Trump Focuses on Economy at Davos, Seeking a Counter to Impeachment

Jan 21, 2020 · 700 comments
The ‘Ol Redhead (Great State of NJ)
Wag the Dog smokescreen
Jo Ann (Switzerland)
Interesting to read about what an American editor gets out of Davos. Like reading something about a rich fairyland. So different when you’re a tax paying Swiss living there.
Peter (Hampton,NH)
Democrats are delusional when they say President Trump has done nothing for our country. Our booming economy benefits the lower income families as much or more than the wealthy. African Americans, Hispanics and women are doing the best they ever have economically. Trump's comments in Davos about LBJ, and JFK being impeached using the Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler criteria is true. I would add that Bush 43 would also have been impeached with the bogus house accusations, and Obama for putting Biden in charge of Ukraine policy!
David Gage (Grand Haven, MI)
How many there asked where Trump got the $1.0 trillion that was needed to create this economic growth this year? Even better, who is prepared to cover that one year increase to our national debt? Are you?
Alexander Harrison (Wilton Manors, Fla.)
First, kudos to the 3 authors of the article for the fine writing, excellent and, by and large disinterested reporting.Thats' the main challenge: to write clearly, coherently and succinctly.Second, the contrast between a hard working chief of state touting America in Davos and the "rigolos"engineering impeachment at home, stonefaced congressmen like Mr. Schiff, as WH counsel referred to him , Nadler, who always looks so unhappy and Schumer who reminds me of the many assistant principals I have known in the course of my career as a bilingual teacher of French, Spanish and English in a zone school on the UWS.All Schumer needs is a key ring with a dozen keys on his belt to complete the picture, always ready to give "U" ratings, unsatisfactory to those whom he disapproved of. Recall news item that Schumer had complained to the head of an airlines and sought to have a flight attendant fired when she told him to shut off his cell phone before takeoff.Be interested to know level of public interest in the Senate trial, and whether the "victimization"of our chief of state by the hard left has increased his favorability ratings,or simply if most people really don't give a hoot, which is more likely!
logic (new jersey)
Trump was at major economic conference yesterday? Gee, I didn't know. Can't imagine what else was on my mind.
Nora (Wisconsin)
perhaps rather than "Seeking a Counter to Impeachment", he is simply doing his job.
John F McBride (Seattle)
And why wouldn’t Trump brag, lie and denounce, without reservation? Everyone at Davos knows who he is. These people have known who he really is for decades. You can’t hide in the credit world. They don’t care because he has money and power and they don’t care how he got them .
Buck (Flemington)
The whole theory behind the Davos idea is ridiculous when put into practice and this year they had an equally irrelevant speaker in Trump who wouldn’t recognize the truth if he fell over it.
Jean (NJ)
The economy is the only thing of Obama's that Trump hasn't destroyed. Yet.
MissMollyOGolly (New York, NY)
Just another day in the life of a failed reality tv personality who is a national embarrassment on a global stage. Our taxpayer dollars misspent, once again, that the people would prefer to be used on veterans, health and infrastructure instead of the Trump wannabe monarchists.
Beyond belief (Charleston SC)
I wonder when he’ll discover that Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff also owns TIME Magazine.
reader (Fl)
Trump’s just displaying his protectionistic attitude: he doesn’t want anybody else stealing his ‘doom and gloom’ monopoly. He’s the de facto candidate of doom. He ran on the premise of ‘American carnage’ the crumbling ruins of America that only he could revive with his very stable ingenuity. What a big baby. I hope I don’t feel threatened by adolescents in my late 70’s. If my compatriots are too cognitively sedate to see that the country is being run by a petulant child, then the great American project is drawing to a close. Sad!
American mom (Luisville)
Excellent, Mr. Trump. Continue to do your job. You are delivering on your promises, and we are on your side! This charade of an impeachment has nothing to do with you or Ukraine (who cares about Ukraine, anyway?). This is a fight for the soul of our country: NY (Schumer and Nadler) and CA (Pelosi and Schiff) fighting to hold on to their liberal power. But, in the heartland of America, we stand with you and are praying for you. Thank you, Mr. Trump!
Partha Neogy (California)
"He was in a jovial mood, according to people who spoke with him, engaging in animated conversations with chief executives like Brian Moynihan of Bank of America, Sundar Pichai of Alphabet and Marc Benioff of Salesforce." I wonder what he had to say. Perhaps "You are dopes and a bunch of babies!"
Jorge (USA)
Dear NYT: The Democrat impeachment managers are comical stooges. They keep repeating the same lurid yet strangely vapid assertions, based on incomplete, third-hand accounts, insisting that theirs is a powerful case for impeachment. Not so. If their case is so strong, why do they keep demanding additional documents and witnesses? They either got the goods on Trump, or they don't -- and are desperately demanding the Senate bail them out of this ludicrous overreach. Abuse of power? They claim that Trump's motive is corrupt -- to coerce Ukrainian's president to deliver dirt on Joe Biden, a political rival, or to somehow "interfere" in the 2020 election. But tin accusing Trump of bad motives, hey refuse to even consider the factual bases for an alternative, legitimate rationale, for asking for this favor from Ukraine. Biden's involvement in Ukraine stunk to high heaven. At best, Vice President Biden looked the other way when his son pocketed millions of dollars from a corrupt Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, for a no-show job, in an industry about which Hunter knew nothing. But it gets worse: VP Biden was at then time in charge of our Ukraine policy, and expressly threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid unless Ukraine fired the prosecutor at that very time pursuing an investigation into Burisma!
Jim Anderson (Bethesda, MD)
If you could see my face when the word “Trump” is uttered, you would know what pure hatred and rage look like.
Jpkelly (Oregon)
Trump is scared to death of the young hero Greta. He cannot wait to get away from Davos and the financial and intellectual elite. He knows he is just a used car salesman who can’t spell ‘tweat’. Don’t worry Donald, soon you can get back to Washington and hide behind McConnell’s skirt until the tainted jury ends the sham trial.
Mike T (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Would the world be better or worse off if there were an indefinite cessation of these get togethers of the revoltingly privileged? They focus one's understanding of why the French peasantry were so enthusiastic about the guillotine.
KdKulper (Morristown NJ)
trump’s time ...his crazy coming to an end. It can’t come soon enough. The American people are done with trump and his circus.
BBB (Australia)
And when he's upstaged again, this time by Nancy Pelosi, for Time's Person of the Year, he's really going to be mad.
Anthony (Portland, OR)
Here’s what you get when you elect an arrogant president who is accustomed to operating his business as a dictatorship: 1) A my-way-or-the-highway attitude—mischaracterized as strength—in which criticism is viewed as dissent. 2) A belief that values and morality are worth jettisoning, so long as there is consistent profit being made. 3) A sycophantic Republican Party that embraces greed and deceit, especially in business and in government, and is happy to run interference for the president so long as it means they can accomplish their agenda and stay in power. Having a Senate trial without witnesses perfectly embodies Trumpism: it’s backwards, it’s unprecedented, and it’s based on the false premise that Trump is perpetually the victim rather than being held to account for his own idiotic actions.
Steven McCain (New York)
Trump fits in with his other guest in the Alpine Village.Are we so naive to think Trump isn't among like minded souls? The elite of business are the biggest crooks on the planet. Trump is probably a hero to the Fat Cats of the world.
Charl (Manassas, Va)
How long can Republican voters put up with Trump’s nepotism? His children travel with him every time he embarks on state visits or attends international summits overseas. His family members were spotted in Davos, rubbing shoulders with global business leaders, hoping to extract personal gains. American taxpayers are footing their bills – accommodation, security etc. What do Trump’s working class voters say about the hundreds of millions spent on his trips at home and abroad? The Trump administration is seeking to delay a Democratic effort to require the Secret Service to disclose how much it spends protecting Trump and his family when they travel - until after the 2020 election. Steve Mnuchin and GOP senators have been negotiating draft legislation to move the Secret Service back to his Treasury Department.
Charl (Manassas, Va)
Economic forum leaders are probably feeling a greater understanding of the rise of trashy populist leaders watching him perform. He feeds his cult on an almost daily basis now - with social media and infotainment. His fans in the USA- whether living in the "fly over" or "rust belt" states don't seem to want to learn programming or buy a franchise. They just like to angrily chant about the bad government and the bad immigrants who prop up our child/eldercare/restaurants/construction industries. He's a poster boy for how bipolar most cultures are and how easy it is to stir up hate against immigrants and intellectuals.
Ed Marth (St Charles)
With the Money Masters he, the Master of Borrowing and Debt, lectures on how to manage money. They must have thought they were listening to Alice saying that everything they do is just like us, only backward.
W.Wolfe (Oregon)
Oh, great ... this is "our" Nation's President, once again bragging and boasting about all-wonderful-things-Trump. What a hollow, and ugly charade. If Trump has "nothing to hide", why are Senate Republicans BLOCKING any and all testimony from pertinent witnesses, and further blocking entering pertinent Documents into the Impeachment Hearings ? Answer: Trump has more than plenty to hide. This is SO sick and wrong, it is disgusting. Trump wants to have Putin's and Xi Jinping's power, on steroids. And all of this while Planet Earth is dying in front of our eyes, and the World is at the brink of more endless Wars. This is 100% unsustainable. This is completely out of balance. So, while things do not look bright, I have faith in the good hearts of American registered Voters, who go beyond Social Media and bullying fake News to make their decisions. The rest of the World, meeting today at Davos, knows too well what a complete fool, and loose cannon on deck, Donald Trump is. May American Voters see that by November, 2020.
Mark (Los Angeles)
The fact that the GOP has tied their wagon to this corrupt man, no matter what, is disgusting & unsettling. These Senators took an oath to be impartial and then proceed to vote down the chance for new evidence and witnesses. How is that a fair trial? If nothing was done illegally, what are you hiding? The fact that the GOP has put party over Country is sickening. Of course Trump will skate through the Senate trial, that is why everyone must gather together and make sure to VOTE OUT this embarrassment in 2020.
Lisa Kraus (Dallas)
At 53-47, Trump is correct in saying the impeachment trial is just a 'hoax.'
M Simon (München, Germany)
These are the people responsible for destruction of the planet, massive poverty, and destruction of species. Long, long overdue to eat the rich - planet can’t sustain their rampant greed anymore. If a hole opened in Davos, we’d all be better for it.
ondelette (San Jose)
Mitch McConnell is now moving to cut off the Democrats and their amendments. There is now on the record a Senate Majority Leader violating his impeachment oath. Hope Kentucky understands this is the end of the line. The Traitor State.
pvyates (Vancouver)
Embarrassing lunacy, how else is a pathological liar and narcissistic personality supposed to conduct himself? Unless all the science is wrong of course, and this supernatural genius knows how and what and why; more so than anyone, ever. It is a hairline away from utter madness. You cannot make up or write dark comedy and tragedy any faster than the living reality of Donald Trump. What do these world leaders really think about him?
manfred marcus (Bolivia)
Davos' plutocracy and Trump, what a clownish combination, while capitalism's ugly inequality rears it's ugly face...when ethics is awol. Does Trump think that by ignoring his impeachment, and just emphasizing the economy (of which a president usually plays no distinct role; and if it were, he would have to be thankful to Obama, that rescued us from the 2008 depression), he'll be forgiven? How obtuse can he be?
Sajidkhan (New York, NY)
The world's greatest minds gather and share their latest innovations and yet the social mess continues to get worse as the means to create harm keeps improving. No leader has a to clue what is the fundamental cause of this world mess. Someone should ask them when civilization is improving then how come the social ills are getting worse. It is because we define the brain and mind as just the mind when these are two separate entities. As a result we have cutting edge mind ed. while brain ed. is not only ignored the brain is miseducated. Emotional health (EH) being a function of the brain is messed up resulting in the world being messed up. All the social ills are emotionally challenged behaviors. Thus if health, education and society are to become cutting edge we need to focus on EH. Trump is the symptom in chief of what is wrong with our education system. We create brilliant minds along with emotionally challenged brains. Trump has a brilliant mind and an insane brain. EH not only creates a stable mind, society, relationships, happiness etc. it generates wisdom. Wisdom is the smoke where EH is the fire. Our experts keep trying to teach wisdom directly that is like trying to create smoke instead of lighting the fire. No wonder wisdom is so hard to teach. I have a simple formula. 50% of Americans financially struggle even though we make good money with our well educated minds but we spend it with our miseducated brains. Please google 'sajid wisdom'.
Chicago Guy (Chicago, Il)
It's perfect. Donald Trump lying to of bunch of investors.
Jackson Aramis (Seattle)
Sequestered in Davos, our incessantly-lying President preens and gloats for the media, knowing that the fix is in. Mitch McConnell, considering above all his prospects for re-election, will machinate without restraint to offer his best sham version of a trial that will both secure Trump’s favor and pass muster with a sufficient number of his home state voters to secure his place in the Senate. The mass media will eventually accept Trump’s acquittal as due process without comment about the travesty perpetuated, analogous to their present-day descriptions of the unnecessary deaths caused by George W. Bush’s war in Iraq.
Gettafix (Glasgow)
Methinks it’s time for Americans to examine their constitution and ask themselves: How did we get to a place where we allowed ourselves to have a corrupter in chief in charge? How can we carry on with an amendment that continues to allow folk to shoot each other with no considered wider recourse for society? Greatest Country in the World? Not by a long chalk.
Kaari (Madison WI)
Seeing a photo of Trump supporter carrying a sign saying "Impeach Congress - Keep Trump", I thought - it really could happen here - these people want a dictator.
Barry Lane (Quebec)
From what the experts have been saying the only way to take Trump out is to totally discredit him and this is what the impeachment trial is all about. No matter if Trump is acquitted he will ultimately be the loser. Well done Democrats. You are fighting for the continued existence of our Western way of life and I am in no way exaggerating!
Eric Francis Coppolino (New York)
Flight delays in Zurich as a result of this nonsense. A lot of commercial jets sitting on tarmac waiting for VIP flights. Waste of time.
Robert (Seattle)
The Davos elites are warming to him? With Trump et al. in attendance, it must be just like a party at the Epstein mansion.
Mary (Colorado)
Great speech ! It's a shame that the transcript is nowhere to find in the Ametican and European newspaper, but only comments or just some quotes. And it's a pity because it is a very important speech, even kind of philosophical. I am glad I have found it on You Tube and I reccommend you to read it !
Mike Smith (NYC)
Trump’s economy is not strong. American workers are being forced into low paying jobs. Wages are stagnant. Prices high. Shop fronts empty. Health costs out of control. Deficit past a $ trillion. Fed pumping cash into market to artificially support economy. Climate crisis already costing a fortune. By what measure do propagate your assertion ‘Trump is riding high on a strong economy?’ Corporate stock prices? That’s the Davos economy. Tbe rest of us are trapped in the real economy. It’s not strong. It’s oppressive.
Joe Miksis (San Francisco)
Donald Trump, for all intents and purposes, has chosen to be a petty criminal all of his adult life. Now, for reasons known only to them, 53 GOP Senators have come together to abet Trump's crimes. It is a sad day for the Party of Lincoln. It is a queasy time for the USA and the world.
s.chubin (Geneva)
Can't you keep him at home where he can do more damage?The Davos charade is costing the Swiss taxpayer 10million dollars (for 'security')with absolutely no benefit to anyone but the billionaires who "network" and scoff about their windfall millions due to Trump's tax cuts.
CARL E (Wilmington, NC)
I keep thinking irregardless of the outcome of the events in the Senate Chamber, the evidence will continue to come out to the American public. It ain't over by a mile. And the more Trump complains about it, the more the real fact will rivet the people of the United States and the world. Democracy may have taken a hit, but common sense is still very much around.
Bob (Kansas)
Our economy is doing better because of tax reform and deregulation and everyone there knows it. However in Europe it is doubtful that anyone there could pull that off, not even brexit.
Simon Cardew (France)
Donald Trump making time to congratulate US corporate executives on their share price wishing that he was richer (if that is possible) by owning their sky-high shares. Problems at BOEING avoided but France delaying their proposed digital tax on Google / Facebook must have pleased him. Perhaps the two things related because Europe fears the US President will retaliate with more tariffs on AIRBUS. Europe has no wish to complicate an already complicated US European trading relationship. To see what Donald Trump offers the UK in any new US trade deal will be interest to Europe? Of equal importance: Europe calling for international register of offshore shell companies (names of who owns what); transparency not discussed at DAVOS following the recent LUANDA scandal. Offshore tax Switzerland? Inequality rules?
J. von Hettlingen (Switzerland)
How long can Republican voters put up with Trump’s nepotism? His children travel with him every time he embarks on state visits or attends international summits overseas. His family members were spotted in Davos, rubbing shoulders with global business leaders, hoping to extract personal gains. American taxpayers are footing their bills – accommodation, security etc. What do Trump’s working class voters say about the hundreds of millions spent on his trips at home and abroad? The Trump administration is seeking to delay a Democratic effort to require the Secret Service to disclose how much it spends protecting Trump and his family when they travel — until after the 2020 election. Steve Mnuchin and GOP senators have been negotiating draft legislation to move the Secret Service back to his Treasury Department.
S.Einstein (Jerusalem)
Much evidence of personal unaccountability by Trump, as well as a range of Republican elected policymakers at the faux-Senate trial in DC, and by many of The Chosen Ones minions. What types, levels and qualities of temporary and more permanent personal accountability will the select-money-Ones manifest at Davos? Talk is cheap!
Steven McCain (New York)
Having watched the impeachment proceeding today I would say Trump have every right to scoff. Every vote was on party lines and since his party has the juice in the Senate why should he worry. Can anyone imagine what would happen to someone on The Right who broke ranks? It is amazing the fear Trump strikes in the hearts of 53 mainly old white men. The ghosts of Senators Flake and Corker must be appearing whenever a vote is taken. Trump's impeachment to the rich people is just another cost of doing business.Trump will be breaking out the bubbly in a few weeks to celebrate his victory in McConnell's kangaroo court.The 53 Republicans who put Trump before country will pack their selves on the back and keep it moving. While the world will weep about our fall from grace.
jeroen (Netherlands)
"There was the stick-to-the-script Donald J. Trump riding high on a strong economy and representing the country on the international stage." The fragment we saw about how the glorious USA keeps winning was chilling to us.
Reggie (Minneapolis, MN)
No one brings up the massive carbon footprint required to build the young activist’s personal sailing vessel or the massive diesel powered equipment utilized to transport it from the fitting yard to the dock.
Coco Balz (Massachusetts)
Really Reggie? Trump is doing his best to dismantle environmental protections and you are going after a girl who is passionate about protecting our planet. Way to “be best”
Gettafix (Glasgow)
@Reggie In the scheme of things Reg, I think you may not quite have grasped the reality of comparing the environmental impact of making a 60 foot wooden boat against America, the largest carbon polluter in history. Try going back to school, son.
novoad (USA)
I am a physics professor, research in QFT. I checked the climate data, all sea levels, ice levels, temps. I switched after Obama to Trump because of Trump's stand on climate. Whereas I would have made it a debate on data, Trump did better, going on the economics, understood by most people. Getting out of the Paris treaty and eliminating climate based regulations were fundamental. Achieving energy independence saved us from the expected recession. But the "prophets of doom" and "today's fortune tellers", aka Green New Dealers and climate pseudoscientists, in his Davos speech were the icing on the cake. No wonder the US was the envy of all countries at Davos. Where Trump was thanked for bringing the optimism into an otherwise gloom outlook. I, and my colleagues to whom I showed the data, made the right choice. In the battleground state of Pennsylvania, where it matters.
Robert (Out west)
I would have thought that “a physics professor,” capable of, “research in QFT,” would at least know that: 1. That neither they nor anyone else is capable of checking all, “the climate data,” on their own, and even less capable of doing so as a part-time hobby; 2. That we are not yet out of the Paris agreement, and have not eliminated, “climate based regulations;” 3. That “energy indeoendence,” to the extent such a thing is possible, was achieved when Obama was President; 4. That bellowed adjectives aren’t science, and Trump is scientifically illiterate, unlike the long, long list of actual climatologists; 5. That “the envy of all countries at Davos,” is a very odd claim; 6. That, “my colleagues,” in Pennsylvania are few and far between. It is of course possible for an actual “physics professor,” to support Trump. Just not on these grounds.
novoad (USA)
@Robert "1. That neither they nor anyone else is capable of checking all, “the climate data,” on their own, and even less capable of doing so as a part-time hobby" I started in 2009, as a hobby. There are a few thousand climate stations, with data available by FTP, satellite data, and sea levels data from NOAA and ice data. There is the MODTRAN database for properties of gases in the atmosphere. I have all that, and have looked at it all. It does take time. 2. We'll be out of Paris soon, and the rule which would have closed down power plants is gone. As is a carbon tax. 3. The energy production was boosted a lot, so we can't be pushed by OPEC into a recession, as we used to. 4. Trump listened in 2016 to Al Gore, who said, like everyone at the NYT, "Look, we have storms, that's climate change!" and to Pielke who gave him the NOAA official list of storms, which shows no trend at all. Trump chose science, where only data matters. He can smell a scam, and that's the main thing for a president. Those on the long list of climatologists are hidden like rats in a basement, rather than debating and answering questions like true scientists, who are happy to answer any question. 5. Most Western countries and China are in economic gloom. In many, leaders are going back to street riots. The US economy is the envy of all indeed. 6. A dozen profs may not be much. But if you read the comments, a majority of people switched away from the climate apocalyptics, between 2008 and now.
Sgt Schulz (Oz)
@novoad Neils Bohr has been quoted as saying “ Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.”. Perhaps the same is true of climate change.
M. C. Major (NewZ (in Asia))
Senators I believe can have impartial staff furnished with queries from, in general, constituents. They might conduct regular, and nonpartisan, polling – or not? There is but the united State.
novoad (USA)
@M. C. Major Every US senator has a huge staff, working for them rather than impartial. They sure can do polling, and keep track of actual constituent calls.
M. C. Major (NewZ (in Asia))
@M. C. Major There is the union of States – the great States, I guess! Ignore the allusion to the one and indivisible state! Maybe I was out of my mind!
M. C. Major (NewZ (in Asia))
@novoad Thank you. They are all constrained by Constitution and legal codes, perhaps some social contract. There is something higher than partisanship: fealty?
Pro(at)Aging (where I summoned my angels and teachers)
We already became the observers and the witnesses of doom, feeling its impact. No real need to be a prophet anymore.
jnl (NY)
@Pro(at)Aging trump is hailed as God-sent savior by many conservatives (to fulfill the doom).
