Michael Cohen, Trump’s Former Lawyer, Agrees to Testify to Congress

Jan 10, 2019 · 517 comments
[email protected] (Joshua Tree)
Mr. Cohen certainly has a lot of inside knowledge, but by now his veracity is rather tainted. therefore, if he says anything negative involving President Trump, Republicans won't believe it.
drdeanster (tinseltown)
Investigate Jim Jordan while they're at it. Investigate every single GOP congressman, whether current or "retired" after the recent midterm election, who tries to protect Trump from Mueller and the other investigations and/or has adopted a stance favoring lessening of sanctions against Putin/Russia. Want the highest rated reality show ever on television? Broadcast their trials for treason. Pass the popcorn.
Tom (Hudson Valley)
Democrats should begin planning NOW for February 7th. How will they respond? How will they ensure media coverage? Who will speak for the Democratic Party? Please... not Schumer or Pelosi.
EA (Nassau County)
Why can't this happen NOW, instead of next month? It feels like we need some major revelation to break up the Trump-McConnell shutdown, and if that has to wait until February it will be an even bigger disaster for the country than it already is. Why the delay on this testimony?
Lawrence (Washington D.C,)
Let Stormy and Karen testify afterward. A congressional hearing with a viewer discretion is advised label. Perhaps a TV MA (mature audiences) rating. It would be a hoot to have Bill Clinton calling the play by play.
This, and ALL of the findings of Mueller's investigation, MUST be released to this nation - ALL of this nation. We cannot allow Trump to claim "Executive Privilege" and prevent us from knowing all the evil he has been up to in his sordid life. WE OWN HIM and he is responsible to US. The entitlement here is quite different from that of the thousands of Trump's lawsuits, cons and criminal activities. As pathetic as he is, he holds an office that is owned by the people, as are his activities therein and associated with. Congress must pass any law necessary to fully expose Trump and prevent similar abuse in the future. He has disgraced this country infinitely more than Nixon.
Jacquie (Iowa)
I wonder if Trump will pick the day Michael Cohen testifies to Congress to announce his National Emergency. He won't want Cohen to get ALL the attention for the day.
Glenn Thomas (Edison, NJ)
The message from Trump and the Senate to the American People is like something out of Star Trek: "Resistance is futile." They will have their way without any regard to the consequences to our nation. It's party over the nation and the will of its people. End of story!
Jay (Cleveland)
I am sure a “new and improved” version of the truth will come out. Since his other truthful testimony got his sentence reduced to 3 years, Cohen is going to have to increase the veracity of the truth this time, if he expects any further reductions of the time he will serve in prison. Anyone that thinks a convicted felon is testifying for his country, not his freedom, doesn’t understand our perverse system of plea bargaining. Is anyone willing to bet Cohen asks his judge to review his sentence after he testifies more “truthfully” this time?
Selena (Chicago)
The moment when Trump spends his first night in jail will be the best sleep of my life.
Peeking Through the Fence (Vancouver)
Who do I call for sponsorship opportunities ? I would pay a lot for Cohen to wear my company’s T-shirt.
Mike (Pensacola)
I do hope Cohen is asked and can enlighten us concerning all of the woman who have accused Trump of untoward sexual advances. One has to believe Cohen has some knoweldge of the situation. These women and their stories should not be swept under the carpet.
salgal (Santa Cruz)
This is great for those of us following every twist and turn of the drama. But it won't change the minds of the Jim Jordans and the hardcore base. We need an indictment for a criminal offense: fraud, tax evasion, extortion, etc. Please Mr. Mueller, attorney generals, federal prosecutors, indict Trump.
Jbugko (Pittsburgh, pa)
We'll be hearing a lot about the emoluments clause and Trump Hotel; I'd like to know about his money-laundering exploits as well when it comes to his real estate transactions - especially the cash ones when it comes to Russians as well as Saudis. When it comes to how much dirt Trump's attorney actually does have on Trump - even with the inability to refer to anything classified and currently involving the ongoing investigation conducted by Mueller - the Oversight Committee should probably reserve more than just one day.
Mystic Spiral (Somewhere over the rainbow)
It's funny - I've been listening to recordings old radio mystery show broadcasts from the early 70's and the news at the top of the hour hasn't been removed from quite a few of them. Replace a few names and I could be listening to the news today... What are they talking about? - Syria, investigating a corrupt president and the president's lawyer testifying before Congress... to quote Shirley Bassey It's all just a little bit of history repeating.(and yes... lets hope it stay's the course!)
Andrew Manitsky (Burlington, Vermont)
He has agreed to give a “credible” account? That’s worrisome. “Credible” means “able to be believed” or “capable of persuading.” What he should have promised, instead, is a “truthful” account.
Jbugko (Pittsburgh, pa)
When it comes to real estate, not only should money-laundering activities be delved into but business dealings between Saudis, China, Israel, etc., with the Kushner Company while Jared has used his position in the White House most likely to benefit himself, the Trumps, and his families company which was not doing all that well before the Trump family decided to take over the White House and turn it into a monarchy.
Sterno (Va)
Trump will be sure to manufacture a synthetic “crisis” as part of his distract-and-deflection strategy.
Opinioned! (NYC)
My prediction for FOX NEWS headline that day? How millennials are destroying Valentine’s Day. C-SPAN is it for me.
Mike McDonough (New York City)
Is this his pre-prison farewell tour? Why would Congress invite back to testify someone who has already lied to them? My only thought, probably naive, is that this will be a slick way of making public potentially important details of what Mueller has learned, which otherwise might have been at real risk of being quashed by the DoJ.
Joe Paper (Pottstown, Pa.)
Democrats+Liberals+The Press+New Urban Socialists, will be praying to the trees, clouds , the street,,,whatever that something big comes out about Trump. Looks like some junk may have been going on but Trump knew nothing about it.,,,sorta like Bernie and the girls on the bus? Trump was too busy promising a wall..concrete? Not really sure he used the word concrete? Mexico pay? Sounds like they will in a business sense. Did he ever say Mexico would write a check? Who writes checks now anyway?
Railbird (Cambridge )
Michael Cohen’s testimony may be damning, but I doubt Trump’s base will be moved much at all. They don’t love him. They hate liberals and Democrat (sic) Party voters. Entrepreneurs like Rush Limbaugh have spent decades dividing the country for profit, paving the way for Trump.
RandyLynn (Palermo, Sicily)
Next MONTH?! The suspense is killing me! And who knows, bu Y then the shutdown will cancel Senate pay too!
tbs (detroit)
The first John Dean moment! Now this is the hugest entertainment ever! The most bestest true life television ever, eh Donny? Soon their pin-strips will be the mostest horizontal ever! And we still have the prosecutions to come!
William Case (United States)
The New York Times' prejudicial description of Michale Cohen as Trump's "consigliere" might be acceptable in an op-ed, but its appearance in a news article is symptomatic of the once great newspaper's transformation to a partisan blog site.
Where seldom is heard... (a discouraging word....)
Is this definitely going to be broadcast? I've heard that his testimony could take place behind closed doors. I hope I'm wrong as this would be a great time to take a day off and watch some TV! As an aside...now we know why Trump runs his mouth and spews erratic items in a random fashion: logorrhea. A medical definition of logorrhea. : pathologically excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness that is characteristic especially of the manic phase of bipolar disorder.
Clearwater (Oregon)
Bring the tapes, Michael . . . . . and I'll bring the popcorn!
Christopher M (New Hampshire)
It's hard to believe Cohen will reveal anything we don't already know.
Eileen (Long Island, NY)
By all means, have Cohen testify to 'tarnish' Trump. Just like Republicans did endlessly with Clinton on Benghazi. Time's up!
Tom (Hudson Valley)
February 7th seems like an eternity.
Steve (New York)
There is a huge difference between John Dean's testimony during the Nixon years and Cohen's upcoming testimony about Trump. Back in the day Senator's had back bone, and a moral compass to stand up, do what is right and what they were elected to do. Honor and defend the constitution. Today's lawmakers are the biggest enablers of Trump and only care about their personal comfort and the public be damned. The only lawmakers to call out Trump are those not running for election next year. Trump has committed so many transgressions that back in Nixon's day, we would not be in the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today.
Hal Lemoyne (Wichita, KS)
DHS acts like lying michael cohen is in fear of his life SO is anybody trying to kill little lyin mikey?? NO, but if so, lyin mikey deserves to go to hell however possible immediately!!!
njglea (Seattle)
In the words of actor Arte Johnson who played "Wolfgang" on "Laugh In" as a German soldier who thought WWII was still ongoing and hid behind potted plants, smoking a cigarette, "VERY Interesting". I'm sure The Con Don doesn't think so.
rb (ca)
Unless Cohen is going to shed light on Trump’s criminal activities, including money laundering, tax evasion, his sham university, the contents of the National Enquirer’s safe, etc. I am not sure his appearance to simply restate and amplify what he has already pleaded guilty to will be worth the effort. Republicans have been shameless in protecting a corrupt man whose glaring disregard for the rule of law, truth and American values and interests have inflicted incalculable harm on our country and the wider world. The venality of Republican support for Trump, led by Mitch McConnel, needs to be daylighted by rubbing their noses in the outrageous truth of this man’s misdeeds. Cohen is no John Dean, but he does know the truth. If he is unable to tell it because of ongoing investigations, or because he refuses—as he did with prosecutors from the SDNY—then perhaps it is better to leave that task to Mueller.
Jay (Cleveland)
@rb Are you speaking of the same John Dean the FBI defined as as “master manipulator of the coverup”?
Blackmamba (Il)
Michael Cohen is no Roy Cohn. Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan. Cohen and Trump deserve each other. America deserves neither abominable wretch.
Ricky (Texas)
what will be interesting about Cohen testifying is that trump, who is always two or more lies ahead of us, and his GOP followers will try to tell us that Cohen has no credibility. Cohen is about to spend 3 years in a prison for his actions and will be away from his family, so he isn't looking for a deal to change any of that by testifying in front the House. Its an easy choice for me and most Americans who are interested in the truth and facts that Cohen is going to be more believable than trump will be ever be, as trump has every thing to loose.
Mr Pips (United States)
It’s ‘lose,’ not ‘loose.’
Milwaukee (Wisconsin)
Asked during a visit to the border in Texas whether he was concerned about Mr. Cohen’s plan to testify, Mr. Trump told reporters, “I’m not worried about it at all.” Translation: “I’m absolutely terrified”
Sky Pilot (NY)
Will Fox "News" broadcast it live?
Gary Cohen (Great Neck, NY)
One liar telling stories about another liar.
James (Citizen Of The World)
@Gary Cohen Except the liar in chief has far more to lose, Michael Cohen, has already lost his freedom, his self respect, and his dignity he has nothing to gain by lying. Keep in mind, while Cohen is a low life lawyer, I'm sure he has kept a lot of provable dirt on Trump, the recorded conversation between Trump and Cohen, regarding the hush money should be proof enough that Cohen has much dirt. That's how these people operate, there is no honor among thieves, and it will always come down to self preservation, and those who are part of Trumps inner circle, have are no different, and they know how Trump is, that Trump would throw them all under the bus to save his own orange skin.
Sara M (NY)
It could be damaging? How coy; how disingenuous. Don't go out on a limb and say out loud that it will be devastating; how could it be anything but?
The Lone Protester (Frankfurt, Germany)
OK, what bookie would take a bet that in the early morning hours of 7 February 2019, the Tweeter-in-Chief does NOT come up with something really off the wall (that topic will have out-lasted it's usefulness as a distraction by then) in an effort to try to keep his former consigliere out of the limelight? This is not to say that between now and then he won't continue his harassment barrage to try to minimize, water down, and undermine what Cohen will be saying under oath, only that he will do his darnedest to keep the focus on himself and not on his current biggest worry.
WorldPeace2017 (US Expat in SE Asia)
As nationally dastardly as Mr Cohen's deeds are, he was, and I do emphasiz, WAS, a person under the total control of a master manipulator for years. The assistance that he has given and is giving is beyond measure in the public good. To be sure, Mr Cohen is not patron saint. But neither is he a former general who sold out his country completely. I ask that we all consider justice and, depending on continued cooperation, more leniency for Mr Cohen. To have the consigliere fully cooperate in taking “The Don” down is unprecedented. This might be a chance to turn the tide against all crimes, the high criminals are practically untouchable without help from their top lawyers and accountants. These are the people who know what laws they broke and how they profited from it. Get them to give up the information and all “The Don's” will fall. Cut Michael Cohen a sweetheart deal to set the example for others with all the dirt to jump for. This will scare the pants off all the top dogs.
Budley (Mcdonald)
trump is gonna do whatever the voices in his head tell him to do. Thas old news from the past two years. I’m not sure why the focus isn’t on the GOP who are feeding this dumpster fire. They could put a stop to this crazy on any day....but they don’t, because trump is supporting the policies of their wildest dreams. And then some. Every time trump does something bizarre, the news should focus on the GOP and ask why they are letting this happen.
MiguelM (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
What a credible witness, never lied. Democrats have never disgusted me more. NO agenda, plan, nothing, just attack Trump. At least the Tea Party was about lowering taxes and shrinking govt. Gross.
John (Hartford)
@MiguelM Yes he lied for Trump. He will be under oath. How about Trump being deposed under oath by Mueller. What is gross is the disregard for criminality by people like you purely because of your partisan attitudes.
MiguelM (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
@John for what? Where is the evidence? What are the charges? What, for dealing with sleazebags? I think all of us can relate to that. Clintons maybe?
Ponsobny Britt (Frostbite Falls, MN.)
@MiguelM: Oh, puh-leeeeeeze!!! You sound like another Trump supporter, blinded by your own misguided loyalty, who supports his belief of being the target of a witch hunt. The Democrats are not organizing a witch hunt, any more than Robert Mueller; they are out to seek truth of the depth and breadth of Trump's lies, corruption, and more importantly, whether he violated campaign finance rules, like it ir not. Swallowing the truth is a lot harder than swallowing Kool-Aid; isn't that too bad?!
jmg (FR)
This is not going to be a soap opera but a thriller with Mr Trump being the villain
Jim (Abita Springs)
Must see TV. As funny as it seems, C-Span 3 will pull in more viewers then FOX. FOX'S 'news teams' and partisan ring-wing anchors will do their best to muck up their audience defending their guru! The Dem's now have a upgraded high quantity, new state of art video cameras including sound to break news with. Testing 1, 2, 3, Mr Cohen, how many times have you been the bag man for trump. Did he participate in the escapades in a hotel room in Moscow, as outlined in the Steele Dossier? I'd pay to watch it and the spectacle is free to all!
Ola Granma (Newton)
Nothing touches the gangster in the White House. Predictions of his downfall are useless. This man is here to stay and hoping that he might be brought down by the law is useless. Dealing with him needs a political solution, not wishful thinking.
S B Lewis (Lewis Family Farm, Essex, New York)
What corrupt president is secure when his fixer lawyer is squeezed? What nation is secure when its people elect self-dealing thugs? Who thinks President Trump or his remaining people are honest? What will it take? Education and common sense. Let’s start there.
J Burkett (Austin, TX)
February 7, the date Michael Cohen is scheduled to testify before Congress, is 46 years - to the day - from the date when the Senate Select Committee to investigate Watergate was formed. For the sake of the country, and for democracy, let us all hope the result is the same.
