‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 15: Guns, Pills and Betrayals

Mar 26, 2017 · 84 comments
SteveRR (CA)
What do you call that feeling of existential dread half-way through the last episode of a season when you realize that there is simply no way that they will be able to wrap-up the major themes by the end of this episode.

Oh well.. I am sure it will come to be about 10:30 on Sunday.
JD Minns (Virginia Beach)
Regarding the little birdie: I don't think there are any spies in Our Gang, including Enid. I see two likely suspects, both outsiders: Gregory and Jadis.

I don't think Scott Gimple has enough credibility banked in the TWD viewing audience to hang this on Gregory. Why? Because if Gregory is the spy then once again some key info has been withheld from the audience, something very similar to withholding that Glenn was somehow protected from a good zombie chewing by being stuck under a dumpster for hours on end. I don't think TWD can get away with such blatant manipulation anytime soon, not after Glenn.

That leaves Jadis. My guess is that Jadis is exactly as indifferent to the Savior/Survivor outcome as she let on at first. I don't trust Rick's judgement of her (I think TWD showed us in the mountain o' trash shot that Rick was foolhardy). I think she has made zero investment in Rick and Michonne, and I don't trust her.

Looking forward to Sunday and this season's finale. Should be epic.
Catherine H (Chicago, IL)
A question for you all. Did anyone notice Negan told Sacha that she should spend the night enjoying the comforts the Sanctuary has to offer, before the big day tomorrow? But then she's left in the cell--huh? Am I missing something? Can anyone explain this?
JD Minns (Virginia Beach)
That scene is near the end of the episode. Negan ended with his "big day tomorrow" speech, and a Savior passed through the foreground to clean up Rapey Davey's dead again corpse, but the scene ended with Sasha's cell door open. Open door means the viewer can assume the next step would be to remove her from the cell. She looked horrified but let's not forget that she has in her possession beachball-sized lady nuts. Guess we have to wait till Sunday to learn how she spent the night (maybe).
JD Minns (Virginia Beach)
Catherine H, I ahem actually finished the recording, and I must apologize. There is actually yet another scene where Eugene delivers the pill to a disappointed Sasha ... who is still in the cell. And there she stays through the episode's end (verified). It seems that Sasha will enjoy the comforts of the Sanctuary only when she's helped Negan swat down Rick.

I too am unsure what Negan meant in the earlier scene.
Catherine H (Chicago, IL)
Thanks JD--so the writers messed up on this one as I thought!
Dan Stackhouse (NYC)
So as next episode is a long finale that will annoy nearly everyone and get about 70% to swear off Ever Watching TWD again, as is traditional, something else just hit me. I don't know when season 8 is starting up, but in between we ought to be getting season 3 of FTWD.

If you've missed the series so far, it's a pretty easy storyline to catch up with. The remarkably different season was the first, as it starts right when the outbreak does. Non-spoiler alert, the cause of the outbreak is never explained, and the Creator refuses to admit he might explain it someday. If y'all need a zombie fix, it's a good one, and you could get the Cliff's notes on the internet fairly readily.

One of the nicest things about FTWD is that it's not based on any comic. Parallel situation, sort of, great acting, a woman is about the strongest leader (this is an improvement), and nobody's got spoilers from the upcoming season. Will our heroes make it back across the border, and at this point do they even want to? Nobody can be sure.

Just plugging that show, not being paid for it, but if zombies are your thing, there are more to come. As always, with zombies.
Drew (San Francisco)
I found this show unwatchable due to all the stupid decisions the characters made
NYC woman (NYC)
Wondering aloud: Could "the little bird" who told Negan of Rick's plan be Enid? Could Carol swoop in to rescue Sasha? Might Eugene use the second poison pill when things get too much for him? Will Sherry show up somewhere unexpected, maybe to bail out Dwight? How will Natania exact revenge on Tara? Gregory's going down!!
Dan Stackhouse (NYC)
Dear NYC woman,

Feeling Stackhousian here, I like these wonderings. I'm sure it's not Enid. Back when everyone accused Enid of being in league with the Wolves I steadfastly defended her, and I'm not giving up on her yet. And where are the Wolves now? But, I couldn't say who the little bird is, and maybe Negan just told Sasha that to test her. Maybe it's Eugene. Good call on why he'd keep a pill handy.