JJ Gross (Jerusalem)
It was, and is, not just Donald Trump who is "riding high on a strong economy ". The entire United States is riding high on a strong economy. And it was not just the strong US economy that had the titans at Davos kissing Trump's ring, but also his bravura performance in bringing US allies to put up or shut up ,and bringing US adversaries to heel. No recent POTUS has had the courage to restructure the awful imbalance in trade between the US and Europe or between the US and its neighbors to the north and south. And no US president has stared China down until Trump came along.. And no US President has had the courage to tell Iran that Jimmy Carter is no longer the president.
Chicago Guy (Chicago, Il)
@JJ Gross That's a beautiful piece of fiction.
Prof. Jai Prakash Sharma (Jaipur, India.)
Trump's grumbling about his personal troubles before the global elite gathering at Davos and internationaliding the impeachment issue there is not only strange and awkward but also fegrading the US image abroad. As about his highlighting of the US economic achievements, it is like basking under the Obama era policy gains that in reality had put the economy onto a real growth path.
novoad (USA)
@Prof. Jai Prakash Sharma "grumbling about his personal troubles" The article made the point that he stayed above it all, treating the impeachment as a minor annoyance. Please read first.
Matt Steger (Lincoln Nebraska)
Prophets or PROFIT$? The time I checked, there was a difference between the two.
Perfect Gentleman (New York)
Apparently the entire Republican Senate is now guilty of obstruction of justice. But that's not impeachable, right?
Daria (Merida, Yucatán)
"Mr. Trump grilled corporate leaders about whether they liked his speech." What does liking his speech have to do with anything? I mean really, talk's cheap. And some of it is a downright lie.
Ben (Florida)
Trump received no love from his father growing up, and his father was his ultimate symbol of authority. Now he is desperate for approval from those he considers authorities. The Davos elite qualify as authorities in his mind.
pajaritomt (New Mexico)
As soon as I see DJT pleading with Congress for more food and better houses and medicine for Americans and poor nations around the world and for protecting people from around the world from climate change, I will vote for him and not before.
Joe Miksis (San Francisco)
Trump is tooting the lie that “We have the greatest economy we've ever had in the history of our country. And I'm in Europe today because we're bringing a lot of other companies into our country with thousands of jobs -- millions of jobs, in many cases." This is far from the truth. Investment by foreign companies has significantly diminished under Trump. Foreign companies directly invested $268 billion into the U.S. economy in 2018. That is a significant decrease of nearly $220 billion from its record-breaking level of $486 billion in 2016, when Barack Obama was president. In the 1990s, growth topped 4% for four straight years, the proportion of Americans with a job was higher, and wages were rising at a faster pace. None of these records have been reached on an annual basis under Trump. Trump has told over 17,000 public lies since becoming President. It is what he is known for. He is just continuing the trend in Davos. It is what is expected of pathological liars.
MaryKayKlassen (Mountain Lake, Minnesota)
The only reason that his country is doing well, is because of over 6 decades of borrowed money. That in itself isn't a good thing, when the debt is now $22.82 trillion, the interest on that debt his year alone will be $500 billion, which translates into $5 trillion over the next 10 years. Then, there is the over $30 trillion of underfunded entitlement mandates promised over 30 years by a Congress who has failed to shore them up, and initially tax enough. No, the over 70,000 pages of the IRS Tax Code is just legalized extortion by the lobbyists, lawyers, and the staff of Congress who facilitate the writing of all the legislation for these additions. I think we have the President we deserve, because the whole country has become nothing, but grifters. Those in Davos know how ignorant we are.
William Perrigo (Germany (U.S. Citizen))
The whole world is in debt.
JayC (VM)
The one percent loves Trump's psychopathy. They love that he is willing and able to trample on and destroy anything in nature that stands in the way of making a profit. Trump is President because oligarchs everywhere want him to be. Democracy has barely existed in America for decades and now, if that monster, that ultimate representative and personification of greed is re-elected, he will go out of his way to wreak havoc on the environment at this very crucial window we still have to try to slow down the destruction.
Dr. John (Seattle)
Democrats are now trying to weaponize their own refusal to subpoena the witnesses they thought were important. They apparently like to provide voters full transparency into their blunders and failures.
Andy Hain (Carmel, CA)
I still don't understand. Why is the President afraid of voters hearing the truth? Exactly what is he trying to keep hidden?
Sonora doc (Arizona)
@Andy Hain They are trying to keep the pervasive corruption in the Executive hidden, but there is a lot of public knowledge available which with some luck the general public will learn about.
Sandra (CA)
@Sonora doc Well said!
Vicky Hanneman (Los Angeles)
Obviously, his advisors wanted him out of the way. He is much better away from this country, than in the country, calling everyone petty names. I am surprised he didn't pipe in State TV (aka Fox News) to the conference. I hope he stays there.
Tex Murphy (Brooklyn)
The fix has long been in. No witnesses, no evidence, no nothing but acquittal of heinous high crimes and misdemeanors. The only hope for the country is that voters see through it in November.
Bascom Hill (Bay Area)
At Davos, did Trump explain how his dad gave him more than $400 million dollars and he declared bankruptcy multiple times? He’s a great business person. Just don’t ask him for the details and what he actually did in that ‘business’ career.
cleo (new jersey)
I have been watching two totally different impeachment trials being held simultaneously. One is on FOX, the other on CNN. A lot of the actors are the same, but the scripts are completely different.
robbiecanuck5 (Canada)
I never thought I would see the death of American democracy. It is happening right before the eyes of the World. The USA is on life support that is failing. If Americans re-elect Trump you can bet the rest of the World will dismiss the US as a 3rd rate failed state.
Mford (ATL)
@robbiecanuck5, keep it up, Canada, and you'll remind Americans why we're better than everyone else.
Mford (ATL)
Trump's right, it is a hoax. Actually, it's a travesty. Here's hoping Americans have sufficient memory when they go to the polls in 10 months to hand Republicans what they've earned: historic defeat.
Nancy G (MA)
Some there view Trump as a godsend. Apparently, sociopathy is strong in wealthy corporate moguls.
Evelyn (Austin, TX)
Trump is an embarrassment to the United States, as well as an urgent threat to our republic and Constitution. He is a disgrace to working people and the United States. His Republican enablers must be held to account and voted out of office.
itsmildeyes (philadelphia)
So, have you been listening to the impeachment proceedings? Let's just say my apartment is now very clean and I baked a bunch of cookies and they're still going. Obviously, I guess, DJT will skate thanks to the Republican Senate majority. But the House managers are exponentially better prepared, their arguments are exponentially more logical, and their deliveries are exponentially more compelling. I hope DJT's attorneys got paid up front, because I think the President could make a legitimate case for shoddy workmanship. One should never pay one's contractor before the work is done to a professional standard. Enjoy your foie gras, Davosonians. The rest of us know just how those ducks felt with something unpleasant being shoved down their throats.
Sandra (CA)
@itsmildeyes Very cool comment! I just wonder who is paying trump’s attorneys. Is it us, the taxpayers? i would hate that!
ad (ny)
I come here to vent, but what good does it do? I am sickened by this obnoxious, lying man. My nausea grows more profound when I think about what this man is doing to the children of his supporters (53 US senators among them). These children are being taught to respect and honor a tyrant who mocks people with disabilities, abuses women, bullies anyone who disagrees with him, berates science, lies pathologically, and is running the United States into moral bankruptcy. I vent to no avail. Our future is very bleak. look their children in the eye and defend
William Perrigo (Germany (U.S. Citizen))
@ad — indeed. even if one supports Trump on some key levels he leaves a sour taste in the mouth on others. Sometimes it’s like having a fine Autobahn but then realizing how it got built.
uji10jo (canada)
Why is Ivank there right behind Trump? She never misses the world stage photo-op opportunities.
KevinT (Portland, OR)
As he seems destined to be, trump is an embarrassment. That he found love with the planet's 1% is not surprising. The love is transaction transaction based. What about when trump is on his own, when trump's legacy, the real one, is publicly-outed and when even Alabama republicans cannot call out "fake news" or "hoax". What will happen when, out of office, his tax returns are made public and he's facing criminal charges? Will the beautiful people of Davos want him in their club then?
Charley (CO)
Well, there are prophets of doom, and then there are profits of doom. I think he tends to get these mixed up...
RjW (Chicago)
The master of distraction once again manages to avert our gaze from that clear vision of a man doing everything possible to ingratiate himself to Putin. I ask, why doesn’t the American people see, or at least smell this inconvenient truth?
RJH (New York)
The Democrats need to blow a shofar, end the proceedings, get back to work cobbling together a ticket that will win.
Chet Walters (Stratford, CT)
As the amendments to the McConnell plan for the impeachment “trial” are shot down one by one tonight, I hope the good people of this country pay attention. It appears to me that it is no longer hyperbole to say we are watching the demise of the American experiment in democracy tonight. And it is happening drip by drip, tear by tear, amendment by amendment right before our eyes. If the Republican Party insists on engaging in lies, subterfuge, sleights of hand to “defend” the president, to frustrate the People’s right to a fair and honest proceeding, we may be sustaining too deep a wound to recover. We see tonight the intimations of what a two-term Trump presidency will mean for this country. May God Save the United States of America.
Lawrence Norbert (USA)
What is he hiding that he and his sycophants are fighting so hard to keep hidden? What we know is bad. What we don’t know must be so much worse.
Sara (Oakland)
Trump’s utter reliance on ‘transactional’ motives resembles the delusion that allows a john to believe he can buy true love from a prostitute. The President’s defense is all tone- derision & snark. Not a dot of substantive evidence that actually demonstrates Trump’s innocence is offered. No one even echos Mulvsney’s argument that political coercion is ok. No one insists POTUS was correct to create a rogue operation led by Guiliani - smearing a fine ambassador- in America’s national interest. Not a dot.
PATRICK (In a Thoughtful state)
It's obvious to anyone the fix is in for an acquittal in the Senate. His sarcastic projections indicate he knows. After all, it was the Senate that cultivated him when he was a candidate.
SR (California)
It looks as though the stage is set beyond tomato throwing distance.
rivvir (punta morales, costa rica)
Tomorrow he'll tell us he wasn't paying attention to the proceedings, he was too busy working for America. I doubt they have any available golf courses around davos this time of year, i wonder if af1 is flying him to dubai to get in a round before it returns him back to the US to play more golf at mar. This, the guy who told us obama plays too much golf but trump himself would be too busy to play any. More like too busy playing golf. And cheating at it. You can always spot who'd be honest in how they conduct business by how honest they are on the golf course.
Rudy Ludeke (Falmouth, MA)
Trump's purpose for attending the World Economic Forum is now crystal clear. After making disparaging remarks about climate change, supposedly the main topic for the Davos meeting, he now focuses on whipping the Europeans into making a trade deal with the US on his terms. After covertly threatening the UK, France and Germany with a 25% automobile tariff if they do not declare Iran as violators of the Iran nuclear deal- which they now complied with. His 100% tariff thread on French wines and produce should France insist with taxing American internet companies on profits incurred in France forced Macron to postpone the tax. Today Trump tightened his thumbscrews on the Europeans at the Davos meeting, threatening them with new tariffs if they do not complete a comprehensive trade agreement with the US before the elections, which would include bringing some manufacturing to the US. Obviously this is an attempt to help him in the elections, largely at the expense of our allies. His foreign policies are deepening the rift between once solid and committed friends and allies, with whom Trump disagrees now in multiple fronts, from defense, intelligence, privacy issues, trade. Our relationship with the EU will become irreparable if Trump gets reelected. His actions push them towards China, the lesser of two evils in the eyes of the Europeans.
DO5 (Minneapolis)
At Davos in the midst of the masters of the economic universe, Trump likes to think he is in his element, with his people. Although he will never be one of them, they do see him as useful. Like the pitchman for overpriced properties and valueless degrees, Trump is pumping the US and world economy that these masters will dump after making another fortune. The Davos crowd must admire Trump’s ability to outrun the consequences of his flimflams, a skill they could all profit from.
F. T. (Oakland, CA)
Trump's speaking at Davos only underscores how much Trump and the Republicans refuse to listen to the American voters. Most Americans want environmental protections. Most Americans do not support or see improvement from Trump's economic policies. 69% of Americans want the impeachment trial to include witnesses and documents. Trump speaks his way; the voters will speak theirs.
Daniel Kauffman (Fairfax, VA)
The inconsequential realities of Davos and impeachment are not much news. Reporting on Davos about something broadly newsworthy and actionable? That would be interesting.
Lonnie (New York)
There is nothing new about Trumps response. They say Nero fiddled while Rome burned. The very moment when the Roman Empire began to crumble. Nothing ever changes. Humans are condemned to replay the past.
Jeff (Needham MA)
Trump's remarks are all the more deplorable, when we readers can compare efforts in France to deal with plastics. Only a few days ago, the Times introduced us to Brune Poirson and her efforts with President Macron to create real solutions to remove harmful substances from the environment. Major European leaders are demonstrating pathways to protect the globe, and our president is speechifying delusions.
lecourt... (Canada)
Did he hear the one handed claps and groans as President Trump delivered his hypocritical nonsense to those who know better, many of whom are genuinely concerned with the global future if left in his hands?
Crow (New York)
I did little I could, I donated $45 to his election campaign today.
SR (California)
That is the worst investment. Flushing your dollars makes more financial sense.
Robert (Out west)
You mean fifteen pieces of silver, less the thirty.
Alan (Hawaii)
The most telling observation to me is “the friendly — to his face, at least — crowd of elites in the snow-covered Alps.” Even these so-called masters of the universe have been cowed into bending a knee to a person they mocked just a few years ago. Where have we seen this show before? The Republican Party. So, bit by cowardly bit, we descend to his level.
Carwash Carlos (New York)
Hakeem Jeffries is outlining why Mulvaney should testify. Very well may I add, and they have Tucker Carlson talking over him so the Faux News viewers don’t hear what he’s saying. Man, how I wish for a well informed citizenry!
jlcsarasota (Sarasota FL)
I checked in on Fox News at something like 8:45pm and 9:15pm and they (first carlsonthen hannity) talked over dem speakers and or testimony;afraid of hearing truth to power. Lindsay shrieked at the kavanagh hearing be afraid of power-yes I am afraid of the gop party more than ever before.
Jhs (Richmond)
Presenting himself at such a respected international forum, with his huge ego and total lack of humility or sense of probity is disgusting. This country is divided enough, and Trump has added to the acrimonious tenor of our new reality. Now he lets the rest of the world know he is a self centered , unaccountable less than responsible partner. Does the electorate of this country really want to repeat this mistake. This a President makes me ashamed to be a registered republican....and the congressional elected republicans aren’t making it any easier to feel proud of a party I have supported in the past. Their job, despite the partisanship shown by the Democrats , is to the people of this country ad their sworn constitutional duty. Not blind loyalty to a vicious , vindictive President. Do your job...then worry about being re-elected.
s.chubin (Geneva)
@Jhs I largely agree with you except the bit about "a respected international forum." Its a place where (often corrupt)plutocrats meet to plan their next assault on the unsuspecting consumer public.He is in his element.
Frances Lowe (Texas)
Fortunately or not, none of them takes Trump seriously anymore...
M (US)
Talk is cheap for Mr. Trump. Australia's fires, Hurricane Katrina, massive rain and farmland droughts are just the 'tip of the iceberg'. It is WORSE, MUCH WORSE THAN YOU THINK, as David Wallace Wells tells us in his book, Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming. Mr. Trump may say anything he likes, knowing he personally will never have to struggle as today's young people will, against a new 'normal' of disaster after disaster-- drought, flood, megastorms, superheated fires-- for all of today's children. VOTE HIM OUT-- before he takes the planet out on the fragile time line of global warming that we are all on.
Susan Dean (Denver)
The fact that the Davos conference even exists is a disgrace. Just you wait, guys, the revolution is coming, and you won't enjoy it.
greg (upstate new york)
Does he ever think and then talk about real problems that people in this country have? It seems that he thinks he is the country and if he is ok the country is ok and if he is being asked tough questions it is the country that is being questioned. That we are now led by such an ignorant, evil man says something about some cancer that is eating our nation. 11/2020 is the time for surgical removal.
J (Beckett)
Isn't ironic that one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse calls others Prophets of Doom.
William Perrigo (Germany (U.S. Citizen))
yeah, and his horse was outside freezing in the snow this year when doom predicting scientists 30 years ago said—holding their hands steady over the fire of concrete oaths— that snow would be an occurrence from the past starting last year.
Dean (US)
I want to vomit when I see or hear him, or Mitch McConnell, or any GOP Senators. This is the most blatant, power-grabbing miscarriage of constitutional duty I can imagine. I've listened to as much of the trial today as I could take. I am so disgusted by the GOP's absolute lack of conscience or commitment to find the truth. They all perjured themselves when they took the oath to be impartial. I hope every one of them up for election in November loses. And loses big.
EdH (CT)
The performance is typical of the extreme narcissism that trump suffers. He pretends joviality and not a care in the world to gain the praise an adulation of those around him, while all the time anguishing over his future. It is sad. And of course terrible for America and world.
Bob (Minn.)
Bottom line: The truth must be much worse than the appearance of a coverup.
David B (Woy Woy, Australia)
Why even report on this? Davos, a feel good get together for the .01%'rs to assuage their feelings of guilt before they work on how to rape and pillage what remains of the world. "Trump is a godsend" - only for those people who have more money than they or their families could spend in a 1000 lifetimes and yet it is never enough.
Sally (California)
Trump may well gloat over his toadying truth-smearing Republican Senate, they are -in a word- corrupt to a man. Two wrongs don't make a right and 53 wrongs certainly don't either. Black is white to these rogues. These senators will be remembered for their cowardice, for their supreme lack of consideration for the Constitution they are sworn to serve, and for how they backed a president who openly sought, through bribery, to gain dirt on a political foe. This charade is utterly shameless.
cd (nyc)
His exaggerated claims and denial of Obama's role to save the economy are so predictable and not original. What enrages me most ? ' ...The president mocked Ms. Thunberg after she was chosen Time magazine’s Person of the Year ...' - “So ridiculous ... Greta must work on her anger management problem ... " He is a true coward so scared of reality he can't acknowledge what Greta is doing or the courage and wisdom she displays, especially considering she is a teen ager. I guess it's just impossible for someone so low on the consciousness scale. He is so far down on the consciousness scale that he doesn't even recognize
KiKi (Miami, FL)
Only in trump's America must a president take a million dollar getaway to relieve his stress from trampling our Constitution...rather than face the music like a man. Alla privilege on steroids, the trump defenders/attorneys are proving themselves to be nothing but boldface liars. Again, they believe to be above the law - our rules do not apply to this gilded, narcissistic group. They will all pay one day b/c if they rig this impeachment trial, move mountains to hide the truth, and choose trump over all of America then trump will do it again - but much, much worse acts. It will be blamed squarely on the cowardly repubs, his legal clowns, and, above all, the most-crooked bill bolshevik barr. ps:trump will likely crack at Davos when he realizes the majority judge him as a crook and the laughing stock of the world.
Chicago Guy (Chicago, Il)
You know who else is a victim? Mitch McConnell. And the filthy rich, they're victims too. And the entitled. And the entrenched elite. In fact, aren't all those corrupt criminals who, who pay no taxes at all, are above the law, and who have never been held accountable once in their entire lives the biggest victims of all? Because ever since the advent of Ronald Reagan, this has been the most consistent message from the modern GOP. "Whoa are we! The rich white guys! The fortunate few!" It's enough to make a normal man puke his guts out.
TM (Boston)
Did you see Ivanka swanning around trying to look as if she’s engaged in substantive conversation? You’d think she was auditioning for the role of first female president, wouldn’t you? Total farce.
trenton (washington, d.c.)
Comparisons between Hitler and President Trump generally feel overdone. But these accounts of CEOs publicly buddying up to President Trump absolutely call to mind leaders of German corporations that profited from Hitler's madness.
gratis (Colorado)
What trial? The fix is in. Everyone knows it. Everyone knows America is a economic power with a third rate leader with nukes. Every one is afraid of the US like I would be afraid in a small room with an insane chimp with a loaded machine gun.
Seldoc (Rhode Island)
It seems to me that our allies are willing to accept that Americans made a mistake in electing Trump, and are willing to grin and bear it for the next few months assuming we'll come to our senses. If Trump is re-elected, though, alliances that have taken decades to build will crumble.
ricardamundo (Toronto)
@Seldoc ... a bit late for that. Hardly anyone trusts you after 3 years of Trump, and trust might never be restored. From the outside looking in, your country appears quite mad. Your issues run much deeper than the shallow Trump. Your neighbours wish it was just the orange bloviator because that is more easily dealt with than the fundamental issues that enabled his rise to power. Good luck, you're gonna need it.
Codger (Olympic Peninsula, WA)
No prophecy needed. It has come to pass.
In realityland, he has very little reason to be worried. The Senate will do nothing. Also, he isn’t wrong in the accusation that democrats have been attempting to impeach him since before he took office. That isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact. Several expressed their desires to do so. It’s difficult for me to take the media seriously when they call for republicans to be non-biased. I’ve seen tapes of Maxine Waters and Rashida Tlaib saying their primary goal is his impeachment from years ago. These women (and many others) shame us. They prove the lie.
@Emily S No, they prove he's criminal. He's been committing crimes since he took office, violating the Emoluments Clause for starters. At least get your facts straight.
Citizen (Earth)
umm that is because he has broken federal law since he was elected. he is a criminal and he isn't abobe the law
Two weeks ago, everyone was wondering if we were about to go to war with Iran. I don't know what's worse, that obviously nothing has changed in Trump's mental state--not at all--or that enough people have a finger in the wind, so easily distracted. Or that some dog and pony show to benefit a handful by people who couldn't care less about who they're supposed to be serving is enough.
EGD (California)
@VB No, not everyone was wondering about war with Iran. Almost all of that anxiety was confined to the fever swamps of the Left.
Karen Lee (Washington, DC)
Trump “ congratulated them on their companies’ stock performances and joked that he should have bought shares but that he had been forced to sell his holdings when he took office.” I doubt Trump could explain what Alphabet and Salesforce are. He isn’t very bright.
M. C. Major (NewZ (in Asia))
Muhammad was a prophet, as was Jesus and various who spoke in the Old Testament of the Bible. Trump applied that word (prophets), I think, ironically, perhaps.
M. C. Major (NewZ (in Asia))
Muhammad was a prophet, as was Jesus and various who spoke sacredly. Trump applied that word (prophets), I think, ironically, perhaps.
M. C. Major (NewZ (in Asia))
@M. C. Major He could have been alluding to money gained from contributing – but not mainly doing this – to that apparent, forthcoming doom – political as well as ecological.
George (San Rafael, CA)
What's up with Ian Bremmer calling Trump a godsend? I don't get it.
D.A.Oh (Middle America)
"Jovial"? I heard his Davos speech where he tries lying to a crowd that he knows doesn't believe him and he sounded like if he were forced to the podium during a church service to do a reading from "Two Corinthians." He says the words but there's zero confidence or conviction in them. Which really is surprising since he's a con man who should be convicted.
