Supreme Court Nominee Calls Trump’s Attacks on Judiciary ‘Demoralizing’

Feb 08, 2017 · 696 comments
Laura Peterson (Washington, DC)
Just to clarify-- this is an article, in the NY Times no less, written about something Gorsuch may or may not have said in a private conversation that was overheard by some anonymous third party. We do not have a complete quote from Gorsuch (only two words-- "demoralizing" and "disheartening"), we do not know the context within the conversation, and we cannot even ascertain for ourselves if the anonymous informant may have a separate agenda of their own. Weak reporting, NYTimes. Very very weak. (For the record, I am in no way a Trump supporter).
Paul Klotz (Dallas)
Gorsuch's comments are the diversion element of a Three Card Monte hustle. He openly disagrees with Trump, well then, maybe he's OK to confirm. Pick that one.
Alan Silverman (Miami)
A man who must attack and belittle everyone, without a moments hesitation or thought, who cannot control his mouth, who cannot control his mind, should step down from that uniquely powerful position, before he hurts more people. Or a nation. And "all the presidents men" are equally responsible, and will be held responsible, for his actions or failures to act, in the same way parents are responsible for the acts of underage children.
a goldstein (pdx)
Explain to me once again how President Trump is actually helping the people who voted for him? Creating jobs? Providing better security? Making America great again? I need an new explanation because everything he is doing is tearing at the fabric of our democracy and the Constitution.

So this is what making America great looks like.
DLS (massachusetts)
As the senator said last night , he (Gorsuch) needs to say it publicly.
jules (california)
If Gorsuch himself is a man of integrity, who “finds any criticism of a judge’s integrity and independence disheartening and demoralizing" - then why wouldn't he say "no thank you Mr. President, Judge Garland was nominated before me?"
Kara Ben Nemsi (On the Orient Express)
Because he's not stupid and because this wouldn't achieve anything.

That's naive thinking.
Louise (New York, NY)
If Gorsuch felt such kin with his brothers and sisters in the robe, as well as respect for the constitution, why didn't he say this nomination belongs to Merrick Garland? No, he made this comment strictly to appeal to Democrats in the Senate. Please
tg (nyc)
Really? Just think Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg
ShePersists (Western WA)
This is most likely a ruse, cooked up by Bannon, trying to do some image-building for Gorsuch. They probably instructed him to say those things to "establish" that he would be willing to stand up to the so-called president. The evidence to prove this assertion can be found on Twitter. DT has blasted every person that has criticized him. This time around, he blasted the person who reported what was said, not the person that said it, completely breaking with his patterns. What a con.
Howard64 (New Jersey)
Don the Con should be held in contempt of court and held until convicted of treason, and 2000 other crimes.
mike (peoria)
is it time use the " I " word ?
marian (Philadelphia)
If Gorsuch was really serious about distancing himself from President Fraud, he would reject the nomination and recommend the nomination of Merrick Garland. This is a Supreme Court seat that was stolen from President Obama and the only decent thing for Gorsuch to do would be to point that out and to encourage the nomination of Garland.
Gorsuch's nomination is the so called fruit of the poison tree and should not stand. This seat was never Trump's seat to nominate. The facts are the facts.
William Case (Texas)
When Obama was criticized for criticizing the Supreme Court, his press secretary said, "One of the great things about our democracy is that powerful members of the government at high levels can disagree in public and in private. This is one of those cases." Presidents have always criticized the judiciary. QAs a guest editorialist noted in the May 20, 2015, issue of the Washington Post, Abraham Lincoln remain remarkably consistent — and increasingly insistent — on the constitutional duty of elected officials to resist unlawful decision of the Supreme Court that they considered harmful to the nation as a whole and to its people. The alternative, in Lincoln’s mind, was resignation of free, popular government under the Constitution into the hands of the Court, no matter how wrongheaded it’s decisions."
ladps89 (Morristown, N.J.)
We must see that this is part of divide Americans while promoting the brand.
Humberto Cuen (NYC)
Mr. Trump, by demeaning the judiciary, one of the most important parts of the republic, is demeaning the republic as a whole.
john (atlanta)
Trump is not politically correct. So no surprises. Yes, it's not presidential if one concludes that he doesn't understand the 3 independent branches of government. On the other hand, the criticism strikes me as odd in the following way. Since they are independent branches they are not corcondant, and may be adversarial. The independence implies an occasional adversarial relationship. So adults should have no problem with Trump's comments. But alas, is this really about the left's demands for political correctness/propriety??????
John Smith (Cherry Hill NJ)
JUDGE NOT Lest you be Trumped. That a Supreme Court nominee should express dismay and demoralization at the remarks and actions of Trump is extraordinary. It shows the sort of respect for the structure of the US government and its three separate branches, Executive, Legislative and Judicial, that Trump Trampled. I'd say, Pearls before the swine. But that would be inaccurate. And, Pearls before the duck, just doesn't cut it. Nor does Pearls before the quack. Ho hum, just another day waiting for the King of the Tweet-o-Sphere to plop his latest surprise on our heads.
Joan C (NYC)
Does this "I'm my own man" kind of thing sound a little too easy? I think this is truly fake news concocted by the master. Why do we fall for it every time? Every single time.
Allison (Austin, TX)
The president is deliberately trying to undermine faith in the judiciary, just as he's deliberately attempting to undermine faith in the press. The goal here is to make the executive branch the sole authority, with a rubber-stamping Congress and judiciary. His advisor, Bannon, is orchestrating all of this, in an attempt to consolidate power in the executive branch, to further his goal of starting a "Fourth Cycle," major world war against Islam.
Kara Ben Nemsi (On the Orient Express)
Will only work if we let him. He may have 20 million Twitter followers, but how many of those belong to ISIS and Al Qaeda?
Aunty W Bush (Ohio)
Classic Don jon con game. Gorsuch saying the trump attacks on the Judiciary are "disheartening and demoralizing" cuts him space from don jon???
The first means to lose hope or "COURAGE".!!!
Demoralizing means to cause someone to "lose CONFIDENce or hope"!!!
i.e. The new Trump appointee confesses "I cave to the President'!!!- like a good don jon appointee should, right?
Nice game, don jon.
Last liberal in IN (The flyover zone)
Trump is running up some "huge" negative comments on social media. Too bad social media wasn't around in the early 70s so we could compare Trump's numbers to Nixon's.

I wonder if Trump has Nixon's staying power. Unless Trump changes, he won't last 2 years, especially since Pence, at least I don't think, is no Agnew. Of course, trump does have his own version of Erlichman/Halderman, so there's that.
john.jamotta (Hurst, Texas)
Thank you to the NYT and all hard working journalists...we need you to keep us well informed.
Nuschler (hopefully on my sailboat)
This quote is from the WASHINGTON TIMES--Yes the Times! Slightly to the right of WaPo and the National Review.

“Asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” who he talks with “consistently” about foreign affairs, Mr. Trump responded, “I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things,” Politico reported.
The mogul pointed to his 2000 book, “The America We Deserve,” where he made a reference to Osama bin Laden before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
“I know what I’m doing, and I listen to a lot of people, I talk to a lot of people, and at the appropriate time I’ll tell you who the people are,” Mr. Trump said Wednesday. “But I speak to a lot of people, but my primary consultant is myself, and I have a good instinct for this stuff.”

Asked whether his foreign policy could be considered “neoisolationist,” Mr. Trump responded, “I wouldn’t say that at all.”

Res ipsa Loquitor -the “thing” speaks for itself.
MyThreeCents (San Francisco)
Senator Richard Blumenthal flat-out lied about being in Vietnam. He said "I served in Vietnam" when in fact he didn't.

Did the Times report this accurately in yesterday's article about Blumenthal's meeting with Grouch? You decide. Here's what the Times said about that:

"Mr. Blumenthal ... exaggerated his Vietnam-era service."

Blumenthal didn't just "exaggerate." He lied, and he got elected anyway (and re-elected in a landslide last November.

As the Times also pointed out, Trump, like Blumenthal (and I), did whatever he could to avoid being sent to Vietnam. "Bone spurs" was Trump's approach, but I can assure any doubters that there were many others. (I actually went to a draft physical, and some sergeant asked everyone who was claiming some medical deferment AND had a supporting doctor letter to step forward from the blue circles we were standing on to the yellow circles in front of us; 52 of us had been standing on the blue circles; 52 of us stepped forward to the yellow circles).

So I don't fault Blumenthal or Trump for dodging the draft back then (though I recognize many others will fault them both). But I do fault Blumenthal for lying about serving in Vietnam. Trump never claimed that.
Bellingham (Washington)
I'm pretty sure Trump either watched or more likely was briefed on the series finale of House of Cards
Annie Dooley (Georgia)
If every news article, editorial and op-ed reacting to the words of DJT or one of his paid minions, lapdog appointees, and GOP slaves were deleted from the NYT, what would be left? So Judge Gorsuch said two words, in private conversation with a Democratic senator, to grease the skids for his confirmation. Not news. For all we know, he probably also said, "You've got a lovely family" and "Connecticut is one of my favorite states." What Judge Gorsuch says in public might be newsworthy and what he says in the hearings will definitely be newsworthy. Meanwhile, report and analyze and opine on real issues and real actions. BTW How's that healthcare replacement plan coming along and where's the coverage of Bernie and Ted's debate on healthcare issues? Sick and dying people want to know.
Reality (Baltimore)
Based on reading the comments, it saddens me that the New York Times continues not to reach most Americans. There are millions who agree with President Trump's statements about Blumenthal. He repeatedly used the word "abhorrent" in referencing Gorsuch's comments. Blumethal's lie about serving in Vietnam, when actual people served and sustained terrible psychological and physical injuries from such service, is abhorrent. I hope that the New York Times and their current readers make greater efforts to reach average day, non-coastal, Americans and to engage in productive dialogue. I can assure you that without such efforts 2018 and 2020 will be loss elections for Democrats.
Kara Ben Nemsi (On the Orient Express)
I agree with all of Trump's comments: Word for word, as long as the words are taken out of context. Unfortunately, in the order he is uttering them they make little sense, coming from POTUS.

Also unfortunately, you could be right about 2018 and 2020. The NYT has to make a better effort reaching those voters it typically demeans. But I had warned about the effect of doing so for at least 6 months running up to the election. It was a rough time writing comments here, I can tell you!
Aunt Nancy Loves Reefer (Hillsborough, NJ)
Little good it did Judge Gorsuch.

Senator "Stolen Valor" will vote against him anyway...
Michael (New York)
If Gorsuch has such a problem with the president, why doesn't he say something publicly or for that matter withdraw his name from consideration?
Juliette MacMullen (California)
Trump didn't just get ruthless with additional leverage - this is his MO. And he isn't going to turn into a President because his office bears the Presidential Seal. He is what he is. So now an effective Network needs to unseat him-Now. To wait is to watch the polar ice caps melt. Do we wait for a Hero? I'm afraid this Hero needs to be conglomerate
Victor (Santa Monica Canyon)
Is Gorsuch saying this to get some Democratic votes?
A. H. (Buffalo, NY)
Gorsuch's statement was an insincere attempt to win over Democrats, of course he anticipated a leak. Trump's hesitation to retaliate against Gorsuch (retaliation being his favorite hobby) suggests that Trump knows the motivation behind this statement. I'm rolling my eyes so hard they may become stuck.
Jiberger (New York)
Sounds like a "good cop/bad cop" script. The latter says/does horrendous things, and the "good cop," who previously had done, and espoused, horrendous things, suddenly doesn't sound so bad, so we're tempted to think, "Okay, the better of two evils." Two evils are still evil.
Paul (Palatka FL)
More stupidity from DC. Aside from the GOP rubber stamping Trumps nominees, the lies, personal and political attacks keep coming.

Does anyone know the fable of the "Little Boy Who Cried Wolf"? It will not be long before the nation and the world simply refuse to believe or trust anything that comes out of Trumps mouth.

What makes me sick is that almost to a person in the primary the GOP stated in clear terms that Trump was unqualified, dangerus and should not be elected to the highest office.

Well, he duped enough people with lies and fear mongoring to get in. Did the GOP forget their opinion of Trump? Sure, nothing matters but their ideology and if they can use Trump to get what they want he is "just super" now.

What little minds. ( mind singular because I don't think from what I've seen there is more than one being shared amongst them all [except perhaps McCain]
luigi906 (Easton, PA)
Mr. Goruch released a statement that he finds any criticism of a judge's integrity
And independence disheartening and demoralizing.
For anybody to elevate judges above any criticism shouldn't be a judge.
It breaks my heart that anybody would ever suggest this unconditional submission to judges in amerika.
John (Washington, DC)
How could Gorsuch show solidarity with his fellow judges and demonstrate that he stands up for the Constitution? Refuse nomination to the high court seat Republicans unconstitutionally withheld from Judge Merrick Garland.

Then he earns some respect.
blue_sky_ca (El Centro, CA)
Yes, a thousand times, yes. Well said.
Chris (ATL)
This is the problem with having a guy with bad education and horrible personality occupying the White House. Trump doesn't even pretend to respect the Constitution.
Jim Steinberg (Fresno, California)
We must be brave and frank. We must admit that we have a president who is "mental." Then we can proceed to do what we must do under the 25th amendment.
Lee Harrison (Albany)
I have a very hard time seeing Mr. Gorsuch as some profound defender of the constitution when he is willing to accept and legitimize a nomination that has arrived for him due to McConnell and his Senate Republicans violating the clear meaning of the constitution.
N.Mindszenty (Washington)
When will the people surrounding Trump have the courage to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him from office. He is obviously mentally ill. While I am not a Pence supporter, I would rather have someone that is consistent, doesn't attack journalists, respects the separation of powers, has a core set of values (although I disagree with most of them), and won't alienated our allies. Then America can get back to the business of America and not the business of Trump!
Dady (Wyoming)
My understanding was these conversations were supposed to be confidential.
Kara Ben Nemsi (On the Orient Express)
As anything that happens in DC. Nobody ever talks there.
Jeffrey (New York)
Why is this front page news?

There is nothing going on more in the world that deserves the Times front page to raise awareness and education?
Ravenna (NY)
Here's the silver lining: “Judges who hear criticism of this sort are not going to be inclined to knuckle under; it’s going to stiffen their spines to be even more independent,” said Mr. McConnell.
Dave (Rockies)
To suggest the judges will be swayed by Trump's rhetoric is to suggest they are as juvenile as the president. I don't buy that. Triple T (temper tantrum Trump) stands alone when it comes to pettiness.
Kona030 (HNL)
President Obama went to Harvard Law School , was a member of the Law Review, and later taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago...

Donald Trump is getting on the job training about the law from FOX News....
Nancy (NY)
Why did they leak Gorsuch's comment comment? To make him seem more independent and palatable to the Senate and the public?
Uknown (Unknown)
Someone write a summary of what happened please.
Paul (Los Angeles)
What about all the extra-judicial comments judges make about the Executive Branch? RBG comes to mind.
Jim Steinberg (Fresno, California)
Be frank with me. Will there ever come a point where loyal, conservative Republicans evaluate loud, angry, belligerent President Trump and realize that he poses a grave danger to our republic? Or do they stick with him, no matter what? We went through this process with Nixon, but he was more rational and controlled himself better than Trump does. Each fellow, extremely dangerous to our nation.
Brian (Michigan)
It's a set up to make him "more palatable". And it gives Trump a chance to make a swipe at Blumenthal to try to reduce possible attacks on his Vietnam record in the future.
Andy Sandfoss (Cincinnati, OH)
The POTUS twitter account belongs to the government, and therefore to US, the American people. It is being used to send offensive and abusive tweets. Everyone should get onto twitter and report the official @POTUS account to twitter as being abusive. It could be shut down on that basis.
UcP (Albany NY)
If Gorsuch responded with "dismay" this means nothing. He will nonetheless follow a conservative path of legal decisions on critical matters which remove more and more autonomy from the citizen public and consolidate it into the hands of the wealthy few/corporations/and the executive. The fact that he would even accept a nomination from this administration should make that clear. I doubt he would offer a judicial check on this president. I am underwhelmed.
Glendon (Tucson, Arizona)
It is remarkable that a man such as this real estate developer could have been elected President of the United States, not understanding the separation of powers nor the dangers of attempting to govern by intimidation. If Mr. Trump doesn't learn how to moderate his remarks, he will diminish the authority of the Presidency itself. He is used to winning arguments by shock and awe, and by thowing his weight around. But thankfully the founding fathers anticipated a situation like this, and the nature of our government is designed to punish those who would subvert the executive branch for their own ends. Mr. Trump is rapidly digging a hole for himself and I don't think his support among congressional republicans will last very long if these arrogant pronouncements against the judiciary continue.
Mike K. (Santa Clara, CA)
Gorsuch, and any other justice nominated by Trump, should have to answer the following at their confirmation hearing: is it reasonable for the Senate to refuse to even consider a president's nominee for the Supreme Court?
Stefan K, Germany (Hamburg)
It sure seems it takes a bad high school student to understand Trump.
markbio (durham, nc)
I fear I have become so jaded with this President, his lies, and his policies, that I am now questioning whether the Gorsuch comments are just a planned strategic move to try to position himself in friendlier light to the Dems to get him appointed. Gorsuch's track record speaks for itself unfortunately.
Jethro Pen (New Jersey)
If the judge wishes to vie for a further nomination as a profile in courage, he might seek a meeting with the president himself, to request confirmation of the understanding he reached which was the basis for his "demoralizing" conclusion. If his understanding were confirmed, it would behoove him to try to persuade Mr Trump of his own conflicting view on the matter, and to cause Mr Trump to publicly modify his comments. If he were unsuccessful, he could then withdraw his nomination; and should.
Kara Ben Nemsi (On the Orient Express)
Makes no sense. He was nominated to a position that is explicitly independent of the Presidency. Why on Earth would he want to withdraw his nomination? He is supposed to keep the checks on the Executive Branch. Following the logic of your argument, all the existing Supreme Court justices would also have to tender their resignation. First of all those appointed by Democratic Presidents. You really want THAT?!?
A. M. Payne (Chicago)
A nation of greedy stupid suckers! We have a demonic monkey in charge; now, Gorsuch looks reasonable! We are being played like a Stradivarius.
Sofedup (San Francisco, CA)
Gorsuch is a Scalia in seemingly-reasoned clothing. Don't trust him as far as you can throw the SCOTUS building.
Doug Hacker (Seattle)
When Gorsuch was shaking hands with Trump, Trump yanked him off balance and toward Trump. That was a vulgar display of power and probably a display of who was in charge.
KS (Centennial Colorado)
So Blumenthal has a PRIVATE conversation with Gorsuch, blabs his interpretation of what was said (as lawyers often use small incomplete sound bites in deposition or court, unconnected to the surrounding picture), and all the left wing media jumps on it and crows. Spicer said the full context was not used. Blumenthal is supposed to have had a private conversation. This is not the open confirmation hearing. Blumenthal violated trust. Blumenthal claimed multiple times that he served in VietNam, which he did not, and is already a proven liar.
And we do not have an accurate exposition of what was said, and in what context.
Kate M (Los Angeles)
Don't kill the messenger. They're not good buddies bonding over a beer. These meetings are political,not private, and everything said is free game. Gorsuch knows this so he's not going to say anything he wouldn't want exposed publicly. That he said he finds Trump's tweets demoralizing is not surprising. Gorsuch is a part of the judiciary branch that Trump has been aggressively tweeting.

And by the way, Blumenthal did serve during Vietnam. Just not in Vietnam.
Reader (Brooklyn, NY)
One word - IMPEACH!
carolinajoe (North Carolina)
We have so many scandals with this scandalous administration that it just all blurs into new normalcy under the only appropriate name:

"Freak Show".

What a disgrace......
JC (Kansas City, MO)
All of this is to be expected when a petulant, over-privileged, narcissistic,11-year-old is elected president.
SMC (Lexington)
For every Republican presidential action - criticizing judges, conflicts of interest, Conway plugging Ivanka's clothing from her White House pulpit, Putin bromance, etc. etc. - always imagine if Obama or his advisors had done this. The impeachment train would already have pulled away from the station. Clearly, a double standard here and white, old man privilege in action. SAD! EMBARRASSING!

Suggestion: For every Trump action, don't call it Trump, always call it Republican. As in, the Republicans are in a conflict of interest over promoting the president's daughter's clothing line. The Republicans are criticizing judges. The Republicans are gutting the labor laws. The Republicans are repealing Obamacare and replacing it with...GOPcare sounds better. He's their leader and he's in charge of building the Republican GOP brand. Let's help him out a bit here.
Pajaritomt (New Mexico)
I really wish Trump had accepted Arnold Schwarzenegger's offer to swap jobs with him. I believe we would be a lot better off and I was never a fan of Schwarzenegger's. But at least Schwartzenegger backed off of a campaign promise to kill strays in the animal shelters of California faster than in the past when it met resistance form animal lovers and even his adolescent daughter. I don't see that much sensitivity in Trump.
multnomah9 (Oregon)
Trump is incapable, due to his lack of development to be 'sensitive' seriously this man strength is 'making the deal' with any means to his end to make a profit or get his ego massaged. Trump is 70 years old, his entire life understood privilege and was groomed to make a profit for himself no matter the costs to anyone else. Break a law, find a loop hole, use an attorney to cover your rear end in a court of law that's been the history of Trump and his family for 4 generations.
Josh Folds (Astoria, NY)
Gorsuch has a mind of his own. Liberals and their staff of writers at the NYTimes could learn a few things from Gorsuch about intellectual honesty.
Charles (Long Island)
Some Conservatives, like Mr. Trump and many in Congress, that saw him as a panacea could probably learn a few things as well.
Art Work (new york, ny)
Such as?
Alan (KC MO)
The NYT had no problem when Obama attacked SCOTUS over it's Citizens United decision. Now that Trump attacks a legal decision it is suddenly just horrible. I believe that type of conduct on the part of the NYT is hypocritical to say the least.
tt (CA)
That is not a fair comparison. Go back and read the news coverage.
multnomah9 (Oregon)
Alan you must read and educate yourself or watch more than one TV channel. The video of Obama's discussion is nothing like what Trump said. Trump doesn't need any more liars or misinformed spinners to spread untruths. Majority of Americans are sick of the lies, distortions and comparisons that are non existent that's why across the United States and around the world people worried and discussed with Trump's creation of destabilizing and creating chaos to serve an authoritarian approach to government that completely disrespects the other two branches of Government. Trump and his administration have become the sewer of people that he promised to remove. Power to some corrupts but I think Trump has had a life time record of corruption in business dealings that are well documented.
David Gottfried (New York City)
I don't believe that Gorsuch said that Trump's remarks, re the Judiciary, were "disheartening" and "demoralizing."

I believe that that fabrication was injected into the political discourse, by a deliberate leak posing as an unauthorized leak, to make Gorsuch more palatable to moderates.

I think that people often do not know how to evaluate news stories; they don't realize how important it is to know who the source of the news story is.
jeff (nv)
How about straight from the horses mouth, he confirmed it as did other in the room.
Shirl Herbert (Sanibel, FL)
How many times do we have to see this play out before we know we are being "set" up by our very own President & his administration. There is nothing he says or does that that we can know for sure is the truth. Sad day for America.
Meg8 (LA)
Yes, after calling for a Muslim ban for months, I'm sure the move was made now strictly for national security. Sure.
rjm (Woodbine md)
A truly moral candidate would withdraw from consideration unless/until Trump retracted his statements.
Independent Voter (Los Angeles)
Isn't lying blatantly, knowingly and repeatedly to deceive the American people malfeasance in office? And isn't malfeasance an impeachable offense?

