Andrew Cuomo Is Charged in Sexual Misconduct Complaint

Oct 28, 2021 · 380 comments
Kyle (Portland, OR)
I certainly won't rule out the possibility that Cuomo will run in 2022 purely on revenge.
Kathleen (Queens)
5 paragraphs before the fact the Cuomo has denied the yet to be proven claim. Is this a proper news article?
Jimd (Planet Earth)
It could not happen to a nicer guy
This incident is not ‘did he touch her’? Of course he did. Show some style Cuomo and admit it.
Eric (Minneapolis)
I guess Cuomo isn’t above the law, unlike Trump who can do whatever he wants because working class people like him.
ManhattanWilliam (East Village, NYC)
A day before Attorney General Letitia James announces her campaign for governor, Cuomo is charged. I believed he was railroaded out of office, and I still believe it. New York State politics have always been down and dirty, but there is one INDESPUTABLE fact and that is that Andrew Cuomo was responsible for leaving New York infinitely better than he found it. All native New Yorkers know what he accomplished in the swamp of Albany - no need to list the feats he achieved. And the fact that he has few friends in New York politics is a badge of honor, not ignominy. I don't believe any of these accusations crossed anything close to a legal line. I DO believe that James abused her authority in releasing a probe where NONE of the interviewees were under oath. And now she's going to jump into the race for governor. Add the hapless and totally incompetent DeBlasio into the mix. Kathy Hochul has done a decent job since taking over, and as of now I could consider voting for her, but should Cuomo decide to run again he would get my vote and my money to help him regain the office he was so foully forced from.
Independent (Voter)
@ManhattanWilliam I don't think the timing was coincidental at all. It was contrived and amounts to a sorry commentary on the politico who would used someone's misfortunate for political gain.
gpickard (Luxembourg)
@ManhattanWilliam Dear ManhattanWilliam, Respectfully, it is not true that, "NONE of the interviewees were under oath". According to the Guardian, of the 179 interviewees 41 were under oath. What will be important is whether they stand up to questioning in court.
Tench Tilghman (Valley Forge)
Golly, you mean politicians act in their personal interest, just like the rest of us?
Katherine (NY state)
“Forcible touching is a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to one year in jail; it is not an unusual charge, and it can be brought in cases in which prosecutors are unable to prove that touching was done for sexual purposes.” The first five words in this quote are absurd — there needs to be a major overhaul for what constitutes a felony! Fellow women: please keep speaking out!
Ross Simons (pascagoula, ms)
@Katherine There have always been statutory and common law degrees of assault based on the harm done by the accused. This includes even the most serious crimes involving homicide: capital murder, murder of different degrees and manslaughter. Also true of sexual assaults, some involving touching and some involving penetration, each punished based on the level of harm. If you have read this far, I hope that you will re-consider your position that this charge is absurd and that all unwelcomed contact of a sexual nature be charged as a felony.
Katherine (NY state)
@ Ross Simons Thanks for your valuable input, and YES we are in agreement. I guess the way I worded my thoughts was not too clear. Best wishes.
KingDavid (Washington)
It will take many books and hours of debate, documentaries, films, even college classes, to solve one of the biggest mysteries in the last 50 years in american politics: Why on Earth sexual harassment scandals damage all politicians involved except one: Donald Trump. Why on Earth he comes out unscathed even if he is involved in the worst sex scandals of the last 50 years?
Victor (Spain)
@KingDavid Because Trump has managed to fight away all the false accusations and the other politicians have not.
Tom S (NYC)
Because so far Trump has had connections to the Enquirer to buy and cover up stories, crooked lawyers and mobbed up security to threaten and extort solutions, and enough of daddy’s money to pay off every remaining claim in exchange for confidentiality agreements. Open your eyes, please.
P D (Somewhere USA)
No mystery: It’s called confidentiality clause in the settlement agreement.
Michael (Connecticut coast)
Compared to Trump, Cuomo is as clean as the driven snow. It's Cuomo whose so easy to arrest, but with decades of forcing himself upon the ladies, financial & seditious activities, slippery Trump is more likely to avoid being arrested. While Cuomo is a pip squeek, Trump will prove to be too big to arrest.
osavus (Browerville)
I hope Cuomo gets what he deserves. The big question though is why wasn't trump charged for similar and many cases more serious allegations?
meloop (NYC)
@osavus Because his base and it's women approve of his behavior and consider it to be a normal expression of often adolescent male boasting and braggodociao. Most women , upon reaching a certain age and especially after having children, realize that males go through phases like this-some more than others .Some women are lucky enough to find men who learn to behave in a more decent manner. Unfortunately, some men-like the Archie Bunker of TV fame, never change and the women in their lives learn to ignore and live with it-or they leave. In red America, however, this seems to not be the case -There, both men and women still believe in romantic lost causes like the "The South Shall Rise again!" and such. Remember Anita Bryant? If not, look her up.
John Smithson (California)
@osavus Donald Trump was never charged because there was never any evidence to support charges. That's still required in our system of justice. Evidence.
Jack Smith (New York)
@John Smithson The “evidence” against Cuomo is far less than the evidence against Trump. I urge you to read more about the 20+ alleged sexual assault incidents facing Trump.
l provo (st augustine)
Modern civilization cannot comprehend the Witch trials, the Inquisition,human sacrifice, lynching. In this era we now have improper touching. I was at a pool in Hood River,Oregon waiting for my wife to retrieve a set of keys.Looking across the pool. a 30 something woman swimming said to me what are looking at. I was a little shocked that the eye police had arrested me emotionally. My neighbors is a glass artist. She did a lobby installation in a San Francisco office building. It depicted an Art Neouveau engraved nude woman with birds. A female law firm had it removed. Take it out or we are leaving the building. Nothing sexual just humanity in a natural state. When are the trials going to start. Already I guess. Seems like a stage to erect a a platform for litigation. Beware massage therapists you are next.
Michele506a (New York)
I don't want to discredit anyone, but Ms. Commisso is sitting very close to Gov. Cuomo in the photo that was circulated. She looks quite happy being close to him. That being said, that does not excuse Gov. Cuomo if he did touch her inappropriately, but Ms. Commisso's words telling Gov. Cuomo that, " You are going to get us into trouble" after he kissed her, should have been "please leave me alone" if she wasn't interested in being close to the Governor.
Jim Bob (Xanadu)
The whataboutism is rampant here. The corrupt former governor broke the law and he should be punished. Enough of the apologism.
WTig3ner (CA)
"The criminal charge brought today against Mr. Cuomo for forcible touching further validates the findings in our report,' Ms. James said." I carry no brief for the former governor. But Ms. James's statement overlooks some very important constitutional principles. A criminal charge validates nothing. Due process does not permit it to. If a jury convicts Mr. Cuomo, that can validate the AG's report. Anyone can file a charge. When I last practiced law, the New York judiciary routinely assumed that mere charges, even if resolved without conviction of any kind, indicated criminality. Judges regularly set bail and based sentences on past, unproven charges. A distinguished federal judge once said to me in the course of an argument, "Well, if someone has been arrested multiple times, don't we know that the person is not particularly law abiding?" I suggested to the judge that what we as individuals at a cocktail party we might infer was one thing, but what the Constitution permits a federal judge to infer was quite another.
SR (Bronx, NY)
I just love people who pile on Tish's pursuit of cuomo's job and conveniently "forget" that cuomo did EXACTLY what Tish did to seize Paterson's. The difference is that cuomo has obviously and repeatedly earned it through crimes. (The impeachment he fled and the indictments to come, of course. Not the office.)
Ed (Woodridge, NY)
Attorney General James is nothing but a political opportunist. She wanted to move Cuomo out so she could move in. The joke in the state of New York has long been: "AG stands for Almost Governor".
Lawrence (South Carolina)
Very disappointing that our "leaders" have degenerated to the Dark Side.
This is truly political, although, I am not saying I don't believe the women. Cuomo seems like a saint compared to Trump.
Carl LaFong (New York)
So Tish James leads and "investigates" accusations against Cuomo, which leads to his resignation and now James is running for Governor! How convenient! I thought James was going to fully investigate Donald Trump and his finances. Will her running for Governor now put the Trump investigation on the back burner?
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Well, the arc of this universe is short and bends towards foolishness. In my humble opinion such a blatantly political move will set back the noble goals of the Me Too movement by at least a decade.
Ted (NY)
From the start, the charges against the Governor looked like a political hit. The touching he normally displayed in public was well known. The “touching” of a woman’s bare back in the middle of a party with lots of people around, seems a bridge too far. By not following the correct path in filing these latest charges, it simply raises more questions about the motives. Is Leticia James involved? If so, that would curtains for her, or any other potential candidates involved. This is NOT to excuse abusive male behavior or any form unwanted assault. Like the revelation by Kyle Beach of unwanted sexual attention as a 20 yr. old pursuing his NHL dream with the Chicago Blackhawk. { “On Tuesday, the NHL announced it had fined the Blackhawks $2 million for what the league described as "the organization's inadequate internal procedures and insufficient and untimely response" relating to the team's handling of ​alleged incidents of sexual misconduct involving former video coach Brad Aldrich.”}. The latest Andrew Cuomo filing doesn’t stand the same scrutiny.
Jorge (USA)
@Ted I agree, this all looks like a political hit. And it is so hypocritical to go after Coumo, whose Italian background explains much of his "handsy" behavior in public circumstances, while ignoring similar conduct -- even hair sniffing -- from Joe Biden, now the president of the United States.
joyce (canada)
The US is mired in the cesspool of politics so deeply that you cannot separate things like this accusation from the prevailing mire. It expands to fill the whole situation, including these comments.
PATRICK (Pennsylvania)
I note the fact you rarely fully investigate the accusers and whether they were coached or led to complain by operators or adversaries.
Andrew Arato (New York)
Dear Governor Cuomo: I was a very big fan of your father. I was ok with your governorship, and thought your handling of the Covid crisis was excellent and exemplary. I am also shocked by what they did to you and now doing once again. Please be sure that you have my support, and of many like me. If you run for an office as you should e.g. agaisnt Mme Gillibrand, or Mme. James or even Hochul you can count on me a s campaigner, voter, campaign manager or wahtever. (You have no way of knowing this, but I am the best) The nonsense however must now stop, and luckily Pres. Biden (who needs no p.c. distractions) probably agrees but cannot say so. I am willing to say so, and organize a petition if needed. Or participate in a campaign. I know you have great lawyers, but the issue is political. Sincerely Yours, wishing you the best of health and luck Andrew Arato, Dorothy Hirshon Professor in Political and Social theoryNew School for Social Research, New york
joyce (canada)
Where there is smoke you can look for fire. But toxic politics is so pervasive in the US now that it fills every nook and cranny. I suppose this political war of disinformation will continue until the US is fed up with it all. How long is hard to guess.
JCH (Wisconsin)
Interesting that a county sheriff files a complaint against a Democrat. In Racine County, a county sheriff files a complaint against the Wisconsin Election Commission charging illegal voting conduct in nursing homes. I wonder if these two are connected. I wonder where these sheriffs got the idea to file complaints. I wonder who those sheriffs were talking to. I wonder if those sheriffs are playing politics.
Euphemia Thompson (North Castle, NY)
I am steadfast in my belief that our governor is innocent of all these charges. I am not wearing rose colored glasses, nor am I naive enough to believe that there wasn't some (usual and customary) political bullying going on in his administration. I voted for him every election, and also for his father. However, I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that there's a colossal cabal orchestrated to nail him for reasons that are partly obvious (he's powerful, and people feel threatened) and for some under-the-surface stuff that we may never uncover. This is not only insulting and horrifying to him, but also to the people of NY State, and to the Democratic Party that cannot seem to support its own. This is where the republicans excel. No matter the degree of "heinousness" their elected officials 'stand by their man."