I can't see Carol saving Sasha, the logistics wouldn't fit; she's with the Kingdom's forces and seems like they're about to move.

Got a queasy feeling that Sherry will show back up, but I don't think it'll be in a good way. Possibly as a walker, maybe Negan even recaptures her. I don't think Natania will go for revenge, I think she's given up in frustration.

And Gregory seems doomed, but one never knows, he might just hightail it out of there and we never see him again.
TS-B (Ohio)
I think the little bird is Gregory. He's spineless and will do anything to maintain the status quo.
Catherine H (Chicago, IL)
I have two theories on the little bird. Same as Dan thinks, there may not be a little bird and Negan could have been testing Sasha. When he said it, Sacha's expression could be read as a confirmation. She didn't project a good poker face. Or, it could be Jadis, though it doesn't seem her group would bother playing a strategy game when they're on the receiving end of so many guns from Rick. And, we see her at Alexandria in the previews. The timeline for Gregory seems off for him to be the rat, even though he's intent on becoming one. TWD is usually better at signaling when they are altering a timeline. I'm not sure Eugene knows there's a plan afoot--wasn't he grabbed before Rick decided to rebel?
Noam Sane (Harrisburg, PA)
My prediction is that Negan survives, perhaps driven into the wild, or maybe right where he is. We'll see him again next season.

Didn't Eugene make two suicide pills? Where's the 2nd one?

I think we lose Carol in the finale. Didn't see much of her this season, she's on her way out it seems.
Catherine H (Chicago, IL)
One last thought--I've read some of the recaps in British newspapers--the Guardian and Telegraph. They actually like Negan! Maybe a swaggering pompous bully is too close to home for us.
JayJay (Bristol, UK)
Hi Catherine - as a British viewer and fan of TWD, I just wanted to state that lots of us also really hate the Negan character!! I know the guy who writes the Guardian recap seems to like Negan, but most of the commenters can't stand him. Me included - my heart sinks when Negan appears on screen like a pantomime dame!
Catherine H (Chicago, IL)
Thanks JayJay--I didn't realize that!
TS-B (Ohio)
To be fair, the Guardian reviews are horrendous. I read them just to complain about them. Much like The Walking Dead. Hmmm...
Catherine H (Chicago, IL)
I have recently been rewatching the series from the beginning. We all have different parts of the series we liked and disliked--some liked the first season best, some hated the farm, some the Governor. I just finished the episode where Carol and Rick go scavenging and he sends her away. Wow, great writing, character development and acting. Each episode significantly moves the plot forward. Our group works together, each person is actively engaged in the crisis at hand. And new characters are introduced, often for only one episode, but they are well developed and had a purpose. Remember Crazy Clara in the woods? Morgan, before he joined the cast full time? They had a purpose and impact on the viewer. It was one of the things that kept me eager to tune in every week.

Now we have hordes of new characters. I have trouble remembering the names of some of the major new players. This has been a Humpty Dumpty season--the cast and plot shattered and they can't seem to put them back together again.

I really, really hope they pull it together for the finale. Scott Gimple has indicated that we won't have a cliffhanger--hopefully he means it. I expect to lose Sacha and Gregory (yay!) and probably some others. But I hope we have some satisfying resolution to the carnage this season, and I also hope we see all of our major characters involved in significant ways.
Karen (Oakland)
It was interesting that they skipped over what happened during Sasha's blitz and showed us from the point where she's already captured...maybe a little more thoughtful skipping to the next scene would help with the show's pacing issues.
No comment on Gregory having that moment with the knife where he clearly contemplated killing Maggie? I'm guessing her saving him from the walker will turn into "no good deed goes unpunished." What the heck was she doing waaay out there beyond the wall planting a tree or some such, anyway? Felt like a stupid risk for no reason.
I'm seeing this happen simultaneously as I also watch "Girls" on Sundays -- they spend years building up our concern for key characters, then they simply evaporate for no good reason. Girls has sacrificed two of its four main characters this season in favor of awful scenes with Marnie and navel-gazing with Hannah. TWD brings in all kinds of new faces/groups but doesn't nourish the care we've developed for the original cast of characters. This is, IMO, its biggest flaw. You cannot squander that emotional connection and they have done so time and again.
When the walkers hit Seaside, why waste bullets on them when each able-bodied person could have gone in and dispatched one or two and all of them killed in a minute or two...nice to see the humans united against the zombies -- a reminder of the early days of the apocalypse, when being united against them brought humanity together -- for a short time, at least.
PrairieFlax (Grand Island, Nebraska)
Enough with the spoilers already, readers.