Chris (South Florida)
What won't be asked will be more important than what is because it will point to what Mueller knows.
EB (Maryland)
The big difference between 2016 and 2019 is that now we all know Trump's moves and his modus operandi: deflect and distract. The shutdown serves two purposes: deflect and distract from the heat of the Mueller investigation AND play to his base- because when that report comes down, he knows he will need them more than ever. I don't think Trump gives a hoot whether or not there is a wall. As always, his interests are entirely self serving and his dogged pursuit of the wall is nothing more.
What'sNew (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
(1) How about letting Hannity and Giuliani testify? (2) This has just to do with my personal curiosity, and not with criminal/impeachable behavior: Could someone ask Michael Cohen why he thinks Trump wants/wanted to be president? To me, Trump's presidency makes no sense at all. Was he bored, living the life of a billionaire? He has no vision, no ideas on policy at all, except that simple wall idea. Why does Trump not simply resign, and return to the life he was living?
Pat (Texas)
[email protected]'sNew----He has to find a suitable scapegoat first. We all know Donald Trump's history of avoiding responsibility at all costs.
Jane Grey (Midwest)
@What'sNew At this point, if Trump resigns, he'll be indicted. Cohen has already been sentenced to three years in prison for breaking the law at Trump's direction.
Rw (Canada)
WILL it be the evening of Feb 6, or early morning of the 7th that the Trump Tv Administration declares the wall national emergency?!
Mister Ed (Maine)
Yes, it is a "show trial", but it is a strategy that has been fine-tuned by Republicans for years. It is rich when Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican" described it as "political theater" when the Republicans ran such movies all the time when they were in power. Unfortunately, such hearings have become a substitute for good governing.
michjas (Phoenix )
Mueller wants to bar Cohen’s testimony about Russia. But Cohen can disclose what he knows whenever or wherever he wants. So the secrecy demand is frivolous and a violation of our right to know what Cohen wants to tell us.
Glenn Thomas (Edison, NJ)
I would advise Democrats to move slowly and deliberately. The evidence is there. Take it to the hilt and nail it!
Lou H (NY)
Mr. Jordan, GOP Representative, seems happy with Cohen lying but not so happy with him telling the truth. It will be shown that the GOP has known details and withheld the details from the American Public. GOP congressional obstruction of justice. Impeach the GOP. Blue Wave 2020.
Ann (California)
"Rep Jim Jordan (OH), the top Republican on the Oversight Committee, was not pleased with the announcement. Democrats, he said, had wasted no time in using the committee for “political theater rather than legitimate oversight.” He also pointed out that Mr. Cohen had already “admitted to providing intentionally false and misleading testimony to Congress” once before." This from the guy who helped cover up abuse at OSU. "Rep. Jim Jordan Is Named in New OSU Sexual Abuse Scandal ..." https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/jim-jordan-ohio-state-700578/
Max Green (Teslaville )
Please read the about Jeffrey’s M.O. He’s the last person who should be commenting about Cohens testimony.
BSerious (London,UK)
It will be very interesting to hear Cohen testifying, as Trump's enforcer if we hear warts and all how he was instructed to bully contractors and companies Trump didn't want to pay and more women Trump had to pay and why. Would most like to hear more Russia revelations.
Bruce Stafford (Sydney NSW)
Trump supportes claim that he had a "mandate" to build the Wall (and conveniently leave out the bit about getting Mexico to pay for it). With almost half of the U.S. Electorate not voting at all (or effectively blocked from voting) in November 2016, and Hillary Clinton getting 3 million more votes than Trump, that's not a mandate. The Democrats in the mid-term elections however had a runaway win, especially considering the high turnout of voters, and therefore they can be reasonably considered to have a mandate to hold Trump to account.
Feb 7 could be the date remembered in history as the start of the movement to impeach Trump .followed by Mueller report and a series of House investigations. By the end of 2019 Trump may be persuaded to resign by McConnell as he fears for his own re=election and desire to avoid the usual stench that sticks to officials who embrace Trump.
Philly (Expat)
Cohen was charged for crimes unrelated to Trump - giving false statements to the special counsel, income tax evasion, and money laundering regarding his taxi investments. To reduce sentences on these crimes, he sang against Trump and now agrees to compose. The investigation is supposed to be focused on Russia interference and collusion. This investigation is going down the same road as the Clinton investigation and impeachment. The Republicans overreached there, and the Democrats, not having learned from history, are overreaching here. The voters punished the Republicans after Clinton's impeachment and will punish the Democrats if they try to impeach Trump.
Max Green (Teslaville )
I don’t think the voters will punish the Dems if they impeach. The majority of them voted for Hilary. And more would vote for impeachment. And I’m sure you voted against the Rs after Clintons impeachment.
JCAZ (Arizona)
We could also learn more about Mr. Mueller’s investigation. Will he step in to block some of Mr. Cohen’s testimony? It will be interesting to see what areas of questioning are blocked.
CM (Toronto, Canada)
This will make great TV. Let's hope the total show only lasts one season.
David J (NJ)
Mr. Butterfield, Michael may need coaching for the cameras.
marklee (<br/>)
Why does he need to agree to testify? Can't he be subpoenaed?
marklee (<br/>)
@marklee Is it because a subpoena might result only in his asserting his Fifth Amendment right?
james33 (What...where)
The bad news: even in the best of times M. Cohen would be less than credible witness. The good news: even a less than credible witness would be more credible than DJT. No one has mastered the 'art of the lie' more thoroughly than DJT. He takes no responsibility for his pronouncements, nor does his base take responsibility for their believing him.
simon simon (los angeles)
Our political system is fundamentally broken when an extremist minority of voters successfully elect their extremist, corrupt Trump as President. I mean, how can Trump lose the election by 3 million votes and still “win” the presidency? Daily, new scandals & corruptions are unearthed while America spirals out of control. Truly, our government & constitution are broken.
Glenn Thomas (Edison, NJ)
We can begin to fix things by doing away with the Electoral College. It was their refusal to follow the will of the people that got us into the mess we have today.
Feb 8 is my BD, hoping for an early gift.
Markus (NYC)
Is this when we hear about money laundering schemes, or do we have to wait for the Mueller report for that?
nzierler (New Hartford NY)
With the gavel now passed from sycophant and informer Nunes to Schiff, I cannot wait for February 7. Predictably, the Republicans on the committee will dismiss Cohen as a lying traitor. But Cohen will lay out in detail all of Trump's corrupt behavior, and even the most incredulous Trump supporters will take note and realize that Trump no longer has his party operatives glossing over the truth and protecting his back. Coupled with the upcoming Mueller report, Congressional hearings will lay bare the truth: the President of the United States, through a host of criminal activities, is a threat to our national security.
Bruce Stasiuk (New York)
Perhaps all those formerly in the administration might consider putting their concern for country above all else, each appearing before Congress and revealing all that was going on behind closed doors.
Jim Steinberg (Fresno, Calif.)
Bring it, Cohen!
Clearwater (Oregon)
This should be banner news. Top story! Not relegated 1/2 way down the page. on some side column. Trump's idiocies on the border are so un-newsworthy; only qualifying as a stunt. Just like his "national address". But yet again, he gets all the headlines. C'mon NYT. give him headlines this way: Cohen To Testify Before Congress, Publicly On Feb. 7!
Harold Johnson (Palermo)
@Clearwater I agree. Where is Trump's staged visit to the border even news!!! It has been trumpeted on the front page for days it seems. Why not something like he arrived and made a speech about needing the wall ,etc. and put it somewhere way down on the page in importance. The press is Trump's best friend as it spreads his poison in caps just as Trump does.
DooDah (BC Canada)
@Clearwater You could not be more right. Problem is whatever Trump says or does, love him or hate him, is the "click bait" that the media is cashing in on.
What? Did I miss something? Shouldn’t Michael Cohen be in jail by now after being sentenced to 3 years in the Big House? Will he make that address in prison garb? In Washington, D.C. it’s known why the jailbird sings and it’ll sing any tune you tell it!
Rw (Canada)
@NJJACK Cohen sings accompanied by tapes and sheet music (aka 12+ years of documents).
Jim (Abita Springs)
@NJJACK - What the news sometime or read it, this is a parting salvo at Trump the month he reports to prison for his 3 year stint. Must see TV, just behind Moses parting the Red Sea if we went back in time on the Time Machine and filmed it!
Rob (Virginia)
@NJJACK Michael Cohen is scheduled to report to the Bureau of Prisons on March 6. They have not yet announced which federal prison he will serve time at.
george eliot (annapolis, md)
"Mr. Cohen, a consigliere to Mr. Trump...." The perfect title: what else would you call the advisor to a sociopathic gangster?
Jim (Abita Springs)
@george eliot - A Consigliere doesn't only apply to mob bosses. It goes back to the 17th century but it first appeared in a document from a 1963 session of the U.S. Senate.
David J (NJ)
@george eliot,hit the nail on the head.
Steve Griffith (Oakland, CA)
Interesting that Michael Cohen retweeted David Corn suggesting that he has so much more to say about Trump’s dealings with Russia and his reaching out to Putin’s office. All of this ending with the caution, “Buckle Up!” As Individual-1 would say, “Where’s my Roy Cohn?”
Notmypesident (los altos, ca)
@Steve Griffith Not to argue your point but the piece said the committee may avoid any discussion on the Russia subject. Whatever we can expect to hear, again and again "I had done nothing wrong and no collusion". What we will not hear at all is "there were just a bunch of Russians around us, me, my son, my son-in-law the crown prince, and pulling strings that are tied to us." On the no collusion part individual-1 maybe right. A puppet or a mole does not collude with the master - just follow orders.
Pat (Texas)
[email protected] has been reported by many people, including Eric and Donald, Jr., that nothing takes place around Donald Trump without him approving it. He has a reputation of being "extremely hands-on" in his method of controlling his business.
B.Sharp (Cinciknnati)
I’ll have my popcorns ready !
kenneth (nyc)
@B.Sharp Still looking for a kernel of truth ?
Bull (Terrier)
I hope he has more rest than he had when this photo was taken. I don't want a drugged looking co-conspirator.
Doremus Jessup (On the move)
Times up Trump. Get ready to go down, big time.
Mary (Peoria, Illinois)
Does Michael Cohen know anything about the years Donald Trump spent with Jeffrey Epstein partying with underage girls, or the child rape allegation against Trump that was dropped a few days before the election because the plaintiff had her life threatened? That’s what I’d like to ask Cohen if I had him under oath
BSerious (London,UK)
@Mary : Yes. Me Too! I second you on this. This should have been more carefully investigated by the media. The problem with the Epstein thing is that a UK Royal was allegedly involved so allegedly all went hush hush. But hopefully it will come out in open eventually. For the sake of the girls/women and so that this type of behaviour is deterred in future.
say what (NY,NY)
Bring it on! It is about time that Americans finally hear what happened during trump's campaign directly from those involved. It should be as compelling as the Watergate hearings, and I hope as damning to trump as the 1974 hearings were to Nixon.
Steve Griffith (Oakland, CA)
Jim (Palos Heights, ill.)
Wouldn't be that surprising...as much ugliness revealed as when Sammy "The Bull" Gravano testified.
Lillies (WA)
There already is a wall: it's closing in on Mr. Trump & Co.
Korth (New York)
Once the public sees the way that Cohen "tawks" and presents himself as a slime bucket, his credibility will be damaged, thus improving Trump's situation.
Pat (Texas)
[email protected] soon you forgot that Cohen has audio tape of his meetings with Donald Trump.
WDP (Long Island)
Meh. “Further damage the president’s image”?? Impossible.
jana (Troy, NY)
Hope Mr. Cohen has round the clock security.
Kerryman (CT )
Said the same thing to my wife. I would put nothing past trump.
Fred (Bryn Mawr, PA)
Sadly, Trump will start executing migrants as a distraction. How many hundreds of thousands have starved already?
Mathew (California)
Check out C-Span Lawmakers' Remarks Following Closed-Door Meeting on Russian Sanctions https://www.c-span.org/video/?456877-1/speaker-pelosi-one-worst-classified-briefings-trump-administration You will have to fast forward to some parts. There was a lot of waiting around. Basically they had no reason to it beyond saying that they felt it was okay. No big deal.
tronald (dump)
Donald Trump rues the day he decided to throw his hat in the ring for president. He had it all. Could have continued to skate through life, play golf, chase woman, watch Apprentice reruns. He had it all right up to the point that Barrack Obama got under his skin. Owned him in front of the whole world. Ate his lunch. Pulled down Trumps knickers at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner. Watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8TwRmX6zs4 It's still hilarious. Unless you were Donald Trump. If you were "The Donald" it was excruciating. I believe, as cheap as Trump is, he would pay millions to go back to 2011. He would go back and just stay home, skip the dinner, save his...life. It's a fitting end for Donald and a special mental confection that President Obama can summon up at any time, for the rest of what will hopefully be a long, fruitful and fulfilling life, and consume at his pleasure. A fitting repudiation of the man Donald Trump is, and has apparently always been.
Nancy Shields (Los Angeles)
Cohen is a little fish, struggling to save himself in Trump's turgid pond. Mueller has a bigger, more inside FISH with Trump's real Russian financial connections...
Notmypesident (los altos, ca)
@Nancy Shields Hope you are right but I doubt it - not the Russian financial connection but that Mueller may look into that or that his findings will be shown to the American public. Don't forget Hump may have another crony as the AG and his enablers still control the Senate.
Bill Bloggins (Long Beach, CA)
Perhaps some Republicans will see this upcoming testimony as enough to forsake Trump. The Useful Idiot has delivered their lunatic tax cut and fulfilled the Right's fondest dream. He is going to be more and more of a liability for the reelection chances of GOP members as time passes. As he continues to ramp up his warped behavior when he cannot actually influence policy at all even the most ardent MAGAt will eventually desert him. The pols in the GOP will issue the abandon ship edict and maybe finally we will see the Trump ship of fools go down.
Rw (Canada)
@Bill Bloggins The white house is currently measuring right wing curtains for Justice Ginsburg's office...no way republicans abandon trump so long as that dream remains viable.
Will Eigo (LI NY)
Trump is not essential to any future nominations of justices. Any Republican president would do the same. The risk for Republicans is: is Trump sinks their ship in 2020 or sooner, should they have abandoned early enough to have Pence ( who would be more right of Trump ) or any other GOP candidate in 2020 who could win.
Mr. Bantree (USA)
Et tu, Brute? Caesar must fall to save our Republic.
Samuel (Seattle )
Why is no one paying attention to Trumps principal enabler? Mitch McConnell is the guy enabling this madman and no one in the media is saying anything! Time to put him on the hot seat.
Will Eigo (LI NY)
Funny how when Trump and congressional leaders went front and center for WH press talk after the debacle of a meeting on Wednesday , McConnell is conspicuously absent while Pence, McCarthy and Scalese flank Trump. Why is Mitch hiding from reporters ? Because the tightrope is thin and fraying.
Charna (Forest Hills)
You want to bet that right before Cohen testifies DT will throw another dead cat on the table (so sorry to all the beautiful cats). DT's MO is distract, distract and distract when the heat is turned up. Most of us know exactly what this president will do before he does it. He's just like your typical two year old child. Very predictable because he acts so unpredictable at all times. The lies, the chaos and the lawlessness are an everyday occurrence for this toddler president.
