Small Towns

May 12, 2021 · 37 comments
Grange (Glenbard West High School)
I think living in a small town — like the one I live in now — is better to live in than a big town or city because people all know each other and it just feels safer all over. In big cities it is very crowded, but it does offer a lot of stuff to do. In a small city — where you know everyone around and can trust them — you can make memories that will feel more special and unique. Therefore, I would live in a smaller city.
A (A)
I would rather live in a big city because it has more job opportunities and a study shows that injury-related death is 20% higher in a small town than in a big city.
Piper C (Cary High School)
In the question of a small town vs a big city, I can see the pros and cons of both. In a small town, you would have a close community, as the article mentioned. However, in a small town, you could feel trapped. You could also feel like everyone is watching you so you have to be perfect. In a big city, you could have more job opportunities and find more people you can relate to. However, you could also feel like you blend in with everyone else. Overall, I think I’d like to live in a small city because it's the perfect combination of a big city and a small town. You can find your people/community without feeling overlooked and still have multiple opportunities to pursue your dreams.
Emely Medina (California)
I think i am waaayyy to paranoid to live in a small town. To many possibilities for murders and crazy hijinks. In small towns i hear everyone is close to one another and knows everyone. And i don't think I'm comfortable with that. Small towns seem very retire-y. I don't think i would want to live in one if i have my whole life ahead to experience more things out in the bigger parts of the world.
jeff (texes)
that would be cool to live in a small town
Caroline Malpede (Glen Ellyn, IL)
I’ve grown up in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I’ve personally enjoyed it because its a place of comfort and I know the town like the back of my hand. Beyond that, I’ve felt that it is a good environment because knowing everyone can make you feel like you have many people behind you and willing to help, while in a big city it’s everyone competing agaisnt each other trying to be the best. Living in a big city could benefit you as it’s more of a real world experience, but I’d get the sense of loneliness because instead of be connected with everyone you have more of just your small circle. When I’m older I hope to live in a big city out of college to get that sense of the real world and I feel like the city is more fun for that age sense it’s filled with more life. But once I get older I wish to live in a small town and have my children experience what I got to growing up because I wouldn’t trade where I grew up for anything.
Julia M (Brooklyn, NY)
I love growing up in the city. I feel being a kid in the city you get more freedoms than growing up in a small town. I think this teaches us to be more independent in the real world. The community, the activities, and views in a city are like no other. I would enjoy staying in some kind of city when I grow up. I also feel like I've learned valuable things that growing up in a small town doesn't always teach you. Such as being exposed to different cultures, social skills, and more.
Alva L (brooklyn,ny)
Personally, I live in a big city and I really have enjoyed growing up here so far. I have lived here my whole life and I have gotten to know so many people so far. I think that growing up in a big city is better than a small town. I started learning about how to be independent very young. And I want that for my kids in the future. I think then when I leave for college and eventually move away I want to live in California for a while and travel the world a bit. But once I finish that I want to move back to New York. And when I eventually get settled I will want to move back to the neighborhood I grew up in for my kids.
!!! (US)
If I could go any were without paying I would go to Tokyo because of the culture and the car Community.
MJ (Massachusetts)
I would probably choose either Japan or a very oak tree inhabited forest. I would go to Japan because it’s an advanced city, with the newest technology. It would be the closest I could get to living in a sci fi cyberpunk world. However I love a peaceful forest that brings back summer nostalgia, so I would also go for an oak forest or redwood forest. Just about any forest will do.
Matthaus (Capcod)
If I had the option to go and be payed to live in a place I would not I think I am most comfortable were I live right now, and the money most likely would not cover the cost of moving. Although if I had to move I would go to a community that is small and growing so I can fit in and grow with it getting to know my neighbors.
Beatrice (Orleans)
I have never lived in a city before, but I have been to many of them. I have never thought of moving to one and spending my life in there. The city is a great experience, there is some much to do but I don’t want to be there every single day. Seeing tall buildings, smoke, yelling, loud noises might give me a head ache over time. I like places that are calm and peaceful; places that have, beaches,ponds,lakes, lots of space, trees with flowers, nice weather ,fresh air, the nice people, no drive through restaurants, extra. Cape Cod has offered all of that to me. I have so many great memories of going every where around the Cape, and I don’t want to let go of the place I have grown up in. I know that I will eventually move somewhere other than here.
