Trump Says He’s ‘Strongly Considering’ Pardoning Flynn

Mar 15, 2020 · 171 comments
rl (ill.)
A severe narcissistic personality will always come back to its main themes. Trump will continue to demand loyalty from his limning who will go over the edge behind him. They don't respond to logic; and con artists employ their own narrow range of intelligence to control the lower half of the IQ bell curve.
bea durand (planet earth)
"The country is distracted, busy with this virus thing; quick Mike, get your things and get outta there while the're not looking!"
David Lloyd-Jones (Toronto, Canada)
Trump would be silly to pardon Flynn and Flynn would be even sillier to accept the pardon. There's only one pardon available right now, one for the crime Flynn has confessed to. If he is pardoned for the small error of lying to the FBI, there are a whole lot more of his crimes to be cleared up as soon as a new Administration comes to town. The next Administration won't owe General Flynn anything.
john (Louisiana)
Trump most probably will pardon Three star General Michael T. Flynn who has probably been in bed with the Russian Intelligence Service for many years. In actually Flynn committed treason against America. Why a pardon? Maybe he has something about the Trump-Russian connection that has not been told? Something that adds to Christopher Steele Trump-Russia report?
Doremus Jessup (Moving On)
What a surprise. Not!
kenneth (nyc)
"Strongly considering pardoning Flynn" Well, he has to do something today. He doesn't understand the health crisis, he can't handle the economy, and foreign leaders just laugh when he comes around. So why not pardon Flynn? At least he'll get some newspaper coverage for that.
Ray Maine (Maine)
Trump will never miss an opportunity to do the absolute wrong, immoral or unethical thing. You can always count on it.
kenneth (nyc)
First things first. We can always deal with details like the deadly coronavirus later.
KJ (Tennessee)
Trump is a one-man jury of Flynn's peers. They are like two crooked peas 'lying' in the same pod. It's a typical Trump strategy. He decided to pardon Flynn before he was convicted, but is now sending out hints as though he's carefully considering the matter. And his base will eat it up.
Nuriya75 (Seattle)
Thank goodness Donald Trump has his priorities in order! Michael Flynn has had a lot of free time recently, maybe he learned coding so he can help with that coronavirus testing website.
Andreas (NYC)
Given that Trump is more or less promising to pardon everyone who worked for him, let's delay any prosecution until after he has been removed from office. I hope that there are some other charges that were held back and that they will face prosecution on those post any pardons.
Martha Shelley (Portland, OR)
@Andreas What makes you think he will allow himself to be removed from office?
Country Girl (Missouri)
Andreas And please, everyone, let us not forget that the judge in Flynn’s case, who is way more privy to information about Flynn’s crimes than us, asked the prosecutors in open court if they had concerned charging him with treason. TREASON. That is who trump the lying, grifter, Russian puppet, conman is considering pardoning. MAGA people and Republicans, you must be so proud.
Jlc1 (nYc)
@Martha Shelley exactly.
Gerry (St. Petersburg Florida)
The big problem we are going to have is after Trump loses the election. Not only will he not show up to the inauguration, he will rip off and ruin everything he possibly can on the way out the door. He will the blame everything on everybody else. I hope a lesson was learned here, but the people who follow him don't learn anything. They just keep doing the same thing over and over and...
Paul Raffeld (Austin Texas)
@Gerry Actually, my biggest concern is that he will not leave office after losing the election. He will yell that it was a Democrat's trick.
Karen Lee (Washington, DC area)
@Paul Raffeld, and my biggest concern is that he will be re-elected.
Edward McCarey McDonnell (Baltimore)
@Gerry I definitely don't want to see Trump at the next inauguration. I hope that the State of New York will have a warrant ready when he exits the White House. Trump is a desperate man as he realizes that once his presidency is over he will become Harvey Weinstein's cellmate. A pardon of Michael Flynn would be another slap in the face. LOCK HIM UP!
Maureen (Boston)
He needs to be removed from office. This country is about to learn a very, very, painful lesson. Narcissistic television personalities (and longtime grifters) do not make good presidents just because you think they justify your racism and hate. Shame on the entire GOP for leaving him in office when his absolute lack of fitness has been proved over and over. We need a blue tsunami in November.
John M (Minneapolis)
Yes. If each of us can convince just one other person to vote in November, or help them get to the polls, that would mean millions of votes.