George (NC)
This is a terrible time to be a Republican. If only there were an alternative.
Bruce1253 (San Diego)
I hope someone is going to provide security for Mr. Cohen. This could be hazardous for him.
Larry (NYC)
Whatever happened to lawyer-client privilege that used to be sacred and will we all pay for this nasty breakdown?. Why the silence from the left on this absolute right? why are you cheerleading this civil right abuse against Trump?.
Josh (Atlanta)
@Larry. Planning a crime is not protected by attorney-client privilege.
JK (Oakland California)
@Larry What part of "Planning a crime is not protected by attorney-client privilege." do you not understand?
Larry (NYC)
@Josh:Did candidate Obama plan a crime when he promised to withdraw all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan 10 years ago?.
Look forward to the Dems shining their light on Michael Cohen and his testimony. I hope the GOP takes a moment to learn from the Dems what "doing your job" means. Hint for the GOP: "Doing your job" is not obstructing justice by covering up the truth of the president's actions.
Some Dude (CA Sierra Country)
Well, that gives Trump almost a month to brainwash his base Base with the fake news out to get me stand strong for MAGA message. They'll buy it too, otherwise they wasted all that money on MAGA hats and Trump steaks.
expat_phil (Montreal)
Elijah Cummings: “I want to make clear that we have no interest in inappropriately interfering with any ongoing criminal investigations." Rudy Giuliani: "We just hired seventeen new lawyers to help us inappropriately interfere with any ongoing criminal investigations."
Pia (Las Cruces NM)
Make sure DT doesn't schedule another "fireside chat", same time, same network...
Sal A. Shuss (Rukidding, Me)
Citizen Cohen best avoid open spaces, windows and polonium. Just saying.
Will Eigo (LI NY)
It is way past that. All that really matters has been registered under penalty of perjury and change in sentence status by his previous testimony to Mueller. This is just a partial airing of what is in the files being used to prepare the future bigger fish indictments.
BorisRoberts (Santa Maria, CA)
Yep, roll over and point the finger at a guy that (probably) paid you millions. Cohen was involved, but the heat gets turned up and you give him up. If I'm not mistaken, a lawyer is supposed to protect the guy he is being paid to work for. If you feel that what he is/was doing is questionable or illegal, you advise him to stop, or a legal way to proceed. If it is against the law, you either bail out, or you are knowingly participating (and profiting) in it. You take what you have coming, you don't roll over. Cohen is less than a man. That arrogance he used to show sure evaporated quick.
dutchiris (Berkeley, CA)
Over time we have lost the capacity to be shocked and disgusted by the behavior of a president who no longer even attempts to hide his infidelity to his wife, who thumbs his nose at the man who will testify about how the concealment was orchestrated during the election and calls him a dumb liar. Where is all this leading and what are we hoping will be accomplished? Even without including proof that campaign workers colluded with Russian businessmen, how much evidence do we need that this president is unfit to serve and should be impeached and removed from office?
LT (New York, NY)
Everyone, clear your calendars! We get this and the Superbowl all in the same week.
Andy Panda (New England)
Hey, do you remember when there were cartoons (now known as animation) on Saturday mornings from 7 am until 12n and also on Sunday mornings? Maybe they should start broadcasting proceedings on the weekends because our president is like a cartoon president.
Taylor (Manhattan)
Stores better have popcorn fully stocked the week before the testimony...
Colenso (Cairns)
How best for Trump to try to marginalise Cohen & Putin with Trump's base? Build a Big Border Barrier on the margins.
RNS (Piedmont Quebec Canada)
Look at the bright side mr president. Thanks to you, the ratings are going to be huge.
fast/furious (the new world)
Can't wait. Hope this will be the new "reality tv" instead of THE TRUMP SHOW. Let's have constant tv with people testifying to Trump's crimes. Maybe the people who voted for Trump will finally get it through their heads how horrible he is..
John S. (Orange county, CA)
Neither here nor there but isn't there something called attorney client privilege?
Rw (Canada)
@John S. No longer applies when crimes have been committed.
cmk (Omaha, NE)
@John S. As Josh said above, "Planning a crime is not protected by attorney-client privilege."
Robert Rutherford (Philadelphia)
@John S. Note that it is the attorney-client *privilege*, not the attorney-client right. That privilege is granted under the assumption that the attorney acts in good faith and in accordance with the law. When the attorney counsels his client on how to circumvent the law, or worse, even participates in the criminal acts of the client, then that privilege is revoked. As it should be. Otherwise, what's the point of a "rule of law" system?
ProudImmigrant (Michigan)
Credible? That is necessary but not sufficient. Just honor your oath and make it "a full and truthful account".
JFMACC (Lafayette)
It's momentous news like this, and the news about Manafort and the over 100 contacts between Trump's campaign and Russian operatives that the whole "wall/shutdown" is meant to distract the news media from covering. It's a complete farce, as one can easily tell by the ridiculous outfit he wears to "disasters" and that he put on for the wall visit: a cross between a tent and a leisure suit from his heyday the 1970s.
stan (florida)
trump said, "I'm not worried a bit." "Not at all". Which means he's terrified.
Allen Polk (San Mateo)
Michael Cohen is a hero. Thank you. And I think most of America, perhaps most of the world, will be grateful for your change of heart and thank you. And before your family you have redeemed yourself.
yanksip (NYC)
Great that he's doing this, but I wish they had not announced until the evening before. As it is, I am very worried about what Trump will do on Feb 6 to change the narrative.
SeniorMoment (Vancouver, Washington)
Cohen's testimony before Congress this time will be only the tip of a very large iceberg, and he is acting just like the ship owner's representative that made the captain of the Titanic increase speed in iceberg filled waters at night. At this point it is almost impossible that Trump will not be named in the Special Counsel's report as an unindicted co-conspirator but Trump problems extend back to how he ran his businesses too and how he had such high earnings from his father's company when he was only 3 years old.
Richard Winkler (Miller Place, New York)
Rep. Jim Jordan must have some understanding of Human Nature. He is right that it may be political theatre, but now that the Republican Show is over it's time to watch the Democratic Show. What goes around comes around. And the next time the Dems regain the Senate with a GOP President, it is unlikely the nominee to the Supreme Court will get a hearing. You reap what you sow my friend.
Slow fuse (oakland calif)
Mr. Trump calls Cohen "weak" and as we have told over and over by Mr. Trump that he is strong and powerful. Therefore Mr Trump must have found it easy to make Mr. Cohen do his bidding easy enough.
Robert Brown (Honaunau, HI)
Those old enough to remember John Dean's testimony might recall that his testimony was devastating because Dean demonstrated a razor sharp intellect and very precise recall of dates and times of Nixon/minions obstruction of justice. I doubt Cohen can be his equal in accuracy or recall. Even after Dean's testimony most Republican Senators of the day denied there were any impeachable offenses and they argued that "Dean had lied under oath before so why believe him now?" It took the secret tapes to force enough Republicans in Senate to recognize Nixon was a lost cause and so would vote to convict Nixon of impeachment charges pending from the House. We all heard Trump on tape before election bragging about sexual assault and subsequent tape talking to Cohen about violating campaign finance laws by making payoffs prior to election. Yet, where is the Republican outrage? Now we're hearing same thing from Republicans about Cohen being an admitted lier so why should we believe him now? We need to hear the testimony from Trump's chief accountant about Trump's money laundering, violation of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, violation of emoluments clause as well as campaign finance law and various frauds to get at real impeachable offenses. Poor Robert Mueller. He'll never be able to finish his investigations because the crimes just keep coming.
Bill B (Michigan)
If there is credible evidence that Trump broke the law, then he must be impeached. Following this, if it is proven that he broke the law, then the Senate must convict. If then, he is removed from office, he must then be indicted and tried in a court of law. What happened with Nixon and Clinton cannot happen again. The citizens of this country must make it clear to these politicians that no one is above the law. Perhaps if Nixon had been tried and convicted, even a massive amount of hubris would not have been enough to keep Trump from running for office.
CVP (Brooklyn, NY)
@ Green I beg to differ: this IS great news. For decades, Trump has engaged in what many consider criminal conduct. What objectively can be characterized as blatantly uncivil behavior. He lied, cheated, bullied, abused, and used notoriety, social and political connections, (perceived) wealth (much of which may yet prove to have been ill-gotten) to shield himself from negative repercussions that would have fallen on less well-heeled men. He bought protection from willing professional deflectors like Cohen. Having gotten away with it for so long, he believed it would last forever. Winning the presidency was solid reinforcement. Seeing (knowing?) the fear he engendered in the timid hearts of the genuflecting Republican cohorts, emboldened him. It seems he believes that he alone is America. Well, he isn't. Michael Cohen's testimony is a step which takes us back to a path FROM "total destruction of American faith in democracy;" not one crook publicly turning on another, but one man who was used as a cudgel against decency, who's come to recognize that the man who wielded the cudgel is the personification of indecency. We know where we need to be on election day in 2020: A polling place in our home district, voting with conviction and faith that our Constitution is resilient enough to save our imperfect union. Taking comfort in the fact, that the name, Donald J. Trump is not on the ballot, because Michael Cohen and others like him chose America over Trump.
Fred (Bryn Mawr, PA)
Why hasn’t trump been arrested yet? Everyone knows he’s guilty. Cohen assisted trump in his crimes. If he were a Democrat, he would be in jail by now. Chairman Cummings needs to begin hearings on whether Mueller is covering up for trump. Mueller had all the evidence he needed on day one of the investigation. He’s helping trump run out the clock. Chairman Cummings needs to order trump jailed now. Secretary Clinton must be sworn in immediately. Anyone connected to trump must face life imprisonment without possibly of parole.
Lillies (WA)
@Fred Uh, because we still live in a land of innocent until proven guilty. Trump is hideous. Running around and locking people up randomly, doesn't repair anything.
Chinh Dao (Houston, Texas)
Cohen's public hearing should take place before Trump's annual address before the Congress. Trump is probably the first sitting president with a recycled plastic tongue. The border wall that will be paid by Mexico is an example.
Mike OK (Minnesota)
Why next month? How about a few hours of testimony right now?
Blank (Venice)
@Mike OK Developing good question patterns will take time and coordination with Bob Mueller is a must.
GMooG (LA)
@Mike OK Our illustrious Representatives need a few weeks to develop sound bites and practice all the big words.
Earthling (Earth)
@Mike OK I feel like a 7-year-old waiting for Christmas morning!
G (Green)
As pathetic as this administration is - certainly the most in my lifetime - I cannot seem to feel resentment for those relishing in this development, celebrating it as "must see tv" and thrilled at the notion of buying popcorn to watch. To me, it just says these people are as invested in the circus as all the intellectual lightweights they claim to loathe. This is not great news. It's another sad development along the path to total destruction of American faith in democracy. One crook publicly turning on the other. Who do we choose to believe? The crook who will adjust their story to help produce the outcome we're hungering for. The only thing that matters is where you stand on Election Day, 2020, and what messages you deliver to your elected representatives until then. There is no such thing as an important sideshow.
gourmand (California)
@G I agree that it is important to make a stand on Election Day. Cohen's testimony might help those on the fence to make up their minds early.
M (USA )
@G Yes, a very sad development. But it’s living, breathing history happening in our lifetime. This “circus” has probably gotten more people to understand and be interested in government.
JFMACC (Lafayette)
@G Sorry but it is great news. Yes, it would be really much nicer were there no such thing as the shady president we have, but we do have someone who as "Individual No. 1" has acted the criminal and smugly expects to get away with it, because going after presidents isn't as nice as people would like it to be.
alanore (or)
I don't want to get all worked up until I see what Cohen will bring. Trump will certainly have numerous distractions, including perhaps pardoning him. We have been snookered too many times in the last 2+ years. Right now the media is all worked up discussing statements by 2 freshman congresswomen, while we are going through this shutdown. The idiocy of focusing equally on this leads me to believe that they will allow Trump the bully pulpit because the facts aren't as important as eyeballs tuning in. The network and cable news decision makers should hang their heads in shame.
Daria (Los Angeles CA)
@alanore He cannot pard Cohen for NY state crimes.
Frank Leibold (Virginia)
Unfortunately this public confession will turn into a circus. The Democrats will be leading Cohen into, hopefully, embarrassment for Trump. While Republicans will grill him on his crimes, taping Trump and traitorous behavior.
John Smithson (California)
Sure, Michael Cohen's testimony may prove damaging to the president. But that is unlikely. The towel of Michael Cohen has already been wrung long and hard, and is now wrung dry. And the drippings from the towel haven't produced anything yet that damages the president. Quite the reverse. They showed Michael Cohen to be a criminal, whose bank and tax fraud got him a sentence of three years. Those crimes had nothing to do with the president. And the drippings showed what kind of attorney Michael Cohen is. Like the president said, what kind of attorney secretly tapes conversations with their client and then makes them public? What kind of attorney takes the attorney-client privilege so lightly that he divulges confidences to lighten his own sentence? What kind of attorney lies under oath and then tries to pin the blame on his client? I'll tell you what kind. A sleazy, unethical attorney. One who will be disbarred as soon as the ethics attorneys in New York deign to do their job (which may mean years). When judging the president, Michael Cohen's testimony no longer means anything. He should shut up and be scorned, not touted as a repentant sinner.
jonathan (decatur)
The crimes he committed were at the behest of Trump; they have everything to do with him. When you tell or authorize your attorney to engage in illegal actions as part of a scheme to insulate you, you bear greater criminal liability for such acts.
sonya (Washington)
@John Smithson What kind of attorney? The kind the con man hires, that's the kind of attorney who will bring him down.
Lee Harrison (Albany / Kew Gardens)
@John Smithson -- psst: Cohen pled guilty to federal crimes and named "individual 1" as an unindicted coconspirator. There's also the blatant fact that Trump's repayment of 430 k$ to Cohen for the 130 k$ Cliffords payment is tax fraud and money laundering. This is both a federal, and a New York State crime. New York has jurisdiction because Cohen's office is in New York. I think it near certain the new AG of New York will indict Trump. That will set off a constitutional test of whether he can be tried while in office.
db2 (Phila)
Right up there with The Wire and The Sopranos!
KR (South Carolina)
@db2 It's must see T.V.
D.j.j.k. (south Delaware)
I am glad Mr Cohen is going to testify and the sad part why isn't Trump in handcuffs. Instead he is still causing lots of chaos and drama daily and will put tax payers in debt to 5. 6billion for the fake all. I hope the Catholics and evangelicals will watch this and if they still support any GOP they are truly a fake religion.
Larry (NYC)
@D.j.j.k.:For what crime are you referring to? not those 'maybe campaign' violations of having those nondisclosure pacts which are very common legal agreements?. He's trying to end 9 wars we are in right now which never received any Congressional approvals. These cowardly air campaigns of ours are immoral interventions in Civil wars who are no threat to the US.
D.j.j.k. (south Delaware)
@Larry Trump has colluded with Russia for asking them to help find Hilarys email. Trumps son met in Trump towers with Russian lawyers who were with Putin. You and your mindset don't feel that is treason we former military and Democrats do. I want to see his off shore bank accounts and see how much daily money is tax free flowing in their daily. Plus he has not payed taxes in decades while I have and that is wrong. On Feb 7 listen to Mr Cohen speak about your corrupt Trump . Lock him up and his White House .
