Donald Trump, Wavering on Immigration, Finds Anger in All Corners

Aug 26, 2016 · 700 comments
Sam Orez (Seattle, WA)
When Trump speaks, you need a weatherman or weatherwoman to tell you which the way the wind blows.
Steve (California)
“He finally figured out that you can’t win a national election with just white voters,” said Whit Ayres, a Republican pollster who worked for Mr. Rubio’s campaign."

Three months before election and Trump is just figuring this out? His campaign has been impromptu so how can we take him seriously?

Dolly Parton said it best on this year's election: It's the greatest show on television right now.
Bubba Nicholson (Tampa, Florida)
America, we love you. We are your voters, your protectors and defenders, we are your people. We are not going to let you down. We will not be led astray. We are going to defeat the TrumpPence evil at the polls. We are going to elect your true champions, the Democratic Party nominees, to every office in this election. We are going to vanquish those who would allow Trump's nomination so thoroughly, with such devastation that all of them will lose their places of honor, prestige and leadership, we will defeat them at the polls, for you America! Peace, prosperity, memory, love, and justice these we pledge with our Democratic votes all for Democratic candidates. We must more than defeat them, we must beat them so badly that come November, that day, election day, will be a day long remembered, and never, never ever, be forgot.
"Hummmmm" (In the Snow)
I read about people commenting on Hilary Clinton's health or looks (mostly from women haters that well represent the G"OPP"). Maybe they should take a look at past male presidents.

Ronald Reagan (R) was the oldest man to seek the presidency and was considered by some to be medically unfit for the position. He struggled constantly with poor health. Reagan experienced urinary tract infections (UTIs), underwent removal of prostate stones, and suffered from temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ) and arthritis. In 1987, he had operations for prostate and skin cancers, and suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. His wife, Nancy, was diagnosed with breast cancer and his daughter died from skin cancer.

George H.W. Bush (R) The senior Bush almost died as a teenager from a staph infection. As a Naval Aviator, Bush was exposed to head and lung trauma. Throughout his lifetime, he suffered several bleeding ulcers, arthritis, and various cysts. He was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation due to hyperthyroidism and was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder Graves’ disease.

And now, there is Donald Trump (R) attempting to become the president of the US. Donald Trump by his own words says he’s only getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep. To be able to continue functioning any person would need some sort of drug to keep going and then it would be keep going for how long. What kind of drugs would it be? Might it be cocaine or speed? Add Psychological Narcissism and Sociopathy with sleep deprivation.
MNW (Connecticut)
To succinctly sum it all up:
Donald Trump has proven himself to be the wrong messenger for the message that is overtly and covertly the overriding message of this particular era.
In the political arena Trump has failed to grasp the great concept of the hidden agenda.
I shall restrain on elaboration. You either get it or you do not.
Southern Boy (The Volunteer State)
Earlier today, I posted the immigration reforms posed by Trump pale in comparison to the immigration reform of the 1920s which ended immigration from East Asia, the Middle East, and Southern and Eastern Europe." I received no replies. Why? Because Americans have no concept of the immigration history to the USA. Which proves the point of the op-ed on the "dumbed down democracy." Why is it that the "Southern Boy" knows this stuff? Why don't the Northern boys and girls know this stuff? This is stuff you learn, or should have learned in American History class. It seems to me that under the current political correct agenda, this should be taught because the Immigration Laws of the 1920s demonstrate the racist xenophobia of the period. For the politicaly correct, who hate America, this shows that white people are bad. Isn't that what political coorectness is all about, to show white people are bad? All I have to say is go learn something about American History and you may understand what's going on today. Thank yoyu.
Aaron of London (London, UK)
I am a liberal who detests everything that Trump stands for. As a result, I would never stay at a Trump property. When ever anyone from my company comes over to the US I can guarantee that, as a matter of ethics and policy, we will never allow anyone to stay at a Trump hotel. Now that he has shown that he will not support the tenets that drew so many people to support him I hope that the right boycotts him as well. He has now demonstrated that he is an opportunistic charlatan who will peddle any story to any constituency that he thinks will get him elected, regardless of whether they lean right or the left.

Mr. Trump, you are no different from any politician you rail against, you are a loser and you are FIRED!
Laurie Willis (Alberta, Canada)
I could not agree more.
eva lockhart (Minneapolis, MN)
And we're still waiting for his tax returns...even if he is being audited, why not put the 2014 and prior years' returns out there for folks to see? Thus, my conclusion: the poor boob has no idea what he is doing (soooo much evidence of that just in the personality/selection of his endless rotation of campaign managers), and now with this latest flip-flop we see that he is truly floundering. I would laugh if it didn't all reveal the ugliest underbelly of America yet. Sigh.
Back to basics Rob (Nre York)
Donald Trump's views were presented to America many years ago: does Johnny Carson's cartoon character Floyd R. Turbo ring a bell ?
Real World (CA)
Give me some more cool aid, some more.... I still can vote for him..sorry.
AC (Minneapolis)
I would really like to know, why would you vote for him?
CL (Boston)
I look forward to the time when Trump runs hotels I won't visit, sells products I won't buy and has t.v. shows i won't watch. He has had enough free press.
Steve Fankuchen (Oakland, CA)
Trump is not stupid, and finding himself in over his head as a "serious" candidate, he may well be trying to figure out how to guarantee that he loses without destroying the commercial value of his campaign. It's a tricky position to be in, especially as he is undoubtedly calculating the commercial value of the continued intelligence briefings he is getting, information he can use to cut insider deals legally or simply to sell to Russia, China, or any other bidder.

Perhaps most people have been taking Trump way too seriously. It is likely he got into the race simply to get free publicity for the clearly failing Trump commercial brand. Then, as support did develope for his ranting style, he rode the wave, as all good snake oil salesmen and cult leaders do.
tim (Maryland)
what do you expect from the "donald" He has proved time and time again that he is a liar. why don't you stand up for you convictions. You said that you would make Mexico build a wall. And that you would send them all back. And now you are saying that the illegal immigrants should be given some consideration? Your just a liar like all of the rest of those liars in Washington
Steve Fankuchen (Oakland, CA)
Perhaps most people have been taking Trump way too seriously. It is likely he got into the race simply to get free publicity for the clearly failing Trump commercial brand. Then, as support did develope for his ranting style, he rode the wave, as all good snake oil salesmen and cult leaders do.

The man is not stupid and, finding himself in over his head as a "serious" candidate, he may well be trying to figure out how to guarantee that he loses without destroying the commercial value of his campaign. It's a tricky position to be in, especially as he is undoubtedly calculating the commercial value of the continued intelligence briefings he is getting.
MarkAntney (Here)
He'll need a Wall NOW to divide up his opposite positions on the same issues.
John Duvall (Rohnert Park, CA)
It seems Mr. Trump has moved through denial and anger into bargaining. Depression is next, and after the election, acceptance of his resounding defeat.
Virginia's Wolf (Manhattan)
Let us pray!
Concerned Neighbor (Vancouver Canada)
Race bait and switch. Trump is a con man whose biggest con is being played on the anti-immigration nativisits who are actually taking him seriously.
Frederick Northrop (Hollister)
Mr. Trump from the beginning has been trying to find the phrasing that seems to promise what all potential supporters want to hear. His primary base wants a clear, hard line. They think they hear him saying that a wall will go up and every single "Mexican" will be forced over the border. Main line conservatives don't really care as long as they taxes aren't benefitting undocumented workers. Social conservatives are troubled by the idea of splitting up families or punishing children and by the overtly racist statements. Fiscal conservatives know full well that we couldn't afford to deport all these people. (using current costs of $12,500 each and 11.4 million, you get about $142 billion, but that doesn't allow for adding more jails, courtrooms, or personnel and at current rates it would take 29 years to deport that many people)

That he chose to focus on an issue that divides conservatives betrays a noted lack of judgment. Small wonder he cannot find a phrasing that unites conservatives--much less appeals to moderates.
If it were not so aggravating, it would be funny. Donald Trump is pretending to reach out to minority voters so that he can solidify his base who don't want to think of themselves as racist. I'm fairly certain that I know some Hispanics who may be illegal. I've never met a harder working family. What would Trump have them do, send home a hardworking father whose three children were born in America? Maybe the mother too if she was not born here? Who would take care of the children, fine young people who already work hard in school and look forward to the lives their parents and grandparents dared to hope they might have. While I'm not a fan of illegal immigration, we can't deny that the majority of undocumented Hispanics are good people in a bad situation. They deserve a road to legal status, not Mr. Trump's approach.
george (san francisco)
Well now we know for sure that he will not/cannot reveal the information inside of his 2015 Income taxes!
William Case (Texas)
Hillary Clinton hasn’t softened her stance on border security. Hillary voted for a comprehensive immigration bill that, if passed, would have directed Homeland Security to implement a “Southern Border Fencing Strategy, adding 700 miles of fencing to the already existing Border Fence. After the bill failed, Hillary said “It is obvious there is no more defining issue in our nation today than stopping illegal immigration. The most basic obligation of any government is to secure the Nation's borders. One issue in which there appears to be a consensus between the Senate and the House is on the issue of building a secure fence. So rather than wait until comprehensive legislation is enacted, we should move forward on targeted legislation which is effective and meaningful. The legislation today provides over 700 miles of fencing within 18 months.” During this year’s presidential campaign, Hillary said "I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. And I do think you have to control your borders." So, why isn’t Hillary branded a racist?
Her Border Fence would serve the same purpose as Donald’s Border Wall.
SMB (Savannah)
Because Hillary Clinton is on the record for strongly supporting immigration reform. The 2013 bill was a bipartisan one that passed the Senate and was stalled in the GOP House. This was a major bill. Trump admitted openly last year that he didn't know about it, and didn't know about the Gang of Eight. The ill-informed bigoted lunatic doesn't even read newspapers.
chris87654 (STL MO)
Hard to believe anyone with the Trump campaign says he hasn't changed his stance on immigration. The only thing that makes sense is they figure general election voters are like Trump's diehard supporters who've stuck with him. As we get closer to the election, normal voters will also be interested in details and costs of policies. I'm most interested in Trump's "promise" to improve our inner cities - exactly what will he do and how much will it cost?
Joseph Kayne (Amelia Island, Florida)
I am confused by this demand that illegal immigrants need to pay back taxes. Many have taxes (income, social security and medicare) deducted from their pay checks. And most of these, if they were able to file tax returns, due to their low annual income, would be eligible for refunds. And they are not eligible for social security (regardless of the lies Donald Trump spreads) even though they are subject to FICA payroll deductions. So, instead of owing taxes, most illegal immigrants have a net tax outlay higher than the equivalent of a citizen in the same income bracket.

Wouldn't be ironic if undocumented workers were paying more income tax than Trump himself. But I guess we'll never know since he refuses to release his returns or even a statement of income, tax liability and deductions.
aungthwi (Kailua, Hawaii)
The problem is not just Trump, but his supporters. Without them Trump would return to being a joke, not a presidential candidate that's a joke.
Alex Ingram (Harpersville Alabama)
I predict that if elected, a wall will be built to keep out illegals fleeing from the south seeking work, more freedom and to escape wrongful persecution. Mexico won't pay for or build the wall. Canada will.
Laurencia (Ontario)
Building walls along our borders would very un-Canadian. We are an open-minded multi-cultural, multi-lingual society that finds strength in diversity. We are very proud to share with the United States the longest, undefended border in the world! From coast, to coast, to coast , there is plenty of room in Canada for everyone.
DR (New England)
Laurencia - Thank you for your kindness.
Mary (Seattle)
But then last night on Anderson Cooper he flip flopped yet again. Deport them all. Mexico will build the wall. Something seriously wrong going on with his mind if he can't keep his story straight for 24 hours.
Teka (Hudson Valley)
Funny. Utterly bewildered by Trump's flip-flopping, the press has resorted to asking Obama's press secretary "which of Mr. Trump’s immigration positions he believed voters should consider."
Michael S (Astoria, NY)
It amuses me that this country's poor and working class people believe that the GOP will do anything to improve their condition. These rural areas have been voting republican for decades and what, exactly, has it gotten them? Conservatives don't care about the working class, it's an open secret. So why not try something different America? Let the GOP die its natural death and let's move on toward real progress.
Dan (Oregon)
Hey America, here is a great marketing idea for those restaurants who would like a little boost in sales. Trump waffles! We already know he flip flops like a fish out of water and now, you can create Trump immigration waffles, Trump tax waffles etc, etc. You can have an endless supply until November of Trump waffle ideas. I do expect a commission on this idea though. Just sayin.
Jcb1218 (NYC)
The charge that you are a racist, Donald, is predictable precisely because your words and behavior elicit that description of you. Want people to stop calling you a racist? Stop acting like one. And by the way, release your taxes and many people will stop calling you a weasel. They'll call you a fraud and tax cheat instead.
MarkAntney (Here)
If he's SINcere about his "New" Position,..seems he owes a lot of people he ran against for the GOP Nomination an apology.

Problem is, really don't know what folks like this mean/stand for,..they're just salesmen,.and he doesn't seem very good at it?
David (Southington,CT)
Mr. Trump is a salesman who says whatever he thinks will promote his interests. At this point, however, he appears to be in over his head. He seems not to know how to appeal both to the people who supported him for the nomination, and the wider audience needed to win the general election. Bombast has its limits.
jmtc (seattle)
Trump is as confused about his 'policies' as everyone else is, mainly because he's now become a politician (instead of a businessman) and is saying whatever it takes to try to get votes. Hopefully people will not fall for this line, since now he's simply become a sheep in wolf's clothing. We know what his true colors are.
jmtc (seattle)
Or maybe a wolf in sheep's clothing! :) Just saw that I said that backward.
Bubba Nicholson (Tampa, Florida)
If we don't bury this evil with votes for Hillary Clinton, if we don't severely punish Republican office holders, we will see more and more. Our country will suffer evil upon evil upon evil from this day forward, perhaps for evermore, if we fail to act now. If you can influence someone to support Hillary Clinton, do so. Of course be prepared and do cast your own vote in her support as well.
post-meridian (San Francisco)
Forcing people about to be deported to pay back taxes makes about as much sense as running for president without publicly releasing his own tax returns. But, hey, it's Donald Trump we are talking about.
discoverer (San Francisco)
No one is going to be happy no matter what happens or who is elected. Supporters of open-borders globalism (the left, the media, Soros, the Establishment, and the Corporations) will not be happy until all illegal immigrants have voting rights and citizenship and can bring in as many people as they want in order to lower wages and make things more difficult for Americans who they care nothing about. Opponents are not going to be happy because it is likely that the government will offer amnesty and look the other way at lawbreaking, as it has been doing for the last 30 years. The only winners are the corporatists who will make even more money at the expense of Americans.
O.K. The Times needs to sell advertising space and Liberals have an insatiable need to get lathered up about Trump.

But, really, what's the big deal?

Number One. Donald Trump is not going to be elected President in 2016. Or ever. None of his so-called policies are ever going to see the light of day.

Number Two. Neither the next President nor any other liberal is going to enact anything resembling "immigration reform". Ever.

Number Three. The current President has bumbled through immigration issues for his entire tenure. Mass deportations. Border incarcerations. Inconsistencies at every turn. 700+ miles of "walls" on the border.

Sell your ads, Times. Get lathered up, Libs. Just give the rest of us a break. Immigration is a red herring. A smelly red herring.
Pamela Gotzmer (Glenville, NY)
Just what the nation needs at the impetuous, egoist who changes with the wind in order to keep this joke of a campaign going. He wakes in the morning, puts his feet on the floor and mutters to himself, "let's see what policy changes I need to make today in order that i can get me some more votes".
Abdur Rahim (Brooklyn, NY)
Donald Trump is playing "Three Card Monte" with American people. Somehow Republican leaders still supporting him. I am asking those leaders where they got their education, "Trump University"?
marvinfeldman (Mexico D.F.)
Mr. Donald Trump,psychopathic spewer of lies and hate; regurgitated out of the bowls of the Republican Party is now their nominee for President.

Why Governor Mike Pence, by joining TeamTrump, exhibits his eagerness to become political Worm Chow (with apologies to Evelyn Harper) is of his own understanding.

However, there is a solution for Republican voters:
1). Enter voting booth.
2). Quietly repeat Mr.. Charles Dickens lament; "Tis a far, far, better thing I do than I have ever done."
3). Pull lever, as I will do absentee, for Senator Hillary Clinton.
Ed (Old Field, NY)
There’s no need to get ahead of ourselves; that’s the fundamental flaw of “comprehensive” reform. One thing at a time. And then there’s the bridge between rhetoric and practice. “Build the wall” sounds more exciting than “it’s high time to complete the border fence,” but it’s the same. “Making Mexico pay for it” is more satisfying than proposing a refundable fee on overseas electronic funds transfers. “Deportation force” is more rousing than calling for so many additional I.C.E. personnel in your budget. “Getting tough” ring outs in a way that enforcing existing labor law by strict imposition of employer sanctions does not. But this is one time when “bureaucrats reviewing paperwork” should sound pretty good, because that is how policy is implemented. You eliminate the incentive of businesses to hire illegally, by making them pay—and there’s nothing particularly scary about that either.
Will McLane (Rochester NY)
Deportation Force. Think on it for a moment, a "Deportation Force" pursuing 11 million people, right here in the United States of America in the 21st Century. Our hands are not clean (the annihilation of Native Americans and the WWII internment of Japanese Americans) but if this insane Trumpian "Deportation Force" isn't reminiscent of the monstrous Schutzstaffel (Protective Guard), or SS, I do not know what is.
jacobi (Nevada)
Maybe Trump should point out that Clinton has the full support of CPUSA.
brainouty (USA)
Why isn't the press reporting the FACT that illegals have taxes DEDUCTED from pay (by law, called 'withholding at source', google it)?

THERE ARE NO BACK TAXES TO PAY. Look at your own paycheck. YOU as a citizen, can get benefits or some taxes back, maybe. The illegal, never can.

discoverer (San Francisco)
Why isn't the press reporting the fact that illegal immigrants are not supposed to be employed in the United States and reporting the companies who hire illegal immigrants?
William O'Brien (Cary, NC)
Payroll taxes, check. Income taxes, maybe. But a problem of unknown magnitud is how many are paid in cash, no with-holding. In addition, how much are we really talking about and how/who will measure it?
Rayan (Palo Alto)
After Mitt Romney's loss, the Repulicans wanted a primary and a candidate that would appeal to moderates with a message that would appeal to ALL Americans!
Look what we have now...
Andrew McGall (California)
Trump wakes desires for ethnic cleansing in a nation rattling with weapons and plenty of people aiming for a new order. We will have neither walls nor mass deportations without more national police, prisons, guards, and guns. Newly erected camps will await the next wave of losers. First the Latinos, then the anti-Muslim crusade, and then silence the political opposition, each with its intensifying protests. Trump's vision is the truly dangerous political correctness the GOP enforces in its ideal one-party, winner-take-all, anti-democratic ethos.
Beyondliberal (Monroe, Oregon)
The only real policy Trump has is to imitate his buddy, Putin.
mingz1 (San Diego)
I wish people would just forget personalities and vote for the party most likely to help the "average" American citizen. It doesn't matter if you dislike Hillary. If Trump and the Republicans manage to take over both the Presidency and Congress, most of us will eventually see very hard times. Face it...if you have an "average" income, you just won't count except as underpaid servants.
Bob Loblaw (Seattle)
I can't help by wonder how the guy in the "built the wall" costume is going to take this. I really do feel bad for Trump supporters whose hero is now saying he will continue Obama's immigration policies with "more energy" (yes, that is what he said). Of course he'll flip-flop, barrel-roll and do-si-do on this 12 more times (he already has at least a few times) but I think this "softening" may be his biggest error yet in terms of becoming "appealing" to the general electorate. It's not likely to sit well with his base (to put it conservatively) and everyone else is just gonna see it is as more evidence of what a political wind-sock he is (as well as wind-bag). Even Anne Coulter who is currently hawking a new book called "In Trump We Trust" is not having it (I guess I'll give her half a point for not spinning the reality of his comments). How will the David Duke crowd feel about Trump's "softening". Maybe they'll take it all with a nod and a wink like they did with his bloodless disavowals. It's hard to tell who he's nodding and winking at anymore when his positions change with every passing hour. Maybe he's down to just winking at his own reflection.
Don Baker (Elk Grove Village, IL 60007)
Don't worry Trump supporters. Within 24 hours it is now clear the 11million or 30 million or is that 5 million illegals will after all be deported. Then I guess each will be vetted for possible re-entry thru Donald's golden gate. Details of logistics and cost to follow. Seems his softening is actually hardening at least for the next 4 hours or so.
JRB (California)
He's not going to lose one vote because of these comments. The racists will still be with him. What he gains is giving fence riding republicans and independents a reason to hold their nose and vote for him.
MNW (Connecticut)
I think you've got it.
CAL GAL (Sonoma, CA)
Trump just lost the election. Many potential voters endorsed his constant reference to illegal immigration when other candidates avoided it. The fence idea was silly, and everyone (including him) knew he could never pull it off. However, by bringing the immigration issue to the forefront he attracted a large group who think it's time to fix this problem. Sorry, Mr. Trump, you just lost them.
Humberto Martinez (Fort Worth, TX)
Let's see if I can sum this election up.
1. In the beginning, the Tea Party was "cute" so the Republicans figured they could use it to redirect their lost ways. At the time, the Tea Party stood basically, for smaller government, less and wiser spending, and more local control. 2. But alas, radical and extreme elements begin to take hold of the Tea Party agenda including racists and that fringe of unhinged people that are always unhappy about something. They took over the party. 3. Along comes opportunistic Donald Trump recognizing the golden opportunity that lay right under his nose. Run for President, sling the message that would appeal to the racist, anti-immigrant, nationalist, and Taliban extreme religious bigots in this country and take over the Republican party which he often called establishment and railed against. 4. Trump wins the Republican nomination. The Republican party exists only in name. It is now Trump's party. All of a sudden Trump realizes that he now needs the very people (minorities/women/disabled/Muslims) that he insulted in the primary in order to win the election. These groups are not buying it. 5. At present, the Republican Party is Trump and it appears he will lose the election. His message becomes more muddled everyday.

The message to take from this: America will remain a great country, but those that govern it will be a bit more diverse. Those that are bothered by it, may consider an adjustment or failing that, a move.
oskar (california)
good summary and creditable
General George Patton (San Jose)
I'm a Trump supporter and will absolutely vote for Trump and no left wing MSM I'm not at all confused about what Trump is saying regarding illegal immigration. Trump will build the wall first secure our borders get the violent criminals out then figure out what to do from there. If Trump and his advisers decide that the rest of illegal immigrants who have lived here for many years get to stay I'm totally ok with that. If he deports them I'm ok with that. The most important issue is border security by keeping the bad actors and drugs from entering this country. So there you have it straight from a Trump supporter who ISN'T A RACIST NOR UNEDUCATED. I have an advanced degree in computer science. Of course the left wing hypocritical in the tank for Clinton biased media and NY Times won't populate this post and if they do will probably censor it. Disgusting phonies.
DR (New England)
Well that all sounds lovely. Can you proceed to tell us how all this will be paid for?
SMB (Savannah)
This involves a lot of magic thinking. Building a 2,000 mile wall is almost impossible and is prohibitively expensive. 60% of Americans are against this. It is far more important to repair the country's infrastructure where buildings, roads, and other transportation are in dangerous condition, and which millions of Americans run a risk on every day. It is also virtually impossible to deport 11 million men, women, and children. Again it would be prohibitively expensive and it would involve a crime against humanity. Rounding millions up, putting them in detention centers, and then mass deportation are not tactics that are possible or "humane", and Trump's plan involves deporting a lot of U.S. born children. This is unconstitutional, and he cannot declare the 14th Amendment repealed by himself.

Perhaps you are not racist or uneducated, but most computer science people, as well as engineers and scientists are logical thinkers and don't believe in the impossible.
oskar (california)
Good points. I will add some. How deep will the wall be built? Right now, tunneling is the way things come across the border. If Mexico, and they are no that stupid, fails to pay for the 2000 mile wall, who will? Trump is the real estate gum maybe he will finance it and then bail on the loan like he did with all his casinos. As for deportations, he will get a volunteer army of right wing nuts, KKK, Aryan Brotherhood and NRA militias to do the vetting and then deport them pro bon.
The Trump reality scriptwriters are so far off it would be a comedy farce at best.
Cat (Western MA)
I am pretty much floored by this whole "pivot" notion. It is apparent to anyone with brains enough to look what this guy is. - he's a con man. He changed what passes for policy in his campaign more often then the rest of us change our underwear. Whatever he says this week is probably not what he will say next week and with all this flip flopping around who can tell what he really thinks or will really do anyway! Anybody who falls for these "changes if heart", or whatever they are, is just plain gullible.
Judy (NY)
Every one of Trump's accusations against Hillary is actually -- and only -- true of himself. Erratic? Who does that sound like? Now he hurls "racist." Really? He must be looking in the mirror and thinking of Hillary. Makes you worry -- even more -- what he'd do in the White House.
Tara (New York)
Trump is a two-bit hustler selling snake oil to a lot of customer. He has been good at it up to a point. Usually the con man leave town before the people know that they have been had.

Trump's entire performance is based on his ego and what he can hustle from people. His lack of knowledge on basic world issues is evident. He thinks that he can become the preident because he wants it.

He cannot bully his way to the presidency. He cannot buly African-Americans and other minorities into voting from him. And, he cannot bully Hillary Clinton. He has finaly met his match.
Old Bob (Utah)
So, in a nutshell this election boils down to voting for someone a large part of the population dislikes or voting for someone with who is totally clueless and incompetent. To make it clear, Hillary is the one who a lot of people dislike. the other guy is the incompetent flip flopper.
gaboy (georgia)
I don't know if the NYT will put this in print.
My best advise to Mr. Trump on immigration, watch what you say about knowing who they are and throwing Mexican drug dealers out of the country. The cartels are not your common street thug as we know thugs here in the US. Someone should remind Mr. Trump that his big self is an easy target, I would hate to see or hear that something happened to him as he tends to let his mouth overload his rear end.
All this comes from a former BNDD/DEA agent.
rice pritchard (nashville, tennessee)
So should nothing be done to deport illegal aliens?
Paul (Minneapolis)
Don a "middle-of-the-roader" now? That works about as well as a fish riding a bicycle. The Donald we all know and love or love to hate is a loud-mothed, arrogant, stupid, uniformed and bigoted buffoon. A middle--road Donald is about as interesting as watching paint dry.
Lindsey (San Diego)
Oh, look. Turns out most of us agree on immigration. Congress's 11% approval rating is ringing true right now.
Diego (Orlando)
Many comments implore Americans to "pay attention", "wake up", "do better" or assume that the voting public will open their eyes and realize what a fraud Trump is before election day. Unfortunately, the people those comments are directed towards are not reading this article or anything else at the NYT for that matter. They either don't read or are on the "alt right" sites absorbing the lies and vitriol found there.
Chris Mchale (NY)
There's no route to power for the alt. Right, forever nailed to the far fringe of American politics. Let them rejoice all they want and embrace their unelectability.
Steve4887 (Southern California)
Mr. Trump is learning that the overhaul of the nation's immigration policy is a difficult task. It was to be expected that he would modify his initial stance after realizing the magnitude of the task.

Immigration policy overhaul has been avoided by Democrats and Republicans for too many years. I believe if Mr. Trump makes to the White House, the immigration issues will be solved.

