Behind Joe Biden’s Thinking on a Female Running Mate

Mar 16, 2020 · 499 comments
Dan (Colorado)
Absolutely DO NOT take even a slight risk of losing a Senate seat, or a governor seat. That means 'no' to Amy Klobacher, no to the New Hampshire Senators, to to Masto of Nevada, and to the Governor of Michigan. I would also say 'no' to Elizabeth Warren as well, as Democrats lost a Mass. Senate seat on a mid-term election, so it can happen again. I would rather see her as the next Senate leader (hopefully majority leader). Also need to pick someone who could run and win in 2024, because Joe will be 82 years old. Stacey Abrams has no experience. That leaves Kamala Harris, who would make a great VP and future President, Val Demings, who was quite impressive during the criminal's impeachment proceedings, and Sally Yates, who is incredibly smart and tough.
R.C. Repetto (Amherst, MA)
I surely hope that Biden would recruit Elizabeth Warren, who would strengthen the ticket both as a woman and as an energizer of the progressive wing of the party. She would also strengthen Biden's administration with her strong substantive policy knowledge. We need a VP who can do more than spend four years standing behind the president staring at his right ear.
Ken Wood (Boulder, Co)
One person, not mentioned, would bring in the women, the left, the moderate and the non white population. Michele Obama!
Fred (Chapel Hill, NC)
Might be difficult to persuade her to give up a lifetime appointment, but how about Justice Sotomayor?
GTM (Austin TX)
Michelle Obama is the best possible choice for VP. (Unlikely she would accept the nomination.) Sen. Amy Klobuchar is an excellent choice for VP. Save Sen. Harris for Attorney General and Sen. Warren for Treasury.
amy (vermont)
Please NOT KAMALA. If we liked her, she would have made it a further along in the race. Amy or Elizabeth, or Stacey Abrams, please.
John (Virginia)
After today Biden will have an insurmountable lead and can go ahead and let us know who his VP running mate is.
Donna Tallon (Denver)
Great decision to choose a woman for Vice President. Now choose a woman with name recognition and whose platform we can vote for along with yours.
towngown (NJ)
I'm a woman with hard-working adult children of both genders. I was having a conversation with my son concerning my fears that white straight males are being discriminated against as we try to make up for injustices in the past. I asked him how he would feel if a woman who was genuinely less qualified that he is was promoted above him. He smiled and said, "It's already happened."
Monsp (AAA)
Tell him not to despair, there will also be plenty of white males that are less qualified than him who will also bypass him in his career.
W (Cincinnati)
My pick would be Michelle Obama. She is smart, charming, and has seen first or second hand how the Presidency and the Administraion around it actually operates. She would certainly be better prepareed than the current President.
Tullymd (Bloomington Vt)
And better than her husband for sure.
Samantha (NYC)
Let’s all not forget that Biden also pledged that during his administration he’d appoint an African American woman to the Supreme Court if given the chance (which he very well might have). In both the issue of a female VP and a possible female Supreme Court Justice, Sanders demurred. More Progressive in politics, perhaps, but I’d rather have a president that is more progressive in practice, and one that admits he made mistakes in the past, listens to those around him, and has learned from those mistakes, resulting in a more evolved and thoughtful leader. To quote Sir Winston Churchill “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” Biden has shown conscious, purposeful, and real growth on the issues that matter in a progressive democracy and a 30 plus year record of demonstrated and effective leadership where he demonstrated the ability to close the bipartisan gap. He has my vote.
Lilou (Paris)
For Biden, choosing a woman has a whiff of desperation, an air of patronizing, and the scent of pandering to women. Not that women are not qualified. He has a large enough--just barely--pool to chose from. This is due to womens' underrepresentation in elected office. But the larger point is that his choice should not be based on sex, but on ability, sharp thinking, a person trusted by voters who can guide him if his mind wanders, someone who appeals to the left and centrists based on wise decision-making, and someone experienced in the workings of higher levels of government. Biden should pick the best person for the job, not the best woman. Someone who could capably assume the Presidency should Biden succumb to a health condition. Likewise, Sanders.
DeKay (NYC)
@Lilou: Joe Biden's campaign consists of nothing more than pandering.
Lilou (Paris)
@DeKay -- yes, I thought he was a bit too slick at Sunday's debate, too professinal politician, stealing all of Sanders' agenda as if it were his own, and deflecting questions about his own conservative voting record and pro-corporate stance, e. g., his pro-fracking view. Was amazed he didn't forget his words, and had to wonder if he was on a medication that helped clear his head. Sanders is the genuine article, and creator of Biden's stolen talking points.
Karen DeVito (Vancouver, Canada)
Will Mr. Biden take up Sanders' challenge to assemble a cabinet that is 50% women? The Prime Minister of Canada did in 2015.
VCuttolo (NYC)
By committing to choose a woman, Joe Biden has painted himself into a corner. Why limit your choices? Bad move.
fast/furious (DC)
Sally Yates would be a great choice.
ChrisDavis070 (Stateside)
Wrong, wrong, wrong! It is so wrong to jettison strategic thinking and embrace naiveté for perceived political correctness. (I say that as someone who early on favored the charismatic Kamala Harris as presidential nominee.) Biden, if the nominee, has the African-American vote, so he doesn't need a black VP, however worthy Stacy Abrams is to be president someday in her own right. Does he need to make extra entreaties to the suburban female vote? I don't think so, however much I admire Amy. And he doesn't need her to win Minnesota. He needs inside help to win Ohio! He needs to win Pennsylvania! He needs to win the MidWest and farther west! But, no, Biden has boxed himself in, it seems to me. Nevertheless, I hope the Democratic Party/Convention can pull a rabbit out of the hat on this question in order to ensure victory in November. If ever there was a time to be strategic, this is it.
Asian man (NYC)
I think he took a bait from the moderator on that one. It doesn't matter what gender is. He should pick whoever is the most qualified. I don't think vast majority of Americans care about what gender VP pick is. It's more about qualification and content of character.
Monsp (AAA)
Yeah I rolled my eyes at that one.
David (Miami)
I think the words that come to mind are: "pandering", "opportunism", and "upper middle class suburbanites who like their economics conservative and their culture liberal".
Tullymd (Bloomington Vt)
Tulsi Gabbard. No regime change wars.
Concernicus (Hopeless, America)
“And No. 2, that they are ready on Day 1 to be president of the United States of America.” Then how in God's name is Stacey Abrams on the list? Then there is the issue that Biden has eliminated 48% of the talent pool by only considering female candidates. I'm not voting for Trump. But Biden has a long way to go to get my sacred vote.
KJ Peters (San Jose, California)
@Concernicus 52 per cent of the countries talent pool has been excluded for our entire history. Now that one candidate is looking into that unexplored pool you raise objections? White males have been our only option for over 200 years with one exception.. It's far past time that mistake of history will be changed.
J.S. (Northern California)
Please not Kamala Harris. Please no. The only sure-fire person that can seal the deal and make sure 100% that Trump will be defeated in November is... ... Michelle Obama. BUT... looks like she is deaf to the call of self-sacrifice in the service of ridding this country of the horror that currently sits in the Oval Office. That said... if Michelle won't do it, just ask Oprah. Seriously. Ask Oprah. She'll do it. Forget politicians, think outside the box. Oprah.
Mary A Luna (Kansas)
I would Like to See Biden Select Sen. Kamala Harris as his Running Mate for Vice President. Thank you.
Rm (Worcester)
We need to beat Trump at any cost. But that shouldn’t be the reason to compromise. I was dismayed to hear Congressman Clyburn’s comment. He is highly respected and I didn’t expect pandering from him. When does the pandering stop? The selection should be merit based since we need a solid administration to clean the mess created by the corrupt con man and his cronies. The democratic party has no discipline and unable to deliver concise media message except defeating Trump. The current condition is a result of years of pandering to special interest groups for the sake of winning votes. Many ex-democrats joined Republican party for the same reason and they didn’t have a choice since we have a two party system. Hope Biden at this point of his career would do the right thing for the country, not pandering to a special group. We have a choice to rebuild the party and govern our nation in an optimum manner. Failing that we will go back to Republican win in the future.
KJ Peters (San Jose, California)
@Rm I agree, it should be merit based. We have had a set aside system for white males for most of our history. This notion that Harris, Klobachar, Warren are not highly qualified is just ignorant. The fact that we have excluded women for the top two positions in our government is not because of merit, it's because of sexism and racism. Dan Quail, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, none of these white males were qualified yet no one raised their obvious lack of quality as a male set aside because that's just what we do in America. Any time a women, or a person of color is raised as a possiblity for President or Vice President they have to jump hurdles that are never raised for male candidates. There is no shortage of women or women of color that would be far stronger then then the two white males that currently hold the top two positions today.
Josef K. (Steinbruch, USA)
I agree merit is important in a candidate and I’m sure you’d agree that any choice must also consider sound political strategy. There are several candidates of outstanding merit who’ve been sorely tested in the arena who are women. It is also sound political strategy to choose such a woman as a running mate at this time, for reasons that should be obvious (a lot of women vote and are paying close attention to this choice). Is there male candidate that stands out so much to brush those considerations aside? I’m not seeing it. So, sorry, it’s not pandering.
Sendan (Manhattan side)
Not sure if ever Biden would pick Warren. The next best choice would be Gretchen Whitmer governor of Michigan. She served in the Michigan House and Senate for nearly 20 years and has vast experience and is a state executive. And she is only 48 years old. Gov. Whitmer is even the Co-Chair for the Biden campaign. She is successful, smart, tough, well-liked and knows how to get things done. She would also help carry Michigan and would campaign hard in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania and the Great Lakes region. Whats not to like about Gov. Whiter as Vice President.
J.C. (Michigan)
All of you who are suggesting who you would like to see as VP are missing the point. Biden is very clear that he wants a centrist VP who won't challenge him or his policies. If you read this piece, it couldn't be more clear. He'll float certain names, but in the end he'll select a yes-woman.
Counter Measures (Old Borough Park, NY)
Judge Judy Sheindlin!
TimesChat (NC)
Michelle Obama.
PL (ny)
If advisors want Biden to pick a black woman as his vice president to demonstrate gratitude to his most reliable base, he'd better be prepared to rely on them to vote for him in the general election, because it will turn off a lot of white voters, who do not find the possible choices compelling. He has already pledged to demonstrate his gratitude by appointing a black woman to the Supreme Court. Going beyond a litmus test on any issue, he is now bringing affirmative action to the Supreme Court. I hope he goes beyond gratitude to retribution, which means appointing Anita Hill, who is a lawyer.
Josh Wilson (Kobe)
Klobuchar's nice and Warren's got spice but were the choice mine It'd be Susan Rice
snail (Berkeley, CA)
Susan Rice would be a terrific choice. She is strong, smart, poised, loyal, clear headed.
Josef K. (Steinbruch, USA)
She’s sharp as a tack but she’s never run for office, which gives me and Sam Rayburn pause. “Well, Lyndon,” Mister Sam answered, “you may be right [about all those best and brightest] and they may be every bit as intelligent as you say, but I’d feel a whole lot better about them if just one of them had run for sheriff once.”
MCC (Pdx, OR)
After seeing posts about Michelle Lujan Grisham, the governor of New Mexico, I read about her and was struck by some things she has in common with Biden from a personal perspective. She lost a sister to a brain tumor and lost a husband to a brain aneurysm. Just from shared experience with these tragedies and health challenges would certainly help form a bond of trust between them. Her politics are not too progressive but much more progressive than Klobuchar’s. And she is a Hispanic politician from the southwest with a strong history of accomplishment that could hopefully persuade Bernie’s hispanic supporters not to sit out the election. I think Biden/Lujan Grisham is a winning combination from an electoral point of view. Could help with Texas, Arizona, electoral college, too. The most amazing thing is that there are so many accomplished Democratic women for Biden to consider.
highway (Wisconsin)
@MCC sorry-this smacks too much of Sarah Palin. You don't want someone who's been "pitching at Beaumont." At least someone with experience in the crucible of national visibility and politics.
AO (Oregon)
Just listened to David Axelrod interview Rep. Spanberger of Virginia. She seems to be very decent, super smart, inspiring and a dedicated public servant. Maybe her? But it would be so difficult for me to vote for Harris in any way. I could and would do it, but it would be painful indeed.
MCC (Pdx, OR)
I think that Tammy Duckworth would be a phenomenal choice for VP. Why no mention of her? She has great experience in the military, politics and brings a compelling life story to the campaign. A young family and husband also of a military background. And she, like Obama, has the mixed race background that could add to her compelling story as a mom, a military combat vet and an accomplished Senator, not to mention having overcome some pretty steep obstacles in her life, both before and after her combat wounds. Warren could also unify the ticket policy wise and would be a great campaigner. But I think Warren won’t draw as much to the ticket electability-wise as Duckworth, plus Warren has her own age working against her despite her remarkable youthfulness at age 70. Klobuchar won’t excite the young and minority voters because she is just too darn conservative and lacks charisma. And I don’t think Harris was much of a campaigner - did not have the strength of her convictions on display. Harris came across as more personally ambitious rather than having a passion for governing to make people’s lives better. Warren has that governing passion and I think Duckworth has it too. Stacey Abrams doesn’t yet have the experience to be the VP running mate although she probably could be a great Presidential candidate after a stint as governor - hope she can unseat Kemp next time. The NH senators are too conservative and cautious. That won’t translate well to this campaign.
VCuttolo (NYC)
@MCC Duckworth actually makes a lot of sense. I wonder why her name has not been mentioned.
Roberto M Riveros A (Bogota, Colombia)
Dream on! Biden will not be the nominee, and if he ends up winning, he can´t beat Trump!
Rm (Worcester)
Stop dreaming yourself. Bernie the con man is a toast.
Ted (NY)
The logical choice is Senator Warren who has fully developed positions and programs. She’s also a great campaigner and debater who can unite millennials, women and everything in between Senator Klobuchar is rather gray. Senator Harris is not ready - she ran an undistinguished campaign. Though she could go to the DoJ. Short of that, how about Susan Rice? Great resume, incredibly smart and test d in the global stage. After Andrew Gillum’s travails in a hotel room this past weekend , not sure Stacy Abrams has been vetted well either.
Mungo Maxwell (Kirkcudbright Scotland)
the best response I can muster is ugghhhh. It won’t be if he wants to win the general.
Tullymd (Bloomington Vt)
So vet her, there’s time. What’s that have to do with Gillum anyway?
Ted (Austell, GA)
It seems like a vast potential list ... women under 65 ... but when you winnow the field further by stipulating the candidate has to be a female with national experience who can be ready to be president in the likely event of Biden not finishing his term and who can have the trust of the American voters going into November the list looks pretty short. Abrams doesn't have managerial experience or statewide office credentials, Harris while superb in many ways didn't wear well and ended up with less support than she began with, Demings has never campaigned nationally, so she would be under immense pressure with only a few months to get her sea legs. Klobuchar is the best best, and both she and Biden are sort of lovably eccentric and warm. They would probably click.
DW99 (East Coast)
@Ted : Many of us don't find Biden or Klobuchar remotely lovable or warm (or eccentric, lovably or not -- they're both bland, white-bread centrists).
James Marran (Scottsdale AZ)
VP selection will be THE most important choice of Biden’s campaign and I’ll bet Jim Clybourn gets a giant say in the ultimate choice. I saw Rep. Marcia Fudge of OH make a strong case for Biden on national TV this weekend, maybe Joe will go for a longshot.
