Trump Warms to Old Idea: Kill Health Law Now, and Replace It Later

Jun 30, 2017 · 571 comments
John Smith (NY)
Why do anything? Just let Obamacare fail on it's own and the process to replace will be smooth sailing. And as for the millions of people who never purchased healthcare and now have healthcare because it is totally paid for by stressed taxpayers you just will go back to the status quo. Or you can get off your posterior and get a job which has health insurance benefits.
Healthcare is not a right but a responsibility that people have to care for themselves and their family. Taking money from others to pay for your own needs is immoral.
Richard Grayson (Brooklyn)
"Kill Health Law Now, and Replace It Later"

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Annie Dooley (Georgia)
What happened to his "Let Obamacare collpase on its own" idea? I think that was his best idea. The states where there are no insurance companies on the exchange in some counties could jump in a fix that part of the ACA and it might not cost them anything. Since they regulate insurance companies, they can say, "If you don't offer at least one plan on the exchange in all our counties, you can't do business anywhere in our state." Or they could refuse to allow them to raise their premiums on group plans, which is their moneymaker. Seeing as how the Republican bill is passing the buck to the states to make up for federal cuts to Medicaid, they could also take some revenge on their GOP senators who support the bill.
JerryInAtlanta (Atlanta, Ga.)
Thereby proving he is a moron and totally out of touch with reality. Keep him away from the nuclear codes... For humanity's sake please.
Good idea (Rochester)
"killing" Obamacare also greatly weakens Medicare.
ACA had the Medicare tax on capital gains (first time the wealthy paid their fair share of Medicare tax). That extended Medicare another 11 years.

"killing" Obamacare removes that Medicare tax on capital gains (which is all Trump apparently wants), and weakens Medicare by 11 years.
Then Ryan will start dropping hints that Medicare is going broke, and gosh darn, we have to turn Medicare into state vouchers (Kansas raided their Medicare fund).
Mike Robinson (Chattanooga, TN)
Go ahead. Read the thing. For yourself. Your Librarians of Congress are happy to provide it at

Read it, and you'll immediately discover that both versions DO NOT(!) "Repeal Obamacare!"

Second, you'll find the common thing that they are both actually about: billions of dollars in unrestricted cash giveaway, under the euphemism of "premium support." (You can read, for yourself, the actual paragraphs.)

As for me, I want both versions of the bill to be shot down, so that we can send-packing the entire idea of "for profit" health-care and "for profit" health insurance. Both of these ideas are stupendous failures, both for shareholders and especially for patients. Medical bills are the number-one cause of bankruptcy in the United States. These companies have had twenty-five years of telling us how good it was going to be, and all they have to show for it is: F-A-I-L.

I'm not willing to spend billions of my dollars to prop up a dead horse. I want what the British and the Canadians already have.

And, yes, we can afford it. If we can spend billions of dollars a month killing people halfway around the world, we can spend far less to save people, here at home. Let's get started.
Stewart S (Brooklyn, NY)
When can we please get a new president?? Our country is now a great big joke under this Dump Trump of an administration
Cunegonde Misthaven (Crete-Monee)
Every single person, whether a politician or journalist or TV talking head or lobbyist or whatever, who either espouses or discusses reducing even the smallest Obamacare benefit should be asked: "What's your healthcare insurance?" Come on. Tell us. Tell us what terrific insurance you have through Congress or through Fox or CNN or CNBC or MSNBC or the New York Times or whatever lobbying/consulting group you work for. If you have great insurance you should not be advocating taking insurance away from others. My goodness, that would be hypocrisy.
invisibleman4700 (San Diego, CA)
The reason this makes no sense to the average citizen is because they don't really understand how Republicans are funded for office and where their loyalties are. As a result of the 2010 Citizens United decision and the 2014 McCutcheon decision congressmen can receive unlimited secret money. The Republicans are simply trying to create the best health care system for their secret donors NOT Americans in general.
Giovanni (Barcelona)
Obamacare may not be all perfect, as even Obama suggests, but it saves lives.
Why not just try and fix what does not work ? I must be missing the Democrats' ideas to amend it.
Is there just Bernie's solution ? Why does Obama himself not give the Democrats any direction on how to make it better ? Or did I miss that ?
Copy private insurance from Europe ? Full coverage, no deductible, no co-pay, no waiting, state of the art facilities in Barcelona for $95 per month. That is for a private policy.
Or just copy Canada?
Purple patriot (Denver)
The republicans have the odd ability to believe their own lies with religious fervor. They've been lying about the ACA for seven years. Now they're committed to repeal and don't care whether it's right or wrong or how many people will be hurt if they succeed. There's a sort of deranged mob mentality in what they do.
Sarah Carroll (London)
English nanny needed at the WH. Toddler acting out (again).
John Brews ✅❗️__ [•¥•] __ ❗️✅ (Reno, NV)
How does "repeal now" affect the ACA expansion of Medicare? If it shrinks it back to 2008 levels, repeal will be as unpopular as the proposed health bill.
Kathy (Salem Oregon)
I do not understand politics. if a few Senators were willing to say no to the new plan because it would hurt 23 million people plus those affected. by opioid misuse, why would they suddenly be ok with repealing the whole thing? wouldn't that be even worse?
Wanda (Sheboygan, WI)
Because they are mean, heartless men.
Ben (CA)
Repeal now, and then spend years or decades pretending to replace while blaming Democrats.
NewYorker6699 (Jacksonville, Florida)
So infuriating that the ones most interested in kicking more than 20 million people off their health insurance all have themselves and their families covered by insurance that taxpayers pay to provide for them. None of them has ever looked up the definition of "hypocrite" in the dictionary, apparently.
M (Seattle)
Yes. Then get with the democrats and have a do-over.
Shadow62 (San Diego)
Their only desire is to repeal it. Always has been all along. They have no intention to replace it. Oh they'll feign a half-hearted attempt to replace it with something that democrats are sure (rightly so) to object to and then Trump will (as usual) tweet that it's the democrat's fault for being obstructionists -- even though republicans have a majority in both houses. And all the GOPers will, with faux indignation and self righteousness, blame it all on democrats.

Any bets?
Jon Alexander (Boston)
So 36 million will have their fate thrown into limbo so the republicans can pretend that they haven't had 8 years to come up with a replacement.

I'm sure they insurance companies will look upon this idea favorably and not hike rate exorbitantly.

Smh at the ardent stupidity of republicans, and for what? A purity pledge?
MDB (Indiana)
Translated: Repeal now, replace never.
Rita Harris (NYC)
DJT said, 'I will drain the swamps'. Its a pity no one asked him where he thought the swamps were located and whom he considered the reptiles. I think it is apparent that the swamps are where the reptiles live, aka the poor and middle class receiving any variety of obvious assistance. BTW, corporate welfare is real 'deserved entitlement', in the DJT world.

Who can forget the Twilight Zone episode entitled, 'To Serve Man'. It was not until, I believe Gene Barry opened the book that it was determined it was a cook book. Today the cookbook is entitled 'The Art of the Deal'. Now what?
Froggy (Glenview IL)
Let's call this what it is:

1) Obama passed it and they HAVE to erase his legacy

2) The free market matters more than sick folks

3) The 0.1 percent is breathing down the
GOP's necks for their tax cuts already
Carol Mello (California)
We, the 99% pay taxes. Unlike the rich, we cannot evade taxes. We ought to get something for our taxes than an incompetent Congress, an incompetent President, mean spirited legislation, and a very large and well armed military.
Peter Silverman (Portland, OR)
I want health care for everyone, but I don't want future generations to pay our generations' bills. This means paying for lots of things for everybody who can't afford it, but not for everything. I'm not sure how rationing became a bad word.
Randall Johnson (Seattle)
How did taxing the affluent and rich their fair share become a dirty idea?

Capital gains is not subject to FICA tax. ACA imposes a 3.8% surcharge on capital gains above $200,000/$250,000 (single/married) bringing the effective tax rate on capital gains to 23.8% above $200,000/$250,000 -- considerably less than the effective tax rate on earned (labor) income 40.5% (including ACA surcharge of 0.9), earned income being subject to FICA tax.

Republican ACA repeal/replace legislation would end ACA surcharges, bringing effective tax rates on capital gains/earned to 20/39.6%.

Why is it deemed more onerous for the affluent and rich to pay their fair share than for the rest of us?
Linda Vogt (Illinois)
Our healthcare system requires months (or more) of dedicated study to even begin to wrap one's head around it. That's how complex it is. (And no, Donald Trump, most of us DID know that!) Surely the GOP, in 8 years of trying to repeal it, should have had more than enough time to gain a deep understanding of it. And perhaps a workable solution to a difficult problem. But the current bill that has been proposed clearly shows that they have spent 8 years whining, not studying. What a disappointment.
SalishGuy (Downtown Ballard WA)
The gop has not spent 7 years, or 7 minutes, trying to solve the health care problem. They've spent their time gerrymandering, genuflecting and trying to reduce the tax burden of the famiglie deVos, Mercer, Koch et alia to earn their generous donations. And now, most interestingly, following the botched attempt at repeal/replace/reduce-my-taxes, the Koch brothers patience and generosity seem to be wearing.
Brian Sussman (New Rochelle, NY)
Probably the best solution, and an improvement would be to replace Obamacare with Berniecare, universal healthcare by giving everyone Medicare at birth, with Medicaid for those who need that.

Alternatively, or additionally, Senator McConnell, Representative Ryan and President Trump should resign their jobs so they can be replaced by decent, competent people.
Susan C. (NJ)
My son is high functioning autistic and works part time as a cashier making $10 an hour. His pay comes to $200 a week. His hours/days are different each week so that the store can make sure that he doesn't have a second job. They provide No Health Insurance. He is on my plan till age 26. He also suffers from Migraines. His Neurologist charges $150 for quarterly visits. He is on Migraine medication which is covered under my insurance plan which would cost at least $431.00 a month for 9 pills. This comes to $47.88 per pill each time my son has a migraine which is very debilitating. Thanks to the ACA he is able to be on our policy till the age of 26. He currently pays $25.00 for his monthly migraine medicine. If he had to pay for it out of pocket it would come to half of his monthly pay. These costs for medication do not include his checkups every 3 months by a specialist. He also sees a GP and suffers from allergies so he has to go to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor due to coming down with a sinus infection on occasion during allergy season. When he ages out of my policy perhaps he should quit his job and stay home, there is no point in him trying to support himself on $400 a month. He has a disability, autism and migraines. He does enjoy going to work and earning his own money but at this point in time my husband and I are basically supporting him. There is no way he could live on just over $800 in our state. You can't even rent an apartment for under $1,000 a month in NJ
Carol Mello (California)
If Trump and the Republicans do this, repeal now, give tax cuts to the richest now, all members of the House of Representatives should brush up their résumés because the 2018 elections are going to be brutal.

33% of the Senators are also up for re-election in 2018. They too will face brutal re-elections.

The Republicans will never agree on an acceptable replacement so this is going to be solely a repeal.

It is one thing to not give people what they have never had. It is entirely different to take away something they had, and leaving them with nothing.

The GOP voters were told 'repeal and replace'; many, not all, voted for 'repeal and replace'. How many of the GOP would have been elected on 'repeal' only? I think it is a deal breaker.

This might very well end up being the one thing the GOP, the party of Ebenezer Scrooge, could do that would help the Democrats.
Randall Johnson (Seattle)
Repeal now, but replace only after the poor (working and non) have had time to die.
somejagoff (Pittsburgh)
The politicians trying to do this literally have no idea they've become the Roman Senate in that Brooks movie. "@#%$ the poor!"
Neil MacLean (Saint John NB Canada)
The suggestion to remove so many people from health care coverage is so harsh that to me it underlines a very cruel indifference to others. If he comes to be enraged by mounting failures and humiliations, who knows what this man might use his power to visit on the world. So we'd be wise to wish him at least some appearance of success - and hopefully that the electorate to see through it next time.
David (San Francisco)
Repeal now, replace later -- precisely!

Walk the talk, please!
Joe B. (Center City)
The talk said "repeal and replace" in the "same hour" with "cheaper, better coverage, and with everyone covered." But go ahead and walk the lie.
Carol Mello (California)
I bet the GOP will never replace it.

Their rich supporters, like the Koch brothers, want no health care for working Americans, no Medicaid for poor Americans. They will use their purse strings to make sure the GOP never replace ACA or Medicaid.
SalishGuy (Downtown Ballard WA)
Better to repeal & replace the GOP.
Jesse Silver (Los Angeles)
Not surprising that Trump likes this idea. He can't deliver on the empty promise he made to America to offer something with better benefits at a lower cost. That was just salesmanship. Trump has no interest in providing a better system of healthcare for Americans. He can afford his own and that's all that matters.

Today's Conservatives don't want to offer governmental assistance of any type at any cost. It goes against their ideology, which can be summed up as "earn what you get and no more, keep more of what you earned because the government is kept out". If you're too poor to afford healthcare that's your problem. You should have taken more responsibility for your existence and have made more money.

So any program designed to replace the ACA that comes from Conservatives is going to look like a substantial reduction of benefits, because that's all Conservatives are interested in offering.

Once the replacement plan becomes public there's negative reaction because people were told that Trump would foster in better coverage for a lower cost. There's no win win here, so better to simply scuttle what there is, which is really what Conservatives want anyway. It's quick, simpler, and once the body is dumped in the river everyone will forget about it.

I'm surprised that Conservative voters are upset about Republican efforts to dismantle the ACA. It's what they voted for. Maybe they don't really understand what they're supporting.

America elected the anti-Obama.
Carol Mello (California)
They were sold the anti-Obama by people like the Koch brothers. I doubt even the Koch brothers have enough money to convince GOP voters they are better off without any health care at all.
Virginia (NY)
Repealing the law without a replacement would leave millions uninsured and struggling. That seems rather a hot headed approach. Let the Senate review it properly. Allow them to hear from medical groups and insurance groups and the public. Have people analyze it. Put aside party and idealogical differences and create a better Health care plan. Leave Obamacare in place in the meantime.
Think about the American people and not politics.
PogoWasRight (florida)
Well, America ! Is that not a considerate and well thought-out response for the Oval Office Occupant? "Replace it with something else"? Such leadership ! Such statesmanship! I bet he stayed awake at night wondering if that considered recommendation would fit in 140 characters..................We elected him America ! The Elmer Fudd of the Republican Party !
Memnon (USA)
Republican's circle back to their main goal of outright repeal of the ACA, self-immolating political neutron bomb former President Obama kept pulling out the fuse from. Practically no honest and rational person believes Republicans will be more able to craft compromise health legislation at some unspecified future date if the ACA is repealed in the present.

And if the CBO's scoring of their Better Care Act projected 15 - 22 million Americans would lose health care insurance if passed was a roadblock, it's extremely difficult to understand how legislation unilaterally terminating the current albeit flawed healthcare regime for approximately wouldn't create a political Grand Canyon by massively increasing the number of uninsured Americans and returning to the "bad ole days" of pre-ACA health insurance markets.

President Trump's "warming" to the idea of outright repeal of the ACA sounds suspiciously a false flag.
Rita Harris (NYC)
Yet another groundbreaking, incredibly intelligent plan, courtesy of the dog who can't drive the car it caught! But think about it. This approach makes perfect sense, why its brilliant. Let's get rid of the programs that 90% of the country relies upon to provide jobs, healthcare, a place to live, clean water, food, grandma in a nursing home, physicians. clean air, disabled children/adult care, education, Social Security, Unemployment and of course scientists! If Americans need healthcare, then perhaps Doctors Without Borders or the United Nations can help them out. Americans have saved a few dollars so either take care of grandma or sit her on a bench in the forest to be eaten by the grizzly bears of which Ms. Vos has intimate knowledge.

Obviously, DJT ought to dismantle the United States structure, etc., in less than four years. Once DJT has accomplished the elimination of all those programs, expect that more than half of the population will remain to vote for more folks, just like him. How sad this is to finally acknowledge that the folks who voted for DJT were not only conned but in addition will be, once DJT has made ‘America Great Again’, too stupid to live. Them, their progeny, grandparents will be history, together with the real American dream. Kudos to DJT, Mike Pence, the Republicans, Libertarians, DJT’s family, the clueless & wealthy DJT cabinet, but especially, Mr. Bannon. How do you like the alt-right now, America?
Dave....Just Dave (Somewhere in Florida.)
And the further attempts to dismantle, deconstruct, and destroy anything to do with Obama, will continue after this......
Ben (CA)
This reminds me of the old quote, possibly from John Maynard Keynes:

"Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men for the nastiest of motives will somehow work for the benefit of all."
SalishGuy (Downtown Ballard WA)
Probably quoting E. A. G. Robinson. Doesn't matter, it's a trenchant remark.
Wizarat (Moorestown, NJ)
No kidding he just wants to rob poor Americans to make his rich buddies Great Again; what he means is that he doesn't give a hoot about Americans, he is just mad that we have OBAMA's name with care. It is just too much to swallow for him and people like him- 99.999% white Americans. I wonder what I shall call it?
Loomy (Australia)
At this meeting President Trump said " We're talking about a great, great form of health care"

What most people don't realise is those words were spoken with THIS meaning:

" We're talking about a grate, grate form of health care"

Now it all makes sense given that 22 million people will be treated like Cheese!
Michael Dubinsky (<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>)
Actually this is what we should do with his presidency.
Diane B (The Dalles, OR)
Why can't the country just have a sensible "medicare for all" single payer kind of system--instead of going through all kinds of contortions involving subsides and credits just so it sort of LOOKS like it isn't "socialist".
david x (new haven ct)
Another commenter wrote about an "American public overwhelmingly receptive to the truth that if we believe we are all created equal, we all deserve basic care."

I, for one, don't believe that we're all created equal. Some people are luckier than others in terms of the socioeconomic situation they're born into. And some people are born more healthy or more intelligent.

Others say that despite not being created equal, we're all born with equal opportunity: if we work, we can succeed economically. Whether this has ever been even close to true, it's totally not true in the America of today. It's now extremely hard to move up economically in the USA. A few people of great talent do make it, but it's harder here than in most developed countries.

So the system isn't fair or equal. The share of wealth owned by the top 0.1% is almost the same as the bottom 90%. Those are astounding figures.

My moral question is what those of us who have more than we need want to spend our money on. Do we want gold-plated toilet seats, or would we prefer to pay for healthcare for those Americans among us who won't have healthcare otherwise?

I myself want to spend my money on single-payer health care. Tax me and create a system that's not only morally better, but also more efficient. (Medicare is our most efficient system.) I want to spend money on health care for others because I believe that the way in which we're created equal is that our lives have equal value.

