Letitia James Declares Her Candidacy for N.Y. Governor

Oct 29, 2021 · 267 comments
Liz (New England)
Unethical and smarmy. An Attorney General, indeed any lawyer in public service, must be seen as objective. Ms. James has just scuttled that basic requirement and tainted the credibility of her office's report in Cuomo. I would never vote for her. She has further undermined public confidence in the rule of law.
Alana (NYC)
Did all the nasty comments about being an opportunist get directed at Cuomo when he announced his run after taking down Spitzer? In NY it seems almost like a rite of passage for the AG to become governor after deposing the previous. I feel James did us a huge favor by getting rid of Cuomo who constantly stalled progress by installing the IDC, threatening to hold back federal funding, and other bullying tactics he employed. Hochul is very new to the job, and it’s premature to gauge how she’ll do, but so far she is at least better than Cuomo. I’ll give Hochul some time before I make up my mind about her, but for now I’d be happy to support James.
GBarry (Atlanta, GA)
Ms. James’s decision to run for governor regrettably calls into question the veracity of her report on former Governor Andrew Cuomo and the sexual harassment and assault allegations leveled against him. An AG should not be permitted to run for the office held by the subject of that AG’s investigation, especially one for which the results were announced publicly leading to the office-holder’s removal, voluntary or not. The risks and consequences of inadvertent bias, if not outright malfeasance, are too great. Ms. James’s candidacy taints her report with an air of self-serving political smear. Mr. Cuomo’s victims deserve better, as do all New Yorkers.
Frumious Bandersnatch (New York)
What a strategy- arrest your predecessor and then take his place!! Not a good look.
Into fedayeen (New York)
James has two powerful forces against her: Hochul's upstate moderates, and those many New Yorkers who still view Andrew Cuomo favorably. The second group does not have a bone to pick with Hochul, so that leaves James as eventual roadkill carrion.
NYC (New York)
Best thing that can happen for Cuomo. Not so much for those combating sexual harassment.
Oliver (New York)
Well it’s certainly a surprise that Ms James is running for governor. Let me guess what her platform will be. Oh, right —she’s the person to take down the mighty Andrew Cuomo. I’m voting for Kathy Hochul. My mind can’t be changed unless of another sex scandal happens where our female governor is accused of touching young men half her age. In that case I’ll sit the election out.
Dave (Binghamton)
With Cuomo out of the way, the AG can focus her attention on Hochul. Scary thought.
Joseph B (New York)
Black guy here with a message for Tish James. I hope you don't think getting the Black vote will be a slam dunk. As a lifelong Democrat, the play here is to unify around Hochul who is doing a great job. Your entry into the race is great news for Republicans.
Ariel (Nyc)
Meanwhile Tump has yet to be prosecuted while the Dems keep on taking their very best down and offering another mediocre candidate as a replacement for one of the parties biggest stars. If you love Cuomo or object to Cuomo, like all really great leaders, he's never mediocre. His passion for leadership and people makes him a great leader. Good luck to our party of puritan fools: we can't even manage to prosecute Trump and his people but we're good at holding our own to task for far lesser transgressions. Our ridiculous, sneaky, disingenuous ideals will take us down.
Northern Manhattan (New York)
We contacted her about our corrupt developer who left us with construction defects. We couldn't get her to respond at all.
Uncommon Sense (Brooklyn NY)
@Northern Manhattan Why are you surprised that the AG's office can't even respond to a complaint you filed? That's par for the course across NYS vast bureaucracy. NYS government does little to help taxpayers other than to continually squeeze them more and more to pay for all their grand and glorious initiatives. They're all too busy, including AG James, grandstanding and chasing the 'scandal' of the moment. There is minimal done by the Governor, the Legislature, the AG or the Comptroller to improve the dysfunctional way NYS continues to be run.
Christopher B (NY)
NY politics. I guess James' level of ethics doesn't surprise me, even though it still disgusts me.
I'm excited that two women are campaigning for Governor in NYS. However, I am still awaiting the CONVICTION of Trump, Trump Organization, Trump cronies, and Trump extended family! Deliver the results a.s.a.p. Tish!
SchnauzersMom21 (Raleigh, NC)
So is she going to cook up some charged against the sitting governor? I am glad I am glad I don’t live in New York.
MacDougle (Glasgow)
Terrible news for New York
Kat (Silicon Valley)
Opportunist. Going to be a boring race.
David (La Jolla)
Disgusting, period.
McFly (NYC)
Politically motivated prosecutors don’t make good societal leaders. Cuomo Giuliani Spitzer Harris Nixon ………
Marion Francoz (San Francisco)
As AG inquiring into Cuomo's sexual liberties and swiftly thereafter declaring her candidacy for NY Governor is not a good look.
Judy (NYC)
Finish the job, Tish.
B. (Brooklyn)
The question is, has she really begun it? Or is it just public relations? Tish James and her Brooklyn protégés are very good at photo ops and little else.
Creighton Barrell (NYC)
This is another Democrat that I will not be voting for along with Hochul
Jason W (Somewhere, USA)
Why are liberals complaining? They were fine with James investigating the NRA and Trump endlessly just to further her own image and career. But to pursue Cuomo, suddenly it all smells funny?
Dave Smith (Chicago)
The problem with politics is that it tends to select for self promoters. The more self promotion is the reason for involvement, the less likely that progress results. See Trump.
Ehillesum (Michigan)
Ms James is a woman and an African American. The way Dems calculate, she is up 2 to 1 over the current governor. Ms James is going to get the nomination.
Far Away (US)
So Letitia James throws her hat in the circus ring. What a predictable surprise. I need to buy more popcorn.
SanPride (Sandusky)
What happened to going after the former President?
Tom (Soquel, CA)
How about accomplishing something first? Like going after Trump as promised.
K (Third rock)
DOA Sabotaged by the Sheriff. She will have to skewer Cuomo. and quickly.