Tony (Oregon)
@John M that's right. For Trump.
kenneth (nyc)
@John M But will they all be counted?
MED (Mexico)
The American legal system has always had its ideals and weaknesses. Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are stacking the system with justices who seem more interested in dogma than case law. Trump exercises power for friends and accomplices. If I lied to the FBI would anybody save me? You must be joking.
kenneth (nyc)
@MED No. But as long as you remain in Mexico, you're probably safe.
Andre (WHB, NY)
Absolutely brilliant! Change the subject from Trump's staggering incompetence. Really is there any doubt about this. We are all witnessing Trump leadership in times of stress. " No I don't take responsibility at all" I know this might come as a complete surprise to some but his six previous bankruptcies might have been a warning that you were buying a pig in a poke. So after he pardons Mr. Flynn, I suggest he award him the medal of freedom. Just like that radio guy.
aviron (Battery Park)
Tenting and fumigating the White House before a Democratic President occupies it in 2021. Cost: $500K. Symbolism: Priceless.
kenneth (nyc)
@aviron Are you referring to pictures the rest of us haven't seen? The only one I saw was of M Flynn wearing sunglasses.
Makouli (Mpls., MN)
This upcoming election can't come soon enough.
JaGuaR (Midwest)
"Treated very unfairly" by that he means he lied to the FBI. twisted logic from a twisted man.
kenneth (nyc)
@JaGuaR No. He meant that, when someone close to him does something illegal or unethical, it's simply not polite to notice.
kenneth (nyc)
@JaGuaR No, he means that prople aren't supposed to notice that his lies are really lies. So unfair.
Dr John (Oakland)
He will pardon Flynn in honor of St Patricks
Birdygirl (CA)
That Trump is even entertaining this pardon speaks to his errant, distracted, and dense mind in the midst of a global pandemic. Poor timing and a true reflection of Trump's lack of real engagement with the current crisis. If this was meant to draw attention away from his poor performance over the pandemic, then he's even dumber than he appears.
Marc Panaye (Belgium)
I hope a lot of U.S. of A. citizens 'strongly consider' voting this sad mad man out of the White House and straight to jail.
Northway (California)
The old bait and switch...never gets old.
kenneth (nyc)
@Northway Actually, bait-and-switch means something quite different. This is just a promised and expected payoff, pure and simple.
Johninnapa (Napa, Ca)
wow sounds more and more like he is really melting down....
kenneth (nyc)
@Johninnapa which "he"?
Marge Keller (Midwest)
“Take it easy, just relax,” the president said. “We’re doing great. It will all pass.” That's easy for a guy like Trump to proclaim such hollow words when he doesn't have to worry about running out of toilet paper in the White House or when he is in the perfect position of pardoning one of his pals. Funny how Flynn "sought to discredit the F.B.I.'s investigation into him" yet he pleaded guilty. Just how in the heck does that work?
SDT (Global Citizen)
Trump. We can always count on him to capitalize on the pain of others to take what he wants. Doesn't this maniac have more important things to concern himself with? That he deems this worthy of his attention in the middle of a global health pandemic is reason, all on its own (as if we didn't have a thousand other reasons) to remove him from office and put a serious adult in the oval office.
kenneth (nyc)
@SDT capitalize on their pain...or CAUSE their pain?
Charl (Manassas, Va)
Why wouldn't he [pardon a henchman)? Mobster always protect their own and Trump is a mobster (albeit an impotent and incompetent one).
Jeff (California)
The mafiose always protects his people. "Show me the money."
Bj (Washington,dc)
I cannot fathom how this is what Trump chooses to focus on instead of the coronavirus crisis facing the nation or the economic fallout. As a diversion from bad news, it falls completely flat, as rational people have their priorities straight.
Cyclopsina (Seattle)
And this, my friends, is why we all need to votebluenomatterwho, in every seat. We need to campaign for blue candidates everywhere. I'm not a Democrat, but an Independent. But our country must remove from office via the ballot box a President who thinks he is above the law.
kenneth (nyc)
@Cyclopsina " a President who thinks he is above the law." Unfortunately, he's been right so far.