But health care isn't about
cb (mn)
I know, I know, once people receive (free) health care or anything for (free), they depend on it, come to believe it a right. Dependency of any kind, e.g., alcohol,
drugs, tobacco are illustrative. However, nothing is really free. Other productive people are paying for medical care to people who are unwilling or unable to take care of themselves. The government needs to explain this to its citizens so they understand reality. If some type of palliative medical treatment is warranted for the poor, it should be offered. The VA currently provides such limited medical treatment to veterans..
Ellen Liversidge (San Diego CA)
"Thou Art a boil, a plague sore." (King Lear, Act I, scene ii). Seems apt for the article, the idea, and its proposer.
gregg rosenblatt (ft lauderdale fl)
"Commitment to repeal"--making a commitment sounds so noble. Know what would be even more noble? A commitment to doing what the people want, rather than what the Koch brothers and Norquist want. The pledge not to raise taxes is more important than the oath of office. SAD!
Purity of (Essence)
Terrific, if they don't come up with a replacement it will be a political disaster. I'm sure the well-to-do republicans don't care whether there is something to replace the ACA with, but tell that to the poor and working-class voters in places like Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky.
Carol Locke (Lake Worth, FL)
No matter how you slice it the bottom line is unless the government subsidizes health care insurance there can't and won't be a workable do-over. This is why single-payer is far from the outrageous concept some would have us believe. Republicans are jumping through hoops to avoid the elephant in the room.
FireDragon111 (New York City)
Nice, vacation for the whole month of August and a 10 day holiday for the 4th of July. Why bother coming back for the rest of July, please, take the whole summer off. I am starting to think it is actually a good thing that they can't agree and therefore, get nothing accomplished. Billions of dollars to health insurance companies to "stabilize" them? That money could be used to implement single payer. We do have the money for single payer, but that money is apparently for the corporate welfare system.
Ralph (Rome)
It's unfortunate that a significant number of people don't realize that our representatives and government policies proposed are the work of a handful of individuals, that back in 1980, William F. Buckley, Jr. identified as "Anarcho-totalitarianism"seeking to control vast sectors of the economy and regulations, in an effort to ensure a "trickle up" of self enrichment. As reflected by the Chief Executive's own words placing his trust in the wealthy members of the country, who after all, know what's best as apparently they are better educated that those in lower economic stations.
Marc (NYC)
...ah the "Rational World" conjecture - Basic-Single-Payer for all Americans + existing Medical Insurance companies selling "Concierge" & "Luxury" plans for those who want to pay for them above basic coverage - elimination of "managed care" for the C&L plans which means a return to simpler to administrate indemnity payment plans, and continued employment to many in the private Medical Insurance companies for increased C&L customer service...what's not to like?
Edmond Drucker (Great Neck NY)
"Insurance model medical care is now in it's death throes. It took the Republicans to accomplish this. Single payer, or expanded Medicare
is now being tossed about more frequently, and increasingly being
seen as a logical alternative to what we have.
I may be overly hopeful, but I think we will get to some version of a
universal national health plan along the lines of Canada, UK, or France
sooner than I ever believed. I may not be around to see it (pushing on
82) but I think and hope my children will.
frank monaco (Brooklyn NY)
Sure Repeal it do away with Obama's Legacy. That's what they wanted from the begining. In the history of the Republican Party they Never talked about Health Care for Americans. This is the Party that fought Medicare called it "Socialized Medicine" Now they are going to repeal the ACA. and then come back with a Health care bill? Oh I want to see this. The Fat cats will be happy with their Tax Cuts,on the backs of the working stiff.
Carol (Key West, Fla)
The logic escapes me, why repeal something and replace it with nothing. Maybe using the term logic with the this particular group, Republican Senate and the President, is a true oxymoron.
This stance, total uncertainty, is damaging to the healthcare Insurance Companies and the American Public.
Randall Johnson (Seattle)
Repeal only meets Republican goals:
- Tax cuts for the rich,
- Death for the poor and lower middle class
Eric F (N.J.)
I thought Trump said, and said many times, that under his presidency Obamacare would be repealed and replaced so fast your head would spin and there would be no cuts to medicaid or medicare and life would be great. Does 6 months on and still can't come to an agreement, severe cuts to medicare under the current proposal, higher premiums for the people who need healthcare the most under the current proposal, all paid for by less taxes to the people who can afford to pay the most count as head spinning?
I just checked my head seems to be still securely attached to my shoulders and facing only one direction.
jonathansg (Pleasantville, NY)
In the revived blast of repeal now, replace later, there’s a new predator in the swamps of Washington: the Inhuman Wrecking Ball. For millions of Americans, the creaky gates of health, security and opportunity will be dismantled rather than repaired and the people left uncovered will be exposed to a cruel freedom: neither the hindrance nor the protection of an insurance system will stand between them and the ravages of illness and disease. Instead of Morning in America, our new political fixers would usher in the Night of the Vandals.
DWS (Dallas, TX)
Putting aside the issues of all the potential premature deaths associated with the loss of medical insurance and the massive shift in wealth. Is the Republican Congress just going to "wing it"? They like to paint liberals as financially irresponsible yet they seem willing to just experiment with 17% of the US GDP. The leveraged failures associated with the Great Recession represented a fraction of the potential economic significance of this fiscal experiment.
Purple Rainmaker (USA)
A better approach is to debate what needs changing so to improve quality of living and after determining what is better make changes for the better. Fly The Flag is a book on Amazon and this author tries to use his education so to make things better.
Sophocles (NYC)
Part of the problem for the Democrats is that those most likely to organize and protest--the youth--have a limited interest in healthcare, for the obvious reason that they are healthy. So we haven't seen great efforts expended on universal health care. Let's face it, older Americans are not going to be on the front lines of a revolution in health care.
West Texas Mama (Texas)
Throw the ordinary folks under the bus. Who cares? After all, not one member of Congress or senior Administration official, or the individuals who line their pockets will be impacted by this in any way.
John Brews ✅❗️__ [•¥•] __ ❗️✅ (Reno, NV)
If Trump's idea of repealing the ACA includes returning Medicaid to its pre-Obama configuration, then repeal will cause huge increases in the uninsured. That is the same problem the GOP is foundering upon now, so repeal won't get them off the hook.

Likewise, repeal that doesn't revert Medicaid won't placate the conservative faction of the GOP, and is a non-starter.

Looks like a tar baby to me!!
_DB (Spain)
In many other countries, the government keeps the health industry under control, and the associated costs, in any of a thousand ways that, all, amount to the same: as a monopolistic comptroller or client, it acts as a 800 pounds gorilla against whom hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurances etc. other must fight, before they can raise prices.

The ACA seemed unsatisfying because it tiptoed too much around the special interests already in place, interests that have managed to provide substantially sub-standard care levels, for an oversized budget.

Still, it was a start in the right direction... after all, as Buffet notes, U.S. productive companies - the ones that make stuff that can be exported, may be them 3M or Ford or Tesla - are who ultimately pays for the out-of control U.S. health system, in form of a loss of competitive fitness.

However, this kind of considerations is well beyond the intelligence and long-view analytical mind displayed by the current POTUS, or most of his supporters for that matter.

The ills of U.S. health system - rampaging cots and sub-par performances, compared with other developed countries - have been many decades in the making; realistically, it would take a comparable amount of time to address them and, hence, some kind of long term plan with bi-partisan approval, and commitment to it, going beyond a single term.

Being so, I think I have more chance of go living on the Moon, than seeing them fixed.
Chris (Rye, NY)
Healthcare is to provide for all and has a longer, healthier lifespan as its goal. Studies show females and the wealthier live longer, and as far as poorer income individuals, "Life expectancy for low-income individuals was positively correlated with the local area fraction of immigrants (r = 0.72, P < .001), fraction of college graduates (r = 0.42, P < .001), and government expenditures (r = 0.57, P < .001)."
So letting many under ACA loose their insurance means possibly shorter lifespan for them. How humane is this administration and Republican Congress? These studies support health care funding, education and YES immigration! I think this country is going backwards with Trump and these "over the hill" congressmen.
Aina (North Carolina)
A hypothetical question: in the next election, what if we, the voters had the ability to introduce to the ballot a measure to eliminate the healthcare our members of congress enjoy and for which we pay through taxes? Are we worth less than they are?
Robert (Santa Rosa CA)
Republicans are in a hurry to demolish our health care system, and go on vacation, basking in the sun and beaches at some mega-expensive hotel. if they get sick or hurt while there, they can go to the best hospitals and doctors, with no cost to them.
At the same time, poor people will be dying of inferior or no health services.
The wealth gap, more and more, reminds of the situation before the French Revolution.
LH (Beaver, OR)
Conservatives forget what is the root cause of gun violence and unrest in too many of our communities. Their policies would increase violence exponentially by affecting so many people with further economic hardship and pain. Indeed, our nation was founded on revolution against conservative policies benefiting a chosen few. How did we come to having a child appoint himself King of our great country?
George Weiner (Rochester, NY)
The Republicans had seven years to work on a replacement, but apparently didn't. If they repeal the ACA now without a replacement, why should we think an acceptable alternative will be forthcoming? With the ACA gone, I assume that they think anything will look better than nothing.
Andy W (Chicago, Il)
How extremely dangerous is a president that's only concerned about putting a win on the board just for the sake of it, at any cost? An emotionally unstable one at that. A man armed with the world's most powerful military. A man who holds your future and that of your children in his hands. Would he start yet another war just as an emotional reaction or even to simply distract us? Even his closest confidants can't tell any longer. I totally disagree with Pence on most major issues, but I'd prefer him in a heartbeat. Right now, it's as if we are all helplessly watching a child locked in a room with a loaded gun. It's time for sane Trump supporters to admit how badly their experiment has failed and move on, before it's too late. The insane ones are a simply a lost cause, just as is their false hero.
Mark Miller (WI)
Repeal and replace isn't working because they don't have anything better, or even similar, to replace it with. Repeal, then replace it later, won't work any better because they won't have anything better in the future than they have now. They're just kicking the problem down the road, to avoid the appearance of a loss on one of their major ideas.

The other half of the equation is; if they were to try to replace, when would that be? Given the GOP inclination to put off inconvenient things (repeated visits to the fiscal cliff, failure to charge Trump with anything or declare him unfit, even their refusal to have any productive discussion of ACA with Obama 7 years ago or since) it seems most likely that replacing it at some unstated "later" time, really means they never will.
Chris (Louisville)
Stop all of it now and go to a one payer system like Canada and Europe. Everything else is simply stupid and a waste of our time and resources.
mariamsaunders (Toronto, Canada)
My head spins with the number of times trump does an 180 degree turn. trump truly does not have a solid opinion on anything (other than perhaps women who owe their outward beauty to cosmetic surgery). Does he care nothing about the Americans whom he has taken an oath to serve and protect?

Repeal Obamacare, simply because the "replacement" cannot gain traction in the GOP driven government? There will be a lot of people suffering mental health issues if they go ahead and repeal Obamacare - and replace when Hell freezes over!
Jeff P (Washington)
Trump was elected. Therefore, I have no faith in the collective judgement of American voters. If the Congress repeals the ACA now, saying they'll replace later, my biggest fear will be that those same voters will swallow that lie and vote the buggers back into office. Of course the R's don't want to replace. They never wanted a health care bill in the first place. So the voters will be fooled again. I wonder if they'll ever wake up to that fact?
manfred marcus (Bolivia)
Trump is a demagogue and a hypocrite, now desperate to show he has accomplished some legislative task, even if a monstrosity, that screws the very people still supporting him, a healthcare bill that disenfranchises the poor, the sick and the elderly. How come do we tolerate so much incompetence and corruption, from an unscrupulous, cruel and irresponsible fraudster? And the republican party willing to do his bidding?
Thomas Penn in Seattle (<br/>)
They'l repeal, and never get around to replacing. Permanent tax cut in place. Many Americans screwed.
John Grillo (Edgewater,MD)
A possible way out of the health care morass: return to Eisenhower era income tax rates, and then enact C.C.F.A., otherwise known as Concierge Care For All. Heck, if it's good enough for the Koch boys it's good enough for all of us. "A doc in every pot"!
Jim Cornell (Coatesville, PA)
Maybe it's time to stop individually headlining and reporting on Trump's tweets. Giving them prominence just lets Trump believe (perhaps correctly) that he's manipulating the public discourse.

You could reflect his tweets, without commentary, on, say, page 9, under some generic header like "The President's Latest Tweets." If readers want to comment on those tweets, let 'em!
Kylie (Sauceman)
I'm surprised Americans are letting this go on for this long...
Redman (Florida)
I say that what goes for healthcare systems goes for the President.
Impeach the President now, then replace him later.
Sherry Lyon (Winston Salem NC)
Here's a thought...the Democrats need a covert carnival barker masquerading as a Republican propaganda machine making the rounds on Trumps favorite morning shows. Play the same game as the Republicans.....make the case for a decent and humane health plan where Trump is sure to see it and then regurgitate it as his own idea.
kritik1 (NY)
Whatever comes out of 'Pharoah Trump's' mouth should be the law of the land!
And the Pharoa says with a commanding voice "There shall be no health insurance for all you miserable heathens, it is I who decides when to look in to the repealed ACA if there should be another health insurance idea at all" --Our Nation may go in a lingo?? over the health care bill??
kritik1 (NY)
Our health policy may become akin to a video game. Game over. You are likely to lose again and again for atleast the next four years. Brace yourself for any upcoming violent impact. Hold tight even more (for the next eight years) if there is not a likely powerful contender to challenge the heavy weight champion of the world.
marriea (Chicago, IL)
People won't/don't miss the water till the well runs dry.
Only when what they have is taken from them, will they get it.
William (Rhode Island)
President Combover knows what every arsonist knows. Its so much easier and so much more fun to put a match to something than to take the time and effort to build it. Then he can bask in the glow of the flames as they reflect his achievement.
This is the destructive potential of a personality disorder made real. He will burn this country down and declare victory.
Larry Koenigsberg (Eugene Oregon)
Repeal now, replace later = you can fool some of the people all the time.
Louis A. Carliner (Lecanto, FL)
Oh, my! The ultimate death panels returns! It will be the insurance companies and cash strapped state Medicaid gate gate Keepers!
Ian MacFarlane (Philadelphia PA)
This whole debate is beyond absurd.

The only way this is understandable is to consider our brains have been under attack since birth.
Barbarra (Los Angeles)
Boycott Trump hotels and products, boycott his casino buddies. The billionaires are running us in to the ground.
Dex (San Francisco)
That sounds great. But reverse the order. Replace the plan, THEN you can repeal it. And now that you have seen what the Republicans want, the American people would have to be seriously mentally impaired to put up with repeal first.
Sande (IL)
This is a scare tactic aimed at getting the more moderate Republican holdouts to vote for the terrible bill that's on the table.
BoJonJovi (Pueblo, CO)
Impeach Trump now replace him later.
Richard Brody (Mercer Island, WA)
Further proof he's doesn't care about anyone but himself. This is reckless behavior all aimed at cementing his base with a portion of the electorate that has no heart. If this resonates with lawmakers then we have a real problem.
Dennis D. (New York City)
The despicable Trump shows his true colors. His real purpose is to remover all signs of President Obama's achievements. Trump could care less if there is or isn't a health care bill, just kill Obamacare, now. What a creep.

But then what is new here? Trump has been since childhood the spoiled brat, the temper tantrum prone child who will hold his breath till he turns blue, scream his lungs out to high heaven, shout, pout, and rave until he gets what he wants. What has changed in Trump's demeanor since adolescence? Absolutely nothing. This is a dangerous man, an unhinged psychotic who acts on impulse instead of reason and logic. And the United States, through its positively ridiculous means of electing its presidents, has brought the curse of Trump to not only the US but the world. Sad.

Charley Hale (Lafayette CO)
One can certainly see the appeal; let all the poor losers die, then this whole thing gets a LOT easier.
Georgez (CA)
Now the real Republican plan emerges. Trump will forget his promise during the campaign because he will sell his soul to dismantle everything Obama did after being roasted by Obama during the Washington Press Club Dinner.
mgaudet (Louisiana)
Trump is agnostic on the healthcare bill, he just wants to sign a bill and declare it a promise kept.
Harry (NE)
Isn't this the time for Dems to hit airwaves with ads depicting the "death-panels" that could result from the Trumpcare? Isn't this the time for Dem leaders to hold massive rallies across the nation highlighting this issue? Isn't this the time for them to adopt medicare-for-all in their party platform?
Instead they are still looking for easy routes like "Trump/Russia collusion", which is surely playing out the way Trump wants. Sad!
sunburst68 (New Orleans)
First on the chopping block: all Senators and Congressmen shouting "repeal", give up their government funded health care for them and their families! It's unbelievable to me that no one can do anything to force them to practice what they preach. "The fox is guarding the henhouse."
Amy Haible (Harpswell, Maine)
Repeal and replace Trump.
Grove (California)
The new Republican plan is repeal it now,
And replace it. . .
Check Reality vs Tooth Fairy (In the Snow)
With what the Kochs, Paul Ryan, the GOP, the conservatives want to do with our health care, our education and our economy, soon other nations will have T-V ads showing the under-privileged children and poor in America the way we now show third world countries on our television. Those other nations will be saying, “If you adopt a poor dirty, hungry child and give just 3 Euro a month, this child can be fed and clothed. This child can be given fresh water and food.

Scene opens: [Statue of Liberty, or Lincoln Memorial standing as a shadowy like image in the background] Children living in squalor, digging through piles of trash attempting to find some eatable food while a trickling stream of dirty water, running down Pennsylvania Avenue passes by with a little child dipping its hand into the water for a drink.

Over the scene, Narrator speaks:

Every child deserves a strong start – the best chance for a successful future. But too many children right here in Europe and around the world aren’t getting the opportunity to reach their full potential. You can help change that. If you sponsor a child from the United States, then you’ll give them the gift of a brighter future.

America…the new down and falling third world nation! This nation, intentionally broken by a handful of greedy, mentally disturbed, old white men so that they can stand in their ivory tower. We will be working our way to what Haiti has managed to accomplish.
northlander (michigan)
And the definition of terrorism is...?
Todd (San Francisco)
There is no such thing as repeal without replace. Something will dictate our new healthcare landscape if the ACA is repealed, and whatever that set of laws is (pre ACA?) and the associated chaos is what is replacing the ACA. To pretend that the two are separate events is a lie.
David Howell (33541)
I believe that Trump will go against the Supreme court rule. They can not repel the ACA with out a replacement. A replacement must be better..
Sandra Garratt (Palm Springs, California)
Perhaps we should REPEAL all of the benefits & perks that Congress now receives and then REPLACE them all w/ people who actually want to serve the American people and clear out all of the hacks, paid lackeys etc that now currently dominate the GOP. A shining example of their real masters would be Americans for Prosperity which is an anti American organization when you study their mission......some would call it treason....they are supposed to be working for the American people not corrupt profit driven global corporations like Koch Industries, Monsanto etc. Apparently we are draining the swamps directly into our government. Here we are and it's going to get much worse as light is shed on the truth....some people really do not want that to happen and they will do all they can to stop the truth from coming out and inevitable progress. Hang on for a bumpy ride, it's going to be a long, hot Summer.
Phoebe (st. Petersburg)
Let's not kid ourselves. In the Republican lingo, the "repeal now and replace later" means "repeal and do not replace, EVER." This party has been trying to dismantle our Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security for decades. They hate food stamps, they hate welfare. They really seem to be in lock and stop with Trump supporter Mr. Robert Mercer who strongly believes that those who have less money than him are objectively "worth less," and obviously also "worthless," so they do not have deserved even the most basic human rights and comforts.
RNS (Piedmont Quebec Canada)
Resign now. Impeach later.
B (New York)
There is much talk of how Trumpcare would be a tax break for the rich - I'm young, healthy, and not rich - but Trumpcare would be a tax break for me because health insurance tax credits on the marketplace would then be determined by age, not income. This fact is rarely highlighted in the health insurance discussion. Stop making me pay for another person's health insurance.
Lori (Hoosierland)
Get off the roads, then. I don't want to pay for ANYONE but me driving on them.
(not that) Dolly (Nashville)
Sure, B. You're young, healthy and not rich now. In 20-30 years (tops), you will be old, unhealthy and not rich. In short, you'll be singing a different tune in the not-as-distant-as-you-think-it-is future.
The only moral way forward is Medicare for all or some other single-payer universal plan where everyone is covered--what the President promised during his campaign. People will die if the current Republican plan is passed and they can't afford adequate coverage. Killing such a large number of Americans would be an act of terrorism.
Mareln (MA)
They can't replace Obamacare with a republican plan because Obamacare IS the republican plan. Just ask anyone from MA, a state that implemented "Romneycare" years before Obamacare. Thanks to the partisan SCOTUS, the republican party has changed from capitalists to greedy oligarchs.
Shayladane (Canton, NY)
Trump just wants to be able to say he accomplished something. After all, except for the hijacked Supreme Court seat, nothing of note has happened under his administration. This does not seem odd to me, because he apparently watches cable TV all day to see what they are saying about him so he has something nasty to tweet during his sleepless nights.

The man craves constant praise. If he gets it, he wants more; if he doesn't get it, he attacks anyone who has disagreed with him recently, true or not.
He is the antithesis of what most Americans exemplify.
Shirley Scott (Kansas City)
I wish I knew what the DNC did to promote Democratic candidates and policies, other than email me 8 times a week for money.
Bruce West (Belize)
So these white men are our elected representatives. Who are they representing? These dolts clearly represent getting themselves reelected.

As for the insurance death panel insurance companies, every American wants them OUT OF THE BUSINESS OF HEALTH CARE. Why are these profiteers at the controls of our health system?
Bruce West (Belize)
I Worked 40 years. For 20 of those years I had no health insurance, once blue cross blue shield decided to start gouging us in the late 1980's. As a chef and musician, there was no health insurance.
As a public school teacher and hospital therapist, I had insurance.
This is wrong. That means I must choose a life profession based on the ability to secure health insurance.
Where is our nation going with this inequality and stupidity?

The answer for the US is a single payer system. We have the tax base and the rich economy to keep people as healthy as possible and which keeps Americans working. Healthy people work more.

It is the insanity of the GOP core and their donars who don't want to pay taxes and hate the poor. And these goons call themselves Christians. Sad.
Chief Apookuhlipsys (Young America)
That's the best idea I've heard yet. Obama care is a desecration onto the American people and it's unconstitutional and a conspiracy against us all because suvillian medicine takes second and third priority with out we the peoples conscious decision. Obama care wrecks the high values of our unsurpassed United States resources of rendering the best for our people and for decades that has suffered greatly and that came just after George H. W. Bush outsourced secret U.S military defense engineering contracts to France, Europe and Germany, it's no wonder Iran, Columbia and Pablo Escobar Colombian/Mexican drug cartel was able to commit so much espionage through the United States MAD operations, as in the school shooting's and mass murder suicides. That the United States ultra secret government has endangered all of our lives with. This is on topic. And if United States Citizens wont realize this then were all going to be speaking a different language.
Gardener (Bermuda)
to Messrs Cucinelli and Roth: did Republicans lie about their commitment to repeal, or did they suddenly remember they were actually elected to promote the interests of their constituents, most of whom are scared to death they are going to lose their health insurance and health care? Taking health care away from middle-income and poor people to put more money in rich people's pockets isn't going to play well in future elections.
Tar Heel Happy (North Carolina)
The sad and pathetic thing here: the Democrats will not capitalize on this, at all. Divided, still beholden to the past (Schumer and Pelosi and their ilk) and I have no confidence of anything different in the next election cycle. Bad for the nation, this totally impotent and clueless D party. By the way, I am big on a new class of D's, like Roy Cooper. Read about him, our D governor of NC. He is the type of D that can make a difference and win. Please: Pelosi and Schumer must not be the way the D party engages the nation.
Jeffrey (Michigan)
My money's on people like Corey Booker, Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar.
rixax (Toronto)
This country was created by tailoring ideas of Democracy from cultures around the world (Rome, England, France, etc) into a document called the Constitution. Why can't we look to successful, working systems of health care around the world and adapt them to an affordable care document?
arm19 (cali/ny)
Simple, Italy, France and England, have actual left wing political parties, America does not. In America you have a choice between the center right-right wing, that would be the democrats, and the right -extreme right wing, that would be the republicans. This is why we are a corporate fascist state that does not take care of the majority of its' population or have a vested interest in maintaining a strong middle class, for they would require a strong government. And this is what happens when money absolutely corrupts the political arena. A good historical metaphor to describe the state of American politics would be Mussolini (the democrats) and Hitler (the republicans) arguing on the role of government.
jsanders71 (NC)
That would mean that Sean Hannity would have to revisit his assessment of America as the greatest nation God has ever created on earth. American exceptionalism would be no more.

