.

Cruz has always reminded me of Martin Sheen's character in the movie Dead Zone - presidential candidate, Greg Stillson. Thankfully, Cruz doesn't need a dramatic twist to seal his political collapse. He's sufficiently demonstrated his character flaw from day one.
A. Stanton (Dallas, TX)
I’ve always had a rough kind of admiration for those Japanese soldiers who committed hari-kari by falling on their swords during the war. Sure it was nuts, but it also demonstrated courage and commitment to a cause.

American politicians rank very high in the world among politicians committed to strange causes. So why is it that American politicians defeated in election campaigns rarely emulate the behavior
of their Japanese counterparts? Something appears to be missing in them. Maybe it would help if someone issued them swords.
David (Palmer Township, Pa.)
Remember "The pledge" that Trump initially would not sign? Then he did. The GOP wanted him not to run as a 3rd party candidate thus splitting the GOP. Now it is getting to look like all those that mounted the stage and battled Trump will now have to gulp and support him. Will " Lyin Ted Cruz" and all the rest go through with the vow that they one were so quick to sign?
slemon (AL)
Finally, as thinking Republicans, we have come to the correct consensus.The time has come for the bible thumping, offensive, hypocritical and divisive Cruz to take his toys and go home. Republicans need to deny the opportunity for Clinton, who is nothing more than a grifter, to win the presidency. The person who can put her away is TRUMP!!!
Mike Moskalski (NJ)
Maybe in Alabama, but good luck in the nation as a whole.
Thomas Doheny (Athens PA)
It's not that Mr. Trump is so good .... it's that Mr. Cruz is so bad.
Michael M (<br/>)
It's not that Trump is any good at all... it's that Cruz is unabashedly evil.
Fred Klug (Nashville, IL)
It seems that much of the welfare problem is the difficulties single mothers have. It is apparent that there are multiple factors contributing to the situation; but, perhaps, one way to address the situation is to hold the absent fathers accountable.
I have seen hundreds of poor children; they don't deserve, nor did they ask, to live in poverty. Their parents, however, made choices, and choices have consequences. You can't legislate to outlaw sex; therefore, another focus could be contraception.
I don't buy the complaint that people adopt poverty as a way of life. Those who create a firestorm about "welfare queens" only play on our fears creating an attitude that the average hard-working American is being cheated - an attitude of bitterness and enmity. if you investigate how much a poor family actually gets, you will find the amount of money and/or benefits received are pitiful.
The arsonists need to be called to task. They need to stop crying wolf and start doing something to fix the problem. Their approach has been to eliminate all of the "welfare queens" by banishing them from our society. If you research the history of such messages, you will find that the "firestormers" will find another issue to evoke our fears if they succeeded in sending every person on welfare to an island somewhere. Is work essential? Of course. Work, however, is much more than simply making money. Work cultivates self-esteem, confidence, responsibility.
jpduffy3 (New York, NY)
One or our founders, George Mason of Virginia, "argued that it would be as unnatural to refer the choice of a proper character for chief Magistrate [President] to the people, as it would, to refer a trial of colours to a blind man" when he supported the idea of the Electoral College. Our founders were afraid that giving the people a direct say in who should be president would lead us to something similar to what we are experiencing today. Thus, they crafted the Electoral College.

We are spending obscene amounts of time and money on primaries that are adding little or nothing to the national dialog other than demagoguery, ill advised attacks, untruths, intemperate remarks, bigotry, and worse all in the name of freedom and democracy. Then, we hope for party unity to focus on the general election followed by national unity behind the person who ultimately emerges years later as president.

To make matters worse, candidates from both parties maintain that their party's convention system is rigged, so the votes of the people in the primaries are not representative, let alone meaningful.

We need to come up with a better way. We need to have a process that leads quickly to a president we can be proud of who will run the country within the framework of our constitution as the founders intended. The presidency has become entirely too political, which contributes to the increasing run-ins with Congress and the desire of presidents to go around Congress whenever possible.
Chriva (Atlanta)
Good to hear that we may soon be done with Cruz's theocratic nonsense... now onto the Carlos Danger jokes! Hillary must be terrified these days - not that she may not win - but at what cost to her already shredded dignity. We either end up with an orange blowhard buffoon or a thoroughly disgraced and dragged through the mud woman with a severe trust issue in office. yipee.
Dart (Florida)
Devil Incarnate Rebuked!

Voters say "Get thee behind me Unctuous Satan."
Tabloids say, " Go shut down a government, Lyin' Ted. "
C.C. Kegel,Ph.D. (Planet Earth)
Sanders is still running and getting a MUCH larger percentage of voters than Cruz. But I can only get news of Sanders vs. Clinton from the Sanders campaign itself.
The NYT's obsession with the Republicans and failure to cover the Democratic candidates is telling.
Mike Moskalski (NJ)
Listen, since you commented online you must understand that all newspapers know the amount of clicks they get on each article, because they are a business, that is the most important thing, when people start clicking on Sander's articles less there will be less of them, I'm confident that all year the most read articles have been about Trump. Finally, please explain Sander's path to winning, He knows he lost, as a doctor I expect a little better understanding of math from you.
ALM (Brisbane, CA)
I am not too knowledgeable about the history of American Presidency before FDR with the exception of Abraham Lincoln before him.
How would I rate President Cruz? His stated goals are entirely destructive. No IRS, no Federal Reserve, no Obamacare, no Education Department, complete banning of abortion, lower taxes for the rich even if the rich don't ask for them.
The immediate effect would be a huge rise in the national debt, and an immediate rise in income and wealth inequality, college students committing suicides, people unnecessarily dying for lack of health care, and a wide- spread recession or even a depression, and an immediate loss of American prestige in the world.
Amazingly, Mr Cruz is utterly oblivious of the dire consequences of his proposed Presidential plans. He would most likely face an impeachment or even a recall.
Why vote for a man with such lousy prospects? The civil service could probably run the government better on its own than with President Cruz.
Mike mike (Geneva ohio)
My mom, a life long democrat told me-whatever u do, don't vote for Hillary Clinton - she couldn't stand her self serving scripted act.... fed up with Washington DC baloney I voted trump. All the cast of characters stay the same and as anyone knows the senators run the show... president is a mere player in the game.. short term ringleader. Trump might shake up the old boy network... Hey he should bring bernie sanders or Joe Biden or similar democrat power broker on as a vp running mate for any chance to beat the well oiled clinton machine. The formality and restrictions of a 2 party political system is so outdated. Rip in peace mom... let the games begin! Nuff said!
Baffoon (Wisconsin)
A new poll gives U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz a significant lead in Indiana's Republican presidential primary, with support from 44.8 percent of voters polled.

The Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics poll puts GOP front-runner Donald Trump in second place with 29 percent and John Kasich in third with 13.3 percent of the vote.
Jon Onstot (Peculiar MO)
The Mike Downs poll was largely conducted before the "deal" between Kasich and Cruz was made, as well as before Cruz announced Carly Fiorina as his VP running mate.
andy (Illinois)
I would almost rejoice at the thought of seeing Cruz out of the race, if it weren't for the mass of rabid and ignorant Trump supporters that populate unmoderated chatrooms all over the Internet. As an example, watch the youtube video of Obama's Trump jokes at the press correspondents' dinner, and scroll down to the viewers' comments: the sheer volume of crass ignorance, bigotry, racism, distorted facts, Obama-hate and right-wing rants is extremely scary.

And what is even scarier is that you hardly find any sane voices among these comments - I scrolled over 500 rabid comments and I only found very few timid rebukes among the mass of craziness.

The NYT comments pages are a sanitized environment populated by mostly reasonable, informed and civilized people. But it does not represent the reality of an American public that seems to be vastly overrun by ignorance and misinformation. We must be very careful in November, the crazies are out there and they'll turn out to vote.
Dee (California)
Ted Cruz has never been positive. He's that creepy crud of a person who is never invited to a party (except, for some strange reason, to the GOP) because he is caustic, rodent-faced and has a cackle to his voice worse than Hillary Clinton's. He is the most negative thing to ever happen to the Republican Party. I honestly am in disbelief that Republicans in Texas could not have found a better person in their state to represent them. Really sullies the name of Texas. Trading a "OOPS" momenteer for this clown was a BEEEEEEG mistake.
Gerald (NH)
This time no, but he'll be back. Let's not write off this odious little man quite yet. I argued with friends two years ago that he would be a potential threat to our democracy and he's not going away.
Ron (Park Slope, Brooklyn)
Cruz proves again and again that he is a weasel without scruples and has a very tenuous troubled relationship with the truth. He was on TV the other day claiming that Trump will be the ruin of America, that he is the worst possible person to lead this country, but when asked whether he will support Trump if he becomes the nominee Cruz would not commit an answer. He squirmed. The moderator asked him again, if Trump is so ruinously bad for America, why not take a stand right here and now and denounce your support. He wouldn't do it.He's leaving himself room for a position within the Trump administration. He doesn't want to burn his last bridge. This is why Trump is winning, because politicians like Cruz, Fiorina and Christie are all self-serving venal bureaucrats climbing up the narcissistic ladder of political success one bloody rung at a time. They sell "ideology" the way Trump sells real estate.
Barbara Monahan (Washington, DC)
What self-respecting political reporter, let alone editor, does not know that people from Indiana are referred to as "Hoosiers" not "Indianians?"
Mark (Pittsburgh)
It's embarrassing that Trump and Cruz have gotten this far but the gop only have themselves to blame. It's fallout from years of pandering and bait and switch tactics aimed at the fringe elements of their party.

I'm hopeful that, in the long run, Trump will be good for the gop. After he gets destroyed in the general by Hillary (while dragging down other republican senators and congressman with him) perhaps it will force the gop to examine it's tactics and move back towards the center (and back to compromise). Although they may be too far gone... they didn't learn their lesson against Obama after much post-election talk of being more inclusive.

