Latest Accusation Against Cuomo Is Reported to Albany Police

Mar 11, 2021 · 608 comments
Sheki (Ca)
The similarities between Trump and Cuomo are astounding, they really are two sides of the same coin. Meanwhile AOC and Nadler just came out against him, the sharks taste the blood in the water.
Eskertu (Utah)
No woman older than Gov. Cuomo would have claimed to have been groped.
J. Waddell (Columbus, OH)
A guess that Ted Cruz comment about "New York values" was fairly accurate. It seems Trump and Cuomo have a lot in common. The only difference is that Trump is a crooked businessman and Cuomo is a crooked politician. Democrats need to impeach Cuomo unless they want to be just like the Republicans and claim his good actions outweigh his bad behavior.
Edtow (Brooklyn)
Trump. Kavanagh. NO 2 SITUATIONS are identical. Only a few unhinged women would call for castrating many other than Weinstein, ... and that's my point. We got to Arthur Miller "The Crucible" levels of vitriol, intolerance, overreach, etc., and then only a tiny minority was left who were stupid enough to say, "Al Franken will make every politician think twice. Remember what Biden had to fend off about a year ago. Women (some bought and paid for) came forward and said, "His hugs made me uncomfortable. He breached my personal space. He grabbed my arm - maybe, he was trying to relate, but it was icky." And yes, one more serious allegation, clearly one where 10-20% of the tiny number of open-minded people - TOPS - would have believe what SHE SAID, as opposed to what HE SAID. THE RULES HAVE CHANGED. There IS an area - not tiny, I'm afraid - where a man's "What I meant" bumps into a woman's "What I experienced" not altogether unlike what happened at Hiroshima with 2 tiny particles. YES, the groping charge is recent and work-related. But *it is fair* to ask, "Who's making the allegation?" Ask any psychologist what percent of his/her patients depart from "fine" in matters sexual - thoughts AND actions - men AND women - at least a few times. Of course, we're talking billions of "really"s per year just in the U.S. "What to do?" If you don't begin your answer with "It depends," ... you don't have a brain in your head.
Steven (USA)
At this point an investigation by police investigators and private investigators would probably be the best thing. To expose wrongdoing on whomever is in the wrong. Was there false accusation? Extortion? Entrapment? Actual predatory behavior?
Disappointed (Atlanta, GA)
I'm not sure I understand Senator Gillibrand's stance on Cuomo it seems very inconsistent with her demands that Al Franken immediately resign with no investigation over a creepy photo. Gillibrand feels that Cuomo should be afforded multiple investigations by the Albany Police, the AG of NY, as well as the Feds (for lying about nursing home deaths) before demanding a resignation... and yet Franken gets Frankened for a photo?!? What does Cuomo have on Gillibrand or why does hate Al Franken so much?
Sheki (Ca)
@Disappointed Gillibrand's move against Al Franken, regardless of whether or not he was guilty, was a transparent political play which she thought would catapult her to the front of the pack in the '16 primary. It completely backfired (because it was a completely transparent political play) so she is now understandably gun-shy about trying that again.
Jeffrey M (New York City)
We were very quick to crucify Senator Al Franken before any inquiry. I suggest we not make that mistake again.
Mama Bear (Brooklyn)
As my grandmother would say: something in the milk isn't clean. Impeachment?! Is the idea that if they can't get Cuomo to leave they'll push him out? With absolutely no due diligence? Cuomo is getting the Al Franken treatment. NYT: Please list all those who are demanding the impeachment. Along with Kristin Gillibrand, they have lost my vote forever.
Sheki (Ca)
@Mama Bear AOC, Nadler, and soon to be most everyone. Good luck with that!
Georgianna (Bloomingdale, NY)
To repeat the obvious we do not yet know “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” As long as so many are jumping to conclusions and calling for Cuomo’s resignation on the basis of allegations without an investigation, let me offer another purely hypothetical scenario of what might have happened in the evening at the executive mansion: Suppose that after the cell phone issue was resolved, it got more personal and this aide allowed Cuomo to kiss her but then balked when he tried to take it a step further and tried get “to get to first base”? And when she said “no” he understood that “no” means “no.” And she left without any repercussions. If that is “sexual assault” an awful lot of men are guilty. As I said, this explanation is pure conjecture and has absolutely no basis in fact. But that is the point. Can we wait for the facts, please?
RPB (Boston MA)
Governor Cuomo should not resign. I have questions, but not for the governor. I have questions for the NYT and specifically for Mr. McKinley, your Albany bureau chief, who wrote the first article about the accusations. In that article, he referenced the December tweets of Ms. Boylan and Ms. Bennett's reply. to her. That article included more information than subsequent articles have, including McKinley's contact with Ms. Bennett. He noted Ms. Bennett's reply to Ms. Boylan's tweet in his report. One of the most important hallmarks of journalism is the dedication to transparency in all reports. Unnamed sources have a place, but they cannot remain anonymous for the longterm if the reporter and the publisher want to maintain the trust of the public. We do not know if Mr. McKinley's contact with Ms. Bennett was in December 2020 when he noted her tweet. If his contact was made then why did Ms. Bennett not come forward with her accusation? If he waited to contact her, when did the contact first occur? How and from whom did he find her personal information to make contact? His first article said she lives out of state. The initial contact was made by this publication, not by Ms. Bennett as stated in the article. We all have more questions. The beginning is a start. The public has a right to know, particularly since the subject of the accusation is an elected public official. There is a back story and it should be revealed. "Going public" means going public.
Deli Rama - Ham on Wry (US)
So. What happened to the investigation into Trump's taxes? Backburnered? On hold due to Vance's retirement? How much are Trump and the GOP paying to distract us (yet again)? I'm sure Cuomo did something. In my experience with insecure, power-happy politicians, it's almost a given. But - like Clinton and Lewinski - how much is a set-up and how much is the truth? Only (yet another) investigation will tell. But we REALLY need to see Trump's taxes. That grabbing, cheating con man needs to be fully exposed to his "base" before he wreaks havoc on this country (yet again).
A Person (A Location)
Let me put the focus squarely where it needs to go: thousands of nursing home residents dead due to bad policy, and Cuomo’s top aides covering it up. That alone is cause for impeachment. An investigation into sexual harassment can be run to gather evidence. But the grounds for impeachment have already been reached.
WestchesterPeach (Cross River NY)
There was a time when a female patient was never alone with a male physician in a medical exam room without the presence of a female nurse. Yes, a drain on personnel but assurance that nothing untoward would happen. Or, at the very least, a witness. If male pols, film producers, etc. care to avoid surprise accusations, they’d adopt the same practice. He says/she says is getting us nowhere.
Cynthia Norton (Chautauqua NY)
The allegations against Cuomo need to be taken seriously as do any of his misrepresentations. Some of the outcry however seems more like opportunistic, resentment-based accusation than careful deliberation. Cuomo's leadership during the Pandemic has been very effective. His comprehensive presentations of data helped people understand the reasons for changing their behaviors and inspired them to do so. He made many important distinctions, for example telling us that he can't force us to wear masks but can only make us want to. There's no data for how many people would have died if we'd had less effective leadership, but it does seem that many more would have. We should be able to both critically evaluate and also appreciate our elected leaders. I remain grateful for Cuomo's leadership.
JP Saunders (New York, NY)
Why do these women need attorneys?
Chouchou (Brooklyn)
Why were the female assistants he hired were all young females? There’s a pattern here. He is an abuser.
Color Me (Indifferent)
The best part of waking up is cuomo career on fatal interrupt.
GFE (New York)
It was reported tonight that 59 New York Democrats -- 40 in the State Assembly and 19 state senators -- have called for Gov. Cuomo to resign. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of Democrats and their Al Franken syndrome, piling-on to condemn members of their own party without waiting for an investigation to be completed -- or in Sen. Franken's case, without even allowing an investigation to occur. Certainly some Democrats' personal political agendas might be served by this ready-fire-aim approach to justice, but one thing that's definitely not served is the cause of justice itself. If the investigation finds that the Governor did what's alleged, his resignation should be the immediate result. But the investigation hasn't had time to find anything yet, so these 59 Democrats should be ashamed of their brazen attack on due process. If you have no more respect for the rule of law than that, then writing laws is something you shouldn't be involved in.
Edtow (Brooklyn)
@GFE I'm probably not alone in wondering about "citizen's arrest" or "preventative detention." I am unconvinced when people say, "It may take a long time, and there are certainly plenty of miscarriages of justice along the way, but y'gotta trust the system." Cy Vance will not be Manhattan's D.A. in 2022. GOOD. I don't know the inner workings of his office or his mind. He heard what now rise to SURELY ACCURATE allegations of Weinstein's predatory behavior. At best, he asked, "Will I get a conviction?" and decided that "Probably not" counted more than a) Yeah, we believe her; and b) How would I feel if my daughter were a young actress? I'm 100% opposed to lynching, but I ask others to think realistically about who best to advance "just-ness" in these "Cuomo vs. someone running for political office" or "Weinstein vs. someone who appeared in a porn flic" situations. Those 2 men - and thousands like them - have power and money that turn the system you exalt into ancient Rome's system: It's You vs. the Lion. Let's see who comes out on top.
Rachel (Albany ny)
Before the current state of Immediate gratification re 'News', newspapers were published at most twice a day. And, the world did not come to an end... Now, with the Online access. the poor Media has to constantly keep generating some 'content', lest a competitor gets a few more clicks. As a result, and for numerous other equally shameful reasons, we are now exposed to incessant stream of salacious 'stuff', i.e. mostly garbage. It used to be the province of the National Enquirer and NY Post to revel in every detail of a rumour, no matter how consequential or true it would turn out to be. Woe is us.
Steve (Jersey City)
Trump didn't resign, nor should Cuomo . Democrats would do well to stand by Cuomo the way Republicans stood by Trump
Vince (Brooklyn)
@Steve they stood by trump because they don't think this kind of stuff is even wrong. Do you think what trump.did wasn't wrong?
TINMP (Santa Monica, CA)
I hope there is a trial, an absolute circus with hordes of TV cameras that will rival O.J. Spanning 6 months and calling every single accuser, subpoena all their phone records, emails, correspondence with lawyers. Of course have Cuomo testify. Spend 50 million bucks because we don't have anything else better to do. Maybe they can sell the TV rights and build a bridge or something useful with it. While the OJ story transformed the world of broadcast journalism, this story has the potential to do the same for print.
sarah (Lake Tahoe)
I wish that these accusations would be investigated confidentially before they hit the news. I'm not saying the women are making it up- but it's not right to devastate a person's reputation before legally evaluating the facts. Last year we really appreciated Gov. Cuomo's daily briefings when we had the worst president ever.
P Duester (Albany NY)
Only non New Yorkers are in love with Cuomo as a result of his press conferences and his heartwarming stories of his mother, Matilda ( a lovely lady by the way) and his daughters, while at the sane time he was fudging nursing home fatalities numbers and writing a book about his efforts. Long time New York residents know his true colors
KD Lawrence (Nevada)
Makes one think that Pence may had it right in never being alone with a woman... With all the women coming out of the woodwork, it looks like Cuomo should have followed Pence's policy. In the past, grandma would say "stay away from the old leach, now she says wait a couple of years then hire a lawyer and take the old leach for everything he's got... in this case his job. We are in a new age were politicians jump on the band wagon for anything they think will keep them employed --- impeachment is just the latest democratic party buzz word.
N Yorker (New York, NY)
This Cuomo fiasco is enraging. I'm enraged for two reasons: 1. No one is perfect, but surely Cuomo must have known that he was playing with fire by engaging in behavior like touching, kissing, hugging, and discussions of sexual lives of the women working for him. Surely he also knows that Republicans will defend even the most heinous language and sexually inappropriate behavior from their own but will quickly seize on any wrongdoing by a Democrat to call for impeachment. 2. I'm also enraged because Republicans who complained endlessly about due process regarding Trump and Kavanaugh are now the first to throw due process out the window because the allegations are against a Democrat. And because Republicans. Yes, Cuomo's irresponsible behavior has handed the Trump/MAGA crowd a gift-wrapped scandal to match the one with the nursing homes. But don't be fooled into thinking that anything wrong done by Democrats will magically convince Republicans to take even the smallest steps to punish a Republican for doing the same wrong things - or even to admit that those Republicans have done anything wrong in the first place. Have Republicans really made us reach the point where we need to punish Democrats for everything while punishing Republicans for nothing? That level of hypocrisy cannot last for long without serious harm to the republic, more harm than it has already sustained up to and since January 6.
Great (Albany)
Cuomo needs to resign
Helpful Hannah (New York)
No. He doesn’t. There must be due process. Even accepting the assumption that he was an old creepy leech, he needs to have his day in court. This is America, not the USSR. And thank G-d for that. It’s pretty clear his political career is over, but we need to let the legal process play out!!!!
Alex (Toronto)
This is hilarious. People come out against Republicans and conservatives - these people do not deserve any post! People come out against Democrats and “progressives” - this is all lies, republican bought them, no need to resign. And these people blame the right for partisanship :)
korrectur (Arizona)
After 10 months, a woman comes forward knowing full well her words have the potential to end a Governor's career. Her accusation? "He asked me for a kiss." Money is changing hands. REPUBLICAN money. I can smell it.
Sam Katz (New York City)
As someone who lost her first career to sexual harassment and abuse at the National Broadcasting Company, and as someone who has incessantly written about it for the past 11 years (because I could not for the first 29 years), I should be the first person to jump on Cuomo’s back. But I can’t, because there is something off-kilter about this situation. It’s almost like Edward G. Robinson’s “little man” in his gut in Double Indemnity. I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s not right. The timing of an election year, the Mayor of NYC wanting to be Governor, Cuomo and de Blasio hating each other, Cuomo’s first accuser running for office in the City, the majority of “charges” being just nonsense: Italian-American hugs, hand-kissing, back-touching, conversation, and nothing that any other Italian, Jew, French person, or other European-based ethnicity hasn’t done for 1,000 years. Why do these women have attorneys? Are they suing for money for retaliation they didn’t suffer? I am looking forward to an investigation, because there are more questions than answers as of this writing.
@Sam Katz Your nailed it Sam, Bravo!!! NBC Stinks, we know all about how they operate!!!
Vicki (Queens, NY)
@Sam Katz I agree. Lindsay Boylan started the ball rolling last Fall. Lindsay Boylan was very proud of her resume, until last Fall when she wasn’t gaining enough traction in a crowded field for Manhattan Borough President. We didn’t hear these charges last year when she lost her primary to Jerry Nader.
Rachel (Albany ny)
@Sam Katz Who pays for those attorney, eh...... The whole thing is utterly deplorable. Next step would be - he Looked at me, I felt harassed. Just wait for it...
MM (Denver)
How is this different than what Donald Trump was/is accused of? Seems somewhat similar in terms of being tried extra-judicially. I guess if you pay somebody off (hush money, etc) you don’t have to worry about it? I’m not sure I have an opinion on Cuomo one way or another... Everybody loved Giuliani, I thought I did too, but then look how that turned out. Maybe Cuomo is just like the rest of our ‘leaders’, maybe he isn’t
korrectur (Arizona)
It's not a question of believing or not believing the accusers. It's the charges, which are basically "Cuomo was a jerk to me." Anyone who can't see the distinction between that and "Trump forcibly raped me in a dressing room" has serious issues. One deserves thorough criminal investigation and the other does not. That's pretty much all there is to it.
Ampleforth (Airstrip One)
Call me naive, but I'm still much more upset about the nursing home coverup of all the deaths, and the lying to the CDC. Thousands of people are dead who could today be alive, but for the poor decision making, and the providing of bad information to public health authorities.
Joe Gould (The Village)
Perhaps Governor Andrew Cuomo should seek help from the 'Independent Democrats' he coalesced around Republicans in the State Senate, which weakened the Democratic Party's power. ... Wait... They've been voted out of office. Perhaps he should seek help from the Republicans... Wait... He abandoned them. Perhaps he should seek help from the Working Families Party..... Wait... He's been trying to kill that party, most recently by doubling the number of votes a party needed in a Presidential election to qualify for a party line on the ballot, a number the WFP far exceeded when Dems found out & rallied to support the WFP. Perhaps he should seek help from the unions. As more than one union member has pointed out, Governor Cuomo sat for more than 2 years on negotiated contracts between a number of unions & the State, signing them only a few months before his last election. Let Andrew wait the same period for their help as he waited to sign their contracts. Perhaps the Albany Police could set up a viewing stand & charge admission to see Andrew Cuomo behind bars. That would stuff their coffers!
Thomas D. (Brooklyn)
...And Hillary Clinton blames this on Vlad in 3, 2, 1 —
Dave (USA)
X-President trump still holds the record for the most women who have accused an elected official of sexual predation. He admitted to being a grabber and they still voted for him. Hypocrisy much?
GMooG (LA)
@Dave Umm, no. They all accused him of sexual predation BEFORE he was elected. So Cuomo still has the record.
Dave (USA)
@GMooG Umm, no...trump was accused BEFORE and after he was elected. Just in sheer numbers trump wins bigly.
New World (NYC)
I’m glad JFK didn’t get booted out of office for his alleged sexual behavior. I’m glad he was around to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Disappointed (Atlanta, GA)
@New World Me too. I get away with so much harassment at work because I am a major producer and I am able to remind my victims of said fact. It would be a shame to not have my achievements which have been of great benefit to the firm.
john fiva (switzerland)
Has Trump risen to a level of crime yet? A truly insane society!
korrectur (Arizona)
Apparently, forcing employees to urinate in bottles to meet the inhuman and sadistic production goals the boss insists on, all so he can add to his $130 billion dollar fortune, isn't something anyone should be held to account for. Nor the bosses running our meat and poultry processing centers, similarly driven by massive greed for profit to cram their employees together in covid-infested working conditions that systematically destroy their health. As long as none of these bosses make the fatal mistake of sweet-talking an underling, it's all good. The whole thing is sick, in my view. Warped priorities.
korrectur (Arizona)
Is someone effectively hurting the Republicans? Then he should be retained no matter what. Is someone helping the Republicans? Then they must be destroyed. Right now, these are the important criteria as our survival as a nation and as a species are on the line. If the Republicans are not crushed, we're all finished. It's as simple as that.
korrectur (Arizona)
I can't go along with any of this unless it's fair. If being an abusive boss is grounds for termination, then bosses who force employees to work overtime without compensation (completely routine), who demean and terrorize underlings (completely routine), who demand all sorts of favors outside the employee's job description (completely routine), who apply for pandemic aid then never hire back the people they laid off, simply putting the money in their pocket (completely routine), should be terminated. Why is making a pass at a pretty employee the one thing we've decided must never be tolerated? On the basis of what? I can think of many worse things and many employees across a range of disciplines deal with them daily.
fFinbar (Queens Village, NYC)
@korrectur On the basis of the NYS policy on fighting sexual harassment in the workplace:
Luigi (Mel. Beach)
You are spot on. It’s why I left my last job after 7 years of high performance and results, top reviews, and never missing even 1 day. It is an unspoken crisis in our nation. Decent pay and respect towards employees has disappeared in our nation for the sake of pure greed.
Oliver (New York)
Here we go again with Democrats trying to prove how virtuous we are. I guess all those Trump supporters were right. We are a bunch of coastal elitists. I will never vote for a Democrat again if the Democrats impeach the governor.
Carmen (NYC)
It seems to be getting worse by the day. The first 5 did not convince me and number 6 sounds too unreliable. I am ready to move on. Governor Cuomo needs to focus on New Yorkers. We are tired, broke and hungry. I am going to need an apology from these women. As a woman, I’m offended.
Lost In A Red State (Ohio)
I’m not defending the governor and I’m not defending his accusers. Why? Because I don’t know what happened in these situations/events - neither do any of the commenters! However, I spent more than 20 years of my professional life investigating sexual harassment complaints in both public and corporate settings. They are difficult investigations and, contrary to popular belief, just because a person claims they were the target of an unwanted comment, question, or touch does not mean that sexual harassment has occurred. Boorish behavior is not, Ipso facto, sexual harassment.
tom harrison (seattle)
If governors would just start wearing bodycams, we wouldn't have these issues.
Enough (San Francisco)
Right, because they would refrain from harassing employees if they knew they were being recorded. Great idea!
