What Do You Miss Most About Your Life Before the Pandemic?

Apr 27, 2020 · 254 comments
Sherlyn Saavedra (Union City, Nj)
When my school first announced that we would be leaving school for just a few weeks due to COVID-19, my class was excited because we wouldn't have to do the whole process of getting ready in the mornings. As weeks passed, I realized that we might not go back to school as soon as I thought. In my pre-pandemic life, something that I definitely took for granted was socializing and my assiduous teachers. I didn’t socialize as much because I would always be so shy in class and with new people that I would meet. With teachers, I would always think that their job was simple and if we had questions we would just ask and then students and teachers would go on about our lives. Through online learning, I see all of my best friends in school and just wish I could hug them and have our normal daily handshake, and getting to know new people now is so difficult because everyone is talking on top of each other during zoom sessions and we can't understand half of the things that are being said because of laggy wifi. Now more than ever I appreciate every single one of my teachers for taking the time to help me during these tough times. Some things that I would definitely appreciate more after the pandemic ends are family gatherings and sports events for sure because I miss gathering up with my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents on holidays. I miss public sports events so much because I love soccer and miss going to soccer games and watching the United States Women’s National Team play!
Makai Quinsay (Pioneer High School)
I never thought I would actually say it, but I really miss school. While this pandemic has made me closer with my family, and its given me solid work hours, it's just made my life feel very boring. My life has felt so repetitive and bland ever since the pandemic . It's basically just been wake up, online school, work, eat, sleep, repeat. Not being around my friends and classmates has really made me appreciate what school was for me. It wasn't just a place I went to to sit and listen to boring lectures and pointless tests, it was my main source of social interaction. When I was in school, every dad felt different. School wasn't always good or bad, but that's what made it great. There was a variation in my life. Learning was definitely easier. having an actual connection with teachers and peers made concepts a lot easier to digest and comprehend. Having genuine connections with my teachers made going to class much more interesting. The sports I played were also very important to me as well. It gave me a sense of brotherhood and connection I wouldnt get anywhere else. It was like having a second family. Plus, it was fun. Those late nights with my teammates, those away games, something I won't ever get back. That feeling of being on the field, that adrenaline when the whistle blows, thats something I never took for granted. My life definitely feels kind of empty without it. In 6th grade, all I ever wanted was to not be at school, but now I want to go to school more than anything.
Luke Morris (Hoggard high school in Wilmington NC)
I miss school a lot, I had so many friends because I had just started high school and everything just felt great. I guess it was too good to be true though. I remember watching the virus spread from country to country and when it finally hit the United States I was super scared. One reason I was super scared is because the media made it seem way worse than it really was. But this might have been a good thing because it scared people enough to want to begin social distancing and other ways of staying healthy during this time period. I am still able to hang out with my friends but if there's one thing I miss the most about my prepandemic life is school. Online school has brought my grades down a lot and my parents are very disappointed in me for that. I can't wait for this all to be over so I can finally go back and get the education I truly need.
Eleanor (Texas)
I think that although I don't miss every aspect of school, I miss the in between moments the most. Like running from class to class, or taking someone's pencil and never giving it back, or sitting in the cafeteria and watching others rough house around you. Just those little things that were so very mundane, or maybe even a little annoying. Those are what I miss. I miss being able to climb on the set in the theatre when our teacher went out for a water break. I miss trying other people's lunches when mine was sub-par. I miss laughing at my singing talents with my theatre friends. I miss telling teachers why I shouldn't have to revise whatever assingment (even though i needed to revise it). I miss sleepovers. I miss not being afraid. I miss hugs. I miss seeing people's smiles. I miss shaking hands. I miss breathing without worry. I miss the boring-ness of the grocery store. I miss going to Target just because. I miss my life before.
Luke Morris (Hoggard high school in Wilmington NC)
@Eleanor Exactly, its the little things that matter most and that I miss the most too. I miss my life before to where people aren't afraid to get close to me because I'm a teenager and could give them corona. I took all my prepandemic life for granted and now there is nothing I want more than that.
Jazmin García (Mexico, City)
I remember my last day in my university, just was March 13, 2020. I took my English class and then I saw my friends because we were going to eat and then we were going to go to a party. I really enjoyed that day without knowing that it would be the last time I would see my friends. On Fridays, I used to go out with my friends at the end of classes; I really miss those days because I enjoyed laughing with them. Now, we make video calls but it is not the same, we couldn´t hug us. I used to run marathons and do exercise in the university with some friends, but now I only do exercise in my house, obviously, it is not the same. I would enjoy go to school and had face-to-face classes. I think it’s difficult for me pass 8 hours in front of a computer and then have to do a lot of homework at the same place, its true house’s Mexico don’t have good places to do many things. However, now, I think we have to adapt to this normality and enjoy all the things that we can do in this time.
Lucero González (Mexico City)
What I miss most about my life before the Pandemic is the libraries, for sure. It a little amusing, as libraries are closed placed, where, apparently nothing happened, but that’s a lie, which I think readers have diffused. I miss strolling around halls and discovering all the amazing book that I had still to read. I miss getting scold because I have been laying on the floor checking three books at the same time in the middle of libraries halls. Every afternoon after my classes I used to go to the library, to take the Corominas’ Etymological Dictionary and to seat in a comfortable couch from the consultation room. I miss so much the day when a really handsome guy starts to seat in front of me every afternoon. I had made the promise to me that I would encourage me to talk him, but I was always postponing. I feel a little regret about all things I made me miss. Sometimes I wonder about how is going to be the word when the pandemic ends definitely. I would like to believe that everybody will be in bars until 6 am, everyone might be always taking dinners with their girlfriends, friends will be all Wednesday on the movies. And students are going to be really nice with their teachers and they will be walking really slow on the halls and stopping on each balcony of the college building. I would like to believe that people will be so revenant and happy.
Yair (México)
I remember my last day in my university, I was having a student strike in my faculty (FCPyS- UNAM) and most of the time I was in the library. I used to study a lot of time in the ENALLT having Teletandem with people from other countries and that was awesome because I took advantage of free time and probably the best idea I have had. I would go to museums in C.U and walked around the campus visiting new places, I felt like a tourist (I really loved) and now I miss all those things. I would go out with my boyfriend and that was cool. Nevertheless, all things changed since this day, a big part of my life is going down because of the situation . Right now I think I lost many things I used to do like eating in the Faculty, dancing in my room in Mexico City all day, doing exercise and what I miss most is be myself. When I return to my last style of live I will try to attend all my problems at the moment, have physical and mental health and love people how never before.
Mónica (México)
I was studying my second semester of my carrer when the pandemic started, I would go to C.U to take my classes, I would study and reading presential books in the library, I used to see my friends and my teachers face to face. Now we have to take online classes what has been one of the most difficult parts of quarantine due to there are a lot of problems with the internet, microphones or cameras. Many children have stopped studying because of the economic situation, that also has been a difficult part of quarantine owing to a lot of peolpe have been losing their jobs and they do not have enough money to buy a computer . Before the pandemic I remember the day when I went with my friends to a party, we hugged each other and we were near without worrying about getting infected, I really miss that moment and I regret not having been at the party longer. After the pandemic ends I will appreciate more to spend time with my friends and my family, to going to the park, cinema, school and I will do all the things I did not do before the pandemic because we do not know what will happen in the future.
Sophia (Pyka)
While reflecting back at pre-pandemic life, it still shocks me how much our lives changed within such a short amount of time. I dance competitively and as I'm sitting here in the studio during my break, it's crazy to see all of us with masks on, sitting here 6ft apart. Overall, I miss the normality of how rehearsals, classes, and competitions used to be. I miss dancing without the restriction of a mask, I miss having dance as an outlet to express my emotions rather than having it hidden under a mask, I miss dancing for an audience rather than dancing for people through a screen. Although, we are not close to normal, I hope the best for this season and seeking acceptance with a new normal.
Alec (Gbw)
The thing I miss the most before the pandemic is school. Surprisingly the one thing I miss the most was school. I just miss the environment and seeing everyone almost everyday. The pandemic has changed everyone’s lives in different ways but most can agree on is that they all want to go back to school. Kids are getting sick of learning from home because of how much of a challenge it really is. As for me and my class we are seniors this year, so it’s our last year and most of us want it to just be normal senior year. I would do anything to just have what we had before the pandemic, nothing has been normal since COVID 19 outbreak.
Emily Zimmer (Glen Ellyn, IL)
What I miss the most about life pre-corona is being able to play music in band with my classmates. Due to regulations regarding corona we’re not allowed to gather together as a whole band to create music. Playing the flute with other people over zoom isn’t the same. It’s a lot harder to keep a beat and follow the music. If our school ever moves pass remote learning into hybrid learning, we still wouldn’t be able to play all together. I have taken a lot for granted during these times. Sometimes I would be in band class and groin about getting out my instrument to play. Now I would do anything to play music with others.
Alondra (Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn, IL)
I really enjoyed the compilation of pre coronavirus life. Something I miss so much about life before COVID is just getting to go out and interact with other, without a mask. I miss going to work and not having to deal with disrespectful people that don’t want to wear a mask. I miss going to cheer practice after school even though sometimes just thinking about practice I was already tired. Something I’m really sad about is not getting the traditional senior year everyone had before this pandemic. It makes me sad because we won’t have the same experience as others did. Even though times are hard right now I’m still going to try to do my best academically.
Sangeeta D (Kerala, India)
I miss people, The flurry of activity, Deadlines and dates, Familiar possessions and places. I miss the world, Beyond internet and books, Beyond four walls, three people and two fur beings, Beyond my reeling love on screen. I want to wake up, To a world where semblances of routine held me together.
Emma Martin (Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA)
When thinking about life pre-pandemic, it feels as if you are being asked to recall on your life as a yong child, as it feels as if it was a lifetime ago. When thinking back at our old, “normal” ways, the concerts I attended prior to the Coronavirus outbreak stand out to me. As someone who has always been engaged by music and the thrill of being surrounded with fans who share a common love for the artist performing, concerts have always enthralled me. When I was growing up, my dad constantly played music. When he wasn’t playing music and we were watching tv, old festival videos were often his choice show. From watching various shows, I began to recognize how the artist interacted with the crowd, and the ecstatic energy created by the fans. From that moment on I couldn’t wait to go to concerts. Now, being in high school, I would have the chance to go to many concerts, if it weren’t for the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, I have already missed one show and one festival that I had planned on attending. It’s the thrilling moments during concerts that I miss, and I fear that it will take time before concerts can return. However, I know as soon as the first show takes place, I’ll be there.
Avi Verma (Palo Alto, CA)
I miss seeing able to see my friends in person. One moment that stands out to me is the Science Olympiad Santa Clara regional competition from last spring. It was a truly exciting experience, and I had hoped to attend again this year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it was canceled. Jeremy's comment about "togetherness" in New York really resonated with me, and I appreciate his submission the most. I feel the same way about the place I live. It is great to be able to be with others. Though this is a manifest, I really do feel that I took being able to sit in a classroom, next to my peers, for granted. On the other hand, because of the pandemic, I appreciate technology more because it has enabled us to communicate with other and hold classes online, though they may not be of the same caliber as regular, in-person classes.
Makenna Wechsler (Winter Park, Fl)
What I miss the most about my life before the pandemic is going to school, hanging out with my friends, and travelling. I think this time has helped put things in perspective for a lot of people, and made us appreciate the little things a whole lot more. I was supposed to go to the Bahamas this Summer, and go to Texas to see my grandma. I know this is selfish, but of course I was upset that it didn't work out. However I am happy that my family and I, along with my friends, are all healthy and happy. While covid has affected so many people, I think it is important to focus on the positives.
Jason Kim (Northern Marianas Island)
I miss my 7th grade life in school, about the thought about school makes me find myself regretting saying things like I wish school never ever existed. That deep feeling in school, waking up early for school, going to the cafeteria for breakfast, waiting for the morning bell to go to my class, sweating so hard from PE, running and playing around the basketball court, talking to my friends, lining up for the school bus with tons of people talking, riding the school bus with my step brother to go to home, and finally sleeping for another great day in school tomorrow, these are the feelings I miss. I miss the social studies and science home works, running laps and shooting basketballs, saying goodbye and see ya tomorrow to my friends. When the school was closed, two third of my excitement closed and was locked away with the school forever. When I went to school, all the homeworks and things I had to do made me feel like school was hell, but now, school feels like a forgotten place pretending to be hell but actually on the inside is heaven.
Ian Song (Northern Mariana Island)
What i miss the most about my life before the pandemic is being able to socialize and play sports. I love getting to know people and talk to strangers. Before the pandemic I was able to do that and go outside and enjoy playing sports with my friends, now because of the pandemic going outside is not the best choice.
Lucia (Manhattan, NY)
What I really miss about my normal life is playing sports. Sports have been and always will be my passion, and I’m really upset that they got disrupted. I would always spend time at the soccer field with friends and teammates. It always felt like the place I was meant to be, and I hope that things can go back to normal soon.
Myha (Lab Middle School)
What I miss the most about pre-pandemic life is just being able to see and do things without being afraid that you might get sick, or you might get someone you care about sick. I miss hugging my friends and having sleepovers and going out to our special deli every day to get lunch. But I also miss my teachers, and being in class and listening to people make jokes and talk about politics and history.
Kiran (Brooklyn, New York)
There are so many things that I miss about pre-pandemic life, and all of it has to do with being a New Yorker. Like Jeremy Wallace said, being a New Yorker is about being together. I miss having sleepovers with my friends, sharing food on lunch dates, and meeting new people on the streets. As a New Yorker, I used to take the subway three times a day, every single day, and I miss seeing all the interesting characters and people watching. A lot of the time, I hate New York because of the dirty subways and streets, the crowds, the noise, the smells, and the dodgy people. I'm constantly complaining. But what I took for granted is the feeling of belonging. Everyone belongs in New York, no matter who you are. I miss blending in with other strangers.
Oliver Masemann-Gray (Toronto, Canada)
The thing I miss most about pre-pandemic life is being able to get together with friends and family. A less obvious thing that I miss is school, but not the work part the structure part. This was something that I took for granted about school, and as the pandemic started I didn't feel very productive because of this, though now I am less reliant on that to be productive. My family puts in a bunch of pictures from the past year every December to make a calendar with them in it. So looking at that every month has reminded me of some of the things we used to do together. I hope this ends soon.
Sean P (New York)
The obvious thing that I miss the most about my life before the pandemic is being able to hang out with my friends. Being able to be within a six foot radius of any of my friends is definitely the biggest thing I would want to do as soon as the pandemic is stopped. Probably since I moved to my new school and made new friends, the biggest memory I have of being with them is going to Disney. As part of a school trip, a lot of my friends and I went to disney World and had a great time. Whenever I think about that it makes me very upset because just the thought of being with them is sad. I definitely think that I took being able to see my friends on a daily basis for granted before the pandemic. I think now I will start to see small things like that and truly appreciate them.
Maddie Graham (Clarence)
Before this pandemic happened I would hangout with my friends and have soccer a couple days a week. I miss soccer the most because it’s where I am with all my friends. Now that this pandemic is occurring there are a lot of things I think I took for granted before this. I took for granted going to school and being surrounded by my friends. Everyday of online classes I missed going to school.
Noah L (New York)
What I miss the most prior to the pandemic would just be doing activities with friends and family. My friends and I play lots of sports with one another so not being able to do that with them is very hard because I like to be constantly active. I also just miss hugging my grandparents. It's really hard when we go to talk to them to just not run up and hug them. Instead I'm forced to staned 10 ft away and not touch them. But I just really miss not being able to go around in the community and enjoy going out with family and friends.
Summer Schultz (Hoggard High School, Wilmington NC)
I miss my old life before the quarantine and the pandemic happened so much. I miss my friends, family, classmates, and teachers at school. We all didn't know that this would be such an impact that it actually was. All of my classmates and me were so happy to get a few weeks off from school, but now its just boring and I miss socializing more than ever. Luckily, I do have social media which means I can face-time and text my friends whenever I want to. I hope that our "normal" will come back soon.
Bridget Lassiter (Hoggard High School In Wilmington, NC)
The thing I miss about my life is the ability to see my friends and family. I went from seeing the 5 days a week to not seeing then for over 2 months. I also miss going to school. For me, going to school and seeing friends was a lot easier than completing online work.
Jason D'Alessandro (Danvers, MA)
The one thing I miss most about my life before the pandemic is my ability to see my friends. I quickly went from seeing them six days a week to not seeing them at all for two months. I used to like going to school because I could see my friends in class, which was something that made school easier for me. Now that i can't see them at all, and work to be completed online, I am having trouble keeping my grades up and completing my assignments. I miss not being able to ask another student or teacher for help with the class work, which I now understand is something that is essential to a learning environment. I have realized that I took for granted all of the time I was able to spend with my family and friends, and how much time I wasted on my phone or watching TV. I think that when quarantine is over I will have a greater appreciation for the ability to spend time with others.
Bridget Lassiter (Hoggard High School In Wilmington, NC)
@Jason D'Alessandro Me too, I find completing online work is way harder than going to school seeing my friends and doing the work there
Ty’Anna (Sarasota, FL)
I miss several things in life before this pandemic. I miss going to school and seeing my friends. I miss dribbling up and down the court and running on the track. Nothing’s really the same anymore since this pandemic start and most of all, i really miss my family
Jacquelyn Ryu (Saratoga, California)
I miss having social interactions with people (they didn’t have to be my friends). I am a very social person and I love talking to people, even if I barely know them at all. Social interaction keeps me in a good mood because making others happy puts me in a good mood as well. This quarantine has been mentally draining because the only people I talk to in person is my family and after a while it becomes repetitive. I like conversing with my dog though!
Zora C (Maury Highschool)
To put it simply, I miss everything. Despite how crazy and convoluted the world can be at times, it makes you realize what you had before it was all taken away. The thing I miss most is the sport that I hold so dear to my heart. These long and dreadful months of not being able to go to gymnastics practice, has made me reflect on how long this sport has been in my life and how it is practically my life. I miss school…I know crazy. I miss the interactions with my friends on a daily basis without having to worry about if one of us has been exposed. I miss seeing people outside enjoying life, sitting on the porch with their neighbors, and drinking coffee. I miss seeing the world come together. In a weird way, quarantine has made people revert to selfishness at times in regards to social distancing and all. People continue to disregard social distancing and I believe it’s drawing the world farther apart. I miss being able to walk past a person and not have to worry about if I’m staying 6ft away. I miss being on a schedule and knowing what I’m going to have to endure throughout the day. Lastly, I miss the spirit of America. A pandemic such as the one we are enduring now, has inflicted fear in the American people and we are no longer comfortable or able to find the silver lining in this situation.
Eleanor Kim (New Jersey)
I miss the interaction. In the beginning, I thought it was going to school, or practice, or church that I missed. But I realized that it wasn't sitting in a classroom for hours or taking exams that I wanted back, but it was interacting with the people around me, eating lunch with my friends, and talking to my peers face-to-face. I didn't realize that interacting with others was so vital to me and fueled me with the energy I needed to get through the day until I had it taken away from me.
Lucia T (Brooklyn, NY)
The thing I miss most right now are the people that aren't around me. When I was in school, I went to a huge middle school, where lots of people were friendly with one another. Of course, I miss my friends most of all, but I also miss just having interactions with people. Getting closer with the people I wanted to befriend, or joking around with classmates in the hallways. It is hard to make those connections when we aren't face to face. Since it was my last year at the school, I know that I won't stay in contact with most of my classmates, even though I have known some of them for 3 years now. As we all go to separate ends of the city for high school, I won't ever see some of those people ever again. I definitely miss my close friends, but I now realize how I took my classmates for granted, and how much I miss them now that I might not get to say goodbye to them.
