Pro-Trump Protesters to Gather Amid Fears of Violence

Jan 05, 2021 · 715 comments
martin (Michigan)
Hey, The fat lady has sung her song, and it is all over. The big blowhard is history, and all of my veteran friends are overjoyed with the results. We all deserve a $2000. check now that the Repubs are not in control now, or ever, after the last four years of chaos and corruption. It will take four years to clean out the WH.
Calvin Flemmings (Virginia)
81,000,000 REAL Americans have spoken. We want Trump GONE!
American Striving For A More Perfect Union (USA)
The allegiance of these protestors is not to the United States of America. Their allegiance is to Trump.
Freonpsandoz (CA)
Trump tweeted, "Our Country has had enough, they won't take it anymore!" He's right, but not in the way that he thinks.
Bo (California)
Direct line from Trump’s conspiracy theories to the invasion of the Capitol building this morning. This is reminiscent of a third world dictator leading a coup. This is not a protest, it is treason.
Brian (california)
Why are we not putting Trump in jail?! He openly foments violence and then when it happens, timidly tweets "no violence, please..." C'mon, this guy has been doing this for years, this is criminal behavior, remove him now.
FRANK (Netherlands)
I am very sorry, but based on the images we are now seeing, the us seems to me to be the new africa.
MHO (Virginia)
And this is "making America great again?" Trump has secured his legacy as not only the very worst American president ever, but more simply the very worst American ever.
Robert (Seattle)
Guess the assumption is that it isn't sedition or terrorism so long as it's done by white, violent, nutty, armed supporters of the president. Heard at the event earlier today: calls for trial by combat.
Scott Fordin (NH USA)
Can there be any doubt that a good deal of the violence around the BLM protests was fomented and exacerbated by armed alt-right thugs like the Proud Boys and the 3-Percenters? I’m not saying they were responsible for all the violence, but when you show up with firearms, clubs, helmets, and shields, it’s clear that you’re looking for trouble. I raise this issue because we see more of the same today: armed alt-right thugs looking for a fight, supporting a coup. And President Trump is actively encouraging these people. “Look, they’re fighting over me!” It’s all a big ego boost for Trump, and he will milk his followers for every penny and cheer he can get from them.
Jazzie (Canada)
Your country is on fire and the President is fanning the flames, at a time when the country is already in extremis due to the Pandemic. The world is holding its breath.
ABLorite (Paris, France)
Shame on you America! Watching the footage of the invasion of the Capitol makes me want to cry. How did we come to this? Through the ignorance, egocentrism and stupidity of Donald Trump. I can't bear to think that any American, any human being at that, could possibly think that this person is what the US and the world needs in a leader of one of the world's most powerful countries. What vision has this man served? What values has he stood for? Aren't we better than this America?
Janet (New York)
At first glance it seems that the behavior of many of our citizens is evidence of a serious deficit in our educational system in how we teach the process of American democracy and how our elections are supposed to work. After witnessing the shenanigans of our Ivy League educated senators, it appears the problem is far more serious.
Jo (Colorado)
I tend to agree. Where I see the greatest deficit is teaching critical thinking skills. That is something that should be considered in the design of all curriculum. Learning to deduce the meaning of word based on context in English class, learning to make a reasoned hypothesis is Science classes, understanding the why behind equations in Math classes. All leads to a greater ability to think things through in a reasoned way. Instead we have moved toward “teaching to the test” which often means strict memorization rather than understanding. Fine for scholastic success I suppose. But does not improve your real-life learning ability and leads to a population more susceptible to manipulation. (Also frustrating for employers because too few people are able to problem solve and work independently. When I was a hiring manager I would get 100s of applications for a job and could almost immediately narrow it down to a dozen applicants.)
HMI (Brooklyn)
My advice to the Democrats is to do your best to ignore these people and they will probably just melt quietly away. They represent barely 50% of the country while your candidates gained both the presidency and the Congress. With Kamala as the deciding vote now, you should go ahead and pass your most controversial and far-reaching legislation using that 1-vote majority. Then I look forward to seeing the midterm elections.
Marco Avellaneda (New York City)
Trump: this might a great occasion to make a "heartfelt" concession speech and create a "movement" for the future. The other alternative looks bad for you. it takes more than a few proud boys to run the USA. its a great venue to prepare the future, but dont leave 1600 PA too late. That would be, uh, expensive.
DeMe (NC)
Hope there’s lots of cameras so the facial recognition is easier.
LaurenL (Madison)
Let them march. It is what our democracy is about. Women, including myself, marched the day after Trump's inauguration in an extraordinary show of refute to Trump and his ilk. It was peaceful but it was grand. To live in this democracy is to give that freedom to anyone who wants it, as long as it doesn't infringe on other's safety.
Ian (New York)
We are getting real-time evidence of how dangerous Trump supporters are, as they attempt to breach the Capital Building, are carrying loaded weapons in DC, and in general seem to have very little respect for law and order.
Alan MacDonald (Wells, Maine)
The arc of history may have already bent too far toward Empire, since the Second World War of Empires ended and in which since the collapse of the 'next to the last Empire' on earth in 1991 --- the "Soviet Evil Empire" aren't they all, Ronnie? --- we have allowed talk of "The End of History" to be prematurely understood as 'The End of Empire', despite Francis Fukuyama's refutation of his own work, and arguing for a second chance and path forward for "America at the Crossroads" to prevail as a peaceful people's social democracy over EMPIRE.
Ethan (Los Angeles)
Here is my thought what I am about to write will not be approved because we now live in a world where the media can pick and choose what kind of information is let out. They don't care about the facts and what is good they care about what fits in the agenda and what they have to gain from trying to shut down a strong president.
Tom (Madison)
If Biden is sworn in "There’s no way I’m taking any vaccines". Think of all the sound logical arguments you have to ignore to instead, somehow, fully-link Presidential succession to vaccine efficacy, and make that your sole decision criteria.
David (Rochester)
Trump has now pushed his base to violence, breaching the US Capital, allowing him to declare Marshall Law and retain his office. This is a coup. Trump has promoted anarchy and revolution. Trump should be arrested and jailed immediately.
Lin (Philadelphia)
They are in the capitol. This is crazy. Michael Cohen was right. If Trump lost he would cause mayhem. Trump should have been indicted by the Senate.
Manish (Chicago, IL)
"...conspiracy theorist and conservative radio host Alex Jones..." I really think that respected news outlets like NYT, WaPo, Associated Press, Reuters, etc. need to do a better job of labeling people who call themselves "conservatives", but are clearly radicals and/or "regressives" (as in, they want society and civic rights to regress to an earlier point in time). For my money, you should call Republicans and people like Alex Jones "alleged conservatives". Republicans don't have a lock on conservatism, and Democrats do not have a lock on liberalism.
curious (Niagara Falls)
Odd how Repulicans are usually for the brutal suppression of left-leaning political protest -- Trump's use of tear-gas to enable his photo-op at St. John's Church earlier this year comes to mind -- but when the anachists, malcontents and just-plain-crazies support their guy, then everything is a just a legitimate exercise of their 1st Amendment rights. Up to and including wannabe neo-fascists with assault rifles storming into the MIchigan state legislature.
rodo (santa fe nm)
Representative Scalise is speaking now during the "objections" phase and he cant even choose a mask that stays on his face. Of course it has the appropriate "sign of patriotism" on it; it is only missing the Christian cross.
Ubet (West of Here)
Mr. Guilbeau ... said if he saw Mr. Biden move to the White House, he would feel less compelled to engage with the government on any level. “There’s no way I’m taking any vaccines,” he said. This statement is a firm argument for the teaching of critical thinking in our current education curriculum.
Marie (BOSTON)
Trump says: “one of the top constitutional lawyers in our country” told him that Mr. Pence has “the absolute right to” throw out the election results” He says: “I hope so, I hope so, because if Mike Pence does the right thing, we win the election.” A, that's hearsay, Where's this top constitutional lawyer? B, if you "throw out the election results" you don't "win" the election, you take the election.
Calvin Flemmings (Virginia)
The action of Trump and his gang reminds me of a slogan from my high school’s traditional rival: “If we don’t win the game, we’ll win the fight!”.
Brian Hagerty (New York)
I'm not sure which is more frightening; Trump's lawless disregard for democracy, or that so many of my fellow Americans are duped by his nonsensical rhetoric. I'm not sure whether I'm more angry or sad at this whole mess, but I do know that I never thought I would feel this disgusted by American politics.
Jim O’DONNELL (Miami)
@Brian Hagerty I think the threat is greater from the "leader" or the figure who is motivated to manipulate and capitalize upon the fear of those who will be easily duped and easily led down his chosen path. Because these people who believe trump and his kind have always been there and will always be there , and their profile ebbs and flows depending upon how their strings are pulled. The platform of tump and those like him is based upon fear, and it's not too hard to dupe these people who already live their lives in fear.
Ivan (Memphis, TN)
Thousands? What are you talking about. This will be the biggest crowd ever, anywhere in the world - billions!!!
K E Brown (Gillette WY)
Please, NYT: report on who is paying for all these banners and stages? the rally sound system gear - probably even the "celebrity" speakers?
François (France)
Do Trump supporters realize that they are the same as those who shouted and raised their arms excitedly in Nuremberg 80 years ago? Trump is the image of modern fascism, I never thought this could happen in America
Daylight (RI)
Where is law enforcement or doesn't it apply to white supremacists?
dgm (Neptune, NJ)
As he incites violence, Trump needs to worry about what happened to Ceaușescu.
manfred marcus (Bolivia)
Trump's incitement to violence for his absurd delusion that he won an election he clearly lost to Joe Biden, is a dangerous circus where somebody may get hurt. How awful, to have a mentally deranged president destroy what we most value, the Trust in our democratic institutions. This harm shall last far longer than Trump's remaining days in an office he so regally abused for his own devious purpose..and sick ego!
John Newton (California)
What sad little people.
A confederacy of dunces.
Joe (Naples, NY)
The biggest gathering of the mentally ill in American history.
giddalti (Missouri)
18 U.S. Code § 2385 - Advocating overthrow of Government Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof— Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.... Continued at this link:
Sterling (South Slope)
Imagine being so emotionally invested in a guy who’s only interested in conning you.
Andre Seleanu (Montreal)
I have one ardent wish: President Biden should demolish the Trump wall around the White House as soon as he takes office. This wall is a symbol of fear of the people and great idiocy.
Louis Hildebrand (Pittsburgh)
Pathetic ! Losing dear leader is such a travesty we must protest ! Trumps and his rasist cult complaining soon will fall on deaf ears. Lap it up fools and send more money !
Tom (South Carolina)
As a former Republican, I cannot help but pity the throngs that have succumbed to Trump's version of the party. Weak-minded and soulless as they are, they also deserve my disdain. The GOP will never again be the same.
Albert Donnenberg (Pittsburgh)
I hope there is still time enough and will enough to impeach Trump for a second time. He cannot be allowed to return to the national political stage.
James (Long Island)
I implore all protestors to refrain from violence. I hope for a strong police presence and all perpetrators of violence held accountable. My fervent wish is that not a single person gets hurt
Bret (MI)
I applaud their right to protest. Obviously, the reason for their protesting is pathetic, but it is still their right. It's their right until they break the law. I'm still just trying to figure out how so many people got bamboozled by someone known for being a con man. I'm still tying to figure out why so many people refuse to accept proven facts, and conversely why they so readily accept the insane conspiracy theories and falsehoods of the alt-right. But, protest away. It's a guaranteed right as a citizen.
Dearson (NC)
Some Trump supporters might be easily manipulated, but it is highly doubtful most of them have a self-destructive wish. Trump supporters have the constitutional right of peaceful protest as does every other American. Hopefully, most of them are fully aware of the lethal force in place to respond to acts of violence should they chose to go down that path. The question those aspiring to violence should ask themselves is whether they are willing to sacrifice their freedom, treasure or even their life to keep Trump in an office he lawfully lose.
These people are truly delusional. I’m afraid it will be difficult to bring them back into the mainstream. Sad day for all.
Belief is not evidence. Trump lost the election. These folks may as well be protesting Strawberry Yoo-Hoo vs. Chocolate flavor.
ubique (NY)
“There’s no way I’m taking any vaccines” Never would have guessed.
mswanson (Pennsylvania)
Don’t these people have jobs? Shouldn’t they be at work? I certainly hope my tax dollars aren’t supporting these fools whether it be through food stamps, unemployment, or other entitlements.
Sandi (NJ)
Trump and his followers seem to have a mental illness that prevents them from using logic and reasoning. Saying you wouldn’t take the vaccine if Biden becomes president makes zero sense especially since all the COVID deaths happened under Trumps watch .
Boiling Mad (Washington)
The aspect of this debacle that attends and sickens me the most is Trump's utter lack of concern for the widespread and lasting damage he is doing simply to feed his ego.
M (Michigan)
Thank you Mitch McConnell for standing up for the US Constitution. Thank you Chuck Schumer for telling the opposition that they are just plain wrong and need to stop the antics. And, Thank you Ted Cruz for labeling yourself to a Clown.....forever.
Christopher Slevin (Michigan)
Oh joy, oh bliss. The people spoke and democracy delivered. No matter how loud he shouts or how hard he beats his chest, trump is a loser. A grand finale would be to see him evicted in chains kicking and screaming by the White House police as an unwanted, unwelcome intruder. We are so blessed in this great country to have a democracy which works. The Democrats have the government while the Republicans go home to lick their wounds and to blame each other for their failure. They never realized or accepted that they were elected by the people to do a job. When they failed to deliver on their promise but instead follow a crazed leader over a cliff the people told them where to go. They never learned the old dictum “ You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but never all of the people all of the time”. Maybe they know now when it’s too late. They will need lots of duct tape to patch up a very broken party
bnc (Lowell, MAO)
Mitch just shot the Republicanal objections to the election result.
Janderson (AUSTIN, texas)
Who is paying for this Trump circus?
bnc (Lowell, MAO)
Hey, Ted Cruz, 39 percent does not match 'nearly half'.
KTS (San Francisco)
I do not feel any guilt at all saying Mr. Gilbeau should catch COVID and come face to face with reality.
denny stern (seattle)
Everything DT maintains is the opposite of true. His goal, and his only talent, is to stay in the spotlight. The media is his codependent. Welcome him to civilian life and drop his show. Bye Don.
Rubber Soul (Delaware)
The dumbing down of a huge swath of American voters who no longer can think or even find their way out of of paper bag....thanks to Fox News, Trump, and the Republican Party wing nuts and self serving enablers.
Fremont (California)
"I will respect the will of the people." Augusto Pinochet after losing the plebiscite on civilian rule in 1988.
Rocket (Canada)
“If he doesn’t win it tomorrow, then this is over,” said Mr. Morris, an architect, although he said he believed Mr. Trump would still find a path to victory." The man has the intelligence and education required to be an architect, yet he still believes this nonsense. As for Mr. Guilbeau, perhaps it should be Mr. Gullible. I'm sure some more responsible person could benefit from his vaccine dose.
John Leroux (Los Angeles)
@Rocket It's all good. Did you see the protestors today. Most out of shape white men and women without any protection. Most of em' will be dead in 3-4 weeks so there goes his base! Amen!
Jparker (NY)
Architecture requires skillful training but not necessarily intellect or intelligence.
Hugh G (OH)
@Rocket An architect is a trade, just like an engineer, nurse or electrician. Plus a lot of architects are small business, and the Republicans do a better job talking that game- plus cutting taxes without cutting government spending is good for the economy to a point. He just needs to switch his focus to government jobs
mjs (rochester ny)
Mind boggling! Pre-election polls conducted by at least six major organizations, including Fox, predicted a clear victory for Biden. They did not use mail-in ballots or voting machines. Dead people were not polled. People living outside this country were not polled.The only surprise post-election was that Trump did better than expected, suggesting that if there was fraud, he benefited from it.
John Leroux (Los Angeles)
@mjs Sit back and enjoy the show. Most of these protesting clowns are out of shape white men and women with no protection against covid. They'll all be dead in 3-4 weeks and life will go on. We're all better for. Sit back, watch the spread and applaud their ignorance.
Floyd (New Mexico)
Counter Protesters: please, whatever you do, stand back and stay away. Please, allow this to be a boring, meaningless trip and a waste of time for the militant alt-fighters that have decided to converge on Washington. They want a counter-protest so they might engage you.
John Leroux (Los Angeles)
@Floyd No counter protest required. These protestors have set up a 'kill zone' for themselves today. They're doing themselves in. Maybe 10% have masks. The rest will take care of themselves in 3-4 weeks! All good!! This is a great day for Democrats!!
blues (Louisville, KY)
Really sore awful losers all! The fraud in all of this is Trump. Always has been and always will be, forever the same.
Bagot (Peekskill)
Anyone still thinking that Trump won the election, will overturn the election, or thinks what he’s doing right now is good for the country is a traitor, seditionist and just plain stupid.
Steve P (Tennessee)
The depths of ignorance and stupidity that so many Americans have fallen to is truly disheartening.
Paul P🤓 (Greensboro,NC)
Swan song for a bunch of losers.
Joe Miksis (San Francisco)
Listening to Trump spew his lies on Fox News today is mesmerizing. Rambling all over the place, he still is saying that he won the election! What a childish moron. How could this churlish, ignorant fool have ever sat in our White House?
troutmaskreplica (Wisconsin)
pay no attention to these idiots. They so stupid they don't even realize -- or maybe they're too infantile to admit -- that what they're protesting is that a majority simply voted their leader and party out. It's called an election. Get a life.
gregdn (Los Angeles)
Let's hope it's peaceful- and the idiots go home afterwards.
dano (mental)
As with all of their slogans- "blue lives matter" and "law and order"- they only apply to the "other."
Chicago Guy (Chicago, Il)
Trump is to democracy what the Hindenburg and Titanic were to passenger safety.
blackstar (east meadow)
good 1
BC (St. Louis)
Putin couldn't be prouder of his Republican base.
Baruch (Bend OR)
DC Police, please keep in mind that Proud Boys and their allies Boogaloo Bois are cop killers. They are not your friends. So when you have to deal with them, remember, they are cop killers.
Phyliss Dalmatian (Wichita, Kansas)
Oh, to be a fly on Mike Pence. Lol.
birddog (oregon)
One last Ghost Dance for their faded demagogue.
Len Arends (California)
Since they will be mostly peaceful demonstrations, I don't know what everyone's worried about Dispassionate consistency is the lodestone of true journalism ... making excuses for your side while catastrophizing the other is draining the vitality from our society ... A pox on both your houses
Barry K Douglas, MD, FACS (Garden CIty, NY)
A day which may live in infamy propagated by the seditious demagogue, as tears fall from the eyes of the Statue of Liberty...
sedanchair (Tacoma, WA)
Don't choose to throw your lives away for a fool, Trump voters. Don't throw your lives away because that's what will happen.
Psyfly John (san diego)
Make sure the police and national guard have live ammunition. Let's not play games with these nuts....
Mr. Bad Example (NE)
I'm all in favor of giving them the fascist dictatorship they so clearly long for. Let's set up re-education camps under a democratic regime. They can get with the program. Or else...
Ben (Florida)
Or else they can be sent to the adenochrome harvesting factory!