Ramonita Ortiz (Clarksville,TN USA)
Can all the men and women that planned this unbelievable accusations show their faces ! This was coming we all know it was coming,the sadness about this is how suddenly what we saw as a prestigious newspaper like the New York Time is saturating our minds with all these stories,is like I’m reading the NY Post instead.All these people are not hurting Governor Cuomo they are hurting those women that are and will be victims of any abuse perpetrated by any men or any abuse perpetrated by women against a men.
Somebody (Somewhere)
While I believe Cuomo is a total loser and this all has some potential to it, I also have direct evidence of the TU writing "sources say" articles based on lies.I had a sit-down with their editor Casey Seiler a couple year's afterwards and his exact words were "we just print what people say" I indicating that they require no due diligence of of by their reporters.
Cosmik Debris (New England)
Thank God Tara Reade didn't keep Joe Biden from the Presidency.
Honest moment (Home)
Prepare to get canceled Cuomo. Should have stepped down when it was only 1 or 2. Now you will be publically crucified along with the rest.
nightfall (Tallahassee)
The question is. Why now. Why did they wait so long and why after the nursing home question. Roger stone made sure al Franken was inundated with accusations and democrats would not want to defend anyone accused let along not guilty except in flirting. How many women have done that as well. Whatever the case republicans throw stones better than anyone because none of them have committed any transgressions. Their purity is a given right!!! And nursing home reports. Try florida. It far surpasses anything New York could do. Florida is no 1 for hiding things. Whatever the transgressions those should be handled for both sides and for good of everyone involved Politics should be left out of it. And the people not the legislature should decide his fate. After all didn’t hear too many congressional women asking trump to resign but they sure did rush to push al franken out for less We can’t have same atandards when offenses are the different resign or else.
Jack From Manhattan (NYC)
How pathetic the commenters here. Making excuses and turning a blind eye for an egomaniac like Cuomo but how they sang a very different tune when Trump was president. Shame on these NY Times readers. Pathetic, indeed.
Luigi (Mel. Beach)
Not many are defending Cuomo. I don’t like him. But asking a woman for a kiss is not harassment. Sounds like asking for consent to me.
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
I would be willing to bet at least two more "victims" crawl out of the woodwork before Saturday. I wonder if they realize how much harm they are causing to real victims and I hold responsible my friends the Democrats who are taking advantage of this movement because of political commitments. For the record, I am an Independent. Repeatedly I have pointed faults to both parties without hesitation.
Henry Porter (Middletown, Ct.)
@Independent , I would bet that the New York Times has 5 additional victim stories ready to go on Cuomo. They are now debating internally if Cuomo stays or goes.
If Cuomo, then Justices Thomas and Kavanagh too. What's the difference? Where is the legal investigation of the allegations made about those justices?
EE (East Coast)
@SA allegations against thomas were complete baloney made many years after the alleged incidents. In particular the actual allegations against thomas are amazingly unbelievable considering the amount of attention they receive. And they are not in the same ballpark as Cuomo or Kavanaugh.
rlk (New York)
I honestly have no idea whether these accusations are true or false. If true, Cuomo need to go. Period, end of story. If not true, there is an overriding requirement we find out who has led this smear campaign. Either way, we need the truth to come out as soon as possible to ensure reasonable governance of New York State going forward.
Jeremy Harris (Kauai, Hawaii)
Sexual harassment is the only "crime" I know where the sentence is the "death penalty", regardless of the severity of the infraction, and where the sentence is rendered before there has even been an investigation or trial. Surely there is a monumental difference between the alleged infraction by Senator Al Franken and the sexual extortion of Roger Ailes. Surely, there are degrees of sexual harassment. Demanding sex from a woman in order for her to get the job, and asking a woman who works for you for a kiss are both sexual harassment, but surely they are of different severity and don't both deserve a career death sentence. When did we decide that "one size fits all" in penalizing sexual harassment, and when did we decide that a man so accused, is guilty until proven innocent?
Jim Bob (Xanadu)
@Jeremy Harris Strange that all these comments use the same phrases and talking points.... The beyond hyperbolic "death penalty." Don't forget to mention Al franken. And the constant equivocation trying to justify admitted sexual harrassment. We're you all in the same focus group or something? ...
fFinbar (Queens Village, NYC)
@Jeremy Harris Here's what NYS has to say about preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. Required annual training for all employers and employees in NY.
Captain Nemo (On the Nautilus)
From what I am reading here, there is no proof, merely 'she says, he says'. But at this point, he is a wounded animal and drowning. The sharks are circling, the piranhas are closing in and the crocodiles are already in the water. In the end, it won't matter anymore what is true and what is a lie. Cuomo is politically finished. Not that anyone cared when Trump did worse or when he will run again in 2024....
June (Dc)
@Captain Nemo maybe you didn’t care but I do recall nearly 700k women marching in DC the first year of his presidency in repudiation to his misogyny. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Republican or a Democrat, sexual harassment and assault is never acceptable and the justice system should hold them accountable.
Chandra (New York)
Here is my own story, similar and then not. A woman from the West coast was coming to give a talk in my seminar. Some time before she arrived she emailed me that she did not have much money to stay om hotel and did not have friends in New York. Could she stay with me? I did not know her at all - had never met her. What should I say? Aware of the risk of a judgment without trial I was tempted to say no. But by saying no I would impose on her a cost which she did not want to bear and which would not be her fault after all. Finally I said yes and when I opened the door, I realized that this was woman incapable of lying, whether about the weather or even her age. Nothing untoward happened, she slept on the sofa, and now we are good friends. Pence would have said no and I cannot deny that he is the wiser one. But I did say yes and gained a friend.
sp (ne)
Trumps taxes are now fair game. He will be tried in NY state. the only person who can pardon him is governor of NY. It is clear Andrew Cuomo is not going to pardon Trump. Trump with a war chest of 270 million dollars, needs Cuomo out of the way as the governor. Cuomo has said he'd serve as governor as long as the people want him. Trump needs Cuomo out of the way. He needs a way to turn the public against Cuomo. Suddenly, all of these victims come out of the woodwork, The first one, is running for public office (Boylan) and never felt the need to report her "harassment" until running for office 2 years later. Next, one Bennett claims that when she was raped in college, the college president laughed in her face. Does anyone believe any college president would do so? She feels it is her duty to stop Andrew Cuomo but waited 10 months before going public. She says he's a predator. If you truly believe someone is a predator-you try to protect people immediately--not go on a crusade 10 months later. The third was a guest at a wedding with no connection to Cuomo. Asking can I kiss you-counts as harassment now? When all of those accusations didn't stick, it was time to up the ante. As soon as Cuomo said he never touched anybody, all of a sudden this accuser suddenly says she was groped. The end game is a Trump loyalist is elected governor (remember a republican beat Mario Cuomo) and Trump is pardoned, Trump gets to humiliate Cuomo and get a pardon too.
korrectur (Arizona)
@sp By far the most likely scenario. I hope decent journalists dig into the story and expose these hoodlums. I'm not optimistic the NY Times will be the ones to follow up on this, considering they now say Trump should be given credit for the coronavirus vaccine! Top THAT Rush Limbaugh!
TINMP (Santa Monica, CA)
@sp Build alliances with enemies and get the more powerful one eliminated - then turn on them in the name of "self preservation." Sounds like strategy in a reality - it's so obvious I can't believe the majority people can't see it.
c (ny)
this is ridiculous. If the complainant has not filed a report, why are we even discussing a possibility? Facts, people. facts. Not possibilities, maybes, could haves. Facts. actual complaints. Do not misunderstand - I am quite certain our governor is a bully in words, and skill full at that. A sex predator? I don't see that.
GMooG (LA)
@c I agree that we should question the veracity of people who accuse others of crimes publicly, but never file police reports or criminal charges. Just one question: That applies to every one of Trump's accusers, so why don't you doubt them as well. And for the record, I hate Trump, but hate hypocrites more.
Anna (Florida)
@GMooG E. Jean Carroll did.
Jack be Quick (Albany)
Legions of NY State public employees are taking great pleasure at Andy Cuomo's misfortune - Schadenfreude.
Vicki (Queens, NY)
@Jack be Quick The possibility of having a new governor from Buffalo rather than from NYC must be enchanting for upstate New Yorkers.
fact or friction (maryland)
Have to wonder...Suddenly, largely out of the blue, a never-ending series of accusations now...drip, drip, drip...Might Trump be behind this, with an eye toward a long shot effort to get a Republican elected as governor in 2022 who would pardon Trump for any/all NY state crimes?
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
@fact or friction My Democrat friends are responsible to a large extent for this new trend because of political commitments. And, I do not care at all about today's disgraceful Republicans.
CS (Chicago)
Nobody believed the women that accused Bill Hybels either. Finally the truth all came out and he had to leave. The amount of people who defend alpha males without question is disheartening.
GC (Manhattan)
To cure my Covid boredom I’ve been binge watching two French TV shows, Le Bureau and Ten Percent. It’s interesting to note the casual M/F touching in both, which would be cause for termination in a US office.
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
@GC We are a slightly sick society, for sure. Unfortunately, contagious to the rest of the world as well.
Rachel (Albany ny)
@Independent 'Slightly' is a strong understatement.
rabbit (nyc)
I know it's been hard for harassed women. But why are the new rules that the pendulum must swing to the other extreme and we are asked to believe every allegation made? The political opportunism here is obvious. Progressives tried to shove Biden out of the presidential race on the charge he was too handsy. But there is not one way to behave or touch. Are we so conformist that we think there is full cultural agreement on all aspects of male female interaction? Humans are very subjective, and both intention and context matter. Though the reports are troubling, I won't judge the Governor and have full confidence in investigation conducted by the AG.... who has a solid track record (I'd prefer her as Governor).
sf (santa monica)
@rabbit Maybe go talk to some women.
GC (Manhattan)
What’s clearly happening here is that the Nixon and Teachout supports are smelling blood.
Rachel (Albany ny)
Yeah... She didn't want to report, but the do-gooders know best. There has been a huge opposition camp against the Governor for years. My own Assemblyman (D), when I called him this summer to ask for help in enforcing the mask wearing in public places, first thing out of his mouth was a vehement , rude 'I don't agree with Cuomo!!!!!'. That's a person with whom I had talked before, and a lawyer... New York Legislature, both chambers, was named the Most dysfunctional in the country, with factions within Dem party colluding with the Rep party, and whose long-term leaders, Bruno (R) and Sliver (D), have been indicted and sentenced for corruption.. Cuomo is a strong man and leader, but the little pegs in the Legislature are always plotting to be more relevant than he is. They are considered part-time.... but draw the salaries of at least $118,000/year. I honestly don't know what they are actually doing, other than …. basically nothing. As for this latest tempest in a teacup, Pardon me if I don't quite believe it, and find it just another way to undermine the Governor.
Jim Bob (Xanadu)
Weird how the flood of apologist comments on these articles use the same 2-3 talking points and often similar turns of phrase. Something is fishy here... Where is that Cuomo war chest being spent?
SXM (Newtown)
Can we just call it the Tappan Zee.
GMooG (LA)
@SXM The bridge is named for Mario, not Andy
Leigh Parker (New York)
I did not vote for Cuomo but have come to truly appreciate his leadership and clarity during the pandemic. I question the motives of the state representatives darting towards impeachment on accusations that have not been investigated. It feels like they know Cuomo would easily win another term and they would prefer to prevent that. I believe his moderate views rub many in his party the wrong way. I would also warn Republicans who support Cuomo’s demise to consider who will take his place both now and in the future. The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend.
Honest moment (Home)
@Leigh Parker So sexual harassers and the like should be given a pass out of fear? So much for #metoo huh?
AL (Florida)
@Honest moment I think the point being made is that not all accusations are true and not all actions warrant a resignation or someone losing their job.
Guy (Seattle)
@AL I think the point being made there is why does 6 accusers and counting a 'rush to judgement'? Are we waiting for every single one of his victims to come forward? Everyone wants to believe him, but he's made it nearly impossible at this point. Many if not most/all are recent events too. Post-Kavanaugh. Not 30 years ago. These are completely normal steps to take. If you're questioning the motives behind completely rational actions, then I question your motives. You make a valid point, and I lik'ed' the guy but I think around 3 or 4 is when I lost all hope for him. He's a leader and he must be held to a higher standard. At a minimum if 'some' allegations are misleading, that still leaves enough doubt that the confidence in his leadership is lost. As a leader who should represent the people at their best, the least he can do is resign out of respect for the office.
Naomi Sarna (NYC.)
Cuomo is a well known bad boy. An imperfect vessel, but overall, he's done a much better job than most governors. He's done some sound work for the people of NYS and under no circumstances should he resign. No one forced these women to work with him. If Cuomo goes, you'll have to do something about Trump who freely admitted being vile. Again and again.
sf (santa monica)
@Naomi Sarna Tell that to your daughters when they're harassed.
Jim Bob (Xanadu)
@Naomi Sarna We must accept sexual harassment and corruption from our politicians because ... Trump? Oh?
Errand Boy (NYC)
@Naomi Sarna "No one forced these women to work with him" This is hardly a good defense for anyone...
Michael (Copenhagen)
Mr Cuomo: "I never had groping relations with that woman, Miss Aide!"
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
@Michael Impressive logic!
Paula Zawadzky (New York)
I could be wrong, but, why do I keep going back to the thought this is political? Congresswoman Stefanik wants to run for governor in 2020, she's another Trump kisser, Trump has no love for Cuomo as do others. Just saying! Maybe all these things did happen, but why are they coming out now.
Kay Bee (Upstate NY)
@Paula Zawadzky Stefanik wouldn't get elected dog catcher in a statewide NY race. I have no love for either Trump or Cuomo - they have more in common than either would care to admit - but the Republicans are so weak in NY I don't think they're capable of this type of hit job.
Dis Able Vet (Yo, in Jersey)
This is a smear campaign the likes of which you children are only going to see once or twice a decade. Meanwhile, the former republican felon pardoner in chief bragged openly about sexually assaulting women, and you are all totally silent. God forgive you, because I won't. Tell the militant feminists I'll buy them all mattresses they can haul around everywhere with the stimulus money. And the only reason you're all getting away with any of this is that he is a public figure, and when the dust settles you'll all have mattress dust on your shoulders and be even more reprehensible than you were going in. Go Governor, don't you dare do an Al Franken, and Senator Gillibrand, you're never, ever, going to sit in that seat because tobacco, so forget it, and quit helping out the Republicans, you D I N O.
citizen q (ny)
I worked for the state of new york for over 30 years. everyone is required to take a sexual harassment training. if Coumo received this training he knew what he did is wrong. if the allegations presented against Coumo were against Any other state emploihe would be on Administration leave while it is investigated. he should be told to stay home and the Lt Governor should be running the state. anything less shows liberal hipocrasy.
fFinbar (Queens Village, NYC)
@citizen q Absolutely correct and then some.
Tim (Boston)
Wonder if Trump has anything to do with all these accusations, as in, he paid (indirectly of course) some or all of these women who are accusing Cuomo. I could definitely see Trump doing something like this--to get back at Cuomo.
GMooG (LA)
@Tim To get back at Cuomo for what? Hiding the ball on nursing home deaths? Cuomo talked some smack about Trump (as did everyone else), but never really did anything to or against Trump
Disappointed (Atlanta, GA)
When will Julie Swetnik be filing a complaint against Cuomo? Actually that could be a very good strategy (for Cuomo)...
Retired Fed (Northern Westchester)
These are unproven allegations. They are easy to make, hard to disprove. There is no evidence, other than uncorroborated statements. No tapes, witnesses, DNA, fingerprints. By all means, have a credible investigation. This includes all of the accusers' contacts and financial information. Was Cuomo set up? Cuomo has three daughters, and his mother is still around. I really can't see him doing stuff that would be demeaning to women. Makes no sense. He has to know that word would get around. I think in a moment of weakness he may have made clumsy passes at these women. He should have known better.
GMooG (LA)
@Retired Fed I'm sure that's exactly what you said about Bill Clinton too, right? Naive people - the real Democrat base
Oh My (NY)
Sorry this all sounds fishy and reeks of misplay. Politically motivated issue.
Lumberjack Bear (The Great Northwest)
As a man , I would like to have the right and consideration to defend myself in court before having my name and my reputation dragged through the mud. If the verdict is against me ....let the barbecue begin..but not until I am PROVEN guilty in a court of law.
GMooG (LA)
@Lumberjack Bear most of these are not criminal charges, so they will never go to court
The number of people coming forward to defend Cuomo's indefensible behavior, and the excuses they trot out (identical to those used to defend Trump, Roger Ailes, Kavanaugh, etc.) is mind-boggling. Does Cuomo have a troll farm on his payroll? The Republicans who defended Trump, refusing to impeach him even after evidence of his guilt in the Capitol riots was overwhelming, apparently believe the final "law" in George Orwell's "Animal Farm": "All animals are equal, but some (i.e., are more equal than others." Some Democrats appear to believe the same.
Sydney (Chicago)
This is a political witch hunt. Nothing more.
A and B Gordon (New York)
One can but (hindsight) wish that the same universal condemnation had been applied to Trump and Kavanaugh when it was so needed. Kavanaugh, credibly accused of rape, now is a Supreme Court judge. T who boasted of groping, was easily forgiven by his voters. At least this is an opportunity for the Dems to walk their talk, set an example, and follow due diligence... while the Reps cheer them on all their hypocrisy.
Kevin (Los Angeles)
this double standard and victim blaming is no different than how republicans view their leaders
Eatoin Shrdlu (Long Island)
OK, will the state investigators please hurry and tell us if the governors totally lost his governors or this is anger by the State Legislature and the Times-Union over Andy’s three terms of non-sexual beastly ways - Which turned the State Senate Democratic for the first time anyone can remember? Not doubting anyone at this point, except the T-U’s refusal to name the person alleging assault without good journalistic reason. If Cuomo has reached the point of groping, we’ve got serious problems. If the State Senators are behind it we’ve got problems. And, if the usually noble A T-U is behind it, we’ve really got problems. - Not of the few/ Who have left the T-U
mata (Brooklyn NY)
te same police that alied with Trump and other right wing candidates in the election so they won't get regulated?
Jan (Michigan)
Similar allegations will keep surfacing. The six out there now suggest that Andrew Cuomo exhibited a pattern of grooming behaviors toward younger women who worked as his subordinates. The dominance and control that many Americans admired in Cuomo's pandemic briefings, appear to have crossed a line regularly in his interactions with lower-level staffers. The guy is 63 years old. Maybe he didn't want to get the memo on sexual harassment of women in the workplace because he didn't think it applied to him. (He's God.)
Not my full name (Illinois)
I'm not defending Cuomo. He's an egocentric d. But what are the criteria for comparison? Donald Trump? JFK? Clinton? I won't ever support anything that Gillibrand says after Al Franken. Oddly, she has been very quite about all this. There is a part of me that also questions the current generation and their trigger happy existences. Cuomo saying, "You look nice today" instantly becomes sexual grooming. More serious alligations have been made, but part of me thinks Cuomo is just a difficult boss and some people think now is the time for payback. If he committed a crime beyond being a d, then he needs to face the consquences. At the very least he isn't now likely to run again for office. Another part of me thinks that is the whole point. Gillibrand was able to destroy a potential Presdiential candidate and the next generation of Democrats may see this as a chance to rise in the ranks. The heavy hitters incluiding Gillibrand are really quite though. This all started with someone that lost an election and is running for a lower office. Maybe Cuomo didn't support her enough. Loyality in politics is fickle.
Alex Frank (Pittsburgh)
I’m disgusted by what he did
Barbara (NYC)
How do your know all the reports are true?
Albela Shaitan (Midwest)
Cuomo must leave as a moral obligation.
Bob 555 (NY)
The female commenters' defense are probably the same commenters who wouldn't vote for Cynthia Nixon when she ran against Cuomo for the nomination for governor. These women subscribe to Hillary's defense of Bill, to wit; the accusing females are all floozies and there is a vast right-wing conspiracy. btw; it's sad that I have to say it: I voted for Bill twice and Cuomo Junior twice
kay (ny)
This is beginning to sound....political. Why hasn't Trump been arrested for groping women, raping women and his disparaging words about women in front of the world?