Logan (North Carolina)
I think the things I miss the most are the Dungeons and Dragons sessions I would have with my buddies. Everyone would get around the table talk about recent events then we would grab some sodas and play some games which was always fun. From a broader perspective I miss seeing my friends in person and even my teachers. For me, school can be quite dull because talking to my teachers and sharing jokes and telling stories with friends and teachers is what makes school enjoyable for me so taking away that aspect makes the remote learning sessions very boring most of the time. Going back to my earlier point about playing RPGs with my friends, I can still play due to online connections but it's just not the same and it lacks some of what makes RPGs special like all the in jokes with our group and the feeling of dice in my hand so I hope that when quarantine ends I can go back to rolling dice and making jokes with my friends around a table.
Sophia (California)
What I miss most is actually school. I miss learning directly from a teacher. During online school, I feel like I am not getting as much of a learning experience as I would be at school. Understandably however, because teachers aren't used to this either, and were not prepared for it. Learning at home has just been very stressful, and I worry about AP exams coming up, because other students and I are not getting the same education, and certain things that are very important for the test may not be disclosed to us as much because of all this change. Certain things like asking a teacher for help have become much harder as well, because now it must be over email.
Nikhil (New Jersey)
The thing I miss most is going to school. I miss seeing my teachers, talking to my friends at lunch, writing work down, and sitting in class. This pandemic is going to make me and all of my friends appreciate school a lot more. I honestly thought that I would never want to go back to school again and miss school. I am so excited to go back to normalcy.
Grace (Einhaus)
This is going to sound so boring, but I miss just sitting in class. The old normal is so odd now. It’s like sitting at home is what we should be doing. Getting assignments on google classroom each day is just how life is. Washing your hands and using hand sanitizer after you touch something is what we’ve done all along. It’s not. Nothing we are doing now is normal. I shouldn’t have to only communicate with my grandparents over the phone. I should be able to spend time with them, give them a hug, and play games with them. While being able to stay home is fun at times, it isn’t normal, and it shouldn’t be treated that way. I’m just glad I get to go to the beach this summer. No matter what is going on, I am going to swim, ride around on bikes, and remake One Direction videos. I’m not going to let this virus stop me from having a fun summer. While everyone needs to be careful, they also need to put some things back to normal. Restaurants are still open. If your family used to eat McDonald’s one a week, don’t change that. The restaurants still need us anyway. I’m not making this setting my new normal, and that’s okay because once our world is back on its feet, we won’t need to fake this normal anymore.
Logan (North Carolina)
@Grace I agree with what you said about sitting in class feels old but I miss it as well.
Daniel Guy (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
The only thing I miss about my life before the pandemic is the ability to go out and socialize with my friends. Ever since COVID-19 started to get worse we have had to follow these social distancing rules. Along with that most of my friends' parents including my own don't want us getting together and spreading germs, I understand their concern but having to sit inside all the time is getting very boring.
cristian (UT)
There are a lot of things that come to mind when thinking about life before the virus. Most of us had a set schedule, getting up going to school, being with people we don't see anymore because we aren't in the building of education anymore. There was a lot of adjustments that need to happen through these months and most of us weren't ready for that. I miss the little things the most.
Heidy L. (Georgia)
I miss all the little things - stressing with my friends over a test, trying to find a new lunch spot because ours was constantly taken, having trouble waking up at 6:30AM, and much more. When you're stripped of your daily routine, you begin to reflect on all the small things you took for granted. At the time they seemed insignificant, and now, all we want is to experience or witness those small aspects of life again. Though, If I were to have to pick only one thing or aspect, I would say that I especially miss going to school every day. During the school day you don't know what's to come - it could be one of the best days of your life, or the most stressful day ever. The way my day folded out was never the same, and now whilst social distancing, every single day seems to be the same old thing.
Sydney Short (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
I think the number 1 thing I miss is routine. I miss getting up and going to school, then going to practice, and having a busy, packed weekend. I'm someone who gets very bored, very easily so this has been the longest few months of my life. I'm always busy with things to do, and now that I have nothing to do and nothing to look forward to, I'm just sad.
Yates Kirby (Hoggard High School)
@Sydney Short You can always re-create a routine, get up at the same time every day, eat breakfast, and then sit down to do school work until this time and then do whatever you want. Find a game to play online, a new series on netflix to watch, or something else to work on. We live in a time where there is always something for you to do or watch online, you just have to go looking for it.
Carson Coble (Hoggard High School, Wilmington,NC)
There are so many things that I miss doing before the pandemic, I especially miss school because of all my friends and I did not have to do all my schoolwork online. I miss being able to socialize with everyone, and laugh with them. I also miss things outside of school like basketball on the weekends and going to parties.
cristian (UT)
@Carson Coble I agree we all are missing out on things.
Daniel Guy (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Carson Coble I mostly miss the ability to go out and socialize with my friends, having to constantly sit inside and do nothing is getting very boring and repetitive.
Kenneth Cochran (Beaverton Highschool)
I miss a lots of things in my life before the pendemic, I miss my friends, teachers, and classmates at school. I thought that the Covid-19 break was only 3 weeks, and it might make me relax for a while, but it went longer which is boring. Boredom leads to sadness, because I can't see my friends, teachers, and classmates at school. Luckily, I have social media, I can text, or call to my friends, classmates, or teachers in this quarantine moment. I hope there will be a normal life again soon, so things will be back to normal.
Shreeya (NC)
I miss many things about my life before the pandemic, but what I miss most is my friends. I miss not being able to see them and talk with them on a daily basis. Although there is social media, it isn't the same as actually talking and seeing a person. I though having a long break from school would be fun and give me some time to relax, but I honestly got bored in the first 2 weeks of break. If I knew that the last day of school was the last day of school, then I would've savored every moment of that day. I cannot wait for all this to be over so I can lead somewhat of a normal life again.
Roxy (Florida)
I miss so many things about my life before the pandemic. It’s crazy how much has changed in such little time. I think what I miss most is my friends. It’s very weird not going to school everyday and not laughing with my friends at lunch. “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone”, a song lyric by Joni Mitchell. The lyric is so true. If I knew what the Coronavirus would lead I would have savored every moment. That’s why after this is all over I will not take advantage of anything. I will go to every movie, hug every friend, and go on every shopping trip.
cristian (UT)
@Roxy reality really hit when the pandemic started for a lot of people.
Joshua Avila (Ledyard, CT)
Reflect on your life before the pandemic struck. What do you miss most? I miss being able to see my best friends. My best friends and I would hang out almost every day and would get to see each other at school. I miss us actually being able to hang out in person and stay the night at each others houses. I also miss school very much because in a sense it was a distraction. Being home all the time gets very boring even if you are trying to keep yourself busy. Are there things that you might appreciate more after the pandemic ends? I will appreciate the little things in life much more. Whether it is my family or being able to get an in-person education and have instant feedback from my teachers. I obviously always cared about my family but when something as dangerous as COVID-19 hits it really puts everything into perspective. The downfall of online learning I never even considered was the delay in communication from my teachers. When I'm having a tough time with something it can take hours or even a few days for some of my teachers to respond. I totally understand though since we are adapting to this new type of learning.
Talking about life before the pandemic is like reflecting on another lifetime. Very few of the same concerns apply, and my time is spent on things far from what I would have been doing then. Rather than focusing on grades, sports, colleges, and my friends, my time is now spent focusing on day to day life. Do we have enough food to make it until Thursday when the Salvation Army gives out more food? Will my high-risk mom make it back from the store? Can my grades survive while I take care of duties around the house? These are all questions that run through my mind daily as I live through this quarantine, that would have never crossed it any other day. The moment that stands out to me the most that I miss is just talking to my friends after school and activities. We were so carefree, so relaxed, unconcerned about anything else than what was right in front of us. This is why the picture of the friends hanging out resonates so much with me. I long for that feeling of having no care in the world and being able to enjoy my time with my friends. Instead of together, we are now all living apart. Everyone is so concerned is about their health and safety, people as a whole are selfishly taking all they can in the name of survival, and despite the selfless actions of the healthcare workers, others are left with barely enough to survive. My biggest regret is not taking advantage of the time I had. In everything I did, had I known I would lose it all, I would have savored every second.
Natalie (California)
I miss my life before the pandemic. It sucks having to be stuck at home 24/7. The only time I get to go out is to walk my dog or go grocery shopping and it sucks. I miss being able to go out with my friends, I miss going to the gym, I miss going places, and surprisingly I miss going to school. Not being able to leave my house has me losing my mind, I AM SO BORED. This quarantine has made me lose motivation for online school and working out. You would think that it’d be the opposite, as I have more time to get my things done. But for some reason, it’s not that way for me. I just feel so stuck. However, I still manage to somewhat push myself into doing my work and the things I need to get done, even if that means turning in my assignments late. I just really want things to go back to normal. Everyday feels like a constant loop, and to be quite honest I feel like squidward from spongebob squarepants. Maybe I can use this time to change that. Although for whatever reason this quarantine has been tough on me, I at least have been able to catch up on sleep. During school, I never really got enough sleep, and now I do. I also get to spend time with my family but as mean as it sounds i’ve gotten annoyed by them. I need a change of environment for the sake of my sanity. But hey, that’s just me. I hope everyone is doing good during this time and using this time to better themselves.
Grace Robertson (Hoggard High School Wilmington, NC)
It’s nearly impossible to say everything I miss about life before the pandemic. It still seems odd to me. Where I live, the virus itself hasn’t really caused too much damage, so it can seem like we’re just hiding from ghosts. The costs are still high though, emotionally, mentally, and economically. For me, the emotional toll is a weird roller coaster of highs and lows, being grateful and being resentful, appreciating moments and mourning the loss of them, learning lessons and closing my eyes in apathy. One thing is sure, I won’t take the little things for granted again. I’ll savor hugs and high fives like never before; I’ll remember the thrill of being in a crowd at a concert, theater, sporting event, or anywhere; I’ll not complain about school. More than anything, I miss life beyond the pixels on my computer screen. I miss being able to sing in tandem with my church. I miss sitting beside my best friend under one blanket after sharing a pint of ice cream. I miss bumping into people and apologizing. I miss unmasked smiles from strangers who hold open the door. I miss unscheduled run-ins with people. I even miss my dreaded math class-- the ability to ask questions then and there; my teacher able to personally guide me and check over my shoulder for errors. I miss Friday morning Bible study and breakfast at Jimbo’s. I miss the sound of other people’s voices, laughter, and movement on the sidewalks of downtown. I miss a thousand little things I paid little attention to before.
Denisse V. (La,CA)
What Do You Miss Most About Your Life Before the Pandemic”? What I miss more before this pandemic is honestly taking a lot of things for granted. If I would take back the times I would do so bad in high school I would without a doubt. I would never tell myself I miss school. I always wanted a break. I never wanted to go but now I just wanna go to school and it hurts me to know that we’re not going back and I hate that I’m missing it so much. To think that I miss school it’s probably annoying because I never thought I would even though there are times where I do get stressed out or mad. I know that all the teachers that have support for all of us. Another thing is my friends. I know it’s not the same through text. I would rather be in person with them joking around laughing at every small thing we could possibly laugh at. I’m not sad about not going out to the mall or someplace small because I know it will reopen soon and probably online shopping has been the best for me because that’s all I do so that’s no time lost but with high school it’s like I would have wanted to enjoy my senior year. Overall it hasn’t hit me that I’m not going to have my senior year like I wanted but I’m grateful for all the memories I created and will never forget.
Shreeya (NC)
@Denisse V. I couldn't agree more to this. It has been aching me for not being able to go out to meet friends, shop, and eat at restaurants. I miss school a lot. I thought having a break from school would be a stress reliever but honestly, staying at home with my family is doing the opposite of being stress relieved. I too, miss my friends a lot. Being with them in person is so much different than text.
Andrea S. (Cary,NC)
My life before the pandemic was pretty busy, I was on a very rigid schedule. I definitely miss seeing my friends being able to hug and even just sit next to them. I miss having conversations with my friends that don't feel like I'm just talking to a small touch screen box. I would have never thought of being close to the ones I love would be taken away in a flash. Before this pandemic, I was at the beginning of my soccer season. I strongly miss the feeling of playing soccer as it was a destresser for me. I think the one thing that’s hurting my lifestyle the most is my lack of motivation and time management at this time. Before, I felt more organized and put together, but now I'm constantly getting distracted and getting close to nothing productive done. One thing I definitely took for granted was spending as much time with my friends as possible and getting out there socially. That being said, after this pandemic has passed, I am going to make efforts to hang out with friends more often and not decline any invitations to hang out with friends. Overall, I’m going to make the most of my life by having fun because you never know when that can be taken away from you.
Erik R. (Washington, U.S.)
I was going to be moving soon to a new place and this messed a lot of things up. I have been struggling for a couple of years with grades and only have caught up in the last year. The coronavirus is strange, it's an event that hasn't really happened since the Spanish Flu in 1918. My daily life wasn't amazing, but I liked what I did have. I was able to see my friends every day, go to class, and do sports. I was going to do track this year, but it was interrupted by the virus. Now going to do things feels weird, it's not normal to have to distance from people you know or even just strangers, it feels like everyone is scared of one another. It is a sad time for the world and I hope it can come out not too damaged. This is a weird time for my generation with the first time in history such a massive amount of people are doing schooling at home and the economic collapse that could come with it. I have been trying to keep myself busy with school, Spanish, running and waling, working out, drawing, and reading. I hope everyone is fine.
alyssa sabatino (Glenbard West Hs Glen Ellyn, IL)
Throughout highschool, I have loved school. Now I didn’t like the waking up early, or hours of work then to come home and do homework, but I loved seeing my friends and teachers everyday. People I don’t typically talk to, I did at school. Most of all, I miss my sports. I went from being in a sport or activity every point in the year to sitting at home with nothing to do. All I see are my snapchat memories of my ‘one year ago today’. They are typically me and school with friends laughing, then at a game, or me and friends going out after a game to celebrate. It is hard seeing all of this and not knowing when it will end. I miss having a routine, and while I still can it’s just 10x harder than before because now i just have so much time to get distracted as before I was constantly busy.
Andrea S. (Cary,NC)
@alyssa sabatino I agree with everything you said. It's hard for me to see photos of my friends and me from a year ago or just a couple months ago not knowing our future would look like this. I also miss playing my sport every day after school rather than just sit at home all day. I see videos of people forming a great schedule for themselves and giving advice to others on how to be productive during this time, but in reality, it's just not as easy as they make it look. It's so much harder to get things like school work done when there is so much free time to get distracted.
Guadalupe Rocha (New York, Us.)
I had always been a good student, a good friend and a good daughter. I used to believe that because of my merits and my accomplishments I was the best person I had always dreamed about. Before the pandemic to be honest I took things for granted. Many times when I had my free time, I was able to spend my time with my friends. I received many hugs and kisses from my loved ones and I used to get mad. But after all this and all the lives of people that had died without saying goodbye, it really made me think about all the times that I had to express my love to them and I didn’t do it. I regret not saying and giving my love to my friends and family. I realize that many times a hug or kiss from someone you love can be the last one. I regret not giving my all to them and I have learned to do things the moment I have them because we don’t know when it can be the last moment we have with them.
Aubrey Caron (Colorado, US)
I miss all of m friends and being able to see them (in person). I miss going outside on a regular basis. And I miss playing football with the team. I wish we could just go back to school and go back to our normal lives. I wish I was at school right now. I would normally never say that but I miss everything about it because my family is getting on my nerves a lot. I wish I could just go and see my friends. I took them for granite thinking that we would be friends for ever but now that I think about it I know that anything can happen now and we could be drifting more and more apart. I just want this to end. I want to see everyone again. I feel so lonely now that I don't have my friends to be there for me. I miss the world so much. All the people, plants, buildings, and everything else I miss it so much.
Erik Ryan (Washington, U.S.)
@Aubrey Caron Me too.
Mckenzie Elliott (North Carolina)
I personally just really miss the normality of my old daily life and the order and sense of stability I got from it. Personally I'm a very organized person and really like to have a schedule to follow every day. I go to school, come home, do homework till 6 pm, eat dinner, then repeat till the weekend; and I know that sounds cut and dry but that's just how it was with other little things sprinkled in to make life worth living, like seeing my friends at lunch. I honestly thought if we did do school from home I would be ok due to how I work, and I was, until recently but I won't get into that.
Allison Go (South Korea)
(1)I miss my regular cycle of life. Going to school. Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner without worrying if we have enough food. Hanging out with friends. Only worrying about school. Staying happy. Staying free. I had taken many things for granted. The basic things such as toilet paper, food, water and people. I had taken for granted the food and water around me. I had taken the people around me for granted. The people at the supermarket. The people jogging on the sidewalk. The people at school. People were always there but many are disappearing into the unending black hole of the virus. I also took my life for granted. Living everyday was nothing special. Being able to breathe was ordinary. Having a family was normal. Now I am thankful and I will always be for my health and my family. I will appreciate the people who are living through this pandemic with us . I will never forget the effort of the doctors and nurses around the world. I will never forget the hardworking of the deliverymen and teachers.
Kallan Anderson (Glenbard West High School)
People currently are struggling to grasp onto a new sense of “normalcy” and instead look back on all of their old “routinely” things with nostalgia. I think that without this pandemic most people would take those routine things for granted but now that we don’t have the normal we miss it. I miss seeing my friends a lot. I didn’t get to see them really before this started. However, a new thing that I have began to embrace is my new sense of sociability and need to connect with my family. I find myself taking more time out of my day to day to have conversations with my parents. I’m coming to think that although we can’t have what we would consider normal with the current situation, we can creat a new normal and embrace all kinds of “normal” or “routine” in the future.
Allison Go (South Korea)
(2)My greatest worry is the health of my family. My mom had taken a lung surgery right when the coronavirus hit South Korea (where I live). I worry that my grandparents who live in California will run out on their stock of food. I will appreciate the things I had taken for granted. The normal things. Through this pandemic I felt that our lives could really end any time. I am grateful that I am still alive. I am grateful that I can live. And I will always appreciate that. One day, when this pandemic ends we will know what matters most to us. The things we sought for such as a good job, money, high quality clothes and many followers on social media do not help us when we are in need. And we should remember that. We should remember the importance of friends and family and the importance of somebody we love. We should remember the hard working people always shadowed. We should remember those who were in the front lines. We have to appreciate everything and anything around us.
Ava Messana (Danvers, MA)
My daily life before corona consisted of a repetitive, boring life that I was getting sick of. I was stuck in the dreaded much of March, waiting for April break and stressing over softball starting. The Thursday that school was canceled for a week, I was slightly thanking COVID for the extra week in the cages I had laziley missed in the month I had to prepare for the spring sport. As the weeks went on, I started to regret that gratitude I had for the virus. As I sit in my bed everyday doing my “remote” learning and wishing I was with my friends, I long for the routine and connections my normal life gave me. I miss seeing my school friends, the ones that I don't see outside of class, and my friends that I see every weekend. I regret all the times I took for granted waking up at six AM to drive to school and sit in my car while eating my daily morning breakfast of a Granny-Smith apple. Despite feeling bored and stuck in the stressful routines of a high schooler, I regret ever wanting to trade that for the excessive relaxation that I face in my daily quarantined life now. After I am allowed to go back to normal life, I will cherish the stress and routine that daily life brings me. I will never take for granted the daily inconveniences that life throws at me, because despite the annoyance they cause, the lack of events in my life causes more pain than a stressful day of normal life.