Lisa Cabbage (Portland, OR)
I wish voters had been as enthusiastic about a woman president as they seem to be for a woman vice-president (chosen by a man, no less). How much more comfortable folks are with a woman helping, in a number two position, than with a woman assertively climbing to the top and competing for power.
VCuttolo (NYC)
@Lisa Cabbage Give the people someone to support, and they will support her. It is not the fault of the voters that Elizabeth Warren was a weak candidate.
Rax (formerly NYC)
Stacey Abrams, because she knows how to tackle voter disenfranchisement. She is a go-getter and also energetic. Biden needs somebody with a lot of energy. I get the feeling she is a no nonsense problem solver and not on an ego trip. That is the perspective of a black woman.
Tullymd (Bloomington Vt)
Better than Sarah Palin and that guy who couldn’t spell potato
Kelly (New Mexico)
We cannot afford to have one Democratic senator leave. This person must be a governor. Michelle Lujan Grisham is that woman. She’s a Latina, a former Rep, and she’s done nothing but good things since she took office in New Mexico. Although I’d hate to see her leave us when she is finally pulling our state up, I have confidence that she could be President on Day one.
ned freeland (gaithersburg)
I hope he chooses a woman of color - but NOT Kamala Harris - she proved she couldn't run a campaign, so we shouldn't trust her to run, potentially, a country. I like Val Demings, but there are several other good women who have better organizational skills than Sen. Harris.
Easterner (Massachusetts)
Crossing my fingers for Michelle for Vice-President!
Rax (formerly NYC)
Michelle would totally crush it, but she has made it abundantly clear that she prefers her private life.
Tullymd (Bloomington Vt)
Her private life is more important than saving the country.
Bill Adelson (San Diego, CA)
Given his poor showing among Hispanics, how about Linda Sanchez ?
Steve (SW Michigan)
Joe is riding the coattails of Obama, and if he wants the all in of the black community, especially the younger set, then choose a black woman. Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams would be fine. I actually think Abrams might be more appealing on that note, but also like the idea of Harris eviscerating Pence in a debate stage. A black woman. A black woman.
@Steve Pence may not be on the ticket. There was an article that Trump will jettison Pence and replace him with Nikki Haley. Considering that Trump is loyal to no one, I could see this substitution happening.
Val (NJ)
@Steve I too like Harris and you’re right, her against Pence would be something else. But if Biden already has the black vote, would he be wasting the opportunity to pick someone Republicans would vote for? Maybe Amy or maybe someone totally different.
Tullymd (Bloomington Vt)
It’s a near certainty. Pence has no chance whatsoever.
Val (NJ)
Yes, “Val” is a woman. Yes, I support women's rights. But I sure hope Biden picked a running mate before he picked the gender. To do otherwise is totally sexist.
American Abroad (Iceland)
Here's hoping Biden picks Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan rather than a senator with the same-old, same-old Washington DC. experience. In my book, Whitmer speaks and is the most inspiring on the list and can bring the all-important state of Michigan to boot!
Emma (Austin)
Staci Abrams!
Emma (Austin)
Stacey, sorry
Steve Acho (Austin)
If the best qualified person is a woman, great. If he's doing it for a gimmick, then it is going to be another Sarah Palin moment. That is the last thing the Democrats need right now.
A.G. (St Louis, MO)
I wish Joe Biden hadn't put it that firmly. Now he can't pick a man as VP. He could have said, "I plan to pick a woman as my running mate if I win the nomination." And then added a caveat, "in all likelihood." If a far more suitable man comes in the picture, he could then "change" his mind without repercussions.
jv (Philadelphia)
Gee, I didn't even think of Sally Yates, but I like that.
Julia (NY,NY)
This will be the most important VP pick in the history of America. Biden will have great difficulty leading the country for four years. He doesn't have the stamina now. It will be a difficult choice.
J.C. (Michigan)
@Julia It's so obvious, and yet here we are stuck with him. Why? Democrats continue to shoot themselves in the foot.
Matt (San Francisco)
As long as she helps beat Trump, I don’t care who she is; many good options. Go with whomever will bring swing states back to the Democratic Party
Mystery Lits (somewhere)
I love how Democrats feel like they HAVE to pander to demographics, picking their constituents based on gender or race... and we are not supposed to see that they are being nakedly racist and sexist by putting race and gender at the FRONT of the reasons for choice. Give me a break.
R. Zeyen (Surprise, AZ)
It will either be a woman from the Rust Belt states or one from a strategic purple state.
RBW (traveling the world)
I hope Joe and his advisors will take a very long look at Sally Yates. She would be a great VP candidate and, if and when the time comes, a competent POTUS who would likely be admired and trusted by a very large swath of America.
Christine Craft (California)
Joe/Amy 2020 We need a pragmatic duo, able to right the sinking ship of state which is rapidly taking on water. Nothing else matters. If Mr.Sanders had been able to convince any stellar American female politician to share his ticket, he would have announced same at his last gasp debate, yesterday.
JJ (Michigan)
When millions of Americans live in fear of bankruptcy caused by medical bills, when conservative estimates by public health professionals are that anywhere between 45 and 70 thousand Americans die every year because they can't afford medical care, when coronavirus is certain to spread more rapidly and widely because millions of people in this country are uninsured or underinsured, leading them to avoid medical care (even if the test is covered, treatment won´t be and we can only imagine the cost of being hospitalized on a ventilator) -- in this context, Biden excludes from consideration anyone who supports universal, single payer health coverage. Instead, Biden demands that any candidate for VP sign on to the fairy tale that we can have universal, affordable health coverage that relies on for profit corporations. This is irrational and unrealistic. Is it just a matter of personal pride for him? Can he not put the interests of the American people first? The ACA has not resulted in affordable care and no amount of chest thumping or yelling on his part can change that fact. We must do what Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Denmark, France, Costa Rica....and so many other (less wealthy) countries do and provide health care as a human right. As long as Biden so vociferously stands in the way of doing that, he will fail to persuade enough voters to come out and vote for him in November.
Eric R. (California)
All of you saying he should “just get the best person for the job” are just making the need for a female running mate even clearer. There happen to be plenty of women who would be as good if not better than. a man, and besides, the veep pick has ALWAYS been strategic. I would love to see Sally Yates or Stacey Abrams, although an Attorney General Yates would be all too perfect.
Wordsworth from Wadsworth (Mesa, Arizona)
Listen, it's gonna be Amy. Minnesota Senator. Born in Wisconsin. Plus, in debate she can box feckless Mike Pence's ears in. Ms. Klobuchar can carry the upper Midwest. But that is not really crucial right now. Because Trump's reelection is DOA. You heard it here first: I would not be surprised if Trump sees the writing on the wall, and declines candidacy - in a way much more dramatic than LBJ. I would not be surprised if the GOP pushes out Trump to salvage Senate seats. Trump is a total, cratering disaster born of lack of sophistication, science, and disrespect for authority.
Tullymd (Bloomington Vt)
Reasonable, but Trump is invulnerable because the average American is a moron.
redpeony (GR, MI)
@Wordsworth from Wadsworth The midwest is not a monolithic creature that all thinks the same. Bloomberg was from New York but they didn't want him. Just because Amy is from the midwest doesn't mean midwesterners will automatically vote for her just because she is from the midwest.
Wordsworth from Wadsworth (Mesa, Arizona)
@Tullymd I see your point. But if the average American has no job, no food, and faces mortgage foreclosure that could change. Tom Joad would not vote for Trump.
Why is his declaration being applauded on twitter and in the media? He didn’t say he would name a female VP or black female SCJ if or *because* they are the most qualified. He did NOT say that. He said he would name a female...for what purpose again? How does this pandering raise women? I’ve had a job offered to me for no other reason than I am a woman. I found out years later and felt shame and humiliation. It was a handout. My manager just wanted to look good. I wasn’t the best. I just had ovaries. Mr. Biden’s declaration was nothing but his own sexism and a bunch of women are fine with it. He doesn’t want the most qualified, just ovaries or a black face.
Dan (California)
Oh, come on people, everyone knows Biden will choose Susan Collins. He already said he thinks picking a Republican for veep would be a good idea.
Tullymd (Bloomington Vt)
If he does I’ll vote Tulsi for president.
Bob Jones (Lafayette, CA)
Please no senators from states with a Republican governor.
slater65 (utah)
so many qualified women out there. Abrams Harris. tough call
Jeanette (Brooklyn, NY)
Michelle Obama, by far the best-loved and qualified...just a dream, I know, I know...
Magawa7 (Florida)
@Jeanette Qualified? Why? What has Michelle Obama ever accomplished to qualify her as VP or POTUS?
J.C. (Michigan)
@Jeanette How is she qualified?
Bored (Washington DC)
Mr. Biden has made it clear that he believes in quotas. He will pick a woman - no men need apply! It seems that Kamala Harris has a good chance since President Obama favored her early in the race and Obama pulled the trigger to mobilize behind Biden. It isn't the first time that Ms. Harris has gotten ahead on the basis of race. Her lack of qualifications were made clear when voters rejected her and she dropped out before the first primary. She has not done much as a Senator and was not much of an AG in California. It doesn't matter. She is the preferred sex and race even though she doesn't have a drop of African American blood. She only went to the 149th rate college in the US but that doesn't matter because Howard University is an historically black college. Her past romantic relationship with Willy Brown has paid dividends for her. She did nothing special but is getting ahead just fine under the quota system.
Tom (Ann Arbor)
It should absolutely without question be Tammy Baldwin. She has a ton of experience, comes from a progressive wing of the party, does well with voters in the Midwest (winning a state that Trump won by 11 points in the 2018 midterms). Biden should base his entire campaign on the Midwest instead of making the mistake that Hillary made in 2016 going after the Sun belt. Tammy Baldwin is the best candidate to win these states.
M. O'Brien (Middleburg Heights, Ohio)
This is just appeasement. He's done this throughout his political life. Just pick the best person you can find, Joe. Leave the pandering out of it, if you're capable of that.
Cromwell (NY)
How about just getting the most qualified person ? why do we need to select genders, races, age about just the best ?
Kelly (New Mexico)
Because we must have strong leaders who look like this diverse country, and energize the voting base. There are many women of color who fit that bill. In the old days, Kennedy picked LBJ as his mate, although he couldn’t stand him. But LBJ pulled in the southern vote. Although the demographics have changed, Biden must do something similar.
Cromwell (NY)
Again, why are we not looking for the most qualified vs some political talking head.
DW99 (East Coast)
@Cromwell : Are you suggesting that the group of "best picks for VP" contains no women? I hope not. You also seem to be overlooking the fact that many men operate on a kind of autopilot that in turn operates on an internalized, unconscious sexism -- they just don't think about women for positions of leadership and authority, as we see in biz and politics every day in this nation. That unconscious bias can't change as long as the stage is overwhelmingly populated by white men. So that's why leaders have to push past their long-held (and often unconscious) biases and deliberately choose someone who isn't white, who isn't a man. As long as the person is entirely qualified, what's the problem? I grew up in a world in which only men had power and authority. It wouldn't have occurred to me that I could run a company or be president bc the world told me, every second of every day, that only white men held those positions. But now that we know that white men aren't inherently more qualified than women of all colors, and men of color, it's time to bring them onto the stage -- and doing that deliberately is reasonable, whereas their continued, and often deliberate, exclusion is not.
noah (usa)
Biden wants a “simpatico” VP with experience. So he’s going to pick a bland centrist who has been in Washington for decades. Well. Dusting out the ol’ Clinton/Kaine playbook is certainly one way to play it...
xzr56 (western us)
Anything other than a rational choice for Vice President, without regard to the person's sex, is just pandering. Hello Sarah Palin...
Lewis Waldman (La Jolla, CA)
Klobuchar is up to the job and a great strategic choice, but since African-Americans saved Biden's candidacy and Demings and Abrams are phenomenal possibilities, both in essential states too, seems like they are natural choices. They are both incredibly impressive women. Demings was terrific in the impeachment hearings and is otherwise. And, Abrams probably really beat that GOPher if not for voter suppression in Georgia; she should be the governor right now. Lots of great women to choose from, so I look forward to the selection. Can we hold the election in tomorrow rather than November? Please.
Ron Horn (Palo Alto Ca)
Great decision on Joe's part, to have a women running mate. I recommend the he should consider Susan Rice, an African American women with great credentials and experience.
John (Upstate NY)
Stop it. No Democratic Senators, who are badly needed in the Senate. Warren wouldn't accept anyway, and rightly so. At least Biden is right that the person needs to be ready on Day One to be President. That's why I'm against making a choice based on pandering.
William (Washington)
Katie Porter Please!
Ms. OTV (The Valley)
Might I suggest Val Demnings.
Srocket (SoFla)
I think the war hero Senator from Illinois Tammy Duckworth would be a fine Vice President.
Maisie (KY)
It must be a woman, but also MUST be an African American. No one else.
M. O'Brien (Middleburg Heights, Ohio)
How about looking at Sherrod Brown, Joe?
Pathfox (Ohio)
Frank Roseavelt (New Jersey)
Joe's excellent chemistry with President Obama makes this factor the most important he will consider. Of the many incredibly qualified possibilities mentioned in the piece and in the comments, who does he work with best? It's difficult for us to know that. We all need to be aware that voters almost never vote for VP, so region is not all that important. Given Joe's age, the veep must be ready to serve on day one, and someone who is well vetted and also experienced on the national stage. Warren would be good, but there is the issue of the Senate seat. Harris, Klobuchar and Duckworth are solid choices too. Although not mentioned much, I think Susan Rice will be on the final, final short list. Yates, Abrams, Grisham and the Michigan Governor are very impressive but also more risky because they lack in the experience category at this time. All of these choices are outstanding people and excellent public servants, so as long as Joe doesn't go for a surprise or someone completely off the chart, he'll have a strong running mate.
Karen E (NJ)
It looks like Amy Klobuchar to me . She has vast experience and is a good draw for some of the rust belt states we lost with Hillary. I think she’d be a great choice .
toad (Billtown)
How about Susan Rice? Smart, experienced, steady. Ready to step into the role and the presidency. Plus they worked together under Obama. Plus she is African-American. C'mon, Joe, pick Susan!!
Karen E (NJ)
@Toad I think Susan Rice would be an excellent choice . The question is won’t the Republicans hound her for Benghazi ad nauseum!! Rice could certainly be entrusted to take over if anything ever happened to Biden and she has a large dearth of very influential and practical experience on the world stage . Is Rice were VP she could work to corral all our NATO allies together and bring us back to the world stage with respect and intelligence. I would love her . She’s very experienced , brilliant and knows the importance of getting our world affairs on track .
@toad Agreed, she'd be great. She could resurrect the cash payments to Iran, undertake a global apology tour reminiscent of Obama, and let Russia take the rest of Ukraine. She's definitely not the emptiest barrel in the bunch.
Michael Sorensen (New York, NY)
The Democratic Party establishment are continuing to prop up this crumbling husk of a man Biden, while pretending that everything’s fine. Not that Biden would be an acceptable leader of the most powerful government on earth even with a working brain; he’s a horrible war hawk with an inexcusable track record of advancing right-wing policies. But even rank-and-file Americans who don’t pay attention to that stuff would plainly see a man on the debate stage opposite Trump who shouldn’t be permitted near a pair of scissors, much less the nuclear codes. And Trump will happily point that out. It’s been obvious since 2016 that the Dems were going to once again sabotage the only candidate with a chance of beating Trump in favor of a scandalously inappropriate candidate thanks in part to the perfectly coordinated pullout of the Buttigieg/Klobuchar cabal prior to a Super Tuesday event & keeping Warren to chip away at votes needed for a Sanders win in ME & MA. But wheeling out an actual, literal dementia patient for the role is something not even I would have imagined.