Unless if you can tell us if we ever get Eugene's back story.
Rain64 (Boston)
My first thought was that the little Birdie was the Doctor that they took from Alexandria, as he was recently taken. But, doesn't seem in his character and more like a Gregory thing to do. As for my "people I'm all set with" :
In that order
Rain64 (Boston)
Of course Negan and Jerk Who Shot Ben come before any of those.
Kally (Kettering)
The doctor was from Hilltop, not Alexandria.
Dan Stackhouse (NYC)
Kally's right, and doctors are a highly important commodity so it's good to review. Dr. Carson from Hilltop went to replace Dr. Carson of the Saviors. Dr. Porch Jerk the wifebeater got killed by Rick, and since then they relied on nurse Denise (bolt to the head), and Tara (improvising medic).

Carol's also got medic field training but after Judith's birth she gave up on anything major, plus they had Herschel (veterinarian but recent field training on dumb kids).

Also there was the doc from the Cop-Hospital but that was back in Atlanta (I think?) and technically they're way out of range. So I think we're down to one doctor unless the Kingdom's been hiding one.
Robert (San Jose)
Who lives? Who dies? Who cares? This seems a lost season. Anyone killed off should feel nothing but sweet release.
Chris (Camb. Ma)
I don't get the paucity of firearms on the show. Current estimates are that there are over 400 million small arms in the continental US and some 200 to 400 billion rounds of ammunition. Auto and semi auto rifles are about 2 million in militarily storage, 25 million in civilian hands, and near two million in law enforcement (not counting their private owned firearms). there are 200 to 250 million handguns, most semi automatic. Police and military securing of firearms and ammunition relies on personnel, and essentially no firearms are secured in a way that they can't be gotten at with hand tools on one to 20 minutes. Pew Research finds 63% of Americans say owning firearms makes a household safer (up from 40% 15 years ago), and that is a pretty good indicator of the portion of US homes with them.
Dan Stackhouse (NYC)
Dear Chris,
The rationale is a reasonable one, in the onset of the plague, all available guns were grabbed up by their owners and used against the walkers. After the initial havoc, any remaining guns were found and used against walkers and other survivors. Any gun without the right type of ammo handy is worthless, unless you've got yourself a machine shop and a Eugene.
Julie (Boise)
The little birdie is not Gregory. I think it's the Junk Yard Dogs. They have too good of a deal going and they are loyal to no one but themselves.

As for Aaron? He's too cute not to remember his name - it's his sidekick that I can never remember. He's rarely in front of the camera. Something weird is going to happen between those two. I can feel it.
Leslie (Maryland)
Here's a quick question - what happened to the other suicide pill? Eugene made 2 pills at the behest of the harem ladies. He only gave Sasha 1. Eugene made the pill to the weight of a woman. Of course, the ladies asked for 2, knowing that they'd need a bigger dose for Negan. So, if Sasha decides to use this pill on Negan, what will happen? Or, will Sasha use it for its initial faked premise - as a suicide pill?

Okay, that was several questions. I was feeling Stackhousian today!
Dan Stackhouse (NYC)
Hehe good questions. Seems like Eugene still has the other cyanide pill, and that one wouldn't be enough to kill Negan; perhaps Sasha will try it and it will only make him very ill. I don't forsee Sasha actually attempting suicide, because if she really felt that way, she already had the knife to do it with, overnight.
Leslie (Maryland)
What, you can't see what's going on in my mind, Dan??? LOL! What I was thinking was Negan using Sasha like the bad guys did with Max in Mad Max Fury Road - have her tied up to one of their trucks like a masthead. Negan tries to use her as leverage, but she thwarts him by swallowing the pill. That seems like a Sasha thing to do; if she can't physically fight she'll still do what she can to hurt Negan.
Dan Stackhouse (NYC)
Ah that's a good point Leslie, I think if Sasha wound up in that sort of situation, then she'd take the pill herself. But I do think her primary goal in trying to get a weapon from Eugene was to use it against Negan.
SHabbo (Michigan)
Last night's episode was very interesting, and now it all makes sense. I have read the comics and oh Gosh... are we really there now. This is going to get VERY crazy very quickly.
I really don't want to spoil, but it almost mirrors what had happened when the Governor came to take the prison the showdown, but this time Negan has Sasha (hint hint! Governor had Hershal and Michone). I really enjoy the episodes when it mirrors the comic book, even though the characters are not the same.

