The Nickname Hillary Clinton Has Been Waiting For

Oct 20, 2016 · 49 comments
matt polsky (white township, nj)
If some women are enjoying the moment, then fine: it's their inning. They deserve it. But watch out for the pitfalls of end zone celebrations, including the "male-bashing" I see in so many articles (with a few recent exceptions).
Being "nasty" may make sense in this and limited other contexts, but it's hardly fitting overall for a national leader. If it were, Trump would be doing much better.
Nasty is also hard to reconcile with the empathy I often hear women are better at. If empathy is really as important as I keep reading about, and I believe it is, then while it's OK to go after Trump, women writers and those who have gained power need to show it more when it comes to men. The latest non-example I saw was at a socially oriented business conference last week at which a woman-owner company bragged that most of its employees are women. Is the implicit goal 100%? At another forum, the presenter, actually a man, said that in his experience, women have such wonderful qualities that he would never again hire a man. And no one said anything in response.
Is this the world we want, and, if not, what kind of message does this send? Do you really want frustrated men, some of who, contrary to what we read, are voting for Hillary, potentially going for a Trump-lite character in 4 years?
Most men have to watch what they say, too, and sometimes have to be "subservient, silent, and accommodating," as well.
Let's hope Hillary keeps her promise to be President of all Americans.
dairubo (MN & Taiwan)
We need nasty. Nasty smart.
Arc of two eyes two lips two hands bending bowing glowing to acts of loving kindness and words of wisdom´s finest (E.U.)
As I point out in another comment on this article, Hillary has had her share of calling out fellow humans as nasty, when she spoke of superpredators, supporting lawmaking that has brought blacks behind bars in appallingly disproportionate numbers for deplorably long sentences for minor offenses, even if not for email handling.

She now speaks differently and girl do we hope she was brought to heal and this change happened in her heart.

One of the utmost nasty things we have witnessed this Fall is a written appeal containing unmasked blackmailing by 185 CEO's (99% male?) to the EU leaders (foremost among them a woman) to reverse an EU-Commission ruling (crafted by a woman) that requires Apple to reimburse an EU member state a whopping 13 billion in underpaid taxes (which constitute a small tip of an iceberg that extends several trillions deep btw).

To deal with this level of nasty power play effectively, we really need nasty leaders. We probably also need Delaware and Nevada shell company leaks and a House and a filibuster-proof Senate majority after a Warren revolution has taken place and has unseated the corporate beholden DWS's of this world.

Go, you really nasty women, not those just being nasty for their own career built on quid-pro-quos for and from large donors.

Otherwise our government will never be able to provide hard-working women with the services, care and education they and their kids need and deserve let alone ensure they get paid what they need and deserve.
RR (Wheaton, IL)
On the money, what a terrific article.
Donald Nawi (Scarsdale, NY)
I suppose.

If I were the congenital liar who wouldn’t know truth if it hit her in the face; the big time crook operating under the veneer of a Clinton Foundation; the politician whose depth of corruption is now being further exposed by the Wikileaks email release; the woman with a history of venal scandals going back to Arkansas and her husband’s term in the White House; and an enabler and cover-upper of her husband’s serial cheating; I’d be thrilled that the evil clown Donald Trump pinned “nasty” on me and women are rallying behind it.

Hillary Clinton’s chief claim to the White House has been her gender. Were her Republican opponent anyone credible, that is, not Donald Trump, her chances of losing the election, not winning, as shown by the New York Times, would be 93%. Donald Trump is the gift that keeps giving and giving. “Nasty” apparently is the latest.
Jen (Montreal,Canada)
Good lord, you're funny .You make her sound like one of the Borgias!
Talk about overkill......
Lisa (Brisbane)
That's "Madame Nasty," Mr Trump.
Tyrannosaura (Rochester, MI)
Ken Camarro (Fairfield, CT)
Why you ask? In a nutshell Donald Trump is all testosterone. Do you want proof?
Jen (Montreal,Canada)
Ah,but IS he all testosterone ? His mannerisms, gestures and intonation have always seemed to me to be quite effeminate. Watch.
peggy (salem)
wasn't there a song with the words: "do ya think i'm a nasty girl"? had a certain
Kendra (New York)
That was Vanity 6 (headed by the now-deceased singer Vanity) who sang "Nasty Girl".