Renee Margolin (CA)
A Democrat accused of sexual harassment is prosecuted, while multiple Republicans, including the Former Guy, who are accused of much worse get to go free? I guess the decades long Republican program of destroying America from within has finally come to fruition.
Peter Pickle (New York)
Because they’ve got nothing on Trump. If they did he’d be in jail.
Vicki Lindner (Denver, Colorado)
This sounds a bit like the woman who accused Biden of a difficult- to-accomish sexual attack in the deserted halls of the Senate. Whether or not the new allegations are true, and I doubt they can be proven, the fact that Cuomo already had to resign should be enough of a punishment.
Referencegirl (Middletown)
@Vicki Lindner Cuomo has dozens of similar complaints, Biden had one.
Matt (Cleveland)
I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It seems like he-said, she-said. I know women often don’t speak up about harassment out of fear. But that doesn’t mean she’s telling the truth here. I guess we’ll see. But what if he’s proven innocent? What’ll be his recourse at that point?
WileyDog (New York)
Pandering to women who accuse people of “forceable touching” does nothing to help the women’s movement and it alienates people like me who have supported it for over 50 years. We lost a great leader who saved thousands of lives during the pandemic because of inane accusations. Further, if our Attorney General decides to run for governor, I will be forced to vote for the first Republican in my life.
Referencegirl (Middletown)
@WileyDog If you feel forcible touching isn't an issue then you do not support the women's movement.
Elizabeth (Roslyn, NY)
OK fine. If they can charge Andrew Cuomo with this why hasn't our former POTUS been charged with anything? Seriously.
Peter Pickle (New York)
Because there is nothing on him. If there was he’d be in jail.
Daniel T. (Iowa City)
This is why I love this country. Even the most powerful can have their careers derailed by an ordinary, powerless person.
Renee Margolin (CA)
@Daniel T. Unless they are a Republican. Then, no one can stand in their way.
Jane Rosenthal (Dallas)
I hope this is an ironic comment. That’s not what this country is about or what makes it great, the derailing careers, Unless you were talking about King George the III, who was far from powerless, we thank you were talking about a different country than the one that we live in, for shame. Cancel culture, huh? It goes in the other direction, stick around for a while.
geraniums in pots (new jers)
@Daniel T. ....cuomo is not one of the "most powerful. the former guy and his merry band of seditionists have yet to be derailed.
Mike Mike (Manhattan)
If he were a republican it wouldn’t matter, in fact it would enhance his status.
Sharon5101 (Rockaway Park)
When all is said and done Cuomo will wind up negotiating a plea deal so he won't go to trial or have to register as a sex offender.
Carl Zeitz (Lawrence NJ)
@Sharon5101 Read the story, all of it. She is an adult. For this charge, the penalty would not include placement on the list.
bokhara (US)
"Mr. Cuomo would not be added to the sex offender registry even if convicted of the misdemeanor. The charge of forcible touching would require the victim to be younger than 18 for an offender to be listed on the registry, and Ms. Commisso was an adult when the incident occurred."
Ed (Pittsburgh)
This is a really sad joke. I was following your state attorney general for a while when she opened up investigations into the former president. But now I’ve lost respect for her. This really looks like a grudge match based on really weak evidence. She’s doing this because she can, not because she should.
Marcus Aurelius (Terra Incognita)
@Ed Spot on, Ed. The AG is obviously a very ambitious woman. A politician without scruples…nothing new here… She’ll keep going until she falls prey to someone smarter and tougher than herself…and that’ll happen. It s just a question of how soon…
Brewster’s Millions (Santa Fe)
This is the beginning of the end of letitia james and her nascent political career.
dba (nyc)
@Brewster’s Millions I certainly hope so. I don't want to vote for her in 2022.
Chris (Andes, NY)
Kind of suspicious that Tish James is mounting a run for governor herself. Seems like a pretty blatant conflict of interest.
Marcus Aurelius (Terra Incognita)
@Chris It sort of makes one think that maybe she’s been the producer, director and featured actor of the entire show, doesn’t it?
Referencegirl (Middletown)
Compared to Cuomo, Trump has more people with more money interested in preventing any legal repercussions for his behavior. That Trump has not been brought to justice is a republican travesty.
René Pedraza del Prado (Potomac, Md)
An American disgrace for all the world to see and shake there heads in equal dismay to those of us who grew up inculcated in morality, civic responsibility, and social decorum and respect.
Abbott Hall (Westfield, NJ)
It’s too bad that Tom Wolfe is dead because this would have made for a great novel.
JW (NY Departee)
The worst part of this article is that the NY's incompetent Attorney General, Leticia James, will run for Governor! For many reasons, but chief among them is the decidely far left shift NY has undergone with the likes of Mayor DiBlasio and the takeover of NY's Senate and Assembly by "Woke" progressives (cancelling bail for some crimes only to release repeat offenders). I once cheered the Democratic takeover, but now I wish NYers will have the good sense to put the Senate back into Republican hands (though it pains me to say it) for some semblance of balance. All NY will need to ensure its doom is to elect Leticia James as Governor with the Senate and Assembly majority leaders doing their best to drive every hardworking taxpayer and business out of the state. Cuomo, for all of his rough edges, abrasive style, etc., at least exerted a moderating force on the radicalization of the state. I watch from afar and, while saddened, do not regret my departure. Wake up NY moderates and reverse the tide!
Andrew Arato (New York)
@JW This is not left or far left, just the politics of PC distracting from the possibility of real reforms.
Ralph Petrillo (Nyc)
I think if Cuomo runs as an independent he wins easily . The public loves Cuomo !
Referencegirl (Middletown)
@Ralph Petrillo I think a win would be more likely if he ran as a republican.
Bruce Egert (Hackensack Nj)
At least he won’t go to jail nor be held on bail due to the criminal justice changes he signed into law.
GM (Concord CA)
Theses charges have gone too far. There's going to come a time when these women make there little allegations that no one believes them. They have nothing but their word as proof and the reputation of a good man. As a woman, they do not make me proud.
BarrierBob (Sunny Side)
What gets me is why women wait to make these allegations. Why not come forward before any publicity is present?
Why does this reek of politics? Simple answer: because it reeks of politics. He served New York well in large part; credit where due, please. Now, let’s get on with the things that are a lot more important than further humiliating ex-Gov. Cuomo.
Eric Lamar (WDC)
If it's true that the sheriff is playing politics and using the power of his office, well, how positively Cuomo-ike. Let the hearing begin. Cuomo is the bully-extraordinaire and has no standing to criticize anyone who politicizes governmental action.
r mackinnon (concord MA)
Of all the complaints leveled at Cuomo (the old guy from Queens who dedicated his whole life to public service) ) this is the one I had a real problem with. I was a state prosecutor. What is the corroborative evidence? It's just not that easy to jam a hand up a shirt if it was a tight fabric, or tucked in, or under a jacket. Did the complainant tell a friend after the alleged incident? I need more facts to believe this one.
M. Richard Borsch (NY NY)
I am appalled of the degree to which commentators conclude that this is a "woke" witch hunt. Its possible that these allegations against Cuomo are false (my smell test says they are not). Anyway, now there may be a venue where a court of law will decide - the charge is a misdemeanor not a felony and not a sex crime yet to be found guilty it must be substantiated that that the defendant "acted either to degrade or abuse his victim, or for his own sexual gratification" and that "the touching was not accidental, but carried out intentionally and with force." By comparison, others are charged with a felony for "criminal mischief" for property damage exceeding $250. I'm not going to argue that Matt Gaetz still in Congress is right, it isn't! But that doesn't absolve Cuomo.
Bowden (New York)
Do you think that Gov. Lee Zeldin will thank Letitia James and Andrew Cuomo in his Inaugural Address when he takes office? Maybe Grover Trump will make the trip north for his own pre-emergence into elected office..
DKB (Boston)
Wasn't this the kind of behavior that is normally punished on the spot by the victim, preferably by a strong slap across the face? How is it that criminal law has developed to micromanage the behavior of adults? Shouldn't they deal with these things themselves?
Brewster’s Millions (Santa Fe)
Frontier justice? I like it. That’s why I carry everyday.
I think fear of going to jail or losing your job is a greater deterrent than a slap. Actually, everyone thinks that. So why would a woman slap someone. Women have been slapping for years and it never resulted in any actual improvement in men’s behavior. That is how we got to this point. Time’s up.
Kevin (New York, NY)
I trust that a jury will reach the correct verdict after hearing both side's evidence and arguments. If Cuomo is acquitted, there will need to be a serious reckoning with the progressive movement that ousted him from office.
Joe (NYC)
@Kevin this is a great point. if the court does not allow citing other allegations (i can't see why it should given they are allegations), and an impartial jury is just looking at a he said-she said between 2 people, it's very possible he'll be acquitted. and then what for metoo? i think it will be set back very badly.
DL (Albany, NY)
@Joe No competent defense attorney, or law abiding judge, would allow such citations. Regarding the criminal charge, any other unproven allegations are "incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial". Further, unless the prosecution has some bombshell piece of evidence it is withholding from the public, it will fail to establish proof beyond reasonable doubt. I don't see it as a setback for the "me too" movement, but I do see it as drawing a distinction between unacceptable behavior and a winnable criminal case. Barring the latter it will have to settle for other remedies, for example the one it already got.
meloop (NYC)
Obtain a copy of "Harrison Bergeron" from the library and read it. Kurt Vonnegut's book about state enforced "ultimate equality" in society should be required reading in Junior or senior high schools. When society pushes for the enforcement of and uses it's punitive and carceral powers to ensure compliance, we end up with "1984" like societies, in which preferred groups,(read the GOP/Reds), are allowed privileges over all, enforced by our society's willingness to obey rigid & subjective rules and behaviors, even setting requirements for skirt & hair length and allowing punishments for violating such rules. We are allowing a nose ring to be painfully inserted through our nostrils, & used by a few to enforce the direction society may take, powerfully enforced by scowling media commentators. No one is more responsible than our own reflection in the mirror.
Renee Margolin (CA)
@meloop When you get out of high school and finally enter the grownup world, you may discover that societies do, and always have, used punishment to enforce compliance with their rules.
DL (Albany, NY)
It was right and proper for Cuomo to be forced to resign over the multiple sexual harassment allegations. But unless there is a lot of information the public is not privy to, I don't see how this one gets to "beyond reasonable doubt".
JB (New York)
Sorry Tish James but this is going to backfire. There isn’t an appetite to punish these kinds of crimes in the state of New York. Governor Hochul is popular upstate and in the NYC suburbs. These are regions where the primary concerns are crime, bail reform and taxes. And judging from the selection of the moderate former cop Eric Adams for NYC mayor despite whispers of corruption, it appears that NYC also is just not that progressive. An AG win is usually a no-brainer. But a progressive AG who goes after a popular moderate ex-governor is frankly a turn-off.
He'll probably turn himself in, walking into a back door of the law enforcement facility to be booked. We probably won't get the pleasure of seeing the creep handcuffed and carted away in a police car.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He won’t be held at all. Innocent until proven guilty and all that.
Bill D. (New Jersey)
Cuomo threw himself on his sword. Isn't that enough? The idea of him serving jail time is just over the top.
John Q (N.Y., N.Y.)
@Bill D. You're right. We should be focusing on his performance as governor, not on whatever he may have been doing many years ago.
Not Surprised (CA)
@John Q Yeah well the previous President was clearly mysogynistic so should we just say eh that's water under the bridge? NO WAY. That behavior has tentacles that creep into every area of their appointed work. IT's OK to remember the good things he may have accomplished, but NEVER OK to shine on the horrible position he put people in to bolster his self esteem.
soleilame (New York)
Sadly, the comments here show just how far we still have to go. It seems we've made nearly zero progress in getting support for women who come forward to hold powerful men accountable for their actions. Touching a person with sexual intent without their consent is heinous and disgusting, and has long-lingering repercussions for the victim. Abusers need to be held accountable, even if the abuser is your favorite governor.