Barbara (Connecticut)
Not one of these "masters of the universe" will be alive in 50 years. Yet they have the power to ruin the earth and the lives of all our children and grandchildren on and on into the future. And they all laugh merrily at the American clown whom they think will lead them to ever-greater hoards of wealth. Utter madness!
sheikyerbouti (California)
'The president mocked Ms. Thunberg after she was chosen last month as Time magazine’s Person of the Year. “So ridiculous,” he tweeted. “Greta must work on her anger management problem, then go to a good old-fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!”' That's our President. Tweeting insults to a teenage girl. That's MAGA ? That's a disgrace is what it is.
jlcsarasota (Sarasota FL)
I believe what Rex Tillerson said about President bone spurs.
rosa (ca)
This shows just how far Davos has deteriorated: It has Donald Trump as it's headline speaker.
MB Thompson (Baltimore MD)
Absolutely irresponsible to report Elaine Chao as Secretary of Transportation without also, relevantly, reporting she is the wife of Senate Majority leader Mitch McConell.
Robert (Seattle)
I have never actually felt outright contempt for the Davos crowd before. How in the world could they look at this corrupt feckless ignorant inept erratic narcissistic bigoted individual, see him for what he is, and still, as noted here, warm to him? Something doesn't compute. Show some spine and some sense people. The leader of Google (Alphabet)? The leader of Bank of America? Good grief.
John (OR)
'Person of the year Greta, who I don't know since she never brought me covfefe, has rigged the witch hunt... and got more applause.' ~David Barron Dennison III
Mua (Transoceanic)
It's a shame any self-respecting leader finds it necessary to give the tsar trump family any time of day whatsoever. He's a sham president and does not represent the democratic majority of US citizens. He's not a leader at all. He's just Putin's lap dog, rolling over for another treat, and everybody knows it.
John (MA)
@Mua Best description of Trump that I have read recently
CA Reader (California)
Disgusting, totally. Billionaires lounging around listening to the Mafia Don...what a low life conclave.
AddressEarth (Pennsylvania)
Oh how I would like this Pathetic Potus for a drive that would encompass all the small towns around Erie, Pa. Girard Township now has 75% Poverty. What so you Pathetic Potus?
Jim (Seattle)
“There are lot of masters of the universe who think he may not be their cup of tea, but he’s been a godsend,” said Mr. Bremmer, of Eurasia Group. * * * * * It gladdens my heart to hear that he’s been a godsend to very wealthy people. I often lie awake at night wondering how Fortune 500 CEOs and billionaires manage to pay their bills, so now I can finally get some sleep. Thanks, God!
Cold Liberal (Minnesota)
Couldn't listen to his dead monotone presentation. A national clown show.
Greg Robison (Colorado)
Tribute to King Donald Senate Impeachment Trial..NOT Guilty without evidence. Casting shame on those in need of help in the U.S....Guilty Telling over 16K miss-truth's or LIES...Guilty Endangering our country while playing KING....Guilty Wasting taxpayer dollars...Guilty. Stealing healthy lunches from children...Guilty Bending to the desires of the rich & wealthy...Guilty Building walls, not bridges.....Guilty Shaming any minority....Guilty Narcissistic Behavior...Guilty
Welcome Canada (Canada)
And the Liar remains a 'gaudy sideshow’. So it is a question of $$$ vs climate change for those attending and I guess when push comes to chove, the $$$ will win. Ask the Impeached Grifter.
H. Clark (Long Island, NY)
Trump is too ignorant and sophomoric to realize that he is in real peril here. The president who would be king is basking in his economic miasma, feeling vindicated by... nothing! We are in dangerous hands with this fraud in the White House. Democratic Managers realize this; the GOP chooses myopia. Tragic.
Tom Baroli (California)
Anyone who shakes this man’s hand in any context has blood on their own. Shun this amoral hateful creep. There’s more to life than money.
Tim (The fashionable Berkshires)
Which would you rather have, a billion bucks in your pocket or some prepubescent teeny bopper lecturing you about climate change. That's the message from trumpy to his pals, who seem to have become devotees. We're toast, literally. But to them, just turn up the AC a few notches.
William Perrigo (Germany (U.S. Citizen))
@Tim — I’d rather have the machine promoting the teenybopper 24/7 show themselves like men and women instead of hiding behind her like cowards unwilling to show their barnacles.
James Lee (Canada)
Trump contributes to global warming with the hot air coming out of his mouth. You can't believe anything he says and he represents the United States on the world stage so I ask Americans to ask themselves what they think the rest of the world thinks. We all know he is a con man and a pathological liar that only thinks of himself.
Margaret (Minnesota)
Good citizens of the USA are working to take you down on Nov. 3 this year. Your a global embarrassment and a wanna be dictator and we can do much better than you as we plan for our future as a Democracy!
Dudesworth (Colorado)
When’s avalanche season in Davos?
Some Cute Piglets (Earth)
Humans are the worst. We’re kinda hoping for WWIII so they actually kill each other off and leave the earth to the rest of us. They’re probably going to be done in by some bug in the next century anyway that all their genetically engineered offspring won’t be able to survive. We’ll take whatever comes first.
Paul (NZ)
When Trump insults everybody at international meetings, liberals are unhappy and they (correctly) criticize him. When he at least does not make a complete fool of himself, they still criticize him in a knee-jerk response. Way to prove to Trump supporters that no matter what their leader does, the 'liberal elites' will always hate him.
Nelson (California)
The worse and most repugnant fact is that Trump still doesn't understand the reason he is being tried and humilliated. If, as he so often shouts, is innocent and committed no crime, why doesn't he allow his closest cronies to his innocence? This character is an embarrassing clown, Tillerson and the Ayatollah are absolutely right in their assessments of this guy.
Think bout it (Fl)
Will (Texas)
The collective Nero, fiddling while the world burns. Business is good. Nothing else matters. Just like Donald Trump, these people are thoroughly disgusting. I guess they can’t help being scorpions.
WATSON (Maryland)
Hold the children and grandchildren of the plutocrats destroying our planet responsible. If they have inherited based on dirty money fine them for it. 
EnoughAlready (New York)
A 17yr old is lecturing a 70 yr old President on the planet that is burning up. What a travesty! Who's the real adult in the room?
William Perrigo (Germany (U.S. Citizen))
point of order: the planet is not burning up
Wang An Shih (Savannah)
@ Zor Midwest Hypocritical! More $$$ for Trump's golf excursions. Just look at the reduction of SNAP benefits.
Larry (Brooklyn)
Didn’t Spiro Agnew speak of “prophets of doom” and “ nabobs of negativism?”
Jerry Davenport (New York)
Yes he did, I believe he meant the main stream media
Dan Holton (TN)
Yes, and another version is ‘nattering nabobs of negativity’.
Ben (Florida)
William F Buckley wrote that speech if my memory doesn’t fail me. But ya, Agnew said it.
Gregg (OR)
Amazing how clueless Trump is to what the world thinks of him. The Webster's definition of delusional.
al (NJ)
Trump has no defense on stupidity. The world is laughing and he is a dangerous precedent. Republican cronies will turn on him on a dime. They already leached the country under his tenure. As this trial proceeds, more republicans will think twice to save their own skins.
George (Fla)
Who pays for Ken and Barbie and their lodging and airfare
Vet.bizowner.father.american (seattle)
There should be an IQ test in order to attend Davos. That alone would keep trump out.
faivel1 (NY)
"President Trump swept into this glitzy Alpine village on Tuesday, full of flattery as he schmoozed with global business leaders" What a pathetic gathering DAVOS is! None of these people care about anything except their fat pockets and the bottom line. As soon as he leaves they all will be laughing behind his back. The fact that our hard earned money spent on this corrupt family in a Swiss Alps schmoozing like nothing bad is happening to our country makes me physically sick!
American2020 (USA)
Trump has no intellectual curiosity and does not have the self discipline or mental acuity to read. His extremely limited vocabulary tells us all we need to know about his thought patterns. Therefore, he does not and cannot make informed choices for the United States. His speech at DAVOS is an embarrassment. As ususual, he thinks he did well but the whole world knows he is a malignant narcissist who has ruined the reputation of America. World leaders know he is a failure. An abject failure. He lives in an angry bubble surrounded by people afraid of losing their jobs. What a pity no one will confront this sick man.
Greg (Colorado)
Of course he is jovial .... all little donnie wants is to be the center of attention, all the time. W/the impeachment trial he gets that. He also gets to see the trained monkeys who used to be the republican party dance on his command. What a thrill is must be to be able to force 1/2 of the US political system to prostrate itself before you.
Inall (Fairness)
Meeting up with the old boss Vladimir?
r mackinnon (concord, ma)
Donald isn't fooling anyone. He's like waitching a train wreck in slow motion.
MH (Nyc)
Anyone care to speculate on why mr inconvenient truth Gore declined to comment on the ignoramus’s speech?
Ron (Union Square)
Mr. Trump said that his administration had created a “roaring geyser of opportunity” and proclaimed that “the American dream is back bigger, better and stronger than ever before.” If that’s the case then where’s the optimism? I’ve never seen this country more morose. Happiness depends upon stability and forward prospects. Remind me again of the USA’s employment participation rate? And people with good jobs feel zero security. Supposedly the USA is booming. Crumbling roads, trains, bridges, rampant homelessness, rampant suicide, rampant drugs. If this is booming, I’d hate to see bad.
rosa (ca)
It has been many years since I have viewed Davos as anything constructive. I'm sure it's a lovely time and a lot of hugs and kisses, but, really, what have they ever done?
jerry lee (rochester ny)
Reality Check our problems are bascilly own doing . Country who becomes endebted to other countrys who dont believe in freedom. People alot likely to give up freedoms in trade for government hand outs Only thing USA exports now is debt.
BLB (Princeton, NJ)
You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool Greta or too many Americans truly suffering at home forgotten by a self serving dishonest rogue president who endangers our country and the world by lying to the American people, disrespecting his job, leading by fear and intimidation, not hiring people of ability and integrity to help lead the nation, not respecting the truth, wisdom, or history, keeping truth from the Press and the American people, garnering power to himself and his brand, breaking his sworn solemn oath to "preserve, protect and defend" the Constitution, blurring the Constitutional separation of powers so he could gain power, alienating America's allies, embracing dictators and white supremacists, allowing ISIS to regroup, rookie level mideast blundering, sending troops into harm's way, encouraging fear, hate and alienation, using much needed funds for a 1% tax break and a wall that makes no sense, much more interested in being greater than President Obama and failing by a brain, honor, accomplishment, heart and class. America needs a refreshing change to honesty, integrity, responsibility, ability, and the Constitution of the United States. It saddens me that what this man does is attributed to America or the United States. We didn't do it. This man did it. And I hope Senators will see through this toxic fog to uphold honor and integrity once again.
Ben (Florida)
I thought Trump and his supporters hated the globalists and elitists? Doesn’t get more globalist elite than Davos.
MorningInSeattle (Guess Where)
He only hates global elitists when he’s around his base. They rest of the time they are his peeps. And sometimes they’re perps.
Paul Wortman (Providence)
Swiss cheese is the appropriate symbol for Trump. He can bask in his chessy narcissistic grandiosity while his enabler-in-chief, Mitch McConnell, makes Swiss cheese out of the impeachment "trial" with no witnesses and no new evidence that promises a quick "Total Exoneration!" for him. While the world and our Constitution face a five-alarm fire, the aging, white male, Republican and world power elite are content like Nero are content to bask in the warmth of the wealth and power.
Dutch (Seattle)
Trump is Jovial because he knows the Corrupt GOP has no intention of following the Rule of Law
Beth LNU (New York, NY)
“After his speech, he met with the International Business Council, where he greeted every chief executive personally, according to attendees,” managing to read each attendee’s name tag.
Banjokatt (Chicago, IL)
Even when trumpf is in a “jovial” mood, he is dangerous. And, when he’s in a good mood, he ALWAYS says something offensive and embarrassing.
Chris Wildman (Alaska)
Realizing that this isn't the most relevant bit in this article but - “Macho Man” by the Village People and “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones are Trump's rally entrance songs? Not that they're not appropriate (the latter more so than the former), but are the Village People and the Stones aware of this?
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
@Chris Wildman You can always hear the Stones lyrics "You can't always get what you waaaant" in the Trump rallies. Maybe he is not listening or their music guy has a sense of humor. lol.
Howard Herman (Skokie, Illinois)
Once President Trump and his entourage of toadies depart this gathering I wonder how long it will take before the various global leaders present start discussing and laughing about the spectacle they just witnessed of what now passes for America's president. The embarrassment of the Trump Administration knows no limits.
Inall (Fairness)
Super PACs aren’t permitted “coordination” with campaigns. How about Russian officials? Any meetings with spookocrats on the schedule?
Gassy Jack (GLASGOW, Scotland)
The United States is doomed. A failed state, hurtling towards the type of theocracy they have in Iran.
winchestereast (usa)
"Under climate change projections, rising sea levels could make storm surge during hurricanes worse. A new study projects the amount of private property on Florida coasts that floods at high tide could climb by $69 billion by 2030, rising to $152 billion by 2050.". MARSHA HALPER Miami Herald Staff Read more here:
William Perrigo (Germany (U.S. Citizen))
“projections” ... good word ... over-used word, that finds itself constantly being pushed into the future.
Wang An Shih (Savannah)
As his motorcade made its way through twisty, snow-covered streets to the Davos Congress Centre, a group of nine Swiss tenors entertained the crowd with a version of “Ranz des vaches,” a mellifluous song for calling home cows. Let's not insult our bovine brethren. The lyrics of Stupid and Shallow by the Futureheads are more apropos.
John M (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Three and a half years he and his party have wasted, while doing nothing about our environment. Disgraceful and unacceptable. Vote and do everything you can to get your friends to vote in November.
KJ (Tennessee)
Jovial? If only the Constitution had called for mandatory drug and mental health testing for senior elected officials. It's just one more way they failed to even remotely consider the possibility of a sociopathic carnival barker becoming president.
furnmtz (Oregon)
Nice that Trump is off hobnobbing with family members and the very rich people he so adores while the rest of us - including Congress - are here at home suffering through another one of his many catastrophes that include: 1. Bankruptcies 2. Divorces 3. Scandalous relationships 4. Fraudulent enterprises 5. Lawsuits 6. Conspiracy theories 7. Multiple investigations 8. Impeachment Most of us - yes, the majority - are sick and tired of having every single news cycle dominated by this despicable man's constant need of attention.
Sendan (Manhattan side)
Trump in another one of his vain pursuits goes overseas to boost about himself before the gilded elite at the World Economic Forum and a seventeen year old courageous and brilliant activist who’s message is far more important and superior to anything Trump the so-called leader has to say. Trump in total disregard to the truth opens his speech before the Worlds elites with a lie: “America’s economy was in a rather dismal state....Before my presidency began, the outlook for many economies was bleak.” Gage me. Trump is a liar. That’s not true. President Obama brought us back from the brink of the Great Recession and got the US economy back on track. Trump has forced a tiered zombie economy: vast numbers of people have to work two to three jobs, bankruptcies are up, manufacturing has been trashed, tariffs have choked off real expansion and cost tons of jobs and higher prices. Medical cost are skyrocketing. We have a perverted rate on housing cost and a shortage that has reached crisis levels. The nations debt is unattainable. Tons of small businesses have folded. And the poor get poorer. Yet the Rich, corporations got billions in tax gifts and wealthier and we got stuck with a sinful trillion dollar military budget. And don’t forget that Trump has the worst foreign policy record with the worst rate of success ever. But the liar has money to make and some swampland to sell as he beats his flabby chest and stokes his sloppy ego and our world burns fast. It’s a Perfect Call!
Louis Smith (Land of Lincoln)
Just like a mob boss. Glad-handing with the rich and famous in Davos while leaving his high-paid lawyers, handlers, sycophants, and bagmen to clean up the latest mess. If there was any doubt whether he would take the impeachment process seriously, well, we have our answer. What a disgusting and blatant disregard for our country, our Constitution and our democratic norms. November cannot come soon enough.
James (St. Paul, MN.)
The lying, cheating, racist, proudly ignorant man with multiple bankruptcies is sufficiently un-self-aware to believe he has a lot to teach the world at Davos. We can imagine all of the world's most respected business leaders waiting with bated breath to hear the profound wisdom of the Donald....
Deirdre (New Jersey)
Sometimes I dream that Donald Trump is Humpty Dumpty.
Kathleen Hutnik (Bethlehem, PA)
Why is he invited? He should be ignored and isolated.
operacoach (San Francisco)
How long will we have to endure this Charlatan?
At last Trump has been accepted by the 1% along with his "kids" Jared and Ivanka Grifter. They had no choice as Trump like a bull in china shop made his way in on the backs of his cult who think he is fighting for them. THe CEOS'S and 1% crowd made a fortune on the tax cuts the gop rammed thru s their companies bought back stock and inflating the stock prices and bonuses they get which was not based on their performance. Trump who lived in a glitzy 5th ave triplex in bldg with his name on it now living in his private resort surrounded by sycophants who find out about national security and big biz issues before congress does. It seems it worth$200,000 to get insider tips tax cuts and special deals. for cronies. Trump if re-elected will rule as a dictator supported by Barr and McCOnnell and will go after any opponent with the immense power of the presidency. Trump will work with Putin on his re-election and end sanctions or the gop will feel his wrath and that of his cult if the deny him pleasing the love of his life putin.
Tentoesover (Virginia)
I'm afraid Lady Liberty will be replaced with tRumps face, her torch with a dollar sign, and trump will carve on her base, "Let them eat cake!
Phyliss Dalmatian (Wichita, Kansas)
Enjoy yourselves, boys. We’re coming for you. November.
Jay Buoy (Perth W.A)
When the gaslighting buffoon starts to meander on about how he should have bought shares but he can't because he's President you just know that he's in phase one or two of his market manipulation scheme. His only goal is his own enrichment..
T J Jones (London, Ont.)
I am surprised that Trump is outside the U.S., he could be a flight risk.
Jack (London)
Statements that reflect his high level of Guilt .
Melbourne Town (Melbourne, Australia)
Somewhat ironic the President calling climate change scientists "Prophets of Doom" as he panders to evangelical Christians who follow an unequivocal doomsday cult.
Sterling (Brooklyn, NY)
The Times should point out that the President didn’t sell anything when he took office. Sad to see the Times complicit in Trump’s lies.
R2D2 (NYC)
More coverage of Greta; Less for Quacked out Trump
William Perrigo (Germany (U.S. Citizen))
@R2D2 — more coverage of Greta’s handlers; they act like Ninjas but look like cowards.
debating union (US)
Trump is such a liar. Under his administration, the national debt has increased as never before. This is not a debt which Trump owns, we own it, and our children, their children and their descendants will be saddled with it and will have to pay the interest and the principal on it. Through his coercion of the Federal Reserve Bank, Trump has ensured that the next recession, the inevitable consequence of his rule, will in fact be a depression, because the Bank will have insufficient reserves to influence the recession. All this has been accomplished in only three years. In reality, Trump and his cronies, in the best traditions of piracy, have plundered the national purse for the enrichment of themselves and their ilk. Trump has been an abject failure as guardian of the national finances and the interests of the American people. This is the truth which should be paraded in Davos, not the blustering lies which Trump has presented.
Marifab (Massachusetts)
Does anyone remember Trumps Inauguration speech ~ talk about "gloom and doom"!!!!
Jean (NJ)
• Pollution and climate change: worse • Deficit and debt: much much worse • Trade relations: worse • Southern border situation: worse • Healthcare: worse • Diplomatic relations with allies: worse • US political & financial divide: worse But hey, how about that stock market!
Armo (San Francisco)
My thoughts: The man should be in a mental institution, not the leader of the free world.
Mark (Tennessee)
“Sympathy for the Devil” Really? I've never seen that. I've seen him use "Can't Always Get What You Want" but SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL?? Really?!?
M (CA)
Trump wins again and proves all the liberal doomsayers wrong. Love this president!
Martin Del Conte (New York)
Note for future historians : we know Donald Trump is a clown. We just don’t seem to be able to remove him.
Ottercliff (Boston)
At least he didn't ask them to change the name from Davos to Trumpos.
Becca Helen (Gulf of Mexico)
So Ridiculous...."Perennial prophets of doom"! Stephen Miller, the so called speech writer, must think it's a valid statement because he used alliteration. Where's Deutsche Bank, are they too busy with money laundering scandals to attend? One last observation, that Ian Bremmer from Eurasia Group sounds like another who may evoke the sounds of "Sympathy for the Devil," upon entering a room. Now, I must go bathe. The dross of this Davos coven has made me feel dirty.
Yeah (Chicago)
Well, it couldn’t be more obvious that the Davos forum isn’t about the world’s economy but the worlds wealthiest and their interests.
ubique (NY)
“It’s interesting to hear Mike Bloomberg saying he would fund Bernie Sanders’s campaign if he won the nomination. Very few people here would say that.” Yes, Mr. Bremmer, it is interesting to hear that there is at least one American billionaire who doesn’t use philanthropy as a guise for the most self-congratulatory form of tax write-off conceivable. I would even go a step further, and add that we’re living through some interesting times.
Javaforce (California)
I’m with Greta about the need to take on climate change now. I imagine that climate change deniers are like people who believed that the world is flat despite all evidence to the contrary.
here, there (and anywhere)
I don't think I have had a more disappointing day then today! There should be a moment of silence for the deaths of decency, honor and truth!
Ben (Florida)
Russia is probably the only country in the world which actually does want global temperatures to rise dramatically. That’s why they are investing so heavily in the Arctic. Melting sea ice means new trade routes and warmer temperatures makes Siberia more inhabitable. Its a win-win for them. Just not the rest of the world. No wonder we have so much propaganda on the right against climate change legislation. No wonder Trump thinks it’s a hoax.
Erik (Westchester)
"Mr. Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Accord, and his administration has expanded the use of coal, played down concerns about climate change and rolled back environmental protections." Except here is the truth: "Coal power in the United States accounted for 39% of the country's electricity production at utility-scale facilities in 2014, 33% in 2015, 30.4% in 2016, 30.0% in 2017, and 27.4% in 2018."
MorningInSeattle (Guess Where)
And here’s the real real truth, I went to double-check your numbers, but the government has taken down the website. Nice move. Outta sight, outta mind. We both know if coal use is down it’s because there are better, or cheaper, sources. The fact that he relaxed the regs did not cause usage to go down. Apparently, no one is going to tell coal miners that regardless of regulation coal mining is an anachronism.
Erik (Westchester)
@MorningInSeattle No need for regulations. There is a voluntary movement from coal to natural gas. The article says coal percentage of electricity generation has fallen. The info is wrong.