Bob Slacker (SF Bay Area)
Remarkable, even for Trump. The nation is increasingly threatened by a deadly virus, the economy is headed into a recession or worse and leadership is needed like never before. Yet, this man remains consumed by delusion and perceived past slights and lacks any insight or empathy. We can only hope the few rational adults left are able to shape his decisions.
kenneth (nyc)
@Bob Slacker He's doing his best. He understands his need for power and adulation. He simply does not understand the rest.
Dulcinea (Houston,tx)
Trump:falsely claimed,erroneously stated,incorrectly said,misspoke,improperly reported. When will you just call him a LIAR.
Matthew (NJ)
I would hope new lawsuits are filed the minute “trump” pardons.
Dheep' (Midgard)
Yes Don. THIS is the important stuff you should be working on.The kind of issue you should spend your time on. Getting your criminal friends favors under cover of a national Health emergency. Real fine job you are doing ... Not ! (lest someone think I am actually serious)
Robert L. (RI)
good to know that during the Covid 19 pandemic trump has his priorities ... Americans deserve better then this.
Eowyn (NJ)
He has nothing better to do?
kenneth (nyc)
@Eowyn Not capably.
b fagan (chicago)
Pardon another of the criminals among your hires? That's EXACTLY what the country needs during a pandemic. Gee, thanks Mr. President!
Robert O. (St. Louis)
So he has time to flaunt his corruption at the same time that his incompetence is endangering the lives of thousands of Americans. He and his Republican cronies need to be purged from office.
Douglas Shields (Pittsburgh, PA USA)
This President is, and has been, in over his head on this public health crisis. So, naturally, he's focusing his mindless attention on pardoning yet another of his convicted knuckleheads, Michael ("Lock him up!") Flynn. The President, at first, downplays the importance of this global crisis. He has "hunches." He blames others. The virus is portrayed as a "foreign agent." Like from where Donald? Mars? Venus? The virus is native to this world and, it involves the whole of humanity. Foreign Agents? Like Russians who manipulate our elections? He's a fool to even think, let alone promote the asinine "foreign agent" thought. The self-proclaimed anti-science, anti-pointy headed knowledge President is now entirely dependent upon those he professes to trust the least - scientists. And, saving a convicted felon like Michael Flynn is the priority. I am not encouraged. Not encouraged one bit.
Boregard (NYC)
just wait to watch when he brings Flynn and that disgraced SEAL guy out, to lead some cheers at a rally. and the crowd goes wild! how low will Trump and his fan base go? how far will the nation let them take the rest of us?
kenneth (nyc)
@Boregard As low and as far as necessary to keep the masks from slipping.
Frank O (texas)
Takeaway: The President is above the law, and so are his pals.
hagenhagen (Oregon)
A nation of the lawless.
Sam Song (Edaville)
Another dog bites man story.
Boregard (NYC)
democracy over autocracy! dump Trump. ditch Mitch. patriotism over zealotry!
ZioEnzo (NYC)
Who's going to pardon Trump?
kenneth (nyc)
@ZioEnzo Certainly not Mrs Trump. He did it to her first.
Bill (SF, CA)
Is this Trump’s attempt to pivot away from the coronavirus? Pathetic.
kenneth (nyc)
@Bill What coronavirus ?
kenneth (nyc)
@Bill Trump is sovereign. He expects the virus to pivot away from him.
Slann (CA)
What's next? How about the "Presidential" Medal of Freedom? Since that's now a sham "award", it would be perfect for this traitor.
Lyse Chartrand (Gatineau, Quebec, Canada)
Diversion attempt.
Mat R. Vasq (Florida)
Trump shows how crooked he truly is. Crooked president pardoning crooked Flynn.
Bob (Portland)
After Trump pardons Flynn, he can be appointed to be the new Corona-virus tzar. Sad.......
Charl (Manassas, Va)
@Bob David As Leonhardt summarized: They show a president who put almost no priority on public health. Trump’s priorities were different: Making the virus sound like a minor nuisance. Exaggerating his administration’s response. Blaming foreigners and, anachronistically, the Obama administration. Claiming incorrectly that the situation was improving. Trying to cheer up stock market investors. Crucially, these impulses on Trump’s part had serious consequences. They prompted health officials to mislead the public and fail to act with the requisite urgency.
