Senator Urges Fellow Republicans to Heed Warnings on Releasing Secret Memo

Feb 01, 2018 · 613 comments
Release the FISA application!
Sam Kantera (NYC)
We all know that Trump is corrupt charlatan. But it is shocking that the entire Republican Party is comprised of ALL spineless cowards, not one man to stand up to this abomination of justice and obvious ruse. They will pay.
weese07 (San Diego, CA)
Well well, when can we have this con artist in the people's house, along with Nunes, Kelly, Ryan, and all the other traitors tried for treason? I believe we have a constitutional obligation correct?
SMB (Savannah)
When an entire political party supports Russia and a deeply compromised unfit president instead of their own country, this is a betrayal from within. When Republicans viciously attack the premier law enforcement agency, viciously attack agents and senior law officials, viciously attack the intelligence community, and release classified information even after being told it jeopardizes national security, they no longer care about law and order or about the protection of this country. This hasn't happened too often in history. There were small Nazi and Communist parties in America before WWII and the Cold War but not led by the president and not as one of the two major parties. When one party becomes treasonous and corrupt and tries to destroy both the law enforcement and intelligence communities to protect its leader and money sources, it is usually in a banana republic or dictatorship. En masse, the GOP has defected and no longer is true to their constitutional oath of office. The GOP is shrinking by the day, the resistance is growing, law enforcement can no longer support the corruption and treason of the GOP, and the kleptocracy cannot buy everyone. There will be a reckoning for this massive betrayal of the United States by those who are supposed to protect it.
Jim (Ogden UT)
So Nunes, a guy with a degree in agriculture, is telling the FBI how it should be doing its job as it investigates Trump, a compulsive liar whom he adores.
appalled (nyc)
If Paul Ryan is truly interested in transparency, why won't he also release the Minority's memo as well as any unclassified materials prepared by the Intelligence Community? He is so hypocritical!!
Wimsy (CapeCod)
Why is anyone surprised that a man who handed Israel's top secrets to the Russians in the Oval Office -- and put their agents at risk -- would do the same to American spies? The man's an absolute disgrace.
Alfie (San Francisco)
Like the president’s, Republicans’ hypocrisy is becoming unbearable. If they want transparency, they could start by demanding that the president release his tax returns... still being audited... really? How about his majesty’s DC hotel and bribery center? Or his various Golf and cronyism clubs. They are past grotesque.
Gman (Usa)
Who in their right mind believes Trump could get through a four-page memo? Hannity will have to read it to him on air.
Patrick (Long Island N.Y.)
The Republican Memo is purported to be a criticism of the F.B.I. as politically inclined towards the Democrats................ Well thank God! Clinton was clearly the superior well qualified and experienced candidate to be President over this ridiculous narcissist. My faith in the F.B.I. is significantly improved knowing they liked the Democrats over Trump. Let that be the lesson of the Memo written out of jealous vindictive scorn by the less than admirable Republicans.
Alan (CT)
Attack the accuser, just like they do to woman who come forward about sexual assault. Except now all of decent Americans are woman and the Trump administration is the attacker. I am sickened by these events.
rmanson1000 (Renee11)
Will someone please do a bit a research? I'm sure there were plenty of negative messages about Clinton in internal communications at the FBI in 2016. That would show definitively that if you act stupid you will be criticized by FBI agents - bid deal! The assumption that someone can't criticize a major public figure in private message AND still do their job is just wrong and insulting to everyone in law enforcement. Conversely, if you praise the person your office is investigating that means you can do a good job? Another waste of time by Republicans trying to create a smoke screen for their ethically compromised rainmaker - SAD!!
Labete (Sardinia)
Loser Republicans Jeff Flake, John McCain, Bob Corker and Lindsay Graham should defect over to the other side and become Democrats. At least, we Republicans would then know where we stand. Not only do the Dems have no policy or direction besides criticizing Trump and supporting the corrupt Clintons, they are also worried about being exposed when the FISA memo gets out. I predict a huge Republican victory in November to add to the victory in 2016.
Anna (NY)
Political bias? Prejudice? Cops are biased and prejudiced against criminals.... that’s why they are cops!
PMIGuy (Virginia)
That the President is guilty of all allegations in the Russia-Election scandal is no longer in doubt. If Mr. Trump had nothing to fear from Mr. Mueller’s investigation neither the White House or Mr. Nunes would be have to undermine the credibility of Mr. Mueller’s team and the FBI. Impeachment should be the first order of business after the mid-terms if they restore Dems to a majority. The President is unfit and Mr. Nunes is a pathetic footnote example of collusion, obstruction and feckless opportunism. So deeply sad for the nation when those sworn to protect its institutions and rally and govern its people show themselves to be mendacious, rapacious war profiteers and scoundrels
Rebecca (Wisconsin)
The image that came to my mind, yet another example of this inept administration and their devoted pet underlings, is an evening at a Japanese steakhouse – chopping, gnashing, flying, flipping, tossing, searing. Follow the shrimp, IF you are fast enough, and many American citizens are. Dinner and oh what a show.
babyboomer (Simsbury, CT)
All the Democrats who thought they could get away with cheating, lying and doing every underhanded trick in the book to insure Hilary won, never for the life of them thought they would get found out. Well guess what ? Anyone who fights so hard to have something kept hidden from the American public HAS SOMETHING to hide. I can't wait.
Rick G (Saratoga Springs, NY)
Not sure why this is being called a memo. It's really just an opinion piece. Schiff needs to take a page out of Feinstein's book and release his opinion piece regardless of how their committee voted.
H. Clark (Long Island, NY)
The events surrounding the release of the memo feel sickening similar to how it felt after September 11, 2001. On that fateful day we were brazenly attacked by zealots hellbent on upending our American democracy. This time, Trump and Company are perpetrating a similarly insidious brand of terrorism, but now it comes from within. Knowing that an American president is perpetrating this evil behavior — along with Nunez and other GOP co-conspirators — reinforces how fragile our democracy really is at this point. If Trump and his sycophantic cohort are not stopped, we can bid farewell to America as we know it. What a horrid pity.
Richard Monckton (San Francisco, CA)
Organized crime could use this as a legal precedent and sue the FBI for spying on them. The descendants of Al Capone could argue their granddaddy was unfairly investigated by the FBI. As for politicizing the FBI, well, the FBI has been a political arm since its creation, and there has never been any doubts on which side of the spectrum they stood - their spying on Martin Luther King was the most obvious example. What Trump and his stooges want is to go beyond politicizing the FBI and turn it into an extension of their party, along the lines of KGB in the times of the Soviet Union, or the Stasi in East Germany. Uneducated White Voters, with their low IQ and racial resentment, are paving the way for this transformation.
Bill (Madison, Ct)
I suspect the memo was written by the white house and given to Nunes. Of course they'll allow him to release it.
G. W. Tenery (Florida)
First of all, the "secret memo" is no secret. It was concocted, crafted and manipulated by Republican Staffers. Then it was "changed" before going to the White House. Nunes is the "new, improved" Joe McCarthy and history will not be kind to him and the GO/Tea enablers that led America downward. Be proud all you that voted GOP! I can only hope that the 30 Million that didn't vote will turn out for the midterms and boot the GOP to the curb!
Eisenhower (West of Eden)
Trump Memo = M-A-I (Made As Instructed) Trump's been a covert KGB (GRU / SVR /FSB) compromised agent since he visited Moscow in '87 and met Soviet officials at the Kremlin, as a private citizen at the height of the Cold War.
Fred (Chicago)
This would be pathetic if it weren’t such a travesty. Congressional oversight of our nation’s law enforcement, military and intelligence operations is vital to a democracy, but how is this the right way to handle this? Republicans have a concern (most likely invented) about a law enforcement agency, but instead of taking it directly to the Executive Branch, they concoct a “secret memo” in order to publicly whine about it. How about a “secret memo” regarding the Trump family’s finances?
John (Bernardsville, NJ)
Did Nunes recuse himself or not?
Keith (Merced)
Patel and Nunes wrote a report on material they never read according to news reports yesterday, and we're supposed to believe these charlatans like we're supposed to believe his neighbor from Bakersfield, Kevin McCarthy, knows anything about government regulation of small business because he ran a deli in his uncle's yogurt shop without getting a business license! Rich.
Rebecca (Michigan)
As is his wont, the President has yet again made an accusation based on what he is doing. "Fake Media" when he is lying. "Breaking a sacred trust", when he is the one who has done so. Accusing the FBI of being partisan, when he is the most partisan politician I can remember. Maybe he just assumes others act as he would given a similar situation. Or maybe he makes preemptive accusations. Whatever his reason, he is all the things he accuses his opponents of and more. He is a disgrace to the office of the President.
Allison (Austin, TX)
Devin Nunes is the man who sneaks over to the White House in the middle of the night to pick up secret information and then afterward pretends to be a neutral party on the investigative committee. He should have been censured or else recused himself from this investigation. Please don't treat him as if he were an honorable or even a credible human being.
John (Stowe, PA)
Of course he will have the same decision for releasing the ACCURATE Democratic authored assessment............................. With this attack on the world's premier law enforcement agency as part of the ongoing campaign of obstruction of justice the illegitimate president has given EVERY appeal by every inmate in federal prison the argument they have always wanted- "The PRESIDENT says you cannot trust the FBI" All this is understandable for trump. He knows Leavenworth will be his new home when Mueller is done. We can assume the same for every Republican helping him undermine the rule of law in a desperate attempt to avoid prison.
ondelette (San Jose)
No, Mr. King. Regular guys don't act as fixers for coups d'etats. Unless maybe you're trying to channel Hannah Arendt?
Jean D (Virginia)
Paul Revere ... sound the alarm! Our Constitution, is being torn to shreds! A conniving reality t.v. show manipulator is holding the reigns of a fast-growing plutocracy, formerly known as our democracy. Our nation has been hijacked by the ruling class who greedily buy elections, gerrymander and discriminate with the goal of polarizing and separating the people. This is yet another attempt to create a smoke screen of distrust in the institutions that protect us. Our country is quickly moving towards becoming a right-winded authoritarian nationalist government. We must all become the freedom riders ~ sound the alarm and take action - before it's too late! It is time!
Phil M (New Jersey)
I've always loathed the FBI i.e. Hoover, the John Lennon deportation procedures and so on. Now I am rooting for them. Just shows how corrupt the GOP and Trump are.
GreedRulesUS (Santa Barbara)
The Republicans and their king are disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful. What has become of our once (aspiring to be) great nation? There is one thing that has been made perfectly clear since this whole historical trump-as-president debacle, and that is the GOP are over all uneducated or unable to understand our nations constitution and are almost void of the concept of democracy.
KM (Houston)
It occurs to me that the Times hasn't been publishing its profiles of responsible Republicans for a bit. Finally learn your lesson?
gc (chicago)
this doesn't have to back to Watergate or the Pentagon Papers or Iran Contra.... just got o Bush2 and Valerie Plame...
D. E. R. (JC, NJ)
I've cleared the way for the release of your tax returns. Pony up, pal!
Kathryn Sampson (Alhambra, California)
Categorizing Trump and Nunes as the village idiot and court jester, as rediculous figures, denies the threat they are trying to foster on the American people, our values and democracy. Together with the House of Representatives their actions are deleterious and approaching treason. Under this adminstration the GOP members in the House have consistently undermined the rule of law in their determination to pass their agenda and consolidate power. They are keeping their plans secret? Since when is that regarded as democracy in action? These are damgerous times. Contacting our elected employees, joining protests, marching in Washington, and more is necessary to protect ourselves and the constitution.
marriea (Chicago, Ill)
If as indicated the GOP gave their own version of an FBI memo, then the memo is not accurate, but based on what this GOP member thinks it should be, But yet Trump in true Trump fashion is going to pass it off as original. What a piece of work.
Jomo (San Diego)
The crux of all this is an attempt to show the FBI is/was biased against Trump. I know nothing of the FBI, but I've known many cops, and every last one was politically conservative. During the 2016 campaign, I repeatedly read that the FBI staff were strongly pro-Trump. We now know that both candidates were being investigated, but they chose to release damaging info only on Clinton. The Republican FBI Director even went so far as to make an 11th-hour announcement about reopening the investigation against Clinton, which influenced the election, but turned out to be nothing. So there's abundant reason to think the FBI may be slanted right, while the evidence to the contrary is remarkably slim: a couple of individual agents exchanging personal emails, and a Dep. Dir. married to a Democrat. Hard to paint a picture of liberal conspiracy here, especially with both Congressional committees, DOJ and the Meuller investigation run by Republicans.
mecmec (Austin, TX)
Release his tax records. And let's move on, Mr. Mueller! The truth shall prevail.
NoJustice (Out Here, Somewhere)
This memo supposedly exposes corruption and bias in the FBI against the President. Can we also see a memo that exposes the Guiliani - FBI corruption perpetrated days before the election? After all, he did proclaim his FBI friends had "a couple of things up our sleeves that should turn things around." No Justice For All
AzTraveler (Phoenix)
Only Maxwell Smart can stop the utter KAOS of trump.
Tricia (California)
This is such nonsense. Intelligence was doing their job. FISA is not easy to get. We would be upset if they didn't look after possible spies. Nunes is as much a criminal as Trump. For God's sake, this country is in such a chaotic mess, being run by children.
Harley Leiber (Portland OR)
One mystery has finally been put to rest, Devin Nunes ( R-Whitehouse) has been identified in the memo as the fourth stooge...Moe, Larry, Curly and Devin.
Chico (New Hampshire)
Trump is starting to act publically more guilty than anything Richard Nixon did until the noose was around his neck in Watergate. This Trump Whitehouse and Trump family is looking like the most corrupt and despicable group ever to inhabit the swamp, in fact they are worse than the swamp, they are the cesspool.
BO Krause (Victoria, Texas)
Drain that swamp.
Manderine (Manhattan)
Too bad donny didn’t shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue. He would be in jail or at least on trial, NOT IN THE WHITEHOUSE.
James Murphy (Providence Forge, Virginia)
So begins the dictatorship of America.
AhBrightWings (Cleveland)
If this were a musical, it would be something along the lines of "Springtime for Hitler." We'd need a zippy little number in which a wide-eyed naif would sing a number called "Let Me Get This Straight!" Some of the lyrics would cover this: Let me get this straight... A memo forged by those who had not even read the intel, filled with lies, misrepresentations, and cherry picked details designed to suggest the president was innocent of wrong doing-- a document the WH, itself, cannot deny may have been written with the aid of White House insiders-- a document which the president glibly announced IS designed to exonerate him, a document being peddled by the same man, Nunes, already caught red-handed sneaking across the lawn to hand-deliver classified documents to the man who would be king (plowing through the line between two of the branches of government), a document fully half of those who have had access to it claim is dishonest in intent and deceptive and dangerous in detail, a document numerous national security advisers have declared dangerous, a document that while doing nothing to inform us of anything may well lead our allies to forgo sharing future intel with us, that sorry little rag of a document is being trotted out to "prove" --prove, mind you!--that there is no complicity, colluding or cover-up. Put it to music so we can howl with laughter.
JeffreyHF (Birmingham, Mi)
Block it? His staff wrote it, along with his tool, Nunes.
Marvin (NY)
Ah,I hear it now. The sound of marching jackboots and the refrain - TRUMP UBER ALLES.
Chico (New Hampshire)
I listen to Paul Ryan talking about what people should or should not take away from the release of the Nunes memo, and he either has to be the biggest liar or the dumbest guy in Washington.
Victorious Yankee (USA)
Then release it you whiney little kochists. We dare you. With all the drama accompanying its release, it had better be mind blowing, paradigm shifting stuff. Because if its as much of a letdown as the old man's Fake News Awards, or his Birther investigation results, the kochists are gonna' look even dumber than they already do. Besides, the FBI has dealt with much tougher characters than this morbidly obese draft dodging pornstar renter who had his scalp stitched together to hide the bald spots. The FBI took down the Gambino crime family. Trump couldn't make casinos work.
Manderine (Manhattan)
Of course the racist and self proclaimed sexual predator in the White House is NOT going to block any thing the GOP uses to protect him from the Mueller investigation. He is too busy plotting ways to get his base to believe he needs to pre-emptiviely attack North Korea. This is all a distraction and a way to divide and conquer.
gene (fl)
Fake facts coming from a fake committee headed by Nunes a fake patriot approved by a fake President. I dont believe anything coming from the liar in chief.Nothing.
Don (USA)
This memo will help to expose the lawlessness of the Democrats and Obama administration. Hillary exposed top secret information and walked away free because Comey thought she didn't intend to break the law. Trump needs to prosecute those who were involved and remove the corruption.
ralph stephan (seattle)
It isn't that Trump is "allowing" the memo to be released. It is that Trump NEEDS the memo to undermine the consequences of his treasonous actions. The really sad part is that he's learned that there are enough gullible people to make this worth his while, even though it cannot succeed.
William S. Oser (Florida)
Would anyone who thought Trump might block release please comment as to why they thought that? Seriously folks, the only reason for this memo is to divert attention to Mueller's investigation. Maybe he will find something bordering on treason at which point the House won't impeach him or Mueller won't, at which point the House still won't impeach him, except that this time they will have good reason not to.
WellRead9 (LA)
How much damage, pain, collusion, death and destruction has been perpetrated on the American People shielded by cries of "National Security, Need to Know!" The Dems were furious when it was used to protect those on the Right, now claiming it to protect their effort to discredit this President, who, by the way, swayed a ton of voters on Tuesday while they sat grumbling with their arms crossed, ineffective as usual. Let's see what all the fuss is about. It does appear by all accounts that the FBI was suckered, and the Dems have built an entire strategy around that nonsense. WR
Gaucho54 (California)
I could write a well thought out treatise on Nunez, the memo and the media, however, While the media is totally preoccupied with this memo, while the NY Times readers will debate this topic, the Russians are finalizing their plans to interfere with the mid term elections. Trump, or whoever the real brains are behind this coup d'etat, are giving a day to day lesson in how to topple a democratic republic. The Russians are but one part. We need to wake up!
Arnold (NY)
Within the last year, I truly ponder what is the greatest threat to our national security. We are the proverbial boiling frog.
WeHadAllBetterPayAttentionNow (Southwest)
Most everything Trump does harms the Unites States and helps Russia.
Phil Levitt (West Palm Beach)
It is possible that Trump is not a Russian asset or agent, but he sure acts like one. Of course, he may be attempting to cover his hindquarters with this phony memo. The Russians would certainly like him to remain in power, so it is a win-win for Trump and our enemies if this second rate piece of propaganda is released.
drcmd (sarasota, fl)
There is nothing to this memo, it is bland and banal, as this article quotes a leading Democrat. Why is everyone so upset about it, and why such a huge effort on so many individuals and institutions part to prevent its publication? It is a worthless memo, lets move on folks, right?
New England Patriot (Boston)
The republic is in peril....where are the voices of reason? Russian money permeates the NRA, Trump and the Republicans. Are there any patriots in the Republican Party? Blue wave 2018, 2020!
Fox (Bodega Bay)
Is there a single patriot on the Right?
JeffP (Brooklyn)
It's time to impeach this would-be dictator. He's too stupid to understand that his very behavior suggests he's guilty, and those of us who have watched him lie for decades didn't need that to know he's a common lowlife criminal.
cartercraft (hoboken, nj)
a guilty person will say or do anything to save themselves. #Muslims #Christians and everyone else knows that. #humannature #forbetterorworse
Charles Rogers (Hudson Ohio)
Of course he will he does not want to be impreached for Treason aginst the nation.
Leonard D (Long Island New York)
Putin's Puppet has no worries about memos containing classified information necessary for our national security. Putin's Puppet already knew what was in the; Nunes-Weasel-Propaganda-Memo . . . after all, this would not be the first time that the White House has crafted a document for Nunes the Weasel to release as his own work. Putin must be overjoyed at the performance his Puppet has turned in for 2017. And for all of the Puppets great work for Russia, he have been allowed to plunder the American people and fill the pockets of himself - his family - his wealthy friends . . . all with the clinically insane notion that he's a great president ! My prediction; The Fox Crowd of morons will go wild with joy for a few days with the "confirmation" of the "dark state" working against Trump through the DOJ . . . . all to be debunked when the Democrats release their "side" of the memo - which must - by design - contain verifiable FACTS. If Wray resigns - a direct installment by Putin's Puppet . . . this will solidify the unity of all those great people working in our intelligence community. Yes, this looks bad - and will probably get worse - but how can we see this as anything but a "Death Spiral" !
Pat (NYC)
Traitors. Nunes must be kicked off the committee and driven from Congress Californians in the 22nd do your job and get rid of this obsequious traitor!
Steve (Maryland)
This is an Intelligence Committee Memo, not a Republican Memo. And it was edited by the Intelligence Committee at the request of the FBI. I don't like Trump, but the way this story is being reported is simply wrong.
Mick (Los Angeles)
What? You are so misinformed. This is Devon Nunez memo put together with the White House. There was no democratic I’ll put in any of this. Are there was no facts in any of this. No you do not like trump you love shrimp that is evident. You and Putin both.
Kurt Pickard (Murfreesboro, TN)
At some point it's best to tear down an old, dilapidated building instead of fixing the persistent problems. This is one of those times.
Steve H (Clarksville, AR)
This provides even more proof that Trump wants the investigation to stop now. Keeps saying he has nothing to do with the Russians, except he has secrete meeting with them and seems to place Russian intel above that of the FBI. Very Sad state of affair to see so many Republicans are in on the Russian Trump Coup to discredit the FBI and DOJ.
jwgibbs (Cleveland, Ohio)
The damage to the country from the Trump presidency may not be realized for years down the road. (When a fool throws a rock in the garden it takes ten wise men to remove it.) Bill Clinton signed a law in the 90s that killed the Glass Steagal Act, created during the Depression to separate the activity of investment banking from commercial banking. We all know what happened 10 years later.
galtsgulch (sugar loaf, ny)
Party over country again. The GOP better hope they are never out of power. What they have ignored and/or supported during this presidency leave them zero room for criticism in the future. I never would have ever thought I'd see the day when the GOP rolled over for the Russians. I was wrong.
John Decker (NYC)
Given that Trump is condemning the "top leadership" of the FBI and Justice Department, that means he is attacking his own appointees (Sessions, Rosenstein, Wray, et al.), all of whom were confirmed by a Republican-led Senate. Yet Trump offers not the slightest indication of regret or remorse for having installed these apparently duplicitous individuals. How does he think they came to power, by osmosis? Trump can't have it both ways -- either he's responsible for their "crimes" or they aren't the least bit criminal.
Peter Scanlon (Woodland Park,CO)
The resignation of huge numbers of employees in the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies would send a very clear message to Trump and others.
thinker (lafayette, Indiana)
The actions of the republicans is very disturbing. They have long claimed to be the law and order party, and it appears they are trying to destroy the FBI. The republicans, like conservative Christians, seem to have flexible values. For years we have heard their claims to moral superiority over the rest of us. Now when they have the chance to take the high road, they trip over themselves to get to the low road. If they were what they have claimed to be for all these years, they would allow the investigation to continue without trying to interfere. The obvious attempts to undermine this investigation have stripped away the curtain that they have been hiding behind for years. If they were concerned about this country, I would think they would want to know if the Russians had help in disrupting the election. But they would rather not have it out there. Donald Trump might need them again.
jwp-nyc (New York)
Trump believes in taking risks commensurate with mitigating his potential losses in a game theory model of winner take all. The downside of this approach is that it exposes its purveyor and those associated with it to catastrophic consequences. Trump has gone through life, throwing contractors, associates, former associates, wives, and children under the bus - ask the members of his clan who had their health support cut off. He claims he always 'protects his' - that's because when he destroys them he disowns them. Look at how he's already paddled his lifeboat away from Carter Page, Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort (who?). So far, he has paid all his legal defense funds for himself and his son only - and those alone have accounted for 25% of the humongous amount of 'campaign contributions' he extorted. We are going to watch the crash of the biggest, hugest, Ponzi scheme in the history of Western Civilization since the Panama Canal - and at least after destroying a government in France and contributing to conditions that caused a war in Europe, that canal wound up getting built by the U.S. All we're getting from Trump is going to be the destruction of eight years of painstaking reconstruction of the U.S. military and economy by our first black president. And, in the most disgusting and disheartening light - that is all Trump's voting base ever wanted - that negation and denial of achievement and unity our nation reached out to achieve and had in the eyes of the world.