Paul (Canada)
Why shouldn't he feel secure? McConnell and the rest of the cabal of Republicans are ensuring there is no fair trial. The US is a joke but a very serious one. It has been allowed by the world to grow a military unlike any before seen on the face of the earth and yet it is under the control of an unstable moron backed by a political party that allows him to do whatever he wishes. He cheats on elections and America is fine with it. Americans should be in the streets with pitchforks and instead they simply acquiesce to this reality tv "star".
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@Paul Yes I just watched the vote to table the Dem amendment which is not outright disqualification of witnesses and documents but it puts it on the back burner giving the Grand Old Politburo Kremlin toadies to solidify the obstruction later. Its unbelievable. They are betraying your wonderful democracy all because they are afraid of an imbecelic tweet.
Ed Mahala (New York)
A complete and utter national disgrace. The laughing stock of the world. Denying global warming science is not intelligent. It makes him an even larger fool.
Jerry Davenport (New York)
Laughing stock, yup I’m laughing all the way to my retirement in stock market gains.
Rebecca (New York)
@Jerry Davenport I hope you are smart in your portfolio management AND have an understanding of how quickly equities gains can erode in a downturn, as they are a clear risk-on investment. Do you really not remember 2008? This is not to say you should not be in equities, of course. But your talk of "retirement in stock market gains" seems kind of naive, particularly if you have decades to go before you actually retire. A correction or even bear market are a given reality in that stretch of time, no matter who is president, so I just hope you are prepared. Your remark just has the air of irrational exuberance that should make any smart investor a bit nervous if it becomes too prevalent (it's kind of "toppy talk," and can be a contrarian indicator).
Maine Islands (Friendhip, ME)
The stock market is up only because there is so much cash among the wealthiest with no where to go. But they can move their money in and out in a blink, leaving retirement funds suddenly in losses, while most Americans aren't making living was wages or enough to save for retirement. Thinking only of yourself will ultimately bring the US down. It's happened to every empire in human history.
American2020 (USA)
When Greta said our house is still on fire, she was right. The chief arsonist just made an idiotic speech at DAVOS. Trump is the biggest embarrassment, bar none.
MDCooks8 (West of the Hudson)
The Adam Schiff show is boring, but that's what the NYT covers...
Inall (Fairness)
If DJT is similarly a “show”, the show will be cancelled.
JA (Mi)
I don't like Bernie at all but the rich idiots at Davos makes it clear why there are so many rabid Bernie supporters- and you can't blame them. it's like none of them ever learned a single thing from Louis' and Marie's demise.
KBronson (Louisiana)
@JA Given the 9 figure death toll of socialism since 1917, yes I most definitely blame anyone vile enough or deliberately ignorant enough to support Sanders or any other socialist. It is no mere ordinary ignorance that allows such civic malfeasance.
Lew Fournier (Kitchener)
What a godawful embarrassment your president is. If nothing else he's a reason to ditch the electoral college. A teenager with a grasp of science totally outshone your anti-science, illogical and bullying Commander in Chief.
Robert Schmid (Marrakech)
The rest of the world must think we are crazy to have elected an idiot as president.
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@Robert Schmid No. I don't think you are crazy. I think Donald John is. Actually Americans are victims of Russian interference. One loose cannon does not make America less great. It's a wonderful country. You have such amazing and principled people like the late Aretha Franklin, MLK, Elijah Cummings and conservatives among them too like David Jolly and Joe Scarborough- all great Americans. When I think of America I think of Aretha Franklin not Donald Trump. BTW if DJT said he was a better singer than Aretha, his lemmings would believe it and start chanting it at rallies. They have no R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Futbolistaviva (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)
Trump's guilty and he's too stupid and a malignant narcissist to realize it. Trump's been a grifter and con artist his entire life. Let's hope 4 GOP Senators vote for witness testimony and relevant documents to be admitted. Then let's hope 20 GOP Senators vote to convict and rid America of this this cancerous, toxic, wannabe mobster masquerading as President. Waiting until November's election might be too late.
Trump is too ignorant and arrogant to realize that the entire world is laughing at him. All those rich folks at Davos have always known that he's a con man and a clown.
CA Reader (California)
@POP But why do they then 'listen' to him? Hypocrites, all.
Steve Bolger (New York City)
If the US doesn't rectify Senate malapportionment and abolish the Electoral College voter vaporizing system as well, it will probably never recover from Trump.
Erik (Westchester)
When your chief spokesperson is a 17-year-old girl who apparently does not go to school and reads from material that is given to her, there is a big problem. The other problem? None of the predictions made in 2000 about what would happen in 2020 came true. And the 2010 prediction that Glacier National Park would have no glaciers by 2020? Oops. Now doomsday is 2030. I'm not sweating it. And to the best of my knowledge, Miami Beach real estate is as hot as ever.
I have had it (observing)
Why is data showing earth warmer. Why are glaciers drying up. Could be normal. Could be us. Could be combined.
winchestereast (usa)
@Erik Fortune 4/21/2018 David Morris "Work by Harvard researchers published last week and highlighted by the Wall Street Journal finds that, after accounting for an array of other factors, home prices have appreciated more slowly in lower-lying areas of Miami-Dade County, particularly Miami Beach. A broader study using data from Zillow, still under peer review, found that properties exposed to rising sea levels sell at a 7% discount to comparable properties not subject to climate-related risk."
Maine Islands (Friendhip, ME)
Living in la la land! When have you ever been aware of the natural environment and gotten information besides FOX. Kids crossing the continent in covered wagons in the 1800s were more observant, intellectually curious, history literate, vocabulary rich and articulate than most American adults today.
ghsalb (Albany NY)
" songs that typically precede Mr. Trump’s entrance onstage, like ...'Sympathy for the Devil'” Makes sense to me. Among other crimes against humanity, Trump is doing everything possible to wreak the entire planet's climate for centuries to come. If that's not devilish I don't know what is.
Marge Keller (Midwest)
Trump can run all he wants to a glitzy Alpine village in Davos, Switzerland. But he can't hide. And he certainly cannot hide from the truth.
KBronson (Louisiana)
@Marge Keller m Where can you find that truth? Certainly not in the biased news media.
Marge Keller (Midwest)
@KBronson But what news media ISN'T biased? Those days of Walter Cronkite in which he truly reported just the news are long, long gone. I look for some semblance of balanced news at the very least, which is way I read other publicans in addition to the NYT and the Washington Post.
KBronson (Louisiana)
@Marge Keller You are right. We have to seek our own balance. That means reading sources that we know are biased, trying to analyze it and find the truth in there knowing that even then what we decide to believe is true often is not. In some matters of the public’s business in which I have personally been involved, not only do the journalists and bloggers get the wrong story, but the major decision makers as well. Sometimes in matters involving hundreds of millions of dollars and human lives, fewer than a half dozen people have the actual facts. And these are not matters of national security. Epistemological humility is always called for.
Sidito (South Austin)
Dismal standards for attendance if they let the Trumps in.
Ken (St. Louis)
The Joke of the Day: The Profit of Deceit calling honorable lawmakers Profits of Doom (Excuse me, I need a glass of water; I'm choking on laughter!)
Marge Keller (Midwest)
It really doesn't matter what country Trump eludes to during the these impeachment proceedings for the stain of being impeachment on December 18, 2019, is permanent, and no conference, no country, nor a "glitzy Alpine village" will ever change or erase that fact. The only person Trump is attempting to fool is himself.
Mary Ann (Phoenix)
Only at such a gathering of the world's richest who don't come close to representing the people of their respective countries would trump be welcomed and schmoozed. trump thrives among this group of sycophants. But he can feign indifference all he wants to the impeachment debacle in full swing back home as he takes to the podium with his nauseating self-promotion—that scarlet letter "I" is still there for all to see.
printer (sf)
Can this be an accurate read on the response to DT at Davos? The writer suggests all his transgressions are waved away with a chuckle by the notoriously kind of smart attendees. Unreliable narrator? Mystified.
Ben (Florida)
Uberrich globalist greedheads love Trump. He gives them the tax breaks and deregulation which is all they really care about. Trump is a president who benefits only the very elite.
RS (Missouri)
Trumpian speech indeed!! I don't think JFK or even Ronald Regan could have done better. I'm sure Greta Thunberg is sitting at home now thinking about how she can emulate the great one.
Jerry Farnsworth (Camden NY)
Flanked in the background as it were (for some obscure but costly reason) by our own Barbie and Ken - Ivanka and Jerrod - BOTUS (Bloviator of the US) gasses forth to our not merely national but international embarrassment.
George Boes (Purdue University)
No one at Davos - perhaps no one anywhere - accepts what Trump says because of his autocratic and disrespectful behavior. He is a laughing stock Unfortunately. he is a dangerous laughing stock. What to do about that is still more dangerous, as Trump divides everyone at home and abroad. The recent confrontation with Iran, where Trump set the fire and then played firefighter, is but one example of the danger the international community faces every day the man is in the White House.
Robb R. Baron (Washington D.C.)
This country desperately needs a leader.
KBronson (Louisiana)
@Robb R. Baron No. We are a free people who need to left along to live our lives going off in every direction according to our own individual conscience. We do not need a leader to follow. We need a court jester to pull the crowns off of that class of persons who would be our leaders and masters and trick them into opening themselves up to the contempt and ridicule that they deserve. Trump is that jester provocateur.
Michael (Birmingham)
It's not hard to understand how a poised, intelligent teen-ager could get the goat of a 75-year old with the mental age of (maybe) a second-grader who's barely able to read at grade level.
Bear Lass (Colorado)
Jovial..... right, uh huh. Sure thing. He is fooling no one. He is a reality TV actor. It's all pretend. Not a real person. We know and they know he is seething inside. Good. I've listened to hours of the impeachment proceedings so far and no one has even remotely tried to defend Trump and his "perfect" phone call. I only wish that the Republican Senators were willing to stand on the side of what's right for our country. Instead they stand in fear of Trump and jump through McConnell's hoops like trained dogs . All the Republicans with any honor or morality left the Senate or died.
Miller (Portland OR)
World Economic Forum. Or Greedapalooza. So, a meeting celebrating the most corrosive force known to humankind. To save our planet and stop dangerous inequity will require sacrifice, a topic I'm sure never came up in Davos.
Oliver Graham (Boston)
Was / is there a golf course conveniently on the way to/from Davos?
Red Tree Hill (NYland)
Meh. Red meat for his supporters that deal in feel facts. He tells them whatever they want to believe which is always the easiest, convenient, least accountable, and most selfish option.
fast/furious (Washington, DC)
How many attendees are mocking Trump behind his back and rolling their eyes at Ivanka?
ehillesum (michigan)
Did President Obama ever schmooze with the folks at Davos? He almost certainly did. But I don’t recall purported news stories describing it as schmoozing. Do you not see how subtly and sometimes not so subtly journalistic integrity is being compromised? The old movie Broadcast News does a really good job of showing just how easily it can be lost.
Ben (Florida)
Obama could relate to everybody in everyday conversation. He would talk to all kinds of people everywhere he went. Trump, on the other hand, is only affable when he’s with his fellow billionaires. He is driven by greed in every aspect of his behavior. Thus the snake-oil salesman “schmoozes” while the Constitutional law professor did not.
MorningInSeattle (Guess Where)
Obama comparison again? Give it up. It’s really tiresome. All presidents are criticized and Trump receives neither more than any of the others nor more than he dished out.
V.K. (California)
There are two comments I would make: Rename the "World economic forum" to "World Climate Forum" and let the generation speak who is directly effected by the policies imposed by people from "yesterday". Move that forum at a place that is directly effected by Climate Change! Impeach the current president because he is willingly and knowingly exposing the the entire nation (and the world) to a hazard that is called "Climate Change" - human made "Climate Change". Every day counts now! We must change, we must develop new economic models which encourage an emission free economy. Looking at Davos seems like looking, at best, at a bad joke.
Blackmamba (Il)
The man who inherited his wealth from his daddy has no authority nor experience to speak at an international economics forum. A man with no scientific educational nor experience background is incapable of discussing climate change. A man who is an international joke and pariah claiming to act solely on behalf of himself and his country first has no place at a mulilateral multilevel economics forum. A man who is not the CEO of any major private American business can't take credit for any jobs creation. Other than that this is perfect visit to Davos.
VisaVixen (Florida)
Nothing is more emblematic of Davos irrelevancy than Trump and familia squatting on the taxpayer dime in a vain attempt to pretend he is not impeached.
David (Oak Lawn)
Trump blames the messenger. When in fact Trump is a cultivator of doom. He has a way of destroying everything he touches. His strategies are heedless of reason and caution. He has little curiosity or interest in learning new things. The only way he knows to respond to situations is to antagonize and threaten. That is the definition of doom. His knowledge of the real situation on the ground is miniscule. He doesn't understand how he inspires danger and risk. And because of his ignorance of the effects of his own actions, he makes doom more likely.
Steve (Seattle)
Trump knows that the trial has been rigged in his favor, trump will get his due in November.
Adan Schwartz (San Francisco)
Apparently one continent on fire is not enough to concern Trump. History will not be kind.
D.j.j.k. (south Delaware)
Our disgraced profoundly immoral Trump is on his last days. The constitutional scholars said he is guilty and his lawyers need to be in jail for spreading nonsense theories. He colluded with Russia and now Ukraine . It is a serious charge and which he needs to be removed from office now. I would like to see war crime charges added to these for his killing all airline people . He was an accessory . If he did not start trouble with Iran they would all be alive today.
YogaGal (San Diego, CA)
With 4 more years of him, profits are doomed.
Bronx Jon (NYC)
Can we threaten to withhold aid to Switzerland unless they agree to keep him there?
EGD (California)
Great speech. He’s getting close to tolerable at this point. As for the perpetual malcontents among his opponents, they’re still insufferable.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
@EGD Sounds like your bar is now on the ground. lol.
Sparky (NYC)
I would be jovial, too, if I knew my impeachment trial were rigged to exonerate me.
pt (ga)
Of course, the great economy is all due ro Trump. The massive deficit will be someone else's fault.
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@pt Great because America is in the final stages of a brilliantly conducted 10 year recovery- brilliant until the tariffs. The Trumpists well blame the Left when they can't get back markets for the farmers that big Donny trampled on with tissue encrusted jackboots.
Fred (Bayside)
NOT Sympathy for the Devil- which would be even weirder- but Salt of the Earth- which is offensive & I don't understand why the Stones don't stop it.
denise falcone (nyc)
Here we see the determination and the renewed aggression by what Carlo Levi called in Italy under the fascists, luigini, continuing to spin their webs of privilege and self-interest. A luigino is a political lackey who inflicts cruel treatment on the poor and weak, while fawning upon the wealthy and powerful. From this kind of enthusiasm for economic growth we are starting to see the progressive decay under these corrupt politics, the hasty and ignorant mentality of the dollar. Guess what? Money isn’t everything and we will soon find out.
John Chastain (Michigan)
The Trump trolls are out in force, hiding behind silly names and questionable locations. Also lots of bad grammar. Wonder if Trump will have one of his secret meetings with Putin while he’s making America not so great again. Bet he and his cronies will be better at collusion this time around. First time his campaign was too incompetent to figure out how to successfully conspire with Russia’s undermining of the election. But that was okay, Putin & company did fine & helped elect him anyway. This time around he’s got Mitch to help him as well.
Mikeyz (Boston)
Greta makes an impassioned plea of common sense and Trump does his usual smoke and mirrors snake oil pitch. Granted, it's to the bloated rich; but c'mon! All we can do is vote this destroyer out of office. VOTE 2020
Debra (Chicago)
Why is Trump so jovial? He thinks the Senate impeachment trial will disgust so many Democrats that they won't bother to vote? He thinks Democrats will be so disgusted that they'll vote for Bernie, maybe someone less "electable"? He is happy it will be over soon and he can declare victory? He has confidence that the hacking operation will deliver the marginal states again?
M (US)
Does President Trump not want to watch what may well be a sham process-- NOT A FAIR TRIAL-- planned by 'Midnight Mitch' to cover up presidential aims and actions in the Ukraine scandal? Why has this impeached president REFUSED witnesses and BLOCKED documents to exonerate him from charges of violating America's Constitution?
solar farmer (Connecticut)
I am looking forward to reading future news articles that reference 'former president' Trump.
Edgar (NM)
Typical me, me, me speech.....dismal Obama....etc. etc. Nothing new but his appeal to the rich. "These people! You have to keep after them all the time." (M. Wilson, The Great Gatsby, S. Fitzgerald) That's Trump...scolding us all the time to remind us over and over again how much better he is than anyone else and how dare anyone say differently.
Steve Kennedy (Deer Park, Texas)
"His speech also included inflated or false claims ... Mr. Trump grilled corporate leaders about whether they liked his speech ... Mr. Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Accord ... The president mocked Ms. Thunberg after she was chosen last month as Time magazine’s Person of the Year. 'So ridiculous,' he tweeted ... " The man is a disgrace. "Mr. Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City who is running for president, has said he is open to spending $1 billion to defeat Mr. Trump, whoever emerges as the Democratic nominee." Sounds good to this Independent voter.
cafephilo0 (RI)
“[Trump] announced that the United States would join an initiative to plant a trillion trees that was launched at the event” — roughly equivalent to the number of lies he has perpetrated since taking office.
Michael (Maryland)
So, the billionaires at Davos are nice to Trump (especially the right wing US ones) after his tax breaks for them and destroying regulations on the environment, etc. so that they can reap more profits. But most of the attendees mock him behind his back and know he's an ignorant populist demagogue of no substance at all. Greta Thunberg, at 17, knows a lot more than Trump does in his 70s!
Mike B (Ridgewood, NJ)
I wish the NYT would stop referring to the "impeachment trial." The impeachment is past. This is a criminal trial. The Constitution is clear--it recites: "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors." Treason and bribery are crimes. A misdemeanor is a "low crime," -- a crime nonetheless. The president is on trial for alleged criminal acts. This is the criminal trial of Donald John Trump, president of the United States.
HRW (Boston, MA)
Do the most powerful executives in the world really put credence into what Trump has to say? The Davos particpants are highly educated people who run major private organizations. Trump's a sideshow barker who inherited a lot of money and real estate. That doesn't make him a business genius. He boasts and bloviates and supports conspiracy theories. He is an embarrassment.
Bill (Germany)
More the „Prophets of Doom“ he seems worried about the „Doom of his Profits.“
winchestereast (usa)
"Buyers connected to Russia or former Soviet republics made 86 all-cash sales — nearly $109 million — at 10 Trump-branded properties in South Florida and …" Money laundering investigations follow American President to Davos, where the impeached leader greets billionaires and industry moguls while, at home, Senators squabble over Impeached leaders attempt to leverage $400,000,000 in foreign aid for help in 2020 election.
Cleareye (Hollywood)
We have less than a year to suffer the presence of this bogus "president." The count down is 364!
all-about-mindset (Germany)
Mr. T. did not stage a meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine in Davos. Why: because his son in law most likely does it or has done it.
Walter Ingram (Western MD)
I'm sure Trump is really beaming now. We all knew the fix was in, but we held out the slightest hope, the Senate would do it's sworn duty. Now, all is lost, as the Senate voted along straight party lines to disallow any new evidence that would be relevant to the impeachment. This country is in very serious trouble.
Phil (Brentwood)
The USA under Trump is doing extremely well. Our economy is the envy of the world -- 3.4% unemployment. Wow! Trump has every right to talk about the economic boom and the number of Americans working. Trump took the initiative to negotiate better trade deals for the USA. If other leaders don't do the same for their countries, they should be voted out.
G Rayns (London)
". Our economy is the envy of the world.." And one that condemns millions to poverty while billionaires flourish, which is unique in the OECD for denying many millions health security, and which wastes billions on arms but ignores the need to tackle climate change (and which is going to place even the President's Florida property on deep water. If not worse...)
I have had it (observing)
Business is holding back on the cash. While unemployment is down due to health care and service industry manufacturing and innovation is down.
Dan (Sandy, Ut)
@Phil Nonsense. Those grand trade deals are not quite what they appear to be and the economy can be attributed to the guy Trump dislikes-not because that guy is smart. There is something else....
Jeff (Sacramento)
There just seems to be something fraudulent about our “booming” economy which depends on tax cuts to the wealthy, suppressed interest rates and huge deficits which are unlikely to be sustained. Meanwhile our overlords at Davos make their money through financial manipulation and speculation while underinvesting in business. How long can this last?
Turgut Dincer (Chicago)
I am amazed that so many people still see real cause of our problem. It is the deprecated electoral system no other nation has which leads inept people to be elected as our presidents. Trump hopefully will go but we can have other Trumps in the future.
EGD (California)
@Turgut Dincer Ah, yes, the electoral process as set down in our pesky Constitution. Such an impediment to permanent rule by geniuses like the Clintons and Obamas, huh...
D.j.j.k. (south Delaware)
If the economy is so good why are most of the GOP red states only at 5.25 cents an hour and won’t budge to give there working poor a living wage of 15.00 per hour. Pure GOP greed the owners and corporations got all the welfare to the rich tax breaks and the workers nothing but more GOP laws to fire them easier.
EGD (California)
@D.j.j.k. Why should a one-size-fits-all wage be applicable in Biloxi and Burbank? Costs of living in each are dramatically different.
Shamrock (Westfield)
@D.j.j.k. The economy is terrible. At the same time, it’s never been better. Facts don’t lie.
Steve Mason (Ramsey NJ)
The GOP is good at greed. And tax cuts for the wealthy, cheating at elections, disenfranchising voters, gerrymandering, and making sure they keep their jobs with it’s inherent power.
Bernie Sanders Libertarian (Boulder, CO)
Well, you have to admit, once you remove emotions from the discussion, climate change is pretty thin. Should one choose the anthropogenic route, China, who’s building one coal plant a day, shoulders the burden. We should probably consider reframing climate change as Chinaprogenic and get Greta over there for a little Kung Pao Xi.
Mels (Oakland)
@Bernie Sanders Libertarian The US emits the most greenhouse gas. It went up last year under tRump.
Walter Ingram (Western MD)
@Bernie Sanders Libertarian China is leading the world in solar energy and it's production. We are being left behind.
Mandylouwho (UK)
I regularly read sentences in the press these days that align the U.S. with China, Russia and Brazil in relation to climate change in particular but also in other areas. Every time I do a double take. This would have been unthinkable a decade ago.
George (Fla)
@Mandylouwho No, just 3 years ago!
Stefan Ackerman (Brooklyn)
Trump added more than a trillion dollars to the nation's debt - a debt he promised to cut in half his first two years in office. So much for the best economy ever!