Lawrence (Colorado)
Yes the underlying problems driving this movement are frightening. But there's a humorous side to appreciate too. Die-hard Trumpies are really angry that he lost. Really angry. Which option to choose? Option A Don't vote in GA senate run-off cuz Trump/QAnon know voting in Georgia is rigged. March on the US capital, no-masks, waving baseball bats with some proud little boys to support traitors in congress and in the WH trying to steal the election from 80M voters. Refuse the Covid vaccine to show just how mad you are. Option B Staci Abrams was really mad after loosing the GA governor's race in a close election. Do what she did. Hint: One of these options seems to be working out much better. Think I'll get myself another bowl of popcorn. #StopTheSqueal
Linda (New England)
Jan 20th cannot get here soon enough. Fact that GOP continues to allow this bogus dog and pony show is a disgrace.
Diego4ever (San Diego)
All these aggrieved white males with weapons looking to create trouble. What happened in their lives that makes them so bitter?
Ben (Florida)
Rejection by every single woman they ever tried to seduce?
Broggy (Milwaukee)
Tempest in a teapot. Remember when everyone was panicking over a violent election? Didn't happen. Remember when people thought there'd be civil war in the case of a close election? Didn't happen. Remember when people thought we'd have a armed revolt in parts of Trump Country? It hasn't happened. Yes Trump got more than 70M votes, but thus far people care about the country more than they do the ego of a petty, fat, bald, and broke orange man in his mid-70's. People also realize the have a lot to loose through violence. The gentleman renting out his fire engine (not a career, btw) summed it up well.
GCD (Austin,TX)
These are not the Republicans I grew up with. These are just angry people who don’t like the cards they were dealt in life. Trump made empty promises and now they feel jilted. Let em’ have their unpatriotic temper tantrum. Then go home and reflect on the harm they have done to their children’s democracy.
Hugh G (OH)
So what will be Donny Bonespurs new scam once this all goes away? Pretending to run for President in 2024 is actually might still be the easiest for him to do- one thing we do know about Trump is that he is extremely lazy. Can he keep his cult enthralled for 4 more years and keep the money flowing? If he keeps doing that the GOP won't be happy as he will be siphoning money from them.
K.M (California)
I must say these "Trumpsters" are in huge denial. Because they risks their lives and the lives of others and appear maskless at rallies, does not mean they represent the majority by any means. The majority are at home listening to public health advice, avoiding contagion and avoiding spreading Covid. Sorry folks, demonstrate all you want, but Biden is president. You have the right to demonstrate and express your feelings about losing the election, but you will be held responsible for any violence you create.
Hellen (NJ)
Typical response. White people are protestors and freedom fighters even when they are trying to overthrow a government ,starting wars, doing armed seizures of land, continuing slavery or commit genocide to steal land. That's why we have so many monuments to traitorous confederates, Native Americans were forced onto reservations as some type of enemy combatants in their own nation and every single day children are taught the violent reactions over taxes during the Revolutionary War were absolutely justified. In the meantime Black people protesting against slavery, Jim Crow, continuing segregation, lynching and police brutality are deemed anarchists. Don't even let Indigenous protests to protect land get started, that's treated like a foreign invasion. This is why people call for defunding law enforcement. The obvious bias and attempt to intimidate one side while giving free rein to the other is undeniable. That is not equal protection,
Kopelman (Chicago)
They're not false claims. They're lies, made with intent and malice. Please take off the kid gloves and label them accurately.
Lorem Ipsum (DFW, TX)
That's The Times for you, normalizing and excusing to the very end.
Vito (Sacramento)
I sure hope the media will not cover speeches from this anti-American, anti-science event. I for one will not watch this Trump show.
Steven of the Rockies (Colorado)
Any armed protesters should be arrested by the police or National Guard.
Ponsobny Britt (Frostbite Falls, MN.)
I have the perfect name of the Republican Senators who will object to Biden's confirmation..."The Unlucky 13."
Misplaced Modifier (Former United States of America)
Who again do these authoritarian, violent protestors think are the real threat to democracy? The lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy is breathtaking.
Joyce Behr (Farmingdale, NY)
Trump addressing the March for America rally outdoors today- we are watching Custer's Last Stand. Give it up Donald, and go away !
gwaterman (Topanga, CA)
"Dan Couture...with two of his brothers ... said they arrived “to make sure that all the votes that were legal are the votes that were counted.”" How does he intended to actually do that? By showing up in DC to wave around a flag and holler at people? What nonsense.
Robert (Seattle)
How do Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and all of these lost souls imagine this will end? We chicken out, under the threat of violence, and their fella, the undisputed loser out here in the real world, gets to be pres again? Or just like in 1877 we agree to reinstitute Jim Crow in perpetuity (setting the stage for future Republican victories, and they let us have Joe Biden who indisputably routed the tweeter in chief in November? I say we start adding their names to the list that already includes the likes of Richard Nixon, Aldrich Ames, Benedict Arnold.
Paul Raffeld (Austin Texas)
While we have the right to protest peacefully, we do not have the right to engage in riotous behavior including vandalism and property destruction. We do not have the right to shoot people we believe disagree with us. Trump and his supporters believe in anarchy, lawlessness and spouting lies to gain illegitimate ends. Trump will always claim a win when he loses because he hates being a loser. This whole debacle is for Trump's ego, nothing else.
bnc (Lowell, MAO)
Every Congressional Republican who failed to impeach Donald Trump must lose his or her seat and be remanded to prison for sedition.
M. (Flagstaff, Arizona)
Which will be spread more, lies and falsehood or Covid 19?
Kit (Chicago)
Today I am reminded of the Battle of the Greasy Grass, where a coalition of the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho beat Custer as he tried to mount a moronic last stand. Bye Trump, Bye GA republican party.
FPaolo (Rome)
We have ended......For better still to be explained. (E. Dickinson )
ConcernedCitizen (Virginia)
Trump is really dreadful. I don’t blame his on the ground supporters / protesters who have just been lied to and misled. But I do blame and find the likes of Ted Cruz and Hawley to be quite shocking and despicable. They are loyal to Trump, but they are traitors when it comes to our U.S. democracy.
PubliusMaximus (Piscataway, NJ)
Why don't they put on their true colors? Brown shirts are a better fit for what they're trying to do.
Terry (ct)
I wonder if even one of these protesters can articulate specific Democratic policies to which they object, or specific trump achievements which they applaud.
Jeff Ayre (Vancouver Canada)
The old saw: grabbing a tiger by the tail. Of course, the anxiety lies in the realization that, at some point, as you must, you are going to have to let go of the tail. Well, the tiger, if still alive, it will eat you. So, why grab that tail in the first place? This is the question we should have for these Republicans, which needs answering, once we’ve see what’s left when that tail is fully let go.
Kara (Bethesda, MD)
We should not ignore this behavior. It should be condemned at all levels. People who protest with weapons are a clear and imminent danger to our Democracy. It stifles the voice of others and creates a violent and dangerous atmosphere which should not be tolerated. This kind of behavior should be stopped by all means possible.
Krista (san diego)
Watching the trump rally terrifies me. In only 4 years, he and Mitch turned us into a third world nation. We had a poor response to the virus and our economy is in shambles, no matter what the stock market pretends to represent. It's all bells and whistles if the 99% is losing ground.
greg (Upstate New York)
The sad little group of Trump acolytes protesting in front of Congress is like a bunch of fans showing up to support their team in the World Series which the team just lost.
John (Kathmandu)
It's so much easier when all the ants are in the same place.
Kraen (Northern)
Put all the roid-rage Trump supporters and willing opponents who want to rumble in the largest football stadium in the U.S. - wherever that is. Hand to hand, no weapons allowed. Televise it nationally, allow online betting (with 1/2 the proceeds going toward education), and let er rip. Then D.C. can get on with the business of inauguration and bystanders and local businesses don't get hurt or damaged.
Gianni (NYC)
How sad to see America so divided because of a TV show host and his ties to Russia.. I sincerely hope the Biden administration will do more than just reunite America, the rule of law must be enforced and the many crimes of the trump administration must be investigated, to the very last drop.
J J Davies (San Ramon California)
Just as the Television was to make "every man a scholar" as it brought the "University to the living room", one disturbing aspect of the 'Internet' is giving every tin-foil hat demagogue easy and cheap communication. Human nature wastes all things that are cheap and easy, and it will take some time too learn how this modern miracle of interaction can be protected and preserved from the shortsighted and Meme educated. Perhaps, our present experience will be remembered with some indescribable combination of hilarity and digrace.
dano (mental)
All those people are going to keep getting more riled up, throughout the day and into the night, while waiting for cruz and co. to complete the coup and install trump. Those throngs are going to be markedly more rambunctious later, at night. cruz and co. have to know that what they are doing is going to lead to a violent reaction, and dragging it out is going to make it worse.
Jeff Ayre (Vancouver Canada)
All those saying Trump will be relevant in the future. I’m not so sure. What I’m seeing in Georgia is the increased irrelevance of Trump and his gang of lemmings. Consider his $250 million ‘fund’, the one resulting from his continued lying and the oozy, squishiness of his supports actually donating: he won’t use that money for anything but his close, personal interests. Need some avgas for the old 757 - use the fund, etc. Sooner or later his breathtaking losing record will emerge from the fog bank he has created, as the fog machine runs out of its own gas.
heinrichz (brooklyn)
I’m sure many of these people are violating Covid restrictions and not wearing masks. It would be better to bring in the tear gas and terminate this unlawful behavior.
LesISmore (RisingBird)
“If he doesn’t win it tomorrow, then this is over,” said Mr. Morris, an architect, although he said he believed Mr. Trump would still find a path to victory." So, here's a supposedly educated person who is willing to follow his "leader" over the edge like a lemming.
Mark (San Diego)
They’re protesting against Democracy and America.
Marge Keller (Midwest)
"The scene taking shape on the grassy elliptical park just behind the White House is extraordinary." That sentence stopped me in my tracks because I immediately thought of "that grassy knoll of Dealey Plaza" in Dallas. I am extremely concerned that innocent lives that could be hurt or worse because of this insane nonsense of "a show of force as [Trump] struggles to overturn the legitimate election results." Seriously, body armor, helmets, baseball bats, clubs, weapons possession while folks are claiming to be "at war, targeting Republicans in Congress who have refused to protest the results of the election"? And at the base of all this is a president who openly supports and incites such rancor and anarchy. Thanks Republican Senators for the fine job you did in January by acquitting Trump of abuse of power impeachment charges. Really, thanks so much.
Hellen (NJ)
So where are the helicopters, rubber bullets, military grade vehicles and dogs? They have already proven their intent for violence and vandalism but the response has been muted. It seems the DC police are going easy on their lodge brothers.
John Barry (Cleveland)
I'm watching Trump live on Fox News, which I'm doing now, making a speech. Simultaneously, I'm watching the vote count on Fox News as Ossoff's lead grows, 50 to 100 votes at a time with each update. Trump has found the right formula to bring out the vote for the Democratic Party. Again, a record turnout in Georgia.
delores (queens)
This is incited by Trump, and Trump must be held accountable.
Steve W. (Villanova, PA)
Among Trump's meanderings at this rally, he said that a "top Constitutional lawyer" has said that what he demands of Mike Pence is totally legal and consistent with the Constitution. We all know that this person is fictitious, quite like "people are saying..." and "I've heard rumors..." Unfortunate that we get no satisfaction in asking him "who is this Constitutional lawyer?" or "who are these people" or "where have you heard these rumors?" He was right in one respect, when he called the election a "landslide."
Lorem Ipsum (DFW, TX)
Probably "Ron Vara," Peter Navarro's imaginary friend.
pjc (Cleveland)
Trump thrives off of evil chaos. Mark it: the vaccine that just a few weeks ago he was touting as his greatest accomplishment, never before seen in history, he will soon tell his followers "I would not trust it." And the proof of how dangerous this walking sense of malice is, is that every last one of his followers will not see nor care about the contradiction. A triumph of the will, one might call it.
George T. (Portland, Oregon)
The Jan 2016 Women's March had the goal to show Trump that he doesn't speak for a majority of Americans, despite his narrow win. This MAGA march simply aims to overturn a democratic election. "Both sides" is not equally at fault here.
Bernie (Fairfield County Ct)
The two major political parties must require all future presidential candidates to commit to accepting the results of the election.
lee4713 (Midwest)
@Bernie It only appears to be a problem with the GOP
Fromjersey (NJ)
@Bernie and submitting a decades worth of tax returns as a requirement for candidacy.
Steve Hendren (Kansas)
So critical right now that Republican leaders LEAD, not follow their constituents. Cramer’s reading the 12th amendment to protesters is another good example. The energy and engagement of Republican constituents can be a force for good if grounded in facts rather than unsubstantiated rumors. We desperately need a functioning two-party system based on mutual respect. Very difficult for Democrats to respect the lack of patriotism displayed by Hawley and his fellow travelers right now though.
Richard Cox (Piedmont. AL)
I checked the weather forecast a few days ago for the Washington D.C. area, and the prediction was for pleasant, clear conditions. Thank goodness that forecast was wrong, and bad weather may hopefully decrease turnout. Maybe their God is trying to tell the protesters something about their actions.
Jesse Baker (Utah, USA)
If Covid’s the worry here, forget the masks. They need to shut this whole thing down. Masks are a secondary defense in situations where sufficient physical space between people isn’t possible, especially indoors where the virus can linger in the air. Holding another big rally right now is like a punch in the face to our healthcare workers, the ones we’ve pushed to exhaustion with our thoughtless holiday gatherings and excuses about freedom and “pandemic fatigue.” Freedom comes with adult responsibility. We’d never tire of precautions if smallpox were making the rounds no matter how long it took to quell. This is of course a less-lethal virus for which keeping most economic activities open, and even occasional contact with friends in small groups, is reasonable. But our mass insanity, our insistence on doing so many high-risk things in such a short season of time, is why we can’t count on getting admitted to a hospital at our doctors’ request anymore; we’ve forced the hospitals to ration care.
Robert (Seattle)
@Jesse Baker Lots in this comment doesn't follow the facts. This rally is outside, not inside. Yep, they're Trumpies, and so they're not gonna be wearing masks or doing physical distancing. Masks do, out here in the real world, make a significant difference. Had we had a mask mandate, in all likelihood more than a hundred thousand of us would still be alive. This is not a "less-lethal" virus. This is a virus that has already killed 350,000. By inauguration Day it will have killed a number of people equal to the entire population of the red state of Wyoming (whose Congressional representatives are among those plotting to subvert the election). There is no possible way that we could have or should now "keep most economic activities open or have occasional contact with friends in small groups."
PJD (Snohomish, WA)
Just caught some of the video of the D.C. rally. I've seen more people at a high school football game. Thanks to Trump, the Democratic Party will have a majority in the Senate and the GOP is tearing itself apart. For once in your life, Trump, be a man and take the L. Trump's recent phone call reminds me of every student who came to my office to grovel for an A out of entitlement, not because they actually earned it. Every experienced teacher in America has had his number since day 1.
Binkomagoo (UWS)
I am encouraging every Democrat I know to register as a Republican. Time to use the the ol' Tea Party tactics and infiltrate them for a stealth take-over. Time to vote in more moderate Republicans during the primary process which has been taken over by extremists. The alternative is to lobby more moderate Republicans to form a new Party - but let's face it, they haven't exactly shown much spine to date so that's an unlikely outcome.
Gianni (NYC)
@Binkomagoo I believe trump (to make money) will successfully break the republican party in two, moderate republicans and trump supporters. This would leave democrats with the only majority party.
delores (queens)
@Binkomagoo Had DNC done its job we would not be at this point. They have done nothing to infiltrate radical blogs, or to generate blogs for the uneducated, and communicate to them in a language that they understand,
@Binkomagoo Nah. Let the Republican party be as crazy as it wants. Let them become so revolting fringe that they effectively destroy themselves. I hope within my lifetime to see the Republican Party effectively destroyed.
CA Meyer (New Jersey)
Perhaps many of these protesters will be so bitterly disappointed by Trump’s defeat that they’ll swear off voting and other political activity. I certainly hope so.
Lawrence (Washington D.C.)
Could someone post an algorythm incorporating the number of mask less rallies attended, times the number of people with additions made for inside contacts to give us an idea how many dead will result from this rally. Will it be a mini Sturgis? The attendees, all strong police supporters, do realize that the leading cause of death last year among law enforcement was Covid 19? Any vendors at the rally selling "Support your local police and first responders, wear a mask" masks?
cricket (nashville, Tenn)
So they" wont take the vaccine"? Good news for those of us who will. My turn will come quicker.
Gianni (NYC)
@cricket Natural selection will take its course.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
The "condemned" will be Mike Pence. Thanks to the delusional man he has served, lied for, and pandered to, for 4 years. Trump will make his final lie about the election about throwing Pence under the bus. A scorpion and a rattlesnake. Too late for logic by their own design. A pox on both for what they brought to American politics.
lion2019 (Illinois)
Trump appears to be trying to intimidate Congress and obtain media coverage that shows thousands of people protesting a "stolen election" to the rest of the country by inviting them to the capital. Unlike the women's march after Trump's inauguration, the protests appear to be diffuse and lacking an organizing structure. Much like Trump's leadership the last four years.
Martha (Queens)
It is unrealistic to expect them to drop this dangerous foolishness anytime soon, or, likely, for the rest of their lives. They are deep into conspiracy theories and authoritarianism. So far, they have not had anything to lose, or don't think they do. (A key factor.) Certainly the protesting members of Congress, for their own selfish aspirations (I think prestige and career are more important) and the rest due to a combination of Trump cultism and, sadly, some unconscious racism as well. By the way, I want to emphasize the authoritarianism. Because I think that is a big part of what drives them all. Certainly not actual morality, as much as they might protest. And if they were to lose financially, I think they might change.
Keith Goldberg (Memphis, TN)
On behalf of the Attorney General of The State of New York and the District Attorney of The City of New York, I would like to welcome Donald Trump and his entire family back to civilian life.
Nick (Brooklyn)
Just ignore them. Gathering en masse with no masks and jointly resolving to refuse the vaccine? I call that natural selection at work. My outrage at them has turned to pity as they don't realize how far down the rabbit-hole they've been led. This is why college is important, if nothing else it teaches you to think critically, an important quality if you want to be a successful and well-informed citizen on this planet.
GCD (Austin,TX)
Republicans followed an angry President into the abyss of anti-constitutional behaviors. This is America, we don’t let government go trampling over democracy. Republicans got bamboozled by Trump he took their trust and then their money. They lost the Presidency and Congress because of Trump! I’ll be happy to see the Republicans kick Trump to the curb and reform themselves to be the patriotic conservatives they once were.
danielpquinn (Newark, NJ)
When pardoned felons become speakers and role models, we are in real trouble.
bill (mass)
"far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition". That describes fascism, and that describes Trump and his supporters. They don't care about the facts, they don't care about the Constitution; they don't care about Democracy. They only care about getting their way regardless of the wishes of their fellow citizens. The Republican party has become a national disgrace.
Michael G. McGlasson (Westland, MI)
This type of activity (and I have nothing against protesting, due to being a teenager in the late 1960's who clearly recalls the Democratic Convention chaos in Chicago in 1968) always reminds me of something that author Truman Capote once said on a talk show: "I believe that 80% of the people in this country are stupid." Although Capote's percentage is I think a bit too high, he was nonetheless very close to the truth. MGM
nixrox03 (Midwest America)
kabuki theater with yellow make up rather than white.
FDionne (Toronto)
Viewed from up here, those people are enemies of democracy. They should be dealt with accordingly.
John (Schwartz)
Couldn’t agree more. We need to immediately revoke these anti democracy protesters head on by taking away their right to free speech
Jamal Qutub (Portland, OR)
How did all these angry armed and desperate Americans afford a giant stage with screens and who gave them a permit to do so?