Susan Fitzwater (Ambler, PA)
This guy! This guy! He's got CROOK written all over him. He TALKS like a crook. He ACTS like a crook. He THINKS like a crook. In company with his party--the once-proud, once-honest (more or less) GOP-- --he has become what? A little oligarch bent on assuring and perpetuating his own power--taking care of his friends and toadies--doing his deals--bungling whatever crises come his way--ministering aid and comfort to our confessed adversaries--baffling or infuriating our longtime allies-- --as America-- --and I'm sorry, New York Times: I mean right-thinking, decent, unprejudiced America-- --looks on aghast. I could find it in me to hope he DOES pardon this man, Flynn-- --thus holding up to his outraged countrymen, holding up to a flabbergasted world-- --irrefutable and unanswerable proof--proof positive-- --of his own inveterate crookedness. I try and repress the temptation to feel that way. Our country has laws. The laws should be respected. And OBEYED, Mr. President. And OBEYED.
dan (Montana)
This man is unbelievable. The nation is concerned about a pandemic that could kill many thousands of Americans and he's sitting around feeling sorry for himself and trying to sneak in a pardon for an adviser who admitted to lying to the FBI. The buck stops...over there somewhere!
Barbara (NYC)
@dan Yes, and yes. You've said about all of what I was about to, but with far greater civility.
mh12345 (NJ)
The cover of coronavirus will unfortunately embolden Trump to do lots of outrageous things while he thinks no one is focused. (And, really, given the nature of what we are facing, does anyone really care what he does with Michael Flynn?) Hopefully, he is not given a second term.
sashakl (NYC)
3/16/2020, we're in the midst of a genuine crisis and THIS is what is occupying the mind of Trump? If he can't be removed from office, he should, at the very least, be marginalized as much as possible to allow smarter people to guide the ship of state through these dangerous waters.
It's reassuring to see that in the midst of a global pandemic, a national emergency, Trump is focusing on the important stuff.
Brian Smith (Albany, NY)
A pardon is part of the ongoing obstruction of justice.
randy (fort worth)
Equal opportunity. Did the FBI offer Ms. Clinton the same opportunity to lie? If not, why not? Seems to be a distorted presumption of who gets the red flag interview and who has a 'conversation' without any of those 'nasty' lawyers present. Of course, a lawyer interviewing another lawyer just doesn't have the same ring to it, especially the possible 'future boss' angle. Somebody knows, I'm sure. Nobody from the FBI really wanting to say that there really is a different road for some.
GP (nj)
@randy I actually couldn't follow your argument after reading to the end, but an early mention of Ms. Clinton being offered an "opportunity to lie" by the FBI sort of led me to believe you are a Maga hat wearing Trump supporter. From the article , "Mr. Flynn’s own admissions of his false statements make clear that Mr. Flynn made those false statements,” Judge Sullivan wrote in his ruling" Case closed, as I see it.
Telling lies really is not high on Trump's do not do list so this is understandable.
Mary O'Connell (Annapolis)
If he keeps behaving like this fewer and fewer people will be in favor of pardoning Trump when his time comes. He has done everything he can think of to undermine justice.
AVIEL (Jerusalem)
If he is facing jail himself he may not pardon his employees otherwise he’ll do right ny them and wrong by rule of law
Phineas (S Central PA)
You have to consider the possibility that one aim of Trump’s pardons is to distract his opponents from more important matters. Given the notoriety of the likes of Flynn, Blagojevich, Arpaio, Milken and Kerik, Trump knows that with the stroke of a pen he can roil the waters and soak up valuable time and space that might have been better spent analyzing his administration’s performance on the Coronavirus, the sizable increase in the public debt and his less than spectacular foreign policy performance: Venezuela, North Korea, the Philippines, etc.. So, keep your eye on the prize.
Lie for the President, get arrested and convicted, and get pardoned by him. Why does this make me sense immorality and even crime? Because it reeks of arbitrary government. Corruption is too easy a term. This is tyranny.
Last Moderate Standing (Tennessee)
Aside from having the verbal loquacity of a ten year-old, “strongly considering”, Trump should recall his comments when he call for the return of the death penalty for the Central Park Five. “They plead guilty.” So did Flynn. He should do a little time. He can sit next to Manafort, or Cohen.
RINO (Austin)
Glad to hear that Trump is focusing his attention on the important stuff like pardons.