Shane Lynch (New Zealand)
@Stefan Ackerman It's the best economy ever as far as he's concerned - at least for him, and that's all that really counts as far as he's concerned. His concern goes no further than himself and maybe his family who all benefited bigly from the tax cuts. He would have made a small fortune along with his many "friends" and political contributors. "These are the best tax cuts in the history of tax cuts. The best, none better. Probably, maybe, well we'll see, I don't know. But they are the best. Obama couldn't give tax cuts like these but I did. I alone made this happen. Now all bow before me"
EGD (California)
@Stefan Ackerman Sure. As did the sainted Barack Obama. But you can sure the moment Republicans start cutting spending to lower deficits Democrats will start screaming ‘austerity!’
George (Fla)
@Shane Lynch Can’t bow, I’m laughing to hard. Btw What stocks was he forced to sell?
mlbex (California)
You can bet they're discussing the fact that every country that has tried to lower fuel use by removing subsidies and raising prices in the last 5 years has faced protests and riots, and been forced to retract the price increases. The modern world cannot run without cheap fuel. Do you think the Davoistas have a plan for that? Can they change the way the world runs, or find another form of cheap fuel that doesn't add C02 to the atmosphere?
Captain Nemo (On the Nautilus)
Not as long as they are switching off nuclear power plants. There is no workable solution without nuclear.
Erica Blair (Oregon)
@Captain Nemo Before you commit to your position, take a look at the film "Chernobyl." The aftermath of this nuclear catastrophe, among others, will continue to poison our planet for thousands of years. And kill millions of people, not necessarily quickly.
George (Fla)
@Captain Nemo Sent the spent fuel too the unfit stable genius!
Steven (Sydney)
Well thought out speech. He is a credit to his nation. It just goes to show that after all the fear mongering he is not that bad after all. Now we can look forward to another 4 great years with Trump at the helm.
Cathlynn Groh (Santa fe, New Mexico)
@Steven nope..just nope. Talking to a bunch of billionaires about how well they’re all doing is utterly tone deaf. The lives of “regular folks” in the US is the same or worse than it has ever been. Working people in American have gotten nothing from this absurdity of a “president”.
Cousin Greg (Waystar Royco)
Yeah, white nationalism is OK as long as the market’s up, right?
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@Cousin Greg And the market being up will not really affect ordinary people. The very stable genius said Obama's good employment numbers were fake but we are meant o believe Donald John's numbers. DJT with his history of blatant falsehood. The unemployment numbers do not reflect underemployment and people having to take multiple jobs just to pay their utility bills.
Victor Mark (Birmingham)
Said the President: “Before my presidency began, the outlook for many economies was bleak.” So much myth-making by the President. What does he have to do with lowering the nation's unemployment rate and increasing the stock market? Nothing. But he makes sure that his followers know that he is the Great Leader who makes it happen. And uncritical followers swallow this.
Marge Keller (Midwest)
@Victor Mark I agree. I am reminded of that Jackson Browne tune, "The Pretender". Sure fits this guy to a T or should I make that a small t.
Heather Watson (California)
@Victor Mark myth making=lying
Marge Keller (Midwest)
For a guy who continues to claim that global warming is one giant hoax, will he truly allow the US to "join an initiative to plant a trillion trees"? In Australia, approximately "16 million acres have burned in New South Wales and Victoria (an area about the size of West Virginia). Millions more acres have burned in other parts of the country." Trump is well known for making false and half-empty claims all too often. It would be a breath of fresh air if he kept this one promise.
Yuri Pelham (Bronx)
Don’t forget the Amazon. There’s only one sure way to see if climate scientists are correct in their assessment. Continue with fossil fuel and monitor the results. My family is able to afford moving to a safe zone in case the predictions are accurate.
IKNEWIT (Central Coast)
@Yuri And what about the millions who don't have your privilege to move? You're smugness is ugly.
Captain Nemo (On the Nautilus)
Cut the “half”!
Open minded (London)
On climate change and climate change alone he is right. The Dems should not fight the election on climate change- they would lose and probably deserve to. The bit about the doomsdayer being the airs of previous ones, was his best ever line ( wonder who wrote it). Greta comes out with the grotesque opportunistic " the world is on fire". It's a ridiculous effort to try and link the Australian bushfires to a climate emergency. The link does not work because both in globally and in Australia bushfires are declining. So it is a reverse cause and effect.
Marge Keller (Midwest)
@Open minded With all due respect, over 20 million acres in Australia burned recently. Those fires in this fire season alone have burned about "eight times as much land as the 2018 fires in California, which covered nearly two million acres and were the worst in that state’s recorded history. They are also far larger than the estimates of 2.2 million acres burned by September last year in the Amazon basin, where farmers ignited tens of thousands of fires to clear land." Good grief, the Australian brush fires ARE a climate emergency. "High temperatures, strong winds and dry forests have combined to create the conditions for powerful fires. There have even been blazes in wetlands and rainforests that have not contended with this threat before." The devastation and tragedy that occurred in Australia is NOT a one time fluke. It is only the beginning of conditions worsening with each passing year.
Melbourne Town (Melbourne, Australia)
@Open minded "in Australia bushfires are declining" - that is just plain not true. In the same way that the sky is not purple and the earth is not flat and gravity exists. That kind of not true.
Yuri Pelham (Bronx)
I agree, what’s this “ all due respect”. He deserves contempt.
Deb (Arizona)
No, Donald, the American dream is not "back, alive and well". Unless the grotesque income inequity is addressed in our country, we will continue to lag behind Europe in healthcare, infrastructure, education, and green energy. Our economic system is unsustainable and doomed to fail as have all the societies that ignore the basic needs of it's majority.
Margot LeRoy (Seattle Washington)
I wonder if the giant ego in chief ever realizes that he is merely tolerated and seldom respected by other leaders at these meetings. Sad that our nation is now either the source of pity or contempt to the people who used to be our allies.
JOSEPH (Texas)
All the worlds leaders are intrigued by Trump. Unlike them he doesn’t cower to globalists, instead he represents his country & constituents first. Trump has also revitalized capitalism, letting free markets actually be free markets. Not the normal swamp dwellers getting their children rich with our tax dollars while preaching socialism. Let’s also not forget trade. Everyone doubted what Trump was doing, yet he proved everyone wrong (again) and leveled the playing field. Leaders are noticing and trying to replicated it in their own country. Slowly & surely leaders realize that it’s ok to tell the globalists & progressives NO.
PeteH (MelbourneAU)
No, Trump is more the kind of swamp-dweller whose kids get rich by trading on daddy's presidency. You have realised that's what's happening, right?
Shane Lynch (New Zealand)
@JOSEPH New Zealand has a leader, and we aren't trying to emulate your 'success'. We know the importance of keeping in good with our friends - unlike POTUS who has alienated every Ally you had, and aligned himself with dictators and authoritarians - Saudi Arabia, Putin, North Korea. You can bask in the sun of your wanna be dictator / authoritarian leader, the rest of us are quite happy to wait until he's gone.
Dan (Sandy, Ut)
@JOSEPH The world is possibly more intrigued at us for allowing a carnival barker, a braggart charlatan whose contributions to our country is more debt, more tax relief to the one percent, higher cost of goods due to tariffs, expansion of those cursed socialist programs due to farmer welfare programs due to Trump’s moronic trade wars. I must ask, where are the healthcare promises he made, when will we see lower prescription costs, how about the deficit reduction? You see, everything in your comment is false, fiction with no basis of truth.
Martha Paynter (Boston)
A “partisan squabble”? That’s a strange way to describe perhaps the most serious constitutional crisis this country has faced.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
Trump's first speech after being elected was about "American Carnage" so he is Mr. Doom. Greta is simply a realist putting up with our fantasyland-based president. The BBC has already tattered his Davos unicorn speech by shining facts on it. Trump simply tries to take credit for Obama's recovery, ignore Clinton's SURPLUS (imagine that with Trump's 2 trillion debt, and counting), and an economy that is not lifting all boats but certainly is lifting all yachts. Keep him over there, Switzerland.
Amanda Bonner (New Jersey)
@Kay Johnson And yesterday the weasel who is Secretary of the Treasury announced a new government bond issue -- reason -- the two trillion debt that Trump keeps ratcheting upward. Making America Bankrupt as quickly as the grubby lying criminal can.
Fred (Switzerland)
@Kay Johnson No Thanks ! You broke it, you own it.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
@Fred I wouldnt really wish him on y'all. Believe it or not the majority of America did not vote for this fraud.
Concerned Mother (New York Newyork)
On the BBC this morning, one of the commentators billed this as "Donnie Does Davos." That's the way we're seen now, in the rest of the world.
cynthia (paris)
I listened to Trump's speech. All of it. I wanted to see if he would go off script. He didn't. To hear him talk ; we've all died and gone to heaven, for that's what his version of America is. There's no opioid crisis, no families working more than one job just to make ends meet, no healthcare crisis, no gun problem where mass shootings are just any everyday event, no climate change issues, no infrastructure problem and that's just what comes to mind in 30 seconds. And the rest of the world should take heed and follow America's example. But what was even more sickening than Trump's self-congratulations were the fawning remarks by Klaus Schwab thanking him for "injecting optimism" into the world's dreams. Seriously ?
James (Here there and everywhere)
@Cynthia: Spot-on commentary. We can sum it all up by this: "Strong, the Trumpian Kool-aid is!" (voiced by Yoda)
"Fear and doubt is not a good thought process" he claims; unless, of course, they are the mainstay of your campaign when trying to convince your base that immigrants are "invading".
b fagan (chicago)
@JG - Yeah, kinda hard to inherit a good economy and proclaim "only I can fix it" before hiring every lobbyist and con he could find.
William Thomas (California)
Not surprising that people who attend Davos are happy with trump. He's given them license to get as much as they can without regard to the future of the rest of the population. Trump always has been and always will be about the greed.
Jane Doe (The Morgue)
1. The Clovis people were able to arrive in North America 7000 years ago by navigating waterways made by melting glaciers through Canada. No cars, planes, over population, etc. to melt the glaciers. Also, how did they become extinct? 2. If it weren't for the giant meteor that slammed earth at the time of the dinosaurs, humans wouldn't be here now - at least not in our current format. 3. Meteors can hit earth at any time (as done previously, as well as on the moon, mars, etc.) and have even recently, but luckily not in heavily populated areas. They can be predicted now with modern technology, but no answer to the question, "How do we stop them?" 4. Fires: Duh. CLEAR THE DRY BRUSH REGULARLY. The American Indians did it religiously. 5. The inside of earth is literally a hot mess. 6. The earth's atmosphere and weather conditions have changed often without our help and will continue to do so with or without our interference.
lynchburglady (Oregon)
@Jane Doe Interesting how you totally ignore the earth's changes since the Industrial Revolution. And how fast they are happening, especially compared to previous changes that took thousands of years.
Jane Doe (The Morgue)
@lynchburglady It took one bad day that led to the very swift extinction of the dinosaurs. I don't think it took thousands of years for the Clovis people to become extinct (among others). Before the industrial revolution, fireplaces and caste iron stoves spewed filth into the air. If it ain't one thing, it's another. The squeal from wind turbines may be causing damage to our nervous system, and let us not forget the millions of birds that have been killed by these humming guillotines.
Yuri Pelham (Bronx)
She can’t be reasoned with.
alan (MA)
"Although the economy’s recovery after its plummet was central to President Barack Obama’s legacy, Mr. Trump said that his administration had created a “roaring geyser of opportunity” and proclaimed that “the American dream is back bigger, better and stronger than ever before.” Is that why GDP is down (you'll note that Trump has not touted the GDP for a LOOOOONG time) and nonperforming car loans as well as consumer debt is up?
merc (east amherst, ny)
One statistic you never read about or hear about in regards to the economy Trump was handed when he assumed office: Private sectorJobs created during the George W. Bush Presidency preceeding the Economy Obama inherited: 8 year Total Jobs Created: Negative 500,000 Private Sector Jobs created during the Obama Presidency preceeding the Economy Trump inherited: Eight Year Total Jobs Created 13 Million No where do we ever hear about how initiatives put forth by the Obama Administration were the locomotive for the resurgent economy Trump inherited.
lynchburglady (Oregon)
@merc Oh, we hear about it every once in awhile, but since the really good and growing economy that Obama created was done by a black man, I guess it doesn't count. Trump is pretty sure that he created the economy starting in 2009...that's just the way what passes for Trump's brain works.
James (Here there and everywhere)
@merc: Of course; that would be rather inconvenient for the Republican mindset and propaganda.
Randy Arnold (Chattanooga, TN)
Trump is thrilled to be among the world's 1%. He can now boast, falsely, of his accomplishments without anyone challenging his statements. Good thing many of those at this gathering don't vote in the U.S. Here's hoping more of those in responsible positions listen to Greta Thunberg than the demigod who currently serves as President of the United State.
faivel1 (NY)
@Randy Arnold He was never accepted to any polite society before, no one wanted to be near this vulgarian before now he can force his presence on them, so he is in a way abusing the power of the office.
BearBoy (St Paul, MN)
A brilliant PR move by Trump. By the time he returns to D.C., he will have been found innocent and exonerated by the US Senate. It will be a good homecoming.
Christopher Diggs (USA)
Impeached forever. Not removed and not found guilty do not remove the asterisk.
Ken (St. Louis)
@BearBoy -- yes, a "brilliant PR move" -- by a rogue who's too afraid these days to be seen in his own country.
Reva Cooper (Nyc)
He won’t have been “found” innocent, Republicans have already made up their minds- only because they’re terrified of not being re-elected.
Robert (Seattle)
I'm very disappointed in the DAVOS agenda this year, including what is essentially a sycophantic, election-year invitation to Trump. He proved in his previous appearance that he would just use the forum to market himself and his nationalist, isolationist, non-collaborative views on the world scene--and predictably, that's how he's using this extended photo-op. There's a traditional, cozy tete-a-tete with WEF founder Klaus Schwab, and in that previous appearance, Trump refused even to engage in the softball colloquy, making open mockery of the occasion. Two years ago, DAVOS had a mildly venturesome agenda that in particular focused on the lack of world governance (really a topic that should always be foremost in this open global gathering). This year's approach, though--even with the very noticeable fraying of international agreements--is timid and the opposite of truth-telling to the world's financial (and politically governing) powers. It's embarrassing to see Mr. Schwab's decades of labor in the interest of open world communication descend to this level of mildness and irrelevance.
Bill (Midwest US)
Sure, the faces in the crowd were overjoyed at the American tax exemptions put into their hands by Mr Trump. Global business is awed at Mr Trump's ability to cloak middle class tax increases in the form of tariff penalties paid by American consumers.
john fiva (switzerland)
Watching his "performance" on the nightly news here in switzerland, he didn't seem very jovial. The news commentary described his speech as being an election campaign speech (propaganda). Not low class - no class!
Tom (Canada)
Plays to the US industrial base in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin. Trump is laser focus on these states, while the Democrats are going hard to go from 70%->80% of the California vote - which gives you 4 more years of Trump.
merc (east amherst, ny)
@Tom And what about all those thousands and thousands of 'heavy industry' and 'coal ming jobs' Trump promised, jobs that never materialized? And never can by the way. Automation and lack of infrastructure has guaranteed that.
michjas (Phoenix)
Reporters who tell us that Davos is a welcome respite for Trump are oblivious. Trump has been using impeachment as a tool to win sympathy and support. Real Clear Politics and Five Thirty Eight both show Trump disapproval steady for the year and a slight gain in approval. By expressing outrage, Trump neutralizes the adverse effect of impeachment and benefits slightly. When Trump is at Davos, his protests are largely muted. That is a handicap for him. The reporters simply don't get it. Their spin is contrary to fact.
Davos is such an elitist club. And elitist clubs lead to divided societies. It's precisely this elitist mentality of wanting to feel "important" and "chosen" that creates divisions in societies - of the high class and the rest. And it's precisely the reason why we lost our sight of how much Hillary was unappealing to many rural Americans while Bernie connected with them as well as many others. It's ironic that Trump is now happily joining Davos after winning rural America. I caution all world leaders with democratic minds to not fall for the Davos elitist trap.
writeon1 (Iowa)
When I see Trump addressing an international gathering, my first thought is always the same -- what a class act Obama was. Even when I disagreed with him I was never ashamed to have him represent us. Now I cringe.
Andy (seattle)
Wait - what? "His daughter, Ivanka Trump, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, also worked the room." So - sigh - we're paying to send Ivanka and Jared to schmooze at Davos now? I'm assuming the rest of the Trump crew - Don Jr, Eric, Kimberly and Lara are there as well, probably all having flown there on Air Force One. I want this nightmare over with.
GI Joe (depths of hell)
@Andy Hunter Biden flew over on Air Force Two with his daddy and came back with billions for his hedge fund
Susan (Ashland,Oregon)
I am wondering if Trump actually understands how he sounds and how he is perceived by his audience in Davos.
Ethics 101 (Portland OR)
@Susan I am now wondering if the NYT actually understands it either.
KHW (Seattle)
Why is it that every single time there is a recession or major economic mess, it falls under and occurs when the GOP is in charge? Then, it is Democratic led government that must come in and clean up the mess before the country can get back on track and move forward. The Good Old Putin (GOP) Party wreaks havoc on us all while taking care of their own and themselves leaving a trail of tears, misery, and economic ruin. Geeeez...
Think bout it (Fl)
@KHW ...because what not ours let's make a party of it! It looks like Republicans can't see money there because they have to blow it through lies....
NYChap (Chappaqua)
@KHW Projection doesn't work anymore.
JD Ripper (In the Square States)
@KHW Americans have very short memories.
mikeyh (Poland, OH)
Trump is in Switzerland. If the next few days go bad and Trump is facing a sure impeachment he could easily stay there. He's only a three hour plane trip from Moscow where he and the VP (I don't mean Pence) can have a good time together, talking about the old days. I can dream can't I?
Fred (Switzerland)
@mikeyh A dream for you, a nightmare for us.
Tony (New York City)
@mikeyh They should all go to Russian get the Moscow cheap tower built and enjoy there new surroundings. How is it working out for Mr. Snowden? He hated America because he was a boy genius and now he is with his people.
Steve (Washington)
personally i an both embarrassed and ashamed of yet another international display ignorance and ego. what could have been an opportunity to unite the world was turned into yet another divisive campaign stop.
Robert Schmid (Marrakech)
Trump has never stopped campaigning.
Scott (Los Angeles)
"Seeking a counter to impeachment"? What? There's the impeachment charade, and the president's duties as chief executive.
NYChap (Chappaqua)
Trump is doing what is important for the American people at the World Economic Forum in Davos while the Democrats are wasting everyone's time trying to remove Trump from office before he can be re-elected in November 2020 because they know they can't beat him in a fair election. The impeachment is not very important to those who don't hate Trump already especially since the Democrats do not even have an impeachable offense included in their two very weak unconstitutional articles of impeachment and as a result do not having a real impeachment case against Trump. Once the Democrats stop whining and complaining the trial will rapidly move to an acquittal and this latest hoax being perpetrated by the Democrats will be over.
Reva Cooper (Nyc)
The trial will truly be a “hoax” in the sham way McConnell is conspiring with Trump- and far from bring over, the expected result will provide enormous motivation for the Democrats to turn out and vote in the next election.
Cousin Greg (Waystar Royco)
Admittedly, it’s tough to beat a candidate who is allowed to win with fewer votes, because of affirmative action for rurals. And no one expects Trump supporters to admit or even understand his undeniable commission of impeachable offenses.
Panthiest (U.S.)
Trump is jovial? I'd say more like hysterical.
Michael (Boston, MA)
"Trump Focuses on Economy at Davos, Seeking a Counter to Impeachment" How do you know what Trump is seeking? How do you report that as fact?
Confucius (new york city)
The minute, nay the second, Mr Trump is no longer president, these so-called business titans will drop their sycophancy, claiming to all and sundry they've never set their eyes on him.
Dulcie Leimbach (Brooklyn)
“There are lot of masters of the universe who think he may not be their cup of tea, but he’s been a godsend,” said Mr. Bremmer, of Eurasia Group. What exactly does Bremmer mean by this?
@Dulcie Leimbach It's Ian Bremmer. The man who first used the term "America First" with respect to Trump. Who scooped everyone on how tight Trump and Putin were/are. As a political risk consultant, he merely means that a lot of already rich people made lots of money during the past three years.
H. Clark (Long Island, NY)
Davos — the quintessential shiny object.
Peter Vander Arend (Pasadena, CA)
Everything trump does is always going to circle back to impeachment and how the massive amounts of money have corrupted our political system. The present "bloom" on the United starts economic news is misleading - Trump and his cronies have gutted the progress built for the American middle class and world economy based on import-export shared prosperity. Trump is not "a stable genius" - he is reckless and a narcissist capable of ruining everything. America, all of this will turn badly and then each of us will be very angry that thin-skinned megalomaniac ruined it all, complete with 100% Republican culpability.
RamS (New York)
Wow, Bloomberg saying he would support Sanders to me indicates he's the most serious of them all. I thought he was just another plutocrat but perhaps he has the potential to be our next FDR if he really, honestly believes that. Yeah, this is why Republicans have been conned. Trump ran as a populist but then turned around and went through the same Republican playbook mostly while creating divisions among the people. The people behind him have been relatively smart.
Sherry (Seattle)
If you have a credit card and a lot of chutzpah you can look like you are living like a "king" . That is what trump has done with his tax cuts and blowing up the deficit. It's built on borrowing and at the expense of social programs, the environment and our children's and grandchildren's future. A national disgrace as our his minions, the republican no spine party.
fast/furious (Washington, DC)
Trump can run to Davos but he can't hide.
Joe (Chicago)
His "look over here, everyone" moment isn't going to work this time. Everyone knows your trial is going on, Donald.
Sailorgirl (Florida)
Trump spoke to his true Base. 1 Trillion deficits and growing. Make America Poor again!
American2020 (USA)
@Sailorgirl Thanks for the timely reminder of what America is truly facing-Incredible debt that must be repaid.
teach (western mass)
Can't wait to hear about what the Richerati really have to say about our International Embarrassment. A “roaring geyser of opportunity,” he boasts? Well, he certainly is a roaring geyser--of obvious lies, of pathetic self-promotion, of willful, wanton ignorance. Worldly observers surely wonder whether we have lost our minds and our country has lost its soul. We put a man on the moon. Can't we put this sorry excuse for a human there too?
Mr. Chocolate (New York)
The most disgusting part of all this is the fact that despite the fact that Trump and his henchmen are literally setting the world on fire "a crowd that once rejected Mr. Trump is now more willing to consider him one of its own." As usually money, power and corruption trump everything.
Maureen (philadelphia)
Trump spouting economic mumbo jumbo to Davos fatcats is an obscenity while 6 year old Maddie spends day 209 in Berks County detention. She was shipped from the California border crossing to PA, a case of a now clinically depressed child with a new baby sibling; parents forcibly separated ; writ of habeas corpus and a father anxiously waiting to take her to relatives.. Maddie and her dad crossed the border April 23rd. She is the face of America. A now dishevelled, once happy Guatemalan child cruelly abused by Trump policies. I was a 7 year old immigrant whose Dad's colleagues gave me a bed to sleep in. We have fallen into an abyss.