Elijah (Brewster)
If I could live anywhere I would stay here. I don’t think moving somewhere else and getting stuff in return is worth the friendship I’ve made.And I think the things I’ve done here are more important to me than going somewhere else. And to build a new community could and most likely would Be very difficult to do so.
Kiley (Orleans, MA)
A place I want to live when I’m out of school and can live anywhere is a place where I can experience all the seasons. There isn’t a specific place I would want to live just somewhere where in the summer I can relax on the beach and in the winter I can go play in the snow. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere to busy also somewhere not so small and relaxed.
Aiden (Orleans)
I would wanna live in any warm place. I’m hold live in a warm place because it’ll almost always be warm. There is tropical weather and cool things to do. You can always swim and fish and it’ll could be a lot of fun.
Alex (Earth)
Honestly I have no idea where I’d want to go, trying to imagine what life would be like away from my home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a hard thought to come across. I feel like for now staying where I live now would be in my best interest. I love the weather, beaches, and amazing community that I have in my hometown.
Morgan (Cape Cod)
I have lived on Cape Cod for my whole life and I love it here, but when I get older I would definitely want to try new places. On Cape Cod you feel like you know everybody and everything is related some how, but somewhere like California for example is so big and has so many places with people you’ve never seen before and it just seems so fun and like an adventure. I feel like there’s just more freedom and your not memorizing where every street is.
Seamus (House)
I would love in Byron bay. I would by a house and surf all day. I would want to become a local and learn Australian. I would want to get so good I would be able to join surf contests. I would buy a jet ski for my last purchased.
Jadon (Mass)
I would not live in a large city probably just a small town or in Florida because Florida is warm and nice. It is cool because Florida is hot and you can lite off fireworks.
Josiah (Cape cod)
I have lived in a lot of places and I personally like small towns better. Small towns are more remote and not as hectic their are all ways something happening. Small towns are more relaxing every thing is walking distance
Jake (Mass)
If I could anywhere in this world it would be in Canada. I would want to be on a mountain with a lake right next to my house so I could go swimming and have a boat. I would like the house to be like a cabin that you would find in a woods. Lastly I would ant it to snow a lot because I love snow and it would be fun to have a lot of it.
I am 5% west African (On spirit with Burger King hat)
I think would rather live in a small town than a city because a city is to noisy and to much going on. I would like to live in Florida or in Maine in the mountains. I would want to live in Florida because if is warm and always something to do and not so strict down there. I would like to live in Maine because people won’t bother you there and you can do what you want on your property and it is also quite.
Johanna S (Brooklyn, NY)
I have lived in New York City for as long as I can remember. And honestly, sometimes I hate it and sometimes I love it. Sometimes I wish I could've grown up in a more rural area surrounded by nature, but sometimes I love appreciate the city and what it has to offer. For example, the fact that everything is so close, and you can mostly walk places. If I need something I'll just walk five minutes to the grocery store near my apartment. I also love to spend days in Manhattan from time to time. Everyone and everything is so close-knit. But whenever I go to a small town, it just looks so peaceful and welcoming. I love rural areas, and sometimes the lack of nature in the city (besides areas like Prospect Park) drives me crazy. Also, the whole idea of "living in the big city" presented by the media is appealing, but the real deal is sometimes not as fun as it looks. Characters all seem to live in these massive Manhattan apartments that look amazing, but in the real world there's no way they would be able to afford it. So, in conclusion, living in New York has its ups and its downs. Sometimes I want to live here forever, and sometimes I want to pack my things and move to a small town.
Victoria Hathfield (British Columbia, Canada)
I was raised in a small suburban city on Vancouver Island that few people who are not local know the name of. There are many perks to living in a small city: it is almost always peaceful and quiet, violence is rare, community members are fairly intimate, and the natural scenery is astounding. Growing up in a welcoming neighbourhood, I have always felt safe and happy. But I still think that once I have graduated from university, I would prefer to reside in a large, populated city. First, there are practical reasons for this choice. Larger cities offer more job opportunities and salaries are generally higher because competition is more fierce. Also, it is much more convenient to live in big cities because public transportation is almost always available and many stores/shops are close by. Then, there are my personal desires. Every aspect of a big city entices me - the massive skyscrapers, busy street corners, bustling crowds, twinkling lights - and makes me feel more alive. That does not mean I enjoy life in a small city/town any less. I just want to experience a change and feel what it is like being on the other side of things while I have the chance. I want to explore, open my eyes to the world, begin a new and exciting chapter of my life. Sometime later in the future, I may return to my hometown. The most rewarding life to me would be to have the opportunity to live in both types of cities.