We can't admit that we can learn from others. We actually are that arrogant .... and that dumb.
Philly Girl (Philadelphia)
Because of the greedy vicious republicans and insurance companies. They would prefer we had nothing and just died leaving more for them. It's and awful bunch and will not change until the people, en masse, come together in some kind of a national political action. But that would take millions of people coming to the realization that they are being screwed. So, don't hold your breath!
Chris Boehme (Arden, NC)
The primary reason that ACA rates are escalating so rapidly is uncertainty in the market. A repeal now and a promise to come up with a replacement within the coming year does absolutely nothing to instill certainty, in fact it exacerbates the problem. This plan however may have some political advantage for the Republicans as it further undermines the ACA which will result in even steeper cost increases in the private market and more insurers abandoning those markets. The gamble is who will the public blame for making the ACA less stable Democrats who created the ACA or Republicans who have worked hard to make it fail.
jls (Arizona)
This probably is the "smarter" move for Republicans. Undermine ACA and make it look like it was doomed to fail all along. Now we have no insurance and will take whatever scraps the Republicans care to toss at us.
Axle 66 (Lincoln, Vt.)
I have 40 years of trying to find reasonable individual healthcare, pre-ACA. I spent my entire working life in construction, either working for small companies that offered no plans, or as self - employed. I went years without ins. due to the high cost. When i finally was able to afford health ins., from the 80's on, the affordable policies were high deductible, and covered very little, and had life time caps. And every 3 or so years, i would have to start all over again since my carrier would pull out our state market. Luckily i was healthy.
When the ACA passed, and our ( Blue) state opened its health exchange, i couldn't believe the differences in coverage. Healthcare actually covered preventive care ? Doc visits ? No lifetime caps ? castarophic illness? no pre - existing denials ? Hell yes i signed up - for one of the low to mid range in terms of cost. And for the first time ever, i had decent, affordable, humane healthcare.

The R's call the ACA "Obamacare" - as if his name would forever stain it. Trump calls it a "dead carcass". My younger Libertarian and R acquaintances want to throw it out and go back to the ways of the 80's and 90's. This stupidity in the face of the facts of pre - ACA "health"care boggles my mind.

I transitioned seamlessly from ACA to Medicare, contracted a serious chronic illness, and it's the only reason I'm alive. My med bills are astronomical, in spite of a healthy, active lifestyle. Medicare for all is the only answer.
Trish (NY State)
This comment should be a NY Times Pick comment. Excellent summary of the "everyman/woman" situation.
Philly Girl (Philadelphia)
Cheers to you for speaking out.
Scott Fordin (New Hampshire)
Thank you, Axle 66, for sharing your story and for sharing it in such a cogent and apropos way. You capture some of the key reasons why simply repealing the ACA would be horrible for tens of millions of people. Best of health and luck to you!
Vox (NYC)
Trump must be channeling Comodore Vanderbilt's sentiment: "The public be damned!"
Anna (Germany)
Does he want to destroy the US for Putin. It looks more like this with every passing day. In a couple of days he probably gets new orders. The Republicans are despicable. A man with no heart. No compassion. A grabber. A godfather.
Bender (Trumpistan)
The Godfather would never do that.
vonstipatz (Detroit)
Yes, Donny Two Scoops! Let's eliminate all insurance effective immediately! No more Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance! Let the free market drive prices down into the basement. And if 500,000 die in the meantime, they are the patriots. Destroy everything. You'll be OK because you and your incestuous family can fly to Switzerland for treatment. You have no more business being president than a raccoon does flying Air Force One. We are the joke of the world
Laura Phillips (New York)
And those unnecessary deaths will be labeled fake news.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
I guess Trump got bored and just wants to repeal healthcare for millions, the devil be damned.
Probably tiring to think about all the "winning" he promised with no intentions of doing any of it.
Carolina Girl (Gastonia, NC)
And who do they think they're kidding? If it's "repeal, then replace," then we all know they'll stop after "repeal." They'll never bother with "replace." They'll pretend they're too busy with tax reform or Syria or waiting for Trump to antagonize North Korea into blowing the planet to smithereens.
Geri (Israel)
The American people elect an insane personality as a president.
You must help him to be cured from the Obamamania he suffered before it will be to late
Dwight Bobson (Washington, DC)
Trump? In order to evaluate anything the guy says, what do we know about him based on all the years of his life.?
1. He is what he has always been, coward, bully, mysogonist, narcissistic, self-loving, self-aggrandizing.
2. A failed business owner with multiple bankruptcies that prohibit him from obtaining a loan of even one dollar from any american bank.
3. A noted cheat of the common craftsman, of banks, of people who trusted him to provide promised educational opportunity at his so-called university.
4. A liar personified, unrestrained and incapable of being embarrassed.
5. The ultimate "fake", the Fake in Chief, in thoughts words an actions, by deliberate intent.
So, what do you expect? Certainly not anything approaching a norm, nothing that results from an application of logic, rational thought, intelligence, competence or humanity.
This observers conundrum: why did the press take him seriously enough to give him front page, above-the-fold placement of what he said without any critical context for the whole presidential campaign.?
why did the GOP candidates remain on stage for the so-called debates when he began his immature antics and name-calling?
why did the moderator remain on stage and not kill the microphones when the man-child began acting up and insult her with slut talk?
why would any person with any real pride, go to work for the guy and allow themselves to be humiliated and undercut on a regular basis?
Karen L. (Illinois)
Calling Trump a man-child is an insult to children.
Rich (Columbia, MO)
This is the price we pay for having a black president for 8 years.

There, I said it.
jsanders71 (NC)
Sorry, but even if your intent was not malicious, your statement is too simplistic. Certainly our societal racism is a factor. But I believe Hillary is white, and if you think for a second that the vitriol would be any less for her, you're just wrong.

Then again, she IS a woman. Old white males, like 95% of Trump's cabinet, seem to have issues with "others."
mikeSmith (North Carolina)
Exactly. That and making liberals cry is their entire raison d'etre
joseph (usa)
Do you mean this mess we are in is the revenge of bigots ?
Smoky Tiger (Wisconsin)
Replace Donald J. Trump.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
The Koch Bros said Jump! Congress
says How High?
Mark (El Paso)
"Health Care Act"?...TWEET...TWEET...."What Health Care Act"?...TWEET..TWEET..TWEET....
Stephen Beard (Troy, OH)
"...and Replace It Never"

There, fixed your misyake.
Ami (Portland Oregon)
I'm so glad we have responsible government. Perhaps this is what it is going to take to wake up voters who vote against their self interests​.
Karen L. (Illinois)
Not if they build in a one or 3-year delay. Gets them past the election; everything starts collapsing. Then the newly elected Republicans get to "save the day" with something marginally better than nothing but nothing nearly as comprehensive as what people had. People have short memories and the Republicans know it. Somehow the collapse THEY cause and the subsequent pain to the people will still be blamed on Obama with Hillary's help.
Toby (Portland, Or)
These bozos. They honestly have no idea what it means to govern. And they're led by a terrible man child President and the 30% of the populous of which I have no comment.
Dan Baublis (Providence)
Repeal without replacement would show how craven and spineless the Republicans have become, putting the health and even lives of Americans at real and significant risk so they can continue their assault on all things Obama. This administration, if it can even be called that, caring only about its base voters, drags this sheepish Congress hither and thither, while America reels in bewilderment at the brazen attempts to steal healthcare resources to pay the very wealthiest blood money they don't need. A bi-partisan approach, possible only by losing the enmity of Obama-care and listening to the American people, seems the only way out of the Republican self-created morass. The president however is not interested and no Congressional shepherd has yet appeared capable of leading the sheep toward a reasonable solution. The public be damned.
Bruce West (Belize)
The plan is to kill off more poor people thus reducing welfare, thus lowering taxes on the rich. I didn't think this could ever happen in the US, but I have no other explanation for the directives of the republican party and their super rich donars. Frightening thought!
C. Morris (Idaho)
Trump, makin' America great!
SkL (Southwest)
Trump would be that stupid.
will (oakland)
Repeal the Election. Replace the Republicans. Cruel and Crueller. Dumb and Dumber.
Frustrated (<br/>)
Any which way we look at it, the fight for better health care for all went back twenty years if not more - all because our previous idiot of a President said "elections have consequences" and wanted to help "his community". He just couldn't sit down with an opposition to have a bipartisan solution. He had to ram it down the throat of Americans. And for what? so some deadbeats can get health insurance at the expense of hard working people who can't catch a break now? I say throw the ocare in the Atlantic and get on with the immigration reform. Medicaid people are never gonna vote for republican party anyway. Most Hispanics from TX, FL and NM do.
Chuck Burton (Steilacoom, WA)
My widowed daughter with two babies who runs a daycare fifty hours a week (who you insufferably call a deadbeat) will lose her health insurance while you rant.
aliterategal (Ocala, FL)
Uh....The ACA was based on a GOP Healthcare Plan developed by the Heritage Foundation and implemented by Mitt Romney.
jls (Arizona)
Always appreciate the selfish "I worked hard for it, they don't deserve it argument". Makes it easy to identify their worthlessness in humanity.
Pauly (Shorewood Wi)
Root and branch replacement of the GOP is needed in 2018 and 2020.
TomPalmer (USA)
WealthTaxNowdotOrg since we simply need to recover the wealth that has moved from the lower and middle classes to the rich. That's the only way to pay for the universal healthcare America needs and wants. The American population is a VERY LARGE GROUP. We should do on a large scale what big groups like corporations and universities have done for decades...we provide the loss reserve and contract the insurance companies to do the clerical job of collecting premiums and paying claims. They already have the office space, computers and staff for this work. They would be relieved of the risk. (We all absorb the risk anyway since there is no one but us!). A loss reserve is easy to understand if we think of a sink partially full of this case money. As money pours in from premiums and flows out in claims and expenses the level of the money in the reserve will move up (working surplus) or down (working deficit) but the "risk" is time. The reserve allows the time to adjust the in and out flows. The pool money in not actually spent. The insurance companies compete for customers by providing lower premiums and better service since people can move from one plan to another without evidence of insurability. This approach is similar to Medicare Advantage C plans and regulated Medigap policies. A wealth tax would provide the subsidy to allow all Americans access to quality health care.
RioConcho (Everett, WA)
Mean-spiritedly trying to deprive their countrymen of insurance. What are the consequences of repealing without a replacement in place?
Great idea ! - so what does everybody do until the new plan is in place ? - go to the emergency room ? ---- this is approaching criminal negligence ---

Remember; during the waning hours of the first health care 'debate' Trump met with the 37 ultra conservative repubs and accepted their most extreme, brutal positions ... Thankfully, 'moderate' repubs rejected these demands ... But what is more important and most telling is that Trump was happy to do this, just so he could say he 'made a deal' - that he made something so difficult for everyone ... easy ! ... He was willing to sacrifice the welfare of millions of Americans in order to support his narrative; that he is so so great ... Does he not care about anyone or is he that ignorant ? Sort of the same thing ...
Facts Matter (Long Island, NY)
This "president" is Shameless. His shame knows no limits as he now plays with peoples' healthcare and lives. Who knew being President could be so hard? Well, most of the country did. Donald, this isn't a Reality Show - it's actual Reality. Get with the Program. We see you for who you are - do you? #Fake President (if only).
Jimi (Cincinnati)
No matter how you wrap it - the staggering costs of healthcare as insurance companies, pharma companies, med equipment & supplies, docs, the staggering number of hospitals & health care systems - the list goes on of companies who all want a big greedy piece of the money spent on health care. No way to package this glut of capitalistic greed.

Trump & the GOP want nothing more than to claim "victory" - this is nothing new in politics & the Dem's have been guilty of same - but Trump has sadly brought it to a whole new level where he could care less what the impact on real people is of a health care plan as long as he can claim "he won". People will be sick & dying and he could care less....

And - Trump reacts to comments on FOX, he attacks "Morning Joe tv show" - he rails against CNN - how many tvs does this guy have on in the White House and how much time does he spend watching tv?!

Health Care has become just too much of a money grab in the U.S. - like no where else in the world - & until that changes (right!!) we will never have "better, cheaper, and more insured".
Helen Ianni Morgan (Ann Arbor)
Repeal, and cancel the summer recess? Is this the big surprise he predicted?

If cancelling summer vacation doesn't get him called up on the 25th Amendment, I don't know what.
Piece Man (South Salem NY)
Someone should publicly give DJT a quiz to see if he even understands what's being proposed in the health care bill. Wouldn't that be great? It could be questions put to him by a fair representation of left and right covering our economic, national and international policies. In depth though. He's not allowed to give one sentence answers.
delmar sutton (selbyville, de)
This was apparently the plan all along. In order for Trump to get elected, he needed to appeal the so called "working class" voters, who normally vote Democratic. But he is at heart a heartless conservative and needs the conservatives in order to be successful.

But now that he fooled the middle class voters into voting for a political party whose interests are NOT the same interests as the middle class, he is free to do what he wants. SAD!
ferdie14 (metro, ny)
Rehashing a tired, stale idea out of a dearth of any insight is pathetic. This would have gotten Brett Michaels or Gary Busey fired on The Apprentice. It's tragic but also bleakly funny that he's behaving like the D-list celebs he once ruled over, only this time it's not about who sells the most water ice on Fifth Avenue (or something equally stupid)--he's running our country. All Hail, Bungler-in-Chief.
DavidDecatur (Atlanta)
Are the Republicans so naïve as to think Trump cares about this at all? This is an infantile knee-jerk reaction that the nasty, vile baby in the WH is using to destroy the moderate Republicans and leadership of the party. The GOP would be torn apart by the VAST majority of Americans who do not want to lose health care. REMOVE AND REPLACE TRUMP, PENCE AND RYAN.
Ed M (Richmond, RI)
End Trump's term now and replace him later. Skip Pence altogether. Only one person gets dumped instead of tens of millions.
Ron Aaronson (Armonk, NY)
Doctor: Your liver is cirrhotic so it has to come out.
Patient: But you haven't found a replacement for it yet.
Doctor: Your point?
Patient: I'll die without a replacement.
Doctor: Well, we are hoping to find a donor within the next few years.
Neil (these United States)
Do you remember when Hillary Clinton stated to Prezident Trump that he benefited from the subprime mortgage meltdown. And T said "that's business."
And Trump torpedoed the Dodd Frank Bill.And remember when Trump told Hillary she belongs in jail. Someone or some administration belong in jail, and the initials aren't HC. Bernie for president and print more money. Just tell the media that more money into society does not cause inflation. It just pays people a better wage and funds health insurance for all. It doesn't take a rocket science to figure this out.

UBI plus more money in circulation directed to social service spending would solve a lot of problems. T-man! Remember the pursuit of happiness. Oh, and the nursing home problem. Google

And remember T-man. Be remembered: Print More Money.
aryan (india)
Thanks for providing such nice information to us. It provides such amazing information on care/as well Health/.The post is really helpful and very much thanks to you.The information can be really helpful on health, care as well as on exam/ tips.The post is really helpful.
Jude Smith- (Chicagol)
Sure, why wait til 2020 to throw tens of millions of people off their healthcare? They will die sooner. It's what the most extremist republicans want, anyway. A pox on all of them.
roger (Nashville)
Does anyone else remember how republicans were going to close mental hospitals in th early 80's and open smaller community based facilities? What did GWB say? "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... well you can't fool me twice" Strange times indeed when i quote GWB.
ML (Boston)
"Does anyone else remember how Republicans were going to close mental hospitals in th early 80's and open smaller community based facilities?" This is such an important point, Roger. We're still waiting for those community based facilities, but the mental hospitals are long gone. Our memories in this country are short, and we don't seem to understand cause and effect, but I was working in homeless shelters in the 80s and I remember when they were flooded with the mentally ill. Then, we called it an emergency. Now, we don't remember how or why it happened and just accept chronic homelessness and mentally ill people suffering and living on the streets as part of American culture. It's always been this way, hasn't it ...?

And this latest "plan" from the Odious Misogynist in Chief suggests that we are ready as a culture to say let the have-nots have less, let them suffer, get sick, and die. This is America. There's no other way we can be. Our mentally ill live on the streets. The physically ill don't get medical care, because if they are less prosperous than me, they must be lazy, or at fault, or Jesus doesn't love them. That's the way it's always been ... hasn't it?
mhood8 (Indiana)
One word - lemmings. How many republicans are willing to jump to their political deaths just to follow this lunatic? Stay tuned...
Uncle Sam (DC)
Proof that the American popular vote was accurate. This administration and its party are losers.
Constance Warner (Silver Spring, MD)
"Then let them die," said Ebeneezer Scrooge, "and decrease the surplus population."
Can anyone tell me how the Republican health care [sic] plan, either in the "repeal and replace" forrm, or just "repeal," differs from Scrooge's pronouncement, to any appreciable degree?
PogoWasRight (florida)
Another perfect example of the Oval Office Occupant's inability to make up his mind and/or make decisions and stick to them. And, lest we forget, the Commander in Chief of our military and the man with his finger on our nuclear stockpile triggers. I spent 20 years in the military, and this is the first time I have have been frightened by the authority we have granted to the man in the oval office............
Replace it later, like after the 2018 midterms? McConnell isn't stupid. If they repeal now and wait to replace, then many people who are happy with their insurance will be voting republican in 2018. For them, nothing will have changed. If McConnell and his cronies get rid of it now, then 2018 is a democrat's field day.
Jeff (Texas)
I have a idea: how about we briefly stop complaining and come up with a better health care plan ourselves?

What should be the core principles? I'll start.

1. Universal coverage. Pre-existing conditions, income, age, etc shouldn't matter.
2. Price transparency. Different hospitals will charge different amounts for the same service. We need to know how much a doctor's visit will cost so we can be smart consumers. This should encourage hospitals to be more cost effective, just like every other business.
3. Mandatory enrollment. The system can't work without the young and healthy paying into it. The more healthy people in the system, the cheaper it is for everybody.
4. Sensible payment. Get rid of premiums, deductibles, co-pays and all the little bills that you get from the hospital after your visit. We should pay one set amount for a health care plan and that's it. When you go to the doctor, show your health insurance card, and pay no more! It already works like this in Germany!!! Trust me, it's great!!

Other ideas???
Bill Wilson (New Concord, OH)
If single payer for defense (which we all get for free if we do not pay fed taxes) is ok to protect us from our enemies then single payer for healthcare is needed to protect us from disease, injury, and old age.
CoCo (NY)
“Everybody in here, many of you know me, from day one I’ve been talking about we’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare from day one, we’re going to do it. If you remember, so important, from day one I’ve been saying, repeal and replace Obamacare.”
William Dufort (Montreal)
Don't bother with what trump says or tweets, because he doesn't know what he's talking about.

The core issue is that the Repubs are all for repealing the ACA but they can't agree on what to replace it with.

This is a false problem, because they all want to weaken the ACA, defund it, and make life more miserable for everyone but their filthy rich donors who invested big money in their campaigns and expect their minions to deliver.

I suggest that all concerned citizens ask their GOP senator or congressperson what exactly he or she would replace the ACA with. None of this nonsense about choice, flexibility or States' rights. Real, tangible mesures that could be compared with the actual ACA.

Be ready for crickets.........
Mike (Calif)
I think this is the same line he gave his creditors for his failed casino. Lend me the money now and maybe I'll pay you later.
Sally (Red State)
Give The People what they want - then just bear witness to their misery. There is nothing the losers can do to correct the mistakes of the winners, so grant them their win and let them stew in it. They will get tired of winning.
James Murphy (Providence Forge, Virginia)
Trump grows dumber by the day. He actually believes that McConnell and his motley crew of senators will be able to replace the Affordable Care Act later on. What an embarrassment this guy is.
American (Taxpayer)
Why do we really care about opioid addiction? No one cared about this until the DEA started cracking down on the writing of prescriptions for this stuff.

And what about heroin addiction? No one cared about that. Not until the Oxycodone & Vicodine junkies lost their prescription providers.

And Cocaine? And all the other illegal drugs?? No one cares about those, except for Law Enforcement dollars, not Healthcare dollars.
Sequel (Boston)
"“We need repeal; we need replace,” Mr. Sasse said on Fox News. “Trying to do them together hasn’t seemed to work.”