John (NYC)
How is it that, all these NYT readers who have never seen the memo, or that most in the media bloviating have never seen it, can make such declaratory denunciations. Release it so I can be the judge of it and make my own political choices and opinions, free of uninformed commentary based on political partisanship.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
I've been here for over 20 years absorbing Republican character, such as it is.
cbindc (dc)
Trump's memo all the way. Crafted inside the White House and designed to confuse the suckers who think he is legitimate. Thats why the "release" narrative is so well coordinated throughout the GOP propaganda machine. Why is the legitimate press going along for this ride?
mikecody (Niagara Falls NY)
And you have read the memo in order to make these claims? Please share the contents with the rest of us poor mortals.
Jules (California)
Could this action by Trump trigger a Deep Throat from within intelligence, to rescue our country?
Trumpit (L.A.)
Enough of the Sturm und Drang since the election of Trump. He needs to be impeached as soon as possible. The decent, law-abiding center of the country demands it.
wildwest (Philadelphia)
Would J. Edgar Hoover have put up with these shenanigans? I think not. I think Hoover would have dug up dirt on the likes of both Nunes and Ryan and started selectively leaking it by now. If the Trumpies think they can out leak the FBI they may be in for some very unpleasant surprises. Look at that smug smile on Ryan's face as he lies about this not being an orchestrated attack on the FBI. What an insult to our collective intelligence. The Republicans must think the rest of us are a bunch of idiots to fall for their chicanery or perhaps they are hoping Uncle Vlad will somehow bail them out of their difficulties. Nunes and Ryan have both crossed the line into overt criminality and are now aiding and abetting an assault on our most important institutions while obstructing justice in the most transparent way imaginable. Personally I would love to see them both in orange jumpsuits staring back at the camera from behind bars. In my opinion that would be a very fitting end to this ridiculous, silly and incredibly unfortunate episode.
Sam Pringle (Jacksonville Fl)
Try as he may...Trump will never be clean in the Russian investigation...from refusing to release his taxes to fabricating a fake story for his son..GUILTY...If Nostradamus were predicting the outcome he would say..jail time is in the future for the first family of American crime. Ryan..Nunes will be checked as henchmen and go down as well..The Republican Party will be known as the party that tried to end our republic...Thanks Nostradamus!
William Carlson (Massachusetts)
Trump changes his mind faster than a rocket. I personally would like to see the memo to see how ridiculous the house investigation may be. Remember beghazzi?
Hedley Lamarr (NYC)
A cancer from within. That’s a way to describe the FBI people who acted to sway an election because of their personal dislike of Donald Trump. Two dumb as dirt agents, who thought their text messages vaporized after transmission, have disgraced the agency. Good agents, current and retired, are mortified. My question is simple: How long do we have to keep paying them? And liberals, above all, should be frightened by this attempted coup from within. We cannot have government agencies used as bludgeons against people and ideas. I thought the IRS abuses of Republican 501C applicants were bad until I saw this FBI debacle. This should scare the pants off all of us.
Geoffrey (Thornton)
Trump whines it’s a Democratic witch hunt. But, all Trumps detractors are republican. Sessions AG DOJ Rosenstein Acting AG McCabe #2 DOJ Wray Director FBI Mueller Special Investigator For someone professing innocence, Trump certainly acts guilty
Mick (Los Angeles)
Can I get a shout out from people who don’t think that Trump is so totally guilt of not only Collusion but obstruction, money laundering, and conspiracy, treason. We all know he is guilty of all these crimes yet he’s being coddled by a corrupt Republican Party. The FBI should go to the White House and cuff this criminal and take to jail. If they don’t who will?
Ricky (Texas)
I just saw on the news this "so-called" tweeted in 2014 he said it would be wrong to declassify/release at that time CIA intel as it would harm our men and women who work in those fields. I guess that same concern is not relevant today since he feel's it's 100% okay to release the Nunes memo, but wait its to help him, so he thinks. I think most Americans will realize that the memo is as the FBI is stating is a false narrative with out the full intelligence report. The FBI can debunk the memo but they are in a tuff spot, because they can't fill in the parts left out in the memo, names and sources. #45 has been trying to stop/call it a witch hunt/use fake news on the Russia Investigation for over a year. The truth needs to come out.
Brett (North Carolina)
Donald Trump is such an incredible cry-baby. The lengths he is willing to go to soothe his bruised ego is truly astonishing. Nothing, literally nothing, matters more to him than his own sense of grievance. It's pathetic on a personal level, and material dangerous to the well being of the United States.
Turgid (Minneapolis)
How can Paul Ryan and the Republicans pretend that anything in the Steele Dossier is out of character given the words coming out of Trump's own mouth? How is it that a man who proudly bragged that he freely grabbed women's genitals whenever he wanted because he was a celebrity can be put forward as some sort of naive victim? How does a guy who says he could murder someone on 5th Avenue and no one would care deserve to be protected by a FISA court judge? How can anyone call themselves an American and not want this guy put in jail?
kfm (US Virgin Islands)
One of the many things that bothers me about this abdication of moral decency, is feeling such utter lack of respect for SO MANY! These "servants of the people", who are sworn to "uphold the Constitution", are a vile lot. I'm taking names. Hope you are, too.
Michael (D)
The Repubs desire to get "drunk" now without considering the extended and very dangerous "hangover" this will cause this country is idiocy, These elected officials are children.
Duane McPherson (Groveland, NY)
Wasn't Christopher Steele originally hired by a Republican group to investigate Trump? Why is that fact absent from this story?
Getreal (Colorado)
The hypocrites bellowed. They howled "Lock Her Up" while Trump did his rumba to "made up" charges against his opponent. (Who won the election by 3,000,000 ballots) Why the silence from Trump worshipers as the traitorous "Putin's Puppet" actually damages our intelligence agencies before the world ? I'll tell you. One was Fake. This is real. Trump worshippers only believe in the Fake.
Neil (Wisconsin)
Wouldn't really expect any different behavior, from a traitor like Trump and the minions who have sworn him fealty.
Most folks here have jumped to conclusions without reading the Memo. Wow! Do you realize how messed-up that is - it's hysteria.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Nunes is just a stooge throwing sand in the public's face as the destruction of the federal judiciary proceeds apace.
New to NC (Hendersonville NC)
Clearly, Putin is getting his money’s worth.
Katherine (Quincy, IL)
This is not news. He never considered it.
jimsr (san francisco)
Release the summary of facts and let the FBI clarify their concerns i.e. Schiff has lost his credibility so please go sit in the corner with Pelosi
Ginger Walters (Chesapeake, VA)
I'm sure no one is surprised. What seems crystal clear is that DT and the GOP are guilty of obstruction. They are all despicable. Not one of them has the moral fortitude or courage to speak up or do the right thing for the country. Shame on all of them!!
Darius (UK)
Nothing but a tin pot banana republic the US has devolved into. No moral leadership. Never again will the US be able to lecture any other countries.
David (California)
This is not the end of democracy, at least not yet - but the end is most definitely coming. What we are experiencing is the ever-growing mushroom cloud from the detonation of the bomb that exploded November 8, 2016. The daily damage to our democracy that is on ready display on a daily basis seems to keep getting notched up - now releasing non-redacted classified documents to save Elmer's rear, this after hitting pay dirt by trashing Hillary for her reckless use of classified material????? The unofficial end has already occurred, all we're doing now is merely looking for a soft place to land.
John Stroughair (PA)
The Republican party is now a criminal organization. It has to be closed down, preferably through a RICO prosecution.
Nasty Armchair Warrior (Boulder Creek, Ca)
He probably knows there’s nothing incriminating in it
Hank (Parker)
Try this "Weak president Golf can't overcome personal insecurity so endorses Nunes audition for Fox network shill by trading American lawfulness and FBI professionalism for partisan tripe."
Cletus Butzin (Buzzard River Gorge, Brooklyn)
I'd catch myself up on this story but as I look through my kaleidoscope out my stained glass window I can see my shaggy dog has started down the garden path again and I am dutifully compelled to follow.
Yuri Pelham (Bronx, NY)
Hopefully will backfire. More hopefully an overwhelming majority of Americans will recognize it for what it is. Hope and a prayer.
Check Reality vs Tooth Fairy (In the Snow)
Donald Trump’s deep state. WASHINGTON [HP] — The key law enforcement figures in what President Donald Trump and his allies have characterized as a “deep state” conspiracy against him are not lefties or even Democrats: They are Republicans. And Trump picked a number of them himself. Trump and Republicans are continuing to attack the nation’s top law enforcement organizations to undermine the special counsel investigation into his campaign, which has already resulted in criminal charges against four Trump associates. But factually speaking, it’s really tough for Trump backers to credibly argue that the deck has been stacked against the president, simply based on the political leanings of the key figures in the case. Robert Mueller: is a Republican. Rod Rosenstein: is a Republican Christopher Wray is another Republican James Comey: is a registered Republican Jeff Sessions: is most definitely a Republican Andrew McCabe: participated in the Republican primary
Bruce Pippin (Monterey, Ca. )
Once Trump destroys the credibility of the Justice department, compromises all the judges and turns the FBI into his own secret police force, where will the people go for justice, Russia?
R (The Middle)
Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and all Republicans in Congress who do not condemn this purely partisan denigration of our law enforcement agencies and public servants are 100% operating against the best interests of all American citizens. This is an abdication of their sworn duties. They are betraying their oath and all of them should be recalled. Starting with Nunes.
Philly (Expat)
This is called transparency, Americans have a right to know if the F.B.I. misused their authority to obtain a secret surveillance order on a former Trump campaign associate. The Democrats talk about the Russian collusion but here it looks an awful lot like FBI collusion. Imagine if the Bush FBI had done the same when candidate Obama was running in 2008. The FBI and MSM is obviously spinning this as a security issue when it is a CYA issue. The American people have every right to know if there was interference or not in the 2016 election, by Russia or by the FBI!!
Susan Anderson (Boston)
Facts: read this: Calling spin the truth and the truth spin is not honest. It's dishonest. Not just Russian but Republicans have been interfering with our elections for decades (see Bush v. Gore, with Bush's brother Jeb the governor, Bush's campaign gal as FL sec'y of state, and millions of votes all over the country discredited). The machinery of vote cheating means we are now subject to the minority, who are enabling the kleptocracy at speed.
P Lock (albany, ny)
Okay then for the sake of transparency then why don't the republicans allow the release of the democratic memo on this issue that rebuts the statements in the republican memo. Until they do this you can't say republicans are being transparent but instead one sided and partisan. Americans deserve to see both sides of the story. That's the way a democracy works.
R (The Middle)
Turn off the TV and read for yourself.
Susanl (33442)
Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has shown that this committee has no credibility any more. Placing politics over country will do that.
Kathy (California)
If the memo as written omits certain salient points, why not include all the relevant information and let people make up their own minds, unless this is just a partisan effort to undercut the investigation? Which of course it is.
Marcus Aurelius (Terra Incognita)
If there are any material inaccuracies, they should be specifically pointed out and corrected by the agency...
Joan K (Millington, NJ)
When you won't block the release of a 4-page opinion piece that exposes our intelligence agencies to unprecedented risk, but you will block the execution of sanctions that 95% of Congress voted for, we are truly living in the Upside Down. He manages to flout and endanger more of our institutions and principles in a given week than any other president has in an entire term.
Peter K (New York City)
trump still has not released his tax returns because he simply doesn't want the public to know about his finances. The unreleased trump tax returns and what appears to be an attempt to at least distract the FBI's inquiry into potential crimes connected to Russia's meddling in the 2016 U.S. election are interconnected. The GOP "secret memo" is on the path to being released, yet the Democratic rebuttal is not. It all reeks of character assassination aimed at discrediting Robert Mueller and the FBI. My level of mistrust and outright fear of the GOP as a legislative body increases with each passing maneuver of the GOP to discredit Robert Mueller and the FBI...
jhand (Texas)
After enabling this atrocity--in the name of "oversight"--I hope we will soon hear Speaker Ryan announce that he will not be seeking reelection, in order to spend more time with his "family" (of K-Street buddies) The Speaker has done about as much damage of the institutions of the Republic as he possibly could do, and it's time for him to move on to greener pastures.
robert feuer (california)
Why aren't our congressmen supplied with guns for the next session? Then, they could settle their differences once and for all.
Louise (USA)
The man doth protest too much, which means it's all TRUE... Obstruction of justice, can we impeach him now please?
Restore Human Sanity (Manhattan)
It's amazing how blind we all are to DT's controlling of the 24 hour news cycle. It's masterful, even if carried on without thought, only self-serving need. He hits back harder at his enemies than he perceives he's been hit. Most of the networks, including from the most progressive to the most conservative, (NPR to FOX of course) , lead each news event with whatever neurotic notion of warfare DT dictates, in this case, the memo, which he didn't even read before declaring it proof that the FBI is a crooked, biased organization because it is making him look bad vis a vie the Russian investigation. The media seem to be in a delighted frenzy chomping at Trumps daily lead telling them what to cover to cover his back. And we are all in danger because of it. This is a person out of touch with a basic sense of self, who cares nothing about consequences to the integrity of our government or it's citizens. And the republican congress supports him daily with a desperate vigor that we must never forget as we vote them out of office.
Bob Swygert (Stockbridge, GA)
Both the "Republican memo"and the " Democratic memo" need to be released. President Trump should also release his tax returns. The American people deserve to know exactly how THEIR government operates. " You want the truth... you can't handle the truth." We'll see
jr (PSL Fl)
This is the new reality: The United States is not a real republic. We have a dictator who lies, cheats, threatens, bullies and makes himself stupendously rich just like they do in Russia and Iran and North Korea and countries in Africa and Central/South America. Every one of these countries is run by a dictator who controls the press and the justice system and the army. Just like our dictator does. As in those countries, our governmental institutions - Congress, the courts, the departments - are halls of mirrors. As in those countries, only toadies are allowed to participate in the decisions of our government. All checks and all balances are dead. Religion is state-sponsored and state-controlled, and religious leaders bend their knees to our dictator full time. This dictator and these toadies are draining our resources and our treasury. It will get much worse. The U.S. debt will crush Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and serious response to natural emergencies. The army will be paid, however, as our dictator needs to protect himself. It is not far away when political opponents will be jailed, and when those of us who do not pledge allegiance to our dictator will be jailed. A political majority in the United States already doesn't count, and provisions have been made by our dictator and his toadies to bury opposition votes with Russian votes. How do you like our New American Moment?
Mike Holloway (NJ)
What I'm not seeing in any of these stories is the reason for the Narcissist's determination to reign in Mueller and why he's angry with Rosenstein for failing to do so. As Bannon has clearly said, the big story is what is in Deutchebank's records. The Narcissist has clearly stated that investigating his finances would be "crossing a red line". We can only guess whether or not Mueller actually is looking at the Narcissist's finances. We don't even know if Rosenstein and Sessions actually have completely refused the Narcissist's demands that his finances not be investigated. This is the real story. Why isn't anyone publishing something about it?
Susan Anderson (Boston)
All this pumping up the "secret" memo is meant to glean publicity for a farrago of lies. This collage of misinformation will please the liars who are dismantling democracy at speed, and distort to deceive. For the original documents for those who'd like to see for themselves what was really going on, here: "the first thing that happened when this FBI stuff came out was that we were totally shocked. And Chris [Steele] was concerned that something was happening at the FBI that we didn't understand, and that there may be some political maneuvering or improper influence. And, so, we were very concerned that the information that we had about the Russians trying to interfere in the election was going to be covered up. And this was some really bad stuff. We were now in late October, and It was clear that there was a massive attack on our election system by the Kremlin. And that it was, you know, a crisis, and that, you know, so we felt that this needed to be exposed." It's more complicated than that, but Steele's reputation and experience in MI6 has not been disputed, and Simpson, a former reporter, had prior experience with the perpetrators, e.g., Manafort, and reason to be concerned. It is really something when the forces of justice, which are often regarded by the more liberal thinking of us as repressive of liberty, are our only defense against treachery and lies.
JeepGirl (Horseheads, NY)
This memo is nothing but a red herring. It is cherry picked 4 page report written by a member of DJT's transition team. There is no reason to release this information other thant to discredit the Intelligence Community and the FBI. The GOP has lost their poker face. It is clear that they are all in on Trump as long as they are able to push through their agenda.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
They are digging in furiously by populating the federal judiciary with stooges.
jaco (Nevada)
So you are one of the few people that have actually seen the memo? Huh, could you tell us more what's in it?
nzierler (new hartford ny)
A drowning man will clutch the edge of a sword to survive. Trump is trying to clutch on to anything that will save him, regardless of the havoc it can wreak on our national security. Trump is the poster boy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. He is obsessing over the specter of being prosecuted by Mueller and displays a compulsion to take any measure to stop him. While he is ignorant on so many levels, Trump is keenly aware that his hands are dirty in his nefarious dealings with Putin. So instead of seeing Putin as the enemy, he lauds Putin, cashiers Comey, orchestrates the premature retirement of McCabe, and is homing in on Rosenstein and Mueller. And to think he possesses the authority to blow up this entire investigation backed by the gutless GOP legislators as his willing accomplices is mind-blowing.
L. de Torquemada (NYC)
He HAS to release it. It's what Little Putin, the tyrant of Russia and Trump's handler wants.
Philip W (Boston)
He approved the release without even reading it. We have to see the Democratic Response to the Memo!!! God bless Mueller.
Adventitious (NYC)
"All should appreciate the FBI speaking up. I wish more of our leaders would. But take heart: American history shows that, in the long run, weasels and liars never hold the field, so long as good people stand up. Not a lot of schools or streets named for Joe McCarthy." James Comey
David (Palmer Township, Pa.)
It is interesting the Nunnes wouldn't answer the question of whether the his staff collaborated with the White House in the creation of the document. To stop the Russian investigation Trump is willing to damage our intelligence agencies. Obviously he has something to hide. But for the rest of the GOP to go along with this is hard to believe. This is the party who always swore that they were more patriotic than their opposition. To not want to know if the Russians and their President are in collusion is scary!
Wally Wolf (Texas)
I think Putin will wind up ending Donald Trump. Even though he owns him, he can't afford to have someone that crazy on his payroll.
arbitrot (Paris)
The Founding Fathers were very wary of political parties. As educated men of their times, they were quite familiar with the way political parties, and the hyper partisanship they generated were responsible for the demise of Athenian democracy (Sparta won the Peloponnesian Wars, folks) and the Roman Republic. After the first wave of enthusiasm for George Washington, political parties set up in earnest in the US, with some of those once wary FF, Jefferson for one, promoting themselves behind the phalanx of a political party. Jefferson's intellectual absolution? He knew there were limits to partisan ship. But Devin Nunes is no Thomas Jefferson. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are not James Madison. And so we have the spectacle of a sycophant from California in his Dilly! Dilly! delusions, supported by an arrested development Ayn Randian from Wisconsin, a turtleish protector of the horse breeding industry in Kentucky, and … well pick your epithet for this POTUS, ready to do the common welfare a grievous wrong, against all professional advice, and release a memo full of deliberate representations in the hopes that this can serve as cover for firing Ron Rosenstein, and then, of course, Robert Mueller. And no, David Brooks, Diane Feinstein's release of the Simpson SWteel Dossier testimony is not even in the same county, in terms of equivalence, as Nunes misprisionings of his elected office. There I got all my outrage out – for today.
JayDawg (Over the Rainbow)
After this crime family is indicted and this horrible nightmare is over, on all of our currency it should state very clearly, In Justice We Trust. Get God out of it!
European American (Midwest)
The mercurial stable genius got it into his head the memo will be personally beneficia...and that is so much more important - to him - than any ole national security concerns on which the Democrats might harp.
taxidriver (fl.)
The simple fact of our president is he has no idea what he is doing.
Michael McAllister (NYC)
The 90 year history of the FBI has been marked by Keystone Kops buffoonery and dogged opposition to democracy. The citizens of the USA are not children. As a life-long Progressive I weep over the fawning lapdogs in Government and the media who claim to be voices for integrity ad transparency, and against a police state, all the while with mewling praise for our G-Men. Have we amnesia for the years of denying the Mafia, of persecuting Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement, of the Red Scare and character assassination, of the persecution of Gays and Lesbians? The Kennedy Assassination? Not to mention the carnage of FBI house breaking and fatal shootings of citizens and others. The Bureau has always and inevitably been a political creature. Let's see the Memo!
TalkToThePaw (Nashville, TN)
It's really hard to understand how the state of California which is usually one of the clearest thinking, rational among the United States can elect someone as despicable as Devon Nunes.
May (Paris)
I never expected the US to become such a caricature of democracy. My guess is that God is about to destroy America. .. what else can explain such bickering ? There’s that great proverb that the fish stinks from the head down. So, with à despicable POTUS, what did we expect ?
Confused (Atlanta)
I have no idea what the memo might say but based on the tone of these postings it must surely be delicious! Like a child waiting for its first lick at the ice cream cone I simply can’t wait to enjoy it. Is it possible the ice cream is laced with strychnine? And if so, just who will be the victim?
Patrick (Long Island N.Y.)
It's all about Waco. The Speaker of the House in 1994, Newt Gingrich, declared the "Republican Revolution". The Waco Texas Massacre was under Clinton's watch. It's all about getting even for Waco. The Republicans are trying to destroy the F.B.I.
ejw ( rochester)
"the sacred investigative process..." SACRED? Like the sacred marriages he's engaged in? "Sacred" like he s trying to make his presidency so that he's infallible?
DMurphy (Worcester MA)
If the FBI were tainted against DJT we'd have President Clinton. There is no question that Comeys ill timed reopening of the Clinton email investigation smack before the polls opened was the death knell for Clinton. And yet there was a nothing burger there...but it was too late.... For the nation....just in time for Trump. Trump was right that the election was rigged. In his favor.
Saints Fan (Houston, TX)
The memo has been reviewed and vetted by many, including the President. It is certainly more than be said for the many sensitive emails on Hillary's server.
David (Chicago)
I could not care less about this memo. Too much media attention; bad prioritization and sameness to it all.
batazoid (Cedartown,GA)
In view of the history of our national intelligence agencies carrying out constitutionally questionable domestic security operations, exposure is always the better course of action.
Pete (Seattle)
As the truth about his Russian connections surface (without the Congressional mandated sanctions) Trump’s strategy remains to attack those who dare to question his behavior, while creating a distraction that will bring America together against a common International bad guy. How many times in history have the powerful used war to distract and cement different tribes in a common cause, and Kim Jong-un is the perfect target. All signs point to Trump’s preparations for war, while the Pentagon struggles to provide a rational military alternative, even though such solutions have long been abandoned as the cost in human lives (especially South Korean) is considered. With Trump (and many in the GOP) the only consideration is maintaining power, so the next steps are predictable. Continued aggressive attacks against institutions and individuals, while a distraction (North Korea) moves the discussion toward American patriotism. The defense of our democracy is nowhere in this equation. Americans had better stand up quickly.
Patrick (Long Island N.Y.)