And if it is, why is no member of the House filing a motion to impeach Trump?
AxInAbLfSt (Hautes Pyrénées)
While Gorsuch is "demoralized" and "disheartened", you folks better be at the very least very concerned, even slightly horrified. Even if this would-be authoritarian got there by the slimiest margin of victory possible, he now have the military, law enforcement agencies and both houses under his vulgarian spell; what could possibly go wrong... Apart using and abusing the US government to enrich himself and his friends, I don't know what his endgame is, but be aware, his tactics are direct quotes from the dictator's manual for dummies and everything is unfolding perfectly up to now. All this because of civic apathy, what a waste. Vote no matter what. For you Mayor, Governor, Senator, President, for your Congressman, Congresswomen, vote!
bob (New York)
Judge Neil M. Gorsuch Comments about demoralizing and disheartening was a strategy cooked up by Republicans in order to secure Democratic votes in order for him to get the 60 votes required to get the nomination confirmed. Judge Neil M. Gorsuch is not an independent as he has said, but is the strict far right conservative in the footsteps of Anthony Scalia. Democrats cannot fall for this phony ploy being put on by the Republicans and Donald Trump. Democrats need to make sure that his nomination is filibustered and this seat is left on filled the same as what the Republicans did to Merck Garland.
Jeff (Michigan)
I have been thinking the same thing, but thought I was just getting overly paranoid... glad I'm not alone
Zatari (Anywhere)
Jeff, you're not at all alone. Not at all.
brendan finucane (Shippensburg PA)
Remember when Spiro Agnew would act as Nixon's "attack dog" ala "the nattering nabobs of negativity' ? Trump's MO is to be POTUS plus the attack dog rolled into one singularly offensive circus act.
Brian (Michigan)
He's the attack dog. Bannon is POTUS.
Ed (Missoula)
Where are they when we need them - those new guardians of civility, the Senators who recently silenced another for impugning a colleague? Senator McConell and my own Senator Steve Daines. I patiently await their condemnation of The President for impugning a Federal Judge
Dave Hall (Chico,California)
What was formerly called the Republican Party has a deal with Donald Trump. You deliver us more power and we will cut you in on it. He knows exactly what he is doing and has deceived his base into thinking he is their savior when he knows perfectly well he won't be able to deliver. If Trump is no longer of use to the 'Republicans', they will grant a few concessions and send him on his way. Chaos may follow as the people realize that their hope has become another deception.
What happened? When and how did we lose respect for law? How did we lose compassion? Tolerance? A fair tax system? Ethical corporations? Honesty? Charity? Respect, and love for our neighbor? Are we so impaired by selfishness and greed that we can't help someone else?
ghost867 (NY)
While everyone is up in arms about Trump's comments, you're missing what's actually going on here. Gorsuch's response was leaked *by* the White House. Intentionally. It paints him as an independent and helps pave an easy path to a 60+ vote nomination. He's a puppet, just like Trump is. President-In-Fact Bannon wants someone he can manipulate for the next Citizen's United-esque decision.

And the outraged left is completely duped.
djt (northern california)
What does it matter? From now on Supreme Court Judges will only reach the bench when the party of the presidency and senate is the same.
Jeremy (Hong Kong)
I don't find arguments based on "norms" and "traditions" to be very persuasive. Think where we'd be if we were deferred to "norms" and "traditions" during the Civil Rights era.

I think you're on much firmer ground when you talk about Trump undermining the separation of powers and provoking a Constitutional crisis. He obviously thinks judges should just give him what he wants. That would be a dictatorship.

No need to be gentle when it comes to Trump.
APS (Olympia WA)
Earlier an NYT chart showed Gorsuch measurably to the right of Scalia. I wonder if that means he's actually honest, and works with the constitution and precedents that have been set rather than discarding the ones he personally disagrees with as Scalia used to do.
Nick C (Montana)
During the Reagan Administration, in coldest depths of the Cold War, a German diplomat half-jokingly, and with more than a dollop of Old World condescension, said to me the U.S. presidential election was much too important to be left to Americans to decide.

Thirty-five years on, those words resonate more than ever: instead of a leader, sadly we have truly a spoiled brat, having a tantrum. What did we as a nation do to deserve four years of this man-child acting out against every perceived slight? God help not only us, but the whole planet.
Michigander (Alpena, MI)
A Trump extreme right wing Supreme Court associate justice nominee criticizes Trump for bashing a judge, thereby signaling his bona fides as a judge who respects separation of powers and independence from Trump. Uncharacteristically, Trump then reiterates his support for the nominee. The press focuses on this theater rather than the nominee's right wing politics.

A terrific ploy, well played by all, including the unwitting Democratic Senator actors in this drama.
Pat B. (Blue Bell, Pa.)
'Even a bad high school student would rule in my favor.' Poor choice of words, Donald. I admit those 'bad high school students' are your peers in terms of educational accomplishment and literacy/critical thinking skills. Fortunately, our judicial branch is full of people with more education than our President.
multnomah9 (Oregon)
Trump should have remained a business man, he's study all his life about business and making of the deal. As President he's a disaster, please someone Impeach Trump.
Benvenuto (Maryland)
Since we seem to have entered the 1950s in Washington, what's next? Perhaps we need an article on Papa-Doc Duvalier of Haiti. Except, wait, Duvalier had a medical degree, making him educated, and he didn't run the place as a family farm. Maybe a piece on Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos?
Vic Cain (Oregon)
If Judge Gorsuch is truly offended by the Comments of the President corcerning the brotherhood of the judiciary, he should ask the Senate to fulfill it's Constitutional duties concerning the nomination of Judge Garland before considering his own nomination.
eddie (ny)
Many Muslims countries with big populations are not banned, repeat not banned. These 7 countries have failed governments. How do you vet people with no records? People from these countries can be kings or bums. Trump is correct. Yes, a high school student can figure it out.
SCSOCAL (California)
This is a lie perpetrated by the left and the MSM. It was Sen. Blementhal who said that Gorsuch said that but he didn't!! Now the media should apologize for printing such faux news without vetting their source. It's getting old that we have to see this kind of reporting everyday from the MSM.
tcardoc (north california)
Were you there? The judge's own spokesperson said he did say that, as did Senator Blementhal and Senator Sasse, republican of Nebraska.
Where do you get your (mis) information? Let me guess, does the slogan fair and balanced sound familiar?
claudia (new york)
"Candidate’s Words on Vietnam Service Differ From History"
NYT May 17, 2010
Senator Richard Blumenthal seemed to have some "issues" with the truth back then. What makes him so trustworthy now?
TJS (New York)
Having made these critical comments about Mr. Trump belittling of the judiciary does Judge Gorsuch really want to have his legal reputation tied to this President? I don't think so. Unfortunately, Judge Gorsuch has raised the character issue: his own.
MST (San Francisco)
This is a continuation of his standard operating procedure. Those who do things he likes are the best, greatest, smartest. Those who don't are sad, terrible, evil. Add to this the fact that the courts have long been a tool for him to accomplish his ends -- making more money -- and his statements are simply not surprising. His view of the world: A judge that enables me to win: smart and fair. A judge that goes against me: biased, dumb, loser. This is what we have for the next four years
William Case (Texas)
Press Secretary Sean Spicer pointed out at this afternoon's press briefing that other's who heard Judge Gorsuch comments said he was addressing criticism of the judiciary in general. He wasn't referring specifically to Trump's criticism of the Seattle federal district judge. This would include Trump's criticism, of course, but would also include criticism of court rulings made by other presidents. For example, it would included President Obama criticism of Supreme Court justices in Citizens United or the federal district judge who ruled his Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program exceeded his presidential authority.
Sandra Klima (Fort Erie, ON)
I don't want to sound or be disrespectful with this question but it can't be helped. Is Judge Gorsuch calling out Trumps attack on independent judges "demoralizing" and "disheartening" a strategy to get the needed votes of Democrats in the Senate? I may be way off base here but I was just wondering because everything else the administration does seems to be playing out like a game.
Genii (Baltimore)
It is shocking and disgusting to see how trump manipulates and threats the different branches of the US government. The US democracy is in serious and immediate danger since trump became president. The last thing we want is a judicial branch that kneels before trump and does what trump wants regardless of what the Constitution says. It seems that Gorsuch supports trump’s actions since he has said nothing in PUBLIC about trump attacks to members of the judiciary. Saying only in private that the president’s criticism of independent judges is “demoralizing” and “disheartening” is cowardice. The judicial branch is supposed to be the pillar of American democracy by forcefully checking the irrational actions of the executive branch; trump does not acknowledge such independence. Instead, he is trying to eliminate the independence of the courts and their judges using his best tools: disparage and insults. Trump success in everything has revealed a frightening weakness of American democracy. The worst thing is that noting stops him. Trump is a fascist and his authoritarianism, which started like cancer less than three weeks ago when he became president, is now aggressively metastasizing at an incredible speed. Trump is happily watching how the US democracy continues spiraling down, and he will not stop until he sees democracy dead. Enough is enough! We must preserve judicial independence and our democracy. It is about time to impeach trump before fascism is rooted in the US.
Chip (White Bear Lake, MN)
He relishes the attention, and he doesn't get the responsiblity part.
Ninbus (New York City)
In additional to everything else, I noted that DT took the opportunity to remind his Twitter followers about Sen. Blumenthal's Vietnam fabrication.

There is nothing too petty or low for this Special-Needs-President to stoop to. (pace: Socrates)

This, of course, from a draft-dodging bone-spurred liar who still - by the way - is keeping up his "I never supported the Iraq war" lie.
KS (Centennial Colorado)
Why is it "low" to remind listeners of this second hand account of what was said, theoretically in a private conversation, that Blumenthal is a proven liar, and his words should be so considered?
Reader In Wash, DC (Washington, DC)
Why is it petty or low to point Blumenthal repeated lies about his Vietnam service? What's wrong with the truth?
Lee Harrison (Albany)
I'm all for the truth -- let's see Trump's taxes. Let's find out why Trump is so beholden to Putin.
ChesBay (Maryland)
Aw, Gorsuch is demoralized. Maybe he's not the man some people think he is. I'd be willing to BET he's not the man some people thinks he is.
Roger Duronio (New Jersey)
The excuses that the Administration spokespersons and news reporters for President Trump's continued lying miss the whole point. They fundamentally say Trump is 'unusual', That he sees reality differently. etc. The only reasonable conclusion is that Trump does not distinguish reality from his opinions or beliefs. That is clearly the definition of a psychotic person. If reality is not the basis from which the President draws inferences and conclusions then he has no right being the decision maker for the United States and should be removed. To continue to lie about any factual condition is insane. Trump does it on a regular basis. The media, in not pointing this fact out, is supporting an insane person as our president.
Carla (Ithaca NY)
To Bian, in Phoenix:

Anything done by our legislators or the executive must be CONSTITUTIONAL, as in, it must not violate the Constitution. The federal courts have the express obligation to review cases brought before them for Constitutionality. The specific purpose of that review is to ensure our individual rights aren't trampled by elected officials. Otherwise, they could enact anything they wanted. Even State laws cannot violate the Constitution. Thus, a Virginia State law prohibiting interracial marriage was struck down in 1967 (or thereabouts) because it was unconstitutional. The state (as in "government") can't infringe on our Constitutional rights. I must say "duh!" because the separation of powers is the basic foundation of our democracy. How is what this judge did any different than reviewing the Affordable Care Act for ITS Constitutionality? All the right wingers were perfectly fine with the courts reviewing that law, as well as other things President Obama did directly through executive order. Unfortunately, Trump has no clue about how our government works, and was meant to work. Thank goodness we DO have an independent judiciary, because that might be all that is between Trump and the demise of our entire system.
Azur Moulaert (VT)
Trump is just being Trump. Gorsuch accepted Trump's nomination to further his career, how is that for a moral compass!
Ava G. (SC)
Does anyone actually believe that Trump listened to the entire argument before the court? And he only understood 10% of what he did hear.
I find it demoralizing and extremely disheartening that Mr. Trump's comments are characterized as "critique." That is a term more generally used to describe thoughtful and insightful discussion of a topic, not the childish lashing out at yet another "enemy."
I have come to expect the Times to be a little more careful in its choice of words.
Norman (California)
Obama lambasted the Supreme Court sitting right in front of him at the 2010 State of the Union Address:

NYT Jan 20, 2010: "Supreme Court Gets a Rare Rebuke, in Front of a Nation"
logodos (New York)
Remember Roosevelt's attempt to pack the Supreme Court? Read our history -Obama went after the entire SUpreme Court. These attacks on the President are deplorable, hypocritical and entirely appropriate. Courts will soon have a chance to tell the public what they think of the presidents orders. Each branch of government is co-equal. These attacks, and comments are healthy. Touches
David Booth (Somerville, MA, USA)
"Demoralized" and "disheartened"? That's the language of defeat. Gorsuch is already that he'll be a cowering lap dog for Trump, rather than one who will stand up for the Judiciary as in independent branch of government.

Even if Gorsuch were to change his tune and feign independence from Trump's intimidations, it would still only be for the purpose of wooing Democratic senators to accept his confirmation. He still favors corporate dominance over "we the people".
RK (New York, NY)
He could have called it what it is: an attack on an independent judiciary. But the Republicans have been doing that for a long time already without a peep from Judge Gorsuch. So instead he had a sad. It's all staged.
Andrew G. Bjelland, Sr. (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Trump has been likened to Captains Queeg and Bligh. He is already confronting well justified mutiny.
JMM. (Ballston Lake, NY)
DNC already saying this "leak" was a trap laid by GOP to make Gorsuch seem palatable.
Pete (Mpls)
I believe it helps him get confirmed since he is "standing up to Trump" and believe its disingenuous.
david x (new haven ct)
Good to see our Senator Blumenthal in the news and as always doing the right thing.

Trump, a true sleaze, to avoid the issue of the day, of course finds a locker-room bully's insult to throw at him. (Lordly, if you put Richard Blumenthal's lifetime transgressions next to Trump's constant gush of lies, venal exploitations, etc ...what a joke, what a joke.

Good for Judge Gorsuch for standing up right now. The choice of judge belonged to President Obama, but that's not how our government works now. Judge Gorsuch is by no means the worst choice: the worst choices got used up in the Cabinet and NSA and all sorts of nepotistic selections as close advisors.
Roseann (New York, NY)
"On Wednesday, Mr. Trump told the law enforcement officers that he was acting solely out of a concern about terrorism, a threat he said had deepened since he took office and gained access to information about the risks facing Americans."

Ah, yeah, is anyone going to tell him that the threat deepened BECAUSE he took office?
Dennis (Laguna Niguel)
Reflecting on reactions to the so called President Trump in NY Times letters it reminds me of how the other half of American responded negatively to President Obama. Those responses were largely based on who he was, his race; the current responses to Trump are based on what he does and what he says. That is a huge and vital differences and says something about how America is now divided.
Chanzo (UK)
Demoralizing and worse.

Meanwhile, remember that the current vacancy is stolen.
A judge accepting that seat will be handling stolen goods.
bully pulpit (Arizona)
Gorsuch said what he was told to say to the Democratic Senator, likely by Bannon.
Stephan Skettini (Newark)
Major news outlets, CNN, NYT, NBC, etc. are continuing to slant a story creating more fake news. Pres. Trump is correct to state Sen. Blumenthal misrepresented the Judge Gorsuch. Sen. Blumenthal attributed the word "abhorrent" to Gorsuch and no spokesperson or witness confirmed that. "Abhorrent" is orders of magnitude more critical than "disheartening." I am appalled, meaning way more than disappointed, at how frequently I see an event occur only to read or hear it reported in a biased fashion. It is disingenuous and just plain bad reporting to report "...confirms he said demoralizing...disheartening..."as evidence the President is wrong to complain about misrepresentation without ever placing the Senator's actual quote in the story.
J-Dog (Boston)
Gorsuch needs to do more to show his own independence from Trump. He should denounce Trump's statements more publicly.

Even better, he ought to say whether or not he thinks Merrick Garland should have been given a fair hearing. If so, then he should withdraw in favor of Garland. If not, then he himself doesn't deserve a hearing, vote, or confirmation.
danielx (ct)
consider how very mild was the response by his nominee. Gorsuch said he was "disenheartened" -- about as mild a response as one could imagine. He's not "outraged" at the ignorance of a president who fails to understand the basics of separation of powers doctrine; he's not aghast at the implications for an independent judiciary, the cornerstone of any liberal democracy; he's not disgusted at the arrogance of a man who seeks to bully others with his words by name-calling those who fail to kneel to his power. No; he's dispirited. And the thin-skinned babyman we currently have as President can't handle such a response.
bully pulpit (Arizona)
C'mon people! Who did the republican fascist party's nominee for supreme court justice say this to? A DEMOCRATIC senator ---- please stop reporting these bait and switch utterances if the NYTimes truly seeks to report the news that counts.
Voldemorts minions confirmed it dodo. So it has to be absolutely, perfectly true. And the best alternative fact ever uttered. That is what you believe no matter what, isnt it? If the minions say yes, it means Voldemort said yes, which means god said yes and so be it.
Lee Harrison (Albany)
Who's your Voldemort? Trump or Bannon? Neither of them have an ounce of the brains and determination that the fictional Voldemort has.

One of the tragedies of this presidency is how banal and incompetent these people are. Trump appears to be in early dementia. Bannon hasn't discovered yet that most people, particularly most government officials, are considerably smarter than Brietbart's readership.
Ptooie (Woods Hole)
The District Courts order is disgraceful and a clear breach of the separation between branches of government. The judiciary has no business regulating immigration.
The judiciary is there to keep crooks and perverts from trashing the Constitution which is more important than any of you. Who, if you win this, many of us will work on having your citizenship revolked (who cares if your family came over in 1543, you WILL BE DEPORTED WITH ALL KIN. And relatives by marriage. Though for your kind the 2 are actually the same. Still love being married to your sisters 12 year old daughter? Or does she still sob at night because you are so disgusting?
CEQ (Portland)
Who needs soap operas anymore.
Meanwhile, I heard Cruz said the Klueless F**king Klan is run by democrats now.
So, here's what I'm thinking....maybe we modern, urbanized, culturally humble democrats actually should all join the KKK! and then, you know, then take over, and change all the rules, and make it an organization that fights human trafficking and collects donations for ongoing reparations for all those who have suffered the trauma of slavery since the Europeans invaded this land...
I got that idea from watching what is going on in our government right now....
Maybe this sounds absurd, but come on guys and gals, it's time to get creative.
Then we can get the whole Klan to march on Washington to get rid of the bigot Voldemort! That would be great to totally confuse all of them. I like it.
Shannon Coon (Salt Lake City)
We are facing four long years of tactless, graceless comments by a president who only knows four adjectives. I wake up each morning terrified by Trump's latest Twitter rants. The man has no shame.
Most wont wait 4 years to see him gone. Try reading the whole Declaration of Independence. It tells you what to do in just such a case as this.
Just muttering about unniceties wont do it. Guess thats why I am proud of being a Nasty Woman. When the Citizens Army marches on DC, I will have a pump shotgun filled with bullets not birdshot. Dont bother to wait until its all over, then run out of your bunker and yell, We are in charge now! Cause you wont be. Never will be again. Both the demipoots and the repugs are over. One new party will be the American Party, each new member will have to sign a legal document promising that the country will always come before party, family, or self. If you cant promise it, you cant join. Another party if it tries to either go the poots or pugs way will be legally abolished if it does not have the same legality. No party will ever again be allowed to try to make itself more important than the country. There will be mental tests for all high ranking elected officials. Anyone wishing to run for any of those jobs will have to divest of all assets before their name goes on even one ballot. The government will fund all elections. No family money, no donations will be allowed. Just what the government decides on, will be all candidates have, and it must be spent with any person or company that is not related to the candidate. Spending it with your company will disqualify the candidate from ever running for any office, from that moment on.
San Fran Liberal (San Francisco)
Trump can withdraw the executive order and rewrite it. He can do this at any point and avoid future hearings and a trial. Given that Trump/Bannon want to bring chaos on our nation and its institutions, he will charge ahead and go down in glorious defeat.
PW (White Plains)
So will Trump, in a fit of pique and amidst yet another twitter storm, now withdraw the nomination of Gorsuch, who had the temerity to characterize Trump's words as "demoralizing" and "disheartening"? Stay tuned. Gorsuch is far from my cup of tea, but I fear that Trump might just go ahead and replace him with a really hard-right loon.
Elliott Smith (Boulder)
First the “so-called” judge, and now the “misrepresented” judge. Part of Trump’s pathology is seeing every interaction in zero-sum terms. It’s not enough to oppose someone’s opinion or decision or program. He needs to attack their appearance or character or legitimacy. He figures to exalt himself by trashing opponents on a personal level. Hence all the childish name-calling he practiced in his campaign, and still does. How far we have sunk that so many—mostly Republicans—now regard this sociopathic behavior as acceptable, if not presidential.
Just proves the repugs are as sick as Voldemort. They all belong in hospitals for the criminally insane. Preferably ones not well kept up, in loin cloths only (both male and female) in non gender segregated wards, with video cameras recording everything and putting it on a special station both on cable/satellite and internet, so all the perverts can watch.
tbernhard (nyc)
Where is John Roberts? I thought it was the duty of the Chief Justice to defend the integrity of the judiciary.
Kara Ben Nemsi (On the Orient Express)
Which is what he is doing. Trump has the right to say whatever he wants, he is just exercising his First Amendment privileges. Whether it makes any sense or not, or is offensive doesn't matter. The time for him to comment on it is when a case built on Trump's utterances is reaching the Supreme Court. Not any sooner. That's the whole point of not politicizing the process. That a private comment made in a conversation with a senator was leaked is something else. Gorsuch himself has not officially commented on the matter as he should not.
Andrew Macdonald (Alexandria, VA)
Reminds one of Putin's Russia or Assad's Syria. The state is always right, which means, that the "dictator" know best.
Darchitect (N.J.)
Don't trust him...It's an ambush.
Petey tonei (Ma)
Beware of Neil Gorsuch.
ChesBay (Maryland)
Darchitect--YUP. You got it.
BruceW (New York)
Apparently Judge Gorsuch wasn't demoralized and disheartened by the gross disrespect that the Senate Republicans showed for the Constitution and for the far more qualified Judge Garland. At least not enough to decline to profit from their disrespect and say no to the seat that they made available for Trump to fill. Someone should ask him how he got comfortable with that.
Mark (Atl)
What we are witnessing is the reason why CEO's make terrible Presidents.

Trump is not accustomed to being questioned/challenged on anything. I seriously doubt that anyone in the Trump organization has ever said anything other than..."that's a brilliant idea"... or ..."you're amazing". Certainly no one has ever challenged his thinking or directives.

As President you must "sell" your ideas to build a consensus. You must listen to others whos views differ from your own and you must when necessary push back but in a constructive manner.