And how far some people are from understanding the concept of innocent until proven guilty. The comments here thankfully won’t effect this guiding principle.
steve (p)
@soleilame agree. What he did was not ok. It was not clumsy. It was a cold calculated heartless attempt at cheap sexual gratification at the expense of a powerless employee who he thought he could exploit with no adverse consequences. The woman should be lauded for her courage.
Ed (Pittsburgh)
I can only ask the same question I’ve asked all along during this saga, from the first flimsy accusation to the piling on. Where is a shred of evidence? And why are these claims coming forward a decade after the alleged crimes? This is a sad joke.
Disillusioned (NJ)
A review of the comments section pertaining to this article upsets me more than Cuomo's conduct. While what he did was reprehensible, it is clear that many Americans do not agree. I am shocked by the number of men, and women, are willing to condone, excuse or deny his actions! We are still far from where we need to be when it comes to sexual abuse.
Kevin (New York, NY)
@Disillusioned You are assuming he engaged in the conduct as alleged. It's shocking that so many Americans don't appreciate the presumption of innocence and the importance of due process to ascertain facts.
Patricia (Ft Myers, FL)
@Disillusioned You mean like they excuse former President Trump's actions where women are concerned? No accountability there. Although, everyone deserves their day in court. But I don't see that happening i either case.
Alan Jones (Chicago, Illinois)
I am showing my naivete on this one, but, when, I express some surprise at the goings on in Mr. Cuomo's office, my wife and daughter take a "what else is new," attitude. Questioning them further on this attitude, both, tell me that such goings on in offices is pervasive---they never go into details, but, I get the drift that they have been subjected to unwanted advances.
Judith (New Haven)
@Redsyn Hodingit "Males always pursue and females are forever reluctant?" This may be your experience, but not that of people I know. And it's really fairly simple. Never make sexual moves on anyone who works for you or is otherwise in your power (i.e., your student, your babysitter, etc). And if you can't tell if someone else finds your advances unwanted, assume they do find them unwanted.
Stephen (Upstate)
Good thing politics is such an honest and open affair that focuses only on candidates opinions and positions and is free of scandal and dirty tricks by candidates otherwise I’d be suspicious about the timing of events.
Scanmike (Rockaway NY)
The beating that Cuomo is taking is disgraceful. Why is Mat Gaetz still in congress and not in Jail? My party is destroying itself. I don't know what this woke generation is a product of but they are not in the real world. Thank you Governor for all the good you did for New York.
Eileen (Stewart)
@Scanmike - So you think the real world is a place where men can mistreat women without ever facing any consequences?
Frumious Bandersnatch (New York)
There’s tremendous irony here. Cuomo signs bail reform into law which allows repeat offenders out on the street within hours without posting bail. Assault and sexual misconduct are downgraded and no longer considered felonies. Now, Cuomo can take advantage of this new legislation. If he is treated like your average criminal, he will post no bail, be out in an hour, and serve no time.
@Frumious Bandersnatch What we have here is a misdemeanor, not a felony. It will probably be pleaded down to a Violation.
B. (Brooklyn)
Cuomo will not be treated like an average criminal. As Governor, he was a moderate, stood in the way of progressive lunacy as long as he could, and now has been removed by Tish James who, like many a Brooklyn politician, has never been anything but ambitious, self-serving, and destructive.
Bob Fiedelman (Saugerties NY)
@MIKEinNYC If you are Cuomo, you can't take a plea. The allegations look fuzzy and most likely won't meet the burden of proof, beyond a reasonable doubt. Notice the charges were brought by the Sheriff, and not the DA's office which should tell us something. Most likely nobody in the DA's office is lining up to take this to trial given what they have to work with. Cuomo has nothing to lose going to trial. He already resigned and his reputation has been besmirched. He's is not going to jail, and a dismissal is some form of vindication.
gc (New York/Milan)
"Ms. Commisso said, he pulled her into a close hug. She said she stepped away and told Mr. Cuomo, “You’re going to get us into trouble.”" "to get U into trouble": wouldn't this "us" make clear she has been a partner, NOT a victim? Parenthesis about "victim" (also, though not in this quote, "survivor", e.g. "she survived a caress!"): shouldn't these two terms be used exclusively for life-threatening events?
Ralph Petrillo (Nyc)
99% of the public wants this to end . These charges are so silly thst it is shocking thst he wanted to hold her hand. With so much daily crime in NYC why is this occurring. Political?
M. Gallo (Virginia)
The State Attorney General promised charges against Trump, yet he sits in FL golfing and enjoying life. Her "investigation" of Cuomo was one-sided and would not pass any smell test by an objective law enforcement agency. It was political theatre. Now she wants to run for governor? NY deserves better.
John Zotto (Ischia)
Letitia James wants to make sure she cancels Cuomo and anyone associated with him to include the current governor.
Once An Optimist (Upstate)
I’m disgusted that Cuomo was railroaded by his party. He was the best governor that state had in a long time. Looking forward to voting Republican next November. After I’ve seen how progressive governance ruined NYC, I’d hate to see the state suffer the same fate.
@Once An Optimist I should rename myself once a progressive. Because after this, and the mess the progressives are making in Congress, I don’t want anything to do with them. I still check the boxes on the issues, but the politics has gone off the rails.
Jack Smith (New York)
How about some journalism that provides background information on Sheriff Apple? Was he elected or appointed by Republicans would be a good start. Readers deserve to know if he is a political partisan. I’m afraid the Times and others are allowing this man to play politics with justice. Kind of odd the typical process involving the DA was not followed. We deserve to know why.
Chris P. (Jersey City, New Jersey)
Years from now, when historians pick through the minutiae of the fall of the U.S. democracy, this event will be a useful anecdote. It's a triumph of politics and media that will unfortunately be short term, say, until 2022 and 2024, when everything starts to go down. Thank goodness that newspaper sales and clicks go up, right? That this story should be followed with such vigor and bloodlust by "respectable" media instead of the elimination of the right to vote tells all. No vote=no democracy, and it's happening under our noses, right now.
Renee Margolin (CA)
@Chris P. Future historians will be more focused on how one political party, the GQP, turned the brains of half of the electorate to such mush that any egregious lie or unhinged conspiracy theory thrown out would be readily absorbed without question.
Thomas Renner (New York City)
Cuomo is a has been now because of this so for me this is being kept alive for two reasons. James run for Governor and money in a civil lawsuit.
@Thomas Renner There isn’t going to be a civil lawsuit. First, there e are no damages. Secondly, Bennett reportedly filed an assault case while at Hamilton college, and that case was dismissed after an EEOC investigation. It’s not a question of whether she is lying, because she is not; it is a question of her perception of Cuomo’s intentions. The other cases either involve non-employees, and are not actionable, or behavior that would be characterized under the statute as trivial. That is why no one has sued.
mlb4ever (New York)
Many comments referencing Trump not suffering the consequences for his escapades. Maybe because his indiscretions occurred before he held public office. True that we hold our public officials to a higher standard so the question is, How in the world did Trump get elected to begin with?
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
Suppose I made the claim that such and such female US Senator touched me inappropriately when we were alone during a visit in her office. Further, suppose you are one of the jurors deciding about me, guilty or not guilty. What would your determination be? Remember, this is a court of law, not a reality TV show.
It’s Not Me (It’s You.)
For me it would be based on my assessment of the credibility of the witnesses, the details in their testimony and their demeanor etc. Any legal issue that devolves to “he said/she said” is always problematic. Yet, this is our system.
Kingsely (NY NY)
Who is pressuring the sheriff? This needs to e investigated. As of yesterday afternoon, the complaint was filed but the DA still had to decide if he was going to prosecute. Now the sheriff is forcing this? What kind of kangaroo judicial system do they think they're running?
Bob Fiedelman (Saugerties NY)
@Kingsely Timing is interesting. Coincident with Ms. James' announcement. Merely insurance that Cuomo won't be entering the Primary. Like all of the charges involving politicians, we get a press release, and talk from the charging authority, and little else. Still waiting for Spitzer's cases to go to trial, and we shouldn't hold our breath waiting for Trump to appear in the dock. James already looking at higher office, and Vance is retiring. "Sound and fury signifying nothing".
@Bob Fiedelman that’s exactly what it is. Someone is pushing the sheriff, or pressuring the sheriff, or scaring the sheriff, or paying the sheriff, to file the charge, when the DA was not ready to do so and probably would never have done so. This is all about Tish James and the downstate progressives who are hoping to replace Cuomo. If they think they have any chance of doing that, particularly after this stunt, they are very very wrong. There are not enough progressives in New York State to elect them, and many progressives are horrified at the political assassination of Andrew Cuomo.
Philip (Sydney Australia)
Do the 'crime' do the time.
mlb4ever (New York)
The timing of the criminal charge signed by the Albany County sheriff’s office is suspect over a misdemeanor. I found Brittany Commisso’s TV interview to be entirely credible and forthcoming. I hope she refuses to cooperate or withdraws her complaint so we can all move on. Cuomo has already resigned and I don’t see the purpose in pursuing this matter any further.
Sickened (NY)
@mlb4ever she couldn't remember the date or relative time frame of an incident that occurred months prior. How is that credible? They easily debunked her Nov 2020 date. And she would do herself a disservice if she pursued it further.
@mlb4ever There would have been calendars, emails, video tapes, and other records indicating when she was in the building. If James knew when she was in the building, it would have been in the report. This is baloney. The DA would never have brought the charge. Someone is influencing the sheriff.
Mark Mand (Florida)
Regardless of the outcome this guy is a true disgrace to the many who serve with the public every day with honor and integrity. He clearly has not.
Becca Helen (Gulf of Mexico)
@Mark Mand Governor Cuomo was brilliant handling COVID-19, It has been a dedicated and highly affective leader. He truly has served the public every day with honor and integrity. He did the right thing and resigned which is something the plethora of politicians with an "R" with just deny, deny, deny, and lie. Those guys don't respond to questions and they don't resign no matter how evident the evidence is.
Vis (San Jose)
The reader's comments are enlightening. Suddenly sexual advance and abuse are not an issue for many because it's Cuomo. But then I should say he is lucky that no one is paying attention to the nursing home deaths caused by egregious misconduct.
Becca Helen (Gulf of Mexico)
@Vis Apparently you haven't heard what Dr Debra Birx has stated. Trump is this country's Balsenero, responsible for about $200,000 deaths due to negligence, intense, predetermined negligence. The United States of America needs to shine a spotlight on that first and foremost.
Adza (USA)
@Vis The problem is that we have lowered the bar to the point that almost anything can be considered sexual advance and abuse if the accuser says so. It is lost on no one that the allegations range from he gave us a corny nickname for socializing together after hours to the most serious being he touched my breast but I cant narrow down a time and date of the incident. If ever there was a time to fight back so that we can turn the page back to common sense and balance, it is with these very dubious, very obvious vendetta allegations.
London Bridge (New York)
Maybe some us would take the whole thing more seriously if they hadn’t thrown every type of gossip and silliness at this so they could make it look like a “pattern.”
Stumpy Dowd (NYC)
It's all about the timing - Cuomo is getting charged with a misdemeanor to provide cover for the ambitious and ruthless state Attorney General Letitia James as she announces her own big of the Governor's chair. Shameful!
Referencegirl (Middletown)
In the calendar of politics is there ever a time when timing is not an issue?