In their rush to criticize any perceived bias of the F.B.I. in favor of the Democrats, the Republicans have shown us that the F.B.I. must have had some great evidence against Trump and his campaign to become biased because of Russian collusion, or, conspiracy.
Bounarotti (Boston. MA)
“This memo is not an indictment of the F.B.I., of the Department of Justice. It does not impugn the Mueller investigation or the deputy attorney general,” We have truly gone down the rabbit hole at this point. Black is white, up is down, in is out. Blatant dishonesty is never a sound governing principle.
Dave T (Bronx)
It certainly appears that the FBI and Justice Department have something to hide and they're desperately trying to keep it under wraps. So far the investigation into collusion with 'the Russians' has produced nothing of substance, and even the current threats to Mueller's position have not pushed him to serve a single subpoena or indictment before he's fired - that's probably because they have nothing. Perhaps the whole investigation was nothing more than one giant obstruction intended to draw attention away from the real Democrat instigated cloak and dagger stuff...
common sense (florida)
A bit odd that all of the leftys are up in arms about the release of 1 single document that has gone through the proper channels of government agencies for legal release (whether you agree or not) yet Hillary exposed 1,000's of documents with no authorization and that was no big deal.
Peter (Phildelphia)
Wouldn't you want to know if the justice department and the FBI were used as political tools to influence the election of a president? We already knew that the IRS was used for such purpose for Obama's re-election campaign. Stop abusing our government regardless of party affiliation. For those people trying to stop the release and calling the Republican names, have they ever being subject to such abuses? I don't remember any at all over the past 10 years.
Sparklefern (Connecticut)
If just one noisy, courageous republican would stand up and oppose the republican block that has become all about this memo, and through that begin a groundswell of bipartisan pushback, then I might begin to believe that there's hope for the republican party. Right now, they are an embarrassment to Americans and our allies. I refuse to be ground down by this, but the lack of party backbone and the control our current president seems to wield over them is shocking. Why so cowardly, republicans? Surely country over party.
Steve W (Ford)
I trust General Mattis when he says the memo id no threat to national security. This matter is too important for the American people not to be informed. The NY Times and the WaPost used to believe the people had a right to know what was being done in our name. They don't seem to, any longer, care if we know if knowing the truth might damage the antiTrump narrative. Complete hypocrisy that the media will have a hard time recovering from.
btb (SoCal)
Save us from those who care more about preserving government discretion than preserving the rights of the people: Read the Declaration and rediscover our raison d'etre. I would like to see the FISA warrant...wouldn't you?
Artist (Astoria)
The Republicans are being played by Trump and they don’t know it. Wake up NOW.
Jim (Long Island)
Let's see what the unredacted portions of the memo actual say. Based on precedent, it's not out of the realm of possibility that a government agency was used by the Obama administration to target opponents.
Jeff (Chicago, IL)
What honest, honorable and foremost, claimed innocent individual(s) would attempt to derail an investigation whose outcome would reveal the truth and their innocence? Equal parts highly disturbing, mind-blowing unbelievable and comically surreal are proven serial liar, Trump and sycophantic flag-waving Republican lawmakers playing the virtue, truth and patriot cards here. Attempting to discredit US intelligence agencies and the investigation over the indisputable facts of an enemy foreign government interfering in our sacred democratic election of the most important position in the free world is beyond despicable behavior that brings into question treason. The fraudulent campaigner who ran as the law and order candidate has become the President of lawlessness and disorder. Lock him up.
Wondering (California)
"A republic, if you can keep it." We need to organize and flood our representatives offices with calls and letters, or we won't have a republic much longer (if we even do now.) Otherwise, they'll just continue to assume they can concoct endless reality show drama, and we'll just tune in periodically from the comfort of our La-z-boy as they pull the republic out from under our footrest.
B Windrip (MO)
If you want to know why there is still support in Congress, or anywhere else for that matter, for Trump and his dangerous regime, tune in Fox news and watch Sean Hannity. He looks like a laughable buffoon to me but I'm sure his viewers are spellbound by his fantastic tales of scandalous conspiracies being hatched by the FBI, the Justice Department, the courts, the "deep state," the Democrats and on and on. Hannity and his ilk make millions sowing distrust among the gullible in vital institutions of our government and it's beyond shameful.
Tony Mendoza (Tucson Arizona)
The memo won't do any good. Without further documentation, there is no way to know if the information in it is true of not and the further documentation isn't going to come out. Republicans will believe it. The Democrats won't.
Dart1305 (Rochester NY)
Let's get to doing everything we can to prevent Russia from election interference again. The president has shown not only zero leadership here but has proceeded to obstruct any real action along with his Republican yes people.
JayK (CT)
Guess that theory about John Kelly taking over the "adult in the room" function in the White House was maybe a little bit optimistic. I hope his disastrous appointment serves as an object lesson for not automatically elevating any general to some kind of wished for, heroic status who's going to come in and save the day like some cartoon or movie superhero. To say he's been a bitter disappointment would be much too kind, he's been an embarrassment who's acted disgracefully toward a minority member of congress and has actively fed into Trump's worse impulses. The fact that he's totally on board with this latest charade puts to rest once and for all the "legend" of John Kelly. He's just as big a fraud as Trump.
Caleb Mars (Fairfield, CT)
Why can't the people know what's in the memo? Why can't we find out what was in the FISA warrant? Did partisans at the top levels of the FBI and DOJ knowingly misuse the FISA process to spy on a candidate for President? Were transcripts sent to President Obama and then to Democratic Party operatives? If the truth is not revealed and violations of law not punished, what's to stop the next President from having intelligence agencies arrange surveillance of the opposition candidate under the guise of national security?
Glenn G (New Windsor)
Fine, release the memo but all of the non-cherry picked data as well.
Spencer s (East Hampton, NY)
Doesn't this action hurt Trump by confirming the pattern of prevision of justice to suit his own needs?
Philly (Expat)
The Russian interference has been discussed extensively, by the MSM, by Congress, who in a rare bipartisan effort voted to extend the sanctions on Russia, and even President Trump (reluctantly) signed into law. The main smoking gun with Russia's interference was $100,000 of fake Facebook ads, which is a drop in the ocean compared to the $1 billion of ads spent by the Hillary campaign. There seems the very strong appearance that the FBI tried to interfere by colluding with and favoring Hillary's campaign. The American people deserve to know if this is true or not. To me, it is 100x worse in comparison to external Russian interference, if a US agency, which is supposed to be trustworthy and trusted by US citizens of all political parties, broke protocol and even laws to attempt to swing the election, which in a democracy such as the US, is supposed to be free and fair. Imagine if the Bush FBI had done the same when candidate Obama was running in 2008. Or imagine if Trump's FBI would try the same in 2020. The public response would make the Antifa protests and sniper attacks and ambushes on police officers in Baton Rouge, NYC, and Dallas look picnics in comparison
Foodie (NJ)
If Paul Ryan is to be believed, why isn't the memo a result of the bipartisian committee? Why won't it be shared with the GOP chair of the Senate Intel chair? Or why did the committee not meet with the FISA court? Paul Ryan stood there and lied. Devin Nunes has become a stooge for Trump and has put himself in the crosshairs of an obstruction investigation as well. Paul Ryan has stained the US House of Representatives. Shameful. And UNACCEPTABLE.
Tom Garlock (Holly Springs, NC)
I've tried to avoid the conclusion that Mr. Trump and his Republican enablers are working to undermine the American justice system, but I no longer can. Beginning with his attacks on the courts and continuing with his daily, frantic attempts to end the investigation of the Russian attack on our election system, Donald J. Trump appears to have personal, and dark, reasons to thwart the rule of law. Now he seeks to smear the FBI, and agency that has worked to keep all of us safe. I can only conclude that Mr. Trump and persons close to him are either guilty of criminal activity, are agents of foreign interests or seeking to install an authoritarian regime similar to those of the "strong men" he clearly admires. Or all of these.
Ed (Atlanta)
Trump and House Republicans are running so scared they have become dysfunctional as a government entity. Trump did not have to read the memo before releasing it if he, Nunes, and House co-conspirators had already discussed what the memo should contain. It has become increasingly obvious that if there is a "secret society" it resides in the Oval Office and House of Representatives.
Gustav Aschenbach (Venice)
The Russian government interfers with elections to undermine democracies; the appearance of democracy's failure bolsters Putin's dictatorship. This is nothing new, it goes back to the Soviet days, and the French dealt with them last year. In Western democracies they align with far-right, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, white nationalist parties. There's no argument that they interfered in our election--that's a fact. It's astounding that a U.S. "president" and his party have no interest in addressing that. But considering what the Russians have to offer, who they appeal, it's not surprising that the Republican party would be their allies. The two main arguments that Republicans use to mitigate this outrage are laughable: 1) "We can't believe the intelligence agencies that got WMDs in Iraq so wrong." Wrong, domestic and international agencies got it right; it was the Bush administration that fabricated evidence, insisted on their narrative, and lied to the world. 2) "We interfer in elections all the time." And the right-wing has called the left's objections to our foreign interventions--which usually bolstered murderous regimes--"un-American." On the one hand, this is just a nightmare. On the other hand, as Malcolm X would've said, "The chickens have come home to roost." Millions of Americans would rather live "White" than live free.
G. Sears (Johnson City, Tenn.)
Seems the House investigation is what has been substantially compromised notably by the Republican Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Representative Nunes has stepped out of bounds before this latest foray in order to play to the Presidents favor and now to apparently support Trump’s on going efforts to discredit the FBI and thereby the Muller probe. Why was Carter Page such a sought after target for surveillance? Was the FBI interaction with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court malfeasance, shoddy procedure, or investigative exuberance? How many other such classified memos have be produced and released in the course of the House Intelligence Committee investigation and what prompted this release of this classified, sensitive information now? Finally what is the call of Mr Schiff the ranking Democrat on the HIC, and a frequent vocal critic of Mr Nunes?
Peter P. Bernard (Detroit)
This sounds like a bluff that got out of hand. It started in Nunes’s court and that’s where Trump has returned it. I say let it rip. It’s going to be one of those hot potatoes no one will want to take responsibility for. Ryan has washed his hands in his usual duck-out manner. Eventually the Democrats rebuttal will “leak” and contrasting the two points of view is where the real firestorm will be. In the end, it’s going to go badly for someone in the Republican Party and, it won’t be Trump
SpikeTheDog (Marblehead)
The Memo will emerge today and see its shadow. Six more weeks of Democrats screaming and moaning.
Barbara Stewart (Marietta, OH)
I just finished reading Fire and Fury. If you want to understand this article, simply go read the book as what’s happening right now is simply more of the same.
brownpelican28 (Angleton, Texas)
The Republicans and Trump are on the same page with this document: confuse the issues, and cause maximum distractions for Mueller in the Russian Investigation. Above all, the Republican leadership, namely Mr.Ryan and Ttump are working hard to continue to build the atmosphere of distrust in Congress to insure that Trump and the Republicans do their best to serve themselves and not the American people.
Mickey (NY)
Would this work the other way? If a Republican who investigated HRC for Benghazi or the email nonsense wrote on a post-it that they hate Hillary would that end all investigation? Would she be publically exonerated on Fox News? What the conservatives get away with in this country is priceless.
Nora M (New England)
Why wouldn't Trump release it? It throws sand in the eyes of the public about the investigation. It isn't as if this were something that was discovered elsewhere. It comes from Nunes, himself. My question is: how much Russian money passed through the NRA to Congressional Republicans? How much money did Nunes get from the NRA? I don't thing they are just protecting Trump. They are going to great lengths to protect something else.
John Remington Graham (Minnesota)
"The memo" is a contemporary repetition of the Pentagon Papers" case. Those against release of the Pentagon Papers claimed that national security was threatened by release. After the papers were released, nothing bad happened, and much good resulted, because information previously hidden to promote our ill-conceived adventure in Vietnam became public, and the people of the country saw that they had been deceived. The memo now hidden will likewise reveal that the FBI has not been loyal to this country, which is a fact long in need of exposure. They concealed the true cause of the collapse of the twin towers and building #7 on 9/11, and decisive proof from their own files, showing that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev did not detonate a pressure-cooker bomb in the Boston marathon case. Likewise, as they covered up evidence of conspiracy behind the murder of JFK over 50 years ago, hoping to get us into an unjust and unnecessary war in Vietnam, they fabricated evidence to generate the current Russia probe, likewise threatening world peace. Like the Federal Reserve, the FBI should be abolished and replaced with something better. The release of the memo will show the American people that they have been again betrayed by our own government, -- a fact on which survival of the United States depends. -- John Remington Graham of the Minnesota Bar (#3664X)
Wally Wolf (Texas)
Do you think Christopher Steele regrets coming forward and warning the U.S. about collusion between Russia and the Trump Campaign? Do you think anyone in their right mind who has important information regarding threats to the security of the United States will come forward and warn our intelligence agencies where the information will ultimately wind up in our Congress which has become a political meat grinder? This is a devastating time for America under a president Trump.
House4rent (Florida)
^THIS. 1000 times this! Does anyone think that any other country sharing intelligence will continue to share it with the US after seeing how dysfunctional and corrupt our government has become? With all the ways said intelligence could be manipulated and misused? The world intelligence community won't be sharing anything with us until after the reign of Trump ends.
Patrick (Long Island N.Y.)
So the Republicans claim a political bias by the F.B.I. towards the Democrats during the investigation. Well, thank God because I too liked the Democrats over the Russian sympathizers.
R Nelson (GAP)
They have achieved their decades-long dream: they're officially, "legally" in complete control of the reins of power. They don't care whether we trust them. They just want us to trust NOBODY. Once they have destroyed our trust in our institutions, they have destroyed the nation. The irony is that the the one thing we must not trust is THEM.
Mr Peabody (Brooklyn, NY)
It is very fascinating that the news media should even take sides of this issue about releasing a memo --- especially the NYTimes and the Washington Post when they were ready to go to jail for releasing the classified Pentagon Papers. It is looking obvious that the release of classified material only serves the media interest if it gets the media's desired result, what ever that may be. I would think the Times and the Post would want everything published and let their "investigative reporters", and I use the term loosely here, find the REAL FACTS.
Pete (Seattle)
Unfortunately, the real facts are highly classified, and the Party in power controls the summation that American people will actually see. Both the Dems and the involved government institutions say the memo’s conclusions are misleading and inaccurate, but as usual, Trump supporters believe what they are told by the (GOP) propaganda machine. There are real patriots left in the Republican Party, and it’s time they stand up for our democracy.
Jan (NJ)
Great; transparency is best. The FBI colluded with the prior admin to get HRC into office. This is bigger than Watergate although the left will put a good spin on it as not credible many Americans will see and decide for themselves. The loss of HRC led us to a nowhere Mueller investigation about no collusion with the president (who would be much too street start to run had he done such a thing). Let it all come out; wiretapping, etc. I love this president as he is not a player like a typical politician and does not give a rip; transparency let's see it.
Beatrice (Philadelphia)
The ruling party behaves as if there are no courts and no legal system. I guess that, too, is because all government is corrupt except D.T. Why is there a secret memo which is put forward as proving, as opposed to suggesting, something? Page is represented by competent lawyers. There are ways to challenge the legitimacy of a surveillance warrant - defendants do it all the time -summoning proof which, if real, will prevail. The "dirty coppers framed me" defense is one used by defendants with no defense. They do that all the time, too.
1815cairn (boston)
What are the. Democratics doing to release the whole document out for all the see?
House4rent (Florida)
Yes. The Democrat's counter-memo needs to be released. Or leaked...
Ray (Singapore)
Nunes - the person who secretly met with the white house to brief them on findings on surveillance of Trump/transition team. Should'nt he recuse himself from this investigation?
R. Anderson (South Carolina)
My hope is that this tweeter-in-chief's financial dealings and that of his family will finally be exposed. If they have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear.
Al Singer (Upstate NY)
This episode of the reality TV show "The Apprentice Goes to Washington" was too obvious. This whole scheme originated in the WH between Trump and his staff, Nunes and his staff, and Fox News. And Trump supporters on here ask, what does the left have to be afraid of. Nothing but the complete collapse of democratic values and institutions. There's a segment of the population that falls hook, line, and sinker for these gaslighting schemes going back to the campaign. Trump and Fox News prey on this ignorance and gullibility. I'm afraid it won't stop...because 35 percent of us think the reality TV is reality.
Seeking To Be Kind (A Small Planet)
The goal is to win attention and crush others. When will they govern? Does no one care?
Julia (NY,NY)
What are the Democrats afraid of. Hopefully the memo will shed light on what is going on at the DOJ and FBI.
Francis (Naples)
Tremendous government scandal that should matter to any citizen with concern for civil liberty and authoritarian government abuse. The FBI used a document paid for by the Democratic presidential campaign as a justification to spy on the Republican campaign. The claims of “cherry-picking” do not mattter. The misleading rebuttal that the FBI had other, additional evidence does not matter. Apparently the FBI needed the dossier to reach a preponderance of evidence to obtain the FISA warrrant - without it they apparently didn’t think they had enough other evidence to justify domestic surveillance of U.S. citizen. Readers, how would you feel if this had happened to you?
Daycd (San diego)
Trump thinks he is so clever. That will be his down fall.
Peter (California)
The congress gave the right to the FBI for having an ability to issue a FISA warrant. It is up to Congress to monitor the FBI on any FISA abuse because they can withdraw the special right of a FISA from the FBI at anytime. FISA is not the usual business of the FBI, it is a special right granted them to monitor persons they feel may harm the country, mainly terrorists. It was never meant to be abused by the FBI using a Dossier that is fake as a basis to let Democrats spy on the trump political machine during an election. The IG report is what I am waiting for, McCabe already quit over what he heard is in it, who else in the FBI will be exposed in that very independent report? The Memo will be given to the public when the rush Limbaugh show starts, 9 am Pacific, I will read it and can't wait to see how FBI corruption is exposed!.
Robert Stockmann (Netherlands)
There is too much awry with federal law enforcement on all sides of the spectrum. A couple examples : In Jan '16 Robert "LaVoy" Finicum shot down by the FBI, while he was a spokesperson for a family whose cattle ranch resides on a strip of land containing Uranium ore. FBI's Robert Mueller sent as envoy to Russia in 2009 hand delivering High Enriched Uranium sample as a service for then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Then there's the Paul Manafort investigation by the FBI over when Manafort was a lobbyist for Yanukovich, the overthrown former President of Ukraine, where also Uranium was of importance.
John David James (Calgary)
Trump has just removed all doubt that the Russia investigation is a absolutely needed and, left to do its job, will end in his impeachment.
Sarah (Chicago)
I’ve often wondered how Devin Nunes manages to make it through a day. He seems like the type to drown while looking up at the rain. Has no one ever left him alone with a bowl full of grapes?
bill (NYC)
Carter Page has been followed by the FBI since 2013. The oppo research that resulted in the "Dossier" was originally funded by Republicans. These are facts, and you leave them out. Why?
Chicago Guy (Chicago, Il)
Has Trump asked anyone lately if a Nuclear War can prevent a president from being impeached?
John (Norway)
"MACA - Make America Corrupt Again." I always thought people were pronouncing the "C" to softly....
Basically, the gop is trying to undermine the investigation on a technicality. Nobody disputes that the Carter Page wiretap revealed incriminating evidence, only that there wasn't enough evidence to issue the surveillance order. In other words, admitting guilt while trying to weasel out on a technicality. What next? Trump is too mentally deficient to stand trial because he didn't understand what was done in his name (and surely with his approval) was a crime? Actually - I could believe that. I don't think he believes anything he does is a crime, as he is God's messenger on earth - at least that's what the evangelicals (i.e., slaves to authoritarianism) believe. Can anyone quote the verse in the bible that says man will be saved by the devil? Because that's the deal they made.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Observe that only Trump has the legal discretion to declassify anything, but he expects Nunes to spill the beans for him. Nunes, why do you want to fall on your sword for Trump?
Tiger^2 (earth)
Sorry, I haven't read all 1600 comments. I'm sure some, possibly many have already made this point: Imagine if any Democratic president, much less Barack Obama, had done what Trump is doing. The Republications would be apoplectic with rage and screaming treason.
Jim (Washington)
Just looking at Trump's face in the photo accompanying this article says it all. This man is terribly damaged...confused and feeling cornered, he is extremely dangerous because we have given him our collective power.
NN (theUSA)
The Democrats should shut down the Government until the November elections. Trump's administration works for his family business and cronies, and for Putin more than for the American people, anyway.
PogoWasRight (florida)
The Final Straw ! It is time for our so-called Congress to grow some backbone as Americans and remove the man from office. He is destroying our country and our historical rule of law !
Edyee (Maine)
Trump has decided to skip civility and his duty to uphold the Constitution and release the memo...Trump is trying to run down the clock with Mueller whilst he plots to get rid of Rosenstein and stack the FYI with Trump-o-philes that are loyal to him. Meanwhile, there is no time scheduled for his interview with Mueller. Trump is clearly trying to evade his interview with Mueller by claiming he is negotiating terms or has schedule conflicts. It is time for Mr. Mueller to end civility with Trump and treat him like the criminal he is. Go ahead and skip the interview - subpoena Trump today to appear before the Grand Jury today!
tom (pittsburgh)
Nunez may be a hero on the right. but he has won himself a place in history as a traitor. He is as guilty to abandoning his country in favor of helping others in the Russian involvement. Truth doesn't die. So regardless of what happens to Trump and his campaign, history will eventually tell the truth. And Nunez can be reelected in his safe district but he will be shunned by most others in his state and nation.
SSS (Berkeley)
That the Trump apologists would think that releasing this memo (reportedly about Carter Page's FISA warrant being renewed) would somehow vindicate him is sad. Carter Page, under FBI surveillance since 2013, a person of interest (as a possible Trojan horse, into the campaign, for the Russians) since then, is a prime subject for a FISA renewal, both before and after the campaign. The Strzok stratagem seems to have come a cropper. Now they are hanging their hats, like lemmings, on this dubious memo, on its fate at the hands of journalists and the Democrats and the intelligence community (then its final coup de grâce from the Democratic memo) to save him. I think it will be torn to shreds, and Paul Ryan will be faced with the consequences he ignored when pretended to force Nunes to recuse himself.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Trump is a litmus test for character judgment. The longer it takes a person to see through him, the less insightful they are.
RDG (Cincinnati)
So much for “the party of law and order”; except when it’s convenient for the sake of votes.
Saints Fan (Houston, TX)
What is illegal about what is being done?
Thomas Dorman (Ocean Grove NJ 07756)
This centers on Carter Page. Republicans claim that the FBI improperly put surveillance on Carter Page. This is absurd. Carter Page spend way way too much time in Russia and he was spotted hanging around with Russian spies in NYC. If Carter Page was not a fitting subject for surveillance and prosecution, then I don't know who would be. Anybody?
Dave T (Bronx)
It's not about Carter Page and it's not about the rest of the evidence - though it's clear the left wishes it were that simple. It's about the Democrats knowingly using phony manufactured evidence to order surveillance, needlessly albeit That is criminal behavior of Watergate proportions, and may have been perpetrated in part by a sitting president.
henry824 (wareham ma)
Democrats should open every interview with " What is Trump trying to hide?". Make it the mantra for Democrats.
Ed (Atlanta)
Followed by "Lock him up". Trump's problem: Collusion? Conspiracy? Perhaps. But the more likely scenario, since Trump's world revolves around money, is money laundering and taking bribes, Russian style.
