Trump Rally Fizzles as Attendance Falls Short of Campaign’s Expectations

Jun 20, 2020 · 771 comments
Milo (Sydney, Australia)
Predictably already Trump's troll machine is blaming democrats for 'stealing' tickets. Despite the absurdity of the claim, this concept undermines Parscales suggestion that the republicans meticulously 'ween out' fake rally registrations. Trump and his small pool of deluded allies aren't strong enough to admit fault or defeat. There is always a dubious twist of events to ensure Trump isnt made to look the fool. The inadequate tyrant is looking more embarrassing by the day. Standing before a half empty stadium speaks volumes about this man's demise.
St. Thomas (Correspondent Abroad)
Mike Alcorn, 40, who works in maintenance and lives in Wichita, Kan said. “They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” That's the point those of us who have relations who perished from the virus have a different view. What the media should do is to interview a doctor or nurse who went through hell trying to save lives. People don't believe it if they don't see it.
Metrowest Mom (Massachusetts)
It's that new math again! Despite three gazillion billion people packed into the BOK Convention Center, Democrat head-counters could only detect 6,000 people actually paying attention to Donald Trump as he modeled his glass-lifting and ramp-traversing skills. The sun did rise in the East and set in the West on Saturday, and Trump duly took credit for both, announcing, too, that the Coronavirus, clearly a Democrat plot, has been totally vanquished under the brilliant leadership of Jared Kushner. Vice-President Pence smiled and nodded, as usual. Tulsa was a resounding success.
David Lloyd-Jones (Toronto, Canada)
If anybody's curious, 6,200/19,000 = 32.6315%. To say the arena was two-thirds empty slightly understates the case.
Upstate Guy (Albany)
Trump’s popularity isn’t waning, his appeal is becoming more selective.
Milo (Sydney, Australia)
Meaning his popularity is waning...
bkbyers (Reston, Virginia)
I watched part of the Tulsa rally and it was pathetic. The president went on and on about things and people he does not like. Then he let loose with his bombshell admission that he told his staff to cut back on testing for the corona virus because the more tests, the more cases. Great logic, Mr. President. He is frustrated because his view of how our country should be and how his administration should govern is out of sync with reality. Humpty Trump has fallen off his wall. Years ago, I read Thomas Kuhn’s famous book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”. In it he discusses the “X Factor” and the nature of paradigm shifts. Kuhn described examples of “normal science” supported by consensus. Then he examined the unexplained and unexpected emergence of a crisis in scientific thought and how this leads to a paradigm shift. His analysis also holds up well in examining political movements. Paradigm shifts can be unpredictable and once they emerge, conventional knowledge and wisdom is superseded by new information and new ways of looking at things. In his rallies and tweets Trump has inadvertently shown how our society has been approaching – mostly unconsciously – a major paradigm shift in the way we think of our country, politics, and national and personal identities. He is now trapped in an inexorable process in which millions of us are demanding new directions in governance for which he is totally unprepared. He is scared because he’s lost control.
Jean Fellows (Michigan)
Perfect photo of waiting for the rally playing Cards Against Humanity. Clearly, no one’s more against humanity than Trump...
Solamente Una Voz (Marco Island, Fla)
Feel sorry for the weak but no sympathy for the stupid.
Robert (Out west)
The stupid are weak, but I know what you mean—they are often also the thugs who do the dirty work.
PS (New York)
The "K Pop Stans" ticket phishing began 10 days before the rally and may or may not have influenced Trumps rally attendance. The real effect seems to have been convincing Trump and Campaign Manager Pascale their rabid racist political stance was winning the minds of a million new followers. Tulsa was expected to create a huge turnout and new campaign momentum from the "silent majority" they had dreamed of. How fitting to have been left with an empty sea of blue seats.
Robert (Out west)
Ads for the good (well, mostly) guys I do not work for. Article just came up detailing Trumpy’s response, as he peeked out the backstage curtains. 1. Bravo as so often, Maggie Haberman. 2. Heh-heh. Snicker, even. 3. So long, Parscale/It’s been shabby to know you/So long, Parscale, it’s been shabby to know you... 4. Roll on, Columbia, roll on.
Mark (Milwaukee)
Instead of "I Won't Back Down", the Trump campaign could play a more apropos Tom Petty song, and one which Tom Petty's estate would likely encourage him to use: "Don't Come Around Here No More". Tulsans aren't the only ones who feel that way.
Ed. U. Cate (Denver)
Many years ago, my friends would gather to watch late night World Professional 'Rasslin. We laughed our heads off at the bragging, boasting, threats, and obviously faked wrestling moves. Then someone suggested attending a live event in our medium-sized Southern city. Hey, sounds like fun! So we went, I expecting 100 or so people at the local coliseum. But when we got there, the place was packed with ramped-up fans. Especially around the ring, rowdy and loud fans yelled obscenities and encouragement, threw bottles and cans, and barked approval. I was amazed: how could so many people believe that fake is real and real is fake? It was an educational moment, and Pro 'Rasslin had lost all appeal for me. And now, in Tulsa, there he was: Donald "Nature Boy" Trump, bragging and crowing about his non-existent triumphs, excoriating his enemies, his fans believing every lie. If we are looking for a fine analogy for this presidency, look no further.
Robert (Out west)
Rowdy Rowdy Piper’s best movie was, “They Live.” Trump is why.
John Bergstrom (Boston)
@Ed. U. Cate My sense is that they don't "believe" it, they just find it amusing. If you started explaining that the people bopping each other up there were portraying made-up characters, most of the fans would think you were being a little obtuse. Sort of as if you started explaining to them that Clint Eastwood wasn't really killing all those people in those movies... But that's just based on the ones I've met... and whatever their beliefs, there's still something about the way they enjoy it all that's worth noticing...
Meh (East Coast)
Oh yeah.. my husband is a huge fan. Watched every night. I went once or twice and the arenas are packed. Men, women, and children of all ages, as they say. trump would be jealous.
Hugh Briss (Climax, VA)
A multiple choice question: Tomorrow Kellyanne Conway will go on Fox & Friends to describe Tulsa as: (1) "an alternative unbelievable success" (2) "an unbelievable alternative success" (3) both (1) and (2) (4) neither (1) nor (2); tomorrow Kellyanne's starting her new job at TED CRUZ 2024.
Liza (Chicago)
Let's not let the media convince us again that Trump will lose.
Robert (Out west)
Let’s not let Languid Leftism tell us we’re tired and will not vote.
Ernest Zarate (Sacramento CA)
Actually, everyone knows trump’s base will vote for him. They are a lost cause and would be happier living somewhere else. North Korea, China, Turkey and other places have actual Strong Men that ought to be more satisfactory to them than trump, the tin-plated loudmouth we have here. It’s the rest of the voting population who are tired of trump’s never ending rehashing of 2016 and his attempt to revive 1950. Looking at the BOK crowd, it was amazing to see so many looking bored: “Really? This is what I came for? Dude, it is 2020 now, not 2016...(yawn). Get some new material.”
Joe From Boston (Massachusetts)
Way back on September 23, 2016, the Cincinnati Enquirer hit the nail on the head when they opined in endorsing Hillary Clinton for President that "Trump is a clear and present danger to our country." They also commented that "Four years is plenty of time to do enough damage that it could take America years to recover from, if at all." They were 100% correct then, and the history since that time has proven their perspicacity. For the record, the Cincinnati Enquirer was and is a conservative newspaper. In making their endorsement they stated "The Enquirer has supported Republicans for president for almost a century – a tradition this editorial board doesn’t take lightly. But this is not a traditional race, and these are not traditional times. Our country needs calm, thoughtful leadership to deal with the challenges we face at home and abroad. We need a leader who will bring out the best in all Americans, not the worst. That’s why there is only one choice when we elect a president in November: Hillary Clinton." The people who vote conservative should have listened. They did not, and they still do not "get it." Substitute "Joe Biden" for "Hillary Clinton" and they can write that same endorsement today.
EB (Portland,OR)
@Joe From Boston Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the least popular presidential candidates we've had - ever, I suspect. That's not the case with the Trump-Biden match-up. Though many voters (including me) are unhappy with Biden's record, just the fact that he has stayed married to the same woman for a long time gives him mega points with me.
Joe From Boston (Massachusetts)
@EB Trump disqualifies himself every single day. ANYBODY who is a US citizen by birth, who is over 35, and who has common sense can do a better job as POTUS than Donald Trump. I was born in the US, and I have been married to the same lady for the past 54 years (so I am definitely older than 35). Wanna vote for me? I can do the job better than Donald (but that is a low bar).
Robert (Out west)
Please fewl free to remind me of Hillary Clinton’s many husbands, EB.
Space Oddity (Westerly, RI)
"Trump tried to explain away the crowd size by blaming the media for scaring people and by insisting there were protesters outside who were “doing bad things." Mr. President, I suggest you read up on "Reflected Self Appraisal" very quickly. Let me define it for you right now. From psychologists Arthur Combs and Donald Snygg: "The self is essentially a social product arising out of experience with people. We learn the most significant facts about ourselves from..."reflected appraisal," inferences about ourselves made as a consequence of the ways we perceive others behaving toward us." Wake up. Look at how the public is behaving towards you. They are telling you they don't like you and they want you to leave in November. Maybe even sooner.
Let's do the math here, shall we? The arena in Tulsa OK does not even hold 1 million people, so what would be the point of claiming that kind of attendance. And according to Der Spiegel, German press, thousands of protestors bought up tickets and effectively prevented many people from attending. That action was barely mentioned in this article. Mentioned but downplayed.
Joe From Boston (Massachusetts)
@MR You misunderstand. Tickets to ALL Trump rallies are FREE. You just have to sign up online (so his campaign can collect your information, and then spam you). ATTENDANCE is first come, first served. That is why some of his true cult members showed up and got on line DAYS before the rally was going to happen. There were people who protested, but they did not prevent anyone from actually attending. There was NO VIOLENCE on the streets near the BOK Center. Anybody who signed up could have attended if they chose to do so. Only about 6,200 folks actually showed up. The "overflow location" that was hired to deal with a possible crowd of over 19,000 was basically EMPTY - NO attendees. So what if 900,000 EXTRA signups were made? NOBODY kept anybody away from attending, and only a small group WANTED to show up. THAT is the fact. All the spinning in the world does not change the bottom line: after making it sound like the place would be mobbed with 100,000 or more people, Trump attracted a very poor showing. Who wants to go hear a narcissist brag about himself, especially when he has given that harangue many times before? Trump is losing his mojo, and it will get worse from here to November 3. Then he will lose in a landslide.
Meh (East Coast)
One women wearing a protest T-shirt was arrested. She wasn't doing anything, just wearing the shirt and had a ticket to get in. Maybe trump should have let her in to fill one of those blue seats! : o
Keef In cucamonga (Claremont CA)
Someone please look into the potential for a massive COPPA violation here as well. Parscale forgot to put one of those “I am 18 or over” boxes on the online registration form, which should result in thousands in fines to the campaign per violation, according to the FCC. That’s per registration in this case. How many registrations did they say they had again? Honestly, everything they do is so chintzy and shoddy, from the design of the logos to his failed rally to his failed casinos to his ugly tie and weird face color. Chintzy and cheap stuff breaks, folks. Faster than you think it should have.
Opinioned! (NYC)
How small was the crowd? “I’ve already answered that.” — Stormy Daniels
Bart (Oradell, NJ)
Personally, I am so glad that this rally turned into a real "snooze" with so many seats empty. Serves Trump right. My guess is that, although they are Trump people, enough of them have brain cells left to realize the danger of all those unmasked people coming together.
Enrique Puertos (Cleveland, Georgia)
The “Kung Flu” virus is going after him... he should have never left the bunker.
ABC (Flushing)
Trade with China is suicide for peace and democracy everywhere
Laurie (Leahy)
Kudos to the kids who ordered tens of thousands of tickets so that the arena would be empty. It's about time our teens, twenty somethings and millennials take notice of our current politics. It is their country, their planet and hopefully their future that is at stake. Please ask your young adult children to vote!
KMW (New York City)
MiniBar, Whose counting. Oh you are.
Esther Esh Sternberg (New York City)
To the writers of this article, You made my DAY, WEEK and YEAR !! Bravo!! Love and kisses Esther Esh Sternberg..... Age 102
Meh (East Coast)
You go gurrl!!!
KMW (New York City)
Heywood, You have been making many nasty comments about President Trump so I have to counteract them by making supportive comments of President Trump. I can still celebrate Father’s Day with my husband and family in between my comments to you. The night is young.
Robert (Out west)
Got the “Recommend,” button, though.
g.i. (l.a.)
In 1939 at Madison Square Garden there was a Bund rally held by German American Nazis. On June 20, 2020 there was a Bund rally in Tulsa featuring a German American. Trump used fear tactics to scare his audience. That's probably what was used at the 1939 rally.
EB (Portland,OR)
@g.i. Re Trump being a German American. The shame of it (to Scotland) is that he's half Scot. He's sure not popular there, or in either country, for that matter. Let alone here.
Lore Johnson (Highland Park, CA)
Upon reading trump's shortcomings. . . I laughed and laughed and laughed. He can only draw flies.
Doremus Jessup (Moving On)
Watch Trump for five minutes, listen to Trump for five minutes, then you honestly tell me that this hateful, lying and lowlife cretin isn’t conflicted, disturbed or delusional. He needs to go. Now! Our very survival and existence depends on it.
P&L (Cap Ferrat)
"It’s been learned in these episodes we may freely misreport reality, so long as the political goal is righteous."
Robert (Out west)
Funny how Trumpists have these sorts of witty quote always ready to go.
Doremus Jessup (Moving On)
I’d believe in the second coming of Christ before I ever thought Donald Trump had anything intelligent or useful to say or to offer to the better good. The latter isn’t going to happen, and Trump is a lying, bigoted Russian asset. The poster boy for evil and filth. Trump needs to go before the country ceases to exist. It’s as simple as that.
JB (Nashville, Tennessee)
When Trump has rallies in Nashville, he does it in our smallest auditorium, which holds a max of 10,000, bypassing our larger arenas or our two stadiums for college and pro football. Now I know why he doesn't book a bigger venue here. I'd love to see him draw 6,200 to Nissan Stadium. Maybe President Sippy Cup should've checked into a decent size high school gym in Tulsa instead.
Mr. Trump was furious about the unused outdoor stage and the comparatively thin crowd in the stadium, according to two people familiar with his reaction. News broadcasts carried video of the partially empty stadium, and even the Drudge Report, a reliably conservative website, carried an all-caps headline that said “MAGA LESS MEGA” with a picture of rows and rows of empty blue seats. Mr. Trump, who was made aware of the sick campaign aides before departing for the rally, was incensed that the news was made public, according to two people familiar with his reaction. But the altered political landscape has had little effect on the president, whom advisers describe as feeling like a caged animal during the national lockdown that forced him to abandon most travel. A "furious, incensed, caged animal"...that about sums it up... Biden should ask, "Why would you vote for this rabid skunk?"
Vic_bold_II (Bellingham, WA)
Tulsa Fire Dept. says ca. 6200 people were inside the BOK...what they got were tired reruns of old themes. Like a worn-out Elmer Gantry, Trump tries to call up that old magic, but it’s just not there as it used to be. Of course he can always count on true-believers, as cult member “Mike” and his coronavirus denialisms, or the good reverend evoking “God’s will”, whatever. But honestly, this is not 2016 and the end of the Obama era, this is three-and-a-half years into Trumpism, and the consequences of these years can’t be dismissed by bread-and-circus “rallies”, incoherent “press conferences”, or blatant flackery. Trump is running against himself, and is losing that race badly.
Mark (West Texas)
He was laughed at and dismissed after coming down that escalator and announcing his campaign for president. Again, he's being laughed at and dismissed. What Democrats should consider is how this rally compares to Biden's basement campaign. Dismiss him at your peril.
Ernest Zarate (Sacramento CA)
The good old “Yeah, but...” retort. Of course, keep in mind that, just like the cheap, gaudy, and flaking gold-colored paint he slops on everything he touches, his oldies but goldies have worn very thin in the nearly four years of his “administration.” They are tired and trite. This time around people are not going to be suckered in by the snake oil pitch that worked in 2016. trump has caused a deep recession, botched the handling of the pandemic, beat his chest while proclaiming racist, divisive sloganeering, and dragged a once-proud nation off the world stage. The US is now a shrinking violet, afraid of its own shadow, and letting other nations cut to the front of the line. But, yeah, believe what you want. The rest of the nation has its eyes open to the trump effect. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” We won’t be fooled again. NO MORE YEARS
David (Michigan)
No one dismisses him. No one assumes the 2020 result will be different. But we can earnestly hope for an end to this nightmare presidency. The facts are that in 2016 9.8 million more voters voted against him than voted for him (Hillary plus 5 alternative party candidates). That is fact. My expectation is that number will be significantly higher in 2020. No one who voted for Hillary last time will vote for him this time. But I know many Trump voters who now know their mistake and will either vote Biden or stay home. Assume otherwise at your peril. Also know that the above numbers, being fact, reveal that any pro-Trump comment in a public forum is disagreed by a majority.
Vic_bold_II (Bellingham, WA)
@Mark Buyer’s remorse...heading for the ”Returns” counter.
Neal Obstat (Philadelphia)
The crowd was as small as Trump's fingers.
Caligirl1960 (California)
Didnt Biden's rally only have about 10 people? Democrats I would not gloat if I were you.
Dan88 (Long Island NY)
@Caligirl1960 Trump is gift-wrapping Biden's political strategy for him, namely, don't do anything to draw attention away from your opponent when he continues to shoot himself in the foot on a daily basis.
W.Schafer (NY)
a limp event to say the least...
KMW (New York City)
Slann, Joe Biden would place the most liberal Supreme Court justices on the bench that we have ever seen before in our country. For starters that is one thing.And then he would place judges that are just as liberal throughout the country.It would be disastrous for America. I think Trump has been a great president but then I’m a minority on this comment board.
I’m confused how you can believe that. I don’t think anyone can name one good thing trump has done.
Tee Rodriguez (Santa Rosa)
@KMW very in the minority. When it comes to voting there are basically two reasons why people vote...1-For something or 2-Against something. This coming November people will not be coming to the polls to vote for what Joe Biden stands for (or doesn't). Nope. This election the electorate will be coming out to vote against something , and that something they are coming out to vote against is Donald J. Trump.
Bob (Seattle)
@KMW - You fail to discuss why you think liberal judges are bad, and fail to mention a single piece of legislation Trump has signed that you approve of. In truth, you're support of Trump puts you in the minority in the country. He lost by 3,000,000 votes.
EB (Portland,OR)
My daughter and I chanced our only change of scene in almost three months - away to the beach,with no news at all. I had great dread, upon my return, in checking what happened at the Trump Tulsa show. I feel real relief that no one was killed or harmed - but will feel sorrow when the COVID numbers spike in Oklahoma - and other states - when the attendees go home.
Ponsobny Britt (Frostbite Falls, MN.)
I am so giddy over Trump's morose and irritable disposition, I almost can't stand myself. Nothing like reveling in someone else's misery; especially if it's Trump. I hope he becomes inconsolable.
Survivor (CA)
Me too!!
KMW (New York City)
I am petrified thinking that Joe Biden may become president. I think many Trump supporters are too. He would be the worst thing for America. He has become so left-wing that it is frightening. Our country would be ruined. I pray that it just doesn’t happen.Trump 2020.
Slann (CA)
@KMW Just what are you afraid of? The U.S. Constitution and rule of law? Your guy is the fear monger, the hater, the divider, not to mention intellectually defective and totally unfit.
Survivor (CA)
I’m praying that Trump loses. Who do you pray to?
Survivor (CA)
Yes, please panic. I have the same sentiment of Trump winning re-election.
KMW (New York City)
Ben in Florida, Your hoping for more Trump supporters to be in the stands so they can develop the coronavirus is very nasty. It proves just how low and mean spirited someone who despises Trump will go. I am no fan of Joe Biden but I wouldn’t in a million years wish evil ever be bestowed upon him. I would fear being punished for saying something so inexcusable. People who say such things usually are.
PuppyDog (US)
@KMW Thank you. I don't like Trump but I don't wish his followers ill will.
Molly (RI)
@PuppyDog I do. His followers are reprehensible. So there you go.
Bob (Seattle)
@KMW - I don't wish his followers ill-will. But I do wish they start actually looking at Republican policy, actual legislation, and start commenting on what works for them. If the don't drink water (stripping EPA protections), if they don't buy products (stripping consumer protections), if they don't love democracy (vilifying Americans he doesn't like), if they don't like the middle class unions created - by all means, support Republicans.
Lizibet (Santa Fe, NM)
The Fire Department put the "crowd" at Trump's rally at just under 6,200 people. It's hard to believe that there were that many willing to risk their health, their lives, and their families' lives to listen to such a poor speech from our erstwhile "leader." A real leader would not have put so many at risk.
Mary Melcher (Arizona)
Karma is hot on Trump's trail---cannot wait.
Joe From Boston (Massachusetts)
@Mary Melcher Joe Biden's karma is going to run over Donald Trump's dogma.
Robert (Seattle)
No masks, no physical distancing, indoors, lots of yelling. As Ben Franklin said: "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other, and scarce in that." Clearly he had seen his share of Trump Republicans.
Bill (Terrace, BC)
Whatever the reason, there will be far fewer #Coronavirus cases & Trump will be far more frustrated. #WinWin
JOSEPH (Texas)
Lol. They only allowed so many to enter not to overcrowd with safety protocols in place. There is literally nothing that can satisfy the left. When you resort to schemes like the Tik toc scheme, rioting, looting, and tearing down statues, that means you’ve lost the debate. The left is too afraid to actually debate ideas peacefully and let independent minds decide for themselves, so instead all this nonsensical drama is your last resort. Sad.
PuppyDog (US)
@JOSEPH Yes. It's very sad. But judging from a lot of the comments on here, a lot of people will slam you for saying this.
Survivor (CA)
The Left aren’t the ones that are afraid!! It’s the guys in the Hawaiian shirts, tactical vests carrying the AR-15s. The mantra of the NRA and so many right-wing militias was that they needed to protect Americans right of free speech, the right to peaceful assembly from a potential oppressive government. Where were they?
Attorney Bergson should announce that he is not leaving until he receives a formal letter signed by Trump that he is fired. Don’t let Trump pretend he is not involved. As for the MAGA crowd in Tulsa, what testing is needed is DNA testing, to see what intelligence gene they are lacking.
Lawrence (Washington D.C,)
My comment asking for prayer for the health of the president and vice president, that they might not contract covid 19 from the rally, was flagged. Is there that much hate out there?
Manderine (Manhattan)
@Lawrence Yes, and it’s heard at the red hats of hate rallies. Coming out of donnies mouth.
alguien (california)
@Lawrence it's awfully hard not to feel hate towards trump or his supporters at this point. they are reaping what they have sown.
PuppyDog (US)
@Lawrence I used to be a liberal until I realized how much vitriol was coming from both the left and the right. I'm now an independent since neither party speaks to me, particularly the WOKE Democrats, with the virtue signaling and identity politics.
Anonymot (CT)
I've lived a long time and normally voted Democrat. I'm a news hound and always have been, but there's a permanent puzzle they present. If the party was a person they'd be called flakes. Whether Trump had a good rally or a bad one isn't pertinent to anything. What is pertinent, beyond that, vital is a question that no one has hinted at but Trump. He's suggested that should he get less ballots or fewer votes from the electoral college than a President needs; he might not leave. It was noted in the news at the time, but what if he was serious. What if Trump and all of those close to him are considering a coup, a real one, with the private armed militia they control, the Boods, the Eric Princelings, most if not all of our right wing armed forces. America has been shredded, torn into splinters of victim groups. Those groups have a child's vision. The accomplishment of the day is to pull down a historical statue: to Tik Tok a rally. To do things as neo-fascist, thoughtless, and near-sighted as Trump. Trump may just be the clever, windup mouthpiece for something far beyond his seeming silliness. If you're a Republican center with brains and tempted to vote against Trump, say someone visits you and says "... or else this!" and shows an Epstein orgy with him/her in the center. Idem to a Democrat. Remember Hoover was a Republican and his files changed minds; made millions. Better think beyond the Tik Tok kids.
Robert Sanchez (Albuquerque)
as a retired military member I can tell you no member of the military would ever shoot or in any way fight fellow Americans. whether you want to believe that or not is up to you
PuppyDog (US)
@Anonymot This is so wise.