Alexandra Donnici (Washington State University)
I miss the freedom that came with living independently. The transition to being home with my whole family, while appreciated, is very difficult. Despite managing my own finances, well-being, schoolwork, and transportation for over a year, my parents often choose to express their love by trying to manage some of those things for me. It is frustrating to feel like a kid again. More so than that, it's frustrating knowing nobody will get their old normal back. I will no longer be graduating into a stable economy. Many people will no longer be able to speak with their lost loved ones. Out of all this uncertainty, I am grateful for one very big thing. My generation is learning resilience quickly and much earlier than some of us would have otherwise.
Xander (San Francisco)
@Alexandra Donnici I too miss the freedom and independence I had outside the pandemic. Everything was normal, I was to going to places with my friends doing fun things. Now I’m stuck at home with my family doing online school work. Moments where my friends and I were laughing and smiling at jokes we told to each other are moments that are stuck with me. The feeling and moment you are with someone enjoying and smiling about life are precious moments we need to fully be happy new with ourselves. I know we can do that with our family members but it’s better with other people especially with someone’s you’re age. Eventually we will get to be with our friends again, only time will tell.
Maddie Koslow (Glenbard West High School)
While some people mostly miss their friends and school before their life before the pandemic, I miss my family the most. I miss seeing my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all the time. I miss getting to play board games with them in person instead of attempting to play them online over facetime. Although I do miss going to school everyday and spending the weekends with my friends, I miss getting to hug my family the most. I have had the oppertunity to go socially distance with my family but, it's not the same as it was before the pandemic started. Everyone I know can not wait for the day that we get to go outside and not worry about staying at least six feet apart. I however, can not wait for the day that I get to spend time with my family again.
Lauren Hopkins (Maury)
In February, I sustained an injury that prevented me from playing volleyball, the only thing that really motivated me to keep pushing was that the faster I recovered, the faster I would be able to return to volleyball. I was cleared from my boot on my nine week follow up, due to hard work in physical therapy and the life saving RICE method. The next day, the rest of my volleyball season had been cancelled. While I do miss volleyball most of the time, I miss my team every day. Most of us have known each other for at least five years now, some way longer than that. I would see my teammates anywhere from eight to ten hours a week, every week. After my injury I observed as many practices as possible, one may think watching your team play without you would be torturous, but having gone two weeks without seeing my teammates was even worse. We do group FaceTime quite often, but volleyball through screens just isn’t the same. I miss playing volleyball most from my pre-pandemic life, as I missed it during my pre-pandemic life. And hope to finally reunite with my team during the delayed beach season this August.
Autumn Klein (Glenbard West, Glen Ellyn, IL)
I definitely miss human interaction. I took seeing my friends everyday for granted, and now that I can only see them from six feet away, it’s frustrating. I did really want a break from school as I was getting stressed and work was piling up, but this is definitely not the break I meant. The first thing I’m going to do after quarantine is lifted and it’s safe to do so will be hanging out with my friends, and celebrating the freedom I looked past before.
Deborah Murphy (Versailles, IN)
I miss many things about my life before this pandemic, but there is one thing that I miss most. I am a runner so I miss running events, and I miss everything about running. Most of all I miss my team. We were crazy, and we had tons of fun. No matter if you were that fastest person or ran slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, you were always except with one condition. You had to be crazy. I miss socializing with my friends, and even with my teachers. I hope everything goes back to normal because I miss everything that I ever took for granted.
Mason Buckner (JTHoggard High School)
I think that I miss seeing my friends in person the most as well as shaking hands and hugs. I remember when me and my friends would go to restaurants on friday nights and have a good time before the virus got serious. I hope that life will return to normal sooner rather than later.
Zach (University of Missouri)
As a sports broadcasting student, the lack of sports during these trying times seems to make everything so much worse in several aspects. I was on call for the Mizzou-Alabama men’s basketball game on March 9th, and it never once occurred to me during the game that it would probably be the last time I would call a live sporting event for at least several months. I had an internship planned as a broadcaster for a prep league team in Pasadena, CA. Now I’m anxiously waiting for the dreaded “we’re cancelling the season” email to come. More than the career aspect, I guess I never really realized just how much I, and society as a whole took sports for granted. Being able to sit down with my dad and brother and watch the Yankees was something I grew up doing, and we usually make the trip up to the Bronx a couple times a year from my home in suburban NJ. Knowing that packed stadiums and sports as we knew them are a year away at least shakes me to my core (sometimes I fear sports as we knew them will never return) and yet I simultaneously feel guilty about that because I know that so many people have much bigger things to worry about. I just wish I didn’t take the routine of sitting down on my couch and watching 162 games of my beloved Yankees for granted before all of this.
Seirra McCain (Olean, IN)
I feel nostalgic for things that have happened before the pandemic. Everyone takes things for granted in life, even the littlest things seems stupid now. I think the main thing I took for granted was toilet paper. I’m not joking either, there are ten people living in my house and a dog. Toilet paper was something that we always had, now we are running low and we can’t find Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper anywhere and it’s my dad’s favorite. I took for granted going to school. It was one of the only times I left my house, I’m a bit of an introvert, but I got to see my friends and now I merely get to talk to them through an email or calling them. I miss being able to go out and hangout with them. Now I’m stuck at home doing school work non-traditionally on a computer. I’m either on the couch, in my bed, or on one of the porches. I took for granted being a social person. The few people who actually know me, the real me, not the stupid rumors high school students spread about each other, know that I’m a funny person who lives a rough life and I hangout with people who care about me and me them.
Mason Buckner (JTHoggard High School)
@Seirra McCain Yeah before the pandemic, we took life as we knew it for granted and now when you look back it was extraordinary, hope it ends soon.
Lanie Nicholson (Versailles, IN)
There are so many things I miss about life before the pandemic, but above everything else, I miss my friends. I miss seeing them everyday and spending our time together. They’re my people - I tell them everything that’s on my mind. They make me laugh and can make an awful day an amazing one. If a test didn’t turn out like I thought it would and I’m down, they know how to cheer me up and make me smile. They’re one of the reasons why I love school so much. We spend so much of our time together during school and on weekends, it was hard to adjust to our new reality. I miss talking to them, laughing with them, and acting goofy during practice. I’m sad that track was cancelled this year--we had spent so much time preparing for the season together--but I know that when we come back for cross country, we’ll be better than ever. I can’t wait until this pandemic has started to loosen its hold on us so I can see them! I miss them so much and can’t wait until the day we can laugh in person again. :) <3
Luke Zemenak (Glenbard West, Glen Ellyn, IL)
Considering the issue and severity of this pandemic, many people could believe the worst thing about this whole situt
Luca James Cassidy (New Rochelle)
Talking in and between classes. I miss it so much. It's weird, but without those basic social interactions I feel that I have performed worse in school than ever before. To be battered, hammered, and pounded on for what seems like an eternity exhausts a student, and their only relief would be a quick joke or conversation with a friend. This quick and sudden interaction smooths out the bumps and lumps left by educational pressures, offers a second of relief, and prepares them for the next round. We don't have that anymore, after I finish a zoom call or work I just shut off my computer and stare at a black screen.
Mason Buckner (JTHoggard High School)
@Luca James Cassidy It’s almost like they should have like 10 minute buffers in between zoom calls where everyone could talk just to get stuff off of their mind.
Tommy J (Saco)
This pandemic has caused me to realize how lucky I really was. During quarantine, I have been thinking a lot. Thinking about my personal life, sports, school life, everything. Now that the school year is and has been officially online for the remainder of the year, I feel very sad. It is my freshman year of high school and this has personally been one of the best years of school of my life. I have bonded with almost all of my teachers, and not being able to have anymore classes with them is a bad thought. Just being able to have a conversation with a teacher about how they are doing or what’s going on in their life means so much to me now, and I don’t think it would without quarantine. I miss being able to walk into a class and just say hi to a teacher and then goof off with a buddy during the class. The social aspect of this entire situation has turned a complete different direction then what I am used to. Being around only my family has been a drastic change, and I miss seeing my friends and peers. Thankfully I have access to technology that allows me to stay in contact with some of the people I miss most, but it is still difficult.
Carson Coble (Hoggard High School, Wilmington,NC)
@Tommy J Technology is a good way to stay in contact with people but it will never be as special as having a real face to face conversation with friends or teachers.
Sophia L (Cary, NC)
I miss looking into people's eyes during conversation. That might be the weirdest thing ever, but there is a certain level of connection and meaningfulness when you are in conversation whilst kindly looking into each other's eyes. That level of connection cannot be obtained when texting and looking at letters on a screen; nor is it felt while talking on the phone or video-chatting. I cannot wait to be close enough to my friends and simply converse while giving them my full attention.
Jeff Nguyen (Upper Merion High School)
I miss going outside and doing after school activities, especially in the spring season. Even though the sun is out and the weather is nice, I can't go outside and enjoy it because it is too dangerous. I also miss having a real life conversation with my friends. Before this pandemic, I would talk to my friends everyday after school because we did the same sports. Now, I can't talk to them as much anymore. Generally, I guess I miss being around people the most of all. A moment that stood out to me was when my teacher first told us that we wouldn't have school anymore for three weeks because of the coronavirus, and everyone was happy that we were going to have a 3 week break. Now, people miss going back to school and going outside that they before took for granted. I also took for granted going to school and having lunch with my friends everyday. I never really thought of the privileges I had before it was taken away. I appreciate the photo that Gigi Silla submitted with her friends on the "very last day of high school together." I appreciate this most because although I will most likely never experience what it is like to graduate senior of high school without a prom or graduation, I understand how sad and unfortunate it is for someone to go through that. This teaches me that you should always be grateful for what you have before it is taken away. I feel like going to school and being able to go outside are things that I will appreciate more after the pandemic ends.
Mollie Brinker (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
I know it’s a little odd, but I really miss car rides with people. I miss being is the passenger seat and listening to music, turning it down to have a conversation. I miss getting in my friend’s car and driving to the beach to sit on our towels and talk. I miss being able to go somewhere and not have such an anxious mood in the air. I went to the grocery store with my mom recently, and I saw one of my friends from childhood there, who I normally would have greeted by hugging them and asking how they were doing. Instead, from about 10 feet away we waved and said hello. I hate staring at a computer screen sitting at my kitchen table and listening to my teacher’s voice on a video instead of watching them write on the whiteboard. I don’t like eating lunch alone. It feels so, for lack of a better word, lonely. I miss being in crowds and people watching, or going window shopping with my friends. I really miss being able to go to restaurants with people to laugh, eat and socialize normally. The normal stresses of high school, like upcoming tests and track meets, have been replaced with figuring out how to log onto a virtual class, or getting simple necessities without being infected. All normalcy has been taken from our lives, and the attempts to get it back using technology end up being so far from normal. I’m so excited for the moment when I can run up to my friends and hug them.
Abi McElwey (Anna High School, Texas)
Days before the coronavirus had my country confined to our houses, I was at Disney World with my school band and was having the time of my life with some of my closest friends. It was pretty drastic to go from being around thousands of people every day to only being around my family. I miss being around my friends, but really, I just miss being around people in general. The week prior to quarantine, I was filling my phone with hundreds of pictures from Disney World which I thought I would never go back to look at. Today, I am so grateful I took those pictures because I do go back and look at them to reminisce on the good times. There are other things, though, that I did take for granted and now I wish I could have them back. For example: I took for granted physically going to school and getting to have lunch with my friends every day. I never thought twice about those privileges until they were taken away. Doing schoolwork and eating lunch alone in my kitchen doesn’t compare to what I had before. I can resonate with the picture of the four high school seniors taken on the last day they would get to spend together at school. I relate to them in that what they deemed as “everyday life” would be completely flipped around in the matter of hours. Although this huge change has made me miss my friends and school, it has made me realize how important all of those are to me. On the other side of this storm, I will be more appreciative of things I took for granted previously.
Mary Orem (Versailles, Indiana)
Before this pandemic, I now realized, I was living life. I woke up, got dressed, went to school, and just lived life without missing a step. Now that this pandemic has struck I feel like I'm stumbling through a blurry mess. I must say that what I miss most is the feeling like I had someone to go to when things got hard. Being a teenager isn’t exactly a piece of cake, I'm falling behind. My classes seem to pile up and friends might just be long gone. I’ve turned into a loner that misses what life used to be. My life used to be surrounded by people. People I called friends were there when I broke down, however; I haven't heard from anyone lately. My friends, well, they are only ‘school friends’. We only talk at school, only hangout at school. My life seems like it revolved around school. Now I'm sitting in a bathtub wondering when I'll actually get a good night's sleep. All because I’ve spent nights just thinking about how my teachers have been there for me and to me it seems like i’m failing them by falling behind. I miss the crazy, weird, chaotic life I had… It was my normal and now I'm lost, stumbling around my thoughts that prove that I'm trapped inside my head.
yvet (ca)
Everyday I start missing random things that I know I can't do right now. Something as simple as just going to a random store out of boredom just isn't possible at the moment. All those times I complained about having to get up and go to school don't seem so bad anymore, I much rather be at school with my friends than sitting at home bored. I took my classes for granted, cooking specifically. I didn't really enjoy that class as much as I thought I would have when I asked for it, but looking back now it was so fun. I made friends with juniors who always kept me laughing when we would do nothing but sit in class and even though I always complained about wanting to leave or skip that class, now I much rather be there instead. My other classes as well, because other than doing work, I was usually laughing along with my friends and joking around with them. I also took seeing my family for granted. There'd be times where a family party or get together was happening and I would just skip it and tell them i'd go to the next one. However now it saddens me, it's been awhile since i've seen a lot of my intermediate family and now I have no choice to go or not, I can't. At this point I just miss going anywhere.
Sophia L (Cary, NC)
@yvet I 100% understand how you feel. It really is the little things that make life so wonderful... and I will never take it for granted again.
Aidan D. Roche (Maury High Scool - Norfolk, VA)
I miss having conversations that aren’t about the Coronavirus; certainly, the topic of Covid-19 has reached a saturation point by now. The Coronavirus being present incessantly in our news sources, i feel, has led to a perpetuation of the claustrophobic state of this pandemic by making us feel mentally trapped. Just earlier this morning the pentagon released military footage of what they call “unidentified aerial phenomena”, or to many, UFOs; however, this information barely appeared on anyone’s radar (pun intended), even though it, at best, is proof of intelligent life outside of Earth and, at worst, evidence of a natural phenomena that we have no explanation for. But now, the Pentagon's UFO footage released isn't even mentioned in the “top stories” on Apple news today (all about Covid). This just makes me long for a time when every bit of energy we had wasn’t focused on Covid. Everyone seems to be focusing on the macro-image, and that’s not bad, but it doesn’t need to cancel out other subjects of life. If we lived in a world where all news was delivered by white people about other white people talking about how white they are, would you want to read another story about a white person? No! You would want stories about an Indian guy or something, just not a white person. The point being, I just don't want to be bombarded with another Coroanrvirus tweet, post, article, or whatever else you could imagine. Social distancing is not driving me insane… the internet is.
Samara Sáenz (Monteverde, Costa Rica)
I was only hearing about Coronavirus through memes and never thought it was going to get so big, so fast. My grandparents visited and I'm glad they came when they did because if not I wouldn't have seen them for more than a year. I miss all my friends and being able to get lunch with them or hanging out at the mall. The last time I saw my friends quarantine had not started yet and I had no idea I wouldn't see my friends in a while and I wish I got to say goodbye and give them all a hug. Everyone took life before the pandemic for granted like small things. Now most people haven't seen their friends in over a month and are taking online classes. I appreciate being able to leave the house and I appreciate the hard work of my family more now. A moment that stands out to me is the last time I hung out with one of my friends which was for her birthday. I don't think things will ever go back to what used to be normal even if this all ends. I relate to the video “Together, in New York” of people singing because my community is very close. In the case of my home since it's so small everyone knows each other or their relatives. I wonder if when this all ends if people will still go up and hug and give a kiss on the cheek. He also says “there is only one way you can live in New York, and it is together” and I think that applies in my town but also in this pandemic. This togetherness applies while fighting Coronavirus because if we don't all work together we won't get through this.
Gia Ferrari (Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn, IL)
When it comes to the topic of living during this quarantine, most of us will agree that we took the normalcy of our old lives for granted. Where this argument differs is on the different factors of our lives that have changed or been affected the most. For students, the biggest factor that has changed in their lives is no longer having in person schooling. They can no longer see their friends, classmates, and teachers that we would typically see on a daily basis. This has drastically affected the way us students are learning and our interactions with others that we are now lacking. However, for working adults, the biggest change in their life during quarantine is no longer being able to work as normal, and for some now staying home with their family everyday. For many adults, their job is very important to them and gives them a sense of purpose. They are now lacking this motivation and also some are struggling financially because of it. Many families are struggling to make ends meet and were heavily relying on each and every paycheck. For differing ages and lifestyles, quarantine has effected everyone very differently yet we can all agree that it has drastically changed everyone’s outlook on our lives.
Evan Peña (Hoggard High School)
@Gia Ferrari I can relate to your comment, I definitely took everything in my life for granted before this. I took it for granted that I could see my friends every day at school, and also that I could run with them every day. I underestimated how mind-numbing running by yourself can be. I even took for granted differentiation in my schedule, I basically do the same thing every day at this point. I am fortunate to have to parents who work in the school system and are still receiving paychecks, so I cannot relate to the second part of your comment, but I have realized how badly the virus has affected the economy. I think it is very plausible that jobs give people a sense of purpose in their lives and this isolation is taking away their motivation to complete other tasks.
Saharsh Satheesh (Collierville High School, Tennessee)
It wasn't until a few months ago that I began to appreciate the value of nature: the trees, grass, sky, and nature in general. Once I did, playing basketball outside at my neighbor's house became even more memorable. Playing basketball was fun, but the layers of colors that blanketed the sky made it an amazing experience. However, after about a week of appreciating the outdoors, this dreadful virus began its reign, and though I can marvel at nature through my window, it doesn't feel the same as going outside and physically experiencing it. Yes, I do go in my backyard and driveway, but I want to be able to play like old times, when everything was normal.
Owen Midgette (Norfolk, VA)
Ever since the pandemic, there have been a multitude of things that I have missed the most, but the things I miss THE most are spending time with friends, eating at restaurants, and having studio sessions with artists. When life was “normal”, I would be with friends every chance I had. I would even do homework alongside friends, but now that has drastically changed with the pandemic putting everyone on lockdown. Another thing I miss is eating at restaurants, not only because I like food, but because I miss the atmosphere that comes with eating somewhere else besides your own home. I also miss going out with the friends I miss because I have very fond memories that come with just going out to eat. Lastly, I miss the experience of having studio sessions with artists. I have my own in-home studio where rappers and singers can come record and I make their instrumentals. Whereas it’s pleasant to be able to still perfect my craft amidst the pandemic, it’s disappointing I have no one to enjoy the experience with and more people than ever right now want to come in because they have nothing else to do but sadly I have to decline in order to continue playing my part in flattening the curve. I am more than excited to return back to “normal”, although there may be an altered normal due to the possibility of still catching the Coronavirus.
Zack Noland (Glenbard West Highschool Glen Ellyn)
I miss a lot of things. It’s safe to say this pandemic is affecting everyone in some way. Personally, I truly miss my spring season. I play volleyball and was pumped for this upcoming season, as our team was looking very strong. I was hoping to have a good season with my friends and hopefully get a state title. This pandemic has cut off all sports and being locked in my house is making me bored and lazy. However, looking at the whole isolation thing, it isn’t all bad. I thought I would’ve been a lot more bored in these times, but I’m finding ways to occupy myself. I also get to spend a lot more time with my family. So for me, I would definitely rather be out in the community but not everything about quarantine is bad in my opinion.