GMooG (LA)
@kay because none of the alleged victims ever filed criminal charges. Don't you wonder why that is? Might it have something to do with the fact that filing false charges is a felony?
Enough (San Francisco)
Victims don’t “file criminal charges” - prosecutors are supposed to do that, but they rarely charge men with sexual assaults where the victims know their attackers. Victims may make police reports, but they do so at their peril. The one time I reported a rape to the SFPD, the cops came after me because they were chummy with my rapist. They actually looked for something to arrest me for, and they smeared my reputation to my neighbors.
Pat Boice (Idaho Falls, ID)
The police "reached out" to the "victim"? Since when did this become policy?
Minnie Taylor (Georgia)
IMHO, this has Trump written ALL OVER IT. You know how I know this? Trump hasn't weighed in at all. He's just leaned back watching and thumping his chest in gleeful satisfaction with that gotcha look on his face. ANYONE who crossed him is on his hit list. With the right incentive, you can always find people to do your dirty work. What I HEAR, and what I KNOW after a 33 years career is what we all know to be true is that sparring, teasing, flirting and all kinds of little things among male/female co-workers. Nothing that wasn't laughed off and moved on from. Nothing that was threatening or abusive. I don't want to see MEN or WOMEN ropped up because of a vendetta. I wish that as these cases continue to come up, ALL THE WOMEN WOULD STEP FORWARD AND SAY THEY WERE ABUSED, not step forward when when WE KNOW it's someone's ulterior motive.
GR (California)
“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, er, New York …“
Daddy (Wyoming)
Just something to ponder folks who believe Biden’s proposal to change the rules of procedure on college campus re sexual encounters. If this occurred during the Obama presidency and perhaps soon in the Biden presidency Cuomo would likely be suspended at this point if not expelled. He would not be afforded due process. Just think about it.
During Cuomo's daily pandemic news conference he would go off topic with cute personal anecdotes. The viewers ate it up. I was aware that his aide did not. Oh the stories Melissa DeRosa might share . . .
No doubt there has been for decades and centuries a sustained culture of male sexist entitlement that Cuomo, and may I point out likely many male member of congress over 30 or 40 is guilty of, that has GOT to change. BUT when are women going to take responsibility to teach young girls how to stand up for themselves when they are confronted with inappropriate behavior (I'm not talking rape here that's another matter) When are women going to stop being victims, when is your 20 year old intern going to point a finger, make a charge, forcefully say" Sir, that makes me uncomfortable" or "Don't you dare"? Let's make fewer victims. Let's educate men. Lets hire Human Resource administrators who support and vocalize to young interns that inappropriate behavior by their bosses is unacceptable and must be confronted. This all feels like such a tragedy. I'm not prone to conspiracy but it sure feels like something's behind this move move to bring Cuomo down. Yes, he can be thug-like and sexist (hello, Albany) but he's been one of the best leaders this country has had through this hideous nightmare of a pandemic unlike the revolting malignant narcissist that still wants to rule the world. PS I'm strong older woman so I can say if I had a nickel for every inappropriate grope I've had throughout my life...well. you know the rest...
Well said, I couldn't agree more!
Pucifer (Pleasuredome)
Hmm... Anyone else beginning to see a pattern here? The Governor can pursue any sexual relationship he desires... outside the workplace. By focusing on his subordinates, the Governor is sexually harassing these women and creating a hostile workplace.
Peter Jaffe (Thailand)
Where there’s smoke...
Katela (Los Angeles)
The operative words in the article? 'Late last year.' And NOW we hear from her. Ummmm.
Edward V (Florida)
It seems to me that Cuomo's alleged crude behavior started right after his relationship with Sandra Lee ended.
Karen Burke (Shaker Heights)
I thought that too
@Edward V Did she leave him? Or did he leave her?
Some women see harassment. Kamala Harris just sees missed opportunities to get ahead. Willie Brown?
EE (East Coast)
Why does Cuomo have so many female aides?
EE (East Coast)
Whoever sent a young woman into the governors private residence without accompanying her should be fired immediately.
Vicki (Queens, NY)
@EE These are smart, grown women, not children. They did not need chaperones.
Jim (Berkshires Mass)
It is well known that Andrew Cuomo is a bully who always denies and attacks whenever there is criticism of him. Hubris to the Nth degree.
Imagine 2000 (Scarsdale, NY)
6 women and Democrats are still defending this predator of young women. Shameful and disappointing.
Linda (NYC)
why are you writing about unnamed aides who said something happened at an unnamed time and fid not file a complaint, with nothing approaching corroboration?
Enough (San Francisco)
Corroboration is not required, so stop demanding it.
sf (santa monica)
Well, we were cool with his "Vote for Cuomo not the >>>>" against Koch. We were happy to look the other way with his killing nursing home residents. We pretended it was good that he ran the state like a dictator for years. Reporters were happy to keep quiet about him sexually harassing women for years. We all enabled him because he was on our team.
Ben (NYC)
Sorry, but this is just so unbelievable. There is no way that this guy did this. None whatsoever. His babbling to other women is probably true. But this is beyond the pale.
GMooG (LA)
@Ben Hey, thanks for that comment. To think of all the billions of dollars we spend on prosecutors, investigations, juries, judges, Court staff, etc. When all we really need to do is to ask Ben from NYC: Is there any way this guy did this?
JE (Westchester)
I smell Trump, his toadies, and minions all over this.
Albecht (Schafer)
I believe her
Devendra (Boston, MA)
Andrew Cuomo has taken a page out of Bill Clinton's book and just won't go away. He has proven two things if nothing else. He is Shameless and Power Hungry. It's up to the voters of New York and the Democrat Party of New York to show their true color and impeach this man if he does not resign. If the New York Democrats don't get rid of him, do not impeach him then they are telling the people that only the Republicans' crimes count and Democrats' don't. Then we have a Third World Bannana Republic.
GC (Manhattan)
I missed the part where he was convicted of something, anything.
Chandra (New York)
@Devendra Does something become a crime if we call it a crime? I had not realized that kissing a woman's hand or even her lips was a crime. If he kissed her without permission, then it was a faux pas but not a crime.
Michael Walsh (Montclair New Jersey)
@Devendra I don’t agree ... these accusations are ‘nothing burgers’. Not proved.
Sutter (Sacramento)
Sorry but there needs to be due process. Sure everyone come forward after the first one. Make sure that each new accusation is separated by a few days at least.
I'm not a huge Cuomo supporter but I do not think he should resign, just as I didn't think Kavanaugh should be deemed unfit to serve on the Supreme Court merely because of the sexual assault allegation. The idea he should resign is a species of cancel culture in my view. The key features of cancel culture are that it's a form of mob justice: The prosecutors are Twitter and the media, which in most cases nowadays is little more than Twitter's megaphone. There should be an independent investigation into the allegations and then a decision should be made but not before them. Also Cuomo should be allowed to defend himself. I note, quite controversially I'm sure, that I believe the same standards should apply regardless of the political party of the accused.
Disappointed (Atlanta, GA)
@JA Plus I'm not sure how much I really compare about these inappropriate kissing, fondling, and creepy suggestions in comparison to all the seniors that Cuomo sent to the nursing home death camps unnecessarily. It would be a shame to see resign over the sex harassing prior to getting into the thousands of seniors who died.
Enough (San Francisco)
What you call “cancel culture” is a result of the “justice” system pretty much ignoring violence against women. If the police and the courts offer no remedies for women who have been attacked, then women are going to seek extrajudicial remedies. You would, too, if it happened to you. I, for one, am sick of being a second-class citizen.
Laurie (New Jersey)
I’m not crazy about Cuomo, but I’ve got to wonder why, at this time, all of these allegations are being brought forward. Is it possible that this is has been driven by the NYS or other US “Firm” to seemingly avoid dealing with the nursing home issue?
Disappointed (Atlanta, GA)
@Laurie The media loves the slow trickle of allegations. Every Cuomo article is getting major eyeballs. Foxnews and NYT have absolutely no interest in Cuomo resigning too soon.
Upper West Sider (NYC)
Strange to read this while knowing we have several candidates for Manhattan DA who say they will not prosecute many misdemeanors - like groping. NYers who care about Public Safety, who care about all victims - should learn about the candidates.
Jackie (Long Island.)
Wow, it is clear that NYT is no fan of Cuomo! I, however, am a fan. My vote voice should count. The voters should decide who is office, not biased media or politicians with an axe to grind. I hope that Cuomo stays NY tough and weathers this storm. He’s had good practice.
Leigh Parker (New York)
You are so right about the NYT’s bias. They went after Biden every way they could until he got elected and then he became the golden child. Cuomo is too moderate for the NYT. I’m sure they’d love to see Governor AOC. The coverage is poorly one sided but that is the NYT way.
Rachel (Albany ny)
@Leigh Parker Bravo. I'll vote for a plastic bag before I vote for AOC.
Steve K (New York, NY)
There are two issues: 1. Might the Governor have committed criminal acts? That is a question to be determined after investigation by the criminal justice system. Unless and until he is found guilty in a criminal court, he is presumed innocent. 2. Is Andrew Cuomo fit to remain as Governor? Given the apparent attempt to cover up/obscure what happened in the nursing homes, multiple allegations of highly inappropriate treatment of women which appear to constitute sexual harassment or worse an a tendency to bully members of his staff and others; I would conclude that the Governor appears like a cooked goose. Place a meat thermometer in his mouth. He's done.
Jazzmani (CA)
If you are an older person please believe that very few young lads or lasses desire your crustiness, and IF they DO, they will make the first move. Otherwise it's a safe assumption that your imagined charm is just that. lol
Newsbuoy (Newsbuoy Sector 12)
There was a party in Paris where a man asked "and what do you do?" and Mr Bonaparte replied "I'm a general" and the man asked "but are you a good general?" Apparently it doesn't matter who's governor it's all about manners and the sensitivities of society. Sure sign of a failing empire. "say hello to the new boss--same as the old boss" yes we will be fooled again, and again, and again. I resigned my registration to that party, from Nader to Sanders to Cuomo. Whats next? Petting puddles with malaise a forethought (yes malaise, no typo) Let them eat bread.
ReV (Larchmont, NY)
For the good of New York State and the Democratic Party, the Governor must resign and let the lieutenant Governor take over the reigns of the administration. Enough is enough.
Paul (Phoenix, AZ)
There is no doubt the hand of Roger Stone is in this and these accusations will continue and be elevated by the media to the equivalent of a capital crime and by whataboutism until he resigns.
Hope (Upstate New York)
I support the women who came forward and I also believe the Governor that he did not touch anyone with sexual intent. I think generational issues are at play here and that Cuomo's "old school" behaviors are out of touch with the times. I for one, am thankful that his behaviors have come under public review so they can be eradicated across the board. I find such sexist behavior overbearing and offensive but not impeachable.
Disappointed (Atlanta, GA)
@Hope I agree. I've been getting away with similar behavior for decades. It would be a shame to see it deemed impeachable or even unacceptable in any way that would jeopardize my job.
CBK (San Antonio, TX)
I wish the media would let these unconvincing accusations of sexual harrassment go, probably almost as much as Cuomo does. Don't we have a few other problems in this country that are more life-impacting than whether or not Cuomo touched a woman's back? (Did she not choose the backless dress? Is it possible he could have placed his hand without knowing about the magic back?) And an intense and unsolicited conversation? (He couldn't REALLY have been lonely?) How does the MeToo movement get to decide what minor conversation oir action is assault and what's not? I know it's sensational but, really, give it up. There's so much more we have to deal with. Gun violence, white supremacy, Capitol insurgents, new COVID mutations or a hand kiss? The lack of cultural perspective is depressing.
Could NOT agree more! I received a “Breaking News Alert” about this latest accusation, which is incredibly vague, at best. I am strongly considering terminating my subscription to the NYT over such ridiculous reporting. My goodness folks, we just got rid of a president whose disgusting sexual behaviors were far more egregious than anything this mayor “may” have done. I am a female who worked in a male-dominated industry for 50 years...let me tell you about sexual discrimination?! I live in the southwest but from my perspective, some New Yorkers are making a “mountain out of a molehill”. Even from this distance, I could understand the possible reason(s) for under-reporting the nursing home deaths.. Look at WHO Cuomo had to deal with!!! A compromised DOJ, DOH, White House administration, etc... STOP this kind of reporting, NYT and tell us some IMPORTANT news that affects our lives. K?
Rachel (Albany ny)
@COgal Agree wholeheartedly!
Dr John (Oakland)
If he broke the law; then charge him. Accusations are not convictions. I believe these women,but that in no way resembles due process
Doug (New York)
The comments to this and related NYT articles on Cuomo are really sad and make clear why there needs to be a 2 party system to keep power in check. The good ole days of Albany are alive and well, unfortunately.
Kristi (Atlanta)
Tolerating sexual harassment by Democrats in exchange for policies you like is no better than Republicans tolerating racism in exchange for tax cuts. Politicians on both sides of the aisle seem to be members of an elite caste granted diplomatic immunity for a variety of misdeeds in exchange for desired legislation or public policy. We do not have to accept this devil's bargain if we hold our public officials to higher standards, regardless of political party. If Democrats are worried that Republicans won't hold their candidates to the same standards, then don't vote for them. History will not look kindly on their prejudices. Say it with me: Sexism and racism are wrong. No one is above the law. See? It's not that hard.
Fred Talbott (Virginia Beach, VA)
Women and men are faced with this nightmare throughout the workplace. Do you report it? How do you prove it? It's like we need body and wall cameras on 24/7. I recall sitting at my computer alone in my office with the hallway door open when suddenly two hands are deeply massaging my shoulders. I stiffened and turned and it was a female new hire standing there, smiling, as if she had given me a gift. I was shocked, and explained that it was not appropriate--we were both married, and frankly even if we were single I would not appreciate random touching and rubbing. She feigned hurt, and the next thing I know people are avoiding me and I learn she'd been lying about me, saying I accused her of wrongdoing. Next--you guessed it--she shows up at an organizational dinner with our male, married boss, and rubs his arm and puts her head on his shoulder throughout the meal. The workplace is weird--so glad I'm retired!
God (Heaven)
Let me get this straight. Only one woman out of all the women he worked with. Anita Hill, accuses a man of crude sexual remarks and repeatedly asking her out and that’s it. According to Democrats he’s got to go.
Elissa F (Buffalo)
That accusation was made during a job interview. Not the same thing.
NYCinScotland (UK)
There were other women. They weren’t permitted to testify
Errol (Medford OR)
I am not partisan and not a political supporter of Cuomo. This news item reveals the stench of injustice and kangaroo court being organized against Cuomo, done easily now in this age of feminist extremism This news item stated: "Albany police, said that the department had not received a formal complaint from the woman, who has not been identified, but that it had reached out to a lawyer for her......the department..... has offered its services to the alleged victim, “as we would do with any other report or incident” However, this news item goes on to state: "a lawyer for the female aide told the governor’s office that the aide did not want to file a report." Put those 2 statements together and you see the injustice here. The accuser did NOT file and did NOT file any report to police. But still the police were so intent upon finding a crime even when it had no evidence of a crime and no report or complaint of a crime from the supposed "victim". Then the police LIE by claiming that they were offering their services whenever they have a report of an incident (even though they did not have a report here) Rogue police action, trial by the media, complete lack of even a scintilla of evidence, mere accusation only, accusation of long ago supposed "incidents", piling on of multiple accusers who all previously never uttered any complaint Cuomo never should have crawled in public statement before those intent upon injustice against him. But that is what the left demands
Paul (Phoenix, AZ)
@Errol He's getting the full Clinton treatment. Both Bill and Hillary were repeatedly cleared of all charges by various independent/special counsels yet that did not prevent those law enforcement officials from making extra-prosecutorial remarks that the Clintons still did something wrong, a clear violation of the Clintons 6th amendment rights.
Craig (Cabo San Lucas)
If you are not partisan why say “the left”? If that isn’t partisan I don’t know what is.
Enough (San Francisco)
A woman’s word is evidence.
Lisa (Buffalo, NY)
This is America. We have Due Process and people are Innocent until Proven Guilty. MeToo says "believe the women", which totally disregards the rule of law. Cuomo should NOT resign. This is a political hit job orchestrated by the GOP or even the Trump family. The timing is just TOO convenient. These women are trying to bring a good man down and it is WRONG. I stand with Governor Cuomo and don't want him to end up like Senator Al Franken, another good man who was wrongly accused.
Enough (San Francisco)
Where is the evidence that this is a political hit job?
Juan (G)
Bring back the Tappan Zee Bridge back! No more nepotism.
Volodarsky Ebs (Kent,OH)
yep. always disbelieve and discount what a woman has to say. how typically male.
Disappointed (Atlanta, GA)
@Juan Or at the very least rename the bridge the Fredo Cuomo bridge.
GMooG (LA)
@Juan For the hundredth time, the bridge was named for Mario, not Andy.
BabsWC (West Chester, PA)
After reading most of the comments below it looks like people are evenly divided about "he said/she said"- only the "he saids" are less than the "shes". Now about the nursing home mess, THERE is the real story. Let's get the full story on WHY the executives - governor, top aide, chief medical spox all kept this on the down low. If THIS was a big lie, someone needs accountability, and owning the problem. As for the #metoo I'm beginning to think it's a convenient way of the under 35 crowd throwing their own pity party. Let's not confuse an in charge, in your face guy with a groper, assaulter, what have you. Let's finish the work of investigating the nursing home mis-reported deaths - that's key here!
TINMP (Santa Monica, CA)
@BabsWC I'm 56 and work in tv production and with ad agencies where 90% of the employees are under thirty-five. I try to be low key, never raise a frown or sign of frustration. I sometimes feel like they don't hear a word I say - its just the old white guy over there. In an age obsessed world, exacerbated by social media- if you are over the age of 50 - you are automatically labeled with certain tropes- just because. You become an easy target at the proverbial water cooler and beyond. Even more so in NYS.
HL (Falls Church, Virginia)
Is there anyone left who, at this point, doesn’t understand why women are reluctant to make these reports formally? On the flip side, this starting to look like a pile on. Think it would be better for both sides if this whole mess now followed the requisite HR and/or legal course. Confidentially.
D. Elisabeth Glassco (New Jersey)
Let the investigation proceed. Cuomo should not resign until it is completed.
Bob Huron (Aspen, CO)
There are a lot of Andrew Cuomo’s out there, in both the private and public sectors. Men are subject to this also. It’s a shining example of diversity where no gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation is left out of the bullying, striking fear of retaliation in all victims. We all pay the price, the victims directly, and the rest of us indirectly.
Kristi (Atlanta)
I'm alarmed by the tenor of many of these comments. Just because one side of the political aisle has normalized sexual harassment and rape culture does not make it okay for the other party to do so. If you are defending Cuomo because you fear that you are putting your party at a disadvantage if you hold your party's elected officials to the low bar of not breaking the law, I urge you to please adopt higher standards. Sexual harassment is a mindbogglingly unfair reality for a large percentage of women in the workplace. To be willing to tolerate hostile work environments at the cost of the wellbeing of half of the population speaks to the extent of the normalization of rape culture. It's past time to stop accepting "boys will be boys" attitudes as a necessary tradeoff for competent governance. Electing and promoting more women to positions of power would be a step in the right direction.
Rachel (Albany ny)
@Kristi I know quite a few women, all in various occupations and working in various enterprises, be it private, state or federal.. I haven't heard anyone even once complain about 'sexual harassment', not once. Now, my experience is just that, mine. But, the generalizations re the 'Systemic' harassment that almost all females experience is a gross exaggeration as well. In this country, and at this time, stuff gets blown out of proportion all the time, with a wildfire speed... It's not gonna end well. Unless somehow someone manages to put an end to this perverse phenomenon....
haigh (NY)
Unfortunately, when you have police union leaders endorsing Trump and many white police officers refusing to wear masks at the peak of the first wave in NYC we can not depend on our police being impartial. Pay them well. Train them well.... and go back to the not so distant past when police unions were illegal. They are dangerous and should be banned. For some of the same reasons professional soldiers aren't allowed to form unions.
Walker (USA)
Gov. Cuomo is INNOCENT until proven GUILTY in a court of law! Firmly believe Gov. Cuomo is NOT GUILTY of these allegations! I’m going on a hunch that the stories are over exaggerated. Once this incident is behind Gov Cuomo; Cuomo should run for President!