Survivor (CA)
@Robert Sanchez - Except a USAF military policeman stationed at Travis AFB, CA was arrested for shooting an unarmed federal security officer at a Federal building in Oakland and a Santa Cruz sheriff deputy and wounding a CHP officer. He is a member of the right-wing group ‘boogaloo boos’. Just sayin’
KT (James City County, VA)
no chokeholds...ever...anywhere. Simple message for Republicans starting with their leader.
Lord Melonhead (Martin, TN)
Look at this crowd: the dregs of society terrified of losing the privileged position they have held over black and brown people since Columbus.
PuppyDog (US)
@Lord Melonhead They are human beings too-- just a reminder.
dmikulec (Over There)
That photo. Reminds me of a McDonalds checkout line. Ugh.
Opinioned! (NYC)
Even the MAGA crowd were yawning yesterday. Might be bored by how Trump keep explaining why he lost the fight against a downward ramp while ignoring the depression era economy.
DatMel (Manhattan)
@Opinioned! Check out the newest Lincoln Project ad. Hilarious.
Northcountry (Maine)
I was there in 1968. Times have changed and 2 generations passed. His Wallace / Nixon redux is failing mightily. Dems have to engage as if they're 10 points down and likewise in the senate.
Deb (CT)
That trump supporters, with the exception of about 6200, did not show up tells me that most people are giving the virus the respect and caution it deserves despite what their hero repeatedly tells them. I just don't get the disconnect of how you support a man that then says I wanted to slow down the testing for the virus, and not realize that if true, thousands of needless deaths resulted from his actions and/or inaction. And if it was a joke, really after 120,000 deaths you actually think this is something to joke about? How about showing some respect for the grieving families.
Mark Browning (Houston)
There was an Op Ed in the WSJ "Tulsa is the Right Place for a post Juneteenth Rally" If Trump had put those points in his speech, he might have expanded his base. Instead, he was just preaching to the base he already had who are going to vote for for the ticket anyway.
KMW (New York City)
Some commenters are saying some very mean spirited and nasty things about Trump and his supporters with regard to the coronavirus. I don’t know how anyone can say such a thing and not worry about being punished. I don’t think there are too many people who dislike Joe Biden would ever feel the same way. At least I hope not. Wishing ill on another person never brings anyone good luck.
MiniBar (Wine Country)
@KMW This is what seems to be your twentieth comment on this one article. We get it already: you loved the rally; you think that more people were there than actually were; you love Trump; etc. ad nauseam.
Joe From Boston (Massachusetts)
@KMW Trump is his own worst enemy. He says malign things, and then tries to make light of them. Sorry. NO sale. Trump will lose in a landslide.
Bob (Seattle)
@KMW - It's one thing for a commenter to say mean things. The commenter has no power. It's an entirely different thing for the President of the United States to say mean things. He's been doing it for nearly four years. But you know that.
Richard Sedano (Rhode Island)
Edit note: the teenagers and their older allies did not keep the attendance down (as the story says)- the crowd was what it was going to be. They did raise expectations among people who already had high expectations and who were prone to believe the prank without due diligence.
Shimar (unknown)
"It was unclear whether fears about the virus kept Trump supporters away despite the president’s repeated efforts to dismiss the need for social distancing and other precautions". Yet Trump at the same time was forcing would be attendees to sign a waiver protecting him and all associated with the production of his rally. Maybe Trumpers living in Tulsa Oklahoma had enough sense not to sign the waiver. Maybe just maybe some are starting to recognize his lack of concern for their health and safety while protecting his best welfare. Maybe Trumpers are finally seeing Trump only cares about the rich and his re-election; now I am becoming delusional.
Thinking Things Through (Ontario, Canada)
Four more months, four more months...hold strong American cousins and focus on getting out the vote peacefully.
Slann (CA)
@Thinking Things Through Will do.
James Larrimore (San Diego, CA)
"People close to Mr. Trump said that the lack of regular adulation that he receives from the cheering crowds has left him morose and irritable." Now, that sounds like exactly the person we need as President, doesn't it? Or maybe this sentence was taken from a story about the Italian dictator, Mussolini, just changing the name to Trump.
JerrytheKay (Monroe Township NJ)
Made my day!!! Any bad day in trumpworld is a GREAT GREAT DAY for me!
Zen Phoenix (Chicago)
Mike Alcorn, 40, who works in maintenance and lives in Wichita, Kansas, is all fake. They're just making him up. I haven't seen anybody that's him, not even slightly. I don't even know anybody who knows him. Therefore, he doesn't exist.
Carolyn (Portland, ME)
Every day is Festivus in Trumplandia...the constant airing of grievances. He will not be able to perform the second part of Festivus - feats of strength - because he's such a weakling.
Michele (Seattle)
There’s a moment when the mask drops, when the shield cracks, when the illusion disappears and people glimpse the flawed, weak, ridiculous creature behind the created image. Once that happens, there is no going back. The scales tip and the power once held over people drifts away. It happened to Joe McCarthy when Joseph Welch said “Have you at last no decency, sir?” It is happening now to Trump. His illusion of power and invulnerability has been broken, and the same old script and tricks are shown to be ineffective, shop worn and out of date. Now is the time to keep up the pressure and finish the job to ride the country of this corrupt and hideous man. Vote !!
J (Walled Lake)
“It’s all fake,” said Mike Alcorn, 40, who works in maintenance and lives in Wichita, Kan. “They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” And this same crowd professes belief in a sky wizard, resurrections, walking on water, and a myriad of other absurdities no one has ever seen. He could look beyond his fence-line and find a world of evidence showing the reality of the virus, but won't.
Rob D (Oregon)
This comment is #2579 so it will get buried. On Thursday Brad Parscale is busting his buttons about a million ticket requests, Friday he is saying those ticket-holders did not show because of unsubstantiated claims about violent protesters. By Sunday n morning Brad Parscale is declaring the Trump campaign knew by mid-last week the ticket request volumes were inflated by bogus requests. To all keep sowing doubt in their petty minds about the integrity of their database and looking over their lists wondering who is real and who is fake.
Jennene Colky (Denver)
It is simply incomprehensible that 80,000 people -- or 800,000 prt Btad Parscale -- requested tickets for a venue that holds 19,000 and Team Trump did not think that at all suspicious. The fact that TikTok kids and Kpop fans, in part, did this is an absolute hoot! Heads should roll on the Trump re-election campaign for not catching on to this.
Robert (Out west)
Beyond noting that wow, Trumpists are sure taking this flopperoo pretty hard, it might be worth repeating what several posters have noticed—behind all the yelling, behind all the accusations, beyond all the alibis, beyind all the “Iknow you are, but what am I,” well, you just don’t see Trump, or Trumpists, even trying to make some kind of reasoned argument based on anything resembling facts. It’s really all just bluster, which figures.
Neil (Texas)
Well, whether it fizzled or was a great show depends on whom you will vote. Since I will vote for POTUS - I thought the mere fact - a rally was held and televised live on Cspan - I live overseas so do not which other channels carried it. And the empty wears - according to British and European newspapers - were results of many folks asking and getting tickets - but who did it - just to sabotage the event. Regardless, POTUS definitely provided entertainment during these dreary Wuhan virus times. Typically, at these rallies - as a life long Republican - I have been to many - there are always some speakers who throw out red meat for supporters. Here, POTUS had nobody but he does not really need anybody for red meat. From his dispelling very effectively rumors of a Parkinson's - to painting Mr. Biden - as a doddling old man - not to mention his leftward tilt - I say, for a summer rally - this was no fizzle. If POTUS and his aides, operators continue to paint Joe as an absentee nominee in the grip of his left wing supporters - who cares if rally was not fully attended. That visceral picture of Mr. Biden is going to stick - and he is going to have hard time convincing otherwise. Not dissimilar to Reagan and his age. Reagan famously alluded to his age in the debate preemptively ”now, let me say this. I won't hold Mr. Mondale's young age against him.” Mr. Mondale never recovered.
Robert (Seattle)
@Neil "Regardless, POTUS definitely provided entertainment ..." We need a president, not an entertainer. Real presidents get the job done. Instead we have already seen 100,000 avoidable Covid-19 deaths already. The White House itself is expecting 500,000 avoidable deaths by the end of the year. Merry Christmas, from the deplorable in chief.
Kate (NH)
@Neil I can understand why you like Trump - you express yourself just as he does. BTW, what are empty wears?
Robert (Out west)
Uh, CSPAN televised it because CSPAN is a government agency, and that is what CSPAN does: put governmental and related meetings on air. Otherwise, the best way to refute rumors is to show by your behavior that they’re ridiculous, not to come up with some lame comedy routine about them, then try some even lamer, fifth-grader’s routine about “I know you are, but what am I?” It’s not a difference of taste or politics—Larry the Cable Guy’s funny, who cares if I find his politics ridiculous and his taste in clothes kinda weird—but that routine was just plain stupid. Oh, well. Your full-on Trumpist became one out of fear, hatreds and ignorances—they’re certainly not going to stop out of reason, decency and knowledges.
New Yorker (NYC)
Congratulations, Mr. Trump. Millions of Americans are talking about you all day long. Before you gloat, consider what they are saying about the way you and your administration mis-managed the COVID pandemic: Because of Trump, I lost my job. Because of Trump, I have to wear this mask. Because of Trump, I cannot be near my grandchildren. Because of Trump, my child missed schoolwork and friends. Because of Trump, my family member, neighbor, friend, colleague, died of COVID. Because of Trump, our allies don’t trust our nation. There is such a thing as BAD publicity and it is not good. PS Mike Alcorn: My mom was hospitalized for COVID for six weeks and has issues with sleep, memory and mood change from the experience. My neighbor and his wife got it; he died. Another neighbor was in a nursing home, where he caught it and died. Another neighbor’s father got it and died. Ask around and you’ll find many more.
deepharbor (nh)
I like to go to Fox news and read the comments so I know what is really going on. Now I know "The Crowd was very big, much bigger than Biden's" "There were giant MLB protestors who kept people from getting to the arena." "AOC 'bought' all the tickets so Trump supporters couldn't get one.' yes we still live in a post reality world.
chris87654 (STL MO)
Nothing from Trump today except 'tweeting' a sane "Happy Father's Day" card. Something's up. He's either sedated, people FINALLY got through to him to STOP the crazy talk, he's drowning his sorrows on a Big Mac or KFC binge, or most likely, engaged in a war room campaign meeting to figure out what to do and who to fire. They can't make any excuses that haven't already been tried... reports show no major issues outside, especially since there were so few protesters (a brilliant intended or accidental strategy that can be used at future events), and Trump people insulted supporters saying they're either afraid of protesters or of catching covid. Additionally, there was no energy inside - photos of people in the upper tier had expressions like those at a funeral. Looking ahead, there should be much concern about the "Students for Trump" gig in Phoenix on Tuesday (I'd expect a 'crowd' of 15 to 25), and whatever rally he might have next - especially how to avoid getting punked again by ticket tossers. This was like a kick in the gut to anyone involved with Trump's campaign. Other Republicans should be thinking of being tethered to the Trumptanic.
PES (Washington, DC)
‘Trumptanic’! I love that.
Jefflz (San Francisco)
How can any Republican congressperson look their constituents in the eye while they continue to be Trump's lackey. Shame on them all for selling this country out.
Will (Utah)
"...the altered political landscape has had little effect on the president, whom advisers describe as feeling like a caged animal during the national lockdown that forced him to abandon most travel." Of course he is raging - he's been cut off from his narcissistic supply.
allseasonradial (PNW, U.S.)
Anyone want to place odds on this GOP political rally becoming a "superspreader" event? A particularly useless one?
Beverly Block (New York)
He jumped the shark.
X (X)
Joe, stay in the basement. Trump is self destucting with each passing week. The Jacksonville convention should be the last nail in the coffin.
Gabrielle Rose (Philadelphia, PA)
Literally. J-ville doesn’t have enough hotel space. When they hosted a Super Bowl, they had cruise ships to handle the overflow. Which they’ll have to employ again for the convention.
spud (NC)
I'm delighted to watch Trump's ship go down and hope it takes his bloated ego down with it. I just wonder who he'll blame for his own failures this time. And, once he's resting on the bottom, no longer sitting in office, I hope the NY prosecutor's office will dredge him up to face charges for the many illegal acts he has orchestrated both before and during his illegitimate presidency.
Cynical Liberal (Anchorage, AK)
Another article about Trump, courtesy of NYT. Where is Biden again? I see no reason to believe Trump will not be reelected. No one in history has ever gotten this much free press.
Manderine (Manhattan)
@Cynical Liberal Wait until Biden picks his VP, then the conversation will turn to other news. Right now it’s the failure of the numbers that holds our attention on the bunker bigot.
Bob (Seattle)
“It’s all fake,” said Mike Alcorn, 40, who works in maintenance and lives in Wichita, Kan. “They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” They don't believe the Holocaust happened because they weren't there. They don't believe slavery was bad because slaves got to eat from the fields they worked in. They don't believe books really exist because they've never seen one.
Durr Adoya (Los Angeles, CA)
Came for the comments...did not get disappointed! XD XD XD
AC (College Station, TX)
The Fake President is a destructive, petty little man who's in it only for himself -- always has been; always will be!
Kate (SW Fla)
Honestly, we the people are sick of this guy. The sooner he is gone from White House and consigned to OAN and Fox the happier we all will be. Hopefully the press will just stop covering this clown. Can’t be soon enough for me,
Kimetta (New York)
@Kate Stop insulting clowns please.
In Florida — which “has all the makings of the next large epicenter,” according to model projections by the PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia — *an advisory from the state’s Department of Health this weekend recommended that people avoid crowds larger than 50 people*. It also encouraged social distancing and mask wearing at smaller gatherings. Trump is set to deliver his national convention speech on Aug. 27 in Jacksonville, Fla., inside an arena that holds *15,000* people. That's 6 weeks from now, so those infected in Tulsa who develop sever illness will be fighting for their lives, and risking the health of the doctors and nurses forced to care for them. Then, in a few more weeks, Trump's MAGAts who attend the event in Jacksonville will be spreading more virus and dying themselves. Could this be Mother Nature's way of thinning the herd of parasites'? Hillary was quite right when she called out deplorables like Stephen Miller, Betsy DeVos, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, William Barr, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, and The Grim Reaper himself, MITCH MCCONNEL(T), TRAITOR SENATOR DEPLORABLE !!!
Satyaban (Baltimore, Md)
Now we know how many ignorant fools there are in Tulsa, enough to fill half of the BOK arena. Today these fools are home and continuing the spread of a "hoax" to their loved ones and people they don't know. I am burned out by Trump and his cronies but his beat goes on. Trump is a criminal.
JK in ATL (Atlanta)
It's mighty telling that in an article covering an event in which Trump called for legislation (that would violate the Bill of Rights) requiring a one-year prison term for those who desecrate the flag, we see so many people desecrating the flag by wearing it as soiled clothing and sitting their rear ends upon it.
Bob (Pennsylvania)
Now if only all of those idiots who attended would get a really severe case of the viral infection - maybe they'd learn something. But I think both things are not at all likely. Better yet, why not simply let natural selection work its way through this lunatic group?
GC (Texas)
The President can’t keep us safe. We’re not safe from COVID-19, not safe from economic disaster and not safe from national turmoil. He’s so stupid he can’t do anything!
If not now, When (in a red state)
"Silent Majority?" = GOP SENATORS scared to death to speak up. Blood on their hands. ....... Blaming low attendance on rabel rousers - - - so his armed fearless base is afraid of some protesting hippies and suburban Obama lovers? ....... Admitting they slowed testing to make his numbers look good (AFTER 30,000 already died because of his inaction)... Impeachable or dishonoring the Constitution AND his daugters convenient Bible
Kirk Bready (Tennessee)
As the leading merchant of its cultural toxins, that trump thing continues provoking the National Gag Reflex and Nov. 3 is starting to look like National Barf Bag day.
Jeff (Northern California)
A pathetic human being supported by pathetic human beings
PuppyDog (US)
@Jeff Wow.
KDz (Santa Fe, NM, USA)
The Trump’s rally had a huge crowd of enthusiastic people. Millions watched on the television. I am a registered democrat and I do not support Trump on some domestic issues; however, I will vote for him. As many people who I know, I assume that Biden would continue the same attitude toward China as he had as being a vice president. This would mean going to a cozy relationship with a totalitarian China and allowing us to be more dependent on their production that used to be “our” production. Such scenario will continue China’s growth and the further US decline that I do not wish for my children and grandchildren. The biggest mistake of the Obama Biden presidency was to turn a blind eye on China’s abuses in stealing mostly ours but also European technologies, promises that China made and never kept, and allowing their further growth. Obama could have imposed tariffs on China in the beginning of his presidency. It is possible we would have kept some industries that migrated to China under his rein. President Trump was not afraid to impose the tariffs, as he was not afraid to condemn the recent suppression of the democratic movement in Hong Kong. As investigated by the Harvard scientists Chinese had known about the virus in August 2019. They chose not to let the world to know. I think that Trump’s tariffs weakened China’s growth and it could be a factor in their decision not stop the spread of the virus. I am sure with time the China’s regime will be more aggressive.
Walter Ingram (Western MD)
One of the most appaling parts of the Trump speech, was when he said testing is overrated. I'm sure the families of those who have died, including frontline healthcare workers would disagree. It seems as if Trump followers, seem not to take that into consideration. A very sad state of affairs.
PB (Northern Utah)
Since no one at this rally was social distancing and many were not wearing masks, shouldn't all these people, including Trump and his staff, have to quarantine for 14 days? Why? To avoid passing on the virus to family, friends, workers, and the community who had enough basic common sense not to go to Trump's adulation rally. Or don't these people care if they expose others, and especially older people, to COVID-19?
sam finn (california)
The turn-out in Tulsa was low. Trump can blame that on whomever or whatever he wants. The only people who really care are actual potential Trump campaign supporters and donors who want to bet on a "winner", and most of them are savvy enough to figure out for themselves the real numbers, the real causes and the real significance. For everybody else, the real question is, how do Trump's own behavior and actions -- in comparison to those of Biden -- weigh on the scales of deciding for whom to vote. For most ordinary people, his deeply ingrained reflexive habit of always blaming someone else is a big negative.
Paul Mow (Honolulu)
The number of rally attendees may shrink in size, but clearly the number of people who watched rally has not shrunk. If you really want Trump to fade away, stop watching. The amount of attention Biden receives will never come close, let alone equal Trump. As usual, the NY Times has missed the point again.
sloan ranger (Atlanta, GA)
Barr lacks legal authority to fire U.S. attorney Berman. Trump can do it, but said he was not involved in firing Berman, which means that Berman has not been fired. Barr's second-hand word that it was Trump who felled the ax is insufficient for such an important action, so Trump must personally confirm that he fired Berman, because of he doesn't, Berman remains the SDNY U.S. attorney.
Steven Kay (Ohio)
Last night in Tulsa Donald Trump told the crowd that he had instructed his administration to slow down coronavirus testing. This is an obvious attempt to hide the true scope of the pandemic. Trump needs better numbers to aid his re-election whether they be true or false. People's health and lives are of no concern to him. Today administration officials are trying to explain away this statement. They are portraying it as a joke, a lighthearted moment (from Trump?), sarcasm. How many times have we’re heard these hollow words the day after a Trump has said something outrageous or ridiculous? I think that the boy has cried "Wolf!" one time too many.
Marty (Milwaukee)
Thank you, New York Times. It's been a while since a news story made me smile.
Hochelaga (North)
Trump announces publicly that he is he is asking for a lot less testing for COVID19, saying that this means the "numbers" will not go up. Is this individual REALLY the president of the United States of America ?
Acco Hengst (Annandale VA)
Either the teens did it or some mentally competent Trump fans decided to avoid crowds, perhaps both. Who would really want to go to a crowded event other than tween protesters and sunbathers? Most of the Trump electorate is not that young and not in a state of mind going to with infection risks to Granma in the nursing home. Calling them responsible adults is not 'woke.'
PuppyDog (US)
@Acco Hengst The medical community said it was ok to have tens of thousands protesting since the cause was a good one, even though it was not responsible.
Robert (Out west)
Oddly, “Independent,” Puppy, that is precisely, word for word, what Trumpists and Trump have been braying all week. Dude, just post your ideas, argument, claims and info. Stop pretending.
Aspasia Milesian (NYC)
Why are the TikTok and Twitter users' efforts to garner tickets for Trump’s campaign rally described as a "prank"? Many of these teens and young adults describe their campaign as a protest on the current president and his social, environmental, and foreign policies. Please give these teens the dignity they deserve, as they will be the ones who will soon be voting these morally bankrupt, appetitive, and corrupt dinosaurs out of office. And thank them for most likely saving thousands of unsuspecting attendees from getting the virus.
Jimmy El Em (Washington State)
Trump has told more lies in the past three and a half years than there were people at his rally last night. I didn’t watch, but from what I’ve read he added to his total. As for protesters blocking the entrances, I’m sure that Fox “News” had cameras there to film any such event. Where’s the video?
WJM (Vancouver, Canada)
Last night the President of the United States stated he wanted Covid testing "slowed down" - only to have the White House and cabinet officials explain he was "joking". If we were to accept their version, can someone explain to me why the new death toll of 120,000 American citizens should be the subject of humour at a political rally?
Opinioned! (NYC)
Trump tweeted 1,000,000 will be attending. The Sheriff counted only 6,200 attended. Trump was off by only 993,000. Not bad for someone who bankrupted 6 businesses and 1 country.
Jane Green (60076)
Trump’s protest rally was fantastic! Trump gets my vote!
Robert (Out west)
Was there ever the slightest chance that he wouldn’t? If your answer is no, you are in trouble.
PSRC (Little Silver)
"Fewer than 6,200 people attended President Trump's campaign rally at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday night, well below the arena's capacity of roughly 19,000, according to the Tulsa Fire Department. Andrew Little, the department's public information officer, told The Hill that a fire marshal recorded the tally at around 7:30 p.m." That's one-third full, not one-third empty as per the NYT article. I'd usually trust The Times over The Hill, but the latter is based on a local official count.
Daniel Long (New Orleans)
From another article in today's New York Times, "According to a spokesman for the Tulsa Fire Department on Sunday, the fire marshal counted 6,200 scanned tickets of attendees. (That number would not include staff, media or those in box suites.)" Trump's tears make me whole ...
Dana (Queens, NY)
It's great to see Trump supporters social distancing.
Howard (NYC)
Two words, "DUMP TRUMP!" have an extremely pleasant and hopefully prophetic ring to them: May they echo around the nation and resonate in the hearts and minds of those dwindling dtrump supporters as they grow increasingly aware of his failings and inadequacies.
Kat Perkins (Silicon Valley)
Sputter. Fizzle. Done. Tuesday Nov. 3, Trump is out and renewal begins. VOTE.
Elizabeth (Kansas)
It's like I always say, "Never underestimate the power of a TikTok granny from Iowa." But regardless of whether teens bamboozled the Trump campaign and led it to wildly overestimate the anticipated attendance, only a few thousand people bothered to show up to see Old Baggy Pants. In fact, more people showed up in Las Vegas last night for a Lawrence Welk concert (and Welk has been dead for decades). But here's a shout out to those enterprising teens. Maybe someone should invite them to hack the Voice of America and all of its subsidiary radio broadcasts. Surely there's a teen out there smart enough to shut down the VOA now that Trump has turned it into the Voice of A Maniac.
Bob (Phoenix)
The Tulsa rally may go down as the Trump GOP's Jonestown moment. The difference between Donald Trump and Jim Jones, the cult leader who, in 1978, persuaded over 900 of his brainwashed followers to drink poisoned "Kool-Aid", is not a matter of kind but only of degree. My understanding is that Trump told the WSJ last week that people wear masks to register their disapproval of him. (Strange, I have put on a mask before entering a grocery store many times. Not once did I think about Donald Trump.) Donald Trump, now apparently aspiring to be a death cult leader, summoned his beguiled followers to an indoor arena during a raging pandemic, and they came in their thousands. Not satisfied to have thousands of his followers crowd into an arena during a deadly pandemic, Trump has indoctrinated them to believe that wearing masks, which might have protected these lost souls, is a way to show that you are a liberal, a socialists, someone who does not support Trump. So, tragically, almost no one attending the Tulsa rally wore a mask. SAD! (oops, even I am being infected.) Apparently, to be a true Trump supporter, you literally, have to "drink the Kool-Aid". And thousands of them actually did. (To be fair, the Jim Jones death cult did not use Kool-Aid - they used "Flavor-Aid" - a cheap imitation, knock off.) I will be very surprised if people are not infected and die as a result of Trump's death cult super-spreader event.