Every ready Bunny (Long Beach Ca)
Trump done another debacle he doesn't care if he over steps the legislation part of the democracy that the FBI and intelligence agencies have tried to protect our country. If Wray quits we are in another constitutional crisis because this president will not allow the truth to come out he is trying to stop this investigation of his collusion and love for Russia and Putin. He hasn't let the sanctions stay its course against Russia meddling in the 2016 elections. Why else would he want to stop Mueller? Everyone better wake up because this president is over stepping his power and undermining our security apparatus DOJ and FBI investigations. Nunez is a disgrace come mid terms he will be OUT!
jwgibbs (Cleveland, Ohio)
As we try to follow the machinations of our President, the Republican House, as it relates to the State Department and FBI. We realize just how fragile a democracy, even an established democracy of 240 plus years, can be. Remember some of the utterings from this Presidents lips.” The press is the enemy of the people.” “The FBI is in tatters.” This is a man who placed one hand on the Bible, the other raised to to sky, and professed to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Make America great again? I’d just like to make America, America again. Maybe this November.
Bunny (NC)
I believe unethical people think that all people behave just as they would. Therefore, of course they argue that the FBI “tricked” a judge. That’s exactly what an unethical person would attempt. I also believe that the majority of people in the FBI abide by their oath and are very ethical and honorable people. Certainly not a characteristic of Nunes or many Republicans.
Rick (Louisville)
Exactly. Much of Trump's behavior is always based on projection. Concepts of guilt or innocence do not exist for him. Getting away with something, no matter how, is always best. He assumes that everyone thinks like that.
Frau Greta (Somewhere in New Jersey)
No surprise there. Trump gets to kill three birds with one stone: 1. He thinks it will taint the Mueller investigation, 2. He thinks it will give him public cover to fire Rosenstein, and 3. He can give Russia what it wants (info on our intelligence methods) in pIain daylight without having to sneak around and allow sanctioned Russian spy heads into our country to meet with Mike Pompeo. I sincerely hope he angers the FBI and Justice Department so much that they get a FISA warrant to surveil him, as he is obviously in contact with Putin and selling our country down the river.
Patrick McCord (Spokane)
"Trump will not block" is such an amazing testimony to the the value of truth regarding this memo. To even state it as "news" is a shameful, political headline. We, as Americans, should ALWAYS want full exposure of ALL government activities unless it affects our national security.
Benjamin (Brooklyn)
And it does. This release may kill sources.
Dan (Philadelphia)
Which honorable people have said it will.
gigi (Oak Park, IL)
Why don't the Democrats just release their memo at the same time that the Republicans release theirs? If national security is already compromised by the Republican memo, how much worse can it be to have both memos released at the same time?
Edward Bash (Sarasota, FL)
Trump's declassifying the memo despite concerns raised by the DOJ and FBI is another example of his obstructing justice. Yes, Trump does have the right to declassify documents, but if he did it for a corrupt reason--to derail an investigation against the Trump Family--his action is not legal.
Saints Fan (Houston, TX)
The concerns are expressed by the departments under grave suspicion of tampering with the election. What else would you expect those at the top to say.
Dr. Conde (Medford, MA.)
When the "deep state" televises its ongoing obstruction, along with parades and circuses and clap-filled rallies, taking over organs of the state and purging institutional members who owe it no specific loyalty, we call that a putsch or a power grab by a Dictator. Is there any democracy left in American Democracy? Republicans versus the FBI, huh? This is another sad day. Can't wait to have a real government back. Vote Out Republicans in 2018.
Jon Smith (Washington State)
Get the information out and let the people decide--I know a novel idea.
Dan (Philadelphia)
If the information iswritten by partisan hacks and tainted and missing many material facts, it's not that easy.
If Trump, Kelly, Ryan and Nunes are all for "getting everything out," how about we see Rudy Giuliani's texts and phone records around the time he gleefully bragged about something "big" that would turn the election around just before Comey released his letter about HRC emails?
Mister Ed (Maine)
We have seen this movie before. Think Franco, Mussolini, etc. This is how right-wing ideologues slowly chip away at democracy by impugning the basic structures of its support system bit by bit, drip by drip until it is gone and we are all subject to the boot.
John (Napa, Ca)
No suprise here. Trump will do anything he can to discredit any criticism of him. Sad that Ryan thinks he can survive his unbridled support of the President- a man who will go down in history as valuing his misguided party over America. I so hope they are all wrong in their estimation of the intelligence of the American people come November. Yes we want our Stuporbowl, and new TV and cable shows, and sparkly glittery things with no meaning, but rest assured there are many, many thoughtful Americans that want honest, truthful, compassionate, and balanced governing in the interests of all Americans. What we have now is so very different.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
The number of people who voted for this blatant crook without even wanting to see his tax returns speaks very ill of American public intelligence.
Bill Seng (Atlanta)
Am I missing something? Didn’t Nunes recuse himself from the Russia investigation? So why is he the one with his name on the memo?
David (Portland, OR)
The FBI needs to start doing its job and start arresting Republican congressmen threatening national security. Politicians are not above the law or national security. Any regular citizen threatening national security with an information leak would have their front door busted down and FBI agents swarming their home and office. A good perp walk for that rent boy Nunes might knock some sense into Republicans playing politics with national security.
Rick (Louisville)
Donald knows the value of hype and how to put on a show. He may have let the anticipation build a little too long this time. We have a pretty good idea of what's in the memo already so the shock value of it's release has been diminished considerably. He's fortunate to have the Fox news megaphone to make things appear bigger than they are, but this might be something of a let down after a week's worth of hype.
Alan (Sarasota)
With a little luck, Nunes and others will be gone come election day.
Siebolt Frieswyk 'Sid' (Topeka, KS)
It is appalling that Republican leaders fail to face the reality that Putin wins amidst this debacle. He and his operatives have colluded with some in the Republican Party perhaps Trump himself who is cynically self serving and immoral. He has compromised our National safety and integrity to gain power to exploit us all. His multiple violations of the emoluments clause is but one facet of this tragic narrative. In defending Trump his party is now complicit. Even General Kelly appears to have sunk into an immoral abyss of self serving actions to preserve Republican initiatives to destroy our judiciary, obliterate environmental protections and deconstruct the achievements of those in the tradition of FDR to see to the general welfare of ALL Americans. Clearly, Trump and some members of his team were and remain willing to engage in treasonous interactions with the Russians to secure the presidency without regard to consequences. Trump should be impeached and Republican Congressmen and its leadership should be thrown out in the upcoming elections. Rosenstein and Mueller stand in the way of Trump's arrogant misuse of the office of the presidency. His loyalty is not to Trump but to our Nation and its laws as is Mueller and his team. Everything is on the table. Our future as a Nation of laws to secure the freedom of our democracy and the future of the greatest Nation in the history of humanity is at stake.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Democrats should not fool themselves about Republicans. The Republicans would rather work with Russians than Democrats.
Sam Kantera (NYC)
The country is in grave danger. This "memo" is a tipping point. If this gambit is successful, there may be no stopping Trump and his Republican minions and enablers. It's time to take to the streets and resist, stop this in any way possible.
Cph (Boston)
What if. What if they used the steele memo. How does that change the facts of what they learned from the surveillance? Granted, it might affect admissibility in court, but the political battle must be won first. I am more concerned with removing tRump than sending people to prison, but that would be ok too.
Kathy White (GA)
The president may be able to declassify anything, which does not mean he should. The memo itself is unnecessary, meaning the House can investigate their concerns behind closed doors without releasing the memo. Since other avenues, powers, and options exist that do not require declassification of information, the memo can be considered irresponsible political theater. Releasing the memo will be an event defining a precedent that may lead to further self-made crises and, in my view, weaken US national security.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Trump is an extreme present hedonist with a time horizon measured in minutes. He is literally incapable of thinking through the consequences of what he does.
Michael (Monterey)
why does Wray need to resign? let trump resign! after all he put him in that position, with great support and fanfare.
Brendan (New York)
Imagine Nixon winning his battle. That is what is happening now.
Stephen (Austin, TX)
Nunes, Ryan, and Trump’s attempts to vilify the FBI and DOJ are dangerous to our national security, plain and simple. I sure hope Mueller will be the hero our nation needs right now and put an end to this corruption.
Ganesh S (Mumbai, India)
The whole affair is one more example of the fear and paranoia that has gripped both sides of the political divide in your country. I can confidently state without reading a word of this infamous memo that it is likely to be high on speculation and low on facts and its contents forgotten by all as soon as President Trump shoot himself in the foot the next time. It is disgraceful that Republicans are throwing your country's premier law enforcement and counterintelligence organisation under the bus in this manner. However, it is also a bit much to go around screaming that Mr. Trump and the GOP are about to dismantle democracy. If Mr. Trump continues on this ruinous road of trying to influence or even scuttle Mr. Mueller's enquiry, he will see the American people's answer in November. Your president, like the Bourbons, has a reputation for learning nothing and forgetting nothing, but the lesson of the mid-terms will be too much even for him, if he doesn't mend his ways before then.
James (Houston)
there are no national security people objecting. This memo is going to show how the FISA court was duped by some executives into issuing a warrant to wiretap Trump or his campaign based upon a false Democrat paid for document. This is criminal and will have ramifications. This is why Comey was fired. Trump was told soon after his election about the illegal taps and the part the "dossier" played in obtaining a warrant. Come was in on it and therefore unfit to be the FBI director. The entire Russian collusion fraud fell apart and we are all going to see why hopefully today. The memo also destroys the democrat's narratives and shows them to be complete frauds.
Dan (Philadelphia)
Too bad all you said is flat out lies.
withfeathers (Fort Bragg, CA)
The Congressional Republicans pushing this are headed for the fate of all who Trump cons into helping him.
L. de Torquemada (NYC)
I believe there is a good case to be made for abuse of power. I'm sure Mr. Muller is not looking away.
Jean (Holland, Ohio)
Who would have predicted the USA would become a democracy imploding its top domestic crime investigatory agency?
Tom Edwards (Chicago)
. Devin Nunes has repeatedly pitched in with such fervor to cover for Donald Trump that one is forced to wonder if he isn't worried about some legal jeopardy of his own. It's hard to believe he would go this far out on a limb otherwise. .
ecco (connecticut)
alas, where is the Times of yesteryear who held that national security was rather served than jeopardized by publication, with the pentagon papers, of what were top secret documents? instead of the tepid speculation offered today, the Times should have (if it hadn't yet) put hands on the memo, printed it, and set out on an investigation of the truth or lack thereof of the document and the propriety, or lack thereof, of FBI leadership conducting the business in question...and, while the investigatives were on the case, maybe look into the development of the statement-come-lately of the agents' association “standing shoulder to shoulder with the men and women of the F.B.I.” who are not even under scrutiny...find a j-school first year who doesn't suspect the possibility of internal pressure. all americans, including at least one progressive, also a veteran, are threatened by abuses of the power and worse, the trust, we place in those elected and appointed to SERVE. the behavior of our party leadership and its chicken little media chorus will eventually prove to be more harmful than trump himself...the extreme rage against him, any psychiatrist will attest, is a sure sign of guilt...the complacent elite, so smart by its own reckoning, preened (oh, those baskets) while the clown car ran right past it into the white house and, if we can't to better than, say, pelosi's "crumbs" version of the same disdain for the working class, we'll validate its parking for yet another term.
Sage (Santa Cruz)
There is a simple solution here (in theory): Democrats find their lost backbones, shred their destructive and useless political correctness, win back Congress, and then add this memo release to the bill of impeachment used to remove a patently unfit and corrupt minority president.
David Henry (Concord)
The "memo" is manufactured propaganda, a lie. Those involved will rue the day when the Dems take the house in Nov., and along with it, subpoena power.
David H. Eisenberg (Smithtown, NY)
Oh, the hysteria. Democracy over. Life on earth over. Nonsense. We'll be fine. Bad behavior, not its revelation, is the problem. Yes, DT is obnoxious, said "lock her up" and hurt a lot of feelings on both sides. He may not be qualified to be the proverbial dog catcher, though, many things seem to be getting better. The "resistance," including the media, is desperate to destroy him even if there is no evidence of criminal collusion or if the Obama administration behaved in an unconstitutional or criminal way. It doesn't matter to them if HC got a pass from those in the FBI's leadership or if the economy is improving or our border is more secure. Trump simply must be "resisted by any means." Corruption at the FBI or the DNC, for that matter, all mean nothing. Only investigations into Trump - destroy him, destroy his family. That's what I hear. Anyone else is collateral damage. You really think most politicians or ideologues care about democracy, justice or even opioid deaths more than they care about policy or votes? The committee knows what's in the memo (it's not proof). Maybe it will suggest that HC got a pass or that the FBI or the Obama admin. acted unconstitutionally. But, obviously, it favors the right and Trump. That's what this is really about. I don't care which side this helps or hurts in the short run. I want us - remember us, the people - to know what's going on in our "justice" system and government. In the long run, it will help us.
Dan (Philadelphia)
But the memo is full of lies and omissions. But Trump followers will take it as gospel. That doesn't bother you?
Jay (Detroit)
Right, this "memo" is just an RNC/Trump Campaign press release written by a "committee" flack. There will always be people who believe propaganda if it fits their own narrative of reality. It is sad, of course, how this will sully the reputations of thousands of FBI and DOJ professionals.
Tom ,Retired Florida Junkman (Florida)
This is almost beyond belief. The Democrats want to suppress confidential information, funny isn't it ?
Naomi Cohen (Maine)
Frightening how Republicans have become part of the treasonous Trump administration, gleefully and recklessly endangering our country -- where is allegiance to democracy and integrity? The Russian puppet Trump could be contained if Republicans loved the United States and the concepts of freedom and respect for law upon which this country was built.
Bonnie (Mass.)
Since when was Trump ever concerned about officials acting "inappropriately"? No one except Trump and his followers would think his repeated calling for Hillary to be jailed and/or shot was "appropriate." And let's poll the public on how many people think Trump is free of "bias"? Donnie doesn't get it. A large part of the population thinks he is of poor character, dishonest, hateful, and deeply prejudiced against everyone who is not himself or a Trump family member. He thinks he doesn't have to obey the law or answer to anyone. There will be a reckoning with his arrogance and ignorance, and I hope it is soon.
wysiwyg (USA)
Why does all this threatening waving of a four-page piece of paper remind me so much of "I have here in my hand a list of 205—a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department." (Joe McCarthy, 1950) And why are there no members of the GOP (minus his own appointees, McCabe and Rosenstein) who are brave enough to say to Nunes et. al., "Have you no sense of decency?" We've been down this road before, but I fear that the only hope we have will be in the voting booth in November. If these scoundrels can't be stopped by their own colleagues, it's up to the public to demand integrity from the House by voting the bums out this year!
Patrick (Long Island N.Y.)
Trump won't stop release of the Memo. Wouldn't a Russian spy want to know F.B.I. secrets? Is Trump an electrical Russian Robot? Check the local power grid for low frequency waves below 20 Hz.
Monica C (NJ)
Can you imagine if a member of Obama's or Clinton's family, sons or consultants met with Russians, was asked about it during their security clearance process, and then was found to be lying? The shock, the outcry, the patriotic speeches, the call to arms.... oh my. And now, the call to arms is to defend those who , while lying at first, admit to meeting with Russians.
RjW (Rolling Prairie)
In the interest of greater transparency I recommend that Congress convene in the nude.
Doctor B (White Plains, NY)
The controversy around this memo shows how Trump & the GOP always put what is best politically for their party ahead of what is in the best interests of the American people. Donald Trump is personally morally bankrupt & he has taken over his entire party. Whether it be Nunes, Ryan, McConnell, or any other member of the GOP establishment, there is not a single GOP leader with the moral courage to demand that we investigate Russian meddling in our elections, and hold accountable all those who aided and abetted the greatest single assault on our democracy in modern history. Nunes will go down in history as a puppet of the worst President ever.
Mick (Los Angeles)
Nunes is Trumps puppet, and Trump is Putin’s puppet. Putin now direct our foreign policy. We have been takin over by Russia. And the Republicans let it happen. The 2018 vote is the most important in our history. If Putin allow it to go forward.
Robert Hall (NJ)
Criminal defense lawyers will now have a new argument for clients who are Republicans: the law enforcement agencies, according to the President, are politically biased against my client.
Rick (Louisville)
This is Trump's party now. Innocence is for losers. Beating the system and getting away with something is always better and what winners do. Remember how he bragged that avoiding taxes made him "smart"? That was a preview of the mindset that he applies to the law in general.
J. (Ohio)
I guess obstruction of justice wasn't enough. He just had to add possible treason to his lengthy list of impeachable offenses. Trump's narcissism and corruption are mind boggling, but the aid and comfort he is receiving from Nunez and other Republicans in Congress is horrifying and dangerous to the rule of law. They have violated their oaths of office and their duty of loyalty to our country.
JDR (Germany)
Just so I see this right: President Trump discussed publishing the memo, before knowing it´s exact contents, with the reasoning, it would undermine the russia investigation. Some of those discussions probably not priviledged by attorney client privilege. And he is making this move, well knowing, that Mueller is right now establishing a pattern of behaviour regarding obstruction of justice. And while it might still be doubtful, if congress were to touch the president, judges just might find that "no one is above the law". And that trying to establish such a precedent was in itself unconstitutional. Trump is going down and dirty, as some expected. This fight for the soul of Washington really is epic.
TrevorN (Sydney Australia)
Whatever happened to the separation of powers doctrine that we all learned about when studying democratic governments? Is the USA falling apart. We in other nations need to know so that we do not fall into the same trap. Here in Australia we are being governed by an increasingly right wing government that seems to ape everything that Trump says and does.
Ted Morton (Ann Arbor, MI)
Consider these 2 possibilities: 1. Trump and his campaign crew have done no wrong. 2. Trump and his campaign crew know that there was collusion and now they are attempting to obstruct justice. If 1 is true then why wouldn't Trump want the FBI investigation to come to its logical conclusion? They claim they want transparency. If 2 is true then they would be scared right now given that some have already pleaded out and may have been wearing wire taps for some time. This might explain Trump's cries of "witch hunt". At one point, there was a bi-partisan call to form a Congressional committee to look into the truth of the matter; now that committee, under Nunes' "leadership" seems to be more intent on discrediting the FBI than getting to the truth of the matter. I thought Comey's recent comments about weasels was apposite.
Mike (California)
It is obvious our presidency has been compromised by a successful Russian intelligence operation. It is sad that the republican party is now accessory to this crime as it acts as the fifth column to provide cover for the Russians. When the dust settles on this, the rascals have a lot to answer for to the American people. Kudos to the men and women in FBI, justice department and the intelligence agencies, who have shown the highest integrity throughout this affair, despite the ridiculous accusations made by those who sold out their souls to the Russians and now feel the noose is tightening around their necks as Mueller makes progress every day.
KirkTaylor (Southern California)
So the White House had to confirm that the president had read the memo. Did they give him a quiz? Or did someone sit and watch him read it? What an intriguing detail of an otherwise depressing story. The fact that they had to vouch for him tells us a lot about his lack of enthusiasm for reading. Three and a half pages may be his personal record.
Mutt (Australia)
One year on, still attempting to impede the investigation, the very same one that could potentially clear his name evermore. But . . . If the president afforded the FBI the same level of trust as he does the Russian government there'd be no need for any sanctioning whatsoever. America's security - global and domestic - is being compromised by a man with nothing to lose (except maybe the release of his tax returns). Would an innocent man waste so many resources on rejecting the opportunity to disprove his guilt? I think we all know the answer to that one.
sdw (Cleveland)
Without having seen the Nunez-Patel partisan memo, it is impossible for a member of the American public to make an intelligent statement based upon the memo' s content. It is possible -- in fact it's easy -- to say with certainty that the manner by which a memo the authors admit contains classified material is going to be released is irresponsible. Republican committee staffers and the extremist chairman of the House Intelligence Committee created a document in an admitted effort to assign improper motives and lack of candor on the part of the F.B.I. in obtaining a FISA court warrant. The most telling evidence of political misconduct by the Republican zealots is their refusal to allow a rebuttal by Democrat staffers of the committee and its ranking member, Adam Schiff. Using loopholes in the House rules should not be a defense to a charge of obstruction of justice. There ought not be any privilege or exemption for Nunez and Patel to distort the rules in order to protect Donald Trump from having to answer for his disloyal dealings with the Russians.
Riconete (U.K.)
Isn’t the way to put this to bed for the FBI to go back to the judge in the FISA court and ask him to rule on whether he thinks they materially misled him? In the U.K., if a judge thought that’d happened they would have summoned them to explain of their own motion and sanctioned them if they were judged to have misled. Presumably no different in the US? If so, the fact that hasn’t happened seriously undermines Nunes’ case.
Rick (Louisville)
I'm not sure if that's quite the way it would work, but there are normal channels that weren't followed here. Going to the Inspector General would probably be the first step typically, but the goal here was never to investigate. The goal from day one was to politicize and obfuscate.
Tara Lynn (Oakland)
But he will build a wall in the interest of national security. I’m so glad we have our priorities set.
Citizen 0809 (Kapulena, HI)
Let's have total transparency across the board with matters regarding this administration, and all others, ranging from this document, to trump's tax returns, to Russian connections, to money laundering... the whole 9 yards. We have nothing to lose and much to gain. Perhaps we can take back our country from the oligarchs; American, Russian, Ukrainian, Mexican--all of them. Let's remember that the wealthiest oligarchs call themselves Americans. Their loyalty is to themselves and their wallet.
pete (new york)
When people are afraid of transparency it’s time to publish. Let’s see the American political character. The integrity the honor behind the curtain. Readers are afraid to see? Let’s expose the lack of honor so it can be fixed.
Berkeleyalive (Berkeley,CA)
Donald Trump’s greatest fear is the truth. The greatest expenditure of his administration will be to build a wall not to keep out illegal immigrants but to keep us safe from the truth. He is counting on our cynicism. In his view, we will be more likely then to accept his version of a purloined America, the one he cedes to himself as the band plays. It will be as easy as tilting at windmills or getting elected.
Jean (Cleary)
No matter how the memo is worded the fact remains that Russia interupted in the election. That fact alone, a sworn enemy of the United States, require any actions necessary to clean up this catastrophe in our so called Democracy. The other fact is that the Republicans are so desperate to make sure the investigation appears to be tainted. If there is that possiblity why not also release the Democrats memo and let the public read both sides. The Republicans are starting to look like enemies of our Democracy.
FXQ (Cincinnati)
Let me understand this: A memo, critical of the FBI is being criticized BY the FBI for being possibly released for the public to read, and they are arguing that secrecy is warranted due to some vague national security issue. We have liberals defending this argument and supporting the FBI's contention that they are innocent of any misbehavior, because, gee, they have always acted like Boy Scouts in the past. Good grief, Washington has gone utterly insane.
Michael (New York)
Republicans are in a bad place generally. They can't control their party, White House or Congress to the degree they need to move forward. What do they do now? Well, they can't go along with the impeachment crowd, their base would explode, how to extradite themselves from the calamity they find themselves in? If only Machiavelli where alive to advise them. Maybe some of them have deduced a new way out of the morass. Give in and let Trump's excesses, rantings, obstructionist movements etc. build to a point where even his backers have to abandon him. Let his presidential authoritarian leanings continue to show. By supporting obviously anti-citizen tendencies even the uneducated might actually get it that the America they want back is actually not slipping away under Democratic identity policies but being taken away by the very man they support. Maybe the next battle cry will be "Pence in 2018!"
Debra (Chicago)
At this point, the memo has been thoroughly discredited. Only the most partisan supporters of Trump will quote from it, ad nauseum (remember how they endlessly quoted Comey "reckless and careless"). Since Trump and Nunes probably made it up with help from Putin, any intelligence techniques or sources were probably burned a long time ago. If the memo purports to show politicization of law enforcement, we will do well to try to avoid that under Trump. Was McCabe forced to leave the FBI because his actions were politically influenced? Or just because he was exercising his freedom of speech and right to vote? Will there be political litmus tests within the FBI? Trump is right to harken back to the days of McCarthy and witch hunts. Back then, the State Dept. was purged. Multiple depts are being purged under Trump, and he is asking Congress to give him authority to carry out more.