John (NY)
Oh my , and I thought dirty politics ended with Trump Wrong I was.
Jerry Lee (rochester)
Reality Check let best persons run for government make voting mandtory an only then will have good people in government.
Susan (Los Angeles)
Ms. James has unfinished business for the people of the State of New York. While her office has more or less completed the investigation into Andrew Cuomo. And then, there’s the investigation into TFG for insurance fraud and for defrauding his investors by overvaluing his, ah, properties. Nos faison cultiver nos jardins, so to speak.
Will never vote for her again, and I voted for her every election since she was my councilwoman back in Prospect Heights. She lost me with the incredibly biased, political take down of Cuomo. Her report was an absolute joke - I read all of it because I distrusted the media coverage, and for good reason apparently. My college and grad school professors would have raked me over the coals for showing such little critical thinking and putting together a one-sided propaganda piece. But even WORSE than that is the fact that she claims to support women, yet has chosen to primary the first female governor NY has ever had, who is doing an amazing job, simply because of her own arrogance and ambition. She's not putting the people of the state first, she's all about herself, and that's a deal-breaker. She's shown me who she is, and I believe her.
J S (New York)
Not to mention her running for governor is going to enormously weaken the case against Cuomo and if he deserved a conviction, the women she was so eloquently trying to bring justice to might never get it. Now she just looks like another power hungry person who cares about her care more than her mission
James All around (NYC)
Honestly, I was against her running, as I don’t like qualified women running against qualified women, but with Trump and the Republicans likely to retake control of Congress next year, with grim results, who better to take that wave of cruelty on but a strong Black woman? Letitia James has my full support.
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
Waste of time. Zero, Zilch, Nada, chance of winning. I feel sorry for her political donors.
Scott (California)
I’m echoing other comments written here about Ms. James leaving a job undone before she starts building her political career on the backs of saying how much she in in support of the average voter. The Trump money laundering, sexual harassment, and racketeering charges are still out there with no resolution. This is where liberals/progressives create their own downfall. We saw it happen repeatedly after the financial crisis in 2008, when flagrant law breaking took place, politicians ran, and won seats on fixing the issue. But, then at the end of the day the Democrats did nothing, and the country moved on. I don’t know if they’ll be so lucky with ignoring Trump. The electorate is angry, wants punitive action, not words. It needs to be a wake up call to progressive politicians that we’re tired of the words, and want action. And the judiciary can’t drag their feet. It’s all taking too long. The length of delay only heightens the feeling of it all being rhetoric. The Trump supporters have no problem voicing their objections, because they are the minority. Don’t take the supporters for Democracy non-verbal, wait and see attitudes as indifference.
srwdm (Boston)
She’s doing a fine job where she is. Continue with your good work.
B. (Brooklyn)
What good work? I don't see it.
srwdm (Boston)
@B. The investigation of Cuomo was masterfully and thoroughly done. A superb job in a very difficult situation.
Greg (Boston)
She announces her candidacy on a Friday afternoon - aka the time smart PR people dump bad news and hope no one pays attention. Her team was clearly aware the justified outrage this announcement would cause.
EricJM (Astoria, NY)
Her grabs for power, no matter how qualified, have been too transparent going back before the Bloomberg administration, and she has always voted against the side of the working class and people without means. (Though she talks a good game Anybody remember her Coney Island debacle?) She can't seem to stay in any elected position for a full term. I find this distrustful, and will never vote for her.
Joseph Green III (Hudson, New York)
It was so obvious that she smelled blood and went after the governor’s job with this in the back of her mind. Most of these victims had years to come forward with these allegations and chose not too. This AG most certainly had a role in mobilizing many of them to “ go for it”. Did she use them? Perhaps, but that’s the nature of the beast. I think what bothers people is that a woman—and a black woman at that went down that road. I just wish she would pursue Trump with the same vigor and passion she expended on former governor Cuomo.
St. Thomas (Correspondent Abroad)
She is a downstate person who knows little about the rest of the state. Nope. I want her to finish the business that he had with Trump and see some positive movement in that direction. As far as DeBlasio's candidacy, no I think he is a bad candidate. His personality would make him a very contentious governor. He puts no trust in people other than a close circle. Isn't that what Cuomo did? We need a steady hand at the tiller and Hochul, for now, is it.
RS (Rochester NY)
There is no way I will be voting for LJ. The timing of this announcement, and the unusual announcement of charges for Cuomo, both stink to high heavens. And right now Hochul, who is experienced, is doing an excellent job in her role as interim gov.
Stumpy Dowd (NYC)
I'd love to see the emails and transcripts of the phone calls between state Attorney General (and gubernatorial candidate) Tish James and Sherriff Apple coordinating the press communication strategy around the Cuomo charges. This smells to high heaven.
The common joke in and out of State government is that "AG" stands for "Almost Governor." Nobody in history deserves the moniker more that Tish James. Good to see how widely she's panned here in the comments as a manipulative, self-aggrandizing, opportunist.
Me (Nyc)
I like her… but how about finishing one job before running on to the next?
Ken (New York)
No. We already have a great Governor. James’ arrogance is appalling.
John (Western New York State)
A basic premise all attorneys strive to follow is: “avoid the appearance of impropriety”. James has failed to do that. If she had plans to run for governor she should have recused herself from the Cuomo investigations. My support will go to Kathy Hochul.
Brodston (Gretna, Nebraska)
There is the stain of Conflict of Interest all over this move. She looks like a scheming self-promoter. Of course, most politicians fit that bill but most of them were not actively involved in the prosecution of the previous occupant of the office they are now seeking.
disappointed (nyc)
I got personally involved in a case as a plaintiff while she was public advocate. She never saw the case through. I feel used and disappointed. I wonder if there are others like me who feel like a stepping stone. I hope she will not get the nomination
meloop (NYC)
@disappointed Isn't there an old, 60's Rolling Stones song by that name-"I'm not your stepping stone!"-been near 60 years now. . . S'Ironic if the song was written by the one great rock band so many feminists claim to despise .