As for Cruz... I hope this puts an end to bible-thumping candidates forever. I hope this demonstrates that, in the future, pinning your hopes on a shrinking demographic of evangelical christians while alienating everyone else (until you get to the genera of course) is a losing strategy. For someone who claims to be so pious, Cruz is be exclusive and full of venom.
Michael F (Yonkers, NY)
Trump is a move to the center. He is against amensty for illegal immigrants. He is for making our trading agreements more in our favor as compared to the complete capitulation we have chosen over the last couple of decades. He wants to raise taxes on the very wealthy. Your (and others) problems stem from thinking about Trump as the TV guy firing people. He is a builder and a doer and he knows how to make deals and how to get things done. We have had 8 years of amateur hour. Time to bring in someone who has accomplished more in life than a community organizer.
Mark (Pittsburgh)
Four bankruptcies, three divorces, four draft deferments, numerous failed branding ventures, philanderer, racist, bigot, misogynist, liar, egomaniac. Yeah... Trump's a great guy.

All he's ever accomplished is fooling people like you.
Rich (Boynton Beach, Fl)
Mark, I used to live in Pittsburgh. My brother still lives there and tells me how bad the city is becoming. When a certain group make up a minority of the population of the city but commit the majority of the crimes, Trump is not the problem.
Charlie (NJ)
The remarkable thing about Ted Cruz is this. After he goes home he will not take from this experience that he is an abject failure at building relationships and alliances. He will not conclude that his loss has anything to do with the fact not one other senator likes him. He won't even conclude he wouldn't be a front runner were it not for the 16 candidates who started in this nomination race. Nope. He will conclude it was a close race and he should try again next time. I vote Republican but if he were the nominee Hillary gets my vote.
Anne-Marie Hislop (Chicago)
"Top surrogates have described the extended primary season as a product of divine will, arguing the entire country deserves a chance to speak.

“God wants every state to be on record,” Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas told voters here."

That's nauseating. God doesn't pick your kid's football team to win on Friday night and God doesn't care about your GOP primaries. Look around the world; read the gospel. Your God is too small.
Blue state (Here)
God has to be tiny to fit in Pence's heart and brain.
Jim Colon (Florida)
It is over for Ted and it will soon be over for Hillary, as well. If anyone thinks that Trump couldn't beat Hillary in the general election they either have their head buried in the sand or have just arrived here from another planet. From the very beginning of this primary process, Trump has been the only one running for the nomination who wouldn't hesitate for one second to criticize Hillary's failed record, even if it happens to be on national television during a debate. Trump will chew her up, spit her out and leave her not knowing what to say or where to turn. By the time he is done with her we will never hear the name of Hillary Clinton in political circles ever again, thank God. The Democrats know this and, while they will never admit it, their biggest fear is Trump winning the nomination and running against Hillary. They know that it will result in the biggest landslide victory for the Republicans since Reagan was elected in 1980.
Publius (NYC)
I guess unlike your candidate, you don't read the polls. Do yourself a favor and don't bet any money on Trump in the general election.
You really "know" a lot! With all that knowledge of the future you should buy some lottery tickets
SteveZodiac (New York, NYget)
Nice post, Donald. But shouldn't you be on Twitter making ignorant and nauseating insults about women, immigrants, foreign trade partners, and how much you love "the uneducated"? They sure do love you!
bsugavanam (Austria)
Watching from outside ,the drama and excitement of US election unfolding shows that the anti -Trump (more vocal and media supported) against pro.Trump camp which is less vociferous (except Trump himself) but gets greater publicity due to negative press attention and more support from public who want to hear what they want to to hear from the Trump's propaganda machine. May be he does not stand a chance against Hillary but definitely he is a winner of a broad spectrum of Republican supporters. The press is supposed to be neutral and reflect public opinion but in this case it is far from the public side in which Mr. Trump outsmarts pundits, journalists, astrologers, activists and many others.
Scott (NYC)
We're finally seeing Cruz operate nationally as he did in Congress. He's only interested in trop gros poissons, abolishing the popular vote at a convention, then abolishing half the government, the ACA, EPA, and IRS. As his new running mate recently said, "You don't try to take a hill just to take casualties."
Steve Bolger (New York City)
You can take it to the bank that respecting people who tell you that they know what God thinks is one of the most stupid things you can do in life.
Daniel (Ottawa,Ontario)
Ain't karma a beach?
Hey Ted, how about paying back the tax payers for that multi-billion dollar shut-down of the government a few years back?
Well you got this far, so God may indeed be looking out for you, but even God needs a day off...
R Giles (austin)
GOD does not care who wins the election!!
Blue state (Here)
This election is the definition of godforsaken.
Gfagan (PA)
The prospect of a Republican "revolt" against Drumpf to block his nomination or run a third candidate against him was always hype disconnected from reality.

These are Republicans we're talking about. The best interest of the country, decency, or principle have no bearing on their calculations. All that matters is partisanship and power.

They were always going to march in lock (goose)step behind Drumpf when the time came, and we're seeing the start of that process now. Cruz's corpse is the just next one to be trampled on the way to President Drumpf.
R Giles (austin)
Prayen for ted is not a big item for GOD!!
Pipecleanerarms (Seattle)
Ted Cruz and his pat answer that there is no global warming if you look at the satellite data made me despise him. He knows he is lying, me cherry picked the dates to back up his lie. He was told by the top scientists and meteorologists in the field his theory is wrong about global warming on multiple levels. Yet he continued to lie. He is lying about the fate of humanity and calling himself a Christian. How can someone so despicable ever get elected to any public office? What is wrong with these folks who still deny Climate science?

Jimmy (Greenville, North Carolina)
I think people are tired of career politicians. The voters are turning to Donald Trump because he has not been part of the problem.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Ignoramuses will blow up this nation.
Magpie (Pa)
@ Steve Bolger
Some already have.
mr. mxyzptlk (Woolwich South Jersey)
It looks like it's Clinton and Trump. Now we have to figure out which one will be better at fighting off the oligarchs. Bill Clinton was barely able to fight off the neocons and their demand for an Iraq invasion back in the late 90's. But then they got into power. These people who signed this letter to Clinton are still out there looking for more intervention. Keep an eye on who they endorse to see which candidate is ready to misuse the American military in the next military drain on taxpayer resources.


It all comes down to whose judgement you trust. Hillary's record on judgement is not good but she sleeps next to a man whose was. Yet the Rwanda genocide will always remain in the background clouding judgement which came to the fore as Libya went down.

I've seen enough failed interventions in my lifetime, you tell me which one will not misuse American power.

Ted Cruz is nothing more than an also ran at this point, and pick your own favorite adjective to describe him. : contemptible, loathsome, hateful, detestable, reprehensible, abhorrent, abominable, awful, heinous; odious, vile, low, mean, abject, shameful, ignominious, shabby, ignoble, disreputable, discreditable, unworthy; informaldirty, rotten, lowdown, lousy; beastly
Steve Bolger (New York City)
The judgment of anyone who trusts that scatterbrained blustering fool Trump is hopelessly flawed.
Blue state (Here)
It's not trust. It's the desire that Trump will blow up business as usual and the despair that things are so bad that we need a hard reset even it it shreds the drive. Tell me that Tea Partiers have not been longing for a revolution.
Ray (New York)
I can't believe that Americans are actually voting for Trump over Cruz. We've had 7 years of a narcissist-in-chief who rules unilaterally and makes a sham of balance-of-power and we are closer than ever to selecting another one! [sigh] Make no mistake about it, Trump [or rather Drumpf] is another narcissist and he is wholely unqualified to be president. We've going form a community organizer to a reality-show star! The ironic thing is that Trump is a protest candidate. People are tired of Obama and they think that Trump is the opposite. Have we become so naive as a nation that we are so easily suckered by slogans rather than substantive debates? Seven years ago, it was "hope and change" this year it will be "I'm going to make America great again," and peopel believe that! We are lost!
R Giles (austin)
debater not presidential material but god knows how well he LIES
PKLogan (Anchorage)
As time goes on it becomes more and more obvious that Cruz is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. For all his supposed education and intellect his understanding, and therefore vision, of what it is to be an American
is just confused rhetoric combined in a "sky is falling" fairy tale wrapped in an appeal to voters religious instinct. He is dangerous.

Cruz is more suited as a Vegas magic act or selling snake oil on a late night

I think we are going to find out who the sore looser is. The real whining is about to begin.
CRUZ has made 2 statements which were unnecessary. TC criticized "New York values," leaving him open in eyes of some,to charges of anti-Semitism. He also ridiculed Tyson's support of DT, calling TYSON a "convicted rapist,"which some interpreted as mean spirited and subliminally anti black.TC's father was and remains an active member of anti Castro exile community, and according to Emilio Veciana, ex head of Alpha 66 whom I interviewed in Miami in 1987, RAFAEL CRUZ was also a CIA plant, who had same minder at the Agency as Veciana, and, EV told me, Lee Harvey Oswald, somebody named Phillips.EV confided that Cruz senior was also present in Dallas weeks before 22 November 1963.It was from his father that TC inherited,not only the work ethic,but a belief in absolutes. Cruz senior was a fire-and-brimstone preacher.Thus,his son's reputation in Washington as a brilliant attorney, but also as a Senator who is not easy to get along with.All of this may seem a trifle off topic,but it is informative. Conducted research thanks to grant from Bernard Fensterwald, attorney who defended James EARL RAY, and who employed me on a free lance basis.
Pipecleanerarms (Seattle)
Hundreds of millions of dollars later, and the Republican establishment is on the brink of a great fall. All that super pac money failed.

All the Kings horses and all the Kings men could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again after Mr. Trumpty.
kushelevitch (israel)
an ugly side of America has been seen and noted by all. the redeeming feature is that he is finally seen for what he is ,and it is an ugly sight .
charles almon (brooklyn NYC)
It's "Bedtime For Cruzo"
Uppsala (Copenhagen)
Wirth pondering (and citing):
Sen Ted Cruz on March 24/25: ‘Trump May Be A Rat But I Have No Desire To Copulate With Him’.
Jim (Gainesville, Fl)
Indeed! Probably one of the most bizarre and twisted sentences ever spoken by a politician.
jefflz (san francisco)
The second choice Republican candidate Ted Cruz is a religious zealot who stood on stage in support of Pastor Kevin Swanson, an advocate of the death penalty for gays and lesbians. He is universally disliked by members of is own party.

The leading Republican candidate is Donald Trump, is an ignorant narcissist who is nothing more than the front man for the Trump brand. This TV actor who has captured the hearts and minds of many poor uninformed people with his promises of justice at the expense of minorities and immigrants, is given a 20% chance of winning the White House by oddsmakers, across the board.