Shazia Tasneem (Louisville, KY)
I like doing school from the comfort of my home, but I miss seeing my friends and teachers in person, laughing together in lunch, playing soccer in recess, and just enjoying each other's company during classes. I would do almost anything to go back to school soon.
Simone Cronier (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Mike Strike shows a perspective from right before Corona swallowed up America. He and his cheerleading team had just found out they couldn’t perform on the last match before Strike retired. There’s a lot of “last” things that students, musicians, athletes, and travelers have missed, and who knows if they’ll ever get a moment to do what they love again. It’s sad to think about all the things I’ve missed too. I appreciate all the little moments that people miss. While I can’t relate to some of the grander ones, such as giving birth and being in a packed subway singing Celine Dion alongside dozens of other travelers, I find peace knowing that complete strangers and I both miss the little moments nearly as much as the large ones. I miss driving to the beach with my family and friends packed into the car, spending hours in the ocean before retreating to cool off our sunburns in a local seafood restaurant and then finishing our day off with ice cream. I miss actually going to my piano lessons instead of having to worry about if my family is going to start making noise while I’m attending my virtual ones. I miss only having to worry about doing two hours of homework on the weekend instead of whatever mess is happening now. If we’re allowed out during summer, I’m never going to complain about going anywhere with my family again.
Angelina Figuerola (Costa Rica, Puntarenas)
I never thought that COVID-19 would ever make such a big impact in a country so small like Costa Rica. Everything happened so fast. It amazes me to think that just one month before the government sent us to quarantine I was traveling to Mexico with my soccer team. I miss going out with my friends, watching the beautiful sunsets that this time of the year lets us admire, I miss to feel free and not stuck. I live in a small town called Monteverde, where people always help and support each other with whatever they can. A recent act of kindness and generosity that hit the hearts of many, was that “La Pension” , a local hostel, offered free breakfast to everyone that wanted it or needed it. These are rough times that have left many without jobs and it is awesome to see how people can unite and offer a hand of benevolence to others. With all this going on, I have had lots of time to reflect and see how I didn’t appreciate and use my time as well as I could’ve. I want to get out and see my friends and family and enjoy every moment with them. I know that once this is all over I will value my time more, I will go out and enjoy the natural richness that my country has. I feel that this is an eye opening experience for everyone, we need to appreciate more what is given to us.
Karen Torento (Danvers, MA)
Since this pandemic had started, I've realized how much I miss everyday tasks. I always used to complain about getting up early to go to school, and then going to work just to go home right after and do even more school work. I always wished for something different to happen. Something different that was out of routine and took away from the same boring structure of everyday life. This pandemic certainly taught me to be careful for what I wish for. Now I would do anything to go to school and see my friends and my teachers. I would do anything to go back to the job that I actually really love and miss. Most of all I miss connecting with people. Sure, I can talk to friends and family on FaceTime and online but nothing compares to being face to face. The video that resonated with me the most in this article is the one of the concertgoers linked together singing the Celine Dion song. I strongly agree with Jeremy Wallace when he wrote, “There is only one way you can live in New York, and it is together.” Even here in Boston, I believe the best way and only way to live is together through human interaction and social gatherings. It is definitely hard having that being taken away. I miss having busy days, meeting new people, and interacting even if it was through a simple smile. Special moments like these where people can forget all the bad things, issues, and our differences and unite together is definitely one thing I am most looking forward to in our post-pandemic lives.
Payton Tatusko (Cass High School)
When the coronavirus first started to spread, I was not really concerned about it and thought it wouldn’t spread to a somewhat small town like mine. I left school on March 12th saying to my friends “see you in two weeks!” so excited we were going to get a break from schoolwork and waking up early every day. I left that day playing what is now my last tennis match of the season as it was only getting started. Now I look back on school and realize I really took it all for granted. Never in a million years did I expect to finish my junior year in March and not be able to see my friends for weeks maybe even months if the virus continues to spread. What I miss most is seeing my friends every day, something so simple of meeting all of them in the parking lot when the bell rings for school to begin and us all walking in together. Sitting in class all day, having some of the best laughs of my life with my friends. Driving my two best friends and I to all of the baseball games, listening to music in the car and just having the time of our lives, now I haven’t seen them in over a month and I’m counting down the days until I can finally see them again. I miss going to all of the sporting events in my school, I love to watch sports and play tennis. I had so many things planned for the final months of my junior year that will never become a reality. Looking back on my school year I have realized I took it all for granted and truly wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Elyssa F (Glenbard West High School)
Right now, everyone is struggling. However, there are varying degrees of struggles, ranging from rather shallow troubles like having slow WiFi, to extreme difficulties like losing a job or a family member. Something I've been contemplating–and I think others may be dealing with the same thing– is whether or not it's okay for me to feel down and to miss pre-pandemic life. When I compare my situation to some other people's situations, it's easy to be upset with myself for feeling sad because relative to those people– I'm doing great. However, I've realized I can't do that. Everyone is suffering some losses right now, and it's okay to grieve those losses– no matter how small they might be. Personally, I miss little things like hugs and simply being able to go into a coffee shop and interact and be with other people. I also miss bigger things like school and seeing my relatives. Most of all, I miss the security that pre-pandemic life had. My life seemed to have a pretty straight path from point A to B, and I could plan for a lot of it. Now everything is up in the air, and no one really knows when things will settle down again or what that even looks like.
Valeria Casas (Glenbard West HS, Glen Ellyn, IL)
Routine and structure are now what we all yearn for; what we need to feel like we are in control of our own lives. So many lives have been altered because of this pandemic and everything seems like it is out of our control. Although everything does feel like it is out of our control, now seems like a time to organize parts of our lives we would’ve otherwise been too busy to pay attention to. Nevertheless, I do miss seeing my friends’ faces every day and being able to leave my house without wearing a mask and gloves; hesitant of touching anything. Like many others, I fiercely miss the simple and structured schedule I had before this pandemic; how simple life seemed when we were oblivious to the madness a pandemic could cause. What I miss most is just the simplicity of life and the “I’m outside, come out” texts from my friends. Ultimately, the lack of structure in our lives now will only make us appreciate it that much more when we have it back in our lives.
Visha Patel (Upper Merion High School)
Since the pandemic Ive realized how much I miss my daily routine. I miss going to school and being able to see my friends and catch up on stuff. I miss being able to get hugs from friends and family, it seems silly but i really do miss it.
Skye Williams (Sarasota, Florida)
Since this pandemic has started I’ve realized how much I appreciate my everyday task. I miss being able too go to school and interact with others as well as learn in an actual classroom setting. Another activity i miss is playing sports because it gave me something too do a couple days a week instead of sitting home. Now when my mom has too make a simple run to the grocery store i’ve never been more excited too go!
Olivia (4B) (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
During this pandemic, I’ve come to realize just how many simple, daily activities I took for granted. I miss school. I knew I would miss it, but I always thought that there would be a part of me that was happy to take it easy from the comforts of my home. Now, there isn’t a single part of me that wishes to stay at home the rest of the school year even though that is the reality we’re facing. I’ve been fortunate to have an extracurricular, dancing, that I can somewhat continue during this time, but I miss being able to share my dance space with my friends and just seeing them all face to face. I don’t think any of us predicted how long everything would be shut down for, so I feel like I didn’t give a proper goodbye to many of my friends. I regret not sharing a defining moment with many of them in which I knew that I could be going a long time without seeing them again. The most final moment for me was the last sporting event of our school year, a varsity baseball game. At that point, we didn’t know for sure that we wouldn’t be returning or that sports were coming to a complete end, but we knew enough to cherish the moment. The players had some time to try and come to terms with the end of their season that had just begun. It was an emotional night, and it was the last one that we would be able to spend in a social gathering of that magnitude. For me, I was able to get some closure and accept that things would be changing from that night on.
Allison Coble (Hoggard High School)
I miss running with my friends at practice after school, pushing each other to their full potential. I miss getting to see my friends everyday at school, sharing about your day and plans for the future. I miss Fridays, the end of the school week and into the weekend. I miss traveling, getting to experience new places and do new things. Our life has been completely turned upside down, sending us all plummeting towards the ground reaching out for anything familiar to hold onto, to soften the fall. It has disoriented everything we know to be true. I can’t lie, it has been very hard to adjust to the never ending changes circling around like a carousel. But I am very grateful for those memories that I can hold onto.
Taryn Connolly (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Life before the pandemic was good! I had my sophomore season of school soccer ahead of me and this was supposed to be our year of 20/20 and make it all the way to states again this year and have the hopes of winning. School was school but I would do anything to go back. I am so stressed out over all of the work that teachers keep piling on to me. I feel as if I’m just drowning in work and I can’t get my head above the surface. Having to transfer all of my classes especially math online was no easy task but my family and friends have both been so supportive and have done their best to help me get through it. My friends, I miss them so much. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have access to technology and the internet to get ahold of them so quickly, they have seriously been the ones to cheer me up during this time and help me see that some of the things that have happened are for the best and once all this is over we are all going to come out better women from this. I miss being able to be in the presence of their energy. All of them have such a unique way with words and actions that just make me smile during the worst of times. I miss my social life. I think I saw my friends every weekend this year until the virus. Now if I want to see them I have to stay 6 feet away or I FaceTime but it's not the same. We think that once this virus is done everything is going to go back to normal, but in all reality what will the new normal be?
McKenley King (Cass High School)
The Coronavirus pandemic has affected many people in the United States since it first struck, including myself. The things I miss most about my life before the pandemic is playing school tennis and seeing my family all the time. Since school has switched to digital learning, all of our school sports are canceled for the time being. This was my first year playing singles for my school’s tennis team, and I was doing great. I was so excited to see how I did with all my matches at the end of the season. I also miss seeing my family. Every year for Easter, we always go to my grandparent’s house and eat lunch and spend time with each other for hours. But this year, we had to cancel it due to the Coronavirus. I always look forward to having Easter each year with them because we have such a great time together.
Eliza (Georgia)
I miss so many things about my life that happened before the outbreak of the Coronavirus became a worldwide issue. I miss being able to see my friends and laugh with them. I miss seeing their face in person, not just over the telephone. I believe that laughing with people over the phone and laughing with people in real life has a huge difference that I cannot even begin to explain. I miss my friends, even though technically I see them everyday. Before this happened, I used to go to volleyball and tennis. Each of these sports I started out as not very good. I got better as the season progressed. I liked to play with my friends, even though they would inevitably beat me. It was fun, but now I can't play or hug or even high five my friends after something good. Most of the time, I have this feeling in my stomach that is almost like a stomach ache. I am worried about all of my family, friends, my fiends family, and even people that I don't know. I worry about a person that I passed in the grocery store, who might have contracted the virus from me. The scary thing, is that you may never know if you spread it to someone. It is terrifying to be left in the dark, and that's exactly how this pandemic is making me feel.
Emily Skane (Hoggard High School Wilmington NC)
Before the pandemic I was a super social person. I was volunteering to do makeup in some upcoming children’s productions and was enjoying what the school year had to offer. I miss being able to see my friends every day. I miss there smiles and personalities. This pandemic made me realize how much I am around my friends. Not just my closets friends but my school friends. It’s crazy you go to talking and seeing someone every day to not talking to them in over a month. Now that we are all basically stuck in are houses till who knows when my ability to be social has gone downhill. When I was younger I was super antisocial and I have worked to be more of an outgoing person now. This pandemic has me going back to my 11-year-old days and its scary. The longer this pandemic goes on the more I have gotten used to staying inside all day and only leaving for 30 minutes a day to go biking.
Kevin O’Malley (Hoggard High School in Wilmington,NC)
Before the Pandemic, I was just starting my sophomore tennis season, hanging out with friends in and outside of school, and completed my schoolwork easily. Now, all the tennis courts are closed and my seasons over, I can't see any of my friends, and I don't have anyone keeping me accountable for completing my homework and procastinating has taken over. Overall, my Corona experience has not been the best. Although, with all those bad things, the thing I miss the most would have to be being able to see my school friends. These aren't my main friends, because I can still play video games or text them, these are the people who I wouldn't usually hang out with unless in school, but always talk to. These are the people who since my school has shut down I haven't really talked to save for a few snapchats. Without school allowing me to see them, we don't have a relationship. Although I still have some of my main friends to talk to, I miss seeing the people who I used to talk to daily.
Grace Trimpey-Warhaftig (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
@Kevin O’Malley I understand the feeling that you are having. The lack of motivation to do work and a general sadness overall. But it is good that you are still finding ways to be connected with people during these troublesome times. I find my self looking for a kinds of way to communicate with others well still maintaining my social distance.
Brandon (Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn, IL)
When it comes to the topic of the pandemic, most of us will readily agree that life before was something we never thought we would lose, something no one thought they were taking for granted. So many things were taken away, from simply hanging out with friends to sitting down and eating at a restaurant. On the other hand, many can argue that this is a wake up call for people to take away all the ease and good in the world and leave us stuck at home scared of getting sick. This pandemic hasn’t been too big of a burden on my part but for many it has been absolutely life changing. However, I believe that it was a wake up call for me because I miss going to school, going out to eat, going to the gym, or just doing anything I used to do on a daily basis.
Alexandra (Florida)
Before this pandemic, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning everyday, got ready, and went to high school. I remember being extremely stressed about the normal high school experience, such as juggling homework, a social life and doing extracurricular activities all at once. However, I would do anything I go back to normalcy. I miss seeing my friends everyday. I miss giving them hugs and laughing in class. I miss seeing my teachers. I can say confidently that once things calm down, nothing will be taken for granted. I think we’ll enjoy our time with others more than beforehand. So many of my peers viewed school as something we had to do. Something we dreaded everyday. Now, every student I know wants to go back. We’re all missing out on important high school and life experiences, especially the seniors. It’s devastating.
Alexander Jacaruso (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
During this time I have been asked this question a lot. My answer has been the same every time: sports. My favorite thing to do in my free time is watch sports whether its basketball, baseball, football, or MMA I love it. I love the feeling of competition and the suspense some games hold up until the very last second. My favorite sporting event (March Madness) was cancelled due to coronavirus when I first heard the news I couldn't believe it. Every year I am on top of the college basketball scene and use my knowledge in March to make the best bracket I possibly can. When I heard the new I felt as if I had just had everything taken away from me in one moment. As much as I didn't like missing out on all of that excitement I have sense gathered myself and I am just glad that we were able to prevent a larger spread of the virus during the tournament.
Keira McWilliams (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
I miss jumping out of bed at the 7:40, realizing I forgot to set an alarm, and getting ready in 10 minutes. I miss giving my friends a hug and laughing at lunch as we complain about our classes and drama. I miss teasing and laughing with my friends in chemistry and I miss running until I feel sick at track and cross country practice. 2 months ago, these were all things I took advantage of. I saw school as something that I had to do. I had to fit seeing my friends into my busy schedule, even though I was tired and just wanted to sleep sometimes. Now, I miss every moment of it. I mess never being bored and I miss always having something to stress about. I especially miss track and all of the meets that were cancelled. When I woke up on Thursday, March 12, I would have never guessed that it would be my last day of sophomore year, as well as my only track meet for this year. I am upset that I have been robbed of that experience, but I have more empathy for this year's senior class. They are missing so much more than I am and I know I would be devastated if I was a senior right now.
Maximilian Leete (Danvers, Massachusetts)
Before this worldwide pandemic began I was on quite the roll after winning my third all-state title and my first New England Championship in wrestling. I had finally found a vigorous enough routine to keep my engine revved through the offseason and the remainder of the school year that was getting me faster and stronger and getting me ready for national competitions. I miss that fire in my belly that I got every week before the competition when I would put everything on the line match after match. And while part of me knows that day where my hand getting raised by a ref will come again it is a shame to think about this offseason and the key national high school events that I sadly had to miss out on because of this virus. Also as a student-athlete, the college process of choosing where I want to spend the next four years of my life is stressful enough when I am allowed to tour campuses. If you take away being allowed to tour campuses the spring before making your college decision that can cause a lot of hesitance to make a choice and narrowing down the schools you are truly interested in and want to apply to. Adding this stressful topic onto a new type of online learning we really never thought was possible can be quite daunting to the class of 2021.
Mia Kennedy (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Before this pandemic, I would hang out with my friends a lot. We would go places like the beach, restaurants, parks, etc. It was nice. I was seeing an improvement in my mental health. Now, my mental health is terrible. I am always anxious and sad, and not being able to see my friends is killing me. I have thankfully been able to drive around but it's not like I can go anywhere. It's terrible. I just wish I could see my friends again. I'm always so happy when I'm with them, no matter what we are doing. I miss going out late, going to concerts, driving around with blasting music, etc. It's very very hard to stay away from my friends, but I know that over time, this pandemic will cool down and we will all be okay and hopefully back to normal.
Katherine Lennon (Hoggard High School In Wilmington, NC)
@Mia Kennedy I'm like you a lot in that being with people and seeing my friends gives me energy. When I am with them, I feel better. This pandemic has taken away so many things from society and I cant wait to get back to normal too.
Alexander Jacaruso (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Mia Kennedy I have the same feeling that you are feeling about not being able to be with your friends. I am sad that I can't go out at 2 A.M. to play basketball with the neighborhood. I agree that it seems like life itself is falling apart he virus has confined us to our homes and is not allowing us to do the things we love to do most. It is a hard time but I know the day will come again when we as a whole will be able to hang out with our friends again.
Ema Thorakkal (Glenbard West HS IL)
When it comes to the topic of the coronavirus, most of us will readily agree that this has a huge impact on our lives and had ruined most of our plans. Where this agreement usually ends, however is on the questions of when we will be able to return to our daily life of going to school and work. Whereas some are convinced that we will never get back to out normal life or even go to school this 2020 year, others maintain that hope that everything will get better by siete beer so we can go back to school.
Muhammad Siddiqui (Glenbard West HS, Glen Ellyn IL)
With how long self quarantine has lasted, many can agree that they miss their life before the pandemic. There was much less stress and people were able to do what they wanted without having to worry about their health. Although I do miss those times, I believe that instead of constantly reflecting on times before this virus, we should instead take advantage of new possibilities that come from all the free time many of us now have. Now is the perfect time to start new hobbies and do things that you have always wanted to do but never had the time to. People need to adapt and progress instead of reminiscing about their past.
Jess M (Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn IL)
When it comes to what about life is missed the most before the pandemic, some people my age argue that it’s hanging out with friends while others argue it’s the ability to play sports. For me it’s the ability to live without constant fear. Although it’s not the same I’m still able to practice softball with my family or by myself. Due to technology I have the opportunity to play games and FaceTime my close friends frequently. Fortunately I also have the ability to hang out with some of my friends in person since I have a job. It’s both a blessing and a curse working as I wear a mask at all times and I’m constantly over conscious of the items I touch. I also stress about me touching my face and wether or not I’ve washed my hands enough. Every action I take or person I interact with I fear the spread of the virus. My family and I also sanitize every item we buy before putting it away. I just miss when I didn’t fear doing everyday tasks.