Billseng (Atlanta, GA)
So you didn’t watch the debate?
Kathy Lollock (Santa Rosa, CA)
Well, I could whine about not having a woman as our presidential nominee. The heavens know that Elizabeth, Amy, and even Kamala were every bit as capable as Joe or Bernie, and younger, too. But I will not waste my energy over the proverbial water under the bridge. My energy now is on a Biden/a "Woman" ticket. My hope is that it is either Warren or Klobuchar as the final choice. Regarding Kamala Harris I can not at this point think of a better Attorney General. She surpasses Barr exponentially not only professionally but also personally, as is actually having an ethical and moral character. And here is the icing on the cake: For whichever woman is not the running mate, and that includes Stacey Abrams, there will be a place for them along with Harris in the Cabinet. And, oh, and what a Cabinet it will be!
N (Scarsdale, NY)
Tammy Duckworth would be an exceptional candidate. She has an inspiring life story and would help Biden convert many of those in constituencies he may be weak with—veterans & service members, Asians, midwesterners, the disabled. As a senator in a blue state, the selection would also make strategic sense. Senator Duckworth is youthful but has several years of congressional experience, carries none of the baggage of other candidates, and is eminently qualified to assist President Biden from day 1.
David (New Orleans)
A feminist author once stated that one of the biggest impediments to breaking that “glass ceiling” was the criticism from.......OTHER WOMEN. Be careful Joe of what you wish for.
hilojoe (Hawaii)
He should consider Tulsi Gabbard. She's a congresswoman and IIRC, a military cop.
Jean (Holland, Ohio)
Good for him breaking another layer of the glass ceiling. I a, sure that with his age, he especially wants the most capable cup possible. He has my vote!
May (NYC)
How about Michelle Obama for VP? Obviously she's an AA woman. She'd be ready in case, God forbid, something happens to Joe Biden. We know so because she has an experienced and excellent adviser Barack Obama!
Karen E (NJ)
@May Unfortunately , Michelle Obama doesn’t want the job . She has clearly said on a number of occasions she is not interested in being a politician.
Cynthia McDonough (Naples, Fl.)
Love Rep Val Demings from Fl-she was very impressive during the impeachment hearings!!
smarty's mom (NC)
I so wish there was a "dislike" choice!
Pablo (Earth)
If Andrew Yang changes his name to Andrea Yang, would that check the woman checkbox?
redpeony (GR, MI)
@Pablo Exactly. We need an intelligent person who thinks outside the box and has solutions for our future. The fact that he was calling for a UBI when we now see so clearly "why" he was calling for it, makes him the most qualified. Feminism is not about collecting trophies but about making policies that support women and all people equally. Yang's proposals did just that. I don't need a woman - I need a person with good ideas and the intelligence to make them happen. All the women being mentioned in this comment section are just more politicians with the same old tired and useless ideas from the past.
pedroshaio (Bogotá)
I am in La-La-Land and want Michelle Obama and poor Barack would suffer a lot with both the president and the vice-president, and I don't have a grudge against him, so no. Fuggedaboudid.
Jeff (Oregon)
Stacey Abrams!!
Pablo (Earth)
It is not a good idea to pick a running mate based on sex.
Robin (Rwanda)
@Pablo I think when that gives you 50% of the population to choose from, it’s no more limiting than choosing a Southerner or a Midwesterner...maybe less so. Many women feel that few men really “get “ women’s perspectives; I am one of them. It’s about time.
Pablo (Earth)
If Andrew Yang changes his name to Andrea Yang, would that check the woman checkbox?
Good for Biden. Let us put a crack in the glass ceiling for women at the highest level in our government. Klobuchar would be my pick.
Ann Delacy (Columbia, Maryland)
A Biden/Klobuchar ticket would be the kiss of death in bringing out liberal, African American and Latino voters. Trust me. Democrats will need more than White suburban women and peeling off White men to win. It’s worse than Hilary’s choice in Kaine and zero enthusiasm to come out and vote plus a slap in the face to the Democratic base.
James (Honolulu)
Terrible article. Attention grabbing headline and then 4 sentences discussing the primary issue
Girish Kotwal (Louisville, KY)
Woman running mate? Not a single woman, not a single African American, not a single Hispanic American, not a single person below 50 on the debate stage. Dems lost its Trump card. Who do you really represent, migrants who want to crash into the country, a supporter of the Iraq war, a fan of Fidel Castro, front runner who are in the age group of 75 and over, most vulnerable to die if either is infected by coronavirus?? So glad that I am registered not as a democrat or as a Republicans but an Independent and proud to be one. But I am appalled that the only woman left in the primary from the Democratic side Tulsi Gabbard was not allowed anywhere close to the debate stage. Guess if the only 3 left in the democratic primary were to be infected by the Coronavirus, whose immune system will have the best chance to defeat the coronavirus very easily? Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii. I have news for you Biden and Bernie (B&B). Biden your push ups will not beat the virus like a drum, the virus could immobilize Biden. Bernie your raising your hands up and recalling when Cuba was after its revolution 60 years ago a paradise will not have a chance against the coronavirus. B&B should henceforth stay at home and stop the bravado and self promotion for the next 60 days. The COVID-19 does discriminate against persons over 65 and that is not because it is politically incorrect and ageist but because it has no brain, heart or conscience. It has a single purpose in life. To spread fast.
Holy Smokes (Chicago)
Good move by Biden indicating a woman for VP. Why not keep going with listing A team for cabinet as well including Klobuchar, Abrams, Harris, Yang, Castro ... so we can beat the numbskull we’ve got now
Paul (Atlanta, GA)
Abrams would not be a ready to go executive - having served as a state legislator and nothing much else. Ready to go as an executive probably means executive experience, and that means Governor or Mayor.
wak (MD)
It would be another step forward for the nation to have a female as VP ... and probably being readied for the next US president. Klobuchar or Harris, given states where these are from and both now widely well recognized ... besides being highly capable servant-politicians who understand the law and justice ... would be perfect. And they’re young, relative to Biden. In fact, Biden only stands to benefit vote-wise by naming a young/ mature female for VP running mate. Further, we as a nation can longer ignore and deny the talent offered by women for leadership in Executive Brach ... long past due. Fortunately, Biden seems to go with this well.
Helen Wheels (Portland Oregon)
I see a lot of commenters (male) harping about merit, pandering, competence... but I don't see them harping about the lack of merit and competence in the last two viable candidates. Sanders hasn't accomplished much in 16 years in the House and 13 in the Senate. Biden, while a nice guy, is inarticulate, not visionary, and mediocre on policy specifics. The smartest candidates didn't last, e.g., Booker, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Warren. Neither did the most accomplished, e.g., Klobuchar, Warren, Harris, Booker... Would Biden and Sanders even be in the position they are today if they hadn't been born white and male? Seriously.
John (Upstate NY)
@Helen Wheels Hi Helen. I am one of the male commenters harping about pandering. I wanted Warren to be the candidate, but in our messed-up system, my state didn't get a chance to weigh in. I am not a great fan of either of the remaining candidates, but I will surely vote for either one. I want the VP to be the person most ready and qualified to take over the Presidency. I don't waste time worrying about the role of white male privilege in the election.
J.C. (Michigan)
@Helen Wheels The candidate for president is selected by voters. They chose a woman last time. They didn't this time. Complain all you want about that and blame it on whatever you want to blame it on. This isn't a job interview, it's an election. The most qualified person rarely wins. In fact, it often goes the other way (Obama, Trump). Disqualifying someone because they're old, white, and male is just as biased as being against them because they're black or female. And it does nothing to get me any closer to the things I need in my life.
Doc (Oakland)
Biden/Warren 2020 He needs to pick a progressive to bring in the youth and acknowledge that change needs to happen, not just business as usual.
Karen E (NJ)
@doc Biden just said that he needs someone who has “ simpatico” with his Vice President. Warren ain’t that .
Isobel (Red Hook)
Biden's not going to make it to the convention. The DNC will manipulate things, and he'll be replaced by a Buttigieg/Booker ticket or another run-of-the-mill centrist combo that will keep things status quo for the corporatists. Warren's mildly progressive. She won't get a seat at the table. And if Warren is mild then Sanders is way to spicy for your average American who just wants a return to normalcy a la Obama. Many voting Americans fear change and want to stay in their comfort zone even if it means the destruction of our planet and our social safety nets for the working class, the disabled, our defenseless children and the elderly. They're guarding their little piece of the pie like the "pizza" rat on the subway.
vince williams (syracuse, utah)
No matter who the Dem Candidate picks for VP, add (2) more to the causality list of the Titanic. It will not matter in November. Trump in a Landslide!
Lifelong Democrat (New Mexico)
Sure; the country will love his calm, smooth, consistent performance during this, his first crisis not of his own making!
Eccl3 (Orinda, CA)
Former National Security Advisor and Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice would be an excellent choice.
Bob (Coventry CT)
Kamala Harris is the most logical choice in terms of experience, skills and temperament. Stacey Abrams is the worst choice as she is polarizing and lacks experience. Amy Klobuchar would be the best choice if quality of person and experience is the measure.
Sparta480 (USA)
I hope he doesn't pick Stacy Abrams. We need a bigger name like Kamala Harris. I'm not a huge fan of hers but she would be an asset to Biden. Biden can be the nice guy while she slices and dices her opponents down to mush. Plus she is attractive, has a solid marriage and has a strong public service background. Abrams hasn't earned her stripes yet. Biden - Harris. I really would prefer Warren but her age is a problem.
irene (fairbanks)
@Sparta480 I don't see Harris as attractive, I see a woman who is used to using her looks to get what she wants. (There is a sister in my family like that, it's not a good trait).
J.C. (Michigan)
@Sparta480 Her career isn't built on public service. It's built on self-interest and personal ambition.
Grammy (Sunshine City, FL)
If Elizabeth Warren were vice president, she could still be in the Senate as President Pro Tem. Win win!
doug mac donald (ottawa canada)
The black vote in the primaries is the reason Biden is the likely nominee...he owes them a huge debt, a black VP will be payment of that debt.
Joe Langford (Austin, TX)
These suggestions of Warren must be a joke. First, she wouldn't take it. If she did, she would never defer to Biden, but only push her own agenda. Besides, we know she is disliked by about as many people as like her.
bob (gainesville)
One of Hillary's biggest mistakes was choosing a Democratic right winger as her running mate, giving a big finger to the progressives who abandoned her and her conservative agenda. If Mr Biden does not give something to the progressive wing of the party, he will go down the same road as Gore and Clinton and we will have 4 more years of you know who. His biggest threat is having the progressives sit on their hands and not vote for anyone. Then they can go on to business as usual and blame some third party candidate for their ineptitude
Lifelong Democrat (New Mexico)
Why? Because the “progressive” (a.k.a. “Youth”) wing votes in such high percentages? Lower than any other age group, going back 48 years at least. They’re likely more concerned about the latest flavors of latte.
J.C. (Michigan)
@Lifelong Democrat Keep insulting and demeaning them and you'll find out how important they are. Or do you insist on making the same mistake as 2016 just to prove some childish point?
Majortrout (Montreal)
What ever happened to "the best person for the job"?
Wolf Bein (Yorba Linda)
As if I cared. We have bigger fish to fry right now. I’d take any competent President or Vice President over the current incompetence.
sam (Arizona)
Biden and Chad, a sure winner!
I Gadfly (New York City)
Warren must endorse Biden. Then Biden will make her his Vice President. Warren will be the first woman to hold this office, & Biden will get Independent & Republican women, as well as Warren’s & Sander’s socialist votes. It’s a win-win presidential ticket!
Jasper (Somewhere Over the Rainbow)
Perhaps Kirsten Gillibrand? A two-for. 1) The first female VP. Chalk one up for Biden. 2) Re her successor, NYS might have a senator worthy of representing its people. Jasper
Tullymd (Bloomington Vt)
Absolutely horrible!
jahnay (NY)
@Jasper - Love Kirsten for VP.
Irate citizen (NY)
He should pick Hilary. He would get the votes of all the women whose husbands have cheated on them. Which comes to 90% of all American wives.
Patricia (Wisconsin)
I believe uniting the party is a must, that coalescing by picking cabinet and VP across the Dem spectrum is the way to do it. Elizabeth Warren and Stacy Abrahms would work work for VP. I think Warren brings a more complementary base. Even if she has her own mind, Biden would benefit from her intelligence and eloquence. It is not just personality that counts. Furthermore if existing leaders are put aside rather than promoted, then there becomes a leadership vacuum. Warren, for example has such a broad experience, much of it complementary to Biden. Now is also the time to put a broad and deep experience on the ticket. And yes, there are many disenchanted people because of her loss, a loss more circumstantial than merited. Kamala Harris is better suited for Atty General, yes. We ALL have to forget the long term health care policy issues, cause they are long term and a waste of time for us to talk about. As Warren Buffet once said, it is not if Single Payor, it is when? And when cant possibly be before a tax hike (whichever tax hike).
Alan (Columbus OH)
In the grand scheme, no voter is going to care who the VP pick is. When the alternative is Trump, does experience matter? Biden might as well just pick whomever he wants to be around and someone who can run well for president in four years. The impact on 2020, outside of a Palin-esque choice, will be zero.
Sparta480 (USA)
@ Alan Are you Republican? Biden's VP pick matters tremendously. I believe it will make a huge difference to voters.
Don Juan (Washington)
@Alan -- not true. Biden is not a spring chicken. Selecting the right VP counts in this election.
Lilly (New Hampshire)
The DNC think they can blackmail Progressives, Independents and Millennials will feel ‘included’ if they pick the right VP. They will be wrong again.
james jordan (Falls church, Va)
Ms. Glueck, Thank you for introducing this issue that will permit online comments. My first thought after reading the commentary is we should be cautious about stripping the Senate of Democratic Senators. They will be needed to assure a failsafe Democratic Senate Majority. Without a legislative majority, newly elected President Biden would be fundamentally useless. I remind everyone that Constitutional Presidential powers are limited and with a full issue agenda waiting to address existential threats like global warming, and probably a rework of the global international infrastructure for macroeconomic stability, and the negative consequences of the yawning gap on incomes will need to be addressed. I am a little concerned that on an issue like efficient and low cost health INSURANCE for everyone has cost such a fuss. This is probably the easiest of all that needs to be done to make life in the U.S. more fair and just for all. Our Medicare insurance and method of collecting the "premiums" from employed Americans seems to work nicely. Admittedly, the financial types have always seen insurance of any kind as a cash cow to invest in but insurance is a "natural monopoly" and we do not have a means to educate Americans so they can choose the best performing healthcare system. women are special because they uniquely have the ability to give birth, and nurture our species. So I like to have women in policy positions because they have motherly instincts.
Gary (Australia)
The VP is potentially the President (if the incumbent dies), and acts as the President if the incumbent is on leave. Yet this very important role is now a 'political correctness' game? If one of the women mentioned is the best option to become President - no problem. But interestingly, Democratic voters in the primaries didn't think that they were the first or second best option to be President.
