Joe Buck Knows Why You Hate Him

Feb 01, 2017 · 149 comments
billmarsano (manhattan)
He isn't hated because he tells us our team lost, he's hated because he won't shut up, and he mostly sounds as if he's entirely uninterested, even bored. At my house the watchword is Shut the Buck Up, and we lunge for the mute button.
Jim Mason (Albuquerque N. M.)
Watching "The Bachelor" is reason enough to hate him!
himillermd (Stanford, CA)
If Buck was ever silent for three minutes during a game, it must have been because he had to go to the men's room.
jkedit (California)
I'm not fond of Buck as an announcer either, although from this article and others, he seems like a perfectly fine human. I suspect one of the reasons folks don't like him is the same reason they didn't like Skip or Chip Caray -- there's a perception that they didn't earn the job, but had it handed to them because of their name. After all, with all the would-be sports announcers out there looking for a break, what are the odds that the offspring of already accomplished play-by-play men would be better than all those contenders?
Rizzo (PA)
He does a good job. My heart however is with all the old-timers that sat at the mic...
Ricki (NYC)
As a baseball fan, I find it hard to describe why I don't enjoy Joe Buck's announcing. Maybe the sound of his voice, his smugness, lack of knowledge of non–St. Louis teams. But I still remember the moment I lost respect for him as a reporter/supposed-to-be-objective member of the media: In 1998 when Buck was announcing the extravaganza when Mark McGwire* (PED asterisk) broke Roger Maris' single-season HR-record—the brown-nosing Buck asked McGwire, who had been embracing practically the entire stadium, "Can I get a hug?" What an obnoxious homer—and I don't mean homerun.
Charles (Cols)
I'm into the action of game and can get lost with my surroundings.This includes the announcers. You just sort of blend in with the plays,but my mind is on the action until you break for a commercial. It's the frequency of the amount of commercials I don't like and the amount of them the network runs back to back.
Lou (NYC)
I like Joe Buck. I liked his dad. Watching a game with the sound off is a bad idea.
PWR (Malverne)
I find Joe Buck to be an amazingly competent play-by-ply announcer. He has a knack for the apt phrase, timely delivered and spare. He's always on point and seems to never be at a loss for words, yet, as the article points out, can shut up when the occasion demands. Despite my admiration for his performance, I don't enjoy listening to him. I don't know why.
Kent (Chicago)
We almost made it through a "Talk" interview without Ms. Cox bringing up race but there it the last question. She traffics in race - as a look back at most of her "Talk" interviews will reveal. I wonder if she's capable of, at least occasionally, seeing us as just people. No matter how they try, she & NYT can't resist identity politics.

It's not that Mr. Kaepernick's cause isn't important and impactful. It is. It's the NYT relentless "teaching" that willingly contributes to our divide. And we thought the far right was self righteous. As a progressive since a young man, I'm finding it harder and harder to swallow the pill.
PJPhillips (Minnesota)
I don't dislike Joe because my team is losing, that would be immature. I dislike him because he says stupid, smug, patronizing and sexist things.
Dave (Boca Raton)
Are these critics talking about the real Joe Buck? I think he has been great at every sport. He knows when to STOP talking which many announcers should
Dennis B (Frankfort, Ky)
"If that had been my only purpose in life — to call home runs and touchdowns — I’d lead a pretty shallow life.' But he had just said, "I watch “The Bachelor.” Glad he cleared up that shallow thing. :)
dennis (silver spring md)
i'm not happy with most sport casters. they all talk too much i figure most folks watch sports on tv because they can't be at the game. when you're at the game you don't have someone talking all the time mostly about something not at all to do with the game. myownself, i would pay an extra $10 a month if i could watch a sporting event with NO commentary like i was actually at the game.
PWR (Malverne)
With the graphics the broadcasters put on the screen, you could just turn the sound off and watch while keeping up with the game situation.
Blue Jay (Chicago)
During each of their NFL broadcasts, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman only talk about the team that's ahead at the time. If they were more even-handed in talking about what each team is doing well, they wouldn't be accused of "hating" fans' favorite teams so often, and fewer people would dislike them so much.
john (tampa)
There's a robotic, Ted Knight"esque" insincerity to Buck, that makes me mute the events he covers.
Bob Costas took years to infuriate me, Buck, the very first time I heard his voice.
AHicks (San Francisco)
Joe Buck epitomizes the town where he grew up: St Louis. Gated, segregated communities where extravagant debutante balls make the family's social status and not the actual substance of their contributions to the community. All sizzle, no steak.
Mocamandan (United States)
There are few good things to say about being deaf.
True, I have never heard Joe's tone, or volume, or excitement. I perceive him through Closed Captions.

Typical Joe Buck moments I recall, for they happen over and over:

It's 1st and 10.
Result? 2 yards rushing.
Joe Buck: "Good job"
(CC uses no exclamation point; Joe uses no point)

It's 1st and 10.
Result? 4 yards passing.
Joe Buck: "Nice pass"

It's 1st and 10.
Result? 2 yard sack.
Joe Buck: "Good job"

I do not have the insight or wisdom to know how he keeps his job when he never does it.