--- (United States)
I grew up in a small coastal town in Rhode Island, where everything is "just outside of" Providence. It was tiny, about twelve thousand people. As much as I miss it now (more because I despise where I currently live), I still prefer large cities. I loved my old Main Street, running in the woods, splashing around in the Atlantic, going to the wharf, and riding on the oldest carousel in the country with my best friend. That place is honestly one of the only things that isn't really associated with trauma. Then I moved to Memphis, the most crime-ridden city in America. Granted, it was the suburbs, but still. I hate suburbia more than anything else. The perfectly manicured lawns and identical houses, the homophobia hidden behind painted brick and privilege. Not really my thing. I want to either go into theatre or the military (I don't have to be told how odd it is), and either way my end goal is to live in New York City. I love the amenities, the fact that I will never have to drive, the simple atmosphere of having that many people around me. I want to be able to find new places in my city and never be bored. Big cities are good for that. I don't plan on ever returning to Memphis and suburbia, and that is not changing.
Gigi (Virginia)
For a long time, I've always thought that I'd never want to live in a town I knew every inch of, or a place where it was rare to meet someone new or who didn't know me. When I was five I moved from New York to Charlottesville, and when I went back a couple of years ago I loved it. Charlottesville is a good size, and I'm at least familiar with most of it without being bored, but I'd like to live in a city I could explore for the rest of my life. I also like meeting new people and doing new things, and I think a city is better for doing that.
Isabella (Sydney, Australia)
There's actually the same amount of pros and cons to it. I would enjoy being in the tranquil country, but living in the city ensures more job opportunities. In the country, there's less pollution but in the city, all your conveniences are nearby. Finally, in the country you don't have many people to is it and your day are probably spent relaxing, in the city you are exposed to many personalities. it's really hard to choose but if I had to, I would choose the city.
Kevin Liu (Albany, CA, USA)
Is life better in small towns than in big cities? In life, most people would agree that as long as one is successful, one is everything right. In contrast, look at some of the less wealthy nations. They are doing better than most of us at just one thing, and it is not being wealthy, it is just what brings them joy. People usually are craving happiness, but sometimes they do not receive it. They constantly ask themselves, night and day, or others, "Is life better in small or big communities? Small or big cities? Small or big careers? Will my life reap the sweet rewards and finally be complete?" Colleague Graduates especially; They are always thinking to themselves of what they will do to make themselves feel complete in the near future. My answer is 'have fun. That's it. One has reached its highest point and completed its journey in life if they just have fun. As a child, we have all had our ups and downs, but we were all having fun. We did as we pleased as long as our superiors were fine with it. Now, as adults, the only way we can bring our lives to a full circle and a blissful end is to have fun—however, only this time, with absolute freedom. So, Is life better in small towns rather than in big cities? Where do you most want to live when you're out of school and on your own? Your turn to tell me.
Kevin Liu (Albany, CA, USA)
Is life better in small towns than in big cities? In life, most people would agree that as long as one is successful, one is alright. In contrast, look at some of the less wealthy nations. They are doing better than most of us at just one thing, and it is not being wealthy, it is just living with joy. People usually crave happiness, but sometimes they do not receive it. They constantly ask themselves or others, night and day, "Is life better in small or big communities? Small or big cities?? Will my life reap the sweet rewards and finally be complete?" College graduates are especially likely to think of what they will do to make themselves feel complete in the near future. My answer is have fun. That's it. One has reached the highest point and completed one’s journey in life just having fun. As a child we were all having fun. We did as we pleased as long as our superiors were fine with it. Now, as adults, the only way we can bring our lives to a full circle and a blissful end is to have fun—however, only this time, with absolute freedom. Would you like to live in a giant community where no one notices you? Where there's constant traffic? Tall buildings and little to no space? Or do you want to live in a small town where you know everybody? Cut off from ‘The real world’ of evolution through new technology and ai? So, Is life better in small towns rather than in big cities? Where do you most want to live when you're out of school and on your own? Your turn to tell me.
Ben Cesario (Glenbard West HS, Glen Ellyn IL)
I think that some people want to live in big cities and some want to live in quiet towns. Personally I’ve never thought about it very hard. I want to go wherever the world takes me. I do like living in a small town but I would definitely be ok with living in a big city. It all depends on the person. You never know what’s going to happen until it happens.