SOPHIA MATTOS (Milton Hershey School, Pennsylvania)
There are so many things from the pre-pandemic times that is gravely missed by me and many of my peers. One of the biggest things many of us miss is real human contact outside of our family. Talking on the phone, texting and face timing just isn't the same as talking to someone in class, seeing them in person, seeing their body language. In all I miss people. So many of us have taken advantage of human contact, this time at home away from everyone else has shown me what older people are talking about when they say this generation is too absorbed in their phones to be able to appreciate people. Before this lockdown and pandemic most of my free time, since I had so little, I liked to stay alone. Now all I want is to see other people, to see my friends. This pandemic has shown me the value of people, the value of time spend with friends. I have taken advantage of how many people I have in my life who care about me. This pandemic is has shown me how lonely this world is without the people you care about. Social media has made it possible to connect with so many people but has made us disconnected from the people closes to us. This pandemic is what it took to show me, how lonely social media has made us. How lonely is it now during these trying times.
Sara Cox (Ledyard High School)
Before Corona, I had cheer every day and competitions every weekend. I had such a busy schedule I didn't have time for friends. But cheer ended so I was going to do softball which I have done since I was 6. I love hitting and fielding and just getting down and dirty. Now that there isn't Softball I can't play with my friends. For the video what stood out to me was that they weren't mad people they came together which is the message we should spread now instead of placing hate and blame on certain people.
Cesar (Los angeles)
What I miss most about my life before the CoronaVirus pandemic is being with my dad. It’s been over two months since I last saw him and we’ve been texting and calling each other from time to time to see if the other is okay. I miss working with him and seeing his skills at work, (he’s an amazing handy man who never ceases to amaze me of what he’s capable of, even his clients are always impressed). I miss going to school, being there around 7:30 to 7:40 (which is very early) and playing Brawl stars on my phone and with my nintendo switch plating Super smash bros ultimate and minecraft. I miss hanging out with my friends and going to class with them was always the best thing to look forward to the day. I also miss going out to eat. It's been a while since I've eaten fast food, I would usually eat wings from the wing stop, always getting the same order of wings and fries, also eating at the local Japanese restaurant also ordering the same order of beef and chicken with rice and a small side salad. Now my parents won’t even allow me to order food but I can’t blame them for it. But the thing I miss most of all is having my own space and free time. I share an apartment with some of the loudest people and I rarely have time to play on my ps4 since I need to share the T.V. with everyone else.
Adderly Baur (NUAMES, UT)
There are many things to be missed about life before the pandemic. School, work, socializing, and ultimately just being out of the house. Before the virus, none of us would have thought of how lonely or terrible it would be if you couldn't leave your home except for essential needs. Now, living through this time, we see all that we did on a daily basis that we are unable to now. I miss having a life, doing the normal things each day. Get up, go to school, socialize with people, go to work, then come home to sleep. The house is now our everything, and I miss everything outside of it.
Mary Saldeen (Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn, IL)
In discussions of how the pandemic has affected everyone’s daily lives significantly, most can agree that we miss our “normal” life and routines such as going to school and hanging out with friends. However, while most agree that quarantine is a necessary step in protecting ourselves and our community, some argue that it is too hard to change their routine this much and even though it is mandatory, it is hard to give up so much of their routine. Although I definitely agree that this is a necessary step, there is still so much I miss about “normal” life, especially having structure and a routine to follow and being able to hang out with my friends whenever I want. As the weather gets warmer, it is definitely harder to do online schoolwork instead of being outside with friends.
Nathan Hackney (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Mary Saldeen I definitely agree with the lack of a routine being a big hurtle. I have made a makeshift pandemic routine consisting of Homework, sleep and chores but this does little to cure my need for normality. Any suggestions?
emma p (Hoggard high school Wilmington NC)
The thing I miss most about my life before the pandemic is actually having a life. I miss seeing my friends and being able to hangout with them. I miss making memories everyday with them. I miss going to the beach every weekend and going swimming. I miss laying out on the beach and tanning. Another thing I miss the most is singing in the car with my friends with the windows down and just having a great time.
Asha Amin (Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn, IL)
When considering the extensive changes taken due to this pandemic, most of us readily agree that we miss our lives prior to the pandemic including: going to school, hanging out with friends, attending important events and much more. Where it is perfectly reasonable to miss our once “normal” lives, others are convinced that although these new circumstances in which we live are not ideal, they are mandatory to keep both healthy and safe. I agree with both ideas. I order to live the way we did prior, we must listen to what is recommended and not interfere with those trying to save lives. I for one miss hanging out with friends and leaving my house to go literally anywhere, however, I will continue to listen to the recommendations and stay home as needed.
Hannah Krier (Hoggard High School , Wilmington , NC)
@Asha Amin Even though we do miss how things were before the pandemic , I do agree that in order to get those times back me must follow all the orders and recommendations. After this pandemic I feel that some things will not necessarily go back to "normal". I feel like we will keep some of the same behaviors we have made during quarantine.
Khadijah Ali (Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn, IL)
When it comes to the topic of school, most of us students would agree that it is not the most exciting place to be for 8 hours of the day, 5 days of the week. Before the global pandemic many of us would complain about the long excruciating hours of school, the complexity of the the rigorous courses, and of course waking up early in the morning. We would all look forward to the weekends where we can sleep in and hang out with friends. In our opinion anything was better than school. However, after being quarantined for almost 4 weeks now, we finally realize how much of a privilege it is to be able to go to school. To see our friend everyday, our teachers, and learn inside an actual engaging classroom (not on a video chat). The pandemic has taken many important things from everyone’s lives all around the world. From me, it took the rest of my school year.
Chloe Scatton-Tessier (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Khadijah Ali, After reading your comment, I can't help but feel a little hypocritical. When school was effective, I complained about the work and the long hours but now I miss what school has to offer besides education. I miss my friends and the teachers who brightened my day with each lesson. These days are blending together and I sometimes forget if it's the weekend or not. Just like you, this virus took away my school year but also my social life.
Jayden (San Fransisco)
What I miss the most about my life before the pandemic is football. football was my outlet when I was stressed or feeling down. It also helped me with my health and it gave me a reason to work hard and it kept me motivated. I also miss having fun after practices with teammates
Emily Skane (Hoggard High School Wilmington NC)
@Jayden Much like you my outlet is theatre. Although I'm not being tacked in muy own way I can relate. Without the motivation of a sport or other activity, we tend to lose motivation.
Abby (Cary High School)
This pandemic has robbed students of the rest of their school year. The most universal anxiety pleasing aspect about "normal" was routine. By going to school and having a daily schedule it allowed individuals to strive and grow in the most constant surroundings. This ideal stable environment for some acted as their get away, or pause button if you will, to a not so ideal family dynamic. By taking away the place of safety and security for a kid to prosper is hindering their ability to work and learn. For kids who don't have a negative family life the absence of structure is still taking a toll our their productivity and concentration. By not having the push of an efficient environment students don't feel the motivation to do assignments. So to answer the question, routine implemented within our daily lives is what I miss most. This is because by keeping busy and on track it gives individuals a sense of purpose. By giving them a schedule of tasks knowing they will actually be completed helps make sure they don't end up being unproductive for long duration of time.
Adderly Baur (NUAMES, UT)
@Abby This is amazing, and I totally agree with the majority of your views. this is a hard time, and to point out that structure has been abolished and routine missing is the perfect way to describe what many are going through. Routine is something we were all used to, and now we are having to find a new way to do things.
Brianna (west virginia)
What I miss the most about my life before the Pandemic is being able to do the things that I love the most. I miss hanging out with my friends. I honestly had wished that we were able to go back to school because I like to be able to ask my teacher questions about something right away, instead of waiting for a reply over email. Before this Pandemic, I never thought I could get tired of watching YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu, but I have because that's all I have been doing besides school-work.
emma p (Hoggard high school Wilmington NC)
@Brianna I agree with you on wishing we could just talk to our teachers instead of having to wait for a reply from a a text or email.
Priya Patel (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
I miss coming home at 9 pm and staying up doing all the work I had procrastinated doing. I miss sleeping in the car on the way to school and sleeping through 1st period. I miss my friends. I miss the chaos in my life that kept me on my toes. I want to return a sense of normality, so I wouldn't be cooped up within four walls. Doing the same routine every day. Watching whatever TV show I see first on Netflix. Sitting in my bed all day doing mindless schoolwork was not the type of life I was imagining. But sitting here now, I gained a sense of appreciation for the school and sitting in very uncomfortable chairs all-day. I would have never thought that my last day in my high school was going to be that Friday. That I was never going to see my teachers again. I wanted to spend these months in school and laughing at dumb jokes and doing labs. And now it's been taken away. I want all the things that I wanted to take a break from, back.
Kate Morris (Glenbard West High School Glen Ellyn, IL)
Before the pandemic, many high school students would complain about the struggles of high school, waking up early, stressing over tests and grades, and excessive amounts of homework. Some students feel this is a great break from school and do not wish to go back. However, many of those students, myself included, have now realized the great privilege it is to go to school. By the time we go back to school I believe many students will learn to appreciate school and what they have in a new light, because they now know what it is like without it.
Skye Solomon (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Kate Morris I completely agree. When I first heard we were going to be out of school, I was super excited for a much needed break. Now however, all I want is to go back. I miss having a set routine and having real lessons instead of just being expected to teach myself everything. I have at least one zoom meeting every week, but they do nothing to teach me material or prepare me for my classes next year. I especially miss seeing my friends everyday. I have more free time now, but I have at least twice as much work as I usually would at school. There are a lot of things that could be improved about school, but being away for this long definitely makes me miss and appreciate it more.
Sean Hession (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Earlier this week, I had a phone conversation with a friend. Normally, it would have felt like a cheerful everyday activity. However, this chat made me feel sad. This was because I have not seen any friends in person for almost a month. I get a great amount of nostalgia watching videos of people having fun together and playing sports. I miss the simple things, like passing a friend in a school hallway and saying hello. I hope things return to normalcy soon. Nothing that can be done from home is better than an in-person conversation. I pine for the day when I can do average activities and take them for granted again. Though I do wish for a return to normalcy, it must happen at the correct time. States like Georgia are reopening businesses soon. This is not the right time. The coronavirus still has the ability to spread far and wide. We should do our best to stop citizens from being exposed to it. Though reopening businesses may help the economy now, it may hurt the economy even more if the businesses have to be shut down again due to Covid-19. Also, they will get less customers, as many people are still scared of the coronavirus and will not go out with other people, even if businesses are open. Businesses should reopen eventually, but it should be once we either control the epidemic or find a vaccine. Only then can social distancing end and normalcy return.
Jacob Jarrett (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Dragging my feet to the car every morning before going to school. Sitting silently in online class- and getting yelled at whenever I talked. Internally complaining about being in Chemistry without any of my friends. Not paying attention in 3rd or 4th period because I was with my friends. Coming up with stupid plans and ideas and activities we could do together. I'm going to a new school next year. I've changed schools a lot of times, so I'm not hesitant to change schools again, but I can't say it's not disappointing. I thought I'd have a few months left. I thought I'd have awhile with my classmates and my friends. I thought I'd get to suffer through my sluggish, monotonous day to day life for a bit longer and gripe about the struggle of Latin class for a bit longer. I thought I'd get to record a stupid rap album and make a board game and other crazy- really not that crazy- stuff. I had plans, I had ideas, I was going to live a certain way, and now I guess that will still happen, but by the time it does, I'll be gone. I'll be at a different school with different people. The coronavirus came and did a lot of damage to a lot of people's lives. The monotony of my school life has been replaced with the monotony of my home life, and my second year in high school is gone. Things are different. Things are changing. Things will never be the same. I'll never get to do anything the same way I did it my last day at school. It makes me a bit sad.
Savannah Pahde (Christian High School)
I miss being busy and never being home. I miss seeing my friend down the hall and running to her to tell her what happened last period. I miss laughing my butt off during lunch. I miss being able to talk to my teachers when I have a question instead of "chatting" them. I miss hugging my friends. I miss going to work and goofing off with my coworkers. I miss the late drives and car jams with my best friends. I miss going to restaurants. I miss going to church and worshipping with my friends and family. I haven't been able to see my grandparents. I miss going to places like the zoo, or the mall, or parks. I missed my prom and my last day. I missed a mission trip with my school. I would give anything to have my crazy and hectic life back, the one that I didn't think I needed, but man was I wrong. When things get back to normal I am never going to take a hug for granted, or going to the store, or even going to work or school. I miss my busy life.
Zi Xiang Wang (Milton Hershey School)
During the times before the pandemic occurred, life was considered to be insufficient. The idea of school was tiresome, the thought of having to wake up early every morning and clean was dreaded, and the feeling of anxiety as you hold back on what you can accomplish due to what can go wrong. The idea of all the things we dread as people slowly turn into the things we long for. Never in my life would I imagine facing a pandemic. Just the thought of being cooped up and forced to stay home was absent from my mind. But as thoughts become reality, I start to regret how I feel. I still went to school everyday and worked before the pandemic but i never thought I would miss it. Everything that I thought I valued including the lack thereof, are simply absent from my life in a matter of weeks. This state of neutrality where nothing seems to be progressing forward only causes me to regret and look backwards. Of all things I have lost touch with, I miss the general concept of freedom. Being able to do what I want and when I want. Even though School was mandatory, I had the freedom to choose everyday how I act, how hard I work, and how I made the most of everyday. We never really understand our privileges until we lose them.
I've always considered myself to be an introvert, and I've always thought that I don't like people in general because they're always just so annoying, and they just won't stop talking. I've always thought that I didn't have a lot of friends for that reason, but my older brother says that I'm one of the popular kids and everybody seems to know who I am. However, even after considering myself an introvert for all this time, the thing that I miss most about my pre-covid life, is hanging out with what friends I have.
Uma Volety (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
(Part 2) Yesterday, I read an article about how the pandemic is tearing up villages in rural India. This had a special place in my heart, as my grandmother lives in India. This article was, in a word, heartbreaking. It talked about how people are living in dirt houses missing roofs or doors. How people have to trek miles just to have access to clean drinking water and some food. How staying at home isn't an option for them, because their lives and their family's depend on it. They have to make a choice between risking their health, or going hungry and without water for the night. Yesterday, I also had a big conversation with a number of my friends. I had some telling me that staying home wasn't important. That they just wanted to have fun and that it should be the responsibility of others to stay at home. Then, I had friends like me, practically begging the others to stay home, because we believe that it is our civil duty to follow CDC guidelines and understand the severity of this pandemic (I also had a friend call this a "minor pandemic". Please let me be clear, when dealing with infectious diseases, there is no such thing as a "minor pandemic"). It breaks my heart a little bit every time I hear someone complain about how their life sucks, and that they must break stay-at-home orders because they "have to enjoy life". I wish that people could realize their privilege, and appreciate it properly.
Uma Volety (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
(Part 1) I miss not being bored. I miss school. I miss going to biology class every day and being excited and fascinated by what I was learning. I miss gong to orchestra rehearsal and playing the cello. I miss seeing my Girl Scout troop. I miss my friends, really, really badly. I miss the sense of excitement that I had about this next year. Really, what don't I miss about my life before the pandemic? I could sit here and write far more than 1500 characters on what I really miss about my life from a month ago. I could tell you about all of the laughs that I'm missing out on with my troop. All of the new pieces of information that I could be learning about in a classroom. All of the concerts and recitals that I'm not getting to play in. I could sit here and write about how I haven't seen my best friend in a month and a half. How I want to run across the street to our signature meeting place to hug her, and that want grows more and more every day. Sure, I could tell you about all of that, but what good does missing do? Why get into a negative mindset when I have so many blessings right in front of me.
Shivani Patel (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
I miss all the things that I hated doing before. It’s weird, but I miss some of the most simple things that I got so sick of. I miss going out to restaurants every Sunday night with my family. I miss going shopping at the mall or even driving all the way down to Myrtle Beach which I really found so annoying since I could just go online to do the same thing, just way easier. I miss even being dragged to the grocery store for the dumbest reasons. All of that was so normal in my life, and I really never thought, even for a second, that I would need all that. I, also, miss some of the things that I could never get sick of, but no surprise there. I miss going to the movies or bowling with all my friends, and I miss going to the beach when I’m tired and stressed from everything going on. I miss all the weekend road trips we used to take just to go see my brother at college or Atlanta to see my cousins or even Florida just cause we love it there. I miss school and my activities and the normalcy in my life. I really kept wishing for a break from all of it, and now that I got one, I don’t want it.
Natalia Rivera (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
@Shivani Patel There's something about being forced to take a break that makes that break not as enjoyable. From my perspective, there's not a lot you can miss when your daily life is spent mostly cooped up inside, thus nothing has really changed for me. But even so, there's a difference between isolating yourself because you want to and isolating yourself because you have to. It doesn't help that a looming knowledge of a disease make's the weight on your shoulders that much heavier. I never thought I'd say I miss school, but I kind of do. I mean if anything I just miss learning in a normal environment because doing assignments online makes them even more confusing than they should be. Even smaller things, like having an entire road trip just to go to a single restaurant. We can't even drive to go to any restaurant, they're all closed. I've started riding bikes just because I miss being outside, where was that sudden urge when my parents nagged me for a whole summer for staying inside? I think most of us can agree that what we really miss most is our friends and family. I barely see my relative, because they all live several hours away, but before I at least had the option to go visit, and now I don't. I miss going shopping with my friends, even though I would barely ever buy anything and would spend the whole time reminding my friends to use their money wisely, I still miss it.
Life for me was vastly different before the pandemic. Going to work was seen as normal and going to school was expected but due to the virus, the normalities of being a teenager have been stripped away. For me, I regularly greet my friends and co-workers with a handshake and it became almost tradition for me to do so but I've had to catch myself multiple times. When it was my first day at my new job as a temporary worker, even my supervisor tried to shake my hand and it was an awkward moment that we laughed off. The simple interactions met with a handshake, high five, or whatever you do are now just weird. I would say that these simple interactions I miss the most. Not being able to do something as simple as shaking another hand is unsettling; being too formal could get you sick essentially. As stupid as it sounds, I often think about the next time I can come within six feet of someone without them taking many strange glances at you, hesitating to move past you in the grocery store, or receiving a look after a simple cough. Truthfully, I have no idea when all of this will blow over and when I can shake someone's hand without having to reach for the hand sanitizer; I do hope it is soon.
Sean Hession (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Daylan Ward I agree with you that having to stop using greetings like handshakes is hard. When someone does something good, the common thing is to give them a high five. When meeting someone, you shake their hand. This is what I have done for a long time. Stopping because of the coronavirus has been strange. Also, the coronavirus has instituted a certain sense of paranoia in people. If you cough, they suspect you may be sick. If you come within six feet of someone, they may believe you do not care about the possibility of coronavirus. The return to normalcy will take a huge burden of worry of many people's backs and quell their anxiety over Covid-19.
Jesse L. (Sun Valley)
Before the pandemic hit, my life was as normal as any other student. Wake up, get ready, go to school, socialize, come back home, eat, sleep, and repeat. Going to school was pretty fun for some parts because I remember playing basketball with my friends every day at lunch just to bond together but now those days are gone. Going to school clubs was a thing I use to do where I get to socialize with other people. This pandemic changed a lot of people's lives for sure and I'm not going to lie but I really hate being quarantined. Remember going outside without a mask? Yeah those were the good old days and it goes to show that how we take everything for granted without noticing. I miss going to school because I feel comfortable there so I guess you can say it was like my 2nd home. I can't believe that I'm saying this but I miss sitting at a classroom and doing work.
Elliot Wells (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Jesse L. I never thought I’d want to go to school either, but when the alternative is directing my own education and having to figure everything out on my own, I can see exactly where you’re coming from. It’s hard to make everything work and keep up with all my teachers’ assignments. In fact, it feels like some of them are even giving us more work than before. My only reprieve is talking with my friends, who I’m unable to be with while the quarantine continues. That’s another reason I miss school; I could see my friends every day. If this quarantine has taught me anything, it’s that I need to enjoy the things I have because you never know what you have until it’s gone.