Amy (Texas)
Fear and more fear. No question COVID impacted the numbers. Who wants to risk being assaulted or harassed by the BLM crowd. The poll numbers are going to be even more upside down in 2020.
Keef In cucamonga (Claremont CA)
Which Democrat was it who the GOP used to call a “flip flopper?” Was that Kerry? I forget. Anyway, only thing worse is a flop flopper. And Trump’s a flop flopper.
Mathman314 (Los Angeles)
After three and a half years of Donald Trump's presidency, every negative comment about his behavior, policies and accomplishments has already been said and repeated many times over, so it's obviously time to comment about the many excellent things he's done as president; so here's a complete list: ???
Sixofone (The Village)
The Times didn''t just bury the lede this time, it completely let it slip by without mention. Trump made the startling admission during his rambling speech that increased testing was making the country look bad because it was revealing more infections. “So I said to my people, ‘slow the testing down.’” In that single directive, trump went from his earlier malevolent negligence in his handling of the pandemic to ACTIVELY working against the American people in our effort to beat Covid-19.
Daniel R Mitchell (Columbia, SC)
If you made America Great, then why do have make Great Again?
G (California)
“It’s all fake. They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” So not only thousands of journalists, but millions of ordinary people are part of a giant plot to ... what? Panic everyone for no good reason? Whom does this man trust? How does he acquire new information if he thinks such a massive conspiracy of untruth is possible?
PES (Washington, DC)
He drank Trump’s kool aide. He and his lot blindly believe every lie and falsehood exiting Trump’s mouth. And apparently, despite the overwhelming evidence of this devastating pandemic, choose to deny it. It’s so moronic and warped.
G (California)
@PES It occurs to me that the man's remark could simply have been trolling of a mainstream media reporter, possibly commingled with old-fashioned male braggadocio. Anyway, if fate is unkind he might become the first one he knows who contracts CoViD-19. If so, I feel sorry for his family and friends because his refusal to wear a mask will spread the virus to them, too.
pirate hello kitty (hairball ranch)
The excuse for no-shows was the presence of unarmed protestors. Since when are MAGA fanatics scare of protestors especially in MAGA RED Oklahoma?
Andy (San Francisco)
Mentally and emotionally, he's an aggrieved 8-year old. Americans are dying but all he cares about is himself. He will gladly lie and cheat to win, and be proud that he did so. How does this weak, unfit and very troubled man get even ONE supporter?
Deering24 (New Jersey)
@Andy, his supporters are as messed-up as he is?
PES (Washington, DC)
Yes. Sad but true.
Betsy (Oak Park)
This rally, above all other remedies, was designed to reassure and comfort the ailing Trumpster, under extreme duress because he cannot play in the mean streets anymore, as he once did. He is stuck in his house, with nothing to do. No one to play with. Bored with his toys. Twitter alone can't do it. No more big rallies, as he remembers them in his fevered dreams, with supporters fawning over him, screaming and panting their hot breath his way. Few remaining outlets for him to blow off the steam and receive the adulation he craves and needs, just as the rest of us need oxygen to breath. Last night he was shown up for the miserable human being he is; the failed President; a stumbling, desparate, hateful, fearful, pathetic creature. A loser. Things are going wrong, mistakes accumulating, losses mounting. Watch how he will now become even more dangerous and unpredictable than he was. He is like a rabid animal, mean and vicious, before a painful death.
Jackie (Atlanta)
You nailed it. He’ll get even more dangerous from this point on as he sees and feels the cover of power slipping away from him. The malignant narcissist psychopath will stop at NOTHING to destruct our whole democracy on his way down to the end. We all have to be vigilant. I shudder at what he and his cabal are looting from us as a country now as we speak and they feel the end coming.
AACNY (New York)
A lot of wishful thinking in these comments. Careful, New York Times readers. What its selling isn't what is actually happening.
Robert (Out west)
I see you’re still trying Roy Cohn: always accuse ‘em of what you’re doing, and when in doubt, yell louder.
Montessahall (Paris, France)
@AACNY - You’re right. It’s much, much worse!
Neil (Texas)
Well, whether it fizzled or was a great show depends on whom you will vote. Since I will vote for POTUS - I thought the mere fact - a rally was held and televised live on Cspan - I live overseas so do not which other channels carried it. And the empty wears - according to British and European newspapers - were results of many folks asking and getting tickets - but who did it - just to sabotage the event. Regardless, POTUS definitely provided entertainment during these dreary Wuhan virus times. Typically, at these rallies - as a life long Republican - I have been to many - there are always some speakers who throw out red meat for supporters. Here, POTUS had nobody but he does not really need anybody for red meat. From his dispelling very effectively rumors of a Parkinson's - to painting Mr. Biden - as a doddling old man - not to mention his leftward tilt - I say, for a summer rally - this was no fizzle. If POTUS and his aides, operators continue to paint Joe as an absentee nominee in the grip of his left wing supporters - who cares if rally was not fully attended. That visceral picture of Mr. Biden is going to stick - and he is going to have hard time convincing otherwise. Not dissimilar to Reagan and his age. Reagan famously alluded to his age in the debate preemptively ”now, let me say this. I won't hold Mr. Mondale's young age against him.” Mr. Mondale never recovered.
Bob (Seattle)
@Neil - a long post in which you fail to mention WHY you support Mr. Trump for President. What policies that have been enacted do you support. Do you have grandchildren. Do you not care that the EPA has been vastly stripped for powers? Do you not can care are the reduction of enforcement of consumer protection? Do you support the arrest of illegal immigrants while no arrest or even fines for employers who hire them? EVerify is optional. Do you support that?
Walter Ingram (Western MD)
@Neil Not sure why anyone would vote for someone who thinks not protecting peoples health, by intentionally telling his subordinates to slow testing down.
PES (Washington, DC)
Trump provided ‘entertainment.’ That’s a good one. It’s not all about where the virus originated. Trump completely blew the coronavirus response in the US resulting in 120,000 deaths and many ill people. But, as usual, he evaded responsibility and laid the blame elsewhere, on China. He’s so great at creating a distraction, trotting out a scapegoat for his endless screwups. He belongs in a rubber room. And while we’re at it, his explanations for the ‘sippy cup’ and ‘baby steps down the ramp’ incidents are pathetic. Something is cognitively wrong with him, outside of being a raging moron.
KMW (New York City)
AACNY, I feel privileged to be criticized with you by Opinioned. I am in good company and we think alike. Thank you.
Neil (Texas)
Well, whether it fizzled or was a great show depends on whom you will vote. Since I will vote for POTUS - I thought the mere fact - a rally was held and televised live on Cspan - I live overseas so do not which other channels carried it. And the empty wears - according to British and European newspapers - were results of many folks asking and getting tickets - but who did it - just to sabotage the event. Regardless, POTUS definitely provided entertainment during these dreary Wuhan virus times. Typically, at these rallies - as a life long Republican - I have been to many - there are always some speakers who throw out red meat for supporters. Here, POTUS had nobody but he does not really need anybody for red meat. From his dispelling very effectively rumors of a Parkinson's - to painting Mr. Biden - as a doddling old man - not to mention his leftward tilt - I say, for a summer rally - this was no fizzle. If POTUS and his aides, operators continue to paint Joe as an absentee nominee in the grip of his left wing supporters - who cares if rally was not fully attended. That visceral picture of Mr. Biden is going to stick - and he is going to have hard time convincing otherwise. Not dissimilar to Reagan and his age. Reagan famously alluded to his age in the debate preemptively ”now, let me say this. I won't hold Mr. Mondale's young age against him.” Mr. Mondale never recovered.
Kate (NH)
@Neil To follow up on my previous reply to this post, not only do you express yourself in Trump lingoese, but you are similarly repeating yourself. No need to post your same comments 3x.
PES (Washington, DC)
Good one, Kate.
John (Glendale, CA)
Whatever the live audience was, there was a huge online audience. I watched it; a great performance. He laid out the stark choice: vote for Trump, or else vote for the forces of anarchy and destruction and anti-Americanism. It should be an easy choice for any normal person.
Sofedup (San Francisco, CA)
@John - urp.
Jane Green (60076)
Yes, I watched online as well. Fantastic rally! President Trump pointed out all the left wing lawlessness. President Trump has my vote.
mecmec (Austin, TX)
@John It IS an easy choice for any normal person. And any moral person. And any intelligent person. And any science and fact-loving person. And any fully human person. And any truly patriotic person. The stark choice is to vote against the idiotic, amoral, illiterate, soulless, racist, grifter named Trump.
Jack Meoph (santa barbara, ca)
All that available space and still no voluntary social distancing. tsk tsk
Jane Green (60076)
Did you say tst tst to Black Lives Matter protestors? No, Of course you didn’t even think about COVID-19 when you watched BLM.
PES (Washington, DC)
How do you know that, Jane?
Robert (Out west)
Glowing orb, PES. Glowing orb.
Bar tennant (Seattle)
since when is 19,000 a small crowd? you have this rally confused with a Biden “rally.”
Slann (CA)
@Bar tennant 6,200 isn't 19,000. Confused?
Robert (Seattle)
@Bar tennant 6,000 and change. The venue was 66% empty.
MiniBar (Wine Country)
@Bar tennant Since when is 6.9K people considered "19,000"?
Mark (South Philly)
Oh boy, Times. Our Dem candidate might have people who will vote for him, but Biden has no supporters. I'm afraid this election is going to be a landslide for Trump. Hillary at least had support from suburban women. Joe doesn't have any specific group, and the black vote is indifferent. Nevertheless, we have to get Joe out of his man cave. You don't want to buy a car that you can't test drive!! C'mon Joe. Get out there, and show'em how it's done.
Jane Green (60076)
Biden doesn’t dare speak in public very often. Voting for Biden is voting for Nancy P. For president.
Alexis 104 (Newark, NJ)
If he spent less time on nostalgia, gaffes, and arrogance to make himself feel more believable to the general electorate.
Mark L (Schenectady)
@Mark Based on the polls he has support from suburban women, purples, educated whites, blacks etc. What he doesn't have support from are less educated whites and evangelicals and even there he appears to be chipping away.
Tom Baroli (California)
His aides describe him under lockdown as “Like a caged animal.” Can they be specific? What kind of animal? I think hippo, or old, mangy gnu.
LouAZ (Aridzona)
@Tom Baroli - Garden Grubb that eats your Veggies and your Flowers.
Ignatz (Upper Ruralia)
@Tom Baroli A poor old lame horse headed for the glue factory. " one wuvs me anymore...." Does this mean he probably won't get a Noble Price?
Kate (NH)
@Ignatz What is a Noble Price?
RW (British Columbia)
Trump got punked by Tik Tok teens and K-Pop fans asking for tickets with no intention to attend. Thank you to all those teens. A couple of more years and these kids will be voting. It will be the extinction of the GOP as we know it. Thank you to our public education teachers who have diligently spread the message to our youth - that you treat people of all colors with respect and dignity.
Jane Green (60076)
Sorry Trump supporters signed up for tickets even if they didn’t plan to go to the rally to show support. I know because I signed up for a ticket to show my support, but didn’t want to go to the rally. I watched online and enjoyed every minute of the Trump rally.
C (JC)
@RW So a Chinese social media company and a Korean bot network are working to influence the outcome of the election and the NY Times and their readers think it's cute? Noted.
Sofedup (San Francisco, CA)
@Jane Green - gurlllll...
Sam (California)
trumpers evaporated, most likely those voters who listened to Smart V. Putin during the 2016 trump election propaganda, quickly learned the damage done by trump, Low barr, Putin and his agents in WiKiLeaks, specially Assange ! Let us welcome them back into our fold and share the American Greatness again ! We are glad those voters decided not to waste time with the losers ! and a good number of them busy fulfilling trump’s mission of sabotaging the protests against police brutalities, Low barr injustices and burning down cities to shift the blame on to the real victims ?
Leon (Earth)
Using his own words this rally was disgraceful. Not only attendance stunk, 6200 as per the Tulsa's FD vs 19,000 inside and 40,000 outside expected, -although they spoke of a million-, but they were the same believers, Jim Jones like that go to everyone of his rallies, the "portable". Not a single vote won, many lost with a speech centered around himself, how he could, would or may have drank from a bottle using only one hand or glide down the stairs were it not for the shoes, the steps, the humidity, the steepness of the ramp, the press etc... And he admitted to a serious crime that by in itself is impeachable, ordering to slow down testing so the number of cases wouldn't look that bad. Only the death numbers. What is Nadler waiting for?
Odysseus (Ithaca)
@Leon Slowing down testing (assume you mean testing for the coronavirus) is a "serious crime", indeed an "impeachable" crime? Hey, I think it is foolish to do such a thing, stupid for sure, but a crime??? Nadler is a lawyer. And you will see no "impeachments" between now and election day. Stay safe.
PuppyDog (US)
I used to enjoy reading the NY Times comments. But they have increasingly become so ANGRY. I think the best way each of us can be part of the solution is to actively understand the other side, to not view Trump supporters as bad people or brand all white people as racist. If you're reading this, you're probably pretty educated. It's up to you and me to stop this endless negativity and name calling. Stop shouting and start listening.
Don Salmon (asheville nc)
@PuppyDog I like the idea of being respectful to all. How would you respond politely to "Bar Tennant" from Seattle, who just wrote that 19,000 people attended Trump's rally? The latest count, according to the Tulsa Fire Department - not exactly a raging hothouse of Leftist agitators - is 6200. I'm open to your suggestions.
Jeff (Northern California)
@PuppyDog You must be kidding! Take a look at your "leaders" tweets before you address the backlash. Then ask yourself, who is promoting hate, fear, and anger? If you think it is those commenting on NYTs, you're part of the problem, PuppyDog. Case closed.
Jane Green (60076)
Thank you for trying to get people to be more polite. The comments seem to be as bad as Facebook. There are a lot of very angry liberals reading the NYT. Or is the NYT’s trying to make people angry? NYT gets more readers if they are angry readers. Just saying.
Marilyn (Portland, OR)
Too bad for Trump because "the chickens have finally come home to roost" for him.
Jane Green (60076)
No that was Obama.
PES (Washington, DC)
Jane, you’re a font of incisive wit.
asg21 (Denver)
"millions of online rally viewers amounted to “a massive audience that Joe Biden can only dream of.”" Who's dreaming here?
PES (Washington, DC)
For the sake of his succubus like ego, Trump has no compunction whatsoever about endangering his cult. The smart(er) ones stayed home. With all the maskless shouting, whistling, cheering, the very real virus particles spewed everywhere throughout the crowd, we'll see what happens in 5 days to 14 days from now. No surprise if Oaklahoma has itself an uptick in coronavirus cases. They can't trot out the media to blame-it's all on them and their Hollow Man.
Odysseus (Ithaca)
I am sure the Trump rallies will be _packed_ if Attorney-General Bill Barr starts off the rallies by leading the audience in some chants - perhaps "lock up Nancy Pelosi" and "let Joe and Hunter share a cell." The American people are no fools. Give them honesty and character: give them AG Bill Barr
Slann (CA)
@Odysseus "and he is....RUDY Giuliani!"
Manderine (Manhattan)
There were more empty BLUE seats, than red hates of hate. I like those visuals.
Charlotte Brevard (MIchigan)
I have no doubt that like Hillary Clinton, Biden will win the popular vote. Only Trump's most fanatical followers think that we are better off with him at the helm of this rapidly sinking ship. I worry about the inevitable attempt by the Republicans to steal this election by purging millions of Democratic votes. Broken and missing machines, miscalculated votes, missing or spoiled absentee ballots (here in Michigan, absentee ballot boxes must be sealed in a certain way or votes are not counted) We must be ready for this. Democrats need assiduous monitoring on the ground at each polling place. Ombudsmen and city council members must advocate for the voters in their districts, insuring that each polling place has working machines and that there are no shortages. Local boards of elections must make sure that each voter is advised of their current polling place and of ANY changes that occur. We must steamroller over corrupt governors, secretaries of state and election officials. We still have time before the election. We CANNOT let them get away with it. All eyes on deck.
Blaise Descartes (Seattle)
I watched a few minutes of the Trump rally, but had to turn it off. Trump appeared to be mentally ill, milking the crowd for sympathy, grasping for the affection that is vanishing before his eyes. One could hope that Republicans will help to plan for an alternative to Trump. A positive development would be a Mitt Romney or a Susan Collins stating that he or she could not in good conscience vote for Trump. Even better, the rise of a Republican challenger. OK that last idea is just a dream. But victory in November is not demolishing the Republican Party. It is enabling a path forward to the reestablishment of two viable parties in the US, parties that are capable of negotiating with each other, and compromising to pass legislation that all Americans can accept, or at least tolerate. Elections are not the only goal. Even more important is the second stage to democracy which occurs in the Senate and House, in which people with different opinions argue and compromise to make laws that help the nation get through what will be a trying period. COVID-19 will most likely lower living standards for all Americans across the spectrum, at least in the short run. We need good decisions, which have been vigorously debates, so that we can avoid turning the COVID recession into a COVID depression.
Joanne M (Chicago Illinois)
@Blaise Descartes The Republican Party deserves to be demolished for their cowardly enabling of Trump. Only two could muster the backbone to make tiptoeing, mild criticisms of him, lest he tweet bad things about them. All the rest are too afraid to say anything, no matter how extreme his actions are, such as using the Military against American Citizens to clear a path for his photo op.
KMW (New York City)
Tim C, At some point, Joe Biden is going to have to appear in public before the American people. He can’t stay hiding in his basement forever. I think those in his campaign would prefer he stay there because of the gaffes he keeps making but the American people will not stand for it forever. What is he afraid of. At least President Trump is getting out there and appearing before his supporters. Maybe Joe Biden is afraid that none will show up or very few. At some point he has to face the music and it is better that he do it sooner than later. He can run but you can’t hide.
eheck (Ohio)
@KMW Hide from what? Trump and his campaign publicly humiliated themselves last night. Those visuals of the less-than-half full arena and non-existent "overflow" rally are not going to go any anytime soon. It proves that he is nowhere near as popular as his supporters claim. The fact that the campaign was pranked by a bunch of teenagers and adults on Tik Tok makes it even more embarrassing. It further underscores how clueless and inept Trump and his handlers truly are. The Great and Powerful OZ had the curtain pulled back on him, exposing the small, insignificant creature behind the bluster. Unlike Trump, though, the Wizard of Oz was kindly.
spud (NC)
@KMW Biden doesn't have to appear anywhere or do anything (other than stay alive) while Trump destroys his own reelection chances.
Robert (Out west)
Basement beats a bunker, lady.
Gregory West (Brandenburg, Ky.)
The Walter Cronkite Republican wonders if middle class works have begun to realize that Mr. Trump double crossed them with his promise to take a wrecking ball to the educational and economic systems that they perceive to be rigged against them. If fact, Mr. Trump has joined the Republican leadership these voters rejected during the 2016 primaries to tilt the educational and economic plying fields even further in favor of the rich.
Steve (Seattle)
All TV shows eventually come to an end. We are witnessing the end of "The Trump Show", bad cast, bad ideas and a very predictable plot.
Topher S (St. Louis, MO)
Unfortunately, even if he loses there will be a second season, and a third. Trump and his toxic, destructive influence aren't going away if he leaves the WH. He has right-wing propaganda media and social media eager to continue broadcasting his "show". The script will feature ba change of setting and likely to be filled with even more bitterness and venom due to his aggrieved ego. I do hope that Twitter will finally apply its terms of service when he's out of office and bring down ban hammer. Let his cult scurry like roaches to the dark corners of the internet like 4chan where the media don't feel obligated to cover the toxic garbage every day.
Slann (CA)
@Steve Cancel him!
John Brown (Boston)
Ok, so Trump holds a rally, and the turn out was VASTY lower than expected due to a pandemic, online ticketing shenanigans and on the ground agitators that caused thousands to be turned away. The schadenfreude media can't wait to report this. Real story: Trump holds peaceful rally for in an arena that has been empty for months and galvanizes enthusiastic base. Meanwhile Joe Biden coasts into senility in his basement and the media forgives and excuses every cringe-enducing-gaffe and non-woke-progressive policy he has supported for the past 47 years. I watched the rally and I personally don't have the patience for Trumps rambling extemporaneous speeches, but I appreciate his positive tone and hopeful message. The media has become saturated with message of pessimism and all too ready to sow the seed of disdain and discord. Trump was correct that the silence majority is stronger than ever and they are getting fed up.
eheck (Ohio)
@John Brown The "real story" is that the rally was a fundamental public relations disaster that proves how out-of-touch and inept Trump and his campaign truly are, and how little support Trump actually has. It was a public humiliation, and there are more to come. The "silence majority" better fasten their seatbelts for the trip to the bottom.
Bob (Seattle)
@John Brown - Calling Covid-19 "Kung Flu" isn't a positive message. It's middle-school humor, divisive, and deflects from real tragedy lots of families have suffered, and Trump's weak approach to dealing with it.
Robert (Out west)
It’s “silent,” majority, dude. Silent. Good old right wing silly claim since Nixon and Agnew, and we all (well, at least the grown-ups) know how THAT Dynamic Duo ended up. Hey...has anybody checked Mike for cashy envelopes lately?
Rick Pearson (Austin)
The reason this gives me some hope is that it's obvious that Trump's followers are starting to figure out that he couldn't care less about them and that they need to take care of themselves, if not by voting him out, but not taking his invitation to an indoor rally during a pandemic. I hold out hope that people who really want a great country are seeing his mental and physical frailty and his complete disconnect from reality. In short, looks from this rally that his followers may have had enough and will join other Americans who really want a "great country" not Trump's distopian wasteland.
Billfer (Lafayette LA)
According to one of the attendees at the BOK Center, “The corona virus is fake news; I haven’t seen anyone die from it. I don’t know anyone who has it.” We couldn’t see the polio virus either, I didn’t know anyone who had it, nobody I knew died from it. I still walked down to the local high school in 1962 and got the vaccine with every member of my family. This style of willful ignorance is seriously destructive, not only to the physical health of the nation but to the health of its institutions. That the President cultivates this is both astounding and, with DJT, simply to be expected.
Jefflz (San Francisco)
There is a 100% correlation between the ability to believe Trump, and the willingness and ability to believe that the COVID pandemic is a hoax. The failed Electoral College was designed to see that these kind of people do not have the power to select our national leader. The voting system is corrupt.
Deb (USA)
These comments are like an echo chamber and in that respect I think it does the country and moderate/sensible America - which let's face it is the silent voting majority - a great disservice. I am no Trump supporter but I did listen to his entire speech because as a thinking person I try to find the grain of truth in opposing views. His rants about the "radical left" struck a chord with me after our apologetic treatment of BLM lawlessness and what's going on in Seattle. Riots/looting of the last few weeks and Seattle are a travesty and election losers for Democrats. People brandishing guns come in and take over blocks of a city, and this is tolerated? What about the store owners and people who live there who want police protection? So now these people on horseback with rifles are the "law"? When he described the mayor's encouragement and governor's tolerance of this situation as "crazy" I couldn't help but agree.
@Deb the radical left line is just him regurgitating the same storyline that worked for him in 2016. It plays so well into the white supremest fanbase to rant and rave about a lawless society. And while you say that congratulate yourself on listening and being a good thinker, the rest of your comment doesn't support that assertion. Critical thinking would require you to seek out information and truly try to understand elected officials all throughout the country, and from both parties, recognize the systemic problems that have led millions to march the street.But instead, your response is to instantly align with misinformation and stereotypes shouted out by Trump.
Bob (Seattle)
@Deb If you have to listen to an entire speech to get a "grain" of truth, the speech is worthless. And you can spend all day walking around Seattle and see absolutely no sign of rioting and looting. The autonomous zone is six square blocks of a enormous sprawling metropolis. Yes, their was violence - one night out of many peaceful nights. But that violence is, in part, a reaction to the violence our democracy and equal rights protections many have suffered for decades, if not their entire lives. It's not "crazy" for the mayor to "tolerate" peaceful protests. And the violence isn't tolerated.
John Brown (Boston)
@Deb Spot on.
Rolfneu (California)
Must be very hard for Trump, an egomaniac on steroids, to see that he couldn't fill the auditorium and that there was no overflow crowd. But don't worry Trump will be blaming the fake news media, Obama, Hillary and of course those left wing radical Democrsts for all that went wrong. Trump will never accept that he is the problem. Not only was the attendance a flop, but those that did go showed about zero enthusiasm. Maybe even his loyal base is tiring of the same old stick Many should be asking themselves: was it really worth it to expose myself, my family, my friends, my neighbors to go to this rally?