SR (Bronx, NY)
Of course not, Referencegirl, and some use that very fact as a weapon. "This is not the time to play gun-control politics. Thoughts and prayers," say the vile qop, increasingly pitch-perfect-rehearsed, immediately after each and every mass shooting. They are increasingly commonplace thanks to vile-qop obstruction of the law, and once again so after the short break during which they murdered us with Covid instead. They just really, really like seeing the rest of us die, preferably right after we're born. I count three times there that Time is a key factor—the post-shooting speech, the short break, and the post-forced-birth end of keeping their brother or sister. (The latter, last I checked, is valued by actual Christians.)
drrudolpho (Albany NY)
All I want to know is what happened to his dog. The media gleefully reported that the dog was abandoned, but never followed up on where the dog wound up, and whether or not the initial reporting (couched in the usual oh-so-shocking terminology) was accurate.
@drrudolpho He has the dog. The dog couldn’t stay with him at his sisters because someone in the house had an allergy.
JJShugs (Albany, NY)
@drrudolpho I love animals too, but if that is your primary concern in all that Cuomo has done, you may wish to reevaluate your priorities.
kmm (NYC)
Keeping an open mind on this one! The accuser has holes in her version of the events, did not report the incident immediately and am wondering if Cuomo was "set up" by the very aggressive NY State AG who has already tainted the case with her personal view of the matter by publicly announcing at a press conference she believes the accusations. And this morning she announced --- remarkably --- she is running for Governor. How timely! On the other hand, Cuomo ought to know better than to place himself in such a position in the private residence of the Governors mansion. Incredibly stupid. Yes, stupid. But that does not mean guilty.
Deirdre (New Jersey)
The NY AG should focus on Trump if she wants to get elected, she is the only one who could escape his retribution. We would all love her for it.
John Smithson (California)
@Deirdre. Letitia James has been focusing on Donald Trump ever since she got elected. But she has no evidence that he ever committed a crime. What do you want her to do, charge him anyway?
kenneth (nyc)
@Deirdre Maybe. But now back to THIS story.
GFE (New York)
@Deirdre Actually, she played that tune in order to get elected. And what came of it? Nothing. Trump sits in Mar-a-Lago plotting his return. And now she's ditching this post to try for a higher office with more prestige, having engineered the removal of her competitor by abusing her office.
hen3ry (Westchester, NY)
What is it about power and people in power that leads so many to do things that the rest of us wouldn't even think of doing? I'm not referring merely to Andrew Cuomo here. I'm thinking of Chris Christie, Elliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton, and yes, Richard Nixon. And none of what I wrote above, even though the names mentioned are all male, excuses women who do similar things. So my conclusion is that having power for too long seems to affect a person's character adversely unless someone around them reminds them that they too are human and subject to the same laws the rest of us must follow.
kenneth (nyc)
@hen3ry " they too are human and subject to the same laws the rest of us must follow." Maybe, being human, they are also subject to the same temptations .
BigD (calif)
@hen3ry I had this same conversation about Clinton recently. What, exactly, drives a person to jeopardize their life's work for a seemingly meaningless affair designed to go nowhere? Although I suppose we could go as far back as David and Bathsheba, we still do not truly know the underlying psychology of these behaviors. Your theory makes the most sense. Thank you for your well-grounded comment.
Kevin Banker (Red Bank, NJ)
“This is not professional law enforcement,” she said. “This is politics.” Professional law enforcement includes cuffing the accused and taking him into custody instead of allowing him to appear in court.
JJ Lyons (New Jersey)
Roe v Wade, based on the Fourteenth Amendment providing the “right to privacy” that protects a pregnant woman's right to choose whether or not to to have an abortion, has become the most contentious issue in America today. There is no privacy about the issue anymore, and no discussion about the woman’s right to have or not have an abortion. It is all pro or anti-abortion. As an 83-year-old male I am so sad that Roe v Wade has fallen so far from what I consider the most and perhaps only legal case giving women their freedom. What is almost incomprehensible and even depressing, is that in 2016, there were enough educated, white women who voted for Donald Trump to get him elected, even though he was against Roe v Wade. Does the excuse for not voting for Hillary Clinton - “I don’t have to vote for her just because she is a woman” - make any sense when it helped throw the election his way? Since he became President, he managed to pack an anti-abortion Supreme Court. The stakes are really so high against Roe v Wade now and as many women as possible should be trying to save the one law that protects all women, and not retreat to # ME TOO and an update to the age-old bedroom political fights. The case against Cuomo doesn’t have to be dropped, but it shouldn’t be front & center.
Mark Siegel (Atlanta)
I am no fan of Cuomo, but this is over the top. He resigned from office in disgrace. His political career is over. He has been humiliated. He may never work again. Enough already.
@Mark Siegel 1. If they have credible evidence of a crime, they should bring charges. 2. Conviction by a jury would validate the charges of misconduct in a way that nothing else to date has.
@Mark Siegel His political career is not over. That is why James is doing this. He has tremendous support if he runs against her. His opponents have instigated the filing of these charges to prevent him from doing that. You are in Atlanta. What the national media is not reporting is that many, many New Yorkers did not want Cuomo to resign. Many of us want him back. There was a dip in the polls after the report came out, but once people learned more about that report his numbers went back up. He was forced to resign only because the state legislature threaten to impeach him. He has over $18 million in his campaign fund and is still collecting contributions. This cheesy, trashy, move by James is only making Cuomo’s position stronger. James and her allies in the progressive movement are trying to finish Cuomo off; because if they don’t, he will come back, and when he is back they are toast. That’s what this is about. It has never been about sexual harassment and it’s not about sexual assault.
GFE (New York)
I voted for Andrew Cuomo and I don't regret it for a minute. He was an excellent public servant. I also voted for Letitia James, and not only do I regret it -- I'm mortified at my folly. As for this sheriff, I hope the press invests half as much time and energy in investigating him as they did in abetting the scheme to unseat the governor.
B. (Brooklyn)
I guess you're not from Brooklyn. Level-headed Brooklynites know that Tish James, along with others like Jumaane Williams, is out for self-advancement and little else. She should be asking Mr. Williams why he hasn't paid his two-dozen speeding tickets, or why he was blowing through school zones to begin with. All caught on camera. Mr. Cuomo, now, has accusers who can't even remember what day those searingly traumatic events they're talking about happened on.
stuart (Washington DC)
Too much unclarity here. I am not given to either person's account. no way we will ever know. The human heart and primal drives are very confusing and confounding---some or much of the time.
Olive M (Boston)
“He went along with the hugs” so there wouldn’t be awkwardness. What a bald-faced lie. No man in his position would feel compelled to “go along with something” he didn’t want to do.
Gene Tagomori (Sherman Oaks)
Fine. If he did it he should pay the price. In fact, it’s time to hold aggressors accountable. Let’s stop giving extra rights to the powerful or those hiding under religious titles.
LongTimeFirstTime (New York City)
It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.
Renee Margolin (CA)
@LongTimeFirstTime Yes, it could have. It could have happened to Trump.
Adrianne (Cold Comfort Farm)
I was thinking just this morning, "I wonder what Andrew Cuomo is up to these days?" Then, I realized I couldn't care less. New York seems to be doing just fine without him; no one is irreplaceable. Sure, there are those who have done dirtier deeds, but it really is time for what we used to call the "nasty" men to keep their hands to themselves or suffer the consequences. Something the Republicans could learn from Democrats, ride your reprobates out of town on a rail and move on.
Tldr (Whoville)
Is it possible that brilliant men in power still can't seem to keep their hands to themselves, & don't comprehend 'consent'? If so, perhaps it has something to do with a general consent given by the public to abuse, since Drumpf's "grab 'em" live leak had no impact on his candidacy whatsoever, & Kavanaugh is now permanent Justice 'Party-Rape'. Despite his documented misogynism, Drumpf got elevated to god-status among his base, which one can only assume had something to do with his predation of women, otherwise the 'evangelical' party would've done to Drumpf what they did to Clinton. We seem to have this other cultural divide, where an enormous contingent of the U.S. populace is not only O.K. with predatory groping of women by men in power, even raping (as Drumpf is credibly accused of), they evidently think it's manly. A bad signal. Curiously it's this very same contingent who seized on Bill Clinton's consensual affair in lascivious detail, & birthed a civil war over it that lasts to this day. If in fact this is true, then Andrew, what were you thinking? A lot of us are also guys, also have been bosses, in positions of power, & never would think of just grabbing any woman by their anything, especially if it were uninvited. Which leaves me with doubts. No doubt Cosby was guilty, but Cuomo? Fox targeted him relentlessly, he's exactly the red meat they wanted to throw to their viewers. There's money & PR to be made in sliming politicians. Let's see how it pans out.
Brewster’s Millions (Santa Fe)
Franken, Cuomo, and Clinton.
Stourley Kracklite (White Plains, NY)
Apologies and resignations never assuage.
kenneth (nyc)
@Stourley Kracklite So no one should bother to apologize of resign ?
David (Washington)
So, why hasn’t Trump been charged?
JJ (Midwest)
Now only if he’d also face responsibility for putting the sick people in nursing homes and covering up the deaths.
Edward (Wichita, KS)
Dear Letitia James, I hear you are also investigating former president Donald Trump. I hear the investigation is...ongoing. Now I learn that you are charging former governor Andrew Cuomo with a crime. My but that was expeditious. Now I understand that you are on the verge of announcing your candidacy for governor. The optics are not good. Charge Trump and I'll consider voting for you. Pile on Cuomo and I will not. And yes, I live in New York again.
scd (florida)
Sick of this. Stop the noise and move on. The authorities will deal with this. Becoming a distraction when we have bigger fish to fry.
kenneth (nyc)
@scd "The authorities will deal with this." The authorities don't include the state attorney general ?
Deirdre (New Jersey)
Someone really hates Cuomo. It’s time to move on. This is political and will go nowhere,
MAD (Westchester County, NY)
Andrew Cuomo resigned from office a few months ago and now has had a misdemeanor complaint filed against him in court. Tell me, Why is Matt Gaetz still serving in Congress? Equal justice for all, please.
Bill (PA)
@MAD because Gaetz did not do anything illegal.
George M. (NY)
@MAD Looks like Ms. James is trying to make a name for herself and run for some higher political office. She's miscalculating though with acts like this one and will turn off many people.
@MAD Why Trump and Gaetz are still being investigated but haven't yet been charged has nothing to do with Cuomo's case. Why would it?
John Smithson (California)
I'm surprised. This seems improperly political, charging Andrew Cuomo with something that would normally not be charged. Some crimes committed by politicians are covered up. That's no reason to overcharge politicians when their sins are discovered.
David Weintraub (Edison NJ)
@John Smithson What do you mean "would normally not be charged"? If I went up to a woman and stuck my hand under her shirt and touched her breast, as the complaint alleges, you can bet I would be charged with a crime. Are you saying that for a powerful person like Cuomo this charge is unusual?
KR (Brooklyn)
@John Smithson on what basis can you say people are "normally not charged" with forcible touching? The guy who grabbed me Trump Hollywood Access style was definitely charged with this same crime. And that was a decade ago.
gpickard (Luxembourg)
@John Smithson Dear John, So are politicians so special that their behavior can be excused? If I pulled a stunt like that at the office you can bet no would say I was "overcharged". I would definitely get fired, and Cuomo has effectively been fired, but that would not mean I could not be charged with assault.
Arlene (NYC)
Several months after the alleged incident, the accuser could not remember the date it supposedly occurred...11/16, around 11/25 and now 12/7. And each time she has been interviewed, her story has changed. Good luck in finding 12 jurors to say guilty. But putting that aside, what has happened today is a complete debacle. The Albany DA who would be responsible for prosecuting the case was unaware of the filing and said he learned of it at the same time as the public. The accuser's attorney said they learned of it from the media. And it's just a coincidence that it happened on the eve of Tish James declaring her candidacy for Governor. We are not that naive.
Referencegirl (Middletown)
Having difficulty remembering details from times of trauma is quite normal. In fact it would be abnormal if she remembered all the details perfectly.