B. (Brooklyn)
Brooklyn politicians are good at photo ops, but a work ethic isn't their strong point.
Jeanne (New York)
How refreshing to see two highly qualified women compete against each other! That said, I am squarely in Governor Kathy Hochul's corner. Since I had the opportunity to witness then Lt. Gov. Hochul speak at an event in September 2019 I have been a fan. And I was thrilled when she took over as Governor this year. Kathy Hochul strikes me as a rare and exciting politician -- experienced, compassionate but tough, fair, committed to her job and the people of her state, honest, honorable, trustworthy, courageous and as a bonus, personable. State Attorney General Tish James is indeed formidable, but I perceive her to be better suited to remain New York's AG and continue her impressive work to hold people and organizations accountable for their actions. As someone who has worked for many decades in the corporate world, I have learned that often people are suited for particular roles, and I view both these women as being in the right jobs now for their strengths and talents. And I believe that New Yorkers will be better off if Hochul and James -- more than any other candidates -- continue in their current roles
Jzu (Port Angeles)
If I could vote in NY, I certainly would not vote for her. Too much unfinished business. Suing Trump 76 times does do nothing unless she gets convictions. The important ones seem stalled. Is this because she fails doing her job while focusing on her governor ambitions. The optics of deposing the person off the job you seek are to say mildly off. Perhaps this is even wrongdoing.
Creager (Praha)
@Jzu I know little about NY governor's race, but I am puzzled: what's happening with the Trump investigation? It seems to be stalled.
logical (NYC)
@Creager It was always a PR move to set up a run for higher office, like everything she's done so far.
Euphemia Thompson (North Castle, NY)
@Creager it is stalled. She's useless.
PL (ny)
The photo of Letitia James says it all. If facial expression is any indication of character, aloof condescension is what every image reliably conveys. I observed her at close range during one of her campaign stops when she was running for AG, and the expression did not change. She connected with no one and said nothing beyond noting how much she likes to bring lawsuits. If you want to vote for an empty symbol, that's all you will get with Letitia James. Any other candidate (with the possible exception of DeBlasio) would be preferable.
greg (Upstate New York)
Hochul was not as left wing in the past as I am but since she has taken over the Governorship I have been impressed with her actions. Also important to me is that she has used her years as number two in Albany to learn the inner workings of the state agencies, to build relationships with each county and to work long hours. I worked in NY government and knowing your way around the state capital, the agencies and the issues and politics of the counties and cities takes years...she already has that knowledge so she is the best candidate.
DJac (Goshen, CT)
I wouldn't vote for her for any reason. She did nothing to go after Trump besides talk about it and I think she was behind the scenes trying to take Cuomo down so she could run. I don't know what Cuomo did or didn't do. A court will decide, but the whole thing seems fishy to me and I don't trust this woman.
Rhonda (Long Island)
@DJac, but you trust Hochul, who was the lieutenant governor but claims she never heard any of the rumors swirling around Cuomo?
Garrett (Hells Kitchen)
She says she sued Trump 76 times. And?? What stuck? If I were 0 in 76 at anything I would not be cheerleading about it.
Just A Comment (BREVARD Fl)
We had such high hopes that Ms. James would see through existing cases, especially the one involving Mr. Trump and his business dealings. It seemed so important for our country. This is disappointing ( understatement ).
B. (Brooklyn)
You had high hopes. Brooklynites whose neighborhoods deteriorated on her watch (and on her protégés' watches) know that this little cabal of politicians do a good photo op and self-advancement and little else.
Joy Ocean (NYC)
So what happened to the case she was supposed to be making against Trump? I guess that all faded away when she went after that master criminal, Andrew Cuomo. It’s all as transparent as cellophane.
Heather (Dutchess County NY)
I’m so excited! I hope she wins.
Stefan (Lofer)
If Letitia is nominated, she will be the easiest to beat. So I hope the Democrats go all in on her!
peversma (Long Island, NY)
As much as I dislike Cuomo and his arrogant, bullying, misogynist actions, I cannot laugh at the timing of this announcement. Albany has become a class of clowns. No matter what party you subscribe to, New York politics is the swamp at the very worst. Vengeance, pandering, you name it.
meloop (NYC)
@peversma That is exactly what Teddy Roosevelt's friends told him in the 19th century-that it was a place only fit for drunken Irish saloon keepers and low lifes-and that Roosevelt would be stained permanently by association with these individuals. Once NY Albany state politics was the recourse of the creepy and the crooked. Oddly, it was the Europeans who admired him the most for his political positions, his actions and grit. His willingness to slug it out with and among the worst gave him and his administration character. Many suggested that it was after he left 1600 Penna ave. and his visit to European capitals, before the Great War , is what convinced him to run again-and challenge our practice of "2 terms and retire".
Joy Ocean (NYC)
Bruce Brown (New York)
How very convenient!
Crunchy.Granola.Nomor (Santa Monica, CA)
The truly scariest part of this story is that not one Democratic politician has or will dare come out with a complaint about this type of behavior for fear of the social media hit squad and fear of reprisals to their own career. James knows this and that's why she doesn't care.
Kurt (Chicago)
I always thought the case against Cuomo was a political hit job. Now I’m certain of it. James has shown herself to be highly unethical and megalomaniacal. Her personality disorder is showing.
Murph (Murph)
The NRA, Cuomo, Trump—I've never seen an AG who was more clearly trying to run for higher office, and that's saying something, because literally every AG is trying to run for higher office.