MJM (Southern Indiana)
Trump is just a frustrated, egotistical actor. His rallies are just sick entertainment. He considers himself a great celebrity. The presidency is just a gig where all the world is a stage from which he derives power. Too bad that the evil he spreads is real. I don't even give him one star for his performance.
Bob (Illinois)
Still had much more people than Biden would have had lol
Steven Kay (Ohio)
Pure supposition. No facts with which to back up that statement. But, hey! Keep laughing if it soothes those bruised feelings.
Chris (New York)
No duh, Biden isn’t stupid enough or selfish enough to hold a rally during a pandemic.
Alexandra (Houston)
@Bob Thank you for your cogent and enlightening opinion.
Gharza (St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands)
Mr. President, drop the chalupa and walk away....
LouAZ (Aridzona)
No matter that you are red or Blue . . . First Liar hasn't got a chance with this crowd. Vote early and often !
Keef In cucamonga (Claremont CA)
“And it would’ve worked, too, if it hadn’t a been for you meddling kids!”
Sage X (Richmond Virginia)
Have the Democrats fielded 6200 people to any of their rallies? If not, to say Trump's campaign sputtered is a bit silly. He's still a supremely idiotic moron but I'd be careful in this regard because if 6200 is a failing, the 200 hundred that show up for Biden is going to be . . . .what?
Manderine (Manhattan)
@Sage X It will be precautionary actions in a time of a ruthless pandemic that’s spreads like wild fire. 200 will be a smart venue...with masses and social distancing OUTDOORS.
Manderine (Manhattan)
@Sage X It will be precautionary actions in a time of a ruthless pandemic that’s spreads like wild fire. 200 will be a smart venue...with masks and social distancing OUTDOORS.
Sage X (Richmond Virginia)
@Manderine I agree it was immoral, indecent and stupid to hold a rally during a pandemic but when 6200 people show up a a campaign rally . . .that's a success not a failure. To call it a "small crowd" is not smart. I think all of those people should have had to sign a waiver that said they would NOT seek medical attention if they contracted Covid-19.
Tony N (New Hampshire)
I am sure you are all looking at 'alternative facts/photos' of this rally. I am sure “This was the largest audience to ever witness a" rally. I am also sure that we will all be told it was so. ... Or maybe not.
Manderine (Manhattan)
6200 Attended inside, 0 attended outside. I guess that’s what a million people looks like to these flat earth Covid deniers.
JTaylor (Seattle)
I don't care if people deny COVID or insist it's their God-given right to go out and be stupid about getting/giving/spreading it. However, if they do get it, they shouldn't be allowed to go clog up the hospital system and endanger those who are frontline. Period. I admit I'm feeling a bit jaded today, as I now am awaiting my test results because someone else was irresponsible.
Peggy (PA)
"So I said to my people, ‘slow the testing down,' " Trump said. Any one who heard that and cheered does not get that he's the reason for the unrealistically, artificially "low" numbers of diseased patients in their "immune" communities. Oh, no, they're not fooled by this radical left-wing hoax. Do the president's ardent fans not realize that the national suppression of tests does not equal the national suppression of this killing machine? Do they think it's a regular thing for 120,000 Americans to just fall dead in 120 days? Trump is a dangerous fool for doing it - and then a double fool for boasting about it. And that makes his unquestioning basket of groupies a dangerous pool of fools for blithely running around in packs, proudly tossing off their masks and laughing off the silly notion that they can get and spread a lethal national menace.
Trassens (Florida)
The mistakes of Donald Trump are reverting his previous successes.
Barbara (NYC)
As always - but this time he outdid himself, with that looooong, completely off-topic and rambling drone about the slippery ramp at West Point ((where he was NOT asked to appear or speak in person, but insisted upon himself, dragging the grads back for his in-person show)). Trump at his rallies is sadly reminiscent of the final scenes in Raging Bull where the washed-up fighter is reduced to a pathetic stand-up comedian -- except of course that trump has been pathetic in this way his entire adult life.
PES (Washington, DC)
Well said, Barbara.
Slann (CA)
@Barbara "Look at me. And then look at you. And then look at me. And then look at you."
JayML (New Jersey)
Trump certainly acted like a Drama Queen last night. The imitation of himself at West Point: drinking from a glass of water and walking down the ramp reflects his extremely low emotional intelligence. He babbled on and on and did not focus on issues that need to be addressed. He is unfit.
Slann (CA)
@JayML Stale act. Cancel.
Robert (Out west)
“Slan,” only has the one S, vanVogt.
Pamela W (Tulsa, O,)
Tulsa is my town, Trump is not my President. But I have friends who are Trump supporters, in Oklahoma there is no reason for a GOP candidate to even campaign here, he could be dead or the devil and they'd still vote for him. Before Trump the best we got was the wife of a VP candidate! Why the bad turnout -- Trump and his organizers. I knew about 10 people with tickets, only 2 went. Why? bad organization, we were told there would be 100,000 people, the tickets meant nothing. I work half a block from the arena, my building closed on Friday. Parking garages and lots near the arena - and yes I park in one - were closed for security so you had a hike. The Trump campaign did not provide shuttle service to other parking - which is frequently done here. So why go?? to see him, we can see him on TV too often. So he'll have every excuse -- fire a few people-- opps not necessary 6 of this organizers he sent here tested positive here for COVID - nice thank you very much as though we don't have enough already --
Kate (NH)
@Pamela W It's interesting to get thoughts about what transpired there during the event from a resident who really knows what went on. Thank you for posting. I only hope that your city gets paid for the costs campaign incurred.
Chris Wildman (Alaska)
“'If it is God’s will that I get coronavirus that is the will of the Almighty. I will not live in fear,' said Robert Montanelli..." Well, Robert, do you take that same point of view with other medical advice? If you smoke, do you think that if you get cancer, that is the will of the Almighty, so you light up just to test the theory? If you take illegal drugs, do you trust in the will of the Almighty to protect you and yours from the perils of illicit drug use? If you're morbidly obese, do you trust God to somehow protect you from the multitude of issues related to obesity, so you overeat, go heavy on the sugar, and never exercise? Ben Franklin, wise man that he was, famously said: “God helps those who help themselves.” No one wants to live in fear. I don't, and that's why I protect myself and others I come in contact with by isolating as much as possible, and by ALWAYS wearing a mask. If I were to carry the virus to just one person, friend or stranger, I would regret it always. I don't fear the virus; I just want to mitigate the spread of the disease as much as possible.
PuppyDog (US)
@Chris Wildman I agree with you, but people have stopped listening to health experts ever since they defended the large protests.
Mary Smith (Riverside, CA)
@Chris Wildman You have written a very eloquent comment! Robert's quote stood out to me as well, I just couldn't think of how to respond to that type of...reasoning. It is fine to have faith, and frankly, that's your business, but when you live among others, as most of us do, you have responsibility towards them as well. That's what living in a society entails. It has been a surprise to me how many of my "fellow Americans" do believe they live within a larger society they have responsibility to in matters of public health; it has made the consequences of our political divide all the more deadly. ...and thanks for the mask-wearing!
Mary Melcher (Arizona)
Very satisfying pratfall. His minions were all over the Sunday morning news shows making up preposterous stories----of course the film did not show a million people clamoring to get into the rally amidst unruly protesters who allegedly stood in their way... There was nothing new in his message: :"I am as important as the second coming of Christ", "I am persecuted on all sides by terrible people", they are picking on me, I am so wonderful, and on and on. Trump and Tulsa welcoming contagion and madness to Oklahoma....a moving sight indeed. BTW: someone needs to tell Mr. Trump that slams about Biden's mental acuity made by this singularly dull witted president may not be the way to go for you in this campaign.
R Morse (Manhattan)
Adding insult to injury, those thousands of empty seats were blue!
ss (los gatos)
This is a rally where only the "deplorables" showed up. But remember, Secy Clinton put only half of Trump's supporters into that category. The other half, as she said, were those who had legitimate concerns and were hoodwinked into thinking Trump was the answer. So did those who stayed away from the rally do so because they have seen him for the fake that he is, or because they don't want to die of COVID-19 before they cast their vote for him in November? It's too soon to gloat.
Postmotherhood (Texas)
I’m an elder American not associated with Tik-Tok or other groups that organized ticket acquisitions to this poorly conceived rally. I ordered 2 tickets and told the Trump campaign I wanted to attend in full PPE, protesting the murder of elder Americans like my family’s matriarch by a president who told us he had this pandemic “under control,” as elders in the northeast were being infected. I didn’t attend because I’m not suicidal. This president wants to stop testing just as my state of Texas is abandoning elders to economic recovery. My cohort is in lockdown, fearful (for good reason as infections in my county have increased 8-fold since our governor ordered “re-opening) to grocery shop as maybe 15-20% of customers are wearing masks. We elders are abandoned to Republican election concerns. This cradle Republican is revolting, actively supporting Democratic candidates in state races. I don’t advocate impeachment for Trump, I advocate criminal charges at this point.
Mary Smith (Riverside, CA)
@Postmotherhood I don't think people (those pesky and dangerous mask-shunning people) get this! Do they really think that older and/or all at-risk folks, should just stay sequestered at home forever? You are not alone in feeling like you've been abandoned, an unwilling sacrifice on the economic alter of "re-opening". I'm sorry it took this horrible pandemic for you to reconsider your political orientation. May I be the first to welcome you to the Democratic fold!
John Brown (Boston)
@Postmotherhood What criminal charges do you recommend? It's interesting that so many are so willing to participate in a campaign interference by registering for tickets with no intention of attending. I wonder how many would be willing to interfere with actual voting, by mail for instance.
Max Deitenbeck (Shreveport)
@John Brown That's right. Whip out the voter fraud before the election he will lose AGAIN in preparation for all the crying you folks will do when your guy Trump is walked out of the White House in handcuffs by NY state officials. Before you ask your snarky "what criminal charges do you recommend," do your own research, dude. You know, as we all do, that Trump is a criminal, but he is your criminal so you just lie, lie, lie as you defend the indefensible.
Gary Ward (Durham)
Trump tries to mislead as usual by not mentioning the validity of protesting the death of a man by suffocation by a police officer on the street in front of citizens. Trump also boils down the arson and looting to left wing groups; although there has been a lot of participation by white wing groups such as the Boogaloos who try to incite violence that they hope will be attributed to black protestors. In Charlottesville, Trump said there were good people on both sides but now he is attributing all wrong to left wing groups and Antifa when law enforcement knows that is not true.
james haynes (blue lake california)
Supporter Robert Montanelli says "if I get coronavirus that is the will of God. I will not live in fear." Uh? So when driving, for instance, does he stop for red lights, or rely on the same time-provenphilosophy of whatever?
Bzl15 (Edinburgh, Scotland)
IMO, anybody who attended these "Hate Rallies" gets sick and goes to a hospital, should pay for the cost of treating him/her. Trump already had countless bankruptcies (I believe +/-6) now he is working on his Biggest bankruptcy--U.S. government. These rallies will definitely help him get there soon. Please vote straight Democratic ticket on Nov.3rd. Our democracy is at stake.
PES (Washington, DC)
John B (Chevy Chase)
I think we should take hope from his "Fizzle in Tulsa" Donald is not attracting his base in the numbers he used to. Tulsa is as full of deplorables as any city on can think of. And yet most of them stayed home. This is good. Let's assume his base is ~30% of the electorate. If only ~65% of that ~30% actually get off their Lazy Boy recliners on election day, Biden is home free. Trump seems to have nothing to offer the independents, undecideds, apoliticals. And he message isn't even playing all that well to his disciples. We should take heart.
Frank Monaco (Brooklyn NY)
Trump is like a bad comic with they same old stale material. Funny how there is always some one or thing to blame when things don't go well for him. The Country is getting exhausted of this One Trick Pony. People want Stability, and Normalcy From the Office of the President. Instead we have a continual Reality Show.
Robert (Seattle)
"So I said to my people, slow the testing down, please." And that is just what he has done. 100,000 Americans have already needlessly died. The White House itself is expecting 500,000 more avoidable deaths by the end of the year. Merry Christmas, from the deplorable in chief.
gf (ny)
This rally was so wrong in so many ways - being held to prop up a bored man with a fragile ego - costing a lot of money which could have been put to better use- the total disrespect for the Black community and Juneteenth - the hateful, ignorant and mendacious content of the president's remarks - the total disregard for science and the pleas of both the local authorities and health department but the part the horrifies me the most is the disregard for the health and safety of all involved in putting on this show and of his followers - and all who will come into contact with them. That he knowingly and willfully held a rally which could endanger so many people's lives is just sinful. He will have a lot to account for.
M. (Flagstaff, Arizona)
It was an even bigger crowd than the record throng at his
WM (Seattle)
So, there was an important political event where a group of people used social media to manipulate the outcome expected .... The Appropriate Response: Rally was just a disaster. No need to investigate. No collusion here. That’s just fake news. Welcome to the political world you created, Mr. Trump.
LouAZ (Aridzona)
There were just as many Trump supporters at this Tulsa Rally as there were at his Inauguration. What a WIN !
Michael V. (Florida)
You think you’ve seen Trump be nasty? Get ready. In his desperation to try to hold onto power, he’s going to portray Biden as the devil (with plenty of scandal from his son’s work in Ukraine). He’s going to claim that mail-in ballots have been fraudulently filed in every state, and when the ballots take a week to be counted, he’s going to assert that he is declaring martial law (both because of continuing social unrest and the public health emergency in the COVID-19 outbreak), suspending the reporting of election results. This is the challenge of the American experiment. Can it withstand the undermining of an incumbent bent on holding onto power?
Michael (Sacramento)
Trump and Navarro push conspiracy theories and the arena is not full of supporters. That is mind boggling in the Trump era.
D. Epp (Vancouver)
"The campaign conducted temperature checks and handed out masks..." Almost no-one in the crowd is wearing a mask, even though the campaign was giving them out. Maybe they kept them as souvenirs.
Sean (Ft Lee. N.J.)
trump "crowd" mirroring 1979 Mets Shea Stadium based depressing sparsely attended spectacle.
Dearson (NC)
Apparently, Trump has dusted off his 2016 playbook for his two hours of hate, masquerading as a political rally. Attacking the media, and protesters are all back. Using racism as a propaganda tool again proves to be prominent. Although Trump is China's man, he disingenuously uses China for his racist rants as opposed to Mexico. Apparently, paid actors will again be a prominent feature of the audience at the Trump rallies. These actors are generally seated directly behind Trump, and their purpose is to give the impression that he has a significant ethnically diverse following. The "Make America Great Again" signs have also returned. Supporters holding these signs do not seem to recognize that America has been critically damaged, both at home and abroad, during the Trump Presidency. However, there are some new aspects. These include Trump placing blame for all his failures and disasters on anyone other than himself. During the 2016 campaign he was not President and had no disasters to blame on others. Now, all that has changed. Also, the audience appeared to be bored with the Trump speech. And apparently, at least for the Tulsa Rally, many of his supporters decided not to participate. Perhaps avoiding dangers of infection and possibility death from the coronavirus proved more of an inducement, than consuming Trump's snake oil .
George (Toronto)
the mental gymnastics required to think Corona virus is an entire hoax, around the globe, is incredible. do people genuinely think the entire world is faking a pandemic? incredible
Bob (Seattle)
@John B Sarcasm, right? Here's the thing about conspiracies. The sheer number of people to make them work is enormous. One of them will know how to write. The advance on a book deal would far exceed anything that player makes in the conspiracy.
Jimal (Connecticut)
As much as I'm enjoying the feelings of schadenfreude over last night's turnout, I also celebrate the victory of common sense over political tribalism. No reasonable person would have seen what is going on with Coronavirus, seen the liability waiver the Trump campaign required attendees to sign, and have though attending this event was worth the risk. Good on the vast majority of people in Tulsa.
just a sophomore (nj)
Here's an awful thought that still has validity: We can thank Mr. Trump for providing us with the data we need to see just how smart it is to reopen the country in a way that throws caution to the winds. Consider: This (underattended) rally of maskless people was still between 6000 to 7000 strong. It will thus serve as a human petri dish experiment to measure how virulent covid's capacity to spread might be. If there's a dramatic spike of new cases after, say, 2 to 4 weeks (alas, I believe there will be), we can conclude that Dr. Fauci was spot on: This indoor meeting of some 6000+ people was an egregiously bad idea. God knows, I don't want to come from a place of schadenfreude; I am hoping for a null result. However, if my fears are realized, I submit we need to seriously think about better ways to bootstrap a return to some semblance of normalcy. It seems the world we knew in January 2020 will be (to coin a phrase) gone with the wind. I submit we must return to a world in which we better understand that we are all our collective brothers' keepers, be we rich or poor, black or white, young or old. If we cannot rise to the occasion and comprehend the painful message covid 19 is bringing us, I fear we'll be in for even worse times of human pain and suffering.
Naples (Avalon CA)
Tulsa will be absorbing the cost of this rally as well as the cost of demonstrations. Demonstrators will pay into the city with their taxes, but I doubt, at this fiscally crucial time, Trump's gang will reimburse this metropolis one single penny with a hole in it. Not that guy's M.O. The cities he owes money to ought to file a class action suit for recovery of funds.
Slann (CA)
@Naples The campaign still owes for the Inauguration.
Eliot (NJ)
Trump is thinking about placing Mike Alcorn on the Corona Virus Task force (remember them?) just to get a balanced view going forward. Alternative reality needs a place at the table. Science fiction matters in setting health policy. "Testing, testing, testing, so much testing. I said to my guys slow down the testing."
PumpkinEta (rural Pennsylvania)
@Eliot Notice how it's "guys" and not people. Sexist as the day is long.
gpickard (Luxembourg)
I was gratified that there was no violence. Maybe the smaller than expected Trump turnout helped dampen Trump supporters' enthusiasm for a conflict with the protesters. Also, kudos to the Tulsa police for keeping this at least non-violent. Also glad to see the Tulsa authorities cancel the curfew.
sheila (mpls)
I'm not sure if I'm being pessimistic because I haven't finished my coffee yet or have lost confidence in the public's ability to know wrong from right. Trump has displayed evil in every word or action he has taken. If he didn't have the cover of high office, wouldn't he be criminally libel for encouraging people to ignore safety measures that are designed to limit their exposure of the covid 19 virus? Trump is in the category of "Typhoid Mary" who spread typhoid in Chicago by insisted on working and "Mrs. O'llary's cow that started the Chicago fire. He certainly would win hands down over Jim Jones in the amount of deaths he's caused by becoming the leading spokesman of death by denial of science. The must be some legal law on the books that says encouraging people to ignore medical safety measures is endangering their life. In regard to smoking cigarettes, there is a warning on the package that warns of risk. We need a disclaimer about Trump. Something that warns that abiding by Trump's statements against safety measures can be hazardous to your health.
Elizabeth O’Neil (Albany, NY)
It’s Mrs. O’Leary. I’m from Chicago & my husband’s relatives helped rebuild it after the conflagration.
JAM (Florida)
Trump campaign ads say that Biden is unfit for office. Who are they kidding? Projection is a wonderful & ironic thing to see in an ad. Keep it up and there will be no Republicans elected who support Trump.
Robin Underhill (Urbana, IL)
“[Trump said] that ‘we have a very capable attorney general, so that’s really up to him [firing Manhattan US Attorney Geoffrey Berman] . I’m not involved.’ Did Trump just throw Barr, his Roy Cohn, under the bus?
Andy G. (Atl., Ga.)
@Robin Underhill Why yes, I believe he did.
Ignatz (Upper Ruralia)
@Robin Underhill Payback for Barr saying he didn't order the gassing of protesters at the church Bible nonsense visit. Barr implied Trump ordered it. Trump now is blaming Barr for Berman. The snakes continue to eat thier own tails and their young, just like the reptiles they are.
Larry (Oakland, CA)
Aww, the rally is a bust. Too bad, I was hoping for more folks to show up so we'd have an even bigger super-duper spreader event. (Shame on me.) But would that even make a difference to the Trumpophile sheep that maybe might stir some doubt that he really doesn't have their best interests in mind? "If it's God's will that I get coronavirus that is the will of the Almighty. I will not live in fear." Well, good for you Mr. Montanelli, but I'm placing my money on the fact that Darwin's gonna win that contest. And as for Mr. Alcorn who uses the now old saw "I don't even know anybody who's got it." Just wait. I've heard this same line from some very passionate Don (bend the knee and kiss the ring) members of my own family, but they dropped that line when a niece - who works in an emergency department - wound up getting infected with the virus. She is now doing much, much better, but the family was, in so many ways, chastised by embracing the view that this is just all made up stuff. You can try to tune out Mother Nature, but she'll come back at you with a vengeance to make sure you're listening.
Andy G. (Atl., Ga.)
@Larry 'Nobody I know has been sick' is evidence that the distancing and lockdowns have been effective.
Markus F. Robinson (Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania)
Flying back to Washington, Trump must once again be feeling an ever more frequent shiver running down that cowardly yellow stripe from his toupee to his bone spurs. His campaign didn't deliver the goods and his crowd filled less than half the stadium. America is tired of Trumps snake oil salesman shtick while almost 120,000 of the nations old people die of Covid-19, livelihoods and small businesses fail, and people of color die at the hands of racist police. America is waking up to the Trump nightmare. VOTE IN NOVEMBER so we can all hold the largest rally in the history of the country to collectively shout out "YOU'RE FIRED"
Ed Christian (Pennsylvania)
Let’s call it Trump’s Disease.
11b40 (Florida)
Nice to see him humiliated.
John B (Chevy Chase)
@11b40 But it was those thugs, those bad people doing bad things who spoiled it. Aided and abetted, of course, by CNN.
bungaman (Waterbury VT)
“It’s all fake,” said Mike Alcorn, 40, who works in maintenance and lives in Wichita, Kan. “They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” That will change, you rube.
Ron (Australia)
The silver lining coming out of this is that by November these folks will have been largely killed off by the virus.
Kathy (Chapel Hill)
Side comment: I REALLY REALLY wanted to read this in my home-delivered Sunday NY Times this morning—seemed like the best news in a long while. Saw it late Sat night. But the front section didn’t have a word on it!!! Very disappointed!! Grump grump!!!
Dan Barthel (Surprise, AZ)
Hopefully he will reconsider Phoenix. Covid is running wild here.
Slann (CA)
@Dan Barthel Why should he? Wouldn't that show his supporters he wasn't "manly" enough? Isn't he tougher than a little ole germ? Didn't you see him drink that water?
Aras Paul (Los Angeles)
“falsely claimed” Use the word LIE
Cest la Blague (Earth)
Perfect size crowd for a group hug.
Joe Miksis (San Francisco)
With Donald Trump and his munchkins, "ignorance is bliss". They all deserve each other.
A reader (Huntsville)
One of his followers said I will not get it because I am healthy.
Darkenergy (Seattle)
When I saw the photos of the crowd size, I imagined a high school basketball game breaking out.
Welcome Canada (Canada)
What happened to the great technology mind Parscale? Got fooled by teens who I think do not care at all for the Liar. They probably remember the dog and pony show at the White House after the mass murder of young people in Parkland, Florida. Things were supposed to change and nothing happened. Go teens, Go...
Lisa Kelly (San Jose)
Mr. Trump will find out soon enough that you can’t lie away Covid-19.
Andy G. (Atl., Ga.)
@Lisa Kelly I propose we call it "Covfefe 19".
Opinioned! (NYC)
The law of diminishing returns meets the law of diminished mental capacity. After yet another blatant display of metal illness — rambling, incoherent, slurring, sweating, swearing and still can’t let go of his defeat by a downward ramp — the MAGA people are getting bored. The yawns of those behind the podium is very telling — and these are the 50 dollar a day actors! You can only repeat your word salad before people start to notice that you’ve lost your marbles. Maybe Ivanka, the architect of the Bible holding fiasco, can come up with something equally reprehensible — maybe her dancing naked on a pole amidst the stadium to “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” You’re welcome Paracale.
David Hingston (San Francisco, CA)
If in fact “teenagers” bought up thousands if tickets in order to keep attendance down, all I can say is “Praise be and thank the Lord!” The teenage brain is a marvel!
David (Pacific Northwest)
@David Hingston No money changed hands, just a clieck to say they would attend. The campaign was more interested in the email address data than money - but didn't understand what was going on, and that those millions were deleting their info immediately after the Nazi rally.