I remember a quote from long ago.

"Having a fine command of the English language, I said nothing."

I wish Joe had a fine command of the English language.
Afterall, it's his job.

I can not function without Closed Caption.
In all my days, the ONLY time CC is turned Off is when Joe Buck comes on. Always.

I don't hate Joe Buck at all.
I hate the soporific effect he has on my eyes, in days before I deleted his words from my "eyes/ears"

Joe, you will never be a jolting Joe, but I hope Jesus loves you more than you will know. Consider the Sounds of Silence.
Thanks Joe!
Blue Jay (Chicago)
Thanks for your post, Mocamandan! It made me laugh.
Cowboy (Wichita)
Well, I like Buck; AND his classy comments about Kaepernick.
mikekev56 (Drexel Hill PA)
Wow. I actually didn't like him till I read this. He's just a human being. Which is ok in my book.
Ulko S (Cleveland)
I don't hate Joe Buck, I just hate hair transplants. #sovain
sundog (washington dc)
Love him or hate him, Buck and Aikman comprise the premier NFL broadcast team on major network TV. They get the big games and they deliver.
Blue Jay (Chicago)
I don't hate him. I just don't care much for how he does his job. He talks too much.
Nick (TN)
Clearly those who "hate"; "dislike"; etc. have never had to call a ballgame for a national audience. I would really enjoy hearing any of you try it. NOW that would be interesting. Walk a mile in his shoes (and all the others bad mouthed here) before you create such harsh criticism.
tom (ny state)
The most earnest broadcaster in sports journalism. Humorless voice bot.
Michael (Portland)
Hate Joe Buck? Why would I hate Joe Buck, when it's far, far easier to hate the despicable Bob Costas.
Blue Jay (Chicago)
Matt (Sherman Oaks)
No, Joe Buck has no idea why I hate him. It's because he talks too much and says too little. He adds nothing to my enjoyment or understanding of any game he calls. That is why I hate him.
Bobk (Chicago)
Great point. If you substituted a white noise machine at the end of the game both would stack up equally in terms of contributions
shef (Knoxville, TN)
I don't hate Joe Buck. I hate Jon Gruden. He needs to shut up.
Blue Jay (Chicago)
Gruden needs to learn how not to yell at his audience. Perhaps he should have his hearing checked.
SB (San Francisco)
He really seems to have an anti west coast bias, so I'd just rather not hear from him.
Bynda (NYC)
I hate broadcasts with Joe Buck. He ruins them like graffiti on art. I can't believe how many comments are about liking him. He adds absolutely nothing to every broadcast he does. "That's . . . a groundball to 2nd base." Really? You say it yourself in your interview Joe: you're on T.V. We don't need play-by-play like you're doing a radio broadcast. Joe is boring, has an unbelievably annoying "announcer" voice, and doesn't seem to have specialized knowledge about the sports he covers. Give me an expert or silence any day over Joe Buck.
Oliver in Key West (Key West)
At least Joe and the others at FOX are no longer required to wear those little made in China American flag pins like the bunch at CBS. Nothing like manufactured patriotism. As anyone ever seen Brown, Cowher, Esiason, et al., ever sport one outside the studio? In this instance, I'll take FOX any day.
Marc Schenker (Ft. Lauderdale)
Buck is a pro like his father, a sure voice in football. Since he works for Fox Sports, he doesn't have to worry much about the constant commercials and promotions you have to put up with on CBS, the last network in the world that should have the NFL.

Speaking of the NFL, the list of restrictions Buck must have to deal with every game from a corporation that's running scared for a living. I imagine they're about 15 pages long. But, the again, the American corporation is always running scared.
Blue Jay (Chicago)
I wish Fox weren't allowed to broadcast baseball. They try so hard to make it exciting, they ruin the experience.
No hate here, I really look forward to Joe Buck announcing a game- He's very bright, and I believe he does a great job.

The only thing I would differ on is the taking a knee comment-
google Virginia Tech coach and veterans and see how he changed his team!
Gerry (west of the rockies)
I don't like him not for anything to do with his announcing, which is okay if not great, but because he's judgmental and holier-than-thou.
And Troy Aikman is awful, never knows when to shut up.
Think (Wisconsin)
The interviewer claims that when she told 'people' she was interviewing Joe Buck, 'everyone' said they hate him. Is that like the lists of 'names' of Commies that Senator Joe McCarthy used to wave around? I would have liked for the interviewer to explain what she's referring to.

I watch professional American football on TV with my husband. I understand the basic rules of the game, the different types of plays, etc. I've never thought had any feelings about any of the announcers; I generally tune out whatever they're chattering about.