If the Republican Party were a publicly held corporation, the Board of Directors would sack the entire management for incompetence.
Robbie (Las Vegas)
Alien vs. Predator.
Peter Zenger (N.Y.C.)
From the article:

...“Or do we stand instead with the convicted rapist Mike Tyson?” Mr. Cruz asked supporters here. “That’s a choice. It’s a choice we can make.” ...

Let's stop for a minute and think about who really stands with the rapist.

When you insist that a woman, who has been raped, be made to bear the rapists child, there is no question that you are on the side of total victory for the rapist.

So it is Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina, who are the ones standing with the rapist; not Donald Trump.

Cruz chose a female running mate, who, like himself, doesn't want to allow a rape victim to have an abortion, thinking that it would allow him to get the support of female voters. This tells us, that it is Cruz, and not Trump, who is the candidate with truly "off the wall" behavior. Trump is driven by ego - he is a buffoon; Cruz is driven by hate - he is vicious.

We have seen this vicious character demonstrated before on the floor of the United States Senate. Cruz does not work to bring people together. He works to destroy.

Cruz took it upon himself to damage the United States Senate, and Fiorina damaged a great American enterprise, Hewlett Packard, for her own benefit. Both Cruz and Fiorina oppose Stem Cell Research - a cause that Nancy Reagan went to bat for. This duo is not so much a "ticket", as they are a pod of evil.
Lascaux (Rising Sun, MD)
Thank you for discussing the abortion issue in a unique context. I was in college when abortion was illegal. Suicides related to pregnacies were common AND never officially reported, instead the aftermath "clean-ups" were completed in secrecy.
William Somerville (New Zealand)
America is like a good friend with one terrible habit we wish she (the country not the next president) could overcome. This is treating foreign policy as a playground for domestic politics.

Democrats (Roosevelt) or Republican (Nixon) could rise above this so it doesn't seem a partisan problem but please, no more disasters! it costs you more than you think abroad. So, remember, "no trumps" is the highest bid in bridge
Blue state (Here)
As if 9/10s of this country is smart enough to play bridge....
David Gottfried (New York City)
Although I can't stand Ted Cruz, I hate Trump immeasurably more, and I would like to see Trump defeated.
I suppose I also want to see the media get its butt smacked because the media made Trump the power that he is.
One of the problems, of course, is capitalism. Just as Germany said Deutschland oober alles, we say money oober alles. So media companies have to make lots of money and only care about RATINGS. Trump guarantees high ratings because he is an expert at Reality TV and he is a supreme narcissist and he has no sense of shame or discretion or taste. And because we are a capitalistic society, and posit a very high correlation between monetary worth and mortal worth, people assume that because he is loaded he knows what is right.
In any event, if Joe Shmo on the subway uttered the inane nonsense that spews out of Donald's filthy mouth, no one would pay any attention to him. (Indeed, because of the laws of money and commercial persecution, people infinitely brighter than him get no attention.) But because Trump is the outrageous rich maniac that he is, the media has made him king.
I am especially ill now as I view Meet The Press. They talked about Trump's recent primary victories as if it were god's proof of Trump's near divinity. They do not merely report that he wins. They actively and unabashedly take pleasure in Trump's wins and prove that they are biased and should be thrown off the air before they turn this nation over to the new Mussolini.
Lascaux (Rising Sun, MD)
I appreciate Trump for two reasons: first, he effectively convinced Republican friends, who would never listen to me, that Koch brother political puppets types did not have their best interests at heart; and, second, he has mirrored and by extension revealed the distressingly hate-filled values of many of his supporters, values surreptitiously fomented by Reoublicans for decades to garner votes.
Craig (Las Vegas)
Creepy Cruz makes me cringe every time I hear him. What a phony.
Mark (Las Vegas)
If Ted Cruz loses to Trump in Indiana, it’s because the voters don’t take him seriously. They already don’t take Trump seriously, but at least they’ll have some entertainment to look forward to before Hillary becomes president.
John (Indiana)
I understand a lawsuit was filed against John Boehner for slander last Friday --- by Lucifer. Ted Cruz is a double-dealing double-crossing snake in the grass. If you want to understand him and his motives, read his book. He's on a mission from God to seize the presidency using any means necessary. I'm no huge fan of Donald Trump, but compared to him, Ted Cruz is despicable.
Steven McCain (New York)
The right having to choose between Trump or Cruz is going to go down as one of Obama's greatest accomplishments. The hatred of Obama spawned both of the last men standing on the right. I find it ironic that now the right must choose which is worse the firing squad or the gallows. I hope the left doesn't think if the opponent is Trump it is going to be a walk in the park. Jeb Bush's beat down by Trump should be causing the Clinton camp sleepless nights. Trump is going to take the campaign into the mud if Clinton thinks she can appeal to the better angels she is in for a big surprise. Pundits have been counting Trump out for the past year. Clinton should be getting ready for the onslaught of The Donald..
Lascaux (Rising Sun, MD)
Jen Bush was a weird candidate. Billed as capable, yet so unable to assess his brother's presidency objectively that he couldn't reasonably govern with a grasp of recent reality. Two examples: "My brother kept Anerica safe." No, not from 9/11, or from two failed wars he started and could neither finish nor pay for. And, "Obama has done great harm to the economy." No, Obama brought the economy back from the brink of Great Depression created by his brother's actions/inactions.
Worried (NYC)
Before we turn our attention to his defeat, let's spend a moment thanking
Trump for his help in protecting us from Cruz -- who is, I believe, the most
dangerous man in the US. Ok, are we done? Let's get moving with Trump.
Carlos (USA)
We got rid of Bush. We will get rid of Clinton
Phillip (NY)
The race is over; voters have spoken. Trump should and will be the nominee whether or not he wins an outright majority of delegates. If Republican voters had wanted Cruz or Kasich, they would have voted for them; any attempt by them to usurp the nomination would precipitate a crisis of legitimacy and a backlash within the party.
George Heiner (AZ-MX)
I agree with Patrick that "TV is the disease, books are the cure", but putting Kennedy in the mix could not be farther from the truth. He was its first purveyor, a Lord of the Rings of illusion and propaganda. It was a Welcome to OZ, or at the time, Camelot. What a farce we have lived since then.

Kennedy did no service to the country. He was not an ignorant man; but he was too smart for our good. No vision beyond the tube. I wrote and article about it back in October, when Trump was first on the rise.

It may be of interest. Nothing really has changed, except the level of sophistication in deception and deceit.

(You're on TV! Don Pablo, El Chapo, The Donald) http://livinginsonora.blogspot.in/2015/10/don-pablo-el-chapo-trump-and-t...
RM (Vermont)
The good people of Texas should elect Lucifer their Governor. That way, he would be their problem, but not a national problem.

Anyone who dismisses a government role in keeping its citizens out of poverty and into a health care system as "addictive sugar" is indeed, "Lucifer in the flesh".
celia (also the west)
God, we were told, wanted Mitt to be President.
Then, we were told, God wanted Ted to be President.
The first wasn't and the second won't be.
I am always suspicious of people who who claim to speak for God.
Very suspicious.
Steve (Canada)
Cruz is the first Canadian "anchor" baby and one of our best exports to the US we're happy to say. Talk here is to build a wall to prevent him from coming back.

But Trump and Cruz scrapping over delegates is just passengers fighting over who gets which deck chairs on the Titanic. Or should I say, who gets to anchor the Republican Party, the anchor that pulls the SS GOP straight to the bottom of the sea. (Provided the Dems and independents come out to vote).
Vox (<br/>)
"Cruz Struggles...Trump Revels"?

Is this a news story about a (presumably) serious matter of who runs for President or an entertainment piece about Reality TV? Can anyone tell the difference any more?

And since the article features a Trump supporter wearing one of those "Make America great" hats, can anyone elaborate on whether those are STILL made in China? Utter demagoguery! Almost as bad as utter right-wing zealotry!
Annie Dooley (Georgia)
Not enough has been said about the potential of Trump as the nominee to finally break the hold of fundamentalist Christian political action groups on the Republican Party. Cruz has played the "Christian card" to the max while Trump has flaunted his wealth, his business dealings, his worldly power. his "manhood" and his sexy young wife (Number Three). He may be a Christian. I don't judge. But he clearly keeps his religion, his livelihood, and his politics in separate containers. He has done very little pandering to the fundamentalists, and I expect he would allow them little or no more influence on his presidency. And that's a good thing. There is no Party of God in American politics. This is not a theocracy and if it take a crass, egotistical billionaire to dispel that mistaken notion, he would do our constitutional government a great service.
Fred Johnson (Phoenx, AZ)
I can only assume that Ted Cruz announced Carly Fiorina as his running mate so he wouldn't have to stand on the stage alone when he gives his concession speech. Of all of the candidates that have been running in this election, I would list Ted Cruz as the one at the top of my list that I would NOT vote for EVER. Carly Fiorina would be second on that list.
Publius (NYC)
I'm afraid that you're wrong. He selected Carly to sing to his girls on the bus.
Lascaux (Rising Sun, MD)
I thought Carly was brought on to demonstrate a woman's place in Republican society: singing to children.
Shaw N. Gynan (Bellingham, Washington)
Leave it to the abhorrent Ted Cruz to make Trump look positively genial in comparison. I am voting for Hillary, but I have delighted in reading the predictions of this smarmy bigot's demise. 'Sanctimonious' appears repeatedly in the letters. Cruz manipulates the Evangelical body politic, but he's just a self-promoting liar. I was especially incensed when he looked straight into the camera and claimed that his anti-abortion stance was not intended to punish women. At least Trump blurted out what most Republicans are too hypocritical and cowardly to state openly. Of course they want to punish women, and they insist on rewarding men who rape women with parental rights. And they claim they are Christians? Good riddance, Lyin' Ted, you vicious facist!
flyfysher (Longmont, CO)
This election cycle has shined a light on the issue of what the Republican party is about.

Is it about the business community? Is it about the religious right with its morality? Is it about the xenophobic element and their fear? Is it about the segment that is mad as heck at the government because it's too big? The list goes on.

The RNC needs to engage in some self-examination. I suspect one of the primary reasons why Paul Ryan absolutely refused to be considered for the Republican presidential nomination is he recognized these disparate elements cannot be reconciled. If the Republican party is going to survive then it is going to have to redefine itself.