Mr. Trump is a business man who is learning the to negotiate the land mine laden path of politics. I trust him far more than I trust Mendacious Hillary.
Don Baker (Elk Grove Village, IL 60007)
I have to wonder on what basis you trust Trump? He shifts positions on an hourly basis or often in the same interview. I am not saying immigration reform is not a legitimate issue but most reasonable people are totally confused by Mr. Trump's myriad mixed messages on immigration and other issues.
SMB (Savannah)
There is a bipartisan and widely supported immigration reform bill that was passed by the Senate and stalled by the House Republicans. The problem with Mr. Trump beyond his bigotry, racism and lunacy, is that he is completely uninformed and ill prepared for public office. He is throwing land mines. The U.S. presidency is not a learn on the job situation. You don't walk into a job of such responsibility with a blank resume.
Louise S. (Los Angeles, CA)
One of many documents an applicant must submit in order to acquire US citizenship are tax returns for the last 3 years. I wonder if Homeland Security - USCIS under Trump's presidency would waive that if you're under an audit.
Hal (New York)
So, I guess any day now Melania will be having that press conference to rebut suggestions that she is herself an illegal immigrant. "She has got it so documented."
Lita Newdick (Cambridge,Massachusetts)
Donald Trump is not only not qualified to be President of the United States; he is unqualified to run for any public office: congressman, state senator, you name it. A person who puts himself and his thin skin ahead of those he wishes to represent; a person who cannot control his tongue; a person who consistently brags about his
wealth and body parts should not be mentioned except, perhaps, as a lame joke at a cocktail party. It is only the media which have raised his profile, created him as a political "personage" and now keep him alive as something to be entertained by day by day.
Robert (Minneapolis)
Fellow Americans! They say Trump is a flip-flopper on immigration. They say he doesn’t know what he’s doing with his recent rhetoric that sounds like amnesty. (Well, psssst! I’ve got a secret for you. But don’t tell anybody else). The secret is that he’s just saying these things in order to con Hispanics and moderate Republicans into voting for him. But you can be sure that you can rely on him to do exactly what he said earlier in his campaign when he said he would build a wall and deport all Mexican immigrants, because he has made Stephen Bannon, the Breitbart CEO, his campaign chairman. He’s got us covered. --- John Barron
K (Washington DC)
Why is it okay to let undocumented stay in country if "they pay back taxes" - what if they don't owe any back taxes? Or they paid taxes under someone else's Tax ID - how would that be proved?
Joe From Boston (Massachusetts)
Mr. "Tell It Like It Is" is wavering? Do his diehard supporters who were attracted to him for "saying out loud what we are unable to say out loud" going to hold still for "WAVERING"? What else is he going to go limp on? Say it ain't so, Donald. What happened to "Mr. Tough Guy"?
Cat (Western MA)
He's tanking in the polls, that's what happened.
Jim in Tucson (Tucson)
Trump's odious proclamations aside, the real villains in this election year are the mainstream Republicans who refuse to denounce the man, or make the cowardly compromise, "he has my vote, but I won't endorse him."

Mr. Ryan, Mr. McCain, Mr. McConnell, we won't forget this in 2020.
Jay Jones (Loganville, GA)
Trump's adjustments on providing amnesty for illegal immigrants provided they pay back taxes sounds nice, but considering how much some states have worked to deny services to them it's a raw deal.

The solution all along has been to pass comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform that, yes, includes paying back taxes, but also provide basic services and encourage those with desired skills to seek citizenship. Neither major party has had the will or ability to do this. That, to me, is the most frustrating part of this issue.
Don Baker (Elk Grove Village, IL 60007)
Speaking of back taxes what about the $25 million write off of taxes owed to New Jersey by Trump casinos over multiple years?
Steven Loprete (Houston, TX)
The problem with this entire election is that the candidates only need to spew negative comments about the other and give tailored messages based on the speaking venue to get elected. Even Clinton, though she is the one somewhat sane candidate, seldom provides detail on what she will do on any given issue. Just another day of attacking Trump. He is even worse, attacking her back in the schoolyard way of his and modifying his opinion on a given topic weekly.

Seems once again many people will have to vote for the lesser of two evils, or the one they detest the least. Clinton has the lead, so stay away from long interviews, attack Trump daily and get through the next two months without a major scandal. Like a "prevent defense" in football. Guard the lead. Her dream fulfilled.

I would not be surprised if the scheduled debates are modified, canceled or reduced to where we learn nothing from them either. Why do we, the voting public, put up with this sham?
Lynn (New York)
Clinton has provided detailed specific proposals on a broad range of issues and talks about them all the time. The problem is that all you hear is filtered through political "reporters"
Here is what she proposes to do:
Mary (Atlanta, GA)
Can we all agree that our immigration laws are being ignored? Can we all agree that the population of the US is growing to fast as a result of excess immigration as well as Obama's expansion of HB-1 visas? Can we all agree to say 'no' to more immigration and 'no' to anchor babies? If we cannot enforce our current laws, reform those that allow immigrants in as 'refugees' when they are immigrants, then we are lost. I'm tired of being held hostage by special interest groups that pander/are run by the very immigrants that want us to ignore our laws.

It is an outrage to be condemned as a racist for wanting logical and limited immigration while the rest of the world demands and follows strict immigration laws (although Merkle seems to want to ignore all logic).

Why don't the Dems get it?
AmericanValues (Charlotte, NC)
All due respect let me tell you, if you do the match Obama was most brutal to implement immigration laws. Deportation rates were so high that he was being targeted by left wing. So please do some homework!!
blueberryintomatosoup (Houston, TX)
The one who doesn't get it is you.
Immigration courts decide if a person is a refugee/asylee, based on the law.
The Constitution dictates who gets citizenship if someone is born in the US.
H1B visas are not immigration visas, although they do give the holder a path to citizenship if certain requirements met, since they have already proven they're high-skilled workers.
Remember that phrase on the Statue of Liberty? That's why the US is different.
Not all undocumented immigrants are Mexican. There are a lot more white undocumented immigrants than you realize. They may not hold public rallies, but they do rent hotel conference rooms and other venues to organize and state their case to sympathetic politicians and other influential people.
Many of us think that if the immigrants were from Canada, the UK, Australia and similar countries, those that want "logical and limited" immigration would then not have any objections to immigration. That's why we suspect that the real motives are something other than "logical and limited" immigration.
John S. (Cleveland)

It's kind of pointless to ask for 'logical' when you can't even recognize reality (see American Values, above, for example).
Alice's Restaurant (PB San Diego)
The choice remains the same immigration policy modification or not: An “experienced” and well-documented “reckless”–Comey’s word–pathological liar, Wall Street insider, and former State Department extortionist who had Obama’s “Justice” Department at her back, keeping her out of Leavenworth, or a new guy who wants to rewrite the status quo in a “huge” way and stop the march to debtor’s prison–Fed’s balance sheet.
william (atlanta)
Trump has been discussing the issue of immigration. Hillary is much wiser, avoiding any position that deals with this issue. Avoiding even allowing the press to bring up the subject in a press conference.She is one smart cookie.
Lynn (New York)
If you really would like to know what Hillary Clinton proposes to do on any serious issue that interests you, just go to her website.
Bello (western Mass)
Trump's proving he's a 3rd rate politician and not the brash talking firebrand he tried to make us all believe. He's a con, just like Michael Bloomberg said. Prediction for a Trump reality TV show tag line: "you're not hired', instead of 'you're fired'!
Vlad (Wallachia)
I read a lot of kool-ade based nonsense here. Clinton is a major felon and pathological liar. There is a mountain of evidence. And yet everything is bashing that idiot trump. So now you, who support illegal immigration, are upset that he might JOIN YOU??? You are hypocritical and inconsistent in views that are illegal and anti-American to begin with.

Ask yourself what binds a people together. In America, it is supposed to be the constitution and rule of law. Without that, there is no country. If you don't like the constitution and lawfulness, get out. Seriously. If you hate freedom, you hate the laws and you hate people here whether they agree with you or not (see above), why are you here?
blueberryintomatosoup (Houston, TX)
Not agreeing with your views does not make one's views illegal or anti-American.
Hillary has not been charged with any crime, therefore she cannot be a felon. She may have lied about certain things, but her opponent lies every time he opens his mouth. He keeps the fact checkers very busy.
Vlad (Wallachia)
It is FUNDAMENTALLY anti-American to violate, or excuse the violation of the constitution. Clinton is a criminal. There are drug dealers in neighborhoods across America who have not been charged yet, even though it is clear they are criminals. Clinton has CLEARLY committed AT LEAST 4 major felonies, by her own admission, and by Comey's statement on the "investigation". The fact that you don't want facts, support a KNOWN criminal and pathological liar (I had to dodge sniper fire in bosnia. I was named after Edmund Hillary.) and excuse the violation of the constitution as if it is a parking ticket, DOES mark you as anti-American. I also note, via your lazy, indecent, "cult-of-personality" response, that you were unable to explain what makes an American, an American, besides in name only.
JS (Detroit, MI)
Really hard to admit that as a life-long DEM...I am praying that Johnson & Weld garner 15%+ in the polls and make the debate stage....Then we'll see if, if fact, we have a viable alternative to these two tragically flawed candidates. I'm starting to believe that for reasonable Americans who can civilly 'agree to disagree' with their fellow citizens...they may be our last/best hope this election cycle.
tammaro (Northern Hemisphere)
An inept wannabe dictator. Those who want him deserve him. Unfortunately its probably 50% of US public which does not understand the meaning of democracy. Very sad that this can be happening in the 21st century.
Darchitect (N.J.)
While everyone is worrying about Trump's immigration policies why isn't the distinguished press investigating the filed charges against him for criminal sexual abuse of a thirteen year old girl..? and in this case there is a claimed witness to the event...Does the public have the right to know?
paula (south of boston)
could you give us the source of this information. ?
if I ** never ** heard his name or saw his face of anger, I would be happy.
AmericanValues (Charlotte, NC)
Mr Trump's entire campaign was built around as an outsider and that he was not a typical Politician. if thats true then why flip-flop on such a big issue. He said "deportation force" and of course he knew what it was all about. Now to change his tune just because he is doing bad in polling tells me he is CON. For me he is more dangerous than a typical politician. If we compare Hillary and Donald Trump as politicians then choice is not even closer. Hillary has been a public servant for 25+ years. Trump in his entire life never did anything for Blacks or Hispanics who are under-privileged. Even if he did he is not talking about it. So it all comes down to votes for him. So yesterday's speech by Clinton was 100% accurate and complete/thorough rejection of Trump. Period!!
Gabbyboy (Colorado)
I'm not sure why there is any discussion of a flip flop (or not); Bannon, carrying the Breitbart mantle, is a consummate peddler of lies; a perfect match for the dumpster.
DR (New England)
jck (nj)
When a candidate changes a policy proposal sensibly, there should be praise not condemnation that they "flip flopped".
Obama even with a Democrat controlled Congress in 2008-2010 did nothing to solve the problem.
Cameron (California)
I agree that politicians or any of us for that matter should feel no qualms about changing our positions on issues as we become more educated about them. It's just that with Mr. Trump these changes can come in the space of one day and then be reversed yet again the next. Don't you think if immigration is your significant issue you might have spent some time educating yourself about it before you weighed in? And on President Obama's inability to fix this in the years you cite, umm, I think he was a little busy trying to save the world from a global economic deprecession that would've made the 1930's seem like happy days are here again. How quickly we forget. Also remember that while he had a Democratic controlled Senate (not House) for two years during this time, he didn't have a veto-proof majority. It was hard enough for him to just pass the auto bailout, which ended up making us a nice profit.
M (K)
As a business man, I wonder if Trump rues the day that he decided to run for president. Before he was viewed, for the most part, as a relatively harmless ego-maniac, successful real estate tycoon and second-rate television personality.

Now, he is seen as a racist and a white supremacist, a liar, a flip-flopper and it will likely be that way for the rest of his life. How that that be good for his businesses? I know that before he ran, I would have had no problem renting in a Trump Tower or visiting one of his casinos or golf courses. No chance I would step foot in any of them now and I assume there are many who feel the same way.

Never let ego get in the way of business, Donald. You should have known that.
JCAz (Az)
Now most people are starting to learn what NYers knew about him from day one of his campaign - it's all smoke & mirrors. He had no political influence in NY city & he'll never keep any of the promises he's making.

As for having immigrants pay back taxes to stay - does that mean we can ship him off somewhere until he pays taxes? Show us the tax returns!
Debra (Chicago)
The alt-right does not believe there is racism, except perhaps towards whites. So calling Trump a racist does not compute with him and his supporters. They view it as an epithet and not tied to specific behaviors.
Raj Long Island (NY)
Trump is so very clueless that he has even forgotten how to lie truthfully, which is his only skill.

If his ultimate ambition is to parley this faux campaign into a TV gig, he should be looking into getting on Dancing With Stars before it is too late. And no further. Hopefully, his new BFF Roger Ailes can deliver this news to him in a fair and balanced fashion.

What an all-around embarrassment. Specially for the rest of us!

I wonder how the Trump family lives through this. Have they started making reservations under fake names yet?

The way this runaway train is hurtling down to Election Day, the day when people start removing their Trump bumper stickers furtively, in the dark, when no one is looking, is not too far.
Carlos (Miami)
It was hilarious to see him talk about Angela Merkel and Brexit to his followers in Mississippi ...who had no idea what he was talking about!
Joe From Boston (Massachusetts)
And I am sure Farage's British accent didn't help. "Ya'all know what he said?"
MR (Philadelphia)
Trump is a 70 year old real estate developer with ZERO experience in government or public policy. Some would compare him to Andrew Jackson. But Jackson was a developer (co-founder of Memphis) AND a lawyer, judge, congressman, Senator, and high ranking general.
mingz1 (San Diego)
Jackson was also a cruel hater of Native Americans. not a good example of anything
Texas voter (Arlington)
Looks like Trump added a new trick to his playbook, no doubt with the help of his new campaign managers. You may not agree with everything he said in the past, but at least he was genuine in his bigotry and racism. Now he has learned how to lie glibly, just like most other established Republican politicians!
Joe From Boston (Massachusetts)
Please, he has been lying for a very long time. Just check his record.
Steve Shackley (Albuquerque, NM)
Aren't these the same "people" who went after Kerry for waffling? The hypocrisy of the Republican Party knows no bounds, and unfortunately 1/2 the voters cannot or will not see it.
Mike Tierney (Minnesota)
Pay taxes? If they work for an employer, the taxes are automatically deducted as are FICA taxes which they will never receive benefits for. If the companies are not with holding anything, they are the criminals. Go after them. Always blaming the immigrant is hopeless. If they were not hired, they would not stay.
Ans, when you make $12-$20/hour working part time, how much tax should someone pay? Get real folks.
blueberryintomatosoup (Houston, TX)
Even when the employer classifies the employee as an independent contractors to avoid paying it's share of taxes, more often than not that undocumented employee pays income taxes when filing tax returns. As an independent contractor, that employee always ends up paying something to the IRS, since taxes were not deducted by the employer. Yes, folks, many undocumented workers file income taxes, as the IRS requires, even when paid in cash. This a fact, easily verified.
Steven E. Most (Carmel Valley, CA)
That this pathetic candidate has more than a handful of ignorant, mouth breathing rednecks is a terrible indictment of our troubled country. Using divisive language and hate speech he has energized a usually hidden layer of society that fears the "other" and identifies as victims of a changing world.
The man may go away but the rot he has unearthed should give all of us the shivers.
Ken (Delaware)
While on some level I could not agree with you more - I think it is a very bad and not useful idea to call people "rednecks" (or any other name). What has happened here with both Donald and Bernie is that the less educated, less resourced, have been disregarded by both parties. The Donald has tapped that energy - sad and racist as it may be. Language of inclusion would be useful here - otherwise we are just giving this sad man back what he has given us - let's find higher ground, no?
Joseph C Bickford (North Carolina)
One issue that is not much discussed when Mr. Trump talks about his roudup and deportation plans is what is Mexico to do with an influx of 11 million people with no place to and children who may not speak Spanish who have no health insurance or jobs. Trump is either an idiot or a cruel cynic proposing what ould be a crime against humanity just to get elected. Its all hard to blelieve and even harder that so few Republicans have been quiet.
peterhenry (suburban, new york)
While Trump speaks loudly about these "Mexicans", please realize that many of these 11 million are from Central America, Asia and Europe. Many have come here through one of our many airports, on a tourist or student visa, and just never left. These people arrived legally, and would not have been stopped my a huuuge wall on our southern border.
Old School (NM)
Trumps is not a governmental gang mob-boss like Hillary. He is not taking bribes from Saudi Arabia's wealthy. He isn't under any FBI or other government agency investigation as far as we have heard. He is running against the most crooked and undeniably most brazen liars of all time presidential candidates. He is not a polished deceiver like Obama, nor is he guilty of treason as Hillary is. So he blurts out some stuff and changes his position to get votes. What's the big deal with that?
Claire (Canada)
No admission (if he were to win) to the White House until Trump has paid all his omitted/dodged tax responsibilities.
A. Davey (Portland)
" 'If Trump should pivot on immigration or try to redefine amnesty, he will begin to lose support from his original core base,' warned Representative Steve King, Republican of Iowa . . . "

To the contrary, Trump's "original core base" is eating this up and cannot wait for the next scene in the never-ending reality-TV show that is candidate Trump. The sectors of Trump's base that are not politicians do not care whether their candidate is consistent. They support Trump because he's huuugely entertaining. They cannot wait to see what the unflappable Donald does next to provoke his myriad opponents. What sensible viewers see as insanely contradictory pronouncements, Trump's base admires as evidence that Trump is a genius who can think on his feet.
William Case (Texas)
Why is Donald Trump but not Hillary Clinton branded a racist for wanting to build a border barrier to stop illegal immigration? Hillary voted for a comprehensive immigration bill that, if passed, would have directed Homeland Security to implement a “Southern Border Fencing Strategy, adding 700 miles of fencing to the already existing Border Fence. After the bill failed, Hillary said “It is obvious there is no more defining issue in our nation today than stopping illegal immigration. The most basic obligation of any government is to secure the Nation's borders. One issue in which there appears to be a consensus between the Senate and the House is on the issue of building a secure fence. So rather than wait until comprehensive legislation is enacted, we should move forward on targeted legislation which is effective and meaningful. The legislation today provides over 700 miles of fencing within 18 months.” During this year’s presidential campaign, Hillary said "I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. And I do think you have to control your borders." Hillary’s Border Fence would serve the same purpose as Donald’s Border Wall.
Timshel (New York)
Instead of deporting all illegal immigrants and then letting the "good" ones back in, why not just check their backgrounds first and allowing the "good" ones to stay? This reduces the cost and suffering immensely since statistics seem to say that illegal immigrants are more law-abiding that the rest of us. So is Trump not only crazy but also stupid?

I think the crucial unspoken issue is whether illegal immigrants will be allowed to join unions and fight for decent wages without fear of deportation.
Bruce Jenkins (Twinsburg Ohio)
Why would anyone be surprised by Trump changing positions just to get elected. Trump has no respect for the voters, his party or for the facts. He won the primary by demonizing his opponents and never offered any real policies. Like it or not Hillary is giving him a taste of his own medicine. Maybe this will provide the incentive to offer policies so we can finally see that he has an empty head.
Josh Folds (Astoria, NY)
And where is the pretentious disgust for Hillary's flip flopping? The woman who once hailed young black men "super predators that must be brought to heal" no pretends to be their champion. Hillary is the same woman who supported the mass incarceration of millions of black men, left millions of black children in father homes and now refuses to answer questions about her complicity in these failed policies. Yet, Hillary pretends to care about the plight of African Americans. Trump has actually employed and improved the lives of thousands of African Americans. Meanwhile, Hillary has the audacity to critique Trump about comments that were made concerning non-US citizens who have never even entered the borders of the USA. How much more egregious are the facts concerning the racists government policies that Hillary was complicit in that another off-the-cough comment by Trump? The liberal mass media is so obviously bias that it can no longer be taken seriously. The horrendous actions of Hillary Clinton speak far louder than any words that Trump could ever speak.
DR (New England)
It's always interesting to see how quickly the Faux News parrots adopt the newest talking point, complete with edits and omissions.
William Case (Texas)
Trump has been branded a bigot and racist because he has promise to enforce the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, which President Bill Clinton signed into law in 1996. This act, which passed with huge bi-partisan majorities in both houses, calls for the deportation of unauthorized immigrants and a crackdown on employers who hire them. Does this mean Bill Clinton is racist? Hillary Clinton now says she will issue executive orders to stop deportations, but if she is elected, she will place her hand on a bible and swear to faithfully execute the Office of the President. The Constitution tasks presidents to “take care to see that the laws are faithfully executed.” This includes immigration laws. The presidential oath would not oblige her to agree with the immigration law or prevent her for working to change the law, but it would oblige her to enforce the law to the best of her abilities while it is in effect. If she doesn’t intend to enforce the law, should she refuse to take the oath of office?
Mr. Gadsden (US)
Breaking news: Trump is the first candidate to pivot on an issue or several issues. Ever. Obama and Clinton have never flip-flopped or amended their message on major issues to appease the general electorate.
There's a big world out there from the cave you're living in.
But long story short, it wouldn't matter what or how Trump says anything. The subject at hand is simple: you agree with open boarders and/or amnesty or you don't. When the conversation extends to dealing with immigration reform itself, I don't know a single conservative, including Trump, that wouldn't agree with simply enforcing the federal laws that exist today. No sanctuary cities. No letting repeat offenders out of federal custody. No letting employers employ illegals. That's too much to ask apparently because Obama's DOJ does nothing to cities, states, companies, that don't enforce federal law.
Cameron (California)
The subject at hand is far from simple, just as many issues aren't back and white. I am NOT for open borders, that's dangerous, but I think building a wall is absurd not to mention insanely expensive and we could have half of ISIS here by the time it's finished. I also support some type of amnesty for people who have been living here for years, have jobs and families and clean records. BTW, many of them pay taxes, including into social security that they'll never get back as the numbers are false. Those fake SS numbers worry me as well. So many illegals are working legally. how do you arrest those employers? How do you arrest every housewife who has cleaning or child care help from someone without papers? Build more prisons? This is not a simple issue and trying to make it thus insures nothing will be done to fix a darn thing, just more us versus them, republican versus democrat posturing and inaction. Meantime you're creating a vast underground economy that feels only fear and little allegiance to their new country. In my state illegals are preyed on by criminals as they are afraid to go to the police. How do you get rid of the "bad ones" when the "good ones" are afraid to speak up? Why wouldn't a good one join a gang if they felt that was their only recourse to keep safe?
Mmm (NYC)
Why can't we deport any illegal immigrant that makes his or her way into an interaction with the criminal justice system?

Presumably we don't need to expend any additional effort to "find" them and we don't need to bother with the expenses of adjudicating whatever crime they are accused of (unless serious enough to warrant an extended sentence deterrent)--as being here illegally should be per se grounds for deportation (if you want asylum, apply before coming at your nearest embassy).

Apparently out West, the prisons are crowded with illegal immigrants.
Bob (Rhode Island)
Hey, as long as you myopic rightists continue to ignore those who hire undocumented workers, which is also illegal, then all your whining about punishing people who actually do the work sounds hypocritical to we Americans.
But hey as soon as I see the guys hiring undocumented workers being lead off in handcuffs then I'll start listening to you Alt Right whining simps.

But until then how about we fight to see Trump's taxes so we can both see what the little draft dodger coward is really hiding.

Come on you Alt Right dirtbags, be men for a change.
Lynn (New York)
President Obama said that he would prioritize the use of taxpayer-funded immigration enforcement to go after criminals. The Republicans denounced him as an Emperor and went to court to block this
blueberryintomatosoup (Houston, TX)
Undocumented immigrants are not deported right after committing a crime because there is money to be made by holding them. Government leaders foolishly contracted with private prisons, and many of those contracts contain clauses that obligate the government to keep those private prisons full or risk penalties.
If a private citizen offers to pay the way for the immigrant's immediate return home, so taxpayers don't have to foot the bill for the stay and ultimate deportation, that offer is rejected. True story.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
The Big Reveal is dawning on Trump's "very good brain":
"Make America Great Again" is devolving into "Get Me Outta Here".
Coolhandred (Central Pennsylvania)
“No citizenship,” Mr. Trump said. “They’ll pay back taxes. They have to pay taxes,”

Why Donald? You obviously don't pay any Federal taxes, why should they?
Kat (here)
The problem is big corporations and small businesses get away with illegal wages. They don't want to hire Americans with rights at a legal min wage (as low as it is at $7.75/hr).

There has been net 0 growth in illegal immigration for several years now, but are Americans taking these jobs? No.

Why not? No benefits. No days off. 12-hr days. Lucky to get $3/hr and wage theft or late wages are typical.

Why are certain sectors of our economy allowed to profit from illegal labor or overseas sweat shop labor? Why can't these jobs be fit for legal American labor? Why can't products made with legal American labor be affordable for American coconsumers? How much do these CEOs need? We have the tech and know-how to make products efficiently, so why are certain industries dependent on slave labor?
Bill Chinitz (Cuddebackville NY)
There's a roulette wheel aspect to Trump's brain in that when he opens his mouth, a random utterance will emanate, taken from a finite set of his malformed ideas.
So FL (Reader)
After gleefully using their middle road immigration approaches to disqualify all the reasonable Republican candidates in the primaries, Trump can not be allowed to skate by in adopting those very approaches. By going extreme right in the primaries, Trump destroyed the Republican Party's ability to put forward a reasonable candidate for President. The Republican Party should simply let Trump fail and work towards more reasonable rhetoric going forward to allow the party's better candidates succeed in the future.
Chris Yang (San Francisco)
Trump is a saleman that is why is doesn't have a plan on anything. He is trying to sell us.
Richard M. Waugaman, M.D. (Chevy Chase, MD)
We should know by now that with Trump, there's no there there.
JW (Bayside, New York)
If it weren't for Mr Trump, we wouldn't even be talking about illegals today. When I came twenty years, I was shocked to see the number and benefits for illegals here. I questioned about it and was hushed after. Today the situation is even worse. Illegals can get free medical, free school, earn jobs out of sympathy, dreamers'..... what about us? But this is not an easy issue to solve overnight. The only problem right now is the law-abiding, 10yrs more illegals here. These are baggage from previous govt. Why didn't you guys stop the govt from bringing them in 20 years ago?
Fred Gatlin (Kansas)
The angry voters are those that watch Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh and other right extreme sources.
Donald Trump is trying to change but his extreme base will not let him. His ability to focus on policy is non existent.
J McGloin (Brooklyn)
Of course, the Democrats should be trying to tie every Republican candidate to Trump. He is, after all, their monster, arising from their propaganda machine, only winning their base because he refuses to talk in the usual code, and sounding "honest" to those used to more subtle racists and xenophobes.
But the Clinton campaign is doing the opposite. They are trying to distance Trump from the rest of the Republicans, telling them he doesn't represent the Republican Party.
So after 8 years of the Republicans trying to beat Obama over the head with an economy they refuse to help fix, once again the Democrats are playing nice and saving the Republicans from themselves.
This is why the Democrats can't retake congress. They have no fight in them. They don't really stand for anything, except trying not to upset too many people.
If the Democrats were as comfortable talking about the Truth as Trump is in spouting lies, the Republican Party would shrivel up and die. But the Democratic Party is the other side of the Corporate Party Coin, and they always bailout the Republicans (notably, when they voted for Bush's bank bailout. They could have demanded a bailout for borrowers, which would have also bailed out the banks as their loans were paid, but they screwed millions of people to save the billionaires, whose hedge funds turned all of those stolen homes into rental properties.)
Yes Trump is a self absorbed billionaire who cares nothing for humans, but we need a real alternative.
alexander hamilton (new york)
This guy is in so far over his head we can't even see him anymore. I've been saying for the last year or so that anyone who listens to Trump for content is wasting his/her time. The man is simply a provocateur, saying whatever grabs a headline. He stands for nothing and never has.