What I have wondered about, for many years, however, is this - is it really necessary to have 5 men sitting around a counter talking about the football game in progress? It's like the football version of The View. Too much talky talk.
Devar (nj)
You are so right! The game presents itself, filling air time with aimless idiotic patter actually distracts from the game being watched.
Rob (DC)
What Joe doesn't get is that half the people listening to him are rooting for the team that is behind. If you're going to be a national broadcaster, you need to have some empathy. This is where Al Michaels and Chris Collingsworth excel.
Garry (Chicago)
Almost everyone in Chicago hates Buck & for one reason: Buck hates all Chicago teams, which isn't surprising, he's from St. Louis!
Dianne (Chicago)
I live in Chicago and think he's great. Of course it must be because I grew up in St Louis knowing what good baseball is all about.
Dianne (Chicago)
Garry, I have lived in Chicago for many years but know what it was like to grow up in St Louis, a real baseball town. We don't "hate" Chicago baseball, we have just been constantly amazed at how chronically bad they have played it here (until last year). Looking forward to Spring training. Go Cards!
Upper Dynamo (Next Issue)
My issue with him is the mindless recitation of meaningless, contextually challenged stats. As in, "Williams now at bat, who is 3 for 17 lifetime in the post-season with runners in scoring position after the sixth inning in away games". Perhaps those utterances are directed from the producers in the trailer/studio but that kind of white noise is deadening to the enjoyment of the game..
GAX (Bronx, NY)
He rattles off needless stats and information incessantly. Even when there's drama in the game, he's more concerned with letting us know that the wide receiver went to HS in Kentucky. It's sophomoric that he has to continually justify his research to the viewer. Also, if you watch a montage of his home run calls, they're all the same. Terrible play-by-play man.
jr (elsewhere)
Hate? Isn't that a bit misplaced with respect to a sportscaster? Joe Buck can be kind of annoying. He seems full of himself, and in love with the sound of his own voice. There's something very self-conscious about his delivery. But he's a sharp guy, has a wry sense of humor, and has an authoritative way of calling a game. He used to bug me more, but I've gotten used to him. For a network announcer, he's tolerable.

Save your hate for the people that really deserve it, like the crooked, mendacious, two-faced politicians who stir up division amongst us, woo us with empty promises, and then sell us down the river. I'm not mentioning any names.
Robert (Manhattan)
Joe Buck just comes across as so white bread and establishment. It is good to see how thoughtful he was about the positive thing Colin Kaepernick was doing. Not necessarily between second and third downs, but he would serve both himself and us by putting more of his intelligence on display.
lionrock48 (Wayne, PA)
I like joe Buck but i change the channel if he and Troy are working the game. my test is to clise my eyes and listen. After 5 minutes of these teo you would think they were covering fly fishing
Steve L. (HI.)
"Joe Buck Knows Why You Hate Him." Well, apparently not.
Blue Jay (Chicago)
During his recent NPR interview, he said even his now-wife didn't like his on-air persona before she met him in the flesh! I liked him better as an interviewee on "Fresh Air" than I do as a broadcaster.
Carle (Medford)
Joe is like virtually every other sports announcer, a nondescript voice speaking what he his told to say by the voice in his ear. As boring as he is I'll take him over Jim Nantz, he of the rising voice.
Paul Z. (New York)
I hate Joe Buck because I believe he is simply terrible at his job, and he knows it. His announcing style is pedantic, over-enunciated, disinterested, arrogant, relentless blather. A good announcer can help make a sports event more compelling and entertaining; Buck consistently does just the opposite. When he calls the World Series, I have to synch up the audio from ESPN Radio with the Fox TV feed, just so I don't have to listen to Buck's drone. The frustrating thing is that I've heard him speak outside the broadcast booth, and his conversational style is perfectly pleasant. But when he gets into the booth, he switches into professional broadcaster mode, in which all the humanity and spontaneity is drained from his voice, and like some sort of automaton, he emphasizes every word in his sentences equally. That is not how human beings communicate, and it is so fatiguing to listen to over the course of a four hour telecast. He is even worse with numbers, leading me to believe that he may be innumerate. A lot of his play-by-play calling involves reciting statistics, but not every stat is actually important. Yet EVERY time he says a number, he emphasizes it, without any regard for the subtleties of the game. I get the sense that he dislikes baseball, and he metes out his peculiar style of commentary as punishment to fans. With great smugness, he's gonna do it how he's gonna do it, and we have to suffer through it. Perhaps his dad's legacy prevents him from being fired.
Devar (nj)
Now tell us how you really feel about this paid mouth.
Socrates (Verona NJ)
Well excoriated, Paul.
mobocracy (minneapolis)
I had no idea hating Joe Buck was a thing. Certainly it can't compare to the vitriol directed at Howard Cosell back in the 1970s. My best friend's dad wired a switch to his TV that sat next to his easy chair. The switch had an engraved plate that read "Cosell Suppressor".