Harvey Bernstein (Westchester, NY)
I truly believe that the day Trump was elected will go down in infamy. But I doubt he could have happened without the last 3 Presidents. Clinton was shameless. Bush was the Humpty Dumpty of the Middle East. Obama botched the roll-out of the ACA and was more hope than change. Dishonorable mention goes to Rush Limbaugh, Roger Ailes, the Southern Strategy and Web 2.0. Is there a way back? Your guess is as good as mine. But the fact that a man can have such disrespect for the honor of the military and still maintain the support of a large majority is not comforting.
Fromjersey (NJ)
And McConnell is urging Fed judges to retire so they can be replaced before Trumps term ends. The priorities of these "men" is sickening. We're in the midst of an unprecedented national crisis and this is what they are up to. They are loathsome, and should be give a viral label of their own.
Southern Boy (CSA)
I support the pardon Flynn; he hasn't done anything worse than Hunter Biden. Thank you.
Bj (Washington,dc)
@Southern Boy Has Hunter Biden confessed to a crime? I hadn't heard that. what is your source?
Chris Wildman (Alaska)
Knowing Trump, he is picking a time when attention is turned to the worst pandemic in recent history to do the unthinkable - pardon one of the criminals who helped him steal the election. Meanwhile, his henchman in the Senate is pressuring older federal judges to resign now so that their replacements can be placed in office before Trump is defeated in November. MAGA? No. MMCC - Trump is Making My Country Corrupt.
GP (nj)
Amidst this virus pandemic, it would be the perfect timing for Trump to weaponize his most nefarious actions. Kudos Donald, or whom-ever is actually pulling the strings.
JK (Pawtucket)
Go ahead, pardon Flynn. Then he can't take the 5th when called to testify to congress or in court.
Alex Kent (Westchester)
I guess the message will be that it’s permissible to lie to the FBI.
The year of GOP ethic cleansing-2020 (Tri-state suburbs)
Why this, why today? I'd bet the ranch that Trump's resignation is imminent.
Mike Page (Colorado)
He's takes care of convicted criminals and punishes people who stand for the rule of law.
Piri Halasz (New York NY)
Considering the fact that DT himself lies all over the place, it should come as no surprise that he wants to pardon one of his henchmen who has been convicted of lying. Takes one to know one!
Cest la Blague (Earth)
And people can't gather and protest.
RAS (Colorado)
Just one more reason I won't vote to re-elect Trump...
ericm (Boston)
A cover up in plain sight. Heckuva job, Trumpie!
Phyliss Dalmatian (Wichita, Kansas)
He has the BEST Criminals. NOVEMBER.
Marge Keller (Midwest)
@Phyliss Dalmatian Hey PD. I don't know about "the BEST" criminals because they keep getting caught, but Trump certainly has the MOST Criminals! Heck, he makes Nixon look like a rank amateur in comparison. Remember NOVEMBER! Vote Democrat not Plutocrat!
Phyliss Dalmatian (Wichita, Kansas)
@Marge Keller How are you ? I am trying to talk the Husband into a road trip, to Florida. It is ONLY going to get worse, and my Parents are terrified. I want to go and stock their House with Food/supplies, for the siege. I have already forbidden my Stepfather from going outside, except for urgent medical needs. We will leave on Thurs.or Fri. Long two day drive. Stay well, girlfriend.
Marge Keller (Midwest)
@Phyliss Dalmatian We are good. Helping out neighbors who need groceries and medications. We both feel fine, plopping along, hopeful that this virus won't hit home for us. Safe travels and take care of yourself. Before you know it, we will be complaining about how hot it is outside. . .
Bruce1253 (San Diego)
Please pardon him! Between pardoning crooks and criminals, and his incompetence with Coronavirus, Trump will go down as the worst President in American history, once he gets out of jail that is. Trump has single handily torpedoed his own reelection.
Steven (NYC)
Doesn’t this corrupt conman trump have anything better to do these days? A pathetic morally bankrupt president -
Mary O'Connell (Annapolis)
@Steven He is doing it now while people's attention is focused elsewhere. It's the shell game he always plays.
Petrapie (Rhinelander WI)
I am so tired of this national gaslighting.