Eugene is very selfish and he will adapt to whatever he can to be safe in, or feel more wanted, still a coward.

Negan will not die, although I also do not enjoy the weird character swinging his back like that, wished he would stop.

Where did Gregory ask for to be taken to? I didn't understand that, is it the place where Simon gave him the address in a few episodes back?
PrairieFlax (Grand Island, Nebraska)
Yes, Gregory had Simon's note in his hand, and he had the tequila.
Dan Stackhouse (NYC)
Dear Shabbo,
Indeed, Gregory asked to be taken to Negan's home base, Simon gave him the address and he'd been carrying it in his jacket ever since, apparently. Seems Gregory lacked the will to kill Maggie himself so he intends to rat her out to Negan. I don't believe Negan will take it that well, what with Spencer's fate and all.
TS-B (Ohio)
Darryl may sacrifice himself to save Maggie.
bokun (tennessee)
Thank God for the dvr. There has been way too much filler this year. The whole season could have been done in half the time and thus with more drama and suspense. Two things sorely lacking. This is not must see TV- it is must dvr tv.
Chris (Maryland)
Agreed. There simply isn't enough compelling plot development to sustain a 16 episode season. Cutting the show down to 10 hours might actually force the writers to be much more efficient and effective in their story telling and allow a season to actually build dramatically, not to mention bring some intrigue back and give us a show with a sense of climactic pay-off. It would also spare us the absurd mid-season hiatus, which really does nothing more than add to the already attenuated dramatic impact of the show. But this assumes the show can actually be redeemed. It may be too late for that.
BixFuji (New York, NY)
I think Sasha was trying to get a weapon from Eugene to further her attempt to kill Negan, not to kill herself. She was playing Eugene as we could see in her closeup after he said he would think about it. She was kind of smiling. Unfortunately, the weapon she got did not have a jagged edge, and she showed her disappointment upon receiving the pill.
Sue (Pittsburgh)
Of course she was trying to get a weapon. I don't know what this reviewer is thinking. The annoyed look Sasha gave the pill said it all.
E (Santa Fe, NM)
I agree with you. She looked devastated, signaling that the weapon Eugene brought her would not serve the purpose she had in mind.
[email protected] (Alberta)
That is exactly what I thought as well. She's not suicidal, she wants to take out Negan and thought she could manipulate Eugene into giving her a weapon.
Oscar (NYC)
My hope for the finale is that it's the last Walking Dead episode my wife makes me watch.
Justin M (Utrecht)
Here was an episode that brilliantly weaved source material with original material. First, Oceanside, a group which doesn't appear in the source material until well after the Savior War and still holds no actual role is being set to become a major player in the upcoming Season 8 with the visible signs that many of the Oceansiders are hungry for war. So here the writers had to find a way to get the reclusive Oceansiders inspired for armed conflict in a short span, and what better way than to introduce ocean walkers covered in barnacles making their way from shore-to-colony to wreak havoc? It was a great way to put Alexandria in a position to show they could be strong in the face of terror (and militarily/police trained to boot).

For the finale, I predict Sasha will be brought into Alexandria as a walker, bag over her head ala Olivia from the source material. Although meant to be a warning, Rick will begin operations and this is where the war will begin. The "little birdy" reporting to Negan is, without a doubt, the member of the Scavengers who tailed Rick and Aaron earlier this season. They most certainly will betray Rick next episode.
Erin (Medford Mass)
The only reason the seaweed walkers arrived was because of the explosives set off by the Alexandrians.
Mike (Somerset, MA)
Yann (Québec)
What to expect for the finale? A small but important victory! Pretty sure. and unity against Negan.

Except Sacha (witch is doomed) no major death.