DW99 (East Coast)
@Gary : Untrue. American Dems, so traumatized by the dangerous buffoon in the WH, were focused on who could beat him, and for a host of complicated reasons -- not the least being the US's dinosaur-ish attitudes about women -- people were reluctant to vote for a women. If you, all the way over thar in Australia, had paid attention to the polls, you'd have seen that Warren trounced everyone else before the primaries began. There was no doubt in most minds that she was far and away the best candidate: ultra-bright, experienced, policy-oriented, and committed to bettering the lives of ordinary Americans.
hdtvpete (Newark Aiport)
Biden can't pick Warren for the simple reason that the Democrats can't afford to give up any Senate seats. It could turn out to be a close election, so why hand the GOP a seat and possibly a majority? The governor of Massachusetts is a Republican (albeit a moderate), but it's likely he'd appoint a Republican to fill her seat until a special election could be held. Klobuchar makes a better choice, coming from the Midwest and from a state with a Democrat as governor. Harris would be a very qualified pick, also from a state with a Democrat governor. (Although I think she'd be a great AG in a Biden administration.) Stacey Abrams would be another good choice, helping with voters in the South.
Lilly (New Hampshire)
Or, we could talk about how, as people could potentially die by the millions, we need Sanders policies and get behind the candidate who we need. Imagine if the DNC and the media, instead of continuously characterizing Sanders in every negative way they can come up with, whether it’s accurate or not, and they had discussed how essential, not only important his policies are to save lives, save the planet and increase democracy, away from the current fact that we are living in an increasing oligarchy. What would the election look like if instead of the hysteria and actually stating, how can we stop Sanders?!?!?! they all were even minimally being fair and accurate about how access to healthcare, which almost no American but the very rich reliably have, is a basic cornerstone of civilization? That’s what we see. Why don’t you? Because of the media and the narrative controlled by those who want to continue to amass obscene amounts of dynastic wealth. If I were you, I’d feel like I’ve been duped. I’d be angry. I am. I’ve lived in Japan, France and Germany and I know the truth. Don’t you want the truth?
Patricia (Wisconsin)
If there are many qualified for VP, then there are many that must rise in the ranks to the Senate.
Bailey T. Dog (Hills of Forest, Queens)
An AA woman might not make it this time, but there must be a presence in the leadership. My vote is for Klobuchar. I had wanted Warren for the nominee, my wife wanted Klobuchar. I don’t want to risk Warren’s seat, and think she will be a powerful force in the Senate if we win it. Which brings us back to Amy. Her seat will stay on the correct side of the aisle, and she standing next to Biden tells America that there is a good, serious, sensible team there to bring us back from the brink. There are others too, but if I had to root for a team, this is it. I mean, Joe and Amy. How much more American can you get?
Patricia (Wisconsin)
I think there are more qualified women than Amy. Also, Amy is too close on the Dem spectrum to Biden. Remember Obama picked Biden because he was further apart on the spectrum and would bring in Dems who were skeptical about Obama’s “electability.
Phillip Periman (Amarillo, Texas)
The best woman for the Vice-President position is Obama---Michele!
Don Juan (Washington)
@Phillip Periman -- we already had her husband. We don't want a dynasty, a la Kennedy, Bush, Clinton.
Anne (CA)
"Joe Biden Says He Would Choose a Woman as His Running Mate." It was the right thing to do, Very positive, clear thinking. ? Warren, Kloubachar, Harris, Abrams, Yates, Hill, Michelle Obama, etc... Does that mean Pence will be dumped by Trump? Will Trump suddenly need a woman VP, ... Hope Hicks, Kellyanne, Nikki Haley, Ivanka, Elise Stefanik, Liz Cheney...?
hdtvpete (Newark Aiport)
@Anne, Trump is unlikely "dump' Pence because he needs to hang onto his evangelistic Christian voters to have a chance this fall. Pence gives them an excuse to overlook Trump's overtly non-Christian behavior.
sam (flyoverland)
@Anne - oh dear God please dump Pence and run ANY of "Hope Hicks, Kellyanne, Nikki Haley, Ivanka, Elise Stefanik, Liz Cheney". Nikki Haley is the only one who wouldnt be laughed off the stage and could hold her own. except vs Michelle......
Marie (Boston)
If he was going to say anything he should have identified the person otherwise just saying "I'll pick a woman" leaves him open to charges of ignoring the best choice or pandering. Butif he said the best person is, _________, and she happens to be a woman than that is a different story.
Lilly (New Hampshire)
Imagine if the DNC and the media, instead of continuously characterizing Sanders in every negative way they can come up with, whether it’s accurate or not, and they had discussed how essential, not only important his policies are to save lives, save the planet and increase democracy, away from the current fact that we are living in an increasing oligarchy. What would the election look like if instead of the hysteria and actually stating, how can we stop Sanders?!?!?! they all were even minimally being fair and accurate about how access to healthcare, which almost no American but the very rich reliably have, is a basic cornerstone of civilization? That’s what we see. Why don’t you? Because of the media and the narrative controlled by those who want to continue to amass obscene amounts of dynastic wealth. If I were you, I’d feel like I’ve been duped. I’d be angry. I am. I’ve lived in Japan, France and Germany and I know the truth. Don’t you want the truth?
Maria Holland (Washington DC)
Talking about picking a female VP for sake of distracting attention away from the actual debate (social security anyone?).
Bill (Ely mn)
Time to move to online voting and "one person, one vote."
Jeffrey (California)
Michele Obama was a choice I was given in a Democratic survey I got. Kamala Harris is a NO for vice president (Supreme Court maybe), based partly on this Op-Ed in the New York Times: "Kamala Harris Was Not a ‘Progressive Prosecutor’ "The senator was often on the wrong side of history when she served as California’s attorney general." By Lara Bazelon, law professor and the former director of the Loyola Law School Project for the Innocent in Los Angeles.
dba (nyc)
@Jeffrey Why the Supreme Court then, given this information? She's a hack and an opportunists, as evidenced by her contrived take down of Biden. She had nothing of substance to contribute. All she did was wag her finger and lectured condescendingly, and it wasn't even interesting.
Jan (OH)
Katie Porter bears watching
CastleMan (Colorado)
Kamala Harris is the obvious pick.
Michal (USA)
You were NOT listening but Bernie Sanders said in the debate that he leans toward a progressive woman as VP and that his administration will reflect the other %50 of the population. But the focus is on Biden, benefiting the media and the multimillionaires that every forgets that Bernie Sanders has been screaming from top of his throat equality, women's rights, climate change since the '70 of the last century but nobody cared. When a war supporter does that, WOW! Great news. The media is phony and the problem!
Bob (San Francisco)
How about just pick the best qualified? That may or may not be a female, but clearly if the country thought there were any females ready "step in" on day one ... she would still be on that stage.
Bart L (New York)
It seems that most people can't see beyond the women who ran for the nomination. Frankly each is guilty of some of the same issues that many prognosticators find fault with in Biden. Harris has been accused of being too aggressive as a prosecutor. Klobuchar is evidently too moderate, and Warren is another septuagenarian. I find it rather amusing that any of these individuals should be disqualified for these supposed sins; nevertheless, it might make sense to look beyond these oft repeated names. While Illinois will most certainly go for Biden in November, its junior Senator Tammy Duckworth would be an excellent addition to the ticket. First and foremost, she is absolutely qualified to become President on day one. Secondly, as a 50 year old mother of two who gave birth as a sitting Senator, she has a better grip on the needs of families than anyone working around the current White House. Thirdly, as an Asian American she brings a new prospective as someone who has worked, lived and studied in the region of the world that will influence the globe more than any other as we continue in the 21st century. Finally, as a decorated military veteran who lost both legs in Iraq and has worked for the cause of disabled vets, she would be a terrific foil to a draft dodging rich kid who takes pleasure in making fun of the disabled.
Rich r (Denver)
How about someone who exhibits tremendous self-discipline, good judgement, is decent, grinds a flair of dignity to the Federal government, and survived the harsh spotlight of public life: Janet Yellen. If only she was a bit younger.
Paul Reisberg (MA)
A better choice would be to run with Obama again, flipping the ticket. Nothing would do more to get us back on a sane track and begin the healing. It would also reassure those worried about his health and age. And yes, I've checked the constitution and relevant amendments, it would be legal.
hdtvpete (Newark Aiport)
@Paul Reisberg - Obama has likely had his fill of Washington politics and is content to stay on the sidelines, thank you very much. Now Michelle - that's another story. We haven't heard the last from her yet..
6Catmando (La Crescenta CA.)
Lots of names being bandied about here, some of them excellent suggestions. I like Senator Klobushar, also Senator Tammy Duckworth, but they are in the Senate and every vote there is absolutely critical ( that’s why it can’t be Warren, because she would be replaced by a republican). How about fmr. North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitcamp ? She and Claire McCaskill would fill the bill without messing up the senate which is vital to restoring our nation.
Sparta480 (USA)
@ 6Catmondo I'm a Dem from Missouri and McCaskill couldn't pass the sniff test.
J.C. (Michigan)
Biden has just sent a message to the left of the party that he doesn't want to work with anyone who disagrees with him, which also signals that he is firmly committed to his centrist, pro-corporate policies and won't hear out any alternatives from progressives once in office. Anyone who believes otherwise is just fooling themselves. Like Hillary, Joe is going to roll the dice on a campaign that is based on no big changes and pandering to women. It didn't work then and it won't work now. Good luck, Joe.
Mel (Dallas)
Michelle Obama, but we'll have to convince her to run. Brilliant, beloved, powerful, confident, erudite and most of all, wise.
Hobbes (Antipodal St Louis)
In all seriousness, doesn’t Biden have an affinity for Abrams? I thought I remember reporting in the latter part of last year that he was extremely impressed with her. No question that she would have negatives (“inexperience” and racists / misogynists), but the positives are tremendous. I always believed Biden would choose her, hence why he so easily announced he would be choosing a woman (and why it’s not necessarily pandering - even though much of politics is to be honest). I’m beyond caring catering to the feelings of racists / misogynists and I get political reality, but Abrams is worth it. Plus, VP selections, to my knowledge, have never really been the deciding factor. This election is about one thing, a referendum on trump. Either there is enough hate of him there or there isn’t. It’s not “for” Biden, no insult meant.
Kodali (VA)
The only woman candidate that brings strength to the ticket is Elizabeth Warren. She attracts Sanders supporters, except those sour losers in that camp. She can also be effective as secretary of Treasury. He already agreed with her on policy on student loans. He can agree with her on Medical care for all, not necessarily Medicare for all. She agrees with him on foreign policy, while he agrees with her on domestic policy. Done deal!
Zareen (Earth 🌍)
If he gets elected (which is a big if) Biden should pick Professor Anita Hill for the Supreme Court. It would rattle Clarence Thomas so much that he just might resign which would open up another Supreme Court seat. And it would constitute an act of redemption for Biden.
Log Lady (Washington)
@Zareen Absolutely brilliant idea. One can only hope....
GMooG (LA)
@Zareen Ideas like this are why Dems can't win elections anymore.
DW99 (East Coast)
@GMooG : Last I checked, Dems smashed the GOP in the midterms, and won the popular vote in 2016. So you can 86 the "can't win elections" nonsense.
Don (Excelsior, MN)
If Biden becomes president, the nation will simply return to its usual debilitated state, a condition seeded by the administration of Ronald Reagan, ripened by Bush and made rotten to near ruin by Trump. Biden was not made real by Obama. He should quit the pretense! Whatever vision, vitality and potential Biden may have had prior to Obama was regularly dissipated there, it seems, in his mistakes. Without a strong president at his side, Biden would have been merely his usual political self. It won't matter who Biden's vice-president will be. I doubt that there is a woman or a man acting as a vice-president to Biden who could weather a term trying to make his administration a successful one. We can rid our nation of a toxic narcissist by replacing it with a usual politician, I suppose. The turnover is welcomed, of course, but the "new" president? Not so much.
DJD (California)
Kamala Harris if he wants a bold choice and to thank Jim Clyburn. Amy Klobuchar if he wants more experience and thinks she can help in the upper Midwest.
Whole Grains (USA)
Prediction: Joe Biden will choose Amy Klobuchar as his running mate. He already has black support but he needs to shore up support in the mid-west, where Klobuchar polls well. Mark my word.
Munrovian (Wenham, MA)
Kamala Harris: first and best choice.
Fread (Melbourne)
People want solutions to their problems not gimmicks such as running mates!!! What are his policies on student debt, healthcare etc? Instead of helpful policies, notice how he’s providing gimmicks such as supposedly naming women as running mates! These are the things somebody who has nothing to offer does!!! They’re trumpian side shows to distract from his lack of solutions for people’s problems!! I don’t care who his running mates are! I care about his policies!!!
Lou Good (Page, AZ)
Stacy Abrams or Kamala Harris. Both high profile, very qualified and black. Grow up, think Biden is where he is today without Clyburn's endorsement? He owes him and all black voters that have turned out in the last month. And he knows it. Either will help form the ticket that washes Trump out to sea and be great VP's. And the contrast with the adoring cypher Pence will be very appealing to educated suburban Republican women.
May Archer (NC)
This country is so misogynistic, the republicans who regret supporting trump will NEVER decide to vote a woman anywhere near the oval office, especially with an elderly president in place. It is Mondale/Ferraro, McCain/Palin all over again. I think we just lost the election.
AutumnLeaf (Manhattan)
It's spelled 'PANDERING'. And it's just one more change you can be naive enough to buy into. To me is sounds like Warren, the hero of the extreme left, the poster child for lying your way up the ladder, is in negotiations to join a centrists business as usual campaign, despite all her talk about being a leftists who was the alternative to the norm. She sold out.
Honor senior (Cumberland, Md.)
Or, he could pick Pelosi as a running mate, and wonder forever what happened to those who backed him!
Fread (Melbourne)
He’s not won the nomination yet!! He doesn’t have the delegates!! Seems a bit too early to crown him!!
Michelle Lujan Grisham, once head of the Office On Aging in NM, former MOC and Chair of the Hispanic Caucus there, now Governor of New Mexico. She should be in the running.
Famdoc (New York)
Mr. Biden can lock up the election by similarly promising that his administration would reflect the rich diversity of America: people of color, LGBTQ, Democratic Socialists, Jews, Muslims....etc.
Helen Wheels (Portland Oregon)
If the nominee is Biden, he needs to pick someone who can attract the Latino vote. Someone who can speak Spanish, at least. As much as I like Klobuchar, she has a hard time even pronouncing Spanish names. Beto would have been a good choice for VP. Carmen Yulín Cruz, mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico and currently running for governor of PR? Maybe, some day, if it were allowed.
Robert (Florida)
I like Elizabeth Warren and even contributed to her campaign early on but two easterners from the northern half of the country is not a good idea. Not to mention that MA has a Republican governor who would get to appoint her successor. Taking back the Senate is as important as winning the White House. Announcing prospective cabinet appointments that appeal to and represent all wings of the party, as well as the country as a whole, will do much to increase support for Biden and - at least to some extent - unify the country.
David S. (Brooklyn)
Let’s not just focus on who Biden picks as vice President. Let his cabinet represent the diversity of gender and race and sexual orientation that was promised by the numerous Democratic contenders but which was never fulfilled. But while we’re speculating...Elizabeth Warren would make an amazing secretary of the treasury. Kamala Harris would make an amazing attorney general. Pete Buttigieg would make an amazing secretary of state. And Cory Booker would make an amazing secretary of housing and urban development.
Susan (San Antonio)
Elizabeth Warren needs to stay in the Senate, at least for the rest of her term. Massachusetts has a Republican governor who would appoint a Republican to take her seat.
Helen Wheels (Portland Oregon)
@David S. Cory would make an amazing VP.
Bernard (DC)
How about Susan Rice? She seems to meet all your criteria.
badman (Detroit)
@Bernard Yes. We've seen her ideas here on the NYT. Very Obama-esq. Thoughtful, pragmatic. Hope she is on the list.
Sang Ze (Hyannis)
Ho-Hum.Predictable play by a democrat. Losers, all of them.