MaryKayKlassen (Mountain Lake, Minnesota)
If we would go back about 70 years to all of those males who did this in the backseat of a vehicle, there wouldn't be a lot of men left, but then, what about females touching males, as I guess that isn't in the picture. The nature of the human animal is one of both violence, and sexually predatory behavior, so if you have children, teach them, Biology 101, and about sexually transmitted disease, as this country has one of the highest rates in the world, which can affect fertility, etc. We just don't talk about sex with our children, at a young age, by puberty, which is the age of 12. Then, we have to remember that sex is the strongest drive there is, as that is why we have 7.9 billion people on earth.
rocky vermont (vermont)
A.G. James' activities don't even pass the smell test. If I were a defense attorney for Andrew Cuomo, I would pray every day that Letitia James announces a run for governor. If Cuomo were a Republican, these allegations would only enhance his entry as a Presidential candidate.
George M. (NY)
@rocky vermont You're right. Her actions are as misguided as can be. I'm a progressive Democrat but I won't vote for her again, regardless of what office she runs for.
Marian (Phila)
Cuomo should change his party affiliation to Republican and run for POTUS. Crimes/scandals are never a deterrent for a power grab for Republicans; in fact, it seems to be a job requirement. In the meantime, the Dems keep eating their own in the ever escalating game of virtue signaling. Just ask Al Franken. Seems to me that Cuomo has already paid a dear price for his behavior. I doubt he will be convicted based on the available evidence.
Stourley Kracklite (White Plains, NY)
@Marian I voted for Franken for US Senator from NY. He wouldn't tolerate Nxivm like that other senator.
kenneth (nyc)
@Stourley Kracklite And Mark Thornberg back in the 70s. Gosh, whatever happened to that other century and guys like Franken ?
Jzu (Port Angeles)
It seems to me that Democrat after Democrat fall due alleged sexual misconduct. Cuomo, Spitzer, Franken, .. while I perceive that Republicans in general get away with it. If my perception is true it seems that we Democrats put law and decency before partisanship, while Republicans value partisanship above law and decency. Even worse, sexual misconduct allegations have even become a badge of honor for Republicans.
John R. (Arizona)
That's assault. A crime. Harassment is protected by the 1st amendment. That said, the state needs proof this occurred...
Eileen (Stewart)
No, harassment is not protected by the first amendment. Where on earth did you get that idea?
ernieh1 (New York)
Whatever crime Cuomo committed and gets tried for, Cuomo needs to face accountability. (The crime he is accused of is called a "misdemeanor complaint," whatever that means.) At the same time we have a former president who is accused of many sexual crimes including rape, many financial crimes, and incited an insurrection against his country, who now lives in comfort in Florida, while plotting a return to power. Something does not compute here.
Sean (Kentucky)
I hope the case is fought out in court.
Bob (Litchfield)
The Albany County DA isn’t widely known for consistent moral rectitude when it comes so to pols. Perhaps that’s why the Sheriff’s office filed, instead of the DA’s.
Thinker26 (Secaucus, nJ)
We should be talking about Manchin and Sinema eroding democracy instead of bygone Cuomo
Denis (CA)
@Thinker26 manchineel and Sinema are fostering Democracy by refusing to cave to the Socialists, who laughingly call themselves Progressive. Progressivism is Socialism.
Denis (CA)
@Thinker26 Manchin and Sinema are fostering Democracy by not caving to the Progressives- who really, in all aspects of this, are blatant Socialists.
Jose Pieste (OH)
@Thinker26 Manchin and Sinema were democratically elected, and each is entitled to one vote in the Senate. THAT is democracy.
Blaise Descartes (Seattle)
To quote from this article, "The complaint, ... said Mr. Cuomo ... touched the victim’s left breast “for the purposes of degrading and gratifying his sexual desires, all contrary to the provisions of the statute.” This is presumably an accusation. But is the accusation true? Twenty years ago, we would have given Andrew Cuomo the presumption of innocence. But that doesn't happen with #MeToo. And that's why I oppose #MeToo. Some may say I'm a mysogynist. But no. I simply realize that accusations are sometimes false. I have no reason to favor one side or the other. What I care about is credibility of the system of justice that we use to mete out punishments. I point out that the conviction of Bill Cosby was overturned by the Supreme Court. Twenty years ago the NY Times would have run an editorial stating that Cosby might be innocent of guilty, but we must now give him the presumption of innocence because the prosecution cheated, and we must uphold the integrity of our court system even if on occasion it lets a person go who might have been guilty. The NY Times didn't run that editorial. And the steady of #MeToo cases in which the media rush to judgment starts to eat away at the credibility of the courts. Was Putin guilty of poisoning Navalny? How do we know for sure if the media often rush to judgment? Trump was incompetent so his damage to our government was limited. I fear even more the liberals who have sold out their integrity for political gain.
Martha (Queens)
Even if all of this were true, I still think that we certainly live with a double standard for those for those who lie about the science and consequently people are dying or spreading the Delta virus because they were afraid to be vaccinated and we allow so much NYC corruption (250,000 NYC retirees are losing their promised extremely important subsidized Medicare supplement, without their permission, and fighting it. They took lower salaries in return for this retirement benefit.) Who is going to punish the Mayor and union leaders? No one. I hate to even THINK about the ongoing corruption in the NYC government and real estate developers. For eons!
J Young (NM)
It's about time that someone had the courage to charge Cuomo. As for the supposed irregularities, as an ex-prosecutor I can say that it is completely ordinary in many jurisdictions for officers to initiate and in many instances to prosecute misdemeanor offenses. Indeed, this was a practice I attacked in a federal case, lost in district court, and then argued before the Tenth Circuit in an attempt to expand the malicious prosecution cause of action to include officer-prosecuted misdemeanors, because in such cases the police have a vertical monopoly on gathering evidence, charging a defendant, and then prosecuting the case with no oversight by a prosecutor. None of that means Cuomo's case isn't meritorious--and indeed the AG's investigation and the numbers of women who came forth with strikingly similar accounts suggest that his aide's allegations are part of a pattern of serial conduct and credible. But it's now up to a jury of his peers to decide the facts.
Hal (Illinois)
I have no idea if Cuomo is guilty of all the charges brought up so far. That's for the justice system to decide. Good luck with that. I do know I want term limits across the board including the Supreme Court. Let's give it a try. Part of the reason of the snails pace in politics from local, state and federal are lifelong politicians.
H. Clark (Long Island)
What Gov. Cuomo is accused of doing pales in comparison to what Trump and Matt Gaetz are accused of. If you’re going to give them a pass, then give Gov. Cuomo one as well. It’s only fair.
markferon (baltimoe)
@H. Clark but there is evidence against Cuomo
CM (Cincinnati)
@H. Clark What is a major difference is the victim decided to the move the charges forward. With the other two gentlemen if there is no victim to move the charges forward, there is no case. I do recall with the former President there are some victims that have move the charges. In that case we will need to see it prevail in court. Until that happens, there is really no connection to Cuomo, and "pales in comparisson" is just someones opinion and has no basis in fact.
John Smithson (California)
@H. Clark. There's no evidence to support a charge against Donald Trump or Matt Gaetz, or you can be sure they would have been charged. Nobody gave them a pass.
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
With all due respect for the real victims, and THERE ARE real victims out there, How on earth do you prove such an allegation in a court of law? Please don't tell me so many other alleged victims can't all be conspiring. Because, I would like to offer the following hypothetical scenario: Suppose three houses on my block got burglarized over the past year and it has been proven by means of forensic testing that the perpetrator was my next door neighbor. A fourth house down the block was broken in yesterday. Conclusion, My next door neighbor must be the perpetrator. Well, I believe Governor Cuomo's accusers have a weaker than the above.
A (Reader)
For some reason I find this all a little stupid. I really do take women and victims seriously. He resigned. I do not want to keep reading about “devastating developments” in the New York Times and the politics of this. A truly devastating development is anything having to do with Trump questioning our election, or climate change. This story does not deserve my outrage.
TimeIdle (New York)
@A - Can't we walk and chew gum at the same time?
JulieB (NYC)
@A Agree. It doesn't seem to be worth anyone's time. How do they even prove this happened--is there a beyond a reasonable doubt standard? Remember child molestation charges filed against Michael Jackson and the media circus? Jesus, are they going to blow this up to seriousness of those charges?
Robert Buchanan (Dallas, TX)
This complaint is unbelievable. For those of us nearing 60, we all know that when we grew up it was perfectly acceptable to touch any woman’s breast whenever we wanted and it was a commonly accepted form of greeting. Oh wait, no it wasn’t! This isn’t piling on and this pathetic excuse for a man deserves everything he gets.
Thank you for this comment. The rest of these comments are so depressing that I actually thought you were serious.
RAD (North Andover, MA)
This is not front page, above the fold, headline news. Really.
David Weintraub (Edison NJ)
I don't trust Letitia James either, but these charges were filed at the local level not the state, so I'm not sure how much control she'd have over it. Maybe she could encourage Albany behind the scenes, but it doesn't seem like she could force them to attack Cuomo.
John Smithson (California)
@David Weintraub. Good point. Especially since the charge was filed by the sheriff's office, not the DA (and the DA knew nothing about it).
Edmund Mander (New York City)
“The charge of forcible touching would require the victim to be younger than 18 for an offender to be listed on the registry, and Ms. Commisso was an adult when the incident occurred.” Alleged incident, at this stage.
alan brown (manhattan)
Former Governor Cuomo has lost the moment he appears in court or is arraigned. If a trial is held, absent a plea bargain, his only hope is full exoneration, not a hung jury. At stake is not his political future, which has vanished, but his persona and ability to obtain suitable employment. We men haven't yet learned that taking liberties with employees is not an option. It was a man's world. That day is over.
Marc Andrew (N.Y.)
@alan brown He no longer needs to seek employment. He has plenty of money to live well for the next 30 years.
Stourley Kracklite (White Plains, NY)
@alan brown This is the day of billboard attorneys and women juries. If you see something, say nothing.
kenneth (nyc)
@alan brown " taking liberties with employees is not an option." You're assuming that he did.
Carla Marceau (Ithaca, NY)
Cuomo's real crime was playing hardball with Albany politicians, including those in his own party, playing nasty, and being a successful governor. So what if he led the state and the country during the worst of the pandemic? So what if he fixed La Guardia and improved the state? Topple him and gain more power for yourself. We won't have such a competent governor again anytime soon.
4Kulture (NYC)
@Carla Marceau Completely agree.
Mary Reinholz (New York City)
@Carla Marceau Yes, Cuomo was just too effective and abrasive to last through his third term.
JH (Ohio)
What explains the Albany DA being surprised by this criminal complaint? Genuine question; wouldn't he be the one to announce it?
Agree, I thought the article should have explored that issue further. I've never heard of the Sheriff filing a criminal complaint, I thought that was the exclusive responsibility of the DA.
Paul (New York)
No, the Police or sheriff in this case charge people. The DA prosecutes.
John Smithson (California)
@JH. The sheriff does have the authority to file a complaint. But in a case like this it is very unusual. It's a political play. Or ploy. But whatever you call it, it stinks.
Randall (Chicago)
I find it ironic that Andrew Cuomo and Al Franken are the poster children for misconduct, yet Donald Trump and Matt Gaetz, whose offenses are far more egregious, are so far unscathed.
Bello Giorno (Charlottesville, VA)
@Randall 45's behavior was before he was in office. 2 have filed law suits that are working their way through the system. The FBI recently added 2 more investigators into the Gaetz allegations. Cuomo was a sitting governor when the allegations were made. I personally do not believe numerous women ( who don't even know each other and one who asked to be transferred from the governor's office) are lying.
Eileen (Stewart)
Democrats tend to hold people accountable, Republicans don’t.