Dennis Martin (Port St Lucie)
Uh, wasn't she going to bring Trump to trial?
meloop (NYC)
@Dennis Martin Jeez! The man resigned! He wasn't brought down like Gulliver, by hundreds of microscopic upstaters who feared him and his name brand popularity. For those who desire punitive measures against men like Mr Cuomo-perhaps living in Russia or CHina-or worse, in Iran or Afghanistan, might give them a better perspective on the freedoms we once took for granted.
faceless nameless (NY)
On the day the DA admits there is no case, we get this. Et tu, Brute?
ManhattanWilliam (East Village, NYC)
WHO does she think she's fooling? Yes, New Yorkers have voted to elect some real clunkers in the past (I mean, c'mon, George Pataki??!!) but times have changed and we're a whole lot smarter now. She abused her power with the way the investigation - the SMEAR - into Cuomo was handled that I will never cast my vote for her. Anyone native New Yorker knows what Cuomo achieved for this state, and James is a key part of the cabal that manipulated the system for (perceived) personal political gain. It will do her no good. I do not believe that she will win statewide office, nor do I believe that DeBlasio will ever get elected to another position of authority ever again. To her credit, Kathy Hochul has done an admirable job taking over from Cuomo under outrageous circumstances, and there's no reason not to support her. But James? Not a chance.
Stephen (New Haven)
That’s a hard no. A vindictive candidate who just destroys and accuses.
Uncommon Sense (Brooklyn NY)
What a mess - and so predictable of the way the Democrats are so incompetent, even in running for office. My prognosis: Hochul v James. James wins and then is elected Governor. Hochul v James v Williams (and maybe DeBlasio). Hochul wins but James is on the Working Family line thus leading to possible Republican win. Especially with Biden on the ropes. All catnip to the Republicans!
DCBinNYC (Big Apple)
Keep your powder dry for Moby Trump. You closed his foundation, but we all know that's the tip of the iceberg.
Catwhisperer (Upstate NY)
Is anyone actually surprised by this? After her campaign to try Cuomo in the court of public opinion, that she's running for his job should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. Sounds very much like a NY Senator who did the same to Al Franken to remove him from the running for president. Disappointed by Tish....disgusted by Gillibrand.
Marion Francoz (San Francisco)
@Catwhisperer: Gillibrand has never regained her dignity or popularity after bringing down Franken without due process. I for one have never forgiven that callous political move.
Charles Reiss (Shushan, NY)
Hasn’t NYS had enough of Attorney Generals who are there for no other purpose than their own ambition? Coumo > Spizer > Schneiderman > James. The AG’s office should not be a stepping stone. It creates a situation ripe with conflict and weak, headline grabbing, cases. This one just takes the cake. The most blatant form of conflict of interest I have ever seen at such a high level. Just to top it off, coordinate the timing with an ill prepared and difficult to prove indictment by the local sheriff. Is that the best James could do to lend credibility to her weak, impossible to prove case. Democrats, again, eat their young instead of uniting around real, calculable and immense threats. A dark day.
ManhattanWilliam (East Village, NYC)
Who does she think she's fooling? Yes, New Yorkers have voted to elect some real clunkers in the past (I mean, c'mon, George Pataki??!!) but times have changed and we're a whole lot smarter now. She abused her power with the way the investigation - the smear - into Cuomo was handled that I will never cast my vote for her. Anyone native New Yorker knows what Cuomo achieved for this state, and James is a key part of the cabal that manipulated the system for (perceived) personal political gain. It will do her no good. I do not believe that she will win statewide office, nor do I believe that DeBlasio will ever get elected to another position of authority ever again. To her credit, Kathy Hochul has done an admirable job taking over from Cuomo under outrageous circumstances, and there's no reason not to support her. But James? Not a chance.
Dom (Brooklyn)
AG James was improperly appointed to “investigate” Cuomo under a law that never gave her such authority. Whatever you think of sex harassment allegations against Cuomo, it didn’t concern public safety or health etc. Upon completion of this improper investigation, the AG publicly disseminated the investigation results in a dramatic press conference without jurisdiction to charge Cuomo with a crime. Instead she made a case out for civil sexual harassment charges to filed against the State for which her office will have to defend on behalf of tax payers. This report sunk not only Cuomo but former Cuomo staffers. Some lost careers. For this, AG James should face ethics charges— she’s guilty of pulling a Comey. Such ethical violations undermine the presumption of innocence and stigmatize the accused without due process of law. She will cost the State snd taxpayers whom she is supposed to defend. On top of that, she harbored an intention to run for governor - revealing a conflict of interest. Given our dire situation as a State, Cuomo rightfully resigned. Hochul has handled this situation masterfully. Something must be done about political prosecutors who abuse office.
Kevin (Northport NY)
Be very wary of Attorneys General who run for Governor. Their egos are generally bigger than the Empire State Building.
Ace (Brooklyn)
She was against Atlantic yards, then Ratner donated to her “nonprofit” and she was for it.
F. Jozef K. (The Salt City)
if James went after Cuomo for his years of corruption, rather than some media inflated, scandalous sexual harassment misdeeds, it would show she really cared about justice in NY state. But she doesn’t. She’s a callous climbing phony who is going through the motions to feed her ego and power lust… not sure what else to chalk it up to. She certainly doesn’t have the track record or policies or frankly, raw talent to reform what ails New York… if the Times endorses her, I think everyone will know precisely why they do. And it will be another chapter in the on-going diminishment of this institution. I’ll wait and see. Support a third party for Governor. Break the duopoly in Albany! It’s time.