The ignorance of these supporters is very sad.
jules (California)
Now that Biden has won, watch me *not* wear his name on my hat and *not* put a giant Biden flag on my truck and *not* drive it around for 4 years like a cult follower.
baba (ganoush)
How did all of these pseudo-military protestors get their parents permission to leave the basement ?
terri smith (USA)
After January 20th, Trump can also be arrested for inciting violence.
Edwin Cohen (Portland OR)
And we will miss Mr. Guilbeau when covid gets him. Not!
Lorem Ipsum (DFW, TX)
Don't wish people dead. Let's just hope gaggin' is the only thing to afflict Guilbeau.
Joseph (SC)
Do any of these people have to work?
anon (NYC)
@Joseph Apparently one has an old fire truck he rents out sometimes to production companies, but seeing as Biden won and he won't be taking anymore vaccines that old fire truck might be for sale soon enough.
Horseshoe Crab (South Orleans, MA)
Give it up folks, your idol has lost the presidency, the house and the senate all in one term! Remarkable achievement Mr. Trump. Like a bad marriage it is over and Trump moves to a new house... no Trump faithful, shall not be the White House - rather either the Nut House or the Big House. Great day for America, great day for democracy and thanks to the good people of Georgia a great day for the senate. God grant president Biden vice-president Harris health, prosperity and hopes we will become the united states.
Rebel (Connecticut)
Ignorance is bliss. What a happy crowd!
Hector (Bellflower)
If, as the Trumpers say, it is a war, whom will they attack? The police, the National Guard, the Democrats, Federal structures? If the liberals/progressives were smart they'd be lying low, taking pictures of the troublemakers, getting video, license numbers, names and addresses for follow up law enforcement. And drunk and disorderly protestors should be quickly and discreetly hauled to the drunk tanks.
Joe Miksis (San Francisco)
Trump's Banana Republicans are going on one last stroll along Pennsylvania Avenue, before they head back into their closets. Hopefully, they will never be seen or heard from again.
Am Brown (Windsor)
Unprecedented in my lifetime. Disinformation and outright lies propagated by a defeated President, incitement to riot, attempts to overthrow the electoral vote in Congress. Such an affront to Democracy. What a poisoned chalice Joe Biden inherits. I still fear for my country. This is a disgrace. No permits should have been granted for a demonstration today.
bud (mckinney)
If only the DC police/National Guard had the same level of coverage during the summer riots aka protests.
Zezee (Bronx)
You weren’t paying attention
Righteous Oily (Rocky Mountains)
@bud Whataboutism, entry level
Brian (california)
Typical of a bully - be as loud and obnoxious as possible in an attempt to drown out reality and truth. Big lights, big loud speakers, big banners and TV substance.
The Dread Pirate Roberts (Springfield Il)
These are the sort of people who bet on WWE matches.
Johnny (Canada)
From Living Color's Cult of Personality These two lines really stand out I exploit you still you love me I tell you one and one makes three Look in my eyes, what do you see? The cult of personality I know your anger, I know your dreams I've been everything you want to be Neon lights, a Nobel Prize Then a mirror speaks, the reflection lies You don't have to follow me Only you can set me free I sell the things you need to be I'm the smiling face on your T.V. I exploit you still you love me I tell you one and one makes three I'm the cult of personality
Lona (Iowa)
Sedition and armed insurrection. Encouraged by the current POTUS who completely ignores his oath to support the Constitution and to see that the laws are executed.
Anna (WA)
Who is paying for the "grand stage" and video monitors?
TW (Tucson, AZ)
"Republican in name only" yes, please splinter off into an alternative party. You guys will run neck and neck with the Green Party.
Norma Gauster (ngauster)
@Kenell Touryan. Have you noticed that the deniers with the biggest mic are not mingling with the hoi poloi in DC? Ted Cruz? Hawley? Too good to demonstrate their support for the Dear Leader in person? How come?
SRD (Chicago)
Crybabies with guns.…what could go wrong?
TomL (Connecticut)
Trump is now down to his core supporters - many of them are domestic terrorists.
Midwest Grandma (Chicago)
Trump supporters are uneducated individuals who do Not know the law or the Constitution. They jus know a Hollywood Star. They are ignorant
Desrat (NM)
@ midwest gramdma. You are doing everyone a disservice at the least by this outlook. I have always been a strident anti This article quotes an architect from Michigan, that guy in Wisconsin who purposefully spoiled the vaccines is a pharmacist, these clearly are not uneducated people. It does not support our cause to lump all these people as “...”. insert any disparaging remark. I know a brilliant woman whose retired husband is also brilliant but who I have watched deteriorate into a right wing zealot as he began to listen more and more to right wing radio some 20 years ago. Of course this has all been exacerbated as right wing media has devolved into mudslinging, anti-science often racist tropes but at the same time become more ascendent in popularity. Some of the supporters are poorly educated but many are not - just brainwashed.
AS (Seattle)
Exercise in futility? Bad sportsmanship? Sedition? Treason? Magical thinking? Psychosis? Super-spreader event? Pick any one and you would be right.
george eliot (annapolis, md)
Winds must be blowing in from the west. I can smell the detritus from here in Annapolis.
Bill McGrath (Chimacum, WA)
When Trump leaves office in two weeks, the only microphones he'll have to amplify his hateful message will be those provided by social media and the news media. Take those away and he's powerless. His cult followers will be devoid of a visible leader and they'll effectively disband for lack of focus. So, Twitter, NYT, WaPo, WSJ, NYP, Fox, and Facebook, how about it? Shut down his accounts and stop covering his ravings. Let him concentrate on avoiding criminal prosecution and thwarting civil suits. Take away his bullhorn and the problem goes away. It's time.
rivvir (punta morales, costa rica)
If anyone's rigged anything it's been trump and his thinglings doing the rigging. That's how he got as many votes as he did in the face of the polls. Both in 2016 and 2020. Just a bunch of sore losers who show their true colors, brown shirted colors, having set up this excuse even before the election so they had something to fall back on in an attempt to save face and cry over if they did lose. Well, newton's third law held this time around. For every insane action, trump's 2016 victory, there's a equally sane reaction, his 2020 defeat. Nothing rigged about simple physics law.
Mooz (Liberal Island In Sea Of Red)
This will all decline when trump is in prison. But I bet all his followers will still defend him after his crimes are proven. They could witness trump actually murdering someone and still deny he did it. Or blame the victim. Besides being collective insanity I am not sure what to call it.
Slann (CA)
@Mooz "Monsters from the Id."
Alex (Oregon)
Trump has been desperate to find 11,780 votes. He should start looking among the 350,000 covid deaths. He politicized a non-issue and literally killed his re-election campaign. He still hasn’t learned either, these bus loads of maskless protestors are going to flood their states’ limited rural medial facilities.
CollegeMom (Boston)
Another lame attempt by the president to keep in the headlines. Anything for attention. I hope he does not get it. I remember the recommendations of my pediatrician about tantrums: if you ignore them they will stop. Grow up Trump people.
Sabo (Newton Massachusetts)
"A grand bandstand was erected, huge speakers were attached to tall scaffolding, and thousands of chairs were unfolded on muddy grass ahead of rallies to proclaim victory for a president who lost soundly in November." Pandemic? What pandemic? I assume that this is being organized by Alfred E. Neuman.
Ted (Illinois)
I certainly hope that if the demonstrators start assaulting law enforcement and causing damage, they get tear gassed and arrested. That stunt Trump pulled last year when he held a Bible in front of that church started with him ordering the peaceful crowd to be tear gassed to move away.
Lin (Philadelphia)
Let them protest. Counter protestors stay home. Let the cops handle any vandalism but let them protest and then they can go home. Trump will be gone and the press does not need to cover his nonsense. Cover what the Congress and Biden can get accomplished for Americans in the next few years.
Howard (Savannah)
The Republicans created their own Frankenstein - they groomed him, slavishly followed him, became intimidated by him and yet continued to feed and indulge the monster they developed and eventually Trump ate up the entire party and it collapsed from within. Fait accompli.
Rob Wilson (East Bay)
The republican politicians created these people and they are quickly becoming irrelevant, just like the party.
Stretchy Cat Person (Oregon)
Non-masked martyrs dying of Covid, and not getting vaccinated, in order to support Trump. They are trying to prove... what to their liberal foes ?
Rod Sheridan (Toronto)
@Stretchy Cat Person They're trying to prove that our house cats are smarter than themselves.
Conservative Catastrophe (Tucson)
Never forget, never forgive. It all began when the first child was caged on the US/Mexico boarder. I haven't spoken a word to my pro-Trump dad, 2 brothers, and oldest friend since. Now, I would spit in their faces.
@Conservative Catastrophe Honestly, good for you. It's sad but these people are utterly lost and should be persona non grata everywhere unless they can fix themselves.
Conservative Catastrophe (Tucson)
@MAC Thank you, MAC. You have no idea how much that means to me.
F Walker (PA)
Please let's just ignore Trump and his followers from now on and put this sordid period in our history behind us.
Robert (San Francisco)
The New York Times' coverage of any Trump related event seems to contain the phrase "fears of violence". But when there's actual violence, as there's been in the Portland, OR, protests, for example, it's not reported on.
Righteous Oily (Rocky Mountains)
@Robert Moreentry level whataboutism
Lorem Ipsum (DFW, TX)
You're just pre-grieving the imminent loss of "Trump Lashes Out" headlines on the front page.
MSPWEHO (West Hollywood, CA)
Deplorable people gather for yet another super-spreading event. Hopefully they'll keep their guns holstered.
Richard (r)
It is always interesting to read the thoughts of people regarding protests of any sort. It baffles me that it falls along party or ideological lines. A gathering/march/protest/event done to advance a cause, regardless of what the cause may be, is protected by the United States Constitution. It is that simple folks.
Jonathan (Washington, DC)
@Richard Absolutely it is. That does not mean that these adherents aren't gullible conspiracists and that Trump isn't a total loser, whining and lying to mislead his followers about an election he clearly lost decisively. Those observations I made are also protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution, as are the observations of the other commenters. It's that simple.
Larry Imboden (Union)
Does that include rallies to promote sedition? We have to draw the line somewhere.
Laurie (Maryland)
@Richard No, it's not "that simple." They are showing up armed, looking to cause trouble. They want violence, as does their President.
blgreenie (Lawrenceville NJ)
Once more, Donald Trump will prove he is the most consequential producer and director of real-life political drama in the US. Free seats to be provided as usual by the various media. Too many Americans continue to find appeal in the drama without understanding the underlying plot.
Luke (Waunakee, WI)
It’s 11:55 a.m. as I submit this. I’m watching the live feed of the crowd and empty stage on the Ellipse. Trump was announced to speak at 11 a.m. nothing yet. The piped-in music is now re-playing songs that were blared previously. The enthusiasm of the crowd is definitely waning.
bud (mckinney)
@Luke It's now 12:30 PM EST and the crowd is definitely enthusiastic.
C. Johnson (New York, NY)
The whole world is watching. As Donald Trump attempts to set a match to democracy and the Constitution, one can only hope that the fortunes of Mr. Trump and his congressional supporters perish in the combustion of the president's misguided, un-American efforts.
JANET MICHAEL (Silver Spring)
Trump has made Washington, our beautiful Capitol, his own personal battlefield.He has brought in military equipment to show it off like any autocrat would .At any important event he uses the Lincoln Memorial as a background for his speeches.He has used the Capitol but has never celebrated its rich culture and beautiful buildings and scenery.People from all over the world , in a time devoid of Covid,come to visit Washington and celebrate it as the Capitol of the free world.In just days, Trump the Terrible will have departed-now if we can only beat back the pandemic we can reclaim Washington as the world class city that it is.
Carole (NJ)
The best thing we can do is ignore this whole gathering. Expecting 30,000 people? That's a minuscule number of conspiracy theorists and do not represent the majority of Americans, regardless of political party, who believe in the Constitution and the peaceful transfer of power.
baba (ganoush)
If there is no reaction to the aggressive protestors, the entire situation is neutralized.
Marianne (California)
As I read this article I realized that the rally “infrastructure” was erected with its big screens, speakers. It is not just a “democratic, freedom of speech march”. It is a instigated and supported disrupting event with backers. I would hope to learn who specifically paid for this “infrastructure” and who the financial backers are. No hiding behind “proud boys” or pretending it is spontaneous gathering. I know Trump called his “troops” but did he also pay for the infrastructure ? And thanks for mentioning Overstock owner. Will avoid shopping there.
suzanne (Northeast)
@Marianne - I noticed the same thing about Overstock. Not shopping there again, and sorry I've purchased from them in the past. It's not about politics of conservative/liberal. It's about not supporting people who don't support the Constitution.
nzierler (New Hartford NY)
If the protesting turns violent at what point do law enforcement officials bring charges against Trump? He is clearly instigating foment and he must be held accountable.
R Williamson (Seattle)
I'd like to know who is paying for all the staging, props, printing, speaker fees, etc.
Peter Wolf (New York City)
In Trumpolitics, Trump never loses. The logical conclusion is, why bother with election. Just make Trump Chancellor-sorry, I mean President- for life. It can happen here.
Slann (CA)
@Peter Wolf They don't want a president, they want a king of America. Exactly what we fought a revolution from which to free ourselves, is what they want to return to (as if they understand this, in any way). Pathetic
USNA73 (CV 67)
We must allow people to peaceably assemble. I am convinced at this point that this display of sedition and hate will ultimately be resigned to the dustbin of history. The reasonable people of Georgia have now spoken, as well. The American experiment marches on. The arc of history is long and it bends toward justice. The next order of business of the nation has nothing to do with "Proud Boys." It is the war against Covid. Our goal now: "Make America Sane Again."
Humbled is the New Black (New York)
After reading the quotes from Trump supporters I'm starting to wonder whether it would be unconstitional to implement IQ testing for voters. A very low threshold, like a score in double figures, would suffice.
nancy (pennsylvania)
Who is paying for all of this? I doubt it is just grassroots supporter donations. Trump takes most of that for himself first, right? They aren't going to waste $$ on some concert stage and plastic banners. It is an odd thing (the followers, I mean.) I guess people just want to feel like they belong to something. Too bad it is so full of hate instead of admiration or philanthropy. Maybe they could do something good as a pick up litter after the rally ends or deliver food to the homeless or something. Not crossing my fingers, though.
jp (texas)
People who lose get mad. I get that. The mass demonstration (mostly by women) during Trump's inauguration in 2017 show how that anger and despair need some outlet. What is different about this is that those demonstrators didn't attack the system and they didn't have the encouragement and directives from Hillary Clinton to trash and mistrust the process of democracy. But, hey, 2021 is already shaping up to be a great year after Georgia voted yesterday.
LawScott (NYC)
It looks like a total dud of a protest. Trumps rising tide is pretty flat. The world is tired of him. Even the inner Pence and Graham are happy they don’t have to carry his baggage.
Was Four Seasons not available?
Jaco (Nevada)
No looting, no destruction of property, no rioting, no screaming obscenities in police faces. Just fully peacefully protesting a travesty of an election as they have a constitutionally protected right to do.
Psst (overhere)
@Jaco A free and fair election with no evidence of systemic fraud is a travesty ? Wow. God help America.
Maxm (Redmond WA)
@Jaco the supposed causes for this protest are the travesty, not the election.
Ben (Florida)
Take away their guns (you aren’t allowed to carry in DC) and the Proud Boys and militia members are passive cowards.
mike (San Francisco)
.. These people are simply living an illusion. They don't like that Trump lost, so they invent convoluted excuses to say he won.. .-- The 'Trump experiment' has failed, and these people are following Trump with their own failure..
Peak Oiler (Richmond, VA)
if violence erupts, we know who to blame. Charges should be placed the day after he is dragged out of the White House, kicking and screaming like the petulant child he is. Meanwhile, some militias may need to learn a few hard lessons about antagonizing professional law enforcement and the National Guard. May it not come to that.
Jung and Easily Freudened (Wisconsin)
Dear President Trump, On behalf of your grandchildren, who will be alive long after you and I are dead and will have to live with the legacy of your behavior while you were President of the United States, here's what I hope you'll say when you're before your supporters today: My fellow Americans, a few moments ago, I called President-elect Biden and congratulated him on obtaining more votes than I did in the election. He'll be the next President of the Unites States. You and I hoped for a different outcome. My team and I took all actions afforded under the law to change the results on the belief that all votes weren't fairly counted, or, in some instances, were overcounted. Today those acts end. I've accomplished more in 4 years than any other US President has in 8 years, including FDR's 12. Stay involved to Make America Great Again. End. An American can daydream, right? And no, of course Trump didn't accomplish close to what he said he would (thank goodness) but if he had a shred of decency, he would say something like that on behalf of his grandchildren.
Jerseytime (Montclair, NJ)
@Jung and Easily Freudened Why would you want him to lie in such a speech? Its patently ridiculous to say he's done more than any other President.
Jung and Easily Freudened (Wisconsin)
@Jerseytime I didn't write as clearly as I should have. I meant the "I've accomplished... " line to be an acknowledgement of Trump's engagement on behalf of himself to brag and bluster ; read : lie. It's the Carnival Barker in him. By "...say something on behalf of his grandchildren" I meant leave with an iota dignity, and concede.
John Leroux (Los Angeles)
This entire election is fake! Fake news. Trump should not leave the White House. He still has control of the military, the miltia groups and the police. Call them in to lock er' down and refuse access to the White House to crooked Joe!
Slann (CA)
@John Leroux He doesn't have "control of the military". He lost. He's done.
John Deel (KCMO)
@ Mr. Leroux Irony is always hard to pull off in a spare, sans serif digital environment like this. Adding to your challenge, Trump and his followers offer such outlandish claims that there’s no room for hyperbole — even the most laughable exaggerations sound like quotes rather than mockery.
Bob (Spring Hill, Tn.)
@John Leroux --The military should ignore him, same with the calls for him to declare "martial law"....I'm not putting off my trip to Starbucks for that buffoon.
Scott Swanson (St. Paul)
I find it kind of sad that folks are not going to vaccinate, at least in part based on what Trump has been telling them. But that's ok, for a couple reasons. First, it will allow me to be vaccinated more quickly. Second, it's fairly Darwinian--they'll be the ones more likely to suffer the consequences. So it goes.
Gerry (St. Petersburg Florida)
How is it that someone with the intelligence to be an architect can be part of this? That is what makes this so astonishing.
Marianne (California)
@Gerry Sorry but he still may not be. I just don’t trust anybody who shows up at this rally.
Mike (Rural New York)
@Gerry Because ‘training’ is not ‘education.’
@Gerry That was my exact thought after reading the first few paragraphs. Astonishing indeed.
Kenell Touryan (Colorado)
Thanks to bully Trump, the rioters have been encouraged to exhibit all the signs of those countries who support autocrats, or defy democratic norms and "elect" Presidents for life...
Thadeus (NYC)
Isn’t Trump immune to Covid-19? Shouldn’t he be visiting hospitals and standing with the scared and vulnerable during this pandemic?
Cmary (Chicago)
@Thadeus "Should" is the operative word.
Birdygirl (CA)
Trump, in his diabolical machinations wants the protest to turn violent so he can justify using military force. My hope is that people won't walk into this trap.
W. Dan (Boonville)
@Birdygirl Any military force he uses will be against his own supporters. If there is death and mayhem I can only imagine he will lose support. Probably not from any at these rallies as it is apparent in their eyes he could have people shot in the streets and not lose their support. Rather he would lose support from the majority who like that he shoots from the hip but would be appalled to see Americans gunned down Kent State style.