I never understood why people hated Cosell, either, and in comparison to the generic, corporate friendly voices on TV these days Cosell seems much more genuine, a kind of mix of scholar and wise guy.
Devar (nj)
Cosell was bright, entertaining and quite funny. Todays announcers are vacuous no talents.
132madison (Buffalo Grove I'll.)
Tim McCarver made him less insufferable. With his retirement and that no one can keep him from carrying on about Dallas & the Giants, well, I despair its return.
Steve L. (HI.)
I think what bugs people is that below the very solid veneer of (truly) astute and more than competent professionalism (and occasional self-deprecation) there is a kind of simpering self-satisfaction that veers into sometimes judging the performance of the athletes from an "equals" standpoint--as tho his own prowess at the mic somehow equated with theirs. For example, he used to introduce his partner at the start of games as "hall of famer Troy Aikman" with just a hint of eye-roll that seemed to say "yeah, he can throw a ball, but words and microphones is MY turf"--as though the two turfs were in any way comparable. Thankfully, it seems to have stopped, and the intro is more sincere, perhaps from a growing mutual respect. Joe is technically superb--and admirable for that aspect. But if he wanted to be more of a "man's man" he might go put on some cleats, get out on a field, join a team sport, sweat, play some ball, maybe get hit a few times, and then go have some beers--and not by himself.
Mark Scott (Omaha)
Exactly. "Simpering self-satisfaction." It comes through even in this cheap interview. Joe Buck is very pleased with Joe Buck.
I dislike Buck for two reasons: one, he covers baseball like he wishes he were at a football game, and two, if his daddy hadn't been in the industry, he'd be lucky to be a sports anchor at a local station in Peoria. He never had to work for it.
Diane Foster (NY, NY)
I really like Joe Buck. I was in radio and TV for more than 30 years, and trust me--it is really hard to do play-by-play for any sport, especially when you have to fill the time when nothing's happening in baseball. Frankly, I think this article should have pointed out some specifics that make some fans "hate" Buck more than the average announcer. I think all of them can be annoying when your team is losing--not just Joe Buck--but he's more high-energy and brings more attention to himself, so perhaps that's what grates on people's nerves. The person I HATE is the indecipherable Jon Grudin who I think makes up words.
Sean (<br/>)
Joe and Troy are a perfect couple, monotone, atonal and emotion free. I turn on the captions if they are "announcing" a game .
Douglas McLeod (Vancouver)
He should never wear casual clothes.
Sam (Portland, Maine)
I really do not know why people hate Buck. He's direct, to the point and a talented broadcaster. I don't think people judge him for what he actually is: a sports presenter. Is he my favorite sports broadcaster of all time? No. But he isn't the worst! He's actually very talented at his job.
KZinKC (Kansas City, Missouri)
Joe Buck is just one-half of the "Drone and Droner" team to me, annoying and not interesting, and they never seem to shut up. I don't hate him or any one making an honest living, I just don't like to listen to him. Happily, they are easy to solve by hitting the mute button and turning it back on only to listen to referee calls.
sundevilpeg (<br/>)
Thank God for NFL RedZone!
maggie 125 (cville, VA)
Joe, its the constant commentary, the non-stop chatter about everything but maybe the brand of mustard available for hot dogs, all the judgmental chatter about players and play calls regarding big plays and small plays and plays that didn't happen, the constant in-you-ear, talk-radio type blather that seems to render the game secondary to the broadcast itself. And the self promotion: how many times during a nine-inning game do you have to remind the listener that you are 'Joe Buck' and the network is 'Fox'??
ericlhall (Healdsburg, CA)
I don't necessarily hate him personally, I hate his work.
As an SF Giants Fan, it's painful to hear him announce a game, as his disdain for my team, and/or baseball in general is palpable.
Give me Kruk & Kuip!
AliciaM (SF)
Joe Buck is banal and boring as a sports announcer, and will show his prejudice when the St. Louis Cardinals (baseball) are playing. SF Giants fans have had to endure him through their run to the World Series in '10, '12, and '14. Gawd awful! Best thing to do is mute your TV and turn on the local radio announcers, Kruk & Kuip!
Scott Culkin (El Cajon, CA)
After nearly 50 years of AFL/NFL experience, I have seen my share of broadcasters. Aside from my local favorite, the late, great Stu Nahan (KDEO radio, Fletcher Hills, CA), Joe Buck (and Troy Aikman) are by far the best these days in my book.
EAA (Chicago)
I am not a fan of Joe Buck. He definitely has a preference for certain teams, and he shows it during the games. However, I really lost respect for him when he said that Randy Moss mimicking rubbing his hind end in the end zone at Lambeau Field was "the most disgusting thing he's ever seen." The excess drama and his Packer bias was obvious.
Andy (SF)
Perhaps the people who like Joe Buck have never heard really good sports announcers. The SF Giants are covered by a team of announcers who really understand and like the sport. Duane Kuiper played second base for Cleveland. Mike Krukow was a pitcher for the Giants. Jon Miller is a Hall of Fame broadcast announcer and the newest member, Dave Flemming, has obviously spent a lot of time learning the sport. When these guys do a game, you learn something new all the time. They explain the strategy. They tell you what pitches are being thrown and how it is done. And through it all, Miller mixes in his decades of experience with anecdotes from the past, all very humorous.