The Republican party was once about fiscally responsible small government that was business friendly. It was the party that supported Title VII's passage. No longer. Nowadays, it is about trying to disenfranchise people and obstructionism. The irony would not be lost upon the Radical Republicans of Lincoln's day.
JMFulton, Jr. (England)
"Convicted rapist Mike Tyson?" This is Cruz's 'Willie Horton' moment. Cruz is such an appalling man...examples abound.
John Smithson (California)
Choosing between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is picking your poison. I choose Donald Trump. He has his faults -- boy, does he. But he's not a religious zealot. He's not an ideologue. He's not a poseur. He's not a debater. He's not a politician.

It can be crude and boorish, but Donald Trump tells you what he thinks. He knows how to schmooze people. He knows the art of the deal.

I signed up as a Republican in California for the first time in my life. I'll vote on June 7 for Donald Trump.
Publius (NYC)
"Trump tells you what he thinks?" This is a myth. Either he lies about what he thinks or he changes what he thinks repeatedly. Probably both.
The new "presidential" Trump will now again revise "what he thinks" or more accurately what he says he thinks.
Talking crudely is not talking honestly, people.
MyThreeCents (San Francisco)
A pungent whiff of hypocrisy!

It's accepted that the Republican convention will be "contested" -- meaning that no candidate will have enough delegates to win on the first ballot, and so the nominee could end up being someone other than the top vote-getter in the primaries.

But when Bernie Sanders, in another NYT article, predicts that the Democratic nomination will also be "contested," for the very same reason, the author informs readers that Bernie's use of "contested" "clashes" with the accepted definition of that term.

How so?

At least in the Democratic Party, it seems, if a candidate patches together a first-ballot majority through any combination of voter-chosen delegates and "super delegates," that candidate is entitled to the nomination – period, no "contest." It makes no difference whether primary voters prefer that candidate or her opponent – so long as "super delegates" put her over the top.

By that definition, however, does Hillary have the nomination locked up any more than Trump? She doesn't have a majority of the voter-chosen delegates, after all -- just like Trump. She needs her super delegates. Maybe Hillary will (and Trump won't) have the majority of voter-chosen delegates before the convention, but she doesn't now.

If Trump had a bunch of the Republican equivalent of "super delegates" locked up, would we be saying his nomination was "uncontested" even though he hadn't won a majority of voter-chosen delegates? Or is that only for Democrats?
Paul (South Africa)
John Boehner's description of Cruz is spot on.
Publius (NYC)
His comment on Cruz is already the only thing for which Boehner is remembered. Funny if it weren't so sad.
Bzl15 (Arroyo Grande, Ca)
IMO, until Republicans nominate a member of the Tea Party like Cruz and get crushed in the November election (like Goldwater did) they will keep arguing that if they nominate a "true conservative" they will win. If Trump is nominated and loses (which he will) we are going to have the Tea Party obstructionists around--and thus, no functioning government. Therefore, I am hoping for Cruze to succeed. As for Trump's chances of winning the general election, it is enough to expose how thousands of people lost their life savings based on his promises of riches. Based on the Forbes magazine, he gave 17 speeches on Realestate investment during 2006 and 2007, collecting $1.5 million Per Speech. And we all know what happened to the Realestate market in 2008! Trump University anyone? General election is not the primaries and he is not going to get away by insulting his opponents and avoiding to talk about the real issues. So, Republicans will lose but, unfortunately, the Tea Party will live on--unless Cruze is their nominee. I am hoping that Cruze will get his wish and we will get a sane Republican Party back and start addressing our nation's urgent problems.
Sarah (The Village)
The silver lining here for Trumpophobes is that the ascent of one despicable demagogue was only made possible out of fear for an even more despicable one.
It may be Pyrrhic but it'll have to do for now.
judgeroybean (ohio)
I'm sure not many people remember the 1950's game show, "Queen for a Day", hosted by Jack Bailey. Where women would vie to be chosen "Queen" on each show and win prizes like washing machines, silverware or kitchen appliances. Ted Cruz's choice of Carly Fiorina triggered that memory, because with Tuesday's primary loss, Fiorina will be "Veep for Day." I hope Cruz gives her a blender or something afterwards.
RJS (Phoenix, AZ)
Will somebody please explain to both Cruz and Sanders that polls don't decide who the nominees are in the primary or who wins the presidency in the general election. Ted runs amok telling anybody who will listen that according to the polls he beats Hillary in the general election so he and not Trump should be the republican nominee. Never mind that the republican primary voters seem to be choosing Trump to run in the general. Likewise Bernie is running around every TV news show proclaiming that he will contest the democratic convention because according to the polls he beats Trump by a wider margin than Hillary (never mind that she beats him too but by a few percentage points less). No matter that Hillary has won more states, has more votes, and has lots more pledged delegates (the kind you earn not the super delegates). Neither Ted or Bernie have use for letting actual people vote and decide who the nominees should be. No they want the polls to decide. Why not just do a poll to see who the president should be and skip the election? Polls go up and polls go down. It's a dangerous precedent for our democracy to have major party candidates who want to usurp the will of the voters in their own party because they think they have a better shot to win a general election. It's ironic but if Bernie and Ted have their way they will each run against each other in the general and not face the either Trump or Clinton. I wonder what the polls say about that.
Jerry Brickley (Chicago)
Louie Gohmert is even nuttier than Ted Cruz.
Acro Girl (Indiana)
I am devastated over Cruz' sin in his endeavors to win the election. This is a Christian man who has stooped so low to win. I am sorry for Cruz. I hope this doesn't deflate his faith afterward. If the Lord wanted him to win, the Lord would have allowed it without cheating.
Samuel Tyuluman (Dallas Texas)
Cruz uses God for his campaign slogan?
Talk about vain... Taking His name in vain. WOW...
RajeevA (Phoenix)
Don't worry, folks. Elon Musk is building a Mars rocket. Cruz will be on it.
Babel (new Jersey)
Trump has conquered the South, New England, the Mid Atlantic, and now here comes the Mid West. It does appear apparent that this egotistical con man with his half baked ideas is on verge of capturing the nomination. Once that become inevitable, watch the Republican establishment that was horrified of him coalesce around him for the general. You always knew if there was a Party that could create a demagogue for the highest office in the land it would be the Republicans. They have been building for this train wreck of a candidate for decades. And now on the left we have the delusional Bernie Sanders and his crew continuing to attack the integrity of Hillary. Four years of Trump will tear apart this country and we will be divided as never before. We get what we deserve. If you think blue collar workers and the middle class have been suffering now there could be a new blast of misery waiting just around the corner in November.
RM (Vermont)
It just shows you what a dislike of Hillary Clinton, her policies, and her (lack of ) ethics will do.
Steve Fankuchen (Oakland, CA)
Though I will be voting for neither, the choice is clear: a narcissistic, semi-coherent, ever changing Trump over the self-appointed prophet of God Cruz. I'll take the Black Friday stampede over Jonestown any day of the week. Do thank whoever or whatever you thank that, come November, America will not have to choose between the two.

I for one am thankful I live in a country where I do have other choices, but it really is a hell of a choice for those who cannot envision another choice: a running-off-at-the-mouth guy who knows little and is short on principles but who understands that his all-important-to-him image depends on people applauding, or a dead certain guy who believes his certainty comes from God and thus sees no reason ever to consider the "other", no reason ever to negotiate or compromise, a guy for whom the apocalypse is a desirable end, possibly even the desirable end.
John in Laramie (Laramie Wyoming)
As a Wyoming Republican, I say "Ted Cruz is the Ahmadenijad of America's right wing!"
Third.Coast (Earth)
[[“If we win Indiana, it’s over, O.K.?” Trump said. “Then we can focus on crooked Hillary. Please! Let’s focus on Hillary.”]]

Hillary has a problem and her problem is that she IS crooked.

Ted Cruz screaming about "librulls" while Clinton talks policy drives people to Clinton.

Trump screaming about Iraq, Libya, emails and paid speaking engagements…doesn't drive people to Clinton.
Gray C (Brooklyn, NY)
Looks like Lucifer is falling from God's grace once more.
No To Cruz (San Jose)
Ted Cruz the evangelical persona of Lucifer & Carly the destroyer of HP soon to return to their respective homes and stay there after suffering from a lightning bolt whacking by Trump in Indiana
George (NC)
Is ANYONE talking about issues? I understand that God is speaking to several of The Chosen to make known his will, but for the rest of us, perhaps the candidates could mention what their positions are.
Michel (Santa Barbara)
At least Cruz is showing the world that ridicule doesn't kill anymore.
His "great" economic plan is to "hire" Carly Firing (rather than Fiorina) who :
Sacked tens of thousands of H.P. employees
Did massive outsourcing
Got badly beaten by her democrat opponent in her sooooo successful 2010 senate race
Gathered the "very impressive" 1 delegate in her , soooo successful, own presidential race in which she consistently scored in the very low SINGLE digits.

That's quite a find Ted (doesn't smack at all of desperation) and such a convincingly great idea for "bringing jobs back to this country" !!
Very, very credible ..

Any other such great rabbit to pull out of your hat ??
You are much more fun than watching the latest comedy serial on TV !!
At least you make us laugh ...
Edward Meyrowitz (Florence Oregon)
I do not understand why anyone would support Ted Cruz..
He attended the getting out of jail rally for Kim Davis in Kentucky against gay mariage and the US Supreme Courts decision.
He is a member of the congressional "No parks caucus" wanting to do away with all the National Parks, wilderness areas, forest service and BLM lands and give it to the logging, mining and ranching industry. No more public federal lands.
His campaign lied about Ben Carson quitting and his Super PAC sent naked pictures of Trumps wife to fundamentalist Mormons who wear special under garments to hide their nudity even in marriage.. I have never witnessed a more disingenuous display of righteous indignation when he claimed that Trump attacked his family for no reason after that.
Cruz vowed to obstruct all democrat legislation as president apparently believing that we only need only one party.. The tea party.

I just do not understand why anyone would consider him a viable candidate for president.
fran soyer (ny)

He isn't Trump.

Voting for him doesn't mean he will be the nominee, only that Trump won't be.

That's it, he is very simply not Trump.
fran soyer (ny)
A vote for Cruz is actually a vote for neither Cruz or Trump.