MDV (Connecticut)
Republicans can't win this one. They look more desperate every day. It has been evident from the beginning that the administration has a lot to hide.
Bill (NC)
My confidence in our institutions of government cannot possibly be further eroded, as it is nil. The evidentiary justification for the Mueller investigation is apparently shoddy opposition research funded by the opposing political campaign. In my opinion, the 'shareholders' deserve to understand that. Our institutions of government are (were) completely amok.
Jeff M (Salt Lake City)
What "work" is Mueller doing? Is it an obstruction of justice investigation at this point? Because I don't think there's any "there" there.
blip (St. Paul, MN)
I don't think you're "here," Jeffnik. As in the United States.
Diane B (The Dalles, OR)
I would like to see an investigation of who really came up with the idea of preparing and releasing the memo--it feels so trump-like.
Donald Bingaman (St. Louis)
It was reported tonite on MSNBC (The 11th Hour) that while POTUS Trump has approved the release of the memo, he will return it to the House Intel. Comm., BUT WILL NOT DECLASSIFY IT. That means that the Congress can only "release it" by reading it into the record on the House floor. I guess that honor will fall to Rep. Nunes or Rep. King. My question - if this is the planned approach, what would stop Rep. Schiff or one of his party from releasing the Democrats Rebuttal memo by reading IT into the record same way ? Speaker Ryan could not object since he has already agreed that the Democrats memo should be (eventually) released. The Speech and Debate clause would protect the reader from any violation of Title 18, just as it did back in the day when Mike Gravely read the Pentagon Papers into the record after the Nixon administration refused to release them to the public. It seems like we may get some good theater this Monday on the floor of the House.
Smoky Tiger (Wisconsin)
I do not see how anyone in the Justice Dept. having to resign. I see Nunes and Trump making very big mistakes.
Uzi (SC)
Regardless of the outcome, the prestige and credibility of the FBI/DoJ will be damaged. The political system is taking a dangerous path. The existing system of checks and balances, supported by key institutions, is under attack.
David Jepson (UK)
As Chair of the House Intelligence committee is Congressman Nunes exempt from any possibility of a charge of obstruction of justice? If it becomes clear that his actions are not a reasonable attempt to hold the Justice Department and the FBI to account but rather an attempt to undermine a legitimate investigation into collusion by some of the Trump Team and Russia would he be seen as attempting to obstruct justice?
Tim Foxen (Manhattan)
FBI Surveillance is a serious matter. If they get away with sloppy and possibly bias practices once, it might happen again. So the matter should be reviewed. Not sure why it must go public but in the long run it might teach the FBI lesson to steer clear of anything close to political bias, which we all know is very dangerous in a domestic intelligence agency.
Dan (Philadelphia)
Then why does the memo tell only half the story? And why did they refuse to release the memo rebutting it? If you think this is at all about honestly investigating real abuses you are living in fantasy land.
I don't know what the memo says. But I want to know. And I want to know what the Democratic response memo says too. In important ways this is a separate issue from the Mueller investigation. He will find what he finds and it will be substantive or not. Only he knows what evidence he has and where it has led him, but he will tell us soon enough. The House memo addresses the different issue of partisan use of the arms of government to attack political opponents. Use of the FBI, or the FISA courts, or the IRS as political weapons is scary and wrong. And this is true whether it is J. Edgar Hoover or Lois Lerner. This isn't really a liberal or conservative issue--although historically liberals would have been fighting against the suppression of such information. Sensitive security information can be redacted; complaints that important information is omitted are easy to make, so let's see the evidence. We can come to our own judgement.
peter (texas)
It is stunning to see the Republican party go from standing for law and order to saying that law and order may not be trusted. First we can longer trust elections, now we can no longer trust our the FBI or Justice Department. I guess there are a lot of government institutions left to knock over so save the surprise each time Republicans knock them over.
BroncoBob (Austin TX)
What we are seeing here is the slow, destruction of almost all the institutions which protect America. And why? Just to escape being accountable for one's actions. The result: the US is open for all kinds of foreign influence and subversion. Will take a generation to repair, if ever.
MB California (California)
No one would go to the extent that Donald Trump and the Republicans are going to in order to block or discredit an investigation unless they knew there was something significant to hid.
Robert Westwind (Suntree, Florida)
Speaker Ryan, Nunes and the rest of the Republicans on the committee know that if they have a problem with the way a FISA Warrant was issued by the DOJ or the FBI, they take the matter to the Inspector General's Office. They do NOT release a memo written by staffers that could compromise National Security. Clearly this is a political end run around protocol. Should the memo be released and found to compromise sources, both Ryan and Nunes should be arrested, on the house floor and charged with a breech of National Security. Perhaps then we'll see an end to this attempt to discredit Mueller's findings at the expense of the security of the nation.
DavidLibraryFan (Princeton)
Release the memo. The democrats should leak their memo as a counter measure. Overall though the people should demand congress pass a law requiring the declassification of all documents. Eventually, if a constitutional convention were to happen, a new amendment abolishing government secrets would be ideal. It has gotten to a point where we keep too much classified. I'd be willing to meet in the middle some where and say declassification of documents after 1-5 years however the longer classified would require external review by a jury of citizens without clearances.
smurf888 (ca)
1 hour ago As the daughter of an FBI agent who served honestly and admirably as an agent and SAC for 25 years in the racist, right-wing Hoover bureau, I remember, too--and too well remember how that experience (thank you for your service, Dad) helped destroy my father, a proud Democrat. I don't love the FBI as an institution, at least not historically, but I do trust the recent generations of FBI agents (and other law enforcement officials I've had the privilege to work with in my 30-career as an attorney) who have professionalized the bureau, and seem to be somewhat "balanced" in their personal biases, as a cohort, even though I've seen no reason to believe any personal biases infected their work in the Russia investigation. Remember, it was a cabal of Hillary Haters in the FBI that pushed Comey to reopen the e-mail "scandal" late in the campaign. I am a progressive feminist, but I did not support her (I was a die-hard Bernie supporter who could afford to vote for him in CA in the primary and general elections without any harm to her chances, and I expected this country was sane enough to reject a Trump presidency). So while I do think Director Comey's flip-flops on that investigation probably cost her the presidency, it did not IMO tarnish the reputation of the bureau as a whole
richland interloper (midwest)
Are we Americans supposed to accept this as an acceptable trade off: jeopardize our national security so that Trump can put out a press release? And this in the same week that (1) three prominent higher ups from Russian intelligence services visit Washington, and (2) the Trump administration refuses to add sanctions voted by Congress to punish Russia for election interference.
A production factor, labor (Australia)
As usual I identify my content as a foreigner who pays his subs from an Australian bank account and I am mindful of Australian interests. Rebellion is justified in limited circumstances and is for the most part not. The current uncivil war in DC is without precedent between blue and red coats since the justified US Revolution. The issue was US representation in the English Parliament. Mr Trump is happy to tramp on traditional US rights and "legal conventions" recognised in most democratic nations. Any serious accusation of improper behaviour by a civil servant would result in the recusal of the civil servant and suspension from any activity from associated with the accusation. The president of the USA apparently has the legal authority to dismiss the head of the FBI, CIA and others at whim. Equally he could reform the Electoral College system which allowed a minority of voters to elect the President. As a gentleman my remarks suggest that Mr Trump's eccentricities and personal peccadillos can be overlooked. Issues in the South Pacific are front of mind.
Bev (Australia)
If it is written by the Republican Party members it is only ever going to be one sided. From the outside looking in my thoughts are that Robert Mueller is a man of integrity and honour and while some will look to downplay his report before it is even finished and the details published it will be the truth and one would hope truth is the winner no matter the outcome. If Trump has nothing hide the he has no need for the memo.
tylertoo (Los Angeles)
As the late great supreme court justice Louis Brandeis once said; "sunlight is always the best disinfectant"
Patrick (Long Island N.Y.)
It's now a given that the Committee Memo purported to deceive will be released, so maybe it will backfire on the Republicans. The proponents of the Memo and so consumed with hatred and vindictiveness that the Memo is probably poorly written and will be easy to dissect in an effort to discredit it and the Committee. He who strikes first loses first.
RJ (Londonderry, NH)
Well past time for the corrupt process that is the FISA court to be exposed to the American people. If the FBI has done nothing wrong, what do they have to fear?
Jim Brokaw (California)
It would be a real shame if the Democrat's 'clarifying' memo was somehow leaked to major news agencies right about the same time the Republicans push out the Devin Nunes Whitewash Memo. And it would certainly require a detailed statement from the FBI and Justice to make clear just what all the issues were. Then, with all the facts, "alternative facts", supposition, innuendo, selective editing, and cherry-picked sentences out there, the American public would somehow have to decide for themselves what to believe. And who. I wonder what the 'president who cried wolf' 2100+ times last year will do in those circumstances. I guess he'll just have to count on opinion leaders like "Fox and Friends" to make sure the official truth gets out. Be a shame to burn good intel sources, but then anything Trump knows, Putin knows, anyway... he'll just brag it all to Lavrov directly.
Roland Maurice (Sandy,Oregon)
Normalizing a President that clearly doesn’t believe in the Rule of Law is horrifying and the deepest betrayal of our Institutions!
jas2200 (Carlsbad, CA)
If a Congressman conspires with the President and his underlings to release a misleading memo from a committee he chairs with the intent to hamper a special counsel's investigation of the President, is that not evidence of an obstruction of justice?
Norm (Peoria, IL)
It will be great when we find out the names of the reporters that Fusion GPS was paying. We all know the press has been digging feverishly to find out and be the first to publish. In the meantime, we can all look down our noses at the Republicans in Congress that act like Congress has oversight over the FBI. Obviously, the reverse is true. The Times is proudly supporting keeping the inner workings of a government agency secret. When was the last time that happened? Probably when Lois Lerner pleaded the fifth amendment. We wouldn't be seeing the Pentagon Papers published in the Times in this era. There would be that "grave concern" at the Defense Department. Let's pretend any secrets in the memo are being kept on Hillary's private server. Then we all know there is no crime and no big deal.
kilrea (santa monica)
Here's what I don't understand: (a) Our multiple National Security agencies have determined that Russian interference in our elections occurred in 2017. (b) Mueller's investigation is charged to discover any criminal acts associated with (a): including (1) collusion by the Trump campaign with Russia, but also (2) any subsidiary criminal acts. I thought both Congressional committees were empowered to further investigate Russian interference with our elections & enable measures to prevent this in the future (yo, it's 2018 already!). Yet about this I hear virtually nothing ~ & I'm paying attention. Why do I have the sense that Trump's elision of collusion with involvement ~ effectively denying both ~ means a Republican Congress isn't dealing with protecting the integrity of our elections?
James Higginbotham (USA.)
Grover (Kentucky)
Releasing classified information that puts national security at risk was once considered a crime. Now it's just one more strategy for the corrupt Republican leadership to use in their quest to hide their guilt.
Bos (Boston)
Why not right? When the allegation that the White House helped to craft the memo for Nunes to begin with. Nunes was asked about it and he refused to answer. The refusal essentially confirms it
jeff jones (pittsfield,ma.)
Exactly...Americans Know this charade is all scheme to stop Mueller.
Quandry (LI,NY)
Without a doubt, Trump is the village idiot, and Nunes is the court jester. Neither are honest, competent government leaders, nor deserving of our respect. Trump cannot read anything more than one page. Nunes never even read the primary documents he's commenting upon, and further directed his subordinates to write his GOP memorandum. Additionally, Nunes and the GOP members on their committee, refused to authorize the Dems publication of their memo, to present both views of their subject matter. Finally, Nunes even refused to provide a courtesy copy of their GOP memorandum requested for GOP Senator Burr. These two mental giants, Trump and Nunes do not deserve to be our federal officers. Neither of them could shine the shoes of Rosenstein, Wray and McCabe, the current and former leaders of Justice and the FBI. These three individuals deserve the support and thanks of the rest of us, who support them, Justice and the FBI. True justice and the law of the land shall prevail over this sad, disingenuous and fallacious episode.
Thomas Zaslavsky (Binghamton, N.Y.)
None of this would have been possible without the 24/7 right-wing hate radio/TV machine that was enabled by Ronald Reagan's abolition of the Fairness Doctrine about use of our public airwaves.
RjW (Rolling Prairie)
The fairness doctrines demise seems to have coincided with the actual demise of fairness itself, in our society. This culture of unfairness coincides with a weakening definition of truth itself. Both trends lead to a diminishing value of human life. This is where we are now. The question is, where are we going? When and where will the pendulum begin it’s swing back.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Fairness is utter anathema to Republicans now. Whatever they do, it has become some kind of cheating.
NYHUGUENOT (Charlotte, NC)
If the Left wants use of the public airwaves then it can pay for their use the way Conservatives do. All the programs Conservatives listen to are paid for by sponsors. The Left wants those sponsors to pay for the time they use. What's the matter? Isn't the money spent by taxpayers to support NPR enough to satisfy you?
Frank Casa (Durham)
Trump see the report prepared by the desperate Nunes as his last lifeline. He is like a drowning man reaching frantically for a rope that is floating around him. Tump is looking for something, anything, that will give him a tool by which he can deviate attention. He hopes that the discussion will move from Mother Russia to what is alleged by this invented protocol. Let him release it. If he wants more controversy to roil his tottering administration, he is welcome to it.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Trump doesn't dare release this memo. Nunes will have to do it, and he will be in violation of the secrecy oath he took to be on the committee the moment he does.
RjW (Rolling Prairie)
Better this than the distraction of war, North Korea style.
B Windrip (MO)
When this is all over, if we still have some semblance of a democracy Republicans are going to pay big time. I wonder how many congressional districts have a majority of voters who will want a representative who supported a criminal president willing to dismantle our democracy and sell out our sovereignty to Vladimir Putin?
Mick (Los Angeles)
One seriously has to wonder are these House Republicans Russian plants?
JB (Nashville)
Sadly, I wonder how many of those congressional districts are so ridiculously gerrymandered that any opposition will be drowned out. Or how many of those districts are populated by people who sustain themselves on "liberal tears" (whatever that means) and who hate Democrats and brown people more than they love the democracy their representatives are actively gutting. I know in most of my state, Nunes would be a hero. Even if you're blatantly in the wrong, thumbing your nose at "elitists" goes a long way down here.
summerlove313 (Michigan)
I am not too sure that Republicans will care if their president is a traitor, there was plenty of evidence before election day that proved how complicit and immoral he was and they still ticked the box. They voted thumper and still really believe that one day soon a million dollars is going to trickle out of the sky for each of them, and they're not gonna be unaware so they don't miss out. Who cares what you they do as long as they give you a promise of what will happen tomorrow. Like sheep to the slaughter.
Patrick (Long Island N.Y.)
Now that the Republicans possess absolute power over the Government, It's "NIXON'S REVENGE" that rules the day. They really are ruthless you know.
RjW (Rolling Prairie)
We do know. They are ruthless because they were unloved. The Revenge of the Ayn Rand Bookclubers!
L.B. (Charlottesville, VA)
Credit where due to the saner heads of the Senate caucus, but the House is controlled by Republican zealots, and Paul Ryan is their willing accomplice as long as he gets his tax cuts and the chance to gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Shame on him, and shame on them.
Robert Kulanda (Chicago,Illinois)
Lies Across Time The Romans were corrupt. The Greeks were corrupt. too. The Egyptians kept slaves. Now, the GOP wants to. Because when good men know the truth, And, they choose keep it in the dark. Everyone will be left to suffer, Longing for a spark. From a flame, Of even a single ember. How quickly you forget, All that you are charged to remember! How dare you play your games! When so many, Have so much to lose. Watch out for the “Blue Wave” in November, As all of us hard working Americans, Are planning to vote against you!
Robert (Kentucky)
The only thing the release of this memo accomplishes is to establish evidence of the ongoing betrayal of democracy by Trump's fellow conspirators in the GOP. It is doing precisely what Putin wants, diminishing the institutions that protect our laws and causing a conflagration that will only help to further install an monopolistic totalitarian fascist authoritarian regime. It's sole purpose is part and parcel of a continuing psychological propoganda attack on the US and is in participation with the Russian Agenda to make the US a puppet state at best or at least to render us so incapacitated with internal strife that we will not be in the way of their agenda. This memo is part and parcel of doing the bidding of Putin and Nunes and others are committing treason.
Agent Provocateur (Brooklyn, NY)
Others may lambast me for being a know-nothing, but I really don't care whether this "secret" memo is a security risk or not. Let it out - along all the other "secret" intel out there. We the people, the purported rulers of the US, have allowed our hugely over staffed and over funded "security" apparatus to spiral out of control. There is no meaningful accountability to the people, only to the embedded elite in the permanent government and to select high elected and appointed officials in the three branches. If Trump meaningfully transforms the likes of the CIA, the NSA, the FBI and black ops type networks in the military, even in an inadvertently backhanded way, he'll have done more for the rights of American citizens since the founding of our country.
Tim Prendergast (Palm Springs)
You seem to forget that the people doing the hard work in these agencies are your fellow citizens who take their responsibility to keep us safe and to administer justice seriously. Your devotion to deep state conspiracies is overwhelming your common sense. There is a reason, a huge incontrovertible reason, that we have not had another attack on the scale of 9/11 in our country. Wake up for gods sake!
Marcia Current (Boston,MA)
Don’t whine to us if we get a domestic terrorist attack that might have been avoided. The Republicans delight in lambasting loyal FBI agents who perhaps could have stopped it , but they were under siege from the con lunatic fringe. The FBI is an asset, and these loyal only to Trumpites malign it unfairly. It will take more than a Patel-authored declaration of war to muzzle 2/3s of the American voters.
Kevin Colquitt (Memphis)
What flavor was it? Cherry, grape? Seriously, more important than the founding of the country? I'm reminded of the proverbial ostrich.
K C Connors (Hebron, CT)
If the Democrats can avoid shooting themselves in the foot and actually take control of the House in the midterms, will this administration tolerate "oversight" a la Benghazi? or Russia? And if - hold me back - the Democrats take control of the Senate, and a Supreme Court Justice retires in 2019, will a replacement be held up until 2021? Or for that matter, any other judicial nominee? From my lips to God's ears.
Frank (Boston)
How can the memo be both banal and non substantial, and OMG a huge threat to national security at the same time?
Marcia Current (Boston,MA)
This memo continues in the tradition of DJT’s blab of US Secret intell to the Russians in the Oval Office. Trump’s intent then... to pump himself up. The House Republican intent with this memo based on cherry -picked secret info has the same objective... to pump up Trump, help him dodge the Mueller investigation. Another instance of needing to take down a revered organization, the FBI, to attempt to make himself look superior. What a pathetic excuse both as a president and as a person.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
These people are so infantile they don't even know when they blow up information networks.
Tony (New York City)
When you are a Russian troll which is what the swamp king is. Then you release memos to hurt the country. We should all question this man and his cronies whether they are AMERICANS at all. We are sick and tired of his emotional problems he won the election by fooling the American people. We see this group of do nothing haters for what they are. We will not be fooled again They do not know how to govern in the interest of America but for the interest of their selfies greed, hatred and the destruction of the American way. The midterms are coming and their is not enough in the base of hate to keep real Americans down
Mars & Minerva (New Jersey)
Since it's probable that Trump's administration wrote the Memo, it would make sense he would okay it's release. Especially after he blabbed it on an open mic at the SOU. As usual, the White House typed it up and then let a few Nunez henchmen read it and tell their boss what's in it. Nunez fiddles around with it and gives it back to the Liar in Chief who gives it back to him and then it goes to the press. Foxnews and it Low IQ audience accept it as biblical truth, everyone else figures out that this is just more obstruction. This is how it is going to be for the next nine months or "gulp" more. Get used to it.
Jonathan (Lincoln)
Political posturing does nobody any favours. While pundits like to point out that our current President has an approval rating somewhere between terrible and atrocious, let us not forget for one second that Congress has an even lower approval rating, somewhere between rock bottom and the first circle of hell. Shenanigans such as these only serve to remind the voting public why.
Alan (Sarasota)
Don't you know that vassals are not supposed to complain about royalty?
Edward Brennan (Centennial Colorado)
This is what Republican Oversight of the Republican President looks like. It is time to understand that Paul "Cleanse the FBI" Ryan like all of the other Republicans in Congress don't care about Truth, they don't care about rule of law. All they care about is pure unadulterated power. White Nationalist Authoritarianism. This is not Trump, this is Nunes who is a high ranking member of the Republican caucus inserting himself into an investigation he recused himself from. The Reason for Crickets is that the Republicans in Congress are on board they are tacitly approving. This is what the fall of the Republic looks like as Putin the man they idealize looks on while his Spy chief coordinates with the CIA in open view in spite of being on a sanctions list as someone the US shouldn't do business with. It is time for the NYTIMES to realize that this is not politics as usual. But then it's still about Clinton's emails right????
Prometheus (The United States)
I can't imagine that this could make it any clearer that the entire Republican Party is desperately trying to obstruct justice, by fabricating and advancing this narrative. They've sold it to their base already because they have their 24 hour seven day a week Republican propaganda machine pumping out the distractions, disinformation, misinformation, and false information with such certainty, that "the base" feels like they're being trusted with the secrets of the universe and how stupid can we progressives be? Fox news makes it so clear and obvious! Amplified voices echo in the bubbles people can choose to live in online. The right wing media machine and right wing evangelicals seeking to profit off of peoples spiritual needs, have demonized Democrats for decades. And it has paid off. We aren't just fellow Americans who disagree and have different opinions to discuss and compromise, we are the enemy. So, apparently anything goes with this Trumpublican party when dealing with the enemy, to preserve power. They must be so desperate, hunkered down in their retreat after their train wreck of a week! Is it really only ten months to the mid term elections?
BS (Chadds Ford, Pa)
Who would have figured the biggest American terrorist currently calls the White House home? When Webster updates their definition of a “Fifth Column” all they’ll need to give as an example is “the Republican Party in 2018 and its president.”
nhg20723 (Laurel, MD)
I am sure if there is a Federal crime committed in Mr. Nunes' home district he will call in the Russians to investigate--because he can't possibly trust the FBI to do their job. Hopefully the good people of California vote him out in November. It is apparent he is not looking out for their interests if he is helping Mr. Trump with his issues all the time.
Vi Erickson (Tacoma, WA)
Trump is a coward. If Trump has nothing to hide, why is he obstructing the FBI’s investigation. He has an elaborate method for diverting everyone’s attention away from the investigation through his deranged Tweets. He doesn’t want anyone to see the truth about Russia’s connection to his election. In fact he has met with Russian Officials in the Oval Office. Russia has benefited from Trumps election. They no longer have sanctions that were to be enforced, today for their 2014 invasion of Crimea, a territory of Ukraine since 1954. Why would Russia’s top spies be invited to come to the USA to meet with Trump’s staff? There appears to be so much secrecy regarding Trump’s meeting with Russian officials. The US journalists are not informed of their meetings. Why does Trump need so much privacy with his dealings with Russia? What is Trump setting up with the Russians? How will it impact our country? Do we need to start learning Russian? God, I hope NOT!
Jo Trafford (Portland Maine)
This constant undermining of our intelligence community has to stop. Why do we gather intelligence? What is it's purpose? Why does it need to be done in secret? Perhaps I can't answer those questions because I am not trained in matters of national and international security. But I can guess as to why it's important. It has to do with power and position and being able to control a situation because there is a greater good at stake. Because there is a GREATER GOOD at stake. I don't think Donald Trump has any notion of what the greater good means. He is solely and completely motivated by what effects him personally. Lawrence Kohlberg, a preeminient psychologist who studied moral development divided development in six stages from least developed to highest level of development. According to his therory a child goes from the most basic, stage one development at which a person functions from an orientation of obedience versus punishment to the most sophisticated level in which a person functions at the level of universal ethical principles driven by internal moral compass. According to Kohlberg, the second stage of moral development attributed generally to young children is where one functions from a place of self-interest: what is in it for me? It is of no surprise that is where Trump functions. And now he is making this decision to release a classified document. And I truly believe he has no notion what he is doing the ramfications of such an act. It scares me.