Desmo (Hamilton, OH)
So its on to Phoenix where he hopes to be raised from the dead.
Lucas Eller (Gramercy)
We already know 20% of those people won't vote for Trump–or ever vote again. (I've never seen a dead person vote.) Is it true that the president claimed a million people went to Tulsa to celebrate the murder of 300 slaves…I mean, to show support for him, but in reality, only 14,000 were accounted for?
Socrates (Verona, N.J.)
“If it is God’s will that I get coronavirus, that is the will of the Almighty,” said Robert Montanelli, a resident of a Tulsa suburb who chose not to wear a mask. “I will not live in fear.” --- The continued collapse of the American IQ continues unabated, carefully nurtured, aided and abetted by the Republican Party and their Messiah. What a national disaster.
Robert (Seattle)
@Socrates Smart people know to be afraid of some things, e.g., pandemics. Courage is feeling afraid yet persevering.
Bob (Seattle)
@Socrates - "God's will." I have a friend who doesn't wear a helmet when he rides his bike. Literally said - "If I die of a brain injury then it's God's will." I said - "Perhaps it's God's will that someone invented a helmet so you'd wear one." The truth - he didn't like what helmet's did to his hair!
Ignatz (Upper Ruralia)
@Socrates The moronification and infantilization of America is going full tilt.
Dennis Quick (Charleston, South Carolina)
When his followers start getting sick from COVID, he'll walk away from their suffering the way he walked away from Roy Cohn's. Cohn was Trump's fixer and hook-up man in the 1970s and 1980s. He helped make Trump rich. But when the notorious Cohn came down with AIDS, Trump dropped him cold. Trump followers need to get wise to this.
Hopefully, the voters are beginning to distance themselves from this toxic man. Smaller crowds, dropping poll numbers. Now, just watch him get increasingly nasty and irrational! Let's bring sanity back to our country and discuss our serious problems rather than have more clown shows!!!!
markd (michigan)
The biggest brain and his tech wizard got played by a bunch of Korean teenagers. So much winning.
Bill (Los Angeles, CA)
"The unhinged left-wing mob is trying to ... desecrate our monuments, our beautiful monuments, tear down our statues..." Even the Trump crowd must have felt a wee bit queasy about that particular dog-whistle in a city trying to live down its infamy for a racist massacre.
Andy Hain (Carmel, CA)
Look at that... empty seats in the front row !!!
Bruce (New Mexico)
One of my neighbors in suburban Albuquerque, where Trump held a sold-out rally a while ago, was blaring Trump's rant on speakers for everyone to hear. I stepped out into the yard and heard Trump going on about one year prison sentences for flag burners. It sounded like Hitler, or at least Mussolini. Do not underestimate how this guy resonates with many voters watching at home.
Bob (Seattle)
@Bruce - When you take away the tax cuts of three years ago, all that's left is bigotry. The tax cuts are old news. The bigotry is what resonates.
teresa (Eugene, Oregon)
@Bruce Bruce, I hope you're preparing to blare a Biden speech into your neighborhood. for balance, you know.
Bruce (New Mexico)
@teresa Nope. My neighbor also likes to fire his gun in the yard at night. I'll just get even at the ballot box.
Kamalia (Indiana)
No Covid19 Testing = No Virus No Pregnancy Testing = No babies Explains Trump logic!!!
Steve (Palm Springs)
“So I said to my people, ‘slow the testing down".....Translation, I don't care how many people die so long as my numbers don't look bad. While it's hard to choose this man's most disgusting statement (there are so many), this may top the list and should be headline news!
Alberto Abrizzi (Bay Area)
Two things. One: The rally was stupid, should not have even been scheduled and Trump’s material fell flat and tired. Two: NYT’s excitement to report on its “empty” seats and falling short with a dumb Level Three shot of empty seats, when it did occur during a pandemic and protests, is an absurd effort that plays into Trumps hands. Two-thirds of an arena at this moment may be momentous, who knows? How many showed up at the Biden rally? Where is Biden?
Don Salmon (asheville nc)
@Alberto Abrizzi A local resident said that that same hall is routinely filled to the brim with spectators for high school basketball games. Regarding protests, there is simply no valid evidence that protests - all peaceful the night of the rally - kept anybody from going. As far as people not showing up because of concern about the virus, it's valid reporting to note that many people didn't show up, because Trump and his supporters repeatedly claimed that people would show up despite the virus. That claim also makes low turnout newsworthy. A similar small showing at a Biden rally, given Biden's acceptance of science, would simply demonstrated intelligence. But of course, Biden is not holding indoor rallies where huge numbers of people have been persuaded not to wear masks and not to practice social distancing.
teresa (Eugene, Oregon)
@Alberto Abrizzi The democratic candidate knows better than to risk lives in service to his campaign and ego. He's doing speeches and media, and will do more in the future. I think he's doing just fine, and will win by a landslide in November.
Slann (CA)
@Alberto Abrizzi Intelligent, compassionate people don't hold indoor rallies during a raging pandemic, in a city where cases are spiking.
John (Washington, DC)
Poor little Donald had a party, and no one came!
BA_Blue (Oklahoma)
Wow. What a disappointment... You know Trump is in trouble when the speech is wall-to-wall spin and he burns 5+ minutes explaining a ramp at West Point. “The polls the first time were completely wrong,” she said. “I don’t pay them any attention.” --- Cynthia Bellino Anyone who can ignore a three million vote deficit in the popular vote shouldn't be giving advice about polling. And... * There were no protesters blocking entrances. * Given the lack of masks by the Trumpistas, the virus excuse is lame. * Rumor had it Trump planned a visit to the Greenwood / Black Wall Street district for a photo op. He did not, as BLM organized a 'presence' in a local park that would have shouted him down had he tried. * US Senator James Inhofe seen without a mask and not exercising social restraint is up for re-election in November and > 85 < years old. He does not want to test his luck with COVID-19... Seriously.
Slann (CA)
@BA_Blue Gym Jordan was also in the audience, no mask, of course.
SCZ (Indpls)
Biggest rally ever! And it's all the media's fault.
MS (World Citizen)
You reap what you sow, DJ. Get used to it.
Allison (Colorado)
The White House must be an extraordinarily unpleasant place to be right now. Trump Twitter tantrum incoming in 5...4...3...2...1
Michael (Golden)
It turns out people from Tulsa may be smarted than they were credited for being. After all, who wants to catch a virus that can seriously harm you or cause you to pass away
Nickvolando (Ashland Oregon)
Trump rally Tulsa Rushin’ roulette No mask, no distance Covid you’ll get!
D'accord (San jose)
After seeing all the attendees at the rally who weren't wearing masks, it's a wonder our esteemed président doesn't get infected.
Sofedup (San Francisco, CA)
It sickens me to see the rally attendees risking getting the virus to worship the worst despot our country have ever had. These attendees have no shame, no decency, no intelligence, no caring for their family and friends whom they could infect. They certainly have no loyalty to our country. They are astonishingly ignorant that they can’t see how trump and the republicans are destroying our country. I guess they show us those who have nothing but hatred and bigotry In their hearts. How sad. How tragic.
Floyd (New Mexico)
One word you forgot to use in your description is “selfish”.
Patrick Henry (USA)
“He said he was trying to make sure he did not spill the water on his tie. The crowd applauded wildly.” “Yep, boy howdy! He drinks out of the glass just like us, honey! One handed!” Yes, this is what excites some of PUTSO’s supporters - the fact that he can drink from a glass...
MidtownATL (Atlanta)
Donald Trump is Archie Bunker. An angry old man from Queens yelling at the television.
Brian Frydenborg (Amman, Jordan)
Nearly every one of his speeches is disjointed, and you should have been making this clear to readers, same for nearly every one of his press conferences. Trumpism is, in part, an assault on language itself, as I note here:
Morgan (USA)
I'd feel pretty stupid right now if I had been one of the people who camped out for days to enter a rally that didn't come close to being full as promised. Not to mention they get to look forward to the very real possibility of Covid shortly. How anyone thought this was worth it is beyond me.
Air Force Grad (Gardnerville NV)
Those darn "leather soles" have brought many a superhero to their demise........
Eccl3 (Orinda, CA)
The two flying Trump babies must have scared them off.
S R (The Big Apple)
All trump does is lies. Who cares about him anymore.
Kathy (Seattle)
How long before Trump fires Brad Parscale? I would say faster than you can say "Southern District of New York".
Slann (CA)
@Kathy Let Jared take over! He's a miracle worker!
Richard Schumacher (The Benighted States of America)
Start the "Draft Romney" movement in 3... 2... 1...
Alex (Seattle)
I hope Trump voters get sick. All of them. It's the only way to get through to them, at this point.
Opinioned! (NYC)
Trump was more unhinged tonight. Sweating, slurring, mouth-breathing and even his word salad was something that is way south of sane — showing off his shoes to lie about how he cannot go down a ramp without assistance is his latest blatant display of mental illness. What is it about a small crowd size that triggers him off? Maybe a reminder of the size of his manhood that is reflected on his tiny hands and confirmed by Stormy Daniels? Tonight is yet another evidence that Trump is unfit to lead.
KS (Canada)
trump's Tulsa rally was a disgraceful flop: <10k attendees, almost half the seats empty. Few demonstrators. trump should be ashamed of himself.
Bashh (Philadelphia, Pa.)
@KS According to the WAPo there were 6,100 attendees. They were using the figures from the fire inspector.
Matt (Oakland CA)
Hang in there Trump until November, and take down the rest of the Republicans with you! They never liked you anyway.
Mark McIntyre (Los Angeles)
Some of the dog whistle clips from his speech will make great video ads...for Democrats. Every time Trump opens his mouth, he shoots himself in the foot. One can only hope he has no toes left by November.
GC (Texas)
Yes... he’s weakening, but Democratic voters better not get complacent. He can regain momentum. Don’t let your guard down. Trump is evil incarnate! Vote him out!
Larry Figdill (Seattle)
Has Trump even considered that forcing people to sign a waiver that they won't hold him and his campaign responsible for coronavirus infections has scared some of them off? If he is so confident that it is under control, or that the virus itself is not a big problem, why did he require the waiver? He's a hippocrit and a coward.
Floyd (New Mexico)
Heck, reading the waiver scared me, and I would never consider attending a Trump rally, even if you gave me tickets, trinkets and a gift card for a decent meal when the rally was over.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
That was like the remake of Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane". Yow.
James (San Clemente, CA)
If you look at the panoramic picture of the arena and count heads, approximately 500 per section, then you come up with a total attendance of 8,000-9,000 at Trump's rally. This is a disaster for Trump. Many Trump voters are smarter than people think. They stayed away not to avoid protesters, but to avoid catching COVID-19. In view of Trump's lackluster speaking performance, they may stay away in greater numbers next time.
Bashh (Philadelphia, Pa.)
@James That Progressive rag, Forbes, had this headline about numbers at the rally: “ Turnout at Trump’s Tulsa Rally Was Just Under 6,200–A Fraction Of The Venue’s 19,200 Capacity”
gregory white (gatineau quebec)
This is very reminiscent of Nicolae Ceausescu's last speech...did Trump leave quickly by helicopter?
Phil Carson (Denver)
Let's get serious. The claim of a "million" ticket requests was a desperate lie by Brad Parscale to give Trump his daily affirmation. No one was turned away at the "rally," they just did not go. So, despite the temptation to believe Trump got rolled by teenagers, I very much doubt it. The lack of attendance is due to exhaustion, even among Trump supporters. Even they are exhausted by years of the same old schtick. Time to turn the channel, back to real life.
Truther (Here)
Finally, a silver lining, thanks to the virus. The 45th can’t boast about the half-empty stadium in Tulsa, no matter how hard he tries. With so much media attention focused on the rally, it would be impossible to spin it as ‘fake news’, although I’m sure he and his team will try as they might to do the ‘cha cha cha’ around the facts.
Bashh (Philadelphia, Pa.)
@Truther It was much more than half empty. He might eventually have wished for half capacity. Under 6200 in an auditorium that seats 19,200.
John Hughes (Alabama)
After claiming one million people requested tickets to this event Trump is about to address an arena that is at about one-third capacity. He must miss Sean Spicer right about now - there are fewer people there than a poorly attended county rodeo.
Colleen McKiernan (Boston, MA)
@John Hughes the word on social media, which may or may not be true, is that a bunch of teenagers on TikTok requested tickets. The daughters of a friend did, and I would be thrilled if it were a national trend. I do not have any evidence, but the idea pleases me greatly.
Nancy Berk (Los Angeles, CA)
@John Hughes A million people might very well have requested tickets; however, I know people who asked for tickets but had no intention of ever going.
John M (Gotham City)
@John Hughes @Colleen McKiernan Many of my 30- and 40-something year old friends said they registered for tickets without any intention of going, and and posted on their social media encouraging others to do the same. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that more than half of the ticket requests were this.
B (jacksonville)
I dont doubt that a million people requested tickets to the event, but many of those were from the left attempting to lower attendance. It has been documented in the media that this was a loosely organized, but not by the Democrats themselves. Many right wingers who requested tickets couldnt get them. Is this the new norm in this country, to stop those who wish to hear someone speak? Will the lack of concern by the media continue if it happens for Democrats? I personally know both right wing friends who requested, and those friends on the left who requested, who were unable to get tickets as they were gone. The emails they received back thanked them for their interest in attending........ Undermining democracy has no place in this country, regardless of how it is done, via voter suppression, or acts like this. With that said, having large rallies like this is a little crazy at this time I think, and irresponsible to not wear masks at protest march political rallies or arena political rallies. I cannot imagine that the GOP or Dems will hold their large conventions as both have on the calendar. Nationwide protests the last few weeks have probably churned up enough coronavirus to last through the rest of the summer.
Linda L (Washington Dc)
@B If the had 19,000 seats, why did they let over a million people sign up for tickets? If all the tickets had been legit, it would have meant turning away people at the door, which they were prepared to do.
pat (oregon)
@B It was a bunch of kids on the internet. They'll never defeat kids on the internet. They can't vote but they definitely have a voice.
Mike Fat (Fort Lee)
“Undermining democracy has no place in this country” you say? This president has done more to weaken democracy for his own personal gain than anyone. What you are saying is “I support a democratic system of government when it serves me.”
YaddaYaddaYadda (Astral Plane)
This spin is a massive exaggeration. The place was packed except for some seats behind Trump near the ceiling. Secondly, the left is claiming two entirely inconsistent things at the same time: (1) low attendance, indicating a drop in popularity; and (2) a coordinated scheme to buy up seats then not attend, specifically to prevent all seats from being full? AOC literally bragged about that on Twitter in at least 2 posts, basically bragging about election interference. So which is it? Make up your mind. Get your story straight.
Julius (Maryland)
Hold on now. It’s a private rally, not an election. By no possible stretch of even a fevered imagination is discouraging attendance “election interference.” But thanks for the tip on how you’ll be spinning the eventual electoral loss.
MiniBar (Wine Country)
@YaddaYaddaYadda So, you're claiming that "the left" bought 993,000 tickets? Less than 7K people were inside that arena. If that's what you are claiming then I suppose that there was more of a demand for tickets from "the left" than there was from Trump followers.
Earthling (Earth)
@YaddaYaddaYadda It could be both, doesn’t have to be one or another.
Saints Fan (Houston, TX)
What were the TV ratings for trump’s rally, genius? Even CNN and MSNBC had to cover it in parts in a very partisan hit job type of way in order to get even a trace of ratings compared with fox.
Robert (Out west)
You guys crack me up. Trump promises attendance so big that the arena will be overflowing and he’ll need a second venue—and the arena’s maybe two-third full, nobody outside, the second venue gets cancelled, so yo swear up and down the the TV ratings were fabbalous. Couple days, it’ll come out that nope, not so much, so you’ll start braying the iffy claims Trump made about online viewings. And after that the excuse will be...and then the next excuse we’ll be...and then you’ll start yelling about something else. Problem is, we can see the empty seats. And we all know—even you know—that Trump simply lies about pretty much everything.
KMW (New York City)
Heywood, I am watching the large crowd of Trump supporters at the arena and they are ecstatic. They love President Trump and support him without exception. Turn on the TV and see for yourself. Live TV does not lie.
Robert (Out west)
I dunno what country you think you’re in, but this, “love him and support him without exception,” jazz went out here in 1776. Try Russia circa 1948, Germany around 1942, Pyongyang any time this week, something of that vintage.
Betrayus (Hades)
@KMW Certainly live TV lies. I'm watching it right now and they only show Trump and the crowd directly behind him. They never pan back for a wider view and they don't show the upper seating, which is empty. You're easily duped, like all Trump supporters.
Earthling (Earth)
@KMW Live TV can lie. When Beijing hosted the summer olympics, they put in CGI fireworks in the closing ceremony. Only those watching the live TV version saw the fireworks.
Steve Fankuchen (Oakland, CA)
Dismissing Trump supporters as "deplorables", as the most recommended Readers Pick does, is not merely wrong but, more importantly come November, counter-productive. The Democrats have yet to understand why the former national Republican Party has turned into a cult, and that is because they still do not understand the nature of Trump's appeal. The following is a link (too long to run relevant excerpts here) of an article in The Hill by Joshua H. Sandman titled "Don't believe the polls: Trump's populist presidency may carry him to victory in 2020." It does a moderately good job of explaining Trump's appeal (though a limited analysis in my book) but an even better job delineating the Democrats' problem.
Austin W (Seattle)
You’re forgetting that democratic turnout was suppressed in 2016. Black people were not energized to vote. Since Trump has not attempted to broaden his base, the same people who voted for Trump will do so again, minus some. The people who forgot to vote blue in 2016, have already shown up. Also, couldn’t get your link to work.
ElleninCA (Bay Area)
@Steve Fankuchen Thanks for the link. Will read.
John (Baldwin, NY)
@Steve Fankuchen Trump's base will be dead and dying from Covid-19 by the time election day comes. Trump, himself, may even be, too.
rpe123 (Detroit, MI)
As one of those Trump voters who voted for Obama twice but voted for Trump in 2016...I have to say that Trump delivered tonight and currently has my vote. He was spot on.
Robert (Out west)
Spot on what? The papers you put down in the corner for him? Seriously...what was he so spot on about? explaining why slowing down testing was a good idea?
Heliotrophic (St. Paul, MN)
@Robert: There sure is a lot of botlike activity going on here tonight. Empty superlatives for Trump from people with screen names I've never seen here before (and I read the comments here a LOT).
Alan Levitan (Cambridge, MA)
@rpe123 I am an enthusiastic "Trump-hater" but I must admit (having seen the first hour of his speech) that his handling of the reports about his ramp-descent and cup-lifting were witty, cleverly re-enacted, and good-spirited. He was obviously enjoying himself and the crowd rightly ate it up. I think that negative criticism of him would be much more effective if moments like this were more objectively and truthfully described.
PRB (Pittsburgh)
“So I said to my people, slow the testing down” This is a quote from the President of the United States today. Who did he instruct to do this? Disgusting man
Ms. Pea (Seattle)
@PRB--Since testing is done at the community level, it's doubtful that he said it to anyone. He likes to claim that he is in charge of every state, city, county and town in the nation. Like he issues an order and instantly everyone, everywhere does his bidding. It's laughable. In reality, testing is going on all over the country by hospitals, county health departments, medical centers, community organizations and even just in doctor's offices. Trump's "people" really are just the voices in his head.
Earthling (Earth)
@PRB Does he think he is king?
Molly4 (Vancouver WA)
Even avid Trump supporters must have been just a little disappointed at hearing the same old lines, the same rambling rants and childish name-calling. Trump is worn out. He has nothing to give to help America, nothing new to promise (not that he's made much of the old ones). Even his attempts to stir the paranoia of his supporters seemed flat. It's time to cancel his show. We've had enough of this apprentice.
Michael (Lawrence, MA)
Trump’s speech was filled with hate, racism, xenophobia and fear mongering. It was ugly with not so subtle Fascist undertones. I’m hoping the media will call this out. This cannot be allowed to become normalized. It is sick, toxic and extremely dangerous. Mike
Clive (Richmond, Ma)
Darn, we were hoping for a bigger crowd so that more Republicans would be infected with COVID-19 and not be able to vote in November. Oh well, there will many other chances. More TRUMP rallies, please
Honora (NY)
He said everything that his supporters want to hear. In crazy times he offers optimism and comfort. Biden offers anarchy.
JJ Walker (NY)
@Honora It was scary, too. I had no idea how much the Biden campaign had promised to the Radical Left. I suspected it, but "The Squad" controlling energy regulation and foreign policy in America? Pure insanity.
AnnaT (Los Angeles)
There could hardly be a candidate less anarchic—in either the colloquial or political sense—than Joe Biden. Nor could there be a president who sows such despair as trump.
S B (Ventura)
@Honora You are right, Trump said everything his supporters wanted to hear. None of it was true, but I guess that is what they want. Fantasy.
Ben (Florida)
I’m seriously disappointed. I was genuinely hoping that the rally would be packed to the rafters. I want these rallies to become the new Covid superspreaders. It would be the best thing for this country.
MegWright (Kansas City)
@Ben - The rallies may well infect huge number of Trump supporters, who'll take it home to their families - and then they'll infect others in the community as well. There's nothing good about infecting all those innocent others.
Keef In cucamonga (Claremont CA)
People with Trump supporters in their family should socially distance or cut them off entirely. So that they can do their thing.
Diogenes (Naples Florida)
Harvard philosopher Robert Nozick wrote that for civilization to exist, the first group necessary are the police, since police maintain order, without which there can be no civilization. If those today attacking the existence of the police get their wish, the result will be rule by force; he with the largest gun is the absolute ruler. It is already happening in Seattle’s police-free zone. As of last night, one man is dead, another is dying, and the shooters and cause are unknown. It has happened in third-world countries whose police have ceased policing their poorest slums. Ruled by drug gangs, possessors of the biggest guns, they have the highest rape and murder rates in the world but no one is punished, since the perpetrators are the rulers. And that is the future the “defund the police” folks have for us. So evaluate Trump's crowd any way you want. That's the way it is.
AJ (Kingston, ON)
@Diogenes Except the "defund the police" mantra is one Trump supporters like to ascribe to most Democrats. It's simply not true. Stop spreading this stupid falsehood. Listen to what Biden says about it. "No, I don't support defunding the police," the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said in an interview with CBS... "I support conditioning federal aid to police based on whether or not they meet certain basic standards of decency and honorableness. And, in fact, are able to demonstrate they can protect the community and everybody in the community."
Slann (CA)
@Diogenes It's not the "existence of the police", it's the culture of the existent police. Militarization, "qualified immunity", thug-like threats from police unions, etc., have all been causal factors of the protests, sparked by George Floyd's murder. Time to reset, redistribute funding, review police selection and training, and undo years of institutional neglect. Change is overdue.
ricardo (UK)
@Diogenes The campaign is not for 'no police', it is for a civilised de-militarised police that serves ALL communities fairly. False paranoid fears such as yours serve no purpose.
alan brown (manhattan)
The crowd was enthusiastic and he lacerated Biden in every imaginable way. The contrast between 15,000 in attendance, despited Covid warnings and protesters and the 15 selected people at Biden appearances when he ventures from his basement was stark. His energy contrasted also with Biden's apathy. He reminded me of Truman taking on Dewey in 1948. Democrats and Socialists should not count their chickens just yet.
Adam b (Stamford)
Biden is SCHOOLING Trump right now in the polls. Biden, smartly, would never dare hold any rally; as he actually cares about people’s lives. This rally was the beginning of the end of the Trump era. THANK GOD.
Kate (NH)
@alan brown trump's crowds are always enthusiastic, trump always lacerates everyone and as long as he is talking about himself (which is always), trump is always energized. Nothing new here.
jb (ok)
@alan brown , I liked the way he almost managed to get a water glass to his lips.
KMW (New York City)
This was one of President Trump’s best rallies yet. He was in top form tonight and the people couldn’t get enough of President Trump. They absolutely love him. I do too. His rallies only get better with age.I cannot wait until he has his next one. I might even show up myself.
Alexandra (Houston)
@KMW I’m starting to think you’re not real.
Slann (CA)
@KMW Meanwhile, back on Earth...
KB (Australia)
“If it is God’s will that I get coronavirus that is the will of the Almighty. I will not live in fear,” said Robert Montanelli, a resident of Broken Arrow, a Tulsa suburb. I wonder if he'll use medical help if he is infected. If it's the Almighty's will, Mr Montanelli for you to get it, please don't go and infect essential workers (or anybody else) - let the Almighty's will play its course.