Ashton Gray (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
It's crazy how one virus changed so many things about my day to day life. Before the virus I was able to go outside my home without the fear of catching a potentially deadly virus. I remember being able to go out with friends to the movies, the park, the beach, and even each other's houses. Now I'm not even supposed to leave my own yard. It even changed the way I learn from school to now at my own house where it's harder to get the teachers help if I don't fully understand what there trying to teach. To be honest, never thought I would say this but, I miss school more than anything. I miss the small talk with old and new friends right before the bell rung. I miss the stupid comments my friends would say just to try and get me to laugh while the teacher was teaching something important. I miss being able to walk into class and realize I forgot to do the home work the night before so now I have to ask my neighbor for the answers while the teacher is checking the other side of the room. I miss just being able to see everyone working together as friends instead of treating each other like their a potential murderer.
Sophia Caparelli (Hoggard Highschool in Wilmington, NC)
@Ashton Gray I agree with you. Although we complain about school a lot, it is hard to realize how important it really is and how easy it is to miss it. Especially for our seniors, who were taken out of school all of a sudden, not knowing that they'd never come back. That they would never get to see all of their teachers, their friends, and their peers in the same place at once. School is something we easily take for granted, and now that it's gone, we want it more than ever.
Wendi (North Hollywood)
Something that i miss the most is actually going out without a mask being able to literally go anywhere whenever i want. I miss sitting in a restaurant with my friends instead of taking it to go. I also miss school because that’s where I got to see my friends and bond. Honestly I just wish everything can go back to normal. Everything that happened just made me realize that I took everything for granted and didn’t appreciate how good it was. I rather be present at school then in a zoom meeting or even doing assignments online. I also miss going to the gym everyday after school being able to put in hard work after a long day. It just sucks how the virus ruined everything it just made the year of 2020 so bad. Now that it is hot it is starting to feel like summer and it makes me wanna go to the beach and spend time with my friends but sadly i cannot i spend time at home doing nothing well yeah i work out at home but it’s nothing the same. It is sad to see how everything has changed now you can’t even step a foot outside without wearing a mask or gloves. I go to the store to buy something so small and I have to get a line that is so long and stay 6ft apart from everyone. Also how now hand shakes or hugs turn into elbow taps like that’s just so crazy to me.
Allison Coble (Hoggard High School)
@Wendi I agree, I never realized how much I took for granted, the simple things that are so important to me now. Going out of town, seeing my friends in person, sports, going into stores and so many more. These were things I did everyday of my life and I would have never guessed that it would change like this. This is a great life lesson to be grateful for everything you have and enjoy the moment.
Sam Weber (NUAMES High School)
Before the pandemic I was really happy with my life at home and at school. Things were going really well and I was able to go out and see my friends and go to the mall, just do fun stuff overall. I could go to anime and comic conventions and cosplay, make new friends. However, now I can not do any of that because of the pandemic that is currently going on.
@Sam Weber I was really happy with my life at home too, I actually had friends who wanted me around and invited me to their houses to hang out. My parents let me go as long as my grades were okay, and they weren't too angry at me. I never realized just how much I needed that, wanted that, until it was taken away from me because of this pandemic.
Madeleine Young (Beaverton, OR)
I think that something I missed before the pandemic was sitting in a classroom. There's something about the feeling of sitting in a class that you just don't get at home. Maybe it's the fact that you could ask the person next to you a question, or just have a quiet conversation. Maybe it's being able to ask your teacher a question and get an immediate answer. I guess as much as I don't miss school, I miss people from school. I miss how things were. I miss messing around with people in class and never getting yelled at I guess. I don't know. I just miss school because it's a place away from home where I can just talk to people without it being an argument.
Nayeli Suarez (Sun Valley, California)
Honestly what I miss the most from life prior to the pandemic is going out with my friends every weekend. Being able to enjoy a nice dinner at a restaurant and then just coming up with plans along the way. I miss being able to see a full face, rather than a person’s eyes because their mask covers the rest of their face. I miss school, I miss having lunch with my friends and just messing around. Before this, I would hardly be home, I would go to school, then cheer practice and after that the gym. From having all these activities in a day to suddenly having nothing it was a drastic change for me, I honestly lost my mind the first week. I miss getting all dressed up and putting on a full face of make-up. I miss going out to find some honeys I was never going to see again. Sundays and Fridays were usually the days I would hang out with my friends and my Saturdays were usually filled with family gatherings. I miss seeing my usual customers, I hate having to wear that dumb mask all day because it gets so irritating, as well as gloves once I take them off my hands feel all weird. I took life before the pandemic for granted, I took all my privileges for granted. I cannot wait for this quarantine to be lifted so I can go back to hanging with my friends without worries. I miss life before this pandemic.
Soen McCormick (Hoggard High School in Wilmington,NC)
I think the most I missed before the pandemic was hanging out with my best friends. Every week we would plan a sleepover at one of our houses and then we'd go around the neighborhood and just walk around laughing and doing dumb stuff. Recently, We've been walking on railroad tracks because first off, why not and second, trains are really cool up close. One time, we were walking beside the tracks when we came upon a pond that had large pipes running across it, big enough for people to walk on them. So, we decided to see what was on the other side of this pond since there were no entrances on land. As we were walking on the pipes I realized that if there was a alligator in this pond(or lake), it could snap us clean right off of this rusty old pipe. We finally made it to the other side where we found ourselves in cat fish tail plants which are big plants that have corn dog looking things at the top of them. After we pushed through the thick plants, we came across a large-ish piece of land that looked as though it was freshly mowed and was surrounded by woods and a swamp. We thought this was the coolest place and we could always come back here and bring camping tents. That was one of the most tiring days I've ever had with my friends because after that we got lost in a graveyard for a long time and then had to find our way back home.
Matthew Byrnes (Hoggard Wilmington NC)
@Soen McCormick Soen I’m so proud of you for being a pioneer and having a good time with your friends. I also miss going to my one good friends house every weekend and sleeping over for the entire weekend and then rushing all of my homework at 7 o’clock every Sunday. Honestly, I’m more comfortable in quarantine, as I’ve always been a person who does stuff by themselves, and I don't have friends to walk around with which is kind of sad. But this isn’t a pity party for myself, this is a time for self exploration, as we are all stuck inside trying to do our part to not spread the virus. I have done extensive research into many songs that i have found interesting, and that I would like to strongly recommend to you the reader; A couple of these songs are Chicken Attack, and “Coincidance.” Both very magical and inspiring to me.
Charlotte C. (Arlington, VA)
Since I am such an extrovert and social person, I most miss the freedom and ability to see people again. I also dearly enjoyed my track team because the season was going really well for me. One of my favorite parts of my high school is how social and happy everyone is to see each other. I miss walking to school and meeting up with friends and talking about the upcoming day and wishing good luck on tests. I miss seeing my teachers everyday, who are so friendly and nice with us, constantly taking about our past days with them. I miss spending time with friends in the hallways and during free block. I miss working with friends on classwork and studying for tests together. I miss the older students who would come to our free period and talk to us about how we're doing this year. I miss my track team and the friend group I had and the ability to run with them everyday after school. I miss FaceTiming my friends at night to talk about weekend plans and work. I will never take this for granted. I will never take for granted the dance and house party I was able to attend at my high school.
Emma N (Glenbard West High School)
At the same time that I believe not being able to see my friends is the worst part of being in quarantine, I also believe that not being able to go to school is horrible. I am someone who needs to be around others to remain focused and motivated. I also enjoy school and seeing acquaintances I would not normally see. Finally, I can not teach myself certain topics and need teachers to assist me. I felt that the loss of my junior year was the largest lost from covid 19 as I felt I was barely in school second semester. Losing after school curricular activities, like prom and orchesis, was also really upsetting. I think that despite this unfortunate situation , I have grown to see the importance of both schools and friends.
Charlotte C. (Arlington, VA)
Since I am such an extrovert and social person, I most miss the freedom and ability to see people again. I also dearly enjoyed my track team because the season was going really well for me. One of my favorite parts of my high school is how social and happy everyone is to see each other. I miss walking to school and meeting up with friends and talking about the upcoming day and wishing good luck on tests. I miss seeing my teachers everyday, who are so friendly and nice with us, constantly taking about our past days with them. I miss spending time with friends in the hallways and during free block. I miss working with friends on classwork and studying for tests together. I miss the older students who would come to our free period and talk to us about how we're doing this year. I miss my track team and the friend group I had and the ability to run with them everyday after school. I miss FaceTiming my friends at night to talk about weekend plans and work. I will never take this for granted. I will never take for granted the dance at my high school and house party for my track team.
Sam Weber (NUAMES High School)
@Charlotte C. It is so weird because I thought I was an introvert but being in this quarantine has made me realize how much I value social situations, especially school like you mentioned.
Steph Cueva (King Of Prussia, PA)
I'm going to have to be honest and say that there is not that much that I miss before the pandemic struck. My life before the pandemic was very bland and lowkey, unless I was with my boyfriend and his friends then they made my day more interesting. We used to go on long bike rides across town and explore abandoned places, now we can't do that until quarantine is lifted in our area. The one thing that I miss the most is going to school everyday as it gave me a place to get away from my family and to see my friends. Even though there were some classes that I dreaded going too. The majority of my friends are either sophomores or juniors, with a few being freshman like me.
Galilea (Canoga park)
Going out before all this was taken for granted, I would have school and work right after l for the whole week and on my days off my friends ask me " lets go to the mall " or "come over and hang out " I would just say " I can't today I want go home and rest " now looking back I wish I went to the mall or over my friend's house even if I was tired from going to school for 8 hrs ever day and after that i worked for another 8 hrs sometimes less. And now I don't currently work or go to school. I miss waking up every morning smelling the fresh early morning air , I even miss the morning rush because I woke up late. I miss having something to look forward every morning and after school.. all I had i took it for granted. I'm bored now I just want to be able to go to the mall, beach or school but sadly we can't.
Sam Weber (NUAMES High School)
@Galilea I agree, everyone has taken going outside for granted and you do not truly realize how much you value and thrive being outside and around others.
Hannah Krier (Hoggard High School , Wilmington , NC)
My life before this pandemic was very fast paced, outgoing, and I was busy almost every second. I never knew I would take for granted my fast paced and busy life style. Even though I am glad I can finally relax some during this stay at home order, I miss how things used to be before the pandemic. I miss being bale to go to school to see my friends are teachers. I miss coming home getting an hour to relax before going to my grandparents for dinner every night. I miss being able to go shopping or hang out with my friends on the weekends. I miss being able to go out to dinner with my family. I could go on and on for hours about all the things I miss. Things changed in the blink of an eye, I just hope for things to go back to normal soon.
Destiny E (Norfolk,va)
Before the pandemic, there were a lot of good things going around me things were finally falling into place. Every time I think about life before the pandemic, I tend to feel a bit of sadness. Something that upsets me is that the week before us having to be quarantined I finally starting to enjoy being at school. I also felt myself becoming happier after months of being stressed out about how things were occurring the opposite of how I expected. I was doing amazing at work and was rewarded as one of Justice best Sales associates, I was finally starting to enjoy being there after weeks of contemplating on leaving. I miss being around my friends and favorite teachers. I miss my Church Family and just being in that positive atmosphere. I had an abundance of new ideas and fun events planned that were supposed to occur like my older sister graduation and Grad Party, My cousin's graduation in Maryland which meant that I would’ve most definitely spent a couple of weeks with them which would've bound to be a fun time. I was also blessed with the opportunity of shadowing a Dentist and Dental Hygienist over the summer so I could decide which career I liked best before applying to college and choosing a major. But one thing I miss is being at school even though I didn't like it academically it's still a cool place to be, I often catch myself saying "Man, I wish I was in school".I just have to keep in mind that everything happens for a reason.
Sadie Dunne (Hoggard High school in Wilmington, NC)
I did not know that life could be anything other than what it was before. I did not fully trust the notion that suddenly, all at once, life is capable of completely changing, of falling apart. I did not know that my life and others' lives around me were normal, I had just never known anything opposing, anything other than what I was living. I thought my life didn't have the ability to abruptly move paths, or rather, I thought my life didn't know any other path than the one it was taking. Each moment, each day, each week, each month, feels a bit more surreal than the last. I long for what was, and everything that will be after this pandemic. I fully understand that this situation that has absorbed and taken over everyone's way of living, is so much bigger than me. It's so much bigger than my life, my being. I try my hardest to take that into account when I begin to feel frustrated that I'm loosing valuable time- time that I could be spending with my friends, my classmates, my teachers, my distant family. But then I think to myself...am I actually loosing time? Is my life really frozen? The best answer I seem to conjure up is no, I am not loosing valuable time. This part of my life, this time, is perhaps meant to be used to reflect on every person, everything I love dearly- so that when it finally does end, I will be more grateful, more aware, and I will be more present in the now.
Jackie (California)
To be honest, what I miss most of all before this whole pandemic was going out to places such as cafes, malls, restaurants, and Hollywood with my cousin but now I can't go out much as I used to. My parents have been going overboard on buying masks and as of now I believe we own more than 20, I don't like wearing masks in general because it fogs up my glasses and I feel suffocated in them sometimes. I remember going over to my friend's house and hanging out in her pool or spending time with my dance club. I'm kind of bummed out that we weren't able to showcase at the pep rally that was supposed to be this month but what can we do. This whole coronavirus thing has made me pretty lazy where I just watch shows all day and leave every assignment at the last minute.
Angie D (Milton Hershey School, PA)
It is hard to grasp that what we considered normal a few months ago would now be viewed as highly irresponsible and downright preposterous. The world has had to adjust to its new “normal”. It’s been quite a difficult adjustment. There is a crazy long list of things that I miss. One event flashed in my mind when challenged to recall a moment that stood out to me. At the start of each academic year, my school puts on a huge celebration. We rent out a giant stadium and it is decorated to fit the theme of that year. This year our theme is to Be Golden. Treating others how we wish to be treated. During our jubilee, gold confetti rained down on us and I’m sure the excited cheers could be heard all through town. We all felt connected and the whole stadium was filled with my Milton Hershey brothers and sisters. The sheer emotion in the room was electrifying. Thinking back to that incredible moment when we all felt infinite and proud of one another makes me yearn for the time we could gather together and lift each other up. We desperately need that comfort now.
Kennady Schertzer (Rockwood Summit High School)
I miss feeling excited about the next day. I miss the feeling of the countdown towards such exciting events or, in a weird way, feeling the usual stress of school. I feel like every day is the same. Nothing really changes. I wake up, do school work, clean, work out, eat, go to bed, and repeat it all over again. I don't get the chance to be excited about the rare sit-down meal with my entire family, I don't get to be excited about basic things anymore because I mentally can’t think ahead the next month with everything changing. I turn eighteen in eighteen days. Honestly, I’m not even excited about it. I was planning on getting my first tattoo, going shopping, and hanging out with my friends later that night. None of that is going to happen now. My prom already got canceled, my graduation may be canceled. It’s taken me a lot of strength to just find the little things daily to keep myself going. But, that’s my privilege of living in my personal life. I don't have to worry about my dad getting paid because we have the ability to live off of savings. I have the privilege of social distancing and not going to work. I’m privileged to be able to worry about not having a good birthday or missing prom/graduation and not where my next meal may come from. But I’m still sad, I’m still struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Atzi (Sun Valley)
Honestly I miss going out and getting ready for school or just to head out and have a good day, but since this pandemic has started its like were trapped at home. Before this pandemic going outside I took for granted and now all I want is to get ready and head out and have fun especially because summer is coming and I would like to be out rather then be in doors, but what I do miss the most is going to a store without worrying about getting a virus, or going to a store without a mask and gloves, I miss what used to be the norm but now mask and gloves is the new normal which isn't all that great. I miss planning out a day to have fun or planning out an outfit to head to the mall or the beach. I miss getting a good workout at the gym rather then at home, I just miss the little things.
Anna Kilpatrick (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Being at home all the time has made me realize how many things I took for granted in my everyday life. I’m now understanding how important these things were to me. What I miss the most is getting to ride to school with one of my friends everyday. We have been riding to school together for almost three years, but our schedules next year are going to make it impossible to keep carpooling, so we knew this would be our last year. We haven’t had any classes together so this was the only way we saw each other at school. I wish I had known back in March that this would be the last time we got to ride to school together. The videos shown in this article make me think about all the moments I took for granted, like getting to go to school or seeing my friends. Seeing the clips of people in crowded places seems so strange since almost everyone is social distancing now. Since so much has changed, I wonder what life will be like when we don’t have to distance ourselves from others or stay home.
Sarah Cashman (Danvers, MA)
There is an endless list of things that I miss about my life before the pandemic. This time has made me realize that the quote, "You don't know what you have until it's gone", is true. A lot of what I've been missing includes the little things in life. I miss sitting at lunch with my friends talking about what we're going to do later that night. I miss having team dinner before a big lacrosse game. I miss going to my cousins house for a big family dinner. I miss the bus ride to lacrosse games. I miss driving around with my friends on the weekend. I miss waking up, driving to school and seeing my friends in the parking lot. I miss going out in public and not having to worry about putting a mask on my face. Overall, what I miss most is normalcy. My everyday routine is something that I took for granted. In fact, one of the hardest parts about being quarantined has been having to find a new routine. I wish there was a way that I could go back and appreciate the normal days that I had. I wish I could go back to March 12, the day school was cancelled, and appreciate the lat block of flex that I would be having. Unfortunately, these are all things I cannot do. The only thing that I can do right now is accept the fact that things are no longer normal, and they won't be for a long time. I can look forward to the days when we are able to hangout with friends, go back to school, and not be constantly worried for our own and others lives. I will no longer take my days for granted.
Cole Noberini (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
I really miss the routine that I used to have going to school. It’s a lot harder for me now to do all my school work at home where there is no sense of a schedule. It takes me a long time to get things done now I’m working by myself. But the thing that I miss the most is seeing my friends. It’s hard, but we still play games online and talk to each other. I hope this pandemic ends soon so I can talk to them in person for once.
Tayzia S. (NUAMES High School)
No one likes change. It takes away what we used to know and replaces it with something new. Sometimes it can be exciting, but it is also terrifying. There is so much uncertainty. Looking through this article, I saw so many people who loved their lives and are now hurting from the changes. However, I saw something else that brings joy back to me. As I read these stories and saw these pictures, I noticed how if none of this changed, these moments wouldn't mean as much as they do now. They would still have been important, but these circumstances have brought more love to them. It is the sad reality of change. You love something a lot more once it is gone. We have lost a lot, but so long as we still have a life to live, we still have hope. Find the love around you. I promise you, it is there.
Evelyn (Glenbard West HS)
There is plenty of things that I miss from life before the pandemic, in the article it highlights hanging out with friends in general and I do miss that a lot. On the other hand, I also miss going to Chicago, visiting different restaurants, and just going out in general with my friends. Not only this, but I miss school too and seeing school friends and teachers and the overall structure that provided. The pandemic definitely is an adjustment and I feel like a lot of the time days are just being wasted because there is not much to do, but altogether I know when this is over it will make me (as well as others) appreciate going out that much more.
Daniel Q (Washington)
At the time, I didn't appreciate life that much before the pandemic struck. Now, what I miss are the little things that I was able to do before the pandemic. Even just going to school, and being able to talk to friends, is something that I miss. However, most of all, I miss being able to do something, anything. We are all confined at home, and I think I speak for many people when I say that I have a sense of restlessness. When this difficult time has passed, and we are able to return to a level of normality, I believe that this pandemic has instilled in me, the value of friends and family.