Obama accomplished the task of repealing the existing form of health insurance while adopting a new one. It did take 14 months tho.
scientella (palo alto)
Repeal and Replace the GOP!
Liz R (Catskill Mountains)
Incompetence in the White House, intransigeance in the legislature. Must be time to buy a new broom yet again and start sweeping. When are these guys going to remember they work for the American people.
Resisting in Vermont (Vermont)
So good to feel like we've become a Soviet satellite country under Trump: government by puppets of a foreign regime; sham, rigged elections; the oligarchs pillage and profit while the people languish. Yeah, Let's Make America a Great Soviet Socialist Republic Again!
MCV207 (San Francisco)
This is simply the last thing Trump heard from the hard right before the Senate rats jumped ship for the recess.
Inter nos (Naples Fl)
Narcissus wants to strike again to protect his ego and feel like a Superman .
All this is nonsense , just another trumpian crazy thinking and acting .
Just get every American covered by single payer insurance extending Medicare for all . Get rid of Wall Street based health insurances and Big Pharma that are vampires and voltures . GOP wake up !
Ken Elias (Three Rivers, CA)
Can the law be repealed with a simple majority? Wouldn't they need 60?
Candlewick (Ubiquitous Drive)
As much as I hate the prospect of losing my health insurance- it is absolutely Delicious seeing Republicans dig their own graves. Repeal Now- Replace; whenever. Just how would this scheme of Brilliance work? What would hold the current ACA benefits in place? States would not be able to maintain (without Federal Aid) expanded Medicaid; subsidies gone, Employers no longer required to provide plans with those "essentials" of the Affordable Care Act. All would be gone- poof.

Daily- hourly-actually, another contrivance. This is so much like trying, trying and trying again to get your car started without an engine; "Let me just turn the key in the ignition one...more...time."
As my dear Grandma always said about a fool; "You're on the wrong side of right". A fitting quote for a bunch of malicious Fools.
RTToal (Boca Raton, FL)
Total Repeal? How can that work? Hey but wait, that will finally inject certainty into the nationwide insurance markets.

Certainty that the providers won't have to serve poor Medicaid patients, heck there might not even be a Medicaid. Certainty that insurers don't have to cover older Americans, dependents over 18, or folks with preexisting conditions. What's next? Can the unregulated insurers now request a sample of your DNA with your application and refuse you coverage because you're genetically predisposed to heart disease or cancer.

So we're going to move from"Change you can live With" to "Certainty you can die With"? Catchy!

Well I guess we can get Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and the other conservatives on board, good luck with the entire remaining members of the GOP Caucus. Wonder how the CBO will score this new twist to the bill in the 11th hour. We just need a catchy phrase for the new bill. I know, how about the AWDA, the "Americans Wann Die Act"?
NewJerseyShore (Point Pleasant. NJ)
When did the Koch brothers get elected and from what state. Is the Senate controlled by the Koch families, Americans for Prosperity? When do we get heard or represented. If we held new elections today, would these senators be elected. I wish not.
Scott (Albany)
The private health insurance market has not worked in the last twenty five years and longer. During the 1980's when premium costs were going up an average of 14% per year, employers increased deductibles and co-pays, passed along higher premium costs all in an attempt to make their employees "smarter" consumers of healthcare. It did not work because the system was rigged then, as it is now. The "freemarket" for healthcare is a myth that everyone in the world knows and understands, except us. We are truly a laughing stock, very sad for us,very sad for the elderly, the poor, children and the disabled.
Scott (Albany)
Yet another campaign promise bites the dust and more Trump supporters will suffer.
lloyd doigan (<br/>)
Repeal, then what? Replace with what, when? What about the interim between repeal and replace? Mere rhetoric without a care about the American public.
David (Planet Earth)
Yes...this make perfect sense, right? Since we can't find a way to improve the current health care policy, let's just destroy the only existing policy we have in place - wreck havoc on the entire system and send it into a death spriral - and then pretend we can come up with a replacement plan to save it. The same replacement plan we can't agree on now. So we the whole system of health care in America goes down the drain. And we can blame it on the "failure" of Obamacare. The Obamacare we destroyed, and couldn't "replace". But still, It;s Obama's fault.
Mike Boyajian (Fishkill)
Only a monster of untold proportions could cook up this idea that will leave millions without health care and topple one fifth of our economy.
Rik Myslewski (San Francisco)
It appears that the Republicans truly have no interest in providing healthcare for Americans. They have no plan, no interest in developing a plan, no interest in working together with anyone outside of their party to craft a plan.

This is not news — although it is, indeed, disconcerting. The Democratic party has for decades had the public interest as its core concern — certainly failing at it many times and certainly using it as a optical football at time, but when compared to the Republicans it's been Florence Nightingale vs. Vlad the Impaler.

The Republicans simply don't care. Care for the unfortunate — and the necessary distribution of our country's shared wealth from the top to the bottom — is not part of their DNA. Perhaps this inability to wrap their minds around the concept of caring for the less fortunate is why after years of railing agains Obamacare they have no plan to replace it. They quite simply haven't been thinking about it — it's not part of their DNA.

And so the calls now to simply gut Obamacare by means of a complete repeal, then worry about the fallout later, make perfect sense. It's not merely an ideological call for "free market" solutions, it's a complete lack of interest in American health and welfare. It's a complete lack of the imagination, empirical studiousness, and legislative skills needed to craft a plan that would benefit all of America.

Republicans want to tear down, not build up. And all Trump wants is a win.

God help us all.
Kim (Woodbine, MD)
What have the Republicans been doing for the past 8 years? It wasn't devising a solid plan to deliver health care or tax reform. They are all con artists, not just the grifter in chief.
thetruthisoutthere (small town, usa)
And once again, Ms. Huckabee-Sanders informs us that 2 2=5.
RT (Seattle)
What a brilliant idea -- how I wish it was mine. Now that Middle East peace is at hand, Jared must have been free to think of the "just repeal" option. A masterstroke! (Soon we'll be tired of so much winning!!)
Ralph B (Chicago)
When Republicans begin to talk about health bill I laugh. Their sentences begin with, "The American people."

And. But.

GOP pols know so much about the American people that they never need to ask any for their opinion on health care.
Milliband (Medford)
Out of the frying pan into the fire.
Enrique Woll Battistini (Lima, Peru.)
Obama-envy is the sole basis for Republican thought on health care insurance for America: that is why they will never come up with a logical solution. I suggest they should hire Obama as a consultant, improve Obamacare, and rename it Trumpcare with bipartisan support... I'm sure everybody would clap on prime-time TV.
Lawrence (Washington D.C.)
I wonder when the proposal for "soylen green" comes up for discussion.
Koch could make the most beautiful feed from us.
Paul Wallis (Sydney, Australia)
Policy by Tweet is apparently alive and well. Have to wonder how many penniless red state Trump voters will still be alive and well if they repeal the ACA. This is insanity, pure and simple-minded. The very rich are making sure that the very poor can't access health care, and apparently that's all this is about. Hurry up 2018.
Andy (Currently In Europe)
These con men and charlatans have wasted millions of taxpayer money going through the motions of countless fake ACA repeal votes for 8 years, all the while filling the airways with hot air about their magnificent replacement ideas, and now almost the entire GOP congress and senate have been exposed as both fakes and ruthless sociopaths.

Can we please REPEAL both houses of congress and REPLACE them with actual caring, sensible, intelligent human beings?
Rmayer (Cincinnati)
Sure, just end ALL Medicaid, and while we're at it, Medicare and the VA can go out the window, too. Next in the Trump lineup of products to hawk to the American public, Trump Caskets! Constructed with rejected Chinese wall board and covered in the usual tacky Trump veneers of cheap glitz and blustering promotional gimmickry. Perfect for those of your family who will succumb to treatable illnesses and long to be buried in toxic boxes bearing the glorious brand of our dear leader.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
I guess Cory Gardner just had several disabled protestors thrown out of his Denver office now that he is finally back in town. The Denver Post lobbied for him in his Senate race, and basically put him over the line several years ago because they falsely believed his act about "working with the other side". Now the editors are finally chastising him for not even meeting with people petrified of losing their healthcare.

He never answers the phone and he was part of this secret boondoggle that directly effects the lives of disabled voters in Colorado as well as everyone else. He ought to be ashamed of himself. We do see him smiling for the camera at Mitch McConnell's elbow. That is the only place we see this guy- in the newspaper.
Terry Nicholetti (Washington, DC)
If I hear "keep our promise to the American people to repeal and replace Obamacare" one more time....! Did they really think we wouldn't start to ask, Replace with what?
kayakherb (STATEN ISLAND)
This shows the complete contempt this beast has for the American public. To deprive millions of health care to satisy his ego by proclaiming a win, is what this creature is all about. Don't pay hed to the suffering this may cause. Other people's lives are insignificant him. The man, and everything he stands for is a blight on America.
Chris (Cave Junction)
For seven years the Republicans said they could do better, but in fact, all they can do is kill Obamacare, they can't actually replace it! They can't do better, all they can do is worse.

Why is the instant killing of Obamacare preferable to the [false] claims of it spiraling down into a death knell? Why is sure death better than a questionable spiral? Are Republicans suggesting a mercy killing of Obamacare is better than stopping the [fictional] spiral?
John Brews ✅❗️__ [•¥•] __ ❗️✅ (Reno, NV)
The repeal requires no new ideas. The following replace will never happen.

The problem with Medicaid remains: if it's returned to pre-ACA configuration, 30 million or so lose healthcare.

Doesn't sound like a way out.

Maybe healthcare is a tar baby? You think?
SportsFan8888 (New York, NY)
That is what Repblicans want...Not health care for up to 100M people when you count the many billions to be stolen from Medicare. Republican Plan is the true "Death Panel".
For over 100 million people stripped of their healthcare under TrumpCare, get seriously ill and you will die.
It is barbaric and a return to the Middle Ages..
Paul (Oregon City OR)
Would the New York Times please remind the President that he took an oath to faithfully execute the laws of our land? Until and unless the ACA is repealed or replaced, he pledged to uphold and execute that law. Period.
C. Whiting (Madison, WI)
For the cruel and shortsighted, it will always be easier to kill something than to bring it to life.
SLeslie (New Jersey)
Well, maybe if they had something decent with which to replace it, repeal would not be so hard....just saying....
Guillermo (AK)
Trump is a charlatan who some People make him to believe he's a President.
Dan Barthel (Surprise, AZ)
What he means is replace never.
carlson74 (Massachyussetts)
Wait Wait Wait it will change
Bruce Egert (Hackensack NJ)
Did anyone doubt his unique ability to lie and continue to ruin America?
MJG (Boston)
Trump doesn't have a clue on any health care policies. A position on the policy would require reading something that is over one page long without pictures or a video.
He agrees with McConnell until he doesn't.
Ooh, ooh a shiny red ball.
Gucci Marmont (Well-heeled)
What's that old saying? "He doesn't know if he's coming or going"......
ChesBay (Maryland)
November, 2018: Democrats sweep House and Senate elections, and recover dozens of state seats. Koch Brothers enraged!
Peter (Minneapolis)
Isn't a full repeal essentially what they have already proposed, minus the block grants change to medicaid? They already tried to rollback medicaid, regulations and the taxes and no one is going for it. And then what? Is that supposed to blackmail the democrats into voting for something to help people out even if they hate it?
Marvinsky (New York)
As Trump and his GOP sycophants preside over the destruction of government, they do not realize it is the US itself that is slip-sliding away.

Growing up, my mother always insisted that if the US was ever taken over, it wold be from the inside. But never did she consider that it would be at the hands of her Republican compatriots. And for no greater reason that Trump's need to see his name in exponentially increasing radiance.

My suggestion: let us dump this guy while there is still anything left.
Bob Bobbins (Sweden)
This is going to be a long slow walk towards universal health care. At some point they will all just give up to the realization that it's the only way and right way. Let's see how long it takes. Or...tell Trump if he can't get a win one way then go the other way! A win is a win!
Ray (Seattle)
The only way to make the Republicans' death panel health plan palatable is to make them eat / drink their own poison.
Congressmen and Senators should be on the same health plan they're prescribing for the rest of the country, and see how well they'll take it.
Greg (Texas and Las Vegas)
The math and facts for the common good do not change, no matter which political brand is in the majority. Trump's statements encouraging repeal now and replace later are indicate of a pattern of behavior and statements that call into question his mental condition. Behavior and statements do not have to be assigned a specific diagnosis to be evidence of something going on. Repeal without replacement would do great harm to many Americans, insurers and providers. Republican leadership, both parties, DC and stakeholders in this country have to be assessing whether containment of a Trump Presidency is sustainable vs a Mike Pence Presidency, someone who's views are more likely to align with Paul Ryan in the House. A difficult calculus indeed.
Theodore Seto (<br/>)
The 2016 election included a significant political realignment, with several "Blue Wall" states shifting to red. The Republicans' current problems suggest that this realignment is not over. Two of the most important issues facing the country are health care and climate change. Red states are the most likely to be hurt by both global warming and repeal of the ACA. Yet Republicans seem to be playing to a pre-2016 rulebook. To take best advantage of this opportunity, Democrats should nominate candidates who can win locally, regardless of how pure their politics, and should play to win nationwide. The election of Donald Trump offers Democrats an opportunity we may not see again in our lifetimes. We need leaders who have the political imagination to grab it.
James Lochrie (Canada)
The Republicans do not know what health insurance is. It is a promise by all Americans that they will look after each other whether it is basic standard health insurance or health insurance when seriously ill. It sure does not look like the Republicans know this from their flailing around this past 6 months and the clueless Trump is not helping. America, please get this right, it is so important for all.
FH (Boston)
This is a product of the intersection of Low Frustration Tolerance, almost complete ignorance of the healthcare system, and a need to be able to have a rally somewhere and point to the "great" changes he made in repealing Obamacare. It is a dangerous option and I believe most senators would have a hard time back home explaining a vote for it.
Elle Berger (New York)
The enclosed video begs the question why "Javanka" are still considered moderates when they can be seen in the Rose Garden clapping and grinning as the House announces its passage of the American Health Care Act. Their carefully-crafted middle-of-the-road image (planning vacations/days off to coincide with controversial legislation) is as chimerical as their dad's political populism. As Romney once said, they are playing the American people for suckers.
average guy (midwest)
Repeal and run, eh? Advice to senators, if you do this. Avoid town hall meetings from thereon out, people will want to "discuss" their health with you, and it may be damaging to YOUR health. Some with a health problem and imminent death, whose demise is speeded by a loss of health care, will have nothing to lose, and will be looking for payback. If I had a shred of confidence in trump before, it is gone. How have we gotten to this point, having to choose between Trump and HRC. Is this the best our country has to offer?
expat (Japan)
Great idea. Leave voters in the lurch w/o healthcare as an election approaches, after they`ve seen that the GOP is incapable of proposing an alternative, much less passing legislation in the House and Senate instead of issuing presidential diktats. This bodes well for the Democrats, who may even be able to win an election handed to them by the GOP. But we`ve been there just recently... Is this what freefall feels like?
John T (NY)
"...envisioning legislation that would end the Affordable Care Act in a few years as they worked on a replacement."

They've had eight years to "work on a replacement," and they have nothing.

After eight years their great plan is to throw 22 million Americans off their health insurance.

Is there anyone in the world who thinks they just need a few more years to come up with a plan?
SineDie (Michigan)
I don't see that this changes much of anything. Senator Sasse can introduce what he wants, but there will still be a motion to proceed needing 50 votes. This gets the Radical Republicans' vote, but the same Expansion State Senators who have said clearly they are a no on the current Senate Bill will still be no votes on something worse.

The Bill being discussed as a template for Mr. Sasse is the 2015 straight repeal bill--the same one Susan Collins voted against already.
Loomy (Australia)
It's high time that the opinions let alone the strong influences of all these Conservative Think Tanks, Conservative Business Organisations and Wealthy influenced and backed Business/Organisational Groups and Lobbyists were excluded and disregarded from the Republican Health Care Bill issue, both Pre and also Post release to the Democrats and public when they only first got opportunity to see it's details.

It is unacceptable that these Conservative and Billionaire backed groups and organisations are not only allowed to pass and provide opinions and influence the debate and the Bill, especially when Doctors, Nurses and the many directly involved and expert Bodies and Professionals are excluded from the process in almost every way and means.

It seems that most people are often hearing and seeing what the Koch Bros think and want you to think about on issues regarding Health Care (and so many other Subjects) but does not make it either clear or easy for actual experts, incumbents and directly affected and/or knowledgeable parties to provide their input, expertise or even communicate to the public at large what they both believe and know and what and how things could or should be done.

Instead, more often this and most other critical subjects are left to have vested interests confuse the issues or inject their bias where it should not be allowed to muddy the waters of what's best in and for the Public's Interest.
SMB (Savannah)
A plague on both the GOP houses since they are spreading a death plague of politics across America.

Looks like the "Root and branch" means tens of millions of people thrown out of their healthcare, including critically ill people, those with chronic diseases, the disabled, those on their parents' insurance until age 26, preventative care, maternal care, and everything else. Hospitals will close. Will this affect 24 million or 32 million people?

Cuccinelli says, "It's distressing to see so many Republicans who've lied about their commitment to repeal." Trump lies constantly, but so has every Republican who claimed to represent their constituents whom these politicians will now earnestly try to kill and harm. What is distressing are the lives that are being sacrificed on the GOP altar of cruelty.
Annie Dooley (Georgia)
I think Republicans should have the courage of their convictions and repeal only with no (empty) promise to replace. Repeal is what they wanted from Day One. Before the ACA, they saw no problem with millions lacking health insurance of any kind so why should it bother them now? Before the ACA, they ignored the fact that insurance premiums and deductibles had been rising steadily for years, pricing many working people out of the market and taking bigger chunks out of everyone's paychecks and pockets. Before the ACA, it didn't bother them that insurers could exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, put annual and lifetime caps on benefits, regardless of the medical needs of extremely sick people and charge older workers premiums many times higher than young workers. All those problems that President Obama and Democrats tried their best to solve for the good of their constituents were not seen as problems at all by Republicans. So repeal it, GOP, and go back to doing what you were doing before the ACA: nothing.
jbc (arlington, va)
Repeal without replace? That's an obvious strategy to accomplish the Republicans' main goal: eliminate the ACA's two large taxes on those making over $200k per year. The rich get their tax cut. The elimination of the revenue that pays for Medicaid expansion (among other things) will mean that whatever takes the place of the ACA will have massive service cuts. The one-year delay means the effect of the cuts would begin in 2019, after the mid-term elections. The Republicans would claim the health care catastrophe of 2018 caused by a repeal is the fault of Obamacare, and proof that it needed to be replaced. Next step? Piece-by-piece tax changes: 1) cut capital gains; 2) eliminate the estate tax. The 0.1% will then rest easy: they can take all those massive capital gains of recent years and be certain to pass the money along to their heirs, tax free.
John Q. Esq. (Northern California)
Republicans, particularly McConnell, trust that Americans are very ignorant about basic aspects of government. They have notoriously short attention spans and even shorter memories. Republicans are keenly aware of this, so they bet that they can repeal now, but sunset the law a few election cycles down the road. Like, maybe the first round of midterm elections after the end of Trump's second term. By that point all of this will be long forgotten, and people will be blaming the President and the party that holds control of Congress (perhaps the Democrats again) for "the whole big mess." It will give the GOP something to run on in that future election.
Stuart (Boston)
Yes, kick the can down the road and tackle the hard work later.

That is the American way right now. Obama did it with his first partisan-vote bill, the ACA, and Trump will return the favor.

Incremental change, like daily exercise and moderation in food intake, never appeals to the modern citizen. It's "get rich quick", "crash diet", and "impulse shopping".

Are we surprised that our political leaders would tackle one-sixth of the economy without a shred of real sense of the consequences, costs, and outcomes?
Northpamet (Sarasota, FL)
I agree with the commentators who are horrified by the Republicans' treachery with people's health and well-being. It's easy to think that everyone agrees with the simple logic.
HOWEVER -- I am writing this on a brief trip to St. Cloud, Minn. (about an hour northwest of Minneapolis), and what do I see? Lawns and shop windows with brand-new-looking Trump campaign posters.
Hey, fellow Democrats: It's time to stop the dinner-party chatter (and newspaper comments agreeing with one another) and start LISTENING to much of America that is solidly Republican even as they stare medical bankruptcy in the face.
I can't imagine why working class people would go near Trump and Pence. There is obviously something we are missing here. We'd better shut up and start listening. Pronto!
Beth Grant DeRoos (Califonria)
President Trump just wants a bill that repeals the ACA so he can say he did what he promised, while House and Senate Republicans fear losing re-election next year should the ACA be repealed and constituents end up suffering.