GI Joe (depths of hell)
@Maureen My family waited 5 years to legally come to America . Why should these people be able to skip the line because they have children that they can't take care of in their third world countries?
Ben (Florida)
@GIJoe: My mom’s family didn’t have to wait to enter the country. They came in through Ellis Island. My dad’s family didn’t have to wait to enter the country either. They came here in 1640 and took whatever land they wanted.
J (The Great Flyover)
The entertainment arrived. For three days only...Dangerfield and Rickles. Remember to tip your servers.
Shame on these so-called creme de la creme business executives and leaders for accepting, even embracing, Trump. That they would rather deal with this corrupt, narcissistic fool as President of the United States, who controls an unmatched arsenal of weapons at his fingertips to be used at his slightest whim, is unconscionable. And because, god forbid, the alternative might be a President Warren? i am not a Warren fan, but she is orders of magnitude preferable to the goon currently in the White House.
Tony (New York City)
@SYJ Vote with your wallet, get your pension fund removed from the CEO's who traffic in Trumpian crime. Stay off of fAcebook , be American first and not a cult follow.
Nature (Voter)
Thank you POTUS
Fred (GA)
@Nature what for?
M (US)
Meanwhile, how many Americans are aware of Trump administration billing of Americans by military hospitals?
Zoenzo (Ryegate, VT)
@M But we have money for Space Force!
"When reporters asked him about the impeachment trial, he swatted it away as “just a hoax.”…….. But of course…..In Trump's world - everything revolves around him, he is the center of the universe - His universe……….. Everyone here, there, anywhere knows what a self-centered man Trump is…… Wherever Trump goes to any international meeting, regardless of the subject, Donald Trump our President is the "mark", the stooge who thinks he's the smartest man in the room - He's not !!……He's the jerk, the joke being laughed at by all behind his back ……..
Robert (Out west)
Oh, looky...Donald’s out sucking up to the wealthy and the corporate. Imagine my surprise.
JLC (Seattle)
It needs to repeated often, preferably to his face and on FoxNews: Trump is not responsible for the American economy doing so well. No one person is responsible for it: the American people did that. We don't need Trump to have an economy that works for Americans or the rest of the world. He didn't build it, he's not responsible for its health and never was. We don't need Trump for anything. Only the oligarchs need him.
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
The article trots out the tired cliche about partisanship in another re-run of the falsely equivalent, both sides do it hackneyed phrase: .."where the Senate was expected to begin a fierce partisan squabble over the rules for putting the president on trial." That phrase does not indicate a balanced even-handed approach to reporting. It is reminiscent of the Fox "fair and balanced" phoney mantra. If one side just wants the truth exposed so that the American public who funds these people to represent them get the truth; while the other side blocks the truth at every opportunity, one should not characterise that as partisanship. One side wants witnesses, the other wants to stifle them That is not fierce partisanship at all .
michjas (Phoenix)
The reporters tell us Davos was an escape from the impeachment matter for Trump and that he was being welcomed to his face, though likely without sincerity. In fact, Trump was acting as he always does and the reporters put the matter into a context they chose themselves. In fact, it would hardly be surprising if Trump had put impeachment matter out of his mind. Apparently front page news is just a frolic for reporters who can slant the facts anyway they like.
Robert (Out west)
I see we’re ticking with the Roy Cohn trick: whatever you’re doing, scream that everybody else is doing. And always attack any agency that busts you on what you’re doing. By the way, lost of probs with the Press. This ain’t one of them.
Reva Cooper (Nyc)
Right- Trump is so balanced that in a crisis he can calmly focus on what’s important- NOT. Observe his “ dignified” Martin Luther King Day speech. And watch tomorrow’s tweets.
The Poet McTeagle (California)
"And with progressives like Mr. Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts emerging as top-tier candidates in the Democratic primary, a crowd that once rejected Mr. Trump is now more willing to consider him one of its own." Yet another good reason to vote for either Sanders or Warren.
novoad (USA)
Since Trump did SO well at Davos, with our economy the envy of any politician around, wouldn't it be a nice come home present if the trial were finished by tomorrow. With a motion to dismiss.
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@novoad Obama recovered the economy from the GFC calamity. Luckily Trump was not president then, Donald John with his obscene deficit inducing tax cut for his rich buddies, induced an inflated temporary sugar high that will have to be repaid. Your grandchildren will pay for it. His taking credit for this supposedly "good" economy is as fake as he always is.
MRose (Looking At Options)
"But the balance of power has shifted. And with progressives like Mr. Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts emerging as top-tier candidates in the Democratic primary, a crowd that once rejected Mr. Trump is now more willing to consider him one of its own." Only money and power needed for a Davos invitation. Conviction and morals completely optional -- and clearly not in large supply. Gross.
novoad (USA)
@MRose If Warren or Sanders win, Americans would have to escape to Venezuela.
MRose (Looking At Options)
@novoad To find ourselves a new dictator?
John Doe (Johnstown)
At least somebody cares about the economy. Ever since my dad left the farm to work in the city, I’m sort of stuck with it to keep me alive.
Right - he cares enough to make the rich richer & increase wealth inequality by ballooning the deficit & saddling your kids - and mine - with all the debt. With friends like that...
John Doe (Johnstown)
@ABC. look, I can't help it that that is how our economy works, it's just what it's become regardless of how detestable we all find American Capitalism. There's always Elizabeth Warren sounding like David ready to go up against Goliath. I just hope she doesn't miss with her first slung stone or we're probably all goners.
SparkyTheWonderPup (Boston)
Trump said in his Davos speech that never before has there been more opportunity in America, more access to childcare for women, and best of all, that under his leadership the middle class has benefitted the most economically, more than anyone else. It is one thing to lie, but it is another thing to make up out of whole cloth a narrative that is not only untrue, but is the exact opposite of what has been intended by the person lying. In this case: opportunity in America is not only not the best it's ever been, it is shrinking, Trump has done nothing for women seeking affordable childcare, and good grief, has any group benefitted more than the upper class in America's Trump? This is what Trump does, he projects a narrative that is the exact opposite of what he either has done and/or what he stands for. It would be like Bernie Sanders giving a speech where he said that he worked to pass legislation to privatize social security and reduce the federal minimum wage.
Beth (Waxhaw, NC)
@SparkyTheWonderPup Exactly - but why are so many willing to believe everything that comes from his mouth? Why do people continually say that he has improved the economy as though President Obama had left him with a disaster when it's the exact opposite? Is it their blind hatred of Obama that makes them willing to believe the lies?
Richard Head (Mill Valley Ca)
Some economic news Deaths due to despair 4X then 1990 Health care next to Ecquador on International ratings.Millions not insured. Median income up only 2.6% since 2016 Salaries 3% lower then 40 years ago Loss of GDP due to climate change 1.5%. Trade deficits increased 10% last year and 1/4 higher then 2018.Deficit with China up 25%. Employment rate rising less then when Obama President. Stock market less % rise then Clinton and Obama Debt increased more then ever under Trump 47%say they have no increase in their living standards since Trump 120 million so far for trumps golf games
Bob Guthrie (Australia)
@Richard Head Highest maternity deaths and infant mortality in the Industrialised developed world.
John Gilday (Nevada)
President Trump showing the world how a great US President should represent our country. A President with the courage to stand up to the rest of the world on our behalf. Makes one proud again to be an American.
Cousin Greg (Waystar Royco)
Just think how much better of a speech it would have been for Trump supporters if he’d called neo-Nazis and white supremacists “very fine people” again.
Ray Sipe (Florida)
@John Gilday Not proud that a rich bully sells America
Les (SW Florida)
@John Gilday You forgot to mention an impeached President with no regard for the rule of law or truth.
Kate (USA)
“The meeting was less about substance and more about socializing, one attendee said, as Mr. Trump grilled corporate leaders about whether they liked his speech. His daughter, Ivanka Trump, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, also worked the room.” So this is where are tax dollars are going? To have trump, his daughter, & son-in-law , hobnobbing with some rich people in Switzerland? “Working the room”. This is ridiculous! So, we’re all ok now with a monarchy? I want to know how much this presidency has costs the taxpayers? Come on NYT, can we have that amount!
pedigrees (SW Ohio)
@Kate Yes, I would love to know just how much those of us who actually do work have spent so that they could "work the room." And for what? What legitimate reason could there possibly be for any US official, not to mention useless family and hangers-on, to attend a meeting of the global .0001%? There are no policy initiatives they can push there that will benefit the American people. Negotiating trade deals? See the previous sentence. I was hoping against hope that Canada would refuse to sign the USMCA until our government agreed to support workers' rights here at home. But that's water under the bridge now. So what can they possibly be doing there? Hotel deals at our expense? That's my guess.
Maureen (philadelphia)
Besides Ivanka and Jared how many Trump WH enablers are in Davos squandering my tax dollars and my nation's goodwill while 6 year old Maddie remains incarcerated n Berks County for 207 days since she crossed our border in California. Doctors fear she is clinically depressed, a girl who wants to go to school and live with her family. My government kidnapped this child and shipped her across country, a complicated case involving writ of habeas corpus and separated family. I want to see a count of those children in detention and icontinued inspection of their health and safety, not economic mumbo jumbo from a failed businessman.
Ellen Valle (Finland)
I gather he took his daughter and son-in-law with him to Davos. Obviously they're there as tourists; they can't have any actual function at the meeting. I can't help wondering: How much more will that cost American taxpapers -- not presumably for travel, if they're travelling together, but for accomodation, security and other expenses? Before I retired, I used to go to several academic conferences every year. Sometimes, though not always, part of my expenses were covered by the university. But if I took my husband and/or daughter with me, we always paid all their expenses ourselves. Shouldn't the President's family do the same?
Paul (NC)
@Ellen Valle They should, but they don’t. This is the new oligarchic normal.
Girish Kotwal (Louisville, KY)
Trump presented the state of America at the Economic Forum, Davos and it is simply stunning. With that record the political exercise of impeachment seems like a useless trivial pursuit.
Les (SW Florida)
@Girish Kotwal Yes, the amount of coal jobs he has created is staggering.
gratis (Colorado)
@Girish Kotwal : I get that many people would happily sell out the Rule of Law for money. Do you get that there are some people who will not?
Eddie B. (Toronto)
@Girish Kotwal Those sitting at WEF in Davos know better than anyone else that the current US economic success has much to do with: 1. The economic measures put in place by President Obama, and little to do with Mr. Trump's tax cut for the rich; 2. The US economy is not isolated from global economy, and its rise and fall has much to do with dynamics to which economies of other countries, including the EU members, are subject.
Fred (Up North)
While many at this conference have been the beneficiaries of Trump's tax largess, they aren't stupid. They will applaud politely while knowing Trump's bluster self-puffery for what it is --- nonsense. They have no need to point out the obvious.
The best parts about this story is a) since he is our President, YES - he can take credit for the current success of the economy and all of the positive effects of that globally (and its been over 3 years - none of that "he inherited that from Obama" junk. If it was his 1st or 2nd year - perhaps. But now - that's a nonsensical argument) b) stories such as these solidify what the Dems already know - our President will acquitted in the Senate (rightfully so) and will be reelected in 2020 (even if new "evidence" or the Dems "need" to have THEIR witnesses testify is included in the Senate trial (it won't) - which in the House's desperate rush to impeach, decided not to include in their proceedings and in their delusion believed they could have sway over the Senate - almost laughable but really - sad for the Dems and their leadership) c) stories like these, which highlights the many successes of our President - despite the desperate attempts from the Leftist media to deflect - drives the Left crazy..bonus!
Since he's done absolutely nothing other than give a tax cut to the rich, thereby increasing the deficit & wealth inequality, and start a trade war Americans have paid for - then yes, it IS still an economy based on Obama's successes. Just wait until his budget deficit comes back to bite us - and it will - THAT'S when we'll see the results of Trump's policies.
@ABC Typical Dem response - but not surprising. Like I said - the best part of this story is seeing responses such as this. The incredible reluctance to give our President any sort of credit for the good he has done for our country. But again, thats OK because, as you know and all of the Dems know, our President will be acquitted and then reelected in 2020.
Carla (Brooklyn)
@DB Gee: I guess you think adding 1 trillion to the national debt is good for the economy and the country. I thought republicans were " fiscal conservatives?"
Sally (California)
Greta Thunberg is the hero of Davos. Note the difference between her world view and that of Donald Trump. Trump smiles, projecting a demeanor that all is well, offering the world a picture of a lipsticked pig so large it seems almost flyaway. His underlying message is simple, global warming is just another "sham" like his "sham" impeachment. In other words, all he has to do is say something doesn't exist and bingo! It doesn't. Wow. How presumptuous can you get?
gratis (Colorado)
@Sally : Greta may be applauded, but nothing will be done. It is a show and Greta knows it. Trump wins all the way down the line.
Sally (California)
@gratis Wrong. Much, in fact, is being done. And Greta, bless the girl, knows she is on the right side of history. Trump is loser playing a loser's game. He wins nothing.
Matt (Oakland CA)
As one could have predicted, the world bourgeoisie are, by degrees, warming to Trumpism, if not to the obviously crazed personality Himself. After all, the Trumpist program promises Reagan, the Next Level, where a Dear Leader will "finish the job" Reagan only begun and failed to achieve. It promises to achieve the libertarian capitalist utopia where one's every breath will be drawn in thrall to the daily despotism of a corporate manor lord. Call the program "Feudalism, the highest stage" of degenerate, parasitic, end stage capitalism. What's not to love in that? In parallel, the "liberal resistance" led by the NYT, who despise the Dear Leader's personality and are tremulous over the explosive Polanyian social potential of the Trumpist program, are nevertheless presently marching in Trump's political direction as they open an offensive against Trump's McCarthyite boogeyman, "the radical left". This is called "unity in action": March separately, but strike together! Mnuchin and Krugman, arm in arm. The road to heaven is paved with the worst intentions, the bourgeoisie will of course fail as they did under Reagan, with unexpected consequences for us all.
Tony (New York City)
@Matt The road to hell is paved with evil people and Trump, is an evil man surrounded by devils who want to pretend that they care about Americans. Trump is a NATIONAL SECURITY RISK to the world. Live in a glass bubble but I suggest you have no children, the world they will inherit ll be a world of corruption,madfness and lies. The road to hell is paved with lies from Trump and his GOP supporters. Jim Crow is a perfect example of a white man creating hell for minorities and stain on American history for all time. Trump is a stain on America and the free world.
Robert (France)
Can you believe this? Impeached for a *perfect* economy!
Jacquie (Iowa)
@Robert This was Obama's economy Trump has little to do with anything positive in the US.
Robert (France)
@Jacquie, I'm mocking. Must have been my French accent. ;)
John A. Figliozzi (Clifton Park, NY)
Quick, he’s out and about. Lock the doors and windows, pull the shades, turn off all the lights. Maybe he’ll leave for good. Shhh...
Thad (Austin, TX)
For once Trump is one of the less galling people in a story. The sheer hypocrisy on display here beggars belief. It is not possible to think of Climate Change as a global crisis and simultaneously view Trump as anything other than a scourge. These people at Davos feign concern with the wellbeing of society, but their goodwill goes only so far as optics. These are the people who advocate for social justice but then circulate petitions to keep their local schools from being integrated. These are the people who talk at dinner parties about the tragedy of homelessness, then sue their city when a shelter threatens their property value. These are the true enemies of progress, the ones who insist that change is desirable, but the cost of it is too great.
I am sure everyone was snickering when he opened his mouth. He needs a back scratcher to pat him on the back, so he does not have to open his mouth. I know here the news was derogatory about his completely insensitive attitude at Davos, and the worst part about it is he was able to dodge what is happening in DC by being there, doing nothing, saying nothing of any import to anyone there.
Don Pirrigno (Austin)
Trump loves to brag about what an economic miracle the US is under his stewardship but when impoverished immigrants seek to move here for opportunity, he tries to bar them. What is he thinking? Oh, wait...
Bosox rule (Canada)
In other words, Davos is just another taxpayer paid campaign stop where Trump lies about anything his supporters will repeat and be outraged enough to show up and vote!
Jacquie (Iowa)
Boy I am sorry I missed those opening remarks at the World Economic Forum in Davos given by that very stable genius.
Paul (Santa Monica)
A lot of the doom and gloom that Trump haters cry about is overblown. Of course Trump takes credit for everything, which is ridiculous but the reasoned response is not to say he is not responsible for anything good is misleading and does not resonate with voters. After 3 solid years the economy is his whether people like it or not and I am sure a disastrous economy would be laid at his feet. Why does everything have be black or white. I sense the left is losing support due to their ideology and anger. People are getting tired of the moralizing, the anger and the unreasonable hatred of Trump. Just vote him out.
Sheriff of Nottingham (Spring City, PA)
@Paul Because Trump does look at everything as Black and White.
James Devlin (Montana)
Any other CEO pandering lies would have been fired long ago for the embarrassment he was causing the company. And yet here we have Trump once again making a mockery of America on the world stage solely so he can get some air-time.
Sarah (Arlington, VA)
And once more Herr Trump's 'senior' advisors, Ivanka-dearest and the constantly smiling Jared are spending tax payers' money. Are we going to pay for their gondola / lift passes as well when they hit the slopes? That corrupt and gaudy family is an embarrassment to this nation, one that would never be invited by the vast majority of the Fortune 500 executives' soirees.
Justice Holmes (Charleston SC)
His speech was a Ramble through a fantasy world in which he is lord and savior! Davos is now solidly exposed as the mouth piece of the billionaire class. Sure the let Greta speak but their nods and smiles were cynical and duplicitous.
MM Q. C. (Reality Base, PA)
He’s only there to try and make connections for his post-presidency money grab. Same for Jared and Ivanka. How lovely that he took Mitch’s wife, Elaine, to also shore up some personal business connections for the future. Delighted that my money is being spent to help Make Them Rich Some More. ‘Hail to the thief”.
Michael (Oakland, CA)
It would be bad enough if Trump were merely an embarrassment, but that man is a scourge on humanity.
Sture Ståhle (Sweden)
Making a fool out of himself again! Remember it’s not Donald J Trump who is invited it’s the President of the United States of America and Trump is unfortunately the President due to that small glitch in your Constitution . The failed businessman Trump was never invited he has nothing of interest to say. Ms Thunberg, on the other hand is invited because she has something important to say
Les (SW Florida)
@Sture Ståhle Ms Thunberg, on the other hand is invited because she has something important to say I'm sure Trump will be all ears...not.
Cousin Greg (Waystar Royco)
Donald Trump fell down the stairs into this economy, and now complains to the world, daily, that the pillow he landed on isn’t soft enough.
Eddie B. (Toronto)
Those sitting at WEF in Davos know better than anyone else that the current US economic success has much to do with: 1. The economic measures put in place by President Obama, and little to do with with Mr. Trump's tax cut for the rich; 2. The US economy is not isolated from global economy, and its rise and fall has much to do with dynamics to which economies of other countries, including the EU members, are subjected.
Mark McIntyre (Los Angeles)
"the 1 percent set" Donald is certainly in his element taking a nice taxpayer-funded vacation from his impeachment in Washington. No question his policies have been a "godsend" to the rich and powerful, making them even richer and more powerful. The other 99%, not so much.
Les (SW Florida)
@Mark McIntyre He deserves it. Just ask him. I was so happy to read about his sightseeing flight over the Alps in Marine One.
LisalooQ (Napa aka Whine Country, CA)
As an American who’s still struggling to grasp the reality of this 3-year old debacle, aka the trump administration, I am equally disgusted by his audacity to even show his doughy face in public at such an important event, and eager to see whatever gaffs and sundry other embarrassing stunts he will perform for the world.
Cleareye (Hollywood)
Everyone at Davos knows the our economy today is a result of Obama's policies and Trump has only skated by on Obama's coattails. Trump has only created instability, put farmers on the dole, and divided the country due to his flagrant dishonesty, constant lying and insulting our war heroes.
lisa (michigan)
Trump relentlessly touts job growth under his administration. But it is important to note that 1.1 million fewer jobs were created during Trump’s first 33 months in office compared to Obama’s last 33. Trump also promised to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. But manufacturing is now the smallest share of the American economy in 72 years. Median income has remained largely stagnant over Trump’s first three years in office. Trump administration spin aside, increases in household income trail those under Obama, which grew steadily toward the end of his administration. Trump promised “4, 5, even 6 percent” annual economic growth. With dismal growth expected this quarter, Trump will finish his first term with a high-water mark of 2.9 percent annual economic growth (in 2018) — matching Obama’s economic record. the massive Trump tax cut, which overwhelmingly benefitted the wealthy and corporate interests, did not “pay for itself,” as Trump predicted it would. Perhaps worst of all, despite his repeated promises and assurances, Trump’s tax cut had almost no effect on the economy.
PAUL NOLAN (Jessup, Md)
The economy is not a counter to anything. Impeachment is about abuse of power. The economy does not justify abuses of governmental authority.
MLE53 (NJ)
trump is still under a cloud of impeachment. I think he should be introduced everyday as trump, the man under indictment. I am so enjoying seeing the Constitution at work, unlike trump.
Girish Kotwal (Louisville, KY)
In the past 50 years two US presidents have been one term presidents. Carter and daddy Bush. The reason for both was the economy. Unless some one has a case that what Trump said at Davos was untrue. His reelection will be as certain as Reagan, Clinton, baby Bush and Obama. It is the economy stupid.
Les (SW Florida)
@Girish Kotwal So you think that the economy overrules corrupt behavior?
C.L.S. (MA)
What an absurd spectacle! And, meanwhile, he has been impeached on blatant abuse of power! Who does he think he is fooling?!!
abigail49 (georgia)
Of course he's loving it. None of those sweaty hands at the MAGA rallies reaching out for him to shake.
A handful of self-serving people flying in on private planes. Davos is a joke.
j24 (CT)
About 2% GDP growth after Obama brought us back from the edge of a depression. GDP growth is about 2% now. It's not Trump economy, its a continuation of Obama's economy.
Les (SW Florida)
@j24 Agreed, but the incumbent always gets credit, even when not deserved.
simon (portland)
Crazy loud-mouthed corrupt right wing impeached president rants at WEF as all watch, incredulous and laughing.
Didi Fischer (Vienna, Europe)
Avengers Endgame Alternative Ending - Thanos is president of the USA and destroys the world with fracking and all sorts of environimental pollution. The avengers do nothing. "Climachange"and ignorant stupidity is not a crime. Thanos looks happy in Davos. Greta Thurnberg screams a very long scream. The avengers have tears in their eyes. Blackout.