Now the Party Desperate are trying to steer him back to their version of "mainstream," with predictable results- the Left calls him a flip-flopper, and the Tea Party can't believe they've hitched their wagon to yet another star who won't send the liberal elite to the guillotine.

Just remember: Trump believes in nothing. What he says today is not an indication of anything he'll say or do tomorrow. Thanks, Republican primary voters, for distilling the essence of a thousand village idiots into one man, and nominating him for President. I don't believe in the Old Testament God, but sometimes I think that fellow would come in handy. If anyone deserved to be inflicted with boils or pelted with hail, it's you.
William Case (Texas)
Trump never called Mexicans rapists. He said: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” The remark obviously applies to illegal border crossers who smuggle drugs and commit crimes. Why else would he add that some “are good people.” President Obama tell us that so many illegal immigrants are criminals that we can no longer deport illegal immigrants merely for being in the country illegally. Of the 102,224 ICE deported from the interior of the country in 2015, 86,923 had been convicted of felonies
Richard (Madison)
Huh? If he only meant the rapists are a subset of the drug smugglers and criminals, then given this construction the same would be true of the "good people." Good drug smugglers and criminals, get it? Unless of course he was saying some of the rapists are good people, too. Try as you might, you can't turn Trump into a good person.
peterhenry (suburban, new york)
Well actually that's pretty close. And judging by the figures you supply, it appears that Trump's latest immigration policy mirrors that of our current President; to deport dangerous felons first.
William Case (Texas)
Politicians don’t use perfect grammar when speaking off the cuff. Trump obviously meant many but not all illegal immigrants are criminals. This is indisputably a true statement.
Carolson (Richmond VA)
What's particularly rich is that "they" would pay "back taxes," when the hypocrite will not show his. How about those back taxes of yours, Don?
Alan Barr (Seattle, WA)
Your second paragraph in this article says that Mr. Trump's original position on immigration has been essential to conservatives. What?! Of the 14 or so original Republican presidential candidates, not a single one shared Mr. Trump's wacky ideas on the subject. Mr. Trump's appeal is not at all to conservatives; surely the New York Times can do better than that?
Misty Morning (Seattle)
Does any of this surprise anyone? Trump wants to be king. His demented and narcissistic mind drives him to do and say anything to achieve that goal. Finally the media is beginning to print what is obvious -- Trump has no policies, he has no grand vision, he has no ability to lead. Be scared people, very very scared.
Ancient Astronaut (New York)
For a man who takes pride in 'winning', he's starting to sound like one big loser, shifting his stance to get additional votes. Do his supporters understand this? Nope, their hate for Clinton is so strong, they won't use commonsense.
ReV (New York)
Mitt Romney knew exactly what he was doing when he sought the support of the birther in chief - Donald Trump. He was actually courting millions of republicans that are racists, nationalists and feel threatened in today's america.
So Romney in an act of contrition and redemption exposed Donald Trump on national TV before the Republican convention. But this had very little effect because most republicans are and have been racists and nationalists for a long time and now they have the candidate they have always wanted.
robert (new york. n.y.)
Mr. Trump came into this presidential race completely unprepared-- just flinging radical ideas to the wind. He should have hired a couple of constitutional law experts to tutor him prior to the first debate so he would sound somewhat legally informed. From the very beginning , his immigration ideas -- as presented--were obviously unworkable. He proclaims that " he alone" can rectify all the problems in our country. He hasn't got a clue. He's a gunslinger shooting from the hip, but his rodeo showmanship act has finally worn thin-- he's finally fallen off the horse. Everyone sees through him-- a legal ignoramous. Amazing how 14 million people could have voted for him in the primaries-- at least half of these people at his rallies look like they are happily on welfare or have come out of the desolate hills of Appalachia, the Dakotas, Minnesota and Texas. When Trump speaks, watch his mouth-- it looks like hot air is spewing forth, like a verbal volcano out of control. Too often, there is no logical connection between the phrases. If Hillary has shattered the glass ceiling, then Mr. Trump has shattered the Republican Party--just watch them pick up the pieces in November.
Jim in Tucson (Tucson)
Trump ignores the fact that aside from Native Americans, we're all immigrants. Many of our families came here long before we had any kind of Immigration reform, and in each era, there were certain races or nationalities that weren't welcome--Chinese, Irish, Jews--but they came anyway, and we were better off for it. It's what's made this country what it is.

Right Mr. Drumpf?
Every human on the face of the earth is an immigrant, except for some who live in the Rift Gorge.
wrenhunter (Boston)
As much as I want to pile on the Trump for his absolute lack of convictions, can we break out the tiny violins for poor Ann Coulter? She had finally found her man, hitched her ride to a very probable racist, but turns out he's not even sincere in his racism. Oh the heartbreak!

That sad caricature of a white person who has made a living from sad caricatures of everyone else is now just ... sad.
Bill Chinitz (Cuddebackville NY)
It's not that he used different words to say the same thing; he used the same words but with different spellings.
huitmarmottes (Washington State)

Because all these illegal immigrants are making so much money picking crops in the fields, doing construction labor, and working in restaurants right? If they are illegal, they are not going to be able to take well paying, full time, jobs with benefits -- they will have jobs where employers can take advantage of their illegal status in order to pay them low wages. This means that even if they reported their income, it would not be high enough to have to pay taxes.

And actually, given that many taxes are collected through retail purchases -- like food, clothing, gas, and other merchandise -- they already pay the same taxes that other low-income legal residents pay.

Every single one of his pronouncements and ideas is on a fifth grader level at the highest -- probably much lower if you actually get to know a fifth grader.

I understand his appeal in some things as we do need to start doing a better job supporting manufacturing in this country -- but how? He never says. I would prefer candidates to talk about serious subjects like that and others. The 1.6X over-populated world will have more and more problems as we go on. CO2 pollution will ever increase floods like we've had recently in the east, and fires like we've had in the west. More and more people will have more and more problems. We need serious pushes on the challenges of over-population, infrastructure improvement, and future food production issues. Who will be a grown-up and talk about these things?
Mike (Bayside, CA)
To paraphrase a child's nursery rhyme:

Humpty (Tr)umpty sat on a (Mexican/US border) wall
Humpty (Tr)umpty had a great fall
All the Kings horses and all the Kings men
Could not put Humpty (Tr)umpty back together again

Instead, let's rebuild our country
And not only should they have to pay taxes, but they should also be required to show us their tax returns.
Pat Boice (Idaho Falls, ID)
Trump wants the undocumented to pay taxes? Trump must prove to voters that he has paid taxes! How low must voters sink to continue to support this guy?
Amsivarian (North)
In the age of billions of people across time zones being able to provide instantaneous opinions via various social media, it is amazing and gratifying to see/read/hear that the PEOPLE around the globe are truly able to understand what Mr. Trump is - a putinesque, faranging, le penning, and pergiding, as well as wiming, haideresque, Erdoganian, or simply put a fake polemicist that is so much less that intellectual by appealing to the basest instincts of humankind: fear, as we are all programed to react to color, noise, and movement. There is hope.
Wally Wolf (Texas)
Dangerous foreign and domestic fringe elements have taken control of Trump's campaign. If we survive this situation, I really hope that the people learn a good hard lesson in what can happen when they don't fact check the candidates, the people funding the candidates and their positions. Trump is clearly mentally unstable. Clinton may have her flaws (who doesn’t?), but it would be a welcome relief to go back to the days of a flourishing stable economy which existed during her husband’s administration.
epdawson (madison wi)
How incredibly ironic that Trump insists the immigrants pay taxes. A man who boasts that he pays as little as he can get away with and who refuses to release his income taxes. The word hypocrite has never seemed more inadequate.
RoseMarieDC (Washington DC)
More adequate, you meant?
Wally Wolf (Texas)
It was revealed the Ronald Reagan had Dementia during the last phase of his presidency, which is a frightening situation to say the least. Fortunately for us, here we have a candidate in Donald Trump who is showing definite signs of some kind of mental problems before the actual election. His handlers have him visibly reading their messages from a teleprompter, and for the most part, have lost complete control of him. He has become delusional and keeps changing his positions on policies on a day-to-day basis. He is a proven racist and lashes out at people with no thought of repercussions or the damage he is doing. Domestic and foreign fringe elements are using him and his condition to destroy the Republican Party and to gain power in the United States. This is something we have to nip in the bud before he creates permanent damage to our country and our people.
Lauren (Wilmington, NC)
"The people are asking to hear my voice
For the country is facing a difficult choice
And if you were to ask me who I’d promote—
—Jefferson has my vote

I have never agreed with Jefferson once
We have fought on like seventy-five diff’rent fronts
But when all is said and all is done
Jefferson has beliefs. Burr has none." - 'Hamilton'
michael axelrod (Mill Valley, CA.)

All you need to do is to look at this unedited video of a Trump rally to see what trump will deliver to the American people if, god forbid, he is elected!!
smartalek (boston ma)
Nobody likes an I-Told-You-So.
But Conservatives...
We Told You So.
Donald J Trump is a con artist.
That's all he's ever been, and all he'll ever be.
He's been playing you since day 1.
Of course they were never going to throw out the "Illegals" -- they're needed to hold down our wages (down for most of us, and stagnant for most of the rest, since the 1970s), and keep those corporate profits (now the highest in our history) up.
Because that's all the Publicans have ever cared about -- as we've been trying to tell you for over 36 years now.
(He already made that clear when he flip-flopped on his tax plan -- originally supposed to raise taxes on those 1%ers who have gotten tax cut after tax cut after tax cut... but those jobs-jobs-jobs they kept promising never did appear. Now his tax plan is just like every other Publican's: give the 1%ers and the corporations even more tax cuts. Cause deficits and the national debt only matter when it's a Democrat in the White House.)
But hey -- better you find out now, before you voted for him, than after, amirite?
Sally (South Carolina)
Don't forget his terrible abuse of illegal & legal immigrants on job sites, hotels and casinos. If Trump had to pay "American" wages (minimum wage), he certainly wouldn't be "winning" as much.
Nancy Parker (Englewood, FL)
It's about time we heard some howling from Trump's base on his recent "pivots". I had been wondering where they were as he "pivoted" on immigration and "reached out" to blacks - as sorry as that was.

Trump cannot think that he can placate moderate whites and still throw the red meat to his base that they thrive on. He has defined his base, his policies and himself as a President and a man (I use the term loosely), for the entire campaign cycle - consistent with what we know about him for his entire life - and he cannot "pivot" on that.

He has chosen his side. If he runs out on them at this point, he loses the street creds he needs to make a run at a billion dollar alt-right media gig after he loses the election. Are he, and Ailes, and Bannon and Hannity really - and collectively - that stupid?

Trump - c'mon back.
Misterbianco (PA)
Trump is not wavering. He's just saying "different words."
Sharif (New York)
Another proof that Trump doesn't have an actual policy on anything. He just says whatever he thinks would please the crowd.
Stephen C. Rose (New York City)
Lamenting what this election has become ignores the need for catharsis on the issues that are being raised. We need to purge the worst expressions of the impulse to move back to some imagined world of white dominance. The more that is revealed the more we can hopefully proceed to promote the tolerance, helpfulness and democracy that should guide all of us.
LRN (Mpls.)
The caterwauling charlatan is at it again. His fickle fighting style, desultory designs, and irascible intentions were in full display during many of his policy prescriptions, particularly, as regards immigration. For a 70 year old, his temper tantrums have been reminiscent of a 6 year old. How mature!

Moving on, his cacophonous catcalls act as a canary in a coal mine. Not once did he utter anything intelligible and/or intellectually intriguing. Caprice, dudgeon, esotericism, and foolhardiness are some of his virtues.

Come debate time, he may even resort to outlandish statistical quotes, not traceable in any established reports. His hail mary pass will be throw some recondite numbers, hoping it will stick. There is only difference. It will stink.
Independent DC (Washington DC)
Actually he is not wavering he finally listened to people who knew more about the important topic than he did and changed his mind. Good business people do this all time and politicians rarely do this...the deportation of 11 million people who are not here legally could never of happened and I think its more like 20 million people.
The only ones who should be deported are the ones in our prison system. It is estimated that 30% of California inmates are not legal US citizens. They cost us 40 to 60 thousand dollars per year. Deport them and ship them back to their country of origin. If the country doesn't want them simply pay the country a stipend of 20K per person.
As for the millions of others...they should allow them to be citizens but they should be paying back taxes.
Mike S (CT)
Good comment. I'd say deport any & all non US citizens in our penal system, absolutely. Personally, I would not give the home country of our foreign prisoners any choice in the matter. They should be made to repatriate their own criminals, like it or lump it.
Gene P. (Lexington, KY)
Trump acts like he can back the video up and erase it. Now he is playing to the mob in an attempt to be "all things to nobody," and the Von Trump blimp is edging toward the mooring tower.
J McGloin (Brooklyn)
Trump makes more enemies every time he opens his mouth. I'd be surprised if he ends up with more than 20% of the vote. If yo don't like the Republican party, vote for the Green Party.
This way the Green Party can come in second, and we can have a new political alignment: The Democrats on the center-right and the Greens on the Left.
It would work.
JL.S. (Alexandria Virginia)
I may know why this softening rhetoric is happening!

Trump's desire to wall off Mexico came as a result of his German Heritage and his [mistaken] belief that Germans themselves had fully supported building the Berlin Wall.

Only recently, during a conversation with Putin, did he discover that, in actuality, the Berlin Wall was a Soviet endeavor designed to keep those rascal East Berliners from immigrating to West Germany!

Apparently too, Trump learned that there had been an East and West Germany and that they are now one Germany!

So this may be an effort to forge better ties with Hispanics so that a United States takeover of Northern Mexico will be easier to accomplish than building an actual wall and keeping it in place!
pcrudy (right here now)
Right now everyone is suffering from whiplash from Trump's comments the last two days so we'll have to wait for another speech; meanwhile Hillary offers nothing but school yard tactics - it's painfully obvious she literally can't stand for more than 30 minutes at a time, and then has to run and hide from the press and cameras for 5 to 7 days...
W. Freen (New York City)
To whom is it painfully obvious she literally can't stand for more than 30 minutes at a time?

Hillary's acceptance speech at the DNC was just under an hour. That's more than 30 minutes and she was standing the entire time!

The "Hillary is weak" meme just isn't going to fly. Give it up.
Abby (Tucson)
I'd like to see Trump sit before Congressional committees taking withering grand stands from them as long as she has and not insult them.
b fagan (Chicago)
pcrudy = Funny!

You can look at independent reviews of Clinton's policy suggestions and see that she has actual plans. Trump's plan on the economy is to give his bracket YUUUGE tax cuts, do away with the estate tax that currently only hits multi-millionaires...

Hillary's been campaigning for just as long as Trump, and her eleven-hour session with Congress a while back showed that she's got stamina for a day's work in the Oval Office.

Regarding standing, have you seen Trump stand by anything he's said for more than a few days? Push him and he changes his mind. Or complains bitterly when people fact check him. Or he attacks people who point out that he's a low-class schoolyard bully - willing to keep hitting the weak, but whiny when hit back.
PRosenwald (Brazil)
“He finally figured out that you can’t win a national election with just white voters,” says Whit Ayres in this article.

The famous coach Vince Lombardy is famously quoted as having said: "Winning isn't everything. It is the only thing!"

Obviously Donald Trump will do anything to win. He won't change who he really is but he'll just invent a bigger lie than last time believing that the electorate will believe he has really changed.

Imagine how he will really act if he has the power. Anyone who will let him near the White House has given up on rational judgement and a belief in the basic American values and become a participant in this horrible reality show.
Frank (Durham)
What a bunch of fraudulent defenders of the indefensible: apoplectic Coulter? When isn't she? Pierson is either too stupid (I doubt it) or too mendacious (I am sure) insisting that changing words doesn't change the meaning of what you say. From what ideological hole are these people coming? Trump has no policies, no programs, no background, no ideas, no ideological core. He is one type of businessmen who as a consequence of their economic success, think they have the answer for everything. They realize that they are headed toward an electoral disaster and now they are forcing him to change his tune. Just wait a while and he will sing another song.
ingmire (Columbus, OH)
I honestly think Trump really doesn't want to be President. Without doing something stupid to ruin his family's future, he's taking the slow route to ensure he will not win in November.
Joe From Boston (Massachusetts)
Trump needs to be careful or he is going to run into himself coming around a corner of one of his buildings.
Rick (Albuquerque)
Says the Donald. "They" will pay their taxes, but I won't.
RobnPhilly (Philadelphia)
If the Republican Party's patron saint Ronald Regan were alive today, he would call Trump out saying "Mr. Trump...tare down that wall!". And he would probably say it in spanish...
Gary K Hanson (Lenexa, Kansas)
We are all immigrants. Welcoming the stranger is basic to the bible.
Robert D (Spokane WA)
About time that someone pointed that out!
tom (boyd)
Just by chance, while sitting in the pews of my Methodist church, not really listening much to the sermon, I thumbed through the old testament and found Leviticus, chapter 19, verses 33 and 34. Trumpsters who are bible beaters should look it up, read this for it says, and I'm paraphrasing - Welcome the stranger to your land and do not abuse him, for you were once strangers also.
The passages end with the signature phrase "I am the Lord your God."
Himsahimsa (fl)
So long as they're not heathen strangers like the 30 million natives that Europeans killed off to make way for profitable agriculture and mining. And us.
Marybeth Robb (Summit, NJ)
Even the even-keeled, intelligent and refreshingly honest Kellyanne Conway can't breathe life back into this flailing campaign. (Thank goodness.) The question is, how long can the honorable Ms. Conway stick it out? Don't stay too long, Ms. Conway. You could be a force for good in the Republican party.
Investor (NJ)
Does Trump represent the views of the business sector? I'm surprised that major CEOs have not repudiated his views and basic incompetence to run the country much less a business.
Aravinda (Bel Air, MD)
"“No. 1, we’ll say throw out. No. 2, we work with them,” Mr. Trump said."
Who are "we" ?
Abby (Tucson)
I've heard several times from Trump's crew, even his highly esteemed pollster manager, that online polls and self selecting crowds of people are a better barometer of the truth.

The broader and more random the survey, the better!

New secret voter pocket unrealized by the GOP. Dems voting for Republicans under assault by Trump's funders! I told McSally, I don't like her politics, but if the Mercers throw down on her, I got her back. I won't stand for nano-fascists attacking two AZ vet reps just to get a rise out of hateful bigots. Sorry, McCain, your stains are well worn. We go way back to your S&L excuses.
Uzi Nogueira (Florianopolis, SC)
Donald Trump's inflammatory rhetoric is now the weakest link during the general election. He cannot win the presidency.

Trump is a prisoner of his own style of divisive politics. He found hotel California.

Donald faces a classical Catch 22 dilemmas from now 'til November. Stick with the primaries' discourse and lose millions of votes.

Flip-flop and alienate core constituency voters while utterly failing among minorities, women, immigrants and college-educated men and women.
Kamdog (NY)
Trump would do whatever the last person told him to do. He has no center and no understanding.
scanmike (neponsit, Ny)
Can anyone clear up the fact that Melania Trump came to this country under questionable circumstances? At some point Trump was going to clarify but to my knowledge never did. If so, why isn't Clinton all over it? Maybe it is beneath her to fight on that level.
Abby (Tucson)
The whole thing sounds dodgy, but since he insists his kids are his closest advisers, I found it odd that when Manafort was getting shafted, Ivanka was with Wendi Deng Murdoch in Croatia. Murdoch's ex-wife who is said to be dating Putin. She's known the Kushners longer than the Trumps.
Mike (boston, MA)
This man is awesome and I love all the 'Trumpee's' who actually thought he was real and sincere. Maybe he will win--At this point, our election is a reality show and it should be funny if it doesn't wreck the economy. I think he'll go weak on everything else, like dough-boy weak. total wimpus.
jsanders71 (NC)
Nothing humorous whatsoever in the stakes involved in this election. We can laugh at Trump now because of his silly excesses and essential ignorance about anything governmental. But the laughter will be very hollow if he somehow reaches the White House.
Wayne (Brooklyn, New York)
I was surprised when Mr. Trump, in a CNN interview last night, said that a lot of people don't know but there are millions of people currently being deported now but it's not being reported in the media. As far as I know a number of Hispanic groups have attacked President Obama by saying he has been deporting many people who are not even criminals but who are working parents.

I also find it hard to believe that people who support him come up to him and say “They’ve said, ‘Mr. Trump, I love you, but to take a person that has been here for 15 or 20 years and throw them and the family out, it’s so tough, Mr. Trump,’” he said." His core supporters come across as such mean people that if someone really said that he should have had support people on the ready who can videotape such an encounter. He embellishes. He made a comment on Twitter on a Sunday morning a few months ago then later that day he said he got lots of mail (not email) from people supporting what he said. If only the post office can deliver mail with such lightning speed.
Megahz Man (SC)
"Pivot" verb, syn. to change position, often opposite. Then deny changing to provide cover . Caused by saying whatever the current audience wants to hear, without forethought no matter how inconsistent.
After all, this IS a popularity contest and not a presidential election, right? No solutions necessary, just name-calling and rumor-mongering.
Larrry Oswald (Coventry CT)
The immigration plan that seems to be rising is the plan proposed by Senator Rubio and seven Congressional colleagues a few years agol Too bad Mr. Rubio backed away from that. If it reappears maybe the Dream Act can also be passed as it should have been initially.
I finally got it also! (South Jersey)
The campaign fund account was running low, the ideas to date are even lower, and Trump need so free air time and talk time. Well, he got both! He was all over the Tele last night and now the moring news, front page! Whatever idea presents in his head is the one he runs with! It doesn't really matter what he says at this point, because we all knwo he says what ever it talks to get into the news cycle and that is it!!!! Back peddle Trump, front peddle, left peddle, right, peddle, we see the chameleon that you are, keep it up!!! Yeah, sure, it will work, your only using ......words!
Mary MacElveen (Sound Beach, NY)
No matter what the media reports about Trump, when confronted with this latest flip-flop by their candidate, Trump supporters will blame the media and not the candidate. My younger sister who is a Trump supporter has blamed the media and the establishment elites and has never said anything negative about her candidate. He has done his best to demonize the media, yet has no trouble using the media for his advantage. How many times has Fox News had him on during the primaries and now in the general? I call that free advertising.

I just read on CNN yesterday where he funneled $7 million dollars from his campaign to him personally and his business. Is that even legal? This is the reason that all Americans should demand to see his tax returns. The late Pres. Nixon did and his too were under audit.

While I will cast my vote for Gary Johnson, if it's truly between both Clinton and Trump, I would rather see Clinton win.
SMB (Savannah)
It may be far more than $7 million. Something like $63 million has disappeared somewhere, so one speculation has been that he repaid that $50 million loan he made to his campaign. He never did file the paperwork forgiving the debt. All the Trump merchandise (hats, T-shirts, etc.) in addition to the suddenly much higher Trump Tower rent for his campaign offices means profit is flowing someplace.
LuluBrooks (Hudson Valley)
Immigrants must "pay their back taxes." What about you, Mr. Trump? Have you paid your taxes? Release your tax returns.
Heidi Thaens (Great Neck, NY)
This man is not sane -- a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder. Look it up; he has the judgment and thoughtfulness of a two-year old who feels himself to be the center of the universe. If he can't be God, he's settle for President. This is just as crazy as it gets.
Dan (New York)
The comments claiming that Trump's supporters are all stupid shows how simpleminded liberals can be. These commentators view a college degree as the only signal of intelligence. Have you ever thought that millions of Trump supporters do not have degrees because they were born in places where there was no push to go to college? They didn't have the money? They had children young due to a lack of sex Ed? Of course you didn't think of that. You must keep your superiority over Republicans, and that works only if you think you are smarter than they are. Democrats and Republicans are alike in the fact that they have one world view and will not change that view, no matter how untenable that view is. Sickening
Mike (boston, MA)
I live in the greater Boston area and most of the Trump supporters are well off white people driving Audi's and live in McMansions. Weird, huh?
SMB (Savannah)
Most people want their children to do better than they have been able to, and that often means getting a college degree. Many Americans are first or second generation college graduates. The lack of sex ed is typical of Republican states, by the way. The group that supports Donald Trump tends to be white men without college degrees so it is not all Americans without degrees. If these people would stop listening to Limbaugh, stop watching Fox, and actually analyze Trump's positions and lack of policies, it is doubtful that they would support him. It is likely that many support Trump due to racism or bigotry which is what polls show.
Sciencewins (Mooreland, IN)
No dan. you're wrong; progressives and so-called conservatives are not alike in any important way. Progressives are open-minded (able to accept and reconsider facts) and conservatives are close-minded (substitute facts with beliefs that are set in stone).
toom (Germany)
All of this should have been expected. Once he got the nomination, Mitt Romney moved to the center of the political spectrum. Now Trump is trying this, in his own way. Mitt was unsuccessful, partly due to the leaked speech in Mother Jones. With Trump, there is no need to leak anything, since he is so blatantly courting white supremacists. None of Trump's campaign promises and his trying to take these back, should be surprising, except that he managed to win the GOP primaries with obviously nonsensical claims. But then his rise in the GOP was due to his "birther" slander of Obama.
Mike (Brooklyn)
Doesn't anyone understand that the reason he's wavering on immigration and wooing African Americans is that he's trying to convince white suburban house wives that he's not a racist? This from the candidate who "tells it like it is". If I was the base of the republican party I'd be screaming for him to return to support their racist tendencies and forget Pennsylvania and Ohio and Iowa and North Carolina and concentrate on Florida and Georgia and Mississippi and Alabama and South Carolina and Texas - places where he knows he can win. Oops - he's already done that!
Nothing Surprises Me Anymore (Manhattan, NYC)
This campaign is a game to Trump. Right now he's probably boasting that he got the most comments on a NY Times article. He doesn't actually want to be President. He just wants to do whatever it takes to win. So he can then boast about that. Sick man.
HC (Atlanta)
Wrapping yourself in the confederate flag isn't working is it Trump.
Dan (New York)
Remember liberals- Trump was smart enough to make hundreds of millions of dollars. He is many things. Unintelligent is not one of them. If the commentators here were so smart you would think they were all billionaires as well
Luvtennis0 (NYC)
Your comment reveals just how sickened out country has become as a result of 40 years of relentless worship of money and those who possess it.

When Oliver Stone wrote the line "greed is good" he expected us to know better. Apparently, we do not.

Trump is rich (who knows if he is really a billionaire without tax returns) because his father was rich. And unsrupulous. How is Trump smarter than ANYONE. Other than you apparently....
Joe From Boston (Massachusetts)

The Trump business model

1. Buy a property
2. Load it up with Debt to raise cash.
3. Pay yourself huge management fees using that cash.
4. When the property goes bankrupt walk away, leaving workers unpaid, vendors unpaid, and lenders holding worthless paper.

5. Repeat.

That is how he made money.

The other way that he uses now is renting out the Trump name, for a fee, while owning ZERO of the underlying business. If it fails, he keeps his fees, and walks.

For the businesses that make stuff and sell it, they always make the stuff in foreign countries, and sell the stuff to Americans who like the glitz.

That is Donald Trump.