L (Connecticut)
Trump may beg hid BFF Vladimir Putin to knock out the power grid on February 7th. I wouldn't rule it out.
Fred (Bryn Mawr, PA)
I wouldn’t rule out Russia seizing and imprisoning all Democratic members of Congress either. Trump will stop at nothing.
reader78 (Latin America)
Yeah, why would your lawyer record your conversations?
Richard Winkler (Miller Place, New York)
@reader78: Because he has reason not to trust you. Isn't that obvious?
Grunchy (Alberta)
I'm beginning to think that Mexico may not ever pay for the border wall. Rats, I thought it was a sure thing. What went wrong?
Earthling (Earth)
@Grunchy Same thing as cheaper better heakthcare, end to ISIS, MAGA, etc etc. Funny that tax cuts fir the super-rich materialized, though, eh?
TyroneShoelaces (Hillsboro, Oregon)
Is it the White House or the White House of Cards?
Edgar (NM)
No wonder Trump is escalating his wall “emergency”.
Earthling (Earth)
Just booked a vacation day.
Carrie (Brooklyn)
@Earthling I want to go to a viewing party/play a drinking game to this.
Former Republican (Boulder,CO)
Read my lips, "Never gonna happen".
Matthew O'Brien (San Jose, CA)
Trump's response: declare a national emergency so he can build a wall. Wizard of Oz: "Don't look behind the curtain."
Budley (Mcdonald)
It would be nice to see some coverage of the pandemonium along the border. It’s a full blown crisis with hoards of drug carrying terrorist refugees pouring in in unstoppable waves. Sound of wind blowing, hot sun beating down. Crickets. A lizard moves to find shade. The reporter mops his forehead. Binoculars scanning the horizon...cactus, sagebrush.... nothing happening for as far as the eye can see.
EGD (California)
So the appalling Donald Trump enployed a shady lawyer. Congress is full of shady lawyers so I expect a love fest. And nothing new on Trump.
drotars (los angeles)
What image are you talking about? He hasn’t one.
hermione (<br/>)
We'lI be glued to the TV, just like when John Dean, one of Mr. Nixon's lawyers, testified back then--the ghost of criminals past. So glad we live in a democracy. We had the right then, and we have it still, to know when our president is a crook.
BobG (WA)
The chairpersons of these committees are now Democrats as a result of the midterms. If Republicans still held the chairs there would be no light shining into the dark places of Trump's world. All I can say is thank goodness America stood up at the polls. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of one of the darkest moments in our political history.
Marie McGowan (Middletown NJ)
@BobG Bravo !
gegan (Los Angeles)
@BobG Yes, almost perfect. Just one edit suggested: "...the end of one of the darkest moments in our political history." should be "...the end of the darkest moment in our history."
C Wolfe (Bloomington IN)
@gegan Oh come now: the 1850s and 60s? Slavery and the morally unfathomable political compromises over it? That small event called the Civil War?
Bob (Portland)
So Cohen will go in front of Congress & say what? He can't really reveal everthing he told prosecutors, Federal or State. I can't see him outlining illegal activities in the Trump Organization if they are part of an active investigation. If he does that could foul up any chance of future charges against Trump.
Crea May (<br/>)
@Bob Bombshell new disclosures are not likely the primary goal of this hearing (except to people who haven’t been following the news). This hearing is the first, important step in getting MC’s crimes and MC’s information about Trump on the official Congressional record, and in front of Americans on a widespread basis. From there, the House can subpoena and investigate more people and information. If there is impeachment, the case has to be built on the record and the case needs public visibility for political acceptance (though die hard Trump supporters likely won’t be swayed by anything). This is our democratic and legal process. MC will probably not reveal anything new. Neither his legal team nor Fed/State prosecutors will want that, respectively, to protect MC from further indictments and to protect on-going investigations. On a personal note: it would be handy if MC gave information related to Trump’s tax returns. That’s what I would like to see.
Lee Harrison (Albany / Kew Gardens)
@Bob -- Cohen's testimony to crimes by Trump would do nothing to "derail" prosecution of Trump for them. I think you are confused. Often there is a problem in calling congressional witnesses and granting them immunity. In that case they cannot be subsequently convicted. Mr. Cohen is already convicted, and there is no issue of immunity for Cohen or anybody else.
sarah (Seattle )
Yes, but so far we have actually heard his testimony and if you listen to Fox ,its filtered through that lense. And I'll tell you what, I've been following this all very closely and I'd love to hear him speak.
By that time, the White House will have come up with more ways to add to the hardships of those asylum seekers on both sides of the border. If DJT wants to keep the attention on himself, he has many ways to do it and he has no compunction about the suffering that results. He is only worried about himself and no one else.
Matthew (New Jersey)
Has anyone checked the price of Orville Redenbacher stock?
Budley (Mcdonald)
I wouldn’t have believed that the US, a ‘beacon of light and hope’ for democracy around the world could be so politically messed up
seleberry (Peachtree City, Georgia)
@Budley Hurts to watch and feel. Been through much worse than this...we survived despite ourselves. America has always been pretty great.
A Citizen. (SF)
@Budley I recommend you read the book 1968 by Mark Kurlansky. Read the book and you may be reminded just how “politically messed up” the USA and the world can be — and only 50 years ago. Also, you may remember that candidate Nixon secretly negotiated directly with the South Vietnamese government to advance peace negotiations so that he could be the “peace” candidate. Does this sound familiar? And then when Nixon won he lied and expanded the Vietnam war. And our present disastrous political situation has echos of Nixon and 1968.
kenneth (nyc)
@Budley Thank Heaven ! Those countries that are not "messed up" are called dictatorships, and messy disagreement is not permitted.
Paul (Toronto)
I just put in a vacation request, ordered a case of popcorn and put my Netflix subscription on hold. I still remember watching the Watergate hearings back in my teens. This is going to be terrific.
Maple23 (Toronto)
@Paul Hi Paul, I hope you (we) are not disappointed! It will make for great TV as did the WG hearings my mother and friend's moms loved to watch.
Just Think (Bellevue, WA)
Cohen's testimony should get Trump's tumbrel under way. It won't be until his kids are proven to be in obvious legal jeopardy that Trump will be put aboard the tumbrel, and not be able to get off it until he cuts some sort of a deal to 'abdicate'. In exchange for freedom from Federal charges for himself and the kids.
Alabama (Democrat)
I am not going to hold my breath that Cohen is going to reveal all he knows because if he did that he would be spending the rest of his miserable life in prison instead of cutting piece meal deals to keep himself OUT of prison. He's a con man just like his former client. If he has tapes he should produce them, and if he has already produced them the public should be privy to them. The nation must be allowed to come to terms with Trump's crimes. That is the way our nation is going to survive this Trump Trauma.
Steve Beck (Middlebury, VT)
I am not a TV watcher, but I will make an exception here. This will be more historic than the Kavanaugh hearings.
crystal (Wisconsin)
On no, I feel a terrible cold coming on. I'm guessing I will be down and out with it completely on February 7th. Cough, cough, sniffle. I guess I'll have to call in sick.
While I cheer the idea that Cohen will testify, I will not rest easy until he's there and talking on the record and under oath. Too many things can go wrong between now and February 7th, both natural and created mischief on the part of Trumpie and his fellow miscreants. It agonizes me to be such a cynic, but I'll believe this is happening only when I see it happen. And yes, I really do want to hear an entire bel canto recital: Cohen singing like a lark, naming names, places and things with proof to back it up. But until it happens I'll hope he doesn't hit a trip wire or encounter some other bad act or actor; that kind of stuff doesn't just happen in the movies....
Ferdie14 (metro ny)
Better go with the sweat-proof orange make-up on Feb. 7.
Ken calvey (Huntington Beach ca)
Republicans are still blinded to the colossal political disaster that hit them when they lost the House. There's going to be an endless parade of witnesses to Democratic committees that will be devastating to Trump. Beginning of the end.
SLP (New Jersey)
If DJT and Family are modeling themselves after Tony Soprano etal (albeit it with better wardrobes), I'm now worried that Cohen's going to be driven out to the NJ Pine Barrens. Time for witness protection?
Annie (Wilmington NC)
Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Trump is a wily political creature and there's no telling what he'll say or do to protect himself (an international crisis? A war?). He has thus far proved to be very adept at discrediting the Mueller investigation. Remember, it's all a massive conspiracy of the Deep State and 40 percent of Americans believe it. Who knows when his lackeys in the GOP will abandon him. I'm just sayin'
David (New Jersey)
This could be a pay-per-view event. It would make billions.
Lillies (WA)
@David Yes. And raise funds for the government employees who are not being paid as the result of this dog and pony show.
Ronald Tee Johnson (Blue Ridge Mountains, NC)
Nixonion meets Trumpism under oath. Finally, this whole idea of democracy works again.
David (Atlanta)
Cohen promises to give “a full and credible account" of his work for Trump. When do we believe any words from him? He pleaded guilty for lying to the FBI. His words are like poison. If you get any poison into your food, you can't try to pick out the bad parts from the good of what you hope to eat: it's all bad and toxic, and you throw it all away. Just like Cohen's words to Congress.
rella (VA)
@David Don't discount the corroborating evidence (documents, tapes, etc.)
Tom (Vancouver, WA)
@David Cohen and Trump are both liars. The difference is that Cohen really does have tapes.
Radha (BC Canada)
Sing, Mr. Cohen, sing! I look forward to watching the hearing and hopefully more of the misdeeds of the campaign will be revealed.
Majortrout (Montreal)
"sets the stage for a blockbuster public hearing that threatens to further damage the president’s image" What image? A vulgar, heartless low-life, egotistical, chauvinist liar, misogynist, bigoted man-child who cares only for himself. How much lower can his reputation be damaged?
Jim Steinberg (Fresno, Calif.)
@Majortrout I would have preferred "man-brat."
Lee Harrison (Albany / Kew Gardens)
@Majortrout -- he can be convicted and go to jail. He is clearly guilty of NewYork State tax fraud and money laundering in the 430 k$ repayments to Cohen over the Cliffords payoff. Letitia James can indict, and she should. Sentences for combined money laundering and tax fraud of around 400 k$ are reasonably common in NY state -- sentences run 3 - 5 years typically. If James indicts Trump we will have an interesting constitutional battle over when he can be tried, and if tried while president and convicted, when he would serve. James may end up finding other charges, or going for charges under the NY state "enterprise corruption" laws that parallel federal RICO. These might sweep in more Trumps .,.. and Kushners. Trump would not be able to stop the wider charges constitutionally, though he likely would be able to postpone serving any sentence until out of office.
canoe (Alaska)
@Majortrout He has built the camps but as far as we know, not crematoriums, so there is more distance to fall. This is where we remember our schoolroom scene and we were in 4th grade studying the Holocaust and finally, the kid in the back blurts out what every kid was wondering, "Why didn't the German people stop him?"
Robert B (Brooklyn, NY)
I'm a career criminal and civil rights attorney, and also an appellate attorney, but the most important aspect of Cohen testifying are the optics, not the legal ramifications. Yes, something remarkable may emerge from Cohen's testimony. However, it most likely will make it impossible for Trump to control what the public hears. What they will hear is information we already know, but which Trump, the G.O.P., and right-wing propaganda sites have prevented the public from engaging. Trump’s fear of the public focusing on his criminality is driving his attempt to pretend there is a national security emergency at our southern border when there isn't. There is no question that illegal immigration is a problem, but anyone taking a moment to look at the statistics can see that the numbers of those seeking to enter the country illegally has been falling dramatically for over a decade, so there is no way to credibly claim a national crisis suddenly exists when none existed before. Further, statistics from Trump’s own Dept. of Homeland Security show that virtually all terrorists come through airports, with a remaining number coming by boat, and with none crossing our southern border by land. Cohen being scheduled to testify before the House Oversight Committee, in which Republicans will no longer be able to block any actual questions from being asked pertaining to Trump's guilt, means Trump will no longer be able to control the narrative. You better believe Trump is worried.
TheraP (Midwest)
@Robert B From a psychological point of view, this will be riveting! And, yes, the cowardly Trump will be dreading this. Despite all the bluster he will muster.
kkm (nyc)
@Robert B: The optics and legal ramifications are not separate but one with Cohen's sworn testimony a fact that Donald just realized and pieced that together recently- thus the dramatic walk-out during a bi-partisan Wall meeting yesterday and then the mad-dash to get out of "Dodge" and head to the US/Mexico border to "Trump-up" a non-existent immigration crisis. Which directly speaks to your point: you better believe Trump is worried. I would prefer to use the word - panicked.
John Smithson (California)
@Robert B The Republicans were never able to block the Democrats from asking questions of Michael Cohen. The man has said already everything he has to say. None of it has implicated the president in any crime. For all this talk about the president's criminality, people seem to forget that Michael Cohen's sentence of three years was almost solely for bank and tax fraud, which had nothing to do with the president. And there certainly is a crisis at our southern border. Among other things, two children died there last month. We have waves and caravans of migrants with children coming up from the south who try to enter the country illegally or asking for asylum. They are overwhelming the system, as the government is shackled by law in what it can do with them. A border barrier is only part of a solution, but it is an important part. We need to respond to this crisis in the best way we can. Ignoring it, like the Democrats want to do, will not help. It won't go away. It will fester.
John Grillo (Edgewater, MD)
Of significance is that Cohen, having already been extensively interviewed by federal prosecutors in both Washington and New York, will carefully and strictly adhere to what he has already told them in order to avoid any further serious charges of lying to Congress. The expected vicious, denigrating tweets from the Fake President and his surrogates that he is not being truthful before Congress this time is completely undercut by the serious criminal jeopardy that Cohen would again be in if he testified falsely.
John Smithson (California)
@John Grillo Serious criminal jeopardy for lying to Congress? Surely you jest. The man is going to prison for three years for bank and tax fraud. He has burned his bridges with the president and kissed a pardon goodbye. Lying to Congress is not going to matter much at this point. He would get a slap on the wrist. If that.
Q6655321 (Washington)
@John Grillo BAM- Loose lips sink ships. Spot on Grillo. Trumps lips are/ have been so loose if there is anything to ultimately hold him accountable to he’ll do himself in. When so much of what Mr. President says has such tenuous grasp on reality he will spin his web proper. Imagine, everything he’s ever said and tweeted gets permanently documented in the national archive, what an unprofessional mess 45’s will be.
Jack (London)
@John Grillo He can volunteer information that wasn’t asked for or about . That’s his perogative
Fred Lifsitz (San Francisco CA)
Truly heartening news. Truth needs to be told. He’s no choirboy, but he can sing. Tunes and lyrics that will delight many and frighten a few, particularly The Donald. Our 21st Century Don is about to have the curtain come up in his show. Bravo.
miriam summ (San Diego)
@Fred Lifsitz Fred.In agreement with you, but I think it might be better said that "our 21st century Don is about to have the curtain come down (not up) in his show." Yes, this is heartening news and with Elijah Cummings leading the investigation, there will be no hiding place left for this president. It begins......
trump basher (rochester ny)
I wish Manafort would do the same. I see him as the major conduit between Trump and the Russians. He and Trump were friends for years so there's a there, there.