Trump fails miserably at all of this as he's never in his life had to work with people who were anything more than "yes" men/women.
Susan Fr (Denver)
As my granddaughter used to say, It Just Keeps Getting Worser and Worser.
Susan (New York)
When is someone with more power than us, voters, going to usher this dangerous and unbalanced bully out of the White House? Nothing he says is credible and he attacks everyone that disagrees with him.
ChesBay (Maryland)
Susan--If I were up to the task I'd love to walk in there and drag him, kicking and screaming out into the street where he would get a knee-ing with permanent consequences.
There are, millions of us. Just read the Declaration of Independence, where WE the People are given the right, no the obligation to revolt in just such a situation. Let the repugs tell you that voters have no power. The Declaration tells you not only voters but every citizen has the right to fight for their (our) country. So buck up, take shooting lessons and get ready to march (buses probably for most of it). We are not licked yet. Though if you think your life is more important than anyone elses, you are licked. Find a bunker, get in it, and dont expect any say in the New Democratic government. Just like draft dodgers shouldnt expect a say (unless they stayed in the US and fought against the draft, they are with us)
MillertonMen (NY)
Hey NYTimes why the False Equivalency again?
Obama did not "admonish" SCOTUS at State of The Union 2010.
He started by respectfully acknowledging the separation of the 3 branches of US government and stated what he wanted Congress to do, which was EXACTLY what the Citizens United ruling called for: to pass legislation.
There is no correlation with Trumps statements on the Judiciary and Obama SOTU. So stop it already.
ChesBay (Maryland)
Millerton--Was that the same address where one of the Republicans yelled out "You're a liar?" There is no correlation between trump and ANY person who have EVER inhabited the White House. UNFIT to serve. NOT a president. Lock him up!
Rather hang him. That is what should happen to a president who commits Treason. He has, keeps on doing it, will continue to do it. With every lie about Pootin. He is nuzzling an enemy leader. Someone should wack him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, and put him outside, as he is not housebroken.
sammy zoso (Chicago)
Forget all the analysis. Trump is unfit for office and very possibly mentally ill or at least unstable and therefore a menace to the nation and the rest of the world. He needs to be removed from office NOW. Let's go.
ChesBay (Maryland)
sammy--EXPERTS think he is mentally ill.
I agree, but, the army will be much smaller during a blizzard. Maybe closer to spring?
Ralph (Florida)
I am a lawyer who will never be able to take Mr. Justice Gorsuch very seriously because he will spend the rest of his life sitting in a stolen chair. Every vote, every published opinion should be starred with an asterisk. Anything he does on the Court will be fruit from a poisonous tree.
James (Houston)
The candidate never called Trump's attack anything rather had a general discussion about the judiciary. This is nothing but FAKE NEWS yet again by the NYT. When will you start reporting news instead of publishing opinion pieces pretending they are news? You will go out of business if you keep it up.
Gary (New York, NY)
@James - What is fake is Trump's illusion of political skill. He has none. This is why the immigration BAN was such a fiasco on so many levels. He's doing more harm than good. He's going to repeal laws that protect those beneath the 1%. Are you in the top 1% ? Because if you're not, I'd be VERY concerned right now. Trump is not following through on promises. He has not drained the swamp... only emboldened it.
tcardoc (north california)
No, this is not fake news as at least two senators as well as the judges own spokesperson have confirmed his statements. Speaking of fake news, try tuning in to something other than faux news once in awhile.
tonyjm (tennessee)
according to news reports I saw and read, Gorsuch didn't identify Trump at all in his conversations. Reporters need to get facts straight.
DR (New England)
Please tell us your sources.
William Kiper (Houston)
False news. Already people who heard the conversation have stated that he did not refer to Donald Trump when making the comments. Report the news, not make the news.
Dan (Delaware, OH)
Did you read the article that you responded to? Gorsuch spoke to Blementhal, and the Times reported what Blumenthal said. Have you noticed that news that is critical of Trump is always labeled fake news?
Liars like Kiper learned everything they know from Voldemort. Isnt that scary?
Chris, (chicago)
Is he so demoralized that he's willing to withdraw his name from consideration? Oh, he's not? Yeah, because he's not. He's saying things that will provide cover for Democrats. I mean, I can see that.
Alice's Restaurant (PB San Diego)
So, last time backstage crew, didn’t like “fetus” and “right”? Once again:

Let’s get real here: Federal judges are nothing more than Party Clerics (hacks) who rarely use "the law"--stuff we make up along the way to keep peace and harmony in the public square--to make their rulings, e.g., the "right" for a woman to determine the future of her fetus.

But Trump is right about the Federal judges (e.g., Donnelly and Robart--both blue states, 9th Circuit another blue state)--ideology is driving their stomping this time--unless, of course, they've reviewed what classified data and documents the NSA, CIA, FBI, and the Pentagon have in their files about same.

What is "disheartening" is that Gorsuch sucked up to Blumenthal. Trump needs to pull his nomination immediately.
DR (New England)
How do people with this level of intelligence manage to tie their shoes, get to work and earn a living?
Velcro not laces. Stealing mostly. Mostly they dont.
steve (baltimore)
"What is 'disheartening' is that Gorsuch sucked up to Blumenthal. Trump needs to pull his nomination immediately."

And then Trump would come off as even more of a loose cannon than before. That's exactly the kind of behavior that makes people like Charles Koch nervous about this administration.
Slann (CA)
So this morning, President Bannon said Gorsuch didn't say what he said, and went on to attack Sen. Blumenthal's military service. This from the draft dodger in chief.
Chanzo (UK)
“I listened to a bunch of stuff last night on television that was disgraceful,” Mr. Trump said.
"I am working long hours, long hours, and right up till 12:00 a.m. or 1:00 a.m.", he said on Tuesday.

Gosh -- with all that work, when does he find time to listen to "a bunch of stuff" on TV? Or does watching TV count as working?

Boys and girls: do not follow the so-called president's example. Watching TV is not work. Do your homework. Get enough sleep.
Mark (DC)
I guess there's really only one question then: Kimmel or Fallon? Because we know its not Colbert.
Brian (Kansas)
This is not unusual at all. The Democrat's hero Franklin Roosevelt wanted to stack the Supreme Court, for his favor! People's lack of historical knowledge or ignorance of it is truobling to say the least! The Democrats do not even understand our own government? Thousands of protesters disclaiming a President elected by the Electoral College, not to mention members of Congress not accepting fact. That is disgraceful to our Republic that has sustained for over 200+ years on our Constitution that states agreed was the way to elect the President, fairly.
Amy (NYC)
The reality is trumputin is ignorant and doesn't want anyone around him who is smarter. He is also a nasty bully and a blabber mouth with no restraint. This is what happens when the country allows a New York City landlord to become president. We are in for an awful ride....hold on to your seats!
ChesBay (Maryland)
Amy--Unfortunately, almost everybody is smarter than he is. Scares him to death.
Paolo Masone (Wisconsin)
first of all Trump says why should we believe these people who told us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Trump said he knew more than they did. Now, he takes the advice of presumably the same intelligence system to tell us that after the last couple of weeks he realizes that terrorism is a far greater threat than any of us understand. So, should we be pleased that maybe Trump is capable of actually learning something and becoming able to work with people he has publicly disdained? Or, should we just chalk these comments up to another one of his "business" tactics where he uses whatever leverage he is capable of levering?
Really slimy of Blumenthal to blab to the press something that was clearly spoken in private - it is conduct unbecoming of a member of Congress.
Stella (MN)
Gorsuch was the initiator in telling Blumenthal he could relay those thoughts to the media. In other words, Gorsuch wants his criticism known, so he will get more support from the Dems.
Tony (NYC)
After 3,500 hundred lawsuits and a sister how is a federal judge, it's hard to understand how President Trump does not have the experience to respect for the judiciary.
Ruben Kincaid (Brooklyn, NY)
Trump is clearly insane.
JMM (Dallas)
Typical morning: we hear about Trump's nasty tweets to Nordstroms. These are distractions that smart media should ignore for the most part and who knows, some distractions may be intentional with the very purpose of distracting us.

We must keep our eyes on the ball folks.
Hrao (NY)
I cannot wait for the 2020 elections to come up - this is a sad state of affairs where adults like Trump set a poor example for young kids. We as citizens deserve better. I wonder if the Trump supporters see what they have done to the country. Justice Ginsberg opined that the electoral college should be removed. I hope this happens sooner than later.
Peter (NJ)
Obviously, Trump's comments are demoralizing and disheartening. Releasing these comments are merely a political ploy, though. Republicans want to make Gorsuch - a conservative more extreme than Scalia - seem more palatable to moderates. Meanwhile, spineless Democrats want political cover for inevitably breaking ranks and caving in once again.

Never forget how we got here. Republicans stole this supreme court seat from President Obama. This is the Alamo, folks. No more hoping that the Republicans will suddenly be reasonable this time. No more groveling for crumbs from the table. Democrats must dig in and fight. There is no "next time". The other party isn't going to be nice and take turns. They've got the means to rewrite voting laws and gerrymander districts to keep themselves safely in power for a generation. This is after we WON the popular vote by 3 million votes! Wake up people. Pressure your representatives every single day. Give no cover to the cowards.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Among other reasons, Trump nominated Gorsuch because he looks like he's got at least 40 years left in him to warm the bench on the US Supreme Court.
Scrumper (Savannah)
Have you seen trump lately? He's only been in the chair a few weeks and he already looks awful. His face is all drawn and sagging with giant bags under his eyes. His speech patterns are slurred. Primarily I suspect because his ego is battered and bruised and he's desperately trying to fight millions of people complaining about his unethical and uncouth behavior. They are going to carry him out in a wooden box at this rate.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Have you ever seen another new hire at anything start a brawl a day right off the bat?
Steve (SW Michigan)
I agree totally. The job is not for the thin skinned, and I honestly don't think he knew what it entailed. But he asked for it, and as Spicer keeps reminding us, he won!
lightscientist66 (PNW)
All of Trump's ideas come from the same place; it's where “a bad high school student would understand", and that's because Trump is the epitome of bad student. Bad President. Bad person.

Sad? No, despicable.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Trump took command of the vengeful dunces aged out of the USA public school system. Entrepreneurs seize opportunities!
Tony (NY)
Hey, just heard that President Trump will have a Phenomenal Tax plan for us in a few weeks. This will be the most beautiful tax plan in the history of tax plans. Wonderful, stupendous, can wait to see it in an executive order.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
This will probably be an incitement for corporate managements to repatriate a couple of trillion dollars of profits stashed offshore to buy back their own stock and fund mergers to concentrate their power.
YA, all people making more than $1million a year will pay no taxes. All those making $10,000 to $999,999 will pay 99% of gross wages. All bow down to the great OZ! Known as "he who must not be named" or Voldemort. Those under $9,999 will have to get second, or third jobs, or just hand over every cent to Voldemort by direct deposit every week.
Tony (NY)
And that would be "Phenomenal"
Rick (New York)
Trump is now criticizing Blumenthal for revealing some of what Gorsuch said and he also apparentlly attacked Blumenthal claiming Blumenthal made misstatements about his war record. Who is Trump to attack anybody's war record? As far as I understand it - Trump never served in the army during the Vietnam war because he had multiple draft deferments, including one for "bad feet." Trump attacks anybody - including war hero John McCain without regard to his own record. Let's go Mr. Trump - you have a military record - tell us about it - but don't make up any "alternative" facts while discussing it - and don't try to promote your daughters business when discussing it. See
claudia (new york)
You forgot to check a NYT article from May 2010 about Richard Blumenthal and his "recollection" of his Vietnam experience.
There were 2 different types of males who didnt go when the draft called. 1. they refused to go, and stayed to fight the draft. Them I respect. 2. Those who took multiple deferments, including fake medical ones, some then ran to Canada, refusing to stand up against what they felt was wrong. They are cowards and should be ineligible for any government benefits, even if they have been paying taxes into SS and Medicare all these years. I hope they dream every night about the young man who went in their place, did he live or die? If he died, they belong in the lowest pit of h e l l with all blood decendents of theirs. Voldemort belongs in the 2nd group, with all his decendents.
N. Eichler (CA)
A public comment from Judge Gorsuch would demonstrate greater independence from the 'so-called' president and the administration. To characterize Trump's criticisms as 'demoralizing' and disheartening falls far short of what should be stronger condemnation of those comments and what prompts them.

Judge Gorsuch ought not to refrain from a more outspoken, and public, statement as he goes from senate office to senate office seeking approval and a vote for the Supreme Court. We deserve it from him.
PAUL FEINER (greenburgh)
Trump doesn't respect the courts. And our courts probably won't respect the President's improper actions. We need an independent Judiciary to provide the checks and balances that the Republican controlled Senate and House are not offering the American people. PAUL FEINER, Greenburgh NY
WhatTheFact (California)
The positioning of this article as today's Top Story is part of a campaign to nudge Gorsuch along towards confirmation. Of all the judges in all the land, this is the one picked out to be "normalized", shown by The Times to be irritated by Trump's antics, just like 99.99% of judges and legal scholars are?

There's more to the fact that this article has appeared here than meets the eyes. The campaign to put him on the bench is well underway, with a complicit corporate / mainstream media - who ever thought we'd see that in America?

8 Supremes is enough for now. To paraphrase McConnell, "The Supreme Court doesn't need saving." America need not be in a hurry to get the senate's advice and consent on this nominee or any other for now. We've got some important things to learn about Trump/Pence before considering Gorsuch or anyone else for SCOTUS. What impeachable offenses were committed by them with the Russians? What about Director Comey's possible involvement with the Trump campaign? Those investigations should be complete before bringing up Gorsuch in the senate. I'd wager a great many Americans would also wait on Gorsuch until Trump releases his tax returns.
Including those due April 15th or their about.
Dani (Brooklyn)
Better requirements should be instituted for the presidency. Number one rule should be to have a JD degree. Presidents should know the law, the constitution and the importance of separation of powers--something that I don't think Trump really understands.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
If only you didn't need a JD degree to hire a good lawyer.
First he couldnt earn a JD degree. Second, nothing is legal unless he wants it to be, then it is absolutely legal. So says he who is trying mightily to be our lord and master. Voldemort.
mssy (Brooklyn, NY)
Would that Gorsuch had the gumption to speak out publicly... but don't be holding your breath... out of the same mold as the late lamented Scalia and the presently lamented Alito, as far as I am concerned.
MatthewF (Purchase, NY)
I keep wondering, if the current vetting process takes years, how would delaying the executive order allow anybody to "rush in". It appears that the so-called president is making up reasons out of whole clothe.
Phytoist (USA)
If you feel that way,why don't you withdraw your nomination SIR!?
Norman (California)
Seems like no one asked Gorsuch if the quote attributed to him by a Democratic Senator was correct. First rule of 'real journalism' was violated yet again. The NYT stinks it up, again.
Why bother Voldemort confirmed it, so even if he didnt say it, Voldemort says he did. So it is with any "nominee" for any spot. What the nominee says is immaterial, only what "he who must not be named", often through his minions, says is real.
Bill Chinitz (Cuddebackville NY)
Michael Moore's comment : " as bad as you think things will be get, they'll be a lot worse.", is becoming evermore apparent.
Like a developing conflagration, either it can be brought under control and extinguished or it will burn all.
I consider the citizens army the fire department. We will put out the fire by blowing fire breaks, in the WH and congress.
Burton Glass (Long Island, NY)
The president is coming unglued. He tries to bully everyone whose opinions differ from his, and he is getting in way over his head. He does not have the experience, the education, the intellectual capacity, or enough understanding of the issues to do anything but flail after his perceived enemies. Paranoia? Surely no sane person would act as this president acts. And the act is quickly getting old.
Fifi (San Francisco)
What a sad, sad man. If his precious little Ivanka has an iota of decency, she should come up with an intervention plan asap and get this so-called businessman/president/mentally unstable person out of the White House. It's clear that Gorsuch and the Republican clowns have no guts to stand up and end this despicable spectacle.
She never will. She has been under his control and in his bed (forceably at first probably, never saved by her mother) since about the age of 6. Now, its normal. He calls, she comes. He complained about Nordstrom I think because like many women she just had to talk about it, when he expected her to be licking. Her mind was not on him as he demands. So, he tweeted, while she went and washed after he punished her. Then said to her, see sweety, my love, I care about you, now GO TO WORK.
Roger (Wiscosnin)
This is a strategy so the Democrats can cave and allow Gorusch on the court. They will now pretend he is a reasonable person because of this bogus comment. He is beholden to Trump and the Kochs and will do whatever they want. The news media is once again being used by Trump, Gorusch, and the Democrats. Whent he Democrats confirm him, our country will lose our voting rights, our pollution laws, and everything else. Complete control of the government will be accomplished and they will never relinquish it. Free elections will be essentially over as soon as Gorusch is appointed.
We still hold an ace. The ace of spades. The card of war and death. Hopefully played before too many good people are hurt. We shouldn't hold out until he cancels the 2018 elections. That would cost us too many more good people.
karen ke (vt)
Never thought I would say this but Gorsuch is a ray of sunshine.
DR (New England)
You really need to slow down and not be so quick to judge things like this.
David R (Kent, CT)
I believe it may be possible that Judge Gorsuch may actually intend to uphold the constitution, perhaps because he still values democracy and decency. That's more than can be said for the entire GOP.

And as gone as those days are, I also believe there was a point in time when the GOP felt it was their duty to protect and democracy and the constitution. That's more than can be said for Trump, who obviously never had anything but animus for democracy and the constitution.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Judge Gorsuch's views on "freedom of religion" are cast into question by his ruling in the Hobby Lobby case. He really needs to explain why he opened the door to litigation based on alleged injuries to God and purported post mortal punishments for compliance with secular regulations.
He feels nothing for either. Their fine for the hoi paloi, the poor. But, neither apply to him. He is above any law, Constitution, Declaration of Independence. Therefore anyone who brings one of them up about something he has said or done, is not just wrong, but, both criminally wrong, and guilty of treason. Treason against the high and mighty Voldemort. The only person in the world who matters. (to him)
Unfortunately, we have a President with a maturity and reading level of a 12 year old so we essentially have no one in charge but the babysitter- Bannon. I think we can now understand why so many of Trump's businesses went bankrupt.
Casual Observer (Los Angeles CA)
Anyone who achieves the respect as a jurist as has Gorsuch, even if he entertains odd ideas about trying to use a twenty-first century mind to discern the original intent of the founders, has worked very long hours studying an understanding endless numbers of legal briefs and decisions is going to hold the profession of judge in high regard and looks up a seat on the Supreme Court as a great honor and responsibility to not just the country as it is but as it will become. Thus I am not surprised at his chagrin with Trump's careless remarks.
It is not that he said something, its that what he said was so wishy washy. If he had said "Voldemort you are wrong". Then it would have meant something.
Tim (The Berkshires)
Gorsuch's comments made the trumpster look bad. So where's the tweet calling the nominee a loser? Has our dear leader met his match?
Dean M. (NYC)
Gorsuch is ethically required to decline the nomination. It is a nominee of Obama who should take his place. Step up and have morals Gorsuch!
He hasnt had any since his mother resigned and he got mad she did. Wasnt his choice then, affected his mental decency ever since. He will do his best to make his lord and owner proud and do everything he is told.
Gennady (Rhinebeck)
This and similar episodes reveal a profound rift between hierarchies and many ordinary Americans who supported Trump in the last election. Trump has to act they way he acts in order to keep their support without which he will quickly lose power. Trump’s detractors, including ruling hierarchies, intensify their pressure on Trump in order to either change him or remove him from power. It’s a deadlock and it may end up badly for this country if the current course continues. The removal of Trump will only prove to his supporters that hierarchies are trying to recapture what they have lost last November, and they will not sit idly. The passions are too intense. Neither side gives any indication that they know how to get out of this situation without inflicting serious damage to this country. Only a new and creative approach can help us negotiate this turbulent period. But creativity is something that is in very short supply. There is no forum where creative solutions will have a chance to be heard (certainly not in the pages of this newspaper). So, we have to brace ourselves for a rough ride and the liberal media will only make things worse, not better.
David (Portland)
It's called Impeachment, no creativity required, just follow the law.
The decent people are organizing to get rid of the trash once and for all. Then no problem. Since Voldemort is one of them, he goes too. Along with minions, cabinet, and congress.Most of both parties.
Ed (Old Field, NY)
Trump didn’t need to say anything; he would not be the first to disagree with a judge’s ruling.
An attorney who was preparing me to take the stand instructed me to end every sentence with “sir”/“ma’am.” An older colleague of his smiled broadly for an old lawyer’s joke: How do you end a sentence? With an appeal.
mather (Atlanta GA)
Well, in case any of you haven't noticed yet, here's further proof that we've put a amoral, racist madman in charge of the country.

What gets me is that to most of his supporters, this will either come as a surprise, or something they just don't care about.

There's no excuse for those who are surprised. Trump has been a lying swine his entire life. The only way people could not know this is if they'd been living in a cave in Tibet all their lives or, more likely, because they are really stupid!

And Trump could walk out onto 5'th Aveneue wearing a white sheet and hood while carrying a Confederate flag and the GOP congress would not give a tinker's damn. All they care about is how well he will facilitate their immiseration of the 99% and their grab for permanent power.

I really wish I studied Spanish harder in High School, 'cause Belize is looking really good to me right now.
JR (Baltimore)
I realize the comment was made privately, but even so, this is a brilliant political move by Gorsuch to show a capacity to resist Trump. Republican senators won't be voting no on him any time soon, and Trump won't be rescinding his nomination. Thus the only conceivable barrier to his nomination is Democratic resistance and filibuster. Standing up to Trump will only help Gorsuch's case to show Dem senators that he's truly an independent jurist, and the best option they're going to get.
Jeremyi (NY,NY)
This feels very calculated. Fear among many that Gorsuch will not be independent from the Trump Administration. Trump makes a comment that is designed to be clearly across the line. Gorsuch calls it what it is--and seems independent as a result.
MickNamVet (Philadelphia, PA)
For a sitting president to make statements like "the stuff I saw on TV last night" as the sources of his judgments is beyond shame and embarrassment. What none of the experts cited here say specifically, and what is most obvious to the entire world, is that our president is psychotic-in-chief, is, in essence and in practice COMPLETELY INSANE. Until that crucial issue is addressed and solved posthaste by our elected representatives, our country will be in very dire straits, domestically and diplomatically.
Mark (DC)
Thanks you Mr. Trump. You are an inspiration!
First, you inspired millions of protesters to turn out following your inauguration (which I attended with my wife and 4 year old daughter in DC) and now daily civics lessons on the workings of our democracy and the Constitution. If Hillary had won, I can honestly say, I would have far less insight than I do now (maybe somewhere between an ignorant high school student and a CEO). But now! Just thank you Mr. Trump. Keep up the good work!
Garth (Vestal, NY)
Barely three weeks into his reign and Donald is making a mockery of every standard of behavior for a president. Donald is such an aberration that when he passes the old standards of conduct will be restored within an hour of his leaving office. The records will be swept clean and Trump will only be remembered as a farce.
And held up as an example as to why, if a rich man wants to run for president he must totally divest before his name goes on the first ballot. Wont? Will not be able to run. Same with tax returns. Also, that each person wishing to run must have a comprehensive mental examination with doctors not of their choosing, but, absolutely paid for by them. I would also suggest what we do in MA. Here the people running for Govenor are in one list, those for Lt Govenor on another. That means sometimes the Govenor is of one party, the Lt Govenor another. Would work for Prez and VP.
Kara Ben Nemsi (On the Orient Express)
You didn't think that through, Wolf,

Divest before the name goes on the ballot? Why on Earth, he's not elected yet and maybe never will. That would have to apply to everybody, way too much of a burden. Would you run for public service under those conditions?

Tax returns: Fine. That can and probably should be made a requirement.

Mental exam, paid for by the candidate: Ludicrous! You eliminate all the poor candidates right there, making sure that only rich people can run for office. Shot in the foot!

President and VP on different lists: Let the intrigue in the WH start! Not a good idea either. If the two don't get along the kabuki theater we are witnessing right now would look like a productive business compared to the complete paralysis and backstabbing that would be happening then.