Nav Pradeepan (North America)
May I suggest Michelle Obama as a running mate?
Susan Walker (Stillwater,OK)
SUSAN RICE for Biden's VP!
c-c-g (New Orleans)
I predict Biden will pick Klobuchar, but don't count out Warren.
Mac7429 (Florida)
@c-c-g Nope. No way.
badman (Detroit)
@Mac7429 Yes, he said as much. She has personal "issues" as well.
JS (Minnesota)
There has been much serious talk and a lot of loony-right nonsense about Trump dumping his current boot-licking VP Pence off the 20 R ticket. Whether that happens or not, it's important that the Democrats keep it in their sights since matchups are not always significant, but frequently entertaining and vote harvesting. It's a much more arresting question just now during the C-19 catastrophe, since the wooden Pence has shown flashes of dangerous (to Trump) competence and authority. It's axiomatic that no one may command more attention than the weak and insecure little president, so Pence must watch his step and lick low and vigorously. Still, there is so little Republican credibility among any potential replacement for Pence, that the VP comparisons could hardly be more one-sided. If Pence stays, it will be fun to watch him ridiculed to a punch line.
Nicholas (Orono)
How is this not recognized as tokenism?
redpeony (GR, MI)
@Nicholas Agree. With a world crisis, instead of saying he will pick an expert in some field to help navigate this storm regardless of race or gender, he panders to his base. Come on fellow women - do we care more about a token than we do about solving a serious problem?
Ms D (Delaware)
@Nicholas It's not tokenism unless the woman is just a pretty talking head (e.g. Sarah Palin). If she has gravitas, is simpatico with Joe, adds to th ticket, can step in at a moment's notice, then she's a viable candidate as far as I'm concerned.
MCC (Pdx, OR)
@Nicholas Not tokenism when there are so many phenomenal women in politics, so many of them that are more accomplished than their male counterparts since it is harder for women to be taken seriously in the first place. It is time to pick a woman for all the right reasons.
Andrew (Michigan)
His thinking? Sheer pandering. Just saying that you would pick a woman for the sake of her being a woman is sheer pandering. That's all it is.
Fread (Melbourne)
Agreed!! It shows how shallow his policies are!! He has nothing! So he’s now distracting people with wild shows! Instead of discussing his healthcare proposals, if he has any, it’s now which women!!
EFM (Brooklyn, NY)
@Andrew Women make up half of Americans. It is not pandering to make and effort to represent those that are underrepresented, if the choice is based on their ability and experience.
TRF (St Paul)
@Andrew Just wait until your guy fires Pence and chooses a woman because Joe and Bernie are going to.
Teacher (New York)
I hope Biden chooses to unify the Democratic Party, if he wins the nomination. The best woman is Ms. Warren. If he chooses a moderate like Amy, he will be making the same mistake Hillary made. This will disenfranchise many voters that might not vote in November. Progressives make up a large voting block. He needs to reassure Sanders voters that he will not just pay lip service to their concerns.
Jonathan Katz (St. Louis)
Klobuchar is probably the best choice. But not because she is a woman. Because she is sensible and level-headed.
Olive H (Boston)
I’m guessing Biden will pick Stacey Abrams but I wish he would pick Elizabeth W.
GMooG (LA)
@Olive H Either one would be a disaster. Warren doesn't support any of his policies, and having earned no delegates, she adds nothing to the ticket. Abrams is simply a loser who adds no support in the areas where he needs it.
Robert (Florida)
I think New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham or Sen. Catherine Masto Cortez (D-Nev.) would be excellent picks for their geographic and ethnic appeal. I would like to see Abrams run for Governor again, or the Senate, and continue her crucial work turning Georgia blue (or at least purple). Harris for AG and Biden should announce several other picks for major cabinet positions to present a unity slate representing the nation.
Anna (NY)
I'd like to see Michelle Obama as VP.
Hari Prasad (Washington, D.C.)
Stacy Adams would be a great choice!
Hobbes (Antipodal St Louis)
Chelsea Clinton?
Mother (Central CA)
No more Clintons.
Michael S (Arizona)
And she is qualified for the highest office how?
Heike Korošec (Vienna)
@Hobbes: Sure, pick someone who reached the limelight only because of her (grasping) parents, and whose starter home was a $10 million condo overlooking Central Park. Great way to alienate the Democratic Party's progressive wing.
steve (CT)
Off the record officials in the Democratic Party and the corporate media talk about Biden’s real cognitive decline, while to the public say it is just his usual gaffes and stuttering. When will a whistleblower come forward and say what is being whispered, else they are just leading us toward Biden being crushed by Trump in a debate. Biden’s picking a female VP was done to avert our attention from Biden’s issues. Leadership in the Democratic Party would rather have Trump than Bernie so they can continue their grift in taking money from the wealthy to then go against the interest of the working class.
Michael Chinman (Boston)
@steve How does “steve” from CT have “off the record” information about what “officials in the Democratic Party and the corporate media” are saying? If you actually had the information you claim to have, why not reveal it?
Hobbes (Antipodal St Louis)
@steve wow! I did not know this!! please tell us more! Maybe someone from the “deep state” can leak?
Helen Wheels (Portland Oregon)
@steve Okay, Bro.
Displaced yankee (Virginia)
Biden needs to show respect for black voters by balancing the ticket with Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama. They are both brilliant, have been vetted and could run circle around Pence. Gone are the days when Democrats can have two old white people as the ticket.
Maria Holland (Washington DC)
I would hope Michelle Obama would decline. It would be a total waste of her talent to stand in the shadow of Biden.
Sammy (Manhattan)
Need a governor from a swing state and not someone from DC. How about Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer?
redpeony (GR, MI)
@Sammy Please don't take her from us. We just got a good governor and we need her right now. Michigan is just recovering from the last crash and now we are here on the brink again. We need her leadership.
paul (chicago)
NO, NO, NO... we want Nancy, even though she is no young "you-know-what", but she is capable of whipping all these "old boys" in line, and she has proven herself on some many times. She also dresses better...
Simon (Adelaide)
Stacy Abrahms!!!
Tim (Raleigh)
Michelle Obama
rmarchi1 (Albany, NY)
Oprah Winfrey for VP!
Michael S (Arizona)
Excellent suggestion!
West Coaster (Asia)
Everyone else knows he's going to pick Michelle Obama. How does the Times not know this?
Steven (Sacramento)
@West Coaster I believe Michelle Obama would decline the invitation.
charles almon (brooklyn NYC)
Whatever regarding NYT blogs don't upset the centrist narrative. Second blog which wouldn't post something using the name Sarah Palin. Let Joe do it, but can we please STOP fawning over Biden for suggesting a female VP? Been there, done that.
XXX (Phiadelphia)
Elizabeth Warren
Stu (Northport, NY)
I hope he picks a woman with as liberal a leaning as he can tolerate. Otherwise a lot of Bernie's supporters won't be there when he needs them, not only to get elected but to push both houses of Congress solidly into the Democratic camp. I think he should carefully consider Elizabeth Warren, even though she's older than he would like his running mate to be. She's a liberal that knows how to work with others to get things done, not just stand on ideological purity. She's also somewhat of an outsider by way of background, a nice complement to Biden's long history in government. I think his message should be that the next administration needs to set things up so that the younger generations to follow will have a fair chance at driving the nation in the direction then want as fast as they can, without having to clean up Trump's mess first.
Mother (Central CA)
STACEY ABRAMS! Not only is she an incredible human being, highly educated with lots of political experience, well spoken, she is a black woman who would add many more votes to Joe’s ticket.
GDB (Florida)
@Mother She doesn’t like to pay taxes. I like her.
Sydney (Gass)
Would love to just make the writer of this piece aware that the Medicare for All bill introduced in our senate calls for a transition in 4 years. Elizabeth Warren's plan is sooner.
Joe Game (Brooklyn)
I do hope he picks the best VP candidate, and not one that happens to be a woman. That would both be pandering to certain voters but also insulting to all around. Do we want it to be said that the VP only got her job because she's a woman? No he should make it clear he's picking the best human for the job regardless of skin color or biological gender. Male, female, dark skin, light skin, any skin. May the most capable candidate be nominated for President and for Vice President.
Andaucia (pacific northwest)
The most qualified happen to be women.
Mark (New York, NY)
@Andaucia Absolutely! The exception is Cory Booker, who is young enough to have his own run for the presidency a future date eight or twelve years from now. (Mayor Pete could be running thirty years from now and still be much younger than Biden, Sanders and Trump are today)! But Biden is right, now is the time for a woman V.P. who is going to be a magnificent president at a near future date.
Joe Game (Brooklyn)
@Andaucia ? In your personal opinion. Yang is highly qualified. Bloomberg is highly qualified. No ?
Smotri (New York)
His ‘thinking’ is really ‘pandering’.
Simon (Adelaide)
Ok. How about Sally yates then?
Steve Gregg (Clifton, NJ)
Of course, it does not strike any Times reader as odd that a running mate for VP should be picked primarily on gender, right? If that be the case, why not pick Beyonce?
Old Incompletely Wise Millennial (New York City)
Interest group pandering. Empty gestures in my opinion.
EFM (Brooklyn, NY)
@Old Incompletely Wise Millennial Are you implying that he would not pick someone competent, because she was a woman?
Erasumus (PNW)
Lujan Grisham - get to know her name.
Chris M (Boston)
Well since we're throwing out the best qualified to appease feminists he should at least choose a woman from a Latino background. After all, minorities have had it a lot worse than the often shrill and entitled feminists that are being pandered to.
Craig (NYC)
Black people have no choice but to vote democratic so pandering here earns Dems no more votes. The VP position needs to go to a Midwesterner to win back 4 swing states
MA (Greater Boston)
I would love to see him run with VP Anita Hill. She is a brilliant lawyer, a visionary, a respected Professor, and is well versed in Black and Native American histories and the precedent cases which have shaped our society. Plus it would right a wrong in his record and bring a fresh new perspective all at once. If not, Warren, Abrams, Castro, Kobuchar, or even Gilibrand could all be excellent VP’s. Harris gives me pause due to her lack of climate policies from her own run combined with Biden’s. There is almost no wrong choice except ignoring climate change bringing us COVID-19and whatever climate crisis/act of G-d comes next. The VP should be able to lead and implement a climate moonshot to make sure there is no next pandemic to derail the U.S.
Noo Yawka (New York, NY)
Biden's choice for VP is clear: Hillary Rodham Clinton. Within months of Biden's Presidential inauguration he will likely be compelled to resign from from office with the disclosure of his dementia, and HRC will at last assume her rightful place as our President of these United States of America.
J.C. (Michigan)
@Noo Yawka "Her rightful place" is exactly why she wasn't elected. We don't owe her anything.
Marie (Boston)
@Noo Yawka This one seems to be thought up by a Republican conspiracy theorist calculated to scare as many people as possible.
Helen Wheels (Portland Oregon)
@Noo Yawka Funny.
There is no crossover vote with Warren or Harris ... Abrams -- are you kidding me. Do people actually watch and listen? Google Harris and Abrams on C-span .. The Dems keep thinking they can win this alone .. pull in the DEM voters. They can't .. do the math. Trump has 40% locked ... With Biden at the top of the ticket the average voter understands the the VP choice is "real" this time. Abrams as POTUS ? ... Sorry .. even I can't pull that one.
RAR (Los Angeles, CA)
So glad he agreed to a female VP. My first choice is Kamala Harris followed by Amy Klobuchar. Ideology aside, it would be smart to pick someone who can win the swing states.
JD (Seal Beach, ca)
Val Demings showed her strength during impeachment hearings. I voted for Warren, but she and Biden are not like minded plus the Senate needs Warren. Time now for a new female voice and from a large State, Florida.
William Tate (Canada)
Good move on Joe's part. Nice to see his intelligence come alive as the campaign moves along. My vote is for Amy Klobishar, who ticks all the boxes---experienced, common sense, a heart, and from the midwest. Not to say others aren't qualified, just that she brings victory closer for us.
g (New York, NY)
If Biden's primary concern is experience and readiness to step into the President's job, he should not discount Susan Rice, with whom he worked during the Obama administration. She was Ambassador to the UN, and thus has experience leading the US mission to that body, and then was Obama's National Security Advisor for four years. In fact, Obama trusted her so much he nominated her for Secretary of State, but she withdrew when the Republicans tied her into their unfounded conspiracy theories about Benghazi. She showed great character in her willingness to sacrifice her career ambitions to spare the country the circus the Republicans wanted. She's spent years in the highest reaches of the government, informing the most consequential decisions, and I'd be surprised if she's not on Biden's shortlist.
TheniD (Phoenix)
If history has any say in this, choosing a woman VP will cause Biden to lose the November election. I hope I am wrong, but history has proved otherwise. In my humble opinion he would have been better off choosing Cory Booker as a running mate.
Craig (NYC)
The VP selection should be based on anything other than qualification for the job. Factors that should be considering during the hiring process include hair color, genitalia, skin color and ethnicity. These are the factors that determine a persons ability to navigate foreign affairs, economic policy and the legislative process.
Sam (NY)
Honestly, I would've suggested Beto O'Rourke. Beto almost won a Senate seat in TX. He's very young and is an energetic campaigner. He can put Texas in play. Imagine the nightmare Republicans will have if they lost TX? With all the electoral votes from TX? Worst case scenario - Repubs will have to dedicate valuable time and money to retain TX. Best case scenario - Democrats win TX and an easy WH win.
Helen Wheels (Portland Oregon)
@Sam I agree. Beto could also attract the Latino and younger voters. He speaks Spanish, and he's smart about climate change. And he has talked about his ideas for a green economy. I hope Biden (if he gets the nomination) keeps an open mind.
GMooG (LA)
@Helen Wheels Only someone who doesn't have a single hispanic friend or colleague would think that hispanics would vote for someone because "he speaks Spanish."
Jerry Schulz (Milwaukee)
The opponent is a grouchy old white guy whose main supporters are a legion of fellow grouchy old white guys. And Joe, the presumptive Democratic candidate, is an often-grouchy old white guy. (I should reveal that I am also an old white guy, and I’m increasingly grouchy as I watch the decline of our once-great country.) It seems to me that Joe Biden would be wise to work against these forces by selecting a running mate who is all the things he's not—not old, not white, not grouchy, and not a guy. Kamala Harris is about the only person who is all four of these things. Amy Klobuchar comes across as the least grouchy. But I would favor Liz Warren. My argument is she would do the best job of keeping the Bernie supporters in the fold. And she would also do the best job of winning back the disaffected middle and working class voters from President Trump—she literally "wrote the book," actually several, on their problems. But I just think she has a lot of intelligence, energy, passion, and integrity. These are things in short supply these day, and certainly these characteristics place her in sharp contrast to Trump and his minions. If Joe takes a pass on Liz he for VP he would be wise to at least reassure us that he will put her to work in an important position as he works to get this country going again. Go Liz!
Bri (Columbus Ohio)
As a woman, I wish for the best-qualified candidate to become Vice President. I don't want any gender presents, we don't need them. If it's Elizabeth Warren, it would be the most qualified person to complete Joe Biden, also to challenge him. If it's Amy Klobuchar, it would be the most boring match of President and Vice President ever.
Philip W (Boston)
I am not sure who Biden should choose. It has to be someone from a Red State that can turn Blue. It has to be someone who is somewhat likeable to women. The only possibility I can see is Klobuchar, though she is far from perfect. Abrams is good; however, doesn't have the experience and is too heavy set to be appealing to the uninformed.
J.C. (Michigan)
@Philip W Minnesota is not a red state.