Pseudonym (CA)
I live in fear of Robert Montanelli, or some other of his ilk, coming anywhere near me without a mask. If he were to infect me, that would not be the will of the Almighty. That would be the will of Robert Montanelli, science denier.
Ann Twiggs (Hendersonville NC)
@KB I wonder if he has EVER been to see a doctor or taken any medicine for an illness - God's will you know.
MegWright (Kansas City)
@KB - I wonder if he thinks it's god's will for him to infect family members and assorted hapless members of the public as well.
Entera (Santa Barbara)
America doesn't have the stamina for all this unnecessary drama. There are real issues facing ALL of us, and instead we get a soap opera of never ending plot twists and turns to distract us from the fact that we are losing on every front. The corruption in our halls of government and the almost complete dismantling of the American Experiment, are shrouded in a plume of hucksterism and made for TV and Twitter sensations. Enough. No wonder people are marching on the streets.
SE (Texas)
@Entera GOP Senate are the enablers. I wish we had marched when Trump was impeached and Mitch McConnell refused trail giving Trump a free pass and encouraged him to further desecrate the integrity of USA as a country and every branch of Federal Government.
Entera (Santa Barbara)
@SE We should have started marching when Mitch McConnell and the Republicans broke their oath of office and denied Merrick Garland his SCOTUS seat. By that time their tactics were blatantly clear.
Lila (Bahrain)
@Entera Yet, the very fact that people can march in the streets, the very fact that there was a blue wave in 2018, is the reason why the American Experiment is still on going. Perhaps the election of dump in 2016 was the wake up call for people who are in the centre right or centre left.
Baldwin (Philadelphia)
College-educated white suburban women. Look at this debacle. Isn’t this enough to convince you to vote for the sane, sensible, decent, responsible candidate? This nonsense has to end. You are too smart to vote for this again, right?
DR (New England)
So according to Trump his supporters are such wimps they can’t handle the presence of a few supporters?
Opinioned! (NYC)
MAGA people *yawning* at an almost empty MAGA rally only means that by November 4, every Republican will be saying— “Donald Trump? Barely knew the guy except that he can’t walk down a ramp.”
Jungle Bee (Minneapolis)
Nelson and I say, “HA HA.”
ArdentSupporter (Out East)
As usual, this would be blamed on Biden, Pelosi and all those other pesky Dems in Congress like AOC, Omar or Pressley.
IRememberAmerica (Berkeley)
Will be watching the OK COVID count in weeks ahead.
Delana (Richmond, CA)
Thank you TikTok Teams and K-Pop Stans! You are my heroes! Not only did you make Trump look like a fool, but you probably saved lives by thinning the herd at the rally. Well done! A+
Ken (Maryland)
Forget the fake news, it was a great rally
Steve C (Hunt Valley MD)
Why isn't Trump calling out the fake camera shots showing all the empty seats? That is totally fake! Every seat was filled! It was amazing and Making America Great! No one is infected. Everyone is absolutely fantastic! It couldn't have gone any better! Stop listening to all the lies!
Josh G (WA)
I saw the video of Trump getting off AF1 and immediately give Sen Inhofe a big old hug. That man is 85, Trump is nearly 75. They are all going to contract Covid. Then they all spent hours stewing in an enclosed arena, likely with HVAC wafting Covid everywhere. What fools.
MarkH (Brick, New Jersey)
Crowd size falls short, really @NYTimes? Vast understatement. Let's use a metaphor: if tonight's rally was pitched by his lackeys as the great "Evel Kneedless" Trump stunt motorcycle jumping the Grand Canyon.... Well, the reality was actually one loud, tiresome man holding a water glass on an electric bike, clearing the first rim by about 12 feet before being embraced by gravity. The sponsors have all quit the daredevil, the staff has been fired, and the dwindling crowd has other immediate things on their minds.
Andrew Pritzker (Kansas City, MO)
Why so many empty seats? 120,000 dead from a bungled pandemic response.
Global Strategist (Oregon)
If you’re happy, and you know it, clap your hands!
Clearwater (Oregon)
I've think more people showed up to bear witness at Don Gotti's first trial.
Thurman Munson (Canton, OH)
Lots of blue states apparent—I mean seats.
barbara (nyc)
His talking points are not about make America better. He could care less. After the corona virus gets rid of more, he continue focusing on all the minorities, women, left leaning academics and pump up the guys playing soldier. We will look something like Afghanistan.
pb (calif)
Looking at Trump wearing himself out to try and stir up these uninterested people was awful. He can sling his arms and hands nonstop but his rhetoric is old stuff and its boring. Even Sen Lankford looked appalled and he is a total Trump suckup. This rally cost taxpayers a fortune. With lawyer bills and this type of garbage, the RNC is hemorrhaging money.
mkc (florida)
“If it is God’s will that I get coronavirus that is the will of the Almighty. I will not live in fear,” said Robert Montanelli, a resident of Broken Arrow, a Tulsa suburb. Then you will die in ignorance.
Mary Smith (Riverside, CA)
@mkc Yes, but the real question is, how many will he take with him when he goes?
Is (Albany)
Reminds me of NYT reports of HRC's 11-city post election speaking tour, where organizers had to cordon off empty seating areas due to low turnout.
teresa (Eugene, Oregon)
@Is yeah. she wasn't the president tho.
AACNY (New York)
First they ridiculed the president for holding a rally and endangering thousands. Then they ridiculed him for not endangering thousands. Trump's critics really don't see how ridiculous they have become.
Tim C (Chicago)
@AACNY That 'ridiculous' goes both ways.
teresa (Eugene, Oregon)
@AACNY that's funny. we critics of trump are the ridiculous ones? we are not the chumps that apparently believe bad lies. if you want a dictator governing you, then I get that -- some people just prefer to be bossed around by egomaniacs -- is that ridiculous yet?
george (central NJ)
Those who brought their children, exposing them to the virus and possible violence, should be put in jail.
Concerned (Toronto)
Tik tok, tik tok .....sounds like this administration’s time is truly done.
Charlie (Iowa)
Is this opinion or news reporting? It claims to be reporting but the anti trump bias is blatant.
teresa (Eugene, Oregon)
@Charlie Charlie, to point out lies told by the president is just news. It is truth. it is not bias. it is fact. we still like facts better than lies.
lucy88 (atlanta)
Where is sleepy Joe's rally and how many showed up? LOL
True Believer (Capitola, CA)
It's hard to tell who is getting played worse - the anti abortion fanatics fawning or the chump preaching to them so he can get votes
Backwater Sage (Florida)
I'm an Independent—didn't vote for and don't really care for Trump. I try to stay neutral, but you are completely full of it. You wish the rally fizzled. I'm going to vote for Trump this November for one reason . . . to put a stop to the anarchists you love.
Florida (Florida)
Did you ever see the movie Soapdish? This whole thing reminds me of the scene where the washed-up actress goes to a mall so that she can be recognized by soap fans, thus making her feel less passé.
Mickey (NY)
How long before Trump blames Tik-Tok for the poor turnout? “This was going to be the single greatest rally, the most terrific, great, great rally in the history of rallies since the invention of the rally. But the tic-tic kids were manipulated by Antifa, the deep state, and funded by a Gorge Soros in order to take away my moment and your freedom!”
Cephalus (Vancouver)
Trump ends up with even more coverage from a botched rally in the heart of red neck America than a sell-out success. That's his genius. He can bait the media like no other. Calling people degenerates and rapists or prowling around the stage during televised election debates looking totally deranged, threatening Clinton, as examples, would have killed any politician anywhere in the world. So would have the tapes of his offensive remarks about women. Or any of a number of colossal blunders, mad behaviour, crazy tweets, or patent failings. But they all get him publicity, the rocket fuel that propels his ego and his success as a politician. The liberal media would do best to ignore Trump and his antics altogether, deny him the spotlight that keeps him front of mind with supporters and opponents alike. This guy lives for failure, outrage and hate -- all writ large. Bolton's self-serving book, Black Lives Matter protests, and the Tulsa fiasco all help, not hinder, Trump's re-election prospects. The US media, more interested in getting eyeballs and selling advertising, rides on Trump's notoriety -- just as newspapers did back in the days of Al Capone and John Dillinger, both made national heroes by the press. That's what happens in a commercial market-driven society. Trump knows it.
Please (SD)
I appreciate this person's growing irrelevance. I beg the NYT and the rest of the media to focus only on the things that are newsworthy and cease giving him free campaign ads. Don't advertise is rally speeches. Don't let his surrogates have free air time to spout falsehoods. This is part of the reason he got into office in the first place. When he is clearly dog whistling, why not just write, "Trump's comments were racist/divisive/authoritarian/dictatorial and not fit to print?" Or, "Trump's comments were not related to governing the United States or attending to its foreign affairs." Should he ever attempt to govern (lol), you should obviously report that and when he breaks the law, you should report that. The latter he does often enough to fill your front page every day. Stop the outrage machine. It detracts from the actual emergencies we face, fires up his base, and exhausts those who are trying to find a better way.
Bethed (Oviedo, FL)
More lies from trump and his cohorts.
sergio (NYC)
Cue Sean Spicer: "Biggest crowd ever. PERIOD!"
Paul Cohen (Hartford CT)
What a disappointment. Since Trump never showed much interest in protecting our lives from the pandemic in general and specifically unconcerned that the citizens of OK attending the rally were greatly increasing their risk of being infected by (or spreading) the coronavirus (possibly resulting in death) it was only fair that the loud hooting cheers of approval by the crowd would create a massive storm of aerosol droplets that would engulf the President.
Opinioned! (NYC)
@AACNY and @KMW, You were both given the chance to fly to Tulsa and attend Trum’s rally but you both chose not to. Because you both know that seeing live in person Trump display his mental illness is not just worth your time, effort, and money. And therein lies Trump’s problem—even his most vocal of supporters are now getting tired.
C. Gregory (California)
The NY Times should have included an official number for attendees. "Andrew Little, the Public Information Officer for the Tulsa Fire Department, confirmed to Forbes on Sunday that a tally taken by the fire marshal clocked the turnout at just under 6,200 people, far fewer attendees than the campaign expected." As for the Trump campaign's claim that "radical" protesters kept attendees away, Trump himself is to blame. He's been tweeting about "radical violent protesters" for weeks & sent out a tweet before the rally suggesting that there would be violence at the rally.
Somewhere (Arizona)
The Trump circus has gotten boring. Let's cancel it in November.
Jefflz (San Francisco)
Never Forget. Never forget that Trump was inflicted upon this nation through corrupt, highly organized Republican Party election practices including massive voter repression. The Republican Party has no respect for Democracy. Never forget what shame they have brought on this country in the form of Donald Trump!!
Miner with a Soul (Canada)
Has anyone ever seen the series of books containing stories of ( posthumous) winners of the Darwin Awards? I think a new edition is in order.
Anglican (Chicago)
Can the old faithful senators and congresspersons, towing the trump line out of fear of alienating the base, finally see a way out? Why continue to blindly support a guy whose base is dwindling and who can scarcely express a coherent thought, much less a helpful one? Now they can abandon him out of sheer self-interest. They don’t even need to pretend it’s good governance that drives them.
David of Yorkville (NYC)
You say: Trump boasted “the crowds are unbelievable”, which proved false. And yet - I wouldn’t believe them on anything of consequence.
Isabelle (NYC)
Regardless of who ordered tickets, the fact is that there weren't 19,000 Trump supporters who ordered tickets and there weren't 19,000 Trump supporters who came to the rally. Don't blame teenagers who flooded the internet with requests for tickets.
Slann (CA)
@Isabelle Exactly, it was NOT "sold out". The only sellout was at the podium. You too, Pence.
hark (Nampa, Idaho)
It is so discouraging and depressing that the media directs most of its coverage to Trump, the carnival barker, and so little to Joe Biden, a legitimate candidate for the presidency. This happened in 2016 when the media virtually ignored Hillary Clinton, save for amplifying the Republican smear campaign against her. So Trump squeaked through with an electoral victory. Will the same thing happen in 2020? Possibly not, but only because issues like the pandemic, the economy and racial injustice of blunted the limelight that Trump needs to bask and thrive in.
Slann (CA)
@hark No one was running for re-election in 2016. This year's election has a totally different dynamic, including no woman candidate.
Patsy (Arizona)
I just called Gov Doug Ducey and begged him to call off the super-spreader rally in Arizona. Half the people here do not wear masks. Honestly, I just learned about Juneteenth. I live in rural Arizona, white and Mexican and Native American, but hardly any black people. So I am grateful that I now know about this most important holiday. It needs to be in the school history textbooks. It needs to be a national holiday. And our true history in all its glory and shamefulness, needs to be taught in our schools. I'm thankful to the protesters, the TicTok teenagers, and all those who wear masks in public. Donald, stay home!
Peggy (PA)
Now Trump knows just how many of His People would take up arms and insurrection if he loses the count in November and calls for a storming of the Gates to Democracy.
Marcus (Seattle)
Trump extolled himself as the best president for blacks since Lincoln. He purposely neglected to speak of the national upheaval protests against police racism. He actually defended keeping all confederate statues, memorials & military base names. Does he know he’s the president of these United States not the Confederacy? He agenda is solely focused on his self interests not of our citizens or country. What a marvel he continues to be.
H. Clark (Long Island, NY)
It’s beyond comforting to realize that these young people care enough about democracy and the plight of our country that they collectively worked to undermine Trump’s pathetic rally, and do so in such a beautifully humiliating way. Let’s hope the brilliant people who perpetrated this scheme work just as adroitly and assiduously going forward to see that Trump is defeated in November, and that Vice President Biden and down-ballot Democrats nationwide are elected in the fall. Kudos to these patriots; they deserve the nation’s respect and admiration.
finder72 (Boston)
Not a great fan of Mainstream media. View them has Trump enablers. So, its was a good morning picking up the NYTs and finally seeing an article that didn't push Trump's every word, fake Tweets, and his infamous walks to the presidential helicopter where he spins large amounts of disinformation. When it comes to the coronavirus don't believe anything Pence and Trump say. Always get your information from medical professional an scientists, and preferably outside the U.S.
RLR (Florida)
"...the altered political landscape has had little effect on the president, whom advisers describe as feeling like a caged animal" Well, they got the 'animal' part right.
Sissy (Louisiana, USA)
@RLR Maybe they should take him to one of the detention centers and let him try one one of the cages he put children in. When he gets back to our White House, he won't feel so caged in.
jdoe212 (Florham Park NJ)
Trump will now feel more enraged and the coming election will therefore be more endangered. Of course coverage is necessary, but he is capable of doing anything to win reelection, and he will.
Alan (Hawaii)
First, I’d like to thank the people of Tulsa and Oklahoma for recognizing the reality of the coronavirus and not packing the arena. It sends an important message to the nation. The virus knows no politics, and we’re in this pandemic together. Good luck to you all. I haven’t watched one of Trump’s rallies im years but tuned into this one because it re-launches his campaign and comes at a remarkable moment of confluence. But the moment seemed not to exist. I felt like I was in a time warp, back in 2016 — particularly with the mentions of the wall and M-19 — rather than at the end of his first term. His attacks and promises made him sound like an insurgent railing against the establishment, rather the person who has been in charge for the past three-plus years. But mostly I was struck by the ugliness of his tone and spirit. It felt so out of sync with what we’re going through. We don’t need ugliness now. We need to be strengthened and uplifted because the tasks ahead will take all our energies if we are to tackle them. I am not a supporter, but even then, I felt like Trump’s time has come and gone, that he had not grown to meet the moment, and that we must move on.
bruce (ny)
Arguments have been made that the rally was more about collecting data, than attendance, but even that may have been corrupted.
Tony N (New Hampshire)
@bruce No matter what the reasons, because of this the GOP will spend $000s mailing out their propaganda to people who have not the slightest interest.
Sissy (Louisiana, USA)
@Tony N And can't yet vote!
GF (Midwest US)
Yesterday June 20 I read that Trump is a "prehistoric President" and now it seems to me that his supporters are also prehistoric. None is living in the present time, with today's serious national issues front and center - covid 19 and the racial issues finally coming to the point of action of open communications after 400+ years. Mr. Trump and his supporters seem to be in deep denial that any of these things are "real," and that somehow the excitement of the earlier campaign days beforeTrump was elected will return. They will not. They are over. Trump and his supporters are living in an "alternate reality," one that doesn't include the upcoming defeat of Mr. Trump in November. The number of people who will vote for him is slowly declining to the point of a landslide victory for Mr. Biden. It's anybody's guess about the characteristics of Mr. Trump's meltdown when he realizes that his defeat is real and that the next move he will make is out of the White House.
Joe Game (Brooklyn)
AOC is boasting on twitter that liberals bought out tickets to intentionally be no-shows. She seems happy that her followers are able to block out those who wanted to hear President Trump speak. Agree with Trump's views or not, can we all agree on freedom of speech? AOC apparently does not.
Imperato (NYC)
@Joe Game her followers exercised their freedom of speech.
Tony N (New Hampshire)
@Joe Game There seemed to be plenty of space in the open air site that any of these supporters could have gone to if they had no tickets. I wonder why the open-air event was cancelled?
Ms. Pea (Seattle)
@Joe Game -- Trump was not "blocked out." His speech was televised, and many people all over the country watched him.
Frank Casa (Durham)
Trump always claims that he has discovered something that people don't know when he first becomes aware of a known fact. The rooster syndrome who thins that he makes the sun come out when it crows.
Let’s do the math. Trump needed 19,000 people to sign on legitimately to fill the arena. Maybe the same number for the overflow. Let’s say, 50,000 people had to really want to come, and intended to come, and signed on. But Trump said “millions” of people signed on for reservations. Again, let’s say it was one million. That means, with all the press, all the touting by Trump, there were not even 50,000 legitimate requests for tickets, but there were 999,950 fake requests. Maybe some of those fakes were generated by Trump’s team, to buzz and build enthusiasm. Even if they were all by anti-Trump people, it still means that Trump could generate almost one million pieces of spam, and only 6,000 expressions of genuine interest. But, of course, Trump doesn’t do math.
Jdavid (Jax fl)
You do know the final ratings came in and on media platforms across-the-board the speech had approximately 6.5 million viewers. So even though the auditore and was impact the excitement of the speech energized his base all around the country. Now compare that lesson a week ago to Joe Biden and he literally had less than 10 people in an auditorium totally empty listening to him as he briefly came out of the basement from hiding. What trump's speech did do is show the startling contrast between what kind of America do you wanna live in Trump's version is what made America the greatest country richest country in the world. His version is free enterprise low taxes personal freedom personal responsibility the government doesn't owe you a living Would not gonna hide our shame about our history. Biden's version is high taxes near socialism the government will take care of you open borders so millions of people can come in and cost the government billions of dollars and by the way will give you free healthcare AOC in charge of environmental and energy policy which gives us the green new deal. Trump's version will give us unbelievable prosperity and by his version will give us the sort of aconomy with experience 2 months during the shutdown. So really his speech was a triumph of re energizing his base and going on to defeat Biden and 4 months
Mike (Waterford)
With this low of a turnout, wouldn't it be more cost effective to fly the rally goers to Washington instead?
Jdavid (Jax fl)
@Mike Bike as I said in my little post ratings this morning show 6.5 million people across all platforms watch the speech has job I and the history of being a politician for 38 years in 5 failed attempts running for president ever had 6.5 million people watch it I doubt it,
Well, it was less "disjointed" than a Biden speech, and had about a thousand times more attendees than Biden's latest rally. So on a relative basis it's a win. Although, Joe Biden admittedly sets a low bar.
Opinioned! (NYC)
So beautiful to behold. Trump using taxpayer’s money for the Air Force One and the Secret Service so he can explain why he got defeated by a downward ramp. So beautiful.
Jdavid (Jax fl)
@Opinio You could say it's better though then using tax payer money when fighting as vice president flew a son 100 bide the China on Air Force 2 and he walked out with a billion dollar deal from the bank of China I wonder which version of spending taxpayers money is betterned!
Keef In cucamonga (Claremont CA)
A swing and a miss!
Max Deitenbeck (Shreveport)
@Jdavid Sources?
ThreeDogsCo (Northern Alabama)
“It’s all fake,” said Mike Alcorn, 40, who works in maintenance and lives in Wichita, Kan. “They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” This reminds when I would play peek-a-boo with my three year old cousin. She really thought we disappeared when she covered her eyes. She grew out of it when she was four though.
SarahTX2 (Houston, TX)
It was amazing to see the half empty arena and the nonexistent overflow crowd and then find out that it was teenagers that found a way to make a mockery of the rally. But now today I'm thinking that there's something frightening about the fact that the President and all of his handlers, basically the entire White House, were played by teenagers. I love what the teenagers did and at the same time I'm quite worried that the whole world saw our White House be played and faked out by teenagers. And it was easy to do because they knew, as the rest of the world can see, that all they have to do is play off of Trump's all-encompassing narcissism. We are not safe while this madmen remains in office.
Imperato (NYC)
@SarahTX2 think how much better the Russians can do.
Slann (CA)
@SarahTX2 There was no interference of the 6,200 that showed up. None. 6,200. 6,200. 6,200.
KMW (New York City)
Of course COVID-19 is real. My friends and I have been hunkering down in our apartments because we do not want to contract the virus. I wonder if the thousands and thousands of people who are protesting in over 150 cities across the United States took the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. Many of them were not wearing masks and very few were social distancing. Maybe a new name for the Trump get-togethers should be called protests. And then maybe there would not be so much criticism.I am a dreamer though if I think that will ever happen. He is criticized all the time and it just never ends.Some of it is justified but much of it is not. This only ramps up his support from the Trump lovers. I am one of them.
John Doe (Johnstown)
@KMW, the last thing the loyal subjects of the Gray Lady want to hear is that she has no clothes. Lady Godiva is far more secure with herself than they.
Robert M. Koretsky (Portland, OR)
It’s the spin with no content- the empty suit with no policy, other than to enrich himself and the 0.1% of Americans that pull his strings. The inequality regime rolls on. Bernie was right.
LexDad (Boston)
I'm disappointed that they took the "constitutional rights" or the attendees away by forcing them to have a temperature check. And the pictures of people in masks is disturbing. They don't believe that there is a virus and they live like it. The culling of this hurd will truly make America great again.
KMW (New York City)
I wonder how many seats Joe Biden could have filled in an arena the size of Tulsa‘s. President Trump was able to fill about 2/3. Joe Biden would have been lucky to fill 23 seats. He just doesn’t get the level of enthusiasm that President Trump does. He is not called sleepy Joe for nothing. We will know when he decides to hold his own rallies if he ever has one. He has been hiding in his basement so not to embarrass himself.
Tim C (Chicago)
@KMW Joe Biden doesn't have the desperate need for adoration that supersedes the need to protect public health that Trump does. That's the difference. He's more secure as a person and as a leader.
Deb (CT)
@KMW He's called Sleepy Joe, not because of anything Joe is, but because we have a child in the White House whose only level of smarts is making up up childish names for his opponents. It has nothing to do with Biden's thoughtful, and thought out expressions, that trump would do well to emulate. Thinking first. trump ought to try it.
Anna (NH)
Boy, I'm sure glad those million ticket holders did not show up. They would have put a real strain city services. Happy they stayed home and watched Hillbilly Handfishin' instead. PS Does anyone know what clothes the Emperor not did wear at his strongly fantastic and tremendously pathetic rally?
Opinioned! (NYC)
The current scoreboard— • Parscale: 0 • KPop fans: 1
Nreb (La La Land)
Aw, quit the propaganda. There were thousands, compared to the six people who listen to Biden.
Bob (Spring Hill, Tn.)
@Nreb----I listen to neither one.....Biden's too old and has been around for decades spewing hot air about his great accomplishments and Trump turned out to be the same thing he and the GOP claimed Hillary was four years ago---patently dishonest and an habitual liar.
JB (Nashville, Tennessee)
"He also took several sips of water out of a glass after video at the West Point event showed him struggling to bring a glass up to his lips. He said he was trying to make sure he did not spill the water on his tie. The crowd applauded wildly." The crowd applauded the fact that a grown man (biologically, at least) admitted he can't take a drink of water without confidence that he won't spill it on his tie???
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
The flop sweat heard round the world. Thank you, Oklahoma.