Ex Patria (Belfast & Brooklyn)
I admire Letitia James’ unapologetic ferocity and ambition. It’s rare to see those attributes in Democrats these days, male or female. The criticism here, mostly from men, that she “should” have recused herself after investigating Cuomo, that she “should” do the job she was elected to do first, that it doesn’t “look” good…are basically saying “who does she think she is, daring to dream higher?” Women have been told how they “should” look and behave since the dawn of time. “Well-behaved women seldom make history” anyone? Would we even be batting an eyelid if she was a white male AG? Lack of ethics? Please. I think as the top legal expert in NY, she would have a better grasp of ethics than anybody else in this state. If Democrats ‘eat their own’, male Democrat voters still certainly eat the idea of women in power. It’s still too uncomfortable. The moment they show the slightest bit of ambition to sit at the top of the table, we get suspicious, “she didn’t just want to eat the crumbs? She actually wanted the whole loaf all along?? How dare she! I can’t trust her!” They also still can’t seem to accept that their darling Andrew Cuomo’s ‘peccadillos’, were actually crimes. He broke the law by abusing his power, plain and simple. And, as AG, Ms. James simply did her job in enforcing the law, but some would have you believe she is more to blame for Cuomo’s downfall than he is himself. Letitia James is herstory in the making. More power to her.
Alex M (NYC)
@Ex Patria what’s wrong with Governor Hochul? Seems to have all the qualifies you note above and our governor now. Will gladly get my vote.
john (nyc)
Right On !! And don't forget: She is a WOMAN OF COLOR so she deserves to be elected Governor !!
FredJP (California)
Ms. James would be a terrific governor as would Jumaane Williams or even Brandon Brown.
Unc48 (New York City)
@FredJP You mean self centered power hungry Ms. James or would you prefer ARRESTED HARASSER Jumaane Williams to replace accused harasser Cuomo?
Ozma (Oz)
Bring back Cuomo. I would never vote for Ms. James.
Live Long (New York, NY)
Her announcement to run says enough about her character. The ruthlessness and lack of shame are truly breathtaking. I certainly won’t wish her success in her efforts
Hal (New York)
I was hoping she would stay on AG through Hochul's full next term as a great team. I hope now she backs out of this as she realizes the blowback from this blunder.
straighttalk (NYC)
I like the idea of an upstate Democrat as governor. It strengthens and broadens the party. That are Democrats and voters in parts of the state other than Brooklyn. The Brooklyn-centric tilt of the party is obnoxious.
rocky vermont (vermont)
AG James may have been doing a whole lot of investigating of Donald Trump but I haven't noticed one iota of indicting. Could she possibly have a deal with the Donald? Her candidacy puts everything she has done, and not done, over the last year in a very poor light. I'm a progressive and this stinks.
et.al.nyc (NY)
This is terrible for Dems. Split the ticket, Hochul versus James. Governor Andrew Guiliani, anyone?
Frank (Emeryville, CA)
Wow, what a surprise. Although you would think the example of Kirsten Gillibrand would be a sobering lesson in how not to engage in cut throat politics driving by the addiction to power. Oh well...
This doesn’t pass the smell test. Please reconsider, Ms. James, and stay as long as it takes to finish nailing The Former Guy. Gov. Hochul seems t9 be doing a good job so far: if she ain’t broke, why fix her?
markferon (baltimoe)
@CP she can't nail trump since can't find evidence of a crime.
@markferon, every criminal makes a mistake. It's there. For a start, how about all the contractors he stiffed? There must be paper trails there.
JWMathews (Sarasota, FL)
Forget ir. A legend in her own mind
db2 (Phila)
There goes the case.
Lynn (New York City)
Until AG James gets Trump into court and indicted I will not give her a second look.
Brewster’s Millions (Santa Fe)
I’m shocked. Just shocked.
Mat Arnold (New Jersey)
Cuomo’s ambition blinded him to simple decency and the proper, moral limitations and purposes of power. And James? Right or wrong she’s already so drunk on power that it doesn’t seem to even occur to her that stepping over the still-steaming remains of the guy she nailed, to take his scepter blurs the line between politics and Game of Thrones. Power reveals a person’s character. Andrew wasn’t his father. We’ll see who James is.
Socrates (Downtown Verona, NJ)
May the best madam win !
David L (Brooklyn)
@Socrates You just got Eliot Spitzer's attention!
Muneera (MO)
Don’t have ties to NY, but it doesn’t seem right that you prosecute someone and then claim candidacy for their position. Maybe no law against it, but doesn’t look or feel right. If at least a couple years had passed, maybe.
Stop and Think (Buffalo, NY)
The prior two New York AG's who rose to the governorship, admittedly both white males, left that position under a dark cloud. Perhaps AG James will do better. On the other hand, perhaps not. She was recently in Buffalo in support of picketers who are on strike against a large local hospital. Who knew that James had so much free time on her hands? Also, as AG, is it ethical to take sides in such matters?
History Guy (Connecticut)
As a one-time, long NYC resident I had no love for Andrew Cuomo and is phony, tough guy posturing. Nevertheless, Ms. James's decision has all the subtlety of a kid getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Her aggressive pursuit of Cuomo did indeed, as he alleged, have extreme political motivations. Anyone that unsubtle in his or her decision-making clearly lacks the wherewithal to serve as governor of a state as complex as New York.
NYVoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt (Buffalo, NY)
Perhaps Letitia is preparing to run for POTUS after a year as NY Gov? I voted for her for AG but I will never ever cast another vote for her. She needs to finish her work on TFG and Rudy and Jared and then resign or wait out her term. I think we need a law that makes all NY AGs be out of the AG position for a year before announcing a run for any other office.
m favata (San Francisco)
In what universe is this ok?! She can’t run. She took down Andrew Cuomo and now she’s running for the office he previously held? It’s a conflict of interest and she should sit this one out. If she knew she was going to run, she should have recused herself from the Cuomo case.
peversma (Long Island, NY)
@m favata It's a total clown show which anyone could have predicted.
I wish Ms. James all the best. But it will be all but impossible for her campaign not to be tainted by the Cuomo investigation. I have no reason to believe Ms. James didn't do her job in conducting the investigation. But to oversee an investigation resulting in Coumo stepping down and then run for governor is problematic
Jeff (New York)
@JA also, Governor Hochul is doing a great job and there is no reason that she doesn’t deserve a chance to do the job. Ms. James is power hungry. We have had enough of that in NY.