Seamunky (Long Beach CA)
Men in positions of authority should know by now what used to "go" no longer does. Much of what I have seen about Cuomo’s reported behaviors I have experienced as typical and in the past that men got away with it ~ from the beginning of time… still do. HOWEVER, it is past time to review old thinking. Men in our society can no longer claim naiveté. I would hope all men would have done some self reflecting on their past behavior by now. The fact Cuomo is not doing just that by acknowledging obvious inappropriate behavior (see photos!) is disappointing. Is it fear or shame or ego? Is this push politically influenced, you bet your bippy. I keep wanting to say to those who want him out: ya'll put up with Trump and much worse behavior so what is the hurry ~ let this play out. I think Al Frankin was too quick to fold up his tent. On the flip side, the women did not report this when it happened and in this day and age they also must accept responsibility for ENABLING his behavior. Can women be protected to discreetly report such incidents; in these high profile cases? I think we all know they will be vilified. If Cuomo reached under her blouse and touched her this is a new ball game. Still, as it stands unproven, this man needs to wake up or he deserves to be put to pasture.
Wally Wolfd (Texas)
There have been accusations from women against Cuomo and calls for Cuomo to resign from mostly competitors, and there have been no investigations into anything related to these accusations, and this particular incident is especially questionable. Democrats are so eager to find the man accused guilty and the women accusers honest. If Trump had been held to the Democrats' high standards, he would have been gone a long time ago. Be careful about eating your own, Democrats. If you destroy all the male Democrats in Congress who chase women, all you'll have left are male Republicans who chase women.
Susan Wladaver-Morgan (Portland, OR)
A denial of doing something is NOT an apology.
Hi There (Irving, TX)
Why are people going after Cuomo? If all of us women who have been touched, groped, kissed and more, shared all of our stories, and we treated the offenders as we're treating Cuomo, few men out there could show their faces again - This is absurd. Please. We've all get more important things to do.
theresa (ny)
@Hi There Your comment is absurd. So women are just fair game for any creep who wants to grope them? What other rights would you have us give up? What century are you living in?
Md (Ny)
Not ONE WORD these women are saying is TRUE. This is a continuation of the anti-feminist ‘Me Too’ movement. I say ‘anti feminist’ because feminists know how to leave a party. I have nothing but respect for Governor Cuomo who seems, with all the ‘goodies’ at his feet, the least likely who would need to stoop so low as to entangle himself with these publicity seeking Janes.
Shane (Isle of Skye)
We are often told how Progressive and Liberal New York City is. So why is Cuomo still Governor. The pattern of trying to take advantage of his female aides is quite apparent, he was captured on film trying to "make it" with a twenty something year old Female. He sent Covid patients to Nursing Homes and that lead to the deaths of those in the Homes and then he tried to cover it up. Why do you tolerate such misbehavior ? is there no one in all of New York who can do a better job as Governor ?
Elissa F (Buffalo)
You were interesting until you repeated the misinformation about sending covid patients to nursing homes. Hospitals released patients who had recovered. Hospitals were NOT releasing patients who were still sick. Due to the high number of tests needed by NYS, Cuomo opted to not require retesting of patients that hospitals released back into their homes. It's possible that the judicial use of testing actually saved lives. After all, NYS had one of the best recoveries in the country.
New World (NYC)
@Shane Sure, look up Zephyr Teachout.
Shane (Isle of Skye)
@Elissa F Were persons who had Covid sent to Nursing Homes or not. If Not, why did Cuomo cover it up ?
vincent (new york, ny)
I’ve never liked him but do like the progressive advances in our state. Whatever happens, the way sexual harassment allegations work depends on what side you’re on politically. After allegations are made, Democrats attack the accused. Republicans attack the accuser. It would be wise to find a reasonable point somewhere between these poles but that is asking for the impossible in our country.
Tom Toth (Langhorne)
I wonder what his 20-something daughters think of this? Dinners must be interesting or very silent.
GMooG (LA)
@Tom Toth Well, I bet the don't bring their female friends around anymore.
Mary Ann (Seattle)
Whack-a-mole harassment allegations, each sounding more outrageous than the last. Doesn't pass the sniff test with me, someone with her own past Title VII issues. Sit tight, Governor Cuomo. Your service record looks pretty good from out here on the left coast.
William (Chicago)
The hypocrisy of the ardent Cuomo supports is overwhelming.
Sue (Cleveland)
Do we “believe the women” or not? If he was a Republican, the calls for his removal/resignation would be deafening.
Elissa F (Buffalo)
If it were a Republican, the women would either have been underage or the perpetrator would have bragged about the assaults. Your representation is questionable.
Deb (CT)
So, what do his daughters think about dear old dad? I'm guessing that they can't believe a word of these allegations. Really, groping under someone's blouse? Not very believable to me. And what caused the lack of outrage at the time? If you were so disturbed, why wouldn't you have filed a complaint then? Reeks of payback on Cuomo's great handling of info during the covid crisis vs. Trump's mishandling... Makes you wonder abour Trump's accusers and whatever happened to them...
Pank (Camden, NJ)
What's galling about these attacks on men in positions of power is that only after the first complaint do they come pouring in, ganging up on him once he seems defenseless. This behavior is typically female, disgusting, and totally weakens their cases, if they even have one.
Jeffrey (Los Angeles)
@Pank So, men in power are the victims of hoards of angry and frustrated females? Okay. Thank you Mr. Trump.
havnaer (Long Beach, CA)
Governor Cuomo CAN'T resign, even if he's innocent. Resignation would be seen as a tacit admission of guilt. That could encourage the State's AG to press criminal charges and ultimately risk sending him to prison. Although there appear to be many pleased to see that, an unjust conviction is still unjust, even if it is popular. But if Cuomo evades prison, Civil lawsuits with a far lower threshold for damages would certainly wipe out his $5M net worth and likely any future income he might be able to earn. Sadly for New Yorkers, this leaves the Governor as a Lame Duck until his departure in 2023. No good deed goes unpunished.
GMooG (LA)
@havnaer "Resignation would be seen as a tacit admission of guilt. That could encourage the State's AG to press criminal charges and ultimately risk sending him to prison." No, that's just wrong, and makes no sense
Rachel (Albany ny)
@havnaer I plan on voting for him in 2023, and I am sure he would win if he runs.
Uh (US)
Why involve the police. Call a social worker. But seriously, this is the last thing police want to have to spend time on. Doing interviews with the involved people, inviting more people to come forward, making reports, more pressure, more political tightrope balancing.
Consumer-To-Digest (East)
Innocent until and unless the evidence proves otherwise. This is a society that jumps at sound bites, reacts to situations without evidence, consumes headlines and leans into dramatic situations. Let this be handled correctly through the system and then the millions can cast their judgements based on factual information.
Jeffrey (Los Angeles)
All of these charges need to be fully investigated by qualified independent parties. My understanding is that the NYT has published several investigative stories detailing Mr. Cuomo's questionable behavior -- including shutting down the independent state commission established to investigate complaints against public officials. Whatever the result of the investigations, voters will soon have the opportunity to make the decision of Mr. Cuomo's future.
OwnIt (Miami, Fla)
The statute of frauds holds that a person cannot be charged with failing to fulfill certain obligations if the person claiming the obligation did not taken certain actions. We need a similar statute that requires victims of sexual harassment and assault to take actions, have every appropriate protection in taking those actions, and also not be allowed to destroy someone’s life and career if they aren’t willing to have their allegation considered in a process that is fair to all.
ARB (New York)
The Albany police "reached out to a lawyer for her"? No new evidence has come to light since the last NYT article on this topic. Consequently, this "intervention" by local police and their unsolicited legal opinion should not change any minds regarding resignation. Politically motivated legal opinion is not hard to come by. Also, importantly, the credibility of the alleged victims should not be confused with the credibility of this police intervention. Reserving judgment pending the independent federal investigation is not tantamount to dismissing the alleged victims' claims as not credible. Unless or until new *evidence*--not "new" amateur legal opinion--emerges, we should continue to reserve judgment. Doing so, pending a federal inquiry, is not to deny the alleged victims justice. The *independent* inquiry continues.
ARB (New York)
Unfortunately, honoring the pledges of the MeToo movement, while an important objective, but it can't be the paramount political objective right now. Democracy in the US is in peril. The top priorities are (1) vaccination, (2) elimination of the filibuster, and (3) addressing Covid and related economic challenges. Given these exigent circumstances, all else is symbolic only. We cannot afford to sideline or mortally wound our starting players at the moment. Letitia James will dispose of this issue in due course.
Skip Bonbright (Pasadena, CA)
The timing of these allegations should concern everyone. The political allegiances of the accused should also be revealed, as well as any financial or non-financial incentives being offered for bringing claims now, as opposed to after Trump is indicted and convicted. Wall Street brought down Spitzer, and they’re trying to do the same to Cuomo. It’s time for some real journalism exposing the human beings responsible for trying to engineer a pardon for Trump. These are serious allegations, and victims are to believed, but there’s no miscarriage of justice in delaying proceedings against Cuomo until Trump is behind bars with no pardon for his many crimes.
Ken (Boston)
@Skip Bonbright The timing is explained in the last two paragraphs. I really wish the NY Times would move those to the top.
Bluestar (Arizona)
The previous accusations did not impress me. This one, however, if true, reveals completely unacceptable behavior.
George N. Wells (Dover, NJ)
There is one picture among the charges that makes me think that the accusations are legitimate - the photo from the wedding where a very red-faced Cuomo is touching a young woman on the face. It isn't the lighting in the room, everyone else has regular flesh tones, and I've seen this before, too many times - it looks like alcohol. I remember my father having that complexion many times. No, my observation does not "prove" anything. Sadly, these incidents are rarely recorded in public but it may well be that Cuomo does not remember the incidents because he may have been intoxicated to the point of no control and no memory. The greater sadness is that we-the-people ordain these people to work on our behalf and we do expect a certain level of self-control as part of the relationship. I fear that, like my father, Cuomo cannot admit that he has a problem or problems with alcohol and women. All humans are flawed. Denial only makes it worse because denial means that you will never apologize or try to fix your behavior. Cuomo's public persona is one of power and competence, his private life is in question. As is his character. I'm not a New York citizen so I have no say in his political future. Only my observations.
JManley (Newburgh, N.Y.)
The latest alleged behavior by the governor definitely does rise to the level of a crime. The Albany police did well in involving themselves.
JSutton (San Francisco)
Another stone is thrown. He's determined to stay but of course this will be his last term.
alan brown (manhattan)
OK let's review the campaign to defeat Judge Kavanaugh and the demand that he not be confirmed because of the charge of groping in high school, refuted by the accuser's best friend and the calendar kept by the judge which showed he was not at a party at the time in question. He had no other accusations in his entire adult life. Governor Cuomo is now accused by six women and counting and the last, several months ago, reported to a supervisor who noted she became emotional during Cuomo's denial. He insists he did another inappropriate. Maybe he believes his behavior is not inappropriate. A Governor cannot lead his state with this haunting him. The calls for his resignation are mainly from Democrats. Republicans will have a field day in 2022 with Cuomo leading the ticket. I think they'd like him to hang around and run again.
Mark McIntyre (Los Angeles)
Our former Gov. Schwarzenegger said "Where there's smoke, there's fire." Looks like what we may have here is a raging inferno. If Cuomo was lonely, he might have tried e-harmony.
Budleymac (Canada)
I think three things should happen in all reported cases of sexual assault. First...there should be absolutely no public reporting. The accuser and accused should have total privacy both to report and be innocent until proven guilty. There should be a penalty for breaking this reporting ban. should be actually investigated. By independent professionals that specialize in this. Third...there should be serious and equivalent penalties for either party if found guilty or found to falsely accuse.
Tim (WV)
It's not right to attack anyone until the results of an investigation are made public. Too often now men are being shamed in public based upon an allegation, so how about we hold judgement until an investigation is complete. Cuomo may be an absolute slimeball and possibly serve time for his actions, so if he is found guilty, slam him hard. I would prefer to hear all of the stories and evidence before sentencing someone, even if I didn't like them.
Jeff R (NY)
What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? It is a distraction because the pols and press are making it one.
Amanda Bonner (New Jersey)
So the woman makes an accusation but then decides she doesn't want to file a formal complaint with the police but someone else steps in and sends the information to the police who may or may not do anything unless the woman decides to file a formal complaint. Here's my thought -- if a woman doesn't want to file a formal complaint then she shouldn't make an anonymous accusation against someone regardless of who it is or that person's position. Either file a formal complaint or, frankly, don't make an accusation that damages another person.
Rose (Brooklyn)
@Amanda Bonner Easy to say, but filing a complaint against a politician could ruin your life and career potentially. So you can understand why someone might hesitate, even if they had been assaulted.
Ken (Boston)
@Amanda Bonner Did you read the last two paragraphs? I wish NY Times had put them closer to the top of the article. It sounds like she wasn't going to say anything; but her supervisor questioned her, so she answered. Then it sort of sounds like the supervisor kicked it up to HR etc. There might be blame to go around; but not her or her supervisor.
RobNYC (New York)
@Amanda Bonner Read the article. She didn't make an anonymous accusation. She spoke with a supervisor in Cuomo's office after, it appears, the supervisor invited her to speak.
James Rippy (Tennessee)
The governor grew up privileged. He never had to struggle with anything detrimental that was not of his own creation. And during those times when his ambitions were being challenged he turned to friends and surrogates to help fix such issues. I bet a serious review of his criminal record may well be surprising to New Yorkers. But just wait and hold on, because we are probably just a few days away from some lady from his college and law school days coming forward with a story that delivers the coup de gras. And it is to a large extent a fallacy of his upbringing that is rearing it's spoiled head. I would imagine that being the Governor's son is just about ten times worse than being a preacher's son if you have a penchant for smoozing the ladies. The Governor is about to find out that in these contemporary times, Donald Trump notwithstanding, sexual indiscretion and being a casual predator is still being a predator. And the proof of my warning will rest in any criminal charges that find him as a target and victim himself. At this point, he cannot think clearly, his true friends have stepped back, and law enforcement is about to engage. Sad indeed!
James Patuto (New Jersey)
You know nothing about Cuomo’s early life. His father worked his way through law school and the family lived in a working class neighborhood. The old man never made a dime off of his positions and it took a long and varied trajectory to get to governor. Cuomo may be many things but he didn’t grow up privileged.
Enough (San Francisco)
He is a white male. He is privileged.
James Rippy (Tennessee)
You my friend, are very naive!
MLP (Cape Cod)
Many are saying that Governor Andrew Cuomo has been an excellent governor. Ask the families who have lost loved ones due to his negligence in the nursing home scandal. Ask Janice Dean who lost both her in-laws due to Cuomo’s ineptitude. Thousands have been lost because he was too afraid to admit the truth and didn’t want to ruin his reputation. Well he’s certainly doing a fine job as his reputation and ratings approval are at an all time low. He should resign but types like Cuomo never will unless forced out. Hopefully he won’t be governor for much longer and we will be rid of this incompetent man.
Mike L (SC)
Since when do the police reach out to offer a lawyer to an alleged defendant who has not even filed a complaint? Sounds highly politically motivated to me. Not a Cuomo fan necessarily but this is yet another example of #MeToo going too far. In no universe is it acceptable to simply have to believe anything a person says at face value. People lie for all sorts of reasons or they have often have very hazy recollection. I will be the first person to condemn Cuomo as soon as someone actually presents the slightest shred of evidence. Democrats say the GOP lies all the time yet they are willing to accept anyone’s testimony about sexual harassment as incontrovertible evidence. That is ridiculous and has no place in a nation of laws.
GMooG (LA)
@Mike L "Since when do the police reach out to offer a lawyer to an alleged defendant who has not even filed a complaint?" She's a victim, not a defendant. If you can't get the simple stuff right, why should anyone read your comment?
Patricia Gallery (Los Angeles, California)
All of you out there calling for immediate resignation - have you no respect for the concept of innocent until proven guilty? And guilty of exactly what? Beware this could happen to you too. The me too movement is losing it's credibility with each and every new accusation that is used to force someone (Al Franken?) out of power without their day in court, without evidence, without a thorough investigation. It's a disgrace.
Lyme Disease (Lyme, CT)
Kavanaugh would agree with you.
Enough (San Francisco)
Franken chose to resign without an investigation. That’s on him.
@Patricia Gallery Thank you Pat - 100% Correct!!!
Jeff (Northern California)
Everyone knows Andrew Cuomo has a lot of powerful political enemies with an axe to grind, from both parties.... I will wait for the independent investigation results before deciding whether or not Governor Cuomo should resign. We should rember that, after Al Franken resigned amidst a swarm of political attack dogs from both sides of the aisle, with Kirsten Gillibrand (a Democrat Senator with aspirations for the White House) leading the charge, it was discovered that his accusers had political connections with powerful people on the right.
rocketship (new york city)
This is all very sad. I grew up knowing Andrew's father, Mario Cuomo who was a very decent individual as was his mother, Matilda. Andrew is very smart, very good and would continue to make a great Governor and perhaps President. Yet, he finds himself in this ridiculous mess of perhaps his own making. It is a good lesson, learned. Governor, select people your own age! I dont understand the interest in someone your daughters age. I mean, after the obvious, what do you talk about? What do you reminisce about? Im the same age as my wife and we talk about past things that we both experienced in our lives. It's great. I just don't get it with people of these great age differences. It just not logical
Henry Porter (Middletown, Ct.)
If it's a politician you like, anything they do or may do is fine. If you don't like that politician everything is unacceptable. Will this be the lead in America's obituary?
AbbyNemo (NYC)
A full investigation is warranted for all the sexual misconduct accusations. Period.
GFE (New York)
@AbbyNemo That's what the Governor said. That's why there's an ongoing investigation by the Attorney General. You're not saying anything the Governor didn't say before you did.
Pogo1951 (West Virginia)
@AbbyNemo Of course. Cuomo isn't saying anything to the contrary.
korrectur (Arizona)
@AbbyNemo Warranted? Maybe. A reality? Not even close, judging by the fact that we have an attempted rapist on the Supreme Court and a serial rapist and criminal accused in 2 dozen sexual assaults who recently departed the oval office. In the midst of the Cuomo crucifixion for making someone uncomfortable, we have had exactly zero accompanying stories in the Times or any other mainstream outlet on this pair of miscreants and zero calls for them to be held to account.
New World (NYC)
Well I voted for Zephyr Teachout. Just sayin’.
Rachel (Albany ny)
@New World I voted for Cuomo, and would again if he runs. There's that.
George (NYC)
Absolutely he does not have to resign and all this witch hunt Must stope ! The governor was light in the darkness of this year in N.Y. and Let us not forget that!!
Nycpol (NYC)
@George This is not an issue of the performance of the Governor. It is an issue of the Governor as employer and boss and his actions in the workplace. Employees in the private sector have lost their jobs for much less. He needs to
Ms Cassi (GA/ former NYER)
Our Former President did way worse than these allegations and women especially GOP had sealed lips and condone his behavior because either they or husbands,boyfriends r partners benefitted. Now they wish the governor to resign over hugs, Kisses,r touched inappropriately.from 20 years to 2 years ago. I am sorry if you were traumatized which you are affected and continued to be you speak up right away. Let the process began and he should not resign
Tench Tilghman (Valley Forge)
So many NTY commenters on these stories about Cuomo apologize for him and raise questions about his accusers. Compare that to the way the NYT and its commenters behaved when Cavanaugh was nominated: “I believe her.” It seems a contradiction, but it’s not once you understand the premises. It boils down to three points: We're good, they’re evil. We should be in power. Our ends are very important and so justify the means.
Jerry (NY)
Where's that pink hat march? All of a sudden it doesn't seem to bother any of those "outraged" women. Why?
Michael Cohen (Boston ma)
I am glad Cuomo is standing his ground. The #MeToo movement needs an injection of clear definition of harassment, due process, the ability to mount a legal defense, redress for false claims. If such would come out of Cuomo's defense, this would be a good thing whether guilty or not.
Jeffrey Gillespie (Portland, Oregon)
Why is this man still in his job?
EE (East Coast)
@Jeffrey Gillespie why does whoever sent a young female employee alone into the governors private residence still have a job?