Am still trying to fathom how taking away medical coverage for at least twenty million Americans is putting Americans first or would make America great.
FSB (Bay Area)
The Republicans have not been able to come up with a replacement program that provides equal or more coverage/benefits than the ACA in the last seven years. Why should we believe that they can now do come up with such a replacement in the month of August or within the next year as has been discussed?
Sean Mulligan (Kitty Hawk NC)
Everyone should have to buy there own Health Insurance. That includes both the Private sector and Public sector .No more special deals, everyone on the same playing field.Then and only then will we get Health Insurance at a reasonable cost.
AIR (Brooklyn)
Trump is begging for something to sign. He's got the speech down pat: "Terrific, great, as promised". But he desperately needs something to sign: anything.
Glevine (Massachusetts)
So the new idea is to get rid of the Affordable Care Act and rely on the Republicans t come up with a better plan later on. I fully trust in them to come up with a meaningful healthcare plan that covers every American, as Trump promised time and time again during the campaign. Maybe they can also sell us a bridge over the East River.
Ken (Washington, DC)
Trump doesn't even care what the bill says or does, he just wants a bill. Does it affect his base adversely? Sure does. Does he even care? No. It's all about him. He just needs a bill, any bill. Why, because he needs something more to spin as a "victory" to keep himself from from being thrown out.
When the GOP cans the ACA, many millions will not have to wait long to lose health services. Costs will skyrocket through the insurance companies offering policies to your average buyer especially for older patients and people with preexisting conditions. Medicaid will be virtually disbanded for lower income people, the disabled, and children. The GOP will never concoct a replacement for Obamacare because of the restrictions they put on spending to avoid taxation on their 1%'ers in addition to keeping the Federal government out of any management initiative to keep small government. The States will bear the brunt of the program with options to waive responsibility which many will do.
The Koch Bros will ruin healthcare in the US. They own the spineless GOP.
Raphael (London)
Yes, we’ll take your healthcare away and then when (or if) we manage to agree on something, we’ll let the ones who have survived have it.

But in the meantime please do try to die in high numbers, it will greatly help us make our numbers work .
Maani (New York, NY)
ALL of this is mere fear-mongering, and a distraction from the Russia probe and other things that could get DT impeached and/or removed.

The repeal of the ACA was and is NEVER going to happen. This has been true since DT took office. Why? Because the GOP has NEVER had the votes to repeal it, with or without a replacement. Why? Because too many GOP Senators are from States where their constituents WANT the ACA, and are benefitting from it. (And it doesn't hurt that the governors of those States are even MORE opposed to repeal.) Those Senators can give any reason they want to not voting for repeal. The reality is they do not want to lose their seats. Period.

This is why the entire "repeal, repeal and replace, replace, whatever" has always been nothing more than fear-mongering. It is NEVER going to happen as long as the GOP wants to hold the Senate.
Berkeleyalive (Berkeley,CA)
It is time to repeal Trump and replace him later! The health of the nation would of a sudden be improved. This country can lead itself better than having him pretend to be president.
Grace (Virginia)
This is crazy talk. One sixth of the American economy, and Trump and the Republicans want to throw it onto the rails. Patients, doctors, and hospitals cannot operate that way. How cruel, short-sighted, and unethical.
HammerTime (Canada)
Want to fix healthcare, the answer is simple.... single payer.

Here in Canada we spend about 10.4% of GDP and cover everyone. Most of the industrial world does it for between 9 and 11%....

The US spends 17%... with a GDP of 17.95 trillion, that works out to just over $3 trillion.... or about $9,300 per person for healthcare spending, and not everyone is covered,

Bringing your cost down to the higher end of single payer (based on the higher end of 11%) would result in savings of about.... $1.07 trillion, or a savings of about $3,200 per person. (based on a population of 330 million). And everyone is covered.

Glad I could help!

Let me know if you have any questions.

So, the solution is simple...
Ana (Cleveland)
These are scary times. Even as a person with employer sponsored health insurance, I'm afraid. The Republican Party wants their tax cut for the wealthy. We need to stop pretending that the GOP is the party of Christianity. Clearly, Mammon is their god, and greed their creed.
S (Germany)
I'm still really puzzled that so many people voted for them. Must be because I'm European. Over here the promise to repeal healthcare would kill your campaign on the spot.
Al Hiker (delaware)
It takes time to do things right. If the repubs don't get it right many should start looking for jobs. The country will not treat them kindly. If its messed up and not an improvement of the current law many won't be back after the next election. That's just the facts.
Late night liberal (Between 27 and 31)
...and we go back to the old emergency room system.

I don't think it is any great secret that when Congress kicks the can down the road, it usually ends up in the ditch and forgortten about until it completely rusts away.
William Ball (Grosse Pointe, Mi)
The healthcare debate is becoming callous with President Trump throwing out a trial ballon for decoupling repeal and replace steps in developing healthcare legislation Now health insurance for millions of Americans is being turned into a political football. How cruel!!!
Victoria (Denver)
Let Republicans repeal and replace, cutting off millions from healthcare. Americans keep voting for this, and I hope this is a wake up call for the 2018 elections. The Republican Party clearly does not care about supporting anyone who was dealt a rough hand, expecting everyone to just pull themselves up by their bootstraps. By ignoring the growing gap in classes, we are stirring the pot for a future civil uprising- brace yourselves: winter is coming
Leslie374 (St. Paul, MN)
There is another factor besides Trumps unstable and oversized ego. He seems unaware that HE DID NOT WIN THE POPULAR VOTE. Mr. Trump is now in a position where he is serving the American Public. He has never "served" people before in his life... they have always "served" him. The majority of people in this country want adequate and affordable health care... He needs to work to make this happen. He appears to have no awareness of this fact. Tough luck pal... you serve the people AND IF YOU DON'T your Republican minions in the Congress and Senate will find out themselves out of their job.
Rocky L. R. (NY)
These are republicans. It's got nothing to do with people living or dying. It has nothing to do with morals or ethics or family values. It's all about winning. It's no different from a contest between sports teams.
WillyD (New Jersey)
As Cenk Uygur would say, "Of course!". Trump is so rudimentary and obnoxious that if he can't have his way, he just blows everything up. This is exactly why he is a great danger to all Americans and is an unfit president. What will happen when he has finally alienated all of our allies, angered Russia, started a proxy war with Iran and no one will cooperate with him anymore?

Majortrout (Montreal)
I have a question:

If you repeal the health law, what is in its' place to allow people to visit a hospital
or a doctor? And where will the money come from to pay the hospital or doctor?
Cjmesq0 (Bronx, NY)
It's called the free market system. We used it since forever here in America.

We actually survived and thrived before Obamacare.
Jim Steinberg (Fresno, CA)
Repeal health insurance now, throwing 23 million Americans into fear and desperation. Trust Trump Republicans to fix it later. Heck of a plan!
Trump accomplishments centered on destroying what other presidents have achieved for America. When people in Trump's administration talk about accomplishments, in fact, they are referring to destruction.

This guy has not achieved anything for America.
Scott (Albany)
This is all from the Steve Bannon playbook designed to factory existing systems of government. In the past two months no one has paid any attention to this evil person working behind the scenes to destroy our country as we know it!
Jim Steinberg (Fresno, CA)
Desperate Trump, playing ad lib. (Doesn't mean liberal)
Jim Brokaw (California)
I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. Trump can seemingly always fool 30% of the public, apparently. Why does he think any of the rest of the American public would fall for a "and replace it later" promise? He may even be telling the truth this once, if by "later" you mean "never". Maybe we are better off, after all, if he's sitting watching cable news channels and tweeting - at least he isn't throwing out worthless 'policy' suggestions that would throw tens of millions out of health coverage immediately. Trump got elected with shallow sloganeering, dog-whistle wink-wink nods to a core of angry voters, but shallow suggestions is no way to govern. What happened to that whole "I'll be president of all the people..." idea? He'll be president of all 30-million who would lost health care coverage if the ACA is repealed without any replacement, instead of the just 22-23-million that will lose it with the replacement. Lot of good that does them. Trump, stick to the cable news - maybe somebody is saying something bad about you... better watch, every second! Just, please, stay away from governing.
expat (Japan)
He has built a fortune on the bait-and-switch short con. Why would an aging grifter change it up now?
jbk (boston)
I agree. Repeal now, replace later (sure you will). Do it. We'll be rid of you Congressional Republicans that much sooner as well as closer to Single Payer. So go for it. Let nothing stand in your way.
Bevan Davies (Kennebunk, ME)
Simply repealing a law that has helped more than 20 million people obtain health insurance who never had it before, without offering anything at all to replace it, is basically insane. It will lead to chaos in the insurance markets, as if there wasn't enough already, and many millions of Americans will suffer the uncertainty and fear of having nothing concrete to protect themselves from the very vagaries of life.

When will Congress act to fix the ACA instead of destroying it?
expat (Japan)
They are operating on the principle that you have to burn the village to save the village. Unfortunately, for them the villages getting burned are full of GOP voters.
C. Holmes (Rancho Mirage, CA)
I fully support the repeal, PROVIDED that members of Congress suspend their own government-provided health care until they come up with a suitable ACA replacement.
Peter (CO)
Impeach Trump now, get the evidence later.
BellaM (Columbia, SC)
Impeachment will take too long. With due respect, the VP needs to invoke the 25th Amendment. Guess he who occupies the Oval Office, sadly, by the way, thinks he can run government as if is the Trump Organization.
Dandy (Maine)
Peter, excellent idea. The peasants are revolting.
Ashok Prabhu (San Jose. CA)
The "GREAT" undo presidency continues. No Do .. only undo!
Pedro (CT)
I agree. It's too complicated.
Replace it with a tiered national healthcare system.
Roll every program up into one simple system with a hierarchy of access.
Titanium level; Vets
Gold level: Citizens
Silver level: legal non citizens
Bronze: everyone else
If you want more than the baseline care or you want expedited pay for an upgrade, similar to buying better seats and services on airplanes. This will be the market driven overlay on a basically federally run healthcare delivery.
TinLa (New Orleans, LA)
Health care is not a concert ticket or or airplane seat. Why should I only get baseline care because I am not wealthy? I'm not a millionaire because I chose to become a teacher. I guess that means baseline care for me.
Toby (Portland, Or)
Wow. It looks like a frequent flyer program. What are that benefits off these teirs? Going to need a bit more on them bone before I Sign up.
Mark Thomason (Clawson, Mich)
If they can't do both together, how about they do replace first, then repeal.

For a little bit, people could choose between two ways of doing it. That would not be so bad, choice you know.

But then, what Republicans wanted all along was repeal with no replace. The replace talk was always campaign happy talk to sell themselves, they had no intention of doing it, not ideas even how.
MArk (Providence, RI)
Mr. Trump knows as much about health care reform that would be salutary for this country as my pet lizard. This grandstanding has nothing to with the welfare of our country and everything to do with promoting himself. He has not betrayed in any utterance, whether on Twitter, his favorite cheap forum for half-baked poorly formulated cerebral activity, or any by speech or commentary reported by the media, fake news or other, even one iota of understanding of the health care problems of our country. His wild and wooly improvisations reflect only the shallowness of his mind and narcissism of his world-view. He is a disgrace to our country, even a horror, whom I can scarcely bring myself to look at, no less listen to. The incredible contortions of mind that lead others to support and defend him hearken back to the Nazi era, when people normalized evil and legitimized it with their acceptance. That these people fail to see how they do this reveals that however much we have "progressed" in the twentieth century, we humans remain a barbaric species, capable of incredible evil. What will it take to bring America to its senses?
Don Matson (Orlando)
"What will it take to bring American to its senses? A war
sine nomine (ny)
Repeal and replace later is just euphemism for repeal and never replace. I really wonder how many republican senators and representatives will win re-election on that platform.
Peter (Minneapolis)
Exactly. Republicans have never had any interest in healthcare reform before now. After repeal, they will have zero motivation for do anything else especially because they can just blame the democrats for their inaction.
Phyliss Dalmatian (Wichita, Kansas)
Please Proceed, GOP. I'm begging you.
Richard Janssen (Schleswig-Holstein)
Be careful what you wish for. Remember people hoping, "Let it be Trump"?
Michael Martin (Boston)
You just reminded me why I dislike Wichita so much...
Ginger (Lafayette, CO.)
this just goes to show how Dazed and Confused and incompetent these guys are. And Donald Trump is the king of them all. president undo....that's all he does and that's all the Republican Party does. Undo this. undo that, dismantle this dismantle that, what a waste of space. they have no innovative ideas they have nothing to show the American people. they offer nothing except confusion and incompetence, just like they're Fearless dunce of a leader, "The Donald", the king of Page Six, "the Donald" is our president... what a nightmare... am I ever going to wake up from this?
itsmildeyes (Philadelphia)
I don't think you're being fair to Led Zeppelin. They actually knew what they were doing.
fastfurious (the new world)

Mitch McConnell is 75 and has had a least one heart attack.

Let's take away his federal health insurance and make him try to get insurance on the open market.
S P Phil (Silicon Valley)
Mitch's wife, Elaine Chao, also Trump's Secretary of Transportation, is a multimillionaire. So cancelling his taxpayer-funded medical insurance won't affect him, enough.
Allen (Brooklyn)
Why should taxpayers subsidize insurance companies to keep rates affordable. Those subsidies go to paying large bonuses to insurance company executives and dividends to the shareholders. Cut out the skimmers and just use the premiums to pay for care and about 3% for administration; that's what Medicare does; that will keep the premiums low.
Thoughtful Woman (Oregon)
A Trump Bumpkin, Kris Kobach, wants to put my voter registration data--including party affiliation, past voting record and the last four digits of my social security number--on an un-secured internet database.

So if you don't die from a hacking cough because the Republicans have stripped you of affordable, useful health care coverage, you'll die by a thousand cuts as your privacy is hacked by state actors who wish to destroy America.

Wait, did I just say state actors who wish to destroy America? That would also be Team Trump and his data mining Super Pacs, who don't want you to have clean air, clean water, breast cancer screenings (if you are a woman), worker protections, or any other advanced advantages or government services that other first world countries take for granted.

But they, like the House Un-American Activities Committee, do want to know if you are now, or have ever been a member of any other party than the Inquisitional GOP.

While Trump tweets his time away in the White House, his minions are busy strip mining the American people of any vestige of protection from the forces that pillage for profit at the expense of the everyman. And woman.
arm19 (cali/ny)
Let me get this straight... Trump doesn't pay his taxes. he wants to repeal the affordable care act in order to create a tax cut. Cutting taxes that he already doesn't pay...
K D (Pa)
Employment in the healthcare has been, I believe, the 2nd greatest of all fields that they keep track of, far more than coal mining. If the ACC goes so goes the jobs and many of the small and medium hospitals and clinics. So added to all the people who will not have health care, you can add all the people who will no longer have jobs and all the businesses that depend on them
Buckeye (Ohio)
Repealing the Affordable Care Act without replacing it with something better means millions of Americans immediately lose their health care coverage and many will lose their lives. Take a good look at the Declaration of Independence this Fourth of July folks, and make note of what it says our duty is as citizens when government becomes despotic. Or is the Spirit of 76 all but dead?
S (Germany)
Be careful what you wish for: Violent conflict would be right up Bannon's alley.
Robert Blankenship (AZ)
Americans should take to the streets if this approach reaches a state of consideration. ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE.
Zane (New york)
what an idiot.
I can't stand this man.
He knows not what he does. And is only interested in self promotion.
Bill (Yorktown Heights, NY)
Will there be at least 3 Republicans who will stand up to this and refuse to support outright repeal? If so, they won't be able to get away with it. Maybe some of the moderates who won't support the current plan?
david x (new haven ct)
Trump's all over the place. Okay, he didn't win a majority of the popular vote, and his inaugural crowd was tiny, but he is president, so his voice does count for something. Fortunately he's so all-over-the-place that for those of us disgusted by the present Republican approach to health care, he may wind up being an accidental ally.

But who the heck are the Koch Bros in the scheme of things? A couple of too-rich old guys as far as I can tell. What happened to democracy? How does Koch money, dumped with tax-advantages into Americans for Prosperity, have the right to such influence? Charles G. and David H. Koch are the real ministers of death in the USA.
Tim (Glencoe, IL)

Replace 60+ times and then Repeal.
R. Littlejohn (Texas)
To all the people who say that some people don't want to have insurance, that is absurd, they want insurance, they just can't afford it, they have to choose to put food on the table and pay rent and be able to fill the tank to get to work, or take a chance and hope for the best and not get sick. Elected Reps and senators don't have to make that choice. Even young people know they can get sick want to have insurance as much as you do, so spare us the dumb talk of the freedom of choice not to have insurance.
Mitchell (Oakland, CA)
What people want (and need) is health care. We need to stop thinking about financing it as a matter of "insurance."
Richard Garner (Arlington MA)
Republicans never wanted a health care law of national scope. If a Republican had been President instead of Obama, we wouldn't have a plan. If Republicans continued after that to be President, we wouldn't have a plan. But now that amazingly a Democrat got in and passed a health care plan, they now have to come up with something else. But they don't really want anything else. They want status quo, where somehow the market provides health care to the uninsured. The market did, and it was the government that ultimately provided it and it was incredibly expensive. So, a national scope health care plan is a good business decision by the federal government. They'll pay less. Especially since uninsured become insured and get proper preventive medicine. It's nothing they say (Repbulicans) so it doesn't exist. Like evolution I guess. Anyway, who ever said the Republicans were good businessmen. Oh, the Republicans said that.
Tom (Darien CT)
Man oh man! This Trump has ABSOLUTELY got to be a "plant" by Putin or someone who is out to destroy our country! No other explanation for him!
Eduardo (California)
Exactly, bring down the USA without firing a single shot.
CD-Ra (Chicago, IL)
If the Republican Party repeals Obamacare to please racist bigots like Trump McConnell and Ryan,
there will be unending protests and maybe violence so it would unwise NOT to try that. America belongs to its voters. It does not belong to the evil dictatorial triad above.. They will pass from history but we will stay and we will always have our free press to defend us.
JWMathews (Sarasota, FL)
No way. , no how. It gets repealed and there will never be a replacement. Do I trust the "Tweeter"? Not as far as I can throw him.
DailyTrumpLies (Tucson)
Does excessive tweeting lower his IQ? if the Republicans repeal the ACA. They will never ever come to an agreement on an replacement.

To the Republicans its a big del to destroy what they call an entitlement. The end result Mr. Tweeter-in-Chief is millions without healthcare and those with a healthcare paying much more for much less.
MidtownATL (Atlanta)
Dear Republicans,
Go for it. Do the straight repeal.
I double dog dare you.

See you in Nov 2018.
GSC (Brooklyn)
As Charles Blow asserted earlier this week, there's only one reason Trump wants to repeal Obamacare. He is obsessed with dismantling as much of Obama's legacy as possible. He cannot fathom how a black man could be more popular than him. People, our current President is a racist and his agenda is drenched in hatred. I am not sure we will survive four years of him.
Mr. SeaMonkey (Indiana)
Yeah, why go through all of the effort to pretend that you care about people's well being when, really, all you want is to take away healthcare. Repeal it. Then never get around to replacing it. Try it. See what happens.
Sheldon Bunin (Jackson Neights, NY)
Just what the people want. Destroy healthcare for millions and trust the Republicans to enact amazing healthcare that covers everyone for less.

There should be a special provision that those who died for lack of medical coverage will by order pf Congress shall be deemed brought back from the dead. Why don't we have temporary hangings of those who enact such a travesty. The hangings to be reversed when amazing health care that people can afford is enacted. Those hung by the people shall be entitled to apply in person to resume their seats and to be reimbursed for all burial charges. Do I jest? Well the cost in American lives will be real.
Mike (Little falls, NY)
This is what you get with a president with no moral, ethical or political compass. He just lurches from one opinion or idea to the next. What difference does it make to him if Americans have insurance? Just another weekend in Bedminster for the Grinch-in-Chief.
Uncle Donald (CA)
More proof that when you put "Trump" and "care" together, you get an oxymoron.
Ken (Seattle)
You've got to be kidding. Trump must think we're all a bunch or rubes who can't wait to buy the Brooklyn Bridge from him. Just because we elected him president doesn't mean we'd fall for this, does it?..... Hmmmm
DavidDecatur (Atlanta)
As another comment stated: IMPEACH NOW, REPLACE LATER.
CD-Ra (Chicago, IL)
It better not have appeal.The protests in the streets will
Be unending. This is Our country not the country of a few jerks in Congress and our crazy president. Don't push us!
Zejee (Bronx)
They aren't afraid.
Jeff Mann (Queens,NY)
Repeal Trump and elect some else later!
Dougl (NV)
Well of course thinksbthe voters are stupid. After all they voted for him with his lies about replacing the ACA with a beautiful plan. Now it's bait and switcheroo time. The rich get their tax cut and the people are left holding the bag.
AE (California)
The President literally doesn't care, Ok? Not about any of us.
KHC (Merriweather, Michigan)
Well, we're learning which side of the fence Ben Sasse falls on.
stan continople (brooklyn)
Another guy like McCain whose fleeting moments of sanity give everyone equally fleeting moments of hope, then they open their mouths again and more crazy gushes out.
JanTG (VA)
Ready, fire, aim.
Bill (Austin, TX)
Maybe Impeach Now, Replace Later could also work.
Impeach Him Now, Prosecute him Later after all the investigations are done.

Trump won. He successfully repealed the swamp and replaced it with a Corrosive Cesspool. Trump is Political Pornographic Hustler of our times. Destroying everything he can as fast as he can. You question him or stand in his way and he will tweet his venom at you with the full support of GOP extremists.