J (Washington State)
@trump basher I think that it was Manafort's partner, Roger Stone, who has known 45 for years. Watch "Get Me Roger Stone" on Netflix if you want to know the history of Manafort and Stone.
John Smithson (California)
@trump basher Fake news. Donald Trump was not friends for years with Paul Manafort. They had some connections, but very tenuous ones. A meeting or two spread over decades. Certainly nothing you could call being friends. When Paul Manafort wanted to beg for a job working for Donald Trump for free, he had to go through a mutual friend. He didn't have any connection himself. You call that being friends for years? And if you think Paul Manafort was a conduit between Donald Trump and the Russians, you haven't been paying attention. If Robert Mueller had any evidence at all that that was the case, we would know it by now. Didn't happen.
Skeptical (London)
@trump basher Don’t you think that Manafort is literally scared to death of Putin? Look at the number of people opposing Putin that have perished?
Nung Bedell (St PEte)
Good thing this is happening in the House and not the Senate. Remember the Kavenaugh hearing? I'd hate to tune in and watch them praise the scoundrel.
Joan Bee (<br/>)
@Nung Bedell No worries about this happening in the Senate as long as Mitch continues to control the gavel and the agenda.
Kho (NY)
@Nung Bedell, there was nothing wrong with Kavenaugh, smear all the way, the usual democratic playbook.
Ignatz (Upper Ruralia)
I predict on the first and succeeding nights of his testimony, FOX news will run the following stories in order of importance: 1) Hillary's e-mails 2) Hillary should be in jail 3) Obama jobs and stock market rise was fake news 4) No collusion, Dems don't want border security, another caravan is imminent ( although they won't mention is comprised of people going south to escape this lunacy). 5) The Fed. workers are all Dems anyway so who cares?
VB (SanDiego)
@Ignatz But you forgot one: Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.
Some Dude (CA Sierra Country)
@Ignatz You forgot the border crisis. MAGA!
Joseph B (Stanford)
People need to hear that Trump is nothing more than a long time hard core criminal.
Alta Hanlon (St John, IN)
Hillary has been accused of being a hardcore criminal too, only Trump hasn't been accused of murder. The job of president isn't worth it. It takes a very strong person to survive the hate that comes with that job. It's quite evident that there are a lot of people in DC that would do anything they can to get rid of him.....he's quite obviously not "one of them", if you know what I mean.
Some Dude (CA Sierra Country)
@Alta Hanlon I'll help you out here: Trump's a murderer. Now Trump has been accused of murder. Mrs. Clinton has suffered from manufactured conspiracy theories for much of her public life. Trump has not. Trump has spent much of his life spreading unfounded conspiracy theories. Fact checkers can barely keep up with his non-stop stream of outright lies. If people hate Trump it is because of what he says and does. Comparing Trump and Clinton is like comparing a cesspool to a mountain lake (Trump is the stinky one). You may not want to drink from either without treatment, but they just aren't the same.
Blank (Venice)
@Alta Hanlon When did Hillary commit “hardcore”or even softcore crimes? After 30 years of investigations and hundreds of millions of dollars invested in discovering her ‘crimes’, why haven’t Republic Administrations, Congreases and/or political operatives brought any indictments against Hillary ?
Big Text (Dallas)
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Russia hacked our electrical grid as a way of "preparing the battlefield for war." With a mole in the White House, Russia could not be in a stronger position to win that war. It will be a cyber war, using technology that we have not dreamed of. Russia's use of sonic weapons in Havana drove the U.S. out of its own embassy. They have hacked our banking system and our power grid while installing their pawn in the Oval Office. We are officially defenseless against a remorseless enemy. Thanks, angry white voters in Michigan!
Some Dude (CA Sierra Country)
@Big Text? MAGA!
Carl (Sweden)
Sadly this probably wont change that much - the division and polarisation is so big between democrats and republicans that you need a new leadership and understanding in washington. The US is hurting right now and the entire process around Trump will just make things worse for the country - not better. The sooner the Mueller report comes out the better. There will have to be extremely serious material in the Mueller probe - which I dont think there will be - not about Trump in any case. His underlings - yes but not him and a sitting president can't be indicted which even democrats agree on. Trump might strike a deal that cleanses his crimes if he resigns - which might very well be the case in the end. Trump (and his children) will most probably instead get their medicine from one of the lawsuits in New York State - from which there is no pardon to be had.
Nora (New England)
"The wheels of justice grind slowly,but ever so finely".Feb 7 on my calendar!
Michael James (Montreal)
Boy, did I pick the right time to invest in popcorn futures! I'm sure Michael Cohen's testimony will be relevant, interesting and damaging to Trump and his mis-administration.
Dave (Mass)
We as a nation will be glued to this coverage !! What a mess we are in as a country. A few steadfast individuals have said this will all slowly play out and America will regain standing with it's citizens and in the World again !! I sure hope so! We have become numbed by all the chaotic dysfunction in this administration and to the inability to reign this unfit leader in ! It's sure been a slow process and we are lucky that...so far.. with the exception of a few hiccups the economy is doing as well as it has ! Why did we vote for this President? Why do some still support his administration ? I hope going forward things change. Hope we have learned a lesson. After Cohens testimony I sure hope there will be next to no support for Trump..from the Republican Party down to the average citizens !! Enough is enough! Make The States United Again !! Land of the Free..Home of the Brave !!
December (Concord, NH)
I sure hope they're giving him witness protection!!
Huge Grizzly (Seattle)
Not exactly the most credible witness, but it will be a heck of a show. Not looking forward to it—but I guess it needs to happen. Can’t be worse than the Brett Kavanaugh hearings--can it?
Shane (South Carolina )
@Huge Grizzly It's no different actually, a WITCH hunt.
rella (VA)
@Huge Grizzly If there is corroborating evidence (documents, audiotapes, etc.), as I believe there is, his personal credibility will be less of an issue.
Earthling (Earth)
@rella The FBI seized a lot of tapes in last April’s Cohen raid, remember?
Vizitei (Missouri)
Best. President. Ever (and his beautiful family and the very best of friends). This is just in: The latest offer on the shutdown from El Presidente: Ok, ok, so we all got a little hotheaded. I tell you what, let's just reopen the government and we can talk about the wall later. No worries. Just one thing - we make these Cohen hearings confidential. Ok? I mean why can't we all just get along?
Dave (Miami)
Dems should say they will keep it confidential then once govt reopens they deny deny deny just like he does
Some Dude (CA Sierra Country)
@Vizitei Hey Nancy, can you go easy on Cohen, my old pal?
Fromjersey (NJ)
That's 4 weeks from now! What is Trump going to cook up to deflect from this?!? The wall and shutdown will be old news by then. I'm a little nervous to find out what Trump will resort to next.
Ed (California)
Hmm, let's hope he doesn't have a brother in Palermo or someplace that is brought in to "observe" from the gallery.
Sheeba (Brooklyn)
Orville Redenbacher could not have ever been put up for better use. I anxiously await.
I hope that Mr. Cohen has a well-equipped security service given the Russians proclivity for assassinations.
Susan (Paris)
If I worked in the White House I think I’d make sure to arrange some elective surgery on February 7th -preferably in another time zone.
Sophia. (New York.)
Trump should consider crossing the border into Mexico and seeking asylum there...because it's going to be over for him after Cohen testifies.
JA (<br/>)
@Sophia., I’m pretty sure Mexico would deny him asylum at this point.
Some Dude (CA Sierra Country)
@Sophia. Our a quick trip to Moscow.
Alan (Queens)
If it weren’t for phony Fox News, Trump would have been gone long ago. Trump’s closest friend and fellow Cohen client has manipulated 34% of America into believing that this self-centered sociopath is a legitimate president. He’s NOT !!!
Shane (South Carolina )
@Alan Cause CNN isn't biased at all.
qwondre (here)
And I gots gooood popcorn...
Mike (Nashville)
If Trump tells his follower that he is God, they will worship him. Too sad when some Americans are brainwashed by the man whose only temple of worship was the Playboy Mansion.
Joe (Los Angeles)
When the House turns on the recording machine, I hope Cohen runs his mouth endlessly about all the illegality and immorality involving Trump and his crooked kids!
Davidoff (10174)
@Joe- I think as a result of Cohen's testimony, Trump may actually run his mouth endlessly trying to discredit Cohen. We may actually hear Trump confirm our suspicions about his business practices. We may even learn a few new things. February 3rd-9th is going to be a very interesting week.
Kurt (Chicago)
This ought to be fun, but I’m really waiting for indictments for Don Jr, Ivanka, and Kushner. Watch Trump go bonkers. Watch him tear his weird hair out.
TammyR (<br/>)
@Kurt I know me too!
lm (ny)
Expect more border wall and North Korea drumbeats as Trump tries to distract from hearings
JD (Bellingham)
Why not tomorrow or Monday?
Andrea Genna Genna Esq (New Windsor)
Why refer to Cohen as a “consigliere”? Clearly an attempt to imply a sinister aspect to his activities ( which speak for themselves) by referring to a a lawyer connected an organized crime family in the iconic “God Father “book and movies. This is insensitive insulting to Italian-Americans and not worthy of the NYT. Would you ever dream of referring to him as a “shyster” or some other derogatory name in the Yiddish or Hebrew language. I certainly hope not. Mr Cohen is responsible for his own actions and they should not be associated with Jews, Italians,lawyers, or any other group . If you are attempting to be “au currant”, hip, relevant or whatever please stop. Just be good and gray. We already have tabloids to inject meaningless references to popular culture into places they don’t belong.
PE (Seattle)
This is a political play by Cummings. Nothing new will be learned from Cohen's testimony. Get the sound bites. Put a face on this. Let the people see, hear how trashy it got. Embarrass Trump. This is your president. Gross, right? Know the truth, under oath. Tee up campaign season.
db2 (Phila)
@PE Play Elijah play!
A.A.F. (New York)
The House Oversight and Reform Committee also need to add Stormy Daniels, Karen Mc Dougal, David Pecker and a host of others to get the most bang for their buck. President Trump will be sniffing more than ever wondering what will happen next thinking that maybe he was better off with the Apprentice.
Ps (FL)
Time to ramp up the Border wall crisis!
Drphilo (New Hampshire)
Late Christmas present
Uly (New Jersey)
This dude was a consiglieri to Donald. He will spill his guts to Sir Elijah Cummings but his credibility is long gone lying to Sir Mueller. His only future would be floating along the Hudson or East Rivers, figuratively. Sir Mueller has the knowledge about Donald. Cohen is dispensable commodity. Too late for him. He could have done it upfront. At any rate, another obstinate wall that Donald needs a rat mazed exit.
Adam Stoleri (Bronx NY)
Who needs a ‘ fixer’? Rotten law breaking miscreants that’s who. Credibility in mob trials often hinge on people like Cohen turning states’ evidence They’re not choir boys nor is it expected they be. But they are necessary components that help bring down the bigger more rotten fish, in this case trump. So sing Michael sing! Trump has ear plugs in and he needs to hear you sing
M. (California)
I hope someone will ask him whether he knows anything about the goon who allegedly threatened Daniels.
LAM (Wenonah, NJ)
@M. The paragon of virtue, Stormy Daniels would absolutely never invent a "goon" who threatened her. There are enough tawdry ugly individuals in this story who would never be heard from if not for the incredible ascendancy of Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, the cast of characters around him is loathsome.
M. (California)
@LAM The sarcastic reference to Daniels as a "paragon of virtue" is out of bounds. Her career may be unconventional, but it's honest work. Everything else she's said publicly so far about the incident has checked out; it's President Trump who keeps changing his story. Trump's supporters evidently don't care about his infidelities, payoffs, nor lies, but surely some would draw the line at having hired a goon to threaten a woman in front of her child. That's just plain wrong.
Ignatz Farquad (New York)
Can't wait. The wheels are coming off the cart. I haven't felt this good since Watergate. It's jail time for Republican traitors and criminals - including McConnell, Ryan, McCarthy, and that despicable toady Nunes - all of them. They all got Russian cash laundered through the GOP's terrorist arm, the NRA. Would love to see that fiend LaPierre frog marched into the paddy wagon too. Crooks, liars, seditionists, traitors = Republicans.
Richard Pontone (Queens, New York)
So the Trumpsters state we should not believe Michael Cohen as he is a liar. Very ironic that these people strongly believe President Trump who is currently on his 6,400th lie in his Presidency.
Red Sox, '04, '07, '13, ‘18, (Boston)
The Wall and The Border just ceased to be “national emergency” issues. Mark your calendars.
Mike (millbrook)
I don't believe Trump could possibly be more unhinged and "bat crazy", as Lindsey Graham puts it. But if it's possible, this should do the trick. Ha. Ha. Ha.
BW (Manhattan)
Must see TV.
matty (boston ma)
Let's hope some of Putin's henchmen don't take "active measures" into their own hands otherwise we'll find more than a few people who "fell" down stair and elevator shafts, and off balconies and roofs. Or, were poisoned in the park, or from what they ate or drank.
Rational not Rationalize (Milwaukee, WI)
@matty my thought exactly. Cohen should be in protective custody, else he’ll “go missing “.
Mark F (New York)
Game, set, match?
cc (nyc)
Michael Cohen is no John Dean. Dean got his law degree at Georgetown University.
Dan (Philadelphia)
still managed to end up a crook though.
chambolle (Bainbridge Island)
@cc: Michael Cohen is the low-rent, bargain basement John Dean. But then we’ve got a low-rent, bargain basement presidential administration, so what else would you expect?
Hugh Briss (Climax, VA)
Inquiring minds want to know if Sean Hannity is still getting legal advice from Michael Cohen.
Scott Kennedy (Portland)
Lordy, I hope there are tapes.
Mathew (California)
@Scott Kennedy Based on the news I've read it seems very likely there are recordings and video. There were to many people involved. Check out C-Span, "Lawmakers' Remarks Following Closed-Door Meeting on Russian Sanctions". You'll have to run through the long waits as people leave to hear all the reporters. This was from today I believe. All the chips are falling into place. And some have yet to fall.
A big deal!? Really!? ... Trump uses Cohen as conduit to pay hush money to a couple of bimbos to stay quiet about consensual sex that occurred a decade ago. So what?
Sitges (san diego)
@BD You seem to have a very short memory and a double standard for judging behavior. Don't you remember this country impeached a President who had two consensual sexual encounters with a WH intern? Exclusively basedm on Clinton's lies about these two sexual encounter, Republican decided, amounted to "high crimes and misdemeanors" and thus they pushed for impeachment. The thousands of lies that Trump has uttered since his election over two years ago (many on tape for everyone to see and hear) plus multiple investigations that have already yielded many indictments, guilty pleas and prison terms for Trump minions should be good fodder for getting rid of him-- and not soon enough.
@Sitges ... My memory's fine. Clinton's sleaze occurred while he was in office and he committed perjury which then resulted in impeachment. Trump's extramarital affairs occurred ten or more years ago.
Lynn (New York)
@BD Aside from the criminal campaign finance law breaking, I assume Cohen can testify to Trump’s Money launderIng and mob connections
American girl (Santa Barbara )
Please televise these hearings!!!!!!