Javier S. (Florida)
I would like to live in a suburb within a big city. I would enjoy the peace and quiet of the town, and the vibrance and life of the city. I would travel to the big city for my everyday life, such as work, activities, and possibly school, and come back to the suburb for a break from all the struggles of the day. It would also be easier to get a good-paying job in the city, for there are more job opportunities that offer higher salaries. Lastly, in a city, there is more cultural diversity. Many cities around the world have a Chinatown or Little Italy. This creates an opportunity for ethnic diversity, as well. In addition, a country with a high level of cultural diversity is significantly happier than a country with little to no cultural diversification. The city that I want to move to when I grow up, is Ottawa, Canada. I love Canada (from what I know about it). It has plenty of cultural and ethnic diversity. It is even ranked the most multicultural country in the world by BBC News. The Canadian population includes people from Asia, Europe, and every other region in the world. All its major cities are unique. Some of Canada's cities include Quebec and Montreal, known for their French culture, and Victoria, for its British heritage. Toronto is also ranked as the most diverse city in the world, with over half of the cities residents coming from other countries.
Julian Hernandez (Glenbard West High School)
I would love to live in a big city cause I have more stuff to do like going out to eat or shopping and if I love in a small town I won’t have many places to go. I would love to live at California or Florida when I am done with school.
Branden Berger (Glen ellyn)
Me personally I would wanna live in a small town because one you’ll know everybody and everybody will know you and you have a lot more freedom there then you would if you lived in the city let’s say because there is more cops and more people wanting to complain or ruin your day so I would want to live in a small town for sure.
Anirudh Banerjee (Redmond, Washington)
I like the vibe of small towns because I am pretty easy-going and I spent most of my time indoors reading and learning about stuff. I have lived in the suburbs for all of my life, and I see some of my friends and some commenters who talk about feeling claustraphobic in a small town and wanting to explore the opportunities around them, but I don't really have that interest right now. Of course, there are interesting places that might not exist in most small towns but may exist in cities, like access to SCUBA training or rock climbing gyms or escape rooms or beaches or other technical/interesting places like museums, that have opportunities people might look for which don't exist in small towns. If there was nothing but cornfields around me in every direction for 3 hours and I had no internet to rely on, I would probably get pretty antsy. There is also the trouble of finding people who are interested in the same things that you are into. However, there is something about the allure of a small town that allows you to get away from responsibilities and form more meaningful and communal relationships with others that I find interesting. I don't think I would do particularly well with remote work though.
Nila Rajkumar (New Jersey)
I could definitely go both ways. Small towns are fun and elegant. You can get around easier, know more people, be appreciated and appreciate yourself. The crime rate in a small town is significantly lower than that in a big city. Families prefer living in small towns because it is a safe environment for children to grow up in. Although cities have so many opportunities. Living in a big city would be better than living in a small town due to the factor of health-better health care and more chances to be physically active. With more people to socialize with in a large city the feeling of isolation will never be present.
Zephaniah (Massachusetts)
I would rather live in the big city. For me, I wouldn't want to live in a small town because then I would feel like I would have nowhere to go and nothing to do. I would also feel isolated and like I was missing out on something. In, the big city, I feel like I would be able to do and see more things.
Isabelle (Jersey Shore)
The incentives mentioned in the article are definitely interesting, but as someone living in a small town about to move right outside a big city, I can't imagine wanting to move to another small town. In my experience, small towns feel very homogeneous to an alienating extent, both culturally and in the ways people think. (My middle school, for example, was slightly less diverse than the Capitol Riot!) Obviously there are many different small towns, but I feel like they tend to be claustrophobic, and personally I prefer big cities with more culture and arts. I really like the idea of living among people from all walks of life, and being Jewish it would probably be less isolating in a big city. A big advantage for small towns, though, would be the living cost. In big cities--especially, I believe, New York and San Francisco--housing and renting costs seem insane. Maybe this will change because of the pandemic, but small towns, being more affordable, may also become more popular as remote workers are allowed more freedom in choosing where they live. Still, I don't think I would ever move to another small town. Once I have my own job, hopefully I would be able to move to New York, and if not, hopefully a slightly smaller big city like Philadelphia or Chicago. (It would also be incredible to get to live out of the country for some time!)
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