Forget July 4th. The real Independence Day is a little more than 3.5 years from now. Independence from Trump day - my health and sanity can't wait.
StandsForReason (Seattle)
To all those who voted for Trump:
Repeat after me: "I'm tired of all this winning!!!".
Christine (OH)
Wow! Trump really does want to destroy the Republican Party.
JFMACC (Lafayette)
I never imagined I'd be living under an erratic, bizarre, mentally challenged president whose ego is wounded by the slightest thing he paranoically deems an insult to him ... but here we are...
Maureen (Calif)
Reportedly 32 million would lose coverage. Hey republicans don't you have enough information now to move towards impeachment? Or maybe you think obtaining each voters name, dob, party, and last 4 digits social security number will keep him busy. Insanity.
Rick (Louisville)
Trump suffers from a form of ignorance that can't resist advertising itself.
CD-Ra (Chicago, IL)
No it is time for equal insurance for each and every American. Single payer! Quit cheating America!
Stop it!
psubiker1 (vt)
I'm all for repealing the ACA NOW... why? We need a very strong medicine so that the "brain washed" folks can be shocked out of slumber and brought back to the real world... Pull the plug and get it done... and do it so that 2018 can become a tsunami...
Jonathan (Bloomington)
I have said here that Trump appears to show the onset of dementia. Alternatively, he could have a brain tumor. He needs to be checked for physical and nental health immediately, as his behavior is inexplicable. Mike Pence is beginning to taste the Presidency now.
sdt (st. johns,mi)
We need to remove him from office, now. Another unhinged idea from a unhinged man. Kill health care for millions and watch American born terror expand. Enough of these fools.
Steve (Los Angeles,Ca.)
Every time Trump speaks all i can hear is Mary Martin singing "I Won't Grow Up."
Paul Peeters (The Netherlands)
Comparing between countries is impossible, but it give it a try:
in the Netherlands we Pay(2014) about 6300 usd per captiva on healthcare
in the usa you Pay (2014) about 9000 usd per captiva on healthcare
in the netherlands every person has a basis insurrance and everybody with an severe illness or harm is treated and looked after.
in the usa There are many millions of not-insured People.
in the netherlands There are not-insured people, but they still recieve basic care.
if the usa would adopt the 'dutch system' it would save 2700 usd per captiva (what a big number that Is!) and millions of us-citizans would get a decent healthcare.
I also do understand why this will never happen:
because you'r big farmacy-firms make billions of profits on There monopolies.
but: close you're eyes, make this math, vision what this would mean, think of all the people who would benefit from this, and find a destination for the hunderds of billions it would save
C.L.S. (MA)
Another idiotic move. Let's see if 50 senators will go for it. Or would it have to be 60?
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
Did Trump come up with his "Let's just ditch healthcare for millions of Americans" between his TV cartoon session and his little tiff with Morning Joe and Mika?? Like Scarlet O'Hara, he will think about a replacement "tomorrow".

The Confederacy of Dunces is convening in the accompanying picture.
Jack (London)
Who needs to Rob Banks ?
Better return covering Health Needs
And No Jail time to boot
April Kane (38.010314, -78.452312)
Yeah, sure. Sell it down the street.
Emma Ess (California)
Repeal now, replace later. And I have a beautiful bridge in Brooklyn you might like to buy.
Bob (Kansas City) this will distract us from the Morning Joe/misogyny flap, which was to distract us from....something else...I can't remember...

This is insane.

We are in TrumpWorld...where truth is what The Donald says it is.
Jim (North Carolina)
I never knew there were so many ways to flip-flop on the same bill.
It was going too be better than Obamacare. Then the House passed it with his blessing.
Then he said it was mean, and that the Senate would fix it.
Now he's saying the Senate should just repeal it and kick the can down the road.
He said they should repeal and replace at once. Now he said they should repeal and replace later.
Seriously everything he says is completely meaningless. Why does the Times even bother to print it?
print what he says? Why does anyone in Congress take his latest pronouncement seriously?
This is just insane. A fool is playing an entire nation for fools.
Clean House (Silver Spring, MD)
Don't you wish you could just get rid of these Senate Republicans now and wait until November 2018 to replace them?
Walter Ingram (Western MD)
There never was a repeal and replace.
The GOP is incapable of governing. Add the distraction of the goof ball and this is what you get.
CD-Ra (Chicago, IL)
We are the American people. We have the say about our health insurance. We are many. Congress is few and dependent on our vote. Speak up! Don't let this evil cabal of dictators decide your future health and that of your family. Stand up! Protest and vote them out!
Niall Firinne (London)
Unbelievable! The current President and the last President make good old George W Bush look great. Of course, George W. was no great shakes hampered by a retro VP and cold war Defense Secretary who mismanaged a war. GW of course followed a rather dubious and flawed President WJC . So what does the American system throwup in 2016, a mediocre wife of WJC and a bankrupt celebrity reality tv performer. Is that the best America has to offer! Scary!! No wonder Americans like me, naturally conservative Republicans, who live outside the Homeland cringe at every dumb tweet and assault on humanity coming out of the White House. Roll on 2020 and the end of TrumpNoCare policies!
Toni Hagan (wichita,ks)
Obama cleaned up GW Bush's economic crash. Bush is still better than Trump though. Anyone is better than Trump
Don (Pittsburgh)
Hillary Clinton was the best America had to offer, but we keep rejecting her based upon belief in dopey propaganda and endless, worthless but expensive investigations. Republicans investigated Benghazi with more energy and purpose than Russian interference in our Presidential election. And Putin succeeded in seducing America into electing a useful idiot, because the people swallowed the propaganda.
The insanity of the U.K. electorate is only superceeded by that of the USA.
Jonathan (Brooklyn)
Oh for heaven's sake, just pass a law making it illegal to call the ACA "Obamacare" and stop being such dopes. You're going to play the no-filibuster card and light the fuse on the ACA... and then what? Do you really think you'll come up with something different that will fly, considering that, after seven years of repeal attempts, all you could manage was to throw together some last-minute garbage?

Stop being such dopes, set aside some space for six months, sit down with the other party and say, "let's outline what's working and what isn't under the ACA; let's talk about what each of us wants to achieve with U.S. health care policy; and then let's work together to figure out feasible changes to get us to those objectives.

A temporary moratorium on dopiness - you can do that, yes? Do it for us.
SR (Bronx, NY)
I dare them to repeal now. I dare them to repeal at all.

The political and economic blowback would leave smouldering craters where their Congressional seats once were, and give Democrats an amendment majority. Their Right to Bear Arms will go poof, and their right to elect a mentally-ill president-child and install Cabinet saboteurs will be curtailed.

Come on. Wage war on our health! We'll make sure it's your Vietnam.
Jess (CT)
It's just unbelievable the hate of these Republicans towards Obama.

Forget about repeal and replace.. JUST FIX IT! For goodness sake!

MAKE the health insurances to provide the service. Or what?
Are they going to move to China or Mexico...? Yeah right... We are the only ones paying astronomical premiums for the little that they give us...
CJ13 (California)
Dear Santa,

I'm writing to you early this year.

All I want for Christmas is Don the Con's impeachment and conviction.
Fintan (Orange County, CA)
The man without a plan!
Technic Ally (Toronto)
Trump is on the current Mad Magazine cover.

What, me repeal?
HFScott (FL)
The Republicans' "13 white men in a room "Health Care" bill" is the Republican idea of government "of the people, by the people, for the people", (you know which people) and unless the New York Times or the Washington Post or some other major newspaper steps forward with a blacked out front page screaming FIX THIS NOW, like that of the Indianapolis Star calling out Pence and the Indiana legislature's anti-LGBT law, we will have 13 white men law for everything else the Republicans want to enact. If you don't stand up to bullies, they will keep on bullying. *
KEF (<br/>)
"Repeal now, Replace Later" means "Replace Never".
Flak Catcher (New Hampshire)
[To the copy desk and editors.]:
Trump is behaving irrationally. Dump Obamacare without a replacement? Does that sound rational?
He's melting down AND (this is tell-tale behavior) his children and his wife ARE NOWHERE NEAR HIM.
This smacks of past incidents like this. The family knows it's time to get out of dodge.
Steve Snow (Suwanee, Georgia)
its beyond evident that they don't know what theyr'e their doing.
Kareena (Florida)
What if we just replaced Trump.
Bill M (California)
The Democrats have been copy cat Republicans under Hillary and Bill but the Republicans under their present time wasters are a leaderless herd of milling cattle with no idea where to go or what to do. If this is supposed to be democracy it is actually more like waiting for a leader called Godoh who never appears. With a President who spends his time tweeting the media, and a Congress that spends its time standing around shouting and counter shouting, maybe the Almighty has decided to let us drown in the melting ice caps since we seem only to be wasting the time he had given us to start acting like adults instead of noisy play school tots.
SW (Los Angeles)
If they cannot agree now; there is no reason to believe they will agree later.

Total repeal, no replacement, has been the goal from day one. The GOP death party wants to end all social services...

And you aren't talking about Russia now are you?
Jim (Medford Lakes NJ)
What a sign of a completely irrational person. Ok, blow up health care for millions leaving them with nothing and then, maybe, sometime in the future come up with a plan to help 10% of them. I can't imagine even McConnell is this nuts. Close but not quite. And his supporters will cheer even when they are the ones losing their healthcare.
Fred (NYC)
Right. Any other good ideas? I guess not.
Andres (Jimenez)
How short-sighted, but then again this is how conservatives think. Destroy now, let's think of a solution in our next life.
Athena (Milton DE)
Ya another original Trump great idea. Just like I will release my taxes... but just not right now.
Blackrook (Colorado)
Repealing without replacement is not acceptable. Try it GOP and you will not like the year 2018.....
Jack (London)
Don has really ratcheted up his Cranial Processes
You have a Flat Tire
Just Drive on 3 wheels
Awesome deduction!
Daniel Kinske (West Hollywood)
Sounds like Trump and the GOP are taking OPiods.
Michael Several (Los Angeles)
Nobody can never charge Republicans for not being a source of ideas. Of course, all of them are bad.
Chef B (Dallas)
As a kid in the 60 s I remember Lyndon Johnson's war on poverty designed to lower the national rate of poverty which at the time was 19%.
Now we have Donald Trump; whose war on poverty is something different. He really wants to go to war with the poor and kill them by taking away the healthcare that would keep them alive.
My how things have changed.
Ronn (Seoul)
Repealing healthcare, without meaningful solutions for the lack of such, is going to end badly for America.
Jim in Tucson (Tucson, AZ)
Senator Sasse is exactly right: The American public deserves better. Better than the current crop of Republican incompetents, better than the feckless Mitch McConnell, better than the strutting rooster Paul Ryan and better than the egomaniacal Donald Trump.

Each of these is interested in one thing: his own skin. The American public doesn't even enter the picture. You bet we deserve better. We can start by voting this entire pathetic lot out of office, and starting over.
Sarah J (Orange County, CA)
So in other words, Trump STILL doesn't know how complicated healthcare is. Got it. Thanks.
Getreal (Colorado)
Replace later? Reminds me of the con artist's favorite ruse.
Hey don't worry, "The check is in the mail."
robert grant (chapel hill)
I guess since Mr Trump used all caps for the words "repeal" and "replace", this time he really means it, until he changes his mind later. Can he type faster than others with his little fingers on his little hands?
Patricia (WA)
What I STILL want to know is, whether is the Democrat's plan? Why are they not providing an alternative that would address the weaknesses of the current law? Why are they not out on the talking heads circuit explaining their alternative? There ARE aspects of the current law that need fixing - why are there Democrats not offering a plan to do that? Why, why, WHY?
Rod Stadum (Charleston SC)
You seem to have forgotten how it works. To become law a proposal must be passed by House and Senate and then be accepted by the President. No Democratic proposal will make it out of committee.
Theo (Chicagoland)
There is not a single state in favor of this and yet here is our leader trying to make America great again. Trump is pathetic, intelligent people know this, but please GOP senators and congressmen let's dismantle it and watch the fireworks.
Lee Harrison (Albany/Kew Gardens)
Nobody but a fool should fail to understand what this is about: repeal and not replace.

And McCpnnell is smart enough not to do that. The smarter Republicans realize doing nothing is much better for them than repealing with no replacement.
Pamela (Canada)
The President and a big majority of Republicans are looking more and more like The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight. They all deserve to wear Mr. T's favourite adjective on their chests, writ large: SAD, SAD, SO SAD.
Midwesterner (Toronto)
And is this less mean than the current republican plan?
MarkU (Aspen)
It is absolutely amazing that our con-man in chief has so little understanding of what the health care bill does and cares so little about how his base will lose their health care. Maybe it takes the "elites" to protect the base from their own moronic decisions, or maybe the "elites" cannot protect the base and the base will have to -- eventually -- take responsibility of their election of this incapable "president."
Can you tell us how to get the medical care NOW and pay for it later when you figure out the replacement?
RLW (Chicago)
Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. If Senate Republicans cannot agree on a replacement how will they ever agree on any future health care legislation? Chaos will reign if they vote to repeal without a replacement. Many will be hurt or die. Time to repeal this Congress and replace it.
Omer Kemal Sanan (Iowa City)
This story about President Trump coming with an idea and and making a proposal is False. The President has no idea what is in this bill or what is in ACA. He is busy tweeting nonsense and people around him are creating these stories to make people believe that Mr Trump is involved in the health care negotiations. I visualize him watching TV and tweeting during his awake hours. Omer Sanan
BWCA (Northern Border)
Great idea! While at it, eliminate Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

This will cause American Revolution 2.0, except this time Trump and Republicans will be thrown into the harbor.
Carolyn Wayland (Tubac, Arizona)
This is enough! Repeal and don't replace with anything? How absurd is that notion. I don't think anything that comes out of this president's mouth has validity. Tweets or attempted policy.
Bill (Yorktown Heights, NY)
So I guess this is easier than sitting down with the Democrats to actually fix what's wrong with the ACA and improve live for millions of Americans.
Chris (Atlanta)
Oddly enough, it would be cheaper for the government to hand uninsured citizens a stack of cash to cover medical expenditures than it would be to fund Obamacare....where is the money really going?
Patrick Gleeson (Los Angeles)
Not to be too snarky (with the Trump administration that's probably not easily achieved to begin with) but... I think we've fully demonstrated to the world that we're just not a serious people.

What an incredible clown show!
Chet Walters (Stratford, CT)
For seven years the "Republican Party" voted again and again to repeal the ACA. Their only policy turned out to be taking health care dollars from the bottom of the income pile--to the tune of $1 Trillion-- and give it to the very wealthy at the top of the income pile. Remove the tax cut provisions from the GOP bill, and--voila--the GOP bill falls apart. I am not the first to note this, or the last, but parading a tax cut for the wealthy as health care for the less fortunate is the height of a dismal hypocrisy. Especially when the money removed from the GOP health care bill for tax cuts is taken almost dollar for dollar from those that need health insurance the most.

Democrats--call the Republican maneuvering for what it is: a massive payoff to rentiers and peanuts to everyone else.
macduff15 (Salem, Oregon)
Repeal it now, and in one year, the Republicans will have come up with an acceptable replacement.

Ks (Nevada)
"If they approve a repeal-only measure, they would face enormous pressure to explain what comes next."
I'll say! And wouldn't that be fun to watch!
What have they been doing for 7 years? Twiddling their thumbs?
B52 Pilot (NYC)
Is this the same as impeaching the President now and replacing him later (no, not Pence) with someone who is of sound mind and does not tweet?
elMago (Chicago)
Leibesh: Is there a proper blessing... for the Tsar?
Rabbi: A blessing for the Tsar? Of course! May God bless and keep the Tsar... far away from us!

-Fiddler on the Roof (in a prescient comment about health care, immigration, tax reform, foreign relations, race relations, gender relations and use of Tweeter)
Mike (NYC)
This is just mean-spirited.

Yes, the ACA is deficient but so is its proposed replacement. Leave the ACA in place until you have a decent substitute.
John M. Yoksh (Albany, New York 12203)
I forget. Were there more votes to repeal the ACA, or Benghazi inquires? Here in New York we had the three men in the room making Legislative decisions, two of whom have now been convicted of criminality. In Washington with 13 white, old guys, all their various and sundry staff, friends, family, lobbyists, and three blind mice no agreement can be reached. A horse whisperer from Nebraska goes on Faux News with an idea for a Jonestown class political suicide and the Platinum Pompadour twerps, "Ya, that's what I said." It makes if we're not able to take all this money we don't want to spend on the Delta's and give it to a couple of hundred really wealthy contributors; we'll use the money to "Assist" the insurance companies. Call it 'market stablization'. No way they'd raise their premiums, and the campaign contributions will continue to flow. It has been manifest for some while that DT is not the brightest lightning bug in the summer evening, but unless there is some grand plan to build a Soylent Green processing plant in Wasalia these guys need to act like they actually know what's going on.
Aaron (Colorado)
The man has no patience and no attention span, willing to scorch the Earth and its people, all so he can stop thinking about something. All so he can get back to the TV: "Pass this thing, I'm missing my shows!"

Dave....Just Dave (Somewhere in Florida)
Trump would rather pick fights with Joe and Mika; CNN; and any other news/media outlet that isn't Fox News or the National Enquirer.

It's a lot easier than doing his job.
Eric Sargent (Detroit)
He's already a lame duck. It's not going to happen.
Niall Firinne (London)
TrumpNoCare is not a replacement for Obamacare. TrumpNoCare means that Trump cares nothing for coal miners, steelworkers, middle-class, the silent majority, older people, young couples with children! Trump is not the President of those people who voted for him. Washington under Obama ignored these people, Washington under Trump acorns them and rubs salt into the wounds. TrumpNoCare is not an answer but an assault on the vast majority of Americans who thought Trump cared. TrumpNoCare is really TrumpDoesn'tCare. A one term strategy for a loser President and a Republican Party on it's last pathetic Ryan/ McConnell legs. This is now the time for a new conservative party. Likewise the democrats need to redefine itself after that farcical Clinton candidacy.
Grant Franks (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
Here's an idea: Let's jump off a cliff and see whether we can invent a parachute as we fall! (What could go wrong?) Here's an even more exciting idea: Let's throw 20 million Americans off a cliff and see whether we can invent a net to catch 'em before they slam into the ground. It's like the first idea, but more cruel and criminal because it involves harming other people.

Brilliant. (Insert sarcasm emoticon.)
Fromjersey (New Jersey)
Thus speak, twitterhead ... no real words to express for the absurdity happening in our nations capital. Hard to believe we are nearing our nations birthday, 241 years, and this is what we got leading our nation. Tragic. A mockery of our founding fathers intention.
CD-Ra (Chicago, IL)
Trump's latest healthcare plan is a form of Medieval barbarism. Will this please his base supporters? Will they be happy with no health insurance at all? If not they better stand up and soon.
Chip Lovitt (NYC)
Not to worry. Whatever so called healthcare plan the President has in mind, it will be fantastic. Cheaper. Better. Without any details, forethought or after thought. I am sorry to say that everything this president says about policy is a cliche, utter hyperbole, superlative adjectives that mean absolutely nothing. There's no substance to this man's ramblings. I'd like to say pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, but this willful ignorance and mindless tweeting is getting mindless and dangerous. The president's comments on nearly everything are like Mad Libs...This program will be (adjective) and it will greatly, bigly benefit all (plural noun) and we'll all be (adjective) when we complete our (noun) of the American healthcare system. Just wait till we get done with (fill in any other positive government program). I'd quote the president by just tweeting "Sad" but this is just pathetic.
itsmildeyes (Philadelphia)
Did I dream it, or did Tip O'Neill say something years ago about the 'imbecilic children of the rich' running things? There has to be somebody out there who remembers this.
CD-Ra (Chicago, IL)
My fullest support goes to Senator Heller who is standing by his constituents and we other Americans. Bravo! Bravo! Hang in there and do the right thing. Now where is Portman, Sasse, Collins, Graham and McCaine? Isn't it Time to stand up with him for America, the way Republicans used to do!
Human (Maryland)
This is an effort by Republicans to repeal an entitlement (Medicaid) and deliver a tax cut, disguised as health care.

It is not a good faith effort to offer health insurance to Americans at all.

Do not be fooled--it's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Richard Pontone (Queens, New York)
Yes, repeal it now and let it be replaced later. And how many of the 23 million uninsured Americans will die? Trump can always blame the Democrats, with Fox News and Breitbart blowharding away in his defense.
The families of the victims can always sing a funeral dire, "Lock Her Up".
Sad. But it plays to Trump's voter base.
Michael (Sugarman)
All this talk about how Republicans are going to repeal and/or replace Obamacare and not one word about how they are going to make healthcare cost competitive. Not one word about how they are going to make drug companies and the Epipen crooks charge Americans what they charge Canadians. What amazes me most is that the New York Times and most of its readers seem to accept spiraling healthcare costs as a given when we already pay twice as much as we should and don't even get universal coverage like everyone else.
CD-Ra (Chicago, IL)
When will the Republican Party assume responsibility for the criminal actions of its president? The costly investigation of Voter fraud that paranoid Trump initiated is absurd and illegal. Private voter information is none of the president's business and could be used to intimidate voters and suppress votes. Such a scheme is fascist and hopefully most or all states will not comply with this outrageous plan invading citizen privacy. Cutizens in states that have complied with the Trump plan should protest and very loudly!
John Martin (Brooklyn, NY)
I honestly think he needs an in depth clinical evaluation of his cognitive function.
Dan Broe (East Hampton NY)
Surely that will calm the market.
As I've said before: The party of Lincoln? Ha. The party of Booth.
dormand (Seattle, WA.)

Narcissistic personality disorder

By Mayo Clinic Staff
Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others.

A narcissistic personality disorder causes problems in many areas of life, such as relationships, work, school or financial affairs. You may be generally unhappy and disappointed when you're not given the special favors or admiration you believe you deserve. Others may not enjoy being around you, and you may find your relationships unfulfilling.