Irvin Mermelstein (Michigan)
Every NY AG starts running for governor right after they are elected AG. This is hardly a surprise. But I don't see that she has much of a record to run on. Her Trump investigation for tax fraud doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
Carl Zeitz (Lawrence NJ)
@Irvin Mermelstein Louis Lefkowiz didn't. He served five terms as AG and was a great one. I'm a Dem, He was an R back in the day when that didn't mean indecency. He is the example New York AGs should follow, not this sordid mess of malicious evil megalomania James.
What has she done? she has failed in her current role; NY surely there are better options.
123fig (New York)
And, of course, now there's a conflict of interest with her report on Cuomo. She couldn't sit out one election, so she could do the job she was elected to do?
G (NY)
I voted for her on her promise to prosecute trump but somehow she never mentions anything about that. I could tell all along that her focus was Cuomo. Not voting for her, not making the same mistake again. I don’t need a governor to “take on” billionaires, that’s the role of lawmakers in DC who should change the ridiculous tax system we’re under for decades. I need someone to develop NYC business wise, and give us more affordable housing and quality of life.
Ann (WNY)
Unfortunately, a particular set of Democrats tend to eat their own in order to get ahead. I would support the candidacy if they instead focused on getting Republican held elected seats instead of cannibalizing their own party mates. What exactly has L J achieved?
Frank (Emeryville, CA)
@Ann Yup! Kirsten Gillibrand comes to mind.
Dave (Binghamton)
Canon 9 from the New York Lawyer's Code of Professional Responsibility is titled " A Lawyer Should Avoid Even the Appearance of Professional Impropriety". I didn't see any exception for AG's.
cynthia_in_paris (France)
The AG making her bid for governor on the SAME day as this "new" inquiry into more sexual allegations against Cuomo looks really poor from where I'm sitting. The current claim against Cuomo (hand on breast in private) will be impossible to corroborate. Cuomo has already stepped down. How does this NOT seem like a political hit job?
Catwhisperer (Upstate NY)
@cynthia_in_paris Some of thought it was a political hit job from the get go. I really hope there is someone else to vote for in 2022.
Kyle (Portland, OR)
This isn't surprising. It's going to be interesting when Cuomo inevitably runs again purely to get revenge
luxembourg (Santa Barbara)
Other than getting Cuomo to resign, what has she actually accomplished in her almost 3 years as AG?
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
@luxembourg She showed her unpalatable persona.
Dr Michael (Bethesda, MD)
Looks like the sequel to the Al Franken fiasco who was pushed out of politics by a NY Senator who saw him a serious competitor for run in the 2020 Democrats primary and gaining female supporters for he candidacy.
Catwhisperer (Upstate NY)
@Dr Michael The thing is, smart women see exactly what's going on, and have from the beginning. They are not, either of them, racking up points with NYS female dems.
scanmike (NYC)
is everyone only out for themselves? Just when I believed the Dems. were better.
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
She has a snowball's chance of winning, IMO. My Democrat friends have been acting foolishly over the past five years to their own detriment. I just hope that they wise up because if by accident the Republicans come up with a decent non-Trump candidate, the Democrats are guaranteed to lose in 2024. Definitely keep phony Kamala Harris from running.
ted (Brooklyn)
if you nail Trump before you run, I'll think about voting for you.
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
@ted She would if she could, before her carefully orchestrated attacks on the Governor with the help of a foolishly behaving Democratic party. Sometimes I wonder why Democrat friends are acting against their own best interest.
Tony Longo (Brooklyn)
What has Letitia James ever accomplished for the public? Holder of the do-nothing office of 'Public Advocate ' in NYC, and then a do-nothing State Attorney General. What are her credentials -- fearless crusading against fondling by opposing politicians? New York State is the 3rd largest government entity, by budget, in the country - don't you have to have done something, anything, to qualify as governor?
Jim (NC)
Well of course she did. "State Attorney General" is just a Latin phrase that means "me next, me next, I want to be governor." Where have you guys been?
ElleJ (CT)
Smells truly rotten.
David Mueller (Santa Fe)
conflict of interest. Oh boy.
Mari (Left Coast)
Dear AG James, Please finish your investigation into the Former Guy’s crimes. Hold Donald accountable.
Gayle (Honolulu)
Not as advertised. When she first announced investigations into Trump org, I was hopeful that finally the dominoes are starting to fall, and CONSEQUENCES were on the way. Over a year since, and nothing to show-- prove she used that as a stepping stone to higher office.
JB (New York)
Tish James will try to tie Governor Hochul to Cuomo -get ready for it. How else will she distinguish herself from another popular, history-making female running for Governor? I predict that it will backfire, however. New York likes to talk a good progressive game, but we hardly walk the walk. We're on the cusp of electing a very moderate former cop for Mayor, and in the New York suburbs and upstate, there are moderate Democrats who are fighting for their political lives not to be linked to progressive issues like bail reform.
123fig (New York)
@JB That's because certain things aren't as popular as Progressives like to think they are.
Amish Egon (New York, NY)
I, for one, would like to see Ms. James finish what she started, namely her office's investigation into Mr. Trump. If she had pursued that with anything like the vigor with which she went after Mr. Cuomo, he would by now either be facing charges or exonerated, For that matter, it is frustrating that the NY District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, has dragged out his investigation even longer. Such interminable delays are frustrating to the public, and unfair to the individuals under investigation. Justice delayed is justice denied.
Scott O’Pottomus (Right Here, On The Left)
Sounds like the case of the producer guy on Jeopardy who decided, after reviewing multiple candidates, that HE would be the candidate to replace Alex Trebek. A litttle bit of a conflict of interest, no?