Wilks (Rochester, NY)
It's called opportunism. OPP-OR-TUN-ISM. Its actually quite awful. While this might appeal to some I prefer by merit. Absolutely, any number of women can fill the position and no doubt competently, but but who wants to be there merely to check a box for Joe's establishment-run media-christened campaign?
Hobbes (Antipodal St Louis)
I know there are many qualified senators, but the senate is way too important to risk losing a seat. So please, no senators.
Marlea (NYC)
I would LOVE to see him picking Stacey Abrams. She impresses me.
MC123 (Tx)
Senator Harris would make a fine VP, gaining experience for the next election. Biden should go further than this, something innovative: Select and propose as many Cabinet members as he can about 3 months before the election. Nominate folks who have superb credentials, ethics, and credibility, to show the country and the world the difference with the current revolving door sycophants. Maybe Warren for Commerce, Kerry for State, Abrams for HUD, Yates for DOJ, Fauci for HHS, Buttigieg for Energy, etc.
Pdmommy (Plymouth)
@MC123 good god not that has been Kerry
Here in Jersey (NJ)
Considering Joe's age and the fact that he's probably going to be a one term president, the VP pick is especially important. Most likely that person will be the democrat's candidate in 24. One of Hillary Clinton's biggest mistakes was choosing Tim Kaine as her running mate. Kaine was about as interesting as a Wonder Bread and mayonnaise sandwich. (Hannah And Her sisters) He couldn't even beat Pence in the debate. My choice would be Amy Klobuchar.
J.C. (Michigan)
I'm not interested in Joe Biden's VP, man, woman, or dog. He's on record that he's going to choose another moderate centrist. So much for that "coalition" and "bringing the party together". If he had any guts, he'd choose someone he doesn't always agree with. A good leader doesn't surround himself with yes men and yes women. That's the Trump way. Is Joe also going to fire anyone who isn't loyal to him and his banker friends?
The Buddy (Astoria, NY)
There's more than one way to break the glass ceiling.
Buzz D (NYC)
VP selection should be Senator K. Harris. Consequently, Biden needs to give VP Harris the DoD, Intelligence, Justice, and State portfolio. In 2024 Biden needs to step down and support VP Harris for President. America needs drastic changes and never, ever vote for a Republican elected leader again. Dems have challenges whereas the Republicans have hate, ignorance, and lies as their mind, body, and soul.
Norm Vinson (Ottawa, Ontario)
Choose Nikki Haley! That way trump can’t replace pence with her to get the suburban soccer mom vote.
If he's smart, it will be Amy.
Bob Washick (Conyngham)
Hillary Rodham Clinton. Trump wants to go after Hunter. And with Hillary Rodham Clinton he wore Nas his teeth. Flow will down him. I personally believe he has the flu. He has lied before and I believe he is lying with this. And Biden should name potential Democrats and Republicans to hold positions. As a potential Democratic candidate he should name it now. There are enough spontaneous and direct Democrats needed to fill these positions. He should name them. And lead as potential President of the United States.
GMooG (LA)
@Bob Washick I have no idea what you are trying to say, so I'll just say this: Please mark your calendar and don't forget to vote on November 4 this year.
Speedo (Encinitas, CA)
As much as I liked and supported Kamala, she never garnered the black vote in her campaign. She would hurt the ticket more than help. Great senator! Stay there and lead. Amy??? No gravitas. Gretchen Whitmer would be a great choice. And I always thought Tammy Duckworth would be a good choice, too.
Blair (Los Angeles)
The party of the current governor of Massachusetts means Warren doesn't stand a chance.
Eve Waterhouse (Vermont)
Such pandering. I would have preferred Sherrod Brown of Ohio, for so many reasons.
Lynn in DC (Here, there, everywhere)
Most of the women put forth as possibles are from reliably blue states or could not get a red state to vote for them (Abrams). If female candidates had standing or were able to garner votes, there would still be a serious female candidate running. Tulsi Gabbard is not a serious candidate. Biden should pick a candidate who can deliver a battleground state, is charismatic and can excite voters of all types and is an avid attack dog.
Mike Voelk (Allen, TX)
I felt he picked Amy the night she endorsed him, it sure sounded that way. Beyond the gender angle, she will help deliver MN, IA, WI and MI and he will work the East and Southeast.
Nature (Knoxville)
Can we say pander? If Joe was so determined to see a female succeed then he should have bowed out to Kamala, Elizabeth, Tulsi, or Amy. Oh and by the way we still have a candidate for POTUS that is female even though she is rarely mentioned or commented on.
Prof Trelawney (cambridge, ma)
ugh I appreciate the sentiment but it's like when Romney had his "binders of women." The women in the field were far and away better than either of the two front runners... But yeah, this may help in Nov.
A party that keeps changing its debate rules to silence its only remaining female (minority, combat veteran, under 75-year-old) candidate has no business patting itself on its back for floating the idea of a female vice-presidential nominee. The DNC and the press tried to shut down Rep. Tulsi Gabbard's campaign long before schools and bars started closing. "And yet, she persisted."
Joyce (San Francisco)
Biden already has the black vote sewed up, so Stacy Abrams is not an essential choice. And senators from liberal bastions like California and Massachusetts need not apply for the job. Where Biden needs the most help is in the Midwestern swing states, so Amy Klobuchar makes the most sense.
DW99 (East Coast)
@Joyce : NO. Biden is centrist enough. He needs a progressive Dem, or you can kiss the election goodbye. As much as I'd like to see a woman on the ticket, I think his best bet would be Julian Castro: somewhat progressive but not extremely; a seasoned pol; also from the Obama admin; Latino; Texan.
BB (Merion Station, PA)
Although my heart goes with Elizabeth Warren, my gut says Amy Klobuchar is who will pull in the most battleground people. We are spoiled for choice.
Socrates (Downtown Verona. NJ)
Vice President Michelle Obama ! Excellent choice.
DW99 (East Coast)
@Socrates : She would certainly draw in loads of voters. But I can't see her being willing to turn her life over to the American people again, tho -- and I can't blame her. Enjoy your comments, btw -- always glad to see them.
fast/furious (DC)
@Socrates It seems quite possible, after 8 years of worrying about the physical safety of her husband and her children (who were savaged, much as she was herself), she's washed her hands of electoral politics. The Obamas have a boatload of money now and I love them both but I'd be surprised it they didn't focus on enjoying their lives. They served this country with distinction. I think anything else they do is just gravy.
Robin (Rwanda)
@Socrates She has said she is not interested
Pro(at)Aging (where I summoned my teachers and angels)
As a Sanders / Warren fan I'm already thoroughly depressed, but nothing would depress me more than the announcement of a ticket Conflict imaginarily Behind the Barn Settler Biden (always pro the Comcasts and the predatory credit card companies) / Flying Binder and Yale Boys Club Insider Klobuchar.
Bill (New Zealand)
I see a lot of talk about Kamala Harris. I'd like to remind NY Times readers about a very illuminating op-ed in this newspaper about her record as a prosecutor: Harris is not a good pick. There are so many highly qualified women out there. He can do better.
Paul (NZ)
Extreme left, in their intellectually hampered drive to get gender parity, arm-twisted a DEM presidential candidate-in-the-making to narrow down his VP choice way before the primaries are over and way before he can decide based on the political circumstances, who his best running mate might be. As typically seen with the far-left screamers, once he announced that during the debate, they were already preemptively unhappy, because he might not choose an African American woman. And once he chooses one, they will want to see that she has some disability and, preferably, be non-heterosexual. Of course, she should be also driving an electric vehicle and be wearing hemp pantsuits and admit to smoking at least one joint per week. Trump and GOP are laughing at the naivete of the left: choosing leaders based on identity politics never excited the voters (best seen in the DEM primaries, in which gay, female and black candidates are gone, not having gotten enough support from gay, female and black constituents). I dream of a day when the DEM party starts focusing on politicians' ideas, talent, charisma, and likability as the main criteria.
Bruce (New Mexico)
There is a very short runway to November. Biden needs to pick someone with a track record in national affairs and with instant name recognition who can lock in the Midwest. Klobuchar.
Gyns D (Illinois)
Biden under pressure "let the cat out of the bag". This gives the Trump campaign the business case to introduce a 2 time State Governor, UN Ambassador, Nikki Hayley. Pence will cast aside as many before him, also his questionable handling of the current crisis, makes it easy for the WH team to scapegoat him.
Paul (Chicago)
Biden is a one term president given his age, so this is a critical pick Given this, I would go with Hillary Clinton What could possibly go wrong? Ha!
Max Deitenbeck (Shreveport)
I rather wish that Biden would say, more specifically than he already has, that it is long past time for a woman to be vice president. I feel that way because there are no more women currently running for president. It is unacceptable that we have never had a woman as president. But because that won't happen in 2020 Biden is right that he should tap a woman as a running mate. Women make up a little more than half our population and are just as good at anything men are. I think that previous sentence sounds sexist. Women are as good or better at anything than men. Hillary Clinton won the election. She is well educated. She is pragmatic. She is intelligent. Yet our electoral college put an ignorant, racist white man in the white House. This has to stop and a woman vice president would be a small (we need bigger) step in the right direction.
David (Virginia)
Hilary: tanned, rested, and ready? Perish the thought. I'd like somebody though who has more serious experience than some of the names being mentioned.
daniel r potter (san jose california)
You want all Americans to coalesce around a candidate. Nikki Haley would stymie any argument a GOP type could make. Mr. Biden has a history of working across the isle. Sure it's a pipe dream but hmmm...
Irlo (Boston, MA)
Amy or Liz would not be popular outside of the highly educated and liberal coastal big metropolitan areas, back here on planet Earth, unfortunately. "NY Times" elitist pundits who don't acknowledge or aren't mindful of that will be the reason we don't win like we need to against Trump this fall.
Paul (Brooklyn)
Big mistake to say it the way he did. If he and his female VP get elected, she will always be tainted by the she got in because she was a chosen entitled woman and even if she became another Lincoln she will always be saddled with that. Better to say he would seriously consider a woman, just like a black, hispanic, asian etc. Most Americans are sick of identity politics whether it is from the left or right.
Harry B (Michigan)
Susan Collins will save the day...not ever.
Rickon (LA)
Any information on whether he’s considering Senator Tammy Duckworth?
Lena S (Columbus, Ohio)
I think whenever we talk about the VP we HAVE to consider things like: 1. Is she giving up a Senate seat that will go to a Republican 2. Is she giving up a governorship in a state where a Republican is likely to replace her 3. Would she be better in a different (high profile, influential, substantive) role rather than VP ...and other considerations of the bigger picture.
Stephanie (Boston)
This is why when people throw out Liz Warren’s name it feels like a consolation prize. A. Why would she want veep? B. She is far more powerful where she is. I do feel Stacy Abrams would be a great option.
Cdlune (New Mexico)
Amy Klobuchar leaves me cold; I was relieved when she dropped out. I think Warren would have more clout in the Senate unless there is a powerhouse waiting in the wings in MA. NOT!My vote is for Kamala Harris. Michelle Lujan Grisham is our state treasure in NM as governor. We are lucky to have her in the helm as the virus has arrived last week! We need her here— a state that is often overlooked. We are collectively as a nation and as a world embarking on a journey we have we that is unfolding minute by minute. Perhaps, the same care will be taken in choosing a VP as we do with not touching our faces.
Edward B. Blau (Wisconsin)
From the time of Bill Clinton women have provided the margin of Democratic victories. That was very evident in WI in 2018. My first choice would be Elizabeth Warren but Joe might not find her complacent enough. It would be the start of a cabinet of rivals. She would balance the ticket in policy which is going to be needed in the midwest to bring back some Obama to Trump voters and to generate enthusiasm among younger voters. They and women hold the fate of Democrats here in their hands.
Bge (Boston)
I always liked Jeanne Shaheen, but our Attorney General, Maura Healey, originally from where we lived in NH, is fantastic.
Paul Smith (Austin, Texas)
I would love to see an African-American or Latina on the ticket, to represent more of America, and to energize turnout. Clinton might not have lost if she had thought of this when making her VP choice.
Socrates (Downtown Verona. NJ)
@Paul Smith Tim Kaine was one of the worst strategic VP picks in American history. If she had chosen a VP with a pulse, she would have won. It speaks very poorly of Hillary's judgement.
Max Deitenbeck (Shreveport)
@Paul Smith Clinton didn't lose the election. I agree that she could and should have made a less boring choice for VP. But, she was already the first woman to head a major political party's ticket for the presidency. She was competent, intelligent and experienced. What else could we have asked for? It is obvious in retrospect that sexism had a great deal to do with her not winning the electoral college.
Stacy K. (Brookfield, Wisconsin)
We could have asked her to campaign in Wisconsin.
iphigene (qc)
Well, seems like Mr. Biden will most likely be remembered for choosing the first woman to become President of the USA. And he may perhaps be atoning for mistakes he did in the past.
Paul Smith (Austin, Texas)
@iphigene How about Anita Hill as his VP choice? That would be an atonement for sure!
4anon (usa)
@iphigene Um, no. Mondale chose Geraldine Ferraro. Unless you mean, optimistically speaking, the "choosing the first woman" to actually become POTUS?
William Tate (Canada)
@iphigene When are you going to atone for yours?
Amish (New York)
Am surprised no one here has mentioned Kamala Harris. I think she would be excellent - very presidential - and day 1 ready for this job. Far better than Amy. She can energize the base - would take Pence to lunch in the debates.
sam g (berkeley ca)
@Amish :Having observed her for decades: Harris is an empty suit. There is much LESS there than meets the eye. She spent her career avoiding contact with average Americans...I agree he'll likely pick her but I predict she will not wear well. She is in no way competent to step into the Presidency.
William Tate (Canada)
@sam g and she is from California--a state the Democrats already have. Amy from Minnesota --the midwest, which reaches down into the South--Texas,Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, to name a few states--fits the bill better.
Donna Ross (Frisco, TX)
@Amish Amy Klobuchar/Joe Biden would be 2 centrists..even MORE reason for the progressive wing to stay home or vote Green or Write in. Not a good idea, imho.
Dee (Anchorage, AK)
Last time, an overconfident Hilary opted for competence, compassion, and personal chemistry but got no boost in Electoral College. So let's not do that again. I'm thinking the Michigan Governor would bring some of those Electoral votes back.
William Tate (Canada)
@Dee Maybe if Hillary had worked out a deal with Bernie Sanders for VP she would have won. Like Kennedy took LBJ on as VP--his main rival, who's votes he needed.
N (Scarsdale, NY)
Whither has already disqualified herself. She has little experience and will play a key role in governing a swing state responsibly. Sen. Tammy Duckworth would be a better choice.
Christine Craft (California)
@Dee Did you mean,"Hillary", as in it's all HIllary's fault? For the record, Secretary Clinton , facing this nation's cancerous misogyny and hacking from the russkie/trump collusion, still managed to secure nearly three million more votes than the orange vulgarian.Amy Klobuchar is a proven Midwestern winner who understood the timing pre-Super Tuesday and how to take the best advantage of same, using her campaign aides to give a big boost to Joe Biden in that primary, winning same.
Ken (Exeter, NH)
Sure, there is enthusiasm for Abrams and Warren, but a Biden/Klobuchar ticket peels away Trump voters. Few on the left would stay home given the choice to elect a woman for VP. Save Harris for AG. Abrams can be chief of staff. Let's beat Trump and unify the country.
Chris H (Flagstaff)
@Ken This is not election about peeling off Trump voters, where people are ardently, religiously supportive of Trump (or they absolutely detest him). This election will be about making upper the lost Dems in 2016 that supported Bernie but stayed home or voted for Trump out of desperation with Hillary. The VP needs to mobilize the left, not the right.