Make America Great? He has no clue how to do THAT.
SMB (Savannah)
Trump inherited a fortune from his father. He has had six bankruptcies and has been involved in thousands of lawsuits. His current business debt is estimated at $650 million to the Bank of China, among other lenders. Not so smart.
Reader (Atlanta)
Since any payment of back taxes would likely require revelation/confirmation of taxes immigrants had already paid, why doesn't Trump set a good example? The NYT could start a Waiting for Tax Returns Countdown for Trump. How many days now since Clinton revealed hers? And we're still waiting for Trump's.
Ed (Oklahoma City)
I pity the Times and other media outlets having to treat this narcissistic draft dodging womanizer as a serious contender.
PaulB (Cincinnati, Ohio)
And yet, and yet, underneath the "Republican nominee," Republicans are hard at work spending millions of anonymously donated dollars to insure GOP hegemony of Congress, state capitals and local office holders.

What voters must understand is that even if Trump is thumped on Election Day, we might well see a further four years of irresponsible gridlock, with Republican majorities in the House and Senate denying Hillary Clinton the ability to do much of anything. No doubt, there will be an impeachment effort launched within months of the inauguration, while the Supreme Court remains hog-tied without a full complement of Justices.

We are paying too much attention to the Trump clown car, and not nearly enough to the black limousines delivering trunks of cash to Senate and House candidates, right wing gubernatorial candidates, local school board wannabes and city councils. If you believe, as I do, that the Republican Party is now controlled by extreme fanatics, then you must rally in your home town and state to prevent our body politic to be strangled by snakes.
Dan (New York)
You realize that gridlock was built into the system specifically so laws would take a long time to pass and only compromises would become law, correct? What you call gridlock I call a check on the president
Jim McAdams (Boston)
It good to hear someone will pay taxes in a Trump administration.
Janis (Ridgewood, NJ)
Illegal immigration is against the law. Has everyone forgotten that fact?
FdJ (NJ)
I'd like to see a more balanced approach with more articles on what Hillary and the Clinton foundation have been doing. The consistent Trump bashing which includes several front page articles per day (and has now for months) is very telling. I get it, the NYT endorses Hillary and then some, can you at least give some appearance of objectivity when reporting on Trump?
RPW (Jackson)
Trump was just here in Mississippi. He is not welcome here by decent people. Hope he never comes back. We have enough bigots without him.
Pvbeachbum (Fl)
Illegal aliens deserve no special privileges. They cannot leap to the front of the legal immigration line. They need to return to their home country, and apply for legalization/citizenship to the United States. Paying back taxes is a joke, as written in the so/called comprehensive immigration reform , if an illegal alien cannot pay these back taxes, They get a waiver or a free pass to get out of jail free! As an American and law abiding citizen, I find this intolerable
I don't have a problem with shifts in positions, as long as they are based on facts.
Net illegal immigration over the last 9 years has been at or below zero. Thus, a wall,were it possible, would keep them in - not out.
11 Million illegals represent about 3% of the population. Per Pew research they contribute 5% of GDP. Send them away and we hurt our economy.
Crimes are committed by illegals at a rate lower than that of legals. By encouraging more to arrive we'd dilute our pool of rapists.

But first you'd have to take the facts, think, understand them, then shape your beliefs. That's way too much for Humpty Trumpty.
richard mayer (spring hill, fl)
This election race has gotten so off base, here is an opportunity for Mr. Trump to run the worlds largest corporation. A chance to bring this business back to profitability, overhaul the entire business structure. To make the stock holders pleased with the new outlook. Yet he squanders away chance after chance to get the board members and stock holders to accept his business outline. Why, none has been forthcoming. As a CEO you take charge put a business plan together and get your board and department heads to buy into it not laugh at it. Mr. Trump needs to get his act together.
DR (New England)
Running a country is nothing like running a business. I don't understand why people have trouble comprehending this.
Rishi (New York)
Trumps thought on immigration policy are maturing realizing the reality of the situation of its economic effects. A good leader must be ready for a change and that is seeping in Trump finally.
Sarah D. (Monague, MA)
And he couldn't have seen this before? It isn't as if startling new facts have come out. This has been a central issue of his campaign, so it's a little late to be learning. More proof that he simply shoots his mouth off without examining the facts or doing much thinking, which is not a good sign in a leader.
Rishi (New York)
It is never too late to learn or change
Pvbeachbum (Fl)
The Donald is barking up the wrong tree. He should stick with the out reach to the black communities, which are much more important to many Americans than illegal Aliens, plus the black vote means more percentage wise than 12% of the Hispanic vote.
ggallo (Middletown, NY)
Remember the scene in the film "Pollack," where Ed Harris is repeating over and over "I'm not the phony. You're the phony?" So, here we are. "I'm not the bigot. You're the bigot." And on and on and "so it goes." Please, whom ever interviews this guy ... Challenge everything he says. Almost every sentence he says is debunkable (I like that word). a lie, or a contradiction.
Lynne (New Englad)
When it comes to Trump we can be sure of only one thing: not changing his position on releasing his taxes.
Will (Texas)
Someone has told Mr. Trump that a hallmark of a candidate for office is that he will say anything, waffle, flip-flop, SFC., to gather enough votes to win. What we're seeing now is him putting that "principle" into practice. That's what makes him dangerous, more than anything else. We don't know what he will do, about much of anything, if elected. But people will hear, and vote for, what they want to hear. With Mrs. Clinton being as distrusted as she is, and Trump flopping like a fish on a spear, he may well end up in the White House after all. It is dangerously presumptuous to count him out, as many pundits and politicians seem to be doing. Again.
james (portland)
It's not Donnie but his followers that horrify me.
Albert Yokum (Long Island, NY)
This article makes clear we must formulate a new paradigm for questioning the candidates that will replace the old debate system. Consider the vast differences between the well-spoken and non-controversial candidates John Kennedy and Richard Nixon and those we are facing today. Instead of the format whereby the candidates face each other on a stage and are questioned by newscasters who enable them to endlessly spin questions into meaningless political doublespeak that leads nowhere, we need a panel of well-informed and highly respected public servants to construct a series of questions that will severely challenge both candidates to put their cards on the table, face up, in no uncertain terms. Mind you, the same, exact, questions to each - in separately video recorded sessions, that will then be presented to the electorate. And Ms. Clinton and Mr. Trump should be grilled in the same fashion Ms. Clinton was by the aggressive hearing committee on Benghazi. Using the same exact questions for each will prevent a nauseating and useless rehash of partisan perspectives that I suspect we are all sick and tired of hearing and reading. After our best and most patriotic minds have formulated the questions, they should then make suggestions on who should be the questioners. And a second group of objective, non-partisan specialists make the final selection. Otherwise, the debates will be just another circus side-show with a larger band and the focus of a big tent.
Lynne Lew (Seattle)
That is an excellent idea, whose time had come. I suggest we actually follow up on it.
Darby (WV)
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black: where are your taxes Mr. Trump?
CPW1 (Cincinnati)
You can repackage the narcissist but the narcissist is still the narcissist. They will say anything to gain favor and they lie 80 to 90% of the time and don't even know they are lying.
PH (Maryland)
The Republican brand is being seriously damaged. Trump is running the party into the ground while trying to figure out what believes in, if anything, beyond his 'brand.' He is simply building on what Palin began as a VP candidate, a vacuous platform built on xenophobia and fear with no substance.
Southern Boy (The Volunteer State)
The immigration reforms posed by Trump pale in comparison to the immigration reform of the 1920s which ended immigration from East Asia, the Middle East, and Southern and Eastern Europe.
George (Concord, NH)
When I look at the two choices I have to lead this country, I just want to cry.
RJS (Phoenix, AZ)
@George—I can understand crying over a Trump presidency but what's to cry over a Clinton one? She has good ideas, is fair minded and ready to lead.
Rudolf Dasher Blitzen (Florida)
Is Donald J Trump the one that famously said: "These are my principles but if you don't like them I have others"? (Washington DC)
Trump just lurches from policy to policy, accusation to accusation, insult to insult. He's not running a political campaign, it's a food fight a la "Animal House." Trump is just totally out of depth and he figures if can create enough distraction, no one will notice.
Trump's newly found moderation on the subject of immigration shows his evolution as a savvy politician and a newly found compassion for those who have been here for decades and have proven themselves to be responsible members of society. It was an impracticable proposal to begin with. When I wrote of despair of his supporters 2 weeks ago, that was before recruitment of Conway and Bannon.Making the transition from real estate developer to public servant has not been easy,since he is now held accountable for his words. When I returned from France where I had conducted research,interrupted by time spent as an "estivant " in stoney lonesome in Fresnes, I went to work for French Cult. Services as translator.End of week "chef de service"would call a meeting and ask each of us,"Qu'avez vous cree cette semaine?" If you put that question to TRUMP, he might say that he had built a hotel a restaurant, a housing development which made many people happy and provided thousands of jobs for the citizenry.Trump has made an enormous contribution to the commonweal. All HRC does is talk, and use her official positions as Senator and Sec. of State to peddle influence and get over on us,the people with nefarious money schemes.Cannot think of one time that she has put welfare of others before her own. Reminds me of Harry Helmsley, billionaire, who, when asked what he wanted in life, replied "more."But Mr. Helmsley was an aficionado,an amateur compared to the Clintons.
W (Houston, TX)
You've got it astonishingly backwards. It is Trump who has never put welfare of others before his own, and has used nefarious money schemes, and has never served the public in any capacity.
JFR (Yardley)
Everything Trump says, has ever said, or ever will say is a feint, just one step in a negotiation process. His only hope to win in November is that a lot of people continue to project THEIR attitudes, hopes, and wished for solutions to their problems onto him. He doesn't really care about the outcomes (for them), only that HE is perceived as winning. One can't trust that type of "morality," but alas, many people are.
Beyondliberal (Monroe, Oregon)
Being the snake oil salesman he is, he will continue to lead on the moron vote. Such people have fallen for the ruse for centuries, and they aren't going to change now.
jpduffy3 (New York, NY)
No matter which side you are on, illegal aliens are a very serious problem of massive proportion. There are more than 11 million people present in our country who have no legal right to be here or to remain here. Often, we have no idea who they are, where they are, or what they are doing. Obviously, some illegal aliens are fine people. Just as obvious, some are not. Regardless of where on the spectrum they fall, these people are taxing resources at all levels and often compete directly with our citizens and others who are entitled to be here for limited resources and jobs. This is not something that can be ignored or swept under the rug. It has to be dealt with one way or the other. Letting it continue to fester is not healthy for our country. Talking about it and coming up with and implementing a satisfactory plan for dealing with it is the only way we can move forward.
Jose Imenez (Kansas City)
wWould love a link to a video showing Ann Coulter's near to blowing a fuse. I was getting bored now that the Olympics are over . Thank God for this circus. Will keep me amused until sweeps are back on TV.
labete (Cala Ginepro, Sardinia)
Another twisted article by Times writers Haberman and Shear who have deliberately misstated and twisted Trump's words. Even the 2+ minute video by Rapport and O'Neill was carefully edited and twisted to do as much damage as possible in the 'objective' NY Times. I listened to all of Trump's and Clinton's speeches yesterday and Trump made far more sense. Clinton twisted everything he said while distracting people from her terrible Foundation and Crooked record. Trump will build the wall and go after all the illegals in the country. Even if -- God forbid -- he were to lose the election, the good he's done by concentrating the American people's understanding on immigration would be a great service to the country...and he's paid a lot of his money to do so. God help us if Clinton the Crook is elected. You voters and NY Times readers will only have yourselves to blame.
DR (New England)
I've watched entire speeches given by Trump. There is no twisting or editing going on. These are the things he says.
Mindful (Ohio)
I cannot wait until the day when I am no longer forced to look at the horrible countenance of this abominable human being, see his name in the news on a daily basis, or live in the angry stew that he has helped to create of our country.
Richard Mclaughlin (Altoona PA)
Trump does believe in something. His insatiable greed.
Rudolf Dasher Blitzen (Florida)
In Europe they have many great, very great soccer clubs. In each and every one of those clubs, in the stands behind one of the goals in the stadium where those clubs play their home matches, there is always a group of unwavering fans that scream, yell, shout savagely all kinds of barbaric obscenities directed to the opposition during the entire length of each and every match . Any stranger that watches all that for the first time may think that the leader of that group is also the President of the club. Nope. They are smarter than that. Never, ever one of those thugs has ever been in the board of his club. The members of the board managing those clubs, and the club President, generally are seasoned, reasonable, well spoken business people. The Republican Party leadership has allowed the guys that frequent the stand behind the goal to take over the party.
Suzanne (Jupiter, FL)
Donad J. Trump…is truly a despicable, ugly little man….who has made the Alt-Right mainstream by hiring Steve Bannon.
He has no policies…on immigration...just hate. This whole campaign is a huge con job…and about 40% of our electorate are rubes in this con man's game.

Decency must prevail…and on November 8th…send a message to Trump "hate"…and the Alt-Right….and vote NO to HATE…..NO to Trump.
Dan (New York)
Decent people never do well in this world. I don't eat a decent person in office- I want someone who is willing to get dirty and do what is necessary. Trump and Hillary both fulfill that requirement
DR (New England)
Dan - You need to seek better company.

My first corporate boss was very successful, he was also kind and fair and treated each of his employees very well.
graceD. (georgia)
Well one thing I will give Trump, he has certainly brought issues to the public & to dialogue! I hope that the people will see him for what he is, a poster boy for the "do nothing" congress that we have had for so many yrs! And the attitudes & failure to act that allowed such a person to become a Pres. candidate!
That also goes for the irrational voters (like tea party crowd) that refuses to compromise & pass bills that address problems.
This is cumulative, folks. And should have been addressed , long ago. The same goes for the other major issues facing our nation.
Unless & until, we the voters, throw out every lousy congress member that refuses to work with the other party & elect people with some character & backbone, we will continue to stumble through garbage like Mr. Trump & the GOP, have brought to this country !
Catholic and Conservative (Stamford, Ct.)
What happened to "law and order"?
Melinda (Just off Main Street)
If there's a silver lining (and there always is) it's that this abysmal election cycle has exposed what a dysfunctional FARCE our U.S. Presidential elections really are.

The only reasonable thing to do at the point is to add another choice on the ballot for President:

None of the Above.

If that box receives 51%, we throw out both of these tired, OLD, incompetent candidates and start over.

Our country is no joke but this election is.

As for the question of illegal immigration, there should be a nationwide referendum on the issue. Let the citizens voice their opinion.
Cautionary Tale (NYC)
ADVERTISEMENT: The Trump Show is now is now in its 14th month. It can be seen on all major cable channels 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Stay tuned for today's episode which will feature Trump as a buffoon, barking out incoherent and inconsistent policy statements. He may confuse his supporters and entertain the rest of us. WARNING: Keep the volume down on your TV as Trump is getting louder and louder. Your dog may come running to the TV as Trump emits high frequency whistles when he speaks. The surgeon general has advised that watching the Trump Show for more than an hour will cause infectious gastrointestinal malaise. You can choose to read or take a walk if you feel sick.
Jim Dickinson (Columbus, Ohio)
Funny how people keep calling Trump a racist. Could it perhaps be due to all of the racist statements that he makes on a regular basis?

No, of course not. It is just those disgusting Democrats. They are so mean!
It seems that Donald Trump loves to give his opponents nicknames , here is a new one. Can we call him "Mr. Flip Flop" Trump?

As an aside: Why does he always seem to be shouting? Maybe he thinks that it impresses people or is he trying to "bulldoze " the electorate ?
Lawrence (Washington D.C.)
This news is like the news about my poor aunt, slipping further into dementia at each turn.
Both will not get better.
Please stop covering him, as it encourages bad behavior.
Tom Mainor (Williamsburg, VA)
"Wavering"clearly is not a description of Mr. Trump's declarations--on any issue. What passes as re-thinking of any issue for this divisive candidate seems only to be the next rejoinder in his failures to accomplish what thoughtful consideration of the immigration issue might reasonably conclude. This man is way out of his league. I would think that at some level beneath his huge ego needs, he realizes that he doesn't belong in any serious political campaign, let alone one for the presidency of the United States.
Alison (Winston-Salem)
I wonder what we will see next? Now that this strategy has not worked he may completely unravel right in front of our eyes. A new American Tragedy on the world stage. What are the Republicans going to do? I am not a Republican but this circus has damaged the country and our reputation around the world which is in fact very important. How long before we hear people say "I'm a recovering Republican".
DW (Philly)
Donald Trump unraveling is not a tragedy. Tragedy implies some sort of fall from greatness.

Besides, how would we tell if he unraveled? How would that be different from his usual behavior?
mayelum (Paris, France)
At what point will Trump supporters realize that the Donald is not for real? A mugwump,a panjandrum. That he says whatever he thinks would get him elected regardless. But then again, since most of his supporters are uneducated White males, that may never happen.
lulu (henrico)
Could not Trump's so called re-set brilliant team see the fallout from changing positions? They need to be replaced (oh, yeah, once again).
Dan Raemer (Brookline, MA)
I keep reading from Trump supporters negative comments about the Clinton Foundation. I am so confused about their point. The Clinton Foundation is a charity that, indisputably, has done great work around the world. In fact, Mr. Trump gave $100k to this charity supposedly because of its excellent purpose. It is highly rated operationally in the charity world. The Clinton's have gained nothing financially from this organization.
Hillary Clinton has been accused, and there are emails that are suggestive, that various big donor contributors to the Clinton Foundation have tried to get access to her when she was Secretary of State. What is the big deal? You can give unlimited money directly to political candidates via a number of mechanisms and then try to get access to the candidate (e.g. Citizen's United) as many wealthy people do. This is how Mr. Trump has explained his earlier political contributions to the Clinton's and other democratic party candidates. "When I give them money", he says, "I can call them on the phone..." All of the ruckus about the Clinton Foundation that the Trump supporters have stirred seems filled with hypocrisy. Is this the best "scandal" they can come up with??
Cathy (MA)
Thank you for your comment. Why the media don't point this out more effectively (and frequently) is beyond me. I understand that pointing out the latest insanity coming out of Mr. Trump attracts more readers/viewers (and is certainly necessary, to a degree), each denigrating statement regarding the Clinton Foundation (by Mr. Trump or his rabid minions) must be followed with direct, detailed questions demanding meaningful analysis of how, exactly, the Foundation is a problem. Same for the standard rantings about Benghazi and the private email server. Unfortunately, the know-nothings will continue to plug their ears and stamp their feet, refusing to acknowledge the truth of these situations, but there is and responsibility on the part of news media to continue to report (and ND demand from the candidates) actual facts.
Jim B (New York)
Will undocumented aliens have to release their income tax returns?
EuroAm (Oh)
Trump babbles...staff clarifies...electorate baffled...
T H Beyer (Toronto)
Do Americans, journalists included, have a grip on on just how absurd
a candidate Trump is?

It appears not when even Times editors choose to disect a madman's
ways as if he were worthy of any consideration to be president.

Just call for the nonsensical Trump to drop out, Times.
Joachim (Boston)
Trump views this as a business opportunity, if if does not work out, he will walk away and try something else. Make another company bankrupt, defraud some more people, perhaps setup another fringe radio network, peddle anybody he thinks he can something out. I think the people have already determined that despite all the division in this country, the office of President should not be in the hand of the fringe, the bigots and racists and that should make us proud, that like many times in our history its the people that turn the correct way.
Gormalm (Cincinnati)
Interesting that Trump is focusing on immigrants paying taxes when he states that he pays as little taxes as he can!
Martin (Amsterdam)
It's just another attempt to declare bankruptcy - this time of his main intellectual property or idea - and move on.

I mean, it worked fine with his other ventures.
Rudolf Dasher Blitzen (Florida)
It is 6:00 A.M. and I wake up anxious to know what "things" Donald J Trump had "heard" from "great people, very great people" since I went to bed last night. Can't wait to know, can't wait to know...
Dectra (Washington, DC)
Trump: Waffler In Chief

Hey, can't pander to the middle class white Educated voters AND keep your alt.right wing base at the same time.

Funny how you're now promoting the exact same thing Jeb! Bush did....something you excoriated him for in the primaries.

Either you're making this up as you go along, or you really are quite ignorant, sir.
James Albright (NJ)
This guy reminds me of Blanche. "I don't want realism. I want magic! Yes, yes, magic. I try to give that to people. I do misrepresent things. I don't tell truths. I tell what ought to be truth." (Apologies to TW).
Dania (San Antonio)
On the elections of 1800, Alexander Hamilton wrote this about Aaron Burr: "My opinion is, after mature reflection, that if Jefferson and Burr come with equal votes to the House of Representatives to support Jefferson, the former ought to be preferred by the Federalists […] Mr. Jefferson is yet a lover of liberty […] Mr. Burr loves nothing but himself […] In a choice of Evils, let them take the least – Jefferson is in my view less dangerous than Burr." -- History repeats itself.
Prof.Jai Prakash Sharma (Jaipur, India.)
With his utterly confused and vacillating positions on almost every issue he took up to please the Whites and conservative diehards, Trump has practically backtracked, be it his last minute overreach to the African Americans whom he had always held in contempt or now the second thoughts on the immigrants, specially the Mexicans. Thus what to speak of the common voter, Trump has indeed confused and angered his conservative backers also, showing definitive signs of nervousness and fatigue.
David (Sacramento)
I am dying here! Love it!

Trump supporters? Meet the undercarriage of his bus!
John Townsend (Mexico)
I'm surprised to see some GOPers acting troubled by Trump who has promised in his first 100 days to nominate a Supreme Court justice like Antonin Scalia, start the full repeal of Obamacare, revoke the Obama executive order keeping immigrant families together here, develop plans for his "beautiful" wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, implement the "Deport 'Em All" policy for all "illegal" immigrants, and keep Muslims from entering the country. Isn't that just what they've been yelling and screaming for since the Mitt Romney campaign? Or are they finally afraid to fully embrace the true, non-P.C. face of bigotry they've been peddling since the Nixon southern strategy and kneel before the billionaire bully who has wrested control of the party from them?
DC (Ct)
I will build a wall,no I will build a sidewalk, no I will build a wall.
YES, Trump is the most ANGER and HATE filled American. Did anyone ever see him laugh in a humorous way...??? Please God, save us from this evil man...!!!
MarkAntney (Here)
I apologize, Rudy was more right (on explaining Trump's statements/quotes/positions,..) than I gave him credit for;

It looks as if Trump's entire Presidential Campaign is Sarcasm.
Ange (NYC)
When will we finally hold accountable all those employers who hire undocumented immigrants precisely so they can underpay them, deny them legally mandated benefits and treat them like modern day slaves?

People have every right to strive to provide a better life to themselves and their families. It's those who employ them that should be prosecuted. Unfortunately I don't hear this from any politician aspiring to become president.
hma (Washington, DC)
This man couldn't plan a children's picnic. I mean, would you go or send your kids? You'd all contract food poisoning -- and then be castigated for getting sick and ruining his day.
Bruce (The World)
"He hasn't changed his position on immigration..." Yeah, right. And up is down, hot is cold, in is out.
Lou (Delaware)
We've seen a lot of backtracking, bold-faced lies, broken promises, and some too wishy-washy to take a stand on critical issues; Trump's no different. It's clear we have no viable candidates on the ballot with the tenacity and fortitude to follow through without capitulating and catering to special interest groups, no one who's able to captain the ship to steer it in the right direction in favor of the majority, and what's best for America. Sad to see our country reduced to this utterly shameful display as they play their one-on-one game of politics.
bengal9alnazir207318 (nj)
In this NewYork Times about Donald Trump and what he is trying to do really interest me. What Donald Trump is trying to do is first round up people who are in the United States illegally and send them back where they came from. Then He vowed to build a wall on the Mexican border. This really interest me because how can a man be so cold heart to people how fight they way over here just to live a better life. To me this is probably saying that Donald Trump is racism and we can't follow a President who is racism.
Pragwatt (U.S.)
The thrust of Hilary Clinton's anti-Trump ads should be: "The guy will say anything.'
Eduardo B (Los Angeles)
What is the singular consistent aspect of this mediocre presidential candidate? It's all about him, a self-obsessed narcissist who craves attention. Of course, he's pathologically dishonest, so when voters elect Clinton, he will insist that it's all rigged — something he automatically assumes after a lifetime of doing just that. Voters need to give her a victory that crushes this nasty hate monger who feeds the anger of those willing to listen.

Eclectic Pragmatist —
Eclectic Pragmatist —
Ken Calvey (Huntington Beach, Ca.)
"Mr. Trump faced anger, confusion and disgust from across the political spectrum." Can you provide some evidence? Ann Coulter being upset her book tour got tripped up, is not evidence. Trump's supporters don't hold him accountable for anything he says.
Jon Dama (Charleston, SC)
I like the change - Trump gets my vote!
Pete NJ (Sussex)
What the NYT and other MSM fail to recognize is that MR. Trump is one of the best negotiators of our time. Mr. Obama never had and still does not have any negotiating skills. From the outset on issues like immigration and a "ban" on Muslims those were Mr. Trumps opening positions. As the election nears, he softens his positions to gather more voters. What is being said by the MSM today are the exact same things that they said about Reagan.
Susan (New York, NY)
Do you know what "pandering" means?
Rick (Albuquerque)
You mean biggest thieves, don't you?
PogoWasRight (florida)
It is very heartening to see that Ms. Clinton is finally going into "attack" mode versus Devoid Trump. It appeared to me that up to now she has been in a defense posture and spending way too much time countering the lies that Trump has been spewing to the media. Go Get'm Hillary !!!
MNW (Connecticut)
To succinctly sum it all up:
Donald Trump has proven himself to be the wrong messenger for the message that is overtly and covertly the overriding message of this particular era.
In the political arena Trump has failed to grasp the great concept of the hidden agenda.
I shall restrain on elaboration. You either get it or you do not.
Harry Coates (Amsterdam)
Just whp are the disgruntled Trump supporters going to vote for???
Pvbeachbum (Fl)
Unfortunately they'll probably stay home
Marco Molinari (Milan)
Trump's lies and words dismay me. I am wondering how a guy like that can appeal on Americans. Also, I have never witnessed a more incoherent politician than Donald Trump. I also find the way he brandishes his money very rude and unprofessional. I hope Americans will make the right choice in order to elect the best-fitting president for a country that has been pivotal for the entire world, a country that has always welcomed immigrants. Even people like me (foreigners who have lived and studied in the US) have the right to pursue the same dreams our ancestors did if we ever want to go back!
Franc (Little Silver NJ)
"My cartoon is real. I am the creator of my own comic book." That's Donald Trump speaking about himself. Keep this in mind when you step into the voting booth on November 8th.
nat (U.S.A.)
It is just a matter of days before he goes back on his dream of building the Mexican Wall and all other extreme positions he has taken over the past year. No amount of window dressing will fool the American public. At least that is what my fervent hope is!
So, they'll have to pay taxes owed to the government, then pay taxes weekly, but not become a citizen? That sounds a lot like taxation without representation to me. If they're such great people why not allow them to obtain citizenship?
Paul (New Fairfield CT)
It's time for responsible media to stop covering Trump and his "positions". Trump is a racist plain and simple. We continue collecting examples of this idiot's outrageous comments as if we need to make a case against him. It's settled matter.
Lilo (Michigan)
Trump has no ideological core other than to do what is good for Trump. It's funny that he's throwing his conservative supporters under the bus. It couldn't happen to a nicer group of people.