That's why someone would vote for Cruz. It's "none of the above" with teeth.
Edward Meyrowitz (Florence Oregon)
A vote for Cruz IS A VOTE FOR CRUZ nomination..
A vote for Kasich IS A VOTE FOR CRUZ nomination.
Marco Rubio's and any delegates for Carly are likely Cruz's too.
If he gets, steals, persuades enough delegates he will be the nominee. He is not necessarily better than Trump at persuading delegates but rather has the full force of the national party authority over the political machine working to sway delegates towards him.
He is in this to win the country.. His agenda is the Tea Party agenda. Or do people still think that the party will take it away from Trump AND Cruz and simply give the nomination to Jeb Bush?
The whole stop trump movement is the Party trying to stop the people from choosing a candidate who is not ultra Tea Party and installing one that is by any means possible..
Sven Svensson (Reykjavik)
I'm amazed and grateful that you are finally seeing Donald Trump as the Republican nominee (even while you dance around it with an anti-Cruz piece).

And I'm hopeful that you begin to see Trump as the successful dealmaker and patriot that he is -- even when the showmanship clouds the picture.

For I believe we're on the verge of a true velvet revolution in American history where the politicians-for-life are exposed and expelled, and the people (led by a charming billionaire) reassert their right to govern.
kathyinct (fairfield CT)
Since when do PATRIOTS have their products manufactured in CHINA?

Or turn down qualified local applicants -- Americans who need jobs -- in favor of Mexicans on visas, because they are cheaper?
MIR NYC (<br/>)
Charming? Really? Perhaps you'd like Mr. Trump in Reykjavik.
Appearances to the contrary, we're not so fond of him here. The main reason, IMO, that he has been doing so well at the polls is that he is less hated and feared than his political competitors.
David L, Jr. (Jackson, MS)
I'm speechless, shades. (And yet I'm speaking. And yet I spoke.) "Charming"? Are you trolling? ... In what way is Trump charming?

Oh, forget it. Don't tell me. I don't wanna know.
James Nicholas (San Francisco CA)
Once this little Torquemada is finally purged from the GOP party contention, can conservatives now at least admit their multi-decade obsession of thinking 'we just haven't nominated someone conservative enough' fantasy is really not viable?

Cruz makes Reagan, Cheney, Goldwater and Atwater all look like Mother Theresa. Frankly, the fact that he got THIS far in the nominating process was scary enough, but had it not been for Trump, Id be scared how much he captures the imagination of people who think America needs to be 'taught a lesson' by bringing about a Christian caliphate.
Dahlian (NY)
Aw, James, they don't really want to teach us a lesson. They just want the world to end in the rapture so people who don't believe as they do can burn for eternity.

That's all.
T3D (San Francisco)
My thoughts exactly. Conservatives everywhere seem to assume that theirs is a movement that all right-thinking Americans should buy into. All answers are provided. Except that conservative 'answers' are fantasies and delusions and hypocritical pronouncements on what's constitutional and what isn't that one must Truly Believe are straight from God's lips - you know, the same way that cults operate.
Third.Coast (Earth)
Trump might be a racist and wildly unprepared for the office, but Cruz is a lunatic and a religious fanatic.
fran soyer (ny)
Yes, but if Trump wins Indiana, he's the nominee. If Cruz wins Indiana, yu still have a shot that neither of them will be.

A vote for Cruz is a vote for neither. It's counter-intuitive, but it's reality.
just Robert (Colorado)
For a long time there has been cracks in the Republican alliance between its rich overlords and its conservative middle class voters who are feeling the pinch of stagnant wages and overseas job loss. Trump promises the Republican middle class more economic possibilities . It does not matter that he is two faced and can not deliver on these promises. Angry frustrated voters are lashing out at their do nothing party through their support of Trump and Cruz has become a lightening rod for this pent up rage.

These voters want change, but refuse to see that no Republican politician will ever deliver that change. It is a mark of the depth of their anger that they would support someone like Trump who will probably betray them and their social stands on abortion and other social issues. They are a proud stubborn people who will not acknowledge that government has a role in helping them or reigning in out of control banksters and corporate pirates. Their blind passions are the new driving force within the dying Republican party.
stu (freeman)
o The Donald is now referring to his campaign as a "mandate for genius"? Most of us would settle for a mandate for intelligence (and for common decency). The only of genius that Mr. Trump has demonstrated lies in his conspicuous ability to exploit the most irrational fears and animosities of underemployed and underpaid Americans and to convince them that he really gives a damn. Anyone who doubts me can feel free to register at Trump University and pay a few thousand dollars to learn absolutely nothing of value. Oops, never mind: that hallowed institution is no longer in operation.
stu (freeman)
Make that "So The Donald..." and "The only kind of genius..."
Jonathan Baker (NYC)
Where are the Cruz and Trump supporters? Not on this website, apparently.

I have my doubts about both Bernie and Hillary but I can easily construct a dispassionate argument why either should ascend to the Oval Office over any Republican in sight.

I am curious to read what the Times resident conservative columnists Douthat, and Brooks have to write regarding the advisability of voting for Cruz. They seem oddly evasive on the subject.

Barring their endorsement of either Cruz or Trump, I think they owe us their inside slant on why the Republican party is in a nuclear meltdown. Or are they marooned on their ideological desert islands, alone, and disconnected from what was once called the mainland of the Republican Party?
WaveMan25 (Florida)
Name one hillary accomplishment besides screwing up Libya and Syria and getting our ambassador killed.
Dee (California)
Obamacare is warmed over version of the Bill and Hil Care of 25 years ago.........both dead on arrival.
Jonathan Baker (NYC)
@Dee - after a bumpy start, ObamaCare has evolved into an outstanding success and it should be expanded further. I do not know why you say it was "dead on arrival" since it passed through Congress and has succeed in bringing desperately needed heath care to millions more of you fellow citizens. It has also cut back on medical fraud by around $20 billion.
rjd (nyc)
Please....Please...Let this be over on Tuesday. If I have to listen to another Ted Cruz sanctimonious speech in which he drones on & on insufferably I'm going to throw a shoe at my TV.

With him finally out of the way then I can turn my attention to more substantive issues. Like Listening to Trump repeat over & over that he is great, that he has billions, that he alone will fix everything and make America great again. How?....Not a clue.

Or switch to MSNBC and watch Hillary sputter and squirm, bob and weave, in a desperate attempt to avoid answering any question directly unless of course the answer was scientifically poll tested for the best possible result.

Anyone know where I can get my hands on a Trump "Make America Great" Hat or a Hillary "I am Woman" Metro card?

We are totally screwed!
fran soyer (ny)
Trump was anointed. Don't let all of the theatrics fool you.
Joe Bob the III (MN)
Anointed with what? Spray bronzer?
Julie Anne (Indianapolis)
People from Indiana are called Hoosiers, not Indianans. It's a little bit like the basketball "ring."
Godfrey Daniels (The Black Pussy Cat Cafe)
i thought they were called indainianites
Iver Thompson (Pasadena, CA)
I think it's time for Carly to clutch Ted to her reassuring bosom, pat his little head and whisper some kind and comforting words in to his trembling ear, and put him to bed.
Michael (Los Angeles)
I wouldn't write Cruz off so readily.
At this pount, the manrealizes he's not gonna win.
But being as his is, he'll take down everyone that he can while in the process of losing. His is a scorched earth policy.
H is now on a destructive bent. That's always been his nature.
His campaign no longer ezpcts to win.
Cybele Plantagenet (flying low)
Cruz is California dreamin'....he'll never win our state. Carly is just another weight dragging him down.
Javadba (Mountain View, CA)
Yes. California residents know Carly relatively better on average. That is *not* good for her.
Michael Jacques (Southwestern PA)
I love the quote at in the fourth-from-last graf: "God wants every state to be on record." Classic.
Third.Coast (Earth)
[[Mr. Cruz’s top surrogates have described the extended primary season as a product of divine will, arguing the entire country deserves a chance to speak.]]

The problem with religious fanatics is that they twist any result to suit their needs. If it's sunny at a funeral, God is smiling. If it's raining, it's because God is weeping.

I really don't trust anyone whose main support of an argument is "God said" or "God wants."
Publius (NYC)
Didn't He tell Moses that he wanted every state to be in record? How else would we know?
Bill Randle (New York)
"Fascism will come wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible"

Sinclair Lewis, 1935
Carl Ian Schwartz (Paterson, New Jersey)
Thanks for remembering. The book was "It Can't Happen Here." My parents had a first edition, which was published in 1938--the same year as Kristallnacht in Germany (November 9, 1938).
fran soyer (ny)
"He will have terrible hair and no manners"

Francis Soyer, 2016
Will (New York, NY)
...and carrying a cross..

But close enough.
Marshall (NY State)
Cruz may not be Lucifer, but he's a thoroughly dishonest, fanatical, ideologue, who is shameless and repulsive. I will be glad to see him go, even though now it's Calif. that is his firewall. What nonsense. The reason he has so little traction as the alternative to Trump, is that he is worse than what he's supposed to saving us from.
j.r. (lorain)
ah! but he is Lucifer. Just gaze into those little steely eyes and you can see a human devil.
Dart (Florida)
Unctuous Lyin' Ted Vs. Orange Lyin' Donald