Buck, in contrast, does not understand the game, cannot tell if the pitch was a slider or a curveball, says virtually nothing about strategy and has zero sense of humor. We hate it when the post season comes because we lose our local announcers for Buck and others like him on national tv and radio.
sundevilpeg (<br/>)
As a long-time Giants fan, I absolutely agree. But in a different vein, I listen to tons of Milwaukee Brewers games while in the car, irrespective of how bad the team is in any given year. Why? Bob Uecker is wickedly funny, in addition to being a terrific play-by-play man. Living in the far north 'burbs of Chicago has unexpected benefits!
Melanie Lyons (NJ)
I like the Bachelor, and I like Joe Buck. I'd listen to him reading the phone book. He's funny and good at what he does. And he works with Troy Aikman *swoon*.
105gene (Sacramento, CA)
Joe Buck reports on a game as if he is doing a radio broadcast. He evidently does not realize that his audience is also watching the game. Buck also feels that he must always keep talking, and he never stops injecting all sorts of meaningless information into his broadcast. The fans never get to enjoy the thrill of the moment when Buck has the microphone.
Unworthy Servant (Long Island NY)
While I listen mostly to the local announcers for our many different sports in my area, the network people including Joe Buck would never inspire hatred in me. He is neutral in my like/dislike column. Of course as a Boomer, I remember Keith Jackson of the mellifluous voice and Pat Summerall.

Hate is a word I'd reserve for a certain late New York lawyer turned sports announcer know it all who reveled in his alleged intellectual superiority over the residents of middle America, but who in reality was simply an obnoxious overbearing blowhard. Long before the time of most of you and how lucky you are to have avoided his (as he might have intoned) utter pretentiousness. Guess who?
Steve (Hillsborough)
Actually he doesn't get it. We don't hate him because he tells us that our team lost. We hate him because when he talks it becomes clear that he has nothing remotely interesting to say.

Maybe if he spent less time watching The Bachelor he'd be better at his job.
Hotel (Putingrad)
he's always being overdramatic or schmaltzy . A nice guy but a horrible play-by-play man.
David Jaspen (Bronx, NY)
I agree with his being unnecessarily overdramatic. Case in point from the 2016 World Series: With one out in the bottom of the ninth Russell hit a meaningless single. Yet Buck called it with such excitement that you'd think he just hit a five-run homer to tie the game! There's lots more about his irritating announcing style, but that call really irritated me.
A Reader (Huntsville)
I grew up listening to Joe Buck's father Jack Buck as the announcer for the St. Louis Cardinals. I still remember the first joke that I heard Jack said on TV. When he first came to St. Louis and before his sports broadcasting days he had a job on one of the TV stations saying a few things about the late night movie. (much like the announcers on TCM) .
One night they played the Katharine Hepburn/Humphrey Bogart movie "The African Queen" where at the end of the movie Katharine and Humphrey sink the German boat, but are left far out in the lake. I suspect most would just assume that it was a given they would swim to the shore, but Jack simple said at the end of the credits "too bad they did not know how to swim." Jack continued to have a wonderful way of looking at things for the rest of his life that gave all St. Louis Cardinal fans wonderful memories.
Joe is also a great announcer and I wish him well.
Clarence (California)
I missed it? He knows why I hate him?
It's not because my team lost.
I hate listening to him throughout an entire game, regardless of who is playing.

I hate him because _everything_, every little thing, every time he opens his mouth, is so dramatic, that there's nothing left when something is truly dramatic, except for him to finally shut up and leave three minutes of silence.

Ultimately, it is boring to listen to him emote on and on.
Arcturus (Wisconsin)
"Interview has been condensed and edited." Thank heavens, that was the best line of the piece.
reader (California)
Listening to Joe Buck cover a big game makes you appreciate your local team's announcers.
Take it from an SFGiants' fan - we turned off the sound and turned up the radio.
Dianne (Chicago)
I love Joe Buck!. He is a warm reminder of the joy of listening to his father, Jack Buck and side kick Harry Carey do the Cardinals play by play on a hot summer afternoon in St Louis. No one, but no one can compare to that duo! Keep it up, Joe,
nick (Chesterfield, Mo.)
"... Jack Buck and side kick Harry Carey do the Cardinals play by play on a hot summer afternoon in St Louis."