At the same time, you have trouble handling anything that may be perceived as criticism. You may have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation. To feel better, you may react with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make yourself appear superior. Or you may feel depressed and moody because you fall short of perfection.

DSM-5 criteria for narcissistic personality disorder include these features:

Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance
Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
Exaggerating your achievements and talents
Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people
Requiring constant admiration
Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations
Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
trautman (Orton, Ontario)
Sadly, you are so correct I have an MSW and have worked with these types usually useless since they see nothing wrong and consider you to be inferior to them. Many of them went on to great careers in prisons across the nation, but hey they are so smart. Sad that the media is so afraid to use the words and terms as you have outlined instead tap dance around "Oh, he is new to politics or Washington I guess new to common decency also. Sadly, as I have written before this is a movie with more dark things to come and a tragic ending. By the way I have been watching the old All in the Family and wondering what has changed in 2017. Jim Trautman
Terri Smith (USA)
Trump is a disaster and republicans are enabling them. Republicans don't represent us regular people.. Vote them out on Nov 6th, 2018.
David (Michigan, USA)
To paraphrase FDR on the Republican outlook (back in 1936): "Of course we believe in health care, we believe in social security; we believe in saving homes. Cross our hearts and hope to die, we believe in all these things; but we do not like the way the Obama Administration was doing them. Just turn them over to us. We will do all of them—we will do more of them, we will do them better; and, most important of all, the doing of them will not cost anybody anything.”
Patrick (Long Island N.Y.)
Obviously, this was meant to be a topic of discussion by millions this holiday weekend at all their gatherings. Republicans have always made news before holiday's to garner attention. This will appease the reactionary repeal crowd and keep them calm until the holiday week is over and everyone forgot and cooled off.
Chanzo (UK)
1. Trump's anti-Obama obsession still to the fore.
2. A Trump promise to sort something out later? Yeah, right.
Patrick Stevens (MN)
Trump has no idea what he is talking about, or why he says what he says when he says it. He is simply a loose cannon.
Tony Reardon (California)
Cheer up Republican pols. I'll be the Donald's 9th Birthday soon and he'll have gained a lot of maturity.

And the bright side - you'll still have the very best government health insurance that Congress can give you.
JPatt (Washington, DC)
Trump is offering the most amazing, beautiful solution and all you do is deride him! Didn't you all know that health care reform was complicated? Trump certainly did. Sad!
Skier (Alta UT)
Wanna bet that if they repeal to replace later there will be no replace later?
Bruce Stasiuk (New York)
Senator Sasse wrote. “We can and must do better ( repealing the Affordable Care Act ) both because the American people deserve better, and because we promised better.”

Exactly which people is Mr. Sasse referring to....the 2% highest wage earners?
Rich (Huntington Beach, CA)
This is not a joke or flip question, but a serious question. Is President Donald Trump mentally unbalanced and is he a threat to the safety and security of all American and their families and friends. It is not a Republican or a Democrat question but a medical and psychological question. I hope all our leaders on both sides of the aisle in Congress and all elected officers across this land pay close attention to his behavior. He is a very scary person.
whaddoino (Kafka Land)
There is no other word for what Trump is proposing than murder. If you know that thousands of people are going to die because of your actions, more than dies in the attack on the World Trade Center, that is murder.
John Adams (CA)
If Trump decided to go back to school he'd be the tallest kid in the 7th grade, he's a 12 year old in a 71 year old body.

My apologies to 12 year olds, certainly most at that age have a better understanding of health care than our President.
CB (New York, NY)
This is among the stupidest ideas I've ever heard, right up there with the GOP's tax cut "healthcare" plan. Which given how things have been going makes me fear, mightily, that it might actually happen.

I am in despair. So many of us are. Senators Collins, Murkowski, Heller, and Capito, please don't give in to the bribery and blackmail. You can help this nation, or you can make your party's leadership happy. You know what's right.
trautman (Orton, Ontario)
Here in Canada we show our card and it is swiped and in Ontario starting next year prescriptions will be free to those under 25 and the Federal Government is moving to a national drug program. Face facts I am an American who thank every day I live in a land where even Conservatives believe in everyone having health care, yes it comes out of our taxes less money to become involved in never ending wars. America is a nation devolving into the 1860's and now the solution is to do away with it and fix it later. Face reality Trump and the deplorables that voted for him have deep mental health issues. Harsh, but true. Here we have same sex marriage and the benefits go to each partner. I see that great state of Texas which by the way was founded by stealing the land from Mexico has ruled in same sex they do not get the other partners benefits. The Evengicial Christians are happy with their wonderful morality the same one that never seemed to notice Trump's three marriages, extra martial affairs, his groping of women. Yes, their values are wonderful. Hypocrites and fakes and phonies. I feel sad for anyone who has to live their life believing in some fake god sitting above us. I was born in the US and look at the sewer it is becoming, but in reality read American history it was never that glorious to begin with fake history is more like it. Most of any advancement came with violence. Watching the old All In the Family made in the early 70's could be today. Jim Trautman
MSA (Miami)
What would one expect from...

1. A congress that had over half a decade to find an alternative to something and just wasted its time complaining about it?

2. Electing a President who got famous for saying "you're fired" on TV?
This guy is a joke! I guess we had to go through a character like his to appreciate the quality of leaders we've had thus far in this country. I mean, I miss W... Wouldn't have thought back in 2004 I'd say this in 2017. Anyway, we have the leader we deserve, so let us decide to deserve better than this joke of a president!
Blackcat66 (NJ)
This small little man is so desperate for a "win" that he will condemn millions to suffer. Just why?
Peggy Datz (Berkeley, CA)
Oh, perfect! With repeal, the tax cut--the real goal here--takes effect right away. No sense putting it off till you know what else to do.
Uly (New Jersey)
The photo in this piece says it all. GOP senate has no clue about health care including Trump. There should be debates, open forums, public hearings, ad nauseam. One hundred forty some pages of health care GOP senate legislative policy is wimp and pathetic.
Dave (Lafayette, CO)
After the utter chaos, mismanagement and mean-spirited mendacity we've seen over the last five months as the AHCA has taken shape, who in their right mind would trust Trump, Ryan, McConnell, Price, et al. to blow up Obamacare now - then promise to craft a "better" replacement over the following year?

This GOP couldn't craft a credible health care bill half as effective as Obamacare, even if you gave them unlimited time and money. They have zero interest in making American health care better. They just want to vaporize Obamacare and return to the prior status quo - where health care is just another highly-profitable business and "health insurance" is a protection racket which skims 30% "off the top" before a single dime is spent on actual medical care.

The abominable AHCA is proof of this. Now that the GOP has shown its true colors by callously attempting to strip 22 million Americans of their health insurance and shoving the money saved directly into the coffers of the Plutocracy (while eviscerating Medicaid too), why would anyone trust them to create anything better down the road after having already destroyed Obamacare?

Even the most deluded Trump supporter surely doesn't believe anymore in Trump's ludicrously empty promise to provide a "replacement" health care system which "Costs less, provides better care and covers everyone". That promise can only be fulfilled by "Medicare for all" (a universal, single-payer system).

And that's something the GOP will never permit.
Joseph (Chicago)
Trump the candidate could be coerced into saying anything as happened in an interview with one of the news anchors (I forget which one.) when they were discussing health care. He wants people to like him so he'll say what he thinks they want him to say to like him. It was so evident in the interview. It's the same with the Billy Bush scandal tapes--he's so eager to please and to have friends, to be one of the boys that's he'll say whatever it takes. Then the world expects him to stick to it but there's no stickiness there. There's not ever a "there" there. The man has no center, no depth, no compass.
Amy from Queensland (Gold Coast)
I could never understand why they tied health insurance to employer pays. Surely that would depress wages and cost more than if the employee paid more taxes for a single payer like our Medicare?

Before we had Medicare, we had very low cost health insurance which everybody paid into. Those who wanted a bit extra continued with the private insurance to pay the 'gap' between Medicare and the scheduled fees. Seniors and Health Care Card holders can be bulk billed to Medicare and pay no gap. Everybody wins.

Turnip Head Trump says our health care system is the best - so why don't you guys just download all our legislation from the Internet and copy that.
It is not socialism, it is common sense and recognising human rights?

Why are you all so scared of socialism anyway? As my old vicar used to say
'Jesus was the first socialist'.
TexasTabby (Dallas,TX)
Do it. Repeal and don't replace. But instead of a one-year delay on the repeal, make it two years. That'll give us time to vote the lawmakers who supported the repeal out of office and put in a new group that will be more interested in improving life for Americans than boosting their own egos by getting rid of anything associated with Obama.
Edward Brennan (Centennial Colorado)
Mr Sasse thinks adults are vanishing. Apparently having a plan to replace what you wish to repeal doesn't count as being an adult. Planning for the future doesn't count to Mr Sasse as being an adult.

Mr Sasse should see that the only adulthood vanishing is his own. Now he is just a child yelling "I don't want it!" without having a reasonable plan as to what he does want.
BWCA (Northern Border)
Not surprising this came from Trump. The man who hires contractors under the promise of a payment only to shaft them. The man who took students money under the promise of an education, only to leave them without their money and a degree of no value.

The man now promises the best health care at the lowest cost. All Americans will be left sick and bankrupt.

Mr. Trump, your three strikes and you're out have long passed. You don't get to play this game anymore.
Dennis Walsh (New York, NY)
Indeed, all the conservatives and Trump really want is to set the less fortunate adrift. What a deep shame.
True Observer (USA)
So, what is this all about.

For the Republicans to get what they want, they have to have 60 votes in the Senate.

No way any Dem is going to cooperate because they think their only chance to get back the majority is to gum up the works, like not attending committee meetings to deny a quorum.

For most Americans, health insurance was fine before Obamacare.

All Obamacare did was to give out more welfare in the form of medical services.

Obamacare, like all welfare, is paid by people who work and pay taxes.

If Obamacare is repealed, everything will go back to as it was.

Most people who work will be able to afford medical care through work or the marketplace.

Many people just want catastrophic coverage. They will be able to afford it.

The healthy people, who don't smoke or eat to excess will be rewarded with lower premiums. Just like driving safe.

The truly indigent will still have medicaid.
FreeDem (Sharon, MA)
Not surprised that the GOP is circling back to straight repeal. I clearly recall that when the ACA originally passed, Republicans' mantra was "repeal, repeal, repeal." The GOP never thought a healthcare bill was necessary or desirable (except for Richard Nixon). This included Medicare and Medicaid. The repeal and replace fiction only came about after the R's realized that they looked callous to the public with a simple repeal. After all the lies Republicans told about ""Obamacare," many people were helped by it, and don't want to lose it. The GOP is in a richly-deserved quandary of their own making.
Socrates (Verona NJ)
"Full speed ahead", says the captain of the Trump Titanic....this is going to be the greatest healthcare voyage ever in the history of senseless, mindless, manmade death.
Kai Segelkin (Baltimore)
Every day I wonder "Is this the straw that breaks the camel's back? Is the GOP going to take adult responsibility?" Every day the answer is "no" and things get worse.
Leslie Schmidt (New York)
So true! It's awful how normalized trump has become.
Veronica Logan (Boston)
Do it. Just do it. Then Trump and the Republicans own it. I'll never vote for a Republican in a national election again. Never.
Blackcat66 (NJ)
Or local election. Frankly I view anyone still clinging to this party with suspicion.
coale johnson (5000 horseshoe meadow road)
don't do it in local elections either
doug hill (norman, oklahoma)
The more the GOP messes up healthcare insurance, probably the more likely the USA has single payer within a generation. In my 63 years I have seen this country swing to extremes several times before. What's next will probably be a socialist doozy.
SR (Bronx, NY)
A "socialist" "doozy" for which we'd all be far better off...well, if the GOP doesn't then insist on sabotaging it anyway, like the Tories underfund and undermine the UK's NHS.

Vote decisively in 2018 to end GOP crazy. They own Covfefe. It's time we bill them.
Corbin Doty (Minneapolis)
Hopefully sooner than a generation!
Tim (Hudson)
The man who is incapable of restraining himself when feeling disrespected by TV personalities is also the man who has the power to single-handedly start a nuclear war. God help us all.
Steve (Portland, OR)
I dare Congress to do this. maybe they think they are too popular as it is.
Sherr29 (New Jersey)
The GOP creeps have whined about the ACA for eight years and for eight years they made no attempt to modify nor did they construct a sane plan. Now after having attempted to ram through their Cruella de Vil plan and failing to even get their own deplorables in the Senate to go along with it, they are gloming onto the idea of just repealing the ACA and letting people go back to the way things were: millions without health insurance, millions unable to afford health insurance, millions denied insurance due to a "pre-existing condition," top end limits on coverage which can bankrupt any family that is unfortunate enough to have a devastating illness or accident. Yeah -- that's a "great" plan.
These people are beyond contempt.
northeastsoccermum (ne)
the insurance companies have been saying they need stability to better forecast risk and set prices. do you this meets the definition of stability?
M E R (New York, NY)
Exactly. If health insurance goes from zero to $1500 a month and there is no punishment for not having it, one sixth of our economy will go into free fall.
Edgar (New Mexico)
"That move would probably leave 18 million more people without coverage in the first year after its enactment and 32 million more by 2026, according to a Congressional Budget Office report that looked at an earlier GOP bill to repeal Obamacare. " Interesting that Trump and the GOP are choosing to go that way. Very interesting indeed.
Harley Leiber (Portland OR)
Trump understands as much about the process of passing meaningful legislation as my Filed Bred English Cocker...which is to say, nothing. It is Trump who needs to be replaced.
CD-Ra (Chicago, IL)
The President and his Republican cabal are rich rich and do not need a tax cut. On the other hand the Middle class and the poor need a tax cut desperately! More than that they need government funded healthcare just to live. No, the President's plan is not the vote of the people and it our vote, not theirs, that counts. As far as I know America is not yet a dictatorship so we must say No No and No to the president's plan in order to survive.
Todd (Oregon)
Of all the GOP schemes for voter suppression, this one seems the most unpalatable. Bumping likely opposition voters of the rolls or placing hurdles before them when they wish register or vote strikes me as troubling, but systematically arranging for millions of the least wealthy and healthy to be be dead or too ill to vote in 2018 is diabolical, even by Republican standards!

At least the unmentionable band of German social engineers of the previous century made a pretense of offering free transportation and hygiene opportunities when they pursued similar ends to similar means. Have the Republicans no sense of decorum?
F. Horne (So. Calif.)
This proposal is a way around the CBO scoring that is killing every Republican proposal--RyanCare 1.0 and 2.0, and now MitchCare 1.0. T he headlines read 22 to 24 million people thrown out of care compared to ObamaCare, and it's all over. It's the comparison against ObamaCare that is killing them.

But what if ObamaCare is repealed? What if it's gone? Then what does CBO score the latest Republican proposal against? Apparently, it would get compared against NoCare. They don't have to beat ObamaCare anymore. They only have to beat nothing.

This is a way around the CBO scoring. You don't need a good plan yourself; you only need to do away with the comparison plan, ObamaCare.

Think this is too cynical even for Republicans? Think again.
Sam (Arkansas)
I agree that is their strategy. It's a poor one, though, since everyone will know it. I think they are gambling they get something passed within a year's time, after the repeal of course, before aca statute of limitations runs out, if that's a thing. Then they enact their bill, and although 20 million fewer are uninsured as compared to aca, those 20 million would still be in the minority, and the republicans still keep their "base." People could die. If they grandfathered all insurance holders, though, they could simply pass the buck on to the "victims," as the premiums become unaffordable on a particular plan, they can't switch because of pre-existing conditions, and they ride their unaffordable plan all the way or drop and don't get to pick another one up. The possibilities are sickening.
Lais (Santa Barbara)
"That move would probably leave 18 million more people without coverage in the first year after its enactment and 32 million more by 2026, according to a Congressional Budget Office report that looked at an earlier GOP bill to repeal Obamacare. "
JRN (Austin, TX)
So today it's repeal, delay with no replacement...and so leave one-sixth of the US economy twisting in uncertainty until after the 2018 midterms? NYT should do a piece on the stunning variety of healthcare projects that are now already on ice, directly attributable to the inability of the GOP to signal an effective long-term strategy (much less govern).

Can the Troller-in-Chief tweet "RECESSION?" Even though there's still quite a bit of wrecking left to do in order to surpass 2007, I imagine it will still be touted as the BEST RECESSION EVER!
Antonio Scarlatti (Los Angeles)
Sorry Mr. Trump, no matter what you do - the Obama legacy shall prevail because by and by it is one built (to the best of his ability) on the strength of dignity and respect for America and the globe. Despite the flaws and missteps, the greater character of the man is something that you cannot erase - much like we will not forget the covfefe that is your character.

God bless America.
Jefflz (San Franciso)
We have handed our country over to a Trumpian version of the Three Stooges starring Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Only this is no fantasy it is real.
CD-Ra (Chicago, IL)
The Trump plan is fine for him but a filthy cheat for the American people and we won't stand for it. Where is our single payer option? Why can't we have decent healthcare like the majority of European countries? Trump, his cabal and the Republican Party have enough money--all we ask is our share in reputable Healthcare. It is time--in fact it is past time! We will protest protest and protest because this is our country. We elected you and we'll elect you out. Serfdom is not the American way.
GregS (USA)
He does not care about any policies. The only thing he cares about is himself. He feels slighted by Obama. Therefore, his only desire is to negate any policy or legislation that has Obama's signature. People keep trying to analyze his motives. There is only ONE motive, his ego.
CD-Ra (Chicago, IL)
The Trump plan is outrageous and will not stand. The majority of Americans say N0 and we mean that:NO!
Porsha (SF Bay Area)
I started to ask a colleague of mine "Does he even know the first thing about how to legislate?" but then we just had to laugh because the answer is so patently clear.

Here's an idea: Maybe we could kick out all of the current administration right now and worry about how to replace it later.
Richard (NYC)
Trump is a compulsive liar, a pathological liar. He will lie even when there's no reason to lie. Nothing he says is sincere or meaningful. As a nation we need to face the fact that our President is dysfunctional and stop giving his words any value.
AdanniaT (NJ)
It's always easy to tear other's work down and yet very difficult to build their own. Shame on Trump, Shame on GOP.
Naoko A (New York)
Just realizing that it was no big that Trump won. The Presidency of the US became no big deal - no power, no authority, no respect.
Panthiest (U.S.)
In other words, Trump says, drop the ACA tax on the wealthy and figure out healthcare later.

Yeah, right.

This was always about cutting taxes on the wealthy.
Chris (bucks county PA)
Just admit it, you guys don't want the government to help provide healthcare to those who can't afford it. You would rather have a tax cut for the wealthy, sorry the job creators, and have people go to the emergency room and have the bill paid by everyone else.
David (California)
Such a crazy idea it just might have worked if only the American public hadn't figured out that the single, complete, entire motivation for repealing Obamacare was to give millionaires a tax cut.
djt (northern california)
The GOP needs to act quickly or the next thing he will suggest is single payer. He's just searching for public adulation at this point.
kaw7 (SoCal)
Republicans used all manner of lies and fabrications to scare Americans about the Affordable Care Act. Seven years later, the truth has won out: a large majority of Americans support the ACA, irrespective of whether they use it or have other health insurance. Conversely, Americans, including a large majority of Republican voters, hold the House and Senate plans in disdain. What the Senate proposes will cause premiums to rise, and force millions to forego health insurance. Moreover Trump, who made all manner of promises on the campaign, has utterly failed to deliver, and seems unperturbed by contents of the proposals he wants to sign. Americans now know that Republicans cannot be trusted when it comes to healthcare. Faced with the daunting reality of healthcare in America, some Republicans are considering repeal all by itself. The fact that such lunacy has been readily endorsed by the White House tells us all we need to know about this administration. Trump is unfit to govern and the Congress seems incapable of governing. The 2018 elections must mark the first step in a thoroughgoing regime change.
lechrist (Southern California)
If it wasn't for the fact that so many millions of Americans would be physically and financially harmed, and even die (estimate: 200,000), I'd say go for it, Republicans.

The sooner we vote Republicans out of office, the better for the future of the country.
Barbara (Stl)
This plan can not possibly work..the Republicans will never get it together to 'replace' and if they do, they'll give what they want, not what people need. The poor and others needing insurance will be at the Republicans mercy. THAT, is never a good idea.
Yougoddabekiddinme (Outer space)
So, so far, Trump has done NOTHING. Forget about the fact that it's good he hasn't. But all his promises unfulfilled should awaken the people who voted for him. Our tax dollars at work.
Bernard Bonn (Sudbury MA)
The only reason the Affordable Care Act is not generally succeeding is because trump is withholding payments due providers trying to force them from the market, thus denying care to American Citizens and weakening the healthcare system. Republicans have done all they can to prevent the success the ACA. Then they use their "success" to justify trying to repeal the ACA and lie to the American people.
Jill Friedman (Hanapepe, HI)
The Republicans were already preparing the repeal for Trump to sign on his first day in office. Trump refused and insisted on replacement. Anyone who thinks a clean repeal bill effective in one year couldn't pass has not been paying attention.
Dan (<br/>)
In my working years I was fortunate to have employer-provided health and dental insurance at a reasonable cost for the premium, with my last employer providing no premium low, or no, deductible premier health insurance. I was never in the position of do I pay the medical bill or electricity.
Now that I am retired, I suppose I am now one of the "takers" having that cursed "socialized" medicine.
So, I have not a lot of skin in the game save Medicaid should that day come. However, for those who have a genuine need for subsidized health coverage, or Medicaid and believe that Trump and his friends in Congress are doing them a disservice, my sympathies should, and it could be likely, you will be kicked to the curb with no recourse other than hoping for charity care, or bankruptcy.
For those of you that will cheer the day the ACA is repealed with nothing on the horizon that will protect you and your wallet, too bad, so sad. But please, don't plug up the emergency rooms and urgent care centers thus driving up the costs of care for the rest of us.
Dan88 (<br/>)
So let's get this straight: This past week, the Senate Republicans gagged on a "repeal and replacement, which would eliminate coverage for 22 million people while giving a one-trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthy.