Ho and I disagree, Gregory is not the little bird. Timing is not right + Negan hate that kind of guy, and Gregory does not know much about Rick's plan. My bet is on the garbage guys who i wouldn't trust for a second. I think they'ar the kind of people that would run to Negan to offer him a deal against Alexandria. With that move they keep the guns and play with what appears to be the saffest side. Periode.
Dwynelle Icecrown (New York)
I may be in the minority here, but I really hope they DON'T kill Negan. He's the first interesting antagonist we've had in the show, maybe ever. Watching him manipulate Sasha was a work of art. And Sasha manipulating Eugene just as beautiful. This is one of the first episodes this season that was enjoyable from beginning to end. It seems as though Scott M. Gimple (head-writer?) has finally found a way to write some intrigue/suspense into an episode without leaving the viewer feeling manipulated.
Dr. Connie Hassett-Walker (Union, NJ)
Do we think Dwight's defection from the Saviors is real? Negan mentioned something or other about knowing that Rick was plotting something. Maybe it's a ruse?
History repeats (Kansas City)
I want to believe they'll kill Negan next week, but the show has a history of making us endure intolerable characters for a looooong time. Consider how long they made us endure the Governor. And Rosita. They like to torture us. Maybe they'll just flip things and put Negan into a cell, although it's hard to imagine that everybody who wants to kill him would put up with that. They could do a lottery with him as the prize.

Gregory, what fate awaits you? I hope it's imaginative.

Sasha has never been a favorite of mine, but I thought the actress was wonderful last night. The episode allowed her to show the subtlety of which she is capable. I kind of feel that she's been wasted a little until now. Maybe they just needed more close-ups on her sensitive face. Or maybe she's had to do more reacting to other characters than acting on her own until now. Anyway. . .After this episode, I'll be sorry to see the character leave for another show (if that's what is happening).
Leslie (St. Louis)
And the closeups of her face really showed how beautiful that actress is.
Melissa (New York)
I enjoyed the appearance of Eric (Aaron's boyfriend) and the fact that he was so disgruntled but reluctantly willing to go along with Rick's plan because it's better than watching the Saviors randomly beat up his boyfriend once in a while, or however he worded it, which completely cracked me up.

Another line that made me laugh - Tara: Thanks for saving my life before. and that other time. And... also the time before that. And maybe today.

Also, from episode to episode I vacillate between liking Eugene and also thinking he is a butt face, but when I stop to think about it, in a real zombie apocalypse his actions are incredibly realistic for someone who just wants to survive. I would love to think that I would be loyal and brave and willing to die in that situation, but in reality I suspect I might be weak too. So I have been trying to be kinder in my judgment lol.
Chris (Maryland)
Melissa writes: "I enjoyed the appearance of Eric (Aaron's boyfriend) and the fact that he was so disgruntled but reluctantly willing to go along with Rick's plan ..."

Too bad that neither Aaron nor his boyfriend were terribly well-developed as characters, and this in spite of the fact that they've been on the show for a few years now. There really is no excuse, but this is a problem - the half-baked character - that extends over a range of newly introduced characters on WD over a number of seasons. (And it's not like the writers/producers didn't have enough time on the show to develop the characters - on the contrary, they've had way too much time.)
Meando (Cresco, PA)
As far as the season finale, a lot of interesting and surprising things COULD happen, but I can't get away from how bad I felt for months about the stupid cliffhanger from LAST season's finale. To me it was like a whole season building up to... nothing, wait til next season! Cliffhangers aren't bad in principle, but that one was just so manipulative and provided no release from a whole season that was nothing but buildup. Next week better be better!
Chris (Maryland)
"A lot of interesting and surprising things COULD happen ..."

Yes, unfortunately, this seems to be the promise the show rarely delivers on these days. Indeed, what often surprises is just how uninteresting the show can be, almost as though it were intentional.
Julie W. (New Jersey)
This second half of the season has been very tedious. It's been one long, contrived set-up for this finale episode. I sincerely hope that this will be the end of the Negan chapter, but I'm not so sure. Sasha's conveniently timed antics put Rick's group in more jeopardy since she can now be used against them. I, too, misread Eugene. He seems to have genuinely flipped to Negan's side to ensure his own survival. He's always been cowardly, but I believe that his behavior is actually more typical of how many people would react to extreme fear. The swashbuckling heroism of some of the other characters is entertaining but not terribly realistic.