Be realistic. At least I gave you one point out of four.
Smitty (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
Esther joyce speaks: trump is using big words again such as 'stuff' which he heard. He also stepped in to defend Ivanka's clothing line being removed from Nordstrom which stores do when items do not sell or customers report problems often enough. There are those who say he was a father defending his daughter. The daughter is a woman and a clothing line removal is not heartbreak. The father is speaking from the position of president. There is a question, continuing from the inauguration, of whether he is president or businessman, or indifferent to the distinction.
She got upset about her lines failure. He got mad because she wasnt performing in his bed as she is supposed to. So of course Nordstrom got tweeted at. Everyone knows she has been in his bed, more than not, since she was 6. Why try to hide it. He thinks its fine and dandy, no law applies to him.
Dan M (New York)
Where was the outrage when President Obama chastised the Supreme Court about the Citizens United decision during a state of the union address in front of both houses of Congress? How about when Chuck Schumer, commenting on the same case, said "one thing is clear, the conservative bloc of the Supreme Court has predetermined the results of the next election" More phony news
David (Portland)
What Obama and Schumer said were factual condemnations of the decisions themselves (did you notice the Republican popular vote loser is sitting in the white house?) and not attacks on the character and independence the court itself. How exactly is it "phony news" to report what someone said? Or is it the comments you don't like and can't distinguish from the news?
Maqroll (North Florida)
We all know that the judiciary lacks the military might and adminstrative reach of the executive and the lawmaking and budgetary power of the legislative branch, so respect for the judiciary is of utmost importance for this branch to perform its responsibilities. My question is where is Trump's sister, former US District Court Judge Barry? She needs to lend her voice to the chorus of people trying to rein in her brother. I assumed that she did not during Trump's disgraceful comments about the federal judge of Mexican heritage because that was during the campaign, altho that is no excuse. But now there is no reason for her not to speak up.
John Kell (Victoria)
Oh dear! Maybe if Judge Neil M. Gorsuch speaks his mind a couple more times, our so-called President will withdraw his nomination ... ?
sowheeler (Atlanta, GA)
These comments from Gorsuch were probably orchestrated by Bannon and/or McConnell to make the nominee appear more independent and to build his support with the Democrats.
Bj (Washington,dc)
I completely agree. Otherwise, he would have stayed silent.
Christian (Queens)
It would have been wiser if he were silent on this. The comment almost seems too good to be true and your assessment is quite plausible.
magicisnotreal (earth)
It also explains why he is not saying it himself in public. Last night CBS news credited him with saying it was "abhorrent" as well.
JCG (Greene County, PA)
This is a good first step. If the so-called president can dishearten even his own people perhaps we, the people, we,the country, stand a chance to turn this thing around before it hits the iceberg.
Bj (Washington,dc)
You are taking such comments on its face as genuine. However, as other posters have said, such comments are part of strategy to make him appear more moderate and acceptable to Democrats. I hope the Dems see right through this. Normally, a nominee would not have said anything, so speaking out against Trump is a clever strategy.
JCG (Greene County, PA)
You're probably right. It worked for Tillerson.
McGee (Bethlehem, PA)
All of this stems from the travel ban, which is part of a larger message to frighten the country into believing a terror attack is imminent. The sad part is that we will be attacked again. However, when it happens, will you trust the White House's story? The White House is setting the stage for a finger-pointing the likes of which have never been seen before. I no longer trust the White House, and the deafening silence of the Republican party can only be interpreted as collusion in this drumbeat to our next violent foreign policy adventure.
Leigh (Qc)
Gorsuch gets it. Now Gorsuch should go further and raise everyone's morale by insisting Merrick Garland be seated on the court. Though this very same thing must have been said hundreds of times in these 2617 comments, this reader couldn't help adding yet another voice.
This is actually a very smart move on Gorsuch, He is disassociating himself from madness making himself like able for the senate.
magicisnotreal (earth)
No "he" is not people are saying he said it and that makes it mean something other than the words would if he had done so himself in public.
Gary A. Klein (Toronto)
Mr. Gorsuch is saying things "in private" which need to be said in public. Moreover, if he really wanted to make a substantial statement on the rule of law, he could withdraw his name from consideration until the Senate had voted on Merrick Garland.

It is going to take strong people with strong stomachs to stand up to a president with such weak integrity. Whispers will not do.
pintoks (austin)
This is just more scapegoating by Trump to avoid responsibility if a terrorist event comes to pass. No different than claiming the vote was "rigged" when it appeared he would lose the election.
JFMacC (Lafayette, California)
I'm beginning to get it. The Republicans are the anti-law party: they believe only in order, not law. And order, for them, is always top down. Late Hobbesians they believe order is to be imposed on society by those at the top. They have absolutely no understanding of law as that which we ourselves create together to enable us to live with each other without the vicious and violent conflict the GOP seems to see lurking around every single corner. Cowards afraid of the judgment and intellect of their fellow human beings.
SM (Chicago)
He will be fired!
Chris (California)
What the heck is wrong with our new president? What is he thinking? I understand he's used to being a CEO of a corporation, a role in which he is the top decision maker, a role in which he functions as judge, jury and executioner. He's now president of the United States - one of three co-equal branches of government. It's quite apparent he doesn't understand that he's not king of the country. Someone needs to sit down and do a basic civics lesson with him.

His 3 a.m. tweets - in which he lambasts whomever he thinks has slighted him - are of enormous concern. (I personally think he's mentally unstable.) He needs to understand that EVERYTHING he does and says will be parsed, and meanings and implications will be postulated.

I sincerely hope Republicans in Congress will grow a spine soon and start standing ups to President Trump's ludicrous demands and erratic behaviors.
Red Tee At Dawn (Portland OR)
"Privately expressed dismay . .. "

Doesn't sound real private to me, does it Senator Blumenthal?
AJ (Midwest)
Gorsuchs spokesman has confirmed he gave permission to publicly reveal what he said in private.
William Sommewerck (Renton, WA)
Need I state the obvious? Gorsuch's objection to Trump's attack on the judiciary is probably sincere, but doesn't mean he's going to vote against the far right's agenda.
Paul G (NY)
no Chump hotels in any of the countries he named. if they want to get off the list I suggest they open one right now. 'nuff said.
Brian (Minneapolis)
Am I mistaken that Pres Obama was commenting on the ACA case while it was being considered by the Supreme Court. I think the case was NFIB vs Sebelius and I think Obama was on record a number of times before the case was decided. The same for King v Burwell where he was on record many times urging SOTUS to uphold the insurance statute. He made many many comments on what would happen if the law (ACA) was overturned. I also think....please correct me if I'm wrong that Pres Obama criticized the 4 of the justices for even taking the case. Just pointing out that Obama maybe broke all of the records in commenting very strongly about pending cases.
Bj (Washington,dc)
I don't recall Obama ever treating the judiciary with anything less than respect, even if he disagreed on substance or procedural issues. It isn't a matter of a different interpretation of the law, it is Trump's demeaning judges, first the judge in the Trump University case and now calling a Federal District Court Judge a "so-called judge". Really outrageous if one believes in our Constitution and the rule of law in this country.
Sonora doc (Arizona)
His demeaning the character and authority of the judges, he is asserting his autocratic character during the case. This is far more serous than a comment on the legal merits of an issue, for which the twitter pres has no preparation.
Neal (New York, NY)
How many judges did Obama taunt, criticize or insult personally? As many as were killed in the Bowling Green Massacre.

"I think ... am I mistaken ... correct me if I'm wrong ..." don't cut it any more. These days we call what you're doing fake news, AKA lying.
Nelson (Great Neck, NY)
It is just a show. He wants to give out the impression that he is not just a Trump rubber stamp nominee. The Democrats and the Press are falling for their game (Trump and team).
J.D. (USA)
I'd believe that more if it weren't supposedly said in private behind closed doors. People tend to be more truthful when the spotlight isn't on them, as opposed to when it is and they're scrambling to try to act as others expect them to.
Third.Coast (Earth)
"He attacked immigrants and I said nothing. He attacked women and I said nothing. He attacked the media and I said nothing. Then he attacked judges."
bringbackmalcolm (East Stroudsburg PA)
Hmmmmm.. not to be too cynical, but I suspect the odds of Gorsuch picking up support from Democrats has increased. More than a little.
Karen (Pinehurst, NC)
An accompanying article was "supported" by tweets written. Do I really need to "see' the tweets?? I find this not only distracting to a reader who is looking for facts but empowering to Mr. Trump who chooses to lower his office to the status of everyday rants. This kind of narsistic attention is exactly the coverage that got him elected.
Reader In Wash, DC (Washington, DC)
The main stream media gets played again like a fiddle. They're dancing in the white house that the NYT just put Gorsuch over 60 votes by portraying him as anti Trump.
RAJA (Waltham, MA)
Got it. He is "demoralized". All Democrats - see how great this nominee is! And how about that President. He is building his own "Team of Rival"s.


How about the "hispanic" judge on whom was showered other vitriol. It wasn't that long ago. I wonder if that rates a "demoralized"? from this nominee.
Edward (Canada)
What we are seeing in the early days of his presidency is what we saw in the primaries, Trump's understanding of the role of the executive branch in relationship to the legislative and judicial branches is minimal. Democrats laughed at his boasts that he would 'build a wall', 'ban Muslims, etc., etc., because they understand--and believe in--the limits of executive power. Trump did not understand those limits then and he does not now.

OR, this is a brilliant Machiavellian move to discredit the judiciary as an initial effort of consolidating more power in the Presidency. Trump is not bright enough to orchestrate this, but some of his puppet master/aids are.
Mary (New York)
It is heartening to see Gorsuch be honest regarding Trump. It is a breath of fresh air to see someone refuse to crumble in the face of Trump's power and school yard insults. Congress and those in the White House seem to be struck dumb watching their President's childish behavior. I pray that there are more "insiders" that will begin to show the guts that Gorsuch has. Sometimes it takes just one person to set the example and start the cards falling.
Lawrence Bernstein (Washington, D.C.)
Is it possible that Judge Gorsuch's remarks to Democratic senators are a preset means of persuading eight of them to vote for him at confirmation? Bemoaning Trump's scandalous comments isn't the same as taking a position on the merits of the immigration order, and wouldn't require Gorsuch to recuse himself from the case if he were on the Court. It would be wonderful if, in private, a senator asked Gorsuch whether this repeated stratagem was pre-cleared with Trump advisors. I for one would like to know the answer.

It's cynical, I realize, but these are the times we live in.
reader (Maryland)
Who was the runner-up to Gorsuch?
Abby (Tucson)
WEAK Trump. Can't fire judge who sandbagged his style before he gets the job for life. Tries to fire the messenger instead. Sad.
Peter Stone (Tennessee)
Every day Trump reminds America and the world that the Clinton campaign's and Obama's assertions that Trump was "unfit" to be president were more frighteningly true than even we who agreed could have imagined at the time.
KSW (Washington, DC)
I am not sure why it is such big news that the Judge Grouch called Trump's statements "demoralizing." Any rational person would say that, particularly a judge of the federal bench. It would be bigger news if he refused to comment.
Ken (<br/>)
Ironic that President Trump, who enjoyed five deferments, including one for "bone spurs," performed not one day of military service, yet criticizes Senator Blumenthal for lying about his own military service. Chicken hawk.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Trump was commanding general of the barracks brats at the New York Military Academy.
Ron (San Francisco)
Why hasn't Trump sent Gorsuch a nasty tweet yet? I don't trust this guy and believe he still might have a grind to ax because of what happened to his mother. So now there are now two people that Trump hasn't tweeted, Putin and Gorsuch. I wouldn't trust anyone Trump appoints for this position.
MK (Washington, DC)
I wonder why NYT is using the word "critique" instead of "criticism." To critique something or someone means to pass a thorough and critical assessment, which highlights areas of disagreement, suggestions, and improvements. To criticize is to have a sharp, snappy opinion of something. That's what Trump does. He criticizes, fires opinions, berating people, insulting them. He doesn't know how to critique anything. Can we please stop with the use of word "critique" to describe his tweeter tantrums.
Steve (Hudson Valley)
We know that Trump was a bad high school student and probably hasn't picked up a book (other than those wriiten for him) in decades. His ignorance (covering pretty much everything) regarding an independent judicial branch is terrifying.
stp (ct)
Gorsuch moment to stand up to the truth. What's it going to be, Judge? Will you support the Constitution or Trump's alternative reality?
Third.Coast (Earth)
Yesterday, I looked at Trump's twitter feed for the first time. I thought his verified account was a parody account. I think he's got serious psychological and emotional problems.

People in W. Virginia hooked on opioids may lose their Obamacare drug treatment.

Black people in the South who didn't bother to vote this time will have Jeff Sessions "protecting" their access to the ballot box in the future.

And now California farmers, who depend on illegal immigrant labor, are shocked the Trump may follow through on his threats to restrict immigration and deport millions of people.

Everyone voted against their own interests...incredible.
Harrison (NJ)
This country is one Supreme Court judge's heart attack away from Authoritarian rule.

We need to move fast people. I would hope that a start might be a worldwide boycott of all Trump real estate concerns, golf courses, products and services. Force him to reveal his taxes and loans from China and other foreign actors and then impeach him according to the Emoluments Clause in the Constitution. Whoops! Big problem, there is no one left with any power in government to actually even bring such a suit before Congress. My bad. Please continue watching the regular scheduled "Dismantling of America" reality show.
Ellen (Minnesota)
Much ado about nothing. It just doesn't matter what Gorsuch believes or thinks. What matters is what Republican senators think and they won't do what needs to be done because they don't have consciences, just insatiable appetite for raw power.
Tom Murray (Dublin)
Gorsuch needs to take a stronger stand. Presumably, he has sought to rise to the Supreme Court all his life. The Supreme Court is the top of the judicial pillar. If he allows his nomination, given by a man who has no respect for the judiciary, to proceed, he will by implication be validating the Trumpian view that the judiciary should be subordinate to the executive. Gorsuch comes across as a principled man - now is the time to show it by recusing himself until the Executive apologises or until he gets a nomination from a President who actually respects the constitution.
magicisnotreal (earth)
I've listed how the Press is part of the problem mainly for how they suspend disbelief and because of that they don't confront in situ. There is another problematic "method" plaguing journalism that dovetails with suspension of disbelief and it is the concept of "tabula rasa". That is Spanish for clean slate usually applied in circumstances indicating starting anew and leaving the past behind.
This is also something reporter's should not be doing right now. The Trump Admin from the top down had lied repeatedly from the very first moments of his presidency. It is so frequent it is clearly being done with intent. It is so ubiquitous there should be only one response from all of the Press.

Any and every person they put forth to speak for them from this day forward should be confronted with the demand that they explain this deceit and not allowed to give any response that is not a comprehensive explanation apology to the Press and the Nation and how they intend to go forward and earn back the broken trust they have created apparently with the intent of making it impossible for the People to govern themselves for lack of correct data. So this makes the people reliant on the good will of people whom have demonstrated the don't give a dam about the truth or the law.
Jerry (Detroit)
The President is, what Senator Sanders said he was, a pathological liar. Senator Rubio called him a con man, Governor Romney called him a carnival barker. Senator Clinton called him a puppet. President Obama called him clearly incapable of handling the office.

It's time for right thinking Americans to call on the President to resign. If he's unwilling, then the Senate must undertake removal under the 25th amendment.
DR (New England)
Yep, but notice that Rubio is voting in favor of Trump's cabinet picks.
Deborah (Montclair, NJ)
Why is it so difficult Gorsuch and others to speak truth to power? Yes, Trump's remarks are disheartening and demoralizing. But they are also disqualifying, demonstrating his intellectual and temperamental unsuitability for any public office whatsoever. Those who have facilitated Trump's rise, and now do nothing to temper his extremism, may deceive themselves today with excuses that this unruly manchild is the unsavory means to their honorable end, but their moral cowardice will be fully exposed and excoriated by historians of the future.
JoeJohn (Chapel Hill)
Mr. Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Neil M. Gorsuch, said the president’s attack was “demoralizing” and “disheartening.”

Trumps statement is an assault on the separation of powers; in turn it is an attack on our democracy.
amkretsi (Cincinnati OH)
How do you characterize B.O. statements in State of Union regarding SUPREME COURT and Citizens United? Where was NYT Editorial and all the cries of Separation of Powers then?

I think B.O. and D.T. were/are equally out of line, so spare me the Trump-supporter -bashing
Bob (Andover, MA)
If we only knew then what we knew then. None of this is a surprise because we saw it all during the campaign. Mitch McConnell says “The country doesn’t need saving,” now, but as Trump showed when the campaign got rough, the country will need saving sooner than later.
Mark Reno (Canada)
Do our family and friends in the USA finally have enough dots to connect for an emerging picture of the true nature of the current Administration? President Trump and his core advisors are systematically attacking every check and balance against his unbridled power - the intelligence community, various goverrment agencies, fellow members of the House and Senate, the media, the judiciary, and of course, the "facts". How long before President Trump cries havoc and lets loose the dogs of war - even on his fellow Americans? Around the world we pray that intelligent, decent, well-intended Americans can find a way to avert this looming catastrophe.
Deus02 (Toronto)
I see Justin Trudeau is about to enter the "lions den". I wish his father(Pierre Elliot) was alive and conducting this visit with Trump. Like Nixon before him, he would have "chewed up Trump and spit out the bones".
aoxomoxoa (Berkeley)
Remarkably, all this comes in the immediate aftermath of a concerted campaign to allege that Obama was exercising executive prerogatives illegally! When one contrasts the types of executive rules issued by Obama, such as designating land off limits for development or altering overtime standards, with those of Trump, which involve fundamental shifts in the relationship between the executive branch and the citizens (even the entire world), it becomes even more astonishing.
Jethro Tull (Frenchtown MT)
Watch out for the double cross. This is when Gorsuch comesback and says he never made these staements. This could be a set up to make the media look as though it can't be trusted and to further discredit factual news.
Les (Chicago)
Better believe he has been well coached to make himself appear "mainstream" and then once on the court, he will be the white Clarence Thomas.
Stephan Skettini (Newark)
The media is creating its own problems. Sen. Blumenthal originally included the word "abhorrent" which somehow has now disappeared from the reporting. A word, which clearly, changes the tone of the criticism.
Mark Guzewski (Ottawa, Ontario)
What is so political about knowing and enforcing the law?
Steve Bolger (New York City)
In the US, there are always issues of which of several laws purported by lawyers to be applicable to cases really are.
sbmd (florida)
trump, naturally, called it "fake news" because it wasn't on Fox.
John H (Santa Clara)
The President has accomplished his goal. Made Gorsuch the "good guy" and softened up resistance to his confirmation.
bully pulpit (Arizona)
Thank you! --seems no one else gets this!
Len (Dutchess County)
There is nothing this paper could ever print that I believe is truthful. Too often I've seen the lies that are issued forth from the likes of the New York Times. For me, this paper lost the last shred of its credibility during the last election. Clearly it's run by a dirty sack of liars.
LivingWithInterest (Sacramento)
Len, what or which "lies" are you referring to? Be specific.
David (Portland)
Len is what the end of moderation and the beginning of extremism sounds like, the inversion of reality to suit ones own biases.
Patrick (Wyoming)
You must have your head in the sand, or somewhere deeper, if you really believe the tripe you wrote. The man in the long tie is a menace to our republic an an immature moron. My bet is that you are a christian preying for his success against all that are different.
Chico (Laconia, NH)
This is what happens when there is an imbecile sitting in the oval office that acts like a 6 year old.

I hope an adult in the room, maybe 10 year old Baron can take his fathers cell phone away from him and teach him some manners.

I would have never in my life believed such and complete jerk could have been elected to sit in the Whitehouse, and complete embarrassment to this country.
Gorsuch's remark was ill advised. If you are up for nomination, your personal feelings are non-essential unless you are going to bow out. Now, Trump ideologue's have a beef with him.
Ordell Robbie (Compton, Ca)
It turns out this story is Fake News. Senator "I lied about fighting in Vietnam" Blumenthal asked him a loaded question, a la "Do you think the President's attacks on the Courts are demoralizing and disheartening" and Gorsuch did not disagree but explained his feeling that it was not a good idea to attack the Judicial Branch. That became what this unsourced story is about. So a double lie, one from the proven liar, Bluementhal and a second lie from this hack of a reporter who did not bother to source her FAKE NEWS.
Evangelos (Brooklyn)
Your conspiracy theory is weakened somewhat by the fact that former GOP Sen. Ayotte (picked by the White House to "sherpa" Judge Gorsuch) and GOP Rep. Tom Cotton confirmed today that they heard the Judge express the same sentiments.
L. Robbins (Boston)
Really? What is your source? Fox News reports that Former Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who is guiding Gorsuch as he meets with senators, said: “Judge Gorsuch has made it very clear in all of his discussions with senators, including Senator Blumenthal, that he could not comment on any specific cases and that judicial ethics prevent him from commenting on political matters." “He has also emphasized the importance of an independent judiciary, and while he made clear that he was not referring to any specific case, he said that he finds any criticism of a judge’s integrity and independence disheartening and demoralizing.”
ALM (Brisbane, CA)
The people, the non-college graduates, the middle Americans, through their advantage of the electoral college, even though their numbers were smaller, have inflicted on the nation a President who wants to rule, not govern, the country as a real estate developer. Enjoy the ride for the next four years.
Thomas Troisi (Seaford, NY)
Our president has a vivid imagination.
Paul Rauth (Clarendon Hills)
This guy thinks he's "demoralized" and "disheartened" --- what does he think the popular voters feel about the Trump / Bannon / McConnell power triad?

Come on, Neil man-up to the Executive Power. Ok?
Evangelos (Brooklyn)
Remember when we had the luxury of worrying about "left" vs. "right"? That seems almost quaint now. So 2015.

At this point in this rapid descent into kakistocracy, I'm just hoping that we'll achieve "sane" and "grown-up" again someday.
RB (Pittsburgh, PA)
Trump's statements are exactly what I would expect from a functional illiterate.
Kaz (Grand Rapids, MI)
Let me get this straight: Republican Senators so objected to what Elizabeth Warren said that they silenced her. But Trump threatens the whole idea of an independent judiciary and not a peep out of those Republican Senators. Where's there outrage? Where's their courage? I can't wait until Trump turns on them. And he will, sooner or later.
Mitch4949 (Westchester, NY)
It's time to stop characterizing Trump's moves as "stumbles", as the media insists on doing, as if his actions were somehow inadvertent. And it's time to call it what it is: "incompetence". This word was wielded like a weapon by Trump during the campaign. It will drive Trump crazy to hear, and has the dual advantage of being true. He really has shown himself to be incompetent. I would also throw in "weak", as that is the other insult he loved to sling. These two words will strike at his heart, and should be repeated constantly by the opinion writers.
J.D. (USA)
Checks and balances are an innate part of our governmental system. They help to ensure that our government works properly, and that is not something to fight. Those checks and balances that allow the judicial branch of government to question this ban are the same checks and balances that allow the executive branch (the president) to question the actions of the other branches. Having your own actions evaluated is the price you pay for being able to evaluate the actions of others. You are on a level playing field here, so there is nothing to complain about. There is nothing unfair about being shoulder-to-shoulder with other people. Interpreting equality as unfairness, on the other hand, is very revealing of the character of these individuals. If you think that the only situation that's "fair" is one where you have more power than others, where your power cannot be questioned, and your position is above them, then you don't have an understanding of fairness at all.
Agent 99 (SC)
Trump lashes out at Blumenthal, not unsurprising. If Gorsuch is confirmed he'll be with at least one brave justice who spoke her mind about the twitter addict in chief. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg said during the campaign:

"He is a faker," she said of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee... "He has no consistency about him. He says whatever comes into his head at the moment. He really has an ego. ... How has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns? The press seems to be very gentle with him on that." From CNN.COM.

Too bad this "nasty woman" was pressured into an apology. Still she persists!
David (Portland)
Has the Fake President ever taken responsibility for anything unflattering to himself, ever? Does he even have a conscience in the normal sense? Has he ever shut his mouth for more than five minutes? If Republicans think the American people are going to put up with this for long, they are in for a rude surprise.
c harris (Candler, NC)
Trump's idiotic name calling doesn't demoralize the courts. It just shows what a bozo fascist this country has awarded the presidency.
JO (Midwest To NYC)
Let's hear it from him publicly, please.
vulcanalex (Tennessee)
Yes it is, the fact that these issues are actually true about our courts is very disturbing. The courts have been violating the separation of powers for decades.
magicisnotreal (earth)
Please provide the evidence.
Arpit Dua (New Haven)
Judges failed to agree with the concepts which only a bad high school student might agree with.
bb (berkeley)
Trump and McConnell are a disgrace to the Constitution and the people of this country. Don't they know that judges are supposed to be independent and not political? Both their comments indicate that they want judges that will go along with them and support their views and ideas. Perhaps they should read what the definition of a dictator is because it seems that's what they want. Any congress person that takes this viewpoint should be chastised by their constituents and voted out during the next election cycle. No wonder trump likes Putin, for he is a dictator.
susan mccall (old lyme ct.)
and then Gorsuch refuses to answer ONE QUESTION put to him by Senator Schumer….not a good sign.
Gorsuch calls out Trump on bad behavior in talk with Blumenthal. Trump Blasts Blumenthal. Trump-appointed Gorsuch spokesman confirms Blumenthal's right. Trump blasts Cuomo for not calling out Blumie on service gaffe. Video confirms Blumie service gaffe was the first thing Cuomo brought up. Trump is literally disconnected from reality.
MikeC (New Hope PA)
And Trump the draft dodger because of a "bone spur" in a foot (he can't remember which one) although he was seen playing tennis at the time, criticizes Blumenthal's service during that time. At least Blumenthal was in the Marine reserves. Trump was missing totally.
Pat Boice (Idaho Falls, ID)
How long do we have to suffer under this President, and his sidekick Bannon?
Not quite 3 weeks into this administration and the civilized world is aghast and appalled! Trump/Bannon: So unpopular! "Cry, the Beloved Country"!
DR (New England)
Bannon is actually the President, Trump is just his puppet.
James L. (Toronto, Canada)
“Mr. Trump is shredding longstanding norms of etiquette and interbranch comity.” This is what 49% of American voters voted for. Sad.
jrgfla (Pensacola, FL)
Another example of how a private conversation becomes public and hyped out of context ... thanks to Senator Blumenthal. I good reason not to have another 'private' meeting with him.
MikeC (New Hope PA)
Someone in congress has to speak out against Trump. The Republicans in congress surely are not going to do it.
Ellen (Berkeley)
What's "demoralizing" is the fact that Garland is the judge who should have a hearing for the SCOTUS position, not Gorsuch. He's playing games. If he had any real honor, he'd decline the nomination.
GL (Upstate NY)
It would not surprise me if some nefarious action is not devised, with a complicit Republican house, by said administration as a pretense for martial law.
Greg (Seattle)
The approach of Mr. Trump and his White House cadre of soldiers propose in fighting ISIS is pretty much the same as his approach to fighting the news media and US citizens who oppose him, I.e. fight and overwhelm them into submission.