Buckeye (Ohio)
The babbling rambling POTUS delivered a speech that provides all the evidence anyone needs that this man is not only rabidly racist and deeply narcissistic but simply out of his mind.
karen (florida)
All I heard was a grouchy old man saying "get off my lawn" over and over. What a disgusting person we are stuck with.
slater65 (utah)
that was priceless one million tickets, a lie.. got punked by your own people. get a plan dude, you're going to jail.
Spatchcock (Vancouver)
What a humiliation .... not on the scale that President Obama laid on him at the Press Association Dinner, but certainly up there. Nothing is more devastating to a narcissist, nothing.
We can only hope this is the beginning of the end of this horrible presidency.
Gloria Bowles (Berkeley)
So some of the workers for the rally have the virus! Now only questions: will the Times publish a transcript of his remarks (rant)? And the haunting question: what is the worst thing he will do between now and the election?
Kenneth Ranson (Salt Lake)
You can fool some of the people all of the time. You can fool all of the people some of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.
Harry Eagar (Sykesville, Maryland)
Trump cannot even draw as amay people as a high school football game.
David (New Orleans)
I finally realize why the phrase Being Saved From Yourself was created
Ms. Pea (Seattle)
Maybe people are just getting tired of listening to Trump's list of complaints. Really, how many times can you take him complaining about the same things? If your kid whined as much as Trump does, you'd send him to his room. This isn't a speech by a president. It's a pity party by an out-of-touch loser.
FilmMD (New York)
The crowd is thinner than the hair on Trump's head.
TyrianQuill© (Canada)
The smell of decomp/rot is unmistakable.
There for the grace of A.I. goes I (san diego)
So I just read OAC congratulating people for making Fake reservations ...then canceling so people who wanted to go couldn't attended- Do people/Democrats really support a Congresswomen who encourages this kind of deviant/criminal behavior?
Sousaphone (NYC)
Registering for an event that you’re not planning to go to is nowhere near the level of actual criminal/deviant behavior that Trump and his administration have displayed
Ms. Pea (Seattle)
@There for the grace of A.I. goes I -- "Criminal behavior"? Just what law was broken? Does Oklahoma have a law prohibiting making a reservation for an event and then not going? Does the law include dinner reservations at restaurants?
There for the grace of A.I. goes I (san diego)
@Sousaphone I knew I would get this kind of response...yes they knew they had no intention of going they were doing it for the sole purpose of sabotaging the event...and the last Criminal is a broad term...its does not always have to deal with in violation of the law...So YES their actions had Criminal intent/fact is OAC should be Sued for damages to this Nation for her endorsement!
Doremus Jessup (Moving On)
So Donald. How’d that rally workout for you? Certainly a lot of no shows, right? It’s amazing, lots of deplorables not wanting to see the deplorable one named Trump. So, Donald. Let’s move on, ok? What or whom do you plan to ruin or destroy this week? Any hints?
I would pay good money to have seen the temper trantrum little baby tRump threw on the way home to the White House! And now learning that he got punked by TikTok users is even better. Best day in a long time.
blgreenie (Lawrenceville NJ)
During his 2016 campaign, Trump famously said that he loves the "poorly educated." And they, in turn, must love him and didn't fully grasp his incredible claim during the Tulsa rally. "Slow down the tests, please," he claimed to have requested because a lot of tests lead to more positive results. He doesn't want a lot of positive tests, so don't do as many. Makes sense only to those who believe he's qualified to be president despite that kind of thinking.
Dirk Peterson (Washington, DC)
The shameful self-centeredness of: "If I get the virus, I get it. God's will" or "it's not directly affected me, hence fake," is why the US will substantially lag in decreasing COVID's spread. Don't these selfish people not realize that it is not about them? It's about ensuring you do not give it to someone else.
Alec. (United States)
Tut Tut someones slipping 'Brad' , here I was thinking they were all home sick from Bleach poisoning , but no it turns out that you and your odious campaign to reelect the Clown were duped by teenagers mostly too young to vote. On top of which most who did attend wore no masks and of course no Social Distancing ' they all feel so much more comfortable in numbers'. Somehow I suspect Trump will have a couple more than his 6 team members, down with Covid.
Alexis 104 (Newark, NJ)
His presidency is over and done.
Stewart (Brooklyn)
6 Presidential aides tested positive for the virus and still went to the rally.
Tony Difilippo (Virginia)
Dear Trump, sorry your rally was a great Big FLOP! Next time offer a cheeseburger to anyone who shows up, maybe you’ll have more luck.
Mark (DC)
For a president to present a comedy act when serious problems are facing America and the world is insane. Trump’s insane.
Mark (Zurich)
Re: Kungfu Flu? I hate to remember my US friends, that the Spanish Flu was actually the Kansas Flu. Sorry.
Caroline (Boston, MA)
I hope the Times is investigating Trump's comment that we slowed down covid-19 testing. I think that was one of the most important comments of the night and I couldn't believe the Times hid it in the middle. I don't believe it was a joke and I don't think reporters should either.
Jfpieters (Westfield, IN)
Hearing how the K-Pop kids may have affected attendance, somewhere out there Donald Segretti is surely having a chuckle
Rsq (Nyc)
“If it is God’s will that I get coronavirus that is the will of the Almighty”. The words of a true criminal trump believer.
Kathy (Chapel Hill)
And one who should be forcibly quarantined and not seek medical care—let the Lord take care of him.
baba (Ganoush)
I would like to see an analysis of Trump’s unhinged rant from a mental health professional. It was beyond disturbing.
Bruce1253 (San Diego)
Trump & Co. got Punk'd! Way to go guys!
Shelby (Out West)
"Mr. Trump bragged on Saturday as he left for Oklahoma that “the crowds are unbelievable,” which proved false." No, it proved true. The crowd size was, in fact, not believable. Sadly, I fear this was due to the virus rather than to a lack of nitwits and bigots still enamored with the Donald Trump show.
Chip Coblyn (Massachusetts)
“It’s all fake. They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” Yeah, it’s not hard to imagine why teenagers are handling POTUS’ supporters so easily.
birddog (oregon)
One only has to compare the photos of the recent massive BLM crowds in multiple cities across to country and the half filled seats in DJT's rally in Tulsa (which he claims up to a 'Million' people wanted tickets for) to see that perhaps the rolling Clown Circus that has been his Administration from it's inception seems to finally be pulling into the station at Nowheresville.
Walrus Carpenter (Petaluma, CA)
A bunch of kids on TicTok helped to defeat the rally. The lessons to be learned; 1.) The White House is easily manipulated and befuddled. If kids can do this, what is Putin capable of? We are not safe. 2.) This shows the power of the people. Lately our government has looked way too autocratic. The power is held almost totally by white males. We can take this back.
joshbarnes (Honolulu, HI)
@Walrus Carpenter — don’t forget one more point: 3) “The kids are alright” (Pete Townshend)
BP (Alameda, CA)
Few sights are more pathetic and dangerous than that of a fading con man like Trump being incapable of grasping the fact his lies are no longer working, that he can no longer outrun his past statements, and that he has no credibility left whatsoever. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” ― Abraham Lincoln
somebody (somewhere)
It was the biggest rally in history! Period! There were a million maga hats there! Not!
Slann (CA)
@somebody Unsold, still-in-the-box hats, probably.
cary (providence, ri)
This is probably the only room in the world where Trump’s IQ would reach average.
Victor (Rancho Santa Fe)
@cary Just like the commentators here
Paul (Virginia)
When will Trump's supporters see Trump for what he really is? An opportunistic, racist demagogue, uninformed, incompetent, pathological liar who feasts on the divisive and festering wound of America instead of healing and unifying a nation in fighting the deadly pandemic and rebuilding a tattered economy. America is less safe teetering on the edge of becoming a has been. When will they see the light?
Kathy (Chapel Hill)
Why would we expect Trump supporters to see the light and change. They are precisely like the description in the letter—except I think hypocrisy was left out!!
JA (New York, NY)
@Paul They can't, Paul because he is them and they are he. They are also racist, uninformed, incompetent, pathological liars who blame everyone for their problems. Just with smaller bank accounts. The ones with the big bank accounts are just greedy people willing to throw the entire country under the bus for their own self-interest. This is what a lifetime of unfounded "exceptionalism" thinking will breed.
Dorne Pentes (Charlotte NC)
Trump got pranked by teenagers and TikTok. I wish the teens more luck in the months ahead as they prank this dictator out of office and into jail.
South (USA)
AOC is gloating that a bunch of Millenials and Teenagers Tik Toked the ticket sales leading many to believe they were sold out. But nice try. And from all reports his speech rocked for an hour and 42 minutes. Biden is Toast. He cant speak for 1 minute without aid.
Malinoismom (Spirit)
@South trump can't speak for a minute without aid, either, but he doesn't let that stop him!
Malinoismom (Spirit)
@South trump can't speak for a minute without aid, either, but he doesn't let that stop him!
Malinoismom (Spirit)
@South trump can't speak for a minute without aid, either, but he doesn't let that stop him!
mptpab (ny)
There was a large and enthusiastic crowd there. To say anything else is a lie which you are good at. Got to appease your base I guess but you are moving them farther and farther away from reality. Trump spoke well.
Vito (from Brooklyn)
So it looks like more people have posted comments to this report than wanted to attend that second, outdoor spectacle.
Nelson (California)
The pathetic spectacle of modern Nero and his little Tulsa circus brought to the fore two things, first it reminded me of Muammar Gaddafi just months before he was unceremoniously booted out of Libya but still hollering “people love me”. Secondly, it showed the world quite clearly that the abject reign of His Pestilence is rapidly coming to an inglorious end; but Nero, his family and low brain followers, insist that last night was the revival of a moribund and collapsing reign of ignorance, lack of shame and gray cells. On November 3rd we will know the truth.
oldBassGuy (mass)
When the first person dies from COVID due this extremely and obviously irresponsible superspreading rally event, I need to see trump impeached again, removed from office, and placed on trial for negligent homicide.
inter nos (naples fl)
trumpists ,having to sign a waiver, must have thought twice about perhaps having to pay for treatment for Covid out of their own pocket , instead of having the hateful government pick up the tab .
Dick (California)
The message from the Trump team will be "This was the largest political crowd in Tulsa's history and Trump's speech was so good, it will heal the country." We will be told that Trump walks better than Michael Phelps swims. That he drinks better than a thirsty camel in the desert. And Saturday Night Live will break records mocking him. But the sad thing is, he won't lose a single vote from his base. Sigh!
Tom Hennessy (Desoto, TX)
"...has left him morose and irritable" This is the way Trump always is. A large percentage of the time he wears a scowl on his face as if he's about to go to the electric chair. Trump wearing his favorite hat is a joke, he's been on track to plunge this country to ruin since his first day in D.C. If you disagree with him at any time YOU"RE FIRED!. And all the YES MEN line up behind him, with their collective mouths shut. He couldn't hold a glass of water saying he didn't want to get his tie wet and couldn't walk down a ramp, seems like infirmities to me. And how about his rants? It seems people of Jewish faith escaped tirade, this time. It is difficult to believe he is so out of touch and so full of hate. Unfortunately, those of like mindedness show up to see him. Mike Alcorn was quoted as saying "It's all fake" Does he deny damage done by an earthquake because it didn't happen in his neighborhood? Poor Mike, his future probably will not improve.
John (Fairport, NY)
The emperor has no ask!
Syzygy (CT)
So with the auditorium 1/3 empty I suppose the odds of tRump and his minions contracting covid just dropped by 1/3.
Additions and substitutions of my own (California)
Hail to the Zoomers! They have made an old disgruntled Yippie so very proud.
Daniel Grossman (Los Angeles)
All you people who think Trump is going to lose easily may have another thing coming. You underestimate the racism and immorality of the American people. He is no different than he was 4 years ago and 60,000,000 people voted for him. You are engendering complacency and that is what got him elected last time. That and Jill Stein. Don’t be complacent. We all must work hard to get rid of this guy because he can win this again. We all must vote. It is not in the bag.
John LeBaron (MA)
Scandals aren't "battering " President Trump; Trump is battering President Trump as he precipitates chaos, sows malevolent division, and seeds scandal after scandal with unhinged recklessness. The President is leaving not a shadow of doubt that he is even madder than the mad prince we always thought we knew. When Trump gets to the pearly gates he might have a case to plead insanity. His pliant troupe of sycophantic toadies will have no such fall-back.
JL22 (Georgia)
Honestly, when people are determined to expose themselves, their families and their community to a deadly virus what can we do? At age +60, I went to bed last night, again despairing for the future of the world, and then I woke up to read about the K-pop and TikTok prank that was played on the fascist in the WH, and this morning I have hope for the future of the world. November.
AhBrightWings (Cleveland)
Tell Sean it's still not safe to come out from behind that bush. There's another crisis in crowd size. We're caught in some hellish "Ground Hog Day" game, aren't we? It's inauguration day all over again. No surprises ever with this man. Elect a liar, a bully, a thief (convicted of stealing from his own charity) a raging narcissist and this is what you get. The same old razzamatazz. The locale changes, but even the props, audience, and backdrop remain the same...lurid flag-waving, fist-pumping, ignorant chants. This remains the grubbiest show in the Big Top in American history. Every person who chose to attend knowing they may well kill others should be publicly shamed. They are without shame and it's time decent people clarified why we want no part of their deadly ignorance and malign allegiance to criminal wrongdoing. Enough with the apologias and enabling for that which cannot be forgiven. And full credit to the kids in the peanut gallery who engaged in creative protest by running up ticket sales. It's about time those whose only playbook is dishonesty got a taste of their own medicine. It's clear his "win" was the result of sycophants lying in the polls or remaining mute, too cowardly to own what they really believe, so this stunt-- a false show of allegiances-- is akin to the one they pulled. We'll know real progress has been made when this buffoon steps out onto a stage and no one is there. Until then, no one is safe especially, ironically, his followers.
Third.Coast (Earth)
[[Mr. Trump was furious about the unused outdoor stage and the comparatively thin crowd in the stadium.]] He was so mad, his faced turned orange! Just kidding. "Kung flu" isn't "racist," it's just much, much less than you'd expect from a president. It's disappointing and silly. BTW, are those padded shoulders in his jacket?
Dean Browning Webb, Attorney at Law (Vancouver, WA)
The Vietnam War draft dodger and the Republican Party continued promoting their concerted racially charged, blatant anti immigrant, and paranoiac xenophobia campaign through the Tulsa rally spectacle, deliberately and intentionally ignoring the deadly impact of the corona virus pandemic. The sheer incompetence and indefensible display of fomenting, engendering, and promoting racial internecine, ranging from denigrating the Black Lives Matter protestors as thugs, falsely blaming immigrants for contributing to the loss of American jobs, and intensely fueling the 'Chinese virus' racist classification is consistent with past campaign practices. But this rally also revealed to Americans the hard cold facts that the persistent social changes we are experiencing. Bringing children to witness this orchestrated fiasco only tragically exacerbates this folly with potential deadly consequences. Flying and wearing Confederate flags is reminiscent of the George Wallace 1968 campaign rallies. Wallace actively encouraged supporters to bring their children so they could be exposed to the racially engendered dogmatic message of protecting white skin privilege as well as preserving a way of life under siege. The demonstrated lack of sensitivity of scheduling the rally on Juneteenth and the ignorance of the event, as well as not recognizing the historic impact of the Tulsa 1921 race massacre further reinforces skepticism. Malcolm X said it best: the chickens are finally coming home to roost.
Joanne M (Chicago Illinois)
The reason the Trump show played to 1/3rd capacity proves that his "base" is not as stupid as he thinks they are. The utter irresponsibility of packing a crowd into an enclosed arena, the same week he claimed mask wearing shows you are against him. 122,000 dead from COVID & more cases exploding in Republican-run, Open-Quickly states. Trump's solution to the problem? Stop testing!
DragAzz Hill (United states)
As his reelection effort fades, his dangerousness to America rises November 4, when he becomes a "Lame Duck."
John B (Chevy Chase)
One senses that Donald John Trump is losing his base. No, they won't vote for Biden, And they still agree with some of what he says. But, increasingly, they feel listless about him. He doesn't make their hearts race. He doesn't elevate their testosterone. His base is losing enthusiasm and energy. He said of AOC last night that "she has charisma, but only a little" Well something similar can be said of Donald John Trump after Tulsa. He still has a little of his old juice --- but only a smidgeon. Thank God! and Halleluiah! Saints be Praised!
memosyne (Maine)
To Mike Alcorn: may you never get COVID 19. May you never know anyone who has it. May no one you know die from it. I abhor your politics but I hope you and a long, peaceful, and prosperous life full of family and joy.
M Harvey (FL)
Trump is a sore winner. (Of the Oval.)
Bailey (Washington State)
That photo, one guy with a mask in the upper deck, looking bored amidst a sea of empty blue seats speaks volumes.
Horrified (U.S.)
He told "his people to slow down testing" for the coronavirus so that the numbers would stay lower. Think about that - he does not care at all if people die from this virus, just as long as his numbers stay low. We have an insane madman as our president.
FilligreeM (toledo oh)
Forget about claims and assertions of "fake news." What we have, gentlemen and ladies of these United States, of all races and beliefs across this beautiful land, is a fake president. Please participate and vote accordingly.
ss (Boston)
DT is fighting, trying the best he can, not that he is the sharpest tool in the shed. It is an arduous battle in the extremely difficult conditions since the insane and apparently dangerous liberal propaganda is now not even trying to hide that they are out not to win in Nov but to hijack our democracy. Kicking out the pres, who they pathologically hate since his nomination in 2016, reaching the level of clinical schizophrenia the last couple of years, engaging the mob on the street and installing a 78y old puppet, will allow them to set the scene for a very lengthy rule, undemocratic, of course. Hence, it matters to at least try to stop them in their vile attempts and it is pity that the Reps prove profoundly sleazy and spineless creatures who will be trampled over like nothing by the sheer force of propaganda and rioting.
Jane (Washington)
What goes around, comes around. This includes you trump.
Steve (Oak Park)
Those empty seats look like the big blue tsunami...
Peter (Texas)
Trump blamed his slow walk down the ramp at the West Point graduation on the leather soles on his shoes. I am sure Americans would be happy to throw shoes at Trump if that would help him get off the national stage any sooner.
qisl (Plano, TX)
In other words, Tiny Hands Trump couldn't get it up.
Mud Hen Dan (NYC)
This quote from a Trumpista reveals their intellect: "“It’s all fake,” said Mike Alcorn, 40, who works in maintenance and lives in Wichita, Kan. “They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” Re the annually reported 55,000 auto crash deaths, it's all fake because I have never been in a serious auto accident, I have never seen anyone die in a crash nor known anyone who has. So I will just drive 120 mph on city streets all I want
Gregory Schmidt (Iowa City, IA)
It is refreshing to see NYT using direct language, instead of timidly dancing around the edges of Trump's dumpster fire. Thank you.
Imperato (NYC)
@Gregory Schmidt yes...very refreshing and hope it’s the start of a trend. The NYT has been disturbingly hesitant to call truth to power on Trump.
No name (earth)
i see the sparse crowd at this rally and i see frightened, angry, older white people, whipped into a frenzy, certain that someone is their enemy, and that someone is likely black or brown. i see the #blm protests and i see a sea of young people who are black and brown and who are also the rainbow, who are the future, who are at last overcoming the biggest lie and the biggest success of white supremacy -- solidarity does not rest in white supremacy, solidarity rests in class. fifty years of flat and declining wages for low wage workers, the meth epidemic among rural white people, the opioid epidemic among rural white people, and here where we are. i believe in the future, and the maga crowd is the past.
Ella (D.C.)
@No name and the trumpites may not believe in the coronavirus but I see pre-existing conditions in that arena.
David (Pacific Northwest)
@No name Trump doubled down on that fear mongering by his reference to the most peaceful demonstrations outside the arena by mostly Oklahoma constituents of color as "thugs". Odds are good, that if he could get away with it, he would use other more racist language as well. And undoubtedly does in private.
JP (Miami)
Deep down, the Trump campaign managers are thinking "if Biden's up by 12-14 points and he's doing it all from his basement, what happens when he gets outside? Don't tell the boss!!!
Young (Irvine)
TikTok users and KPop fans are the reasons for Trump's half filled rally in OK.
Slann (CA)
@Young No. Only 6,200 showed up. That's from the Tulsa FD's count. No limits on the attendees, but only 6,200 showed up.
Gunmudder (Fl)
Are you kidding me? There were more people there than at his "inauguration"!
R. Michael McSweeney (Reading Massachusetts)
Ah, sweet Schadenfreude!
Jay Casey (Tokyo)
The low turnout had nothing to do with TikTok, K-POP, or protesters. Most people, even his supporters, were too smart to put themselves at danger at a superspreader event. I was there - the streets were quiet except for a one or two-block area of people selling Trump junk and a few protesters.
Mr Chuck (New Jersey)
May this, please, be the very beginning of a return to normal, a return to a country and a world in balance, a return to a collective acknowledgement that an airing of “The Apprentice” once a week is already too much attention to pay to this most pathetic and insignificant of people.
MJR (Miami)
By downplaying and ignoring the the risk of spreading the corona virus at his rally, Trump has shown that he believes that white lives don't matter - only he matters.
mother of two (IL)
“It’s all fake,” said Mike Alcorn, 40, who works in maintenance and lives in Wichita, Kan. “They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” In what world does Mr. Alcorn live? Nebraska itself has had large outbreaks of Covid-19 in meatpacking plants. He, himself, may not know anyone with the virus but it is there and present in Wichita. Being dimwitted is one thing--being completely incapable of understanding what the threat is is something else. I feel sorry for his family and friends, to whom he may transmit the virus if he gets it. And for the healthcare workers who may need to try to save his life. How did America become SO stupid??
Harriet Pashman (Jupiter,FL)
Look carefully at the photo at top of article. Count the over weight beer bellies, the unmasked families with non- voting age children in tow, the empty seats, the eyes that cannot see the free flowing Corona 19 virus and the ears that hear only the terrific guy clapping for his ego.
Jay (NYC)
I have two questions: Is trump starting to lose some of his fans and supporters, leaving only the most rabid kind behind to stick with him still? (Biden's approval numbers are shooting up.) Or, did some of his supporters finally find religion and chose to stay away to practice safe Covid-19 habits? That is, out of fear they could/would become infected by the irresponsible posturing and grandstanding of their leader, "the chosen one"?
JG. (Vancouver Wa)
Trump ran on bigotry, hate, racism, and division. He won. Was it because Clinton ran the most inept campaign in history, or do many Americans believe in those principles? Let’s pray it’s the former. We should Make America United Again.
Discerning (Planet Earth)
Perhaps the nation is beginning to notice the would-be emperor's lack of clothing.
Gary Ward (Durham)
A Trump followers belief system is that if it haven’t happened to them personally, it must not have happened or be real. They refuse to acknowledge the virus while their President was taking Hydroxychloroquine as a preventive and they were required to sign releases. The president know its real and he should be ashamed that he chose to expose his followers to the virus because of his need for emotional support.
This man knows no shame . If a senator were to point out he has absolutely no decency Trump would wear the label proudly.
Alan Klein (NJ)
Despite the virus keeping people home, he filled up most of the seats. This seems a case of the glass half full or half empty. How many seats would Biden have filled?
Slann (CA)
@Alan Klein None. Biden would never have held a rally in the middle of a global pandemic, in a city with spiking Covid-19 cases. He's way too intelligent, compassionate and caring, to do that.
R. Bartlett (VT)
This looks like the beginning of a death-spiral for the Trump presidency. The rats are leaving the sinking ship; Trump, whose fuel is adulation, will loose steam. How long will it take him to find somewhere else he needs to be?
Bob (Boston)
I hope this is the beginning of the end, or even the middle. We have to get rid of this madman in November or we will perish.
Daniel B. (Granger, IN)
Look at the pictures of the empty seats and notice that they are filled with blue.
Barbara T (Swing State)
Forbes is reporting that only 6,200 attendees were there.
carl bumba (mo-ozarks)
This reads like an opinion article. In my opinion, a low turnout is good news mainly in terms of covid transmission.
Imperato (NYC)
@carl bumba only if you’re a deplorable.
Jack Carbone (Tallahassee, FL)
Millions ain't what they used to be.
SurlyBird (NYC)
“It’s all fake"..."They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” This is the same guy that looks out his front door at the street in front of this house and says, " "See? I told you. The earth is flat." Sample size problem.
Dave (Florida)
The end is nigh, maybe. Never underestimate the Democrats ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Duckdodger (oakville, Ontario)
You don’t think the Trump campaign forcing attendees to sign a waiver to indemnify them if you caught the disease at the rally had anything to do with the low turnout, do ya?
teach (western mass)
Classic Trump echo of words that apply so well to him: those nasty leftists who "persecute anyone who does not conform to their demands for absolute and total control." Like the way you just ousted Geoffrey Berman, King Donald?