Birdygirl (CA)
@W. Dan I wouldn't put it past him. He advocated shooting border-crossers in the leg until some sense was talked into him. Only his base matters to him; he doesn't care what the rest of us think.
CW (Left Coast)
Is it too late to court-martial Michael Flynn? This man should be stripped of his rank and have his pension revoked.
Van (Georgia)
I live in Georgia. I know many of these people well. They are convinced that Democrats are coming for their guns, establish communism and destroy all Christians. This is not an exaggeration. I’ve heard it many times. You don’t try to reason with them, you out vote them, which thank God we did.
Jon Doyle (San Diego)
@Van Way to go Georgia!! I was born in GA but moved to CA as a teenager. I love the place but wouldn't want to live there - what you speak of is absolutely true!
Mike (Rural New York)
@Van I thought we confiscated their guns, bibles and pickup trucks when Obama was elected. We were going to confiscate their books, too, but couldn’t find any. We did haul away NASCAR tickets by the burning-barrelfull.
baba (ganoush)
@Van Remember when Obama used his 8 years in office to take their guns, establish communism, and destroy Christians ? My point is, if these folks want to be manipulated and whipped up about fake stuff, they'll always find something.
Lisa (NYC) the time we got to Mitch McConnell openly congratulating Biden on his clear win, I thought we had all this silliness behind us. Like many, I have been maxed out on Trump news these past 4 yeard, and as of the past few weeks, 'Trump' is no longer on my radar. He is a non-entity. Irrelevant. Gone. I don't care to know what he said or tweeted. I'm over it all. And now, I'm hearing more talk, yet again, of Trump and his supporters trying to 'contest' the results? What is wrong with these people?? This is utterly beserk.
victor g (Ohio)
I see this chaos as a slow, agonizing death of the Republican Party who, for so long, had a damaging effect on the well being of this country.
Karlis (Riga, Latvia)
Well, yet another super-spreader event organized by the outgoing "president." I suppose that can be seen as culling the herd, but it is still disgraceful. I have lived in Washington DC twice and love the city all to bits, and I am so sad that reactionaries and fascists are using it for their vile purposes today. That said, I am more than over the moon about the results of the election in Georgia. That goes many miles in mitigating my sorrow about DC.
Alord (Southern California)
The authorities need to keep a tight lid on this, really tight lid. There are a lot of troublemakers coming to DC who don't believe in our Constitution or republican democracy and many of them are conspiracy kooks. Then there's Trump who may show up and incite violence once again...
Ryan (Seattle)
Well, thanks for the heads up about, won’t be supporting that business.
Norma Gauster (ngauster)
@Ryan. Yes! Boycott Overstock! Pass the word!
Sbuie (Worcester)
It is ludicrous to see, yet again, the civic public spaces of our national capital used and exploited as stage sets for the foul and seditious exploits of this traitorous man and his followers. Establishing sane boundaries and legal recourse for the corrupt behavior of a President and citizenry needs urgent attention as we move forward.
Jim (Jersey City)
30,000 with clubs and bats (and maybe some firearms) against 600 National Guard soldiers with M16s? No contest.
Mike (Rural New York)
@Jim Just throw a book into the crowd. They’ll all scatter.
Corbin (Minneapolis)
Question: How come the police aren't buzzing the protestors with helicopters, firing rubber bullets and tear gas, dressed in full riot gear? Is that treatment reserved for left-wing protests?
Panthiest (U.S.)
I wish I could be there with a big sign that says, "Free drinks at the Trump Hotel for anyone wearing a MAGA hat!"
PC (Aurora, CO)
@Panthiest, free raffle giveaway for AK-47 with 100 round magazine and complimentary evening with Kelly Loeffler, whatever that means.
Slann (CA)
@Panthiest "And a free room if you can't walk!"
Futbolistaviva (SF Bay Area)
There is a saying for these types of "protesters" adorned with Kevlar vests, jackboots, metal cod pieces, etc. It's called wet noodle. You can't fix stupid.
Terry Mast (Waldport, OR)
NYT: Who pays the travel costs for Proud Boys and the like to go to all these rallies and protests?
CW (Left Coast)
@Terry Mast Well, it isn't George Soros. (I never did get that check for attending the Women's March in 2017. I paid my own airfare from California.)
Justin (Seattle)
@Terry Mast IDK, but I'm never shopping at Overstock again.
Tom Q (Minneapolis, MN)
"There's no way I'm taking any vaccines." The final sentence of this article. Oh, how I wish I could hear a hospital CEO declare "There's no way our hospital is taking patients who haven't worn masks." We have far too many citizens of this country who have never learned that with rights comes responsibilities.
Lorindigo (Chicago)
I know it may be difficult to believe that a president who presided over the unchecked spread of a virus that killed 365,000+ Americans as well as historic unemployment and social divisiveness could possibly lose re-election, but it's true. He did. Then again, given that his supporters still believe he may "win" today and have "four more years," I guess it's not surprising that they don't believe the election results.
Margaret Elizabeth Miller-Thomson (Charleston SC)
I am pleasantly surprised by the large number of suburban housewives that are today here with me in Washington DC to support our beautiful President Donald J. Trump. A group of us is already planning to stay after the rally to take care of the lawns and flower pots around here and to make sure those lawns and flowers look very beautiful.
Corbin (Minneapolis)
@Margaret Elizabeth Miller-Thomson It would do more good if you would take care of the hate in your hearts, and helped take the bats out of the hands of the militia groups.
Mike (Rural New York)
@Margaret Elizabeth Miller-Thomson We know it’s a fake post because it’s spelled correctly and has subject/verb agreement.
Jeff (California)
@Margaret Elizabeth Miller-Thomson: How touching! You and your Republican ladies will make sure that the landscaping is perfect while you attempt to destroy American Democracy.
Andy (Salt Lake City, Utah)
“You know why we’re wearing helmets.” No. We don't. Do explain. Let's keep things in perspective here too. Organizers expect 5,000 attendees on Tuesday. Giants Stadium seats 82,000 people. Trump followers wouldn't fill three sections on the Giant's upper tier. More people turn out to watch the Jets lose every Sunday than everyone attending Trump's "grand stage" showdown this week. A lot more. I think Trump's event today might be the first protest in history with more law enforcement than protesters. I don't mean to make light of the danger. However, I want people to realize today's events are staged for TV. Nothing more. These Proud Boys in helmets are volunteer actors for a right-wing media show hosted by Trump. They're out there trolling for video clips to post online. The news media should call the hoax out instead of buying in. The scene really doesn't deserve the tension and drama the players are trying to create.
Beer Can Boyd (YVR)
Man, how much money has Trump made from merchandise sales? $20 a pop for a flag that costs $1.36 to manufacture.
Slann (CA)
@Beer Can Boyd "It sure beats casinos and fake "universities!"
Steve In Houston (Houston, TX)
In China...
Will (Lakewood)
Likely made in China??
John (Sunny California)
I hope counter protesters stay away, and regular folks avoid the area. Let law enforcement deal with then.
Carlyle T. (New York City)
I was just hearing a Republican voter on C-Span praising this pro Trump rally in D.C. He stated that this anti Biden Harris victory was a fraud ,even stated that election officials are on video tearing up bRepublican ballots under the tables at voting sites. The man also said that "We are strarting a Revolution in this country". Sir! may I add that we Democrat's won this "revolution" by a legally administrated election in all of our States,last November.
Lily (West Coast USA)
Watching on YouTube the huddled and unmasked crowd waiting for Trump to appear on stage is surreal. The odd musical selections even more so. Elton John's Candle in the Wind followed by Michael Jackson's Beat It? Assuming Trump will try to boogie to Macho Man again. Shouldn't Trump be concerned today with the pandemic, Iran, packing up his stuff?
Jon J (USA)
There is a name for an armed mob that attempts to overthrow the legitimate government of a nation. Insurrectionists. We ought to recognize them for what they are. They are a seditious lot that needs to be rooted out of a democratic society. They are at war with democracy. It is past the time that we recognize this and call it what is. Those of us who truly do believe in the promise of American democracy, the constitution, and a society based on laws, need to stand up for these beliefs so that our democracy will endure. Make no mistake, this is the test of our time.
RW (Manhattan)
These people are not going away any time soon. We are stuck with them. Sadly, in this culture, where most live lives devoid of meaning, they have found it. However insane it may seem, they have a cause.
Chris (New Jersey)
I hope today is the penultimate day of this harsh infection on the Presidency. After 4 years of festering, the fever blister will appear today and will burst. In 2 weeks the Presidency will be safe and healthy and honorable again as it has been since Richard Nixon resigned.
JKile (White Haven, PA)
The comment from the guy about “not taking any vaccines,” reminds me of a woman I know. Trump supporter, business owner, fairly well off. She is not getting the vaccine because Trump didn’t get it.
Jeff (California)
@JKile: But Trump did get it.
alexander hamilton (new york)
A sitting President, soundly defeated in his reelection bid, fomenting armed insurrection. Can we please just call it what it is?
Socrates (Downtown Verona, NJ)
Trump's Worldwide Wrestling Federation fan base can't quite grasp the fact that their fake political wrestling hero has been defeated. Sad.
Corbin (Minneapolis)
@Socrates Maybe someone will hit him with a folding chair, that would be entertaining.
VLHillery (Indiana)
Who is paying for all the infrastructure of this grandstanding?
Jim (Placitas)
Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States. 18 US Code 283 Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof— Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction. 18 US Code 2385 [partial] Waiting to hear the content of Trump's speech today.
Gordon Hill (Missouri)
It's their right. It would be better if they wore masks. Protesting the election fraud is important. President Trump, however, is the Fraud Master.
Slann (CA)
@Gordon Hill There was no evidence of any election fraud presented in courts of law, with 60 opportunities. That fact seems too much for these people to grasp.
Think About It (Right There)
...mmm, the sore-loser self-serving bias...He takes credit for wins but blames others for his failures. The moral of Trump's BIG fall: Do exactly the opposite of Trump when you don’t succeed.
Monty (New Brunswick)
Here's the thing about these people. They are abject cowards and incapable of anything but isolated fits of dangerous stupidity. As a group, they are more or less harmless. Annoying idiots yes. But harmless. When you think of these people, think of the bundy clan. That is the closest to organization and execution these idiots can achieve. These are people whose highest achievement is that GED. They wear tactical gear, guns, and faux patriotic regalia because that is literally the only way they can express their fox news manipulated grievances outside of FB and Parler. They can't really organize. They have zero financial means. They are not a force. They are a dying gasp.
John Chastain (Michigan (the heart of the Great Lakes))
@Monty, that may be the view from New Brunswick but here in Michigan where we are much closer to the Trump republican militias and their compadres the proud boys and 3%ers the view is far different. During the Trump years and the pandemic the rise of aggression and intimidation by reactionary conservatives has been exponential. Regardless of what happens today and in the weeks to come we will see only increased growth and potential violence from the most extreme of Trumps supporters. This is not their “dying gasp”, they have significant financial resources (from the very same people financing Trump and his cronies) and an organizing potential driven by the internet and social media. Your point of view is wishful thinking and reductive at best, the time ahead will be more disruptive than what has passed. The magical thinking of my liberal and moderate friends and associates is no less dangerous than what passes for "thinking" among the less strident of Trumps supporters. We made this mistake when Obama was elected and misread the tea leaves and are likely doing it again. Its said that hope springs eternal even in the face of an unpleasant reality. Its to soon to assume anything and a mistake to do so.
Long-Term Observer (Boston)
Trump hopes to launch a putsch to overturn the election results.
JoAnne (Georgia)
These people scare me.
Roy (NH)
Sounds like it will be the equivalent of an intellectual black hole: idiots denying reality and ignoring facts, sucking in and destroying any intelligent discourse or actual information that might approach.
Uncle Slayton (NE)
Here's where we are, folks. The lame duck is a lunatic. Anyone who believes any of his lies and deranged ranting is as well.
Phil (NY)
Charles (NY)
Typical Trump throwing a pity party . Poor me, the media hates me. It's a conspiracy. Wah,wah wah. He's such a cry baby. Someone change his diaper, give a bottle and a nap. Sad, truly sad.
Mike Murphy (Refugio, Tx)
A YouTube coup
Fabianistheword (Brooklyn)
Trash day.
Al M (Norfolk Va)
Peaceful protesters should be welcome. Armed militants should be considered a public danger and arrested or taken down without mercy. There is no room for terrorists in our streets.
eheck (Ohio)
What bothers me more than anything in the accompanying photo is the state-sanctioned podium provided for this anti-American, seditious nonsense. One thing I will be happy about when Trump is gone is that my taxes will no longer pay for his Bund rallies.
Michigander (Midwest)
@eheck Yes! Or his face on a Jumbotron in front of our White House.
DD (Florida)
If trump supporters feel their only way to achieve success is through violence, then it's official, the party of trump has become a terrorist organization.
Sue (Philadelphia)
Maskless bus rides and rallies during the height of the pandemic - what could go wrong?
Mike (Palm Springs)
Yeah, avoid downtown DC — there’s a lot of trash around, and they won’t be cleaning things up until January 20.
Mr Mean (Columbia Md)
Could you please permanently add "disgraced" to Flynn's title when referring to him in the news. To describe him as a former national security advisor who was pardoned does not really tell the whole story. He is a convicted traitor, a liar, and a criminal who was pardoned by a co-conspirator.
Slann (CA)
@Mr Mean Thank you.
Kathy (SF)
Wouldn't it be great if Trump fans wanted to fight climate change, the pandemic, child abuse, etc., instead of Black voters and women?
I have had it (observing)
There will always be people who think the earth is flat. You cannot discuss logic and reason with emotional driven people who block out critical thinking skills.
Armandol (Chicago)
Pacific counter protesters should stay at home, leaving the fanatics to fight against absolutely nothing. It would be the best solution to avoid incidents. They are losers like their master, after all.
Eleanor (Aquitaine)
Well, anyway, the collateral descendants of James Buchanan must be happy; he'll never be called America's worst president again.
Jennie (Seattle, WA)
People are going to die. Those who are not shot or beaten will catch COVID and die themselves, or kill others. Inciting this kind of violence and mayhem and contagion should be punishable by law, but Trump and his cronies will let these crimes, like all the others, slide away like water off a duck's back.
Lisa (Illinois)
But the left is violent? And interesting how all those arrests happened, including the person who assaulted the cop, without anyone getting shot in the back by cops seven times.
TODD Harps (Bozeman)
I assume that the US Park Police will deal with any of the Trump supporting protesters in the same aggressive manner they treated the Black Lives Matter protesters in Lafayette Park?
Socrates (Downtown Verona, NJ)
These poor souls deserve the free-dumb to express themselves. Sad.
Richard (r)
@Socrates I posted above on this. I find nothing sad or happy about it. It is a right protected by the constitution. Period.
Can we put these bad three+ word slogans to bed already?
Carter Nicholas (Charlottesville)
You know what Georgia has taught us to do with this fol de rol? Have a good laugh.
Walter (Los Angeles)
And we are supposed to “understand” and sympathize with their delusional and idiotic grievances? Nope.
Harmon Smith (Colorado)
Fools and their president are soon parted.
Louise (USA)
Arrest them, arrest them, arrest them... Simple!
Keef In cucamonga (Claremont CA)
It will be very easy for the FBI to round up these dangerous idiots. All they have to do is check Parler. Indeed they probably set up Parler in the first place for this very reason. Biden may be squishy, but Kamala Harris sure isn’t, and the proud boys won’t be so proud much longer, I’m thinking.
Think About It (Right There)
the only thing left to say is: "poor losers"
Denise (Kansas City)
If some are gathering as a last farewell to their cult leader then fine, worship him and then be on your way. Good luck to you. But for those determined to make trouble, what is the end game? What do they possibly hope to accomplish? There aren't enough of them to storm the Capitol. They'll brawl with the police and turn even more law-abiding citizens against Trump for egging these goons on, which will defeat the ostensible reason they're in DC in the first place. It's just pointless violence and a revolting way for Trump to end his (thankfully) single term of office.
David (England)
Are people really allowed to assemble wearing helmets and carrying baseball bats? Even with the present shockingly low level of Policing we have here in the UK people would get arrested pretty quickly.
John (Sunny California)
@David Shouldn’t be, unless they are baseball players.
Philip W (Boston)
I hope the Media doesn't give them the coverage they so much desire.
Slann (CA)
@Philip W As if. Spectacles are media magnets.
Dan Styer (Wakeman, OH)
"the grassy elliptical park just behind the White House ... [where] thousands of chairs were unfolded on muddy grass ahead of rallies". The lawn will need to be reseeded, and kept closed the public for months while the new grass builds roots. Who will pay for the grass seed, for the barriers keeping the public out? Not President Trump. Since 10 August 1933, the Ellipse has been maintained by the National Park Service. You and I are paying for this travesty.
Pealass (Toronto)
If he knew what was "best", Trump would not make a personal appearance. He would take the cowardly way out, slink away, and realize that his day was over. As for the rest, I hope phones are being tapped.
Don Perlee (New Hampshire)
There will be no face masks or physical distancing, and certainly no herd immunity, for this group of discontent anarchists so let the virus do its thing and perhaps they will realize what truth, science and humanity is all about...
Jeff (California)
@Don Perlee: Except the will do their worst and try to infect the rest of us. In my small town, we have learned to give a wide berth to non-mask wearers, not so much because of Coronavirus but became those people are inherently violent.
Paul Wortman (Providence)
One, hopefully last, betrayal by our modern day Benedict Arnold, and his followers in the Sedition Party. It’s a disgrace and a desecration of all that America stands for on the hallowed ground honoring the man who freed us from tyranny.
Galfrido (PA)
If Trump weren’t so dangerous, I would think it funny that his followers are putting on a “Save America March.” Trump stood by while over 300,000 Americans died of Covid and millions lost their jobs and money to buy food, so we all know he’s not saving Americans. He’s trying desperately to save himself. Always himself. And somehow he’s convinced a bunch of people to try to save him.
GC (Manhattan)
To me this is like a NASCAR event: a compete mystery re why so many find it entertaining.
Mike (Rural New York)
@GC Same group.
Slann (CA)
@GC "It's the left turns."
Liz (Connecticut)
@GC Yes, the same going around in circles.
Gloria (Michigan)
In another time Moses traveled down the mountain with the 10 commandments written by God only to see the people had betraying him and God, dancing around a golden calf that they had created. Moses was so incensed that he smashed the tablets on the ground and destroyed their golden calf. God helped him recreate the 10 commandments. Sometimes the only way to stop a false worship is to destroy the golden calf. The Sedition caucus need to be expelled. The Constitution revisited will get us through.
Laurie (Maryland)
Seeing this makes my blood boil.
Michael (Manila)
This is the passionate intensity Yeats warned about in The Second Coming. "He said if he saw Mr. Biden move to the White House, he would feel less compelled to engage with the government on any level. “There’s no way I’m taking any vaccines,” Let's hope that the rough beast does not reach Bethlehem, but instead slouches towards Mar-a-Lago and Biden rebuilds the centre with inspiration rom a second Irish poet. History says, Don’t hope On the side of the grave,’ But then, once in a lifetime The longed for tidal wave Of justice can rise up And hope and history rhyme. - Seamus Heaney
Edgar (NM)
Lots of pounding on signposts, screaming "traitors" or worse at the police. Really their level of expletives does a lot to bring out the vote.....against Republicans. Republicans nurtured and used these people. The "planned show of force" is just the finale to the Trump show....the ratings will be low.
Susan Dorn (Santa Fe, NM)
They have every constitutional right to march and declare that they do not support President-elect Biden. Everything after that, lock them up.