Although I like the song, I'm REALLY not sure that's the type of "nasty woman" we're all looking to emulate, lol! You should Google the lyrics...!
Arc of two eyes two lips two hands bending bowing glowing to acts of loving kindness and words of wisdom´s finest (E.U.)
Trump has also said: "She's the devil. It's true." Upon which his crowd howled and cheered. I found that even more problematic. (Can't touch the deep religious trouble this statement gets us in, as I got only 1500 characters.)

History is full of men inviting us to associate evil with the female, eyeing the non-compliant insubordinate strong-willed female.

Trump, like many men, has "binders" full of submissive women in submissive poses, the women he can deal with, and Trump will grieve and deplore his separation from those collections, if the rape charges brought against him by a then 13-year old supported by two witnesses or other charges in the making pertaining to his fraudulent business schemes will bring him in jail.

I for one am considering sporting a T-shirt proclaiming "Not a nasty Neanderthal man", but am afraid it will backfire, since I definitely quite often fall back into distant male behavioral pasts.

Here's an example. If I say goodbye to black friends these days I say a loud and clear, jovial and cordial: "See you later, superpredator alligator!"

Only because I nastily hope it becomes a thing between blacks to send a message to many nasty Neanderthal men and a certain nasty woman.

Since I was rooting for Michelle Alexander for veep.

But I now thank Hillary for never giving up but standing tall as a lightning rod for all that male bigot hate from the bottom of my heart, and I can't wait to celebrate her inauguration.

Johannes van der Nasty Neanderthal Man
Susan H (SC)
I think in the long run Donald Trump may have turned out to do women a favor by being such a male chauvinist pig. It just makes the majority of us tougher. Until I was divorced at thirty I didn't realize that my insurability as a driver was affected by being single, that I had to struggle to get a credit card. Even now when I take the car for service, BMW sends an email to my now husband to ask how the service was. And he doesn't even know how to use a computer! If someone wants to contact him by email he gives them mine so I am his de facto
Mary Apodaca (Tallahassee FL)
I'm wearing my pink button from the 1980s again:

Raj Long Island (NY)
I hope Secretary Clinton is quite nasty to the likes of Putin, and his ilk.

And that is what scares Trump.
Anne (Florida)
Write-on, Susan Dominus!
Mike Iker (Mill Valley, CA)
Women have always had to manage the impossible: Be tough, be sensitive, but not too much of either and be able to switch flawlessly. Be smart, but not so smart that the delicate egos of men are threatened, or so smart that the egos of men don't figure out that they should be threatened. Be aggressive, but not bitchy (whatever that means and to whom). Be appealing to women of all ages, even younger women who don't understand, let alone appreciate, the barriers broken by the elders. And reach out to other women who made different choices in their lives and might resent women who decided to compete in what was once a man's world - maybe their man's world.

Hillary has tried to thread the needle - many needles - sometimes succeeding, sometimes not. Maybe it's impossible.

But I thought immediately upon hearing Trump's attempted "nasty woman" putdown that Hillary might have lightning in a bottle. For the older women who ran smack into the obstacles of male privilege, what could be better than a truly disgusting man complaining about being bettered (and battered) and having no defense except name-calling. These women would love an "I'm a nasty woman" T-shirt. And for young women who might enjoy being a little nasty themselves, flaunt it. And for women who made the choice to stay home, wear the shirt and get some respect there. And not least, what man comfortable in his own skin wouldn't celebrate his wife or daughter or mother beating The Donald.