More intelligent honest conservatives tried to warn primary voters that Trump had no convictions. But the voters didn't listen. Now they have what they wanted, a man who will sell out people on what was his core issue. Yawn. So it goes.
JTFloore (Texas)
one wonders how mr. trump can claim to be such a great strategist and thinker, repeatedly insist that he knows more than anyone else on just about every topic imaginable and yet run such a thoroughly inept campaign. his view of himself is a glaring contradiction of the political reality he has created for himself. it is a startling delusion, which the merriam-webster dictionary defines as "a persistent false psychotic belief." that is a frightening mindset for anyone running for president, and yet it is what mr. trump has displayed almost daily -- more so of late it seems -- since he announced his candidacy almost a year ago.
John Rudoff (Portland Oregon)
What T now says about the so-called mechanics of his so-called "plan" is completely irrelevant. Remember above all else: his campaign is post-factual; it is solipsism in motion. It makes no more sense to argue facts (or even consistency) with him than to argue theodicy with a labradoodle. He is, it appears, under the influence of better ad-men (or in this case women) than he: he is trying to put on a suit of gravitas that he didn't wear for the primaries. But gravitas --like wisdom, knowledge, or even decency -- is not a suit-jacket one can put on when it is needed. And T has none of these.
wfisher1 (fairfield, ia)
"If Trump should pivot on immigration ..." I love this word they use "pivot". They use it like it's just an acceptable tactic. But it's actually a word used to cover a politician changing their position on issues depending on the voters they are trying to reach. To me it means wishy-washy. It means dishonest. It means they are trying to be someone they are not. When did it become acceptable to represent oneself one way to primary voters and become another person in appealing to general election voters? Just plain dishonest.
Carol Douglass (San Francisco)
The problem with thinking that a change in position is "wishy-washy" and therefore indicative of dishonesty is that for a leader should to be able to change or at least modify a position based on new and better evidence, Where is the virtue in, especially while in office, sticking to a position no matter what? Is that the sort of person we admire or feel safe with? Someone who is so rigid that he or she cannot constantly take in new information? A moral stance is one thing. An inability to update one's thinking is quite another.
David Devonis (Davis City IA)
Nice to see that even Steve King has given up on Trump. If only it would bring him down too.
Air Marshal of Bloviana (Over the Fruited Plain)
Hillary's reference to a radical fringe in the GOP can only mean code for the Tea Party movement. On their booklist is of essential reading is Saul Alinsky's treatise on how to undermine established social order. Alinksy and his stratagems were a graduate level preoccupation for Hillary. That is to say she was a huge fan. She has been their study and it concerns her, poor thing.
L.B. (Charlottesville, VA)
There is no policy. There is the sketch of all possible policies spewed out into the campaign, so that Kellyanne Conway can see which ones have any degree of purchase, and that may become the policy for a day or so, until Trump comes up with an entirely new variant.
Jome (G)
Good Article Parker Waichman
GaryB (SiValley)
He's a con man seeking to find a schtick to sell to his dupes. What don't you understand. The goal is not consistency, immigration, or anything like that, the goal is to keep the gravy train rolling.
Deej (Oklahoma City)
Oh, Mr. Trump, have you no shame?
Tatu Gustafsson (Finland)
Why do I buy shoes? I'm gonna walk out on them anyway.
Michael Kennedy (Portland, Oregon)
With this strange election season I always cringe a little when I am about to look at the newspaper each morning and evening. It is like a reflex to extreme heat in the summer or biting cold in the weather. I find myself asking the question, "how bad is it going to be this time?" Well, this latest Trump "position" is simply another reason to shake my head in wonder at how low things have fallen for Republicans. Just as we've known all along, he has no idea what he is doing, and his "grand" ideas and boasts are now a crumbling deck of stacked playing cards. I suggest Trump buy one or two islands somewhere in the middle of an ocean, and offer his supporters free airfare to emigrate to the islands. Once there, he can be the king or CEO or dictator, or whatever Trump-Title he likes, since he's belatedly finding out the title President of the United States is a bit more complicated than he presumed. Once there he and his Trump-Aid following audience can wallow in their delusions, and the United States can get on with the business of being a country rather than the background for a third-rate reality series.
KMW (New York City)
No matter what he says or does Donald Trump seems to have his critics. What you see is what you get with Mr. Trump. Hillary Clinton is deceitful and dishonest and cannot be trusted. The Clinton Foundation is a sham as is Mrs. Clinton. Her email scandal only seems to get worse and hopefully people will soon stop supporting her. It will be interesting to learn what other devious behavior Mrs. Clinton has participated in. She does not deserve to be elected president ever.
Lynn (New York)
Facts matter.
The Clinton Foundation has a 5-star rating from Charity Navigator.
The Clintons donate money they earn from speaking engagements to the Foundation. They take no money from the Foundation.
The Foundation does important development work, enables access to life saving medicines and healthcare, and has saved and improved at a minimum tens of thousands of lives. In
dramatic contrast, what is the evidence that Trump ever did anything other than to enrich himself?
Facts matter.
MauiYankee (Maui)
amnesty noun \ˈam-nə-stē\
a decision that a group of people will not be punished or that a group of prisoners will be allowed to go free......
His Teleprompter Trump steaks may be gastronomically ecstasy,
Trump Purple Heart Wine may cause a oenophillic coma;

but he is not yet the czar of the English language. He may have read 1984, but he does not have the power to change the meaning of the word amnesty.

Curious that the people he will provide amnesty to, those here illegal, in violation of US law,
those that he will forgive their lawlessness,
those whose violation of US not sharia law he will overlook,
will have to pay income taxes,

when he himself pays no income taxes
is astonishing.
Trump is wholly supportive of the Jeb! plan.....
Lawn Order my left hind leg.
Irina (Baltimore)
Definition of Trump: A man who is a manipulator, fake, fraud, sham, mountebank, hoaxer, trickster, fraudster, scammer, swindler, cheater, dishonest, ill mannered, discourteous, rude, impolite, abusive, uncivil, disrespectful, unmannerly, ill-bred, graceless, uncivilized, uncultured, unqualified, uncultivated, unpolished, coarse, loutish, oafish, aggressive, ignorant, uncouth, foolish, idiotic, unintelligent, silly, mindless, thoughtless, foolish, unwise, selfish, vain, and .......narcissist…………………….. you name it!
KMW (New York City)
The protester in the photo with Pastor Mark Burns that is included with this article asked him if he wanted his parents deported. The young man should have been told that his parents entered the US illegally. We are a nation of laws and it is unfair to those who follow the proper channels to become legal citizens to see illegal immigrants go ahead of the line. There are rules in our country that must be followed if we are to remain a vibrant democracy.
H E Pettit (St. Hedwig, Texas)
To assume that Mr. Trump knows what he is talking about is a stretch of the imagination.Way back when he said he could shoot someone on the streets of New York City and get away with it,he identified who he was. Everything else has been filler for that premise. He is used to being on TV ,with a show being watched by people who could not remember one episode from another,with the exception of his most famous quote,"You're fired!". No one who will vote for Trump cares anything about what he stands for,they just want to hear him say "You're fired!" to everyone and everything. It's proving tiresome to everyone else. Emails don't matter.They are just electronic messaging. Foundation doesn't matter. It helps people in need. Philandering husband? Doesn't matter,because who are we talking about? Trump or Bill? Has Bill ever had a nude picture of himself on the front page of a tabloid? The issues are important,but Trump is in the way of any meaningful discussion,he has hijacked the American discourse. He is enough to bring Republicans obstructionists to their knees. If this were a video game with no consequences,I would vote for him. But it is my life we are talking about,and 300+ million other Americans plus over 7 billion other inhabitants on this planet. Trump is the epitome of what an executive should not be,not of a business, nor of a country. He gives new meaning to "know nothing". The extant of his knowledge on immigration is "build a wall;deport all". Can't backslide on that.
another expat (Japan)
After all the other hare-brained, shoot-from-the-lip comments he's had to walk back, does it really any surprise anyone that he'd eventually have to do the same with this one? This is the obvious result of speaking first and thinking afterwards - something you`d think he'd have figured out by now, but he just keeps trying furiously to unring those bells.
Bill (Durham)
I agree with you when you say "speaking first and thinking afterward" but yes I am surprised; that he he would take the one thing that most galvanizes his true core, the one that propelled him through the the primaries to experiment with.
Joe M. (Los Gatos, CA.)
How could you believe anything this candidate said?
Or the other?

Conservatives are drumming up hate for Hillary because she's a democrat, and because she does honestly have facets of her past which are worthy of scrutiny and displeasure. Were Obama running against her (again) she wouldn't stand a chance.

Liberals hate Trump because he's transparently evil, and has offered to use the office of the presidency to bring unpleasant force upon our citizens and visitors without regard to law or the sanctity of human life.

Frankly, I hate this election and wish we could fast forward to one in which there was a candidate of either party that a sane individual could back without developing a complex of self-loathing.
Mike (Brooklyn)
Actually Hillary has been brought before the court of republicanism and has been exonerated by their stupidity, their incompetence, or by the fact she's done nothing that they've said about her. They claim that she is responsible for the murder of her friend Chris Stephens just like she murdered Vince Foster in the 1990's. When you have a party that is so craven as to even suggest this nonsense then everything they claim is suspect. The republicans in Congress have done two things in the last 8 years and that is repeal Obamacare and investigate Hillary. The person the chose to defeat her is actually the best candidate they have. That's the shame of all of this.
John Lusk (Danbury,Connecticut)
I guess I missed it but when exactly did they repeal Obamacare?
James DeVries (Pontoise, France)
Any angler knows, the further you pull a big fish out of the water, the more it starts to flip-flop. Then, when it actually lands on the deck, you have to knock it once on the head or it might flip right back into trhe drink.
DanGood (Luxemburg)
There is not much room in the NYT to address seriously the issues that Donald Trump raises. Instead , like so many many other outlets, the NYT continues to bash him personally. He is the Republican candidate and yet it seems we cannot get enough of the ghoulish ritual of making him an outcast. Makes one want to vote for him.
RW (Seattle)
Vote for him? Only if you think that voting against your perception of the media is in the best interests of the country.
Mike (boston, MA)
John Lusk (Danbury,Connecticut)
If you have very low expectations,vote for him. We have already had 8 years of a moron in the office ( G Bush) we don't need another
Kurisu72 (Japan)
Is it me? Or is Trump not, despite the spray tan, looking more frail and browbeaten as this campaign progresses?
Mike (Brooklyn)
At his best Trump looked, more or less, like an orange raccoon. That leads me to believe he's been traveling with a tanning bed or two. As to his frailty I think if he can take his eyes off the teleprompter (remember when the crazy right wing used to ridicule Obama for using a teleprompter?) and "tell it like it is" he get his groove back.
Jorge D. Fraga (New York, NY)
It is scary to have a candidate of a major political party so unqualified for the presidency and with obvious personality disorders. However, it is much more scary to see that millions of people until now have not realized it.
I still believe that common sense will prevail at the end, but let's keep our
fingers crossed!
Dan (New York)
Obvious personality disorders? I hope you're not on of the people who criticize Republicans for claiming Hillary is ill
CHallMD (San Francisco, CA)
The popcorn is buttered and oh, so appetizing. This man is a con. An empty suit. The curtain has been drawn. Enjoy.
John (Hartford)
When FDR was running for president in 1936 his somewhat hapless opponent was Alf Landon. Dorothy Parker said if Alf Landon made one more speech Roosevelt would have carried Canada. It's starting to look like the same could be said of Trump.
RM (Vermont)
The man has a policy. His critics complain it is too harsh. He softens his policy to make it less harsh. His critics complain that he changed his policy?

So is the problem that you preferred the old policy to the new one? Or is it that he cannot change a policy from one previously taken?

If its the latter, that he cannot change his policy, I would like to remind the Clintonistas that Hillary has changed her mind on many policies. TPP come to mind?

I think candidates should change policies when original ones prove unpalatable. But the problem with Mrs Clinton changing policy is, I cannot trust her to keep her word after she is elected.
John (Hartford)

Very convincing.
tony (new jersey)
Crazy Donald had no policies. He's a con man playing to the targets.
MarkAntney (Here)
So he's an Appeaser to Critics, what you're saying?

I hope Rudy gets the Memo and not say his sudden change is really Sarcasm.
Bos (Boston)
So this is what Trump pivot looks like. No, thanks
david (ny)
Trump is slipping in the polls.
He does not have enough support from hard core anti-immigration reform voters to get elected.
So Trump has a problem.
If Trump moderates his views on immigration to try to appeal to those who favor some immigration reform he will lose support from his base.
His only choice is to flip flop from one day to the next to try to appeal to both groups.
My guess is Trump will not gain support from either group but will in fact lose support from each group.
usa999 (Portland, OR)
I am not sure which dismays me more..........Donald Trump insisting poorly-paid farm laborers and kitchen workers pay back taxes while he refuses to provide proof he has done the same......or Hillary Clinton proclaiming that Donald Trump endorses racism to people drawn to Trump for precisely that reason. Does Clinton think these Trump supporters will strike their heads and exclaim “what have I done?“, dropping Trump for his insensitive stance? Clinton needs to be hitting Trump hard for his hypocrisy in demanding of foreigners what he is unwilling to do as a citizen, but she also needs to be articulating an end, or at least a major reduction in, H1b visas and aggressive enforcement of abuses of corporate-endorsed immigration. Clinton's call to Trump supporters for fairness to undocumented migrants is inconsistent with the manipulation of those voters to believe such immigrants are the cause of general social declines and their own impoverishment specifically. You do not win votes for yourself or strip them from your opponent by asking voters to acknowledge and reverse a moral flaw in their thinking. Instead you help them understand Trump is gulling and betraying them because of his moral flaw, and that they can punish Trump for his betrayal by withholding their votes. Ms. Clinton's tendency to adopt a scolding tone toward voters who accept Trump's characterization of the situation will win few converts. Show his flaws and vices but do not expect them to condemn their own.
Taniesha Woods (New York)
It's totally appropriate and necessary for Clinton to call out the racist actions taken by his campaign. It's unprecedented in modern US politics and needs to be directly addressed. This doesn't negate the other reckless stuff trump has said. But the American people deserve to hear exactly what and why he is shifting his positions. And many of us believe he is a racist and extremely dangerous.
Rob Johnson (Richmond, VA)
I'm frankly embarrassed that I voted for him last year in the primary. Thankfully I now realize what a joke he is. I'm convinced he is dangerous for our country and hopefully he will never hold office, God help us if he does.
Air Marshal of Bloviana (Over the Fruited Plain)
Crede sed proba notwithstanding.
George Roberts C. (Pennsylvania)
Thank you for such an honest comment. I respect that!
Adam (Seattle, WA)
Could I ask you to vote for Hillary? I'm a centrist D who voted for Reagan, and would gladly have voted for McCain, had I not been so impressed by Obama. If you're interested, I'm happy to tell you why I think it's so important to vote for Hillary in this election. In a nutshell, Hillary is best for the country, the Republican Party, and the world.
b. (usa)
It seems Mr. Trump is having difficulty in the general campaign which he did not experience in the primary. I guess the nationwide audience is different than the Trumpkins audience.

The nationwide audience is unwilling to put up with his nonsense nor give him a free pass every time he tries to back out or explain away his offensive or muddled proposals (the only two types he seems to have).
Fred Bauder (Crestone, Colorado)
I saw the video of him asking his audience and, frankly, I was impressed by the decency of the audience's response. Not something I can visualize Hillary doing; she relies on experts. Trump seems much more human and able to correct course.
Clinton Baker (New Zealand)
As abhorrent as most of what he says is to most people, he would deserve a modicum of respect if he stuck with his views. But he has no views.
David (Chile)
Yeah, right...
MarkAntney (Here)
Fred, so you're a person that believes NOT utilizing the experience, education, background,...of EXPERTS is a Bad Thing?

BTW, is your Doctor, Mechanic, Dentist, Accountant, Real Estate Agent, Barber, Electrician, Veterinarian,...all the same person,...a Jr High School Drop Out Alcoholic Uncle?
Robert Fabbricatore (Altamonte Springs, FL)
Let's see. Make them leave but they can come back and if they pay taxes, they can stay. If paying taxes is a requisite, then we have to deport Trump back to Germany
VJBortolot (Guilford CT)
I eagerly await Trump's announcement of a proposed all-volunteer (and unpaid) Deportation Corps, which all the downwardly mobile white men so enamored of him may join to burnish their self-image as 'real Americans'. Mr. Trump's clothing company will offer a very nice range of brown silk shirts for a bargain price of only $259.99. The Chinese clothing industry will welcome the business, and probably never tire of all the winning.
b fagan (Chicago)
Sigh. Back before McCain ran for President in 2008, he'd been working with other Republicans and with Democrats on trying to get a comprehensive re-do of immigration laws.

Then he started running for President and got the current GOP "compromise is for sissies" implant, and working with The Other became impossible.

President W Bush was also looking at the immigration issue, but nothing came of it.

Seems so long ago, but just 8 years ago there were still the last wisps of bipartisan effort on real issues.
Steve (Los Angeles)
I heard he promised "amnesty" for illegal immigrants and he threw in George W. Bush for good measure, too.
LL (new york area)
pivot, pivot, pivot.
round and round he goes where he stops nobody knows.
Air Marshal of Bloviana (Over the Fruited Plain)
I'm still trying to wrap my head around why Chelsea had to live a double life when communicating to her mother on that secure system?
David. (Philadelphia)
The false "pay to play" attack on Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation is easy to debunk. Trump claims the Clintons are "lining their pockets" with money paid to the Clinton Foundation. But five minute's examination of the Clinton's complete and uncensored tax returns from the past nine years, openly available on her website, shows that not one dollar was paid to either Bill or Hillary by the Clinton Foundation. Quite the reverse, in fact; the Clintons donated a million of their own dollars to their foundation in 2015.

It's a shame we can't debunk Trump's grandiose statements by giving his own tax returns a once-over. If he refuses to make them public, he does not deserve to stand next to Hillary Clinton on the debate stage.
Claudia Piepenburg (San Marcos CA)
Donald J. Trump has absolutely no idea what he is talking about...on any subject, any subject at all. The man is the epitome of an empty suit...there's nothing there...nothing at all. I doubt that a coherent, reasonable, reality-based thought has ever entered his mind. He's a disgrace, he's disgusting and he needs to go on a new reality show titled: "America's Biggest Loser, But We're Not Talking About Weight, Folks."
Amy D. (Los Angeles)
It is unbelievable that ANYONE would even consider voting for this man. He panders for every vote he can possibly get. ( Regarding immigrants...."I'll get them out of here so fast their heads will spin" and now I read this??)

Mr. Trump slanders, condescends, threatens and insults. He shows signs of a severe narcissism and paranoia. He shows no ability to compromise or to say "I apologize, I was wrong." He shows racist tendencies (birther movement among other things) as well as being sexist as well as a misogynist. Plus why won't he release his taxes??

Donald Trump has never shown any attributes that indicate he would be a good leader for our country. Conversely, he will not only be a bad leader, but a dangerous one. And if by some miracle he SHOULD win this election, every single Republican like John McCain and Paul Ryan should be held accountable.
Janet Swanborn (Chicago)
"What will you do when he wins?" Is that some kind of joke?
another expat (Japan)
Fortunately, there are not nearly enough US voters who share your perspective for him to be elected. What will you do when he loses?
RB (West Palm Beach)
A desperate move by an opportunist who realize he is doomed to fail. Any way the wind blows, Donald will be there.
LauraG (San Francisco, CA)
The Clinton Foundation, to which Donald Trump himself donated $100,000 by the way, has an A rating and uses 89% of the funds raised toward helping people. Most charities don't come close to that amount being used to actually help. Here are just some of the things the Clinton Foundation does, according to, an Annenberg project - Annenberg being a friend and supporter of Ronald Reagan (in case you were assuming it was a lefty organization. It's not):

Clinton Development Initiative staff in Africa train rural farmers and help them get access to seeds, equipment and markets for their crops.
Clinton Climate Initiative staff help governments in Africa and the Caribbean region with reforestation efforts, and in island nations to help develop renewable energy projects.
Staff at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, an independent, affiliated entity, work in dozens of nations to lower the cost of HIV/AIDS medicine, scale up pediatric AIDS treatment and promote treatment of diarrhea through life-saving Zinc/ORS treatment.
Clinton Health Matters staff work with local governments and businesses in the United States to develop wellness and physical activity plans.

If you read the link, you will see that the Clinton Foundation gives many millions to people in real need and does quite a bit of good in the world. Meanwhile, Trump's big gift to the world is....Trump University?
jas2200 (Carlsbad, CA)
Alice's Restaurant: The Clinton Foundation is a charitable organization that has done nothing but good works that have improved (and saved) the lives of millions of people. The Clintons do not get any money from the Foundation, and in fact, actually give hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Foundation. Only in the US will Republicans and the news media try to turn an A+ Foundation into a negative. Just as they claimed John Kerry didn't deserve his Purple Hearts and President Obama was a Kenyan Muslim who doesn't love America, they call Hillary Clinton an opportunist and a crook. Don the Con now calls her a racist and a crook in a classic case of projection. Sad to say, some people buy the con game.
g.i. (l.a.)
With the exception of Putin, all world leaders are laughing in horror at the thought of Trump becoming president. The only ones who are not are the honchos of the Republican party. They are so determined to defeat Hillary they cannot or will not see the graffitti on the wall, DUMP TRUMP. He and his party will go down in flames. And they deserve it big time for supporting a very sick, self loathing loser.
David (Chile)
Not to mention the loathsome mendacity of McConnell, Ryan, and all the rest of the grand old unAmerican party, formerly the GOP.
D Rahn (Michigan)
I have a lot of compassion for those with mental illness, emotional disturbance or disability. But it is hard to watch someone who has problems with memory, impulse control and insight think that he can run for President of our great country. Republicans should be asking themselves how this came to be.
elle (New York)
Trump and all his supporters should have a big Anger Party - anger is a big part of his campaign, so let it rip against Trump and one another. They can have a big screaming convention. Facts have never been a big part of the campaign, so trust connotes silliness, that is all. The biggest irony of all is that Trump could not care a hair on his hairpiece for one person in his audience. If he senses they have turned against him, he will go after them with the meanest rhetoric yet.
Maybe the national guard needs to be at the coming ralleys?
SMC (Canada)
What's been priceless today has been all these supporters who went all in on Trump's hard-line immigration stance. To see them all now get thrown under the bus to save Trump's skin. The timing for Ann Coulter and her new book was especially funny, amazing timing with her key line being the only thing that would cause her to stop supporting him would be a softening/flip flop on immigration. Now she's flip flopping. Very curious to see how far she will go? Where's Ann's line? Even Rush is laughing at this one.

The takeaway from all this is that Trump is unstable and unpredictable. Clearly, awful scary personal traits in a president. Even those who support him closely like Coulter, Guiliani, Christie, etc. are learning that Trump is loyal only to himself, his wealth and his children and wife. Everyone else will be thrown under the bus whenever he needs to like he just did with millions of supporters, including Coulter.

At this point, his supporters have a choice to make: fall in behind him and follow him blindly (like what happened in Germany) or realize it's only and always about him and jump ship. It's a study in sociology and group think with enormous scary overtones.

Like with WWII, it's an inflection point. You can't vote Libertarian, or Green, or stay home. You can't be Switzerland and neutral and sit the war out. People have to vote one way or the other. Wish I could vote! Wish I could go to Florida, or another swing state and make sure my friends voted.
university instructor (formerly of NY)
"And wife" -- which one?!?
DW (Philly)
He's loyal to his children and wife??????

Where'd you get that idea??
ACM (Austin, TX)
Trump is now going to say and do anything that he thinks will attract voters.

He will charge around the country like a bull in a china shop, breaking things and making a mess wherever he turns up, desperate to stay "on message." He'll kiss babies and pander to blacks, Hispanics, and women, and then go home and fume about how he's being forced to pretend to be nice to people he would clearly prefer to insult, if left to his own devices.

We all know he'll be faking it and that he doesn't believe most of what he's told to say. We also know that whatever he says, he's going to forget it or change his mind tomorrow. The guy has no consistent thoughts or ideas, apart from the message that Hillary is crooked and he's going to be the best president, absolutely the best.

In real life, though, he will have no clue what to do if he manages to sneak into the White House by some bizarre twist of fate. He can barely get from one day to the next without falling into a hole of his own making. He's now being confronted with situations he cannot control or even pretend to manage, and it's becoming increasingly obvious that he's in so far over his head that I'd bet you anything he's secretly hoping he'll lose, so he can get out of the pressure cooker he's found himself in.
George Vreeland Hill (Beverly Hills, CA)
Trump is just trying to find the best way to deal with immigration.
At least he is trying.
Obama and Hillary have done nothing but leave the borders open.
We are paying for that mess.
It's time we elect a leader who puts the safety of America first and does not care what others think.
This is our country and immigrants are trying to make it their own.
As an American, I want them stopped.
If they want to live by their own rules and laws, then they should go back to where they came from.
It's time we take a stand.
It's time we vote for Donald Trump.

George Vreeland Hill
Janet Swanborn (Chicago)
Obama has deported a record number. I've known that for a long time, but within the last few days it came out of Trump's mouth. Trump won't do anything--not that he'll be given the chance.
Andy Betancourt (Los Angeles)
Please carry on. No one should vote for Trump.
LindaG (Huntington Woods, MI)
President Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than any Republicsn including The hero of the Republicsns Ronald Reagan. The security at our borders has been more effective under this president. Stop listening to Fox and it's shrills. Facts matter. Trump has thrown you under the bus.
Durt (Los Angeles)
Dear Mr. Trump: you caught it, you clean it, you eat it.
Zoey M (Detroit, MI)
Gee, where is "John Miller" when you need him? If anyone needs a publicist now it would be Trump. Maybe Johnny can call in to a media outlet to talk about how Trump is "doing very very well with the Hispanics."
Ricardo (Brooklyn, NY)
Listen! It's the sound of a desperate Donald Trump, back-pedaling! I hope he angers everyone who was planning to vote for him!
K Anderson (Iowa)
Shame on the Republican Party, all decent Americans, and any reputable media outlet for not calling him out on his erratic behavior and hateful rhetoric months ago ... this man is not fit to become leader of the free world ... the Republican party leadership needs to disavow him NOW...
Mark (Aspen, CO)
It's simply time to stop talking about this person. I know it's entertaining, and obviously it sells (and he knows that). But if the media start to ignore his every rank, his obvious incendiary remarks made only to entertain, and his racist campaign, and start talking about real issues -- he'll explode and give us an even more entertaining show. That might be worth watching. As for actually voting for him as if he can competently run anything, give me a break. Anyone who votes for this fraud needs to have their head examined, no matter how white and uneducated they are!
DW (Philly)
Much as I might wish it, that just isn't reality based. The media isn't going to stop talking about Trump; they can't do that with the Republican presidential nominee.
Andrea (Portland, OR)
And he just changed his mind AGAIN this evening, he's getting tough again, how is this even possible. And Americans are actually thinking about electing him as president, astonishing.
Jeni (Conn.)
Trump doesn't WANT the job of president, he just wants the attention that goes along with the campaign. He launched his campaign to get some sort of TV deal, never thinking he'd get this far. The man is oddly obsessed with ratings. Trump would say literally anything if a crowd shows up to cheer him on. Remember the report about Trump's son asking a Kasich aide if the OH. Gov. would be his VP? Trump's son said Kasich would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy, and when asked what would Trump do ... the son said “Making America great again” . Doesn't anyone find it odd how many phone interviews he would do on a daily basis, how many rallies there were since 2015. That's not normal. That's not a man with a lot of energy, that's a man with a pathological need for attention.
Brainfelt (NYC)
Trump' supporters, at least many of them, are so fanatical, that they will still support him, believing he is just pivoting on immigration to "fool" the other people to vote for him so he can do what he wants once in office.
Garry Nolan (Redwood City)
Trump wants them all to "pay their back taxes". Meanwhile, he states that he doesn't everything he can to not pay his own taxes. Trump has lawyers apparently to protect him from paying taxes. Maybe Trump should be deported until he pays his taxes?
Steve Fankuchen (Oakland, CA)
Perhaps most people have been taking Trump way too seriously. It is likely he got into the race simply to get free publicity for the clearly failing Trump commercial brand. Then, as support did develope for his ranting style, he rode the wave, as all good snake oil salesmen and cult leaders do.