Andrew Grainger (Boston)
I'd like to think that most Americans over the age of 6 are getting tired of these deluded throwbacks. Perhaps the more they cause disruption, the faster they will be marginalized.
robert blake (PA.)
He said (Guilbeau) if he saw Mr. Biden move to the White House, he would feel less compelled to engage with the government on any level. “There’s no way I’m taking any vaccines,” he said. I hope Mr. Guilbeau decides not to take Medicare, refuse his SS check, doesn't have his roads fixed,when floods happen, etc. please don't ask the big, bad government to help! Another example of the complete lack of any intelligence with these people. The Trump cult continues.
John (Upstate NY)
@robert blake Way too logical to be understood by that crowd.
Jon Doyle (San Diego)
Just as debating religion with a Born Again is a waste of time, so is discussing politics with a Republican. Time for the rest of us to move on. That they need to take a long hard look in the mirror is not our problem, nor is it ever going to happen. America will move forward without them.
Hector S. (Kentucky)
Have a new immigrant friend living in downtown DC. She saw people getting accosted last night. Police response, but could easily get out of hand. Bottom line: she's fearful. Sad. Never thought I would see our nation's capital held hostage by right wing extremists!
Sam (Northport, AL)
I think that the two words that perfectly describe diehard Trump supporters are 'nihilism' and 'seditious'. The Trump movement is an absolute disgrace.
Jeff (Troiano)
Hey proud boys- are you standing by? Good! We want you to watch the unraveling, humiliation of that soulless, miserable, disaster of a political party. We want you to watch the repudiation of of these dead men (and women) as we take our country back. And please watch, as the worst political disaster in modern history, goes out with a whimper..
Nate (West Coast)
What a complete waste of resources. All to coddle a few thousand immature Americans who are unable to accept reality. Just plain sad.
Grey Pride (Ole Folks Home)
Protests such as these, as well as the other varied gatherings on the National Mall, are the most physical expression of ideologic passion Americans have. short of running for office. While I abhor the Trump loyalist messaging, I respect the personal commitment and sacrifice. It shows that America has a heartbeat and can be aroused in a call to action.
JG (Denver)
@Grey Pride Not all calls for action are justified. Some don't !
Richard (r)
@Grey Pride Could not agree more. When our country starts curating protests by idealogy, (four legs good, two legs bad) we are no longer a democracy.
Still Disgusted (West of Central Wyoming)
Mr. Couture and his brothers made the trip (a very long and expensive one to be sure) to "make sure that all the votes that were legal are the votes that were counted." The lack of logic and reason of these Trump supporters is just surreal. Hope he's using vacation days or unpaid leave...otherwise, I have about zero tolerance for these sorts of human beings.
mr (big)
I bet he's on disability for mental health reasons.
Jerseytime (Montclair, NJ)
@Still Disgusted Their position is that of people in the grip of a cult of personality. Trump says "X", so they believe "X". Armies of Trump lawyers filed over 50 cases challenging the election results. In none of these cases could these very well educated and paid counsel present factual evidence supporting the claims these protesters still cling to. The courts rejected all of the cases. In many situations, with sarcastic comments about both the lack of evidence and temerity of counsel bringing such frivolous suits. Yet these folks rallying in DC still believe......
Annaka (Seattle)
A patient presenting with persistent ideas that are untrue is considered delusional. The more conspiracy ideas coupled with threats of overt violence the more he fits the diagnosis. It’s really hard to pick amongst the DSM 5 options. But this patient should be offered medications to reduce his agitation, obsessions and danger. In my daily work I must find empathy when I work with these individuals. To prevent harm to themselves and others such as violence, illegal actions and loss of family we hope to reduce the stresses of delusional thinking. In the meantime there has been nearly irreparable harm to millions- loss of jobs, hunger, death.
Abramalis-DGP-CA (So Cal)
The very best way to deal with these protesters is to ignore them completely. No press to cover their speeches, no photos to show their crowds. And, most specifically, follow the advice of local authorities and don't confront them. Just about the last tool in Trump's box is to call out the military to quell violence in an emergency. Then he could justify keeping those forces past January 20th. That could be messy. Let's just avoid that minor possibility by avoiding as much violence as possible. Let the proud boys preach into empty air and then send them home. When they are gone the adults can start solving tangible problems like the pandemic that has gone without effective management from the Trump administration.
Sybil (Texas)
@Abramalis-DGP-CA Hi, as much as I would like that to happen (they are ignored) Barnum & Bailey could not have drummed up such drama. People like drama.
OtherSideoftheCascades (Okanogan County, WA)
Who is footing the bill for bleachers, speakers, folding chairs, their installation and their removal?
Susan Dorn (Santa Fe, NM)
And don’t forget the legions of law-enforcement that will be present to guarantee public safety and probably the arrest of more than one or two of them. Our tax dollars at work. Not Trump’s because he doesn’t pay any.
Sybil (Texas)
@OtherSideoftheCascades our tax money, I suspect.
Dan Styer (Wakeman, OH)
"A grand bandstand was erected, huge speakers were attached to tall scaffolding, and thousands of chairs were unfolded on muddy grass..." Who is paying for all this?
Charles Focht (Lost in America)
Sometimes counter protests can be effective. In this case is will be best to ignore these denialists and let them scream into the void. Like toddlers, they will eventually grow tired of their own tantrums.
Charles Focht (Lost in America)
@Charles Focht I recall the old movie title, "Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came?"
SteveC (Morristown, NJ)
Here's a thought: if they initiate or incite violence, engage in vandalism, or in any way obstruct or impede the lawful conduct of government business, arrest them.
Stephen (New Haven)
My father is there. I grew up in the suburbs of DC within an evangelical family who was very conservative (though my father had a graduate degree). I went on to graduate from an Ivy League school (keep in mind that we grew up frequently being evicted from our home because of lack of rent) and now live in the Northeast. My father has gone off the deep end and now believes in Q anon. It is so sad. I can not talk to him. He's lost his mind to a cult. The republicans can not play with this fire any more.
Jerseytime (Montclair, NJ)
@Stephen I feel for you. My dad is 87, and perhaps not so far gone to be believing Qanon, he is in the grip of Trump-n-Fox. I can talk to him, but must be vigilant to avoid anything topical. Its put a huge strain on our relationship.
Jerseytime (Montclair, NJ)
For every one that shows up, there are tens of thousands of like minded people who don't. The views expressed by those in the article bear sad, tragic witness to what half of out nation has become. I can't get the film "Idiocracy" out of my head. Its on a continual tape loop in my mind, except its not a comedy now.
M N (Long Island)
i do not see what they expect to accomplish by “show of force?” do they think somehow anything will change? will they storm the capital and demand that all the senators resign? do they want to hold anyone for ransom as was planned in Wisconsin? not to mention what will be the superspreader of superspreader events even worse than the Sturgis motorcycle event.
me (there)
Pretty good free entertainment for us all on the other side of the globe.
Lawrence (Washington D.C.)
I object to these folks taking the freedom to infect to a new level and visiting my city with a new wave of the Covid plague. Can a private health insurer cancel your policy based on reckless behavior? One need not have published in ''The Lancet" to recognize this as a super spreader event. And the danger of communication with other maskless attendees who have been to other maskless rallies. Since it is largely state regulated, I would imagine the reddest states left the companies with the most power. Capitalism, do your job and get my earnings expectation realized.
PaulM (Ridgecrest Ca)
I believe strongly in the right of all Americans to protest peacefully. However, and I hope I am wrong, this sounds to me like a deliberate attempt by trump to foment violence by his supporters which would then enable him to declare martial law and call out the military. The best thing that potential counter protesters could do is stay home, do not create an opportunity for trump.
King Lars (ohio)
Who is paying for this? Why don't they put their name up as a contributing sponsor?
Basharet Hussain (Liverpool UK -)
Why are the lawmakers so afraid to stop Trump? He's just another man, not some god-like creature with any actual real power. Their inaction has paved the way for rallies such as this one in Washington claiming to present the "truth". Stop Trump and make him face the consequences, he is not above the law and he should be shown that.
Jeff (California)
@Basharet Hussain Because the lawmakers who could stop Trump are in his party. Look to your own house re: the EU.
American Striving For A More Perfect Union (USA)
I wish all those who’ve gathered in Washington to support Trump could see that they have been played. He wants adulation, no less and no more, and they’ve put themselves to great trouble to get there during a pandemic to March in the streets. No one is stealing the election for Biden. The only attempted heist of the election is by the very people who’ve encouraged the “Stop the Steal” campaign. Add to it that Trump has stoked the flames of violence for years, and we are facing an even more terrible possibility. People could die in our capitol, not to defend our country, but to defend the fragile ego of a man who seeks to inflict mortal damage to our Constitution.
Joseph (Wellington, Florida)
I have said this since Nov 1st. He will sign an executive order suspending the election results pending an investigation which he controls. Regardless of the fact the executive order will be declared illegal he will not leave the White House unless the locks are changed and he is forcibly removed.
Michael (Boston)
These Trump folks gather based on lies that seek to invalidate the will of the people and reverse a legitimate election that Trump resoundingly lost. The right to vote and have your vote counted and acknowledged are bedrock principles of any democracy. This "rally" has to be one of the most destructive, anti-democratic and unpatriotic displays to occur in my lifetime. But let's wait until 1pm for the attempted coup by Republicans in Congress - also based on rank falsehoods, self-serving and anti-democratic motives. It is appalling (and frightening) to witness so many Republicans abandon truth and democracy in the US.
Grunchy (Alberta)
Democrats probably should see this group as a huge mass of fraud victims, they’ve been sold on a rotten deal and need to see demonstrated precisely what was wrong. Bring back the Mueller investigation and see it through to all the deserved prosecutions. This would also be the time to see Trump’s fraudulent pardons challenged along with effective limits placed on executive powers, because Trump’s replacement is coming all-too-soon.
Displaced yankee (Virginia)
Note how right wing Republicans go straight to nullification or sedition whenever they don't get their way. Democrats, even the most left wing, may not be happy with election results, but at least they work through the legislation process and work hard to win elections legally. The flag waving and talk about the constitution by right wing groups has been shown to be just empty words. Let's not even get started with all the speakers at these seditious rallies who claim to be working with the approval of God.
Patsysj (Hilton, NY)
Who is paying for the super-structure erected on the ellipse for this super-spreader event? Not the taxpayers, I hope.
Edward Fellowes (Los Angeles)
While I have no sympathy nor do I wish to try and understand the perspective of a delusional, irrational group (that's putting it mildly), so long as they protest peacefully and do not harass or harm counter protesters or passersby, then I suppose exercising freedom of speech, however insane their platform, is fine, but I just hope it's a dud and they'll soon realize they, and their leader have handed two victories to the democrats and spent the next few decades trying to come to terms with how, over the past four years, the Trump base and the Trump Administration have so damaged and degraded this nation.
C. Engo (Joshua Tree, Ca)
Here we are. It was bound to happen. Progress and changing demographics have set the stage for a new look at "governance by and for the people". The future of the GOP is on the line. Fear mongering, race-baiting, conspiracy theories, white-supremacy, threats of violence.....the Republican party needs to set it's course aright if it hopes to survive. The vote in Georgia is the latest statement of the people saying, enough of Trump and and his enablers.
RB (Bay Area, CA)
To those who still believe Trump's "election fraud" tripe, read the cases decided by Trump-appointed judges dismissing all of those cases, and then repeat 1000 times, "There was no election fraud."
Howard (Savannah)
And at the end of the day after beating their chests for several hours they'll go home and Biden will still be elected President.
Brucer (Brighton, MI)
Was it a Qanon conspiracy theory, or did I hear it from a higher authority, that some of the most rabid of the Trumpettes are "actually very fine people." I'm not so sure, if you look at the company they keep. Convicted, albeit pardoned felons, disgraced public officials and conniving armed tricksters that make Richard Nixon's disregard of the Constitution look positively charming. But at least Nixon knew when it was time to go home.
Steven McCain (New York)
Trump is showing the world his total lack of class. What is astonishing is that his followers would rather believe Trump than their own lying eyes. If 70 percent of Republicans think Trump really won we are going off the deep end as a country. This is happening because no one really stood up to Trump when he defined The Media as The Fake Media. I think it is futile to think these people can ever support any bipartisan attempts to govern. The Left needs to stop yearning to change the hearts and minds of The Right and consolidate the coalitions it has built.
Jean (Cleary)
I hope that no counter-protesters show up, not just for their own safety, but also if there is violence they will not be there to blame, as has happened many times with peaceful protestors. I also hope that all of the DC police and the National Guard members are safe. The Mayor of DC is to be commended for taking action to keep the Proud Boys and their ilk where they belong.
Cynical (Knoxville, TN)
@Jean Also, it is important to ignore these louts. Pretend they don't exist. Shouting them down doesn't do any good.
Ms. Pea (Seattle)
@Jean -- Trump thrives on the conflict and chaos he creates. It would be a big disappointment for him if his rally did not result in violence and arrests. That's what he hopes to see. He's like the kid at school that instigates a fight, then stands back and watches other kids duke it out.
Iris Flag (Urban Midwest)
@Jean Agree. Let them all remain unmasked and tightly packed together. Covid will sort this out for them.
Concerned Virologist (St. Louis MO)
Jobs, not Mobs!
Jeff Koopersmith (New York City)
What are two lovely young ladies doing stomping through the sleety grass, ready to celebrate President Trumps fantasy that he could ever be re-elected after his unending lists of damaging lies, mis-dis-information, separating nearly one thousand children from their southern nation parents - never to to be united, caging Mexican and Central American children and families, appointing almost a completely compromised and fraudulent cabinet, and failing even The Wall he promised to keep out the "losers" - as he put it - from our ally Mexico, Certainly these two women are not celebrating the deaths from COVID that may total six to eight hundred thousand Americans - a large percentage of whom were minorities, someone's great grandparents, or the aged stifled in despicable "nursing homes" by the tens of thousands. No they, those two girls are there because of the past 35 years of GOP madness, helping few of the poorest white Americans and providing laughable schooling - publicly and privately offering little hope for a bright American-Dream future? The Democrats too deserve some hard time in the vice principal's office for allowing President Trump and his co-conspirators to survive in office for four seemingly unending years . May God Bless them for they know not what they do,
Kendra (Doylestown , Pa)
I’m pretty sure it’s not the Democrats fault. He was impeached, and acquitted in the Republican Senate. Read a book, lay off the OAN.
Eliot (NJ)
What a way for Trump to cap his sad presidency, sponsoring a super spreader event in the time of pandemic so the proud boys and their ilk can show off their weapons, their pickup trucks, their banners, their tattoos, their hate, but above all their stupidity.
@Eliot I wouldn't worry about Covid. The event is outdoors. As you may remember the summer demonstration/riots did not result in increased cases.
Ms. B (Texas)
I hope gun legislation is a top priority when Biden takes over. These armed militias are a threat to our communities and our democracy. The gun nuts have gone off the rails. How are you peacefully protesting if you’re armed to the teeth?
Slann (CA)
@Ms. B They're not "militias", they are armed gangs.
northlander (Michigan)
Im thinking farce.
LittleMonk (wisconsin hills)
who picks up the tab for this 'event'??
Bob (Spring Hill, Tn.)
@LittleMonk --The dupes that sent him money to fight "voter fraud" most likely.
Finn (Boulder, CO)
Show of Farce January 20 can’t come fast enough. Goodbye fools!
Koho (Santa Barbara, CA)
Body armor and firearms, but can't bother to wear a mask, This will be a helluva super-spreader event. Can we just gather them all up and quarantine them in a Trump Refugee Camp, and let COVID run its course?
Numa (Ohio)
I hope there is no counter-protest. Bullies thrive on attention. This gang of crackpots should just be ignored as the pathetic losers they are.
Mike (Rural New York)
ByeDon 2021
NYTsongsmith (Delaware)
Petulant Trump and his terror squad.
me (here)
clubs and bats against national guard troops. what a bunch of fools.
Lona (Iowa)
The National Guard on duty in DC is unarmed. They are providing unarmed support for the DC police doing traffic control and the loke.
Jeff (California)
@me Many Trump protestors will have guns, some will have assault rifles.
Lawrence (Washington D.C.)
I hope this is not another day of White terrorism. The proud boys leader was stupid enough to violate D.C. weapons laws. Some of the most restrictive in the nation. What else is out there in the crowd?
scrane (Boise, ID)
You can't fix stupid.
Kent (Finger Lakes)
So long, Loser. Don't let the White House door hit you on the way out!
CPod (Malvern, PA)
"He said if he saw Mr. Biden move to the White House, he would feel less compelled to engage with the government on any level. “There’s no way I’m taking any vaccines,” he said." Do promise not to engage with the government? Because Joe is moving in on the 20th at noon. And shoot yourself in the foot with the vaccine threat. The only one you are hurting is yourself and the people you love.
Mobiguy (Boston, MA)
I'll bet that when Bobby Jindal said the Republicans could turn into "the party of stupid", he didn't think he was laying out their political strategy for the next decade.
Paul (washinton)
Trump is encouraging right wing crazies with his endless seditious babbling. While I fear that these mobs may turn violent, their disdain for the health of the community by refusing to wear masks is equally disturbing. Trump must be held accountable,
Dawn Robertson (Providence, RI)
Who pays for all these people to travel from Colorado and Michigan? Follow the money!
Honey (Texas)
A man whose inability to understand the basics of counting and what consists evidence is encouraging violent protests to support his lies and fake allegations. The courts have proven that enormous numbers of allegations without evidence to support them are meaningless. Now we can more fully understand Trump’s business “acumen.” He has never cared about true numbers. He has always engaged accountants who would “find” whatever he wanted them to find in the numbers even if it didn’t actually add up. Votes are recorded and counted and certified, unlike Trump’s taxes and loan applications, which are filled with the same wishful thinking that his supporters are clinging to. Protests by these deluded thugs are shameful and disgusting. Sad.
john stevenson (boulder, co)
I have not yet read all the posts so this question may be redundant. In the picture the NYT supplies with this article, I see a lot of non-natural looking items: stands, video monitors, platforms, etc. Who paid for that? Can our dead man walking President order such things? I somehow doubt this was all paid for by the Scared Boys.
Barbara (Los Angeles)
Insurrection and I expect paid for by the GOP.
Nat Balch (Durham, NH)
Who's paying for this?
Independent (the South)
Jim Jones would be proud.
Bob (Spring Hill, Tn.)
@Independent --Ironic if it all ended the same way.
Michael (Orange County)
I'm glad some of those hee haw's will not take the vaccine. They don't deserve it.
Momo (Left Coast)
So now Trump’s attempt to incite violence is being called an attempted coup. Isn’t coup d’etat treason?
dmbones (Portland Oregon)
This sounds like a Burning Man experience for reckless Typhoid Marys.
Nelson Alexander (New York)
From closing remarks it looks like anti-vaccination is the next pro-Trump acceleration, qualifying Trump for a "Darwin Award" as his GOP drinks the Kool Aid and slowly, noisily self-eliminates.
J. Farley (San Francisco)
So the guy who does nothing but rent his old fire truck to Hollywood productions. They may shoot in Louisiana but that’s Hollywood money at play there. That guy is a total hypocrite and shouldn’t be listened to or written about.
Rollie (Richmond Va)
When he’s dragged out of there, kicking and screaming like your 3 year old son, the cult will fizzle.
Al Fresco (Wisconsin)
If violence breaks out, will trump be held accountable for inciting his followers to be violent? His rhetoric and tweets have been leaning toward violence. Bad minds egged on with bad rhetoric can become violently bad.