Prof. Jai Prakash Sharma (Jaipur, India.)
The Republican memo and Trump's own instincts of hiding truth since share in common the single aim of derailing the Mueller led Trump-Russia investigation Trump would never object if the memo is made public, even at the cost of besmirching the reputation of the FBI or, it amounts to assaulting the entire edifice of law enforcement and justice.
Marcia Current (Boston,MA)
Trump and the Republicans are headed for a fall. I would urge serious readers of this “memo” to read it beside its rebuttal from the Democrats. As usual the con memo has no footnotes showing the sources of the slurs. This is SOP for the Breitbart- inspired Nunes staffers who like many posters on these pages take cheap shots at their betters, in this case the intell agencies, but don’t complete the paperwork by listing the origins, the “facts” behind their bombastic rhetoric. And no mention either that their lies are funded by the NRA and the Mercers or that their memo was co-authored by the White House tyrant frantically trying to dodge Mr. Mueller. Trump just a week ago darted off to Davos proclaiming how much he would enjoy, would relish testifying “under oath” before Mueller. Yes, Trump enabled by Nunes is a liar and a poor one at that!
William (Brooklyn)
It appears the Republicans are doing exactly what they are accusing the DOJ and FBI of—cherry picking facts to make their case.
Joseph (North Charleston SC)
Russia has attacked the United States. And the Republicans have surrendered without a fight. This is the message I am hearing. And this is the message that Democrats should hammer home. 'Surrender' and 'Russia'.....'Russia'...and 'surrender'.
H Munro (Western US)
Whatever you do, for the love of God, just don't look at, don't think about Russia, Russia, Russiarussiarussiarussiarussia
MyNYC (nyc)
See Donald lie See Donald boast See Donald smirk See Donald abuse Constitution See Donald's Republicans be spineless and treacherous See Donald destroy whatever remains of the United States' integrity
RjW (Rolling Prairie)
See Donald run....we hope...
Martin (Germany)
Maybe we are all reading this wrong. Maybe Trump isn't an authoritarian proto-dictator. Maybe he wants to make America better by changing the whole system. See, when you do and say things like DJT does it destroys the presidency. Which is a good thing, the U.S. Constitution is widely regarded as a very stupid and dangerous document when it comes to the president and the powers held by the office. So, in full Bannon-mode (the little anarchist, wonder what he's doing these days) Trump simply makes it clear to the American people that the fact that everybody can become president means that _everybody_ can become president! I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of Americans look to - let's say - Germany right now and wonder if a Chancellor, elected by experienced representatives, isn't the better option. There are people in the U.S. that demand that presidential candidates now undergo a mental evaluation. I think these people don't really grasp the problem. It's your Constitution that's at fault, the who system as it's set up. It forces a two-party system onto the U.S., and effectively it's even only a one-party system. In the hands of a madman (DJT) it might conceivably lead to nuclear annihilation. I don't want to rain on your parade, but at 240+ years of age, would some changes really hurt you? Why is your right to own a gun in the Constitution, but not your right to own a potato-peeler? And why can House and Senate make their own rules (filibuster)? Madness...
Ms. Pea (Seattle)
The memo will change no minds. It was written by Republicans in an effort to show bias against Trump. What's the news? The only people who care about that are Trump fans, who are already convinced that their man is being unfairly treated. Trump detractors will yawn. It hardly warrants all the kerfuffle, which will only last until the next Tweet, or speech, or tirade, or whatever Trump does next. The memo will come out, and we'll be on to the next thing.
dGeorge (DC)
Chicken Little Nunes. Didn't the sky fall on him one night at The White House not too long ago?
Gina Jones (Washington, DC)
What a ghastly moment our nation is enduring. That there is even a hint of a debate over this, and that there are people defending monumental recklessness, are lessons that I hope we will fully absorb so that never again in the future shall it be even remotely possible for one singularly mad man and a coterie of tiny persons with no conscience and no sense of patriotism to put our great nation in such jeopardy.
Tim Prendergast (Palm Springs)
It could not be said better Gina...
Don White (Ridgefield, CT)
I don't know what kind of a man trump Chief of Staff John Kelly is, but its clear he doesn't have the courage to stand up to trump when it really counts.
Marcia Currentl (Boston,MA)
Look again. Kelly enthusiastically joined by Stephen Miller is coloring every passing thought by Trump. DJT is another McCarthy... Charlie... sitting on Kelly’s knee. To mix metaphors, dealing with Donald is like dealing with Jello. The only constant is that every “interview”, every photo opportunity has the goal of dragging Donald back from the edge of the Mueller abyss. The long-gone morality of this triumvirate makes the Stormy Daniels Deflection look like Mother Goose.
callmeblaise (San Francisco, CA)
To all of the Trump supporters asking what Democrats have to fear from the memo: 1) This shouldn't be a Dermocratic issue but of concern to all Americans regardless of political association. 2)We fear the erosion of the rule of law and obstruction of justice by this administration and its supporters in Congress. The real question: What does the Trump administration have to fear from Mueller's investigation? Either he will find evidence of wrong-doing or he will not. However, whether there were crimes comitted through collusion with the Russians or not, obstruction of justice is the most glaring crime being comitted previously and now on a daily basis. Those who seek to undermine the investigation or cover for the President are complicit in this betrayal of the American justice system and the rule of law. History will not treat them kindly.
Robert Jennings (Ankara)
"Mueller's investigation? Either he will find evidence of wrong-doing or he will not." That is not how the process works. Too many people have their reputations at stake here Mueller MUST bring forward something - and he will, by hook or by crook. That is how the process works. Trump was not supposed to win the election - he is a loose cannon and a threat to the American Empire.
Juergen Granatowski (Belle Mead, NJ)
The way it works under our constitution is there is no investigation unless there is credible evidence first. Investigations are absolutely illegal and unconstitutional without such prior evidence. The mueller investigation evidence is merely a fake dossier paid for by Clinton and is unconstitutional and illegal. What happened to democracies being purveyors of law and civil rights? It seems such behavior is mere sentiment reserved for selected classes of citizens and illegal aliens.
ejw ( Rochester, ny)
So... he won t tell our enemies the battle plans, i.e. timeline for Afghanistan, but he 'll give away our intelligence sources?
Steve (Western Massachusetts)
My guess is the Republicans won't release their memo any time soon. By keeping it semi-secret, they benefit from all the leaked accusations and innuendo and don't have to defend its accuracy. Also, the "release the memo" fight serves their purpose by creating distraction and sowing distrust, and forces people to take sides. The fight over releasing the memo simply benefits them more than the contents of the memo.
Marcia Currentl (Boston,MA)
But, but it is Friday. Releasing the nefarious memo will be a great kickoff for yet another weekly golf vacation at $3 million a pop. Not only fleeing on a high from trashing one’s own appointees, but having the exodus serve up one more opportunity to fleece the American taxpayers is beyond sublime.
dmckj (Maine)
Pretty shocking to me that trump is so ignorant as to not understand that his outrageous behavior towards the FBI will trigger the release of information he does not want to become public. Someone, somewhere, will have had enough. It will, finally, be his end as President.
Walrus Carpenter (Petaluma, CA)
I am beginning to hope that the next go around with the spending bill will shut down this useless government for a long time. Yes, I do blame the republicans for putting all our lives in danger; Russia, climate denial, lies about immigrants, nuclear warfare threats, and a total lack of concern about gun control. Nunes is just another lying GOP stooge willing to do anything for his party but not his people.
Boarat of NYC (NYC)
By tying the hands of the FBI and discrediting their work Trump is helping ISIS and other terror groups. By taking investigation tools away from FBI we are more likely to suffer terror attacks. Thank you Donald, you are a disgrace to the nation.
Gandalfdenvite (Sweden)
Trump is desperate, and now therefore very dangerous, he will do anything to distract attention from the Russia investigation because Trump knows that his family and his campaign, and therefore himself, actively tried to collude with Russia, and Trump knows that he obstructed justice! Trump will probably very soon start a nuclear war against North Korea to try to avoid impeachment and being forcefully removed from office!
The Hawk (Arizona)
We live in exciting times. What is now known is that there is a grand conspiracy at the heart of our government. There are two options to choose from. You may think, if you are that way inclined, that the "deep state" has machinated the Russia investigation in a grand conspiracy to oust the president of the United States. Alternatively, the president of the United States collaborated with a hostile foreign government to undermine democracy and the rule of law. Whatever you think about these options, there is a grand conspiracy with a 100% certainty. That has not been the case at any time before. Personally, I like to apply Occam's razor to these options. To invent a Russia investigation is just too creative and complicated. The simplest option is that the morons in the Trump campaign were tempted to collude by flattery and possibly blackmail by Russian agents.
abigail49 (georgia)
Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country. There is more to patriotism than serving in our military. Those serving in Congress, in the Justice Department and FBI, the federal courts and the news media also defend our country and keep it strong by pursuing the whole truth, without fear or favor, and holding accountable any and all who lie, promote lies, abuse their power, violate or fail to prosecute any of our laws. Every individual within all these institutions must look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are defending our country and the Constitution, or rather some individual person, political party or ideology, or self-interest. It is time for each of them to take a stand.
Elin Minkoff (Florida)
People: It is not the FBI who was in league with the Russians to do harm to our democracy. It was/is people like trump, trump, jr.,manafort, flynn, kushner, perhaps nunes...and their shills: gowdy, ryan, mcconnell mccarthy, etc. Let us get this VERY straight: THINK! Obviously, by trying to blacken the name of the FBI, Mueller, Comey, etc., the people who committed heinous crimes against our country, and against our citizens, are trying to wriggle out of culpability, just like the snakes and slime that they are. And how are they trying to do this? Using smear tactics that are illegitimate, just as the GOP liars and crooks themselves are illegitimate. Did the FBI act in concert with the Russians to commit treason, or did some republicans act in concert with the Russians to commit treason????? I think that we all know the answer to that question. And when certain Americans act together with a hostile, foreign power in a traitorous way, and the FBI learns of such reprehensible actions, then they MUST investigate such; there is no question as to FBI allegiance. The FBI did what the FBI is supposed to do, and the criminal, treasonous, Russian-loving republicans are trying to smear the entire FBI! Is there a nose on your face? Well, what nunes, trump, and the rest of their crooked cronies are attempting to do is to overthrow the entire government of The United States of America! And, that, People, is AS CLEAR as the nose on your face...and you can take it to the bank.
I Remember America (Berkeley)
Trump's such a bad boy. Anything you tell him not to do, he'll definitely do. Witness his looking into the sun without glasses during the eclipse, with his son standing right there. Possibly our last century, with enormous adult problems requiring sober decision-making, and the Christian Know-Nothings elect a juvenile delinquent to run the place.
Galvinjeff (Washington D.C.)
How many column inches of coverage are you going to give to hype this ridiculous red herring? Until they release it, there is no story. This is another example of how the media plays into every single setup the administration lays out there for you. Congratulations on taking the bait hook, line and sinker. Again.
Mercutio (Marin County, CA)
Galvinjeff, you should reread this story, and the many others about this looming travesty, without your tunnel vision spectacles. To think that there is no story in the *process* surrounding the writing and potential impacts of the Republican memo is to willfully blind yourself to a very important aspect of this story -- in a word, the perfidy of members of the US Congress and of the President.
Marcia Currentl (Boston,MA)
Congratulations back. The Trumpites set the pace on this search for “truth”, AKA how to elude Mueller. The media attempt to unravel the Nunes-Trump subterfuge for the American public. Not all of us have your brains and overconfidence to do that for ourselves.
brian nash (nashville)
When will the GOP stand up to Trump? When will enough going to be enough? I’m afraid that the answer is: after we are bombed; or after we suffer terrible terrorism attacks; or after millions lose their insurance and die needlessly; or after there is too little of our country and Constitution to protect. Maybe, MAYBE, then they will say that they should have acted faster. Until then, they are the cowards in the schoolyard who won’t stand up to the bully, because they’re afraid he will turn on them. They are cowards of the most despicable sort.
jmw (raleigh, nc)
Keep your eye on the ball. Read the testimony from Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS who hired Christopher Steele. It's long, it's boring, but it does reveal that: (1) Steele (a sub-contractor) did not go to the FBI because Simpson/Fusion GPS suggested it, but because he thought a crime was being committed. (2) Steele gave information about his dossier to Sen. John McCain ... seems appropriate if you are genuinely concerned about Russia actions. (3) Simpson's testimony suggests that the FBI had other / independent sources of concern about connections between the Trump campaign and Russian organized crime. If you can see Steele's actions as suspect, but excuse a meeting in Trump Tower with representatives of the Russian Govt. because they were promising dirt on Clinton, ... well you're an idiot.
Southern Boy (Rural Tennessee Rural America)
The Nunez memo has been reported as being classified. However according to a memo written by the Information Security Oversight Office for the Public Interest Declassification Board, June 2007, the House nor the Senate are subject to Executive Order 12958, which governs the classification of national security information. This raises the question: who classified this memo, since the Congress does not have the authority to do so? As I understand it the memo is a compilation of information, cherry picked, as according to the liberal opposition, composed by Nunez from classified sources. OK. Then that raises the question who owns this memo based on its content? As far as I am concerned the House owns the document, but other agencies have equity in it, and for that reason they must review it and identify their equity before it is declassified and released. However, according to Executive Order 12958, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has the ultimate classification/declassification authority. He can declassify and release the memo over the objection of other agencies. The FBI/DOJ has recommended not to release the memo based on “sources and methods,” an ambiguous term bantered about by the intelligence community to protect information “essential” to national security. But in this case, if the information is classified to shield people (sources) who misused power, then the classification of the memo is wrong; it must be released. Thank you.
Marcia Currentl (Boston,MA)
Sorry, hon, info involving FISA warrants is always classified. That protocol was not dictated by a pop up secret society.
JoKor (Wisconsin)
If Paul Ryan and Devan Nunes had an ounce of integrity and respect for the institutions of government, they would handle the issues contained in the "Memo" which allegedly has National Security implications behind closed doors in a truly non-partisan manner...which is what Nunes's Committee was originally set up to do. If the GOP can't do anything fairly or in a non-partisan way, then the Democratic response should also be released to give a fuller context. Unfortunately the FBI probably can't adequately defend itself w/o exposes sensitive issues. Donald Trump could care less about national security or the integrity of our institutions. Trump will do & say anything he wants to serve his immediate goals, no matter how inappropriate or self-serving. If Trump thinks for even an instant he can use the memo to his advantage, he'll release it in it's entirety & ignore the consequences. Trump will never outgrow the man-boy phase he's in, he'll always be a bully and a narcissist, but until he became Speaker, I used to have respect for my fellow Wisconsinite, Paul Ryan...oh why have you forsaken us, Paul. Don't go down as a Wisconsin politician as bad as Joe McCarthy, please? When are the leaders of the GOP going to start thinking of their Constitutional duties? Their moral & ethical duties? It can't come too soon.
John Smithson (California)
I just hope at some point someone in the FBI gets the message that the Steele dossier was improperly used. It was full of false facts and wrong accusations. If the FBI thought it had probable cause to believe that Carter Page was an agent of Russia, someone blew it. He clearly was not, and should never have subject to surveillance. This whole Russian investigation has shown how even legitimate investigations can hurt innocent people. There was never any evidence to support an investigation by a special counsel. There were no suspects. There was no crime. Given that, the whole thing became a witch hunt that harmed everyone from Donald Trump to tens if not hundreds of others. Only the lawyers benefited with fat fees and no reason not to inflate them. The FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails should have taught them something. The charges never amounted to anything. It was clear from the start that Hillary Clinton had been careful to use secure communications for all sensitive work, and that any lapses were minor. Any investigation should have been discreet and quickly over with. Instead it was a fiasco. Robert Mueller III clearly didn't learn his lesson. His work should have been long ago completed. His abuse of prosecutorial power has been shameful.
Marcia Currentl (Boston,MA)
Amusing that you put Trump into a category of “innocent people.” I can’t think of any aspect of either his professional or personal life that could fit that description , be it his treatment of perceived opponents , his serial marital infidelities, or his extreme cruelty to animals like elephants and those in hibernation. For decades he has been on the wrong side of housing laws, and more recently bilked students at Trump University, embezzled around half a million dollars from donor funds in the Trump Foundation. Allegedly he owes significant fines to the IRS and the state of New York for the latter, but those have mysteriously not been paid over the last year. As a human being he is sorely lacking in that he is a serial liar, some five or six times a day. He insults our intelligence when he tells a big one, then twenty minutes later denies he ever said it. He has alienated our allies and even makes stupid claims that the people of the U.K. love him. Recently he canceled a trip there or face demonstrations as millions of Brits sign petitions against him. On a different topic he seems to feel that the office of the president has unlimited taxpayer funds for his personal use. He, unlike any other president in history, chose for his wife not to move to the White House at the time of the inauguration but to stay behind in Trump Tower at a cost of $240 million for us. That was a personal decision, and he should have paid for that. Ditto his weekly $3 million golf vacations
Marcia Currentl (Boston,MA)
Are you on Mueller’s team? What is shameful is your claim that he has abused his power with no evidence from you. He is a fellow Republican, and Donald has stated he is so eager to testify before Mueller. Perhaps the Grand Jury would be more fair. That’s even better as no lawyers will be allowed there to coach Donald’s answers like they did with Bannon.
Jerry (New York)
I often wonder how the people writing the comments claim to know more than the journalists writing the article.
JulieB (NYC)
Nothing will take this man down. Nothing. We're kidding ourselves if we think ANY repub will rebel. If we think Mueller will still be around to finish. Evil has won. I am so sick to my stomach when i think that this lying, narcissistic dictator ls the most powerful man on earth. we have ourselves to blame.
Mike (State College)
Call it the Trump-Ryan-Nunes Memo.
Doris2001 (Fairfax, VA)
Most of us recognize Trump is desperate for some kind of major distraction, especially if it undermines the credibility of the intelligence and investigative agencies. As the information continues to be revealed about Trump's attempt to block the Russian/Trump investigation with multiple high ranking intelligence officers and investigators, the Mueller investigation is coming closer and closer to Trump himself. Trump now is operating as someone backed into a corner and is throwing everything he has to escape. We must consider him armed and dangerous.
Elrod (Maryville, TN)
If Trump uses this bogus memo as a pretext to fire Rosenstein and install a puppet who will "reign in Mueller" from looking at Trump's finances, Congressional Democrats will need to insist on creation of a law to protect Mueller's mission. That must be done with the threat of government shutdown. The republic is on the line here.
npomea (MD)
“I have here in my hand a list of 205 [State Department employees] that were known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping the policy of the State Department.” Nunes may be the Joseph McCarthy of our time! Thing is, since he was on the Trump transition team why hasn't he even recused himself from the Intelligence Committee?
Royal Kingdom of Greater Syria (U.S./Syria)
Talk about releasing government information consider the case of William Colby former Director of the CIA who appeared on the Ruff House T.V. program aired Oct. 29, 1979 and said Iran "could soon have a new government, a military leader could be coming to power and the new government would be friendly with Israel.". His comments were reportedly the cause of Iranians taking the U.S. embassy a few days later.
Brian Foster (NYC)
For the love of all that is holy, if by chance a Democratic House member or staffer should come across this comment, leak the Democratic memo right now - as in tonight! It’s the only way for the party to wrest back control of the narrative and blunt the impact of the Republicans’ nefarious plan to release only their version. If we don’t start bringing guns to gunfights we’re going to keep losing. Do what needs to be done. Now.
Christy (Blaine, WA)
Nunes proved long ago that he's an idiot. His hometown newspaper calls him "Trump's Stooge" and a billboard in his congressional district depicts him and Trump on leashes held by Putin saying: "Good boy Devin." Trump's advisers already fear the celebrated Nunes Memo will turn out to be a dud, just as his first attempt to collude with the White House was exposed as a dud. Now that Nunes has been added to the GOP's roster of "heroes," two others being Roy Moore and Joe Arpaio, Democrats can only rejoice.
Sombrero (California)
Let's call this "memo" what it is: a propaganda piece straight out of a Stalinist playbook, presented by lawmakers on a political suicide mission they know they won't or need to come back from--witness Mr. Gowdy's recent disappearing act, and I'm sure Mr. Nunes already has another gig lined up. He'll need one, because no one in their right mind will believe or support this partisan hatchet job on the FBI, and he'll never survive another election with this on his record.
Tee Jones (Portland, Oregon)
If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. I find it laughable--and ironic-- that those who now want to sanctify our secret services, were only a few years ago outraged when it came to light that the FBI, CIA, and NSA were spying--wholesale--on the American public, phone calls, emails, the clandestine eavesdropping on our own allies-- Germany, France, the UK, much to Obama's embarrassment, and who are now crying, "It can't be true." Well, folks, it is true. It is all true, and that is the truth.
Jim Steinberg (Fresno, Calif.)
What additional evidence could we possibly need to prove that the Republican Party is sick in its collective head than the fact that far-right extremist Congressman Devin Nunes serves as chairman of the Republican-dominated House INTELLIGENCE Committee? The concept's essence as an institutional oxymoron fails to redeem the absurdity that is Nunes leading "Intelligence."
Gerhard (NY)
Sunlight is the best disinfectant - no Trump fan, but he's doing the right thing.
Whole Grains (USA)
When will the sunlight shine on his tax returns?
Anna (NY)
Can we see his tax returns and the Democratic memo too?
AdrianB (Mississippi)
“Right thing”....where are you coming from?. The material(memo) is compromised based on unsound assumptions,biased opinion and the possibility that it may expose national security intelligence, and secret sources. Nunes has no inside intelligence understanding of the “real” intelligence issues and security issues and it’s sources. His stupidity may compromise not only this country’s intelligence sources but our allies may drop us from the valuable intelligence sharing. He should be fired, resign and we the people need to make it happen.
Joey (TX)
This seems quite bad... we have the House GOP basically conspiring with Trump White House to obstruct FBI investigations. It's beginning to seem only the Senate Republicans may be able to bring the nation back to some balance. That, or the midterm elections.
Lance (Cambridge, MA)
Did I miss something? Isn't this clown Nunes supposed to be recused from these matters? How is it possible he still heads this committee? As this has totally devolved into a circus, the House should disband the committee all together at this point since any smidgen of legitimacy it had left has been wiped away. Infact, maybe the entire House of Representatives should disband at this point since they have effectively merged with Trump's executive branch.
AdrianB (Mississippi)
Nunes has played “semantics”....he,himself recused himself, but not his staff,thus they complied this memo....and Nunes just manipulates from a short distance.
Deus (Toronto)
Step by step we see a President and his cronies doing everything in their power, including circumventing the rule of law, attempt to turn off or, at minimum, marginilize those long standing institutions that keeps government and its behavior in check. This is the breakdown of democracy and the only description of it that could apply, FACISM.
Scott (PNW)
I think we’re reaching a nadir for our government.
Cliff R (Gainsville)
Nunes is obstructing justice. Criminal intent is there. Special Counsel Muller will continue to follow the money trail. Vote, that is what we must do. VOTE
AdrianB (Mississippi)
And don’t forget that depending in what is actually contained in this memo,Nunes may be conspiring to expose national intelligence secrets in a reckless abandonment way for political gain.