Matthew O'Brien (San Jose, CA)
Tick, tick, tick.
Surya (CA)
That’s his only chance at an outing. He would otherwise be in a prison cell.
Laura Mulholland (Cocoa Beach, Florida)
I'll use my accrued vacation leave to take a day off from work to watch. This will be just like watching John Dean testify .... historic.
DGNovelty (Ohio)
He wants to make sure he has an opportunity to tell his story before "someone overseas" arranges for him to have an unfortunate fall from the top of an apartment building.
Shane (South Carolina )
@DGNovelty It's Trump..not Hillary..lol
kkm (nyc)
Michael D. Cohen, personal lawyer to the Occupant in the Oval Office, will be expected to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth under sworn testimony. Perhaps Mr. Cohen will bring the clarity required for the citizens of this country to understand the magnitude of untruthfulness and deliberate obfuscation the Occupant in the Oval Office has consistently stated through his Republican nomination and, perhaps, unlawful election as President of the United States. The unraveling of a President in the Oval Office begins.
T. Lum (Ground zero)
@kkm Myth is a powerful thing and the desire to see what one wants to believe is part of the human condition. That myth will unravel as Believers tighten their belts and see their social services and National Treasures defaced by the False Prophet, not Immigrants, Jews or otherwise Brown folks.
KEM (Maine)
This is the start of what is needed to get the enlightenment train rolling: public hearings. Unfortunately, fox news has almost a month to beat the drum that Cohen will be doing nothing but lying. That tactic may work in the short term, but hearing upon hearing, testimony after testimony will wear even the trump cultists down. They fell for the constant big lie, now give them the constant big truth.
MAK (Sacramento CA)
Trump will claim attorney-client privilege and try to block Cohen from testifying. It won't work.
T. Lum (Ground zero)
@MAK As Cohen was a co-conspirator and part of a criminal conspiracy, and has plead guilty, privilege does not attach.
silver vibes (Virginia)
Well, the president should be worried about Cohen testifying before Congress. This will be the first time that anybody has gone before Congress and swore, under oath, about the daily goings-on about the president and his inner circle. This didn't happen with Devin Nunes because he carried the president's water but this is a new day. It's about time!
Kory (Texas)
@silver vibes It sure is! I cannot wait, as this will set a prescedent for all future US President's that attorney-client privalege or any other "presidential privaleges will not keep their unscrupulous, criminal, lewd, sexual deviant, and spousal infedelities out of the public eye for all to see. Oh the joy as now both sides of the aisle can cringe everytime an unpopular president with one side can be exposed in public. Too bad we haven't done this for all former presidents, they'd all been impeached.
TimesChat (NC)
Mr. Cohen has promised to give testimony which is "full" and "credible." I would like to believe that he means "truthful" instead of merely "credible." They are not the same thing.
Nick Parker (Akaroa)
One can only guess as to what Mr Cohen may reveal at this and any other hearings or interviews he attends and also what impact impact those revelations may cause. Critical to this process and to those revelations will be how the American people, the media and the political leadership respond. This could be proof either that democracy in America has the appropriate checks and balances, that are robust and effective, to the extent that it can identify the cancer of corruption and criminality and purge and cleanse the system or conversely that the American political system is in serious trouble, irrevocably corrupted by money and vested interests to the detriment of the republic. Who knows which way this may go!
J. Benedict (Bridgeport, Ct)
It is not Michael Cohen to judge the credibility of his statement which is what the quotation implies. That is up to those who hear it. So far all reports have found them to be so far from credible that his making the statements have sent him to prison. Maybe it is this serious misunderstanding on his part that has resulted in his new living quarters.
James (Tucson)
Unfortunately on the day of his testimony the building will be permanently closed not simply due to the shutdown. Subleasing to a local wharehouse under review, already having had the wires and precious metal pipes removed, furniture and carpet stolen, the pile of unpaid federal bills blocking the entry way and with infestations of pack rats, all contributing to a risk to human health. The no show has begun.
EricR (Tucson)
Despite the committee's coordination with the special prosecutor, I believe Mr. Cohen will be dropping some bombshells on Trump. I suspect they will be highly embarrassing if not prima facie evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, things Trump will of course deny. This can only add fuel to the fire, drive Trump that much more off the rails, and thus contribute to the frantic efforts Trump is making to escape prosecution and losing ratings. There's no way Trump can distract the nation from this spectacle, it will be the most watched media event of this century. I hope the authorities have Mr. Cohen secreted in protective custody because I've no doubt there's a price on his head. One has to wonder, though, if they found a contract assassin less bumbling than Rudy or the lying sack of sophistry himself. Watching all this unfold while also watching "House of Cards" on Netflix is a chilling, paradoxical warp of reality, each reinforcing the probability that the other is, in fact, real. Trump lacks the sophistication of Claire Underwood but not the drive nor the tolerance for bending rules. I can't wait for his skeletons to start spilling out of the closets.
nightowl (Midwest)
Feb. 7 is my birthday, for once I'm looking forward to it. So glad Elijah Cummings has replaced Trey Gowdy as the head of the oversight committee.
Lee Harrison (Albany / Kew Gardens)
"It was not immediately clear whether prosecutors in New York or for Mr. Mueller would ask Mr. Cohen to keep from discussing topics still under investigation. " That's not how it works. If those prosecutors want certain topics to not be broached in a congressional hearing they must communicate that to the committee. Mr. Cohen is not being given immunity by the committee; he has already been sentenced. That obviates one common concern of prosecutors. The only other concern would be that testimony alerts others who are being investigated and aids efforts to disappear or conceal evidence. These concerns seem most likely with foreign people or firms. Make no mistake about it, if the committee is well prepared this will greatly increase public knowledge about Trump's dealings, and it's hard to see how this could be anything but a disaster for Trump. The prosecutors pursuing Trump are not just Mueller's and other federal prosecutors; New York now has slam-dunk charges of money laundering and tax fraud against Trump for the repayments to Cohen over the Clifford's payoff. While federal prosecutors are inhibited of indicting Trump, state prosecutors are not. I think it is nearly certain NY will indict Trump -- triggering constitutional issues of whether he can be tried while in office, and if so and convicted, what then. New York state has "enterprise corruption" statutes that parallel RICO. All of the Trumps may be vulnerable.
Brian H (Portland, OR)
Cohen's testimony will do nothing to reduce Trump's core support amongst so-called white evangelicals. They think the hand of God got Trump elected, and their delusions run deep. Trump's strategy is to keep us devided, and "crowd surf" on the so-called white evangelicals to avoid all consequences. Sadly, his strategy may work. Trump is the P.T. Barnum President.
JefferyK (Seattle)
I have no reason to believe Democrats won't blow this opportunity just like they have blown so many others. Also, Trump is Teflon -- nothing sticks. So, I don't get what people are so excited about.
Degobah Smith (South Carolina)
We've been smelling and seeing the smoke for 2+ years now... will we finally get a glimpse of the fire? One can hope.
truth be told (north of nowhere)
Oh I do hope the networks give him a prime time spot!
rella (VA)
@truth be told This is not a sporting event to which the networks have purchased rights, getting therewith the right to weigh in on the timing. The committee will determine the time, most likely during normal working hours, as was done with the Watergate hearings.
LT (Chicago)
And so it begins. Individual-1 is going to become apoplectic watching his career as a white collar criminal exposed one hearing at a time. 7x24, he will not be able to escape the coverage, the endless replays, the laughter at the roundtable discussions. Even Rudy Guiliani's (rodeo clown-1) ridiculous TV appearances will not soothe the rage. Fox and Friends will not comfort. "Executive Time" will never be the same.
chambolle (Bainbridge Island)
It would appear that Mr. Trump may now be empowered to tap the U.S. Treasury to fund his reality television publicity stunt “wall” - but in the end, that wall will be constructed on a bed of quicksand. Sad!
Clyde (Pittsburgh)
I hope that John Dean has a front row seat!
Brad (Oregon)
Fine, as long as it doesn't interfere with the Mueller investigation.
danarlington (mass)
But are there any tapes? That is what made John Dean's testimony pivotal. Only a few people believed him at first and Nixon was able to deny it all. Then came the tapes and it was all over. The next step is for Manafort to agree to testify. That will give us the Russia connection.
Warren (New York)
@danarlington Tapes are so 1970s. In 2019, Trump & co-conspirators like Manafort digital trail of high crimes is locking them up. That incontrovertibe evidence, now fully assembled by Mueller + SDNY, has had Trump sunk and in a panic since before his first day in office. Trump always knew it would come to this, hence his sleepless nights/Twitter attacks and incessant extra-weird post-election behavior. Not. Sad.
Claudio (Orlando, FL)
Arguably it will be the end of this presidency.
L (Connecticut)
"Since then, Mr. Cohen has spent more than 70 hours with federal prosecutors in the Manhattan as well as with Mr. Mueller, who is investigating Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election and Mr. Trump’s campaign." Cohen knows everything. Trump and Giuliani are going to do everything to try and discredit Cohen, but it's not going to work. Cohen has documents and maybe more recordings.
AJ (California)
Wow. Thinking of seeing if I can swing a half day off work so I can tune in and listen attentively. I think Cohen will have a credibility problem given his convictions for fraud and false statements. But I am not sure that his credibility is worse than Trump's, who, while not convicted of a crime, is a known and demonstrable liar. It will be a fascinating, history-making hearing.
Aaron (Orange County, CA)
Please don't treat this like New Years Eve 1999 -- We all remember when year 2000 arrived- the world was still the same. In other words.. Big Deal! Cohen testifies to stuff we already know. This is a political dog and pony show at best and "community service" for Cohen at worst. He's already been convicted but get ready for the Democrats to yell and berate him- and the Republicans to ask him softball questions. Short of Cohen testifying in the nude- there won't be much if anything to discuss or uncover. Another waste of taxpayer dollars.. Why not use that money to help the refugee children at the border!
Mary Grace (Westchester NY)
@Aaron I wholeheartedly agree with your statement. However, I think it's important for the public to first hand see Mr. Cohen. This is how democracy works, lets not forget. Unfortunately, we are living in a period in which conspiracy theorists and "deep state" believers are normalized. It's more important than ever to be transparent and document everything in public view. Who ever said that democracy was cheap? Yes, it will be costly and, of course, there will be so much better use of funds. But a public hearing is important for our country.
Madeleine215 (Bronx NY)
How donyou know?
George Ladshaw (Saluda, NC)
@Aaron We can help refugee children at the border and probe the heart and mind of Michael Cohen in public at the same time, thank you very much.
JABarry (Maryland )
I look forward to watching every minute of Mr. Cohen's testimony. I know Representatives Cummings will run the hearing in a professional manner, unlike the Republican Benghazi lynching hearings. I would however ask that Representative Cummings include in his opening remarks a statement of the fact that this hearing will mark the first exercise of Constitutionally mandated congressional oversight since Donald Trump was inaugurated two long, trying years ago. I also want to thank Mr. Cohen in advance for his cooperation and his thoughtfulness to ensure that his testimony will in no way hinder the Special Counsel's investigation or any states attorneys' pending prosecution of Trump and his children. May this hearing be the first of many, many more and may this hearing be a harbinger of justice to come.
I expect the next manufactured crisis to pop um on Feb 6th. New tariffs? Threat of war?
Lee Harrison (Albany / Kew Gardens)
@MPF -- Trump needs a nice little helpless island in the Caribbean to invade.
Crea May (<br/>)
Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Committee brought to you by the American people voting for the Democrats and for restoring Congess’ role in our government’s checks and balances. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is announced within a week of, and will take place a month after, the Dems begin controlling the House.
Dan Au (Chicago)
Finally TV with watching!!
S Fred (Minnesota)
Time to take the day off work.
Brad Malkovsky (South Bend, IN)
If it ever comes to impeachment, I expect Trump to pull a Spiro Agnew: He will abdicate his position as president so as to spare his family pain, step down out of exhaustion, step down because an impeachment trial would only be rigged and unfair, anyway. In no case would he subject himself to the public humiliation of overwhelming evidence against him for all that he has done illegally.
David Goldberg (New Hampshire)
@Brad Malkovsky No. the unfortunately truth is that trump will never, ever step down of his own accord. He just HAS to "win", no matter what. If we finally get the goods on him that's just the start of a long, drawn out battle. I just hope at some point the Republicans develop some semblance of spine.
Brad (Oregon)
@Brad Malkovsky and I expect trump will take us all down with him before he quits.
rememberlethe (USA)
@Brad Malkovsky One can only hope he will be so honorable, but I have little faith in Trump ever making a wise, measured decision. And, as Pence won't be able to pardon him for the crimes under investigation by the southern district of NY, I believe he will go to any length to avoid arrest, which necessitates staying in office.
Jacquie (Iowa)
Michael Cohen will lay the con man Trump bare for all to see and hear. Open the wine and enjoy the show.
Milton Lewis (Hamilton Ontario)
Trump will say that Cohen is a self admitted liar and therefore has no credibility. Just like his former boss. Clearly Cohen was an apt pupil.
bill (Boston)
Trump needs a wall around the White house too! should build a mote too to keep all the Democrat sharks out! Glad they got prison reform passed- him and his family will need it!
Eric Key (Elkins Park, PA)
Credible and factual are not the same thing.
emilyb (Rochester NY)
Steve Williams (Calgary, AB)
"threatens to further damage the president’s image"? Further? That's like saying hell has a basement.
Linda (Sausalito, CA)
fabulous comment!!!
Ignatz (Upper Ruralia)
Get ready for a Tweetstorm... Overtired Trump will be on Twitter in the early hours telling everyone Cohen is a liar....(even though a few scant months ago he was one of the best and brightest....). I'm sure FOX will get that ball rolling before Trump lands from the wall visit..... Mr. Venality will be in full throated twitter rage by about 9pm tonight, "fake newsing !!!"and speaking in half sentence gibberish on Twitter..... And tomorrow, maybe we can have a press conference from the White House,where Trump will clutch himself, rock slightly, and let fly MORE lies from his rosebudded lips. Should be an entertaining weekend!
mikecody (Niagara Falls NY)
@Ignatz Given the fact that he pled guilty to lying, categorizing him as a liar is not inaccurate.
Frederick II (Denton, Texas)
To my wonderful daughter -- I'm sorry you've had to grow up watching Donald Trump as President. I'm sorry our country couldn't elect a President that you could look up to. I'm sorry you've had to be exposed to all the coarse, offensive, and repellent words and actions associated with the current President. But when these years are mercifully behind us, maybe you'll take from this whole sorry episode the realization that the rule of law still functions, the wealthy are still held accountable, the country can still get back on track, the people can still determine their future democratically. That's the country I want you to inherit, not the one Donald Trump seems intended to bequeathe us.
Scrumpie0 (MN)
@Frederick II My grandson's first president was Barack Obama - so sorry for your daughter.
Alan (Queens)
Lovely letter. Thank you. Z
Vanessa Hall (TN)
@Frederick II. my two young but voting age daughters called me on election night 2016, both crying and asking how could this happen? I had no explanation...both are Guatemalan-born adoptees living in red states. They were, and remain, frightened of the hatred exhibited daily by this administration and its supporters.
tiago (philadelphia)
More importantly what does Cohen know about Clinton's emails?