Whereas the Trump claims to be fighting foreign terrorists, we are fighting the tyranny that threatens our democracy, and we will not retreat no matter how many lies the Trump team tells as "alternative facts". We will not get battle fatigue from flighting against the Trump team's daily onslaught of unconstitutional executive orders, lies, character assassination tactics, business conflicts of interest, and generally ignorant "presidential" announcements.

We've got too much to lose.
jorge (San Diego)
What is most interesting about all of this, exemplified by an obviously competent conservative judge and an unhinged President, is that we are beginning to be divided by not liberal and conservative, but by competent realists and incompetent fantasists. Let's see how our Congress starts to line up.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
We don't know if Gorsuch is a fantasist or not, but he is on the record as indulgent of plaintiffs who bring lawsuits based on alleged offenses to God that they claim could cause them to suffer post-mortal punishments.
LA Lawyer (Los Angeles)
Good for Judge Gorsuch, showing a hint of independence and willingness to speak out for the integrity of the third branch of government. The Judge is a man of great learning, well-educated, and of the highest quality. But none of those attributes warrants confirming his nomination. He holds originalist views that are inconsistent with the growth of constitutional interpretation over the last 200+ years. If he is confirmed, Roe v. Wade is certain to be overturned, and women's rights to make decisions for themselves will be dead. The Democrats should stand firm: this nomination should be rejected.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
I don't need anyone to tell me what dead people think. I already know the answer: nothing. Anyone who claims more than this is suspect to me.
Paul (Albany, NY)
I agree with Gorsuch, but I haven't changed my mind that he's bad for the Supreme Court. I can continue to Resist, while occasionally agree.
Elizabeth K (Staten Island, NY)
I wish you guys wouldn't make this a top story. Gorsuch is playing a manipulative game & pandering to any Dems or Repub unsure of him! His actions of siding with the powerful corporations over those with no power demonstrates how he will rule in the Supreme Court!
Dlud (New York City)
"it depends on the public seeing the judiciary as something more than politicians in robes.” If judicial independence were as pure as implied, why do we have such furor over Supreme Court appointments? It would seem that whether appointed by a Democrat or a Republican in the White House, a nominee would be pure as the driven snow politically. Balderdash.
Jamil M Chaudri (Huntington, WV)
President Trump should be informed that even a 'bad high school student would understand' that his is perusing bigoted policies with hatred towards Muslims. While he may not suffer personal loss (except for becoming known in history as 'Donald the Ignoramus'), the nation (the American people) will suffer loss of respect from other nations, and will perhaps receive reciprocated hatred.
jerry lee (rochester)
Reality check we have no borders ,those who suppose to represent us are in for them selves. Think about this if those in government protected our borders correctly we wont need half of them Illegals are allowed into country to spread fear among it citzens . Look at all money companys save by hiring illegal alleins.Not to mention everything they buy . Wall street wil never allow government to do its job .
EC17 (Chicago)
DT has no credibility. IMO, he has taking grifting to a whole other level. What is amazing to me is all the people that are enabling him and not saying a word. They all have to realize how unstable, erratic, and a threat to this country he is. I have to believe that there are a few GOP with brains. Cruz got paid off with campaign contributions by Devos, even a Dem, Manchin will be paid off by Sessions decisions over the Mylan lawsuits. Ryan gov't contracts. Pence seems to be an outright racist along with Sessions. I just don't get what McCain among others is getting out of being a lemming. The GOP by endorsing and enabling Trump have just sullied themselves and have no credibility themselves. Their word means nothing. Their words are hollow.
Manuela (Mexico)
Like many readers, I am skeptical about the sincerity of a man who still has to win congressional approval. While he will no doubt get the approval, given the way the cards are stacked, it is a lot less fatiguing a battle if he has more Democrats on board if he gives the appearance of not being a toady for #45. It seems to me, also, that a greater show of integrity would have been to decline the nomination that should rightfully have been a nominee from President Obama.
Jeffrey (Michigan)
Could someone please tell me why, after emergency televised hearings two days ago regarding the stay on Trump's immigration ban, the story has basically disappeared over the last 48 hours?

At the time it was presented as a national emergency and then - poof - the story completely vanishes from both print and electronic media.
Deborah (Montclair, NJ)
Because there is nothing new to report until the 9th Circuit issues its ruling.
magicisnotreal (earth)
We are waiting for a ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
djt (northern california)
Because the case was argued before the court again and the court hasn't decided yet. It's not complicated or nefarious.
Occupy Government (Oakland)
with all due respect, the snow is demoralizing. the president is treacherous, taking apart the courts and the media to enhance his own power.
magicisnotreal (earth)
The president has no "power". Same goes for all elected appointed and hired people who work for our government.
What they have is the authority granted to them by the people to do the job and nothing more than that.
The grey areas would normally be worked through by reason but since the early 70's the GOP has been actively undermining reason in public discourse and in education so as you can tell by tv shows, the news, these comments, most people no longer know or stand firm on the rules for rational discourse and this has allowed exactly what it is meant to prevent, the assertion of irrational things as if they have equity with rational things in spite of there being open proof of the things irrationality present.
Rafael Gonzalez (Sanford, Florida)
Not even Kafka can be credited with having written the surreal script for Trump's almost daily outbursts in response to the national anger caused by his own irrational actions. But, four more years of this? God help us!
andrew (new york)
What a busy morning for Trump. He has so many 140 character battles going on at once that you wonder how he keeps it all straight. Surely his Presidency can not continue in this fashion. We will know a turning point has been reached when a fine man like Sen Mc Cain finally, finally, reminds Trump that he has a vote in the Senate. At this rate, that day can not be far off.
Ricky (Saint Paul, MN)
Trump saying things that are "demoralizing" and "disheartening"? The truth is, Trump is doing a GREAT job of proving that he is unfit to hold office.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Trump is also proving that the whole system by which the US selects and elects candidates for public offices is deeply flawed.
Allison (Sausalito, Calif)
Trump voters elected a bully with eyes wide open. Twitter trolling and threatening, tough guys' threats is now the coin of the land, I guess. The clowns have taken over.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
That's right. We the USA are now proudly the biggliest blustering boors on the planet.
Caleb (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
A recent Onion headline struck me as especially poignant: "History Sighs, Repeats Itself."

Among the things we should remember---so History needn't repeat itself on this score---is that Adolf Hitler was deeply mistrustful of the Weimar court system, and, after being dissatisfied with the acquittal of the alleged arsonists purportedly responsible for the Reichstag fire, set up a brand new court system---the People's Court---outside of the constitutional framework entirely. This court functioned as a branch of the executive.

Totalitarianism is just that: the total concentration of power in the executive. Totalitarianism, by definition, cannot tolerate independent branches of government, co-equal or otherwise. Congress is not independent of Trumpism: despite the dissenters (and the SCOTUS-appointment exception), the Trumpists have full control over appointments and legislative initiatives.

The Third Branch, the "Least Dangerous Branch," as Professor Bickel called it, is the only independent branch of the federal government remaining.

Trump's Trumpism---his totalitarianism---is most fully on display in his Hitler-like aversion to co-equal judiciary.
Publius (Taos, NM)
Judge McConnell’s quote, “Judges who hear criticism of this sort are not going to be inclined to knuckle under; it’s going to stiffen their spines to be even more independent”, is disturbing as it suggests that judges, who are supposed to rule based on an objective understanding of the law, may instead be ruling subjectively based on their personal antipathy towards the President. I disagree vehemently with Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, but I also disagree with the continued erosion of integrity afflicting our government, which includes the Democrats obvious error in invoking the constitutional, aka, “nuclear” option in 2013 that eliminated the need for a super majority of 60 votes to determine Presidential nominee confirmations; a decision that now haunts us all as we see unqualified nominees who are at odds with the majority of Americans being confirmed to lead our government (only 51 votes are now needed to confirm as opposed to the 60 needed prior to 2013). This ties directly back to the judicial branch as the Republicans could now use the Dems 2013 move as a precedent to use the “nuclear” convention to eliminate the need for a super majority to determine Supreme Court confirmations, meaning Trump could easily stack the court far to the right, a real possibility given that we have one member of SCOTUS who is 78 and two who are in their 80’s.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
The Senate is so preposterously malapportioned that its judgment calls on nominees cannot possibly be called representative of the public.
Stefan (Boston)
Bravo Your Honor. That's what independent judiciary is all about. Can we get an opinion what Constitution says about procedure to follow when the president shows signs of mental disorder such as erratic and illogical behavior but not frank hallucinations and psychosis?
frankly0 (Boston MA)
The account of Gorsuch's supposed portrayal of Trump's remarks as "discouraging" and "demoralizing" was offered by the notoriously partisan Senator Blumenthal. Why on earth should Blumenthal's account be taken at face value, as a "fact", as does the TImes here, rather than just as a claim Blumenthal has made?

And then there's this "support" in the article:

"An account of the discussion was confirmed by a White House adviser working to advance the Gorsuch confirmation, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment."

What does this even mean? Note that it doesn't say that this "White House adviser" was present at the conversation, and only says that "an account" of the discussion was confirmed. Well, what account, exactly? This verbiage says nothing about that critical issue, while suggesting, of course, that the source backed up Blumenthal's account on the important particulars.

Frankly, this sort of distortion is why so many of us can no longer believe the Times' portrayal of any issue involving Trump.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
It looks to me that Blumenthal, a Democrat, is trying to curry favor by greasing the ways for Trump's nominee. "Oh don't worry, this guy isn't taken in by Trump."

I'm getting more skeptical of Washington character judgment every day.
meliflaw (Berkeley, CA)
Sorry, sir--this carefully considered and well disseminated remark won't make me forget your pro-corporate rulings. I want a judge who will uphold both justice and the law of the land.
magicisnotreal (earth)
You make me home sick.
Harry (Los Angeles)
Just wait until about a dozen Republican Senators revolt and stop voting as Trump wishes. McConnell won't be able to keep them all in line for four years.
RGT (Los Angeles)
Sorry, pipe dream. The GOP, unlike the Dems usually, moves in lockstep and they're increasingly animated by a desire for total and endless control of government. They've also been taught not to vote at odds with the extreme right of their party -- as long a they fear losing their primaries to tea party extremists they're firmly in Trump's pocket. Don't hope for a miracle. Plan and organize for the mid-terms and get more Dems in Congress.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Dark money and brownshirts will keep them in line.
RNS (Piedmont Quebec Canada)
The President claims to be really smart. And if you listen to him maybe the smartest person God ever created. Listening to his ramblings on this subject, and any subject for that matter, it is obvious that Betsy Devos has a lot of work to do.
paula (south of boston)
First laugh of the day -- thanks !

My daughter is a teacher in a public school where " all" kids are welcome, unlike the charters which can pick and choose.
All of the teachers there are horrified by this ludicrous choice..and worried that their special kids, all the kids, )will suffer unduly.
Way to go, faux-prez.
Deirdre Katz (Princeton)
It’s worth noting that it doesn’t appear that Gorsuch ever said that Trump’s assault on the judicial branch was inappropriate, but rather that he, Gorsuch, found it demoralizing. Apparently what was wrong with Trump’s words is that they hurt Gorsuch’s feelings.

Such a delicate flower of American jurisprudence.

Oh dear. Now I've gone and done it too, (Yet I persist ...).
mrelin (seneca lake,NY)
congratulations to Judge Gorsuch for saying what every intelligent American is thinking! How can Donald Trump attack specific judges and a whole appellate court? No president has ever known less about the background and functions of our court system than Mr. Trump He may be able to treat his fellow Republicans in Congress like serfs, but attacking the judiciary will only hasten his demise!!How did we get a classless bully for the most important job in the world? Shame on us!
Steve Bolger (New York City)
We live in a country that is so narcissistic it believes it should be the top dog bully on the planet.
Chandrashekhar (Columbia)
Gorsuch and Trump seems to be playing the game of Bad Cop - Worst Cop. Here Gorsuch is "unhappy" of Trump's view of US Judiciary, and is being vociferous about it. Simple reason, score points for confirmation.
This is an old game, played several times before. Trump and his cronies are out to play the people of US.
Petey tonei (Ma)
Yup they want to fool gullible Americans. Us all.
Daniel James (Detroit)
If it was a closed door meeting, why did Blumenthal RUN to the news media. And then when asked if he felt better about Gorsuch after his comments he said, "NO." when asked why he said, "Because he shared these comments behind closed doors." Thus Blumenthal condemns himself for going public with a private conversation, revealing himself to be the back-stabbing snake that he is. This is why the leftist politicians will continue to lose ground. They can't be trusted.

Gorsuch in good faith in a closed door meeting was trying to show the senator that he was not Trump's puppet. Now, thanks to Blumenthal's sprint to the news media, he will never trust another democrat because he now realizes they are untrustworthy.

The left has gone so hysterically nuts that they no longer have any clue about how to win. When you're the minority you must use different tactics than when you're the majority. Duh! Get used to it. The left, in their narcissistic coma will continue to lose, lose, lose.
Peter (Metro Boston)
All of this is a consequence of electing a tycoon as President. Trump has been surrounded by sycophants for his entire business career. He had no preparation for a job that requires subtlety and negotiation ("The Art of the Deal" not withstanding) and an acceptance that opponents might have legitimate points of view. If the Trump Organization were a public company, he would have needed to deal with a Board of Directors, however supine. He's always run a one-man show which, coupled with his obviously narcisstic personality, makes him incapable of coping with situations when someone else in a position of power tells him "no." I read recently that his reaction to the protest marches was "Don't they know I'm the f-ing President?" Speaks volumes about his character.
Harding312 (Chicago)
True to form with Donald, when he gets bad news he attacks the person reporting the bad news. This mindless and childish approach by Donald hasn't worked yet. Why does he do the same stupid thing over and over, if it's not working? Donald says that Donald is super intelligent, yet he continues to say and do stupid things.
Deb (CT)
Preserving a fair, impartial and independent judiciary is the cornerstone of our democracy. Just as democracy depends on a free press. Our president has attacked and is attempting to delegitimize both essential elements of our democracy---which is standard operating procedures for authoritarian fascists.
Ken Cameron (Brossard, Quebec)
Why should Trump care what Gorsuch says? He's only a so-called Supreme Court nominee.
Jim Crow (United States)
#Fake President!
Deb Lyons (San Diego)
Mental instability in a president is pretty scary!
SteveDen (Denver, CO)
Trump complains that the courts are ""so political". Yet he searches for and appoints people who agree with his political views.
smartalek (boston ma)
@ SteveDen Denver, CO “Trump complains that the courts are ‘so political.’ Yet he searches for and appoints people who agree with his political views.”

Why, if one didn’t know better, one might think the so-called President of the United States was an arrant hypocrite.
B (Minneapolis)
It would mean a lot more if our radio silent Chief Justice of the Supreme Court had made this statement rather than a nominee who is schmoozing Democrats to get their vote
Brian (Tacoma)
Lack of Respect
A president was criticized for an entire 8 years, and conducted himself with dignity and respect.
What I do not understand is our current president uses social media as a weapon or platform for attacks and criticism. I am not going to post quotes just go his personal Twitter page and it is all there so no one can say it was misinterpreted or fake. There are attacks on branches of our government, public figures, our judicial system and too many to list. He will start what could be a beautiful speech only to go off topic and talk about how great he is or the media is out to get him, etc, etc. Watch a few speeches from any other president and watch one of our current president. It is embarrassing.
It has only been 2 or 3 weeks give him a chance, he is a straight talker, etc. Well actually, it has been his entire campaign. So why are people willing to ignore and defend a president that conducts himself in this manner? The once highly respected office of the President of The United States was, more or less, respected globally(yes I know there some out there that have no respect for the office). Is this the new style of government? What happened to dignity and respect for the office of the President of The United States and from the president? I can respect the office but how can I respect the person? How are we as a nation able to defend this total lack of respect and dignity? How are we to teach our children respect and dignity ?
30 year retired Vet
Anna (Germany)
He got his nomination from a serial liar. He excepted the nomination by a serial liar. How can I see how he stands to lies. Is he lying to get the job. Or doesn't he feed his children with lies like Mrs Conway.
Not believing him is the most reliable response.
magicisnotreal (earth)
I have been asking myself since It first came to me to say " Girls usually end up stripping because of the father." about Mrs Conway if she intends to negotiate the contracts for her children's careers as sex workers? Or is she going to let them do it themselves?
Judge Gorsuch's "disappointment " with Trump's comments are the same bait and switch technique Trump used on his ignorant voters. Democrats should not fall for it. The comments were purportedly made to a Democrat and obviously easily "leaked" although a private conversation.
Edward (Baltimore)
I'm sure he meant "deplorable" not "demoralizing"....
matt (utah)
The mainstream media and Trump are at indeed at war - live streaming and fueled by Trump's reliable deflections, personal attacks, and outright fabrications. Is the media taking the bait or acting as a critical check and balance? I hope the latter but it is sure painful to watch.
Bruce A (Westchester County)
Can't Trump be cited for contempt with his comments about specific judges? The Mexican judge on the Trump U case? The so-called judge in the travel ban case?
[email protected] (Los Angeles)
many already hold the President in contempt and the number is rising each day. our judiciary is above this fray. court is now in Sessions.
Chicago Guy (Chicago, Il)
I wonder who Trump is going to blame when he start his first war?

And in what order?

Government by twit.
hen3ry (New York)
As if Trump cares. I'm sorry but this is becoming so routine it's disgusting. The GOP, which complained if Obama sneezed, can't find the gumption to call Trump out on behavior that is far more unacceptable than anything Obama ever did in office. They are bullies, liars, and cowards. They are a waste of taxpayer dollars and should be thrown out of office and out of the country that they have refused to govern for 8 years because they didn't like the president the people elected.
Pottree (Los Angeles)
Remember when the Communist party was deemed illegal because it was seen as a threat to America?

vanreuter (Manhattan)
"Within a half-hour, Gorsuch spokesman Ron Bonjean, who was tapped by the White House to head communications for Gorsuch, confirmed that the nominee, Gorsuch, used those words in his meeting with Blumenthal. Several other senators, including Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, later relayed similar accounts of Gorsuch forcefully criticizing Trump's public attacks on the judiciary branch."

That's the reality.
How can anyone with the sense God gave a rabbit dispute or try to deflect it?
Gorsuch said it. The President attacked the messenger. The Judges spokesperson and several REPUBLICAN Senators confirmed it. Will he smear them now?

Trump's draft dodging and Blumenthal's misrepresentation are not at issue here.
Smearing the character of anyone who disagrees with you or presents information that you don't like is beneath the Office of the President
This is the reality.
amrcitizen16 (AZ)
Gorsuch will get in, there is nothing to stop his nomination unless King Trump is impeached before he is confirmed. Wait for it, King Trump will stumble because of his narcissistic nature. The billion dollar question, if he crosses the line will Congress impeach him? The answer does not matter since it will no longer be a nation of fools. America will continue on, remember the delusional factor here is that those in power truly believe they hold the power. America is not the government, it is based on an idea, freedom. This idea will go on no matter what happens and so will we. The comedy continues but the ending to the play was already written in the Declaration of Independence:

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."
Steve Bolger (New York City)
"Freedom" is a very poorly defined term.

The US founders built their system on the English civil law of contracts that had evolved since the nobility forced the king to sign the Magna Carta.

Liberty is a double edged sword. Contracts are records of what has been given for what has been gotten. Blessed are those who can negotiate them equitably.

Trump negotiates only from extreme advantage. That's what bullies do.
magicisnotreal (earth)
"Freedom" is a very poorly defined term.

Hence the use of contracts to turn "free" people into slaves by asserting a right to impose responsibility on them for signing things they do not understand and were lied to as inducement to gain that signature. The practice came in to being to replace African slaves and is still with us to this day so deeply ingrained all of us routinely assume a person has to live up to any document they sign without ever considering the expert nature and history of designing contracts for the purpose of deception of the assignee. Even in court most judges cannot comprehend the things and rely upon the lawyers in front of them or staff to do so.

There is no need for the complexity of them other than to deceive.
Paul (UK)
"Contempt of court" in every sense of the phrase!
Sadieowti/be (Moore,Sc)
What in the world can the people of the United States of America do?? We need to protect our democracy and uphold the Constution of our county.President Trumps' ' anger an diatribes are not only scary.....but don't follow the legal routes that he is supposed to adhere to.What happenend to "We THe People". Very true, rid this country of The Electoral Coillege and maybe we coulld better understand whom and what we voted for. Time for our country to make some amendments.
Sweetneez22 (Chicago, IL)
Even a bad high school student would understand the necessity of the (Muslim) travel ban. Trump again projecting on others characteristics that apply strictly to him.
CMS (Tennessee)
This is what happens when the Pied Piper of PizzaGate devotees is at the helm.

Because that is what the Republican Party is today.

JL (Durham, NC)
Just more grandstanding by a politician. The content of his conversation with Gorsuch should not have been disclosed; he might have waited to have the question raised during open confirmation hearings.
Sherr29 (New Jersey)
The fact that Gorsuch called Trump's rant against the judges "demoralizing" is actually a point in Gorsuch's favor. It shows he may have a backbone and actually was offended that a lunatic twit chose to attack a judge who was actually upholding the law.
Ben Myers (Harvard, MA)
One must wonder whether the peevish Boss Tweet will now withdraw the nomination of Gorsuch, deemed as insolent for his remarks. At the same time, Gorsuch has raised his stature and gives us hope that he would be a fair and unbiased Supreme Court justice.
[email protected] (Los Angeles)
and that could have been the plan all along. I don't trust anything these sneaks do or believe a word they say, starting with "hello".
Edward (Phila., PA)
Trump, excessively un-Presidential. Sad.
It is my greatest pipe dream at this point that Gorsuch will say, "It is the honor of my life and all I have worked for to be nominated to the Supreme Court. But, in light of the way you, Mr. trump (and my lack of capital is not a mistake) dismiss the Judicial Branch and Justices with contempt; it is clear that you have no respect for the work I or my colleagues do. As a result, I will not continue with my nomination."

Now don't get me wrong, I don't like Judge Gorsuch's stand, but I respect the training, the education and the experience he has had. He is a true jurist. But the message the above would send would be a huge crack in Mr. trump's facade and I would hope it might crumble his administration. Perhaps then the members of the Senate would see that he is not someone who cares about the separation of powers and simply has declared himself dictator without the name. We are headed towards the end of democracy and our republic sadly.
kitty (nj)
It's not hard to believe that Trump must have told Gorsuch beforehand to do whatever he needed to do to get confirmed, including calling his action "demoralizing" and "disheartening". Demoralizing, disheartening, seriously? You couldn't come up with these words in real time! It's all a show. And I bet there will be 8 Democrats who will happily buy into the charade.