On a larger note, I have a hard time seeing where this show is going on a longer-term basis. Will it continue to be a never-ending series of skirmishes between the Rick group and others that they encounter along the way, or is it driving toward some greater objective?
Justin M (Utrecht)
You bring up an awesome point that I frequently discuss with other fans. What is the greater objective here? In the source material, post-Governor, Rick's objective is to achieve the old normalcy that Doug (Diane on the show) strived for, a sort of pre-apocalyptic lifestyle. As the Saviors are introduced, Rick's forced to decide what he wants to do and decides to build a new type of world out of the ashes of Negan's Mad Max, strongman society. As the war concludes, this is where the comics reach their climax in my opinion. Because after the war ends, Mr. Kirkman sets the next issue 2 years later and we begin again in Rick's new world order.

How could the television show possibly go further after the war without putting the audience to sleep by introducing the show all over again in a new, actually more boring context? In the source material, it works, but as you may have guessed the new plot introduced afterwards is just another war with another obnoxious group called the Whisperers. It feels tiresome at times. Adapted to TV, I can't imagine it working out. The powers that be need to really consider how they'll approach things after Season 8 (or 9, if they really decide to stretch the war out), because the choices are either continue on and on and on giving us a strange 2 year gap in Season 10, ending it after the war concludes, or handing it over to Netflix to begin a spinoff of itself post-war.
PrairieFlax (Grand Island, Nebraska)
Thanks for the spoilers.
Leslie (Maryland)
Justin M - we avoid spoilers of the comic and TV variety in this comment section. Please try to do the same
deb (Santa Fe)
I'm not paying attention to many of the details anymore as I'm usually multi tasking while watching TWD, but I don't think I trust Enid. I think she's a little sneaky.
Dan Stackhouse (NYC)
I think this episode was a big improvement on the last one. The Oceanside part was necessary logistically, but it was worked out well, and we got to see a bit of how our group looks to others, being on the receiving end of one of their operations. I would hazard those barnacle-encrusted walkers had been floating around for awhile, or trapped in a shipwreck. They'd been wandering around on the beaches (as we saw) and the explosions attracted them. Really weren't too many of them either, looked like 40 at most.

The bits between Sasha and Negan, and her with Eugene, were really great. A lot of questions for who's fooling who, and what were everyone's hidden plans. Pretty clear that Sasha wanted to kill Negan, not herself, but it's still not solidly clear to me that Eugene has abandoned the group completely. I still think he may be working the angles to try to bring Negan down.

As for Sasha's actions kicking off the war, I think it moved it up a lot. Negan did emphasize it'd be a BIG day tomorrow.

I don't think the show will kill off Aaron soon, but it was funny to see his boyfriend again after so long. People had occasionally commented, where's his guy, and now that he reappeared we can see that there's not much point in having him around. Boring kind of guy.

For the finale, I'd caution folks against expecting the death of Negan and a quick wrap up to the Saviors. A battle seems unavoidable but I don't think it will be the final defeat of Negan.
William Smith (Central NJ)
The battle seems unavoidable, but I also expect that any gains will be hard won and impossible to secure. The war between the Saviors and the allied settlements is going to last through all of next season. Next week's episode will probably see the first skirmish of the war; and I expect that Gregory will be among the dead, because Negan doesn't like turncoats.
Dan Stackhouse (NYC)
I totally agree, William, and it does seem like Gregory is going to die in the very next episode. Even though this portends to be a realistic show (ha, yes with zombies, but realistic ones), the inevitability of bad guys getting their cosmic justice has been constant. In real life, Gregory at this point, I'd bet, would have just taken his most trusted lackeys, as much supplies as he could grab, and headed northeast and out of Virginia.
Bay State Native (Boston, MA)
I thought Aaron was disemboweled in Alexandria by Negan? Who was that then... sometimes there is too much that happens here... and what's his boyfriend's name? Is this the first time the BF gets to leave camp and hold a gun?
Catherine H (Chicago, IL)
Negan took out Spencer back at Alexandria. You are mixing up the generically handsome guys--easy to do!
Dan Stackhouse (NYC)
Dear Native,
That was Spencer who got disemboweled, also an original Alexandrian, son of Diana. Aaron's boyfriend does have a name, but it doesn't really matter, as he has had only a few lines thus far and isn't a very important character. And indeed, this is the first time we've seen him hold a gun, though he used to go with Aaron on recruitment missions like when they picked up Our Gang.
Oz G (Brooklyn, NY)
Seems like Aaron's boyfriend always shows up just to gripe. Very boring charater.
PrairieFlax (Grand Island, Nebraska)
So seriously, did the Black Pearl wash ashore? Did we just kick off a crossover plot with the formerly seafaring “Fear the Walking Dead”?