Giles (Portland, ME)
@tiago Or Benghazi? He will finally bring the evidence we need to Lock her up...because that's a good use of our time and money.
Barry Larsen (Nyc)
We have been waiting for the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency. This moment will help smooth the path. Let us hope that our president resigns before Cohen testifies.
Spizzy (US)
"Mr. Cohen’s decision to appear before (Congress)... threatens to further damage the president’s image and could clarify the depth of his legal woes." Please GOD this is the truth. It's time for this despicable imitation of a human being and phony president to be placed in shackles and sent to federal prison for the rest of his miserable life.
A. Stanton (Dallas, TX)
Cohen will be providing an extremely valuable voluntary public service when he testifies, one that ought to be televised in every middle and junior high school and college classroom in the country. It’s a pity he can’t sell tickets for the event on cable TV like they do for boxing and wrestling matches. Good luck Mr. Cohen. These will not be easy days for you. But know for sure that the best wishes of a big majority of the American people will be with you.
A. Stanton (Dallas, TX)
... in every middle school and high school and college classroom ....
Jim (Palos Heights, ill.)
Wasn't Trump the man forever hounding Obama about his birth certificate, college grades, and on and on. Called the former President the most secretive ever. Sent investigators to Hawaii to expose him ( still waiting for the report on that trip, assuming people even went). Let's hear the Cohen sworn testimony....will it reveal the life of a real patriot? An honorable man? Sweet, sweet karma.
Crea May (<br/>)
Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Committee brought to you by the American people voting for the Democrats and for restoring Congess’ role in our government’s checks and balances. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is announced within a week of, and will take place a month after, the Dems begin controlling the house.
Bruce Rozenblit (Kansas City, MO)
I'm watching this one. Clear your schedules people for the latest episode of Friends, Trump style. This is just the beginning. What most likely will happen is that Cohen's public testimony will provide grounds for additional subpoenas for more of Trump's Friends. We should get to see the entire cast perform. The prelude from the Trump production company of the Great Fake Presidency will be to air an onslaught of "Cohen is a liar" shows, 24/7 on Fox News. Mike Pence, the most self debased actor on the planet who has sold his soul to Satanic Productions, Inc., will be their star performer. Sean Hannity will make many guest appearances and Ann Coulter will don her cheerleader outfit, complete with pom poms and lead the audience in Lock Her Up chants. In fairness to the Republicans, the House should begin an investigation into the investigation of Hillary's email server to get to the bottom of her crimes against the American people. This is a rerun that conservatives cannot resist. The ratings will be huge. In can never conclude because that would vindicate Hillary and there is just too much money for them to make going after her. Then Nancy Pelosi can say she gave them equal time. The Cohen hearing should stimulate the economy because everyone will buy new big screen TV's so they can experience it live. On Feb. 7, watch the Super Bowl of Justice to recapture our nation from the evil demagog Trump! I want a jersey!
Mary (U.S.)
Re: "Mr. Cohen, a consigliere to Mr. Trump". So you have already convicted the President as a crime boss? Where was the trial?
L (Connecticut)
Mary, Cohen was indicted by a grand jury and pleaded guilty to crimes committed with "Individual-1" (who is Donald Trump). It's also common knowledge that Michael Cohen was Trump's "fixer". Honest people don't have or need fixers.
itsmildeyes (philadelphia)
Mr. Trump has repeatedly incriminated himself. He doesn’t know enough to take the Fifth. In other words, he can’t keep his mouth shut.
Degobah Smith (South Carolina)
@Mary Have you not been paying attention? Has any American president has ever called someone testifying or cooperating with the Justice Department a "rat?"
Crea May (<br/>)
*ring...ring* Hello Boss... I’m coming down with something called Watergate-itis, which means I need to stay home while I’m sick. Today? Oh...no. I’ll be calling in sick on Feb 7. Thanks!
Daniel K. Statnekov (Eastsound, WA)
Although of dubious ethical considerations, although indicative of underhandedness and lack of moral standards, it is most likely that even if the House votes to impeach the President, the above catalogue of failings will not garner the majority needed to convict and remove Mr. Trump. With the Republicans holding the majority in the Senate, the president will survive the onslaught; he will survive the tawdry details of his marital infidelities; he will survive the obfuscations with regard to his proposed tower project in Moscow; and he will even survive having to accept responsibility for whatever meddling Russia is found to have perpetrated in helping him win the election. What will most sadly also survive, however, is the divisive atmosphere which has been exacerbated by the hubbub from the various factions engaged in what in its details is not really an "epic" struggle. In the final analysis, the analysis which will enable Mr. Trump to remain in office, all of the above will ultimately be labeled: "a passel of relatively minor misdemeanors"; no felony here.
This is what he owes the American public, this he owes to his country. And it is welcome news that this process will be discussed with Mueller so any further investigation is not compromised. Just comes as Trump says he knew nothing about Manafort's talk with the Russians on US polling data, and further that he did not say "Mexico will pay for the wall." Liar, liar your pants on fire. Lies, lies and more lies.
BB (Chicago)
Mr. Cohen will flip, flop, flap as hard as he needs to in order to chunk down his richly deserved prison time. Is it wrong for me to hope that genuinely new information, utterly damning information, will come forth (intentionally or unintentionally) implicating the person masquerading as President? And Cummings, along with Schiff and Nadler, will no doubt be regularly appearing in Trump's worst nightmares and Trump's daybreak tweet blathers. Happy New Year!
matty (boston ma)
@BB He's already been sentenced. That sentence cannot be rescinded, or reduced.
judith (New Orleans)
no, it is not wrong of you...
BB (Chicago)
@matty With respect, @matty, Federal Criminal Rule 35 permits prosecutors to request sentence reductions AFTER conviction in return for substantive cooperation on other matters/cases. And, I believe that Cohen has shown that he may also be seeking a certain 'reprieve' in the court of public opinion, too.
Lifelong Democrat (New Mexico)
Run Donald! The successor to John Dean's mantle is about to go on world-wide television! Run Melania! You sticking with a serial adulterer is going to make Hillary's staying with Bill look trivial! Run Ivanka! Daddy's sexual infidelities are going to be the substance of TV comics! Run evangelicals! Your "Cyrus" figure is about to be undressed for all to see! Oh, and Jared: Be careful if you're invited to Saudi embassies!
two cents (Chicago)
It's amazing how viciously Trump attacks his former associates and confidants the minute they sing, not his selected song, but sing, non-the-less.
Marcus Brant (Canada)
There is, clearly, no honour among thieves as one turns against another. It’s impossible to discern the depth of Cohen’s sincerity or remorse, but he does resemble someone edging towards pitiable. He looks exhausted and forlorn, isolated, in his admitted culpability, from the outside world - everything that Donald Trump isn’t. Coming clean before Congress may be a technique of mitigating punishment, however, there is the probability that he is confessing his sins as a means of personal redemption. I hope that is the case, not only for him, but for America too.
Plennie Wingo (Weinfelden, Switzerland)
Cohen and that dopey 'my dog just got runned over' look of his in front of a full hearing. The circus never sleeps. Impeachment - it's what's for dinner.
Dan (Stowe, VT)
Tune in to Season 3 Episode 2! I hear season 4 is being canceled - so you don’t want to miss the final season.
Ian MacFarlane (Philadelphia)
If the problem were Mr Trump, his family and a handful of sychophants alone it would be one thing, but it is well beyond that. My sense is there are more than a handful of politicians on both sides of the aisle who have or will sell whatever dignity they have in order to line their pockets as well. They have been doing it for years, so why stop now?
Marcus Brant (Canada)
After Cohen’s likely testimony, calls for impeachment will be resonant.
eric (kennett square, pa)
What one might worry most about is what Trump would have his thugs do to endanger Michael Cohen's life before he has a chance to testify. However, there does seem to be enough security for one not to worry too much. Trump's behaviors, as we all have come to experience, parallel those of characters such as Tony Soprano. Maybe--let's all really hope--this will begin the process of ending our reign of terror in this country although the very thought of Pence in the Oval Office sends shudders through my spine.
mikecody (Niagara Falls NY)
Given his history, I doubt anything he says will be credible or full(except in the full of bovine excrement fashion).
burf (boulder co)
@mikecody "You can't believe anyone I worked with. They are all liars and crooks." Hahahahaha
Glenn Pincus (Los Angeles)
Watch for Republicans to fill as much hearing time as they can with speeches and accusations so as to limit Democratic questioning and Cohen speaking time.
Shane (South Carolina )
@Glenn Pincus For the sake of country lets hope!
Dr. Pangloss (Long Island NY)
I wonder if VP Pence will soon be in earnest negotiations with our Grifter in Chief...
Jeff (Boston)
Well this goes a long way towards explaining Donald's renewed enthusiasm for the border wall and the government shutdown. It is perfect, really. "Never mind what Cohen has to say, there is bad stuff happening at the border and only my wall (or slats depending on the day) will save us all!" So lets see if he can keep up this self made crisis until February or better yet, to create another one. North Korea? Iran? Pull troops out of the DMZ? The possibilities for him to destroy the US to try to save himself are endless, sadly.
Jack Sprat (Scottsdale)
It will be interesting to hear the unabridged version of the events.
d. stein (nyc)
He can release his photo collection of trump shoving babies in microwaves for all anyone cares.. NOTHING is going to get this monkey of the GOP's back. Anyone with half a brain has already fled. It's just careerists and sycophants now.
Dagwood (San Diego)
Trump has shown repeatedly that he is willing to spit on anyone who doesn’t genuflect to him, even once. This — no surprise — has created many enemies whom he thought were friends. He has screwed so many people over the years, but is mortified that any of them would turn on him. Diagnostic, I’d say, of a severe pathological narcissism with borderline qualities. That someone could vote for him will astound me forever.
Dave (San Francisco)
I would caution that both sides remain patient. This may be a canary in the coal-mine, but this process has proven to be slow moving
Mike (From VT)
I imagine that this put a little twitch in Mr Trump's colon. Eventually he'll get use to having his and his family's life and crimes spread out across congress for the world to see. I am looking forward to Mr. Cohen's testimony. Get the pop corn ready!
f8a (newark)
is everyone putting feb 7 on their calendar? not popcorn ; but a good vintage pinot noir or vintage whiskey . this should be the national emergency we have been waiting for.
Gigi (Fort Collins CO)
Trump goes from crisis to crisis to allay boredom and distract from the big issues. The current crisis of nearly one million people out of a paycheck (I'm including contract workers, like my son-in-law) reveals that he is an ineffective negotiator, never mind a useless leader. I think he'll embrace this news as a welcome departure from the mess he has made of the immigration issue. He is addicted to drama.
TonyD (MIchigan)
Where do I buy advanced tickets? This is going to be a helluv a show.
Dan Kelly (Woodside)
Will this interview be broadcast in real time, or will it first be edited for content?
Edgar (NM)
No wonder Trump hired 17 new lawyers. I really think it should be televised on all the channels. Just like the fiasco this week.
MamaReen (Portland)
Corwin (New York)
The scary part is that no matter what is revealed at this hearing, 30% of the electorate already sees Cohen as "fake news," and will not be terribly convinced of anything that they have already decided they won't believe.
Linda Chave (CT)
Who cares about them anymore - and, as you said, just 30%.
Trump knows what Cohen knows...and he's scared. He should be. Because this is just the beginning. And this will be public testimony, so Cohen will describe how Trump, himself, directed all this nefarious activity. Maybe that will be enough to get some of his Kool Aid drinking followers see that the emperor is wearing no clothes.
Degobah Smith (South Carolina)
@BA I, too, continue to hope that the trump cult members will someday begin to see outside of their bubble. But their addiction to fox and right-wing propaganda is astonishingly strong and the world outside of the bubble is scary for them. They are not prepared to think for themselves, let alone face the stark truth that they've been bamboozled.
Amskeptic (All Around The Country)
What concerns me most is this cascade of shattered mores and the almost daily uncontested feints that serve to keep us in a continual state of distraction. And, as usual, our media scribes are still more interested in horse race breathlessness than a solid researched analysis of what is happening. Just this morning, Philip Bump of the Washington Post gets tangled up in his shoelaces over whether or not the Russians were *competent* or *not competent* in their machinations to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. That is not the issue! The issue is that indeed a foreign power did interfere with one of our most sacred rights. Please. We need to stay focused and we need to lance this infection if it takes a daily regimen of analysis or not. Where is Ben Bradlee? Where are those in journalism who *understand* their critical role in this moment?
Linda Chave (CT)
Bravo, Amskeptic, bravo!
Lora (Ft Lauderdale, FL)
Time for the country to hear the details. Time for the story to get out. Time for us to hear what went down and what we were not privy to! And Time for Trump to be held accountable.
jack (LA)
Will be watched more than the Super Bowl.
Ronald Tee Johnson (Blue Ridge Mountains, NC)
@jack Bigger than The Pope visits the Super Bowl and halftime featuring Stormy.
Mark (Cheyenne WY)
If he has something that implicated trump in a criminal activity, he'd be sequestered pending trump's indictment. Unless he's been granted some sort of immunity deal, don't expect anything but vague answers and 5th Amendment dodges. Mr Cohen is hardly born again.
Amy (Brooklyn)
So much for "attorney client privilege"
L (Connecticut)
Amy, There is no attorney client privilege when you're committing crimes.
David Goldberg (New Hampshire)
@Amy You can't use attorney client privilege to plan crimes. Doesn't work that way.
Julie (Washington DC)
@Amy Attorney client privilege doesn't apply when the attorney and client conspire to commit crimes.
KIley (Maryland)
I'll take butter on my popcorn, please.
Thomas J. Bazzone (St. Petersburg, Florida)
Of course, Mr. Cohen has no incentive to lie, so we can take his testimony as gospel. This no doubt thrills the NYT editorial staff, which has never attempted to shield its biases against the President. Fortunately, there are still supporters of the President who recognize that anyone who deviates from the "norm", as defined by the left-wing press, will be attacked with whatever can be drummed up to destroy him or her. No matter what Mr. Cohen says, his testimony will be interpreted in its most negative portrayal of the President. In so doing, he will no doubt be regarded as a selfless hero interested only in insuring that the American people know (his version of) the "truth". I guess the fact that he has already pleaded guilty to lying and tax fraud should in no way detract from the veracity of the statements he will make to the House Oversight Committee?
Michelle F. (<br/>)
@Thomas J. Bazzone - you hit the nail on the head - at least about your "the fact that he has already pleaded guilty to lying and tax fraud should in no way detract from the veracity of the statements he will make to the House Oversight Committee?" statement. It's exactly because Cohen has zero to gain from this testimony - his sentence can't be reduced or eliminated - that confirms his veracity this time around. When the GOP representatives ask the famous "Are you lying now or were you lying then?" question, he'll be able to say "I was lying then. Got convicted for it and will now serve my time whether I testify or now."
CVP (Brooklyn, NY)
An early Valentine's Day present. Who needs chocolates or flowers. I will, however, dust off the dancing shoes.
Merlin (Atlanta GA)
Comey's testimony was sufficient to cause Republicans to desert Trump, but they didn't. Cohen will add to the case for impeachment, but Republicans will continue to deny.