Cruz scares me most.
Erik (<br/>)
Thank you for using "unctuous" correctly. It is not, as NYT food writers describe, a synonym for succulent. And yes, Ted Cruz is uber-unctuous.
Howard64 (New Jersey)
The bad new is that Cruz is still in the Senate.
Patrick (New York, NY)
Amen to that!
Jason (Arizona, USA)
Not for much longer, my friend! This is the last year of his insufferable term in the Senate and he's not running to keep his seat again in November. Thank the gods!
Thomas Noi (Claremont, CA)
If the extended season is a product of divine will, then God must be blessing Donald Trump all this time. Eventhough Trump is a man with many flaws, it is known that God has raised men like him to serve his purpose. Trump's rise is not be accident, but by design.
Jim (NY)
So if Hillary beats him, will you say that God is blessing her and has raised this woman to serve her purpose: to lead the United States? Her rise will be by design?
unclejake (fort lauderdale, fl.)
I am hard pressed to recall such an overtly mean and obnoxious politician as Ted Cruz. Tom Delay maybe. Joseph McCarthy certainly. Open for suggestions.
Clyde (Hartford, CT)
How about the late Jesse Helms, former Republican senator from North Carolina? He may haver appeared courtly to some, but mostly he was a mean and obnoxious politician.
Billy Baynew (...)
Spiro Agnew.
Brian Clymer (Tucson)
How about Richard M. Nixon
Chris (Arizona)
Ted, since you believe in a higher power, apparently that higher power doesn't want you to be the GOP nominee. Goodbye!
fran soyer (ny)
Ted Cruz should run as an independent
Milner (Indianapolis)
The term is "Hoosiers," not Indianans.
David OConnell (Jerusalem, Israel)
And Basketball "Ring" :)
vishmael (madison, wi)
When one door closes, another opens, Praise the Lord! In south-side Chicago there's a boarded-up church, with steel plates in the windows to protect against frequent random stray bullets, just waiting for a powerful evangelic soul like Ted Cruz to reclaim that pulpit for Christ in Eternity. Mayor Emanuel will be happy to drive a reformed Republican reverend directly to the doorstep, with blessings from all for a long and productive career there.
Thomas Payne (Cornelius, NC)
"Turn out the lights, the party's over." - Dandy Don
David H. Eisenberg (Smithtown, NY)
I hope Cruz will out of it. I don't want Trump one bit, but I don't want Cruz more. And though I'd like Kasich to be the nominee and the president, I realize he has a snowball's chance in hell to win. But, I still don't think either he or Cruz should get out. Why should they just to make other people feel settled. If they think they are better for the country, why should they listen to anyone else. Of course, Cruz has been completely hypocritical in calling for JK to get out and then not doing so himself under the same circumstances, but, he's a politician. So. . . .

As far as the GOP is concerned, partisanship has blinded them. Completely. Cruz has no chance to beat Clinton. For all of the fun they make of her awkward and stilted personality - he's much worse. And they are doing the same dumb thing with Kasich they did with McCain and Romney - thinking he's not a conservative because he isn't frantic over gay rights and realizes that it is nonsense to say we are going to throw out 12 million illegal aliens.

They don't want Trump, but they don't seem to want the one with the best chance to beat Clinton either. Go figure.
Nick Stewart (California)
Yes, the most highlighted spectrum of this article must be California being the last state that really tells you who the Republican nominee is. I'm confident Trump wins Indiana while rather curious if California takes a liking to Trump. Every person I know here where I live in CA is beligerently ignorant to the notion of voting for him, but he has my vote as soon as the time comes because I believe the success he applies to his life is the success he'll apply to America , having much pride for this country with a family relying on him every second of the way to presidency.
Richard (NM)
A nation is not a company.

It takes a whole different skill set to run a nation. For instance were has to be some level of empathy, inclusiveness and restraint - not really hallmarks of today's corporate life.
Billy Baynew (...)

That was satire, right? How many bankruptcies does one have to have before you consider that person a success?
Ed lover (iowa)
I think you nailed it my friend. Trump is rich, and not after a white house pay check. His sole interest to to make us and America prosper again.
Tokyo Tony (<br/>)
They say every man must need protection
They say every man must fall
Yet I swear I see my reflection
Some place so high above the wall
I see my light come shining
From the west unto the east
Any day now, any day now
I shall be released
-- Bob Dylan
When Mrs Clinton or Mr Sanders shines the Midnight Special on him.
Honeybee (Dallas)
I hope Trump wins in a landslide because I want to watch the corrupt Republican "leaders" writhe in agony over his win.

The Republican Party is over. The American people are never again going to support the Establishment candidates and cronies who refuse to do what their voters sent them to DC to do.

Conservative voters now know for sure that the men and women they sent to DC only served the corporations and the mega-wealthy donors. Those days are over.

It's remarkable to watch thousands of GOP "leaders" on the brink of losing power, influence and money. I'm thrilled to see it happening. The DNC is next.
N (WayOutWest)
And defeat of the DNC can't come a minute too soon.
John Townsend (Mexico)
Well at least blustering vacuous fool Trump has provided the perfect foil for the overloaded clown car of supposed GOP candidates for the presidency on full display in seemingly endless chaotic public debates. Most of these jerks couldn’t handle this bloviating buffoon, clearly demonstrating they weren’t ready. If he’s the last man standing, so be it. Then the real contest is the election itself where we’ll find out if americans are really that stupid.
Ray (Los Angeles)
So Trump can decimate crooked Hillary and we can have a real American in the White House.
David OConnell (Jerusalem, Israel)
You got a real American in the White House now, one that came form humble roots, has class and poise- is thoughtful and can deliver.
cruciform (new york city)
You were just too shy to say "real man", weren't you, Ray?
Once Hillary becomes your CinC, you'll be pleased to see how well-off you become.

P.S. If you think Trump is one whit less crooked than Clinton, you surely do live in LA-LA-land.
CJ (Indianapolis)
I know it's silly, but people from Indiana are Hoosiers, not "Indianans."
batavicus (San Antonio, TX)
Both Merriam-Webster and Oxford English Dictionary give "Indianan" as proper and "Hoosier" as merely a nickname.
Javadba (Mountain View, CA)
Then fire them: they apparently did not consult residents of Indiana themselves on the topic.
Patrick (New York, NY)
Poor Ted. Let's all sing the chorus together...

Turn out the lights, the party's over!
MyThreeCents (San Francisco)
"Being Lucifer in the flesh certainly carries some bummer bad downside effects."

Do ya think?
Said Ordaz (Manhattan)
Hey NYT, investigate me this:

The INdi Star, a newspaper run by USA today, sys Ted Cruz is up by double diggits:


You say Trump is up by double digits.

Who is lying?
Peter Lobel (New York, New York)
Oh come on now. What a ridiculous comment and implication. Get real.
Patrick (New York, NY)
An investigation? Really? The "Downs Center Poll" vs The "NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist Poll"? C'mon Said, which one do you think is more credible?
Mark Thomason (Clawson, Mich)
Cruz is not just struggling, except in the imaginations of those desperate for anything not Trump. He's hopeless. He has no chance, and never had a real chance. He was always a marginal appeal to a niche that is completely unrepresentative of most of America.

The Republicans did with Jeb what the Democrats did with Hillary. When their presumed Establishment coronation flopped, they were left with nothing.

Trump filled a void. For Republicans, anything but Trump remains a void.

That is their own fault. They created their own mess.

With any luck, whether or not Trump wins, the Republican Party establishment will die of the effects of this revelation of empty failure.

Of course the death of the Republican Party is more assured if Trump wins, and rubs in the utter emptiness leading to this humiliation. Whig Party redux.

That would also have the beneficial effect of killing the DNC/Democratic Establishment that crammed Hillary down our throats. Elizabeth Warren or somebody like her would emerge as the new Democrats, in the honorable model of Bernie, who would from age retire with grace and long term victory.

It's a twofer.
fran soyer (ny)
Whatever ...

The GOP is a self-identiying "corrupt and crooked" organization whose own leader admits to being the product of a "corrupt and rigged" election.

Listening to your in-depth analysis of the GOP is like listening to Russian national television dissect the nuances that separate the great Putin from the scoundrel Yeltsin.
Thomas Zaslavsky (Binghamton, N.Y.)
fran soyer, I really don't see a resemblance.
vishmael (madison, wi)
Different strokes, fran. Others view Thomason's comments like the flowers growing on that pile out behind the barn.
kk (Seattle)
There is something deeply satisfying about watching someone as self-righteous and insufferable as Ted Cruz being crushed by someone as unserious and buffoonish as Donald Trump.
carlosmalvarado (Columbia, MO)
Great comment!
Ray (Los Angeles)
Go crooked Hillary, man-hater.
MyThreeCents (San Francisco)
"LGBT-loving Trump."

Having lived in San Francisco for the past 40 years, I feel qualified to say these things:

Most people here don't "love" LGBTs. To paraphrase Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) in his famous line from Gone With the Wind: "We just don't give a damn." I can't say that I don't take account of whether someone I meet here is a LBG or T -- to say that, frankly, would be a lie for me and for most San Franciscans. Indeed we do take account of someone's sexual orientation -- just as, I suspect, others do. But I can say that someone's sexual orientation is just one of very many things I consider when I interact with that person – just as my "straightness" is undoubtedly noted by LGBT people I meet and taken into account when they interact with me.

Undoubtedly there are some people -- straight or LGBT -- who feel that others should ignore one's sexual orientation entirely, and I agree that that would be ideal.

Ideal or not, that's not real life.

But it IS real life to point out that someone's status as LGBT is just one of several factors most San Franciscans pay attention to when deciding how to interact with someone, and far from the most important factor. That, frankly, is how it pretty much is out here in San Francisco. Straight people don't "love" LGBTs, and (I'll wager) LGBTs don't "love" straights. We just don't consider that category to be so important as people in other parts of the country consider it to be.
Thomas Zaslavsky (Binghamton, N.Y.)
MyThreeCents, surely you meant "some people in other parts of the country."

Anyway, Trump is a New Yorker. How does S.F. get involved?
Spook (California)
Definitely different today than it was down in the Castro District in the early 80s! :)
CJ13 (California)
The genius of Ted Cruz is that he seamlessly blended Elmer Gantry with Joe McCarthy.

It could be a long time before we see a repeat performance. Or at least one could hope so.
richard schumacher (united states)
Luz With Cruz!
Cindy (Tempe, AZ)
Luz means Light in Spanish. I'm pretty sure that's not what you're going for here.
Ellen (Basking Ridge NJ)
I live in a very Republican area of NJ and not one of my friends is voting for Cruz on June 7. Most seem to agree with Boehner that he is evil, or with Trump (and others) that no one likes him and "you've got to be able to work with people." As for me, I'll be voting for Hilary but I am rooting for Trump to win nomination. I actually think he would be more of a challenge for the Clintons, but he's just not as scary as Cruz if the unimaginable should happen. I'm a senior and if I had to look at Cruz's face or listen to that sanctimonious voice for 4 or 8 years I think it would kill me.
Royal Kingdom Greater Syria (U.S./Syria &amp; provinces)
Good news for Trump the honest man who has admitted the U.S. made serious mistake with the unjustified invasion of Iraq.
Susan Brockman (Park Slope)
Cruz seems more Faust than Lucifer to me. Lucifer was a bright archangel. Faust was just a huckster who sold his soul.
Mr. Reeee (NYC)
Faust was searching for knowledge and sold his soul for it.
Cruz wants power. He's a fascist.
John LeBaron (MA)
Being Lucifer in the flesh certainly carries some bummer bad downside effects. Seems a shame, really. It pays to play well with others, even ONE other. Too late for that now.