Randall (Chicago)
@Bello Giorno I don't doubt their claims. Just making a point. And for the record, it's my opinion, Al Franken should still be in office.
PS (Florida)
Time for discovery, disclosure and deposition. The first time any of these accusations will be dealt with under oath.
Anna (Florida)
Gee, I wonder why someone in the sheriff’s office would’ve pushed the case forward in this way? I’m sure it has nothing to do with Cuomo’s stance during the 2020 protests.
Machiavelli (Firenze)
It’s bad to have secret anonymous accusers. The Soviets did this frequently. Now Russia. China, n Korea, Cuba, Turkey, Poland, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Somalia - this is the short list of regimes were anonymous secret accusers convict people are used.
Nom de Plume (A Steady State)
I simply don’t believe her. I believe this is a politely hit job, and a significant ploy by James in her run for governor to abuse current social sentiments. This modern-day Salem Witch Trial has gone too far. No more trials without evidence. No more crucifixions in the press.
BayArea101 (Midwest)
“This is not professional law enforcement,” she said. “This is politics.” If that's not the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is.
GH (New York)
And yet I would vote for him again.
DJS (New York)
@GH I'd vote for Cuomo today.
Chaz (NY)
It's so ironic that Cuomo resigned and is charged with sexual misconduct. The same crime that Trump has committed. And yet Trump lives to fight another day. And Andrew is hung out to dry.
JulieB (NYC)
@Chaz and that this charge causes comparisons of Cuomo to Trump on alleged sexual assaults, so that we totally forget and ignore the most egregious criminal acts committed by Trump.
LAars (NY)
Politico, one day ago "New York’s attorney general said to be planning run for governor 10/27/2021 New York Attorney General Letitia James is planning to announce a campaign for governor in coming days, a move that would pit her against incumbent Gov. Kathy Hochul in a high-profile Democratic primary in 2022, according to five people familiar with her plans. James could announce her plans as early as Thursday, one of the people said. Three others said she would declare before a major political event that starts next Wednesday. " Whatever the merits of the case against Cuomo, there is a clear-cut conflict of interest between Ms. Jame's prosecution and her now pursuing his job Politics is a dirty business, but this Trump style politics
Anxious Again (NYC)
At least one person would be deliriously happy, DJ Trump!
Aram Hollman (Arlington, MA)
@LAars The implication that an A.G. planning to run for elected office create a conflict of interest by charging the current (or in Cuomo's case, recent) holder of that office with a crime has merit. Does it necessarily follow that an A.G. planning such a run should recuse his/her office from such investigations? If so, who should conduct that investigation instead? Does the conflict of interest exist if the A.G. is planning to run for elective office and charges the holder of a different office with a crime? If yes, that suggests that an A.G. planning a run for office should first resign from the A.G. position. Must one first give up one's job as a prosecutor -before- running for elective office? If current A.G.'s and other prosecutors can run for elective office, their assets include successful prosecutions, and their baggage include failed ones. If they must first resign before running, that's a powerful deterrent to them running. Do we really want that? Similarly, must people in other powerful positions, e.g. corporate executives, cabinet secretaries, first resign their current position before running? It is one thing to require those elected to rid themselves of possible conflicts or appearances thereof (as Trump refused to do once elected). It's quite another to require that of candidates. I don't think we want to go there.
JulieB (NYC)
@Anxious Again That's why the Democrat who can win the whole state must run--think that is Hochul.
William (Oregon)
How is it that Cuomo is charged with an apparently lesser degree of violation than Trump, whose crimes are legion yet was never charged at all? I'd like to see James look into that. Yeah I know - rhetorical question. But still.
markferon (baltimoe)
@William there is no evidence against trump.
Jill (NYC)
@markferon There is the same type of evidence against Trump as Cuomo for sexual assault, in fact Trump has ten times more.
Munroe (Moscow.)
Now that the US has replaced its binary Passport, Cuomo can legally state his tactile interest in ladies attire. A valid defence no less.
Caesius (LINY)
Saying creepy and harassing things is always bad...but...forcible touching? About as low and disgusting as it gets. If he's innocent fine. But if not...and I have serious doubts that he isn't...throw the book at him! The sons are a reflection on the parents. And I think its long past due to look at the old Man and Old Lady who raised these two. I dont think sons should inherit the sins of their fathers...or vice versa, but the results seem to speak for themselves. Two hyper arrogant, self-aggrandizing, creepy men came out of that D'Amato household. What was the old man teaching them?
Apm (Portland)
@Caesius Al D’Amato raised the Cuomo children?! Now that’s a scoop.
Norm (NYC)
No coincidence…… So General Letitia James announces her run for governor on the same day.
And Don’t Call Me Shirley (Upstate)
Yeah, he's gone. So why proceed with charges? To establish a precedent, that's why. Official Albany has a long and loathsome history of legislators who expect a little something on the side as a perk. It's called the Bear Mountain Bridge Compact. Keep your side action north of the Bear Mountain Bridge, and the gentlemen's (HARD eyeroll) agreement is that what (or who) you do won't be used against you. Not that the younger staffers and interns get to say much about this. There isn't much that puts the fear of the Lord in legislators - other than a perp walk. Where's Preet Bharara when we need him?
Jeff (NYC)
Yeah, but he's responsible for saving so many lives during the pandemic! Oh wait, he's responsible for ending so many lives by forcing nursing homes to accept people sick with Covid. Yeah, but he saved New York State's economy! Oh wait, he destroyed New York State's economy. Never mind.
Big Al (Menlo Park CA)
Of course, hanky panky in the dorm room is very hard to prove too. Let Cuomo spend a little time in jail. Plenty of politicians from Illinois, Louisiana, and New York. I have always thought that those who make and impose law upon the general public should be held to a very scrupulous standard in obeying those laws.
Sickened (NY)
@Big Al spend time in jail, for what? The "victim's" time line for the incident has been debunked.
charlie corcoran (Minnesota)
Is it really necessary to "pile it on?". Mr. Cuomo has already suffered great public humiliation, lost his job, and will endure villification for the rest of his life. How much more do you want?
Delmo (NYC)
@charlie Corcoran - Women who are groped and otherwise sexually abused also suffer humiliation ... for the rest of their lives.
Delmo (NYC)
Women who are groped and otherwise sexually harassed and abused also suffer great humiliation ... for the rest of their lives.
Eileen (Silver Spring, MD)
@charlie corcoran Amen!
Nathan (Newman)
the former President is laughing at the current progressives.
Jeff (Bloomington, IN)
I hope this doesn't affect his run for president in 2028.
Chandra (New York)
This is really really important. Global warming, the threat from China and out crumbling infrastructure all have to take the back seat to something what we as Americans care about! Are we insane or what?
srwdm (Boston)
A toxic workplace for women, and preventing it, is very important.
theresa (ny)
@Chandra How are these things taking a back seat? Do women have to wait until all the world's problems are solved before we can be safe in the workplace?
GGram (Newberg, Oregon)
@Chandra These are not opposing realities. Prioritizing is unnecessary. It is high time predators are taken to court. I am old. I have very clear recollection of a time when I would have been laughed out of court for charging a man for putting his hands all over me. We just had to grin and bear it. I know of none of my women friends who have not been. at some time, in some way, physically molested. I continue to live for the day that I will believe my granddaughters have a chance to call predators to justice.
Nan Socolow (West Palm Beach, FL)
So former Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing a criminal complaint of sexual misconduct "for the purpose of gratifying his sexual desires". If Cuomo is going to court in Albany, what about the former guy, who has allegedly done more than grope women in New York and many other places? Will Donald Trump ever face the music in court and be judged for degrading our democracy?
BigD (calif)
@Nan Socolow Did anyone maybe think that he and his brother truly are close and that he is spending time supporting him? Do we all have to become so hyena-like?
Rob Ral (USA)
In unrelated news, Chris Cuomo to go on a previously scheduled vacation.
SR (Bronx, NY)
To be fair, "scheduled just after the charges were filed, but before tonight's show" DOES technically count as "previously scheduled"...
Andrew (Louisville)
I have no doubt that the conduct alleged is illegal and should be punished. But the difficulty is proving it. Absent recordings, it comes down to he said, she said. For far too long we have dismissed what she said and on some countries (e.g., our buddies in Saudi Arabia) a female witness is worth precisely one fourth of a male witness. That ratio is enshrined in law. WE are not Saudi Arabia. But how is it possible to determine that Cuomo is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? Unless there is a confession, it seems to me that a guilty verdict is a logical impossibility. In which case, why bring this to trial?
KR (Brooklyn)
@Andrew The standard is beyond reasonable doubt, not beyond any doubt. Whether he's convicted (if it even gets that far) will boil down to whom the fact finder finds more credible. Of course he'll say he didn't do it. All criminals say that when caught.
Peter J. Miller (Ithaca, NY)
@Andrew Answer: A jury weighs the credibility of witnesses to reach a verdict. Cuomo would likely not testify, so it would largely come down to the credibility of his accuser, along with other witnesses who might corroborate her assertions in one way or another.
Peter J. Miller (Ithaca, NY)
@KR Cuomo would most likely invoke his right to not testify under the 5th Amendment. And this of course could hurt him with the jury.
NYer (NY)
On the same day that news breaks that Letitia James is going to run for Governor. How interesting...
Bob Newton (Massachusetts)
Ah yes. The man who sent seniors back to nursing homes at the height of the pandemic is in trouble, not for the deaths of senior citizens but for bring extremely rude and crude. One must remember that 15 months ago, Coumo was the darling of the liberals when he was sending at-risk seniors back to the dangerous conditions in nursing homes. So we will conveniently forget that.
Anxious Again (NYC)
Could it be that he thought that was the right thing to do at the time? Ever occurred to anyone?
James Constantino (Baltimore, MD)
@Bob Newton You do realize that they've already finished (and published) an investigation of the nursing home deaths, right? It found out pretty conclusively that the seniors returned from the hospitals were NOT the primary vector for infection... that was found to be the orderlies and caretakers in the homes who brought the virus in from the outside and failed to take the proper precautions and/or be issued the correct protective gear. Also, try keeping your accusations straight... the seniors returned were not the "at-risk seniors", they were the ones who recovered and had immunity. The UNINFECTED seniors in the nursing homes were the ones "at-risk". And as the investigation showed, again, it was the nursing home staff who were the primary vector for infection, not the returning patients.
Shawn (Albany)
This may be the most Albany story ever. I worked in that environment and heard things that would shock people. When a friend came into that work environment, I pulled her aside and warned her of what men would try to do to her. Seen from the outside, Albany is a corrupt cesspool. From the inside it’s far worse.
Chandra (New York)
@Shawn Women do have other jobs. My daughter has had the same job for 20 years without going within a mile of Albany. So have many other women I know.
DC (Rhode Island)
I like how Democrats charged Cuomo before Trump. It's classic trip-over-your-own-feet cartoon follies with these guys all the time. They do nothing but negotiate against themselves, drum themselves out of office, then charge each other with crimes while Rome burns. Cue circus music.
Veester (NYC)
@DC Agree. Letitia James should be going after Trump. What happened to that?
Dave (NY)
I'm dissapointed by the comments defending Cuomo and the number of "likes" those comments have received.
Machiavelli (Firenze)
@Dave Just due process. The right to face your accuser. Without that American justice becomes a Cuban kangaroo court.
srwdm (Boston)
What a small man is Mr. Cuomo— As he odiously and degradingly continued over the years with his business-as-usual treatment of women in the employ of the state government he headed.
Kyle (Portland, OR)
You're all kidding yourselves if you think this isn't politically motivated.
Patrick (NY)
@ Kyle of course it is. That doesn’t mean it did not happen. I’m sure it has happened multiple times but now he has overplayed his hand
JulieB (NYC)
@Patrick If you prosecute one man, you should prosecute them all equally
Dom (Lunatopia)
@Kyle it’s okay democratic men can see their future in this when a “she said” situation where there is no other evidence can completely not only ruin a life long career but also send the man to jail. It would be awesome if the jury finds him guilty just based on her testimony with his denial so that the full irrationality of it all starts to hit home.