AKJersey (New Jersey)
Trump is betraying America, and the Republicans are providing him cover. AG Barr is acting as the Defense Attorney of this Plot Against America, with co-conspirators Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn already convicted. The strongest reason to defeat Trump in November, is that he endangers our National Security by repeatedly and consistently aiding a foreign power, Russia. This is Treason, and all Americans must understand this. Trump’s tax returns would also show that he is in hock to Putin-connected Russian oligarchs, which is why Trump is so desperate to hide his financial records. Mueller was prevented from investigating Trump’s finances by Rosenstein, and Barr terminated the investigation prematurely. Remarkably, virtually the entire Republican delegation in Congress (with the lone exception of Romney) is in complete denial of all of this. The GOP has become the Gang of Putin! For further information on the Russian Collusion, see
Alex (Canada)
@AKJersey Excellent comment and thanks for the link. If I could be so bold as to suggest a slight "amendment": "Remarkably, virtually the entire Republican delegation in Congress (with the lone exception of Romney) is in complete cahoots with of all of this."
DTM (Colorado Springs, CO)
Michael Flynn? What? Now? Really? Is Trump trying to cast shade for his base, with this stinky chum, aged bait tossed to his base. I smell a tired old play, but in reality nothing but the odor of burnt toast emanating from the White House. President* Trump is toast with an orange tinge on the top edges.
Marie (Boston)
RE: "Trump Says He’s ‘Strongly Considering’ Pardoning Flynn" What this means is that Trump is putting the idea out their for FOX and a few friends to review and if approved he will go ahead with it.
Lorem Ipsum (DFW, TX)
Or he could act like a man - and really at this point that's the only option left - and issue the pardon.
D-Rex (NYC)
Lying to the FBI is the tip of the iceberg... Didn't he already receive a break since they did not go after him for failing to disclose Russian contacts and working as a foreign agent (Turkey) for substantial financial gain? Not to mention giving his conspiracy-pushing son a "pass". So please, do issue a pardon on lying to the FBI. And then the next administration can keep their fingers out of the pie and let prosecutors go after the larger offenses.
A. Stanton (Dallas, TX)
There will come a day -- relatively soon -- when President Trump will pardon himself, his family, his friends and his former business associates and employees for all crimes -- past, present and future -- they have ever committed or might ever commit. Dozens, if not hundreds, of persons will be pardoned in this way without ever having been charged with a crime or spending a day in jail. There will be a large number of appeals to our Federal Courts and the Supreme Court seeking to overturn these pardons on various grounds. All of these cases will ultimately be decided in favor of the President.
TMSquared (Santa Rosa CA)
Oh, for the good old days of pre-coronavirus, when all Trump had to worry about was his project of dismantling the consitutional order and replacing it with authoritarian dictatorship and the cult of personality, with the help of, and modeled after, Vladimir Putin--along with peripheral projects of obstructing any legitimate investigation into his plot, including pardoning any fellow criminals who have the goods on him and might rat him out. When he finally succeeds, all power will be like the pardon power--unchecked, unaccountable, fully corruptable. "Perfect," you might say. Good times.
Anda (Ma)
Thank goodness our president is thinking about the things that matter while thousands die of an epidemic and thousands of others are at risk, in no small part because he trashed the department meant to deal with pandemics, slashed the CDC budget, suppressed and hamstrung scientists - because of course, he and his children via facebook and twitter can do anything a Phd. in virology can do, right? Meanwhile he is planning to hobble, then slash social security, and hand billions in our tax dollars not to our hard hit working class but but to oil execs, bloated airlines who treat the public like cash cows, or rather cash cattle, and others of his billionaire pals. And who know what other awful actions he will take under the 'cover' of a pandemic. Do you like being a mark? I don't. But we are.
Gus (Albuquerque)
I wish I were surprised by this. In countries were corruption is the norm, pardoning underlings for doing the ruling party’s dirty work is also the norm. It’s the flip side of prosecuting political opponents for being opponents, which is another thing Trump has tried to do routinely. Unfortunately, 40% of the US is fine with blatant corruption, and so are all of the Republican Senators except Romney.
Trevor Diaz (NYC)
Trump needs his own pardon, if he loses Nov 2, 2020 Election. Who will pardon him? Feds in SDNY are waiting, as soon as Trump's Presidential Shield disappears after Nov 3, Election. His partner in crime of 2016 Election his attorney Michael Cohen already serving his term.
Diane (Arlington Heights)
Pardoning Flynn will simply be saying it's okay to lie to the FBI, clearly what Trump intends. No shame at all.
Matthew S (Washington DC)
Good to see Trump hasn't lost focus on the important issues during this national emergency!