Alexis Jennings (Houston, TX)
I miss so many things about my life before the pandemic but I know that its for the greater good that I stay home. One of the the things I miss the most about pre-pandemic life is being around my friends. I miss being able to see them almost everyday and getting to hang out with them on the weekends. I miss doing things that every teenager does like going to the mall, the movies, parties, ect. I am also super dependent on my friends and I am very much an extrovert so this has not been easy for me to handle. I think I have been feeling extra upset because I just turned sixteen and got my drivers license a day before I went into total lockdown so I am feeling extra lonely. I officially have the freedom of going wherever I want but I have nowhere to go. I also miss my grandparents so much. They live less that five mins from my house but I can't see them and that really hurts because I love them so much. I hope we return to whatever normal is soon and that everyone effected recovers.
Nate Navarro (Glenbard West, Glen Ellyn, IL)
When it comes to the topic of how this pandemic has effected our lives and what is missed most, it is generally agreeable for most that we have been separated from our friends and family for too long. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of what can we do to remain connected? Some are convinced that online substitutes such as Zoom, FaceTime, and Google hangouts are sufficient others maintain that the internet does not create the same joy as conversing in person. Although we are advised to stay sequestered in our homes, some people have resorted to meeting in person, taking precautionary measures of course. Activities such as taking walks with friends and meeting in cars have been commonly seen in our community as ways of coping with isolation while remaining distant from each other. This is not encouraged during the time but when appropriate measures are taken, these are small things that connect is to our lives before the coronavirus.
Ally (New York)
School has been a major part of my life for the past ten years. I never thought I would miss going to school, but now that I am unable to, I realize that I took that part of my life for granted. Doing online classes is not all it’s made out to be. Although it may be nice to have a more relaxed morning where I can sleep in and exercise before getting to school work, it is difficult to engage in assignments and fully understand some assignments. Without being in the classroom setting, with a teacher to guide you through new information and answer your questions, it is harder to get a good understanding of information. Also, I miss being able to see my friends everyday at school. My friends brightened my days and gave me someone to talk to about everything that had happened that week. Although I didn’t love school while I was there, I can now say that I took that part of my life for granted.
Amy W (Glenbard West High School, IL)
Covid-19 has had a profound effect on all of us. On one hand, many argue that many of these have been positive. Many of us have been able to stay home and relax, spend time with family members, and taking up new hobbies. On the other hand, efficiency of work has decreased, while schoolwork has increased, and countless people miss out on social interactions, and their routines. But, each of us can agree that we took things for granted. Personally, I took for granted the little moments that happened in class. The ability to ask questions in person and not have to wait for an email back. The satisfaction of finishing a hard test, putting your pencil down and feeling like you've nailed it. The mundaneness of going grocery shopping. Running without worrying about passing someone too closely on the sidewalk. While I can't say that I will joyfully jump back into the intensity of school, or dive into the chaos of daily life, I will certainly have a deeper appreciation for them.
Jordan Brodsky (Danvers, MA)
I could go on forever about what I miss about my life before the pandemic, however the simple actions in my daily life are what I truly miss most. I miss going to school everyday, and although I often dreaded it I can not wait for the day I can walk in the doors of Danvers High School with my best friends. I miss listening to music while driving to school every morning. I miss having to rush from school to lacrosse practice. I miss staying up late to finish my homework and study for tests. I miss being greeted by my teachers everytime I walk into class and being surrounded by my peers all day. The list goes on, but I can not believe how much happiness these small things added to my life and how much I took them for granted. What I truly miss the most is seeing my friends on the weekends. I miss one of my friends texting our group chat asking what the plan is for the night and I would just leave my house with no worry about going into public. We would spontaneously think of places to go and things to do and it makes me so upset that we might never get to do this again without thinking about the virus. I miss my normal life and can not wait until I can live like a teenager again, although I know it will never be the same as it was less than two months ago.
Ashton Gray (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Jordan Brodsky I saw that you said "I miss staying up late to finish my homework and study for tests." lets just say I don't think I'll ever miss that but everything else you listed I for sure will miss. Then I saw you said that things may never be the same again and I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that. I think they will go back to the same some time next year. The only thing that will really change is the world wide economy. I feel like next year the corona virus is gonna be seen as a common virus like the flu and we will have medicines and vaccines to fight it off.
Patrick (Danvers High School)
The part of my pre-quarantine life that I miss are the moments spent outside of my house. The pandemic has taken this aspect of a lot of people’s lives. How can we not all be feeling a longing for liberation? Sure we have social media, calls, texts, and video chat platforms to keep in touch with other people but nothing beats the environment of face to face interactions. However, the little things in life are the biggest voids from my quarantine life. I miss the way I would always feel being early to pick up my cousin for school in the morning. I miss his modest “no” whenever I asked if he wanted coffee from dunks. I miss the feeling of greatness whenever I parked into a space perfectly. I miss the ramblings of my teachers going on and on about lessons and concepts. I miss the moments in school where my mind would drift off and think about something totally random. I miss the excitement I felt when Fridays were just around the corner. I miss the simplicity of driving around at night with my friends having no destination. I miss the little fights we always had that meant absolutely nothing. I miss my freedom to be outside and go wherever I wanted. I miss the annoyance of not getting my parents coffee order right when I came home from school. I miss the little things.
Alize Juarez (Utah)
Oddly enough the thing I miss most is school and the normal routine of it. It felt purposeful and simple. I know I for one have complained having to get up and get ready for the day but at least then I had a reason too. I miss the reasons for waking up in the morning and walking into class with familiar faces. A moment that stood out to me was looking at the excitement on the faces of my friends who are/were seniors. They'd been looking forward to their graduation and planning parties and now it seems like only a dream.
Tayzia S. (NUAMES High School)
@Alize Juarez I agree, I greatly miss the things that used to be annoying routine. I miss my friends. Sometimes life seems like a big haze. Nothing feels quite real. Sometimes I want to lay down and wake back up to my early alarm, to rush back to school, to make it all go back to the way it used to be. I try my best to move past those feelings. To find the love that is still here. I know it is! It may be hard to track down at times, but it will always be there. You just need to know where to look.
@Alize Juarez I agree with school being normal, and routine. At the time, it didn't really feel like it was, but after reflecting on your post, I realize that's just what it was, routine, normal, so predictable it was almost boring. And yet, now it's gone until next year.
Sofia S. (Danvers, MA)
What I miss the most about school is the sense of community. I do miss my friends of course, but what I’ve realized I can never have over a Zoom call is everyone being together. I might not be close friends with everyone, but I still enjoy having them around. My journalism class wouldn’t be the same if it was just my friends. It’s everyone which makes the class fun. We must enjoy times like these in the moment. Once we go back to school, our classes will be different, so these special times must be enjoyed while they happen.
Tayzia S. (NUAMES High School)
@Sofia S. I love the insight that you have. That community is what ties us to each other. I love how you said that we miss more than just our friends. Each person makes a difference. To have them gone is very hard. If we can all learn to be in the moment. Even now, during all of this craziness, if we can enjoy what is going on right now, we can find happiness anywhere.
Hannah Kesten (Bradenton, FL)
When I read Gigi Silla's picture, which was taken with her friends right before the pandemic, it made me think of the time I spent with my friends right before what I thought would only be a week of spring break. When it turned out to be entended for the whole year, I felt extremely nastalgic, as well as thankful for this year. I'm a freshmen and had friends in every class and at every point of the school day, which surprised me because going into my school I didn't have any friends. It hit hard when I realized I wouldn't have any more time in my freshmen year to enjoy classes with all my friends, but it hit even harder when I found out I was moving and wouldn't even get to say goodbye. And it made me realize that the seniors have it even worse when they can't say goodbye to the friends they've had for four years. If there's one thing I feel I've taken for granted, it's saying goodbye to all the friends I'm so thankful I met this past year.
Jayla (DC)
The things I miss the most from pre- quarantine is oddly the bus stop and ride. My bus stop was at my old school and I would sit for an half an hour and be able to catch up with some old of my friends who still attended the school. I would get to see all the students walk in when the bell rang and even made a handful of mini me's or little kid friends. On the bus ride, my fellow bus mates and I would talk about Harry Potter, which most of us had an obsession with. The bus driver would tell stories or jokes and even play the stations that we liked. On the bus, no two people were of the same ethnicity, so it was fun also being able to learn a new word in a new language, or see a new breakfast from a different place. The thing I miss the ABSOLUTE most, is my best friend. Every day, our bus would pull up to the school at the same time and we'd hop out, run to the bike rack, (our meeting spot) catch up, and walk to class together. She'd always have something funny to say and some new dramatic story about her gymnastics team or a situation with her siblings etc. I miss talking with my little clique at lunch to. We all played a different sport, were from different backgrounds, and had different tastes, but we always found something to relate about. My friend EZ is a total comedian and would always exaggerate his stories. Chance was pessimistic but his rare laugh made all of us smile. My bestie Peniel and I are crazy, that's what everyone loved about us.I miss what I had for granted.
Yumin (Maryland)
When the Governor announced that all the schools will be closed, I was happy skipping school and not doing any more projects and homework from the school for a while. However, after a month passed since the announcement of closing all schools, now I miss spending time with my friends in the school. I miss joking and playing with my friends and taking classes that I liked. Now I want the pandemic to end soon so that the school opens and see my friends.
Alize Juarez (Utah)
@Yumin I've also started feeling this way, even the acquaintances in class suddenly come to mind and I miss because it was those small friendships that create smiles and laughter.
Sanna I. (Northwest High School)
Like others, I miss a sense of normalcy in my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm a stickler for spontaneity, but I was always fond of having some consistency. Even though our days in school were strictly planned out for us, there was always comfort in the promise of tomorrow. There was comfort in knowing that you had the freedom of going to the movies or the mall with your friends. The world was a playground for us teens; opportunities to kill time were endless. Now that we're stuck at home, those are the things that I long for. The freedom of being a teenager. Ironic, isn't it? That we're finally begging to go outside again like when we were five.
Conner Kelley (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Sanna I. I also really miss going to school just to see and talk to friends. I was really looking forward to going to the movies too because of a new move that came out right before lockdown and I never got to see it.
Bethany Donovan (Danvers, Massachusetts)
Life before the pandemic arose was all fun and games, but what I didn't realize is that I took every moment for granted. I miss waking up extra early on cold days just so I could get a coffee before school. I miss sitting in my car early in the morning in the school parking lot. I miss walking from the parking lot into the school with all of my friends. I think before this pandemic began, many people were carrying on with life not expecting it to get taken away. In the blink of an eye, our lives were changed forever. Before, we would always give hugs to our friends, shake our teachers hands, give high fives to other teams, and just simply not fear what was to be contracted. As for now, we are constantly thinking about what we are touching or who we see. Nothing just happens normally anymore. Life after the pandemic is going to be extremely different. Everyone is still going to be worried about what disease is to come next or how they are going to keep themselves safe from anything. It is unfortunate that our lives will never be the same, however, I think the only thing we can do now is learn from what has happened and make the best out of what we can get.
Alondra (Ca)
From a few months ago I took going out for granted, even certain classes. I would always go out on Fridays, maybe even saturday or sunday if I convinced my parents and made plans. Being cooped up at home isn’t fun at all before and during the quarantine. Now with this quarantine it sucks even more because it's the same routine everyday and waiting for the news that the curve has been controlled and we can go out besides the supermarket. I miss my ceramics class the most mainly because I had a lot of fun creating things with clay and taking my time with it,then after glazing. I just miss it a lot, it was very relaxing and I think helped with relieving stress. I really miss just interacting with people and going to school, it wasn’t much but I’d at least walk around compared to being a couch potato at home. I miss getting up early for school, taking forever what I was going to wear even though it was the same clothes in my closet just switched up, I miss the mall. After this pandemic I am really going to look forward to going out to eat and getting some food I’ve been craving. I’m also looking forward to hanging out with friends and creating more memories. I’m 80% looking forward to attending college and at the same time I’m not because I hate new school years with people I most likely won’t know. I know that’s a part of life but in my opinion it’s hard, I just keep to myself most of the time.
Haris Celikovic (Danvers High School, MA)
The recent pandemic has drastically changed nearly everyone's lives. It's allowed us to reflect on everything that we had before it and realize what we took for granted. For example, this isn't what I miss the most, but I miss going to school. I never though in a million years that I would say this, but the lock down has given me a lot of time to think about how lucky I was. However, what I and nearly everyone miss is being around friends. Because of how contagious COVID-19, we have to social distance to stay safe. I hate it and I guarantee that everyone else hates it as well, but it is the only way that we are going to beat this pandemic. Anyways, friends are absolutely essential for every human being and it affects us all when we can't be with them. Friends don't just come and go in life. Friends are the family that you get to choose in life. I firmly believe that friends are a part of us that we cannot afford to give up. I miss hanging out with my group. We've literally been friends since birth and it sucks to not be around them. I miss all of the times where we hiked, skied, played soccer, and lived awesome lives. While I might not be near them, technology has enabled us to communicate. We do talk over text but nothing is the same as actually talking in person. This pandemic is something that we are going to have to adjust to but I'm certain that in time things will go back to normal.
Catie Nemeskal (Danvers, MA)
I miss the most basic parts of life before quarantine. I miss driving to school with my sister every morning, pulling into the parking lot with only 3 minutes to spare, and walking into the building surrounded by friends. I miss sitting through double block chemistry on a Friday afternoon, rushing from my last class to practice, and taking tests at a desk in a classroom. I miss eating pizza in someone's basement, playing the same card games we play every weekend, driving with the windows down in a car stuffed full of people, even doing homework at a table with a classmate. I miss the things I never thought I'd lose. Of course, I miss concerts, sports games, and restaurants, but even more than that, I miss the boring, simple, repetitive moments. I just want to learn in the same room as my teacher, run next to a teammate, and see a face without the barrier of a screen. I miss the connections I took for granted more than anything.
Alize Juarez (Utah)
@Catie Nemeskal While I think a lot of people complain about a repetitive simple life I think it's the simple things we miss most. As you mentioned about just missing the car ride with your sister, I also miss little things like that. Those things are images that never leave the mind and for them to be gone just flat out sucks.
Anna Van Impe (Belgium)
The rush, the fast pace of life. The continuously moving forward and forward. The new things and daily surprises. But just as well the habits. The habits of rolling up our incredibly unflattering uniform skirts, sitting in the grass, picking daisies, the countless times of laughing until we nearly spit out the canteen food. I miss getting reprimanded by teachers, drawing in class. I miss studying until 11 pm because I so desperately want to ace that test. But after all, do you know what I miss the most? Hugs. Simply, hugs.
Paulina Adams (Clarence High School)
The thing that I miss most about pre pandemic life is routine. Stuck in your house all day there is not much structure to your day to day life. Before this pandemic life consisted of going to school, homework, and sports pretty much on repeat all day everyday. I believe that having a structured plan for everyday makes you much more efficient. I also miss being able to go out in the world without constantly worrying about acquiring the virus. Our whole world is being turned upside down as we know it, which makes us miss the simple things from pre-pandemic life.
Tayzia S. (NUAMES High School)
@Paulina Adams I agree so much. Before all of this we had structure and a sense of what to do. Times like this always throws us for a spin. When we have to decided what to do, and how to act. Sometimes I believe that these are tests to see who we truly are when structure can't hide it.
Ricardo (Sacromento)
Before the lockdown took place, I had done a lot of reading on the news of what other countries were going through... and I knew we would most probably go through the same thing. To stay in our houses for the span of several months, I knew I had to think about what I might miss so that way I might overcome the longing. Some of the things I miss is going to a record store and purchasing a Led Zeppelin record with a buddy of mine. Of course, I could get the music online, but both the experience and purchase were not the same... and I knew that missing an activity such as this would also fall into the category of missing friends. I also miss sitting in class, cracking jokes to my friends, and talking about things that weren't important. Now, I have to wait for a time thats both convenient for my friend and I so we can call — and all we do is sit in a FaceTime call and talk about our boring lives in the house, and how terrible the pandemic is. I think one thing about being a teenager is that you don't have to worry about adult stuff... until it hits you... and when it does it sucks. One other thing I'm gonna definitely miss is the rush: getting up in the morning for school really early, or going to a basketball game that you're gonna miss. Being stuck at home without the rush just takes the normalcy out of our lives. But, I overcome these longings by knowing that when everything opens I'm gonna enjoy it a lot more than I did before! Haha!
Eliza L (North Carolina)
One thing many students are realizing they have been taking for granted is school as well as of the ease of learning. Not to say it was easy to comprehend all assignments and topics during school hours, but I think we can all agree that online learning is more challenging. I am finding myself missing my classes as well as seeing friends everyday. I used to complain about getting up early and having to navigate through the crowded hallways. Now I am wishing that I could get just a few minutes surrounded by the people who I used to see every day. When we left school, no one knew that it would be our last day. We knew that cancellations were coming but we were not prepared to be told over the weekend that we wouldn't be coming back. I believe that this experience will teach us to live in the moment, enjoy the small things, and to not take things for granted.
Lauren (Glenbard West High School)
When it comes to the topic of life before the coronavirus pandemic, most students will agree that, despite the lighter load of work, school was an integral part of social lives, mental health, and everyday routine. However, others would argue that the absence of sports and other recreational activities such as going to the gym, going shopping, or even going out to eat with friends and families is most missed due to the pandemic. I argue, however, that, while all these activities and routines are important, not only to our emotional and physical well-being, but to the economy as well, it is the presence of real human connection- being with friends, giving a hug, or even high-fiving a teammate after a great game- that is missed the most. While school can be replaced with virtual learning, sports can be changed to individual training, and Chipotle can still be picked up outside, nothing can replace real human touch and connection.
Joseph (Wisconson)
This year I never felt excited leaving the house except for holidays, and I would only usually leave for school. But what I miss mostly before the pandemic is my friends and memories and a few years ago I remember having some fun holidays. I was pretty upset that I missed Easter, and if the pandemic goes for any longer I'm probably going to miss upcoming holidays like the 4th of July. But besides that, I feel fine during the pandemic, I feel happy at the moment and I don't have a problem staying at home like most people.
Carter Osborn (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
If I had known that March 13 would have been my last day of high school this year, I would have taken a picture, just as Gigi Silla did. I hate coronavirus, I hate online learning, and I hate quarantine. I miss lacrosse, and I especially miss being with my friends, whether it be on the field, in the classroom, at each other's homes, and at sleepovers. Questions constantly run through my head during the day: "When will this be over?" "When can I see my friends?" "When can I go to the beach?" Every day brings me further and further away from normalcy, and in all honesty, this doesn't even feel real. It feels like we are in a simulation. The NFL Draft, and ESPN's Michael Jordan documentary brought a sense of normalcy to me, but I don't think it will be or feel real until I'm with my friends on the lacrosse field. It is my place of refuge, and the place I miss the most.
Shimshon M (California)
What I miss most is my family members that don't live close to me, like my cousins and older siblings. I also miss seeing classmates and friends .
Adam Larson (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Personally, the only thing that I really miss is doing my homework at school and spending the rest of my time at home for myself. I don’t really miss school since I still get to see my teachers every other day. As for friends I just text them whenever I really feel like it. Switching from face to face learning to online learning isn’t that bad. In some ways, I prefer it over the face to face learning. I really like how I have more time to work on my projects and help out around the house. Since the pandemic happened my family has been doing renovations on our house just yesterday we got rid of everything(even the sink and the toilet) in my parent's bathroom. I got some new coding classes on Udemy and I’ve been having fun making code and building tiny games. This pandemic might be bad, but it can be really good too. Only if you allow it to be.