Robbie G (Bethesda)
Meanwhile NY leads the nation ahead of CA, TX and FL for new coronavirus cases. Cuomo must go.
tom harrison (seattle)
@Robbie G - New York has the largest city in the country (by far) and therefore will always have the most numbers. And the governors of CA, TX, and FL sould all go as well but there are not enough characters available to address that one.
mmk (Silver City, NM)
Cuomo is in denial. He must have known this day would come.
heyomania (pa)
The Survival Strategy Be fair to our Andrew, Trump-like he be, Chief exec of our state; indubitably He managed the crisis, just killing a few Not many he swears, good luck it’s not you Warehoused with oldsters in nursing home rooms A clean sweep with Covid; graveyards and tombs; Now finger-pointing, he groped here and there, Went under the blouse, touched what was bare; No biggie, we say, equal treatment like Trump, With his antics his numbers got a nice bump; Equal treatment for Andrew, deny and deny – No apologies, boychick, don’t even try – The Wokies will kill you, eat you alive – Deny like the Trumpster and you will thrive.
Rook (Space)
How. HOW is Cuomo getting metoo'd more important than him KILLING PEOPLE IN OLD AGE HOMES?! He, knowingly and with malice, hid the numbers because he thought it would be used against him. Imagine that? Government being afraid of having its own incompetence and corruption exposed so covering it up. Yet, instead of talking about that, we're talking about how he groped an aide? Someone PLEASE explain to me why that's getting more ink than thirteen thousand dead people?
New York Times reader (Boston)
@Rook I sure hope you're this outraged at the Trump administration's responsibility for 500K+.
D. Elisabeth Glassco (New Jersey)
So, let’s get this straight. This newspaper is reporting on what someone else said happened to someone else who never reported an alleged incident—-all anonymous except Mr. Cuomo. Are we serious here?
@D. Elisabeth Glassco These are the same people who reported anonymous Russia-collusion lies for three years. So, yeah.
Ellen F. Dobson (West Orange, N.J.)
Cuomo's bluster is is undoing. Three terms as governor is one too many. Another example of the need for term limits for all high level governmental officials.
Paul (New York)
Let’s not get crazy and convict Cuomo before a thorough investigation is conducted. Innocent until proven guilty. I’m a liberal but in my opinion this cancel culture is out of control.
Enough (San Francisco)
Cuomo is a “liberal”, too. “Liberal” men are often worse than conservative men when it comes to sexual assault because they claim to support women’s rights, then assault us. One would expect conservative men to believe in grabbing women as a matter of right.
Ampleforth (Airstrip One)
I hate to say it, but thank you to all these accusers and the media for holding the story until after the November elections. If it had come out earlier, but it could have soured enough people to vote the other way and reelect president Trump, whose record on these kinds of incident is not-so-great himself.
Mark (Blue America)
I don't think NY was going to go for Trump.
AWENSHOK (Houston)
For me, it matters very little what his political party affiliation is or good deeds from the past, but I know not everyone shares that view. I do believe that Democrats would be better off holding to a standard of conduct that wavers as little as absolutely possible. And I believe also that many people in the country are fed up withhaving to shrug off increasing double standards for applying justice. Whether it be Impeachment(s) of a guilty so-called president that go down because sworn oaths are not followed, 'Affluenza' use as a defense for the elite, and police lacking accountability for injury and homicide, I hope things WILL change. Let that change be NOW.
Amos M (Albany, NY)
Before this, no one could have beaten Cuomo in his fourth-term run. The problem is, given his dictatorial and at times paranoid view of rivals, there is no one in the Democratic party groomed to succeed him. While the Democratic party splinters, we may have another Republican governor. After the inertia and corruption of the Pataki regime, it's not a welcoming prospect. Whatever charges are made, and they are a repository for all his many flaws as a person, they are confused by political opportunists mixed in with those rightly shocked. To all I say wait for the report, If it comes after election, it at least gives the Democratic party a chance to rebuild the leadership the governor has neglected. If it shows a terrible pattern, action can be taken then.
Joinparis (Barcelona)
For the surprisingly large number of commenters here who see a Trump-directed, right-wing conspiracy - ask yourselves this question. What occurred during the four years of the Trump administration that would suggest he would be able to competently pull off the demise of Andrew Cuomo? If Trump could have orchestrated that, he wouldn't have waited until now to do it.
Redd (New York)
@Joinparis, Barcelona. It’s not Trump that orchestrates anything. It’s the crooked opportunists around him that do the dirty work.
Can the media hand this case over to the police and relevant authorities please? Are we going to do a trial by media now? If Cuomo is found guilty, he needs to be punished and prevented from ever running for any Governmental position again but until then, the case has been filed , these women have spoken, give the man a chance to defend himself. Now that Trump is gone, let us not go looking for some sensational news everyday. First four days this week was all about Megan/Harry now it is back to Cuomo.
PJASWFLA (Florida)
I smell book deal after book deal. All the accusers have is their words, no verification of their charges. Coming as these are, in a series of charges, makes one wonder how many are real and how many are women getting on the bandwagon of money and book deals.
mosenblum (Illinois)
Democrats tend to clean their own houses when a member acts badly. Republicans circle the wagons and say nothing when one of their own misbehaves. If Governor Cuomo cares at all about his party, he should step down immediately and let due process take its course. But this is not likely to happen given the governor's arrogance and sense of self-importance, believing himself to be immune from criticism, as has been repeatedly shown by his bullying of fellow Democrats who dare to call his bluff, his humiliation of staff members when they evince signs of disloyalty, and his allegedly having engaged in multiple instances sexual misconduct with female aides. And as with Donald Trump, the Governor seems to care more about himself and the power that he wields than he is prone to give thought to the impact of his actions on his party's reputation. Should Mr. Cuomo refuse to step down voluntarily, an unlikely prospect, external interventions might be required to assure his removal from office. Democrats need to uphold the tradition of policing their own if they hope to maintain their standing as the one party which prides itself on its transparency, integrity in governance and just plain common sense.
Anna (Florida)
The allegations are troubling. So is the rush to get him out of office. There is absolutely everything to gain by letting the investigation run its course. It does seem odd that the first accuser never mentioned the alleged kiss until very recently. Wouldn’t that be the first thing on your list for a sexual harassment complaint? All of the previous allegations sounded like flirtations (albeit strange ones) that could be reasonably explained or defended. Now, suddenly, groping in his private residence? That’s a full on sexual assault - not harassment. It is also the only kind of allegation that could get him out of office. Let the investigation proceed for all parties involved. That seems fair.
Jones (Melbourne)
It’s starting to get into lying territory. I find the groping claims hard to believe. Some of these claims if they go overboard will backfire.
Enough (San Francisco)
Why do you find the groping claim hard to believe? That kind of thing happens all the time. A prominent “hippie” psychiatrist publicly groped me and then stepped back from me with a leer. Everyone thinks he’s a humanist and a great guy. I guess he’s a “humanist” for half the population - not the half to which I belong.
Hk (Planet Earth)
Let’s get this straight: this is a report of an incident that hasn’t been reported by a person who isn’t identified that the Albany police heard about from the State police who read about it in a newspaper. Sounds pretty solid.
Marion Grace Merriweather (NC)
@Hk Wait until the trial when the arresting officer reads tweets from @woke2024maga4342532 on the witness stand
Cara (NYC)
Let the AG report her findings and these matters be fully investigated. It would not be the first time someone has gotten set up.
Enough (San Francisco)
Nonsense. Politicians and other prominent men reflexively claim they were “set up” when accused of sexual misconduct. The Republican judge who groped me claimed his Democratic opponents put me up to falsely accusing him. Unfortunately for him, he had a long history of openly abusing women, and he lost his job following a full investigation. Has Cuomo claimed he was “set up”?
Penelope (WA)
Why are we so afraid of believing women? How many times does this have to happen before we pause and say, "What is wrong with men who think they can do this to another human being?"
dgm (Neptune, NJ)
@Penelope . . . Because they lie just as frequently as men do.
Rich r (Denver)
It's time for the Governor to submit himself to a lie detector test. The first two accusations are in a gray area of hitting on a woman in the work place, which could be dismissed as poor workplace etiquette if they each were one-time "trial balloon." I mean, the guy works 24-7; where outside the workplace is he going to meet a girl? Most people I know met their spouse through their work. But this latest one - reaching inside her blouse - either did or did not happen. Step up to the table, Mr. Cuomo and let the investigator ask a few questions. A successful test would put all of this distraction to rest immediately.
fFinbar (Queens Village, NYC)
@Rich r The other allegations are not in a gray area. Check out the NYS sexual harassment policy below, by which he too is bound. Should have paid attention in class, I guess.
M Ford (USA)
The Democrats are fighting with themselves and the Republicans. If another country declared war against us, all they would have to do is sit back and watch us fall apart like Russia did during WWI.
Mike (Rural New York)
I see you finally, and wisely, removed the phrase he was “accused of flirting” which appeared in the earlier iteration. Good.
Diva (Jackson Heights, NY)
Why is it not possible to both believe the women and also want a fair and impartial investigation of the facts?
True Observer (USA)
So, what's going on. Biden is past his expiration date. Harris is just so so. The two competitors for the 2024 Nomination are Cuomo and are Newsom. Newsom is done with the recall and here goes Cuomo. Harris learned a lot from Willie Brown.
B Sharp (Cincinnati)
So here we go again ! Again he said she said. Women are now coming out of the woodworks to accuse Gov. Cuomo of making passes at them, any witnesses ? Oh btw I am a woman, insanity has gone to the extreme when Donald Trump always has gotten a pass. I wonder who is to gain going after Cuomo .
RR (California)
Here's the problem: The first allegation was made by a clearly politically ambitious woman, young albeit, but was all about conversation, then the next was about an unwanted touch (battery) in a public place, with a photographic record, and there was a third, but this one follows others which are not particularly illegal. So, you the press has to amp this up. More mud to sling. If this were true, in any capacity, this young woman could have filed suit with the EEOC immediately. She would have received a letter allowing her to proceed with a suit provided she had filed her complaint in a timely fashion (6 months from the date of the sexual assault.) In law school (for women's issues) there are many real cases on video where a very similar but in some ways worse sexual assault occurred. The offender: a male, senior partner attorney in a major law firm. The victim won her civil suit, but the man retained his license to practice law. If this story had any credibility there would be a record - at the very least a hand written note of the account/experience. The crime would be misdemeanor sexual battery, not murder. But the way all of these allegations have been reported is as if the governor is a rapist. He is not. But he should go look at some of the major sexual harassment cases in video which law schools use to teach sexual harassment litigation.
fFinbar (Queens Village, NYC)
@RR Here's what is contained in the sexual harassment prevention policy of NYS. The state does not wait for the accusation to the level of sexual assault. It very clearly spells out sexual harassment in the workplace, and it is binding on all NYS employers and employees.
Patton (New york)
It’s unfortunate the Governor has destroyed a once venerable name in New York State politics. There will be no monuments named in his honor!
EE (East Coast)
This never happened to mike pence. A male boss should never be alone with a female subordinate unless they are in a glass office and being observed by others. There’s No excuse for Cuomo to have put himself in these situations.
ManhattanWilliam (East Village NYC)
If you don't report it while it can be VERIFIED then you've lost your chance, plain and simple. Otherwise you're simply making slanderous accusations that can't be sustained. And that goes for Democrats attacking Kavanaugh too. I hated him for the court but never agreed to raking up his high school stories. Unconscionable. So I'm consistent in my view that if someone commits a crime they must be investigated when there is PROOF, otherwise you're making slanderous accusations and should be liable as such. This is my opinion of the #MeToo movement. Sorry but I believe in the rule of law and the concept of INNOCENT UNLESS PROVEN GUILTY IN ALL CASES.
AD (Chicago)
These comments are alarming. There are all sorts of reasons a young woman just starting out in her career would not automatically report that her boss, the most powerful man in New York, groped her. It also alarms me that this woman, if her lawyers are to be believed, evidently did not want to report allegations and the governor's counsel decided to take it upon herself to forward the matter to the police. Forcing the matter into a criminal complaint if the victim does not wish that is unjust. I work in higher educatiob and the standard is that, should a coworker become aware of misconduct or allegations of misconduct, the matter is forwarded to an independent Title IX coordinator, who consults with the victim and presents options that may include (but are not exclusively advocate for!) filing a criminal complaint should the victim wish for that to happen. Why does the state of NY not have similar procedures? Is this woman's experience of harassment being used as a political football?? It is disgraceful that her agency is being violated by the state government apparatus (again)
GR (La Fayette)
@AD What you are complaining about is due process. "filing a criminal complaint should the victim wish for that to happen. Why does the state of NY not have similar procedures?" Why should any woman have the power to cause a man to lose his job and career without due process? Let's have an unbiased investigation to determine the validity of the woman complaint of criminal sexual assault.
Ariel (Nyc)
@AD there is no report that the accuser is young or that she is just starting in her career. This article only says that she is "younger then Cuomo". That may mean 60. In any event, I'm not sure what age has to do with any of this. The police need to know when a crime has been alleged by a victim. No one (young or old, male or female) has the option on how the law is applied to their allegations of a crime. If there was a crime it needs to be handled as a crime. This is a serious allegation and all parties need the protection of the law.
GMooG (LA)
@AD The Title IX procedures are a farce. Under those procedures, the accused have almost no rights: no right to a lawyer, no right to confront the accuser, no right to seek discovery. Title IX is a model for nonsense.
CMW (New York)
Wait for the AG's report, please.
Doug (New York)
@CMW The assembly is commencing its own investigation into everything, including nursing home reporting and intervention by the Governor's office. It is being viewed as forming the basis for impeachment articles. This is likely the beginning of the end.
WorkingGuy (NYC, NY)
@CMW Thanks for the comment, @ChrisCuomoCNN
J. Waddell (Columbus, OH)
@CMW I love all the comments suggesting that the allegations need to be proven. Would have been nice if the same folks said the same thing about Brett Kavanaugh.
CLee (Ohio)
Why must he resign? Trump got a pass on all his charges of molesting women. It was no big deal, apparently. If the governor must go, then perhaps we could rekindle all the charges against DJT or do they all go away when he pays for silence? Someone is out to get Cuomo, sleeze or not. There is a double standard here that sounds fishy! Maybe we should worry more about attempted rape and forget about sexual harassment. Or bring charges against DJT also. Fair is fair. (And it's about time that we women learned to slap the harassers face and say 'how dare you!')
FACP (Florida)
@CLee Why must we bring DJT into this? Let’s just deal with these stories on their own merit. As mother’s all over say” everybody does this” is not an excuse.
GMooG (LA)
@CLee You haven't been paying attention. There were 2 key differences. First, none of the woman who made accusations against Trump ever filed a criminal complaint, and they were so long ago that the statute of limitations had expired. Second, Trump was never accused of doing anything to the women while in office, unlike Cuomo.
Alberto Abrizzi (Bay Area)
Folks, gotta stop using Trump and what he may have got away with as the standard. We should have our own standards and hold our own to it, and not be brought down into a tit for tat.
Gabriela (New York, NY)
When is the NYT Editorial Board going to come out and address the need for Cuomo to go. Cuomo needs to resign. He is now trying to bully the people of NY into giving him time to finesse an investigation. This is the crux of the #ME TOO issue. Times Up!
Lewis Black (Boston°)
Good idea. What’s the point of due process?
Robin (Texas)
Resign without due process? Who's the bully?
Redd (New York)
@Lewis Black, Boston. Exactly! Due process.
Practical Thoughts (East Coast)
Cuomo needs to resign. He’s a distraction and he will need to settle all of these allegations. It doesn’t matter that others get away with wrong doing and hypocrisy. That’s their problem and symbolizes their ethics. What matters is justice and setting a good example. Cuomo’s admitted behavior is unacceptable and is grounds for termination. In no civilized world is it ok for a person in power to to use that power to take advantage of people, especially people 30 years younger than him.
Egyptiancats (Rochester)
@Practical Thoughts But can he be forced to resign without proof?
Independent (Voter)
@Practical Thoughts @Practical Thoughts No he does NOT need to resign. He needs to ignore the noise of the lynch mob and do his job.
GMooG (LA)
@Egyptiancats Resignation is a voluntary act. "Forced to resign" is an oxymoron.
Interested (New York)
I do not believe that the governor would actually put his hands under this woman's blouse and touch her! Why O Why are all of these woman all of a sudden deciding that the governor acted in a way that would be considered inappropriate or harassing? Let these woman tell their stories to the attorneys that L. James has appointed. The politicians in Albany are simply appalling.
Zack (Buffalo, New York)
@Interested Exactly. Let the investigation play out. If the Governor resigns and the allegations are false, Republican weasels will be laughing all the way.
Doug (Syracuse ny)
@Interested Beacuse they have the cover of each other to do it if it was just one alone she would be silenced
Alberto Abrizzi (Bay Area)
Someone can (and maybe should) resign if the pressure mounts, but his only obligation is to due process. Which itself is under siege.
Lefthalfbach (Philadelphia)
These women were his staffers. Why would they, independently of one another, make these allegations up?
DB (San Francisco, CA)
@Lefthalfbach What allegations? You mean adults talking to each other? You mean what exactly did the governor DO that is against the rules? People were fired? Promotions held up? These women are NOT children. They are adults. The tabloid journalism needs to stop. There needs to be an independent investigator or a team of them to go around get the stories and then let the public know what happened. And then get someone to actually tell the public what the rules are.
Anna B (Westchester, New York)
@Lefthalfbach I ask myself that same question. I hope the allegations are not true. But as for why women would accuse him? Cuomo is despised by members of both parties. Is it possible those who want him out "found" some women to accuse him? Maybe even paid some to accuse him? I don't know. Maybe I watch too much "House of Cards," but I think it's a possibility. And if the allegations are true, then shame on AC, and he gets what he gets.
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
@Lefthalfbach It is NOT "independently".
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
I am glad to note that other fellow readers agree this business of "victims" crawling out of the woodwork years after the alleged incident has been overdone. It hurts the real victims and for that I hold responsible my friends the Democrats who are taking advantage of this movement because of political commitments.
Mari (Left Coast)
@Independent, be fair and honest the GOP are also to blame!
Kate (F)
For those asking why just now these women are coming forward. The woman who alleges groping told her supervisor immediately after it allegedly occurred. As the Albany newspaper reports, this sixth allegation was discussed by Cuomo and his top staff as they prepped for the 3/3 news briefing/apology. They knew about this. Cuomo continues to deny. We need to wait for the AG investigation, but we also should not be judging the women for the timing of their disclosures. There is a lot that the public doesn't know, I'm certain.
EE (East Coast)
@Kate the story states that the aide reported it to the supervisor after the other allegations were made.
RR (California)
@EE This reportage makes clear that the so-called victim is being ambiguous and indefinite about her alleged experience. Her hestitation to identify herself etc. indicates her story may be false. Surely she knew coming forward with what might rise to the level of a crime means she can be a DOE victim but only if she makes a police report - which she won't.
Becky (OH)
I couldn’t possibly state that I know what is going on here, but it would be awfully easy for political opponents to orchestrate something like this. And if it can be done I have no doubt that it has been done. That’s why I think no politician should resign without a serious investigation. Otherwise we’d likely lose a good number of Democrats and Republicans would never resign, based on past history.
Chandra (New York)
Pence has been criticized for refusing to meet alone with a woman but i wonder whether he's laying down the path for other men to follow.
Lewis Black (Boston°)
Absolutely. Many men in high positions, or even middle management will not be alone with women. Perhaps require body cameras?
Mari (Left Coast)
@Chandra, good point! If I were a man in power I would always meet with another person in the room.
Rachel (Albany ny)
@Chandra My ex was a college professor for 30+ years. From his first days teaching, it was known that male professors should Never meet with a female student unless the door is wide open. Never. David Mamet wrote 'Oleanna' in 1992., which portended the disasters we are now witnessing....
larsvanness (Sarasota, Fl)
I am not a fan of Andrew Cuomo. He has had some positive results as governor and some deeply troubling negatives as well. I like Zephyr Teachout. She is incredibly smart and very well educated. When I lived in New York I voted for her. In my opinion she was the much better choice in 2014 without all the baggage. But New Yorkers didn’t agree, mores the pity. Having said that, Cuomo has been in office for 10 years now and since December, these six women have found the courage and there voice to come forward? Call me skeptical but I smell something politically rotten here. I hope the review goes forward and puts this issue to rest, one way or the other. And I don’t think Cuomo needs to resign over it.