Elizabeth Carlisle (Chicago)
The Left doesn't want the memo. Why? It's one thing to not want something, but the media have been in chaotic overdrive trying to discredit something they haven't even yet seen. Nobody is against the FBI or DOJ. Civil people ARE concerned with bad actors within the FBI and DOJ. Yet the media try to frame the Right as being totally against these two institutions in their entirety. Obama and Hillary were/are corrupt to the core. Tomorrow we'll see how they orchestrated our institutions to do their dirty work, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. Attempt to discredit the memo all you want. Come back with proof on the points you believe are wrong. By all means, invite Jimmy Comey to explain it all. We'll wait.
Abraham (DC)
The Dems on the Intelligence Committee have prepared a report that is a detailed rebuttal of the memo. The Reps, using their numbers, voted against it's release. So there you go. The Reps vote to put out their memo, but vote against the release of a rebuttal as prepared by members of the same committee. Try to keep up!
Anna (NY)
The “Left” as you call it, wants to see Trump’s tax returns. Why does he not want to show them? Because he is corrupt? Hmmmmmm....?
AdrianB (Mississippi)
You obviously have not followed all of the memo need to change TV stations. The Democrats had prepared a much larger document that challenged and broke down each of the points in Nunes’memo. Nunes would not allow the Democrat document to be released....perhaps he didn’t want the facts to be out their.Democrats also understood the added burden that their counter document may have done in exposing intelligence secrets that should not be made public. That is exactly why Nunes behavior is reckless, dangerous and more, to prove that his memo is flawed, intelligence sources would have to expose their sources and secrets. You get it now?
Rev. E. M. Camarena, PhD (Hell's Kitchen)
Funny how the same people who spent a year and a half shouting about Trump: "if you have nothing to hide, then release all the information and testify" now argue to withhold this. Of course, they will say this is not the same. That excuse is so old, has mold on its crust. So hearty congratulations to the democrats! The republicans no longer even need to release this. With their growing list of "scary" reasons to keep this memo under wraps, democrats have fixed it so that the democrats look guilty as hell. The same bumbling political ineptitude they displayed in 2016 strikes again. With this resistance, we will be stuck with Trump for two terms. Thanks. For nothing.
Michael Numan (Rio Rancho, NM)
What is a "High Crime and Misdemeanor"? It certainly does not have to be legally criminal behavior, although that would also be included. I think President Trump has committed many high crimes and misdemeanors, that is crimes against our federal institutions and the general public. The release of this biased memo, against the advice of the DOJ, is a high crime in my view. And when Trump lied about why Don Jr. met with Russians, although that was not a legally criminal lie, it was a lie to the American public. Time to impeach? The Republican led House would never do that; they want to keep Trump in power so the rich will get richer, the social safety will be dismantled, and voting rights will be restricted. Hopefully, we will have a great blue wave in November.
Kathy G. (Norwalk CT)
Of course he isn’t blocking it. His sole purpose is to discredit the Mueller investigation. How can it be that everyone doesn’t see this? Keep pressing on, Mr. Mueller. Carefully and thoroughly.
Maita Moto (San Diego)
Mr Nunes, I cannot say Dear Nunes (you and your politics are repulsive and against the security of the US). So, again, I begin: Mr. Nunes, We all want transparency so please with the release of the memo, which the FBI was against to its release, release as well the taxes of Mr. Trum. I know, this demand is simply rhetoric because, you, Mr. Nunes are just a despicable butler covering for your boss whatever he wants to hide.
Florine (Stettheimer)
History will eventually do this dog justice. The name "Trump" will live forever in infamy.
cloudsandsea (france)
So what exactly does Russia have on Nunes?
CDN Beaver (Calgary)
The President spends the late evening on the phone with a TV host discussing classified materials - but her emails!
Galfrido (PA)
What is Nunes gaining from all this?
Richard Schumacher (The Benighted States of America)
A sinecure after he loses his seat in Congress.
SCZ (Indpls)
Wanted: Men and Women of Zero Integrity to work for President Trump. Experienced liars and conspiracy theorists preferred. Obsequiousness a big plus. See role models in Devin Nunes, Paul Ryan, and Mike Pence.
EGD (California)
Democrats seem afraid to have the information contained in the see the light of day. Why? Could it shed light on the fact that it appears the entire Russia collusion narrative is a Clinton campaign dirty trick? Will it show that Clinton allies in the upper echelons of the DoJ and FBI were trying to subvert a free election? Let’s see the document and also let’s see the Schiff document.
JM Hopkins (Linthicum, MD)
More and more the preponderance of the evidence supports the theory that our sitting President is a witting Russian agent. These are very dangerous times.
Blueberry (MA)
Nothing surprising here. Putin owns Trump. Trump and the co conspirator Republicans are destroying the integrity of our country to cover their high crimes. Enough is enough. Soon, We the People will have to take matters into our own hands. Attacking the FBI with a fake discredited memo to cover Trump’s high crimes is repugnant.
Pen vs. Sword (Los Angeles)
This is a new chapter in the Republican playbook of fear mongering the weak minded. Instead of the usual provocations of fear of dark skinned people and taking your bible and guns away, the GOP has now set it sights on our security and intelligence services. The Republican party is a shameless institution gone rotten and is long past it's expatriation date. While the truth may set people free, it also excels at locking people up. One term.
Patrick (Michigan)
Never thought the house republicans would try to make the FBI the enemy of the people. Never thought the senate republicans would be quiet about it. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of our republic.......
John Doe (Anytown)
Devin Nunes told his staff to go over to the White House, and work with the White House staff to produce something favorable for Trump. Because of this flawed methodology, anything that comes out of this four page "memo" is completely worthless. How many Tax Payer Dollars, did Devin Nunes spend on this?
William O. Beeman (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Nunes is a criminal. Trump is a criminal. End of story. Both should be in jail.
citybumpkin (Earth)
Devin Nunes is coming up for re-election this November. California 22nd District. I don't want someone like this heading the House Intelligence Committee or even serving in Congress. I will be donating to his leading opponent. (You can, too. I'm not here to campaign for anybody, so I simply suggest you Google search California 22nd District. It shouldn't be hard to find out who are running against him.)
Darlene (NY)
Just ride the storm , stand your ground, don't quit or resign. This's too shall pass. Don't take the high road....just let this nonsense pass. C U Monday.
Paul Barbour (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Doesn't anyone realize here that it just doesn't matter any more. We have a president who was cheating on his wife , self proclaimed. Our president could shoot someone in cold blood and not lose one vote. Pathological liar, racist and still the evangelicals kiss his toes. It's all about the judges, make no mistake about it. I must of missed this part of growing up
Mercutio (Marin County, CA)
Calling our new Daniel Ellsberg? Do we need another such hero to make public the Democrat response to the deceitfulness of the amoral Republican Congress? Will Wikileaks play a role? Or will the Demo memo be revealed soon, as it should be, in a righteous, lawful way?
citybumpkin (Earth)
First, Republicans are usually the ones screaming national security and secrecy. They were the ones who screamed bloody murder when Chelsea Manning's sentence was commuted. But when it suits them politically, they completely disregard warnings from law enforcement and intelligence agencies about leaking sensitive government information? Second, why not publish the Democratic rebuttal at the same time? If the facts are so solidly on the side of the Republicans, why are they so scared of the other side of the story? Why did they edit the memo after the committee already voted? Publish the pre-edit version alongside the post-edit version. If the edits are so minor, it shouldn't matter, right?
citybumpkin (Earth)
"complaining about minor edits...” So the Republicans admit to having edited the memo after it had been voted on? Will they be releasing pre-edit versions to prove that the edits are minor? Or will this be another "trust me, because I am totally trustworthy" moment?
fred esq. (Colorado)
I believe that there's only ONE possible explanation for all of this, namely, Trump actually DID shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and the Russians are the only ones who know about it!!
P. Sherwood (Seattle WA)
To frankly0's comment below: the point isn't so much what's in the memo as it is is the Republican's frantic McCarthy-esque efforts to sow fear, uncertainty, and doubt to subvert an investigation of possible wrongdoing. If no wrong was done, why are Trump, Nunes, Ryan, et al., so desperately trying to jam the investigation's gears? The HIC has processes available to it to alert the appropriate agencies to possible wrongdoing for which it discovers actual evidence. Secretive, completely partisan manipulation of information without any transparency or opportunity for discussion or dissent is not one of them. Perhaps there's one consolation in this disgraceful display of dishonesty and lack of integrity by the Republicans. Trump may really be so ignorant and unperceptive that he has no idea of the depth and detail of corroborated information it takes to get a FISA warrant. Thus, his view that the memo when released will vindicate his "witch hunt" claim will be exposed once and for all as laughably naive and simplistic. For some background on FISA warrants and what the Nunes memo must include if it is to hold any water at all, have a look at and
Geraldine Mitchell (London)
It flags up the precarious role his lawyers are being put in. If they advise him of the complications you mention and he can't or won't listen or take on the wider ramifications and prefers to continually act impulsively against their advice on gut reaction or to please his voting base , will there be a time when it becomes compromising to represent him?
Jake Wagner (Los Angeles)
Democrats have been playing hardball for quite some time. When Obama couldn't get an immigration reform bill through Congress, he simply provided Dreamers with executive amnesty. This was popular for his base but also a flagrant violation of separation of powers. When the jury returned the "wrong" verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, Obama once again played to his base. He urged his Justice Department to try Zimmermann again for a "hate" crime. It should be unconstitutional to try a person a second time for a "hate crime" because this constitutes double jeopardy. But Obama took the expedient way. And Zimmermann, cleared of a crime in court, had his life ruined by a second accusation. The MeToo movement shames men without first checking the facts. For example, Al Franken was removed from the Senate without an investigation with no due process. Democrats seem to have forgotten that our forefathers fought for the constitution which guarantees "innocence until proven guilty" and no denial of "life, liberty or property without due process of law." The media collude with the Democrats in denying due process by holding up men who have been accused to public shaming. Americans who love their freedom should fight back. And when a trumped up charge of collusion with Russia is set up by Democratic politicians, why not fight back with political investigations going the other way? There are consequences to holding up the constitution for ridicule. Thus democracy vanishes.
dairubo (MN & Taiwan)
Another obstruction count.
Margaret (NJ)
A case study on how just one unscrupulous person can destroy the reputation and security of a country in just one year.
Nuz (NC)
I want transparency in government. Let me decide. Release the memo.
Philip Richardson (Eugene, OR)
Full transparency would include release of the minority report which the R majority has disallowed.
Roberta (Virginia)
Trump and Nunes are traitors, the first because he is too stupid, and the second by design. This country is in so much trouble.
SSS (Berkeley)
"Speaker Paul D. Ryan (said) the document was not an attack on institutions like the F.B.I. and Justice Department, and was not meant to undermine the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III." This man is going down in history as an enabler of fascism, wait and see . . .
Tony (Montana)
The looks on the faces in the photo that intros this story on the front page, say it all. Trumps face, fear and spite, the other guy, SMIRK, we do as we please. Something is really rotten here.
John McLaughlin (Milwaukee)
We should start referring to Trump as 'The Bubble Boy' because the optics on this are terrible. Perhaps they are throwing the long ball here because they need to throw sand into the gears of the Russian investigation....and there is only one reason to do that.. Trump is guilty of crimes. Would not be surprising in the least. #FlailingAbout
Ruth (Johnstown NY)
Of course he’ll release it. He helped write it.
Chinh Dao (Houston, Texas)
Nunes was a member of Trump's transistion Team, Who was/were the true authoṛ(s)?
Kathy (Oxford)
The only thing Donald Trump is truly afraid of is not being the centerpiece of the news. He will say and do anything, the more outrageous the better to become the lead story. At least (I hope) he can't start a war because that would make him the second story. He filters all decisions - assuming he has that much insight - through his filter of how long he can watch cable TV and count the number of times his name is spoken. This memo no doubt given to Nunes - not the brightest bulb - must be thrilling, the number of days it's carried the Trump news day. As long as Democrats and cable news feed this frenzy it will continue. Oh wait, they get ratings and donations, why would they stop?
Thinking (Ny)
Trumps base is going to love this! Trump is going to let them in on national security issues! They are going to be part of the Big Boy's Club! "He likes us, he reeeely likes us!" Every day something rotten gets thrown at us from the White House....
rm (Los Angeles)
Its ironic how this memo would have been classified as 'act of treason' against the US back in 2002 under Bush/Cheney. Its time to acknowledge that Devin Nunes and Trump are both traitors.
Mark R. (Bergen Co., NJ)
The Democrats should say “fake memo” and walk away.
Stevie Matthews (Oyster Bay, NY)
Of course, he "clears the way.'' This is a blatant attempt to discredit the Mueller investigation and should be included as part of the obstruction case against this destructive and fraudulent "president''
Bhaskar (Dallas, TX)
The swamp is getting murkier with every new revelation. The sunshine alone is not working. It's time for the dragon slayer -- President Trump. Thanks for his courage to release it all, without redaction. This just might save our democracy.
Philip Richardson (Eugene, OR)
Simplistic. But if it’s what you really believe then you should support release of the minority report too.
Jay (Sonoma)
The country has abandoned the search for shreds of human decency in the Republican Party, but it is still surprising that it has become the party of traitors and enablers of Russian incursions. Has Putin bought them all?
John Radovan (Sydney, Australia)
I know I've led a sheltered life, but why is Trump and his disciples trying so hard to discredit the FBI if he has nothing to fear from the Russia investigation? I ask merely for information.
Sommer Janis (New York)
What makes Republicans’ protests to this whole thing both hollow and laughable is that they would not hold the same foregone conclusions if this were on a Democratic President, all other variable remaining constant. Of particular note is that Repuboicans’ outrage about the Democrats having something to hide takes precedence over the fact that members of Trump’s inner circle have pleaded guilty to crimes related to the investigation. Likely, weird prioritizing is coming from the shriek jocks on right wing a.m. radio. I have to say, I almost don’t blame Republicans for pushing the Constitutional envelope here. They caucus mostly in the South, which has the nation’s highest rates of illiteracy, teen pregnancy, obesity, smoking. Overall, this is a region that is easily exploited. What better way to ensure power than to engage in high-level crazymaking, designed to sow confusion and enough support to carry you through? I predict Don will win in 2020, and that the House and Senate will stay red. Republicans are just too good at convincing enough people that Mueller is the enemy, neverminding that through all of Obama’s tenure, Republicans whined nonstop that Obama wasn’t tough enough on Putin. Right wing propaganda works. Like Germany before us, we are about to be held up as a shining example of that very fact.
Tim Prendergast (Palm Springs)
As John Heilemann said last night on Lawrence O'Donnell's Last Word..."we are IN a rolling constitutional crisis". In other's here. We're in it. the middle of it. This country cannot sustain itself in this state. Now I hope that the FBI does everything they can to aid Mueller in getting this scabrous individual out of our White House.
william barlow (toronto)
Why would Team Trump bother to create this memo to only spike it? The entire purpose of this exercise is to hand it hand it over to his Foxy friends to allow them to get all worked up over alleged fresh evidence of corruption within the Mueller probe. The president watches CNN because he is afraid. The President of Russia watches CNN for fun. When this is all over I can see Putin asking the worlds 'greatest democracy' who they would next like as a president.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Watch them plead victimhood that the Deep State made them do it.
KI (Asia)
3.5 pages is too long for Mr. Trump to read. So he should have known what it is like from the beginning. A must-watch game between WH and FBI.
Sarah (Chicago)
The FBI has stated their grave concern is over accuracy, not sources and methods. So I think the best way to take the power out of this move might be to just let the memo come out. Anyone with half a brain knows Carter Page was a shady dude and the Steele dossier was not the impetus for the warrant. Everyone else who would believe the half baked musings of Nunes and the White House is a lost cause. Let republicans hoist themselves on their own petard with this shameful and transparently obstructionist act.
frank w (high in the mountains)
another something about nothing just so we can continue to take our minds off the real issues that need to be worked out in this country
Pamela (Knight)
"Man's most valuable trait is a judicious sense of what not to believe." -Euripedes New York
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Euripedes believed that faith is a bad habit.
Joe (Marietta, GA)
No matter which persona Trump chooses to let people see there is at least one trait that permeates all five featured in this article- Trump is a liar. Anyone who wonders what the 'real' Donald Trump is like can look no farther than Melania's facial expressions and lackluster clapping during the State of the Union address. The Trump that was and is etched in her mind is the one that cares nothing for the American public beyond what they can provide in adulation. It's also the Trump who feels the noose tightening in fear that the public will see the wretched, small man that Melania sees every day. Somewhere in Russia right now there must be a lot of back slapping and hearty laughter as they recount the damage they have done to America's democracy for little more than a few pieces of silver.
Ghost Dansing (New York)
More obstruction.
susan (nyc)
Time for the Democrats to take the gloves off. If this memo is released Adam Schiff should "pull a Diane Feinstein" and release the Democrats' memo.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
You don't gain ground by mimicking the stupid. Nunes will have violated his security oath if he releases this memo.
Carol D (Michigan)
Did I read right that trump has yet to sign the bill of sanctions against Russia and Russian oligarchs for interference in 2016 elections and ot has actually expired?? I sure hope that isn't the case or this administration has made a deal with them on our 2018 and 2020 elections already. I hope I'm wrong on this
Blackcat66 (NJ)
Of course he won't. He's the one that dictated it to his toady. It's classic Trump one sided, ill advised, inaccurate. They are just so scared and stupid. Remember when the Republican party contained people that put country first?
W in the Middle (NY State)
Paul Ryan hasn't been one of my favorites, but - beyond just seeing what my taxes will be in 2018 (a heartfelt thanks, Paul) - just read what he'd had to say today, on this topic... “...What this is not is an indictment on our institutions, of our justice system. This memo is not an indictment of the FBI, of the Department of Justice. It does not impugn [Robert Mueller’s Russia] investigation or the deputy attorney general,” Ryan said Thursday at the Republican retreat in West Virginia... “...What it is, is the Congress’s legitimate function of oversight to make sure the FISA process is being used correctly,” he added, referring to a controversial government surveillance program. “If it wasn’t being used correctly, that needs to come to light and people need to be held accountable so this doesn’t affect our civil liberties... Well said - Mr Speaker...
msmichlee (south carolina)
So this is like explaining that someone murder another person, but the knife wasn't his. When a person is guilty and has nothing for a defense they attack the prosecutor. This should make crystal clear in anyone's mind that Donald Trump is GUILTY and cant buy his way out this time. I believe the person they are trying to sow doubt about Carter Page is the strongest weapon against Trump so therefore they must attempt to get his testimony disregarded. You know the lead attorney for Nixon went to jail also along with 40 other collaborators.
Heather (San Diego, CA)
Looks like we need to change the name of our country. We are now the Unilateral States of America...
Steve Bolger (New York City)
I like "Untied States of America". In charitable moments one can just dismiss it as a spelling error, and if one is inclined to reality, it suggests they're all adrift.
G. Umanov (Reston VA)
The Democrats on the Intelligence Committee should release their memo first. It is time for them to use Republican tactics and stop playing by the rules.
Qcell (Hawaii)
The Liberals/Democrats keep repeating the old adage "If you haven't done anything wrong, there is nothing to hide" when talking about Trump. So why are they so up and arms against releasing the Memo, if it is utterly false as claimed. What is there to hide for the Liberals/Democrats?
Citizenz (Albany NY)
Putin probably laughs everyday he reads his intelligence briefs on what is going on in the United States. It isn't hard to get intelligence on the US these days.
Chuck (Setauket,NY)
Is the release of this memo not treason considering the strong objections of the FBI and DOJ the memo will compromise national security?
Michele Scott (CA)
Trump must know his time is near, and what better way to be removed from office or resign then to create as much mayhem as you can before you leave forever in disgrace!
Alan Einstoss (Pittsburgh PA)
This finally clears up the Obama Clinton ,Comey conspiracy leading to Mueller which completes the circle.All the conniving between the Russians and the Uranium deal which not only really happened and is very well documented considering Mr. Mueller supposedly led Ms. Clinton through and the really ,really nothing that they now pretend to make into something.
jrw1 (houghton)
Trump is one step closer to impeachment.
It’s News Here (Kansas)
It appears that the entire Republican Party has hitched itself to President Trump’s star. I just don’t see that ending well for them. Good riddance.
Whole Grains (USA)
While Russian intelligence operatives were trying to recruit Carter Page, he was under surveillance, which was appropriate. The Nunes memo is so over-hyped, even the White House is worried that it will go over like Geraldo Rivera's opening of Al Capone's safe. A giant nothing-burger.
Red Allover (New York, NY )
The FBI is not a Boy Scout organization. They are a paramilitary group of armed officers, mostly white, male rightists. They have a long record of infiltrating and disrupting oppositional groups that continues to this day. To put these Federal Secret Police above the elected President, no matter how much you oppose his policies, is a dangerous precedent, one that liberals will surely someday regret. What happens when a President Sanders, say, orders the FBI to do something to which they object and the FBI tell him to go to perdition, how then can the Left object?
Armando (chicago)
This truculent defiance suggests only one thing: there might be something really sinister in the closet.
Saint999 (Albuquerque)
Nunes' previous attempt to support Trump's paranoid accusations about being wiretapped by the Obama Admin backfired bigly. Nunes has very bad judgment. If the Nunes Memo is released along with Schiff's opposition memo and the FBI objection from Wray I think the GOP and Trump will be tarred up one side and down the other. Do it! Keep them in defense mode about Muller and get to work on bigger problems: making elections secure from hacking, taking an axe to voter suppression and labeling the origin and targeting of political ads. Facebook and You Tube and Twitter have been so easily played and their facilitation of access to any group, like Jew Haters, so useful for political ads and stirring up all kinds of destruction which AI algorithms miss that it needs serious analysis. The social media are all about making money and nothing else. Then there is the possibility of actual treachery. Trump refusing to enforce sanctions against Russia, Pompeo (no intel expert) giving sanctioned Russian Intel experts access to our Intel experts (may the smartest learn the most).
Leslie (Amherst)
So that he can protect himself, and ONLY himself, (he thinks) from the consequences of both his criminal and treasonous activities, this man will jeopardize every single person living in this country--including all those who serve and protect us. And, the Republican Congress and its leaders will assist in the process. Was there EVER a better reason to vote Democratic this November? Will Trump supporters continue to vote against their own and their children's safety, well-being, and best interests??? You bet. "Deplorable" doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. . . . .
L (CT)
Here's an interesting piece from the Daily Beast about Nunes' refusal to answer whether his staff coordinated with the White House to write the memo:
Frank McNeil (Boca Raton, Florida)
All you need to know is Republicans don't want to release the Democrats rebuttal. I began my life in Foreign affairs during the McCarthy period. Nunes and Trump are doing to the FBI what McCarthy did to the State Department. McCarthy said the State Department (of Kennan mind you -the author of containment) was communist while Trump reportedly said the FBI is corrupt. And Democrats aren't allowed to defend the FBI. No one in government is exempt from criticism but painting entire American institutions as terrible is a work of evil. McCarthy and Nunes were and are doing the Kremlin's work. McCarthy was an alcoholic. What's Nunes and Trump's excuse/? I act
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Probably unresolved Oedipal issues.
kona (ma)
We can only hope that many of those who are throwing away their legacy by these atrocious acts, especially young ones like Hope Hicks who (hopefully) know not what they do, will look back in their later years at these as being their days of greatest regret, the days they threw their lives away. Let us pray they did not throw away our country's legacy as well. Very dark days.
Ron (Nicholasville, Ky)
Where is the public's outrage at Trumps antics?
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Lost in the Superbowl.
UB (Pennsylvania)
Who would believe information from this memo anyway? Just look at the authors. I'd trust the FBI
Ben Hur (NY)
The country survived and now celebrates the release of the Pentagon Papers. From the Praetorian Guard to the Streltsy to the Jannisaries, elite groups originally constituted to protect the government have dug their hooks deeper and deeper until they feel above the law. Let the sunshine into the room and let's see what can be done to curb the growth of the US spy machine.