Lawrence (New Jersey)
With over 300 million people in our "Great" country these two negative bigots are the best the Republicans can come up with.
Brandon Jimenez (New York)
It appears that Trump will be the republican candidate. I am really ashamed in this country for supporting such a racist, lying bigot. Other nations are looking at us and mocking our great, democratic system. Do we really want a Dorito to make our fiscal and military decisions? We need to stop the hate, racism and bigotry and come together for the greater good of this country. When was America so great anyway? We should focus on the future, not our past. What scares me is that we sensationalize petty issues and ignore issues that will affect us in the near future like climate change. Wake up, people.
Larry (Canada)
I really struggle with Trump being labelled a racist. A racist is someone that thinks their race is better than another and I don't hear any of that in Trumps speeches. His position is that people need to follow the law and come in legally, at least from Mexico. In so far as banning Muslims, well, maybe he does think he is better than people that chop off heads and kill others whose faith is not the same as theirs. I suppose I am a racist too then.
Thomas Zaslavsky (Binghamton, N.Y.)
Yes, Larry. Anyone who thinks all (or many) Muslims chop off heads etc. is a racist (if that term can be applied to religious bigotry).
R.F. (Shelburne Falls, MA)
Larry, that last sentence was just about the only thing I think I can agree with you on.
MyThreeCents (San Francisco)
"Even George Will has endorsed Hillary."

I doubt George Will thinks much of Hillary, but consider the alternative.
fran soyer (ny)
Even Trump admits that he's the product of a rigged election that is being run by a crooked and corrupt organization.

Either he's a liar, or he's crooked, corrupt and rigging elections with his crooked and corrupt cronies in the GOP establishment.
RajeevA (Phoenix)
" Top surrogates have described the extended primary season as a product of divine will." It's outright amazing and wonderful that God, while dealing with such insignificant matters as dark energy, multiverse and other trivial stuff, still has time to keep track of how certain glorified apes decide to choose their chieftain. I think the reality is that God has had enough of Cruz's whiny invocations and has decided to hide himself inside a black hole where no form of communication can reach him. And he is making himself a promise- never again tinker with evolution to produce big-brained species with a fatal weakness for religion and politics.
Josh Thomas (Indiana)
If The Times doesn't ban the word "Indianan" once and for all, Indiana should ban The Times. Your disrespect makes me ashamed to subscribe.

Call people what they want to be called. You do that for everyone else, but not for certain Americans.
OhioDi (N. Ohio)
There is an African Proverb: It matters not what you call me, but what I answer to.
MyThreeCents (San Francisco)
"Call people what they want to be called."

I agree -- valid point. But what do people from Indiana want to be called? "People from Indiana?" "Hoosiers? (I hope not.) Maybe give the hapless Times some guidance here.
Tula (Crown Point, Indiana)
I also dislike being called an "Indianan" and prefer "Hoosier." But I'm from "Da Region" (Northwest Indiana outside of Chicago). We are proudly known as "Region Rats." Regardless of what you call us, you can bet that this state won't be giving a victory to Ted Cruz.
Patrick (Long Island N.Y.)
Looks like Goldman Sachs ( Cruz' wife ) and Wall Street are going to lose the White House unless Trump remains loyal to them.

I'm really itching to know who Trump deals with in his finances.
fran soyer (ny)
There has NEVER been a candidate more beholden to Wall St than Trump.

His entire existence hangs by a loose thread of bank debt that can be called on a moment's notice, spiraling into a personal bankruptcy larger than any you've ever seen.
Robert Weller (Denver)
Even George Will has endorsed Hillary. GOP leaders urging Senate and House candidates to ignore national ticket. No way to tell whether that will work. Many Republicans may stay home rather than vote for LGBT-loving Trump. Lucifer is powerful.
chris (PA)
Can you imagine how awful it must be to be a life-long partisan yet have to recommend the opposing party's nominee? That means your own party is dead/insane.
fran soyer (ny)
The entire GOP has to come to grips with their new leader's assertion that they were lied to by their crooked party leaders for the last 20 years.

As of now, about 45% of them have admitted that they were suckers for the crooked fraud, but have faith that the new-GOP is straight as an arrow, despite the fact that all of the people are the same save one.

55% of them are insisting that the party isn't crooked and corrupt, and that the new leader is the fraud.

Who is right ? Perhaps they both are.

It will be interesting to hear from those Republicans who decide to vote for Trump because the GOP is crooked and corrupt, but also vote for a Republican senator and see how they explain it.
Sharon B.E. (San Francisco)
Trump supporters want one thing: enforcement of the US Immigration laws. Are citizens racist, bigots, craven human beings because they want the laws of their country enforced? Of course not.
Trump is the product of the past 4 presidents, the US Chamber of Commerce, and businesses, large and small, wanting cheap labor and letting the communities pay the cost of caring for their cheap laborers. Obama's efforts to circumvent those laws he swore to uphold brought us to this tipping point.
I'm a Democrat as were my parents and grand-parents, but I want our immigration laws enforced so I'll be voting for Mr. Trump this year.
Mary Elizabeth (Boston)
Has Donald Trump ever proposed holding those employers responsible for hiring of illegals accountable? How does a wall keep out the 40% of illegal persons who come by air? Would there be millions here without promise of work?
It was the Republican led House that shelved the bipartisan bill passed in 2012 in the Senate. The failure in the House provoked President Obama's Executive Action.
No effort was made to enhance the bill despite claims that a new bill would be forthcoming.
Ali2017 (Michigan)
Sharon, of course laws should be enforced. But where are the laws that hold businesses liable for hiring illegal immigrants?
I can empathize with a poor person crossing a border illegally to find work to feed her family. I can't empathize with a business looking to take advantage of her 'illegal' status to make more money. If undocumented workers are not hired they won't come over.
Trump is not a bigot because he opposes illegal immigration. He is a bigot because he stated that a majority of immigrants from Mexico were rapists. Do you not see how abhorrent that statement is? If you don't maybe the racist label does apply.
Honeybee (Dallas)
Mary Elizabeth--you're understandably missing the point: yes, the Republican-led house did indeed fail on immigration and force Obama's hand.

Many conservative voters think they did it on purpose--they purposefully left it up to Obama because Republican "leaders" want the cheap labor more than anyone. They only want to appear to support immigration reform and control.

You're missing the difference between "conservative voters" and "Republican politicians".

Conservative voters are rejecting the Republican "leaders" and any loyalty to any party. They feel the party no longer represents them and they're done believing the lies of the Establishment politicians who only pretend to represent conservatives.
Richard Green (Santa Fe, NM)
Thank goodness we will no longer be be subjected to Cruz's sanctimonious, totally artificial speeches.
HonestTruth (Wine Country)
What is an Indianan? I believe they are called Hoosiers.
robert garcia (Reston, VA)
I rejoice as the cloven hoofed one returns to his home with tail between his legs and his pitchfork in his derriere. I look forward to the Donald hurling insults at Hillary when his prized hands are cut off as HRC emasculates him on national TV.
chris (PA)
Isn't that 'hooved'? I admit to not being up on the current christo-fasicst speak. :-)
Philihp (USA)
HRC may not even be around to debate Mr. Trump with her "security review" from the FBI going on. Stay tuned.
Susan Brockman (Park Slope)
Someone's been watching one too many Game of Thrones episodes.
Fr. Bill (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
At this point what's going to happen is going to happen. Trump will either ostensibly make the magic number of delegates and all hell will brake loose or he won't and all hell will break loose.

The question is where is the Big Money going to land. My guess is that they will pull back into the Senate and House races and "fix" whatever loose ends they find at the State level. Unless the electorate wakes up and gives the Democrats a big win at all levels we will have another 4-8 years of dysfunctional government. The plutocrats will be fine with that - but the everyone else will be much the poorer for it. It is time for everyone to put down whatever dream pipe they favor and wake up.
John (NYS)
"Unless the electorate wakes up and gives the Democrats a big win at all levels we will have another 4-8 years of dysfunctional government."
Perhaps a prerequisite to having a functional Federal government is that government following the original understanding of the constitution that defined it in the first place.
James Madison, known by many as Father of the Constitution and Bill of Rights commented on the roles of the Federal and State governments in Federalist 45 "Alleged Danger From the Powers of the Union to the State Governments Considered", Independent Journal, Saturday, January 26, 1788 [James Madison] as follows:
"The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government, are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State."

Perhaps we have a dysfunctional Federal government that no longer follows the originally intended constitutional limits and has expanded massively into areas like health care, education, and social welfare accruing a 19 Trillion dollar debut in doing so.
Thomas Zaslavsky (Binghamton, N.Y.)
@John: The $19 trillion "debut" was accrued largely by Republican policies: foreign wars and large tax cuts (simultaneously). If not for those, health care, education, and social welfare would be easily funded without those.
Blue state (Here)
The big money will support Clinton. That is what the significance of the Koch brother's statement is. Permission for money to pivot entirely to Clinton. My only hope is that it brings down-ticket Democrats into office. That would avoid continuous obstruction. But wait, I bet the money would prefer Clinton, but continuously obstructed, so she doesn't get too much done. Money likes the status quo. And I bet the Times won't print this. They don't want anyone to see how much money likes Clinton.
Socrates (Downtown Verona, NJ)
'Mr. Cruz’s ... top surrogates have described the extended primary season as a product of divine will, arguing the entire country deserves a chance to speak:

“God wants every state to be on record,” Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas told voters in Indiana.'

Sorry Crazy Louie....actually this election is not a church vote.

Please go back to your Texas house of worship and separate your religious superstitions from the government of the United States.

And take "Lucifer In The Flesh" with you.

George (NC)
@Socrates: Your failure to understand that certain officials speak with God and pass along his wishes to the underlings is what makes you a heathen.
Dahlian (NY)
"God BLESS the great state of Socrates"!
Carolyn M (<br/>)
The breathless narcissism of a god who watches the presidential campaign and concerns himself with speaking states. Om that logic, i expect such a god would be pretty concerned about craven efforts to deny "the least of these" a ballot with which to speak to power.
Patrick (Long Island N.Y.)
Where are the great ones like the Kennedys and the Roosevelts?