Marco Ruggiero (Los Angeles)
We are in one of the worst crisis and he pardons a an enemy of America. And "we", as constituents of the US Senate absolved him. Shame on them shame on us all.
always time for corruption - even in a crisis.
Fat Bob (CLT)
He may has well stay on brand throughout all of this..
R.P. (Bridgewater, NJ)
"Accused Mr. Schumer of threatening his two appointees to the Supreme Court" Well that's true actually. Schumer did it. It's not an "accusation" though the media is desperate that the story go away.
Jlc1 (nYc)
@R.P. Oh dear me, are you going to start the game of parsing what did so and so really say? Because your guy, Trump, is the master of "accusing" and then not "accusing". It is a game, if based on facts and not Fox, you will lose every time because Trump lies the way the rest of us breath.
Can we please get a rel candidate? (St. Croix, US Virgin Islands)
@R.P. Right - Schumer did it and almost immediately apologized. Unlike Trump, who has never apologized for even one of his hundreds of crimes against the American people.
Slann (CA)
@R.P. Schumer was being totally honest, and that's like a silver bullet to the werewolf in the WH.
Conservative Catastrophe (Tucson)
Flynn lied to the FBI about meeting with Russians to discuss removing Obama sanctions once Trump was inaugurated. Again, Trump has to pardon Flynn because he knows about the 2016 conspiracy to steal the presidential election with the help of Putin. Next will be Manafort and Stone for the same reason.
Joanne (Colorado)
Donald Trump is so utterly unfit for his presidential responsibilities—at this moment, addressing the coronavirus threat and protecting the American people—that he instinctively slithers to what he is comfortable with: helping his criminal pals. His incompetence is stunning, as is the support he still gets. I could not be happier that he is forced to cancel his rallies, which are like oxygen to him.
Phil Hurwitz (Rochester NY)
The irony of it all. . .threatening to pardon a man who has already admitted his guilt. trump. . .I pray for the day when the good Lord will fly in for your trial.
Piney (NYC)
It's okay to lie to the FBI or the Courts or anywhere if you're working for Trump. You get smeared, threatened and eventually fired if you don't.
Abigail (Alaska)
How can anyone pardon someone who pleaded guilty?
S B (Ventura)
For Trump to use the COVID crisis as a cover for pardoning his criminal cohort is beyond reprehensible. I hope criminal charges are brought against Trump when he is removed from office later this year.
Thom Marchionna (Bend, Oregon)
As repulsive as this is, it is utterly predictable. The man—and I use the term loosely—is an anarchist. Thriving on chaos to match his fevered mind, what better time to throw gasoline on the fires of pandemic and economic meltdown? The worse things get, the more he will act out. Anything, absolutely anything to take our attention off the abominable charade of this failing administration.
RH (San Diego)
Flynn will be the first three star US Army general to be a convicted felon. That said, the next administration could encourage DOD to to prosecute Flynn under the UCMJ. As such, Flynn could be court marshaled for various offenses to include conduct un-becoming leading to reduction in rank, loss of all retirement benefits and change to his discharge (DD214) from honorable to other than honorable. Flynn was essentially telling the Russians, the Trump Administration would "consider" lifting the same time, and without Flynn's knowledge (as alleged), Trump thru Michael Cohen was negotiating with the Russians on a Trump Tower in Moscow..this was mid-2016. (All this well documented). Remember what the Judge said...'Mr. sold your country out..!" Flynn is a disgrace to the uniform, to himself and to his family.
John M (Minneapolis)
The fact that he is even talking about this during a pandemic shows his true colors.
Slann (CA)
@John M There's only one: yellow.
What a surprise. To me this is nepotism gone mad. And this is also tearing the fiber of our institutions. The FBI is more dangerous to Trump than Russian trolls or criminals (the ones he has hired of course), but those who feel out of grace are treated badly, the criminals and thieves among his retinue are pardoned. Including war criminals. Hoping this pandemic sweeps this man out of office to infamy, where he belongs.
Socrates (Downtown Verona. NJ)
Eddie Gallagher (Navy Seal Iraq War Criminal) Rod Blagojevich Joe Arpaio Lewis "Scooter" Libby Michael Milken Bernard Kerik And soon, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and a huge rainbow of right-wing criminals will be pardoned of their criminality by our Dear Leader. Welcome to the 3rd-world, where the rule of law has been replaced by the rule of political theft. "Only the worst possible people" TRUMP-Pence-GOP 2020 November 3 Register and vote in historic numbers, America.