Practical Realities (North of LA)
Mr. Trump's (purposeful omission of his ill-gotten title of President) destruction of our Constitution, reputation, relationship with allies, and, most basic of all, our environment is not worth all of the Davos money there is. Further, I would ask his less monied base what they think he has done to improve their lives? There has been no improvement in health care and its cost, US manufacturing on our shores, decent job prospects, infrastructure, or healing of our climate. He has perpetrated a fraud on us all.
pb (calif)
Trump is such an embarrassment. There he is waving his hands and sputtering gibberish with ridiculous adjectives. The world is no longer amused. It would appear his "party" is mostly there to show off their new clothes.
Louise (USA)
What great US economy? His Midwest and other supporters are in denial... As for the rest of the world, here's a timely article - of course The Guardian published, where is the NYT with this type of informationl?
Tom (Hudson Valley)
"Former Vice President Al Gore, who was seen leaving Mr. Trump’s speech, declined to comment on the president’s remarks." Disappointing. Is there no one bold enough to shame and humiliate this President publicly when given the opportunity?
MJM (Newfoundland Canada)
@Tom - It wasn’t the time or place for an ex VP Democrat to dis the President. That was for Greta to do and she did it, as always, with excellence.
Tom (Hudson Valley)
@MJM Your response baffles me? Not the time or place? Al Gore had nothing to lose by "enlightening" the World about what an embarrassment Trump is to America. What better opportunity is there? One of the reasons Trump maintains power is because he is rarely, if ever, confronted PUBLICLY, with millions watching, with his behavior. Trump should be shamed and humiliated at every opportunity.
gratis (Colorado)
@Tom : Why? Same with Greta. Saying anything about Trump is a waste of time.
P Fleury (Texas)
No matter how much he tries to foist his daughter into prominence on the world stage, she will not be accepted by accomplished European leaders.
DO5 (Minneapolis)
Trump has highlighted persistent human weakness. Trump proved people have short memories. As a “colorful” real estate developer, university creator, head of a charitable foundation, and bill dodger, and philanderer, among other qualities, Trump is treated as a savior by world economic leaders and the religious right. He has shown that everyone has a price. Lift the value of 401k’s, give away billions to corporate farmers, harangue the Fed into dropping interest rates, end legal abortions, and make sure guns will flood the streets and Trump wins unquestioning loyalty. Poor Democrats are stuck with boring promises about free college and free healthcare.
J. G. Smith (Ft Collins, CO)
Good that he's there and talking about how great our economy is. Trump is not the type to fold. And he knows this Impeachment is a farce.
Bill (Madison, Ct)
Back home he attacks the elite but he has desperately always wanted to be a member. Now he is being accepted as he pours money into their pockets while at the same time damaging his supporters at home. But they are all cultists now (the whole republican party) and believe anything their leader tells them.
Austin Ouellette (Denver, CO)
Kinda hard to say that there isn’t a global cabal of plutocratic industrialists who control the world when they broadcast their get togethers on international TV. I guess that’s the point though. They know that we know what’s going on. They just personally enjoy knowing that we know there’s nothing we can do about it.
Patrick Stevens (MN)
Trump says, "Money talks." Trump says he is above the law. Al Capone said the same.
Ryan (Washington)
People actually believe this guy is doing a great job.
Tim (Phoenix)
DAVOS-Where billionaire oligarchs who made their money off the masses and our taxes, get together and pretend to be "woke" while donating 1/10th of 1% to keep the masses groveling for their "goodness". IQ45-hanging at Davos because he so desperately wants to pretend he is one of them.
Scott (Scottsdale,AZ)
These are the people who purportedly hate Trump but are counting their billions when off stage. Then, they'll get on their private jets to tale a conference about global warming. Trump was embarrassing but no one in that room is remotely similar to anyone commenting here, either.
Susan (Paris)
“As Mr. Trump and his family members darted between meetings...” There are few images that I find more depressing than Donald Trump, Ivanka and Jared “ darting between meetings” representing America on the international stage.
Richard (Austin, Texas)
Even if there are Republicans who loathe Trump they also know that this is a contest and show of raw force and power. The power to stack every federal court with right-wing, deity-stamped ideologues hostile to individual freedoms and liberties for decades. Long after Trump is out of office they will retain the power to enact draconian laws with an iron fist, legislating and fast-tracking more voter suppression laws, anti-civil rights laws, anti-worker/collective bargaining rights, pro-corporate polluters and predators, gutting of social safety nets including Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, the continuation of anti-environmental, anti-science edicts and a steady capitulation to extremist religious views that seek to excise the Establishment clause of the First Amendment. All are on the Republican Party's Holy Grail wish list of ways they are securing and imposing absolute control over our lives and our freedoms. That is why Republicans are going all-out to keep the ignorant, totalitarian Trump in office today. It is all about raw, political power in spite of some of their misgivings over a stunningly ignorant, craven, amoral self-absorbed charlatan who occupies the Oval Office.
susan (nyc)
There is another article on this site about Roger Federer. I wonder if the Swiss would be willing to swap Federer for Trump. Probably not but I can dream, can't I?
John Belniak (high falls, ny)
We're paying for this junket? Trump is looking for all of the self-gratification and impeachment diversions he can muster so I get that. And, OK, he is also - temporarily we pray - POTUS, and his fellow economic predators need to rub elbows with the great wealth creator himself, so I get that, too. But why do we have to pay for those two dolts, Ivanka and Jared, to attend plus all of the other Trump cult hangers-on? I'd love to see a total of the costs, not to mention an avalanche.
Agent 99 (SC)
Davos has much better microphones. Trump’s snorts often heard when he reads the TelePrompTer are squelched. His over exaggerating the greatness and stupendousness of everything he takes credit for is still as fantastical as ever.
Jeff Bryan (Boston)
What a waste of time and money. He is basically there to take a victory lap for policies enacted before he became “president” by giving away other people’s money.
Armandol (Chicago)
Trump is in Davos, Switzerland to fulfill his mission: Make America Embarrassed Again.
Zeke27 (New York)
Three years a president and trump is still a gaudy sideshow. The gangsters and swells in the crowd admire his great con as much as they fear his whimsical cruelty. They too would like access to the nuclear codes while never having to tell the truth. I'm guessing without the corrupted full force of the US behind him, this crowd would barely admit to knowing any trump.
manfred marcus (Bolivia)
However important Davos may be for the world's plutocracy, Trump remains faithful to his arrogant self-congratulatory stance, no doubt a clownish circus most people are laughing about; and his entourage of sycophants has lost any credibility, as they shamelessly support Trump's criminality; are we forgetting that Trump's rein is centered on a mantra of 'fear, hate and division', not only at home but by ditching Allies abroad? Trump's impeachment is a 'must' of course, however unfair the process shall turn out, as republican senators remain tribal and loyal to the vulgar bully in the Oval Office, the truth based on evidence a pesky detail they are willing to our shame. So, let the sham trial begin, and confirm McConnell's swinish behavior...and the total distrust in the current self-serving politicians in congress.
Shamrock (Westfield)
Clearly Pelosi and Trump arranged the Davos conference to be the same week as impeachment. We now know why she delayed the process.
Erich Richter (San Francisco CA)
I'm glad he went and I'm glad they love him. They should. But he's no Midas, unless Midas turned everything he touched into overlimit credit cards. And they just tagged all of their owb illustrious names with the trademark Trump Stain. They deserve whatever they get from standing next to him with a $75 Scotch and a $12 ice cube.
Barbara Snider (California)
Trump at an economic summit - with his kids, no less. Have they had their charity classes yet?
mja (LA, Calif)
Don't suppose he'll try to impress them with his tax returns?
Bill (South Carolina)
It is better for Trump to say little about the impeachment than to dignify the circus with any comments. In a separate vein, perhaps Europe is not happy with Trump because he called out a number of countries about their lack of monetary support for NATO and has refuted trade agreements that were not to the advantage of the US. Too bad.
Bob (kansas city)
@Bill----He still wants to slap tariffs on European made cars if he doesn't get a "trade agreement" with them. Perhaps the Germans ought to move all their South Carolina production to Mexico.
Raz (Montana)
"...Seeking a Counter to Impeachment" Maybe, he's just taking care if business, the way the Senate ought to be doing, if it weren't for the obstruction of the Democrats in the House.
Economy's Great! Obstruction Away (Someplace Oval)
Obstruction is the Theme. Trump Lawyers view Constitution with obstruction lens. McConnell is Obstructionist Extraordinaire (blocking Garland his proudest moment). And Trump sums up with "hoax" --his supreme obstructionist rhetoric always in back pocket.
JCAZ (Arizona)
I watched most of Mr. Trump’s speech. As usual, it’s all about him. NYT - how about a fact check on some of the numbers he had in the speech. Some of them seemed quite outrageous.
Shamrock (Westfield)
@JCAZ Agreed. Record low unemployment is outrageous. Give me more of it.
itsizzi (desert southwest)
Meanwhile, in other news today -the sun came up. "A lot of good things coming out of this administration." tweeted President Trump. The sun, "is the best it's ever been since I came into office... probably in the history of the country. "
John Joseph Laffiteau MS in Econ (APS08)
Recently, the fed. deficit grew to over $1 trillion. With a US GDP of about $20 trillion, the deficit is about 5% of annual GDP. So, the fed. gov. is able to borrow money, and as it spends this borrowed money, it is converted into positive annual GDP. In this case, incurring debt has been converted into a type of income. Similarly, currently many corporations are also borrowing money at the prevailing very low interest rates and using it to buy back their own stock. A practice that converts debt into a type of overvalued equity; as the capital structures of many firms show disproportionate growth in more risky debt, versus equity. With these buybacks, higher EPS metrics drive P/E ratios higher, and overvalued stock markets result. The Enron scandal was partially a result of Enron booking as revenue the sales proceeds from barges, that it was contingently liable to the new owner receiving a minimal price. Enron had not sold the barges but had an unrecorded liability for the barges. Also, with the Lehman scandal, via "repo agreements," Lehman guaranteed to buy back commercial paper at a minimal price. With this guarantee, Lehman too had unrecorded debts to account for. Both Enron and Lehman needed higher revenues and lower debt ratios to maintain their valuations. To help disguise these high debt ratios, both companies ignored certain contingent liabilities. Today, both the gov. and firms cover production and earnings shortfalls with borrowing. 1/21 M 10:35a Greenville NC
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
"Flatterer and schmoozer" is a fair assessment of our national embarrassment. Acting like he is not making history this morning with a flat-out impeachment - how quaint and modest! Mar-a-lago country club mingling, dodging the truth and getting attention, while others endure Trump's juvenile bragging in the face of easily checked facts on the phones in their own pockets about the Obama economy really being the basis for Donald's borrowed glory. Our national export has become a Hindenburg of baloney and hype. That the heavy lifting at Davos is being done by a teenage girl says it all.
MJM (Newfoundland Canada)
@Kay Johnson - Lovely description, that - “a Hindenburg of baloney and hype”. In a modest attempt to guild the lily, may I suggest a worthy but accurate small change to “baloney and tripe”? It gives the descriptors an organic relationship.
Will Hogan (USA)
The US is thriving on the back of massive new debt stimulus under Trump. A deficit of $one trillion per year. Two problems are obvious. First, it is not sustainable and we will eventually lose Medicare and Social Security for our elderly in order to pay the interest on this new debt. Second, the debt is owed by every many woman and child in the US, while the tax cuts and asset value rises (real estate + stocks) benefit mostly the rich. The wealth gap will eventually make the country a bad place for the middle class, working class, which is most of us.
R. Anderson (South Carolina)
Any of us can goose the economy if we are willing to: kowtow to the oligarchs and the banks; gut taxes; give business the right to pollute our air, water and soil; twist the arms of our supposedly independent fed managers; jeopardize consumers by defanging our Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and printing tons of extra money raising our debt to 21 trillion dollars.
Shamrock (Westfield)
How dare Trump speak about this great US economy. I don’t want our country’s President to speak about how great our economy is doing on foreign soil. It will only serve to make people in other countries to realize how unfortunate it is that they don’t live in the US. Not helpful.
PAUL NOLAN (Jessup, Md)
@Shamrock Actually they are quite fortunate not to be Americans at this time. Money doesn't buy happiness.
Jason (Canada)
I’m here in Canada and our economy is booming too. Unlike you, I know better than to credit our current leader for it.
Ricky Smith (Texas)
Really? that's what were suppose to believe, that "twitter" trump is focused on our economy. If trump has to read from a prompter, then he is forcing himself to be good. but I would wager that in due time he will be his old self soon on twitter. its like drug to him. Trump knows he's guilty, the Senate GOP members know he's guilty, which is why there's a rush to get I done without any witnesses or physical evidence. trump can moan groan about being Impeached, but guess what he allowed it to happen. He offered nothing in the House only resistance, not the actions of a innocent person? The majority of Americans know the truth with or without evidence.
@Ricky Smith "He offered nothing in the House only resistance, not the actions of a innocent person?" Yes, how dare our President not comply with this nonsense in the House!! He's GOT to be guilty! I mean, we say he he must be! (not like we have any reasons to try to persuade anyone to think anything else, right?) He needs to roll over and stop defending himself! NOW. The nerve!
Easy Goer (Louisiana)
Trust me. Regardless of what happens in the Senate, in future years, everyone will think of "Impeachment" (plus ither things) when they hear or read the name "Donald Trump". Think about Bill Clinton. The first thing that comes to minmd is "Impeachment". The second is "Monica Lewinsky", and what she "did for him".
@Easy Goer So what. Didn't seem to affect Bill Clinton whatsoever. And regardless, our President will be reelected.
HoodooVoodooBlood (San Francisco, CA)
If William of Ockham were to describe human economic behavior, he might reduce it into two distinct behaviors; Parasitic or Symbiotic Economic Theory. If asked which economic theory would be best to emphasize on 21st Century Earth, he would certainly favor symbiotic behavior and suggest a shift away from excessively competitive, wealth accumulating parasitic behavior. If asked why he suggests a shift towards Symbiotic Economic Theory, he might respond that humanity on 21st century Earth, is slowly destroying itself and all other life on the planet by using traditional parasitic, competitive, dominance economic behavioral norms.
Easy Goer (Louisiana)
Truly; it is simple. Bill Maher said it best: Donald Trump is afflicted with "Narcissistic Personality Disorder", aka "NPD".
Casual Observer (Los Angeles)
90 percent of the world is getting by while 10 percent are getting richer and the technology which supports the wealth creation is obsolete, profitable in the short run but not sustainable. The future is bleak. Having more money in a decaying system that gives that money value is not a great thing.
C Merchant (NJ)
Trump as a ‘Martyr’, that’s the most hilarious thing I have ever heard. I am not sure whether the damage Trump has done to this country will ever be corrected. He has divided the congress and people like never before, his foreign policies have put America at greater risks than before, he is jeopardizing the future of our children by completely disbelieving climate change. He is projecting only one part of his presidency and that’s economy, which is not all his doing. He is just reaping the benefit of the process started by Obama. He has done nothing regarding gun violence, nothing to bring our military back, nothing for women’s and LGBTQ rights, nothing to improve the infrastructure/education. The things he has done best is calling names to people, mocking other people, taking self respect out of the Republican Party and make is more selfish, make corruption rampant in the White House and may be even in judiciary and national security departments. He should be thrown out of office one way or the other, whether it’s impeachment or elections.
@C Merchant But, yet - our President will be reelected once again in 2020! Thanks!
gratis (Colorado)
I really wonder what the rich, educated audience thought. How many agree, disagree. How many disagree, but will bow to Trump anyway. Those who are at Davos are all about a new, permanent aristocracy.
Tom Debley (Oakland, CA)
Why we cannot trust the folks at Davos to do anything to help the American people is laid out so well in this article in their reaction to Trump: "There was less anxiety about him rippling through the 1 percent...than when he arrived at the annual forum two years ago... This time, there was more concern about some of the progressive Democrats running to replace him." The 1% are not on the side of people.
@Tom Debley Neither are the progressives. Probably they are the most damaging group currently to our country - no matter where a person might be on the economic scale.
WesternMass. (Western Massachusetts)
I’ve been reading comments on main stream news sites, including this one, for a couple of weeks now and a trend toward pro-Trump anti-Democrat comments is emerging once again - right on schedule I’d say. They are rather transparent because they hammer away at the same talking points - primarily the economy and how Trump is nearly the second coming, etc., etc. Remember the Russian influence machine is still out there - we’ve been warned repeatedly. We’ve also been warned that right wing entities are taking a few pages from their playbook. Just be mindful of what might be legitimate disagreement and what might simply be the work product of a paid hack, Russian or otherwise.
Casual Observer (Los Angeles)
Trump is not helping the economies to adapt to new challenges. He’s making them vulnerable to big bad outcomes, but the plutocrats are getting a bigger share of what is and that seems to keep them happy.
@WesternMass. Typical - "people agree with our President? Got to be a Russian hack" And then, just like in 2016, those same people who believe in Russian "collusion" will wake up in November 2020, seeing our President has been reelected and all the while will ignore their delusion once again - that while many people in this country dislike our President - they will vote for him once again because they fear a progressive, liberal, socialist Democratic candidate even more than they dislike Trump.
per (Maryland)
Not so not worthy since fits tried and true pattern. Trump gives credit for all the world's great accomplishments to ....TRUMP. What a contrast to Greta Thunberg who said that the her honors were shared by all who supported her efforts to rein in climate change. We honor and love you Greta, thanks-the world needs you.
RLW (Chicago)
It is amusing to think that Trump actually believes that the actions of his presidency and his administration are responsible for the state of today's "economy". If Obama had not been the president-elect right after the 2008 crash and if his administration had not rescued the banking, housing and manufacturing industries that the Republicans in Congress were willing to let fail, where would our economy be today? What if the crash resulting from foolish behavior permitted by deregulation of the banking industry happened in 2004 instead of 2008 how would W.Bush and the that Congress have acted? Trump can thank Obama and his appointees for the economic conditions we have today (both good and bad). Neither Trump, nor the activities of the Republican Congress from 2010 to 2016 can take much credit for today's financial markets. They can, however take credit for the large wealth gap that has expanded during the past decade. They will have to live with this income inequality when Americans vote in November.
rich williams (long island ny)
Trump is being treated with respect and honor at the economic summit. People who have money in the game are alert to what he is doing to the American economy. Not causing useless dribble , meaningless waste and interference with the efficient running of the government and the country's economy. He has done so much by creating jobs to help domestic violence, crime, depression, hopelessness, despair and poverty, all of which get worse when people lack employment. The criticism of his style is dwarfed by these accomplishments. The impeachment process will leave him as a Martyr, wait and see. We should thank him for spending his older years working for us. He could be relaxing and enjoying luxury.
woman (American)
@rich williams Isn't this the same man who didn't pay subcontractors, knowing these "little guys" didn't have the resources to pursue legal action? He doesn't really seem to care much about the working stiffs--my taxes went up under his administration, and I'm a widowed public school teacher with a dependent child. Even if I didn't vote based on intelligence and morality, I'd have to vote against him because of economics.
C Merchant (NJ)
Trump as a ‘Martyr’, that’s the most hilarious thing I have ever heard. I am not sure whether the damage Trump has done to this country will ever be corrected. He has divided the congress and people like never before, his foreign policies have put America at greater risks than before, he is jeopardizing the future of our children by completely disbelieving climate change. He is projecting only one part of his presidency and that’s economy, which not all his doing. He is just reaping the benefit of the process started by Obama. He has done nothing regarding gun violence, nothing to bring our military back, nothing for women’s and LGBTQ rights, nothing to improve the infrastructure/education. The things he has done best is calling names to people, mocking other people, taking self respect out of the Republican Party and make is more selfish, make corruption rampant in the White House and may be even in judiciary and national security departments. I should be thrown out of office one way or the other, whether it’s impeachment or elections.
Erich Richter (San Francisco CA)
@rich williams I totally agree. He has helped domestic violence, crime, depression, hopelessness, despair and poverty.
WoodyTX (Houston)
The only thing Trump has done to spur the economy is mortgage our children’s’ future with a tax cut that has us running on a one trillion dollar annual budget deficit, which was implemented by the way while the economy was strong. Absolute lunacy.
cd (nyc)
@WoodyTX I would add cutting environmental restrictions ... Experts estimate a few thousand more people with health problems as a result. Along with cutting access to health care, looks a lot like criminal negligence ... Failing to be re elected should leave him vulnerable to prosecution.
David Doney (I.O.U.S.A.)
Let's make sure people have the facts on the Trump economy: 1. The budget deficits in 2018 and 2019 were up 60% versus continuation of Obama policy (the January 2017 CBO 10-year forecast), mainly due to the Trump tax cuts. 2. The total number of persons with jobs has been setting records since May 2014. More jobs were created in Obama's last 35 months (8.0 million) versus Trump's first 35 months (6.7 million, or 6.2 million after a 500,000 downward adjustment by the BLS). 3. GDP growth averaged 2.6% in Trump's first 11 quarters, the same as Obama's last 11 quarters. Obama had two quarters with over 5% growth in 2014, while Trump's best quarters were 3.5% after BEA adjustment, far short of the 4-6% growth Trump claimed his policies would generate. 4. The stock market was up more through year three of the Clinton and Obama presidencies (+57% and +53%) than for Trump (+45%). 5. Real wages grew faster in Obama's last 3 years at 1.3% per year on average, versus 0.8% in Trump's first 3 years. 6. The number of uninsured was up 2 million in 2018 versus 2016, with 2017 the first year with an increase since 2010, due to Trump's ACA sabotage. CBO expects the number of uninsured will be 6 million higher in 2021 versus continuation of Obama policy. 7. Under Obama, the unemployment rate fell from a peak of 10.0% in 2010 to 4.7%, from there to 3.5% under Trump. Trump should have probably just left the Obama Boom alone.
Ashish (US)
But trump has managed to keep up with Obama's economic accomplishments while battling near recessionary global economic conditions. Especially in the developing economies. He has also managed to bring China to the negotiating table.
Erich Richter (San Francisco CA)
@Ashish You call that a negotiation?
cd (nyc)
@David Doney 2 more points : - His tax cut to the 1% has increased the deficit for future generations - Cutting environmental regulations will cause more people to be sick in the future Both of these moves will be paid for by others, while Trump wonders why he's not considered 'great' ...
Bella (The City Different)
The people who rule our world still live in their own universe. Their subjects are the rest of us, some of whom are doing quite well with the current economy and the oh so many who continue to be non-existent and thrown by the wayside and forgotten.
AJ (Long Beach, NY)
Ian Brenner is a mouthpiece for global greed.
Ignatz (Upper Ruralia)
Experiment: Ask the normal Joe Blow on the street today ( NOT in NYC or San Fran) where or what "DAVOS" is. Most probably will say a new app or a new yogurt. Trump's speech is code to to the Ultra Wealthy. THEY may watch,but the Joe Lunchbox working his two jobs and drowning in debt has NO IDEA what Davos is or who attends or even where it is.