Harry Carey was never Jack Buck's side kick, or for that matter anyone elses side kick. The man is a true Hall of Fame broadcaster,
Vincent (New York)
I hate Joe Buck!
Maria (Garden City, NY)
It's always difficult to hear him narrate a game the Yankees are in. He makes no effort to hide his animus. He also ignores their successes and exaggerates those of the other team. I have to turn off the sound to watch the game.
guy veritas (Miami)
I hate Joe Buck.
Chris (Colorado)
He's actually really good. He's also Joe Bucks's son. Touché!
Jay Amberg (Neptune, N.J,.)
If I'm watching a sporting event, baseball, golf, football, horse racing, NASCAR, boxing etc... I always like to hear the station's A-Team broadcasting the event. I for one, include you in that group.
David Huberman (Ashburn, VA)
People dislike Joe Buck because there's a smugness in his delivery that is off-putting. Compare him to Bob Costas, who conveys a love of baseball, and Al Michaels, who is arrogant but has a true passion for the sport and especially the point spread -- which is what viewers can relate to.
JEG (New York, New York)
Joe Buck is a terrible announcer. "Has there ever been a time when words have failed you?" Watch Aaron Boone's home run to clinch the 2003 Pennant for the Yankees against arch rival Boston in extra innings of game 7. Buck says absolutely nothing, nothing for five minutes about the dramatic conclusion to what was inarguably one of the greatest baseball series ever. Buck and Tim McCarver hated the Yankees in 1996, and continued to hate them through all their years of greatness, and that bias is made watching Fox broadcasts awful.
Stuck in Cali (los angeles)
Too bad the reporter didn't ask Buck about why he hates and denigrates some baseball teams, and players. During the World Series, I had to turn off the audio to watch the games; at times you would have never known the Cubs won any games.
R (New York)
This interview actually made me like him.
Robert (NM)
I'm not a hater, but a lover, of Joe Buck. He is by far the best baseball announcer active today, and his teaming with Troy Aikman is the best football announcing duo as well. I like Buck's straight ahead, no nonsense style of calling a game, much like his father's. Keep it up, Joe.
Leslie (Los Angeles)
I actually like Joe Buck's sports commentary.
mudvillejoys (chicago)
I've always been mystified by the intensity in which many sports fans express their "hatred" of Joe Buck. It's been my observation that the louder the fan, the less rational sense they tend to make. Me? I watch a game to enjoy it and rarely find you getting in the way of accomplishing that and often am pleased to have you add to the pleasure.
NA (New York)
I'm completely indifferent--which, to a broadcaster whose bosses look at Q ratings, is a fate worse than death.

Nice hair, though. Money well spent.
Adk (NY)
Joe Buck has proven himself to be a versatile announcer. What I dislike about him is that he was born with a silver microphone in front of him, one that he didn't have to earn. That said, if he remains humble and defers to his usually excellent color commentators, like Troy Aikman, and keeps the commentary about the athletes and not himself, he will end up being a whole lot better than the insufferable likes of Brent Musberger and Chris Berman.
Doug Piranha (Washington, DC)
Buck is really self-deprecating about this, though. He completely acknowledges it. On the Bill Simmons podcast, he mentioned the "lucky sperm club," in talking about himself and Marv Albert's son and others.

So I don't think you should dislike Buck for this. He seems like a good dude.
John F. Harrington (Out West)
I don't hate Buck. His monotonic delivery and running chit chat clutter up and flatten out any game he covers. He's a lucky guy, as his book announces. His dad was a great broadcaster and I understand how hard it must be to be compared. Maybe a half dozen play by play announcers in history in the USA stack up to Jack Buck.

If Joe could pull us into a game with more description in the nunc and far fewer stats and banal asides he'd be listenable.
CMK (Washington)
You just described what I think as well. There is no life in his coverage, no real excitement. I think this year I'll use TIVO to put a delay on the broadcast so I can sync it up with my local radio broadcast. That is the kind of sports casting that brings life to the game.
Kenneth (Duluth)
For some reason, it is easy for me to complain about sports reporters, but i like Joe Buck; he is one of the best; World Series and Super Bowl within a couple months; oh yes, i like him but mostly, he is really really good at what he does
Trent (Queen City)
The reason I dislike Buck, not personally, just as a commentator, is that he doesn't come across as though he enjoys the sport he is announcing. Does he even like football? Not sure. Give me Gus Johnson a million times out of a million.
Wolfman (WI)
I am a Wisconsinite, Packers fan AND a Joe Buck fan! His voice is music to any game he is calling! I hope to hear him for many, many more years!
Helematt (New York)
Despite the headline, nothing in this interview demonstrates that Joe Buck has any sense of why sports fans, deservedly, hate him.
Doug Piranha (Washington, DC)
Deservedly? ...
Umm, you know it's just sports, right?
Lee Rosenthall (Philadelphia)
I've been a sports fan for 40 years, and I sure don't hate him. Is he my favorite? No, but he's better than many a sportscaster and I am always happy when he and Troy Aikman are calling a game. Ironically, I prefer him calling football to baseball, but I have zero hate for the guy. Too many fans just like to pile on when they see somebody down or are so thin-skinned they take offense at any criticism of their team. If the issue is nepotism, I'm not going to fault Buck. Take it up with his employers.
Rick Brown (Petaluma)
I don't hate him, but he shouldn't be presented as an unbiased announcer. He has consistently ignored or discounted teams who play against the St Lou's Cardinals.
Frank (South Orange)
I'm a sports fan, but I can't say I "hate" Joe Buck." Rather, it's the type of network announcer he represents that I have a problem with. A die-hard sports fan is loyal not only to his/her team, but to the team's local announcers as well. The local announcers know the players, the team's history, and of course, the fan base. The local guys can speak in nuanced terms about an issue facing a player or a team at a key moment in a game. The are us! As a Mets fan, I want to hear Keith, Ron, and Gary, not Joe Buck. The local guys don't blabber about meaningless stats, but for network guys like Joe Buck, that's all they got. Boring! Like he said, when he forgets a number, he has to look at a board. Local guys don't. Joe Buck is just the poster child for bad network sports announcing.
Adk (NY)
You're right about the Mets' announcers, but unfortunately Keith always blathers on about something infinitely more boring than statistics - himself. When will he develop more self-awareness than a ten year-old?
Karen Nehilla (Chicagoland)
You hit the nail on the head, Frank. I have been trying to put my finger on what it is about Joe Buck that puts me off. It is that stiffness and neutrality.
George Heibel (NJ)
nice to see him citing Van Jones.
Bruce (Chicago)
There are so many worse announcers than Joe Buck - thank God Brent Musburger is retiring, to name one.