Confucius (new york city)
Well, if Mr Cuomo is shown beyond reasonable doubt that he "acted either to degrade his victim, or for his own sexual gratification"...he should be punished as per the law. Now, what about the former president?
Kayemtee (Saratoga Springs, NY)
It seems apparent that someone in the Sheriff’s Office may not have been happy that a decision not to file might be coming, so jumped the gun. The fact that neither that Office, nor the District Attorney, would comment suggests foul play here. It is inconceivable to me that a guy as smart as David Soares, the Albany DA, would authorize charges here, given the quality of the evidence.
Sucol (Syracuse)
@Kayemtee there’s a credible accuser, what more do you want? That’s enough for charges to be brought.
JMM (Ballston Lake, NY)
@Kayemtee What’s wrong with the ‘quality of the evidence?’ These laws always have a tough he said/she said hurdle. So should we just remove them from ‘the books?’
Kayemtee (Saratoga Springs, NY)
@JMM I have no inside information here. What I suggest is conjecture; I have no idea what Soares will do. But prosecutorial discretion is at the heart of any prosecutor’s office; the best prosecutors (and perhaps the not so good ones) use their discretion in deciding when to charge and when not to. There is no necessity to charge Cuomo here in light of the lack of seriousness of the charge and the potential punishment. Cuomo has already resigned in disgrace from high office; there is no need to try to get him to leave, something that would be a wrong motivation for bringing charges by a prosecutor anyway. Putting aside the political considerations by an elected DA, it’s also just not the right thing to do.
Alex (Indiana)
If the alleged incident occurred, it sounds like a crime. It's difficult to imagine that reaching inside a woman's blouse was "accidental," or performed for a reason other than sexual gratification. Further, groping a woman's breast without clear consent should be a crime. The problem is proving it. There were likely no witnesses or recordings. In a criminal charge, the standard of guilt is "beyond a reasonable doubt." This is also as it should be. This seems to be he said/she said. Thus, I'm not sure why there is a formal complaint. There are many criminal acts that simply cannot be prosecuted because of lack of evidence. Recalling the probably inappropriate charges AG James attempted unsuccessfully to file against the police officers in the Daniel Prude case in Rochester (a grand jury failed to return an indictment), I cannot help but wonder whether this prosecution is politically motivated.
Austin Ouellette (Denver, CO)
Powerful men have a long, very long history of dodging accountability. I’m glad to see Cuomo actually facing criminal charges. That said, can someone please explain to me why Cuomo is facing a criminal charge, but Donald Trump has never faced a single day in court over his 2-dozen allegations of assault and harassment, not to mention the Hollywood Access tape in which he *admits* to the conduct of which he is accused? Of course, that’s rhetorical. I don’t want anyone to actually explain it to me, because it requires no explanation. There exists two ENTIRELY different justice systems in this country. There is one justice system for the ultra rich, and one for everyone else. And let’s not kid ourselves, the ONLY reason Cuomo is facing any accountability isn’t because the officials at the justice department care about justice for victims of the rich and powerful. It’s just because there are some people with aspirations for more power who think it’s strategically advantageous to exploit this Cuomo situation for personal gain. This entire thing is so, so, so gross.
Taylor H. (NYC)
The day Andrew Cuomo had to resign from office was one of the moments when I realized I needed to leave NYC. I could see this for what it was: a progressive power grab. Now the de Blasio faction has completely taken over, and is doing all it can to ruin a once great city with its sick obsession with race, failed policing policies, and determination to rob gifted kids of educational opportunities. This was one of the moments I saw the writing on the wall. Cuomo was a sane moderate, as far as government goes. What will happen when the cancellers and anti-due process types have taken over everything? When their utopian delusions have created a seething mass of violence you’re not even supposed to talk about? Oh wait, that’s already here.
Patrick (NY)
@ Taylor. You are right on all accounts. Let’s not forget though the self proclaimed King Andrew never missed a chance to rub DeBlasios nose in it. Let’s not forget at the beginning of COvid he kept things open in the city probably because DeB wanted them closing which did cause people to die. He thought he could play hardball and win all the time. I hope he learned his lesson. There is always somebody smarter and meaner ready to take you down. I am not a DeB fan but he took it to him.
John B. (NY)
@Taylor H. Exactly. The "sexual harassment" campaign against Cuomo was a blatant continuation of the Teachout and Nixon campaigns to defeat him at the polls, aided by DeBlasio, the so-called Working Families Party, the increasingly influencial Democratic Socialists of America and their extensive Amen chorus in the media. Like the Trumpist Right, they are ruthless, driven by ideological zeal, and intent on taking down anyone who gets in their way, like Cuomo.
Taylor H. (NYC)
@John B. Exactly. They are subverting the will of the people (just read the thousands of comments on these Cuomo articles— most normies still stand behind him) by getting rid of a thrice-elected official. They can’t actually win over majority support for their craziness, so they try to force their way through. It is only when people finally see what a massive failure progressive policies are that this nonsense will stop. I think we’re almost there— people are leaving CA and NYC in droves. The progressive ideology is essentially empty and unsustainable.
Jinbo (NYC)
One can only wonder how many other males in political office or other positions of authority are silently praying; “there but for the grace of god go I”. I’ll bet some of them are no less clergy to boot!
Marjorie Summons (Greenpoint)
Shelly Silver is planning a comeback.
Charlie (Midwest)
Shocked, shocked I am, that a Dem would do such a thing. And what fun watching so many commentators scurry to cover for him!
It's interesting that James got rid of her #1 opponent insofar as her aspiration to the governorship goes. Now let's start undoing all of his damage. Change the name of the Tappan Zee Bridge back to its proper name. Reopen Indian Point. Run all trains, not just some, into his useless Moynihan Hall. Pay compensation and apologize to the families of the elderly that he killed by moving them from hospitals to Covid-infected nursing homes.
Stephen (Upstate)
As long as we’re being provincial.. The Tappan Zee is at the bottom of the Sound. If you want nuclear power build a plant down by you. To access Moynihan hall you’re going to have to build a new bridge at Spyten Dyvill ( it’s just a one track) add a special NYC tax to pay for it. That’s it for now.
Jerry Davenport (New York)
This drops the second shoe eliminating Cuomo and paving the way for Letitia. First was publishing unsubstantiatedacvusations without due process by her. Second issuing an arrest. All nicely executed by the progressives to the left of Cuomo.
DJS (New York)
@Jerry Davenport I couldn't disagree more. This eliminated Leticia Jones, and paves the way for Andrew Cuomo. The voters of New York State have elected Andrew Cuomo to be our duly elected Governor repeatedly. Leticia Jones will be one of many candidates. Andrew Cuomo will be the Governor .
Uncommon Sense (Brooklyn NY)
Cuomo has joined the rogues gallery of elected NYS officials that have been cut down to size since sexual and other types of misconduct is inappropriate and illegal. Spritzer, Hevisi, Schneidemann, Lopez, Bruno and Weiner to just name a few. They’re all a disgrace.
Vis (San Jose)
Interesting to see some comments here, in support of Cuomo. Only some time back, the entire liberal world exploded on justice Kavanaugh for one of the most flimsiest accusation. The most egregious crime by Cuomo is nursing home deaths. But then, who cares?
Lyndsey Marie (Puget Sound)
If I remember correctly, the FBI said they failed to follow up on a lot of witnesses who could have told stories about Kavanaugh and his misbehavior.
Citizen (NYC)
…and yet Kavanaugh is now on The Supreme Court.
JulieB (NYC)
@Lyndsey Marie Agree--Kavanaugh won a lifetime seat on the highest court of the land. Seems like it warranted lot more scrutiny.
Nancy Lederman (New York City)
The story this woman described in her televised interview and the governor's denial offer a textbook example of conflicting "he said/she said" reports. Unfortunately for all concerned, criminal charges are unlikely to settle the matter.
Jason W (Somewhere, USA)
Dear liberals complaining about Trump not being similarly charge, See: whataboutism. Next, ask your Democratic prosecutors why there haven't been any charges against Trump. My guess is that there is really no substance to the charges but that accusations were hyped up in 2016 to prevent him for winning the election. Since then, the investigations have gone nowhere due to a lack of evidence. The same can't be said for Cuomo. That's the difference.
Mike (Exton)
@Jason W please. I am not a liberal ( moderate) but the amount of complaints against Trump is extremely large. Over 20. Some have more evidence than others (immediately notifying a friend or family member when incident happened, etc). Just like Bill Cosby although clearly not as serious allegations when ther eis smoke there is fire. Maybe some in Bill cosby cae are bogus just like maybe some in trump cases are but tooooo many to ignore. Especially when he himself corroborates his actions with his own words.
Nathan (Newman)
@Jason W and thats "your guess".
Pat Boice (Idaho Falls, ID)
Alone in the mansion - she said, he said. How does anyone arrive at the truth in these situations?
Chandra (New York)
@Pat Boice "How does anyone arrive at the truth in these situations?". Simple. As our president said, "believe the woman".
JF (Chicago)
Cuomo appears to have the qualifications to head up the NHL Players Safety position.
Andy (San Francisco)
The overly conservative American society expects perfect behavior from men at all times and many men have no outlet for sexual energy. Some of these men are very powerful and wealthy but have no way to satisfy their sexual urge. Imagine how frustrating it must be for men like Bill Gates, who despite their enormous wealth, can’t have sex! If we have legalized prostitution and remove the stigma around it then men like Cuomo will be happy and their female coworkers safe. US has outdated view about prostitution and media is more than happy to lynch any men who had sex outside of traditional monogamous relationship! We need to learn from European and Asian countries where prostitution is common and men have happier lives. On a separate note it seems like Mr. Cuomo violated the 6 feet social distancing rule-:) I though requirement for social distancing will permanently take care of ‘me too’ scenarios!
L (Empire State)
@Andy: It is all about men, isn't it?
Linda Seltzer (Redmond, WA)
@Andy There is a difference between Cuomo and Gates. Gates was married. Cuomo was not. Cuomo is another workaholic Type A professional man who was focused on power and failed to take care of himself as a person. Cuomo is not married and could have hired a matchmaker or asked his friends to match him up if he wanted a relationship. I don't think he is a criminal, but he clearly lost all perspective and failed to engage in any mindfulness about himself as a whole person. And when their obsessions get out of control, it comes back down on such men. It has occurred in universities as well as politics.
NYChap (Chappaqua)
It really looks like former Governor Cuomo is in deep trouble. If the accusations are true and can be proven to be true Cuomo just may end up in jail briefly.
Victor (Rancho Santa Fe)
Its a shame that the pendulum of justice is so out of whack that any woman can accuse a man in power and that man in power can be " cancelled" instantly. No man so far has come forward with a similar situation (where a subordinate gets abused by a woman in power) that I have heard of but would love to see how that would be played out. Would this woman in power be cancelled instantly too?
Prof (90277)
@Victor Well, I (male) was groped by a female in power against my wishes. She was a bit drunk, and I just let it go. It never occurred to me to file charges. She and I just carried on as if nothing happened.
Ken (Rancho Mirage)
This needs to end. Filing a misdemeanor complaint will only prolong the Cuomo saga. There is apparently no witness to back up the complainant and a conviction is unlikely. Why waste more resources? He has resigned in disgrace. Leave it at that.
gpickard (Luxembourg)
@Ken Dear Ken, Actually what you say; "...There is apparently no witness to back up the complainant..." is not necessarily true. The AG interviewed 179 people, 41 under oath.
Independent (Voter)
I do not believe a single word of this nonsense and I think running this nonsense above the fold about something that happened years ago for which the man apologized is sorry newspapering.