Pat (Somewhere)
@Socrates The right-wing never misses an opportunity to do its dirty work while the nation is distracted.
William White (Salt Lake City, UT)
@Socrates From Politico February 20 "Both the plain meaning of the Constitution’s text and the historical evidence show that once a president has been impeached, he or she loses the power to pardon anyone for criminal offenses connected to the articles of impeachment — and that even after the Senate’s failure to convict the president, he or she does not regain this power."
R.P. (Bridgewater, NJ)
@Socrates At least Trump pardons people before the election, so that people can decide for themselves whether to re-elect him if they are against the pardons. Completely different from Dems (most notably Clinton) who pardoned people literally on their out of the office.
hal (Florida)
Why, oh why, can the New York Times not say he is lying? Euphemism after qualifier after marshmallow the Times is shading the truth. Save your keyboard and thesaurus. Simply add "He's lying." at the end of each Trump quote. It will save readers having to parse his pronouncements too.
e (Cincinnati, OH)
Please no.
Robert (Morris)
Pathetic. White House tweets on Flynn, Clinton, Judicial Watch ....bizarre. A modern day day Nero.
JVG (San Rafael)
Mr. Trump is, simply put, pathetic.
Dubious (the aether)
It’s as if Trump doesn’t even realize that he was betrayed by Flynn. When you’re working for Turkey, you’re not working for the President.
mrc (nc)
Was there ever any doubt that Trump would ultimately pardon all his flunkies? Flynn will then be able to get back on the Russian lecture and advisory and lobbying set. How far the GOP has fallen.
lynchburglady (Oregon)
@mrc Fallen? Crashed and burned is more like it.
@mrc Frankly the most memorable government criminals have always been Republican, since my childhood.
Norm Vinson (Ottawa, Ontario)
Trump should proactively pardon himself for all past and future crimes for which he can be prosecuted after he leaves office.
Firatsf (SF)
Straight out of the playbook of autocrats, Trump is finally stepping up to his role as the mighty president of USA. The base will love this.
patrick peterson (Utica NY)
President Trump always has a p.r. distraction. Best yet, is I am not responsible.
Jason (Florida)
This is Absurd! He lies for him, then gets caught , then gets a pardon from whom that he lied for. Of course, this is happening during a health crisis that would largely prevent any public gathering against this type of blatant injustice... What next? A multi-million dollar personal bailout for each person who lied for him and got caught?
Peppercorn (Chicago)
Can this man, for one day, just not.
NJlatelifemom (NJRegion)
I hope Donald understands that no one will ever pardon him or any of his relatives.
Trevor Diaz (NYC)
Mike Pence will pardon Trump, when Mike is sworn in as 46th after Nov 2020 Election.
Barbara (NYC)
@Trevor Diaz Huh??? Just how will that happen? ls Pence running for Pres, or what ironic nuance am i missing here?
Upstate Dave (Albany, NY)
The man has been lying all his life. His personal and professional lives have been built on it. Ask his wives, People who bought un-built condos from him. People who went to Trump University Etc. etc. . No wonder he doesn't think lying to the FBI is something his buddy should go to jail for.
Jacquie (Iowa)
Of course Trump will pardon Michael Flynn. He has run a criminal enterprise for years and just moved it into the Oval and continued his corruption in plain sight.
William White (Salt Lake City, UT)
If Michel Flynn case is intertwined with President Trump's impeachment in the House, I don't believe he can be pardoned-anyone know?
J Carpenter (Prescott, Az)
@William White Article II Section 2 of the Constitution says "...he shall have Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of impeachment.
Country Girl (Missouri)
William White I, too, would love to know.
BenY (chitown)
Faced with a global pandemic exacerbated by his own ignorance and incompetence and a market in free fall the president does what he does best. Pardon one of his crook buddies.
Celia (East Patchogue)
And still people support this president... unfathomable
Henry (Middletown, DE)
Trump stalled response to coronavirus, now continues unable to produce coherent administrative message, but this he has time to think about. Because of course, bailing out our worst is good for him.
Karin (Long Island)
Pardoning his conspirators and buying up oil.. The only things Trump told the truth about since this pubic health crisis began.
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