The most fascinating thing about Colin Kaepernick's protest is that the people who choose to be upset about his protest can never come up with a way for him to express his protest that they find acceptable. You quickly learn that the problem really isn't how he chose to protest - it's that they don't want him to express his view in any way, shape, or form. All while lying that they support our right to free expression under the 1st Amendment in the US...blah, blah, oh, by the way, if he doesn't agree with me, he shouldn't be allowed to say or do anything if I don't approve of it.
Scott (Florida)
Wow. I never "hated" Joe Buck. But I never really like him either -- until now. He seems like an ok guy to me and I admire his restraint and humility regarding Colin Kapernick's political conduct. See you Sunday, Joe.
Ian (West Palm Beach Fl)
I suspect there are any number of people who dislike Joe Buck, but very few who hate him.

I myself - am indifferent.

But I do hate people who use the word 'hater'. Really. really hate them.
Gilbert L. Bailey (Indianapolis, IN)
Just about all sportscasters talk way too much. Television is not radio: We can see what's going on. That's why we're called "viewers". I grew up listening to Red Barber and By Saam make listening to their broadcast almost as good as being at the ball park. Not so with you guys. Inane, incessant babbling just to fill air time is irritating, not illuminating.
My favorite babbler of all time is Howard Cosell. We would guess what point in a particular game he would get so drunk he would forget what he was watching.
Sometimes more IS less!!!
Sean (Jersey)
Okay, not everybody hates Joe Buck. I kind of like him, enjoy his work and respect for and knowledge of the games he calls. His subversive sense of humor and wit are also much appreciated. Compared to the imperious, "I'm smarter than you" Al Michaels and the smarmy nonsense of Jim Nantz, to name but a couple, Buck is a welcome listen.
Michael B. (Washington, DC)
I don't hate you Joe.

Don't ask me about Phil Simms though.
RedMc (Maine)
Agree about Phil Simms. I was waiting for someone to mention him. I'd much rather listen to Joe and Troy than Jim and Phil.
Donna (Cooperstown)
Joe is a good sportscaster. Just makes some bad choices. What I hate is whenever he and Troy Aikman cover NY Giants football games they always talk about the Cowboys. No matter who Big Blue is playing! I often turn the sound off and listen to the radio broadcast.
Tracy Garber (Metrowest Boston)
Joe Buck has no idea why I hate him.
brupic (nara/greensville)
only your select friends have the privilege or interest in knowing?
Dave M. (Melbourne, Fl)
I think that Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are the two best football commenters on TV. They don't play favorites, they don't show allegiance to whichever team is winning at the moment, and they don't portray the athletes as Greek gods come down from the heavens to entertain us mere mortals. It's a pleasure to listen to them.
Dookie (Miami)
we hate him because he adds nothing to the sporting event. He hates Philly teams and he left off the most important junior. Junior Mint
Caffeinated Yogini (Midwestern Places)
What about Buck's feud with Artie Lang a few years ago? Comedic gold....
JS (Detroit, MI)
Ana one hates Joe! He, at times, struggles to to meet/exceed the incredibly high bar set by his Father. Is that an absolutely unfair comparison....YES! Was Jack actually that good....NO...he was, unquestionably, one of the very best...EVER.
Veritas (Baltimore)
Buck, as usual, is wrong about one thing he said in this article. Watching something as time-wasting as The Bachelor is NOT what a normal person does.
Lee Rosenthall (Philadelphia)
The ratings would suggest otherwise.
Michael (New York, New York)
Cannot say I watch nearly as much sports on t.v. as most men I know – more like a few hours a week not a few games a day. I never understood why people dislike Joe Buck. I’ve always thought he is more articulate and a much better commentator about what’s going on in a game than other announcers. And from this interview it sounds like he is a well-balanced guy. Good for him.
broz (boynton beach fl)
Why are you so glib?
brupic (nara/greensville)
i'm not a fan of buck. the thing that annoys me is that he has that unique american trait--and it is exceptional--of calling american pro sports champions WORLD CHAMPIONS. the NFL is a sport played in american cities by, mostly, americans. nobody else plays it and not many outside the usa care a fig about it. i travel a lot and the sport is scorned more than admired in my experience. their is a canadian football league which plays for the grey cup. they would have the right to say the winner is world champion. they don't because it would be ridiculous. he does it in baseball too. the major leagues are without a doubt is where the best baseball is played. however, if you're going to call the world series winners world champions shouldn't you actually have to PROVE it on the field? there have been three true world championships since 2006. that is where every player who wants to participate can....americans, japanese, koreans, cubans, dominicans, canadians et al. the usa has never made it to the finals. japan won the first two and the dominican republic the third...
flatland (Baltimore, MD)
I still hate this guy. He talks way too much.
Mathew (Ottawa)
Hate Joe Buck? I love Joe Buck! Great voice. Great insights. Knows when to talk and when to not. He and Al Michaels are my favourites.
hank roden (saluda, virginia)
I LIKE the guy. He's good. Really.
Diego (NYC)
No idea why people hate this guy. He is genuinely funny and self-deprecating, seems smarter than the stuff he's calling, and has made some truly great calls over the years. And he seems more genuinely enthusiastic about a good baseball game than a good football game. (Also, when Big Papi hit the (i think) game 6-tying grand slam in the ALCS a couple of years back, Buck's "TIE BALL GAME!" was an all-timer. He sounded like a real fan. And I say that as a Yanks fan.)
HonestTruth (Los Angeles)
Allow me to explain it then.

