‘The Criminals Are Winning’: Londoners on the Police Response to Minor Crimes

Dec 19, 2018 · 12 comments
John Brown (Idaho)
When I was a boy, in London, we knew the local constabulatory and they knew us. If the police treat these crimes as inconsequential then the crime rate will grow worse and worse and worse. A friend of mine suffered a home invasion at 1:00 AM - she and her infant grandchild were threatened with death if the police were notified - while they were being tied up. For two hours the criminals went through the house and took what they valued. Then they left, my friend finally worked her hands free. She called the Oakland Police and the response was to ask whether the Criminals were still in the house or not. After being told they were not, my friend was directed to a Web-Site to report crimes, no officers would be coming to investigate. The criminals know they stand little chance of being suspected let alone caught. The very foundation of Civilisation is being undermined, as if by termites of criminal intent, and the Governors of society stand by and do absolutely nothing. Vote them out as they do not really care about your and your loved ones.
Trevor Downing (Staffordshire UK )
Probably because in the current climate the police are more interested in arresting people for what they say rather than for what they do.
Lane (Riverbank Ca)
One result of this,local officials can boast lowering crime statistics. Your house,your car are broken into and police don't bother showing up to even take a report. Liberals in California have used this strategy to 'lower crime rates'. Actual quality of life suffers immeasurable.
Autodiddy (Boston)
A more important priority for the British constabulary is the detection and prosecution of those who make online comments that offend the sensibilities of the more thin skinned amongst us, an admirable trait not appreciated by those who’ve been mugged, murdered stabbed or otherwise inconvenienced
IM (London)
Funny how this story repeats itself. Had my bike stolen a few months ago. Despite the fact that the thief was seen by several people and was caught on film, the Met still couldn't investigate. They closed my case several days later and never even bothered to check the footage.
PLH Crawford (Golden Valley. Minnesota)
London has changed drastically in the past 10 years and not for the better. Why is this good?
By The Sea (Maine)
Scary. This article could cause me to rethink London as my first-choice vacation destination. Government officials who oversee tourism should take note.
s.l. (london)
this article accurately reflects state of crime and policing in London. we are being let down by local government and the politicians who control budget for policing.
John Turner (Indianapolis, Indiana)
The only reason to call the police is that an insurance company requires it. This was commonly understood in the 1970s in New York City. Why should London be different? Arming more people isn't the answer despite the NRA.
Neil (Texas)
I can understand this explosion of crime in London. I spent six glorious months renting an apartment in Hammersmith area last year. It was fully secure in that you needed to know the number on keypad to get in. But reading the free morning newspaper - I started being very cautious. Including never using my iPhone X on the sidewalks (footpath in England,). I rode buses and tube all over - but rarely after dark. Last year were those horrific knife attacks and start of acid attacks from animals roving on mopeds. And as the last woman said - police do nothing. How could they?? London police have a baton, a whistle and yes, good shoes to run after someone. Unfortunately, except for young policemen - most can barely run a block. I used to tell my friends there - these police need to be armed and told to shoot - if not to kill - but to maim assailants. I also live in Bogota and I was telling folks there Bogota is safer than London. The Colombians could not believe it.
Brandi (Michigan)
For someone looking into vacationing in London, these are simple things that are most of the time overlooked when doing. and I think you pointing out and giving your personal experience and how you went about combating the crime in London, may help others avoid being targeted. I also agree with your view on how the police need to be armed and ready to protect their citizens.
Fiona (England)
@Brandi yes and arming police in the US really works, armed police mean armed criminals. You really want to shoot some stupid kid because he steals an iPhone, for gods sake.
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