Rachel (Albany ny)
@larsvanness As still a NY resident, and who has been one for 35 years - I agree: something is very fishy going on. We had Mario Cuomo, then we had 12 terrible years under Pataki... Finally, we got another strong, politically astute and well-meaning Governor... Watch the trash try to rise to the top...
Will (Nev)
“I have never done anything like this." This is not the same as "I didn't do it." By the way, there's a first time for everything.
GMooG (LA)
@Will Actually, it is.
Bob (Evanston, IL)
Compare the treatment that Cuomo is getting from his party and the press to the treatment Trump got from his party and Fox News. Cuomo should stay in office until the AG completes her investigation.
george eliot (annapolis, md)
During my ivy league college and law school days back in the 1960's a number of women sought to kiss me without my permission and to place their hands on me in untoward places. Because I held senior level positions in federal law enforcement and intelligence prior to my retirement 10 years ago, I am now seeking to track down these women so that I can bring appropriate charges against them.
New York Times reader (Boston)
@george eliot Men please, please stop with this "it happened to me too and it's not that bad" business. STOP. You have always had more power than us and likely always will. Look at the photos of him next to these women - are they even remotely the same in size and strength? Do they share his political power/social capital/earning power??
Rich (NJ)
@george eliot - I see. Were you their employee, and 30 years younger, and alone in an office at their demand? If so you might have a similar case. But for you to have been a sr. law enforcement official - asyou note - of course you know that already right? You just economized on facts for brevity, right?
GMooG (LA)
@george eliot You'd think that someone who went to law school, and who held "senior level positions in federal law enforcement and intelligence" would understand how statutes of limitations work, and that in your case, they have expired, but I guess not. You know what they say: Those who can, do. Those who can't, work for the government.
Marie Seton (Michigan)
As a woman if I were groped by the governor I would immediately file a police report. Needless to say I find many of these allegations to be untrue or overstated. Ditto for the big Oprah interview.
Enough (San Francisco)
But you have not been groped by the governor, so you don’t know what you would do.
I read somewhere that the Governor of NY would be the only person able to pardon Trump when the state brings charges against him. Is this true? Could the timing of this be related?
Sheki (Ca)
That is the current BlueAnon conspiracy, sure. Somehow the governor just happened to have multiple trump moles working for him. Highly dedicated miles, apparently. And somehow even though the lt gov (who would take over) is also a democrat, they are probably a mole who will pardon trump! Sounds totally plausible!!
Steven Ager (Cherry Hill)
It would seem that Governor Cuomo has just fulfilled yet another criterion to become a fully-qualified Republican. In fact, he seems to be running ahead of Mr. Trump in counts of complaints of sexual harassment. Why doesn't he simply endorse Mr. Trump, leave the Democratic Party, and join the GOP?
New York Times reader (Boston)
@Steven Ager Hardly...Trump's upwards of 24-25 at this point. He's got a way to go.
GMooG (LA)
@Steven Ager Bill Clinton was a Republican? And Ted Kennedy? Who knew!
L (Brooklyn)
Was the guy who was president reported to local police, or his pick for supreme court justice? Did police reach out to the women who complained about them? Only civil actions come to mind, no headlines like this.
Brendan Varley (Tavares, Fl.)
Cuomo is stuck, he’s made himself unemployable anywhere else, he has nowhere to go. He seems not to care about the State or his Democratic Party. The only certainty is that the Republicans are loving it.
DB (San Francisco, CA)
@Brendan Varley trust me, the democrats who Cuomo had his thumb on are loving this. DeBlasio is celebrating in private. You can bank on that.
hammerhead (usa)
Let us not forget that police have an agenda too. They don't like things that Cuomo has said and legislation he is backing, including reforms in policing. I'll bet they're loving this. I'll also bet they don't rush to help every young woman who complains of being groped. I'm not saying Cuomo should not resign -- I think he should -- just grousing about the hypocrisy.
Mel (NYC)
I think the avalanche of comments from people defending Cuomo here to be astonishing and a heckuva indictment that we have moved the needle virtually nowhere in the Me Too conversation. And I say this a dyed in the wool bleeding heart liberal.
John (Alexandria, VA)
As a fellow bleeding heart liberal, I must agree with you.
DB (San Francisco, CA)
@Mel A lot of people see the damage that the metoo movement has done. We are tired of it.
Almighty Dollar (Michigan)
Hard to believe all these women are lying. Perhaps he is the most obnoxious boss int he world. Still, to go on record and lie - with questioning, perhaps under oath, bearing false witness and risking being charged with a crime is hard to believe various women would do this because he was a mean or boorish boss. Maybe he just has issues and they have been revealed.
DB (San Francisco, CA)
@Almighty Dollar wow, you have had some easy bosses. Hard bosses are more the norm than not. and harassment is not gender specific.
RR (California)
@Almighty Dollar Well - the women who reported their conversations with Cuomo are credible - they have motives - but they are credible - a little amped but credible. The woman who experienced a civil battery from Gov Cuomo caught on digital photograph is certainly not lying. The photograph communicates that well. But the new stream of allegations are very suspect. As a collection of complaints, it proves that a man in his mid-60s is not taken seriously by young women. They don't like him. That's a fact. And therefore everything he did to them, speech, words, touch, was offensive. Young women know how to push off a young man from making sexual advances - they have to apply the same effort against an older man. But this new allegation does have some potential to criminalize Gv. Cuomo. Someone is really trying hard to hurt him.
Mike (NY)
Boy, sure is a different reaction from the NYT readership than when Trump was credibly accused. Can’t imagine why!
W.B. (WA)
Never be alone in a room with a woman without a security camera recording everything from every angle.
Jack From Manhattan (NYC)
@W.B. I think “never put your hand under a girl’s blouse” would probably suffice.
CW Goldsmith (Honolulu, Hawaii)
So if I were single and asked a women to have dinner with me, that's harrassment?
Sean U (Portland)
if you are forty years older and her boss the answer is clearly yes. You had to ask?
New York Times reader (Boston)
@CW Goldsmith Possibly, if she reports to you.
Alex (San Francisco, CA)
@CW Goldsmith Glad you asked! If she works for you, yes, that could be sexual harassment, whether or not you are single. So could asking an employee about her sex life, asking her if she dates older men, and telling her you're okay dating women as young as 25. If you put your hand inside a woman's shirt without her consent, that would be sexual assault, whether or not she works for you. So would kissing her without consent. I hope this clears up your confusion.
NT (Bronx)
When Hannibal Buress weighs in on this, only then will I know what to believe.
Marge Keller (Midwest)
"The aide, who is younger than Mr. Cuomo, was summoned to the governor’s private residence on the second floor to assist him with a technical issue when Mr. Cuomo reached under her blouse and began touching her, The Times Union said." To demonstrate a sense of objectivity and being unbiased, shouldn't the above state read "Mr. Cuomo ALLEGEDLY reached" . . . ? The governor has neither been charged nor convicted of anything against this personal aide.
New World (NYC)
@Marge Keller Very sharp.
mike (nola)
sadly Mike Pence may have something right. to avoid any possible misunderstanding or false allegations men may just have to refuse to be alone with women. before you scream sexism my sister is one woman who has repeatedly made false claims to harm guys who dumped her, divorced her, or otherwise did not do what she said. at last count I personally know of 30 times she has pulled that stunt.
Susan (San Francisco)
In 2016, Donald Trump bragged in vulgar terms about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women during a 2005 conversation caught on a hot microphone, saying that “when you’re a star, they let you do it". In 2018,DONALD Trump admitted reimbursing his lawyer for a $130,000 payment to a porn star, Stormy Daniels. While two wrongs don't make a right, why didn't Trump resign the Presidency when these revelations were made clear as truthful events? Cuomo deserves the right to an investigation before being declared 'guilty' and forced to resign. Why should two elected officials be treated differently?
GMooG (LA)
@Susan because none of the women who accused him had accused him of doing anything improper WHILE IN OFFICE
Sheki (Ca)
Haha, yes, the media totally didn't cover those other things. Now excuse me while I find my eyes, they seem to have rolled out of my head.
Susan (San Francisco)
@GMooG Trump committed a crime by paying off Stormy Daniels to silence her in the months before the 2016 election. He was the presidential nominee for the GOP. Close enough to Cuomo's situation. And more dire for a President.
Fang (Paris)
Looks like a witch hunt to me. “Sticking his hands up her blouse”?Really doesn’t sound like Cuomo. Let the authorities investigate and we’ll see.
Enough (San Francisco)
Right. He didn’t do it to you and he seems like a nice guy, so he’s innocent. Try again.
Ski bum (Colorado)
Dude! Time to go gracefully; don’t pull a trump and hang around long after you’ve been defeated.
Phil Hurwitz (Rochester NY)
Based on what is known to the public so far, and unless Gov. Cuomo admits that he groped this lady as alleged, then he should remain at his post and let the AG do her investigation; and then let's decide if he stays or if he goes. Anything less, and we are straying into Salem Witch trial territory.
bud (mckinney)
@Phil Hurwitz Did you take the same approach with Kavanaugh and Franken?
Unionized (Columbus, OH)
@bud In both those cases, we never knew the truth. For Kavanaugh, the Repubs blocked any attempt for a fair investigation. For Franken, he resigned without a fair investigation. The correct approach is to have a fair and proper investigation. How can you advocate anything less?
Stop and Think (Buffalo, NY)
This is starting to smell more and more like 'Al Franken II.' Kirsten Gillibrand will likely be piling-on any day now. Unlike Al Franken, who caved over nothing, Andrew Cuomo should stand fast. Each of his accusers currently seems to have a hidden agenda. Let's all be patient until we hear from the independent investigators.
Steve Zakszewski (Brooklyn)
So Cuomo's counsel contacted the State Police to report the accusation of this alleged assault and suddenly the accuser's counsel is all "no no no no no, no need for the police!!!" Kinda says it all right there.
James Constantino (Baltimore, MD)
@Steve Zakszewski The "tell" here is the complete refusal to file an actual police report about the "incident". Instead, we have her lawyer publicly announce that "police are involved", without actually involving them.
Lewis Black (Boston°)
Right. And would not his counsel have consulted with Coumo first.
dgm (Neptune, NJ)
Thus spake Kavanaugh.
June Peoples Mallon (Massachusetts)
Did the Times-Union really say this happened? Or did they say SHE SAID it happened? Careful with attribution, please! "The aide, who is younger than Mr. Cuomo, was summoned to the governor’s private residence on the second floor to assist him with a technical issue when Mr. Cuomo reached under her blouse and began touching her, The Times Union said."
Rachel (Albany ny)
@June Peoples Mallon Since I am very familiar with the general low level of reporting at Albany TU, I m not surprised at... the low level of reporting on This issue.
Iraqnaed (New York)
Accusations are just that. Innocent until proven guilty is the law of the land. After annihilating trump during his COVID press conferences, Cuomo acquired a big fat target on his back. Politically, his absence would leave open a nice playing field for those who have high hopes but are nowhere near as qualified as he is. I stand with Cuomo and refuse to accept his being tried by the media.
MikeD (Brooklyn)
@Iraqnaed Sure. But show me one instance when multiple women have accused the same man and it didn't turn out to be true. I'll wait.
B (New York, NY)
@Iraqnaed There's a difference between a court of law and the court of public opinion. "Innocent until proven guilty" is the "law of the land" as to the former, not the latter. I stand with women who for ages untold have been silenced in both.
alan brown (manhattan)
@Iraqnaed You are innocent in the eyes of the law until proven guilty but you can lose the confidence of those governed without a conviction in court. He has.
Kylie M (San Francisco, CA)
Wow, how surprising. A whole lot of comments from men doubting multiple women’s allegations of inappropriate behavior.
Sheki (Ca)
This may be usually the case but I've been following this closely and the comments defending him are overwhelmingly women.
Kylie M (San Francisco, CA)
@Sheki Yes, a startling amount of women have voiced their disbelief of the allegations too. As a lifelong Democrat, I’m staggered by the level of hypocrisy coming from ardent Cuomo supporters. Apparently, we have plenty of misogynists in our ranks also.
Kingsely (NY NY)
"Hello, this is your local police department. We weren't busy and thought we might give you a call just in case you might want to report any crimes against yourself or your person that may have occurred, oh, say, in the last 20 years? No? Okay, well think it over and see if you can come up with anything. We've got nothing to do, so just wondering. You have a nice day now, goodbye" If this is part of #MeToo it ought to be reviewed and thrown out. This is #MeTooAmWastingTaxpayerDollars.
Sheki (Ca)
The transparent hypocrisy in most of the comments here are almost as shocking as this most recent allegation. Suggesting these women are being paid or working for trump based on no actual evidence other than "suspicious" timing is a qanon level conspiracy theory. Or is it BlueAnon now?
Lewis Black (Boston°)
Could it be that at least some of the women “reinterpreting” the interactions now that there’s blood in the water?
S B (Ventura)
@Sheki Trump paying women to make accusations against one of his perceived enemies fits his personality and his morality. These comments are mostly calling for a full investigation, which seems warranted Wonder how you feel on the 12 (or is it 13) Trump accusers that came forward. Do you feel these incidences should be fully investigated ?
WorkingGuy (NYC, NY)
@Sheki Previously, I have said in comments that The LuvGuv was being Frakenized and this was a #HimToo. There are just too many allegations now against Cuomo. Franken took a silly picture. He was forced to resign for acting stupid (his whole role as a sober MSenator was playing against type), but acting stupid is his claim to fame. Punishing Franken for acting stupid is the D Senate Caucus’ infamy. I can no longer say that Cuomo needs to maintain a business as usual approach. Cuomo should at least step aside until the investigation(s) are concluded and let the Lt Gov take charge until Cuomo is exonerated. BTW, I hope whoever told a young female staffer to wear high heels and rock blond hair gets shown the door. Telling her how the Governor likes to be briefed, what the office dislikes are (no coffee, no reports unless asked-and then have them in hand, don’t come in with a problem unless you have two solutions, etc.) is the right thing. All business.
soleilame (New York)
The comments to this article are quite alarming. Is it really so implausible that a man who by all accounts routinely threatens and verbally abuses other lawmakers and staff would also abuse his position of authority to sexually harass women? To see so many deny the obvious and instead trot out the tired old tropes of blaming the victim, and reach for some far-fetched right-wing conspiracy to explain these allegations, is really something.
Lefthalfbach (Philadelphia)
@soleilame The comments to these stories have been outrageous since Day One.
S h (Chicago)
Conspiracy thinking seems to be very popular across the political spectrum. It's shocking how many people are certain, without a shred of evidence, that all these women are being paid off.
Science Teacher (Illinois)
I can imagine people having all kinds of abusive behavior of their underlings and employees without having to believe that by necessity it includes sexual harassment or other abuse - they are not automatically inclusive.
Pia (Las Cruces NM)
Timing is everything. Why now?
Marge Keller (Midwest)
@Pia Kind of reminds me of when Joe Biden was running for president and suddenly there were stories floating around about his alleged inappropriate behavior.
Jeffrey (Los Angeles)
@Pia Why NOT now? Perhaps the revelation that Cuomo was likely lying about nursing home deaths to make himself look good creates an opportunity for this people to be heard. When it comes to powerful individuals abusing lower level employees are associates, it generally starts with one person stepping forward and taking a big risk. Others then follow.
gpickard (Luxembourg)
@Pia Dear Pia, Perhaps it is a "deep state" conspiracy. More likely, he has always been a bit handsy, but his bullying reputation gave women pause about reporting. When Ms. Bennett came forward she emboldened all the other women to take that risk and to support her and not allow the press and public to think Ms Bennett was some outlier, but a pattern of Mr. Cuomo' modus operandi.
Jon (Danville, CA)
Saturday Night Live had an appropriate skit in which a Brad Pitt type came on to a woman and she appreciated it, but when a less desirable man did it he was a creep. The previously reported encounters described Cuomo coming on to women. One described how he wanted to sleep with her. Why is it not that he wanted to date her? Women flirt with men all the time and men don't report it. I don't condone using a position of power to coerce women, but Cuomo was single and he sought to date some of the women around him. A governor can't go to bars to meet women, he has to stay within his cohort of contacts.
Maybe it's Me (NY)
@Jon If these allegations are all true, he wasn't really trying to date anyone. He wanted to skip the dating part. We all know how to ask someone out for a date, and this is not the way.
Jeffrey (Los Angeles)
@Jon Says much that you rely on adolescent SNL skits to draw conclusions about the universal truths in life. In the real world, it's clear that women are much less concerned with a man's looks that with his character and sense of humor. That skit was designed to appeal to the type of guy who is staying up late on a weekend night to watch TV, looking for a reason that he is alone.
SG (Oakland)
Due process and #MeToo. Can't we have both?
Lisa (Buffalo, NY)
@SG Obviously not!
Silvia Carry (Long Island, NY)
Unlike sticks and stones, allegation shouldn’t hurt anyone. Shame on those who want to ruin a man’s life with no evidence, allegations is all we see. This entire sham makes feel embarrassed to be a women.
Marc Sivam (San Jose, CA)
@Silvia Carry did you feel that way when it was against Kavanaugh or Trump?
Concerned (Locust Valley NY)
@Silvia Carry How convenient and well timed.
Lewis Black (Boston°)
Same might be said about the Brit’s royal family, who are facing allegations of racism based on nothing. Wondering about skin tone of a child of mixed race is not racism. It’s called curiosity.
Helix (Clifton Park)
This is all quite sad actually.
Jack (Los Angeles)
I'm a Republican with no love lost for Governor Cuomo but even I'm appalled at this slowly unfolding political hit job to which you liberals are subjecting him. Tread carefully, woke mob.
Greg (Chicago)
Somebody wants PowerPoint Andy out of the picture. Bravo NY!
Lenore (Manhattan)
So after he resigns, can we have Andy Byford back?
Tara (New York)
Oh good grief. “Alleged groping” and the police are involved? I worked at a high level for one of Cuomo’s administrative agencies and “alleged groping” was NEVER referred to the police. Nor was actual groping. If reported (it was not reported here) it was handled by HR, and an investigation was done by agency HR per NYS policy. There is no policy that it be reported to the police, at least not as of 3 years ago. This is absurd! Also, a person has to make a complaint by telling someone. Tell HR, tell their boss. The investigation will not begin without that. And an allegation that is made a year or 2 months after the alleged action supposedly took place is seen as suspect. Why did the accuser stay near the alleged groper? What is the motive? Why didn’t they say something when it allegedly happened? NYS policy is clear on this. We had some “groping” incidents. Not once were the state troopers or Albany police notified. It’s laughable just to contemplate it. Something is very wrong here. I’m a liberal feminist who believes women should have protection in the workplace, but I smell a rat. I don’t believe these women and I feel they do a grave injustice to women in the workplace. Also, doesn’t the New York Times have anything better to do? (great neck new york)
@Tara Exactly. Include CNN, MSNBC, FOX/Trump News and social media. They miss those Tweets, and forgot how to report
Jeffrey (Los Angeles)
@Tara "Groping" = Sexual Assault. "Groping" is generally the term used for when white guys do it to women. If a gay guy were to do it to a hetero guy, or a black male to do it to a white woman, it would be considered grounds for a beat down at least, and most likely a criminal assault charge.
Joe (Naples, NY)
Let the investigations play out. NO one should resign from government just because they are accused of misbehavior. If that were the rule we could empty the Congress in a week by simply claiming whatever we wanted. I am not saying Cuomo is innocent or guilty. I am saying that we wait for the investigation to play out before making judgments. I know it's hard to do in these times. But fair is fair.
Maxb (California)
@Joe I totally agree. Anyone can say anything until there are facts it is just that and allegation. Cuomo is a successful politician and the republicans want him removed from future potential runs for national office. So who do I think is behind this, those who benefit the most from this smear campaign. Stay in office Mr. Gov and lets see how this plays out, I will bet it does not stand up to removal. Remember a few did not put you in office, but millions. continue to run the government of New York.