James S (Manhattan)
Talk about a retroactive conflict of interest when it came to James issuing the report that sunk Cuomo. Given the circumstances, it almost seems like she should not be allowed to run for governor, because the perception of impropriety is really bad.
bogdan (Madrid)
I'd like to see every major political office led by People of Color. And every Fortune 500 company. At that point, we could exhaust all ethnic and racial tribalism, at the end of the day, people are people. And if it really is that much better, then its a win-win. However, I suspect some people, regardless of color, assigned sex at birth, orientation, disability status make great leaders and some don't. I wish Ms. James luck as Governor of the Great State of New York.
Joseph L (New York)
@bogdan I’d like to see every political office held by competent people with integrity. In my view, James doesn’t make the cut.
Eve (NYC)
Kathy Hochul has surprised me and many others and done an outstanding job during a difficult transition. What truly boggles the mind though, is the thought that Bill de Blasio thinks he can or should be governor. This man is truly delusional if he thinks New Yorker's want him anywhere near government again.
dba (nyc)
@Eve Gov Hochul will have more of my support when she mandates vaccines for all eligible school children, and at the very least, for those 16 and above as the vaccine has full FDA approval. De Blasio is a coward. If parents want their children in school, then the Covid vaccine should be added to list of required vaccinations.
stan continople (brooklyn)
@Eve No politician does anything in this state unless they have mountains of money, usually from real estate or finance, behind them. De Blasio might be delusional, but he must also have some delusional backers.
Joe (NYC)
Letitia, Kathy and perhaps soon Juumane. An embarrassment of riches for NYS Democrats! Each of these people is formidable in her or his own right. Smart people who know how to build consensus, with solid values and integrity. I hope the primary is not a devastating circular firing squad but it seems unlikely. Looking forward to a spirited campaign!
SParker (Brooklyn)
@Joe What are their achievements?
Pups224 (nyc)
Let's not forget that this was the city advocate who stood at Deblasio's first inauguration and called City Hall under Bloomberg a "plantation". She also never would have fallen into the AG spot had Eric Schneiderman not resigned.
Mr.XYZ (Sierra Leone)
Absolutely, no conflict of interest.
L (Loc)
Punishing criminals for crimes isn’t politically motivated behavior. If it is, then count me in with that voting bloc and, please, Mrs. James, pander away.
Genevieve La Riva (Brooklyn)
Yay!!!! Go Letitia James!!!!!
Joseph L (New York)
@Genevieve La Riva James has a ready supply of cheerleaders, but few qualifications and no accomplishments.
DeeDee (Midwest)
I like this reply from Shaun: I'm no longer a NYC resident - for my two cents I wish AG James would focus on prosecuting the Trump family and Organization. They've done so much damage from tax evasion to housing discrimination, defrauding charities, investor fraud, the padded All County Bldg Supply invoices, the list goes on. This is important work. While I support ambition and plans for public service, I'd hoped the important legal cases would have been adjudicated. The investigation and prosecution is taking so long. Please elect your current NYS govenor. Ms James, please continue your very important work!! I was a resident of NYS for 50 years. I still consider myself a New Yorker. Indiana is scary!
Scott (California)
Hmmm. Interesting. My question for her is after 5 years of investigation, where are the money laundering charges against the Trump Organization?
markferon (baltimoe)
@Scott nowhere she could not find any evidence.
Space Needle (Seattle)
She's not delivered on any Trump crimes and she wants higher office? Why not concentrate on results in your current job before seeking higher office? And why take on an incumbent Democrat who from what I can see is doing a good job for the state? Ms. James' has a great platform already for her ambitions, and more importantly for the citizens of her State, and the country. Perform the AG job well and you will have plenty of opportunity. But seeking higher office now serves no purpose other than undermining your her own focus, and undermining the governor.
Ann (queens)
I like Letitia James in the AG spot. It's a good job where she is and can continue to accomplish a lot; I wish she'd stay there are continue the good work.
B. (Brooklyn)
"Continue"? That's like saying Jumaane Williams or Rodneyse Bichotte has accomplished a lot for Brooklyn and should continue. I don't see it. Last time I looked, things seem nowadays very much like 1970s and 1980s. When I was almost carjacked, was mugged, was slugged, and still slogged on dingy, smoke-filled subways early to work and late home to earn a salary that just paid the bills.
Paul (Stony Brook, NY)
Gov. Hochul seems to be doing a great job. I like AG James, but she should focus on the Trump family criminal enterprise rather than a shot at Albany.
While James spends her time and effort running in the now-certain Dem primary, who will be minding the AG store? Isn't that what she was elected to do?
Rhonda (Long Island)
I agree that coveting the governorship after taking the lead in deposing the previous governor sounds a bit opportunistic -- to say the least. But why should Ms. James leave the spoils to Ms. Hochul, who also, in my opinion, sounds a bit opportunistic? Further, does anyone really believe Hochul's declaration that she didn't know what was going on while Cuomo was in office? In her previous position as lieutenant governor, she should have been privy to all of the rumors and scuttlebutt flying around Albany. Saying that she didn't means she either thinks voters are naive or stupid or that she wasn't involved in helping to govern New York. Either case does not make a ringing endorsement for Hochul.
Tanya (NY)
@Rhonda I think our AG had plans to run for governor when the AG opportunity presented itself. She's championed regular New Yorkers by prosecuting and investigating the powerfully corrupt actors here: mortgage companies, house thrives; corrupt elected officials. I'd love to see what more she can do for the average New Yorker as governor!
Catwhisperer (Upstate NY)
@Tanya Everyone except the Trump organization. The first pre-campaign promise she's reneged upon.
Heather parks (Brooklyn, NY)
I cannot wait to vote against her.
GP (Bronx, NY)
Thank you! My thoughts exactly when I read the news
Franklin (Maryland)
I am going to be totally imprudent perhaps but to be trying to rise to the level of governor with no representative experience in government at the city level seems imperiously at best. She has not done the job she purported was the reason to elect her to the job she has now. It is a HUGE stretch to think that managing what is basically the LAW OFFICE of a state and managing the STATE's most important office. There are many other variables than laws as Governor. I can't vote in NY but I hope prudent people will NOT give her the nomination.