The man is not stupid and, finding himself in over his head as a "serious" candidate, he may well be trying to figure out how to guarantee that he loses without destroying the commercial value of his campaign. It's a tricky position to be in, especially as he is undoubtedly calculating the commercial value of the continued intelligence briefings he is getting.
DW (Philly)
I wonder if some kind of charges can eventually be brought for this - supposing, say, a campaign insider tells all after he has either lost or dropped out.
crwtom (Ohio)
The audience polling in the FOX show had the semblance of a Ceasar listening to the roar of a crowd in Colosseum to decide whether to let a Gladiator live of die.
Rayan (Palo Alto)
Donating to the Trump campaign- $50
Waiting in line to watch him speak - 4 hours
Watching his supporters squirm every time he flip flops- Priceless!
W.A. Spitzer (Faywood)
Serious Republicans need to be very careful because anyone who supports Donald Trump, by so doing, defines who they are.
The Wanderer (Los Gatos, CA)
I assume that Trump will get valuable input from his children and relatives on how to implement a solution to identify and round up 11 million people and transfer them back to their original countries. One must also assume that these other countries will pay for the process. Will he also be deporting illegal white immigrants to European countries like Slovenia?
Peter (Maryland)
So now Trump is Obama third-term. Same strategy.

Oh, how the demagogues have fallen!!

Since he's backtracked on" The Wall", I guess the next Reboot (5.0) will have him release his tax returns.
Alice's Restaurant (PB San Diego)
Even with all these continual less-than-positive-weighted attacks by New York City's mass-media central mit munchkin editors-reporters, if only Trump weren't facing a scofflaw in pantsuits, Kim Jong-un by temperament, the "poor" boy would be down for the count.

But still the best show in town--man is still standing.

Can't wait for the coming Hillary email releases to see where they'll be buried or lost or deleted by our freedom of the press reps.
Andrea (Portland, OR)
If you would chose Trump over the others, I would ask you why you're so masochistic and sadistic? Why would anyone in their right mind vote for this person, he doesn't have a clue what he's doing. You're voting for Pence for president, the congress will impeach him within 100 days. He has 5 fans in the house.
DW (Philly)
Do people really not think "pantsuit" as a way to insult a woman is about 40 years out of date? In your world is it 1970 and really scary for women to have ambitions and accomplishments?

Seriously update your schtick a bit. Sexism still plays in a certain crowd but you are in some weird time warp.
Jeff (California)
Before you think I'm going off topic, please bear with me as I will get to the headline.

When George Washington became the first President he had his gaze on the many tests the USA was facing in his time, but also to the future. President Washington would not know the specifics of the challenges in our time, only that they would occur. He would serve his eight years and no more. It worked then and it still works today.

There are solutions available, not only for immigration, but many other challenges we face domestically and internationally. We need fresh blood, new ideas and a Congress that will not just follow the examples set by the founders of this great Nation, but learn to adapt together to these challenges in a world of constant motion.

Our ability to create career politicians is not getting the job done in today's world and we need to make a change and put term limits on Congress.

Senate - two six year term limit and done.
House - three two year term limit and done.

Now to the headline. If we has a Congress that actually worked for the people and not for themselves, and managed to actually make some accomplishments, do you think Trump would have jumped from the headlines of the entertainment section of the NYT to the headlines of the politics section of the NYT?

Please NYT, put forth the question of term limits for Congress to both candidates. I think many of your readers would be interested in hearing their responses. I know I am.
Unfortunately, the newbies in legislature are often the most extreme crazies. Sure, there are some crazy extremists who have been in office for decades, but replacing them with brand new extremist crazies with even less knowledge of government could easily be worse.

Maybe what we need is a renewed commitment to voting in elections and a revival of moderation and cooperation.
John Brooks (Ojai)
Poor Donald . He doesn't even know how to safely launch a trial balloon.He has no skill at formulating real plans, so when his slogans run out of gas he stumbles when forced to come up with details. Just change one letter and "Build a mall!"
Dsmith (Nyc)
You aren't even changing the letter: just flip it upside down.
Bill Camarda (Ramsey, NJ)
I just wish some of the people who have been disillusioned by their passionate Presidential hopes for Donald J. Trump, Ben Carson, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Sarah Palin will step back for a moment and contemplate what they might be doing wrong... starting with their sources of information, and who they intuitively believe.
George Nicholas (New York, NY)
Donald Trump hasn't thought through the practicality of deporting 11 million people. His plan would requiring hiring a huge deportatopm workforce, clog the court system, and overwhelm the air and train transport system. I don't believe he calculated the pain it would inflict on families and the damage to our country's reputation either.
Ricardo (Brooklyn, NY)
Well, he has no previous political experience. Of course he hasn't thought things through.
Jet Gardmer (Columbus OH)
The Trumpet is constantly clarifying what he just said... it's almost like even HE doesn't know what he's talking about!
jstar (Phoenix)
What do you call a failed grifter? Santorum found out with his new entry in the English vocabulary. Unfortunately he is still around. Humiliation does not affect sociopaths.

With Trump it may be different. A word that becomes synonymous with a grifter that ended up bumming his way. Not like it hasn't happened before. Not like he hasn't bummed his way all along. What a perfect ending for this dumpster full of garbage, a word that becomes part of the English language, something along the lines of "lynch". A not nice word.

Maybe "trump" with a new context works by itself.

What's the word?
Elliott Jacobson (Claymont, DE)
Back in March the New York Times David Brooks wrote a column calling Donald Trump the "Great Betrayer". That was perhaps the most accurate description of this incompetent blabbermouth. He will betray his family, his friends, his racist supporters, his gullible supporters, his anti Hillary supporters, his anti immigrant supporters, his working class supporters. If elected, he will betray those whose support he solicited by betraying everyone else. In the end, he will betray the nation, the Constitution and finally himself. His best hope for his own future and the nation's is to lose the election, return to New York and resume his career of building ugly buildings, hosing contractors, deceiving students and making the transition from page 1 to page 6.
Corinne Standish (Minneapolis)
I agree with everything you said except for the last 14 words. "resume his career of building ugly buildings" period.
deanable (chicago)
The worse thing that has happened to this country since 9/11 are the choices we have for President in 2016
Pillai (Saint Louis, MO)
A fish out of the water flopping around would have more purpose and direction than this sad sack of a candidate for the President.
MT (Kansas)
Donald Trump is seeing the challenge of having to actually have policies versus making simple blanket statements. Unfortunately, it get complicated.
Safe upon the solid rock (Denver, CO)
Could anyone on this planet run a more incompetent campaign than Trump? He's offended and insulted just about every demographic in America except for his white male base, and now he's managed to turn on them as well. A campaign as a relatively simple thing to run when compared to running a country. It's impossible to imagine the damage he would do to America if elected.
Ricardo (Brooklyn, NY)
To America and the world!
Joe Solo (Singapore)
This is a desperation play, equivalent to a "Hail Mary" football pass. They just have an unsalable product who has demonstrated every negative possible in a Presidential candidate: No respect for the Constitution and other elements that define who we are, no respect or understanding of the job, and no respect for other humans including his primary opposition and now his opponent.
Racist, misogynist, liar, thief are only some of the more minor problems he's got.
tom (San Diego)
Were we not promised a report on his wife's immigration process in a couple of weeks? It's been a couple of weeks, yes? How did that subject drop off the news pages?
Corinne Standish (Minneapolis)
Now that her husband has opened the door on the importance of paying taxes, did Melania, his wife who came here as an immigrant, also pay taxes? And why has not Donald Trump yet released his own tax returns? After hearing so many lines borrowed from Richard Nixon, I'm wondering how soon we'll likewise hear the income explanations and excuses followed with, "I am not a crook."
altecocker (The Sea Ranch)
We are still waiting to hear from his team of crack lawyers he sent to Hawaii to look up Obama's birth records. The report is due any time now.
vandalfan (north idaho)
He just blurts out anything that pops into his mind at the moment that might get him attention, much like a four-year-old, so the fact that he constantly contradicts himself is not surprising in the least. It is who he has been since the days of Trump University, Sharper Image steaks, his multiple bankruptcies and multiple marriages.

But the outcry from others speaks volumes about his "base" and the dregs and vestiges of the Party of Lincoln.
James Young (Seattle)
It's more of the same ignorant Trump, only now he has an even more ignorant side kick Sean Hannity, between the two of them they don't have one brain cell. It's too late from Trump, mad Hannity well he should go back to building homes, and if they are anything like his ignorant politics he didn't build good homes either. Hillary is going to teach him a lesson on politics. He has only worked to make himself look dumber and more ignorant than people realized. I wonder, if anyone is going to want to do business with him, or risk being labeled like Trump and Hannity, ignorant.
trumpbankrupt4X (here)
Trump’s father, Fred Trump, died from complications of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. That condition, which is the most common form of Alzheimer’s, emerges in people in their mid-60s or later. Trump is 70. Many of Trump's recent behaviors are consistent with Alzheimer’s: meandering speech, poor self-control, not properly responding to questions that are asked, erratic behavior.
michael (sarasota)
Good grief. Here Trump goes again,no, that way, no, this way, no, wait, where is he?It is 10 p. m. Do you know where The Donald is?
Rick (Asbury Park)
I know you guys love a horse race, but couldn't you have titled this side bar on registered voters, Republicans gaining but still far behind Dems in registration, except Nevada where they are worse off in every way. Geeze.
andrew (New York)
Trump is a RINO (Republican in Name Only) The only thoughts that ever enter his warped brain are to say whatever he thinks others want to hear. He is truly a joke now to those on all sides of the political spectrum.

Five years from now he will barely be remembered which is the worst punishment of all for someone who has a pathological need for attention.
Al Maki (Burnaby)
So maybe, if he's elected president, Trump will deport 11,000,000 people or maybe he won't. Maybe he'll have to get an army big enough and a surveillence system big enough to track them down or, maybe he won't. In LaLa land where he and his supporters live it's no big deal, today is a new "narrative". The old story is so yesterday Trust him.
As a Canadian, watching this election from the outside, it's seems impossible that anybody, even one single person, would trust this man. That one of the two American political parties would throw its weight behind him is terrifying. God help us all.
Deb (CT)
It really doesn't matter what opinions or policies he has or how many times he changes them--what really matters to the Trump voters is how much they despise Hillary Clinton and that they want some bravado rather than thoughtfulness. Trump supporters can not see straight--the result of 25 years of stoking hatred against Hillary Clinton, one of the most successful Republican initiatives.

This election is one of the most disgraceful in our history.

Murray Suid (Northern California)
ONE of the most disgraceful?
EK (Philadelphia)
Well, this helps explain how Trump's otherwise seemingly intelligent, liberal-minded children could be so sanguine about his policies-- they've known all along he wasn't going to do any of it. If there is one thing the Trumps have mastered, it's the art of selling snake oil.
Roberto21 (Horsham PA)
Trump is going Nixonian by using former Nixon aide, Roger Ailes' strategy of sending out a law and order clarion call for whites to circle the wagons, despite the flip flop, and to continue to support the ticket. At least he'll build a wall they think.

Black Lives Matter is the foil today, generating white contempt as The Blank Panther Party was the foil in the day of Nixon. Look for a Steve Bannon produced Willie Horton like ad to follow shortly.

Trump thinks his voters will remain because he once bragged he could shoot one of his voters on Fifth Avenue and not lose their support. Now, he just counts on them to buy a subscription to Trump Television after his electoral defeat. The maniacal megalomaniacs of Trump/Ailes/Bannon and Hannity are licking their chops at the prospect.

Say what you want, the Trump voter will reason, at least he's addressing the concerns of the forgotten and displaced from towns devoid of economic opportunities.

Many of the Trump voter are savvy to his exploitative ways and aware of his empty promises and are okay with that, as long as he keeps his promise to treat them better than an undocumented immigrant would be treated.

That's despicably divisive class warfare that Trump thrives at so the strategy is set and the nastiness will only get worse. Seeing Trump spewing leads one in need of a shower.
Joe (South Florida)
Why does the mainstream media make even more FBI e-mail releases a big deal when the FBI gave Clinton a pass? Could anybody know what was in a 100,000 e-mails? Is the FBI that inept or political? The Clinton Foundation foundation ties are also a tempest in a tea pot. But Trump's lack of consistency - his contradictions - his far-right wing and Putin connections are not investigated. And the lack of any tax data is truly exceptional, But Trump gets by with telling us nothing, Where are the stories about his business ethics? Trump uses the media - and the media does his bidding.
Janet Swanborn (Chicago)
What do you mean by "gets by"? It's talked about all the time.
David. (Philadelphia)
More to the point, why is Trump apparently getting away with calling for Russian hackers to disrupt and influence an American election? How is he not being charged for calling for a "Second Amendment remedy," aka the assassination of Hillary Clinton by his gun-nut followers? And why is his true financial condition, and his deep debt to Russian financiers, not being deeply explored for conflicts by the same House committee members who keep searching for nonexistent dirt in HRC's emails?

Susan Anderson (Boston)
Here you go, some excellent comedy on how to recruit terrorists by deporting millions and alienating youth who've never before given it a thought:
CJ13 (California)
For all of Donald Trump's expressed disdain and hatred of the Obama family, Mr. and Mrs. Trump co-opt their ideas and words.

I'm looking forward to the continuation of adult leadership in 2017 with the inauguration of President Hillary Clinton.
Gary (Seattle)
Talking out of both sides of both of his mouths, Mr. Trump has assembled an immigration policy that describes Mexicans as violent rapists, some of whom will be allowed to stay here in the United States so long as they pay back taxes...
Mike M. (Lewiston, ME.)
Now the next trick from the Trump bag of tricks is to turn his hairpiece from orange to a rainbow color.
Garth (Vestal, NY)
The personality cult that was supporting Trump is discovering the awful truth. They believed he was sincere and now they're discovering everything is negotiable. They don't want to back off but Trump is willing to modify anything. Like a liar who can't keep his story straight, he can't recall his positions because he never really meant any of them. It was a pursuit of ratings and an audience, a ploy his followers swallowed whole. Whatever they applauded he'd support. But now they must realize he would abandon the NRA and support Greenpeace if it would boost ratings.

Throughout his business career Trump has always protected his interests and left others to ruin. In his brief political career his supporters should realize those same standards apply. The only thing Trump truly believes in, is himself.
Mark (The Desert Southwest)
I only vote for candidates that disclose their tax returns.
CSW (New York City)
Obviously, he'll say and do anything to close a deal. But in the end, as per his lengthy track record, he always manages to stiff his investors. So once again, "Let the buyer beware!"
Andromeda (2, 000, 000 light years that way)

cant you see trump in white tie, tails and top-hat, in th middle ring of th barnum and baily circus, microphone in one hand, whip in th other, pumping up th audience for th next spectacular act in th greatest show on earth

hes a born carny barker who somehow blundered into th candidacy for presidency of th most powerful country in th world
Paul '52 (NYC)
Jimmy Durante explained this way better than Trump ever could:
John Taylor (San Pedro, CA)
Don the Con.
BCasero (Baltimore)
" I love the poorly educated!" Donald J. Trump.
dre (NYC)
After all of his insane proposals, switches and incoherent ramblings about immigration and every other issue, one has to conclude he must be talking to plants.
Terry Neal (Asheville, NC)
And the Trump reality show continues. New campaign managers telling him what to say and he sounds like Jeb Bush so Trump panics and calls Hillary a racist to keep his brand alive. Last weeks campaign manager letting "Trump be Trump" then gets the boot when its discovered he's had his hand in the Ukrainian cookie jar. What's next week episode on "Life with the Trump's - Election Year 2016?"
John Sellers (SF Bay Area)
Trump is nothing but a sleazy RABBLE-ROUSER.

Just in case you didn't get that Trump is a

The Wanderer (Los Gatos, CA)
Unfortunately there seems to be a surprisingly large quantity of rabble in our country!
Rudolf Dasher Blitzen (Florida)
Donald J Trump is a very good negotiator. Normally companies pay to have an arena or stadium named with the company's name. In New York the taxpayers built a golf course (cost $127 Million of tax money) and that golf course was named Donald J Trump Golf Course and Donald J Trump's company gets paid for managing it. The taxpayers do not receive a single cent from the money collected at that golf course, all the money goes to Donald J Trump.
usmcsharpshot (California)
Actually he's a gangster
Paul Jay (Ottawa, Canada)
This is a classic rookie mistake by Trump - say something that energizes your base but offends a lot of other people - then apologize for the remark, thereby alienating your own base and doing nothing to win the support of the people who you offended in the first place.
James Young (Seattle)
He has NEVER apologized for a comment, he has said things like, I was being sarcastic, or some other statement that would justify his ignorance. I can't wait until his business dealings become fodder and people see he isn't a brilliant businessman he thinks he is. Martin Shrkeli, though he was a investment genius, he lost 7 million of investors money in less than 30 days. Who shorts stock that's trading at $2.00 a share.
jbtodsttoe (wynnewood)
Somehow, in reading the headline that Trump found "anger in all corners" and then early in the article that he had been visited with "anger, confusion and disgust from across the political spectrum," I expected to see some reportorial support in the way of actual statements from both Trump detractors AND supporters. Instead, it's just what usually happens when Trump says something. Detractors evince anger and disgust, fencesitters show confusion, supporters try to find a way to rationalize. While Trump shifting policy on immigration IS news, in that it is something significant that ACTUALLY HAPPENED, "anger in all corners" IS NOT news, in that it is a distortion cooked up in the Times board room. I am past being angry or disgusted with Trump and would just like his inevitable defeat to get over with. The Times' increasing insistence on framing their news coverage of this election in a misleading context of distortion is, however, beginning to get me a little mad and make me a little sick.
Lillian Carter (NC)
OK Donald Trump. You have proven to be “extremely trustworthy.” Now, it’s time to show America your income tax return…you’ll hit the jackpot!
JD (Ohio)
The difference between Trump and Clinton is that Trump is favor of national sovereignty and Clinton and the Democrats favor letting in as many people who can sneak in. It is impractical to deport 11,000,000 people at once, but there are ways, for those who respect the law and sovereignty to do so. For instance, stiff but not extreme penalties could be levied on illegal entrants that would be high enough to encourage most to eventually leave. Those very successful entrants who could pay the penalties could be permitted to stay. To those who would say the penalties are impractical, I would encourage people to look at the onerous restrictions placed on the banking activities American citizens abroad. If there was a will to do this it would get done.

All the Democrats want to do is collude with crony capitalists in undercutting the wages of highly skilled workers and also, encourage low income entrants who would be receptive to the bread and circus politics of the Democrats and vote Democratic. From the Democrats vantage point the middle class is to be ignored and trampled on.

Robert (Out West)
May I help? Your real issue is whether Trumpy's allowed to bring in serfs, then stiff them on pay.

At least judging by the record it is.
lyn pettit (Santa Cruz, CA)
So, basically, it's okay if folks can buy their way into the country. I'm not real clear on how that's going to help the middle class, but you go with that.
Carl (Lansing, MI)
If it was impractical to deport 11,000,000 at once then why did Trump suggest it and why did so many of his supporters get behind it?
Robert (Out West)
I propose that the next fundamental particle beyond the Higgs boson discovered at the European accelerator we were too cheap and stupid to build be called the "Trumpey." It could come in inflections, each named after an imported, ah, wifey.

Or perhaps, these should be reserved for particle with less than a Higgs' gEV, if ai understand the terminology correctly.

Point is, Trumpey might be a particle and might be a wave, depending on whether he's gazing vaguely in the direction of a lily-white audience of illiterates or a pantomime rear screen of kids plus Ben Carson.

It all depends on one's status as an observer. For some, Trumpy's the White Man's Burden; for others, he's a tubby Mussolni.

Hey, I know--let's stick Mike Pence in a box, and wait to find out whether he's alive or dead.
Mark Carolla (Pittsburgh)
Maybe he finally realized how horrific the video of enforcement officers ripping apart families for deportation would play on the evening news. Is that an image that the the gop really wants to champion?

You would think that video of thousands of crying children, night after night, would be too much for even the extreme right wing. But since Ann Coulter seems to get off on it, I could be wrong.
Hedley Lamaar (Phoenix)
Live by the racism, die by the racism.
Rudolf Dasher Blitzen (Florida)
Maybe it could help Donald J Trump if he announces right now that two individuals will have prominent places in his cabinet: Mike Tyson and Nicolas Maduro. With Tyson Donald J Trump will kill two stones with one bird, black and muslims. And with Maduro even the 11 Million undocumented will volunteer to work building the wall.
Allan (Carlsbad, California)
Trump is misunderstood by voters and the media: he does not assume positions, he offers starting points for negotiation. In Trump's book everything is negotiable—absolutely everything. If he says one thing one day and something else the next, it is not inconsistency, because he only offers stances for making a deal. He does not make his ideas clear because that would give away his negotiating position.
Karen Healy (Buffalo, N.Y.)
Or...just a thought...because he has no real ideas.
Global Charm (Near the Pacific Ocean)
This is the essence of authoritarianism, straight out of the Stalinist playbook: "When father turns, we all turn".

If all you aspire to be in life is a bargaining chip, Trump's your man.
Joe From Boston (Massachusetts)

Is he negotiating with YOU or is he negotiating with ME, or is he negotiating with 300 million different people?

What I want is not what you want.

You want Trump. From what I see, he has NO plan to do anything, and I do not want what he is selling.

Your explanation fails in a political discussion. I want to hear what a candidate PLANS TO DO.

Ray (Seattle)
Donald Trump had a chance to present these new compassionate solutions on immigration to a broader electorate during the Republican convention. Instead we got Sheriff Arpaio, amid a chorus of "Build a wall", promising Trump will build that wall.
Donald said that the message (tactic) that got him nominated during the primaries (playoff) is what he'll use to win the general election (World Series). Why change a winning strategy? He promised that we'll be so tired of winning. The polIs don't show that at this time. So he has to flip-flop.
Trump morphing into Jeb? Republicans know they should have nominated Bush in the first place.
Same guy who said we don't win anymore is now advocating for Obama's policies on immigration? Is Donald admitting Obama has a winning policy? Really? From the founder of the Birther movement? Is this a ruse or what? Now that's a switch. Echoing Michael Bloomberg "I'm from NY and I know a con when I see one".
What are we to believe of the Donald now?
Sam Collins (Houston Texas usa)
The only firm policy of Trump is....that he will say whatever is convenient at the moment to get votes. The same Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio policies that he criticized in the primary, are now his policies since he wants to get the immigrant vote. Now, illegal immigrants can stay in the country as long as they pay back taxes and a fine. AMNESTY. After promising there will be no amnesty and the illegal immigrants will be deported. He says one thing, his handlers then claim he never meant what he said, and then he repeats what he said. In other words, THE MAN will say WHATEVER he needs to say to get anyone's vote. He can pivot and change positions on a dime.
Ryan Wei (Hong Kong)
Wishful thinking on the left, I see. Trump starts out with an exaggerated position, then moderates over time. This is what most negotiators do. Very few people believe there will be complete deportations, and will continue to support him as he tries to appeal to more voters.

Together, American needs to do away with notions of equality, and embrace a newer, and better form of nationalism.
Karen Healy (Buffalo, N.Y.)
Yeah, that whole "all men are created equal" thing...lets bag that!
Robert (Out West)
As somebody who's actually done negotiations?

Nah. In fact, immensely silly.
CJ13 (California)
And what would you suggest to replace notions of equality?

Jim Crow on steroids?
Rudolf Dasher Blitzen (Florida)
I am intrigued. When Donald J Trump "hears" "things" who is doing the talking? Lucifer? Doctor Kavorkian? Mikey Mouse? It will be great to know.
SteveR (Philadelphia)
Yesterday, Donald Trump became a politician. Kellyanne convinced him that he had to gamble that his base would stick with him if he moved to the middle. And moving to the middle is his only chance. Since Trump really doesn't care about immigration or anything else except making money, Kellyanne has an easy job moving him to positions that she thinks will be popular with a larger group of Republicans. He has given her a chance. If the polls don't reflect a positive change, she will be out before she unpacks.
Rosemarie Barker (Calgary, AB)
Seriously, how can there be any vetting of radicals if no one is monitoring the social-media sites? There are some very simple practices that are presently not being pursued. Oh - yes - collect confidential data through cell phones and emails- but then seldom review data that has been collected. However, the FBI contacted Canadian police about an Ontario ISIS radical who was posting his death message to social -media in Ontario. He never made it to the shopping mall - got shot by the police. Thanks to the FBI on that one!
If you spray some gold on cheap plaster, people will think it's high class? There are no words that can put a gloss on Trump's xenophobic, racist, sexist, and homophobic rants. There is no "cleans up good" from what he's said before, just a sickening feeling that he thinks people are really going to accept his doubletalk. There is no guarantee that he will keep any promises his current handlers script for him. More likely, he will leave us holding the bag, financially, emotionally, and every which way as he has left so many lenders and contractors and tenants and TU "students" and business partners before.
JD (Ohio)
KH "There are no words that can put a gloss on Trump's xenophobic, racist, sexist, and homophobic rants."Typical Leftist name calling with no content that is spread all throughout the comment section.

What would you call Clinton who is a compulsive liar and who refuses to assume any responsibility for her own actions? For instance, she is now trying to pin the blame on Colin Powell for placing her email on a private server. We can make a big assumption for arguments sake that Powell advised her to do so. So what if that is the case. It is still a huge mistake to place the emails on a private server, and it is her responsibility to separate good advice from bad advice.

Both Trump and Clinton have many faults. However, the simplistic, dishonest and insular Left reserves its contempt for only Trump. What a joke.

Donna (California)
Oh how I wish George Carlin was still with us. I can visualize and hear him eviscerate Donald Trump in a monologue in a way that only Carlin could.
‘they have to pay taxes' - You first Donald! Or are you too rich to tax?

What about the US citizens that hired illegal workers, paid them less than minimum wages and paid no payroll taxes? Why are you not blaming them - going after them?

Unlike Obama who deports only the criminal illegal immigrants, Donald will deport them all - because he considers them all criminals (except for a few, perhaps).

Trump is not flip flopping - he is a Flim-Flam artist - there is a difference.