Deborah (NY)
Currently we know there were 20 Trump campaign contacts with Russians close to the Kremlin. But Trump's campaign denied all of them! Until their memories re-booted under duress. Trump has fired Comey, the FBI Director, nearly fired AG Sessions, and is rumored to be planning to fire Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein & Special Counsel Mueller. What does Trump have to hide that he would risk wrecking the Justice Department and sliding into a constitutional crisis? This leads me to believe Trump must be really, really guilty!
Jim Bredfeldt (Seattle)
20 Russian contacts? What are your source materials as all of us are left in suspense. I can only count up to 10! Please share!
Hanan (New York City)
Whose money is it that Trump is paying all of his pricey lawyers to create these obstructions and schemes to obfuscate the investigation of their client, who is willing to violate his oath of office to save his own hide? Not that he hasn't already done so, yet isn't this a case of the fox guarding the hen house? I can't believe that its come to Trump denigrating the law enforcement system of the entire nation and having the support of the GOP in doing so. Have all of the GOP also violated their oaths of office? I have faith that the truth will emerge and America will recognize the schisms that were laid to misinform and detract/distract us from Trump's corrupt nature, by of all people Trump. It's known he will not leave the Presidency quietly. He has risen to the level of his incompetence (been there for a long time). Would he go so far as to start a war or make a pre-emptive nuclear strike against N. Korea or some other nation he deplores? Is his name Trump? I hope this decision is ruinous for him. He doesn't care who or how anyone goes down; he deserves it more than anyone. Not only is he the most unpopular President-- he is the most notorious and will go down in history as such. He will be remembered as the "Thug-in-Chief."
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Trump is a child who overturns the checkerboard when he sees that he is losing.
Chicago Guy (Chicago, Il)
From the Watergate hearings, July 31st 1973 - Senator Herman Talmadge: "Now, if the President could authorize a covert break‐in and you do not know exactly what that power would be limited (to)... You do not think it could include murder or other crimes beyond covert break‐ins, do you? John Ehrlichman: "I do not know where the line is, Senator." Which means that, in the mind of President Nixon's lawyer, the President could extra-judiciously murder someone, and it would not be a crime. Isn't this the same exact mind set of all those who are currently abetting Donald Trump? FYI: Ehrlichman served a year and a half in prison for conspiracy, perjury and obstruction of justice. Frankly, I think he should have gotten life in prison for what he did.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Being a remote control drone pilot does not spare the consciences of people who implement the policies of Trump-types. They still get combat fatigue.
Michael Kennedy (Portland, Oregon)
Trump first. GPO second. America? Nope.
Cbond (Muncie, IN)
Seems this disclosure would be an article for impeachment for the Pres and the Congressmen (disclosing / mishandling classified material).
Ingerid (Skandinavia)
For a leader, who is " in it" primary to serve his own interest above the interest of the country, it may seem simple to go for it. Why not release the memo? A leader who is wise and has the cability to see it from many sides might consider it to be totally unwise to release it. Releasing the memo is a trap. Does he not think that it might as well just increase suspections and strengthen the case of conspire to obstruct justice! What is the president is hiding that seems to govern his mind? If there is nothing there....
Geraldine Mitchell (London)
i see no evidence in Trump's behaviour of someone who is able to critically review his gut reaction.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
It really is silly to expect a president who is rich to eschew the pursuit of the too much that is never enough.
John Emmanuel (New York)
Ok, I'm a creative writer for the Republican members of the Intelligence Committee. I put together a paper, pulling this and that from an intelligence trove that is classified. I gave it a slant pleasing to my benefactors. I stress the influence of one particular document that happens to be written by a Brit who apparently was sponsored for awhile by the Democratic campaign committee, in other words, the least classified document in the trove. I ignore the rest of the trove which our intelligence divisions are studying with interest. I call my opus the secret memo. Everybody's talking about it. . . Really? A memo? You have to ask yourself as a sane participant in a democracy, why is anyone taking this seriously? The Republicans have gone off the rail.
Thomas Zaslavsky (Binghamton, N.Y.)
Exactly right, John Emmanuel. It's a creative writing exercise. I wish I'd thought of that phrase for it.
Hank (Parker)
it is a Fox audition.
Susan K. (Lancaster, PA)
How much more respect could he have gotten by putting country before self?? He never learns.
JAR (North Carolina)
Dear President Trump, 11-months from today impeachment will will occur because of your high crimes and misdemeanors: Obstruction of Justice Conspiring with a foreign adversary Willful destruction of our own FBI and CIA. Don't buy any green bananas.
Josh (New York)
The memo gets basic facts wrong, and weaponizes cherry picked US intel. It is a desperate attempt to derail the investigation, and the next chapter in Trump's cover up.
Fred (Bryn Mawr)
Ranking Member Schiff must immediately assume command of the United States Government under authenticated protocol to prevent treason. Any attempt by unelected trump to remain in office must be regarded as a personal insult to the Clinton Family and Comrade Sanders. This must not be permitted to happen. Mr. Müller order the armed forces to swear allegiance to The People's Democratic Party!
Jeoffrey (Arlington, MA)
wow that's witty.
mw (atlanta)
Never underestimate this master manipulator. He has been honing his craft for a very long time. One could argue, too long!
Margaret (NJ)
I never thought that one evil man could destroy my beloved country's reputation and now its safety in just one year.
Trailbreakr (Orlando)
Why would trump block his own memo? He wouldn't.
Ken (St. Louis)
Our Mad King -- er, I mean, our pseudo-president -- is getting more nonsensical (more oafish) by the day. Why has he cleared the way for release of the secret memo, with its surely self-incriminating contents? I believe it's the same reason why he's just told a group of fellow Republicans that he's the "best president in our history". Trump realizes (as he has, of course, all along) what a fake and a scoundrel he truly is. (Here's the guy, after all, who, not days after winning the presidency said: "Hillary should have won.") Trump is an imbecile. But not that imbecilic not to realize when the jig is up. In a phrase: Our Unfit Dude in Chief has just decided to have some fun while he still can -- before the curtain comes down. After all of the conjecture about whether or not Trump is mad, I've come to the conclusion (after listening to his delusions and lies this week alone) that this pitiful man has, himself, given us the definitive answer.
Robert (Out West)
Ah, gorgeous, and done with all the personal courage we've come to expect from this guy. Notice how he said he wouldn't block it, not that he'd decided to release it? That's there so when it blows up as the fraud it is, Trump'll have deniabilty. My only real question is: just how dumb does Nunes have to be, to believe that this President would have his back?
Dan (Philadelphia)
He's "dumb as a brick," to quote Bannon.
bobandholly (Manhattan)
Covering up his crimes is more important than National Security.
Patrick (San Diego)
Good news: Trump must be desperately worried that Mueller's closing in.
reader (NYC)
Nunes continues as Trump's stooge as Nunes own hometown newspaper, The Fresno Bee calls Nunes. Of course, we wonder what does Nunes hope to gain from this.... some Trump appointment?... money? Cowardice, obstruction and dishonesty now define the GOP. A new low...
Geraldine Mitchell (London)
A 'stay out of jail' card?
Rocky L. R. (NY)
Why would an agent of Russia block the release of anything?
JeffV (Armonk, NY)
So this is how liberty dies.
Prometheus (The United States)
And in ten months, in November 2018, liberty will be reborn in the midterm elections. Donate. Organize. Volunteer. Vote. Make Liberty happen again!
Chicago Guy (Chicago, Il)
From the Watergate hearings, July 31st 1973 - Senator Herman Talmadge: "Now, if the President could (legally) authorize a covert break‐in and you do not know exactly what that power would be limited (to), you do not think it could include murder or other crimes beyond covert break‐ins, do you? John Ehrlichman: "I do not know where the line is, Senator." Which means that, in the mind of President Nixon's lawyer, the President could extra-judiciously murder someone, and it would not be a crime. Isn't this the exact same mind set of all those who currently abet our current President? Just a reminder to all those who do, Ehrlichman served a year and a half in prison for conspiracy, perjury and obstruction of justice. Frankly, I think he should have gotten life in prison for what he did.
Jim Steinberg (Fresno, Calif.)
It is challenging, if not impossible, to plumb the depths of hypocrisy where President Trump and his errand boy Congressman Devin Nunes swim and spawn their lies. They say it is urgent to get out this bogus FBI memo even though the Republican FBI director, appointed by Trump himself, says that release will be damaging. Equally strong objections by the FBI Association -- the agents themselves! -- mean nothing to Nunes or Trump. Both are blinded by their lust for scoring political points -- at agents expense and at the expense of our national security. How can Trump and Nunes sink any lower?
Steve Bolger (New York City)
We have become the straw-men these folks obliterate to expunge their own sins.
cort (Phoenix)
It just underscores what a paranoid and ugly man Trump is. This is what happens when you put a man with the attention span and temperament of a five year old in the White House. The big question is how many Republicans are going to line up with Trump and how many are going to uphold the integrity of the judicial branch and the FBI. My guess is most will take the expedient approach and settle for the first.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Trump hasn't even got the attention-span to comprehend what "present hedonism" is, because he has such an extreme case of it.
Renee Hiltz (Wellington,Ontario)
Cheer up folks, 2 great things will come of this. First off like Nixon, Trump will be a historically reviled figure. He'll wish he hadn't run. And second he has triggered a powerful backlash by women which will turn things around for a generation or 2. If only we had a time machine to get to the future now!
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Trump has laid a minefield in the Federal Judiciary. You don't really want to speed up the clock, do you? You'll only die sooner that way.
Aydin Tozeren (Washington DC)
I supported release of Pentagon papers when studying at Columbia U. I support the release of the memo, for exactly the same reason; to eliminate deep state. Anybody can figure out things went terribly wrong at FBI during and following the election. And DOJ is another case study. Reading Rod Rosenstein's charge to Mueller, it is clear what he is saying: investigate anything between linked to Russia and Trump campaign. Well that is a witch hunt, easily recognizable from reading Arthur Miller's Crucible.
Wordsalad (Boston )
Do you support the release of the Dem's memo? If not, you're just another conservative hypocrite.
tomjoad (New York)
"witch hunt"? Yeah, that is Republican partisan nonsense. There has been ample evidence justifying Mueller's investigation. Hurts bad, eh?
Boarat of NYC (NYC)
So I guess we should let the Russian interfere with the election and give money to the RNC and the NRA for political ads. This investigation is nothing like the pentagon papers.
Edward Bash (Sarasota, FL)
General Kelly reportedly has played a role in supporting release of the Nunes memo. He was briefed by the FBI and DOJ on the dangers of releasing it and went on TV saying he had read it and it would be released shortly. I am afraid Kelly has not been the moderating force some people predicted but has become an apologist, enabler and even facilitator for Trump. Trump's authoritarian tendences were previously thwarted by his incompetence, but the ruthlessly efficient Kelly has helped implement some of the worst features of the Trump regime, including obstruction of justice by undermining the institutions investigating the Trump Family.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Semper Fi, Edward Bash. It excuses lots of excesses.
Josh (Tokyo)
We should notice Mr. Gowdy is among the TrumpRepublican members of the committee hurrying the release of the memo. Although TEA Party is throwing him out, Mr. Gowdy is shamelessly partisan, and continues his efforts to prove he is worthy to TEA Party portion of TrumpRepublican. Unfortunate for the nation.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
I will pity the appellate circuit where Gowdy winds up.
Bryan (Brooklyn, NY)
Nixon didn't go down because of The Watergate burglary. He went down because of the coverup that ensued. Stay tuned.
Prometheus (The United States)
I was in high school. Nixon would have gotten away with it, if not for a true patriot in the FBI, who started talking to Bob Woodward in a parking garage.Follow the money.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
It just goes to show, if you cannot explain it rationally, don't do it.
JCH (Wisconsin)
How do we trust this memo? We don't trust Nunes and his minions who wrote it. We don't trust Ryan. We don't trust the Republicans who voted to keep the minority response secret. We don't trust the current occupant of the White House who may soon release the fake document. So how do we trust this memo? Who is going to step-up and protect Our Country and Our Constitution when all the trust is gone?
Steve Bolger (New York City)
If you don't trust anyone who projects a human personality onto nature, you will save yourself a mountain of trouble.
J Hjortshøj (NY)
Certainly punish anyone who did anything wrong at the FBI. Would that exonerate Trump for lies and obstruction of justice?-of course not, there are three republican led investigations all brought on by Trump himself.
Dan (Philadelphia)
Nobody did anything wrong at the FBI. Just so much sand thrown in your eyes (and magic fairy dust into the eyes of Trump supporters--how else explain their pathetic, blind devotion to a crook, liar, and traitor?)
Steve Bolger (New York City)
Seeing through Trump in 5 minutes seems to disqualify anyone from being considered "objective" under Trump's expectations of functionaries in these agencies.
D. Knight (Canada)
Yes, enough with these law enforcement and security elites, what do they know? Throw it all out there, well, at least the part the President likes, and let the base go wild. And if the elites all resign in disgust, replace them with the mediocre and the average because the elites are the problem, right?
paul (sf)
This president is only out for himself, and in that regard he doesn't know what it means to look good as a president. What a sorry spectacle.
Prometheus (The United States)
And his party is only out for his party and its donors, and are committing class and environmental warfare against the majority of working people and citizens of this country.
NYReader (NYS)
I hope that Robert Mueller is scrutinizing the activities of Devin Nunes. Nunes seems almost frantic to derail the investigation with his memo. It was weird enough when he ran to the White House in the middle of the night last year. Something very fishy is going on and the fact that he was on Trump's campaign transition team makes me wonder why he is acting more like a member of the White House staff, rather than a Member of Congress.
Jam77 (New York Ciry)
The FBI is wrong to oppose the release of the memo on the basis it will damage the trust and confidence the public has in the FBI. I am sorry to report that the actions of FBI Agent Peter Strzok and his Mistress did more harm to the FBI than any Memo could do. Releasing the Memo is the first step to restoring the confidence and trust in the FBI because the public trust has already been broken, and complete transparency is the omly thing that will rebuils the trust. Wray is way too concerned about the content, but he should be concerned about the rogue agents and Deep State. The FBI was not created until 1908 as part if the Executive Branch. As such, it is the prerogative of the President to fire everyone if he deems it necessary. Director Wray should take note of to whom he reports.
Dan (Philadelphia)
Who he reports to does not affect his duty to protect the nation over any failed president or other indivdual. "Deep State" = Republican fever dream fantasies The memo is a fiction designed to derail an investigation. Maybe you want to live in a dictatorship, but I sure don't. And Strzok orchestrated the reopening of the bogus Clinton email investigation a month before the election. Yeah, he was really in the tank for Hillary. Do you guys know how idiotic you sound defending a would-be despot?
Myrnalovesbland (austin texas)
The tragic thing is there is no question that tje Russians did meddle in our election yet both parties are fighting each other and don’t seem to care about this fact. This Mueller investigation must have Trump pretty worried for him to be willing to go against the FBI and release a document that the FBI and so many others who care and want to protect our country are telling him and Paul Ryan that this is a bad idea. Mr Mueller is a respected and honest man supported by so many on borh sides. If Trump did nothing wrong as well as his son or son-in-law then the truth will come out. Robert Mueller has no vendetta against the president. He has too much integrity for that type of thing. It’s why he was supported by so many republicans. All Americans should be demanding to know the truth about what the Russians did.
dmckj (Maine)
We already know what the Russians did. We already know that Trump and his associates colluded with Russians (lots of them) to throw the election his way. I think Trump should be brought up on treason charges for attempting to undermine our democracy.
William Kinney (Washington, NC)
Curious? The article states the following: "The president’s decision came despite a growing chorus of warnings from national security officials who say that releasing the document would jeopardize sensitive government information, including how intelligence is gathered..." Yet, in the article there wasn't a single "national security official" mentioned. The Democrats were mentioned. Senator Thune was mentioned. The F.B.I. and the Justice Department were mentioned. But no actual named or even unnamed "national security official" was mentioned. And what is the complaint? It will endanger our national security? No, I think it will endanger some people's jobs, opinions and political agendas. If there's nothing there, then what's the harm? No one will take the Republican complaints seriously any longer. It's not even four pages long, they say. How much harm could it really do when compared to Snowden and company? Release it!
dmckj (Maine)
Your argument is a slippery slope. Government sanctioning of political propaganda is what got Germany into trouble in the 1930's. Is that where you would like us to go?
rRussell Manning (San Juan Capistrano, CA)
What with the GOP ovating and smiling and patting this creature on his back simply shows that his party has sunk to its lowest depths in history. To protect and defend this indefensible ass is the height of treason. May they all go down in their next elections. America deserves better and most of us know it. We've never been faced with such animals in power in the Executive branch.
John Adams (CA)
It’s a shame that the GOP outrage isn’t directed at Russia for interfering in our elections rather than U.S. intelligence agencies. Putin’s operation to cause chaos in the U.S. appears to be highly successful.
Aaron of London (London)
To my mind Trump and the Republicans are a clear and present national security threat. I hope your citizens rise up and flip the House and Senate during the midterms. If not, it won't be too long before they will be turning the keys to the White House over to Putin. They are clearly trying to weaken the US by gutting every arm of government that used to make America a well functioning beacon on the hill that the world tried to emulate.
Byron Jones (Memphis TN)
If the information is so sensitive in a national security sense, why hasn't the director sought a court-ordered injunction against the release?
James (US)
Because the claims of damage to national security are just a smoke screen to prevent the release of the memo, nothing more.
Byron Jones (Memphis TN)
And you are privy to this knowledge because?
Toby Hussey (Australia)
The President will release the memo, despite warnings from top agencies that it could compromise national security. Just imagine the uproar if the last president had gone so wilfully against the recommendations of the FBI and put the country at risk? Would it have conservative support? One S. Hannity - just as an example - would be approaching his perception of the event much differently than he is currently, I expect.
essgordon (NY, NY)
There's no "secret" memo. We know all about it. It's being used to divert attention from the plainly abhorrent. I'm saddened that there isn't more serious discussion about the man and his actions. The "secret" memo is a distraction from the ransacking of this country.
BayGuy (OR)
Couldn't have said it any better--agree hands down!
rpe123 (Jacksonville, Fl)
The false Trump-Russia collusion narrative goes up in smoke tomorrow. This will change the world...a revaluation of American values. In the long run I think this will be good and chastise extremists on both the left and the right.
Dan (Philadelphia)
In. Your. Dreams. The memo is a non-starter devoid of many material facts. A nothing burger of the highest order.
EC17 (Chicago)
How can our country be run by a crook? He won't release his tax returns. He does not care about the facts. In fact, he doesn't want the facts to come out which is why he wants this supposed memo to go out, so it will spread disinformation. Trump will never do the right thing so why do people even wonder? He is a crook, he does not care about the rules, he only cares about himself. It is really sad and depressing that with a country full of so many incredible people, we have this sub-par human being as POTUS.
Neil M (Texas)
Well, well - it sure hurts when shoe is on the other foot. We have seen this before from our so called intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Not to reopen a painful chapter in our history - 9/11. This event caused America to examine all kinds of failures - we set up a special commission whose report read better than a best seller. Congress of course investigated for ever. Every step of the way, these agencies resisted either release of information or sharing with authorized personnel. And all investigations actually condemned this "stove pipe" set up. Many will remember that infamous P.D.B. - the so called presidential daily brief. Many on the other side alleged mightily that Mr Bush had been given a time and a date of attack by these agencies, but he failed to act. These same agencies put tremendous pressures on this young administration urging them not to to release such a confidential document - they claimed it's release may threaten very existence of our Republic and so on. When it was finally released, Gertrude Stein could have said, "it's nothing there there." And so it will be the same with this memo. And when is it that we Americans are less better off when information gathered by our own elected is not revealed to us. With such attitudes, we end up resembling that 2 bit nuclear power - called Russia. We should welcome all release - especially now that Russian meddling has been so polticized - which it of course was to begin with.
Jenifer (Issaquah)
Donny already knows what is in the memo since he helped write it. So interesting that during Watergate Nixon began to get in trouble when he began obstructing justice. In this case the GOP leaders in the Senate and Congress are actually part of the plot. We're sunk.
Mary C. (NJ)
Whether the claim is true in whole or in part or neither, "that the officials relied on information handed over by a former British intelligence officer . . . , without adequately explaining to the judge that Democrats had financed his research" is, quite simply, irrelevant both to the accuracy of Mueller's findings and to the accuracy of the dossier itself. Republicans make the mistake in reasoning that logicians call the Genetic Fallacy: taking the origin or source of a claim to establish its truth or falsity. I expect to find out whether any claims in the dossier are true when Mueller's report is complete. Until then, I expect investigators to **investigate** various claims to find out whether they are true or false. Isn't that the purpose of applying for a FISA warrant? Like many people, I have concerns about the intrusions on privacy allowed by the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act that set up the FISA Court. But FISA is the legal channel for launching investigations of anyone interacting with foreign nationals in ways that may harm national security. The fact that Democrats initially funded the research given to the Court makes no difference to the outcome of the investigation, but it will be fodder for the dupes of conspiracy theories to try to de-legitimize the Mueller findings in advance. The House Intel Committee has other, usual ways of overseeing and focusing on mis-steps by investigators without revealing their methods to our enemies, and Mr Ryan knows that!
The GOP releasing secrets used by our intelligence services to save our compromised Presidential leadership tells us that regardless of Mueller building a leakproof case against Trump, The GOP Congress will stonewall impeachment of Trump.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
Trump will never be legit. His regard for himself and his party's regard for itself above the country is SAD.
JM (San Francisco, CA)
I hope Director Wray stands up to Trump and quits if Trump releases this memo. Wray will gain the respect of the entire world if he does! And private industry will pay big bucks for his short termed experience. But who will replace Wray? Not many "loyalists" left! My guess is Trump's go-to-cheeseburger guy... Christie.
Qcell (Hawaii)
If the FBI and the Democrats did not do anything wrong as alleged in the Memo, then what are they so afraid to have the Memo released? Why is that a threat to Democracy and our way of government. Release the memo and let the American public judge for themselves. That is true Democracy
Prometheus (The United States)
If Trump and his campaign did not do anything wrong as alleged in the DOJ Special Counsel's investigation, then what are they so afraid of? Why is that Mueller investigation a threat to Democracy and our way of government. Release Mueller's investigation to do the work the DOJ asked him to do, and let the American public judge for themselves. That is true Democracy
John Doe (Johnstown)
I honestly believe that the only thing words on paper mean anything to is things that only put words on paper themselves. As far as the birds in the bird cages, it explains why they cover it up so fast with what’s real.
MSPWEHO (West Hollywood, CA)
Congress should pass a law: No presidents over the retirement age of 65 at time of reelection. This would help ensure that retrograde dinosaurs would not be given the ability to wreak havoc on our democracy the way this dunce Drumpf has.
GMooG (LA)
so then no Bernie or Hillary either -- is that what you wanted?
James Demers (Brooklyn)
If it obstructs the FBI's investigation, Trump and his GOP sycophants are all for it. The key strategy to advancing the Republican agenda is, "Give it to Donnie; he'lll sign anything," and that takes a back seat to ethics, the rule of law, and, now, national security. It's treasonous, it's criminal, and it's a a violation of their oaths of office -- and worst of all, nobody is surprised by any of it.
A. Xak (Los Angeles)
Every 20 minutes there's another whopper from this administration to deal with. Who could even finish the Michael Wolff book before something else was too important to ignore? Puerto Rico still hasn't recovered. Those that support Trump, I just don't get it. When Trump's 'enemies of the people' become the media, the FBI and other fellow Americans how can they complain that some call him divisive?
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