Go Hillary! Be yourself - nasty!!
(((Bill))) (OztheLand)
A bigoted narcissist, or, the woman he calls "nasty," for President.
Shouldn't be to difficult to choose between them on polling day.
karma2013 (New Jersey)
Trump's admonishment was so typical of men who think women need to know their "place" and that place is definitely not one where they challenge male authority. I am reminded of what Laurel Thatcher Ulrich famously said, so apt in this case, "Well-behaved women seldom make history,"
Gnirol (Tokyo, Japan)
Precisely because, throughout history, it is men in power at whatever level and to whatever degree who have defined "well-behaved women". Talk about something being rigged.
Nanette (Easthampton, MA)
I love it! It's just what we've needed - a rallying cry for all the nasty, independent, prideful, and righteous women who stand up for themselves against bullying and misogyny. You bet we're nasty if not kowtowing to men is nasty, and we are nasty-ing ourselves right into the voting booths to elect the first woman president. We hope that Hillary Clinton will extend the gains begun by Barrack Obama to take our country out of the hands of oligarchs and help all of us to achieve our best lives possible. Go, Fight, Win, Nasty Hillary!
Geoff (Bellingham WA)
The irony of it is fun, the ladies who have been quick to embrace the phrase are expressing their frustration with the misogynists among us. Just too bad any rallying cry for strong women has anything to do with Mr. Trump. I can't be the only person desperate for him to exit the national stage because he truly is a nasty man.
Franc (Little Silver NJ)
I'm with the "nasty woman." Hope those Trump boys will quit whining and come along, or at least get out of the way.
AMM (New York)
Just bought my "Nasty Woman" T-shirt. Will be wearing it proudly everywhere.
Here's to nasty women everywhere who get things done!!
mother of two (Illinois)
This "such a nasty woman" early voted last night and not for Trump. I agree that this is the energizer that will move Clinton's campaign and the perception of her. Given the source, it is a badge of honor that any woman should embrace; it means that women in the future will knee him when he come after them with his multi-manos.

What an appropriate gift to the first female president. Watch out, boys, life is about to get real serious.
Brunella (Brooklyn)
"Nasty Woman!"
Wear it with pride.
Heidi (NY)
Hillary has decades of experience in behavior control women achieve in business. All women and especially those of us who started our careers over 20 years ago know how carefully, on a daily basis, we must control our responses in business, so we can perhaps avoid the common reactions of name calling, shushing, interruptions or being told, my personnel favorite, to chill, chill, calm down. Generally along with a hand waving at you in a downward motion.
I can assure you telling a woman to calm down, is guaranteed to make the woman who committed the horrible crime of daring to raise her voice slightly, very angry indeed. But our reaction will be to continue to work with our male colleagues, we may just lose a good deal of respect for them. And we will smile, vote for Hillary and admit to being Nasty Women!
debussy (Chicago)
Yes! Thank you. I had begun to think I was alone. My manager repeatedly said to me, "Why don't you smile more in meetings?" She even gave met lessons on how to smile more. BUT I never once heard a similar criticism of the men in our arena, many of whom scowled. So glad I stayed true to myself.
Alan R Brock (Richmond VA)
Ms. Clinton has generally appeared more reserved and controlled in comparison to Trump. If you didn't know who Trump was and encountered him on a street corner ranting as he did on Thursday evening, you would keep walking away and have pity on the poor soul.

Hillary Clinton deserves a moment or two like this.
Michael Garcia (Los ANgeles)
How utterly ignorant of Pelosi and Dunham and any other woman to now proudly proclaim themselves "nasty women" in the vein of Hillary Clinton.. Clinton did not proclaim herself as that and as such they establish no connection with her for her actions.. instead they demonstrate their need to cling to something to feel important..

I personally think Hillary Clinton is worse than merely "nasty" she has sold herself to wall street and considers herself a globalist with no loyalty to the United States, this is evident in her own words stating she wants open borders and her own as well as Obama's attempts to force us into a global situation which loses all identity and places us in the untenable position of having other countries dictate our laws is foolishness on a grand scale..

As a proud progressive I want single payer healthcare for every American, a college system which allows everyone access not just the wealthy, less spending on wars and weapons, trade that is not merely window dressing for manufacturing and jobs to disappear to some low wage country.. I supported Bernie Sanders but now as he shifts his allegiance from me to Clinton I will not follow.. I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton, she is perverse in her self ambition..
Karen (Ithaca)
"she is perverse in her self ambition" There you go, proving our point.
ResWY (Laramie, WY)
are men "perverse" their ambition?

do men get comments on their butts by opponents as candidate Clinton did?

does ageism affect men as much as women (no, as evidenced by the fact that only Clinton's age but not Trumps is an issue in this election).

did the debate moderator encourage Trump to stop speaking during Clinton's time? (no.)

while I have never felt the brunt of sexism in my career (as a scientist), i am shocked to realize how bad it is on the basis of hte current election commentary. we need a strong female model like HRC.
debussy (Chicago)
You clearly misunderstand the meaning of "open borders" as it relates to TRADE! Consider opening those economic text books again.
dbowen (barrington,nh)
Hillary Clinton = Public Service
Donald Trump = Self Service
You decide
M.E. (Paris)
Years ago - ok, decades ago - when I was in high school, my mom told me not to say much when I went out on a date. Stick to the things that might interest him, and "never(!) let on that you're smart. Men do not like a smart woman."