At this point, Americans need to realize that Trump will always be Trump and that to defeat Trump, you have to defeat his enablers, namely the Congress (all GOPs and some Democrats). Keep saying how bad Trump is (who doesn't know?) will not make things happen. 2018 becomes the day of reckoning. If the Democrats fail to flip the Senate, be prepared for the US to become an apartheid state.
Nemo (Sussex)
It is becoming abundantly clear that Trump sees himself as an absolute monarch. Well, the UK used to be an absolute monarchy and the outcome was bad, so we de-fanged the head of state and after a revolution and a brief monarchless interregnum we reinstated the head of state as a constitutional monarch which is a system that works very well. Yes it is dynastic and probably unfair by some criteria, but it makes the head of state politically neutral and prevents too much power from concentrating in the hands of too few people. American politics is becoming increasingly dynastic (Kennedy, Bush, Clinton families with their extraordinary sense of entitlement packaged and sold as a desire to serve the nation) so maybe you should consider becoming a constitutional monarchy before your current system blows up in everybody's faces.
Emmy (SLC, UT)
It's tough to support someone that continually tells you how bad you suck.
Tony Silver (Kopenhagen)
Thanks for nothing Trump voters. I blame you for the mess we're in.
Trump was honest during his campaign. His boorish behavior and radical ideas were evident throughout the campaign but you chose not to take him at his word. It was not just political rhetoric. You thought that by some miracle, you would get an effective person in the WH despite all the evidence to the contrary including multiple bankruptcies due to incompetence and cheating everyone he did business with. All the facts were in plain sight as to what type of idiot president we would get- including the fact that Putin wanted this fool in the WH. You decided to ignore his sexual predators and that Bannon is a white supremacist. You probably approve of white supremacy but don't know enough about history to be afraid of how that turned out in Nazi Germany.

But you chose to ignore all the evidence that was obvious to anyone that chose to look at the facts and not be caught up in their own willful ignorance.
The sad irony is that many of you are already figuring out you were duped and this so called president will do much more harm before eventually being impeached. You will not be able to trust your food sources, breathe the air or drink the water- in addition to trade wars, shooting wars, etc.
Hope you're happy.
Janey (Midwest)
“'If these judges wanted to, in my opinion, help the court in terms of respect for the court, they’d do what they should be doing,' Mr. Trump said.”

Good grief! What on earth is the man trying to say? As a high school English teacher, I take umbrage with Trump's assertion that his ideas are something that "a bad high school student could understand." Given the verbiage above, no one understands.
Abby (Tucson)
I find his ability to say little clearly is an art often exploited by CEOs for deniability when their deals go badly. Dimon and Blankfein were sublime as mimes at the financial crisis they started hearings.
magicisnotreal (earth)
This is the reason your job exists. He is doing this consciously to manipulate and deceive. Your students and all of us should always object when anyone is misusing the language as it prevents the clarity necessary for thinking and acting and most importantly for governing ourselves.
The fact that this standard was abused to harm people denied proper education mainly by race has been used by those self same racists to perpetrate the fraud of declining educational standards and the use of that bad English to do exactly what learning to use it properly was meant to prevent.

My rant is meant to convey it is intentional and purposeful.
Richard P (DC)
While I am mildly gratified that Judge Gorsuch made any comment and that his remark was able to be reported upon, it is hard not to view his gentle pronouncement as a specific and designed move to benefit him in his nomination 'battle.' Certainly, anyone actually intending to critique the President's outrageous behavior, in however judicious a manner, would still use terms less devoid of meaning or oppobrium than the words disheartening and demoralizing. If Judge Gorsuch actually has concern for the independence of the judiciary and the safety of our democratic system and his fellow judges, he must denounce the Administration's constant denigration of the third branch.
mrh (Chicago, IL)
As Mr Trump points out the judges are political. I happen to agree and feel that Justices are "politicians in robes." It's also the reason why we be very discriminate regarding which judge is being foisted on as a Justice for life. After all you only have to remember the Bush v Gore decision.
Robert (Out West)
Judging by some of the comments, I see that it actually has to be explained that it's wrong for the President to go around yelling at judges because he's afraid of the verdict they might reach.

It's not a question of judges being "beyond criticism," to quite the right-wing party line. It's a question of whether the powerful get to go around pressuring judges to say what they want them to say.

It's a question of whether a President can scream at courts, when he wants money or he wants power.
Bill (Harrisburg, PA)
There is no way Gorsuch operated on his own in issuing his opinion about Trump's judicial comments. The Trump administration (Bannon) and Senate Republicans cooked up a way to give cover for 8 Democrats to vote for the Gorsuch pick. Trump's "crazy" talk and Gorsuch's supposed disdain of his comments attempt to give the Gorsuch nomination wiggle room. The media and ALL Senate Democrats cannot let the "shiny" statement of Gorsuch' independence overwhelm the reality of a Gorsuch confirmation. He is Scalia-lite and is a stolen Obama pick. If Trump was for all Americans and congressional peace, he would have nominated a moderate pick that could lean Republican or Democratic as evidenced by his/her past rulings. Democrats: block this pick, force a showdown and illuminate the Republican strategy for what it is: nonsense.
northlander (michigan)
Hard to tell the Dem crickets from the GOP frogs, some swamp!
Chief Quahog (Planet Earth)
As far as I'm concerned, Grouch has failed a very basic ethics test -- he accepted this tainted nomination by a tainted "President."

Therefore, his opinion on, well, just about anything, cannot be trusted. He is an unethical opportunist who will say whatever he thinks will meet the needs of the moment.I agree with the other who have posted previously that he is just saying this to curry favor with the Democrats who will be participating in the confirmation process.
Petey tonei (Ma)
His own sister is a federal judge.
Eugene Windchy. (Alexandria, Va.)
So Judge Robart made a bad decision and if anybody criticizes it that hurts the morale of the judiciary? I suggest the Congress authorize a distribution of cookies and milk.
J. Sutton (San Francisco)
A suggestion to the NY Times: Once every two weeks, a Trump-Fast. Don't publish anything having to do with him. You know he revels in all this publicity and just look at your paper every day - it's basically, Trump Trump Trump Trump and more Trump.
Paul (Albany, NY)
I have to disagree - all this toxicity forces us to shut our eyes. When we shut our eyes, that's when the murkiest, swampiest activities happen. We need to stay vigilant - that is the price of Democracy!

Case in point, two friday's ago we had the travel ban which sent news reels spinning. But the next day, Dark-side loving Bannon was promoted to the National Security Council, demoting generals from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Trump also had his first phone call with Putin (maybe he ordered the Bannon promotion?). Both stories were mentioned, but never analyzed in depth for the sake of Democracy - Trump is media savvy and I think all this Muslim furor is also taking away time from the public seeing how CRAZY his nominees to high office are. He's bombarding us with shock and awe on social issues, while backroom wheeling and dealing are happening.
Frank Haydn Esq. (Washington DC)
I too disagree. Every imbecility uttered by President Sociopath must be held up for public scrutiny. Remember the muckrakers.
J. Sutton (San Francisco)
I see what you mean. But my gods we're losing our minds over this.
smartalek (boston ma)
“That account appears to be at odds with the one given by several senior officials”

Oooh, ooh, I recognize that locution!
That's Times-speak for, "The President was caught lying through his teeth again."
MacDonald (Canada)
The divine Donald has closed the Executive branch for business for two days and ordered all employees to the East Room to buy all of Ivanka's clothing line which will be on display. Failure to purchase will result in immediate deportation.

Rumour has it that Ivanka has landed a contract to redesign and produce all military uniforms. The new uniforms, like all of Ivanka's clothing, will be made in China.
just Robert (Colorado)
Perhaps all in orange.
Micki (MI)
Donald Trump is unqualified to be President and unfit for office.
Trump has an astounding lack of knowledge about world affairs and the basic framework and institutions of the USA.
Elementary school children have a better grasp of the 3 branches of government and concept of separation of power.
Trump thinks he is better than everyone else and is not operating under the rule of man, not the rule of law.

Trump has 2 primary advisors: 1) Steve Bannon and Vladimir Putin. Bannon wants to start a new religious war with Islam. He is waiting for Armageddon and appears ready to start it if it doesn't otherwise occur.

Trump meanwhile is following Putin's playbook. First he gets his cult of followers to believe that everyone lies to them except Rush, Sean, and anyone on Fox. Then he attacks the media in hope of discrediting them in the eyes of more Americans. Trump openly and blatantly lies about basic facts which indicates he will not hesitate to promote bigger and more dangerous lies.

I fully expect a terrorist attack any day now. It will be launched by Putin using men of middle east descent. Trump will blame ISIS and we will go off on Bannon's Crusade. Meanwhile, Trump and his Republican sycophants will take away our civil liberties and crush our other institutions of democracy so we can be an autocracy like Russia.

The Republican Party is responsible for this. Not only did they facilitate and support Trump, they have done nothing to stop him since he took office.
dgm (Princeton, NJ)
The only think you missed here is the secret plan to reinstitute the draft so as to reach "full employment".
Diogenes2014 (New York)
If Judge Gorsuch "privately expressed dismay", how do we know it's true? Oh. it was confirmed by an anonymous White house adviser! All New York Times articles should begin with, "Once upon a time....".
kathyinct (Fairfield County CT)
It was confirmed by the GOP staffer accompanying Gorsuch and who has been identified by name already. He works for Trump team.
Abby (Tucson)
Folks are either saying he didn't say it, or the guy who said it is a truth twister. He said it, snap out of it! He's a judge, not a contestant!

Sounds like Trump doesn't want to fire this guy. He's loosing his brand as we stand here.
Charlotte (Florence, MA)
The fact "a bad high school student" could understand ithe ban is exactly the point.
Phil (Austin, TX)
The NY Times didn't use the full quote. They only used “a bad high school student would understand." The full quote was "a good high school student or a bad high school student..." But the NY Times only focused on the "bad" portion because they are not even trying to hide their dislike of President Trump.
Andrew (NYC)
There is something to like about the so called president??
Maybe his tweets about Nordstroms while he should have been paying attention to his security briefing, Of his endless fawning over how many people did not come to his inauguration. Or his lying about illegal voters.
dgm (Princeton, NJ)
If this were true, then the full quote makes Trump look even worse: he can't think a full thought without first opening his mouth. So, which is it? A good one or a bad one? No matter, Trump currently has the reading proficiency of a fifth grader.
Phil (Austin, TX)
So-called President? Look, I don't like him any more than you, but he was elected fair and square. This dumb hissy fit the NY Times is throwing is embarrassing.
AACNY (New York)
Senator Blumenthal should now be called out for implying that Gorsuch was specifically criticizing Trump. In fact, Gorsuch said he couldn't comment on a specific case and was speaking generally.

Blumenthal twisted the truth, and not one media outlet thought to verify what Gorsuch actually said. This is why people don't trust the media.
kathyinct (Fairfield County CT)
All outlets have this morning confirmed with the Trump team guy accompanying Gorsuch and identified him by name.
OR do you say he is a liar too?
Mike Edwards (Providence, RI)
Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, called the president’s criticism of independent judges “demoralizing” and “disheartening.”

Maybe – but what is he going to do about it? This is reminiscent of Marco Rubio tearing into Rex Tillerson during the latter’s nomination process. Rubio then turned around and endorsed him.

These tactics are little more than attempts to create reference points on resumés, whereby their proponents can say, “Look, I was against Trump”, if things don’t work out.

Those that have walked away from Trump, such as Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, have done so purely for personal financial reasons. We are still waiting for the big taking-the-high road resignation.
William Fang (Alhambra, CA)
I now think any nominee by President Trump should be opposed. I now expect Mr Trump to nominate only judges he thinks he can sway in future rulings. This could be as innocuous as the president's own delusion. But it could also be that the president has dirt on his nominees.
Thomas Paine (New York)
In his response Trump first denied that Gorsuch made these comments, then attacked the Senator who reported them.

Typically, Trump was WRONG on the facts. And he has the gall to attack the credibility of the Senator who reported them?

Further, as a draft dodger, a craven coward who chose instead to wallow in a seemingly bottomless pit of sexual self indulgence and depravity (just listen again to his interviews with Howard Stern and Billy Bush), he lost the right to comment on anyone's service,or lack thereof, in Vietnam.
theazimmerman (Zimmerman)
So Judge Gorsuch, how “demoralizing” and “disheartening” is all of this? Would appointment to the Supreme Court by this President make you want to withdraw from consideration?
Carl (Florida)
Wait, Blumenthal, a Democrat, met with Trump's nominee when none of the Republicans deigned to meet with Obama's nominee? And that is NOT the story here? Someone asleep at the wheel on this.
avatar (12571)
Can someone strongly petition the CEO of Twitter to cancel this clown's account?
Think of all the problems it would solve. It's Twitter's civic duty.
They can say that for national security we are preventing the "president" from conducting domestic and foreign policy with tweets (gawd I hate that word).
If somebody starts a petition I'll sign it.
IonaTrailer (Los Angeles)
While that would eliminate the daily "nails on a blackboard" irritation of his tweets, it wouldn't change the fact that this country has put into the highest office of the land, a man so unfit for the position that he is a danger to the world order. He and his ilk will continue to use the office to enrich themselves.
Will the grown-ups please take charge and remove him now?
GregA (Woodstock, IL)
It's understandable why our so-called president attacks and ridicules the judiciary. He's learned from experience that bullying works. Although he claims to have greater reasoning power than practically anybody, he's actually at the level of a bad high school student, unable to learn and adapt to the new world he's placed himself in.

It is disheartening that our nation has put this man in this position. My hope is that he will continue to self-destruct and be driven out of office before he destroys us.
It's all a game. It's all lies. Be suspicious of everything coming out of DJT and his flock of clowns' mouths. When someone says you can repeat that in public, they're not saying it behind closed doors. They're saying it in public. This was so blatantly correographed to win favor with the public and senators. Fake sincerity! Fake independence! So obvious. So sad.

Taxes??? You promised!!!!
Tony Silver (Kopenhagen)
Trump policy proves to be wrong.
Another "triumph" for the Trump (mis)administration?
And where's the clamor for Congressional hearings?
Eben Spinoza (SF)
A withdrawal from the nomination in protest of Tump's behavior would be a real personal sacrifice and a heroic defense of the Constitution. As it stands, it's not clear that he intended his mild rebuke of Trump to be repeated publicly.
James Young (Seattle)
Trump is going to isolate the US, he's going to get us into a war, those who voted for him will wish they had never laid eyes on him. He's an embarrassment.
Tony Silver (Kopenhagen)
Trump is such low IQ person it’s unbelievable. He is short-tempered
and an dishonest business man, NEVER HAD EXPIRIENCE OF INTERNATIONAL POLICY. Ignorance and arrogance have no excuse, but Mr. Trump will find one! When can we begin the impeachment process?.
DW (Philly)
We'll be lucky if ALL he does is get us in a war.
Oliver (New York)
Trump will only be impeached if something really serious and relevant to the American people and to the world happens - like an extramarital affair with a female stuff member.
just Robert (Colorado)
Trump says the courts are politicized because they disagree with him and are trying to apply the law. If there is one person who has politicized the court it is Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues who would make the courts their own political playground. It has been this way at least since Republicans refused to vet judge Garland last year. Trump of course is someone who blames others for things he does himself. it is his adolescent way.
Gail Silver (Chicago)
Beginning to need a scorecard. So the judge who the President supports as his Supreme Court nominee, calls him out for not supporting other judges, and the President instead calls out the senator who called out what the Supreme Court nominee said. Phew, exhausting. Let's go shopping at Nordstrom instead.
Jay (Green Bay)
Here is my conspiracy theory: may be Gorsuch consulted first with Trump on how strong a (fake) 'criticism' from Gorsuch of Trump's attack on judges would be acceptable to Trump before expressing it to the lawmakers whose votes may be crucial to his confirmation! Just could not help such speculation!
dre (NYC)
Ignorant of history, the constitution, that there are 3 equal branches of government, and that working together civilly and rationally even when there are disagreements is the adult way of running the country.

He belongs in a day care.
ALZ (California)
Somehow, despite a so-called "feud" with the Republicans, they have supported every nominee to his Cabinet. Despite Gorsuch's comments, he is more Conservative than Scalia, and any challenge to the president's executive orders implementation that reaches the Supreme Court, will now swing right. Without checks and balances, our democracy is at risk.
Michael S (Wappingers Falls, NY)
Trump would do well to heed Franklyn Roosevelt's experience when he mildy criticised the Supreme Court by saying that the Schechter decision had "relegated [the nation] to a horse and buggy definition of interstate commerce" He was scorned for the perceived attack on the court.

If Trump wants someone to blame it's his own staff (particularly Bannon) and their unskilled drafting of the Executive Order. TRump's comments on Muslims didn't help. The president clearly has the power to stop immigration from any country if he doesn't muddy the waters by introducing the issue of religious intolerance.
michael (burke)
where is privacy ? shame on nyt in publishing a private conversation.
smartalek (boston ma)
@ michael burke “where is privacy ? shame on nyt in publishing a private conversation.”

Um, you do realize that this "private conversation" was almost certainly deliberately leaked...
by Trump's people...
in a pathetically transparent attempt to provide Judge Gorsuch with something vaguely resembling an appearance of independence and respect for the constitutional arrangements, without actually committing him to anything?
Stephen Grossman (Fairhaven)
If Leftists had protested Pelosi's contempt for the Constitution, it would have discouraged Trump's similar view. America's founders fragmented political power in many interacting ways to stop aristocratic and democratic violations of individual rights. Those Enlightenment intellectual activists respected man's independent mind and its need for freedom. Tragically, Leftists and conservatives seek external authority over man's independent mind.
kali (Scotch Plains, NJ)
President Trump started a process of placing himself in a position of Great Leader of the American People, something that reminds me other great Fuhrer.
Gary (New York, NY)
PROTOCOL and DUE PROCESS are important aspects to the US Presidency. Trump demonstrates that he is either completely ignorant of them, or just dismissed them out of hand to do things "his way." Oh yes. A government that has been around for over 200 years with laws and policies that have evolved over time by many intense debates and exchanges by people fully educated and experienced in politics. Now we have a man with no education and no political experience in office. Is it any wonder that he's clueless?
I just hope the judicial branch puts all politics aside and RAILROADS this so-called president into impeachment.
Please! Please! Cancel Trump's Twitter account!
King Donald does not like being criticized. He tweets like a petulant child. His favorite word is "disgraceful" in response to anyone who criticizes or disagrees.

What is disgraceful is that this man is president. Each day he stains the integrity of the presidency. What is disgraceful is his cabinet of know nothing's that will damage our country.

The next four years will be a therapy session of talking about Trump's childish behavior.

For the alternative fact folks who voted for Trump, when will you come to your senses and realize the emperor has no clothes.
Dianne (San Francisco)
Call your elected representatives every day. Every single day.
Tom (Pennsylvania)
This senator is a liar. Claimed to be a Vietnam vet...only correcting the record after intense pressure. I am not sure I believe him.

8 years of Obama, plenty of comments against him, yet none reported by liberal press.

When will this end. When will the media report only verified FACTS. Comments from a liar senator are not facts.
Patricia (Connecticut)
Trump is not a humble man and I believe has true psychological issues. He is not grown up and he's got no shame. He only wants people to like him - he's a child. His father sent him to military school because he had behavior issues. Looks like it didn't help. There is a part of him that knows this, and he's been on record saying how is daughter is one of the only people who can "tame" him and keep him in check (roughly his own words). I have seen this on the Apprentice shows for years. Friends of mine who voted for him have said to me "Oh I didn't like who he was and how he acts, but he's such a great businessman, since he filed bankruptcy and was still able to be so successful". --GHEESH - that doesn't make him a great businessman! IT makes him a swindler. If you want to look at a great businessman then look at someone like Warren buffet!... anyway I'm still in shock we have a POTUS who is a man-child, a racist AG, A Billionaire woman who hates public schools as Educ. Secretary, an EPA head who hates the EPA, a Dr. who knows nothing about housing and a white supremacist pulling the strings.

It is way past time for the Dems to spend mucho bucks in grassroots movements in all red and rust belt states!
YogaGal (Westfield, NJ)
Poor Judge Gorsuch. Instead of joining one of three pillars of American government, he's just a pawn on Bannon's political chessboard. Bannon's end game: use DJT as a loose cannon to totally destroy our democracy.
Andrew (USA)
I think this is staged in order to make Gorsuch look more caring and orderly. On the other hand, if this is going on Gorsuch does not understand how people really feel about judges and the justice system.
Michael Storrie-Lombardi, M.D. (Ret.) (Pasadena, California)
The "Birth of a Tyrant" play unfolding in the Presidency seems to have attracted the attention of the person most likely to be in harms way. This is an incredibly interesting piece of reporting.

Only time will tell if this is dissembling or actual awareness of how crucial an independent judiciary is in a republic.
Steve (Pittsburgh)
Ok, I have a question...

If the Supreme Court nominee feels that the person who selected him does not treat judges fairly (the way they should be treated) why does he continue with the process?

If he truly means what he says he should say 'thanks, but no thanks' and remove himself from consideration for the Supreme Court.
NYC lawyer (New York)
It It is no surprise that this is happening.

Trump has indicated in the past his love for Putin and for Putinesqe authoritarian policies.

If we are not careful and don't shut this guy down either by impeachment /removal (because he is mentally unfit for office) we may end up like a society such as Russia which is not based on the rule of law but on the rule of one man and a group of a small group of others who are his cronies.
Kristin Swenson (Virginia)
I'd like to hear Mr. Gorsuch publicly reiterate his judgment ("demoralizing" and "disheartening") of Trump's attacks on judiciaries.
Joe (NYC)
He should do the right thing and withdraw his nomination until trump apologizes
A Shepherd (Columbia Gorge, Washington State)
I can imagine a very successful for times when you want to bury your head in sand oblivious to the outside world. It's called DELETE TRUMP app and it would delete and save for later all articles or pages or twitters or FaceBook postings or memes with the word TRUMP in them. Unfortunately we can't avoid what's coming out from this Neanderthal.

The so-called presidency gets worse day by day. The guy has diarrhea of the mouth ... it's always open and spewing some form of garbage (to avoid a profanity).
alice (nj)
I was intrigued by this statement in the article:

"An account of the discussion was confirmed by a White House adviser WORKING TO ADVANCE THE GORSUCH CONFIRMATION, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment."

In other words, the WHITE HOUSE is releasing these comments in order to make Gorsuch seem more appealing to the world at large.

Which leads me, at least, to wonder why Gorsuch would say such things - to a Democratic senator, yet - knowing that they might well be "leaked" to the press.

Having read the NYT article about Gorsuch's close relationship to his mother, her efforts to gut the EPA, and her rabid anti-abortion stance, I feel even more strongly that this man as a supreme-court justice would be a disaster for people who care about the earth and about women's rights.

I sense that a lot of "alternative factmaking" and attempted manipulation are at work here.

I would appreciate some clarification, if such be possible, from Mr Blumenthal.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
If it comes from minions of the worker's savior with the cabinet of revanchist plutocrats, it's probably more false advertising.
Bill Woodson (Ct.)
The judiciary is a perculiar animal. You can always go to a district or region of the country who'll most likely support your cause. Judges think and act differently. The fact that a judge can't be criticized is ludicrous. It's all politics and many judges in this country are elected. Because of this election process, tainted monies unfairly worm their way to find legislative approval. Thich has ruined this country.
I always remind myself that people have being wrongly convicted and sent to jail for years. Thankfully, DNA has overturned convictions but in some regions of this country, the wrongly convicted are not entitled to compensation. Really? This doesn't deserve criticism? Judges can't be wrong? We are an open country, and in my opinion, everything should be aired out and "judged" for what it is. The court isn't always right but our constitution tells us we have to accept the final decision. That's a lot of power and we know power corrupts.
Cornflower Rhys (Washington, DC)
So, justices should bad mouth the prez and senators and members of Congress? and they should bad mouth justices and each other openly and freely, sending insulting tweets in the night. I'm sure this will elevate the public discourse in our nation.
LivingWithInterest (Sacramento)
I worked 15 years in the automotive industry, 21 in government and 6 years in education. I can swear like a sailor, say it nicely, and cite my sources. To expect Judge Gorsuch to publicly denounce trump's attacks is unrealistic and during hearings Judge Gorsuch will artfully support his case and not dis his nominator.