James Guelcher (Munster, In)
This is just one of myriad reasons the GOP was terrified of losing the House. Republicans will constantly be in a defensive posture now, explaining, spinning, countering a steady stream of truly damning testimony.
Just Me (Lincoln Ne)
Bigger Emergency. Doubt he will say much that is not already known. May say many times I can't answer right now.
Mike OD (Fla)
Can you just hear those rat scurry sounds of the entire Trump organization abandoning the sinking ship? The right aisle of congress will be next when the actual shutdown implications hit them at home!
Larry Greenfield (New York City)
When your personal troubleshooter Who was your chief porn-star recruiter Wants to tell your story In all its vile glory You’ll need a major-league refuter
MIMA (heartsny)
Thank you Elijah Cummings. Your calm has and will serve this country well. Our respect for you is and will be truly unending. Thinking Michael Cohen is not as “weak” as what Donald Trump would love to think. And this will be perfectly open to the public.... And thus, the United States of America under Donald J. Trump.
Julie (Washington DC)
Hopefully Mr. Mueller and the Southern District's team will view Cohen's testimony to Congress as an opportunity to have at least some of their findings made public. The more the better.
elleng (SF Bay Area, CA)
This should make it time for Dump to resign!
Nathan Farb (Jay, NY)
JP (Sayville)
I am sure Trump haters smell blood. People love to see others fall. I am actually starting to feel sorry for POTUS. I know I will get ripped for saying this.... watch and see....
Bull (Terrier)
@JP Nah, I'm not up for jumping on the bandwagon. I simply don't believe he's ever been POTUS material; and I seriously doubt if he were 35 years old again he could change to where he would have it. It's just not in his DNA... My take is, he grew up not having to sacrifice much of anything. In that sense I could find some empathy. He led a self deluded life and probably never had anyone sit down with him to have a frank talk about what being a real man is. I can't wait for him to be gone. He's a bore because he's the greatest phony we've ever had, and is more needy than a has-been actress from the golden age of Hollywood.
jr (state of shock)
@JP Trump has brought this all on himself. He deserves no one's sympathy.
Claudio (Orlando, FL)
@JP well, if you are not connected with Cohen and Trump in any measure, why do you care?
Pen Harms (California)
Bravo ! Now perhaps the whole story will come out and the country's sitting president can sit in jail. This denigration of America must cease -- why it's gone on this long is ridiculous.
Paula Dee (Wyoming)
@Pen Harms High time, but I think Mr. Cohen needs a body guard (or more) prior to his Feb. testimony. I'd not be surprised if they didn't try to silence him.
Dotconnector (New York)
Richard Nixon had his John Dean. John Gotti had his Sammy "The Bull" Gravano. And, to the relief of any American who believes that no one is above the law, Donald Trump has his Michael Cohen. This is the beginning of the endgame.
Ann (California)
@Dotconnector-He also had Devin Nunes. The former House Intel Chair was closely allied with Gen. Flynn during his tumultuous tenure at the DIA and in spring 2016, Nunes began providing private intel briefings to the Trump campaign, and after Trump secured the nomination, he traveled with and fundraised for Trump. Limiting his role to that of “Transition Team member” allowed major conflicts-of-interest to go unchallenged. But what explains Nunes' efforts to derail House, Senate, DoJ, FBI, and the Special Prosecutor's investigations into Russian interference? And his push to move the U.S. forward command from Germany to Azores? https://patribotics.blog/2018/03/10/did-carter-page-call-devin-nunes-from-moscow https://themoscowproject.org/explainers/the-nunes-file https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/02/devin-nunes-and-the-invention-of-fake-oversight/553694
Darrell (CT)
OH MY ! I thought Santa was done giving me Christmas gifts !
SeekingAnswers (Hawaii)
HALFASTORYLORI (Locust &amp; Arlington)
Paul Morrow (Cooperstown, ny)
I cannot wait to hear what he has to say. The walls are closing in on Trump and his minions.
Melissa Westbrook (Seattle)
Mark your calendar and break out the popcorn - it’s likely to be akin to reading the Starr report aloud.
greg (upstate new york)
Now the fun begins. Must stock up on popcorn and sparklers.
Dom (Lunatopia)
For all who thought 2018 was drama filled I’m betting the circus they will be 2019 as the world economy tanks will be even crazier. Better buy some gold I’m not sure the US dollar is going to survive this chaos
sbanicki (michigan)
Good news for Trump, with Putin's aid, he is literally tearing this country apart. We are dyiing a slow death and if we do recover it will take years. We can blame Trump but include the entire GOP. They sold their soul and don't anyone believe that Citizens United did not play a major role in our diwnfall. God save the United States and what we stand for. Take no prisoners.
Mr. SeaMonkey (Indiana)
We already know how this testimony will go. It’s going to be just like the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Democrats will pound Cohen with accusations and questions. Republicans will distract and minimize anything that Cohen says, then attack Democrats. In the end, everyone will just walk away more upset at the other side than before.
Barbara (<br/>)
@Mr. SeaMonkey There is no comparison between the Kavanaugh hesting and the coming further revelations regarding Trump's corruption. First, at base, Kavanaugh's alleged brutish frat boy behavior (possibly, just one time - who really knows) as an adoldecent are on a different level and of a different nature from the international political corruption that has been and will be further revealed by Cohen's singing out loud on national prime time tv. And secondly, with the changes that have been made in Congress - signaling the public's readiness for a major cleanup in D.C. that should extend to upcoming races - it would be massively not in the political interests of any one in the current Congress who wants to be re-elected to just listen with furrowed brow then smile and proceed with business as usual.
Mr. SeaMonkey (Indiana)
@Barbara- I like your prediction better than mine. Let's hope that you are right.
David Dennison (NJ)
I am Guilty!
Lisamugg. (Windsor, CT)
Didn't think there actually was anything that could further harm his reputation action.
L (Connecticut)
Finally, a little sunlight with public hearings (thank you Democrats). Prepare for Trump to pull a stunt on or before February 7th to deflect from Cohen's testimony.
What'sNew (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
@L A stunt? Something like a national emergency maybe?
Mikeyz (Boston)
Will a 'songbird' ever sound so sweet?
MCV207 (San Francisco)
Must-see TV for sure. Trump Moscow, Trump SoHo, Stormy, Playboy bunnies, payoffs, money laundering, bailing out the kids, and all of Don the Con's top hits. Cohen is no saint, but his testimony will hold Trump's feet to the fire. Just pray that, in the intervening month, Trump doesn't have an autocratic fit of pique to save his business and his family, for which he'd gladly forfeit the White House. Clear your calendars!
Nathan (That place you go)
Oh that’s so shocking. Wait no it’s not, that’s the whole reason why his sentencing was delayed to begin with. Who gets 6 months after being sentenced in the first place. This was already set into motion long ago by Mueller and Democrats. You’re not fooling anybody...
matty (boston ma)
Stable Genius, You going DOWN!!!!!! And not a moment too soon!
FilmMD (New York)
John Dean, 2018. This should be fascinating, riveting and if it makes Donald feel better, it should also have awesome television ratings.
John (San Francisco, CA)
"The Truth shall make you free." but could send Donald J. Trump to jail.
Barbara (<br/>)
@John Yes - after he is no longer potus and the AG/Southern District of NY gets done with him, on top of this, it will. Not sure there will be actual jail time but hopefully, after this time around there will be no further rising-from-the-ashes-of-bankruptcy ( financial, political , or moral) by this mediocre mega-grifter.
Look Ahead (WA)
This should really make Trump's day. He will have everyone on full denial duty. Professional liars Sanders, Conway and Giuliani will be hitting the networks with their fictitious explanations and alternative facts. Fox News and The National Enquirer will be creating inverse narratives, explaining that Cohen was really secretly working for Obama, Clinton and the Russians to besmirch the sterling character of Trump. But at the end of the day, the American people will know that their President is a crook.
jr (state of shock)
@Look Ahead "But at the end of the day, the American people will know that their President is a crook. " We already know. Some of us just won't admit it.
JD (Bellingham)
@jr yep about 40%
Matthew (New Jersey)
@Look Ahead We already know. It's painfully obvious.
Quandry (LI,NY)
Cohen has admitted his own untruths. It's about time to hear the other side of the coin. And as for Trump alleging that at least some of Cohen's allegations are untrue, Trump is the record holder of lies, with an average of several per day from fact check, from before his Presidency to the present. Trump started with his Birther conspiracy about Obama, and continues through today, by obfuscating his statement that he never said that Mexico would pay for his Wall with a check! Wonder who the world's winner is in that department!
Josh (Atlanta)
I hope that the FBI has arranged security for Mr. Cohen and his family. In the organized crime world witnesses have been known to disappear.
Esther Geller (New York, NY)
I had same thoughts... and that maybe someone is trying to lift sanctions on and pay off Deripaska to preserve Manafort's life...
Matthew (New Jersey)
@Josh Indeed. One imagines that "body guard" as a career is really on the upswing. LOTS of people better have really, really good security at this point.
Rima Regas (Southern California)
The important things: Mueller winning at the Supreme Court Manafort being reported as having lied about interacting with known Russian spies Mueller getting the full cooperation of Michael Flynn and all the others he's trapped in his net Mueller getting the cooperation, which is ongoing, of Michael Cohen Michael Cohen testifying Finding out whether Justice Kennedy's son is somehow involved, since he approved hundreds of millions of dollars in Deutsche Bank loans. Since Justice Kavanaugh has a relationship with Kennedy and his son, is there anything there? Most of all, the important thing is protecting Robert Mueller and allowing him not only to finish his work, but publish it. This episode in American history will turn out to be most serious and I expect it to take down not only Donald Trump and his family, but a lot of Republicans now in Congress or in the previous session. The Wall? A distraction. The shutdown? As painful as it is for thousands, it is a smokescreen for an agitated Trump. The tantrums? Power plays by Trump to keep his base distracted. Mueller is where it all is. Michael Cohen knows more than anyone aside from Trump. --- Things Trump Did While You Weren’t Looking [2019] https://wp.me/p2KJ3H-3h2
Wondering (NY, NY)
@Rima Regas Wishful thinking. You have no idea what will happen.
Michael B (Brooklyn)
Best reply ever
L'historien (Northern california)
@Rima Regas. You raise some very interesting question s regarding Kennedy's son. He was a major player at Deutsche Bank for international loans. Just when Trump was securing loans. It is also very intriguing that you mention other GOP. What is the deal with Nunes and why did he say "if we lose the house it's all going down" or very Similar quote. I think this whole story is more massive than most of us can conceive.
christineMcM (Massachusetts)
The date is already circled on my calendar. While I'm sure some of the juiciest topics will be off limits because of overlap with the Mueller investigation, this should be blockbuster viewing. There's something so elemental in hearing directly from the president's fixer, his own words and facial expression, that perhaps finally some scoffers may not be able to deny any longer the acts, allegiances, and obligations Donald J. Trump had vis a vis Russia.
LC (France)
Immediately entered into my calendar as well!
Socrates (Downtown Verona. NJ)
We're going to need a lot more popcorn.
Martin (Chicago)
@Socrates - We will definitely need the popcorn for Cohen, but the real story may be Manafort's polling data sharing with the Russians, and if Trump knew about this. Is there enough popcorn in the world for this ugly saga?
@Socrates I recommend "Jolly Time®". Happy New Year!
lars (France)
@Socrates This is not entertainment, this is the future of democracy in the United States of America.
Socrates (Downtown Verona. NJ)
Time for the American people to see what kind of amoral, lawbreaking scoundrel has infected the White House. Time for America to see the Russian-Republican rot that infected this once great country. Time to Make America Great Again by exposing the phony, fraudulent Imposter-In-Chief hiding behind his wall of deplorable deceit, deception and duplicity. Investigate Impeach Indict Incarcerate TRUMP 2019
Jim (Palos Heights, ill.)
@Socrates.Nicely stated. The garbage handed out by the political system to the body politic. The say you get the government you deserve. I reject that.
George Roberts C. (Narberth, PA)
@Socrates In OTHER words ... lock HIM up!
KEOB (Idaho)
No President deserves this kind of disrespectful talk... but then Donald is "No President". He has degraded his office, trashed or world standing, maxed out our national debt, colluded with Russians, diminished the FBI, CIA, Foreign Service, EPA, DOJ, Department of Interior, the Republican Party, and now numerous other Agencies. Vladimir Putin, and those that oppose America, could not have asked for a bigger gift than Donald. I have disagreed with presidents in the past but never have I feared for our country, constitution, and the rule of law as I do with Donald.
Nick Metrowsky (Longmont CO)
The Day of Reckoning for Trump. To save himself from a long jail term, Cohen is going to sing like a canary in front of Congress , and most likely, a very large US television audience. The question is now besides Trump, and his inner circle (including Pence), how many ranking Republicans in the RNC, and in Congress, will be named. This could make the Watergate hearings looks passe` in comparison.
Julie (Washington DC)
@Nick Metrowsky Cohen testifying to Congress will have zero impact on the sentencing recommendation Mueller has already made, nor on a judge's determination of sentence. It's flabbergasting, really, that Cohen is being portrayed as anything other than what he is: an amoral, greedy, corrupt, contemptable coward and bully who willingly helped sell out his country for his own gain.
R.F. (Shelburne Falls, MA)
@Nick Metrowsky The Watergate hearings are not only passe', as you say. They are also trivial in comparison. trump's rise to power and his continued abuse of that power represents the greatest threat to this nation since the Civil War.
JD (Bellingham)
@R.F. I absolutely agree with you but there are so many kids that don’t remember watergate or weren’t born yet. And the older republicans won’t admit to knowing about it
Vanessa Hall (Millersburg, MO)
There is no way the media has not known about the potential for this to happen. Now it is official. That also means that the current administration has been aware that Michael Cohen would be agreeing to testify publicly before Congress. No wonder Mr. Trump went to the border. He can distraction all he wants. It will not change the truth and it will not prevent the truth from becoming public. It's all so Nixonian............
Ninbus (NYC)
@Vanessa Hall Agreed. It has been written elsewhere that Trump didn't want to go to the border but was persuaded by his handlers. Bill Shine surely must've known that Michael Cohen would announce today that he would be telling all on February 7th. That the WH thinks the American public is that stupid is hilarious...and insulting. NOT my president
Red Sox, '04, '07, '13, ‘18, (Boston)
@Vanessa Hall: Michael Cohen will need 24/7 security. The KGB specializes in “accidents.” Trump will be on the line with BFF Vladimir Putin for help here.
Ann (California)
@Vanessa Hall-What a difference a serious investigation makes. Only about a year ago, Cohen refused to testify in person before the House/Senate intel committees.
Anthony (Western Kansas)
Once Cohen speaks, it will be interesting to see if the Republican party finally ends its marriage to Trump and decides to try out decency for a change. You would have thought that the GOP would have never taken on Trump in the first place, but that was a different time.
Mike OD (Fla)
@Anthony The Repubs not take on Trump?!? LOL! He's everything they've been thriving for for years: rich, greedy, rich, selfish, rich, egotistical, a natural liar, rich, and on and on. Remember St Reagan's definition of Reaganomics: "I'm rich. The he** with you!"
matty (boston ma)
@Anthony Don't count on it. So called "conservatives," especially the radical regressive types, are a stubborn lot.
t (philadelphia)
@Anthony i would not make any bets )
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