Paul (Rio de Janeiro)
The shocking part is that many Democrats are still so tentative, giving Cuomo so much more leeway than any elected official of either party in recent memory. Schumer, a profile in courage always, needs "every stone unturned" as if in any other circumstance he would not have screeched for a resignation by now. And Cuomo himself has called for many resignations before, some for more and others for less than he did, as far as what we know.
Rachel (Albany ny)
@Paul I find it amusing that folks living in Rio etc are so Vehement about what NYS voters should be doing.
JM (Washington DC)
My grandmother, aged 96, died in a nursing home of covid just last month. While this was by no means the fault of any government administration, it does reveal the agonizing nature of this pandemic and the need to be transparent. The Cuomo administrations willingness to cover up such deaths should have been enough to prompt his resignation if it was in fact true. The fact that sexual harassment claims, as well as Cuomo’s bullying incidents, are now coming out just are alarming and solidify this need.
Lewis Black (Boston°)
Actually, Cuomo’s people reported nursing home deaths accurately. It was the reporting of the deaths of those who were transferred from nursing homes to hospitals, and then died there, that he is accused of misrepresenting.
Daniel K. Statnekov (Eastsound, WA)
Although it is completely understandable why a woman in her position and situation would not wish to file an official report, not doing so denies the accused of an opportunity to clear himself (or suffer the consequences) of his alleged behavior. It is unfair to the governor to deny him the opportunity to clear his name.
Kingsely (NY NY)
@Daniel K. Statnekov She will be called to testify in the official investigation under oath. Then she'll have to talk. As it is, refusing to speak with Police makes her story suspect and she needs to be taken off the list of accusers. It appears she doesn't want to lose her job and her flirting with the governor, if he is in fact still speaking to her.
A. Solo (Delray Beach Florida)
The easiest problem to investigate is Cuomo and the NY department of health's handling of the nursing home misinformation. If these issues are rock solid--which appears to be the case; then the issues with the woman accusers have a better chance of causing Cuomo's resignation--"he said/she said" is difficult to prove...the more woman line up, the harder it becomes for the Governor. Both issues are important, both deserve an appropriate investigation. Cuomo deserves Due Process. Cuomo is innocent until proven guilty.
@A. Solo The press has more interest in the sexual allegations for two reasons. 1) Sex scandals generate clicks. 2) The nursing home scandal (and general covid mismanagement) implicates not only Cuomo but the press as well. The media has touted his performance for a year despite all evidence.
Marge Keller (Midwest)
Only two people know for certain what, if anything, occurred between the governor and his personal aide. However, what is known is that the governor falsified information regarding the number of nursing home deaths in New York last year. It's his credibility which is at stake here, not to mention his political future and/or career. I have no clue whether he did one or any of the misconduct acts he has been accused of. But the fact that he was caught lying about something so crucial and critical in the past, I find it difficult to believe what he says now much less give him the benefit of the doubt. Once trust has been trampled and broken, it's very difficult to trust that same individual again.
Lawrence Ordine (Bayside ny)
@Marge Keller There is not yet a connection between the governor and the report. If he ordered or knew the report to be false, that will be a cause for legal or political action against the Governor. The original order to require nursing homes to accept Covid patients was recommended by CDC and ordered by several Govenors. The inappropriate sexual harrassment accusations will rise to credibility and legal action when the AG's investigation finds credible evidence. Till then, we put away the torches. Ask Al Frankin how a rush to judgement goes.
El Shrinko (Canada)
This situation is a timely and crucial one for the nation to face. It turns out that a high percentage of human beings are very capable of putting forth false or distorted accusations of being a victim. It's becoming a national pastime. The handy fact that its usually impossible to disprove a false accusation - unless somehow a secret video recording at that time and place is found - seems to be at play. How do we handle this accelerating problem? This makes things much worse for true victims of genuine abuse. In the future, maybe we will all have to wear body cams at work.
Pol (California)
Interesting to see that Albany police is inviting alleged victims who have no intention of pressing charges to feel free to do so. I'm more used to having to send tons of evidence before police finally pay attention to serious (economic among others) crimes. Media lynching is not justice. As far as I know, Cuomo has not been charged with any crime or misdemeanour, let alone found guilty. He is a man of another generation used to saying or doing things that today cannot even be thought of.
Sydney (Chicago)
The right-wing, Republican cabal is going to keep bringing these women out of the woodwork until they get Cuomo out of office. These accusations, true or not, will keep escalating until Cuomo is gone. We all know which accusation comes next... Let's just remember that Republican Trump is more revered than ever and stayed in office after allegations against him, and Republican Brett Kavanaugh has a lifetime appointment to America's highest court in the land, after having been accused of assault. The good news here is that if Cuomo does resign, the next in line is still a Democrat.
Sheki (Ca)
They... worked for him. There is not a single shred of evidence to connect any of these women to the right wing. Several have worked in democratic politics for years. The idea that they are Right Stone plants is completely loony.
Stephanie (Dallas)
Many commenters discount allegations by women simply because they are coming at the same time. Yet this is completely logical. It is logical that a 25 or 30 year old trying to establish a career and positive work history would not want to draw attention to harassment. They did not report to investigators because when the incidents happened, there was no investigation. Some did report the incidents to supervisors (and HR), and some requested transfers to new jobs. Most women are just trying to do a good job and to get ahead. Harassment is nothing but an obstacle to that goal. Why would anyone expose their harassment experience when there is so much to lose and the only thing to gain is preventing it from happening to someone else? It seems like Assemblyman Kim broke the logjam when he accused the governor of bullying. He created an atmosphere where it might have been safer to comment on a hostile workplace in an accuser's past. Past is the key. Once a woman has an established work history and career, commenting on a former workplace environment has less (but not zero) career risk. They comment to corroborate each other. Or in the case of the most recent allegation, they come forward when they believe the accused has lied. It seems that for years, women have been reporting this behavior to supervisors with no discernable impact on the governor. When the media picks up the story, however, all the accusations taken together give it weight.
Tombo (Treetop)
So far I've seen no politician stand up for the governor. Usually we'd see a slew of people from his own party saying things like we should wait to see what happens, let's not get ahead of ourselves, etc. Do they really all dislike this guy? Every one of them?
Colonel Belvedere (San Francisco)
The lesson: if you don’t roll over and play dead, they will throw everything they’ve got at you up to and including the threat of criminal prosecution. They being the nebulous forces that direct the latest social justice mob currently feeding on whoever the target of the moment is. There is an investigation being conducted by the Attorney General. It should be allowed to reach its conclusion and Cuomo should then be judged fit or unfit. Until then he should remain in office regardless of the wild accusations that are miraculously appearing at the moment.
La Rana (NYC)
I ask myself why all of this is coming out now? He has been serving as Governor since 2011 having won three consecutive terms. Why now?
Mel (NYC)
@La Rana maybe ask yourself why every working woman who has been the victim of work place harassment and has been in the headlines for the last three years only came forward after years of workplace abuse? This conversation and the question you posit has literally been the main thread of conversation for the last three years of the Me Too movement. Where have you been?
La Rana (NYC)
@Mel Maybe you have it all figured out. I don't. The accusations come from recent staff not employees going back years. And some are frankly puzzling. "He kissed my hand" in my opinion does not constitute sexual harassment. In Poland, for ex, men kiss women's hand as a form of respectful greeting all the time. I am inclined to think the Me Too movement has taken things too far. Let's not forget, these are only allegations. Let the investigation proceed.
Cheryl (Yorktown)
To my mind, it would be better that the police did step in to investigate this allegation, which is far more serious from the others. The police obviously cannot do anything with this, however, without the complainant's statement. And I wish we had statements from her, rather than from a "representative." Reports of Cuomo's verbal abuse weren't a surprise, but the allegations of sexual harassment - and now groping - have been a shock. Having a female aide come into his private residence to help with his cellphone? Give me a break. Even if he ends up with no criminal charges, this effectively ends his political career. Politically, no one's afraid of him any more - - and that was his not-so-secret power over the legislature. I think it would behoove him to help with a transition to Lt. Gov Hochul.
David (Burlington County, NJ)
I'm not a fan of Cuomo, and I also live in PA. That said, something doesn't smell right when a police department not only "reaches out" to a potential victim who has not come forward but issues a press release about it.
Maridee (USA)
I worked in many a job. If anybody, from mail clerk to CEO, put his hands on me in the manner described, I would've called the police and filed a report without delay, making my anger known loudly. I can't fathom how any woman, if it were true this latest allegation, wouldn't report this immediately. I don't buy the "I'm afraid of losing my job" biz. I guess we'll have to wait for the investigation's findings.
Concerned (Locust Valley NY)
@Maridee Agreed! How convenient and they're really fishing for sensationalism! Not buying any of it! Research shows some sort of collusion between these women, who appears to all be set to destroy NYS Governor Cuomo. They are also basking in limelight and making money from interviews. Boylan is boosting her political intentions with the publicity. Bennett has shown a pattern in filing 7 or more past Sexual Harassment claims with her SMART organization at Hamilton College that were thrown out against an old boyfriend, save for one, ending with a role reversal - the accused boyfriend (one of many), became the Plaintiff AKA "John Doe" against Hamilton College in a 74 page document found online filed 2/11/2020, with all the specific details: We can assume Charlotte Bennett AKA "Sally Smith" in the findings. The case was later settled, much to Bennetts dismay who spoke on and wrote an article while still at Hamilton College before "John Doe's Complaint & Demand for Jury Trial Lawsuit. We can't afford to lose Governor Cuomo right now after this year of Covid he safely led us through, and stand behind him. Especially when this all looks like an elaborate scheme and setup.
Enough (San Francisco)
But it never happened to you, right? You have no idea how you would react, so please do not denigrate other women for being afraid to report.
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
As far as I am concerned, pure, unadulterated nonsense. With all due respect to the real victims, and THERE ARE real victims out there, unless I have tangible evidence, if I were a juror I would declare governor Cuomo, former presidents Clinton and Trump, Innocent! This business of "victims" crawling out of the woodwork long after the alleged incident, especially following a political development, has been overdone. As a result, it lessens the effect of factual cases and for that I hold responsible my good friends the Democrats who are taking advantage of this movement because of political commitments. Again for the record, I am not a Cuomo, Clinton, and certainly not a Trump fan.
GMooG (LA)
@Independent "This business of "victims" crawling out of the woodwork long after the alleged incident, especially following a political development, has been overdone." Is reading comprehension "overdone"? The reason I ask is that the article very clearly states that the incident took place "late last year."
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
@GMooG That's too long.
The media is all over these allegations in an attempt to tarnish Cuomo about something other than his job performance. The attention on his failures managing the virus response would end up implicating the press as well for propping him up for 12 months.
Catalina Tucker (Hawaii)
Over the years I have come to distrust all allegations against the men in government and elsewhere. The truth of things is not always apparent and should not be put out there as fodder for the masses to haggle over. Let due process of law and order take the first steps at getting to the bottom of the accusations. In this country a man is innocent until PROVEN guilty. He has apologized for his misconduct with others but is denying the last accusation. Let it play out without first condemning the man.
Ian MacFarlane (Philadelphia PA)
He and his accusers are the only ones who know the truth of the accusations, but while the charges are obviously disturbing, he is innocent until proven guilty.
Cheryl (Yorktown)
To my mind, it would be better that the police did step in to investigate this allegation, which is far more serious from the others. The police obviously cannot do anything with this, however, without the complainant's statement. Reports of Cuomo's verbal abuse weren't a surprise, but the allegations of sexual harassment - and now groping - have been a shock. Having a female aide come into his private residence to help with his cellphone? Give me a break. Even if he ends up with no criminal charges, this effectively ends his political career. Politically, no one's afraid of him any more - - and that was his not-so-secret power over the legislature. I think it would behoove him to help with a transition to Lt. Gov Hochul.
Luiza (NY)
Looking forward to the response of Nancy Pelosi and Schumer If/if not Cuomo's actions reduce the influence of NY on Federal Policy is the all important question.
ManhattanWilliam (East Village NYC)
WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS! New Yorkers will NOT be duped. This is so obviously a coordinated smear campaign that it reeks all the way from Albany to New York City. We love Governor Cuomo for his great leadership and will not be blinded by the media into believing this sudden TORRENT of slanderous accusations against him. To those nefarious politicians in New York like DeBlasio and Stewart-Cousins who have done NOTHING to better the lives of New Yorkers but whom are rushing to get on the bandwagon because they see an opportunity for their OWN futures, I refute them unequivocally. THEY have done NOTHING for me. Cuomo, through his thoughtful leadership, has saved many lives.
PB (Northern Utah)
Flag on the play; time out! Thousands of rape kits sit for months or years waiting to be tested, criminals roam free, but the police department "has offered its services to the alleged victim," although she does not want to press charges??? Also, I know the police get very frustrated when called to a domestic violence situation, but the victim refuses to press charges, and the police then have to report but walk away until charges are filed. Similarly, in Cuomo's case, the alleged victim does not want to press charges. This doesn't mean Cuomo didn't do what she told others he did; it means there is no criminal case yet by this woman, and she does not want to go public at this time. Yet, this incident gets leaked to the press anyway--trial-by-press and guilty-until-proven- innocent? That's the tabloid press and Murdoch way. Plus, an investigation of Cuomo's alleged misbehavior is already in the works. It would seem proper to wait to see what the accusers and Cuomo say under oath. Especially if this woman does not want to go public herself and/or press charges or testify, then both the victim and alleged perpetrator will be damaged just to get the scoop, or fall into a purposefully set media trap by Cuomo's many opponents. Truth, ethics, and respect for justice--remember those days--rare days perhaps, but a reflection of our better angels.
Ted (NY)
The timing continues to be questionable. There’s a need for a journalistic investigation, not one that says his behavior is that of a rabid yeller bully - that’s been well known since day one, but related to the harassment charges. Exactly who are these ladies, and why did they wait so long to make their charges public. We know very little about them, and given the stature of a governor, details are needed. Why right now? Are the upcoming elections a factor? Is there a ghost financial backer moving the story? It’s not clear. NY is after al, all about dirty money. Real estate developer Steven Ross, for one, fundraised millions for Trump’s re-election, and is now launching a PAC for the democratic mayoral race.
Steven (New York)
I read this three times and I still am not sure I’m following. There’s the complainant, an “aide,” who after the governor’s statement as to the other women, became noticeably upset to a “supervisor,” who questioned her, and upon learning of the alleged groping, this supervisor reported the incident to either the governor’s counsel or to the state police, who reported the incident to the Albany police who reached out to the governor’s counsel who just confirmed the conversation. Meanwhile, the alleged victim, the aide, doesn’t want to lodge a complaint herself. Do I have this right?
Luis K (Miami, FL)
Before anyone judges, there are two thoughts that come to mind. One is obvious. Where there's smoke there's fire. On the other hand, where were these accusers 10, 15, 20 years ago? On Mars perhaps. There's something called the 6th Amendment. It needs to be read - by everyone.
Constant bad press like this is why dems lose across the rest of the country. NY has some of the most competitive systems for electing reps, and they keep picking people of this low caliber? And I'm saying as a lifelong dem!
Dotconnector (New York)
It's about time that this reprehensible pattern of sexual misconduct, not to mention gross abuse of power, is referred to professional law enforcement instead of being strictly limited to some rope-a-dope form of quasi-political evaluation. Contrary to what the governor would have us believe with his disingenuous faux contrition, this isn't a routine case of "he said/she said." Rather, it's "he said/she said/she said/she said/she said/she said/she said" – not one credible accuser, but six, at least so far, with creepily similar allegations of sexual harassment, varying only in degrees of egregiousness. As Andrew Cuomo struggles to drag this mess out, hoping to exhaust our attention span while desperately clinging to the power he so arrogantly wields, this is a time for justice without needless delay. We need concrete proof the system works. Otherwise, we revert to the default setting of powerful men abusing women with impunity. Which should be in our past.
Melissa McCullough (Austin, Tx)
I hope this is not an organized distraction from the nursing home numbers
SMedeiros (San Francisco)
Allegations cannot be enough to drive someone out of office unless you think allegations should be enough to drive YOU out.
nzierler (New Hartford NY)
I have always found Cuomo to be an arrogant bully but I also believe in the rule of law, whose most vital principle is "innocent until proven guilty."
Bob G. (San Francisco)
This accusation is at a whole other level of "harassment" than the governor's unwelcome verbal come-ons that have been previously reported. For that reason I need to hear more proof before I would believe it.
Alex (Indiana)
Reaching under a woman's blouse and touching her in anything other than a fully and mutually consensual, intimate setting is clearly a very serious crime. Governor Cuomo may or may not have committed the harassment previously alleged, but what is described here rises to a whole new level. Frankly, whatever Cuomo is guilty off, this allegation taxes credulity; Mr. Cuomo is not a fool. He is entitled to due process. If he did as alleged, and it can be proven by the standards of the law, he should face criminal penalties, and certainly removal from office. But due process matters.
Aryan (Jersey City)
The governor needs to resign. Yes, his Republican counterparts may not do so, but just because they didn’t, it doesn’t mean he should not. No one is above the law. He showed great leadership throughout the pandemic, but until the ongoing investigations are over, it’s best if he just resigns.
Pank (Camden, NJ)
@Aryan No. He has not been convicted of anything, merely accused, and of minor tasteless, perhaps inconsiderate behavior. The accusations are very suspicious. The media is not just, not a courtroom, not a trial except by gossip.
luigi (Hollywood, FL)
@Aryan Why should he resign before the investigation is complete?
MJG (Valley Stream)
It's interesting that no one is standing up for Cuomo. Surely, other politicians have been accused of worse behavior and yet there was always someone, a commissioner or even a janitor, who defended them. With Cuomo? No one. Why? No one likes him. Note to future politicians: Don't take a victory lap and write a vanity book about how great you are while your constituents are still suffering and dying. I know; it's a revolutionary concept.
Justin (Manhattan, NY)
@MJG His voters are standing up for him...
Disappointed (Buffalo)
@Justin Even fewer people like his brother Fredo.
Camden (Atlanta)
@MJG I believe his colleagues are right now evaluating every hug, every eye contact, every compliment, every joke, every personal conversation for fear of ending up in the same boat.
James (Savannah)
To posters critical of Cuomo's ego: has there been, or will there ever be, an effective Governor for the state of New York who doesn't have an oversized ego? Reminds me of John Lennon's reaction to primal scream therapy - paraphrasing, here - "I got rid of my ego with Primal Scream, then realized that without ego you can't do anything."
KM (Pittsburgh)
@James The only thing Cuomo was effective at was blocking progressive legislation and knee capping his own party to amass more power for himself.
Meredith (New York)
But some egotists bring harm to other people. Get it? That's why we have laws to protect them. Get it? His actions must not be rationalized. He's obviously a domineering abuser who has no respect for others--- like that guy who stunk up the WH for 4 years. Get it? What's the real reason many readers are defending him? I'm truly curious.
JD Athey (Oregon)
@Meredith 'Domineering abuser'? Wow. At this point there is no proof Cuomo is guilty of the accusations. And comparing him to a serial womanizer & power-hungry racist/narcissist who tried to overthrow our democracy is a real stretch.
Joseph (Cincinnati)
Cuomo has faced far too many serious allegations to dismiss the claims made by these women. It is clear by now that this is a longstanding pattern of horrible behavior on a par with that of Donald Trump. If I were Cuomo and had a single shred of integrity remaining, I would take this opportunity to resign immediately. As that seems unlikely, he should be impeached. His victims must see justice.
shirley (Maryland)
@Joseph Allegations are not considered a crime until proven.
Vicki (Queens, NY)
@Joseph Donald Trump is being sued for rape charges, in addition to multiple other assault charges by scores of other women. So no, it is not “on a par” with the former President.
Bill (NY)
Justice comes in a court of law, not the media
srwdm (Boston)
“Gut wrenching”? What is gut wrenching is that you’re still in office, Mr. Cuomo.