Articles of liberal and conservative press are attempting to build rosters of who supports whom and by how many - further pitting Red and Blue thinkers against each other. That, "see how many oppose/support trump." approach will not change people's minds. Blumenthal is doing this with Judge Gorsuch, with his, 'see, Gorsuch doesn't like trump's ways,' implying that neither should the public. It's going to be a bloody four years and no one is looking forward to reading about it every morning (but here we are).
MetroJournalist (NY Metro Area)
Guess what? In the month #45 has occupied the White House after the electronic coup d'etat on November 8, he is demonstrating multiple incidences of Abuse of Power.
Steven McCain (New York)
If the Dems fall for this ruse I have a bridge I want to sell them. The right needs eight Dems to vote for the judge to confirm him without having to use the nuclear option. Floating that the judge is upset with his nominators comments is just a way to pander to the Dems they need to sway. The left truly needs to take some boxing lessons from the right and stop letting the right mop the floor with them.
Gary (New York, NY)
What I find rather baffling is Trump's claim that if an immigration "restriction" is announced ahead of implementation, that "evil doers will come rushing in." That sounds ludicrous. Wouldn't they already be here if immigration policy was so weak? He thinks we have NO VETTING, the way he talks. And that is patently absurd. Trump speaks as though he's completely naive about how immigration enforcement works. It's like he's just "consulting his own mind."
ALZ (California)
He's distracting us on every way to line the pockets of the wealthy. He does fear.
Cornflower Rhys (Washington, DC)
He is.
Abby (Tucson)
If you could not read beyond a fourth grade level, you'd think like Trump does, too.
DM (Foster City, CA)
I am not a Trump supporter but Blumenthal admitted knowingly lying about his military service so one questions whether his conversation with Judge Gorsuch wasn't also twisted.
Abby (Tucson)
I appreciate Trump prefers this was not the story and that some guy doing his Nam duty Stateside instead of skipping it like Trump was. But he's the one who keeps raising the equivalency tests he failed repeatedly.
Dan (Philadelphia)
Then one would think Gorsuch would publicly refute it, no?
Abby (Tucson)
I notice Trump isn't after him like he was Ruth for telling the truth! He's trying to pretend nothing was said while biting off the heads that said so. That is some twisted reasoning.
The Poet McTeagle (California)
“But courts seem to be so political, and it would be so great for our justice system if they would be able to read a statement and do what’s right.”

This from the guy who put his political advisor on his Security Council. Who is telling scientists to shut up, taking scientific data off Federal websites, and that scientific studies will be reviewed for GOP political correctness (there is no such thing as climate change!).

Now he criticizes the Democratic senator who revealed the "demoralizing" comment (with, note, permission from Gorsuch), not the conservative Gorsuch who said it.

If you can't deny the message, disparage the messenger. Swift boating, again.
AV (Tallahassee)
Trump's reaction to Gorsuch's harmless and weak comments is just more of his phony baloney. Trump's message is hey, all you dummies out there look at me, I"m actually allowing a Supreme Court nominee get by with awfully horrible comments about what I said about judges.
So now we're all supposed to believe that Gorsuch is a moderate. Pardon me while I go vomit. What actually going on is preparation for the first order of business once Gorsuch gets sworn in and that is the reversal of Roe v Wade. That is further borne out by the Elizabeth Warren incident where she was silenced by chief turtle McConnell, who then allowed MEN to read the Coretta King letter she was trying to read. The message being, hey women, you're still under our thumb, and we'll prove it when we pass the laws that will tell you exactly what you can and cannot do with your own bodies.
CK (Christchurch NZ)
Judges are not above the law and the President gives a directive to the law making legislature on what direction he wants them to go: Not unlike how a judge directs a court room jury in some cases. Absolute power, by Judges, corrupts a nation and puts the nation at risk of terrorism; as Judges do not have briefings with the CIA and other government departments that the President has briefings with. The President knows more about security of a nation that some over rated judge.
Cornflower Rhys (Washington, DC)
The time and place to offer your arguments to the judges is during argument of the case in the courthouse.
Robert (Out West)
Uh, this particular President has loudly refused to attend regular security briefings, and can't so much as find the Mideast on a map.
Abby (Tucson)
Hello, Hobbitable Island.

The president can fire a judge and even buy a judge with campaign funding, but he cannot tell a judge what to do so publicly that it destroys the credibility of the whole Enterprise. Wait a minute. I saw this episode before.

The president listening to briefings, laughable isn't it? He's watching FOX; that's his mind palace.
Daniel James (Detroit)
Everyone seems to be discusted with Trump's antics. Never mind the fact that what he says about this issue is exactly correct. A bad high school student could grasp the fact that he was operating well within his authority.

The bigger issue that this actually magnifies is, in today's culture, objective facts have given way to subjective feelings, including in the judicial system where for 4 decades now judges have been legislating on the basis of their subjective, ideological feelings.

Despite his style and delivery, Trump remains true to why people elected him.
AACNY (New York)
Not everyone is disgusted wth Trump. Progressives are. Just because everyone else isn't out there burning and shouting doesn't mean he doesn't have strong support.
Daniel James (Detroit)
AACNY, I agree with you completely. BTW, when I said "Everyone," I was referring to those commenting in the NYTs to this article. I think Trump has huge support and will continue to gain ground!
DR (New England)
AACNY - So you're not disgusted by the sexual assault, the lying, the childish behavior etc. Is that really something you want to own up to?
A (Rao)
Hahaha! Trump played you _again_.
Brilliant. "Sharks with frickin laser beams" level evil genius.

Q: How do you gain D support for your SCOTUS nominee?
A: D's have to believe that the SCOTUS will be "on their side" against a fascist dictator. Not a Trump patsy.

Q: But Gorsuch can't criticize Trump, can he?! Trump just nominated him.
A: Only if Trump does something so over the top that Gorsuch will be free to criticize him without losing R support.

"Leaked" * cough cough* comments from a private meeting?
Dan (Philadelphia)
And you're so sure everyone believes it? Half the comments here express doubt.

Trump brilliant? HIGHlarious.
Abby (Tucson)
Maybe the public likes his Trump U attitude, but Dems are not going to go soft on this man because he agrees Trump is dishonoring his own office. He's going to help them paint a picture of Trump's weak grasp of the Constitution whether he'd like to or not.
A (Rao)
Smart enough to beat Hillary, right? :-)
Jeffrey (Michigan)
Each morning I wake up, read the headlines and wonder how much worse this can get.

Do we truly have to suffer through this vulgar buffoon for four years?

By the way, to the NYT and most media...the "so-called" president is still controlling the message and playing you like a well-tuned fiddle. Step up to the plate...we're counting on you to expose this incompetent fraud.
Dan Duffy (Centre Co, PA)
“demoralizing” and “disheartening.”...and stupidly ignorant, disrespectful of the government's balance of power....
Rohit (New York)
Which is alarming?

A president scolding Nordstrom for not treating his daughters's business fairly?

Or a president deciding who gets to go to the bathroom with whom?

Obama is gone but his ridiculous order is still the law in New York city.
MarkAntney (Here)
Outside of his Daughters (while underage) and maybe the Secret Service Shift assigned to him, does a POTUS decide bathroom privileges for others?
Phyllis S (NY, NY)
Would that be the Bowling Green Order?
Steve Bolger (New York City)
How can anyone deny that the entire Trump campaign of appeals to disaffected workers was false advertising, now that he has a selected a cabinet of revanchist plutocrats with religious pretensions?
Abby (Tucson)
I could see Gorsuch physically distancing himself from Trump as much as possible to avoid the appearance of compromise while Trump compromised his own office like a salesman out to meet Alec Baldwin's quotas.
Ellen (Pittsburgh)
Trump has lied his way through life. Being called out on his lies is new to him. If the media keeps doing its job, he'll implode before year end. Hopefully he won't take the world with him.
gc (AZ)
Mr. Trump has yet to disclose how his "extreme vetting" might differ from the checks already in place. Why? I suspect he does not have the slightest understanding. His only solution is to run in circles, scream and shout.
Sarcastic One (room 42)
President Clueless needs to comes to grips with the fact that not everything he wants is going to happen as planned.
mmcg (IL)
Don't be fooled yes Mr. Gorusch seems respectable and well spoken and highly qualified, yet Roberts was a highly qualified decent man and then on the Court straight down party lines he voted. You must look at the record, watch what they do not what they say.
KatieBear (TellicoVillage,TN)
If Gorsuch really, REALLY felt this way he would go to DJT and tell him to his face. But I think Gorsuch is saying whatever he needs to say to get Dem's to "Like" him and vote for him. I just don't believe anything uttered by anyone that DJT picks.
marriea (Chicago, IL)
Good point
Gerry Botha (ALexandria, VA)
Once again our Golden Apprentice President tells it like it is - in his mind - it's what he believes!! 45 doesn't know morality or respect.
Iver Thompson (Pasadena, Ca)
Perhaps a nice potted plant would look nice in that stuffy old SCOTUS chamber, or perhaps some nice flowers, just to add a splash of color. Or would that be too controversial, as well?
suzanne (seattle)
It's a trick. Bannon realizes the chances of a Gorsuch approval will be better if he looks impartial, even against Trump, from the start. This does not smell right to me.
Abby (Tucson)
Once again, Trump is causing a riot when it's already in the bag! This man has already been confirmed by the Senate. He may have to endure a real grilling, but he was gonna get confirmed. Crisis a Day Trump rolling like Hitler.

Bannon is using a Blitz and Reichstag strategy to free the radicals.

Nixon did same with the Teamsters and the Mafia to grind his authority into the Dem's faces. He had the election in the bag, but he overplayed his power just to shower the Dems with his glee over having beat them so badly. They lost those allies once before with the same criminal enterprise, but today's criminals are more often Russians.
Edward Snowden (Russia)
Any man that stands side-to-side with Trump is by definition a dangerous fraud.
Tina (Oregon Coast)
Is that really you? Probably not but it made me feel good for a second.

Thank you NYT for all you are doing
in relation to reporting on this mindbending science fiction unfolding daily. This reader is loyal despite exhaustion and creeping depression.
Michael L Hays (Las Cruces, NM)
The record of the Trump presidency so far is that Trump has learned very little. It appears doubtful, given the craven Republicans who, after opposing his candidacy, are now falling in line with his presidency, that they will teach him anything.
Margaret Ely (Fairfax, Virginia)
Trump is such a liar that one cannot read any so-called fact that he cites with any degree of certainty that it really happened. For example, when he said that law enforcement officials insist that Trump not wait a couple of days to institute the ban because there were travelers who had "evil intentions", I don't believe a word of it. Trump says whatever lie he deems fit that supports his action. Der Spiegel (German magazine) calls him a pathological liar. A pathological liar is someone who lies out of sickness. I believe the man to be sick.
Chris (Louisville)
The judicial branch has overstepped its reach again. I did not vote for a single judge but I did vote for Donald Trump. If this judge feels like that I would hope he would not be nominated. Find someone else.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
I think your character judgment is deeply flawed. I would not rely on you to nominate objective and rational jurists either.
wdgwhite (Gravenhurst, ON)
This is exactly why this judge should be nominated. It's called the 4th amendment and democracy.
marriea (Chicago, IL)
There are three branches of government for a reason.
Ralph braseth (Chicago)
Raise your hand if the president's behavior is surprising.
The same could be said about everything the man says.
I think our biggest problem is Steve Bannon; just like Carl Rove, he is crystalizing Trumps vaguely paranoid and petulant point of view into reality. He and Ms Conway are louder and more focused than his better angels.
And then there's Mike Pence why is he so agreeable, what's in it for him?
marriea (Chicago, IL)
He's waiting for Trump to screw up so he can drive.
He doesn't have that sickly, sly smile constant on his face for no reason.
He knows Trump is a lying blowheart, so he's just biding his time.
Karen can't wait to be FLOTUS.
kjm44 (Homestead FL)
I bet that Gorsuch made his comments about Trump's attack on the judiciary to Democrats, in order to assure the Dems that he, Gorsuch, would be independent of the President. I don't buy it...
ALZ (California)
He's more Conservative than Scalia. What's wrong with Merick Garland?
GeneM (California)
Technically we really don't know exactly what Judge Gorsuch said in that private conversation. If he does not rebuke the President publicly, this hoped for streak of independence will likely turn into a rubber stamp for Trump's policies.
ALZ (California)
He is Conservative. He is more Conservative than Scalia.
Forrest Chisman (Stevensville, MD)
I detect a tendency of the press to fall in love with Gorsuch because of his civil manner and his one criticism of Trump. People are beginning to say, "Well, he's not THAT bad." This is a dangerous tendency. This guy would overthrow Roe and worker's rights in with a smile and a handshake. Bad guys don't always look bad or even think bad. They just do bad. REMEMBER SCALIA! Do we want another 30 years of that? Because that's what this mild mannered man is promising us.
Julia Gershon (Somers, NY)
"Hello, Neil?"
"Yes, Mr. President."
"Who are you seeing today?"
"Senator Blumenthal, Senator Sasse."
"Great. Perfect. Now here's what you do. I'm going to go out and trash the Ninth Circuit -- and then you tell Blumenthal and Sasse in private that you are, say, 'disheartened' and 'demoralized' by my remarks."
"Absolutely. Then I'll tweet an attack on those guys, suggesting that they're liars. I promise you that, within 24 hours, you'll be the darling of the Democrats."
"It'll make them all forget that you want to gut every advance in civil liberties in the last 50 years."
"Certainly worth a try."
ALZ (California)
The calls are unnecessary. This is how it works, though.
diane mead (atlanta ga)
And, live from Manhattan or D.C. it's the Dumb Trump Show. Cannot watch any more. Switching the channel to The Gazelles of Animal Planet. I feel like I am in the middle of a poorly-conceived sit-com
The Fig (Sudbury, MA)
For the good our great country, I beg the media to stop covering this Clown of a President. It has become so sad.

First step is to stop attending the White House press conferences.

On another note, Ivanka must be so pleased with her father....LOL.
B (Minneapolis)
“I don’t ever want to call a court biased" “But courts seem to be so political"

A "Trumpism": Claim you are being fair, honest, truthful, etc. Then deliver your real message

In this case:

Courts are political >
Court decisions are not based upon the rule of law>
Americans should not challenge Trump when he ignores court decisions> Checks and Balances are not enforced>
America is much closer to being an Autocracy

This is serious - not just a reality TV star playing a fictional role. Since beginning his campaign for the Presidency, Trump has undermined everyone and everything that stood in his way. He is now undermining the system of Checks and Balances in the U.S. Constitution crucial to protecting our Democracy. He must be strongly and widely rebuked when he undermines our Democracy.
marriea (Chicago, IL)
And to think we let him get away with it.
He doesn't apparently believe in protocol nor decorum.
If a rule is not written in stone, he doesn't honor it and even those written in stone, he doesn't act as if they apply to him.
He has cheated folks all of his life and many of his supporters think that is an admirable way to act.
How sad they will feel when they feel that part of the equation.
Dillweed (Philadelphia, PA)
Gorsuch orchestrated this conversation with Sen. Blumenthal to make himself look better to the Democratic senators whose votes he needs to be confirmed. He even told Blumenthal to make public their conversation.
Jim (WI)
Blumenthal leaked dialog from a private conversation. And now that private conversation is on the NYT. Blumenthal leaked this to degrade Trump. Blumenthal had an advisor leak the information in a lame attempt to shield himself. . We don't even know who the advisor is.
Here is some advice to Blumenthal. Keep private conversations private or you will never have another.
NWtraveler (Seattle, WA)
"Keep private conversations private or you will never have another."

Wow, are you trying to impersonate Tony Soprano? Or are you just parroting Trump's style of bullying?
tbs (detroit)
Hold the clown in contempt of court!
JDL (Malvern PA)
I do not know Judge Gorsuch others have said he is a fine man so I defer to those who know him. We can only hope that if selected to serve on the Supreme Court that he follows the Constitutions guarantee of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all American and not become another shill for the GOP's agenda of denying so many Americans of those rights.
ALZ (California)
He's a Conservative. That doesn't make him a bad judge. It aligns him with Justice Roberts. If you want a Conservative (to the right of Scalia), then he's fine. If you prefer a bipartisan judge, then how about Merrick Garland?
Katz (Tennessee)
Everything about the Trump presidency is demoralizing. A bizarre spate of executive orders. Unqualified or hard right nominees for cabinet posts. Steve Bannon, a white supremacist and antisemite, on the National Security Council. A president who tweets his sour grapes about his daughter's business dealings. How much lower can we sink?
eve (san francisco)
The military school he went to must have been a humdinger. They did not manage to teach him any of the types of self mastery they are supposed to teach but they apparently didn't have any civics classes.
Raj (Long Island)
The school closed, or went bankrupt.
southern mom (Durham NC)
I think we need to wait until the mid-term elections are resolved next year, before we consider any SCOTUS nominee. Following GOP precedent.
Tim (Baltimore)
People model themselves after other people to a large extent, and I'm trying to think of what conceptual or personal model Trump is using as a guide. One NYT Columnist suggested Jerry Lewis during his telethon. I'm thinking a microphone-hogging game show host. Maybe Richard Dawson's character, Damon Killian, in "The Running Man." Here's a quote from the movie:

Damon Killian: "This is television, that's all it is. It has nothing to do with people, it's to do with ratings! For fifty years, we've told them what to eat, what to drink, what to wear... for Christ's sake, Ben, don't you understand? Americans love television. They wean their kids on it. Listen. They love game shows, they love wrestling, they love sports and violence. So what do we do? We give 'em *what they want*! We're number one, Ben, that's all that counts, believe me. I've been in the business for thirty years."

Sounds like Trump's gospel.
Arthur (NH)
When are the leaders of the GOP going to wake up? Senator McCain fought against communism in Indochina and suffered torture and imprisonment as a POW. This he did because he wanted to protect our country and others from the spread of communism which, as we see now, is no longer a strongly held philosophy in the world today. But a far more dangerous threat to us and our nation sits on his throne in the WH and the GOP twiddles their thumbs while a leader like McCain sits back waiting. Waiting for what? Start practicing the fiddle all ye GOPers because America will be burning soon.
Richard Heckmann (Bellingham MA 02019)
What is it going to take to impeach this despicable man-child?
Cj (San Diego)
Whatever your opinion of Trump, he has a point when he calls the courts "so political." Give me an issue before the courts and without knowing details I can tell you how Thomas and RBG will vote. There is nothing objective at all.
SusanS (Reston, Va)
You fail to note that Trump only honors his version of "political", which is "smash the opposition" , not compromise with it in any way.

In successful politics, opposing sides recognize there's some truth common to both sides of the argument, whatever it is. Trump and allies don't recognize that.
Cowboy Marine (Colorado Trails)
It's only going to get worse with David Duke, I mean Jeff Sessions, as Attorney General.
Crusader Rabbit (Tucson, AZ)
While Judge Gorsuch holds many conservative positions which are no doubt anathema to me and most NYT readers, he seems a highly intelligent, thoughtful and principled man. Just the opposite of you know who.
JMM (Dallas)
This is a stunt in my opinion. Theatre. Gorsuch is merely trying to engratiate himself with the Dems. It was probably planned with a wink wink. The fact that Gorsuch even accepted the nomination rather than suggesting that nominee Gerrick be considered first tells me all I need to know about this pig disguised as a boy scout in a robe.
Petey tonei (Ma)
Yes, we can see right through him (Neil Gorsuch ie). Don't forget, he is here to "settle a score" on behalf of his mom. Remember George W Bush, he wanted to settle a score with Saddam on behalf of his dad, we all saw how that turned out. So BEWARE of Neil Gorsuch.
kglen (Philadelphia)
Perhaps Mr. Gorsuch would like to address the fact that the President is now attacking Senator Blumenthal for sharing his remarks. All Americans need to act with some backbone and conviction against this appalling, ill-mannered lunatic. I commend Senator McCain for standing up to his stupidity this morning over the Yemen incident.
APS (Olympia WA)
Gorsuch's leak with photo op has the same hall pass that Murkowski and Collins got to withhold their support from Betsy Devos. It's an attempt to show an American side to the GOP nominees.
NWtraveler (Seattle, WA)
When the Travel ban was concocted, Bannon knew it's sole purpose was to send a message to Muslims that America was profiling them, as a whole, as undesirables. Trump 's outrage aimed at the 9th Circuit judges is pure bullying. All Federal judges including the Supreme Court justices, whether appointed by a Republican or Democrat president, are well aware of both of these facts. No one wants to be bullied into making a decision, least of all a judge protecting the Constitution. Trump can rant all he wants and all it will do is weaken his position because his "force of personality " is, and has always been, a detriment.
cogit845 (Durham, NC)
Emasculated GOPers either stay silent or whisper the mantra "don't worry, everything is going to be alright." I think that's what George told Lenny just before he shot him in the back of the head at the end of the play Of Mice and Men.
ALZ (California)
The Republicans are waiting for Gorsuch (a Conservative, more right-wing than Scalia. Yes, he's calm and polite. A woman's right to protect her body and the mother of her children... pause... no.) Then they'll impeach the president. We'll be left with Pence, and his appointees. How about Merrick Garland - had full bi-partisan support? No to any appointee till Merrick Garland comes before the Senate.
Mitzi (Oregon)
Trump has little actual education and none in law at all....He's a loud mouth demagogue who should have never been allowed to be president...His handler Bannon is behind much of all this.
JPJ (New York)
“Believe me, I’ve learned a lot in the last two weeks, and terrorism is a far greater threat than the people of our country understand,” [President Barnum] said.
This demonstrates his and President Bannon's plan to instill such great (and unreasonable) fear into the populace that Barnum will be positioned to, oh, I don't know, suspend the Constitution and maybe impose martial law, thereby attempting to destroy the American Republic. What the people should be afraid of is far less terrorism than the Trump/Bannon plan to install a totalitarian state. So who is the real terrorist now? My guess is that the GOP will not stand up to him because they are terrified of being tweeted out of power. What then is our recourse, once the press and the judicial branch have been fully delegitimized?
Benvenuto (Maryland)
Tossing Red Meat to the Red States is not "national security."
And now the press secretary demands an "apology" from ... war-hero John McCain, on behalf of Spicer's 5-times-draft-deferred tweet-addicted echo-chambered, daughter-promoting boss.
Omar (Miami)
It is very unnerving to see a President attack the Judiciary especially in such an arrogant and with such disregard for the process of checks and balances. Separation of Powers was literally put in place for something like this from ever happening. He is not King. There have been 44 more Presidents and they all dealt with it in a Democratic manner. This must always continue regardless of who is President.
Ben (Westchester)
Dear Justice Gorsuch,

If you believe in the independent judiciary and you are demoralized by the behavior of the Executive Branch, then please stop your "public relations" walk around the capital and simply go to a microphone and announce that you would be very honored to serve as Donald Trump's *second* Supreme Court pick, after Justice Merrick Garland is confirmed or denied as the first.

Donald Trump, after all, said "delay, delay, delay," on the campaign trail, which violates the U.S. Constitution.

And you are currently benefiting from this behavior. That is wrong.
MD (Michigan)
I guess I have one of those "Dark and extremely conspiratorial minds" Gail Collins dismisses in her column today, but think about it: now that Judge Gorsuch has amazingly volunteered his “demoralizing” and “disheartening” comments, he's now being viewed as a good guy who will do the right thing. The opposition to his confirmation is softening. I don't have time to read the news all day, but so far I don't see the regular tweeted rebuke his comments would normally get....
Abby (Tucson)
The opposition to his appointment is hopeless if Sessions can be called AG. But at least he is offened Trump thinks he owes him something.
blackmamba (IL)
It must be really nice and relaxed to have some dis- feelings about Trump's attacks on the judiciary while white in America. Listen to "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free" by Nina Simone.