A few months before she died - and long after her attitudes about women and men had changed, Mom told me she hoped she'd live long enough to vote for Hillary for president. "I can't stand the sound of her voice, but she's one smart lady, and that's what we need."

Sadly, my mom isn't here for this election - and I miss the sound of her voice - but I'll wear a Nasty Woman T-shirt in her memory.
MsC (Union City, NJ)
To riff off a Janet Jackson classic, "No, her first name ain't Crooked. It's Hillary. Madame President if you're nasty."
Calvin Downing (Overland Park, KS)
Obviously the epithet and its timing in the debate says much more about Trump than Clinton. I'm aware of Hillary's vulnerabilities as a candidate. I'm also certain that most of her mistakes are due to her guardedness and caution as she tries to navigate a political life as a woman.

I thought her performance last night was brilliant, especially given the intense scrutiny her body language and demeanor is subject to as a woman. That' Trump was even permitted to share the stage with her is evidence of the gender inequities she faces.

That contrast was again apparent tonight in their appearances in the Al Smith dinner. He was unfunny, petulant and self-serving. Instead of any attempt at self-deprecation, he through his wife under the bus. Despite his age and privilege, he remains a small, insecure man.
Technic Ally (Toronto)
What an appalling individual Trump has shown himself to be.
Jack (AK)
Should Hillary be happy about Pelosi and Dunham coming to her defense? Because unlike Sec. Clinton, they are a bit nasty.
pavementrat (New York City)
Cannot begin to express my happiness at being a NASTY WOMAN. A badge of honor. Wow!
Not Amused (New England)
In the world of Donald Trump and his supporters, women are meant to be ogled, played with, kept within domestic quarters, and generally be available to their men for whatever purpose those men deem fit.

"Nasty" is the woman who has a mind of her own, knows herself, respects herself, and demands that respect from others...and while that kind of terminology is not sexual assault, it is assault nonetheless. Assault on the legitimate personhood of the woman being thus identified.

When a man is so weak as to be intimidated, or even irritated, by a woman of ability, intellect, and passion, he is certainly not strong enough to assume the duties of the Presidency. No man should have to push a woman down, in order to boost his ego up.
William Carter (FARGO)
Hillary Clinton gives the word 'nasty' a cool, hip new meaning. Count me in!!!
Carl Ian Schwartz (Paterson, New Jersey)
There's no polite nickname for female Trump supporters. The closest that remains polite is "fool."
Realworld (International)
This was another Trump crater. Calling HRC "a nasty woman" is almost as good as Tory MP Ken Clarke describing Theresa May as “a bloody difficult woman.” In this difficult world – that's exactly what we need. It's a pre-requisite and the only way women can get around the microscopic attention from every utterance to what they wear to grooming choices – is to be tougher and more together than their male counterparts. That is certainly the case here.
M. L. Chadwick (Portland, Maine)
I wonder what it's like to be a female Trumper who applauds and cheers when a man calls a strong, capable woman "nasty."

Perhaps when she was younger she spoke up once or twice and was called some version of "nasty." She looked around, surprised. Surely, she thought, everyone in the room recognized that her comment had been correct, even wise. But no one stood up for her. Not even other women.

It wouldn't have taken her long to realize that she'd better place herself on the accepted side of such a conversation if she was to have her parent's love, friends, a boyfriend, maybe a husband one day. And so she learned to set aside any fellow feeling for strong, capable women. And to cheer when they were jeered at.
Claire (North Carolina)
Good one. Thank you.
Stephanie (WA)
Yes, I've been mulling over this myself. Very well-put! But it's sad, I guess...
CMK (Washington)
Yes, exactly.
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