Phyliss Dalmatian (Wichita, Kansas)
@Ken Excellent. Cheers.
That's What She Said (The West)
@Ken Totally agree with first comment. You want the stay at home Dems 2016. The last person you want is Klobuchar--will be screaming during debate-- "we wish we could all be as perfect as you Mike!"-oy
Ann (Brookline, Mass.)
2020 is shaping up as a re-run of 2016: right wing versus far right wing, a corporatist Democrat versus a proto-Fascist Republican. If elected, Biden, while not as toxic as Trump, will govern on behalf of special interests at the expense of working people. The gender of his vice-president or other staffers does nothing to alter that prospect. He is simply using gender to distract from his abysmal record, described here:
Marlea (NYC)
@Ann I would like to think that NO Democrat would adopt a policy of governing as you suggest. That would be the end of the Democrats if that were to arise.
DW99 (East Coast)
Locke_ (The Tundra)
TLDR: Biden is going to focus his pandering to hit as many checklists as possible. And is seems people really don't know what simpatico means...
Anna (NY)
@Locke_: I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to find out politicians engage in politics!
vermontague (Northeast Kingdom, Vermont)
Joe..... I'll vote for you, because the alternative is too awful. But if and only if..... 1. Your VP choice is Liz Warren. She's qualified. 2. If you promise to only run for one term. You must set Liz up to run in 2024. You MUST promise to be a one-term prez. And you must choose Liz. Otherwise, I'm gonna stay home in November.
Bill young (Florida)
Can’t believe you rather have Trump again?!
Dookie (Miami)
@vermontague So you would prefer Trump i guess
Anna (NY)
@vermontague: Let me guess: You are a Trump supporter and wouldn't vote for a Democrat if your life depended on it. How would Trump be better than, let's say, a Biden-Klobuchar ticket? Or a Biden-Abrams ticket? Please explain.
chris (NoVa)
My money is on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, though I'd hedge with Amy K.
AlNewman (Connecticut)
From reading the comments on this thread, it appears that many aren’t factoring in the Electoral College in their choice for VP. Warren is exceptional but she came in third in her own blue state. The VP will be chosen either from a state that Democrats sorely need to win electorally or to counter any glaring weaknesses in Biden.
Jaime (WA)
He needs to lean a little left on this to pick up Warren and Sanders supporters. Another version of Joe in the female would not be the best approach to make that happen. Moderates are already getting their safe choice, if you forget to address those left of center you could very well alienate half of the base. And let's not bring in some no name, no visibility VP candidate. It would be nice to actually bring someone in with a large base of support, Warren or Harris would do nicely and I'd feel 100% better about my vote for the old white man. For many of us Biden was/is our least favorite candidate but deemed most electable, despite his abysmal public speaking and debate performance, he's "safe". People didn't vote for Hillary and look where we are. I hope we have learned from that and will coalesce around Biden and hope he can make it through Trumps attacks, not by his debate skills but based on likability. Biden/Warren 2020 - assuming Bernie bows out
Steve Dumford (california)
@Jaime Unfortunately, Sanders base doesn't come out in significant numbers to vote. Which is why he is losing. They're great at attending rallies but actually voting might be a bit too boring for them. They're all for progressive change but when their favorite candidate doesn't win, they selfishly go off in a huff and the result is what we have now. If they had come out for Hillary in 2016 in significant numbers, we'd be addressing climate change and health care and parental leave and college costs. Instead we've been drug backwards and may never recover. It's what happens when the losing candidate suggests that everything is "rigged."
Concernicus (Hopeless, America)
@Steve Dumford If Hillary had not been such an odious candidate perhaps more people would have come out and voted for her.
Hope (New England)
The times call for Senator Warren to have a more prominent role in our government. She has the expertise to guide us through this economic crisis. I just read and highly recommend her opinion article on CNN's webpage," We Need A Grassroots Stimulus Package". It describes our current economic crisis and what we need to do to prevent a repeat of the 2008 Great Recession. In addition to this, her plan to expand healthcare coverage to more people couldn't be more relevant than now. Biden should seriously consider Warren as a running mate, but, not only for her expertise, it would also be a unifying gesture to put a more liberal democrat on the ticket. The Democratic party is very diverse and picking only conservative democrats ignores a large percentage of the party.
Tibby Elgato (West county, Republic of California)
If he is nominated and does not select Harris it is a serious misstep. Selecting Warren will result in a lost seat in the Senate.
kevin (boston)
It is unfortunate that Biden phrased his preference as he did; much better to have used Bernie's approach. By "committing" to select a woman, Biden resurrects the image of Democrats pandering to identity politics--an aspect of his and his party's past that richly earned the derision of thinking voters. Bernie's phrasing, in contrast, gets to the same real-world result without the odor of entitlement and/or pandering.
Ichabod Aikem (Cape Cod)
Today, with the collapse of our economy and our health industries to help us during a pandemic, I know no candidate more qualified to stand next to Biden and help him heal and regenerate our country than Elizabeth Warren. After just reading, “A Fighting Chance” and “This Fight Is Our Fight” I am more convinced than ever that Elizabeth Warren is primed to fight for us and for democracy against Trump, the GOP, Big Pharma and Insurance Conglomerates, and Big Oil. She understands intimately how the lower and middle classes have been squeezed out of their hard earned money by corrupt bankruptcy laws that helped banks too big to fail at the same time allowing credit card and mortgage companies to act criminally against their clients. But the best part of Warren as v.p, is that she has proven her mettle by having plans to put the middle class back to front and center of America’s engine of growth. Joe, grow with Warren by your side.
Hope (New England)
@Ichabod Aikem Agreed and well said!
Marge Keller (Midwest)
I am hoping Joe Biden will choose a running mate who will help him beat Trump in November than merely choosing a running mage who is a woman. John McCain realized after the fact that Sarah Palin was the worst decision he made for a running mate. Hopefully Joe Biden will not make a similar error in judgement.
BearBoy (St Paul, MN)
It has to be a woman = identity politics. This may thrill the democrat base, but will not bring over the independents Joe will need to win.
Max Deitenbeck (Shreveport)
@BearBoy How so?
mlj (Seattle)
It has to be a woman because America needs it.
Blume (E)
I like Stacey Abrams or Kamala Harris. This will be important because Trump is going to dump Pence (probably blaming him for the COVID failure!) and get Nikki Haley to be his running mate. It would be a great move for him and he needs some dea ex machina. I am also interested in whom Bernie might choose as a VP, at least for the sake of argument. I can't think of anyone, man or woman, mostly because I can't think of anyone who shares his vision and who is neither too New England nor too young.
John (Sims)
Can we please strike Stacey Abrams off the VP list. She's talented and bright and perfectly fine but... There is absolutely no credible argument that a former state representative is qualified to be commander in chief in the event that something happens to 78 year old President Biden.
Silvio M (San José. CA)
@John I understand where your reasoning is coming from, but that kind of "conventional wisdom" doesn't apply any longer. Stacey Abrams is 1000 times more qualified than the current president is NOW, and much more than before he was actually elected.
sboucher (Atlanta GA)
@John Thank you! Abrams is unequivocally unqualified to even be considered for veep. let alone on the short list. She lacks any experience outside Georgia's House. Should anything happen to the president, we need someone who can step in fully prepared. We have two US Senate seats open in Georgia this year, but Abrams declined to run; a poor decision. After a term or two, she'd have the right experience and name recognition. Being known only for losing an election is not the right kind of material needed to draw in voters. Yes, I know the gubernatorial race was a sham, with the umpire calling the game he played in. My polling place used to be down the block. It was moved to a location a 10-minute drive, with no direct bus service -- and many of us living intown don't own cars. [I live in John Lewis's district, so this should come as no surprise.] Abrams is definitely being groomed for higher office. Giving the Democratic response to the SOTU is a stepping stone to higher office (it was for Obama, but he'd served in the US Senate). And I got sick of hearing her full name: "Stacey Abrams, a rising star in the Democratic Party." every single time she's referred to. Every. Single. Time. We'd be better served if she got a position in Biden's cabinet -- Housing and Urban Development would be appropriate.
sboucher (Atlanta GA)
@Silvio M Any candidate the Democrats put forward would be 1,000 times more qualified. That's not a good enough reason to nominate her for veep. There's a wealth of Democratic politicians with much more national experience from which to choose a running partner.
Shirley Adams (Vermont)
Well, while I am a Bernie supporter, and disheartened by all the support that went to Biden before Super Tuesday. I projected that Biden would be the nominee from the beginning. Biden is a neoliberal, the candidate of the Democratic elite, etc. He stands for little change. He doesn't need to take a Democratic Senator away from the Senate, as much as I love Warren and respect Klobuchar's stance on mental health and addiction issues. I absolutely adore Stacey Abrams, hope that she will become President in the future, and should be the keynote speaker at the Democratic Convention (which may have to proceed in a different way, due to Covid-19.) Biden already appears to have the older African-American vote sewn up. I wonder who that leaves. A white female governor from the Midwest, I suppose. Unfortunately, he won't pick a progressive, just another neoliberal. I do hope it is a woman who supports reproductive freedom for all women, which Biden did not, until quite recently. As a white woman, I find his statement that he will pick a woman V.P. to be pandering, since I am a feminist. 'Oh, let's just throw women a sop, so they will vote for me!' I do not presume to know how African-American women feel about his promise to appoint an African-American woman to the Supreme Court, especially when he did not believe Anita Hill. He barely apologized for that: too little, too late. Also he will probably be appointing only a liberal to replace a Supreme Court judge, RBG.
Liz (Jupiter, FL)
I feel that Stacey Abrams is better for a cabinet pick than Vice President. And I think that Joe Biden should unveil his cabinet choices as outlined by other NYT opinion columnists. Either Kamala Harris or Amy Klobuchar would be great. It is not clear to me that Biden would need Klobuchar to carry the Mid-West but he might like her as extra guarantee and to help create a landslide victory. We cannot risk losing Warren's Senate seat to a Republican.
Locke_ (The Tundra)
@Liz Risk losing a Senate seat in Massachusetts? I don't think that's a big concern to anyone.
Conibral (Boston)
The obvious answer is Klobuchar. He popularity amongst African Americans is well documented and just wait for Michelle and Barack to get out and stump for him. He doesn’t needs votes from CA, it’s a Democrat strong hold. What he needs is someone to stay in the PA to WI corridor and win that states that Hillary forgot about. The goal is to defeat Trump.
Mike Voelk (Allen, TX)
Great synopsis.
Kathy (Syracuse, NY)
@Conibral I really like Amy too. But would be happy with either her, Kamala, or Tammy!
SteveBarnett (Iowa)
@Conibral Amy already has much respect from Republicans and is the best bet to draw support from that base.
John (Sims)
This is the easiest and most obvious VP selection I've seen in my lifetime. Kamala Harris Experience? Current senator and former attorney general of the largest state in the country and 5th largest economy on the planet Diversity? African-American AND Indian-American AND female Gritty, tough, intelligent, beautiful, charismatic, happy and charming This is a NO BRAINER Biden-Harris 2020
Bill (New Zealand)
@John There is nothing obvious about her at all. She was not good in the debates, treating all policy discussions like she was in a courtroom. All I saw were gotcha moments. Her prosecutorial record, which was the subject of a very illuminating op-ed in the Times, shows she is not fit for the office. Furthermore, being from California brings no benefits electorally on the national ticket. On paper, she should have checked many of my boxes, but as I got to know her as a candidate, I was not at all impressed. Biden can find way better.
Lynn in DC (Here, there, everywhere)
@John If Harris has so much going for her, why is she no longer a candidate?
Locke_ (The Tundra)
@John Biden already has more support from women and African Americans than Harris ever got. She brings next to nothing to the table electorally; before she dropped out she was running 5th(!) in her home state.
Sue (Middletown)
Klobuchar or Harris would be great choices who would not sacrifice a democratic senate seat if chosen as would happen if Warren were chosen. Important point is which candidate should be groomed to win the Presidency in 2024, assuming that Biden may choose not to run again at the age of 81/82.
Bill (New Zealand)
There are so many talented women out there. I was an Amy supporter, but I would also love Tammy Duckworth. The thought of a Thai-American, wounded pilot standing on a debate stage next to Pence fills me with glee.
mroman (oakland, ca)
@Bill Tammy Duckworth is not American born, unfortunately. However, she would be absolutely perfect to run the VA!!
CSchiotz (Irving, TX)
@mroman Senator Duckworth was born in Thailand, but her father father was American. She is a "natural-born" U.S. citizen, and is eligible for the Presidency. There are lots of similar examples: John McCain was born in Panama; Ted Cruz was born in Canada; Governor Kate Brown (OR) was born in Spain; Senator Chris Van Hollen (MD) was born in Pakistan. They were/are all eligible.
Lawrence Zajac (Brooklyn)
I have been championing Abrams for a while believing that a Biden/Abrams team would certainly be dedicated to advancing justice in America and I could certainly see that might be a guiding principle with the other choices proffered by commenters herein. But I was a little saddened yesterday by his announcement that he would pick a woman because it left no room for Corey Booker as a VP choice.
RN (Miami)
I agree. I love Cory Booker and would like him to become one of the leaders of the Democratic party
Dev Grace (Florida)
why is nothing being said about Sanders and his potential running mate? They both stated this and the headline only calls attention to one candidate. couldn't that type of reporting sway voters' understanding and, in turn, their decisions?
Catherine (Chicago)
@Dev Grace Perhaps it's because the headline of the story was about Biden who is now ahead in the game. And Biden made news first in last night's debate by saying he would pick a woman as his running mate. Sanders seemed a bit on the fence when he was asked if he'd choose a woman.
Chris (Connecticut)
@Dev Grace Sanders did not commit to having a woman as his running mate. He said he probably would. Big difference.
John Doe (Johnstown)
My advice to any he may choose is to watch their back. Elbow bumps only, remember, Joe.
glk (Miami)
Abrahms is smart, young, progressive. he needs the youth vote and the progressive vote.
Natalie (New York, NY)
@glk Abrahms should be running for the Senate. She could picking up one of the 2 senate seats open in GA. The Democrats have to pick up the Senate if we want any chance of accomplishing anything. I supported her gubernatorial run in GA, but the fact that she choose not to run, but commented that she would be honored to picked as the VP candidate, changed my mind about her.
fourfooteleven (mo.)
Leave Klobuchar and Warren in the Senate where we desperately need them. Former Senator Clair McCaskill of Mo. would be a great pick.
J.C. (Michigan)
@fourfooteleven She's a DINO Republican.
Chris H (Flagstaff)
Amy makes no sense. Let's assume Biden already captures the moderate vote. Let's assume Scranton Joe takes PA. What Biden needs to do is shore up the liberals that Hillary lost. That means he needs a VP to his left, preferably one that will inspire as many of Bernie's supporters as possible. I think this is Warren, but it could be someone else. In any case, it makes no sense to bring in someone to his right.
sam g (berkeley ca)
@Chris H Amy makes sense because: She's from the midwest where the Dems. lost the 2016 campaign.
Hope Madison (CT)
@Chris H And certainly not Klobuchar. Judging from the comments when she was up on that stage, I know I am not alone in thinking she doesn't have the temperament, and she certainly doesn't have charisma.
E (Chicago, IL)
I hope that he will choose Warren. She’s a strong problem solver, a great planner, and she is extremely practical. She’s a progressive, which could help bring some of Bernie’s voters along.