If Republicans had their way, undocumented US citizens would loose the right to vote. Oh, that's right - they are having their way.
Rudolf Dasher Blitzen (Florida)
Donald J Trump: Please slow down. Wall or no wall? Until this recent Sunday we had a wall construction in the horizon. Then earlier this week the wall construction project was put on hold. Now today it seems that we are back in motion with the wall construction. Please Donald J Trump slow down, it is impossible to properly plan the operations of a brick fabrication business with so many changes of direction in such a short time. Please be nice to us the brick fabrication entrepreneurs! Do I sound "sarcastic"?
The Flying Doctor (VA)
A con-artist will always tell you what you want to hear...
John Kelsch (Fairbanks, Alaska)
Trump runs his campaign like he runs his business, he's doomed to fail!
Andromeda (2, 000, 000 light years that way)

there are a number of parallels between howard hughes and trump

th myth of th genius businessman being one of them

hughes early in life gained total control of th tool and die co, left to him by his dad
and thanks to th stewardship of noah dietrich, financed all th manic adventures of Hughes life, most of which lost money, and some of them lost heaps of money

were it not for th inheritance of that golden goose, we wouoldnt have ever heard of hughes

and th same is true if trump had been born into an ordinary working family
LFDJR (San Francisco)
This strikes me as intentional fraud and misrepresentation --- trickery to induce the GOP to support him in the primary and by using instruments of interstate commerce. The change in position on key issues and change in campaign staff reveal a bait and switch for which Trump should be held accountable in court for the damages he has caused to other candidates, the GOP as an entity and media organizations which have spend millions.
Maxxy (Sydney, Australia)
Now, how shall we say it...Mr Speaker Ryan,Sir, can you support a federal tax on campaign advertising?
Bruce (Tokyo)
Not only that, but he didn't plan his pivot very well. Romney did much better.
suidas (San Francisco Bay Area)
"Mr. Trump’s aides have said he will give a speech on immigration next week in Arizona — an address originally set for this week but delayed as he grappled with precisely what he would say"

This is beginning to read like 'The Borowitz Report"
Andromeda (2, 000, 000 light years that way)

this is andys latest
one can get it delivered to ones email

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Calling it “the best use of our resources at this time,” the Republican National Committee has decided to pull money originally earmarked for Trump campaign ads and spend it on alcohol instead.

According to the R.N.C. chairman, Reince Priebus, the decision to reallocate the funds from television advertising to alcoholic beverages came after a careful review of the polling in crucial battleground states.

“With about seventy days to go until the election, we had to consider what was the optimal way for us to get through those seventy days,” he said. “We are confident that we have found that way.”

“The decision was unanimous,” he added.

In the crucial state of Pennsylvania, twenty thousand litres of vodka, gin, tequila, and an assortment of fine whiskeys are already being distributed to Republican Party offices.

“It’s questionable whether the ads we were thinking of buying for Trump would work,” Harland Dorrinson, the Pennsylvania G.O.P. chairman, said. “We received the first shipment of alcohol this afternoon, and I can tell you that it’s already working.”

According to the most recent filing with the Federal Election Commission, after the outlays for wine and spirits, the R.N.C. will still have a million dollars in cash on hand, which will go to beer.
Sunsetmom (California)
Beginning to?
Rudolf Dasher Blitzen (Florida)
Several great individuals, very great individuals from Russia just told me that Valdimir Putin is very upset because this week he has not had any free "propaganda" in the United States as he has had in previous weeks. Those great, very great individuals from Russia are telling me that Valdimir Putin is considering switching his support in favor of Gary Johnson.
W.A. Spitzer (Faywood)
Trump wants illegal immigrants to pay their taxes. I wonder, does Trump pay taxes? Where is his tax return? Audited or not, he signed his tax return; where is it?
Andromeda (2, 000, 000 light years that way)

his returns are filed right next to romenys in th 'its none of your business, who do you think you are asking to see my tax returns just bc im running for president how dare you' file
Robert (Out West)
Gone wher the woodbine twineth, as I believe Jay Gould told the committee investigating fund-skimming off the NYC subway back in the 1870s.
Jordan Davies (Huntington Vermont)
Trump is not a viable candidate for anything. The fact that he is the candidate of the GOP for president says something very frightening about our country. When looking back some years from now we will have to answer the question how did this happen. And why.
Doug Terry (Maryland)
@Jordan Davies, I will take on your question.

First, Trump "won" the early primaries by taking 30+% in a field of 17 candidates. Under the un-democratic rules of the Republican party, that meant he got all of the delegates. This is a stacked game and the Republicans made it that way to avoid weak candidates and reward establishment candidates. It backfired on them in a big, big way this year.

Second, people do not understand the gridblocking of Congress for the last six years under Republican rule, first, in the House and more recently in the Senate. It hasn't been explained, or even reported, properly. People don't want to hear about constant fighting in govt. They want it to do its job and leave them alone as much as possible. The more Washington seems to be in a mess, the more voters vote for change, even though they wind up voting more people into office who will continue the disorder and dysfunction.

Third, celebrity. A lot of people are thrilled when a well known celebrity decides to run. They turn out to see him to be entertained and just because he's been on television.

Fourth, a weak field of opposing candidates with weak ideas who were afraid of Trump's supporters. They were a bunch of cowards who did, in fact, let this man insult his way to the nomination. Rubio should have knocked his block off when Trump called him "Little Rubio", but as a novice candidate controlled by consultants, he was lost.

We have a stupid way of choosing nominees for both parties.
RDS (Greenville, SC)
No, he is well qualified to be the poster man-child for impaired cognition.
True Observer (USA)
Recurring theme in the comments is that Trump does not pay taxes.

If Trump does not pay taxes, that would be because he does not owe any.

Congress writes laws which say how much taxes you pay.

If Trump was cheating on his taxes, the IRS would be on it.

Apparently, there is an audit going on. That means his experts are arguing with the IRS experts over applications of the tax laws.

Tax law is not cut and dried.
Sam Collins (Houston Texas usa)
He could just release the tax returns that are not being audited, even if they are old tax returns. He must have some such tax returns, 5 years old, 10 years old, 15 years old, 20 years old. No?

Also, releasing tax returns being audited does no harm to him. The IRS is auditing and will continue to audit. What does it matter if the public sees these returns?

This all assumes that there is indeed an audit ongoing.
Janet Swanborn (Chicago)
Raymond Graham (British Columbia)
Wow. If Trump can find laws that legally permit him to avoid paying taxes...what would that tell you about those laws? He says he loves and supports veterans, but leaves out the part where he hasn't and won't pay a nickel of income tax towards any of their support programs so long as he and his extensive legal legal team can prevent it. Keep on loving the love that is Donald Trump.
Aaron (Seattle)
Surprise! Or not. Did people really think that Trump could accomplish all his outrageous claims and delusional fantasies when it comes to changing immigration policy and practice in this country? If for a moment you believed or feared Trump's immigration proposals, I've got some Ocean front property in Illinois you'd be interested in! Fact of the matter is that this Country is dependent on illegal immigrants, and our fragile economy would simply collapse without them. When you hear Trump or Clinton, or some other Political blow hard saying that, then it's time to sit up and listen. Because, at that point, you'll know someone is finally speaking the truth!!
Janet Swanborn (Chicago)
I don't think he could accomplish any of it. But I didn't expect him to come close to admitting it.
Philip (Boston)
Did anyone really believe Trump had true convictions other than his own monetary goals? His policies will switch anytime it benefits either his bank account or his ego. The latter is more important to Trump. Praise him and you can get what you want.
Arthur Taylor (Hyde Park, UT)
In 2012, an employee who worked for my company was picked up by immigration and deported from the country because nine years earlier he had been convicted of possession of marijuana. A crime for which he served minimal time in jail and paid all the levied fines.

He left behind a wonderful family consisting of his Mexican born wife and five American born children who were, and still are, United States citizens. The mother and her children chose, at the behest of their father, to stay in the U.S. while their father lives in a small shack in Mexico hoping to one day be reunited with his family.

I have watched and helped all I could in this situation. I have observed, first hand, how profoundly idiotic is the law in this case. I have observed children being torn from their father. A wife and mother being torn from her husband and her children's father. I have watched a family that was near perfect, struggle with all this situation entails.

The executive in charge of this travesty was President Obama. The policy he enforced was Bill Clinton's 1996 immigration act.

Trump now shows empathy, compassion, wisdom and realism and the Hillary supporters, NYTimes among them, denigrate him.

Be it trade, immigration, unchecked banksters, Wall Street run amok... The trail always leads to the Clinton's. Her most recent ad, linking Trump to white supremacists is the most despicable low I've ever seen in Presidential politics. Trump is by far the better candidate.
Edward Raymond (Vermont)
Sorry, can not follow your logic if you think DT is neither a racist or a bigot.
Sam Collins (Houston Texas usa)
Ha ha ha. My friend, lets not shift this to Obama or Bill Clinton. Focus. Trump has been lying about deporting immigrants for over a year and now he has changed his position. The definition of this is "LIAR". Don't divert, don't blame others, just accept the fact. He is a LIAR.
M.M. (Austin, TX)
Trump couldn't care less about your co-worker's family--there's ample evidence that he's a narcissistic sociopath. He just read what was put on for him on the TelePrompTer.
Rudolf Dasher Blitzen (Florida)
We all, Republicans (like me), Democrats, Independents, etc., have to agree that Donald J Trump is a very lucky person. Donald J Trump never meets or hears from regular people (and we certainly have lots and lots of them in this country of our and 350 Million inhabitants). Donald J Trump always meet great people, very great people and those awe-inspiring individuals always, with no exception tell Donald J Trump "things" that, invariable, resonate well with the audience he is entertaining at that moment. Very lucky man this Donald J Trump.
Real evil does not look like evil in the movies. Real evil is not a superhuman anti-hero.

Real evil accuses others of having its own faults. Real evil is self-centered and devoid of empathy. Real evil is small-minded and spiteful. Real evil chides "shame on you" but feels no shame over its own chronic deceit and big lies. Real evil is ignorant and uninterested in the truth. Real evil is not grand -- it's petty.

Donald Trump is quite simply an evil man.
BCasero (Baltimore)
No actually, Donald Trump is a simple, evil man.
Fred (Boston)
Is there really anyone doubting Trump has no idea where he stands from a policy standpoint. He continues to make it up as he goes along. He is the most unqualified candidate for the presidency to ever run for office. Thanks GOP.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
Donald Trump has said many times that he "relies on his gut" for his Sense of Whatever.

So the guy has had over a year of daily Big Macs, buckets of KFC, Arby's whatever that is, and God knows what kind of desserts. No wonder the old Gut Method is beginning to transmit some weird stuff or maybe it was weirder when he first started.
Kathyinct (Fairfield County CT)
And remember, his primary care doctor is a gastroenterology.
Robert (Out West)
It is assuredly the right direction of approach.
Robert Roth (NYC)
Shooting his mouth off on the Howard Stern Show, or sharing an "irreverent" giggle with Maureen Dowd, Trump somewhere thought-- I really don't know what he thought. He is probably not quite as hideous as he sounds. Very few people could be. But then again his call for the death penalty all those many years during the trial of the Central Park Five revealed a deeper racist fever than maybe even he understood.
Alex Dersh (Palo Alto, California)
As usual, Trump has no clue what he's talking about...
John (Stowe, PA)
He has been king of xenophobes for a year. He has been a racist, documented in this publication all the way back to 1973.

He just hired Roger Ailes, recently fired from fox news for his multiple cases of sexual harassment. Ailes started in politics working for nixon, helping develope the racist "Southern Strategy."
Next day he hired steve bannon, well know "alt right" author of a largely fictional web blog posing as a news site. Alt right is a euphamism for white supremacism. Bannon has been on the of groups that track hategroup activity for years.

Now he wants everyone to believe because he says so that none of that applies.
aviron (San Diego)
It seems ironic to criticize Trump for mitigating his racist position on immigration, but there is obviously no sincerity in moderation. Actually I doubt if he has a consistent position about anything. He is simply a showman whose sole talent is adapting to his audience. As others have indicated, in a few days he will claim that once again, the sleazy press has misconstrued his remarks and he will promise to personally lead his new special force in rounding up undocumented workers. I am at a complete loss to understand how millions of people plan to vote for the absolutely worst presidential candidate since Aaron Burr. Here is a man who has been successfully sued by the US government multiple times for housing discrimation trying to win the support of minority voters. A supposed business genius whose disastrous decisions has led to multiple bankruptcies. A man who is so weak as to viciously attack grieving parents and eject a woman with a crying baby from one of his rallies. How can anyone in good conscience support this disgraceful excuse for an human being for the most important position in the world?
Simon_Bolivar (San Francisco)
What I honestly don't understand is how people take what this charlatan has to say seriously. If and when his poll numbers begin to go further south he'll more than likely change his tune AGAIN! Then five days prior to the election he'll change his policies once again. He's all over the map and doesn't seem to really care about ANYTHING but his poll numbers.
Ursa Minor (Ohio)
The very fact that Trump has made it this far is evidence of this country's disregard for education, Science and fact. We will get the president we deserve however this unfolds. We the people are at fault, we let this occur. We the people of a Democracy are an integral part of the process. When we do not act, when we allow wrongs to go on, when we allow a single American's rights to be violated, we fail in our roles as American citizens. We built this mess and only we can fix it.
Carla (New York)
Vote, vote, vote, after informing ourselves. That's how you fix it.
Donna (California)
“No. 1, we’ll say throw out. No. 2, we work with them,” Mr. Trump said.

I have two hammers- one with a red handle; one with a black handle. I'm trying to figure out which one should I bash myself in the head with. Seriously; it is now [so] apparent, this man has gotten away with outrageous disjointed thinking[sic] for years. Why no one ever called him on it- is anyone's guess. The bombast is cartoon-like and almost embarrassing. What do his children think? What have his employers thought? What has his business associates thought- all these years? Really. Is this man so frightening that all were too terrified to ever confront him? Donald Trump is a case study of what happens when Enabling is allowed- unabated; A monster is created.
The man who tries to avoid paying taxes and brags about it expects undocumented workers, who usually make low wages, to pay back taxes? Who's the billionaire in this conversation?
farhorizons (philadelphia)
Its a sad, sad day when Trump is our only hope. Not because he may be president, but because he may tire of the charade of wanting the job of the presidency, or be enraged at the prospect of losing the election, and withdraw. That is our best hope: that he withdraw, making room for a saner person at the top of the Republican ticket. Then all of us former Bernie supporters will have someone, the un-Billary, we can be more comfortable voting for. I have no doubt that the Clintons are, behind the scenes, working to ensure this doesn't happen. Don't let them outsmart you, Donald. Call their bluff, step aside, and let Hillary be defeated. You are equally disliked, probably equally distrusted. By she has the veneer of sanity and sadly, you have lost that, thrown it away in these last months. Once, we only thought of you as a narcissist. Now we see you as a lunatic. Please go back to Mar-a-Largo and Have a Nice Day.
Rudolf Dasher Blitzen (Florida)
Donald J Trump seems fully decided to make a fool of himself. I just went through a quick review of the websites of several newspapers. Some of them are still mentioning the softening of earlier this week while Donald J Trump just went back to the hard stand he championed until this recent Sunday. It is becoming impossible to know exactly where Donald J Trump actually is any issue. But I also think that it is a "premedicated" action. Donald J trump is confusing the voters so they in turn will confuse the pollsters and, maybe, maybe, the polls will show a change of direction. So far that course of action is a complete failure. So we should not be surprised if there is another round of firings in the Donald J Trump campaign top echelons in the next few days. We may here the "You are fired" again soon.
John L (Hawthorne)
Flip flop .... You phony
mj (seattle)
"Mr. Trump has said he will give a speech on immigration next week in Arizona — an address originally set for this week, but that was delayed as he grappled with precisely what he would say."

Well, well, well, Mr. Trump's supporters love him because he "tells it like it is," because he's an outsider and not a politician or Washington insider so he can be trusted and he's rich, so he's not beholden to donors. But now, down in the polls and shuffling campaign staff, he can't figure out what to say about his signature campaign issue. And what is his solution? He does the one thing that will drive his base away - backs off on deportation.

"Next on the diving platform, from the United States of America, Donald Trump, who will attempt a full reverse flip-flop with a double-gainer - his most difficult dive of the competition. Here he goes and, ooooh - lot's of splash there, I don't think the judges will be happy with that dive."
Steve (Western Massachusetts)
So are the GOP leaders like McConnell and Ryan and Senators like John McCain and Kelly Ayotte STILL supporting Trump??
Donna (California)
Donald Trump isn't the scary one; his followers are. Without them- there is no there- there.
Chris (Arizona)
Typical con man. How could anyone be stupid enough to believe anything he says?
Carla (New York)
The GOP has been tearing the public school system down for years, that's how.
Virgens Kamikazes (São Paulo - Brazil)
Grave mistake by Trump here.

Universal Law number two of politics: never stop halfway. You can either go back or go until the end, but never - never - stop halfway.

Because if you do this (get the benefits of the two outcomes), you get neither, i.e., not only you don't win support from the people who wanted you to stay (people you want to support you), but you also lose support of the people that wanted you to go until the end (people who already supported you).

By lowering the tone on immigration, but not doing a complete U-turn, Trump didn't won support from the Latinos, but he also lost support he already had from the WASP/Redneck Americans.
W.A. Spitzer (Faywood)
Trump repeatedly claimed Obama was born in Kenya; wink, wink, but he is not a racist. Trump called Mexicans coming to the U.S. drug dealers and rapists, but he is not a racist. Trump was endorsed by David Duke, but he is not a racist. Trump has proposed a ban on Muslim immigration, but he is not a racist. Trump has claimed he could not get a fair trial from an American born judge with Mexican ancestry, but he is not a racist. Trump has attacked the parents of a Muslim GI killed in action, but he is not a racist. If Trump is not a racist I guess just about everyone and everything should get a free pass.
AR (Virginia)
We are at a point where Trump's supporters who feel betrayed on the immigration issue are making Glenn Beck look and sound reasonable by comparison.
Andromeda (2, 000, 000 light years that way)

trump has taken america on a trip through th looking glass

come to think, he does have a rather wide, sly grin ...
farhorizons (philadelphia)
Just abutting this article the NYT had another, exclaiming "Clinton says Trump appeals to the radical fringe" but that headline was quickly changed to one accusing Trump of racism. I guess someone realized that for Hillary to call Trump's working class supporters the radical fringe might backfire. And the hillary article has no place for comments. The Times is doing what it can to sandbag Trump; if he's so bad, why do you have to try so hard?? Trumps's supporters--as distinguished from those who don't like him but will do what it takes to keep the more dishonest and corrupt Billary from the White House--these supporters should not be swayed by the Democratic Establishment media. These media moguls attend the Clinton parties and functions. They get business from them and their friends. They will do what they can to ensure Hillary's victory. Beware their conniving corrupt complicity with the Clintons.
Carla (New York)
Oh for goodness' sake. You can't be serious.
Mike M. (Lewiston, ME.)
I guess you think those Trump supporters are simply good old folks with a "slight" character defect, like hating anyone who has the audacity to have dark skin, speak a foreign language and practice any religion than a corrupted version of Christianity.
Early Man (Connecticut)
Well I have entertained the Trump idea, But down to the wire, the immigration thing effects me, where it never did until recently. To be brief, I visit a NY friend at a house she bought, a foreclosure in So Cal, a contemporary surrounded by Mexican goat farmers. A parading menagerie of free tiny dogs and rabbits and goats prodded by men in large brimmed hats pulled down over their eyes. Men with sticks. That music is everywhere and never feels invasive. I use a local laundromat. People will only say, "I don't know anything", when I ask any question. If they disappeared November 5th, that would be just horrendous, so he has to knock it off now. And really, it's a backlash security issue as well as a humanitarian issue. So he has to knock it off now.
Rudolf Dasher Blitzen (Florida)
We hear "we will make them pay back taxes" and I wonder if anyone thought carefully about that. What taxes are we talking about? Income tax? Sales tax? Social Security tax? The undocumented who work and earn money most likely do not own any income tax; they don't make the minimum required to pay any income taxes. On one hand we say the undocumented are hurting the "real" Americans because they accept to work for very low wages and at the same time we say they owe income taxes. Ridiculous! Any sales tax applicable on all the items the undocumented had purchased was already collected at the moment of the purchase. So they do not owe any Sales tax either. Furthermore, those undocumented who obtained a false Social Security card and number and gave that to their employer had Social Security taxes withheld that will go into limbo at the Social Security Administration (or will be credited to a non-existent person). Since they had no Social Security tax withheld on their own name they will be never be able to claim Social Security retirement benefits unless they are somewhat "regularized" and start to have Social Security taxes withheld on their own real name. This thing about the taxes not paid by the undocumented is another scare tactic that has absolutely no fundament.
Lle (UT)
In one of the NY Times article last week about Mr Trump business model, most of his companies are set up under the name of LLC.
Now it seems he also run his Presidential Campaign under the LLC model.
Andromeda (2, 000, 000 light years that way)

llc, one of corporate americas best scams

a tax shelter that also shields you from financial liability

whats not to love
Luboman411 (NY, NY)
Music to my ears--he's already alienated the non-bigot voters amongst us. And now that he's backpedaling--flip-flopping, if you forgive me another metaphor--on his hard-line immigration position, he's also now alienating the bigoted voters who thought they had finally found their champion. Now Trump's support among his hard-core following will weaken while he gains little to nothing among the people he's already deeply insulted.

This was an obvious outcome--even an expert, charming politician with a silver tongue and the finest of finessed lines would've had great trouble whiplashing from an openly racist stance to a more nuanced, policy-driven stance in a month or two. Trump, alas, is not among such gifted orators and, in his ham-fisted, child-like way, continues stumble into one mistake after another during this much awaited "pivot."

What baffles me is what he gains from doing this. Is Trump really ready to throw in the towel and is now doing his best to ensure his loss? Disavowing the one thing that made him the darling of the far-right and alt-right will certainly make that a certainty. Did the new Breibart people, manipulators extraordinaire, convince him that he needed a massive loss to shock his followers into forking over millions upon millions as he sets up Trump TV post-election? Having these troglodytes nurse their political wounds is mighty profitable, and you can't have wounds without lacerating, deep, humiliating electoral losses. One wonders...
stu freeman (brooklyn)
Is there anything worse than a racist who doesn't have the courage of his convictions?
Helen Pandey (Seattle)
That is, if one has convictions.

Does he deeply believe in anything?
Carla (New York)
Yes, someone who is not racist who doesn't have the courage of his or her convictions.
Cheryl (Yorktown)
Hmm, he's worried about whether THEY paid taxes? Yeah, but first check to see if their employers paid taxes, and whether Mr Trump saw to it that his foreign ( polish, Romanian, whoever else) employees were paid at all, and what theywere owed, and that he paid employer related taxes for them, and o.c, if he paid any income taxes himself. It's getting so that it's hard to get beyond the opening sentences of anything reporting on this clown and his stooges. There not even any attempt to connect the dots between the "thoughts" expressed, day to day. Another tired argument, or at least an assertion from the tired: Mr Trump, you are ignorant. And intellectually lazy. And a potential disaster.
Esther L., M.D. (Florida)
JK (Illinois)
I find it immensely ironic that Trump is demanding that the undocumented workers pay taxes. Trump is a citizen and it appears, from his past statements, that he doesn't pay any. And by the way, the "bad ones" all those rapists and murderers, if they are prosecuted in an Illinois court, in my experience the defendants are told that ICE will be notified and they face deportation.
luis (san diego,ca.)
So, Trump now proposes illegal/undocumented people residing in the US should pay more taxes than he ?
Greg (Portland)
Wait. There are people who are surprised by this?
Miss Ley (New York)
The surprise is long over. It was an astonishing and memorable party, one that many of us could do without.
Christopher (Los Angeles)
On any given day, Mr. Trump's political platform, like his hair style, depends on which way the wind is blowing.
DW (Philly)
I'm not sure I understand why people are astounded and enraged over the flip-flop. Did some mistake Donald Trump for a man of principle?
Cheryl (Yorktown)
Anne Coulter
su (ny)
What appalls me in Trumps words and behavior?

He is seriously undermining intellectuality of 70% American public.

We knew 30% of public has shortcomings but playing this game of presidential election with this level of intelligence is plain insulting to entire nation , if not the our reputation in the world.
Helen Pandey (Seattle)
Yes, only once each four years can we listen to vigorous discussion from all sides and channels about the issues that affect our future from a federal level.

Trump can sling mud any time on Twitter.
Mike M. (Lewiston, ME.)
Only 30% of the American public has "shortcomings".....

May I suggest that we have seen so far may indicate that figure might be a tad optimistic.....
Daydreamer (Philly)
The definition of counterfeit is...
Andromeda (2, 000, 000 light years that way)

trumps fans detest compromise
they see it as unamerican weakness
Miss Ley (New York)
Trump is 'Unamerican'.
Dan (California)
Trump clearly has little interest in or understanding of public policy matters. What's he's interested in is his own money, power, and fame. Running for president is merely a means to an end for him. Having to deal with the complexities of public policy is but a necessary annoyance for him, and it's obvious that he's not very good at it.
ZOPK (Sunnyvale CA.)
It's reality TV all the time. get used to it.
Lew (San Diego, CA)
Trump's words interspersed with his thoughts in brackets:

"They’ll pay back taxes. [Not me though.] They have to pay taxes. [I pay as little as possible.] There’s no amnesty, but we will work with them [As soon as I win, we have to take people that are here illegally and we have to move them out and you know what, it's going to be done]”
True Observer (USA)
The liberals are really upset.

No wonder.

Only Nixon could go to China.

Only Trump can go to the Mexicans.

The Mexicans only hope is Trump as President.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)

Well the piñata business IS doing very very well in Mexico with figures of Donald Trump. I wouldn't really call that "hope".
Eric Francis Coppolino (Kingston, NY)
that's a fine little poem.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
Eric: you can almost see Charleston Heston's cold dead hand gripping a bunch of bumper stickers.
Rw (canada)
Trump's supporters now have a dilemma: do they hate Hillary more than they hate the fact they can no longer deny Trump is the liar in chief.
Billy Maass (Manhattan)
Donald Trump is insulting. Donald Trump is dangerous. Donald Trump is unprecedented. What a maroon.
Stephen (NYC)
I think Hilary should say that she basically agrees with Trump's new immigration plan and that will so anger his base as to cause even more defections. We let 11 million people in, they have lives, work, pay taxes and we need to learn how to accept them. And for anyone who doesn't want them here, do you really want to pick fruit or clean hotel rooms?
TheraP (Midwest)
Trump is the Orwellian candidate. He has no inner core values. No inner core. Just a hunger for attention. He goes from one outrageous statement to another. Based on his emotions and impulses of the moment or the siren song of sycophancy. He has no real positions. Just slogans. Bombast. Whatever the crowd cheers or boos moves what he repeats.

This man is so far from what is required for the role of president of the United States. He is unfit in so many ways. Whatever he says about immigration depends on the audience he's in front of or the one he's trying to woo. Inconsistency is not something that would ever bother this man. He thrives on it!

It's hopeless to even try to parse what he means or intends. His acolytes will follow him no matter how crazy his proposals. They love the Spectacle! The extremism. And maybe reversals of "of words" are just part of that spectacle. No need to analyze if you came to be hypnotized!

He is unfit. He is unready. He is an extreme risk to our Republic and the rest of the world.

Vote for the Lady! NOT the Lunatic.
KJ (Tennessee)
Wavering, no. Lying, yes. I doubt Donald Trump would give a darn if there were hundreds of thousands of illegals pouring over the border at this very instant. It would just give him more ammunition to rile up his supporters. For Trump, immigration is just another button to push.
jkj (pennsylvania USA)
What part of a illegal don't you understand?! Deport all illegal aliens and jail all those who hire and assist them. No more anchor babies either. Build the wall. Remember, Jeb Bush's wife is also an illegal alien. They are all criminals, nothing less, and guilty of DUI, guns, trespassing, murder, using benefits such as schools and welfare meant only for legal immigrants and citizens, stolen or faked IDs, etc. No more HB Visas either. Hire only legal immigrants and US Citizens. Common sense.
Ken (NYC)
It would be interesting know when jkj's ancestors came to the US and if they did so legally. Maybe the descendants of illegal immigrants should also be deported!
Monsieur. (USA)
literally every Republican candidate in the last 4 elections has done this same thing.
Amy D. (Los Angeles)
I remember as a young girl going to a carnival and the man outside an exhibit pointed inside and promised me I would love it. He was relentless. It was all about science he said. I would never forget it. What did I have to lose? I paid the money and went in. I regretted it from the moment I walked in for it was filled with the most disgusting things I had ever seen. Trump's campaign brought that memory back to me.
John (Cologne, Gemany)
If Trump insists that he will deport illegal aliens, liberals are angry at him for supposed heartlessness, racism, naivete, and stubbornness.