Christopher J Everard (London, England)
Wow! So the state and Albany police departments have not received a complaint from an as yet unidentified individual but have taken it upon themselves to 'reach out' to the unidentified individual's counsel to 'offer its services'. Have I got this right? Am I missing something? Is there not enough crime up there? Or is it some extreme right wing nut jobs within these departments - like their colleagues running riot on January 6th in the Capitol from other law enforcement departments / agencies - thinking they should take it upon themselves to unseat a Democratic governor? Mr Cuomo - do not resign!! Take a leaf out of the Republican's playbook, do not resign!! Let's see how this evolves.
paul (White Plains, NY)
@Christopher J Everard Simply amazing how people on the left can simply choose to ignore the allegations of 6 separate women, most of them Democrats within the Cuomo administration, and his pattern of sexual harassment. Likewise his attempt to hide the actual numbers of patients who he sent to their deaths by returning them from hospitals to the virus breeding grounds of their nursing homes, even after Trump provided the hospital ship Comfort and revamped the Javits Center into a giant hospital, capable of taking most of them, but which were left virtually empty. Amazing, and hypocritical.
Zack (Buffalo, New York)
@Christopher J Everard EXACTLY! Do not resign Governor.
Edward (Wichita, KS)
@paul Yeah, Trump solved all the problems, it's just that no one gave him credit. So unfair. He even wrote me a covid relief check and a personal letter signed by himself. Cuomo is being set up and in no way should he resign.
zoe (new york)
How quickly people forget! Do you remember exactly a year ago, when NY had the highest death rate from Civid, when people were drropping dead left and rright and no one knew what this virus was? Neitherr the mogues or the hopsital could handle the quantity of the dead. People raided the supermarkets, everything closed, for many it seemed like the end of the world. Coumo fought for us; he got us the equipment and the money. More importantly, he held our hands through this terrifying time. Every morning, during the crisis he was there on TV, assurring us that we were going to surrvive this horrifying time. He was there when our President. He was the only voice of sanity. He showed compassion. He showed strength and HE SAVED US. He is indeed a flawed individual. Harassment of women is unacceptable. And yes, perrhaps he made erred as to the nursing homes. But his actions must be put in perceptive. The good must not be forgotten. I, a feminist woman, will be forever grateful for all he did right to get us through the pandemic.
Seneca (NY)
@zoe yes, he did many things very well. But if these allegations are true, he must go.
Justin (Manhattan, NY)
@zoe Amen. And the timing of all the Cuomo scandals - right as the NY AG is set to press criminal charges on DJT - seems odd. A divided NY will not be able to deliver DJT justice.
paul (White Plains, NY)
@zoe What about his outright refusal to use the majority of the beds in the revamped Javits Center and the hospital ship Comfort, both of which the Trump administration funded and provided? Why didn't Cuomo send a big chun of the 15,000 patients there from the hospitals, rather than condemning them to a return to the virus breeding grounds of their nursing homes? What about that? Was that an example of "saving" us? Instead he chose to spend his time writing a self congratulating book DURING the height of the pandemic, which has now been pulled from the shelves by his publisher.
Sharon A (Los Angeles)
Cuomo shouldn't resign. It's time to observe due process in these allegations of sexual misconduct, which are usually announced, prosecuted, and convicted through the media.
Jordan (Melbourne Fl.)
@Sharon A Did you feel that way for Kavanaugh? I could hazard a guess.
Dan (NJ)
@Jordan I did, actually, until he had a sniveling tantrum on TV, demonstrating that he was temperamentally unfit for the Supreme Court.
HJ (Maine)
@Dan So Cuomo is better because his tantrums are thrown at staff away from the camera?
Independent American (USA)
Call me skeptical, but an intelligent person has to wonder why these women didn't file a sexual harassment complaint immediately after the incidents occurred.
DB (Albany)
@Independent American There are many reasons why women (and men) are hesitant to report sexual harassment: Fear of not being believed, fear of retaliation from their bosses, fear of being maligned by the media, fear that an accusation will cost them their jobs and career.
Daniel (77019)
Any intelligent person knows that the reason most people don't come forward is because of how they will be treated... It isn't until one person comes forward that others then do so. This has happened multiple times. Safety in numbers, even when going up against powerful people...
ManhattanWilliam (East Village NYC)
@Independent American RIght! And the answer? Because NOTHING DID OCCUR!
dr. c.c. (planet earth)
These serial harassers/molesters never admit to guilt. Six women are just imagining that he did these things. He admits only to being insensitive and inadvertently hurting overly sensitive women. In fact, they are probably more angry and offended than hurt. He lied about the nursing home deaths (an even bigger problem); now he lies about this.
shirley (Maryland)
@dr. c.c. Not proven yet.
Denver (Denver)
No one cares. There are too many real, pressing issues in NY and in the US to spend this much time on this subject. Let's move on.
TTNYC (New York)
@Denver No worries. The messes in NY are being bailed out by "we the people".
ccp (marshfield, wi)
@Denver you are wrong to think that no one cares about abuse of power and misogyny in this day and age. Allegations, true, but as Trump (and DeVos) era regulations regarding these kind of accusations are rolled back by the new administration, Mr. Cuomo may find himself less able to defend himself in a he-said she-said allegation.
Jordan (Melbourne Fl.)
@Denver Same opinion if its a Republican? If it is we are in more trouble than anyone realizes.
JMR (Washington)
Something new has crept into news reporting; sadly, even into the venerable Gray Lady. The accuser is believed and an accusation becomes a conviction even before investigations are complete and a charge announced. I find it sad and a further indication that civilization is sliding downward.
ccp (marshfield, wi)
@JMR new? It was a media feeding frenzy at the confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, and those hazy accusations were decades old!
david (Florida)
@JMR Then you must have been so upset over the SC confirmation issues brought forth by Ford.
Zack (Buffalo, New York)
@JMR Very well put.
Spider (Scotland)
Drip, drip, drip...the end game draws ever nearer.
DaveD (Wisconsin)
@Spider I agree. Women willing to make anonymous claims will be found until the magic number of accusers is reached.
Newtothegame (USA)
The problem for Cuomo is the last two paragraphs of this article. That is a plausible course of events.
Sue (Cleveland)
This one was the proverbial straw.
Christine Juliard (Southbury, CT)
Why is it every time a Democrat is accused the individual is expected to resign. Every time a Republican is accused, everyone has a good laugh, the accused acts like a victim, and nothing happens. Frankly, I think we need to come up with a process that applies equally to both parties.
MJG (Valley Stream)
Because that's the Dem motto: believe all women. Either we believe women reflexively or believe in due process. It's a zero sum game.
Angela A (Chapel Hill)
@Christine Juliard Yes, the Democratic process. We have two Supreme Court candidates who sexually harassed women - one including attempted rape - both Republicans. They were both confirmed. This does not mean that anyone should overlook what Cuomo did. On the contrary: Republicans need to change their ways. As a woman, I could never, ever vote for them.
arusso (or)
@Christine Juliard Maybe because Democrats care about right and wrong, about justice, and Republicans care about "us and them" and lack a moral compass. At the very least Democrats should continue to take allegations of this nature seriously, investigate, and then act accordingly based on the findings. It worked for the Tara Reid/Biden issue. Lets see what a good faith investigation of Cuomo revals and then decide what should be done. And while we are at it the GOP should be called oyt for their hypocrisy on these kinds of allegations at every opportunity.
Miguel (Indiana)
Due process must be a thing of the past I suppose..
justin sayin (Chi-Town)
The two forces at play won't quit till resolution. Clearly the Gov. feels strength in his position, so to speak, to stand fast, but also his mindset which is that of a Neanderthal is on view as macho-sexist for his position and inappropriate of course. The longer this drags on the political enemies will interject and tug that rug.
KJR Webmasters (new york, NY)
The more the Cuomo story evolves the more convinced I become that it is an inside political hatchet job designed to get him out of office. The first five women who came forward did not describe criminal behavior from Cuomo and Cuomo refused to resign so the political hatchet job needed to go further. Enter the sixth woman whose accusation is more recent and does describe criminal behavior, however, she won't go to the police so the governor's acting counsel did. Why would someone close to the governor report this story on the woman's behalf? It is clear the accuser does not want to be identified and does not want to speak to authorities, but the people close to the governor want to make sure it is on the record. Why? There is only one reason I can think, even if this story does not result in criminal charges, it may very well be proven the tipping point, allowing Cuomo's enemies to get him out of office before he is convicted of anything.
Priscilla Michaud (Vermont)
@KJR Webmasters I have to say, I agree. It appears to be an orchestrated effort to overthrow Cuomo. Small trumpian?
Anne (Portland)
@KJR Webmasters: This is what happened with Cosby. First, people didn’t believer it because there weren’t enough accusers. Then they didn’t believe it because there were too many accusers. Men who engage in this behavior generally have a pattern of ongoing inappropriate behavior. You may think he should still not resign but generally speaking very few women want the kind of attention they get for reporting this type of behavior against a powerful man.
JD Athey (Oregon)
@KJR Webmasters Same here. 'The more the Cuomo story evolves the more convinced I become that it is an inside political hatchet job designed to get him out of office.' Add to this the fact that The Former Guy is consumed by hatred of Cuomo for doing a good job. And TFG always gets even.
Ed (Washington DC)
Governor Andrew Cuomo served NYS so well throughout the pandemic and in helping the nation at such a critical time when we all were grasping for leadership. But he is doing NYS a disservice by staying in office and not allowing NYS to move forward on the many critical issues facing the state. It’s time to resign Governor. Do a final public service for your state. And let NY move on.
Jacquie (Iowa)
Let the investigation play out and charges can be filed at the appropriate time if warranted. It's obvious Cuomo should not run for office again.
William (Minnesota)
This accusation and the way it has been handled raise many questions. For how long has this aide worked for the Governor? How long did she wait after the alleged incident before hiring a lawyer? Did she continue to work in the same capacity after the alleged incident? Had she ever been subjected to this kind of alleged misconduct before with the Governor? When did she become aware of complaints from other female employees regarding the Governor? It would be helpful for the reading public to have more background information when first learning about this new allegation.
Lena (Milwaukee)
Hopefully you said the same thing about trumps accusers and are consistent across the board here ...
Mary Ann Donahue (NYS)
@Lena ~ trump was elected President and I don't recall any concerted effort to get him to resign. The accusations against trump were much worse and yet were laughed off as "boys will be boys" or "locker room talk". Much more outrage being voiced against Cuomo. Why?
Ted Barnett (Rochester NY)
@Lena Trump admitted and bragged about this kind of behavior.
Maxine Margolis (Roxbury, NY)
I think he's toast.
cathie joy young (Portland)
All the folks defending him by saying "it's just flirting" need to reassess their definition of flirting. I am hopeful for a world where women never have to worry about unwanted aggressiveness, power play, or worse, from men ever again.
shirley (Maryland)
@cathie joy young Please read background of these accusers before finalizing your beliefs. Particularly, Accuser #1. And, again why did Accuser#2 thought it was appropriate to discuss her sexual trauma with her employer?
idealistjam (Rhode Island)
@Maxine Margolis I think you are right.
SLD (California)
Gov. Cuomo has obviously taken advantage of women on a regular basis. What is so hard to understand? Women should be able to work with men without worrying about being harassed in ANY way. This is something that needs to be taught to boys early on in life. Keep your hands to yourself and don’t make unwanted remarks.We also need to teach girls to speak out immediately when they are harassed. This isn’t easy when the boss is the guilty one. Young people of all genders need to be taught to not accept harassment, not practice it. Too many women have now accused Cuomo for him to pretend he’s innocent. When you harass and touch women without their consent, you should lose your job.
Plen-T-Pak (Quincy MA)
@SLD Is it obvious? I think it's time for due process. *If* he did do it then I agree with you 100%. I don't think anyone would argue that this *alleged* behavior is OK.
dba (nyc)
@SLD How is it obvious? These allegations have yet to prove anything. What is obvious, is that there is a concerted effort to get Cuomo out of the way. By whom? Rival democrats? Republicans? Why didn't these women come forward publicly at the time? We're in the throes of MeToo, so there should be no fear. This woman made no complaint, doesn't appear to want to make a complaint, and remains anonymous. And this anonymous thing is nonsense. If you accuse someone of wrongdoing, the accused has a right to know who you are.
Ken (california)
@SLD no not obviously at all. Nothing has been proven except the fact that some people accept internet allegations as fact without any proof if it fits their own social views and purposes
Demosthenes (NY)
Since when do the police “reach out” to victims of this sort of crime? It’s hard enough getting the police to assist victims when they want to press charges. What will tomorrow’s victim accuse him of?
Maddox (NJ)
@Demosthenes That is not true. They do reach out to victims. The police do not directly reach out there is a specific office that reaches out. I know from firsthand knowledge.
robert (sf)
@Demosthenes Victims of sexual abuse can feel so much shame or denial that they are unable to report the crime. It's great that the police are able to follow up and at least gather facts that will help address and avoid future incidents.
ManhattanWilliam (East Village NYC)
@Demosthenes Well said! Who knows what slander tomorrow will bring now that the torrent is fully underway. And YES, the police "reaching out"? Who ever heard of THAT here in New York?! The media is trying to direct public opinion but New Yorkers are too smart to be distracted by unsubstantiated slanders.
Steve (Seattle)
This begs the question, why hasn't trump been investigated for all of his "groping" that he even admitted to?
@Steve at what point do you stop living in the past and deal with the present..trump is not the issue here cuomo is
Slann (CA)
@Steve Some guy named Barr would be the person to ask. After all, he supposedly ran both offense and defense on that issue.
R. Bartlett (VT)
@Steve He has been investigated. Suites and investigations are ongoing.
Slann (CA)
No formal complaint, but the department is "reaching out"? Are they soliciting for their DA, who would have to prosecute, should an actual criminal complaint be lodged? And just who is that DA, and what do they say? Is the state AG interceding? Sounds like the Gov. is being "piled on", but not by actual accusers.
G. B. (Highland, NY)
I agree with ZW and George S. Allegations are allegations, and I do not want to see this important case tried and decided in the media.
Stephen (New Haven)
The problem with Cuomo is that he's burned all of his bridges and his behavior is in general that of one with a giant ego and it is not a stretch to imagine him thinking he is invincible to do these things. He's gotta go.
Pat Boice (Idaho Falls, ID)
@Stephen - "not a stretch to imagine him thinking he is invincible....". Your imagination doesn't make it so.
B. L. (Boston)
It's embarrassing to watch how many of my fellow liberals are rushing to Cuomo's defense cause they like his policies.
David (Rochester)
@B. L. Or the entire GOP for the former President?
Ken (california)
@B. L. it is more embarrassing to watch the true believers who dont care about proof or facts if allegations alone fit their social agendas
Kingsely (NY NY)
@B. L. You shouldn't be embarrassed or surprised. 75 million people like Trump's policies. Now that's a reason to be embarrassed.
Jay Orchard (Miami Beach, FL)
Is Governor Cuomo going for some kind of record of how many different women accuse him of improper behavior before he resigns? Enough already.
Ken (california)
@Jay Orchard oh stop it. the initial allegations were so inconsequential they had to drum up a new so called victim because they were not gaining enough attention or traction. the record you set is for belief of anything anyone says without any evidence.
shirley (Maryland)
@Ken Bingo. also Fox News complained on yesterday that the other news channels were covering this so, later the allegations were leveled up to actually touching.
Rachel (Albany ny)
@Jay Orchard A voice from FL, of all places..... I would consider an opinion from a Floridian just as soon as FL becomes a respectable place...
TomD (Ann Arbor, MI)
Good. This is an accusation of criminal behavior and Andrew Cuomo is certainly not above the law. The apparent pattern of sexual harassment by Cuomo comes after three terms marked by bullying, narcissism, cover-ups, and intentional obstruction of popular progressive policies preferred by NY voters. There is nothing worth defending in his record, nor is there any factual basis to the knee-jerk conspiratorial defenses. I am glad the Blue Trump is close to being stopped before he can ever become president.
Maxine Walker (RI)
I hope these serious charges are not about stopping him politically.
Steve Zakszewski (Brooklyn)
Most of the obstruction came from the NY Senate. I live in Brooklyn and my senator is Simcha Felder, ostensibly a Democrat but as an Orthodox Jew he's to the far right minus the white supremacism and voted against all liberal proposals. It's only been this term where Dems replaced other Reps in the Sante that Felder's influence has waned, but Cuomo's had his hands full with the pandemic and no time/money to deal with other issues like universal health care, etc
Mary Comfort (Aptos, CA)
@TomD But the Red Trump is still out there!
M (Georgia)
I believe in due process, but this isn't looking too good. If Gov. Cuomo has done these things, resignation would certainly be better for him and his family than letting it drip, drip, drip daily in the news. And as a nation, we don't need these distractions right now. My hope is that this is resolved quickly.
wayne griswald (Moab, Ut)
@M Of course you have the dilemma with these cases that if you really didn't do them and they are false accusations then you shouldn't resign. And the way the mind works someone who did them may believe they didn't.
Steven (Virginia)
The Governor will require expert advice about how to meet this challenge if he is to survive it politically.
Milton Lewis (Hamilton Ontario)
Up until now I have been very supportive of Cuomo. Earlier accusations sounded like aggressive flirting and inappropriate non physical behaviour with two young female staffers and a third incident at a wedding. The latest accusation if found to be true by the examining attorneys will effectively end Cuomo’s career. He must resign. No longer fit for high office.
Maxine Walker (RI)
It’s interesting that you were with him and is now calling for his resignation, even though nothing has been proven. Allegations are just that. In this case, the one who is harmed is not filing a charge, but it seems that others have an interest in putting this new more damaging allegation forward. I have no reason to believe Cuomo is not guilty, and I have no reason to believe he is guilty. The matter should be thoroughly investigated. However, it does give me pause that, in this case, with so much already being said, someone would make this profoundly damaging allegation then claim she doesn’t want to file charges. Why not?
Vicki (Queens, NY)
@Milton Lewis Can we please let our very capable AG complete her investigation? I am suspending making a final judgement until everyone goes under oath and all documentation is vetted.
Nancy (Massachusetts)
@Milton Lewis It's an accusation, one in which the accuser doesn't have the courage to be forthcoming. Let's be fair. We don't know the truth behind any of these accusations yet. I bet you are a fair person, aren't you?
zw (New Jersey)
The media shouldn't weigh in on this. Let the police and judges do the job. Meanwhile, don't distract the governor from doing his job. We can't let allegations ruin effective governance in this pandemic. If the governor did wrong, the law won't let him go; if the allegations turn out not true, we are all wasting our time.
Johninnapa (Napa, Ca)
Except that in this case, the alleged victim only went to the media and did not file a criminal complaint. While I am sure the alleged incident was traumatizing to the alleged victim, the media is not the place to prosecute this yet the victim has allowed for no other venue other than the media to vet this allegation. All of which kind of draws motivation into question.
Nancy B (Philadelphia)
@Johninnapa There is no evidence that woman in question "went to the media." Her supervisor learned of the incidents of alleged harassment and reported it. Now she is being assigned suspicious "motives."
Steve (just left of center)
@zw This is exactly what the media is supposed to do: keep government officials honest by reporting on alleged improper behavior. They certainly never let up on Trump et. al. And I know that lots of people would question his effectiveness, and honesty, during this pandemic.
George S. (NY & LA)
So the police, allied with the far right-wing and opposed to the Governor's desire for reform are now stepping in? The State AG has appointed independent reviewers to deal with this matter. So why are these accusers even still seeking media attention with their claims rather than speaking directly to the AG's reviewers? Talking to the media requires no oath taking. Depositions to the AG does. Put each of these women under oath to testify to the reviewers with the consequent risk of perjury. The Governor has accepted the legitimate role of the AG's reviewers. He deserves the right to confront his accusers under oath.
Nancy B (Philadelphia)
@George S. It's deeply unfair to say that the woman is "seeking media attention." The woman in question did not speak to the media, nor did she go to the police. Her supervisor observed her getting emotional as she watched the Governor's press conference; only then did the woman make her accusation. And there *was* no AG investigation before the previous women first spoke out, so they couldn't have simply gone to the investigating authorities. Oh, and it is worth remembering that one of the women, Bennett, reported the Governor's behavior to HR officers on his staff right after it happened, with apparently no consequences for Cuomo.
Kathleen (San Diego)
@George S. Agree 100%
Joen (NYC)
@George S. Fair points, but if Cuomo is to be exonerated then these six women are liars? Let’s not blame the possible victims for speaking out. Also let’s stop the hypocrisy, Kavanagh was found guilty immediately by the same persons now asking for patience—for behavior when he was a college student, not a 63 year old governor.
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