GMooG (LA)
@Independent I'm sure that's exactly what you said about the women who accused Trump.
CB (New York)
@Independent years ago? This happened less than 1 year ago. This is very much relevant to today.
Two progressives, including James, announce their candidacy for governor, and charges against Andrew Cuomo are filed on the same day? Leticia James, who spearheaded the investigation that forced Cuomo to resign, is one of the gubernatorial candidate?? Some politically-motivated prosecutions are subtle, substantive and elegantly planned. This one is clumsy, blatantly obvious, transparently baseless - and clumsy and trashy.
Deb (Ny)
@RMC You nailed it!
DJS (New York)
@RMC The above will work to Andrew Cuomo's benefit in the end. The voters of New York State will re-elect the Governor whom we the people of the New York have elected to be our duly elected Governor again and again, and do so in a landslide this time.
London Bridge (New York)
Because now they know the public will buy anything.
John B. (NY)
The only assault going on here is the wholesale assault on Cuomo by rivals, critics and attention seekers. It will be essentially impossible to prove this charge in court. Bringing it so it's hanging over Cuomo's head puts the final nail in the coffin of his career.
DJS (New York)
@John B. This isn't the final nail in the coffin of Andrew Cuomo's career. It's the nail in the coffin of Letitia Jones's career. The voters of New York State chose Andrew Cuomo to be our governor, again and again. We shall do so again, given the opportunity. I do hope that Andrew Cuomo will give the people that opportunity. Governor Cuomo has my support, and will have my vote if he runs, which I encourage him to do.
marrtyy (manhattan)
And the Attorney General, Ms. James, knew she was going to run for Governor while she prosecuted the Cuomo cases and she didn't recuse herself? Wow! Wow! Who's going to prosecute the AG?
Dubious (New York, NY)
Not yet disclosed if this is a preamble to a civil suit seeking financial settlement. Too few sexual predators are convicted and sent to prison, too many buy their way out of punishment, either by settlement of a suit or simply a payoff or another form of reward to forgive misbehavior and/or abuse. Trump is the paradigm of manipulation of female (and some male) victims by threats, bribes, coercion, ridicule, stigma and humiliation, Weinstein and Epstein are long-time practitioners of the vicious art of abusive sexual predation, but these three are far from alone. So long as there are multitudes of men abusing women with little punishment and much bragging. the suffering will continue. Weinstein's jailing and Epstein's death might be seen as ample methods to curtail the Trumps and the Cuomos, and the thousands who believe this viciousness is not only forgivable but a stimulating standard to be emulated.
Alanster (Minnesota)
@Dubious: With respect, your post suggests that it might be wise to be a bit more dubious. Of course, I can't be certain . . .
paul (White Plains, NY)
How the mighty and imperious has fallen. Even the most dictatorial and miserable politician can be done in by his own false sense of being impervious to the consequences of his own actions. Bill Clinton, the philanderer and serial abuser of women, comes instantly to mind. Like Clinton, Cuomo believes he can bounce back and return to political glory. But unlike Clinton, Cuomo does not have the same legion of adoring supplicants surrounding him and willing to deny the actual reality of his actions in order to make that comeback.
sara (world)
What a spectacularly awful ending to Cuomo's career. Not saying he doesn't deserve it because I don't know much about the circumstances.. just that it is like the worst case scenario for him. I didn't know much about Cuomo before the pandemic, but I do remember his rather self-absorbed monologues he gave every chance he got about the Covid situation.
Socrates (Downtown Verona, NJ)
Let the wheels of justice spin and spin and let's see who the unlucky winner is.
gpickard (Luxembourg)
@Socrates Dear Socrates, I hope it does not come down to luck. Still, "justice" does seem to favor the rich and powerful.
Uncommon Sense (Brooklyn NY)
@Socrates Ha! Just because Cuomo is getting the justice so many, including you, think should have been meted out to Trump is not the basis to be resentful when justice is served - as it has been already to Cuomo through his forced resignation and will be when he is sent to jail a la Alan Hevesi.
RS (Midwest)
Why did Facebook not fact check all the claims of his misdemeanor ways? I remember when this guy was hailed as the local hero while sending old people to a Covid death. Nothing will come of this as there were no less then a dozen Democrats charged for the same thing recently. Only way this complaint gets looked at is if his last name is Trump.
MM (New York)
Perhaps we can get Chris Cuomo's unbiased view?
Lyndsey Marie (Puget Sound)
I am sure we will get Trump’s unbiased view, will we not?
B Sharp (Cincinnati)
Oh please, this is enough. It is time to move on. Gov. Andrew is no more, NY have enough of it`s own problem. How about all the sexual misconducts of Donald trump ?
KiKi (Miami, FL)
@B Sharp It is becoming obvious that NY will never charge trump. Such a joke. I don't who knows, who has this power so that he is never held to account. I guess Epstein supposed suicide gives us a peak and the fact that the WSJ today publishes his letter full of lies. What is America - a banana republic full on I see. My contempt for LJ is so high because she has power and uses it ONLY to serve herself.
Carl (KS)
@AACNY "This is why democrats have little credibility when it comes to complaints about Trump." As opposed to Trump, who has such huge credibility when it comes to complaints about Trump.
David Weintraub (Edison NJ)
@B Sharp Cuomo is being charged with breaking the law. That's as it should be. No one has accused Trump of sexual harassment or assault at a time which would still be within the statute of limitations. So he can't be charged for that. But lawsuits are still ongoing, and other charges may be filed. Even if Trump does get away with it, why should Cuomo? Let his case go before a judge and jury, and, if there is no evidence, then we can rant about how it is.
Matthew (NJ)
Without witnesses or DNA or a police report this is just going to come down to she said/he said. Highly unlikely to be proven one way or the other, and highly unlikely to result in any prison time. "To prove it, prosecutors must show that the defendant acted either to degrade his victim, or for his own sexual gratification. Prosecutors would have to prove several elements of the crime, including that Mr. Cuomo’s touching of Ms. Commisso was not accidental, but carried out intentionally and with force." I have no idea how any of that is accomplished with any degree of provability beyond, again, she said/he said and the believability of that testimony as perceived by a jury. All very subjective. I suppose, because there is no evidence whatsoever, it's not a stretch to imagine charges could be made up entirely out of thin air if someone decided to act maliciously. Would be so easy. Also not sure why it took 10+ months to file the complaint.
Uncommon Sense (Brooklyn NY)
And how many times did Cuomo and Spitzer before him as AGs file charges, arrest and then perp walk alleged criminals with the accused latter being found innocent?! Revenge is dish best served cold - but it’s good to see Cuomo getting his comeuppance.
Matthew (NJ)
But again, that comeuppance probably is not happening as many imagine.
James (Savannah)
There was some confusion surrounding the complaint. It's possible that neither Commisso or her lawyer were aware of it. Yet here it is, somehow finding its way to the lead story in the Times. I have no problem with the law being upheld with regard to sexual harassment. None. But why does it seem that someone other than Commisso has an ongoing interest in Cuomo's political demise?
HOUDINI (New York City)
I think the whole thing is sad and while I cannot take a side; i hope that this is resolved to the truth and we determine the veracity of the complaint. It is stunning to me how he went from Anti-TFG spokesperson during the worst carnage of Covid to this.
Emphemerol (Northern California)
Just when I think it’s over it’s apparently not. Traditional marriage is not and has never been healthy and leaves everyone empty, very alone, bitter and isolated. If these where consenting adults that’s one conversation, however it seems not to be the case. Glad he’s out of office.
Chip (Wheelwell, Indiana)
Congrats to Jeenah Moon for the photo! Great expression!
Ed (Colorado)
This can never be anything, in court or elsewhere, except he said, she said.
Bayard August (Beverly Hills)
@Ed So why does that even matter? If there was a video of the alleged assault, the defense would say that is not enough proof. I am still stunned that George Floyd's murderer was found guilty. I expect that conviction to be overturned on some technicality.
Garth (NYC)
Thank goodness some criminal action is finally being taken against this monster. I have so much admiration for the courage of the women who came forward to make sure this crime would not go unpunished. They are true heroines
Aarta (NYC)
No doubt by total coincidence this is announced one day after everyone reports that AG James is about to announce her candidacy for governor.
DJS (New York)
@Aarta This has not been gone unnoticed by the voters of New York State. AG Jones is wasting her time if she believes New Yorkers are going to fall for this.
Kathryn (NY, NY)
How on earth does this happen? Mistakenly filed without the knowledge of the woman in question? Good grief. I hope some heads will roll if this was done in error. Now, it’s Cuomo that is being harassed.
Dee (Philadelphia, Pa)
@Kathryn I observed normally in Politics, timing is everything. My questions are why is it only politicians, movie stars, athletes because they have money. Lawyers can't make money off of people flat broke, like me; or the perpetrator. I'd just get black listed! However, this isn't a single incident.
Eug (Illinois)
@Dee I agree. You never see a homeless person charged.
Jacquie (Iowa)
It's no accident when you are roaming uninvited under a woman's blouse, period.
Helen (New Jersey)
@Jacquie And your reasoning for randomly believing her over Cuomo?
He should be perp walked and jailed. It is no longer acceptable, especially after Huma's explosive revelations for transgressive behavior in public service. Still can't understand why his brother, the sanctimonious Chris is still on air at CNN.
Machiavelli (Firenze)
But the seriously criminal, traitors, embezzlers, cheats, are not even charged with anything. American justice.
gpickard (Luxembourg)
@Machiavelli Dear Machiavelli, You must not be following the Elizabeth Holmes trial for fraud or the 600+ cases involving the insurrection on 6/jan and many more. Justice is not equal in the US, it favors the rich, just as it does in Italy. Still we get some of them.
That's What She Said (The West)
And then there are days where DailyMail, DailyBeast and NYT merge into one--------like today. We're trying to get America into 21st Century right now--Infrastructure Bill--Climate Change--Hello
New Yorker (New York)
I look forward to seeing Governor Cuomo defend himself. If the facts are such as his attorney has portrayed them, then this should be the first step towards vindicated for him. His accusers have likely erred bringing this to an actual courtroom where facts, not politics, will dictate the outcome
Joan (New Hampshire)
@New Yorker I agree
ManhattanWilliam (East Village, NYC)
@New Yorker Yes, let's hope that this will fully exonerate him, as I expect it will. I think he's been butchered by the Democratic establishment, but I've grown used to that.
Peter J. Miller (Ithaca, NY)
@New Yorker "If the facts are such as his attorney has portrayed them..." Cuomo's attorney wasn't present when Cuomo allegedly did these improper/illegal things, so the attorney's assertions of innocence are meaningless. The assertions of the many victims are not.
dr. c.c. (planet earth)
About time. This sort of behavior requires legal action, not just discussion in newspapers. Men who behave like this must face consequences and be stopped.
mijosc (Brooklyn)
If it's illegal it's illegal. The law (signed by Cuomo) is there, and he appears to have violated it. Now let the courts decide. How else is sexual harassment going to stop?
Matthew (NJ)
@mijosc Well, it's a huge stretch to imagine this is "going to stop" sexual harassment. Anyone thinking that is fooling themselves. And the courts don't decide, rather a jury does, if this ever makes it to an actual trial. In any case, it's pretty clear you have already convicted him in your mind.
mijosc (Brooklyn)
@Matthew: What I mean is, in a general sense (forgetting about Cuomo's specific case - I have no idea whether or not he's guilty), sexual harassment cases should be decided through the legal process, not in the "court of public opinion". Wasn't that the point of the bill that Cuomo signed into law?
Uncommon Sense (Brooklyn NY)
@mijosc Well, the court of public opinion has already tried, convicted and punished Cuomo by forcing him to resign. An actual trial would be the just retribution - or not - to be exact by the legal system.
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