If Trump reconsiders and changes his position to granting de-facto amnesty (minus citizenship), liberals are angry at him for flip flopping and insincerity. But doesn’t his new position show that he is not heartless, racist, naïve, or stubborn?

Let's be honest. Liberals are just angry that the heartless/racist label isn’t sticking like it did before, thereby depriving them of juicy talking points.
Helen Pandey (Seattle)
Whether one admires or loathes the nominee, a presidential candidate ought to excite our intellect as well as our emotions.

This is not reality TV.
Richard (crested butte)
That he's come full circle on immigration shouldn't surprise anyone. He has no guiding principle except to advance his current definition of self-interest. He's just a very successful entertainer and sometimes businessman that views this process as a transaction, a negotiation, a chance to build his brand. And yes, he's a demented sociopath.
Dan (New York)
Hillary used to support the TPP. Now she doesn't. She used to hate Super PAC's. Until she realized she needed them. When she was a Senator she voted for border walls. Now she calls out Trump for doing the same. My point? Every single political flip flops when they think it will help them gain an advantage. This is a non-story that the Times is trying to use to make people hate Trump. The Times' readers are already anti-Trump. Please find something else to write about
Rufus W. (Nashville)
I reminded of one of the debates when Megan Kelly pointed out that Trump had reversed course on a number of issues and his response was something along the lines of "that is what a leader does....he is able to change course when given new information".....The new information he was given must have been along the lines of........"polls show that people think you are crazy - especially when you talk about having Mexico build a wall, and deporting over 11 million people. "
Berkeley Bee (San Francisco, CA)
What an ugly mashup this season is. Where is the presidential campaign we're supposed to be in the middle of? I don't know what this disaster is, but it makes me sick. How in the world can we even think of going to the polls in November to select a new president? What we're enduring is a joke.
Victor Forys (Park Ridge Illinois)
America is the greatest country on earth. Yet millions of Americans live in terrible conditions. Many in hopeless situations. Poor white working class people without a highschool education are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Their communities are being devastated by heroin and methamphetamine. Poor black working class people have all the same problems and more. Mr. Trump for all his flaws is trying to have a debate about them. Mrs. Clinton prefer not to talk about the problems facing the poorest among us. Its her preference to focus her attention on winning the election. Job insecurity, low wages, unemployment, failing schools and poor access to medical care affect the poor and their children terribly. These are the first problems we need to address. If not for Mr. Sanders and Mr. Trump these issues would have not been spoken to. Let's be thankful that Mr. Trump is still raising them.
fdc (USA)
Are you not entertained?
D. Mark (Omaha, NE.)
We have ten to twenty million illegal immigrants here in the United States which we do not know who they are, where they are at or what they are doing, we know where the ones that are in our jails and prisons are at! Washington has been promising to secure our Southern Border since the amnesty of 1986, throwing billions of taxpayer dollars at it and failing miserably. We cannot continue on the path of the past, we need mandatory E-Verify here and severe penalties for those who ignore it. Anyone here illegally must go home and come back through the front door if they have obeyed our laws and paid their taxes while here illegally. If any kind of amnesty is given, what would the plans be for the millions that will follow? There is no plan!!!!!
EF (U.S.)
Hmmm. Good point. I think the American Indians would agree. So I guess the rest of us should all leave and give them back their land.
Beth! (Colorado)
Trump is lumbering toward the only sane position on immigration. The problem is that if he had taken that position to start, he would not be here now. How I wish he had taken it then!
patrice keet (capitola,ca)
I find it once again duplicitous that Trump is calling for undocumented immigrants, or anyone, for that matter, to have to pay taxes when what we know about him so far is that he doesn't pay his taxes and is proud of that. Another example that he thinks the American public is too weak to call him on his many double standards.
BoRegard (NYC)
Others are confounded by the Trump supporters, Trump himself, the disappearance of the GOP party leaders, etc.

What confounds me is where in the world is the Democratic party? Where are the leaders? The up and coming hopefuls? Why aren't they on the attack? The GOP is basically showing their soft white underbellies (and man, they are white and soft and for the most part protruding!) and the Democrats are no where to be found...the DNC is...where is the thing?

Why are they letting Hillary do this alone? (Other then Pres. Obama.)

We all know they're running for offices all over the place...if no other reason they should be all over how the GOP has collapsed around Trump.

Become THE Party, not just a clique that is somewhere in the background...someplace...waiting to see how things go for Hillary...
Dan (New York)
The comments here are hilarious. Trump is stupid and a buffoon... That stupid buffoon has more money than anyone commenting. He is greedy... Hillary Clinton has gotten very wealthy giving speeches to the human embodiments of greed. The election is over... The debates have not happened yet. And who knows how many people are too embarrassed to admit to pollsters they are voting for Trump. I think it would do most commentators well to not get their news only from liberal outlets.
Fred A (Santa Monica)
Putin is richer than Trump......
patsy47 (bronx)
It's far from certain that he has more money than any of the commenters here. We really have no idea what the man's net worth actually is, nor do you have any idea what the net worth of the commenters might be. You might be quite surprised on both counts.
Lewis Sternberg (Ottawa, Ontario)
Canada too will build a wall. We'll pay for it (not the U.S.) and there will be some doors. Any American seeking legal admittance to Canada will have to produce certified documents to prove that they did NOT vote for this second-rate casino developer who has a red mop on his head. America you've been warned! Vote for this idiot and no more cheap Canadian holidays, no more hunting or fishing in our waters, no more poutine, no more hockey, no more maple syrup, and we'll be sending lots more Artic weather your way!
Dan (New York)
No matter what you think of him Donald Trump is an extremely successful businessman. He had the foresight to make it so he wouldn't lose money on his casinos. Morally? Questionable at best. But intelligence wise? The man clearly knows how to make money and do what is best for himself
Karen (California)
Katrina Pierson said on CNN that Trump is not changing his position; he's only "changing the words he's saying." All three newspeople burst out laughing.
Thom Marchionna (Silicon Valley, CA)
Plagiarizing speeches worked out so well for Trump, he's moved on to plagiarizing policy. What a world.
Joe DiMiceli (San Angelo, TX)
Watching Donald Trump read from a teleprompter is like watching a chimp try to please his zoo keeper by performing an unnatural act.

MMT (Alexandria)
Watching HRC stagger into a black Suburban is very similar.
Lew Fournier (Kitchener, Ont.)
The one good thing about Donald J. Trump? He's all yours.
Kevin (Chicago)
I don't understand this notion that, after a year of racist pablum, moderates are going to be assuaged by Trump suddenly changing his tune. Is there anyone out there who doesn't know by now exactly what this man is? Are there really people out there who will forget a year of almost incomprehensible buffoonery because he makes an opportunistic change to his message? Who is this gullible?
John Townsend (Mexico)
Trump's Breitbart hire, a notorious peddler of outrageous conspiracy theories, is as clear an indicator as any of desperation in the Trump campaign team
MMT (Alexandria)
Kinda like li w Huma Wiener. Catch up.
Chicago Guy (Chicago, Il)
Trump is a birther.

Anyone of conscience knows exactly what that means and what Trump is.

The fact that this, alone, wasn't enough to end his run speaks volumes about the kinds of minds we have in this country today. And the kinds of hearts and souls.

It's deplorable. I don't know if it's lack of education or a lack of basic ethics, but, Trump's popularity is morally grotesque.

And I thought we had reached the bottom of the barrel with G.W.B. and his Administration.

Trump isn't even in the barrel. He's subterranean.
John Townsend (Mexico)
So what? Trump is a chameleon. He's prone to flippantly changing his views to suit the occasion regardless of the consequences which he often hasn't considered. He used to abide women's right to abortion. Now he's an ardent pro lifer to the point of asserting that women who choose abortion should be punished, but hasn't determined how ... yet.
Will (Chicago)
Mr Trump, show us your tax return.
rdd (NYC)
What Trump has really begun to worry about is whether people will continue to invite him to parties in the Hamptons after this is over and he has to return to private life. He's got to soften his positions enough to look as though he's not an absolute bigot, because that's about the only thing that can kick you off the guest lists at Georgica Pond. Trump doesn't really want to be president, he just wants to be at the very top of the A-List.
su (ny)
The question is, so far Trump supporters worshipping , he means it?

What Trump mean about immigration?

He laying lots of open ended talk which times come he can reverse what he meant.

he looks like con, smells like con, appears like con, behaves like con, he is a con.
Silence Dogood (Texas)
I suspect these few sentences of back peddling on his hard line stance were only obtained after tying him up in a chair and forcing a large bottle of nice pills down his throat. And yes, of course they had to remove his foot first.
I Think it is very strange and quite inaccurate for these reporters to suggest that only "liberals" support an overhaul of the immigration law and to imply that it is conservatives who are opposed.

The liberal.- conservative dichotomy has outlived its usefulness on many issues. This is particularly true of comprehensive immigration reform.
Dan (New York)
The Times doesn't want liberals to think. If they do they might realize they are not as enlightened as they think they are. It's easier to play into their expectations so the views role in and the advertising dollars pile up
Brian (Michigan)
Will he pay taxes?
Dan (New York)
This really isn't a big deal. Every single presidential election sees a candidate change positions after the primary. It's simple- primary voters are more partisan than the general electorate. Especially in states that caucus. This is business as usual in politics, but it is made out to be awful simply because Donald Trump changed positions.
CSR (California)
Remember when Trump hired actors to pose as supporters at the rally in which he announced that he was running for president of the United States back in June of 2015? His entire campaign has been a spectacle and sham from the get go. Not only has it laid bare the very real and ugly racism, misogny and xenophobia that exist in this country; it's also exposed American politics for what it is: opportunistic, venal, and utterly terrifying.
Patrick (Long Island N.Y.)
I just keep thinking about the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor...............

I wonder if Trump ever saw it?
overandone (new jersey)
Jeb Trump adopts Obama like immigration stance, too lazy to flesh out his own plan, he'll just steal someone else's. Runs in the Family.
Marian (Maryland)
Trump has room to waver on immigration policy because Hillary's Immigration policy is that nobody in the country illegally will be deported and more people from the poorest corners of the world will be let in. Those who support Donald Trump are clinging to his stated policies such as the building of a border wall and a severe curtailment on admitting refugees. Ending sanctuary cities is also still on the table with Trump and he has said he wants the heinous illegal alien criminals out. These are all policies that should be uncontroversial and yet Hillary Clinton refuses to embrace any of them. No matter who wins this election most Americans have had it with lax border security. Stronger controls and a much stricter adherence to current laws are needed and should be implemented. To want this is not bigotry but simple common sense.
Craig Hayslip (Newport, Oregon)
It looks like Trump finally realized that if he deported all the illegal immigrants he would have to fire the hundreds that work in his hotels, clean his office buildings, and maintain his golf courses. Then he would have to hire Americans at much higher other words it would cost him money. In the end is always going to be about money for Trump.
Dan (New York)
It's just hilarious that you view Hillary as not about the money. Someone who was ideologically pure would never give speeches to Wall Street. Or take money from super PAC's
peterhenry (suburban, new york)
Actually, Donald uses H1B workers in Mar-a-Lago. They're all imported from Eastern Europe, and they're all white. He claims that he can't find any American workers willing to work for him.
peterhenry (suburban, new york)
But St. Ronnie, immediately after leaving office, went on a $2,000,000 speaking tour of Japan. And continued to charge $50,000 a speech until nobody wanted to hear him. Ideologically pure?
Straight Knowledge (Eugene OR)
This is wonderful, at least for those of us who saw this coming awhile ago. Trump has made a fool of himself and all those who choose to believe him. His missteps are too numerous to recount, and we have never seen this kind of ineptitude from a presidential candidate before, ever. Now, he's waffling on the single issue that got him where he is - raw racism. He wants to soften that racism a touch to win a few more voters. Some strategy, Donald.

We have never seen a landslide like the one coming in November. R.I.P., G.O.P.
Daniel Yakoubian (San Diego)
This article highlights one of the many problems with American politics - a politician cannot change his or her mind, cannot test out different options but is placed in a box by the media. It's a virtue, not a fault, that a person reconsiders their views, attitudes, beliefs. If our leaders did that more often, the world would be a more peaceful place.
Jonathan Saltzman (Santa Barbara, CA)
Trump still hasn't shown us his birth certificate.
Steve Fankuchen (Oakland, CA)
Perhaps most people have been taking Trump way too seriously. It is likely he got into the race simply to get free publicity for the clearly failing Trump commercial brand. Then, as support did develope for his ranting style, he rode the wave, as all good snake oil salesmen and cult leaders do.

The man is not stupid and, finding himself in over his head as a "serious" candidate, he may well be trying to figure out how to guarantee that he loses without destroying the commercial value of his campaign. It's a tricky position to be in, especially as he is undoubtedly calculating the commercial value of the continued intelligence briefings he is getting.

The truly significant part of Trump's campaign is that it made manifest how weak, mealy-mouthed, small-minded, and unlikable (varying degrees for each) the Republican field was from Day 1.
Blue state (Here)
One of the few things I ever liked about Trump was his willingness to go against his class, political correctness and policies that benefit his hotels to assert that our borders are sovereign. There is no politician who cares about the non rich and non poor of this country, not even in a pretendy, twitter sort of way.
jb (ok)
He has been a conman all along and was never going to go against his own interests. Surely everything in his life has told you that.
Dougl1000 (NV)
News flash! Trump doesn't either! He's on board with massive tax cuts for th rich. Nothing for you. Wah wah.
LIChef (East Coast)
The undocumented immigrants have to pay taxes, but not him. Never him.
THEY ALREADY DO!!! sales tax, taxes associated with owning and operating an automobile, property tax (if they are renters..through their rent), excise taxes on phones, utitlities, cable etc, etc. FICO taxes (which are a gift to the rest of us since the undocumented will never collect on what they have contributed) Also Federal income tax ---we ran a tax clinic for many years at my parish so our undocumented could get an ID number and pay their taxes (or even claim a refund)...
ken (CA)
The only news worth reporting on Trump is that today was another day of buffoonery. Any other analysis just normalizes him.
"Ann Coulter, the conservative author — who is promoting a new book titled “In Trump We Trust” — seemed almost apoplectic Wednesday night during Mr. Hannity’s broadcast with Mr. Trump."

This sentence made my day! Payback -- it's tough Ann!
Michael L Hays (Las Cruces, NM)
Trump is always sincere: he means what he says when he says it one moment, and he means what he says when he says it the next moment, but do not expect him to mean the same thing in both moments. Consistency, folks, is the hobgoblin of little minds. Trump's is huuuuge!
Zip Zinzel (Texas)
REALITY-CHECK: Polls now show that more than 60% of GOP voters don't have the stomach to deport all 11 million illegal aliens
So, continuing on that track is a loser, admit that and make a serious plan to move forward on that.

If Trump says he now supports Immigration reform and promises to pass it within 6 months, that would give him a big plus
And as a GOP Prez, he actually could deliver on that
A Democratic Prez without filibuster proof Senate cannot really hope to move any such legislation
BOTTOM LINE: Dems will INSIST on Immigration-Reform Features that the GOP will not accept, and vice-versa;
. . . but only deal-maker DJT could force the two sides to a common agreement
Judy (NYC)
It looks like he is flailing around aimlessly and throwing whatever he can get his hands on at the wall to see if anything sticks. And this is the best the republicans could come up with?
nate (ne)
Think about it, Don. Your core base of supporters don't support you. I'm not talking about the ones that are ignorant, perhaps through no fault of their own, of policy and what it takes to handle the Office of the President. I'm talking about your goon squad. The ones intimidating and threatening the free press. The ones screaming to lifelong citizens of this Country with Mexican or Muslim heritage to go back home. The ones who think it's okay to call for the assassination of political opponents or the eight - for the time being - most esteemed judges on America's bench. They don't support you, they support that you support them. They don't care who you are. You're an icon, but you're interchangeable. Do you think David Duke's loyalists would continue their admiration should he suggest they live in harmony with blacks?

They like that finally somebody in the public eye is willing to voice the hate they have felt unable to utter, especially since this period of "political correctness" has persecuted and muted their ideas. I'm sorry to inform you Donald, but your supporters aren't blindly following the nonsense you spew. You're spewing the nonsense they want somebody with actual reach to say. At least, you were. Like your wife, the words on teleprompter are not your own. Now you've decided to look away. To tell the country that you've arrived, and you have some ideas of your own. This will prove to be the biggest mistake of your campaign - and that's truly saying something.
Louisa (Boston)
Outrageous, Mr. Trump. So much for your new lot of slickster strategists. Your ignorance and your lack of respect for the nation are epic. Do the harm and havoc you're creating give you the slightest pause? It's sickening to ponder what the next 2+ months of your wretched campaign will bring.
Lle (UT)
He just practice what he is doing every day in his so called business,Most of his companies are set up with the model LLC which allow him to walk away anytime he wish....
Slightly Inept But Well-Meaning Cook (<br/>)
What a dangerous game he's playing. I've wondered, for months, what would happen when he inevitably let down the xenophobic elements of this country he's empowered--since there was no way he could win a general election with his original positions. It's a move on the parallel bars--leap out and grab the mainstream center, but make sure you don't lose completely the angry base. That's tough when you've gotten this far on a wave of Know-Nothing rage. And a valiant effort by the hard-working Ms. Pierson, but don't "words" convey meaning ABOUT proposals?
Petermic (New York)
Is there nothing but the Presidential election going on in the world?

I would like the NY Times to limit themselves to one front page article per day. There's a whole wide world out there.
C Hernandez (Los Angeles)
Trump has had trouble pivoting from the primaries because all the hateful he has spewed for all those many months is indeed what he believes. Now that the polls show him losing a number of states and key demographics he is willing to totally flip flop and try to make us believe that he is really a nice compassionate guy. He may have changed the color and flavor of his kool-aid but I still ain't drinkin' it. He is a liar, self-centered narcissist who cannot be trusted. Trump is a categorical con-man.
Robert L. Bergs (Sarasota, Florida)
She has always had my support but for the longest time, Hillary's raised voice has grated on me. It seemed shrill and the added volume just not necessary or effective. Adding to the irritation it felt forced, like an act and not really her authentic voice.

However with Trump, when he stumps I hear venom and hate it sounds completely authentic. I can hear the desire to hurt and tear down, to divide and conquer and rule over. Hillary's raised voice still grates a bit but Trump's repulse me.
Andromeda (2, 000, 000 light years that way)

Blanche DuBois:

Deliberate cruelty is unforgivable, and the one thing of which I have never,ever been guilty of.
Charley horse (Great Plains)
Just curious - have you ever used the word "shrill" in relation to a man?
Robert L. Bergs (Sarasota, Florida)

I doubt it so point taken. Thanks.
Early Man (Connecticut)
He's going to pardon 11 million immigants unofficially next week and he's going to make his most audacious supporters believe that they made the choice, they gave amnesty, they are big hearted. Not that hard to do if he uses a Bible. Oh this is better than West Wing.
rxft (ny)
On Hardball with Chris Matthews Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg News had the best line regarding Trump's flip flop on immigration: "Trump just walked down Fifth Avenue and shot himself."
Wolf (Sydney)
Trump is desperately searching for ways to get out of all this. He never wanted to swap Trump Tower for the White House. He just wanted the headlines and the publicity, because that's good for his business. But he is horrified at having to think things through, at having to have concepts beyond conning money out of other even more despicable characters in real estate.

He wouldn't be able to spell the word "Responsibility" under "enhanced interrogation" conditions.

Suddenly, as it became quite feasible that he could actually beat Clinton - because she isn't all that far behind Trump in terms of trustworthiness, honesty, greed, sense of entitlement, etc.

So, Trump going soft on migrants is but a first step on his way back under his rock. I wouldn't be surprised to hear from him in the next weeks to come that the Chinese are actually very smart business people and he never said otherwise, that there is nothing wrong with the manufacturing industry outsourcing to Mexico and other friendly places, that gas fracking isn't always good for the environment and that the middle class isn't any more entitled to tax relief than the strugglers at the bottom of society.

It may make him puke to even whisper it, but, I can hear him letting it out ever so faintly, "yes, black lifes count .... a little" to make sure that not even Sarah Pailin will vote for him?
r (undefined)
This man Trump only cares about being king, or in this case President. He will do or say anything to that end. The only thing he believes in is money and his ego. He has given his campaign over to the extreme right wing, Coulter, Hannity, Drudge, etc. and they will thru him try to get their agenda enacted. Ending Social Security, attacking Iran and any country they feel like, prayer in the schools, marriage only between man and woman. Getting rid of the New Deal and the Great Society. Only white people allowed. All their insane ideas.
Trump will say the moon is made of green cheese one day and the next say it's made of blue. It's all garbage. They have him reading from a script to try and keep him from going into one of his lunatic rants. And the truth is these psychotic right wingers don't care about Trump, he's just the vessel. I hate to sound elitist but you really have to be demented or just a fool to support this moron at this point. He's gone back on and changed everything he has ever said. Sometimes in the same sentence. Everything he rails against he has done and supported himself. It's just so painfully obvious.

Orange, NJ
PeterK (New York)
The further tragedy of this fiasco is that most Trump supporters including the GOP leadership don't care at all about this latest from the "make it up as you go" candidate. Bigotry is tolerable, pure nonsense perfectly acceptable, everything is negotiable, as long as the basis remains fear and anger. It's hard to claim the Republican Party stands for anything besides a quixotic quest for short term victory.
Magpie (Pa)
Funny, Peter, it reminds me of TPP. Does she or doesn't she?
William Nenna (Indiana)
We can not get down to policy, thanks in large part to Trump and the fringes of the GOP. They know they can not win a pure policy debate and so distraction is the theme of the campaign. If Hillary stuck to policy, she'd be left in the dust by the attacks. That said, it's come down to Trump saying or attacking whatever suits the moment. Fact is, Trump doesn't have a clue on policy other then generalization and little actual working knowledge and will need to have actual policies spelled out for him behind the scenes from God knows who or where. More important then that, he will have enemies on both sides of the isle as he attempts to take over the GOP. There is NO doubt that Trump is lying, he can't say different things to different groups of people and be speaking truth. The question IS, which group of people is he lying to? My concern is, he probably isn't telling the truth to either. I believe the whole "spectacle" he calls a campaign is for Trump, nothing more then a means to an end. Even worse then that, at this late stage Trump is only beginning to learn what he can and can't do as President. God help America!
Citizen (RI)
What confounds me is how many people flat out didn't see this coming. As many of us have been saying all along, Trump is unqualified to be president; not just in some ways, or many ways, but in EVERY way.

I'll give him this though - he says the system is rigged, and for the Democrats is IS rigged. "Superdelegates?" Come on. Not one voter has a say in how those get assigned. The Dems, and therefore all of us, got screwed on that one. They need to change their delegate rules.

Republicans didn't rig the primaries. They're not smart enough to do that. Instead, they handed it to Trump, the antithesis of everything this country needs in a president. and his supporters bought his shtick, hook, line, and sinker.

Right about now I'd feel pretty stupid if I was one of them.
richard (denver)
But I view the alternative as no better. Actually worse.
JoAnn (Reston)
"A sucker is born every minute," and no one knows this better than Donald Trump. Everyday he watches his supporters cheer and whoop in response to his preposterous conspiracy thories, his lies, and monumental vulgarity.He believes his supporters will not object his new stance on immigration reform -- after securing the presidential nomination on the exact opposite position -- because, like all con artists, he knows the full extent of his marks's gullibility.
willrobm (somewhere, maine)
'the donald just an untethered bundle of platform planks strewn along 95 and 10, from his 5th ave golden tower to Arizona... nothing solid, nothing new but hate hate and more cheap talk patter and jive... the only hard thing he's made public is that he's rudy's lolipop...
Mick Russom (Milpitas, CA)
Either way the middle class is going to be screwed. To the wall. What saddens me is that the fear of a Trump presidency has enabled a really terrible shady alternative to get away with just about everything - and with this being the situation I think the whole situation was by design. Welcome to the end of our Middle Class of which I am a member. I see no way out. My family and I are going to continue to see our standards of living drop and our freedoms consumed and our governments from local to DC keep being corrupt and ineffective.
Troy Perry (Virginia Beach)
I feel sorry for Trump's supporters. They have to decide whether he duped them all along, or whether he's an outright liar now just pretending to shift positions.

Must feel pretty sickening to go to rallies and scream for your candidate, buy his hats and T shirts, and send him money, only to find out you've been conned.

But that's the way Trump has always operated, saying whatever helps him at the moment, all without any substance behind his words. They couldn't see the truth through their hatred.
Aluca Lindstrom (Monroe, NY)
They would have known they were being conned if they had looked at the "Made In..." labels on the products they bought. All made NOT in the USA, so much for the jobs, trade agreements, etc. A liar, con artist as well as a bigot and misogynist. Just what we need for a POTUS.
Steve M. (New Jersey)
OK, let's talk about making illegal immigrants pay their back taxes.

This is an absurd concept. Most illegal immigrants are paid "off-the-books".

How in the heck will whoever tries to administer such a program determine how much they have been paid since they have been here and how much in taxes they owe. Since many of these individuals live paycheck to paycheck, is this just another "dog whistle", since the alt-Right Conspirator Conservatives know that these "illegals" will probably not be able to come up with the bread.

And last I looked. Income tax evasion is a crime (don't know if Trump is aware of this) so if we deport all the illegal immigrants that have committed a crime, wouldn't that apply to any in this group that admits they haven't paid their tax?

Frank Costello must be rolling. I advise all illegal immigrants to take the fifth.
Rudolf Dasher Blitzen (Florida)
What taxes are we talking about? They most likely do not own any income tax. They don't make the minimum required to pay any income taxes. They already paid the sales tax on all the items they purchased. We say they are hurting the "real" Americans because they accept to work for very low wages and at the same time we say they owe income taxes. Ridiculous! Furthermore, those who obtained a false Social Security number and gave that to their employer had Social Taxes withheld that will go into limbo at the Social Security Administration (or will be credited to a non-existent person).
Ule (Lexington, MA)
Yeah you know the funny thing is a lot of illegal workers are paid on the books and they pay Social Security as well as income tax ... but they will never collect Social Security. They're keeping the system going.
Can you document your assertion that most illegal immigrants are paid "off-the-books" I think your idea of "illegal immigrants" is quite limited.
Joe Pasquariello (Oakland)
"We are going to build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it, but it will have a big door." This is Trump's idea of refining his signature policy.
John Easter (Albuquerque, NM USA)
Flip-flopping away...flip-flopping away... the closerr the election the more he's flip-flopping away. Hey Don: Ever hear the old saying: "A bird (racist) in the hand is worth two(college educated whites and Hispanics) in the bush?"
JayEll (Florida)
On illegal immigrants, Trump said, "they'll pay back taxes."
How nice that low-paid workers must pay back taxes while he pays none.
Rudolf Dasher Blitzen (Florida)
Maybe if someone shows Donald J Trump the plaque that used to be in the Lumber Baron Bar of the Agway Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Donald J Trump will realize that President Ronald Reagan was the one who planted the seed for what is now known as NAFTA in a Trilateral Summit Meeting in that place on September 18, 1981 between Reagan, the Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo and the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. And then Donald J Trump will have to use once again the "I was sarcastic" thing.
Joanne Higgins (South Carolina)
With the "they will pay taxes" comment, I feel he has, in the words of a courtroom lawyer, opened the door.

Now, the media needs to pounce on it unmercifully.
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