African Americans were much more than demoralized or disheartened by the Supreme Court opinions in Dred Scott and Plessy and Shelby County.

Japanese American were physically interned under Korematsu, Yatsui and Hirabayashi.

Gorsuch is clearly not his brothers nor his sisters keeper.
Matthew (Bethesda, MD)
Where is John Robert in all of this? Is it not a prime responsibility of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to defend the independence of the entire judicial system?
operacoach (San Francisco)
If Gorsuch is going to call out the Supreme Leader, then we need him on the court!
Betty Wong Tomita (New York)
Judge Gorsuch is a scab, no matter which way you look at it. His acceptance of Trump's offer of a Supreme Court nomination was disgraceful, the leak of a private remark notwithstanding.
The Flying Doctor (VA)
I'm looking at a really good job in New Zealand:) Hooray!!
Suzanne (Indiana)
I know very little about Judge Gorsuch but his being nominated has already tainted his reputation. The comments on this story from any news outlet that I've seen on Twitter & Facebook run about 90% that he's lying about being bothered by Trump's remarks. Trump's alternative facts have a long reach.
steve (new york)
I'm sure he is "demoralized". Bur perhaps this is just Trump's way of throwing him a softball so that he can feign independence. Who knows, these days ?
Abby (Tucson)
He's damned both ways, and as a judge can have very little to say about it himself. Bannon knows that.

Trump, on the other arm, is complaining about who's not selling his daughter's accessories she so distastefully displayed at Dover. I think the whole family is demanding clearance to sell our assets out from under us. He's gonna get US sued!!
Verna Linney (<br/>)
On NBC Evening News 2-8-17 I heard Gorsuch quoted as saying "abhorrent," as well, but I have not seen that word in print, yet.
mary (milwaukee)
Perhaps Trump should watch the old School House Rock cartoons on youtube. This one explains how the three branches of government are meant to work. Simplified and explained in such a way that a fourth grader and our new President should be able to understand.
Abby (Tucson)
If he stops off at Conjunction Junction, he might discover he's never been where things come together before. But can he hook up clauses until you wonder where he did go? You betcha.
Sitting on a throne while running your father's business did not prepare Trump for checks and balances. He is personally offended by any limits on his authority, and 4 more years of fits and tantrums lie ahead.
Abby (Tucson)
I dunno, he can't handle all the snits and giggles. He's going to shoot down a helicopter and blame them for his success. Oh, wait, he's already done that.
A. Davey (Portland)
"The president called their judicial proceedings 'disgraceful' and described the courts as 'so political.' "

With this, Lyin' Donnie shows his true colors: like all authoritarian leaders, he wants to suppress political activity that doesn't toe the party line. One of the first things thugs do when they seize power is outlaw politics. It is abundantly clear Lyin' Donnie is outranged that a co-equal branch of government would carry out its constitutional obligation to rule upon the legality of acts by the nation's chief executive. He'd much rather they stick to their knitting and throw the book at criminal defendants while rubber stamping their approval (if not adulation) of each and every decision by the Maximum Leader.

I am glad Judge Gorsuch showed some backbone with his stinging rebuke of Lyin' Donnie's unprecedented assault on the independence of the judiciary.

"Demoralizing" is an excellent choice of words. I am feeling thoroughly demoralized by the carnage Lyin' Donnie and his gang of thugs have carried out since the inauguration. I do not believe for a moment that this is a coincidence. I see Steve (Breitbart) Bannon's fingerprints all over the so-called President's reckless response to the court's review of his Muslim ban.

Demoralizing the opposition is surely one of the key objectives on Mr. Bannon's list of things to do in order to bring about his apocalyptic vision for America.
Bernardo Izaguirre MD (San Juan,Puerto Rico)
Due to his narcissism Trump aspires to be a dictator . That is the reason he tries to delegitimize the press and the judiciary . He will fail of course in his quest to be an autocrat . This Country has a strong Democracy and strong institutions and he is not that smart . He will fail but he will do damage to the Republic in the process . People like Judge Gorsuch need to be commended for his bravery .
David Kannas (Seattle, WA)
Trump likes to spew his vitriol to those in uniform whom he feels support him no matter what. I think he will wake up to a serious shock one morning very soon.
Susan Anderson (Boston)
Judge Gorsuch sounds like a gentleman, but he is against Voting Rights and women's independence.

It's hard to weigh the nice affect with the awful stances, but despite being outnumbered, Republicans should realize it is the *duty* of our representatives to speak for us. They still do not represent the majority of people in this country, despite all the voter suppression and sneaky tactics that gained them power.

Sadly, this power allows them to become ever more tactical about preventing poor people and others without easy access to transport and facilities from voting (the elderly, working poor, etc.).
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Judge Gorsuch needs to explain how giving get-out-of-regulation-free cards to people who claim the regulation(s) at issue offend God, and compliance with them subjects the plaintiffs to post-mortem punishment by God, complies with the first amendment to the US Constitution.
John (Princeton)
If Gorsuch had any scruples he would decline the nomination, go back to Colorado and ski more.
Lean More to the Left (NJ)
I wonder why the spineless Democrats aren't showing Judge Gorsuch the exact same courtesy that the Republicans showed Judge Garland. I guess the gutless wonders are afraid the Tyrant in Chief will call them a name.
lastcard jb (westport ct)
You wonder? why don't you read. The Dems are a minority and have done all they could to bloc it, same as de vos .
ALZ (California)
False equivalency. De Vos is not Gorsuch. They are both right wing. That's it.
Lean More to the Left (NJ)
They can refuse to meet with hi, just like the Republicans did with Judge Garland. And YES i do READ and understand!
Jim LaFrance (Farmington CT)
Trump governs by watching's unbelievable....he's a cartoon character. He is going beyond my worst nightmares - he's like a petulant child throwing tantrums. When he gets any pushback - he cries and stamps his feet. Or even more disturbingly - tries to alter reality to fit his ego and view. It's a pathological mental disorder - he has one filter only "his own identity". Most people outgrow this syndrome by the time they get through kindergarten. He is going to blow up, we are in a slow motion car crash.
JEG (New York, New York)
And how did he characterize Senate Republicans treatment of Merrick Garland?
ALZ (California)
Good question.
naysayernyc (nyc)
What Judge Gorsuch needs to do is to say forcefully without hesitation and unequivocally that what Trump is saying is wrong and dangerous for our form of government!!!!! None of this mamby pampby behind closed doors garbage. Put it on the record! Let's see whether our super thin skinned so-called President can take the heat when it comes from his nominee!
Jimi (Cincinnati)
Dangerous waters as we know - the way the President uses his office's power to lash out daily against anyone who he finds disfavor with. When the Carrier Union Head in Indiana says something upsetting to Donald, Trump attacks him on Twitter until the poor man has to go into hiding. When Nordstroms makes a business decision to drop Trump's daughter's clothing line he attacks the company & their stock drops. And when a judge takes a legal position contrary to Trump's world view.. we know what happens.

Hopefully the FBI would not follow a Trump directive to travel to Indiana to "straighten out" someone Trump was upset with... but he doesn't need that. He just launches on Twitter to attack anyone who crosses him - with menacing results. This is a very upsetting sign for our America.
Beatrice ('Sconset)
I am very heartened to hear Judge Gorsuch's quoted remarks;
"demoralizing, disgraceful, disheartening'.
Finally, I'm "heartened" to feel that our so-called president's behavior is NOT the "new normal".
Sarah (Arlington, VA)
And then there was a another timeless phrase of the president in Trumpish English yesterday while addressing law enforcement in D.C,:

"I was good student. I comprehend, better than anyone else, OK"..
Henry David (Concord)
Despite Gorsuch's phony challenge to Trump by appearing more moderate than he is, this is the REAL STORY:

While Blumenthal described the meeting as "amicable," he said he was "disappointed" in Gorsuch's responses to his questions and felt he was not being forthcoming and specific enough. He said he was especially looking for more answers on Gorsuch's thoughts about reproductive rights, workers' rights and consumer protection issues.
Petey tonei (Ma)
Phony is the key word here.
sapereaudeprime (Searsmont, Maine 04973)
The sooner Trump is behind bars the better off America will be.
me (here)
take this cabal down hard. and do it quickly. the nyt needs to step up and get this man out of power.

nyc will be the first to be hit by the enemies he is creating.

wake up and do your job!
Len (Pennsylvania)
“Believe me, I’ve learned a lot in the last two weeks, and terrorism is a far greater threat than the people of our country understand,” Mr. Trump said. “But we’re going to take care of it. We’re going to win.”

This is too much. We have already lost, Mr. Trump, thanks to you and the 40% of the electorate who helped vote you into office. The country has lost. But I agree with that last sentence. We will win when you are either impeached or voted out of office.
brudes (NH)
“Believe me, I’ve learned a lot in the last two weeks, and terrorism is a far greater threat than the people of our country understand.”

Oh really? Because foreign immigrants from the Middle East were terror threats during Obama's presidency?

This is pathetic fear mongering to encourage his misinformed supporters to continue blindly following him.
pgd (thailand)
The nomination of Judge Gorsuch raises some ethical, if not legal problems .
Donald Trump has repeatedly asserted that he would never nominate a judge to the Supreme Court unless that judge was committed to overturning the Roe v. Wade decision . This is one of Trump's "litmus tests" . One can therefore assume that, before nominating Neil Gorsuch, Trump received from the judge the assurance that he was on board on that issue .

He should therefore be questioned on the subject during his confirmation hearings . Should the judge equivocate on that question, as he apparently did on many others in his interviews with various Senators, he might well be asked whether he thought the Court reached the right conclusion on other, previously settled issues :
-did the Court reach the right decision in Marbury v. Madison ?
-did the Court reach the right decision in the Dred Scott case ?
- did the Court reach the right decision in Brown v. Board of Education ?
Besides giving us some insights about his views on federalism, the separation of powers and Civil Rights, such questioning might also raise the issue of his willingness to freely comment on certain cases of settled law whilst keeping mum on others .
Alan Johnson (Missoula, Montana)
Judge Gorsuch's comment about Trumps "disheartening" comments, is very heartening. One can agree or disagree with things in the nominee's record on the circuit court, but he is a man of integrity. Believe me, Trump could have done far worse in filling this vacancy. I expect he will sail through the Senate easily.
ALZ (California)
He could have done better. How about a bipartisan appointee, Merrick Garland?
Joe M (Melbourne, Australia)
Trump is the biggest threat to the US Constitution since August 24th 1814 when the British marched into Washington and set fire to it including burning down The White House!! This time the attack isn't Red Coats and the Union Jack it is twitter, alternative facts, over confidence, dismissal of the separation of powers and a President behaving more like an absolute monarch than an elected President!! If you truly believe in your United States then this Trump man must learn that he is a tool of the US Constitution and a man that works for the people of the Union!! The United States is not a kingdom that grants favours it is a Union that won freedom and democracy from wars both internal and external!! In time Trump will be forced to yield like all others before to the US Constitution and to his and all other Americans pledge of allegiance to the flag and republic!!
Muddlerminnow (Chicago)
Gorsuch--like all of Trump's Cabinet nominees--will say anything to appease the people who have to vote on his nomination. But it is actions that have far more transparent meaning than anything else, and the only action he could do at this point that would have integrity is to acknowledge that his own nomination was "demoralizing" and "disheartening" and rightfully belongs to Merrick Garland--and step down.
Bill N. (Cambridge MA)
Mr. Gorsuch in one word has captured perfectly the mood of the US. Trump is incapable ever understanding the US beyond his hand-picked immediate circle of "Yes" folks who tell him what he wants to hear. Based on the few words I've uttered by Mr. Gorsuch, Gorsuch should be President.
Victor James (Los Angeles)
Trump could not have picked a better case to solidify his political support with the American people and undermine the support of his opponents. Forget the legal nuances, to the average person this case makes Trump look like he is standing up to terrorism and aligns his opponents with all that seems foreign and threatening in the world. Trump needs to be pilloried day and night for packing his cabinet with Wall Street billionaires. FDR and Bernie Sanders would know just how to focus on what Americans will care about. The current crop of so-called leaders in the Democratic Party seem utterly clueless.
fotoflo (new york)
But thankfully, the candidate with a private email server was not elected. It would have been really bad...
Ed (Oklahoma City)
What's got to be demoralizing to Gorsuch, assuming he has a soul, is being nominated to the Supreme Court by an illegitimate and frighteningly unbalanced president and uttering the words "Yes, I want to be part of your historical tearing down of our Democracy."
Under-Represented (Washington, CT)
Trump attacked Richard Blumenthal, my Senator (CT), for lying about his service during the Viet Nam War. Sen. Blumenthal DID serve in the Marine Reserves. He did not go to Viet Nam, but could have at any time. He did seek many deferments, which allowed him to receive a law degree. And he has applied that ivy education to dedicated civil service since then. I thank Senator Blumenthal for his service, in particular his fight against human trafficking as CT Attorney General, and his unwavering vigilance for the children of his constituents. Senator Blumenthal will always have my support for his service. What did POTUS do with the education he received with deferments from the Viet Nam era?
John Edelmann (Arlington, VA)
The start of a totalitarian government. We are just 3 weeks in. May god help us.
Putin must be loving this, they finally beat us!
caps florida (trinity,fl)
Trump is pushing the envelope in the hope that he can be a powerful influence to change our form of government. Everything he says and does supports this conclusion. Everyone is critical of his behavior but they don't look past the forest. The bravado of his critics is naive as we need action not words. It can't happen here. Oh yeah!!
TC (Ann Arbor)
Judge Gorsuch should be concerned about President Trump's attempts to pit the executive against the judiciary in the court of public opinion. The President's comments are offensive to the Constitution and to one of the most cherished founding principles of the US: an independent judiciary. By all credible accounts from Senator Blumenthal reported by Fox News, confirmed for the New York Times by White House staff and for NPR by people close to the judge, Judge Gorsuch DID express his dismay of the public statements of the President and his aides. Judge Gorsuch should be dismayed.
But now he cannot keep this private. If he does not come out publicly and forcefully to explain the Constitution to the President and condemn the public attacks and attempts to undermine the courts for political gain, no one can be confident that he would sit one the Court as an independent justice. Rather, if we don't hear this loud and clear and unequivocally, the only conclusion is that Judge Gorsuch will sit on the court as a political tool to legislate from the bench the well articulated agenda laid out by Donald Trump's criteria for a Supreme Court justice.
If Gorsuch has any honor, any respect for the law, he will refuse the post and recommend that Merrick Garland be considered instead.
cp (md)
Pence repeatedly cringed at Trump's conduct before his final commitment to lie down with dogs. Isn't it a shame that Gosuch has to hold his nose through this process? One can only hope Gosuch can rise above Trump's inevitable ire and put Trump's and his own personal beliefs aside when ruling on issues that affect the fundamental rights of every U.S. citizen.
Frank McNamara (Bolton, MA)
On the one hand, the Times states that the President is wrong to criticize courts, especially the Ninth Circuit, for being "so political."

On the other, Mr. McConnell of the Constitutional Law Center at Stanford states (and the Times joins in the assertion) that President Trump’s comments are "extremely self-defeating and self-destructive" because of their potential to sway judges to rule against Mr. Trump.

Both statements cannot be true.

By the way, I didn't hear much by way of criticism from the Times when President Obama during his State of the Union address criticized the members of SCOTUS (who were present during the address) for their ruling in Citizens United.
Jorge D. Fraga (New York, NY)
If we give Trump total power to make decisions through executive orders about immigration no matter if those decisions are unconstitutional and are not subject to review by the Courts, then we may have decided to have a dictator in the White House. Is this what we want?
Paul (Palatka FL)
When Trump uttered this, " would be so great for our justice system if they would be able to read a statement and do what’s right.”

I can already read his mind. What in trumpese this means is "do what I say".

It's good that Trump cannot fire judges. The courts may be our last line of defence against tyranny. Congress has shown no inclination to obey the Constitution they swore to uphold.
hopeforourfuture (Kansas)
Judgment at Nuremberg
David A. (Brooklyn)
Like Captain Renault from Casablanca, the man is "shocked, shocked". Oh please.
Fernando (New York)
Lots of comments in this thread about Gorsuch's statement being a "plot" by Trump to prop-up and make more appealing the nominee. I don't think so. Trump's M.O. is to act impulsively and recklessly to attack and disparage others, and won't pass on opportunities to continue doing so. He's not smart enough to pause, ponder and think ahead.
skateboardgumby (Reno)
Good grief! I feel like we're back in the Nixon years when leaking info was the norm. I guess there's no honor among thieves.
biijii (princeton)
President yes. Presidential no.
Lyn (St Geo, Ut)
Trump wants to rule as if he is a law. We are not a banana republic, yet.
JaneF (Denver)
Whenever I read or hear someone say, the "Constitution is clear" about a complicated issue, it makes me angry. As a law student, I took four courses on Constitutional law, including a litigation seminar. If the Constitution was clear, there wouldn't be a need for the Supreme Court, and there would not be 5-4 decisions. I believe that the President's Executive Order was unconstitutional, but I recognize that it may be close, given the President's plenary authority on national security issues. For Trump to say the argument is ridiculous shows his own ignorance and lack of understanding of Constitutional law and precedent and on the limits to Presidential power. The Courts have been on check on Presidential power since Marbury v. Madison in 1803, a decision Thomas Jefferson vehemently disagreed with.
VJBortolot (Guilford CT)
We don't need that obnoxious, loud-mouthed uncle who ruins every Thanksgiving dinner as president, much as he'd relish the fantasy of being dictator. I wish he would take up drinking again and just go to sleep, as Uncle does.
MarkAntney (Here)
He really is that guy, except the Uncle is usually a Drunk, like when Cheney Hunts with his friends.

POTUS Trump is this unhinged totally sober.
Amelie (Northern California)
Gorsuch is playing the Democrats, and all Americans. Trump is a buffoon and a bully, period. Gorsuch is smart enough to say whatever it takes to get Dems to vote for him.
ALZ (California)
I'm sure Gorsuch spoke his mind. There are many Republicans who deplore some of the presidents' statements or acts. Still, they voted for ALL of his nominees for his cabinet. There have been a scant few who have looked at inexperienced candidates and have been prepared to reject them. Gorsuch is more Conservative than Scalia, despite his dignified manner.
Marshall (Reese)
If Judge Gorsuch is so concerned with the state of the judiciary in the age of Donald Trump, he could take himself out of being considered for the Supreme Court.
Kodali (VA)
Judges aren't saints either. Remember the Supreme Court ruling that corporations are citizens. A dose of criticism from president doesn't hurt. May be refreshing.
juno721 (Palm beach Gardens)
Gorsuch's statements are pretty weak tea, an attempt to smooth his path to the Supreme Court. Not like the guy denounced the language mangler n' chief for his repeated personal attacks on judges.

Trump's remarks before law enforcement y/day were contradictory, angry, not well thought out and ...typical. Not at all surprising that he is trying to deligitimize the court system, an intended check on his power as he has tried to deligitimize the REAL news, also a check on his power.

I am heartened that objective reality, supported by facts, is finally challenging the spoiled "billionaire" that's rarely heard "no" as he surrounds himself w/ sycophants and people or entities beholden to him. The wildly successful Nordstrom's boycott, carried out by people, not politicians, delivered a dandy slice of reality last week. Here's hoping the independent judiciary can be as successful as #grabyourwallet in delivering yet another slice of reality to the "reality star".
P2 (NY)
I am paranoid and don't believe Judge Gorsuch. He is saying this because he is not in the seat yet. Once he is in stolen seat, he will not bother about any of constitution and support GOP policies.
All R's are chameleon and fraud.
partlycloudy (methingham county)
If he is ethical, he'll take the job and follow the law, not follow trump.
But that article on his mother Sunday scares me. I see so many people taking up for bad parents.
For example, one of the people that trump fired had a parent with baggage.
Brian Stewart (Middletown, CT)
Mr. McConnell called Mr. Trump’s comments “extremely self-defeating and self-destructive”

In one sense, sure. But look how it functions as a good cop/bad cop routine, potentially recruiting democrats to support Gorsuch's confirmation.
Fran (MA)
Donald Trump is an emotional train wreck! His behavior is more than the result of being thin-skinned. He is not stable. He is needy. This is exhibited in his lies, his delusions, and his paranoia. This, in front of the public, not Nixonian, behind closed doors. It is only a matter of time before the GOP will be held accountable for protecting him.
Linda (Los Angeles)
Senators on both sides, but especially Democrats, ought to ask Gorsuch how he feels and , more importantly, how he justifies the stolen nomination of Merrick Garland. If Gorsuch were a man of character----and a man of fairness and justice---he would refuse the nomination and publicly declare Judge Garland deserves a hearing.
K Henderson (NYC)
Sorry but this release to the press was intentional by Gorsuch.

Now he looks "independent" to everyone -- including his judiciary peers -- and THEN he goes to the Supreme Court -- literally for his entire life time.

Well played Gorsuch.
T Montoya (ABQ)
Next Gorsuch needs to weigh in on Trump's views of that "Mexican" judge Curiel. It is even a specific enough event that conceivably Gorsuch couldn't dodge with the typical "it's a hypothetical question" response. So Gorsuch, are all judges with Hispanic names incapable of making professional judgements while DT is in power?
Frank López (Yonkers)
My question to senator Blumenthal is why did he sit down with trump's nominee when the republicans denied the same courtesy to President Obama's for one year? It baffles my mind.
Daniel J. Drazen (Berrien Springs, MI)
three weeks into his term (it sounds more appropriate than "presidency") and people are getting an idea of just how radical Mr. Trump can be. Unfortunately, a plurality of Republicans seem to want it that way.
Cletus Butzin (Buzzard River Gorge, Brooklyn NY)
An ersatz Hamlet?
A play of tawdry provocation, to arouse the conscious of a nation?

Because behind the shock-jock-omigod headlines, that IS what is happening.
The liberals never had a more galvanizing force, and the conservative base
is splitting apart.
Cletus Butzin (Buzzard River Gorge, Brooklyn NY)
nutz... I meant to write 'conscience'. 'Conscious', sheesh.
I mean, it sorta works, but it kills the Shakespeare zinger.
Jonathan (Sawyerville, AL)
Couldn't Trump's repeated attacks on the judicial system be considered an impeachable offense? If not, why not?
Robert Karasiewicz (Parsippany NJ)
“This is highly unusual,” said Michael W. McConnell, a former federal judge who directs the Constitutional Law Center at Stanford University. “Mr. Trump is shredding longstanding norms of etiquette and interbranch comity.”
Dear Mr. McConnell, You can not use phrases such as "norms of etiquette" and "interbranch comity"; Our President does not understand what you are saying. To be understood by the President, you must use much coarser language and much more snide remarks. Those he might understand.
Joe Six-Pack (California)
The draft-dodging bone-spur-faking so-called president is criticizing someone who actually served in the military, but exaggerated a bit. SAD!
Leslie Prufrock (41deg n)
Just wondering whether the display of trust in Sen Blumenfeld's discretion was naivete on the nominee's part or a ploy?
JoeDBrown (Kansas)
It'interesting that Democrats never want the truth told about government. Trump is right. Let me make it simple and clear. there is no non-political, partisan federal judge or US attorney in the United States. Does any politician or pRty appoint a judge without expecting him to know what to do? Their objectivity and non-partisan nature is a myth maintained to mislead the naive. It is about time someone began to question the judiciary and to expose its corruption. Like all of out institutions, after 233 years of corruption, politics, intellectual dishonesty, inertia and business as usual the judicial house is badly in need of a good cleaning. If you left a stable uncleared that long you would go to jail.
MarkAntney (Here)
So just because a Bully yells about something, you have to believe them?

I stopped believing Bullies just around the moment I decided to stand-up to them and fight them (back).

Which was a long time ago.
Lucy (Becket, MA)
Of course the threat of terrorism has increased since Trump took office -- because he's fanning the flames of it daily with his incendiary rhetoric.
Susan (NYC)
Sorry - I don't trust Gorsuch ... Trojan Horse? Bait and Switch? Say that trump's comments are demoralizing just to win over the Democrats? I hope he's sincere but I'm not convinced.
See also