The last part of Cormac McCarthy's The Road. Whatever enironmental disaster happened there, people eventually would (of-screen/off-page) become zombies. Remember the ship the boy and his father find?

Or, yes, FTWD.
Oz G (Brooklyn, NY)
That ship looked like a trawler and not a yacht.
Wrong coast! FTWD takes place in California/Mexico. TWD is on the East Coast.
ksl (NJ)
Trouble remember names? Go biblical. Abraham, Aaron, Ezekiel, Noah, Gabriel, David (we barely knew him), and Rachel (recipient of Tara's middle finger).
Julia (NY,NY)
Who told Negan Rick is up to something? Eugene flipped to Negan because he shows him respect and he feels safe. Sasha will never flip. I love watching her on screen. She's really good. Oceanside segment was so boring. When is Maggie going to look pregnant? Next week's episode needs to be great or TWD will continue to lose viewers.
chiquifru (Boston, Massachusetts)
I'm so done with this show once Negan is dead.
Minmin (New York)
Having watched both last week's and last night's episode back-to-back, I found myself comparing Gregory and Eugene. Both of them, clearly, are cowards...though portrayed quite differently. Up until the moment that Eugene rejected being rescued from the Sanctuary, we have rooted for him to find his courage, and of course he has, briefly, on occasion. We gave not been primed to like Gregory. And now, we see his people turning against him pretty solidly. It is to Rick and the others detriment that they weren't able to use Eugene's gifts more fully, given their bias against book smarts. Negan, for all his violence, sees more in Eugene than Rick did.
I like Eugene, and I think we can understand his terrible decision...but I hope he remembers he's not Negan before he dies.
Abel Cruz (Barcelona, Spain)
Indeed, Lauren Cohan's drawl is really hard to understand, and here we need subtitles to get a grasp on what she says (we don't watch the Spanish version in my home). It's a bit like hearing Andrew Lincoln shout 'Caooooooorrrrrllllll' when he's looking for his son... And the thing is that Cohan has a curious mix of American and British accents since she lived here in Europe for years... ON a nother subject, I agree with the theory about Eugene flipping out but just using his mind (his only weapon) to try and do one last act of bravery, before he dies. Makes total sense.
Karen (Ithaca)
Like your spelling of Carl.
Tonebobb (NYC)
Negan. Please God, kill Negan. I'm so tired of his leaning back on every line, and breaking... up... every... sentence! Kill him. (And I thought the Governor was annoying!)
Primo di Pietro (USA)
You may be misreading Sasha's intent, Mr. Enger. We see Eugene leaning his head against the door; as he listens to Sasha in the cell, asking for "a knife, a gun, a razor blade. . . glass. . . anything to ease the pain," it seems as though she indeed intends to kill herself. However, the next shot, from inside the cell, is on Sasha: as Eugene says "I will consider it," she breaks into a smile that reveals that her regret is feigned. This explains, too, the look of defeat on her face when Eugene returns not with any of the instruments for which she asks, but with the poison that he concocted several episodes ago.
Primo di Pietro (USA)
A typo: Egner, not Enger. My apologies!
JLJ (Boston)
Completely agree. It seems Eugene gave her the least hazardous (to others) means to take her own life.
Merlin Balke (Kentucky)
I agree. I thought Eugene called her bluff.
Catherine H (Chicago, IL)
Okay Jeremy, do you get a sneak peak before we do? How do you post your recap just 17 minutes after the episode ends?

Overall, a good episode though I hope the writers really get their act together for the season finale.

The little bird is still up in the air--Gregory doesn't have time to get to the Sanctuary the same night Sacha is taken. So--who can it be? I'm still on the fence as to whether Eugene has flipped. He knows Sacha was trying to kill Negan. Is he rolling the dice when he gives her the pill, hoping she won't kill herself but use it somehow to kill Negan later? There's still a lot of loose ends. The shipwreck to me was a pretty horrible plot device for showing Oceanside that our group was trustworthy.

Please, writers, redeem yourselves next week for this terrible season!
LimestoneKid (Brooklyn, NY)
The writers need to redeem themselves for six horrible seasons. The first season was good anythe rest have been putrid.

They jumped the shark when the little girl walked out of the burning barn.
Jeremy Egner
We get advance screeners for most of the episodes, yes, though usually not for the season premieres or finales.
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