Looking for a Sport to Watch? It Won’t Be Easy

Mar 16, 2020 · 21 comments
Don Evans (Huntsville, AL)
I think PGA should use this hiatus for a March Madness 64 player match tournament at TPC Sawgrass. No gallery. Two players on a hole in the wide open spaces. Number 1 plays 64 and on down. use a walking camera for the approaches and one camera behind each green for the chips and putts.
Phneyda (USA)
I’m waiting for ESPN to show reruns of lesser known sports. I love learning about new sports because they tell you something about a region’s culture and history CABER TOSS anyone? I’m ok with reruns b/c I’ll be able to watch w/ friends and family (via text & FaceTime of course). For everyone saying you don’t need sports, some people may need it b/c it helps them deal with ever increasing anxiety. Everyone deals in a different way. If that way doesn’t harm anyone, is there a need to throw shade?
Neil James (Brooklyn, NY)
might I recommend the Marble League on Youtube
Mark (Georgia)
The answer is be the event... Get three of your friends and have a golf tournament. Walk the course so there's no riding shoulder to shoulder. Keep an eight-foot distance especially at the tee box and while putting. Arrive and depart in separate cars. Repeat often! (I say eight feet because all golfers add 33% to all distances.)
Bruce (Spokane WA)
I got the Tennis Channel last summer, just in time for the French Open. They are now showing last year's Indian Wells, which I didn't get to see. All the matches are a year old, but new to me. Hopefully by the time the French comes around again, they'll be playing live matches again. (Or maybe we'll be in the midst of the Zombie Apocalypse by then, and I'll be preoccupied with eating brains instead of watching tennis.)
carl (new york city)
National Rugby League in Australia is still on at the moment. The Times has done excellent reporting on the NRL before, surprised the article missed this one.
Angela Watson (New Haven)
The Iditarod race in Alaska is one of the cruelest races in the world. Poor dogs are subjected to awful conditions in which they are pushed to their limits, left out in the cold, raced until their paws are bloody and many die along the way. Even if you are desperate to watch a sport during these trying times, I urge you to avoid watching this race. It’s now more than ever that we should be reminding ourselves to respect our fellow creatures.
Michael Browder (Chamonix, France)
@Angela Watson It is too bad you know absolutely nothing about this sport.
J (The Great Flyover)
Great time to become your very own favorite athlete...put on your sneaks and hit the road! Who knows, you may decide you like it so much you no longer need the other...
J (Seattle)
We've been watching Sumo Wrestling on TV!
Rashaad (Japan)
@J I live in Japan (where I teach English), and I've been watching sumo every day.
Tobias W. (Seattle)
Try competitive esports.
astull (Milwaukee, WI)
Sumo! Available though NHK channel or app.
Philippe Egalité (New Haven)
Read a book. Take a walk. Be a citizen without consuming for a change.
BayArea101 (Midwest)
I'll be surprised if the Olympics are held this year.
Chris Hinricher (Oswego NY)
Overwatch league resumes this weekend with some good matches. Always a fan of New York Excelsior.
Castanet (MD-DC-VA)
When all else is unavailable, watch the re-runs! Best wishes for good health as we all (well, most of us) practice social distancing to avoid dying from the coronavirus.
Richard (rye,NY)
Get up early New York time and check youtube live sports. There is an eclectic selection of the remaining activity. You can be introduced to kabbadi, ox halt racing, and drag racing with greyhounds. Perhaps there is still a bit of Indonesian basketball or amateur cricket.
parizen (Paris)
You are missing the biggest sporting event to be maintained in the world! Japanese Sumo has six 15 day tournaments per year. The Sumo Association debated what to do for the current tournament, or basho, which started on Sunday, March 8. They decided to hold the tournament under very strict conditions, which include having no audience, no journalists backstage (in the locker rooms), taking the temperature of all sumo wrestlers twice daily, but still maintaining all the pageantry of a tournament. As sumo is highly ritualised, it is always a spectacle. For two hours every day for fifteen days, NHK broadcasts this beloved sport to fans around the world clamouring for some kind of athletic competition. With no audience in attendance, you can hear every sound the "rikishi" make, every grunt, every slap, every colossal fall. It is amazing. I can't help wonder why baseball didn't maintain its schedule, playing day games in empty stadiums while continuing to rake in television revenue to the delight of so many sports-deprived fans? It figures that sumo, the oldest continuously played sport in the world, would be the vanguard during this pandemic.
rebadaily (Prague)
The Australian Rules Football (aka, footy) season begins this Thursday at 4:30 am edt. I'm a huge American football fan, but when being honest, footy is a superior game. It's continuity of play makes it inherently superior and the minimal commercial interruption makes it not even a close call. The sum of all the action in a typical American game is 11 minutes from the snap of the ball to the referee's whistle. Tolerable when the games ran 2:45-3 hours because of the skill and intensity displayed. Not a good value when games, especially college ones, are nearly 4 hours. On Fox this Thursday. Great opportunity for them since ESPN now only shows classics.
Peter Fuller (Melbourne Australia)
@rebadaily I'm very pleased to hear from a fan of the game which I have grown up with, and I certainly share your view about Australian Rules cfd. to other football codes. Unfortunately there are question marks about whether and when matches might be played, although as I write it seems this week's matches will go ahead - without spectators. I have a ticket for this Thursday night's game (our time) to which you refer, but I obviously won't be attending. Like you I'll be watching at home.
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