Cheryl Yee (San Francisco, CA)
I miss riding the 47 bus with my friends after school, when busses are essentially crowded chicken farms on wheels. When the 47 comes to my stop, my friends and I somehow manage to squeeze into it. But the fumes of weed from the back, slick moisture in the air, and rowdy freshman make us all regret getting on. As the bus hurdles along Van Ness street (if they are still not done with construction on Van Ness by the time I’ve graduated, I’m suing), my friends and I hold on for dear life onto the tattered nylon straps and talk about our day. And now, I miss it. Even though how much of a chicken farm it is.
Sydney Short (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Cheryl Yee This comment is so cool because it just goes to show that we need to be thankful for everything. Even the things we normally dread or hate doing, we never know when those things are going to be taken from us. We need to be thankful as well as kind to everyone.
Karolina Smoter (Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn IL)
In addressing the issue of social distancing, many have considered several “helpful” tips for reaching out to others and trying to make life seem as normal as it can be. Gigi Silla argues that we don’t truly know the meaning of normal anymore. In my opinion I feel the same way. Even though we can go get coffee or pick up food, we are restrained from doing things we would normally do such as go to school, work and hang out with friends. I agree with what Gigi said. We don’t really know “normal” anymore. Many people had plans to take trips over the summer which are now canceled. Social media posts spread rumors about the situation everyday. We are living in uncertain times and it doesn’t feel right to say that everything will go back to how it was before.
Colleen Shanahan (Glenbard West High School in Glen Ellyn)
When it comes to the topic of the Corona virus pandemic, most of us will readily agree that the most difficult part of quarantine has been the social isolation from our peers. Just as Gigi said, there was no way to know that our last day of school before quarantine began would really be our last. The day before school was cancelled my forensics team was supposed to have our end-of-the-season banquet. Unfortunately, due to the situation regarding school closing, the banquet was cancelled. We never really got the closure to our season that we were expecting. This made me much more appreciative of the last time we were all together as a team at state, and even more so for my last season coming this next year.
Lilian (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
I desperately miss my friends. I miss their hugs and our meaningless conversations we would have on the way to class. I miss our little adventures to the beach and walks through our neighborhoods. I miss fooling around in parking lots and getting late night snacks. Simply put, I crave recklessness and liberty that comes with being a teenager. The memory that stands out the most to me would be the night where me and my friends went out on the beach to look at the stars. We all had a very rough day and we all needed to let out some of our anxiety. The way we did this was screaming into a trash can. My friend took a photo of us and it has quickly become one of my favorite photos. I would have submit that photo to Ms. Wise’s article because that night just felt good. I feel like there is a very togetherness about where I live. People find it very hard to do things without other people. Before this virus I really took school for granted. I remember thinking about how much I wanted to be home. I can now safely say after spending 43 days in my house I no longer feel the same way towards school.
Zoe U (Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn, IL)
When it comes to the topic of self-isolation, most of us will readily agree that many activities—once a part of our normal lives—are sorely missed. Where this argument usually ends, however, is on the question of what activities are missed the most. Whereas some are convinced that the cancellation of sporting events is one of the worst consequences of the stay-at-home orders, others maintain that the inability to meet friends and extended family in person has made the greatest impact on their sanity. Personally, I tend to agree with the latter group. Although I have made it my goal to FaceTime at least one friend once each week, this small amount of interaction has not been enough to satisfy my social needs—even as an introvert. Aside from missing friends, I also long to drive to orchestra rehearsal each Sunday night to participate in the making of music. Since the stay-at-home orders were established, I have realized that I used to take my orchestral experiences for granted. It is truly magical to be able to play an instrument and make music with a community of people.
Daviel Schulman (New Rochelle, NY)
Looking back on life before quarantine, I definitely took the ability to go to school for granted. I dreaded waking up early everyday and having to sit through seemingly endless class periods. I longed for the weekends, when I could actually sleep in and enjoy myself. Now, every student's wish for endless weekends has been granted, and it is not exactly as amazing as it sounds. Try asking anyone for the date right now, and you are bound to see the effects that this "endless weekend" has: no one knows what day it is anymore. All of the days have melded into one indistinguishable mixture. Every day starts to feel the same; I wake up, eat breakfast, take a shower, do online school, watch Netflix, and go to sleep. The occasional walk outside or family game helps make the days a little different, but the new routine remains the same. The positive outcome of this melding is that time seems to pass relatively quickly. While the days feel slow, the weeks fly by. It is mind-blowing to me that I have not so much as sat in a school desk for almost two months; I have not seen my teachers in person; I have not walked the halls of my school; I have not worn my backpack; I have not used my lunch box. Thinking of this complete change makes me miss my old routine. If I had known that March 10th was (possibly) the last day of my junior year in high school, I would have made a point to savor and take in each last moment.
Tiffany Borja (Kaysville, Ut)
I never thought there would be a day where NUAMES, the "nerd" school that continues through snow, rain, or shine, would cancel classes for almost 2 months. Crazy to say that I actually miss it. I miss my teachers lecturing face to face, while students gossiped quietly in the back. I miss entering school and being able to hug my friends. Most importantly I miss the sense of normality. All of these things I had taken for granted before the pandemic. If I ever forgot to meet up with my friends for lunch, I would simply say "there's always tomorrow," without ever thinking that one day everything would change and there wouldn't be a "tomorrow." I think that this whole situation has made me grateful for all the times that I have gotten to spend with my friends and family. It has also taught me the valuable lesson of cherishing every moment in life, along with every opportunity because you never know when, with a blink of an eye, it'll all be gone.
Danny Mulcare (Glenbard West)
Doyne writes about how people felt before the virus actually affected the United States and people in general. She wants to find out how people feel now that we are in the situation of this pandemic and our thoughts about if you ever return to “normal life”. Beyond that, she wants people to get their feelings out because she knows this is a stressful time for everyone and writing about it can be helpful to ease the pain, without even knowing it.
Allahyaar Khan (Glenbard West HS, Glen Ellyn, IL)
Introducing the ongoing argument, the pandemic crisis that has enveloped the world. I miss my daily routine such as going to school meeting my friends. I can’t go outside and meet my friends anymore, I can’t go to the gym everything is closed and I miss them so much.
Kyle Pryce (New York)
As a person who mainly plays Video Games to pass by the time. I'm usually playing Video Games or coding in Roblox Studio. The main games i play are Minecraft, Roblox, and a speed running game called Getting Over It with Bennet Fody. After Virtual classes are done i ususally start the Gaming with Roblox and Minecraft . Then I go to Roblox Studio to start Coding on a project me and my friends are working on. then usually, I call it a day there.
Adam Larson (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Kyle Pryce, that's basically all I've been doing too. I can't tell you how many hours I played Minecraft during this pandemic. I love all of this free time because I can do some coding too. I've been coding on Visual Studio and Unity, I took up some Udemy classes during the pandemic to learn how to code and I've had a blast learning how to code.
Daviel Schulman (New Rochelle, NY)
Looking back on life before quarantine, I definitely took the ability to go to school for granted. I dreaded waking up early everyday and having to sit through seemingly endless class periods. I longed for the weekends, when I could actually sleep in and enjoy myself. Now, every student's wish for endless weekends has been granted, and it is not exactly as amazing as it sounds. Try asking anyone for the date right now, and you are bound to see the effects that this "endless weekend" has: no one knows what day it is anymore. All of the days have melded into one indistinguishable mixture. Every day starts to feel the same; I wake up, eat breakfast, take a shower, do online school, watch Netflix, and go to sleep. The occasional walk outside or family game helps make the days a little different, but the new routine remains the same. The positive outcome of this melding is that time seems to pass relatively quickly. While the days feel slow, the weeks fly by. It is mind-blowing to me that I have not so much as sat in a school desk for almost two months; I have not seen my teachers in person; I have not walked the halls of my school; I have not worn my backpack; I have not used my lunch box. Thinking of this complete change makes me miss my old routine. If I had known that March 10th was (possibly) the last day of my junior year in high school, I would have made a point to savor and take in each last moment.
Ellie Wolfe (Anna High School, Texas)
Like most extroverted teenagers, the thing I miss most about our pre-quarantine days is talking to my friends in person. Days before COVID-19 got more serious, my school band got to go to Disney World in Florida, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I knew that getting back to a regular schedule would be boring in comparison, but I never realized that it was going to be the last time I saw my friends for the year. I took for granted seeing my senior friends, and wish I could've spent more time with them before we were all stuck at home. I also took hundreds of photos when we were on vacation in Florida, and I look at them almost every day, and every one of them could've been submitted for Ms. Wise's article. One thing that I didn't realize I would be scared to do in less than a month was hold on to the rails on the Disney buses. Thousands of people from all around the world had touched the very same rail, but we all held on without a doubt. It seems absolutely insane that now if I were sitting on the same bus, I would more than likely keep my hands in my lap and try my best not to touch anything. I miss going on crazy adventures in the most magical place on earth, but even more than that, I miss being with my amazing friends.
Clara (NY)
What I miss most before the pandemic is just being with the people I love. I miss greeting my friends with a hug and having random sleepovers. I miss eating at restaurants with my family and going on vacations. I miss soccer practices and games. I miss after school musical practices and all-day dress rehearsals. I took for granted all the little moments of just being with the people I love.
Maddy F (New York)
I think I speak for a lot of us teenagers when I say that the feeling of being out of school and out of-normalcy- is quite surreal. There are so many things that we take for granted every day, and when all of a sudden forced to just stop it all, it can be a difficult thing to understand. Often times, since the closing, I have found myself scrolling through my Snapchat memories or Instagram posts, finding videos of me and my friends all smiling and laughing together, or singing to early 2000s' pop songs. It sure puts a big smile on my face, and while it may not seem like anything major, it is really hard for me to not see my closest friends at schools and on the weekends. I goof around with them, be silly, and have made a lot of great memories that way. Another thing is sports. With the spring season being cut short, it's hard to give up what it could have been. Looking at pictures of my teammates and me from previous seasons makes me happy yet sad at the time. It's hard to realize that 3 months ago, we were all together and having fun. I miss meeting up with friends at the small restaurants near my house, or going to 7 am practices before school, or even talking and doing homework with friends in the library before 1st period. I think that a lot of us take for granted the little things, and when all of a sudden we were told we couldn't do them anymore, it shocked us and was a great eye-opener.
Sasha (CSE)
During this pandemic, I realized how much I missed. I really miss seeing my friends everyday and laughing with them. I also miss going out regularly to see a movie or just shopping at the mall. I’ve never missed school so much. I feel like after the pandemic nothing will be the same and we’re going to have to get use to the new normal.
Ellie Wolfe (Anna High School, Texas)
Like most extroverted teenagers, the thing I miss most about our pre-quarantine days is talking to my friends in person. Days before COVID-19 got more serious, my school band got to go to Disney World in Florida, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I knew that getting back to a regular schedule would be boring in comparison, but I never realized that it was going to be the last time I saw my friends for the year. I took for granted seeing my senior friends, and wish I could've spent more time with them before we were all stuck at home. I took hundreds of photos when we were on vacation in Florida, and I look at them almost every day, and every one of them could've been submitted for Ms. Wise's article. One thing that I didn't realize I would be scared to do in less than a month was hold on to the rails on the Disney buses. Thousands of people from all around the world had touched the very same rail, but we all held on without a doubt. It seems absolutely insane that now if I were sitting on the same bus, I would more than likely keep my hands in my lap and try my best not to touch anything. I miss going on crazy adventures in the most magical place on earth, but even more than that, I miss being with my amazing friends.
Maya U (Glenbard West HS, Glen Ellyn, IL)
When it comes to the topic of the pandemic, most of us will readily agree that we miss at least one aspect of our pre-coronavirus lives. Where this discussion ends, however, is on the question of what we miss most. Whereas some are convinced that they have missed large gatherings the most, others maintain that it has been more difficult to give up meetings with even the closest of friends and family. Personally, I long to see my friends in person, rather than through my phone. I also miss playing the violin in orchestra, surrounded by my peers, as well as competing in track and field in organized meets, as our season was cut short due to the pandemic. As for the photos shared in the article, almost all of them struck a chord with me, even if I have not experienced the things other people are reminiscing about. Like others, I miss the little things like walking around outside without worrying about passing too close to others on the sidewalk, running with my team at the track, or seeing a playground full of kids. Aside from all of this, I believe we should try to focus on the positives rather than the loss we feel and embrace this experience for what it is.
Omar V (Glenbard West, Glen Ellyn, IL)
When it comes to reminiscing about our lives before the lockdown, a lot of us will readily agree that we yearn to see many of our loved ones once again in person. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is when it comes to the topic of returning to school for the sake of doing school work. Whereas some wish to return to the old schedule of schooling, others maintain that they do not necessarily want to go back to schools due to fearing how difficult it would be to get back into the swing and mindset of school in person. I personally do want to go back to school despite the heavy workload if it means I would get to see my friends on a daily basis yet again. One last thing I miss about my life is not worrying at all about getting ill every time I went outside.
William Hohe (Glenbard West HS, Glen Ellyn, IL)
In addressing the issue of the pandemic and what we miss most from our "normal" lives, one way to look at it is all the things we took for granted. Hanging out with friends, activities, sports, even school. Everything seems so distant and far away, but was once so normal to us. On the one hand, one could argue that this pandemic is a wake up call. It is time we start appreciating the ordinary; because events such as these can take them away in a second. Others still maintain the fact that this pandemic is someway "unfair" in taking away notable events (for seniors especially). However, I agree with the idea that this time is one for gratitude and a time in which we should reevaluate the way we treat our "normal" life and the amount of thanks we give for the everyday.
Matthew Bak (Glenbard West HS)
When it comes to the topic of exactly what we miss from these abnormal times, most of us readily agree that we miss in person interactions with our friends, coworkers, and even business owners. Some people argue that they miss the normality of going to work each day instead of working in a locked up corner of one’s home. Likewise, people wish they could visit a restaurant, a store, or a concert without the fear of being medically endangered. Where this argument usually ends, however, is on the question of what will change once this pandemic is over. In February, we all did not wash our hands frequently, clean our produce daily, or wear gloves plus a face mask publicly even though this is hygienically best for our safety. To put it succinctly, some will go to back to what is “normal” and override this time whereas others will incorporate some aspects what they have learned into their daily life while continuing what is normal for them. In either case, we can agree that we will no longer miss anything, but rather enjoy everything. We are all very fortunate for everything we own and we should embrace this aberrant time before it becomes whimsical and forgotten.
Lauren Debs (Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn, IL)
Something I feel I took for granted pre pandemic is things I do in my everyday life. Seeing friends and family, going to school, even waking up at 5:45 am on school days. Once we gain a little more freedom when the pandemic ends, I will gladly wake up everyday for school at 5:45, I will gladly go to school with no complaints about homework or tests, and I will really appreciate the moments I see friends and family. While I do believe the pandemic has put everyone’s daily complaints into perspective, I also believe that when everyone is able to go out again, the world will be more happy and everyone will appreciate what they have.
Haley Murphy (Danvers, Ma)
I took everything for granted before the pandemic. School, sports, family, and friends were all things that seemed permanent. So permanent that I even found myself wishing for ways to escape them. There were so many days when I walked into school in the morning saying "I just want to be at home in bed", or "I would rather be anywhere else right now". I was wrong, being at home in bed isn't as fun as its made out to be. When we return to school, and to normalcy, I won't be quick to reuse any of those remarks. It has been especially hard not being able to see my family. My family is very close, and we would all see each other every Sunday. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were such a big part of my normal life it feels wrong to not be able to see them. I am especially worried about the older members of my family facing the virus. I don't know what I would do if they caught the virus, and I had spent my last day with them unknowingly. I hope that a return to how it used to be will come quickly, so I can see my family and friends, and appreciate what I have while I have it.
Ally U (Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn IL)
Although some may miss the everyday normalcy of our lives, I feel like my life has changed drastically but not necessarily for the worse. Now I have the time to do school ay my own pace and destress before, during, and after completing schoolwork. I do however miss being able to go out with my friends to thrift stores or to get food, which I feel like many may agree with.
Malak (Pennsylvania)
Right now, I should be in English. Internally wishing for school to be over while writing a journal entry. Instead, I'm sitting on my couch, overwhelmed with a seemingly neverending amount of work. Although I wasn't grateful at the time, I now long for even the dullest moments at school. Never did I realize how much time school took up in my life. From seven in the morning to sometimes eight in the evening, I poured my energy into school and extracurriculars. When our school shut down, we were notified two minutes before school let out. I and my friends' instant reaction was "What about the musical?" We had two weeks left before opening night, and this was a show we were all eager about. Right now, half of our set is up on the stage, only to be torn down when school starts up. I also miss band class which was the topic of many conversations and the source of most of my anxiety. I miss the instant fear when the band director calls on you to play your part, only to fail miserably. I miss the community my band members provided.
Melissa Lomeli (La, Ca)
I’m Mexican with a semi strict mom and a dad who always says ask your mother. Before the pandemic I would go to school, come home then start the cycle over again but by the time I hit the 10th grade my mom found out she had a heart and let me go out a couple of times maybe once a month if I'm lucky. Then 11th grade year rolled around and instead of giving me $20 to go out once a month she decided that she wanted me home more often so she said I can only go out if I had money and if she'd let me, I get about $5 a week for school so I basically had to stay home most of the time. So if it isn’t obvious I miss my freedom, for about 15 years I've been locked up in my one bedroom apartment with my 3 siblings and I was never really let out before so now that I can’t it’s even worse. I miss my friends, I miss school surprisingly and I miss dining in, I miss my senior year and my experience. I was already sad that I didn’t have much time left with my friends but now I may never see them again for who knows how many months or maybe even years. School was mostly the only time I got to go out and it was fun. I got to experience new things. I loved my Spanish class, my wood shop, and my ceramics. The clubs were great too, they were fun. I miss everything.
Jordan Gani (Cass High School, Georgia)
Life was pretty normal before the pandemic struck the United States. I used to be able to walk in the grocery stores and get things not worrying about catching any viruses Now, everywhere I turn I think what if I get the virus. I used to be able to go anywhere like school, the stores, restaurants, and even bowling. Now, I can only go to town if it’s essential needs. Which I understand because I don’t even want to go to town and get any virus. I feel like everyone was okay with the shelter in place, but they were misled about if grocery stores were open. Making everyone freak out and go buy everything at the store. I miss life just being normal it is so stressful just sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. But what I miss the most is being able to hang out with my girlfriend like a normal couple. For example, like going out to eat and go shopping with her. Now we just try and stay home as much as we can to avoid the virus. If we needed anything, I would go get it because I don’t want her catching the virus. I really miss the world just being normal, and I wish this virus would just pick up and leave the U.S. so the world would be normal.
Amiya (Florida)
Corona has changed a lot of things. It has shut down schools, closed gym facilities, and restaurants. The thing I miss the most that was taken away due to corona is hanging out with my friends. A way to see my friends was at school or going somewhere with them. We can no longer do that because a lot of places are closed. I also miss playing basketball with my AAU team. The AAU season is postponed right now and we can’t practice , which sucks. Hopefully things get better and it goes back to normal.
Fred (Sacramento, CA)
@Amiya I feel the same way. I miss being able to see my friends in person. Texting on DMs just isn’t the same. I really haven’t been able to talk to really anyone in person besides my family. It really isn’t the same and it probably won’t be for at least a few more months.
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