Victor (Rancho Santa Fe)
What else is this newspaper going to say about Trump? When it comes to reporting about Trump the bias is so glaringly obvious. When Biden makes a speech it's usually an empty room and when there are people there they are 20 feet away and then Biden quickly exits the room when the speech is over. This is a frightened and fragile individual who has no business being president.
“It’s all fake,” said Mike Alcorn, 40, who works in maintenance and lives in Wichita, Kan. “They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” So, he's still got support from the intellectual side of Rubeville....
Steve (Washington)
with the country reeling from the twin horrors of this pandemic and the racial divide, trump goes out of his way to exacerbate the problems. the nation as a whole should be embarrassed and ashamed, the rest of the world seems to be.
Theodore Seto (Los Angeles CA)
"Come to my campaign rally. Give me your money and time. And, oh, by the way, as a condition of letting you do so, I'm going to require that you waive any claim you might have against me or my campaign for negligence in giving you a sometimes-fatal disease." Now there's an inspiring message.
Deutschmann (Midwest)
All Trump’s speeches are disjointed—that’s hardly news.
Matthew Phelps (Minneapolis, MN)
Trump receives a collective yawn. He’s flailing and failing before our eyes. The constant lying and racist attacks appeal to only the most deplorable, and even they won’t show up. Empty Seats Donald will make plenty of excuses, but for a campaign “revival”, this rally is very telling.
ORnative (Portland, OR)
I watched the CBS coverage of the whole event on my iPhone...CBS showed the attendance of the arena about 3/4 way through and most was filled except the 3rd balcony on the far side...I'd say he filled arena pretty well considering the context of the surrounding protests and the corona virus...but like always the biased media does not give him the proper credit...he gave a good speech with a lot of humor...the people loved it...I loved it...Biden was disparaged with many comments during the speech but that's another thing the NYT's didn't mention...mostly I thought it was a great success and all in good fun...
C. Pierson (LaLa Land)
@ORnative Will it still be “good fun” in 2 weeks when corona virus patients begin flowing into the hospitals overwhelmingly them and their medical staffs?
ORnative (Portland, OR)
@C. Pierson Maybe you fear the corona virus a little too have to live your life also so things can get back to at least semi-normal again...if the hospitals become overwhelmed then people will or should take more precautions...but it should be a personal choice...
Sissy (Louisiana, USA)
@ORnative So it's YOUR personal choice to infect someone else even though it's THEIR personal choice not to be infected? Got it.
Nancy Hopp (St. Louis, MO)
I think Joe Biden should recycle Trump's 2016 campaign slogans, for at this point even mediocrity would make America "great" again compared to Trump's egregious misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance, and truly the DC swamp has never been swampier.
KMW (New York City)
I have been listening to many of the news programs this morning and both conservative and liberal have announced that the stands were only 2/3 filled with Trump supporters. That is still an impressive number considering that the arena could seat about 19,000 people. The media especially the liberal media kept saying how dangerous it was for people to be attending an indoor rally so many people probably stayed away. It was also reported that there were people who ordered tickets with the intentions of never showing up. I would not call it a poor showing at all and the people that were there were ecstatic and excited to be in the presence of President Trump. He is bound to have more rallies and I’m sure they will be well attended. It might have been better if this rally had been held outdoors with the pandemic still in our midst. Maybe they should reconsider having their indoor rallies outside where people can better social distance and wear masks. I am sure they will reevaluate the situation and make changes in the near future. I still think though that the rallies for President Trump will have many thousands in attendance as he is loved by his supporters. And he loves them back. He thrives at this and it shows. It is so contagious.
Jim (Jersey City)
@KMW There's only one person Trump loves (and it's not Melania).
Opinioned! (NYC)
@KMW, Trump tweeted— over 1 million signed up. Parscale tweeted— over 800, 000 confirmed. Sheriff confirmation— only 6,200 attended including the press and the police. The law of diminishing returns meets the law of diminishing mental capacity. The MAGA crowd is tired of Trump’s blatant display of his mental illness.
Keef In cucamonga (Claremont CA)
Contagious is right! Hopefully so contagious it reaches right up onto the stage and grabs everyone up there by the you know what!
Tim3 (Massachusetts)
My favorite part of the "Rally" is having to cancel addressing the overflow crowd. No overflow. It has such a sweet ring to it.
Allison (Texas)
"After the rally, Mr. Trump’s spokesman searched for a way that Mr. Trump might be happy despite the poor turnout, claiming in a statement that millions of online rally viewers amounted to 'a massive audience that Joe Biden can only dream of.'" Except that if you look at the live stream, as I did on social media, you'll see one negative, anti-Trymp comment after the next. People were watching and expressing their disapproval of the president. No use bragging about a "massive audience" that is mostly there to register their disapproval of you.
Daniel Teshome (Indianapolis)
The article says Trump made no reference to George Floyd. The fact is he did. It was a brief mention but he did mention him.
David (Pacific Northwest)
@Daniel Teshome Even if accurate, a disdainful reference , while referring to the protesters as "thugs" is certainly the opposite of presidential.
Daniel Teshome (Indianapolis)
@David I read NYT for the facts, nothing else. It irritates me when my newspaper gets a fact wrong.
doug (tomkins cove, ny)
Alas, the “Festivus” rallies- the airing of grievances- are losing their luster. It’s become like watching, appropriately enough, Seinfeld reruns though definitely less entertaining and in all instances not remotely funny, just hateful.
Tamza (No Cal)
let us not get complacent, as we did in 2016, with the poll 'lead' etc. What matters is the lead and wins [even if by 10,000 votes] in small 'swing' states,
Derek Stevens (Las Vegas)
Curious start to the article. Was somebody expecting a speech that addressed the issues of the day and not a disjointed rambling incoherent stream of, and I am being generous here, consciousness? Also - If they believe God will protect them, or it’s all fake then they should sign a waiver saying they will not seek medical attention if they do contract it.
AT (New York, NY)
“It’s all fake,” said Mike Alcorn, 40, who works in maintenance and lives in Wichita, Kan. “They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” Oh, well I think that's about to change, Mike, given the rising infection count in Oklahoma and lack of masks at the rally... And I wish I could say I didn't "believe" in the virus, but I am writing this from NYC where I work on the frontlines at a major hospital, and in my work over the past few months I have personally seen dozens of people die from COVID-19, and dozens more suffer prolonged and difficult recoveries.
Allison (Texas)
At least Biden isn't asking his supporters to endanger themselves and their families just so that he can have his ego stroked for a couple of hours.
Lesley (Portland, Ore.)
It’s hideous to me, as I’m sure it is to most, that there will be people who won’t be alive in a few weeks all because Donald Trump wanted people to clap for him.
deb (inWA)
His rallies are designed only for public adoration of trump. He thinks himself clever, like "Kung Flu" cuz China, get it? Har har. He's cunning but not intellectually competent. It's not enough anymore, even for entertainment value. The only thing he will do is get uglier and more isolation, hateful and victimized. He will defeat his own campaign, self-destructing in the coming months. I'll continue to peacefully protest, every single day, and agitate for vote-by-mail. Even trump's voters won't let him shut down the USPS completely; they get their VA meds and their NRA magazines in the mail!
Shirlee (Missouri)
This Baby Boomer salutes #TikTokTeens, #Zoomers, #Kpopstans, etc, etc. You rock!
NGB (North Jersey)
@Shirlee Right?! And there I was, until reading the news this morning, all disdainful of all of those trends. Lesson learned! Maybe there's hope for this country after all...
John B (Chevy Chase)
@Shirlee This old codger doesn't even what what Tik Tok is, but I add my sentiments to Shirlee's.
Scott Cole (Talent, OR)
Overconfidence about Trump’s defeat is worrying. Say what you want about his pathetic rally—there is enormous support for him, even in supposedly blue states like here in Oregon. Step outside the liberal bubbles, and you see MAGA signs on every lawn.
Young (Irvine)
@Scott Cole Secretly, Liberals are shaking with fear that Trump will be reelected again. There might be a huge backlash against all these protests. There will be more protests no matter who wins.
Peggy (PA)
Democrats must repeat this as a mantra. And Act!
JM (San Francisco)
@Scott Cole Well Mr. Cole, you and your Biden supporters have some work to do in your state.
What a letdown. I was so looking forward to some fierce rounds of "WHO'S GONNA PAY FOR THE WALL?" / "MEXICO!!"
Drusilla Hawke (Kennesaw, GA)
In the digital edition of the WaPo this morning, there is a photo of trump, post-rally, that everyone needs to see. Absurdly long red tie undone. White collar rumpled. Red MAGA hat crushed in left hand. Face puffy and pale. Eyes shut. Surrounded by darkness. If I were Biden, I’d use the photo in a campaign ad, for it depicts a profound loser.
Bashh (Philadelphia, Pa.)
@Drusilla Hawke The photo shows that Trump not only needs a new event planner, but a new makeup artist as well. The current one went way too heavy on the orange pancake.
JM (San Francisco)
@Drusilla Hawke Looked but could not find this photo. What section is it under. I have a digital subscription. Did find the great shot of the one lonely rally attendee with a MAGA sign surrounded by a sea of empty blue seats. That should keep Donald fuming for weeks.
Bashh (Philadelphia, Pa.)
@JM Don’t have the link handy but it is the article by Robin Givhan, whose name I have probably misspelled. Scroll down the article and it is at the bottom.
Nan Aster (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Red States are not souring on Trump! The optics of attending this rally is simply not good. Trump supporters might be racists and White Supremacists, but they too are concerned about their livelihood!
Ellen (NYC)
“It’s all fake,” said Mike Alcorn, 40, who works in maintenance and lives in Wichita, Kan. “They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” I understand some places have been less impacted than others, but 'fake'? - Does Mike know how about newspapers? - Does Mike have a television? I don't even know what I would to such a man.
David (Pacific Northwest)
@Ellen Moreover, does Mike have a High School diploma? Remember, this is the penultimate target for the Trump campaign - the "under educated voter" in Trump's own words. Those on the lower 35% of the educational and intelligence bell curve. Who actually believe if you don't look for something, it doesn't exist ("testing causes COVID") . Like toddlers playing peekaboo, and the parent disappears when this child's hands are over its eyes. And this level of inability to think one's way out of a wet paper sack is why Trump can maintain a "base" of fervent supporters who would drink any Kool Aid he trots out for them.
David (Maine)
"I am not involved." Another phrase that says it all.
Opinioned! (NYC)
The yawning MAGA people staring at their phones in a more than half empty stadium says it all — they are no longer interested in Trump. Most are finding his blatant display of mental illness boring that even if Ivanka comes up with one of her ill conceived ideas will not save this criminal family.
T.K. (Scottsdale AZ)
This is the beginning of his downfall, folks. There IS divine providence.
JWhite (Louisville, KY)
"After the rally, Mr. Trump’s spokesman searched for a way that Mr. Trump might be happy despite the poor turnout, claiming in a statement that millions of online rally viewers amounted to “a massive audience that Joe Biden can only dream of.” So, you brag for a week about the million of people requesting tickets, end up woefully short of filling a 19,000 arena and you go after Biden because he is sitting at home in despair dreaming of your fake crowd? I would say desperation has set in for these delusional fools.
David (Pacific Northwest)
@JWhite The advisor missed the part that the "millions online" were opponents who punked the campaign in a grass roots effort to demonstrate that they too can code.
Ski bum (Colorado)
Small and disjointed are great descriptions of trump’s reelection bid, his personality, his leadership, and his effectiveness. trump’s reelection is on the skids, growing smaller with the passing of every day; the only people left supporting him are the ignorant white supremacists and those that really don’t care. His personality is riddled with bully tendencies, insecurities and hate; he repels anyone that is honest, forthright, loving and optimistic. He is highly ineffectual and as all the recent books about his character attest, he is the worst leader the country has ever seen in this position; he snuggles up to our adversaries and disparages our allies while his only mission is his reelection. It is time, past time, to rid ourselves of this small and disjointed person and replace him with someone who is a true leader, someone who will represent all Americans and will lead around the world.
Joe Giardullo (Marbletown)
In what can only be described as yet another botched job by the fools and sycophants that seem only to be hired by the "stable genius" Trump, the fellow in charge of the ticketing for this thing is not going to have a good day today. Why open up ticketing to anybody with a smartphone? Did it not occur to any of these Trump lackeys that perhaps people nowhere near Tulsa might glom onto a ticket, or two or 300? Ticketing could have and should have been relatively local to Tulsa. But, apparently, nobody in Trump World thought of that. As usual. Trade wars are easy to win, right? Ticketing a rally? Easy Peasy. Not for a fool named Trump.
Kent Hancock (Cushing, Oklahoma)
I live 50 miles from Tulsa. You can fill that arena for high school basketball. Nobody showed up. He is humiliated.
bstar (baltimore)
His schtick is old. It's done. I'm loving the pictures of the sparse crowd. This presidency will end as it started with Trump and his sycophants inflating the numbers and his ego while doing nothing to promote the interests of the United States of America.
Bob (Spring Hill, Tn.)
@bstar --I was done with him in 2011 when he harped about Obama's birth certificate which is almost entirely irrelevant. Ten minutes on Google would have told anyone (except Trump) that no matter the place of birth all one has to have is one parent with US citizenship to make the child a "natural born" American citizen. What was surprising was that no one in the media or in a position of power pointed that out.
bstar (baltimore)
@Bob — yes. Surely, Ted Cruz should have been aware. He was born in Canada and that is not even a U.S. state. Trump discovered that and told us all about it.
Sara (oakland)
Trump is addicted to publicity but hates the job of POTUS. He can not tolerate being humiliated by gossip of his physical weakness on the ramp & with water glass at West Point so much that he filled his rally prime time with defensive whining. It was so arduous to salute so much. Also he has been promoting Pence of late after seeming to hide him to reassert himself as head of the Covid Task Force. His much derided idiocy about treatments was another humiliation. So- why doesn’t he step down, let Pence run. He can claim he doesn’t need the hassles- he could lead rallies but return to golf & real estate for a happier life. He must know how woefully ill equipped and incompetent he is, how little he cares about reading security briefs or history. The fantasy that he can swagger through global negotiations has collapsed. Unappreciated, Trump can bitterly walk away.
Montessahall (Paris, France)
Hilarious!!! the stable genius, leader of the free world was punked by a bunch of teenagers. Priceless!
Stewart (Brooklyn)
The Trump campaign will try to cheat this election through voter intimidation and restricting absentee ballots, help from foreign governments and radical right wing but jobs. Expect the unexpected. You corner a raccoon it gets nasty.
Birdygirl (CA)
Maybe people are beginning to wake up to the fact that Trump has done absolutely nothing for his base to improve their lives. Except for the die-hard cult that hangs on his every word, as Frank Bruni so aptly points out, Trump is the troglodyte in the room, pleasing only his real base---the one percent conservative, mega-wealthy donors who make sure Trump does their bidding.
Jenny (CT)
All of the energy (thoughts, words, emotion) spent on this several hour event would be better expended on the Weekend's Massacre - the firing of Geoffrey Berman,
Cnc (Florida)
I loath Donald Trump but can someone explain how Kung Flu could possibly be considered racist? That’s quite a stretch even for those who spend every waking moment trying to find racism in everything from white clouds to pepper shakers. You’re really overplaying you’re role as the self anointed Thought and Speech Police and that’s growing old really fast.
Will Hangman (Virginia)
@cnc you make all of us so happy with your introspective comment. Hopefully what’s happening to you is the showing of signs the trump drug high starting to wear off. Pray there’s affordable healthcare rehab options available to you and many of your compatriots.
Montessahall (Paris, France)
@Cnc - I won’t attempt to explain to you why “kung flu” is racist. Frankly, if you don’t see it already, you probably won’t get it anyway. What I will say is: it is typical when something is not considered racist, that opinion is usually expressed by someone who has never been impacted by that racist act or comment being examined. For example, trump and his minions denying the existence of systemic racism. When was the last time they or one of their children were “randomly” stopped and frisked by the police? All qualifications being equal or superior with other applicants for a job, they were denied the position on the basis of their race? I could go on and on...hopefully what I have shared will give you some food for thought.
Max Deitenbeck (Shreveport)
@Cnc I could explain it to you, but as I can't understand it for you I'm not going to bother.
Kenneth Ranson (Salt Lake City)
"despite the fact that millions of black Americans have celebrated Juneteenth annually for years." I grew up in Texas in the 60s. We celebrated Juneteenth then.
YogaGal (San Diego, CA)
Watched the rally and his rambling rant for about 5 minutes and gave up disgusted. He is even more unhinged than ever. No matter how terrible times are right now, remember this... we all have the power to make positive change in the leadership of our country - VOTE on Nov. 3, people!!!
PatD (Yelm, Wa)
Thoughtful consideration leads one to: #dumpTrump #ditchMitch & #stopthestupid
Linda (N.C.)
If there were not 1001 other examples of his unfitness for the job, that buffoonish display of the ramp shuffle dragged the office down into Borscht Belt territory. He uses the presidency as a booking agency for his pitiful pointless act, then stiffs the cities, adding insult to injury.
AACNY (New York)
When you include viewers on social media and other sources, it was a very successful rally. He was so funny, which was totally lost on his bitter media critics.
Opinioned! (NYC)
@AACNY, Correct — blaming his leather shows for his defeat by a downward ramp is funny. Until you realize that Trump is mentally ill. Now it’s scary.
David (Pacific Northwest)
@AACNY I think you missed the part where the bulk of the millions who "signed up" were opponents from various youth movements, including there very large K-Pop Army which demonstrated how easily they could mobilize the youth vote at the touch of a button.
Max Deitenbeck (Shreveport)
@AACNY My. Aren't we desperate.
HL (Arizona)
President Obama would have filled the stadium and the overflow area.
Keef In cucamonga (Claremont CA)
Depeche Mode sold out the venue two years ago, and tickets were far from free. Depeche Mode is amazing, of course, so this isn’t a surprise. Trump, on the other hand, is boooo-ring.
C. Pierson (LaLa Land)
“It’s all fake,” said Mike Alcorn, 40, who works in maintenance and lives in Wichita, Kan. “They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” I live in LA and now have 8 friends who have become sick with corona virus. One, in his 60’s, died. Two of the others came close. Make no mistake Mike. You will know someone soon. Just hope it’s not you or a member of your family.
Young (Irvine)
@C. Pierson Mike Alcorn also probably doesn't believe Holocaust occurred.
JM (San Francisco)
@C. Pierson Mike, when it hits, and it will hit, you'll be feverishly clicking your heels together. You'll wish you weren't in Kansas anymore.
JD (United Kingdom)
I despair at the United States! There really is no hope for some of your citizens, going from some of the attendees comments, let alone the endless nonsense that Trump himself was spewing. America, you really need to take a very long, very hard look in the mirror at what you've created, and ask yourself one very tough question: "Can I allow this mess to continue on for another four years?"
JM (San Francisco)
@JD So surprised that 5 different county Sheriff's refuse to enforce the Governor's mandatory mask wearing in California with the number of cases rising dramatically each day. All five counties are republican bastions. But Orange County? Despite their right wing population, I thought this wealthy enclave was fairly highly educated.
Doremus Jessup (Moving On)
Should we have the Brexit discussion now, or would you prefer to wait?
Michael Kennedy (Portland, Oregon)
Donald Trump is yesterday's news. He's become the Spinal Tap of American politics.
David W (Arizona)
So fitting there was a sea of “blue” in the arena, because that’s what’s coming.
Pat (Mich)
Do you mean even they finally figured it out?
Mkm (Nyc)
Peaceful protesters are playing directly into Trumps hand in the past week as they tore down statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Francis Scott Key and Saint Junipero Serra. It is all on video, cheering crowd, whipped up crowds, lighting the Statue on fire while it lay on the ground. For all the chatter on the left about Trump and fascists, these images are real and they capture an orgy of destruction worthy of the Taliban or Brown shirts. If that statement offends you, remember the Taliban and Brown Shirts contrived justification for their action too. Goggle the videos or just wait to the fall when you will be watching them as Trump campaign ads.
Joan Senator (Florida)
I am glad someone wrote this comment. I agree that this will be fodder for Trump's campaign. tearing down symbols does not change the history. as a republican friend of mine indicated, Auschwitz was not torn down but remains as a symbol of evil. so too may the Confederate statues remind us of the terrible history of our country, so that we will not repeat it.
JM (San Francisco)
@Mkm Time to wake up. No one cares about removing statues of dead confederate pro-slavery leaders unless it's one of your ancestors.
Mkm (Nyc)
@JM - Not one of those names was in the confederacy. That was the point of my comment. Learn your history.
Allan Slipher (Tucson Az)
Trump is now desperately and knowingly putting the lives of his own supporters at risk. His Tulsa rally liability disclaimer proves it. "By attending the rally, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and agree not to hold Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.; BOK Center; ASM Global; or any of their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers liable for any illness or injury," the disclaimer reads. Only a morally stunted sociopath knowingly subjects thousands of loyal supporters and their families to a plague that sickens, maims and kills for one day's self serving photo op and headline.
night mission (New Jersey)
Maybe the CDC and local health officials won't need to worry about bloated, packs rallies spreading the COVID at Trump campaign stops. His declining support will solve the problem.
Jay (Los Angeles)
[Trump] "delivered a disjointed speech." Has the president ever delivered a non-disjointed speech?
JM (San Francisco)
@Jay "Disjointed" is a compliment for Trump.
Opinioned! (NYC)
The best part of the rambling speech — Trump admitting that he killed Americans by slowing down testing. Right there is a murder confession — and the GOP, now the party of Putin, cheered.
Jeff P (Washington)
This is from the article: “So I said to my people, ‘slow the testing down,’” he said. Why in the world would Trump want to slow down the testing for any reason other than to show few known infections. In other words... to lie to the American people, and the world. And in true to his bombastic fashion, he openly admits it to his faithful followers. And they, are just too dense to realize how deeply he is wounding them, their children, and the country they profess to love. Trump's response toward Covid-19 reprehensible. I don't want to see him, nor anyone die from the virus. But I really wouldn't mind if the fool got very very sick.
JM (San Francisco)
@Jeff P Congress should re-start impeachment proceedings charging Trump with CRIMINAL ENDANGERMENT. Trump took an oath to protect the people of America, not intentionally expose them to a global deadly virus.
SGL (Setauket NY)
“... cancel and persecute anyone who does not conform to their demands for absolute and total control”. Sound like a very accurate description of Trump himself.
Philip W (Boston)
Tulsa Fire Dept said there were 6,500 people there. The Hall holds 19,000! Not much of a kick-off for his campaign. We will be watching Tulsa's Covid Data over the next 2 or 3 weeks.
JM (San Francisco)
@Philip W You really think Tulsa or the surrounding areas from which these idiots came, will reveal any uptick in cases? The Governor will pull a Florida Governor trick and withhold reported cases. And the Trump loving sickened attendees will refuse treatment and not be reported.
kramnot (USA)
I am sure the virus enjoyed the rally and was happy that most people did not wear a mask.
Clio (NY Metro)
At the end of the article, a rally attendee was quoted: “I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.” Give it time. He will. And it will be more likely to happen if he does foolish things like attend rallies.
Drusilla Hawke (Kennesaw, GA)
The fire marshal’s tally for the Tulsa rally was under 6200. Spin that, trump.
Jesse (USA)
@Drusilla Hawke - Aw, come on! Sixty-two hundred is the new one million!
JM (San Francisco)
@Drusilla Hawke High school basketball games get more than that. Hope they handed out free Covid tests vouchers on the way out. These poor suckers will need them.
Ramesh Sargam (Bengaluru, India)
Arranging rallies at this time of pandemic is foolish. But Trump doesn't bother about lives of people. He wants huge gatherings irrespective of people attracting risk from the corona virus. Never seen such a selfish leader in the US history. People need to throw him.
Lavi (Santa Fe, NM)
It is interesting that Trump’s campaign slogan remains “Make America Great Again”. In his three and a half years he has taken our great nation and turned it into a pariah in the eyes of the world. He has demeaned our citizens, lied to us, removed human and environmental protections. Trump and his cronies have stolen from us everything that was decent. He has had four years to make us great and now he wants another four years to sink us further into the mire. It is time for the democrats to “Make America Great Again” by getting rid of the slime from the White House and from Congress!
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