And now Trump is suggesting simply repealing Obamacare, which would eliminate coverage for some 35 million while giving a trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthy,

After 5 months, he's still not getting even the most elemental, common-sense aspects of politics. How does Trump think that 35 million less insured would be more palatable to Senate Republicans when they could not stomach voting for 22 million less insured?
NB (Fairfax VA)
From what I've read, the R senators who are opposed to this bill are not opposed because they "can't stomach" millions thrown off insurance. Rather, it's because the bill doesn't cut enough. So my guess is they'd be fine with just a repeal.
dan88 (long island ny)
My understanding it was not just conservatives but a number of "moderates" who were balking at the numbers, including the proposed trashing of Medicaid. So imo Heller, Collins, Murkowski, Portman, and a couple of others would jump ship over 32 million losing insurance. It's just too many.
Kathy Lollock (Santa Rosa, CA)
A replacement will never come to be as long as not only Trump is president but also our Congress is Republican led.

More to the point this man who boasts of his business acumen apparently knows even less than the everyday American when it comes to our national economy.

Let me explain to this man who occupies the Oval Office and to Mitch McConnell and his counterpart Paul Ryan: There is an element called uncertainty. If the American public is left with no assurances or protections re health care insurance, it is less likely to spend. People will hold out on buying not only big ticket items but also the every day amenities that help to have a quality of life. That includes entertainment, vacations, etc. Because all that they - we - will be concerned about is having food on the table, a roof over our heads, clothing, and some sort of education for our kids. No spending equals a stagnant economy with subsequent recessions.

CEO's of health insurance companies can be ruthless in their lack of concern or compassion for us the "little people." They are of the same ilk as Trump, with no apparent moral compass. We can ill afford to put our trust in the "powers" above.
Ron Adam (Nerja, Spain)
The Senate budget reconciliation process should not be used to avoid full and open consideration, hearings with ample dialogue with experts and opportunity for on-the-record votes on amendments for a subject like national healthcare coverage. The Senate has a constitutional responsibility to be a deliberative body, not a closed door back-office embarrassment.
gailweis (new jersey)
Trump wants to repeal everything Obama has done, whether good or bad. We are doomed.
CD-Ra (Chicago, IL)
Gailweis: Not if we vote this petty dictator and his cabal out and jail them for their crimes against humanity.
Nick Metrowsky (Longmont CO)
So, TRump's grand plan is to go back to the pre-Obamacare era. That means we will have again:

1. Lifetime caps
2. No coverage fro pre-existing conditions.
3. No coverage fro mental health.
4. No minimal requirements for policies.
5. Children, 18 and over can no longer be on their parent's policy.
7. The return of the Medicare Part D Prescription "donut hole".
8. Dump everyone who gained coverage under Medicaid.
9. Dump subsidies, thus dumping coverage for millions of people.


That would give Trump is tax cut, because all taxes created by the ACA, will be eliminated.

And of course, insurance will become totally unaffordable. Meaning, many more trips to the emergency room.

Yes, Trump, does not understand health care, nor doe she understand the impact of repealing the ACA, without something in its place. And he acts like, well it is only insurance, as opposed to people will die because of this move.

Each day goes buy, his approval ratings drop. And even people, who voted fro him, are starting to call him "idiot in chief".
Joe (Sausalito)
Sure. . since Don and the Congress are totally trustworthy, let's let them delete the ACA. In 3 years, they'd never say, "We decided to 'increase and enhance' your freedom and not to replace it after all."
Carl Moyer (Oregon)
No rational, effective bill can come out of the House once the ACA is repealed. The most conservative, i.e. crazies, on the right will never support anything remotely capable of assisting poor Americans to have affordable healthcare. Anyone who votes to repeal and replace later is voting a death sentence on healthcare and the poorest among us.
bstar (baltimore)
Is this serious? Public policy is too hard for the preening, muscle man Ryan and his aw shucks sidekick McConnell? They who overestimate their own intelligence and political acumen to alarming degrees are now thinking that it makes sense to just punt the whole thing, like everything else under the woefully in-over-his head president? Are we to be saved by the Tea Partyers, those who got their policy knowledge at Sizzler University? In other words, no one on the Republican side of the aisle knows how to govern, now that they control all three branches of government. Interesting. Noteworthy.
What'sNew? (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
These guys are a kind of right-wing anarchists. Just as Reagan, they claim that the govt is the root of all problems, and that without a govt, including regular health care, somehow utopia will descend from heaven: that is the essence of their group think.
In reality, they are just wreckers.
OzarkOrc (Rogers, Arkansas)
Just more proof of his (and the Republican Party) incompetence and disinterest in the sausage making of governance, which will never be discussed by the right wing propaganda organs. So many of their base voters, the ones most vulnerable to damage by the (non) "policy" being suggested will never hear about it.
Jeremy Mott (West Hartford, CT)
How does Trump live with himself? Such inconsistency! There's no "there" there -- no principles, no values, no commitments. We need to hear from Republican leaders who will call this what it is -- insanity!
Mike Dockry (St. Paul)
This is the worst idea possible!!!! Republicans can barely do anything let alone draft and pass complicated legislation. It is obvious that they will never be able to figure out what they want to do with health care. I hope they are all voted out next cycle so the grown-ups can get back to doing the people's business.
Jefflz (San Franciso)
Tri8mp is flailing about as usual with no knowledge or concern about health care. He is just doing his standard "change the headlines" Stand-Up Comic routine. Mentally, Trump is always either at Mar-a-Lago playing golf or on the set of "The Apprentice.

Trump is nothing more than a Reality TV personality who has managed to con millions into thinking he knows something about leadership and economics and that he would "negotiate a better life on their behalf". PT Barnum would be proud if him...63 million suckers is quite a record. How many will die if Trump takes away their health care?
Louise Steinman (Los Angeles)
Sure, leave Americans in the lurch with no health care and a promise but be sure you get those tax cuts for the wealthy because um, that's who Republican legislators (if they can be called that) stay up late worrying about. Forget about people struggling with cancer or diabetes or lupus or the disabled or kids with autism... because, you know, Republicans legislators have a Cadillac plan themselves-- so they're not worrying about any of us, d they just need to know that the wealthy have a tax cut so they can sleep at night. a pox on their House.
offtheclock99 (Tampa, FL)
Trump and the majority of the GOP Senate & House are playing to the proverbial "base." Of course, the Dems have their base as well.

But we're talking about slivers of the voting public. The GOP tackles health care at its peril. Re: ACA/ACHA, younger voters are quite content on a march towards European-style health care. Older Americans love Medicare--and those who are below the age limit often buy-in early or strongly support many of the ACA/Medicaid safeguards.
Umar (New York)
This is what the dismantling of the United States looks like. No safety net, No healthcare, No justice. Just greed.
Steve (Corvallis)
It's things like this that give me the rare reasons to smile since the election. Please keep it up Republicans. This is way better than reality TV.
Me (wherever)
Healthcare is an industry that fits least into the textbook competitive market famework (uncertainty, asymetry of information, moral hazard, adverse selection, intermediary (insurance), fatal consequences), yet these clowns don't know any better or don't care.

From the hero of 'FREE MARKETS', Friedrich Hayek, one of the leaders of the Austrian school of economics, from his book "The Road to Serfdom", chapter 3:
“... Nor does it [the liberal argument, where ‘liberal’ is free markets in contrast to socialism] deny that, where it is impossible to create the conditions necessary to make competition effective, we must resort to other methods of guiding economic activity. … … Nor is the preservation of competition incompatible with an extensive system of social services” so long as the interventions are imposed even handedly, keeping the competition fair.

"To create conditions in which competition will be as effective as possible, to supplement it where it can not be made effective, to provide the services which, in the words of Adam Smith, "though they may be in the highest degree advantageous to a great society, are, however, of such a nature, that the profit could never repay the expense to any individual or small number of individuals" - these tasks provide, indeed, a wide and unquestioned field for state activity. In no system that coud be rationally defended would the state just do nothing."
RNS (Piedmont Quebec Canada)
Relax. By Monday he'll have another tremendous plan.
Coureur des Bois (Boston)
Happy Birthday Canada.

By Monday he will have 3 new plans each one greater than the other. Believe me. I'm just saying. I don't know. A lot of people say. It could be true. A surprise. Coming very, very soon. They tell me it's true. We'll have to see. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't think so.
The space cadet has spoken.
So, Trump, what about the meantime? I realize this probably a bit too abstract for your brain to consider.
Perhaps we should leave this decision to the more competent brains in Congress.
Mountain Man (Washington State)
The conservatives will love this because they know and everyone else should know there won't ever be a replacement unless Dems control the government again.
1964fleetwood (Setauket)
Why is no one simply addressing the fact that THE only reason he wants it repealed is it's Obama's, plain and simple.
It does not matter why the GOP wants the ACA repealed.
J Waite (WA)
Trump is going back to his earlier desire: He wants the Democrats on their knees begging Trump to allow them to help on a replacement bill.

Well, a similar strategy was tried on the budget awhile back. It was called Sequestration and we all know how well that worked out.
Michael (Boston)
As the Republicans and the president continue to juggle health care hand grenades, the insurance markets are becoming more unstable. Many millions of people who now rely on the ACA, whether because they couldn't previosuly purchase insurance or are now covered by Medicaid, are becoming more and more terrified. This administration and this party have no clue how to govern or attend to the interests of anyone other than themselves.

I left the Republican party more than 40 years ago because they were undermining basic protections for the disadvantaged, manipulating their base by turning citizens against each other, becoming more and more shortsighted, and increasingly favoring rich special interests over the good of the ordinary people they supposedly represented. They've continued this death spiral with this person we now have as president. He is an ignorant, arrogant braggart who lacks basic human decency, and degrades the office he holds.

To think this office was once occupied by Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and the Roosevelts. These were extraordinary men, supremely qualified, with fine political and legal minds and noble ideals. None were perfect of course but orders of magnitude above what we have now.

You may block my comment but I am absolutely revolted by the developments of the past six months.
CB (New York, NY)
It's an excellent comment, and I for one thank you for it. "Terrified" is definitely the right word.
John Koontz (Ft. Lauderdale)
Just the tip of the ice burg, folks...remember, Trump's one page 'proposed' budget cuts out Meals on Wheels for the elderly and disabled, cuts money for PBS (Sesame Street), cuts money for food for poor, hungry American's a "Repeal and Don't Replace" agenda to end all social welfare and increase corporate welfare. When a bankster get's caught stealing a million dollars, the fine is one hundred thousand. No admission of guilt and never any jail time. Nice profit. How can General Electric and others make huge profits, and pay zero Federal Taxes? Why would we give Exxon-Mobile huge tax breaks, but cut out help to our most vulnerable citizens who depend on social services? We used to be a nation of families and friends and neighbors who tried to get along and watched out for each other. That's what made them the "Good Old Days." That's what the Republican Party used to stand for. That's what the entire Christian/Judaic tradition demands. Why have we gone wandering off that path?
Edgar (New Mexico)
Who exactly is up,for reelection in 2018? No time like the present to,start advertising who NOT to vote for when they leave everyone with nothing.
dutchiris (Berkeley, CA)
This could be a very dark day for American healthcare. If the ACA is repealed with the promise that a new, better healthcare act will replace it, you can kiss healthcare goodbye. It was almost impossible for Obama to get anything passed at all, and now the GOP will block it altogether. If this happens, Medicare and Medicaid could be dead as well.
Eric (Ohio)
Every day, I think i have heard the dumbest thing possible. Then I'm surprised the next day when I hear something dumber. But I just can't see how it can get dumber!
Jazzmandel (Chicago)
What Trump says about anything appears to be getting more and more irrelevant (What happened to that Syrian poison gas attack he mentioned early in the week? Tapes of Comey -- are there? There aren't -- or are there? It's infrastructure week, energy week, etc. -- but not worth a tweet). He appears to be totally isolated in the White House, even with his wife and son in residence now, rattling around like a crotchety patient his minders have to be sure doesn't do anything except send wild missives into the air. Leave it to the tv show hosts to take him down, pay attention instead to the cruel, greedy machinations of the GOP.
Mike Edwards (Providence, RI)
Republican think tanks.

Among the most useless institutions out there. Big monies paid to research analysts and yet there is not one Republican tank that can devise a health care plan that President Trump can get behind.
So the best 9 year old president we've ever had wants to repeal the ACA without a replacement, well I think that "WE THE PEOPLE" should repeal the last election and start all over!

According to that document "WE THE PEOPLE" come first and then give the power to the people elected to look out for our needs, but maybe the founding fathers got it wrong.
HANK (Newark, DE)
If ending Obamacare immediately and funding to insurance companies stopped on the spot, does that constitute a breach of contract that could trigger cancellation of active policies right now?
Karen E (NJ)
I heard that they will repeal in spirit , but the actual repeal will take place in one year when by than time they supposedly will have a new plan .
The whole thing is ridiculous. Yes , it does take that long to overhaul healthcare by why repeal at all ?? Just IMPROVE on it for god sakes .
This Republicans are irrational.
ck (Nebraska)
The only "plan" is to 1) Erase the Obama legacy on healthcare because of the campaign promises (which they can do with 50 votes) and 2) Blackmail Democrats into voting for the abominable replacement plan by threatening to leave the system in complete chaos with no plan at all. The only thing we don't know is if anyone will be reading "Green Eggs and Ham" on the Senate floor as Sen. Cruz did during the previous hostage situation.
SW (Los Angeles)
Total repeal, no replacement, has been the goal from day one. The GOP death party wants to get the government out of the healthcare business. They jabber on about "free" markets but what they're really talking about is wealth control, by allowing markets to engage in the most discriminatory practices possible. If they cannot enslave you because of the color of your skin, they intend to let you die.
Dorota (Holmdel)
Obamacare will be repealed, and Trump's supporters will greet it with enthusiasm for nothing makes them more happy that a feeling that Trump, once more, showed it to them. Perhaps this time they finally will realize that it is they who are 'them.'
uga muga (miami fl)
Instead of shooting from the hip, the plan now is to shoot from the lip. Nonetheless it's still "Fire." The "ready" and "aim" are yet to be determined.
Kara Ben Nemsi (On the Orient Express)
Just forget Trump. There will be another "plan" tomorrow.

The guy is hopeless. We will have to live with the fact that we have a loony in the WH for the next 3.5 years. He'll sign anything that will allow him to continue to Twitter.
As long as the Senates turn Democratic next year, all will be well.
Jerry S. (Milwaukee, WI)
Now this is really getting cynical. First, could “repeal, then replace” possibly happen? Part of the push-back by the senators is that the latest proposal would leave 20+ million people with no health care. So what are the chances that these opponents would now agree to a plan that at least for a while and potentially forever would leave ALL of the beneficiaries of the current ACA without coverage? The answer is easy--this is absolutely, positively never going to happen.

But then why would our President pull everyone into a conference room for a grand photo op to advocate for something that is absolutely, positively never going to happen? Say…this wouldn’t by any chance have anything to do with Mika and Joe?

The nation and the world are in crisis. But instead of addressing our many problems our President instead works 24x7 on his futile attempts to build his image. I wish he’d get to work on his actual job, although sadly that seems increasingly unlikely.
David Paquette (Cerritos, CA)
As usual, Mr. Trump has trouble keeping track of anything. It really is awfully complex. Repealing the ACA before replacing it will go over like a lead balloon, even in this Republican Congress. Several Republicans would lose their jobs for sure. Moreover, a real repeal takes a 60% majority, since it isn't a reconciliation process. Trump really, really, really should know that or at least one of his advisers should. Maybe not Bannon or Kushner or Price or ... Oh, so maybe there isn't one of his advisers that knows that.

Debating the merits of repeal and then replace is a bit of a waste of time since that approach will never float. Moreover, considering the inability of the lackluster Republican leadership in being able to get 50 votes for a reconciliation repeal/replace, they would never, ever get the votes for a "replacement".
Patrick (Long Island N.Y.)
I find the fact that Trump can be convinced and reactionary by a single Senator's letter and a Television show very scary indeed.
Patrick Weston (Madison, WI)
Democrats need a simple, inspiring, easily-articulated, and cohesive message. National Health. Show some backbone and start campaigning. Sure, the insurance industry wants to keep their government subsidies. Insurance workers will need new jobs. Relieving the burden of providing private, for profit insurance opens up entrepreneurship tremendously, to say nothing of the tax savings by paying for care, not private sector profit. People don't need health insurance. They need health care.
MsB (Santa Cruz, CA)
We know now from interviews that the Republicans main goal is a win. This development underscores Mr. T's aim as well. "Who knew health care could be so complicated," he famously said. So rather than dig in and figure it out so he could fulfill on his promise of providing something cheaper and better, he back pedals. It's so hard. Boo hoo. So what does he do? He advocates for the simplest, easiest route. Just repeal it and figure it out later. As if that would ever happen.
aphroditebloise (Philadelphia, PA)
The President simply does not know what he's doing. His "pronouncements" consist of whatever comes to his mind at the moment, soon to be forgotten by him or contradicted by him. Who can take him seriously?
blackmamba (IL)
Ever since Prince Donald Trump made the ' wise merit qualified' business life choice to inherit a New York City real estate empire from his German American father he has never had any concern about his and his families access to affordable quality health care.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act aka ACA aka Obamacare began as the conservative Republican Party Heritage Foundation's capitalist free market corporate plutocrat oligarch proposed response the failed Clinton Administration era healthcare reform effort.

Candidate Obama was opposed to the individual health care mandate and penalty and for a robust public option. President Obama flip flopped on both issues thus infecting it with his colored African condition and bringing Republican opposition. Instead of repealing Obamacare it's flaws should be reformed, repaired and rehabilitated.

Trump is way too ignorant, immature and insecure to master either the minute details or the big policy parts of health care reform.

Single payer health care yesterday. Single payer health care today. Single payer health care tomorrow.
Deirdre Diamint (New Jersey)
Great idea...full repeal
Then I think they should finish the job and allow hospitals and other medical facilities to deny service if the patient cannot pay.

They can drop them off at the jails...where patients can trade day labor for healthcare. Then we can use those day laborers to fix our infrastructure. We can pay them minimum wage in trade for healthcare at the highest allowable price. They will never get out.

Are we winning yet? This is almost too good to be true!
How can you not like this is a great plan..great for everyone - right?
William Sears (Lexington)
I don't think he cares much what's in it. He just wants to pass something. The Senate probably won't bite. If they did, it's hard to see how it gets fixed before 2019.
Lesothoman (NYC)
What don't Republicans know that they will know in a year from now? This is 'kick the can down the road' government. I have a better solution: Let's repeal Republican Congressmen's and Senators' health insurance and replace it when they improve on Obamacare. Until then, what's good for the goose should be good for the Republican government.
Flak Catcher (New Hampshire)
This is another example of irrational behavior/thinking. Donald Trump is mentally ill.
His entire campaign, his behaviors, his lack of respect for others in highly visible circumstances...
Paul Wortman (East Setauket, NY)
How about just working across the aisle, as Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) urged, to fix and stabilize the Affordable Care Act exchanges and the insurance market that is now in turmoil as Republicans try single-handedly to not only effectively repeal it, but also Medicaid along with it. That's what such a major legislative act that effects over one-sixth of our economy demands. That the President would recommend just "repeal" destroying the insurance market and denying over 24 million health care shows either monumental ignorance or insensitivity or both.
Cjmesq0 (Bronx, NY)
It's what the GOP politicians ran on since 2009, giving them 1000 seats since: Repeal Obamacare. Not replace. Full repeal.

The president and Rand Paul are correct: Repeal now. Let the free market reign, and you won't have to worry about some bogus replacement.
B (Minneapolis)
Obviously Trump doesn't realize that neither the House nor the Senate bill repeals Obamacare. If he had read their bills he would know that their bills just edit the Obamacare law (PPACA). Their bills delete some sections of Obamacare, such as the sections that tax wealthy individuals and health corporations, edit other sections, such as continuing Medicaid expansion and premium subsidies until just after the 2018 elections, and add new sections like cutting Medicaid funding by 36%. Those deletions, edits and additions are what Republicans call Replacement.
If they removed Obamacare entirely and immediately as Trump requests, millions would lose coverage before the 2018 elections and the general (taxpayer funded) federal appropriation would go away. Republicans are relying upon the appropriation paid by all taxpayers to fund almost $700 billion in reduced taxes upon the wealthy and corporations plus the approximately $700 billion Republicans added in their edits - for tax credits, market stabilization, funds to non-expansion states, etc.
There is no way Republicans would support an immediate and full repeal of Obamacare.
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