Norma Gauster (ngauster)
@Bradley. What do you want to bet they would be first in line if the plague were small pox, which disfigues their victims if they survive. Covid mostly kills, so we can forget all about it once the funerals are over. Just like war. Once the war is over, forget about the military. Wearing a pin will do it.
Northsider (St. Paul, MN)
Please stop referring to people bent on using any means necessary to overturn American institutions, traditions and values as "conservatives." That's what they want you to think they are. In fact they are radical revolutionaries intent on destroying democratic government, so the only power left in this country will in the hands of the super-rich. Call them what they are!
Jerseytime (Montclair, NJ)
@Northsider Its long past time for people to remember, and use, the term: Reactionaries.
DennisMcG (Boston)
"Don't these people have jobs?" I believe that's been the Pavlovian conservative response to previous liberal protests. Not sure why it wouldn't apply here.
Mike (Rural New York)
@DennisMcG They don’t have jobs. They don’t have books. They don’t have forward facing baseball caps. They don’t have library cards. They don’t have newspaper subscriptions. They have lots and lots of kids, although more guns than kids. They have NASCAR tickets. They have Gadsden flags (but don’t know how to spell it). They have racism in their veins.
Thomas Payne (Blue North Carolina)
Collect names, photograph faces, record license-plate numbers, track and record the location of smart-phones. We need to know exactly who these radical insurgents are.
Gregg (Upstate, NY)
At what point do these people start to get charged with treason for intimating with intimidation at overthrowing fairly elected officials? This is not a demonstration.
Jeff (California)
@Gregg: Exercising Free Speech is never treason. Even trump supporters are protected by the Constitution.
Ari (Connecticut)
Well - this isn't a group of thinkers, since none of them seem to be able to answer questions. What's the only thing folks like this seem to respond to again? Just sayin...
Jerseytime (Montclair, NJ)
@Ari They're not so stupid as to admit to planning violence. Its not like they're going to say: "We're wearing armor and helmets because we intend to cause massive violence tomorrow".
Mickey (Milky Way)
Unlike with his four years of ridiculous claims and bizarre interpretations of reality and denials and rationalizations and projections, the election results aren’t open to the unchecked court of personal opinion. Facts are facts and truth is truth. DJT lost. Get over it and move on.
HK (Hastings on Hudson, NY)
One-third of Americans believe that Biden's win was fraudulent. More than half of Republican voters believe that Trump won. Now thousands of Americans are swarming Washington with baseball bats, clubs, and guns. Trump will soon be out of office. It's Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and all the other power-mad Republicans in Congress who have put this country in danger. I look around me and see people in despair. They've lost their jobs, lost their healthcare, lost relatives and friends to the pandemic, and have run out of money. Republicans in power simply don't care. But the "dirty dozen" who are attempting a coup aren't the only ones responsible for the state we're in. Republican Senators who "bravely" affirm that Biden won the election but who didn't utter a word during the four years of Trump's misrule are guilty of dragging this country down. Are we supposed to admire Senators Sasse, Murkowsky, Collins and every Republican in the Senate who said nothing while Trump committed offense after offense? They were silent when Trump when he accused his predecessor of spying and treason, when he targeted Muslims, tore parents away from their children, fired all the Inspectors General, encouraged racism, fomented violence, and degraded the presidency by his vulgarity. Now they say Biden won. It doesn't erase their complicity. American citizens are being told to avoid the capital today, just like every unstable country in the world whose elections are marked by violence.
Lona (Iowa)
The lies about election fraud are an excellent distraction from Republican failure to effectively govern nationally and in red states like mine.
El (Simsbury, Conn)
I know we should try to understand the point of view of these people rioting for Trump, but they make it hard for the rest of us. I can understand their unhappiness to a certain degree — poor education, unemployment, status anxiety— but I just can’t overlook their refusal to look at the facts and blind loyalty to their cult leader (Trump).
Thomas Payne (Blue North Carolina)
"When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system's game. The establishment will irritate you- pull your beard, flick your face - to make you fight. Because once they've got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don't know how to handle is non-violence and humor." - John Lennon
J.R.B. (Southwest AR)
I'd hoped for driving rain or snow to help keep these people a bit more subdued if they had violence on their mind. We'd take any kind of "act of God" that would help hold them back.
Mike (Rural New York)
@J.R.B. Lightning? Lots of it.
Guy Long (Lenoir, North Carolina)
The devolution will be televised.
epmeehan (aldie VA)
"Trumps Last Stand" another addition to the failures of DTrump for the history books.
Jerseytime (Montclair, NJ)
@epmeehan Except he will leave the stage without being punctured by multiple arrows.
Jplydon57 (Canada)
Hopefully Trump will explain how he lost Georgia, twice. Once for himself, and then yesterday, for the two Republican senators. His zombie republican party is utterly lost
Bruce Williams (Chicago)
They are wasting their time, celebrating failure, and spreading sickness. Old Southern Apologism tries to revive. Nothing new here except the geographic spread.
Tim Shea (Orlando)
“Organizers were preparing for an expected crowd of 5,000 on Tuesday and more than 30,000 throughout the week, according to permits issued by the National Park Service.” Huh? 70,000,000 votes for Trump and he manages to get 5,000 people to show up today after whining and begging his supporters to be there??? And this, too, shall pass away.
Doug Lockhart (Oregon)
How does the president have time to attend this event? Shouldn’t he be busy shredding?
Nancy Jean (Dublin , Pa)
That’s what Jared is there for.
vicki farrar (New Mexico)
I am struck by the welcoming stage, Jumbotron and banners for this pro-Trump protest in front of the White House and comparing to it the violent and unwelcome and violent response by the Trump-imported secret police when protestors marched for racial justice in front of the WH at Lafayette Park. So happy today that we will be rid of this President and that Democrats have taken the Senate!
Jax (USA)
I suppose this is why Trump should be impeached. What else can be done to help the Trumplings face reality?
JEM (West Coast)
The hypocrisy of people who have claimed to want law and order, condemned peaceful protestors, and equated all civil rights marches with rioting supporting people who show up with bay and helmets would be comical if it weren’t dangerous.
Jeff (California)
@JEM: Trump has already been impeached by the majority of voting Americans.
Doctor Who (Narnia, UK)
I will gladly take Cajun’s vaccine. While I wait, isn’t there an island somewhere on which they can all congregate, enjoying their mask-free “free dumb?” Let’s make it happen for them.
Slann (CA)
@Doctor Who Well, the fraud did attempt to buy Greenland.
El (Simsbury, Conn)
The best option might be for Washington and capitol police to put Trump under house arrest, if that were possible. He comes close to defining himself as a domestic terrorist bent in destroying American democracy. No longer funny — his behavior has been hysterical for years. Now it’s downright dangerous. Is this treason?
Hootin Annie (Planet Earth)
These hooligans for Trump have no clue how actual voting happens. In my state, you need to be registered to vote in the town or precinct where you will cast a ballot. Your name is on a voter list which is checked off when you vote in person or when your mailed ballot is received. All ballots are run through machines. The count on the machines matches the number of voters on the checklist who voted. The idea that there was some mail bin full of ballots that was dumped into the count by some hooded, villain democrat is simply false. Voting isn't like your local club with folded up papers in a shoebox, it is tightly controlled, audited and overseen!
Observer (USA)
A drama queen giving his audience what they want: drama. Unfortunately for them, they've confused entertainment with governance, and now their favorite show is getting cancelled.
Mike (Rural New York)
A wise man once said (and he actually said it sympathetically), “...they cling to their guns...”
Our country right now is mirroring the narrative set out in Peter Turchin's 'Secular Cycles' to an eerie degree. Wild distrust in authority from the right, elite overproduction leading to a bloated class of nonproductive intellectuals on the left, wage stagnation for the masses. These things are all set out as a bellwether of societal readjustment- restructuring at best, collapse at worst. I am very worried for the next few years.
Jerseytime (Montclair, NJ)
@S Those unfamiliar with "Secular Cycles" should know that it concerns pre-industrial societies, and focuses on Rome and the Medieval period. Its application to industrial societies is dubious, at best.
John Colby (Rhode Is.)
The pro-Trump demonstration will not be a passing fancy in his post-election scheme to subvert our democracy. This is a late effort to sew chaos to provoke violence and, perhaps, provide an excuse for a military takeover. The authorities need to anticipate Trump's bros violence and shut it down if it devolves to a riot. The very real danger may be heightened by the Democrat's victories in Georgia last night.
Brian (Maplewood, NJ)
The last sentence is one of the most depressing things I've read in a long time. We're not getting out of this anytime soon.
Jerseytime (Montclair, NJ)
@Brian We are living in a non-comedy remake of "Idiocracy".
Mar (NE)
We are witnessing an attempted take over of America by a right-wing faction of the Republican Party, led by Trump, Republican legislators at both the Federal and State levels, Republican Party leaders and donors, and right-wing media. America is set to experience some dark times. I'm wondering if we are in for a split into two-countries, much like German did following WWII.
American Striving For A More Perfect Union (USA)
Trump’s Last Stand. People would do well to remember that Custer’s Last Stand didn’t end well for him or the troops he commanded. I’m rooting for the Constitution to win this final battle. Let today be Trump’s Last Stand.
D.H (Brooklyn)
@American Striving For A More Perfect Union - Custer's Last Stand ended worse for the Lakota
George (Chicago)
I think it is interesting that after 4 years of Making America Great Again, Trump's slogan for a second term was exactly the same. What happened? Apparently, he didn't get it done the first time.
Bill (From NY)
Trump has now set the stage to blame Pence for his loss. If Pence would just do something that is not within his power. I'm sure some of his followers will believe it.
TW (Tucson, AZ)
@Bill Pence is a clown, there should be no sympathy for his role in accepting the last four years quietly and without any measure of leadership.
NYC (New York)
@Bill Well, Pence made his bed and now he has to lie in it.
John Kelly (Oakland, CA)
@Bill Oh, they believe it all right. Anything Trump says is immediately taken as gospel. My Trump-supporting relatives are telling themselves that the election gets overturned today.
Roxanne de Koning (Sacramento CA)
The best thing that could happen is for the media to ignore them, for counter protesters to just tay home and for police to maintain crown control. Lack of attention will take the wind out of their sails like noting else, and any misbehavior will not involve anyone else to blame.
BoBorden (Monroe Twp, NJ)
@Roxanne de Koning Your 100% right, but they won't. The media should have ignored a lot of Trump's crazy antic's in 2016 prior to the election but he was good ratings.....and this is what resulted.
Ms. Pea (Seattle)
@Roxanne de Koning -- I completely agree. I would absolutely love to see Trump and his gang show up to an audience of no one. No media. No counter protesters. No one but themselves, screaming their slogans to each other. That would send a much bigger message than rioting. It would show how irrelevant and inconsequential Trump is, and how pointless the screams of his supporters. I know that will not happen, because the media and counter protesters cannot help themselves and are drawn to Trump as much as his fans are. But, I can visualize it in my mind and see how disappointed Trump would be that nobody showed up except his fanatics.
Ellie (oregon)
@Roxanne de Koning This is exactly what I was telling the left on some Facebook sites regarding the mayhem in my home town, Portland. Several of the leaders of the two sites starting calling me weak and worse. Needless to say, I bailed from those groups. Giving right-wing agitators attention only gave them more power.
golden (Denver, CO)
The thought that so many protesters see violence as the answer is frightening and sickening. Clubs, bats, helmets, guns... Of course they won’t respond to the question “ What are those for?” And when those instruments are used, they’ll blame their victims. What a nightmare, and all to defend a crazy man.
Clint (Pittsburgh)
@golden Clubs and bats and guns are one thing, but the Times needs to publish a biting satirical piece on these protestors. It would be devestating.
tbs (detroit)
@golden Don't let bullies intimidate you Golden.I will bet on the government agencies that protect us from criminals any day of the week and twice on Sunday! Stop cowering!
The Second Mrs. de Winter (Manderley, Cornwall, UK)
@Clint Your comment reminds me of a scene in the movie "Manhattan."
Prufrock (St Paul)
This is fiction-level insanity. Every day I read about someone who is in the thrall of the Trump cult and if it were another decade I’d laugh and we’d all shrug it off as a person so besotted and deluded as to be irrelevant. But now there are millions of them. We looked the other way when the Bundy gang did their civic vandalism. We give so much room for these people to stretch the bounds of decency and civic responsibility that we have allowed this to become “normal.” I worry that the genie is out of the bottle.
BP (Alameda, CA)
Yawn. Few sights are more pathetic than that of a fading con man like Trump being incapable of grasping the fact his lies are no longer working, that he can no longer outrun his past statements, and that he has no credibility left whatsoever. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” ― Abraham Lincoln
Holly (New York)
@BP You hit the nail on the head quite well.
Jerseytime (Montclair, NJ)
@BP I wish I could agree. But I no longer worry about Trump. I worry about the 71 million "some of the people" who he has "fooled all of the time". What the people in the article say, they believe is reality. And anything that challenges that "reality" is both a lie and anathema. This is the kind of mindset that pulls triggers.
jak (ny)
Trump calling on his supporters to gather around him to protest his loss is such a classic bully move it is pathetic. Who will get hurt if violence breaks out? Not Trump, but his doomed supporters. I pray those on the other side don't take the bait and let the hapless group protest to no one.
LO (Santa Cruz, CA)
Hey, it implies here that the December stabbings were the result of a fight between Trump supporters and counterprotesters — I thought I read (here) that a group of Proud Boys and Trump supporters were drinking at a bar after the rallies and attacked a man who was traveling alone, who wasn’t necessarily a counterprotestor— and he fought back with a knife.
John Bergstrom (Boston)
@LO True, that was the story I saw, also. The Trump people attacked a Black guy outside a bar, and he apparently stabbed four of them before the law showed up. Everybody survived. But there was nothing about him being a counter-protestor, he just happened to be Black, and that apparently offended them. But I haven't seen any follow up.
Norma Gauster (ngauster)
Aren’t there laws against “unlawful assembly?” I believe these were used against the mob and the KKK. People gathering with automatic weapons surely aren’t gathering for peaceful protest. I understand that the guns will not be permitted in DC, but they certainly were in other places. With no repercussions.
John Bergstrom (Boston)
@Norma Gauster The other places were places where open carry of weapons is legal, I'm afraid. It's crazy.
manfred marcus (Bolivia)
That Biden won is irrefutable...if willing to think for oneself and look at the facts. But here we are, a mob mentality and, the concern, physical violence, pushed by the 'sore loser' in-chief, a tyrant in the making unwilling to let go of his power to abuse. How treacherous the terrain where democracy is allowed to sink, by a bunch of treasonous Senators and House members, all republicans, willing to trample on the constitution and the rule of support the unsupportable, give loser Trump a victory for a minority, wholly undemocratic, and destructive in the worst way... by removing the trust in our institutions. Trump is obviously deranged mentally, living in an alternate reality of his own making. And by lying constantly about it, he seems to have convinced his minions its the gospel truth!
Greg (Cambridge MA)
It makes me angry when people attend unmasked super-spreaders. Angry because ultimately it makes my quarantine that much longer.
michael r (brooklyn)
@Greg not enough said about this...
Paul (San Francisco, CA)
@Greg In Trump, they see themselves. They could care less.
Antslovehoney (Medford, MA)
Time to dust off those mass psychology books from the mid-20th century...
Up North (Minnesota)
One by one, scheduled speakers at the stage are criminals. A “beauty” pageant of pardoned criminals. Quite a pathetic display.
Boomer Bear (Oregon Woods)
Let them have their little pity party. The police and the National Guard can take care of it.
Dfkinjer (Jerusalem)
@Boomer Bear But the overcrowded hospitals will have to take care of those who get a serious case of COVID-19, and that’s not fair.
Audrey (Denver)
This is what the Republicans have wrought since Ronald Reagan's Era. They are white privileged scared people now. They know they are losing their power and they are very afraid. Of what you may ask? They are afraid they will be treated the same way they treat people of color, LGBTQIA, etc. They have had a good run for over 250 years. Times are a changing and they can't deal with it. They are destroying their own destinies to ensure others don't have their freedoms. Ironic in many ways!!!
KaneSugar (Mdl GA)
@Audrey Exactly...their guilt drives their fear.
Richard Coleman (Washington)
Sadly, there is no vaccine for ignorance and hate.
Adam (Lexington MA)
@Richard Coleman There is a vaccine for ignorance. It's called education.
Brad Steel (The Hood)
@Adam Really? Look at the education resumes of the congressmen who are contesting the electoral tally today. And then explain the educational vaccine to me.
Kathy (SF)
Education and experience are the vaccine against hate. People have to get out of their own worlds.
Ski bum (Colorado)
Bring out the National Guard and arrest these criminals. Trying to overturn an election and supporting an autocrat like trump make me sick. These traitors have no business living in the United States. They should move to Russia to be with their own kind.
Jeff (California)
@Ski bum: Until they actually break the law, they have the Constitutional right to free speech. Too bad that you only believe in free speech that you agree with.
EdgeNinja (Queens)
I hope their are mass arrests before things get too violent.
Nancy (Auburn)
How ironic, Trump’s last stand ends in a literal swamp.
Mike (Rural New York)
@Nancy Perfect!
John Chastain (Michigan (the heart of the Great Lakes))
In any other circumstances the proud boys, the 3%ers and the Michigan militia types would be considered armed gangs intent on violence, aggression and intimidation and would be treated accordingly. The republican “law and order” types have always had a self serving definition of what “law and order” means and who it is for. If all these dude’s were black and the incoming president was republican then the same clowns encouraging these “terrorists” would be outraged and calling for an aggressive “law and order” response to their provocation. Aggression and intimidation is only acceptable to republicans when reactionary conservative white people are the participants and democrats and people of color are the targets of their hate and antipathy. These are Trumps people and they are there for him. Whatever happens in the days ahead some of us will not forget or forgive the cowardly republican leadership and their party for bringing us to this place with their subservience to Trump the Twitter troll and his clown car of thugs.
Lona (Iowa)
They're white so law enforcement officers look the other way.
James (NY)
"Not with a bang, but with a whimper."
Norma Gauster (ngauster)
@James. Unfortunately not. The Base lives! Trump may leave the Oval Office, but his creation remains—if principled politicians and the American people insist upon government under law by not forgetting what the Nation has suffered these past four years. If we go to sleep again...?
Reg Nurse (Chgo)
Yes, they’re all “very fine people” traveling cross country to show their support for attempts at stealing an election and sedition by Trump, some elected members of the GOP, and Trump’s rabid devotees. We’re in the middle of a lethal pandemic. I do hope these freedumb fighters extend their rejection of logic and facts to not showing up at a hospital demanding care when they are rendered unable to breathe by a Democratic “hoax”.
ConcernedCitizen (Virginia)
It's the first time I am rooting for police violence against protestors -- it is a terrible thing to say, I know. Not most of these folks -- but, come on -- at least the Proud Boys -- wouldn't we enjoy seeing that? Please note, I used to be a nice person -- I blame Trump for my transformation into an angry disgruntled person. Hoping Joe and Kamala can bring me back!
Lori Nelson (California)
@ConcernedCitizen I am so with you!
Kathy (SF)
I don't think of them as protesters because they're angry at other Americans for voting. They're not protesting the system, or injustice, or another man murdered in the street by police. They are terrorists, angry that people voted. The Klan 3.0.
M Moore (Ontario)
“...and the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made...”