Catherine (Chicago)
I would be happy with any of the three women who were candidates, Warren, Klobuchar and Harris are very smart women with tremendous experience. They all impress in many ways and I think each is certainly strong enough to be an excellent VP and/or president. I do not know enough about Abrams or Quinn's experience. But I am absolutely delighted to hear that VP Biden has now gone on the record to say he is going to choose a woman as his running mate.
That's What She Said (The West)
Warren has earned VP position. She's facile not obnoxious or irritated easily. She would add not detract. Biden would be so lucky to convince her to join his ticket.
Pat Riot (St. Louis)
Don’t forget Maxine Waters!
Sue (Middletown)
@That's What She Said If Warren leaves the Senate to take a VP position, the Senate will lose a democratic seat since the governor of Massachusetts will appoint a republican to fill her seat. Warren needs to stay put - and perhaps take over McConnell's position!
fc123 (NYC)
@That's What She Said Biden is winning despite not even campaigning in states he won. Warren could not win a Dem primary in her own left leaning state. How more clear can it be no one wants her and she is (justifiably) viewed as a radical. Since Biden is old the VP choice is likely a president either in a few years but probably de-facto prior to that. Pretty much the only way he can lose the election is to make a lefty his VP choice thereby showing he doesn't understand why he was chosen. Stop pushing Warren, she is done as presidential material.
John (Virginia)
Definitely Amy Klobuchar. She will help Biden win battleground states in the Midwest.
Dan (Colorado)
@John He doesn't need the help in the Midwest. He needs a more progressive VP, and Amy does not fill that bill.
calleefornia (SF Bay Area)
I'd be happy with Amy, but even happier with Tulsi.
AlNewman (Connecticut)
James Clyburn has already spoken on this issue. He wants a person of color to be Biden’s running mate, and since Clyburn delivered Biden not only SC but the African American vote and therefore the nomination, Biden will no doubt either pick Kamala Harris, who’d shore up Biden’s liberal credentials, or Stacey Abrams who’s less important electorally since Biden has the South sewn up.
Socrates (Downtown Verona. NJ)
@AlNewman The South votes Republican in the general election, except for North Carolina, and possibly Florida. The neo-Confederacy is Trumpistan.
AlNewman (Connecticut)
@Socrates What I really meant was that he has the southern Democratic vote sewn up so no need to choose a VP from that area of the country.
MCC (Pdx, OR)
@AlNewman Susan Rice would be better than either Harris or Abrams.
John (Virginia)
Biden will pick a VP that will help him bring out the vote and win in November. He is a leader that will get things done and will have the “biggest tent” so to speak.
Pigenfrafyn (Boston, MA)
Biden needs to pick a progressive woman. I still feel so cheated and upset that this country has not had a female president so a female VP is a little consolation but she must be progressive. I would be tickled pink if Biden picks Stacey Abrams.
Kathy (Syracuse, NY)
@Pigenfrafyn He needs to pick someone with similar mindset, vision, and values as himself. Choosing a self described "progressive"-- first determine what kind of progressive. I don't want a revolution, I want a peaceful transition.
dgeorge (washingtondc)
How about Susan Rice?
John Doe (Johnstown)
@dgeorge, maybe Michelle Obama and then I won’t need to get a new bumper sticker, just turn it upside down.
Ned (NC)
@dgeorge Rice will be objected to because she has never held elected office - but how can Trump(!) and Republicans use that against her? She's brilliant, knows the executive branch (and Joe Biden!) well, has a perfect temperament and her choice would not remove an incumbent Democrat from elected office. If Biden feels close to her after their years together in the Obama administration, he might turn to her for VP. She would be a great choice.
DW99 (East Coast)
@dgeorge :, She is *spectacular*. My only worry is whether she's well-enough known by Jane and Joe Everyperson.
Paul-A (St. Lawrence, NY)
Warren, Abrams, Harris, Klobuchar are all great choices. As much as I like Warren, I think that having a younger VP is important to energize the Bernie Bloc. Abrams and Harris have a stage presence and charisma that Klobuchar lacks. Plus, racial diversity does matter. I think that we Dems have a deep bench of young, talented, inspiring prospects. Imagine the line of succession: Biden => Abrams => Booker => Harris => Yang => Buttigieg => AOC!
Hope (NC)
VP Oprah would produce a landslide victory. Empire builder and humanitarian extraordinaire.
Tim (Raleigh)
@Hope Please, NO! Let's stop electing 'TV Personalities'.
Think (Tank)
Celebrities are not public servants.
Not mentioned: Michelle Lujan Grisham, NM governor, former head of Congressional Hispanic Congress. Has to be in the mix.
Phyliss Dalmatian (Wichita, Kansas)
It’s Amy. And I’m absolutely great with that. This is NOT the time to fight with one another. That’s exactly how we lose, even when we should not. Trust Joe, HE knows what he’s doing. NOVEMBER.
Chris H (Flagstaff)
@Phyliss Dalmatian How does Amy bring in Bernie voters?
Marty Gasman (MA, USA)
@Phyliss Dalmatian Trust Joe? Didn't he already lose twice and never won a primary before SC. Besides, don't you want to balance the ticket so you don't want two mediocrities.
Dissatisfied (St. Paul MN)
I would like to think that Elizabeth Warren is at the top of his list and it gave me encouragement when he mentioned he had spoken with her a couple days ago and had come around to her position on bankruptcy. Warren was/is the most qualified for president in that large group of Dem candidates. As his VP, she will be ready to take over in 2024.
Ms D (Delaware)
@Dissatisfied Yeah but the Mass Governor is Republican, so we'd lose a Democratic Senator. No way.
Fred Rick (CT)
Was there thinking behind the decision? Or was it more blatant pandering, as with most of the crank political posturing from Biden and his peers?
Erin Brown (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)
I am surprised Senator Tammy Duckworth is not mentioned more frequently as a potential VP candidate. She has an incredibly respectable resume which would appeal to many demographics — women, veterans, minorities. It seems in recent years the viability of a vice presidential nominee has increasingly focused on how he/she would handle foreign policy matters if forced into the presidency. I cannot think of a better person than Duckworth to assume such responsibilities. I sure hope she’s on the short list for both Biden and Sanders.
Lorene (Colorado)
@Erin Brown Senator Duckworth was not born in the USA. I think that would prevent her from being chosen. Unfortunately neither was Senator Hirono.
Dookie (Miami)
@Lorene her father was american I think that qualifies her
CSchiotz (Irving, TX)
@Erin Brown Senator Duckworth was born in Thailand, but her father father was American. She is a "natural-born" U.S. citizen, and is eligible for the Presidency. There are lots of similar examples: John McCain was born in Panama; Ted Cruz was born in Canada; Governor Kate Brown (OR) was born in Spain; Senator Chris Van Hollen (MD) was born in Pakistan. They were or are all eligible.
NCIndependent (Cary, NC)
With both candidates saying they'll nominate a woman as vice president, both candidates still running for president, a host of states yet to hold primaries, and a pandemic in progress that is upending "business as usual," I think we'd be better off if we get to decide who should be the Democratic nominee for president, rather than the media making it a fait accompli.
TR (Middle America)
@NCIndependent Sanders did not say he would definitely choose a woman. He said he would choose a progressive.
@NCIndependent "Both candidates"? How can you talk about a female veep but forget that a veteran congressWOMAN is still running for the Democratic nomination?
Johanna Dordick (Moorpark, CA)
Who is the strongest Vice Presidential choice to be President on Day One if needed? Who understands how our complex federal government works and has proven knows how to get things done within it? Who is young, smart, calm, strong, and a true, dedicated public servant? Whose vision most reflects that of Biden? Who has the gravitas to make us proud to be our President? And who absolutely has the strength to defeat Trump? Sounds exactly like Amy Klobuchar. No one could be a more perfect Vice President to help Joe Biden. We could all rest assured that if she were needed, she would be ready. I hope Joe Biden chooses her -- for all our sakes during these critical days, and for the future of our country.
Cynthia Stewart (Topeka, Kansas)
Calm? Gravitas? Klobuchar?! If a 37-year-old upstart, smarty pants from South Bend can rattle her, get under her skin, and lead her to make wince-inducing remarks and ask cringing rhetorical questions, that's a real problem! She’s great with the over-rehearsed one-line zingers, but her unfounded attacks on Warren and Sanders and Medicare for All — and the lack of a well thought out health care plan of her own (it literally was two short paragraphs of platitudes!) — lost her progressive support, something Biden needs to shore up. Her behavior and irritability during the debates confirmed — on a public stage — the well documented reports of her personally mistreating her staff. No thanks! We need someone who works compassionately with others and leads them well. The excuse that she's “demanding” doesn't cut it. She blows her stack, is petty, lost her staff's confidence, undermined their authority, etc. No “Minnesota nice” is she. In short, she's very Trumpian — and that's a very bad thing! Her prosecutorial record — supporting police over minority victims — is an anathema and disqualified, too. Plus, all she really might help with would be Minnesota — she couldn't even garner support from Democrats in Iowa! So much for her mid-West appeal. Besides, Biden already appeals to working class whites, so she'd be redundant.
Sara (New York)
Not to mention the fact that she did not do as well in the primaries as Warren. I think Biden picks Warren or a no-nonsense workhorse senator or governor whose seat will be safe.
Bill (New Zealand)
I was an Amy supporter, and would of course love her. But I also, I think Tammy Duckworth would be an incredible pick.
@Bill Thanks for all the good things you have written about Amy Klobuchar. I think she would be the most natural fit with Joe Biden. And a team that’s really in sync has a leg up. Take care.
Dave (NJ)
@Bill I believe Duckworth is not a natural born citizen and thus not eligible
Bill (New Zealand)
@Dave Her father is an American, though certainly it will bring the "birthers" out of the woodwork.
Bill young (Florida)
Amy, please! Articulate, smart, seasoned, sensible, middle of the road Democrat, who can work across the aisle and hopefully help get things done to move the country forward. And considerably younger than Joe. Elizabeth is too old, too polarizing, too far left, would be a turn-off for many people. Stacy - maybe at some point in the future, but right now she is too young, with insufficient experience. Kamela - probably, hopefully not ever. We need a woman on the ticket, but would also have been happy with Cory Booker, for the same (almost) reasons as Amy.
calleefornia (SF Bay Area)
@Bill young Correct. Elizabeth is too old and too divisive.
Jennie (WA)
@Bill young Smart? Her reaction to Pete in the last debate they had together left me thinking she's got the mental resources of a middle-schooler. Admittedly better than Trump's kindergarten level, but not someone I'd want as VP.
Helen Wheels (Portland Oregon)
@Bill young, I wouldn't want Amy as VP in line for the presidency. Not only did she have a high turnover rate of staff in the Senate, to the point that Harry Reid talked with her about it, but when she was prosecutor in MN the attorneys who worked under her--seasoned professionals--wrote a letter to their union stating they did not want the union to endorse her. She was belittling, insulting and took credit for successful cases that she had nothing to do with. You could see that disdain and contempt she can have for people in her interactions with Pete Buttigieg during the democratic debates. I've worked with people who kind, funny and easy to get along with toward the people above them or those they want something from, but to those who work for them, they're the way Amy treated her Senate staffers and the MN attorneys . Let her stay in the Senate.
Fred McTaggart (Kalamazoo, MI)
If he chooses Elizabeth Warren, he will probably get my vote. If not, I will likely vote third party.
jonT (chippewa falls, wi)
@Fred McTaggart What third part (re-elect Trump) are you talking about?
Guy (Switzerland)
You do realize this is the exact attitude that made Trump president in 2016, right?
Michael Chinman (Boston)
@Fred McTaggart One football stadium’s worth of third party voters, spread across three states—including, unfortunately, yours—were the *entire* difference in the 2016 results. Either you stubbornly refuse to learn the lesson of the choice those voters made, or you are okay with a second Trump term.
A.A.F. (New York)
I believe Stacey Abrams would be a great choice. She's smart, charismatic, appealing to voters, a leader and will provide Biden with all the support and the energy for a winning ticket.
Susan (Chicago)
@A.A.F. Except no one outside Georgia knows who she is. Get real!
Edward Swing (Peoria, AZ)
@A.A.F. I like Stacey Abrams but VP seems too big of a leap considering the highest office she has served in is Georgia state senator. Considering Biden has numerous House members, Senators, and Governors to choose from for VP, I think Abrams would be better for a cabinet position.
Patricia (Pasadena)
The founding motto of our country is "Taxation without representation is tyranny " Americans were rightly angry about being taxed by England, while having no representation in Parliament. So I say, give us a woman VP, or give all American women a giant tax refund next year.
Sara (Maine)
Elizabeth Warren please! Most qualified by far—brilliant, energetic, experienced, eloquent, genuine, aspirational and grounded. This woman has taught, litigated, regulated, negotiated, advocated, fought, persisted, listened and inspired, not to mention raised children, managed a massive campaign, and served in the US Senate. Come on Joe, this is a no-brainer!
@Sara While I would agree, imagine Elizabeth Warren as Fed Chair. More powerful position than VP.
Nathan (Brooklyn)
As much as I like Warren, I think Biden should be picking a younger VP (especially with COVID-19 striking hardest those in the Biden/Warren Ge group).
Casey L. (Brooklyn, NY)
@Sara Not to mention her consulting for Enron and Dow Chemical's respective bankruptcies!
Ayse Gilbert (Anchorage)
stacey Abrams; she's articulate, a wonderful speaker, and would make a great president. Of course, compared to what we currently have.... a Borgia looks good.
Gray Forbes (Sarnia, PA)
@Ayse Gilbert Eh, but she's similar to Beto, in that she's best known for losing a high-profile race. Frankly she doesn't have any executive or national experience and isn't qualified.
John (Sims)
@Ayse Gilbert Seriously? A former state representative? If something were to happen to Biden she would be (other than the current occupant) the least qualified person EVER to assume the presidency. Biden is too responsible to choose someone so inexperienced.
Jennie (WA)
@Gray Forbes As a Black Democrat in Georgia she nearly won the statewide race. She could flip Georgia to the Democrats when paired with Biden.
For Biden, who served as Vice President, that title is a lot more than a nominal title or consolation prize. It will be a distinction for whomever he chooses. This could be the winning combination!
Blaise Descartes (Seattle)
Amy Klobuchar is the best choice of Vice President for Biden. I hope he makes that choice. In spite of that being best possible, Americans are confronted with two bad choices for President. Yes, Trump is infinitely worse. Yes, I will almost certainly vote for Biden. But the sad truth is that America has not had the kind of reasoned debate on issues that leads to good political decisions in the end. In the long run, the most pressing problem is climate change. But this is not the fault of "big oil." It is a consequence of too much population growth on planet earth. The population of earth has more than doubled since Donella Meadows, together with colleagues, wrote "the Limits to Growth" in 1972. This book appeared before climate change. But it was remarkably prescient. It presented models of future development of the world's population and resources, similar in some ways to the models epidemiologists now construct for the spread of COVID-19. The message of the book is that population growth must end, if not by using contraceptives, then by a higher death rate. We now recognize that the higher death rate will be driven by global warming. If population growth is replaced by decline, economic growth must also end. The basic fallacy of politicians is the belief that resources are unlimited, that we can run up deficits without needing to ever pay. The current market crash is showing how fast those deficits may become due. That growth will end sooner, not later.
Dissatisfied (St. Paul MN)
@Blaise Descartes I will vote for Biden reluctantly but it would make it even more difficult if he selects Senator "Oh That's Too Hard to Do" Klobuchar as his running mate. She has utterly no vision and represents total mediocrity.
Helen Wheels (Portland Oregon)
@Blaise Descartes Excellent points.
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