James Griffin (Santa Barbara)
@Ignatz; Jim Lunchbox here; don't know who all is attending but I know for certain Davos is located in the Fourth Circle of Hades.
"Other members of the administration who were expected to attend the forum were Wilbur Ross, the commerce secretary; Elaine Chao, the transportation secretary, and Eugene Scalia, the labor secretary. Mr. Trump was also expected to be joined in Davos by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his daughter Ivanka Trump, both senior White House advisers." An avalanche that wiped them all out would be such a relief...
R. Law (Texas)
So odd for Impeached 45* to leave out the facts that he has averaged 350,000 jobs per year less than Obama did in his last year in office, and that Extremely Stable Genius 45* has never yet produced a single month like Obama did in 10/2015 and 7/2016. And His Unhinged Unraveling Unfitness 45* has now had 36 chances to match Obama, accompanied with $1 Trillion+ in deficit spending through tax cuts. Yet another day of lying and half truths, issued in Switzerland to be piled on the documented 16,240 other lies spewing from this regime in the past 36 months. Few administrations have previously found it necessary to physically relocate time zones, in order to issue more lies per day.
Chris (Colorado)
Any word on Infrastructure Week?
Native Brooklynite (Cranbury, NJ)
@Chris LOL.....I think we have been misreading Trump all along....he means it as a statement......"Infrastructure Weak."
Erich Richter (San Francisco CA)
@Chris Puch. That really resets the conversation doesn't it.
Joan (nj)
Unbeknownst to most US taxpayers, we have all established a non- profit charity. It is the Ivanka and Jared Fund. We contribute to their expenses to go to Davos as “senior advisors “ of “the president”, so that they can gin up more of their own personal businesses. Who better to learn from, than Dad? And Trump was worried about Hunter Biden???
Ross Stuart (NYC)
Why can't this newspaper report on the President’s speech and not what might be his political motives? Did the writer expect the President to discuss impeachment to an international audience? At an economic conference? Really? And if he did refer to impeachment this writer would most likely criticize him for being political at an international economic conference! Laughable!
Fred (GA)
@Ross Stuart read the article - they did.
P Fleury (Texas)
@Ross Stuart So, you are advocating for the reporters reporting on only what YOU wish?
Horseshoe Crab (South Orleans, MA)
“The American dream is back bigger better and stronger than ever before” so exclaims the great prevaricator who takes full credit, much of which is not deserved or of his doing. This must be a plagiarized line from an old JFK or Dwight Eisenhauer speech when the American economy had its halcyon days. Try telling this to the Rust Belt blue collar people, the farmers and most middle of the road folks who really derived no benefit from his vaunted skewed tax gift to his oligarch pals who finally invite the obnoxious rich kid to their party.
Blackmamba (Il)
Our Siberian President Donald Trump's focus ' on the economy' begins and ends with the American people not knowing where Trump Organization Mar-a- Lago ends and Trump Administration White House begins. The first and last best economic 'choice' that Donald Trump made was his ' selection' of a New York City real estate baron daddy to inherit 295 streams of income from that protected him from the consequences of being the worst losing businessman in America over a ten year period. No person- other than Ivanka and Jared- at Davos cares about nor respects the economics expertise and insight that Trump displayed and exposed on ' The Celebrity Apprentice'. Or bankrupting or destroying every business that Trump ever created and founded on his own dime and time.
OldBoatMan (Rochester, MN)
Trump is running but he can't hide out in Davos for more than a few days. He will have to come home and face the voters. Trump will be acquitted after a Senate trial that will make a mockery of the Constitution. Moscow Mitch and his Republican majority in the Senate are looking into the business end of the Circus Rule. They won't be able to fool a majority of the voters in their home states forever. Maybe not even until November 3, 2020.
Anthony Olbrich (Boise, Idaho)
Identically to the way the media remind the audience of Lev Parnas’ credibility issues each time they are about to hear from him, it would be appropriate to be reminded of Mr. Trump’s proven lack of honesty before he speaks or we have to hear his self-glorifying boasts.
P Fleury (Texas)
@Anthony Olbrich Whenever someone who speaks against Donald Trump is mentioned, Trump sycophants immediately respond that the person is a "proven liar". I think the news media should give Donald Trump the same courtesy.
NB (Maine)
I am more concerned about the attendees response to Trump. They have a lot of money to back Trump's agenda. To ignore climate change and income inequality. For those who have so much to care so little is shameful and a bad sign for the future.
Nick (Brooklyn)
I'm sure the people who actually understand how economies function are just as embarrassed to hear Trump speak as we are here at home watching him struggle to put a coherent sentence together. Senility and dementia is a sad thing to watch in real-time, to say nothing of watching it unfold on the international stage.
Sam (New York)
Does anyone really believe that "history" is taking place at Davos. I would look to the streets of Paris or New Delhi (or anywhere) to find history before I went to this blowout celebrity mixer. It's a lot like the NY Met's Annual Gala: celebrities, red carpets and paparazzi. Honestly, corporate leaders get to tout their bland statements about diversity, a commitment to social justice (without real goals) and spin their latest quarterly earnings reports. It's tragedy and farce rolled into one big Alpine party. And the media (no on else) created this and sustains this year after year. The newest wrinkle (and ratings booster) now is that elites gain the status of being ridiculed by Greta Thunberg! It's de rigueur, an amusement that helps pass the time on the long private jet trip home.
jmilovich (Los Angeles County)
When Mr. Trump took office in January 2017, unemployment was at 4.7%. With unemployment now near 3.5%, Trump has barely moved the needle. Trump inherited - like everything else in his life - an already robust economy except that he and his robber barons, the GOP, made sure the more money went into the pockets of the corporations and the wealthy.
Getagrip (Arlington, VA)
Here's what has primed corporate profits and the stock market: low interest rates, low energy prices, low corporate tax rates and buybacks. Here's what hasn't: aggregate demand and innovation. As Goldman Sachs recently noted, "...the stock market became toward the end of 2019, a year in which the S&P 500 climbed 29% and returned 31.8% with dividends reinvested. Goldman Sachs says 92% of the price appreciation reflects valuation expansion."
Les (SW Florida)
@Getagrip As Goldman Sachs recently noted, "...the stock market became toward the end of 2019, a year in which the S&P 500 climbed 29% and returned 31.8% with dividends reinvested. Goldman Sachs says 92% of the price appreciation reflects valuation expansion." Isn't that a bubble?
Eero (Somewhere in America)
Yes, the oligarchs are his audience, as he announced his "great" China deal to them. What he doesn't understand, though, is how they make fun of him behind his back.
wak (MD)
We can expect at this time for Trump to say something outrageous and ridiculously untrue as bait to draw a response that in the process distracts and makes him the focus of attention. For example, all the good he has done for America to rescue us from pathetic presidencies before him. My advice: Don’t bite. Rather be soberly attentive to his Senate trial in followup to his impeachment ... a rather unique “achievement” for presidents, actually.
TheraP (Midwest)
The “Prophet of Chaos” went to Davos - surely a way his minders (Nannies?) felt would keep him occupied at this fraught moment - preaching “against” the Davos Themes for 2020 - “sustainability” and “unity.” As if he were swimming against the tide, a man whose face (at rest) appears the epitome of misery, excoriated those, like one young Swedish activist, who urge swift action on a climate fast warming and affecting weather everywhere - with floods, fires and dangerous hurricanes, etc. It would be laughable, were not Trump now “impeached” for all time and young Greta lauded around the world. This nation is poorly served by a president nearly shunned now by allies and cozying up to enemies. We are moving backwards in so many ways - not forward. Those who view Trump as a hopeful man need their heads examine.
Kaare Holdt Madsen (Denmark)
Embarrasing speach. Like 95% of all other Europeans I look forward to "America is made... America" again. We miss the greatness, intelligence and civilized communication that has always characterized the United States.
AJ (Long Beach, NY)
Thank you, America will be back. We first need to rid ourselves of Trump. I am afraid it will take longer to rid ourselves of Trumpism, however. Whatever it is called, that ugly strain has been with us forever, and exists outside of America as well.
R (Texas)
@Kaare Holdt Madsen Unfortunately for Europe, America has moved on in transition. Europe now has the unenviable task of charting its own future. Trump, and his policies, may one day be gone from the American political scene, however, America will never return to shielding Europe (militarily-economically) from its own internal weakness, as it has in the past.
Moehoward (The Final Prophet)
@AJ Trumpism IS Fascism. Fascism doesn't just go away. It festers like an ulcer and never heals. It needs to be destroyed.
MIMA (heartsny)
I’m embarrassed he’s there. And I’m angry my taxpayer money sends him there. Not much else to say.
Reva Cooper (Nyc)
@MIMA Plus Ivanka and Jared - what are they doing there?
Dr Asturi (San Antonio, Texas)
@MIMA YOU ARE ABSOLUTElY RIGHT. My mother was born in Bern, and I worked as a physician in Switzerland for 4 years. I am angry that Trump, an invasive cancer of society and a sociopath is allowed to even enter Switzerland. At this point, nothing but Trump's death by an act of nature or by a myocardial infarct will ever be able to put a stop to the toxins he is spreading.
Mary (Colorado Springs, CO)
@MIMA I agree with you completely.
Katrin (Wisconsin)
This meeting at Davos is really a version of the Bilderberg Meetings in which the 1% of the 1% discuss how to further rig the system and manipulate the masses.
Phillip Goodwin (Boca Raton)
Did he ask American CEOs why, despite the tax cuts, the trade deals and the rise in stock prices, the CEO Confidence Index has fallen to levels typically seen prior to a recession.
TheraP (Midwest)
@Phillip Goodwin One of my brothers in law - a former CEO of a European country - asked me in October, while driving me to the train station in Madrid, if I thought his investments in the US were still safe. What does that tell us? Trump does not inspire confidence in business leaders around the world.
James Griffin (Santa Barbara)
When the balloon of credit finally bursts I hope trump accepts the blame. My guess is that he won't.
Lois Lettini (Arlington, TX)
@James Griffin Well he is going to get IT!! Whether he likes it or not!
Brian (Detroit)
@James Griffin he won't be able to tweet about it from prison....
JOSEPH (Texas)
Most countries in the world are noticing how great the US economy is and how it is thriving. Lowest unemployment, jobs jobs jobs, people off welfare, rising wages, and most of all our freedom. It’s not just governments noticing people all over the world are watching, and they want the same. President Trump stands as the biggest example in the world of free market capitalism and how it is successful. This president is truly remarkable, a one man show taking down socialism, media, and the progressive left. All by himself.
Katrin (Wisconsin)
@JOSEPH Free market capitalism — would that be the economic theory in which business losses are made whole with taxpayer subsidies while profits are privatized? Where publicly funded research is used to develop privately owned goods and services that are then sold back to the taxpayer at the highest profit margins the market will bear?
Daniel (Ottawa,Ontario)
@JOSEPH ...where farmers are subsidized to the tune of billions of dollars while food stamps are cut for the poor?
shamtha (Florida)
@Katrin And the land and water are so polluted that citizens are forced to buy solutions for problems that need not have arisen. Housing is not an abode but a commodity to be amassed.
Danielle (Georgia)
The article says Trump has expanded coal use. In fact, according to the Energy Department's Electric Power Monthly, coal used for power is down 18.7% since Trump took office, and 50% since the mid-2000s. Despite his promises to coal miners (and financial contributions from coal baron Bob Murray), natural gas, wind, and solar are all cheaper than coal. So power companies have been doing the rational thing. They are building more of the cheaper sources, and shutting down coal plants. Where corporations and individuals have a choice, they are also installing or contracting for renewables. For example, many Walmart and Target stores have solar panels on their large roof areas. It's not enough to entirely power their stores, but it offsets enough of their electric bills to make economic sense.
DM (San Fransisco)
The only reason the economy is so strong behind Trump is because business leaders know Trump stands counter to any “costly” measures meant to protect the safety of the American people.
Phillip Goodwin (Boca Raton)
What's not to like about Trumpian economic policies? More subsidies to some industries, less taxes for most; Shift the federal tax burden from business to their employees and customers; Rebalance regulations to favor business over employees, customers and the environment. Never mind that the National Debt grows more than the economy (GDP), even as infrastructure decays and more people arecdusconnected from the benefits of economic growth. Never mind the cost to society and the planet...
Marc (New York)
Bernie and Liz all but guarantee Dangerous Donald will be re-elected. Hey, who needs Democracy anyway?
Robert Grant (Charleston, SC)
His trial is not about to begin in earnest. McConnell is pulling his usual trick of subverting protocol in order to get his way. This sham of a trial is a disgrace.
DD (Florida)
@Robert Grant The sham trial is a disgrace as is every republican Senator.
Robert (Seattle)
@Robert Grant Of course McConnell is an institutionalist through and through.
John A. Figliozzi (Clifton Park, NY)
Yeah, like the folks in Davis this week were ever the friends of anyone other than themselves. For them, it’s not a matter of principle — simply a matter of money: their own. Trump will fill in quite nicely.
Pass the MORE Act: 202-224-3121 (Tex Mex)
Yes, let’s focus on this economic question; If Russians are solely responsible for Trump in power and our election interference as establishment Democrats want us to believe and not the Koch network or vulture capitalists like John the Vulture Paulson, or treasonous defense contractors like Eric the Prince of Darkness, then why did establishment Democrats authorize the Trump $121 billion dollars to bomb whoever he wants? Want to save the planet Greta? Help us get the money out of politics: Bernie/Tulsi 2020
Run away Don, like you did the Draft (4 times). When asking China to investigate, don't forget the Trump Children's business dealing in China.
President Donald Trump has chat with the movers.. The Democrats play out their third rate soap opera, it is evident who is in charge....
P Fleury (Texas)
@SMPH If Donald Trump is "in charge", why is he now only the third President to be Impeached?
oogada (Boogada)
Well isn't this ironic... The global scorchers of Davos, as you mention elsewhere, are "warming" to Trump, king of global environmental destruction and literal death. Headline writer with a sense of humor. Then your many mentions of Davos' newfound sensitivity to issues of economic inequality. Issues that only assume some minor importance in light of foaming unrest across the bottom half of the globe (in Australia one would call it burning unrest). Again, thank you, you prigs of Davos, for expending every effort to crate a centuries-long problem, enforced to your utmost, then issue a statement. I'm used to you boys, so not much you say is even mildly uprising but I admit to being flustered by all the weasily expressions of concern coming, as they do, on the heels of your recent, repeated statement of your goal to rid yourselves of up to ninety per-cent of your "human-workforce" in the near future. I assume you still assume the middle class and the poor can be made to handle the ensuing chaos. Very nice touch, though, "human workforce"... Sounds like that one was worked out for you, then focused-grouped by the amoral, greed-riven, ethically oblivious geniuses over at McKinsey, bless their festering souls. Notice this one? Article Sunday about yet another inhuman dictator facilitated if not outright created by McKinsey, the holy of American business holies, the best Harvard can produce. Now, poof! story gonzo. That is some consulting there, I tell you what.
tomkatt (saint john)
What an embarrassemen to the USA to have this clown show attend. He even brings along the daughter and son in law who contribute nothing ,as usual, but hey it's a free trip on the tax papers dime. Trump has set back trust in the USA immensely and it will not be easy to recover from this game show.
P Fleury (Texas)
@tomkatt What, you don't think that Ivanka is accomplished enough to continue the Trump regime into the future?
Mon Ray (KS)
@tomkatt Who could have imagined that Greta Thunberg, a 17-year-old high school dropout with acknowledged autism issues, would magically rise to become an international spokesperson for the environmental movement? Is she the green Joan of Arc? I don’t think so. Is she, as an earlier NYT article suggested, “a world political leader?” Hardly. Consider the fact that her father, an actor, and her mother, an opera and cabaret singer, have co-authored a book dealing with environmentalism and sustainability. In her speeches Ms. Thunberg reads from scripts undoubtedly prepared by her parents and perhaps others, in tones and with dramatic pauses and emphases undoubtedly coached by her parents. (Lots of her speeches are on YouTube so you can check this out for yourselves.) Someone is paying for Greta’s travels, public relations and related services; it would be of interest to know who. Perhaps someone who believes the words of a child will somehow be more persuasive than science, since scientists are still far from being able to predict, much less control, weather and climate phenomena.
Zor (Midwest)
$3.4+ million dollar waste of our tax payers' money. Could have been better spent helping the homeless in our country.
Think Of One (NYC)
@Zor What about all those who will become homeless because of Trumponomics? Such as rolling back regulations intended to the prevent toxic mortgage bundling that caused the recession of 2008.
Nancy E (Tulsa, OK)
@Think Of One And we can thank the GOP for that nightmare as well.
Bonnie Huggins (Denver, CO)
Would've been better spent giving it to 12 year olds and letting them loose in an arcade.
Davey Boy (NJ)
It’s simple. People (especially influential people) who push principles and values aside because Trump lines their pockets in some way are a blight on society.
John (LINY)
Funny that he wants to run on the economy. If I gave my credit card to my teenage daughter, she could run on her economy.
Panthiest (U.S.)
@John Excellent example, sir!
Sonja (L.A.)
@John Excellent! Very well said!
JANET MICHAEL (Silver Springs)
Trump is with his “people” at Davos-the wealthy one per cent-those who are responsible for crippling recessions and the group who will not put their ample resources to work to make a difference in the huge challenge of climate change.They represent money but not wisdom and responsibility.Davos is a “ see and be seen “ opportunity not a forum for serious solutions to the world’s problems.Good luck, Greta, getting your message out to this group who have so much money but so little real concern for the challenge you present to them.
DG (Idaho)
@JANET MICHAEL Yup, these are the true welfare queens of society, their demise will be well earned.
Zeke27 (New York)
@JANET MICHAEL trump may think he's with his people at Davos, but without his current job, he wouldn't be allowed in.
The Poet McTeagle (California)
@JANET MICHAEL His people? Putin is there, too?
JanTG (VA)
Trump and leadership in the same sentence. That's rich.
Louise (NY)
Yeah, right. Trump will make the forum about Trump and complain about the 'unfair impeachment'. He has no idea what this forum is all about and will only spit out more lies about his achievements.
Katherine Kovach (Wading River)
Another opportunity to showcase Trump's ineptitude.
srwdm (Boston)
Trump can jabber gibberish at the Davos forum and even try to use the big word “economics”— But his impeachment trial hangs around him like a fog.
Dean Roberts (Canada)
The Americans must cringe when Trump ventures out of his own territory. In fact, I’m sure the hosts of these events must also cringe... “Here comes that guy in the red tie again!”
Panthiest (U.S.)
@Dean Roberts Please bear with us. Hopefully, he will be gone soon.
Martin J Lyons (Fitchburg MA)
@Dean Roberts Some cringe, but not enough.
JLC (Seattle)
@Dean Roberts I cringe when he ventures out on his own, and I cringe again when he comes back home. I wish he'd stay somewhere with no extradition treaty to avoid having to answer for his crimes.
M (Cambridge)
I thought the reason Trump was elected was that he was the anti-Davos man who wouldn’t play golf or pal around with effete oligarchs and plutocrats like Clinton and Obama did. Was Trump lying or were his supporters lying about their reasons? Really, what does a “Real American” think when he sees that his stated reason for electing Trump is continuously contradicted by Trump’s actions?
Deb (Blue Ridge Mtns.)
@M - The thing is, they don't "see", or hear for that matter. Their brainwashing, cognitive dissonance and hatred of the other, won't allow actual facts to permeate.
Harry B (Michigan)
@M They don’t think, they have faith in the conn. Economics is faith based, our money is faith based, in god we trust. They actually believe he is their savior. A NY playboy and bankruptcy expert who laundered Russian mob money and made the ultra rich even richer. But they believe.
Sparky (NYC)
@Deb. Exactly, Fox news won't show it so it never really happened.
nurseJacki (Ct.usa)
He will lumber around the rich folk ,pulling our collective strings ,dangling initiatives that will save us. All lies of course. If Davos was our global economic salvation ,we would have the “Peace Dividend “that Andrew Yang talks about Since DAVOS formed. After the 1989 fall of Soviet hegemony in Berlin the powerful decided to place us in endless conflicts for the industrial / military / corporatist techie complex. Boosts all profit margins and keeps voters in a revolving door of suspect leadership ;using lies and laws to throw out our Rights to Life , Liberty , Happiness . He should travel to Russia after this conference and just stay there. We wouldn’t miss him. He belongs to Russia. Not even the Italian Mafia would put up with trump. Notice ?
The Kid (NYC)
I assume he will be recycling his “greatest presidency in the history of the country” mantra that was received so well at the UN. Comedy gold.
Patrick Stevens (MN)
Trump has wrecked economic stability for most of the world for the next generation with his trade wars, tariffs, and walking away from allies. Ninety percent of the people in our world are economically worse off because of his actions.
KBronson (Louisiana)
@Patrick Stevens That isn’t true and he isn’t President of the world. Most Americans are better off and that matters more.
Sharon Conway (North Syracuse, NY)
@KBronson No Americans I know are better off. They are worse off. Their taxes increased. Subsidies have been stopped. Trump talks a good game but can't deliver. We were better off under Obama. And he was a gentleman and a scholar. And loved by the world. He didn't embarrass us daily.
Pat (Colorado Springs CO)
Oh, my heavens, I am cringing already. I am reading "A Very Stable Genius," which arrived promptly at midnight via Kindle. Not that much new info to me, but wow, what a great book to have in the historical archives. Excellent reporting and detail.
J. (Midwest)
To the masters of the universe, who Mr. Bremmer said view Trump as a “godsend,” for making them richer, I assume: be careful what you pray for. Given another four years, he may well destroy us all.
David Weintraub (Edison NJ)
@J. He may be dead, but he'll be richer and the poor will be poorer. Could Mr. Brenner hope for anything more in life?
Grove (California)
@J. Greed is the biggest problem that we face. It seems that humans need a real catastrophe to bring them together. It looks like that day may be coming soon.
SparkyTheWonderPup (Boston)
@J. Another four years to destroy America? Sorry, that is one accomplishment that Trump has actually already achieved regardless of who wins the next election.
Pat (Long Island)
I watched his speech this morning. Sadly, I sat there thinking "I don't believe you Mr. President. " Sad.
Fran (Maine)
@Pat I don't blame you for not believing Trump. Every time he opens his mouth, he lies.
Dirk D (Berlin)
"Trump to Focus on Economy", isn'tthat 2 contradictions in one? He has no clue about economy, except filling his own pckets, and he is neither a master in focussing.
RNS (Piedmont Quebec Canada)
Big relief for the organizers at Davos that trump made the trip. It would have been much too late to get another comic.
faivel1 (NY)
@RNS Not sure anyone finds him funny he is nothing but a joke for these characters who are usually laughing behind his back. Yikes!
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