Rick Gage (Mt Dora)
Whenever Pro-Trump people gather there’s always the threat of violence. Proud boys, neo-Nazis and White supremacists are not known for their tea parties and Tea Partiers are not known for discretion in who they hang with. They were angry before Trump was elected, they were angry after he was elected and they’re angry about a free and fair election that deposed him. Anger, fear and hate is their governing philosophy, it just doesn’t fit on a hat.
karen (bay area)
let's just hope the media can learn to ignore these classless trump fools over the next 4 years. Media overkill coverage of the poor , sad, alienated, choose your adjective folks who voted for Trump in 2016 and again in 2020--was part of the reason his cult coalesced into such a visible and mean force. I'm a nice white liberal white californian in her 60s-- no member of the media has ever asked me why I vote democratic, and certainly none of them cared about the sincere sorrow I felt when Hillary won in 2016, but lost due to a small electoral college "victory. " Let's hope the media shows these trump cultists the same level of dismissal they show we mainstream democrats.
Norma Gauster (ngauster)
@ Rick Gage. Call them what they are—people addicted to violence because that is their only way to validate themselves. Thugs. I doubt that they truly stand for anything other than showing their hatred of the estzblishment.
Sam Beal (California)
Johnny Reb
Sam Beal (California)
@Sam Beal "meets Jim Jones"
John Bergstrom (Boston)
@Sam Beal Yeah, it's curious how that rebel image shape-shifts over the years...
Charles (Connecticut)
Alex Jones' ideology and rhetoric is not "conservative". I object to the Times' continued use of this term to describe individuals who promote debunked conspiracy theories and foster division in our country.
Cassandra (Richmond, CA)
That’s right, they should be labeled as what they are. They are radicals.
Jonathan Smoots (Milwaukee, Wi)
@Charles YES, a nutjob a nutjob!
John Bergstrom (Boston)
@Charles True, but this has been going on a long time. Maybe it was in the Reagan years that people could point out that the Republicans, the so-called "conservatives", were the ones into tearing down everything familiar and stable... and that is still the case. Those Norman Rockwell Thanksgivings were all solidly based in New Deal middle class liberalism, all of which the libertarian, Ayn Randy radical Republicans are doing away with as fast as they can. We Democrats, nowadays, are the ones cherishing the image of a reasonably well paid public librarian living in a quiet neighborhood... like in the good old days...
Ann Korach (Chicago,IL)
The circus is in town.
Bradley (Lakewood, Ohio)
"There's no way I'm taking any vaccines!" That last sentence says it all. It's too bad we can't have a vaccine for the stubbornly ignorant. ICU's are overloaded in Los Angeles and Republican lawmakers, along with my idiotic governor, pass (another) "Stand-Your-Ground" gun bill. A TantrumFest™ for spoiled & rotten people that are deluded in their fantasy world.
Another Mike (Portland, OR)
@Bradley Emergency Room intake nurse - "Did you get vaccinated when it was offered? Patient - "No." Intake nurse - "Buh bye."
Jonathan Smoots (Milwaukee, Wi)
@Bradley Yeah, but LA is full of democrats and POC.
Bradley (Lakewood, Ohio)
@Another Mike I see my GP this Friday...going to ask when can I get it...
Angry losers.... just like their loser idol.
jane (alaska)
So to "own the libs" Trump supporters are going to gather together in large groups, unmasked, and refuse to take vaccines? Its like Republicans are *trying* to kill their base off.
KaneSugar (Mdl GA)
@jane I won't shed any tears if they succeed.
Richard Lehner (St. Petersburg, Floriduh)
@jane so a better chance of getting our vaccines earlier. than maybe they will all die off. peace....
Jonathan Smoots (Milwaukee, Wi)
@jane Hey, more power to 'em!
Phillip (USA)
I have another acronym to reference such ignorance as Trump and the 3 percenters. HINO. Human in name only.
Richard (New Mexico)
@Phillip How about: Brain in name only (BINO); thought in name only (TINO); comprehension/cranium in name only (CINO).
General Noregia (NJ)
What is sad is how Trumper's continually shoot themselves in the foot. A friend of mine refers to them as the "circular firing squad. How stupid can some of these people be, looking at some at some of them i have serious doubt that their reading comprehension rises about comic book level.
Kathy Grantham (Minneapolis)
Hey now, don’t diss all comics. Some like Gaiman’s “Sandman” are adult literature. The reading level you’re trying to describe is more “Captain Underpants.”
George (Chicago)
@General Noregia I think you are vastly overestimating their intellect!
Lyle Ross (Houston)
If a group of geese is called a gaggle, what do you call a group of CT believing conservatives? A loonie?
Rod Sheridan (Toronto)
@Lyle Ross Our one dollar coin is called the Loonie, I was going to suggest Toonie for Trump Loonie however that's the name of our two dollar coin. I suggest PToonie for Pence/Trump Loonie.
So the outgoing Schoolyard-Bully-in-Chief is rallying all the other schoolyard bullies and their acquiescent supporters for a day of hate. Gee, what could possibly go wrong?
james (Maine)
Hey, actual conservatives! America needs you! Now!
Brett Jensen (Brooklyn)
After four-plus years of the President and all his witless sycophants denying reality to soothe their feelings, I don't know why anyone would expect this to go any other way. Let's all just have a morbid laugh at these utter cretins and move on as best we can.
KaneSugar (Mdl GA)
@Brett Jensen No we don't. They are the ones who brought us to this place.
Aspen (New York City)
Save America March?!? ...The Democrats just did in Georgia.
Ryan Collay (Eugene Oregon)
The smile on John Lewis’s face would be amazing! I only wish he could see this, and the Senate President is a Black woman makes it even better. To every season...
Panthiest (U.S.)
If Trump had courage and actually cared about these people coming to protest on his demand, he would be out there with them. What a coward. Good riddance to this worst of presidents.
Tom (Hudson Valley)
Not enough attention is paid to groups like the Proud Boys and Three Percenters... who are clearly very angry, and very dangerous. Biden had best hire dozens of FBI agents to follow the activities of these white terrorist and militia groups. They are not going away.
Johnny (Canada)
@Tom Oh, I think keeping an eye on Trump's most dangerous useful idiots will be a major job creator for the new administration.
Nick Pusloskie (Kansas)
I have used just about all the words in the dictionary and thesaurus to describe 45 and his followers. The one word I haven’t used - until now - is “stupid.” Which according to the Random House College Dictionary is defined as: “1. lacking ordinary activity and keenness of mind; mentally slow; dull. 2. characterized by, indicative of, or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid act. 3. tediously dull or uninteresting, esp. because of lack of meaning or sense. 4. in a state of stupor; stupefied. You can throw in “vapid, pointless, inane, asinine.” That about covers it.
Scott (Ohio)
Thank God MACA (Make America Collapse Again) did not happen...
Aaron (Phoenix)
Gathering in Freedom Plaza, where they are free to be as crazy, racist and anti-American as they want to be.
Mark (Tennessee)
Republicans, please clean up your mess.
V (San Diego)
Um, sir, why are you wearing a helmet?
Realdealneil (Rockies)
Most certainly going to be “the biggest gathering ever...” of nuts, crackpots and angry lost sheeple.
Pinkerite (New York NY)
Wow, what a collection of traitors and creeps are gathering with "a planned show of force." From Maria Butina's old boyfriend Patrick M. Byrne, founder of Overstock to the guy who won't take a vaccine because Biden was elected. When will the NYT do an article about why people like that hate America and democracy?
Johnny (Canada)
@Pinkerite You can't fix stupid
Norma Gauster (ngauster)
@Pinkerite. Let’s boycott Overstock.
A. Trent (The Consortium)
In other words, superspreader event. Let the gene pool improve.
J Gunn (Chevy Chase, MD)
The gun goons and "Proud Boys" have also encouraged their supporters to dress like "antifa" (all black), so police can't tell them apart. Of course, then the goons don't know either. Apparently they don't care if they beat each other up - they want to be able to blame "antifa" for anything/everything that goes wrong.
Janice (Brookline)
Is this breathtaking stupidity, or deplorably willful ignorance? Do they really have no idea that they are being played for the sole benefit of assuaging the massively bloated ego of one petulant man-child?
Rod Sheridan (Toronto)
@Janice Yes.
logic (Austin)
Dan (Baltimore)
The sick and the deluded. Pathetic.
Marlene (PA)
Another superspreader event. Can they just accept the facts of the election and the virus and go home?
JP (MorroBay)
@Marlene No, they evidently can't. This is an existential problem that is not going away. They're being incited by their media, which is a proxy for Republican Donors.
14 Days to go (New York)
@Marlene I wonder how many Flat Earthers are in the crowd ? Quite a few I would bet. Most trump followers think the Pandemic is a hoax created by the ungodly evil left that eat babies. If you were to ask them if they watch international news they would have no idea of what you are talking about.
Rich (Western NJ)
@Marlene By definition, no. The ones who can aren't there.
kmm (nyc)
Without evidence, there is no "stolen" election. Donald Trump has persisted in churning hatred and disillusionment of our democratic principals...simply because he did not win....and yes, it is that simple. Despite 60 judges turning away, as baseless, his claims of voter fraud - in some cases opinions were rendered by judges Trump himself appointed. And then, of course, the Supreme Court would not even listen to the case brought before them because there is no basis for a lawsuit. Not once has there been actual evidence of voter fraud. Hearsay is not is not factual is hearsay. If there is any violence today, that is fully at the feet of Donald Trump who has relentlessly taunted and provoked people who can not think for themselves and we have several historic examples of that form of mind manipulation throughout history.
Johnny (Canada)
@kmm His supporters don't put 2 and 2 together. All the claims with zero evidence. Trump speaks in euphemisms so that doesn't help. Like mail in ballots that were sent to "everyone" are actually a request form for a mail in ballot. Destroyed ballots are actually the envelope for the mail in ballot that says 'ballot' on the envelope. This is what he uses to fan the flames of fraud claims.
kmm (nyc)
@Johnny : As I stated: There is no evidence of "fraud" and Trump is a master of mind manipulation which is directed towards people who are easily influenced /manipulated and can not think for themselves.
Jack McCarran (Hong Kong)
I remember the shock, confusion and denial with Democrats 4 years ago when Trump won. I hope this goes the same way. If it does, it’s to be expected in these polarised times. Sadly the signs are worse and violence is a real prospect. Time will tell.
pb (calif)
Deplorables. Pray for rain and sleet. Trump did nothing for these people. The Democrats fought to get them stimulus money but they've out there blowing it on plane tickets and racking up huge credit card bills which they want the Democrats to delay payments on.
Martha (Queens)
@pb I have less contempt for a large percentage of these people. So what if they paid for expenses to get to the protest using stimulus money. They believe they have to stand up for their "rights". I think that they are hapless members of the trance cult of Trump. I know a few and they are otherwise good people. One cares for homeless animals, spends all she can on them, goes into debt to keep them healthy. (I know none however who go to these kinds of demonstrations but I believe that they don't mind others going.) I honestly, in my heart, think that many are simply deluded. Why is it that so many live in blue collar, underemployed, traditionally conservative places with Republican political leaders in their locale who only feed them lies? I actually feel sorry for some of these protesters. Not all. They are pathetic, albeit some are dangerous and I have zero sympathy for the gun toting protesters. But why would some fool even show up refusing to wear a mask, indoors or out? They are self destructive.
Martha (Queens)
@pb I have less contempt for a large percentage of these people. (The ones who go but are totally non-violent, not the rest.) So what if they paid for expenses to get to the protest using stimulus money. They believe they have to stand up for their "rights". I think that they are hapless members of the trance cult of Trump. I know a few and they are otherwise good people. One cares for homeless animals, spends all she can on them, goes into debt to keep them healthy. (I know none however who go to these kinds of demonstrations but I believe that they don't mind others going.) I honestly, in my heart, think that many are simply deluded. Why is it that so many live in blue collar, underemployed, traditionally conservative places with Republican political leaders in their locale who only feed them lies? I actually feel sorry for some of these protesters. Not all. They are pathetic, albeit some are dangerous and I have zero sympathy for the gun toting protesters. But why would some fool even show up refusing to wear a mask, indoors or out? They are self destructive.
Socrates (Downtown Verona, NJ)
These denialists and rejecters of democracy should be ignored. Let them spew their misinformation and disinformation. When they want to rejoin the reality-based problem-solving community, they will be welcome. And let's enact some reasonable gun control laws that restrict the ability of these people to walk around with weapons of war in the town square. Amen.
Scientist (Wash DC)
@Socrates Yes, we need to enact gun control laws so these people do not show up to political protests and marches carrying guns, so these militias cannot openly carry assault weapons!!
Charles Focht (Lost in America)
@Socrates You make a good point. But what makes you think these denialists will ever rejoin the reality-based problem-solving community?
Jerseytime (Montclair, NJ)
@Socrates Problem: Its mighty hard to "ignore" 71 million people.
Rob Lindsay (Nashville)
Trump is egging on his supporters in hope of violence today that he can use as an excuse for declaring martial law. Speaking of the demonstrators, he said "They won’t stand for a landslide election victory to be stolen." As usual Trump is trying to get others to take the risks for him and for his gain.
John B (NY)
"He said if he saw Mr. Biden move to the White House, he would feel less compelled to engage with the government on any level. 'There’s no way I’m taking any vaccines,' he said." Next up: Trump fans demand their "right" to drink the Kool Aid.
Lew (San Diego)
@John B: The lovers of free-dum will also insist on their god-given rights to bang their heads against the wall and hold their breaths without interference from socialist gubmints.
Kim (New England)
When I did some phone banking for Biden last fall, I was struck by how angry the Trump people were. I think there's a deeper psychological issue here that has less to do with politics and more to do with our nation's mental health. We want to say that X people in category Y with Z amount of income and H type of politics and living in F part of the country will vote this way or that. We need to look into it deeper. There's more to it than that. We need to find a way to dissolve this anger.
A (MA)
@Kim I agree. People are under a tremendous amount of stress. A lot of that stress could be alleviated with liberal policies, such as universal health care, infrastructure spending, and higher wages. It's the ultimate irony.
Marie (ex pat in Portugal)
@Kim The right wing medias make their money by keeping people fearful and angry. Start from that point and work back.
ando arike (Brooklyn, NY)
@Kim Perhaps "we" could offer people jobs with dignity and decent pay, housing that they can afford, healthcare that doesn't bankrupt them, education that doesn't enslave them to debt, communities that aren't torn apart by predatory multinational corporations, politicians that don't facilitate their fleecing.... In short, until we have economic democracy that serves the interests of more than the upper 5-10% of society (and the world), the "Trump people" and other disenfranchised people (Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street comes to mind) will get angrier and angrier... Call it the psychology of alienation and dispossession.
Ed (Washington DC)
Stay safe DC. Trump's failed attempts to garnish broad and overwhelming republican support speaks volumes to how far-fetched Trump's goal of staying in office after January 20th is. Trump has had four years of folks in his Administration bowing down to him at every doorway (...of course, if folks in his Administration didn't bow down to Trump in such a manner, they didn't remain in his Administration for long). Trump's bootlickers have brainwashed Trump to his being all knowing and all powerful. But my church teaches me there's only one person in that category. America has spoken. In Georgia and elsewhere. Go Home, Trump and protesters. Wherever you call home.... Go Home.
Amanda (Nashville)
Where do they plan to direct their outrage? At the courts? At the Republican government that presided over the election? At millions of individual Democratic voters? Surely the “law and order” crowd wouldn’t commit property crimes. All they can do is gnash their teeth and shake their fists at the sky.
HOUDINI (New York City)
"Thousands of Trump supporters are expected to gather Wednesday in the nation’s capital to hear a defeated president and his allies amplify false claims of election fraud during a rally steps from the White House." Addition: To hear only the 3rd impeached American President and his allies... If one traces the source of the impeachment, they will see today's headlines...yet again. I believe America is better than this.
Phil Dunkle (Orlando)
Seriously, I never in my wildest imagination ever thought for one second that our country would be populated by millions of people who believe The National Enquirer is actual news, Qanon conspiracies are real, and think legitimate news media like the NYT, CNN, BBC, Washington Post, CBS News, etc. are somehow fake news and everything Trump says is true. In my book, everything Trump says is generally false.
nom de guerre (Kirkwood)
@Phil Dunkle Don't forget they also rail against PBS, NPR and have successfully turned the Voice of America into a partisan entity.
h king (mke)
@Phil Dunkle "In my book, everything Trump says is generally false." If trump said it was dark outside...I'd walk to the window to confirm.
Anxious Anonymous (New York)
Who’s paying for all that shenanigans ?
Make America Purple Again (Blue City Red State)
You know, since democrats have been successful not only at stealing the general election in November, but in the national spotlight, they have done it again today in Georgia! Frankly, these are the clever people I want to be in government, if they can pull this massive fraud and conspiracy off and leave absolutely no evidence! Sadly, there are those who refuse to see the obvious...the Reagan cycle is ending, non-whites and urban whites are the majority in America, and the only thing holding the change back is gerrymandering and voter suppression. Folks, you better offer something new and better, or get on board the bus and change your minds about what makes America great. Your guns and violence won't solve your problems. You picked the wrong guy in Trump, because he only hastened the end of the republican/religious/right wing party.
Kennedy (LA)
As a child of the sixties, I firmly believed we had seen the last of this dangerous and aggressive nonsense in America by the time I was a teenager. This reawakening, these backward steps all fomented, induced and enabled by a President of the United States are so disturbing at the start of the year 2021 in America.
Rich Newman (New York)
If only we would round up the self-identifying anti-maskers and vaccine-resisters. Ship them to an island off the coast until they reach their championed herd immunity. But in reality, we will still have to cope with these anti-American, unprincipled, self-serving mount breathers. Yay.
Johnny (Canada)
@Rich Newman Agreed, send them all to Puerto Rico and Trump can be their king and let all the Puerto Ricans come here where they can enjoy things like walls that come with this thing called a roof, and electricity.
Roger (Penn's Woods)
Desperado Mr. Trump is really cashing in on everyone else's misery, isn't he. He'll have to figure a way to get it out of the US, though, when he flees justice.
LRS (Alexandria VA)
There is a news story out there that a military jet that’s been used previously by Melania Trump and Mike Pence is scheduled to leave DC on January 19 and arrive in Scotland at an air base near Trump’s Scots golf course. The First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon was asked if she knew anything about it and could it mean Trump was planning on going there. She laughed and said she didn’t know about his coming but if he did he wouldn’t be welcome and once he was no longer president (which could explain why he would want to arrive while he’s still president) he would be treated like any ordinarily US citizen and could be arrested if he violates their laws since they’re in lockdown and traveling isn’t allowed, etc. I mean, can you imagine if Donald Trump were to be get arrested in Scotland days after leaving office. LOL. But I sure hope lawmakers and others in government and law enforcement can prevent Trump using an expensive military jet at taxpayer expense to fly overseas at the end of his term and to his “escape” from the US and avoidance of law cases against him in New York and elsewhere.
Roger (Penn's Woods)
@LRS For more than 3 years, I've been saying Trump would never stand trial and would flee as soon as he was convinced he would lose the protection of the presidency. We're there. Any time now.
Thick Brick (Glen Cove, NY)
Why protest at the White House, where they risk arrest? They should gather on the grounds of Mara Largo instead. I’m sure the owner, staff, and other guests will be happy to host them there.
Carole (Atlanta)
Since Trump’s Palm Beach neighbors don’t want him roosting in Mar-a-Lago after Jan. 20, I’m guessing they won’t want his supporters there, either.
Tom Hayden (Minneapolis Mn)
It looks like the MAGA folks will have the streets to themselves this time, no ambiguity as to who’s to blame for any violence. Let them fall on their own swords.