Joe Buck is a perfect storm. He has a dream job that most sports fans growing up wishing they could some day have, but he's only there because his father was genuinely one of the best ever at the job. If his father weren't Jack Buck, we'd have never heard of him.

Then throw in his on-air persona, which is a mixture of boredom, smarm, and arrogance. Part of the time, you get the feeling he'd rather be absolutely anywhere else than telling you about this sporting event. The rest of the time, you get the feeling he's somehow thumbing his nose at you, even though the relationship isn't even constructed that way.

He does not have much charisma or charm. Even his self-deprecating jokes feel like he's making fun of YOU, not himself.

Is he the worst announcer? Of course not. There are plenty much worse, either in style or personality. But that's irrelevant. We're not interested in whether or not Joe's in a certain percentile, we'd rather he not be calling the game we're watching right now.

Whether or not he actually is, he strikes me as an entitled jerk. Obviously I'm not alone.
Arthur Layton (Mattapoisett, MA)
This is not personal about Mr. Buck; I just don't think sport commentators offer much value to someone watching a game. Perhaps someone will invent an app that will shut off the voices of commentators and allow us to just hear the fan noise?
Dan (Austin, TX)
Do you remember that no-announcer NFL game on NBC back in 1980 or so? I think it was a Jets-Dolphins game. Oh was horrible. With all the advanced graphics now, though, it might be worth another try. I'd certainly check it out.

Full disclosure: I like Joe Buck.
Jp in MP (Midland Park, NJ)
It's been done. Once. In all American major sports broadcasting. Bryant Gumbel was the, "host." on NBC who did intros to commercial breaks with bits and pieces about the game. That game was a NFL contest between the Jets vs. Dolphins 12/20/80.
It was widely regarded as a stunt that added some interest to the meaningless game but was never repeated. It's been nick-named The Silent Bowl. The only reason I remember it was I saw Gumbel walk into the stadium like an average fan and I stuck around (at least for a while) to see what it was like when it was broadcast live. I remember enjoying it.
The only play calling was done by the regular stadium P.A. announcer who was asked to punch up the details a little more than he normally did to keep the TV watchers somewhat informed. You heard all the crowd noise and occasionally a clipped expletive from an angry fan the time-delay tried to eliminate with varied success which as a 12 year I appreciated.
I personally listen to music while watching sports with the sound off for a lot of regular season games, though generally not the big ones. If something amazing happens that I miss due to lack of shouting from the announcers the DVR can transport me backwards to hear the call in all of its overstuffed glory.
As an aside, if Jon Sterling stepped in front of my car and I could naturally suppress my reaction to hit the break I would silence him in New York split-second with no remorse.
Joe Buck, not so bad. I prefer silence to bloviating.
rl (Kew Gardens NY)
Watching The Bachelor sounds pretty shallow to me. Not sure what it is I hate. Is it Buck or the Fox approach to sports broadcasting. Sometimes when I hear Joe Buck I remember how good his father was. That always makes me hate Joe.
EldeesMyth (Raleigh, NC)
I guess I'm in the minority; I like Joe Buck. For me, his time behind the microphone is precisely what I'm looking for in broadcast. And so, here's to Joe Buck.
RedMc (Maine)
I don't think you are in the minority. If he was hated so much, FOX would remove him. But there is a chance that the controversy helps FOX.
Tim Lexvold (Brockport)
So watching the Bachelor is his example of not being shallow?
Socrates (Verona NJ)
Mr. must summon your inner FDR for those many Americans - myself included - united against you and your ubiquity:

"They are unanimous in their hate for me — and I welcome their hatred."

eb (maine)
I don't hate him at all, but he is a terrible sports commentator--he doesn't know the games. Case in point--he discovered to his amazement just a few years ago that when a ball leaves the pitchers had at say 91 miles and hour it lands in the catchers glove around ten miles an hour slower. Also why is he silent--'cause he is confused by the play. Hello Joe Buck.
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