I suspect they all wised up to the dangers and denegrations of today's made for TV politics.

Can you blame them?

Ted Cruz is the shining example of the dumbing down of the American public.

TV is the disease, books are the cure.
Chris (NYC)
Back when FDR and JFK were candidates, there were some primaries and caucuses to help determine the candidates' popularity, but the final nominee was chosen by Party leaders in "smoke-filled rooms." Compared to what's going on this year, that sounds like a pretty good system, doesn't it?
Susan Brockman (Park Slope)
Plato firmly believed (because he'd seen it happen) that Democracy was a terrible idea. (He lived through the end of the great Athenian experiment.) People don't chose their leaders well, never have. If they get good ones, it's usually by some accident. Usually, they vote against their own interests for demagogues and get tyranny. But few people read The Republic anymore. Too bad.
woodyrd90 (Colorado)
One of the great ones is in the White House right now.
alexander hamilton (new york)
Kinda so not caring, you know? Neither one of these men is fit to lead a recycling drive, let alone a nation. Does it really matter which one the Republicans nominate? There isn't a statesman or -woman in sight, and hasn't been for a generation.
quantumtangles (NYC)
Neither of these men is fit to be a community organizer, thank goodness, just the employer of tens of thousands who has to make payroll. Ever make payroll Alex, or do you just print money?
Thomas Zaslavsky (Binghamton, N.Y.)
Tangled again, quantum!
DaveB (Boston MA)
The Donald doesn't worry about making payroll. He just files for bankruptcy protection when he can't. And his inability to run things is a price borne by his vendors, upheld by the courts.
Scott Fortune (Florida)
Time for bed, Lyin' Ted. Lights out.
Muleman (Denver, CO)
He never had a legitimate chance since he was born in Canada and is not a natural born citizen.
George (NC)
Yeah, so what? Donald Trump was born on Mars, spent the first 20 years of his life on Pluto, and still goes to the moon on weekends.
bnyc (NYC)
I was born and raised in Iowa, the state that gave Cruz his first electoral victory. When I lived there, decades ago, this wouldn't have happened. I'm ashamed of the voters there. Cruz is the new Joe McCarthy.

Now we have Indiana, another Midwestern state. They can give him hope or put a lid on him. I pray that it's the latter.
craig geary (redlands fl)
What can we say about the Canadian refugee, an anti immigrant immigrant?
The pretender to Pope of the Cow Country?

Say Goodnight, Ayatollah Rafael.
Julie W. (New Jersey)
There will not be a "contested convention." As much as the party establishment may despise Donald Trump, they will have no choice but to fall in line behind him once the convention rolls around. They will develop a collective amnesia regarding all their previous criticisms and will support his candidacy despite knowing the danger this man poses. To do otherwise would require actual principles and a level of political courage that they simply do not possess.
Frank Winter (Telluride, Colorado)
President Trump will be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. The only candidate who is opposed to a new open border policy. Trump welcomes all who join our country legally.
Jimmy (Greenville, North Carolina)
Hillary will win in the end due to the fact that she carries hot sauce in her purse at all times. And plus the fact she has never lied.
Blue state (Here)
For all the Republicans vaunted lockstep on policy and lib-shaming of RINOs right out of their party, they don't seem particularly organized at the moment either.
c (ny)
can't stand either one, but please Indiana - vote for Trump.

The disgusting deal struck by Cruz and Kasich is enough!

Vote for Trump
MIMA (heartsny)
Guess Ted Cruz's God, who seems to be much different than the God of many others, hasn't helped Cruz as much as he thought. Even God doesn't believe in putting all eggs in one basket, much less sending in Carly Fiorina to help gather the eggs.
TBBAC50 (Indianapolis, IN)
No doubt about it. God wants Cruz to run. God wants to see him humiliated!
T3D (San Francisco)
Funny how whatever Cruz wants, and what God wants for Cruz, just happens to align precisely.
Tom (Earth)
God is just.
RT (New Jersey)
The whole country is "Pray'n For Ted" to go down in flames.
wnk (ncal)
Joe Barnett (Sacramento)
The voters are expressing themselves fairly clearly at this point, they want the reality TV host to run against a former first lady, who was also a US Senator and Secretary of State. I suspect Trump will come up with a dozen reasons why he won't be able to debate Hillary, starting with his shoes are untied, all the way up to, "the sun was in my eyes." Hillary has a profound understanding of the law, the government and our people. Trump is a cartoon waiting for a punch line.
quantumtangles (NYC)
I am happy to take your bet that Trump will debate Hillary. You should be proud of your candidate - Whitewater, destroyer of sexually abused women, supporter of a serial sex abuser and rapist, and a fine run as Secretary of State where she single-handedly "reset" with Russia, allowed the invasion of Crimea, screwed up Syria (300,000 dead, 1 million+ refugees), invaded Libya, left Yemen in a perpetual civil war, and allowed China to build military bases on disputed islands. Oh and that pesky email scandal. How many of these countries contributed directly of indirectly to the Clinton foundation? Y'all have many balls to juggle; at least one will drop and that will be enough.
Thomas Zaslavsky (Binghamton, N.Y.)
quantumtangles, the second half of your name is telling. You have entangled so many facts that it would take more than 1500 characters to sort them out. Let me start the process. 1. Whitewater was nothing. The investigation, instigated by the GOP, turned up no wrongdoing by the Clintons. 2. I agree that Hillary did not stand in Crimea to stop the covert Russian invasion. If you think she should have done something else, tell us what it is. If you mean starting a war with Russia, say that. 3. How did she leave Yemen in worse shape than when she arrived there to govern it -- oh, sorry, you mean Yemen was in worse shape when she left office than when she entered office as S of S? Well, now it's far worse. Our intimate ally Saudi Arabia has a lot to do with that. The Obama drone war has a lot to do with it, but Hillary didn't decide that. 4. China's building bases on islands -- same as Crimea, except Hillary was long gone from State when that happened. 5. (I'm tired of this. Readers, you get the point?)
Third.Coast (Earth)
[[Joe Barnett Sacramento
The voters are expressing themselves fairly clearly at this point, they want the reality TV host to run against a former first lady, who was also a US Senator and Secretary of State.]]

"Former first lady" is not an accomplishment.
The senator voted for the Iraq war and then the presidential candidate refused to own that vote.
As secretary of state, she ran a private email server and then deleted thousands of emails.
MyThreeCents (San Francisco)
It's truly sad that we're being left with a choice between two losers -- Clinton and Trump. Clinton is a mediocre reject that was sent packing by Obama 8 years ago, extorted the Secretary of State job as the price for her endorsement, was mediocre at best in that role, and collapsed at home shortly after leaving office. It's utterly amazing that she's got this far. The Democrats have nothing better to offer, it appears.

And the Republicans have even less: Trump. An utter buffoon. His candidacy trivializes the Presidency. At least Hillary Clinton is a real player -- mediocre, but a real player. Trump is an embarrassment to the country.
chris (PA)
Sorry, Hillary Clinton is an accomplished, highly qualified candidate. She is also brilliant and - low bar, here - sane. To compare her with Drumpf is evidence of derangement.
MyThreeCents (San Francisco)

Naturally a Hillary Clinton supporter will describe her as "brilliant." She's not. She's just mediocre. Always has been, always will be. But I agree with you beyond that. Mediocre or not, she's better than Trump. It's a shame for the country – an embarrassment, really – that we're forced to pick between them.
kookykatt (wildwest)
Player of what EXACTLY? I don't want a damn player. That's the problem with this country.
Patrick (Long Island N.Y.)
I would not trust the recent NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist College poll. N.B.C. has a record of manipulating American politics right out there so who is to believe they didn't manipulate the conducting of the poll? And what about the Wall Street Journal? It does say "Wall Street" in the name. I might trust Marist College however.

I'll wait until Tuesday night to see the real results. Thank you.
Thomas Zaslavsky (Binghamton, N.Y.)
Patrick, in one thing you are unquestionably correct.

By the way, I too would trust Marist more than the others, but I don't accuse them of deliberate manipulation.
CastleMan (Colorado)
The end of this utterly despicable man's candidacy cannot come soon enough. Never in my lifetime has there been a presidential aspirant so dishonest, so completely craven in his appeal to hate and to big money, as Ted Cruz. Not even Richard M. Nixon!

Rafael Theodore Cruz is not worthy of any public office, let alone the presidency. He is the modern era's McCarthy, ready and willing to use government to oppress anyone who is not an evangelical Christian, and this era's Taft, willing to grease the skids for every onerous monopolist around. He is anathema to anyone who values freedom, diversity, equality, justice, fairness, enlightened thinking, and plain decency.

Good riddance, Cruz.
trudds (sierra madre, CA)
This comment seems to call one american politician to task unfairly.
With all due respect. President Taft, while hardly a modern day paragon of free trade, fought far more vigorously to "trust bust" than Theodore Roosevelt and against a great deal of resistance from his own party, lowered tariffs.
His view of a president's power actually being limited by the Constitution seems extremely quaint today but also very refreshing.
Ralph (NJ)
Ted Cruz is not even a "natural born" U.S. citizen. He was born in Alberta, Canada and his parents never had the proper documentation filled out, i.e. CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad). If he had those documents he would have released them along with his Canadian Birth Certificate and his mother's Delaware Birth Certificate. Instead, he had his Canadian records sealed and he further waited until 2014 to renounce his Canadian citizenship. What is Ted Cruz tying to hide from the voters? His own wife slipped up just the other day when she said, "Ted is an immigrant." You can't be "natural born" and "an immigrant" simultaneously. It's either one or the other.
Muleman (Denver, CO)
Completely correct - Cruz is 100% INELIGIBLE to be president.
Tim Holmes (United States)
A full quarter of Indian voters are not voting for Trump or Cruz. Don't they understand that a vote for Cruz does not mean you want him to be president, it simply means you want the chance for an alternative to Trump at the convention?
Thomas Zaslavsky (Binghamton, N.Y.)
Tim Holmes: Consider the possibility that they do know that. And consider the possibility that they would rather have Trump than take any chance of Cruz being elected.
Tim Holmes (United States)
Thomas Zaslavasky: If they don't want Cruz to have any chance of being elected, they would vote for Trump.
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