Bartokas (Lisbon)
Law and Order should be maintained at all costs. Violence from the crowds should be met by the police and federal forces in a forceful and even ruthless manner. These crowds cannot be allowed to create chaos in the US capital. As or their pathetic "hero", I guess he is in hiding, enraged and ranting and fuming in frustration as his sickening and delusional dream of becoming an absolute monarch crumbles.
Russell Scanlon (Santa Fe)
Social Darwinism illuminated in the last quote in the article.
Susanna (Idaho)
I really believe if Trump can get away with burning down the White House, certainly destroying the Oval Office, he will do so.
Edward (Wichita, KS)
Let us hope that the good people of Washington Dc, as well as all other good citizens around the country who believe in the rule of law, take the mayor's advice and avoid the area, avoid conflict, avoid the crazies. Let them rage and spew their venom, let them answer the madman's call to give him the high of one last party rally. Let them stand around with their baseball bats but no one to beat up. Then, when they are finally exhausted, when the temper tantrum has run its course, let them accept reality, go home, and get on with life.
Anna (Sonoma)
@Edward Nice comment! Completely agree. Thank you
Al Carbone (Watertown Ma)
In the moment, this is not only scary, it is humiliating to see how subordinated folks can be to a con job...please folks stay safe; we are in the midst of a raging pandemic and you are placing yourselves, your families and all who you come in contact with in danger. All in support of a president who has done nothing for you over the last four years and has a history of self-serving lying and failure in business that stretches back decades.
Frank Finsruud (Arizona)
The headline said it all “ a grand stage was erected” The madness of king Donald. After listening to that phone call it was clear the Don was/ is slipping. Perhaps he can slip slide away into the history books. Hey, I guy can dream right? But back on planet chaos, the forces of earth Vader and Voldemort will be marshaling their pathetic lives for all to jeer.
David Green (Syracuse)
Does Mr. Cajun Guilbeau understand that he hurts no one but himself by not being vaccinated? “We’ve got jobs, we’ve got careers, we’ve got houses, we’re not going to do any of that nonsense,” And yet “There’s no way I’m taking any vaccines,” he said. How does that all make sense in his head?
Johnny (Canada)
@David Green The petulant can rationalize anything
Joaquin (Chicago)
I hope the DC police have a zero-tolerance policy for radicalized right-wing white nationalist domestic terrorism today. They did a fine job last night, but today will be the true test, especially when Trump tries to whip them up into a rage-fury this morning with his unhinged lies and sedition.
Johnny (Canada)
@Joaquin I think I'd tell the protesters you have 3 options: Go home with your gun, we take your gun, or we take your gun and you go to jail. Pick one. And a 4th option which they will not like.
USAF SERE (Washington)
On January 21, I truly hope groups like the "proud boys" and "patriot prayer" are identified as a terrorist organizations and forced to disband. I didn't serve to watch these thugs dress up like play soldiers and brandish weapons. That is a practice that needs to be squashed. The next time a group of clowns tries to force their way into a state capitol armed, they should all go to jail and lose their right to own a firearm. Time to end this charade.
Arizona (The Homeland)
@USAF SERE The appropriate final destination is Guantanamo--indefinitely.
DD (Florida)
@USAF SERE Thank you!
tbs (detroit)
Unlawful and/or criminal activities on the streets is why we have law enforcement and the National Guard. Just as the 13 thugs that conspired and attempted to kidnap and murder our Governor, all violators of the law will end up in prison! This includes trump.
Farid (New Haven, CT)
Well, at least the good news is that you need not travel to foreign lands to witness and experience fanaticism at its most moronic level. The disturbing news is that these cult followers and their enablers are not going away any time soon. While Trump may end up in prison, Trumpism is the new normal for the GOP.
Mike (Rural New York)
30,000 Trump supporters and not a library book within miles.
Watchman (Washington DC)
As a DC resident, I could not abhor more these “protests”. Not only are they often violent, the “protesters” are vastly maskless. DC has been doing an excellent job with the COVID-19 ( it is almost impossible to find anyone without a mask - even children) but every time these people come to DC there is a spike after a couple of weeks. This is all on Trump, as we see from the article. These people are coming here, many looking for trouble, at his direction.
Sebastian C (Forest Hills)
@Watchman They're coming from places like Texas, Michigan, etc. literally thousands of miles away. Attending maskless protests and spreading the virus far and wide when they return home. I won't be surprised if the new variant of COVID is reported in several red states in a week or two.
FormerSubscriber (Charlottesville VA)
Let's hope that all Trump supporters refuse the vaccine (that's their right!) and are so discouraged by the results of this election that they never ever vote again.
PTD (Philadelphia)
@FormerSubscriber It would be nice if in addition to refusing the vaccine, these trump supporters refuse any medical care when they get Covid-19! This will help our overburdened medical facilities and hardworking medical staff provide care to those who don't consider Covid a "Hoax" and wearing masks and taking vaccines a violation of their rights.
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
“At least 10 busloads of Trump supporters from Michigan were planning to be in Washington ... to protest the election results” Sure! The fine print in Trump’s donation solicitations asserts that funds can be used to finance such ventures.
Peter Lemonjello (Washington)
It's time for law enforcement entities to step-up and not tolerate law breaking. Every person at those events needs to be searched for illegal weapons.
It's my understanding that it's a crime to incite a riot and when that incitement comes from an elected official towards our government it's sedition. If I'm correct then why aren't any of these politicians that are telling the crowd to do what it takes to invalidate this election not arrested? This is no longer freedom of speech protected by the Constitution, it's an unlawful uprising against our Constitutional government. It's not going to go away when there is a president and members of Congress egging these protestors on to violence. It's time legal action is taken.
sj (kcmo)
@VMG, in the article, the politician from the Dakotas is trying to explain the 12th Amendment to a group of those from his state, to no avail?
Sam (Philadelphia)
GOP’s actions over the past four years in a nutshell: There was once a Countryman who possessed the most wonderful Goose you can imagine, for every day when he visited the nest, the Goose had laid a beautiful, glittering, golden egg. The Countryman took the eggs to market and soon began to get rich. But it was not long before he grew impatient with the Goose because she gave him only a single golden egg a day. He was not getting rich fast enough. Then one day, after he had finished counting his money, the idea came to him that he could get all the golden eggs at once by killing the Goose and cutting it open. But when the deed was done, not a single golden egg did he find, and his precious Goose was dead. Those who have plenty want more and so lose all they have.
Country Mouse (Massachusetts)
I can't wait for the on air interviews - won't be hearing from any towering intellects among the Trumpists. They'd be funny if they weren't also dangerous.
Julie M (Jersey shore)
It’s amazing how so many people in this country live in a world of misinformation and delusion. And also that they continue to not wear masks as a pandemic rages through every region. We really need to seriously consider repealing Section 230 ... if people get so much of their “news” from social media platforms like Facebook — those social media platforms and click bait algorithms must be held accountable for so effectively proliferating fake news, disinformation and conspiracy theories.
Arizona (The Homeland)
Who knows? Maybe some new jurisprudence pertaining to the Executive will result from this situation, down the line.
Lou (Agosta)
In the film Animal House, John Belushi and his friend Otter call for "a senseless and futile gesture." The world's greatest deliberate body and gun carrying (?) Pro-Trump protestors now give us one of those. If the gesture actually succeeded, it would have the effect of blowing our democracy. So why do it? A deeply cynical and corrupt fund raising exercise? A better gesture: in addition to listening to your constituents as one leads them off a cliff: teach critical thinking skills, how to assess conflicting reports in the media, how to questions one's own deepest assumptions as well as one's opponent, how to speak truth to power [think Senator Thune: this is going down like a shot dog (poor dog!)], how to have a productive dis-agreement with one's opponents, how to take different points of view and perspectives (cognitive empathy), how to get things done to benefit one's community,. Freedom of speech is flourishing - no one is listening! Start listening: it's getting crowded under the bus: make room for your neighbor.
Jaroslaw Rudnycky'j (Winnipeg MB)
@Lou - Sadly I fear, the DNA of the radical right has been corrupted such that critical thinking and questioning broadly are about as unlikely as flight to the moon on broomsticks.
Anne Bouci (Washington DC)
Is this really happening? Who would have thought, just a few years ago, that one if the world’s greatest democracy would come to that? Democracy is fragile and one has to wonder if it will withstand the constant assault perpetrated by Trump and his allies. I sure hope it does ...
Rod Sheridan (Toronto)
@Anne Bouci Anne, I also am astounded at the level of stupidity displayed.
KaneSugar (Mdl GA)
@Anne Bouci Well, try and look at it this way. An idiot showed us where the weaknesses lay. Now we must endeavor to fix them before an "evil genius" finds a way to use those weaknesses to succeed.
Mark McIntyre (Los Angeles)
Already been violence in D.C. and I'm afraid there will be more before the day is out. Trump is going to address his supporters and would it surprise anyone if he said "Stand back and stand by!"? The Trump Party Dittoheads have chosen a dangerous and destructive path. To hold onto power they seem willing to sabotage our entire system of government and attempt a coup d'etat.
CKent (Florida)
@Mark McIntyre It's a good thing that the Dittoheads have no organization, no leadership, no plan. They'll disperse and go back where they came from, as they want immigrants to do.
E. Picarus (Athens)
Whoever is selling all of those hats, banners, socks, and other paraphernalia that signify “patriotism” seems to be doing well.
Jaroslaw Rudnycky'j (Winnipeg MB)
@E. Picarus - Interesting that MAGA Trump and his 'buy American' platitudes are left in the dust as, like Walmart, he orders his merch from none other than China.
Robert (Princeton, NJ)
When Antifa protestors rioted, firebombed building and created general mayhem, DC refused to call in the National Guard. Now that Trump supporters are just planning to protest, the National Guard is immediately called out. Instead of making DC a state, perhaps we should eliminate its government and let it be run by the county or state.
Christopher (San Francisco)
@Robert Oh, were those just actors dressed as the National Guard and federal agents beating journalists and peaceful demonstrators so Trump could pose for a photo op with the Bible? Why did the Proud Boytoad have high capacity magazines of ammo with him when he was arrested? The poor picked on pseudo victim thing is a bit unbelievable, friend.
Jparker (NY)
Brilliant, Robert. Yeah, these supporters are planning to “just” protest by bringing their guns, ammo, bats, etc. Certainly looks like they’re planning for peace.
Bruce F (Montana)
Counter-protesters should just stay away, and let the Trump people own whatever happens on the streets in the next few days.
Ted Blumenschein (Cornwall NY)
It’s desperation that makes people willing to ignore the truth. It’s sad that people are marginalized and pushed into this kind of frenzied behavior, but it’s even more egregious that the elite in the republican party has taken advantage by intentionally pushing people further toward the notion that they are threatened creating a lunatic fringe that allows them to disregard decorum, bipartisanship and even democracy itself. This is where we are. Hopefully the Republican Party will fracture and eventually form something workable for our country.
Budleymac (Canada)
Well, maybe now Biden can ignore any inconvenient so-called “federal laws”, offer pesidential pardons to anyone who wants to help him win a second (and maybe third) term. Maybe even sell some. Maybe start some businesses to personally milk some profits. I hear rumours he’s gonna make his son the Secretary of State, just to own the Republicans. Maybe other provisional cabinet positions for the rest of his family and his closest drinking buddies. Up the federal tax on guns and ammo to 500%. Of course Biden won’t do these things, but Republicans should understand that’s what the last 4 years of trump felt like to Democrats.
Victoria (Stockholm)
Normally when I read these kinds of Times articles, it's accompanied by a sense of growing despair—how can so many Americans possibly think like this? But today, my little bubble of optimism can't be popped. To me, the results of the Senate races in Georgia are a sign that not quite as many Republicans buy into this "stolen election" garbage as previously thought.
Al (Philly)
We need some serious research to understand what has gone wrong. Yes, we know it's Fox and Bubbles and Facebook and Kochs. But we got to get to the bottom of this and come up with a solution. Half the country is addled and they're not going anywhere.
Liz (Connecticut)
@Al I'm seeing posts on Facebook from friends who are the most decent people you could ever meet who are acting as if America has fallen today. I would tell you if these were not decent and good hearted people. Some of my Trump-loving acquaintances on FB are not decent, but the ones I'm referring to who are in abject terror for our country today because Democrats might control Congress are truly decent people. I don't understand why they weren't the least bit alarmed by an infantile, indecent, unAmerican despot of a President. The fact that they weren't is what terrifies me.
RBR (Santa Cruz, CA.)
How’s possibly that the right wingers believe in their hearts, that they are more Americans than the rest of the population? Why that entitlement? That bullish attitude towards citizens not supporting their fringe views? Trump is enemy of the country, and its institutions, he is a traitor to the constitution. Trump the megalomaniac, it is extremely concerned about being exposed by the level of financial corruption. He is deeply upset about leaving the White House and all the benefits of being a president. He and his children have been living large at tax payers expense. Trump’s concern is not democracy or voter fraud? Trump’s concern it is his “reign” is over.
BTO (Somerset, MA)
It's the right of Americans to protest and so long as that protest is peaceful, great. If it goes the other way, lock them all up and Donald if he's with them.
Michelle (NY)
Question: In the photo they seem to have quite an expensive set-up for this "rally". Who is funding this??
LittleMonk (wisconsin hills)
@Michelle hopefully it comes out of the post-election donations by these same people?
passepartout (Houston)
@Michelle Exactly. Russian and fascist money trying to overthrow our government. If the speakers advocate a violent overtrhow, then have them arrested for sedition. The rule of law and our Constitution must be supported
tony (DC)
If Donald J. Trump has any semblance of honor or love for our nation he will appear at the rally today and concede the election and tell his followers to go home and live to fight in another election cycle. However, he will probably not take the high road, instead he will probably reject the democratic vote of the people as he attempts to incite riots and rebellion.
@tony Trump has never taken the high road or shown any true love for our nation so I wouldn't expect anything different today.
P. Oates (Philadelphia)
@tony- Unfortunately, this President lacks the decency, integrity, dignity, and humility to put the interest of his followers before his own. Donald Trump will further ignite division and violence today just to show that he doesn't stand alone. Disgraceful!!!
Diane (Boston)
“If he doesn’t win it tomorrow, then this is over,” said Mr. Morris, an architect. Hopefully he understands architecture better than he does politics.
CF (Massachusetts)
@Diane It was over when the final state certified its election. I wouldn't let that guy design a doghouse for me.
Zeke27 (Hudson Valley)
@Diane Architects are usually pretty rational unless they're fakes or in the thrall of their own egos. If this guy has time to chase chimeras hundreds of miles away, he might be one of the fakes.
Stephen Beard (Troy, OH)
If trump's supporters want violence, they may collectively decide to shoot at anyone who doesn't appear to be on their side. That may include people walking up to a pickup window to get some lunch or stopping by the neighborhood convenience store to draw a soft drink from a fountain stall. If that's so, it will be their "own people," the persons most likely to be out and about on this day of insanity. Or that just may reflect my own thoughts about conspiracy. We -- and I -- should know by this time tomorrow.
People, take heart. Tomorrow it will be over. January 21 is a new day, with a Democratic president and vice president and Democratic Congress. Thank God.
357,000 Dead (W DC)
@RMC DJT is not going away unfortunately. His 74 million voters are not going away. I don't share your optimism....I wish I did
Adam (Brooklyn)
"Amid Fears of Violence" in the headline suggests that "Trump Supporters" are somehow disconnected from the fears of violence. As if the fears of violence are floating in the aether, rather than the fact that some Trump-supporting groups have loudly, proudly, and publicly stated their intent to bring violence to the streets. Why temper the facts into such a neutral, passive voice when clarity is needed most? Headlines matter.
Annessy (Girl From The North Country)
I have no problem with protest, in fact it is one of the bedrocks of democracy. This is not what I see happening. I see mass hysteria on a level that is not just counter culture but dangerously close to anarchy. That government officials have to use underground tunnels to access their work site is in of itself a reason to cause alarm. I am glad there is additional security, but as the hours pass, I become more and more fearful of a violent result, especially if Trump should show up and throw them some "candy".
@Annessy When the organizers of a protest encourage violence against a lawfully elected government that is sedition and is no longer protected under the Constitution.
Jeff G (Atlanta)
@Annessy Legitimate protests over something that actually happened (like the police unlawfully killing unarmed civilians) are fine. Protesting about a made-up narrative which has been invalidated in the judiciary 5 dozen times is ludicrous. They're openly calling for seditious action. Certainly not protected under the first amendment. I hope any misbehavior is dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.
Bonnie (MA)
@VMG Could the Secret Service put Trump back in that basement bunker, for his own "safety" during this episode? With no smart phone for tweeting, of course.
JimmySerious (NDG)
I think Biden will provide the leadership necessary to get the country thru the pandemic. The economy will improve as a result and the combination of the two will enable things to calm down. But if Trump keeps inciting his supporters to finance his future endeavors, then it may be necessary for him to face the legal consequences of his numerous transgressions.
nom de guerre (Kirkwood)
@JimmySerious Like other criminal fascists, he'll attempt to flee the country before he can be brought to justice. His main concern will be how to slip his CIA detail.
C Wolfe (Bloomington IN)
@JimmySerious That's a good point. Pardoning Nixon and declining to prosecute culpable members of the Bush administration for blatant war crimes had the aim of ensuring the peaceful transfer of power that is essential to functioning democracy. It was a compromise, not justice, but there was no threat of armed insurrection from either of those faulty administrations. Trump wants to make himself a martyr—knowing that he won't actually face anything resembling martyrdom. Trump would be happy to occupy the White House by force of mob violence if he could. One "tell" from the recent audio with Georgia election officials was his pathetic whining that he must have won the election because his crowds at rallies were bigger. That was just embarrassing, but the point is that he doesn't know the difference between voting and "ratings," and his appetite for adulation knows no bounds. Once Trump's out of office, any acts he commits don't attach to the presidency, and he must be held accountable as a private citizen. I mean, when W was out of office, he took up painting; it would be a different story entirely if he had whipped up self-declared militias who went around the country looking for "terrorists" to harass. Trump intends to rile up his well-armed supporters and keep us terrorized. Any Republicans in Congress who support his efforts to undermine the election are domestic terrorists, plain and simple.
MJB (Tucson)
@nom de guerre I hope he does flee the country. Good riddance. No more media coverage. Let him live out his days in isolation so he cannot harm anyone else.
Hobo (SFO)
The US presidency and the White House is supposed to be a Symbol of strength, peace, tolerance and optimism for the USA and the rest of the world. Today it has turned into the opposite, an epicenter of hate, intolerance, weakness and a violent pessimism. How did we fall so far so fast ? Sad, very sad.
Leon Trotsky (Reaching For The Ozone)
@Hobo The new congress needs to appropriate a large amount to fumigate the used-to-be-white house.
John Evans (Albany NY)
@Hobo I agree with the sense of your comments...except for "How did we fall so far, so fast?" Trump is only one person, among 74 million Americans who voted for him. We "fell" in 1787, kept falling through the 1800's; and it seemed like rock bottom in 1861. But Reconstruction did not work at all, and the "fall" continued. In the modern era, look to 1980 as a year that will ...probably not, but in infamy. The Reagan crowd set us up for this. But there is still hope, if Stacey Abrams can continue her remarkable work in other states.
JP (MorroBay)
@Hobo yes, I live overseas too, and Americans have no clue as to how bad this is all playing out to the rest of the planet. Any dignity we had left after the Iraq debacle is long gone. People now look at the US in fear and loathing, or a sense of "You Got What You Deserved". America looks like a drunken 16 year-old with an assault weapon and a bad attitude.
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