Marcus Aurelius (Terra Incognita)
@Franklin She has no idea of her own limitations, not the slightest… When the door slams shut — and it will — she’ll claim it was racism that brought her to a stop…
AliceWren (NYC)
@Franklin I am baffled by your comment that AG James has "no representative experience in government at the city level" since Ms. James served as a City Council member from Brooklyn for ten years. She was an effective City Council member. She also served as the NYC Public Advocate which is a citywide position. These may not appear to someone from Maryland to be demanding jobs, but they definitely are.
Fred DiChavis (NYC)
@Franklin our last two elected governors—Cuomo and Spitzer—won the job while serving as AG. In Cuomo’s case this was after undermining both Spitzer and his replacement, David Paterson. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, given how they wound up. But AG to governor is a well trod path, and she’s a serious person.
Patti Brecht (UWS)
I will never EVER vote for Lady Macbeth again. Let’s hope that Kathy Hochul crushes her in the primary. In her tenure as AG, Letitia James has come to epitomize the political abuse of power and corruption that she pledged to avenge. It was disappointingly obvious from the get-go that she had a hidden agenda: her own self-promotion. In her various political machinations since assuming office (even apart from the Cuomo scandal), she brought shame and dishonor to her office, violated the public trust. No matter the alleged crimes or perpetrators who came to her attention, she still had (and continues to have) a duty to act and conduct herself with impartiality at all times and with NYS’s best interests and the law—not her own quest for more power—as her guiding principles. Time for the hook….
Plenty of other commenters have already made valid points, and this decision, now, also demonstrates ridiculously bad optics and very poor strategy on James' part. Just because NY is an overwhelmingly Dem state, doesn't justify bad strategy, because, after all, it only means that James has shown her ability to use wildly bad strategy and will continue with it should she be elected as governor. And, of course, it all looks like what it is - her effort to remove Cuomo to create an opening for herself. We NY'ers are so tired of political self-interest. If she were as interested in pursuing Trump as she said, she'd remain and finish the job, instead of looking for the exit to higher office, an office she has had in her sights for as long as she's run for any office.
Peter (The belly of the beast)
While I believe the women who have accused Cuomo, James vying for his seat just muddies the whole case against him. Doesn't she still have important business to take care of related to the guy who used to be president?
Greta (NYC)
Sorry to hear this. I had hoped James would have devoted her energies investigating the Trump family/corporation as well as Jared’s investments.
Tanya (NY)
@Greta That good prosecutorial work would continue with her successor. It's fairly normal. The entire team working on investigations and prosecutions will continue there work whenever she leaves the AG position, u less directed otherwise by the next AG. Many male politicians, including presidents, have left high positions while their initiatives were incomplete.
Ross (Manlius, NY)
As a NY Democrat, I voted for her as AG, but this is a mistake. She's not even half way through her first term, and now wants a higher office. Little or no action recently on Trump's activities which she was elected in part to investigate, and prosecute, if valid. Finish the job you were elected to do. Dislike the optics of deposing Cuomo and then running for governor two months later. I'll stay with Hochul.
Governor Hochul has set herself up for the nomination. She appointed the first ADOS Lt Governor, has the support of (questionable) ADOS/Black leaders. This move also makes Cuomo claim credible. Also, any charges she brings against Trump or Cuomo will be viewed as a move to bolster her run for the nomination. She should've waited until after these cases were over to run for the Governor's nomination.
nycpat (nyc)
@Hayward JOHNSON David Paterson?
Shaun (Passaic NJ)
I'm no longer a NYC resident - for my two cents I wish AG James would focus on prosecuting the Trump family and Organization. They've done so much damage from tax evasion to housing discrimination, defrauding charities, investor fraud, the padded All County Bldg Supply invoices, the list goes on. This is important work. While I support ambition and plans for public service, I'd hoped the important legal cases would have been adjudicated. The investigation and prosecution is taking so long.
Joe Barnett (Sacramento)
From a distance, I don't see why New York would want to replace Kathy Hochul. She seems remarkably competent.
Bob The Builder (New York City)
How to elect a Republican Governor in New York State: run a Democrat with no chances of winning.
Robert Salm (Chicago)
So many cases—er, stepping stones to name recognition and running for higher office—so few closed. Sure, James went after big targets, but leaves much of the heavy lifting of finishing what she started to others. A consummate politician if there ever was one. Well played, Ms. James, though smart voters would avoid this flavor of politician.
Leticia James is definitely a very good candidate. But at this time I am closely watching Kathy Hochul with great interest. If Ms.James can prosecute Trump successfully, then her opportunity will be far more favorable.
Quilp (White Plains, NY)
From Spitzer to Cuomo, New Yorkers should have had enough of grandstanding, mendacious State District Attorneys who covet gubernatorial office, then proceed to make a grand, rotten mess of it all. The outrageous, shameless sexual misconduct of Elliott Spitzer, Andrew Cuomo and Letitia James’ predatory predecessor Eric Schneiderman, are all justifiable reasons to cease sending lawyers from that damaged place to Albany. All of them were officers of the court and sworn to uphold the law. And all were easily comfortable doing the opposite instead. Letitia James should have done herself and the New York electorate a favor, by recognizing that it’s too soon for New Yorkers to trust the most recent opportunist, man or woman, to occupy that role. Her time would be best spent rebuilding the electorate’s trust in that sunken place. That would earn her the required bona fides, instead of using that role as a high profile, transition point to higher office, just like the disgraced, craven Spitzer, Cuomo and Schneiderman consecutively did.
Alex (NYC)
She only recently took over as AG, which is itself a critically important role responsible for critically important prosecutions. Has her office even gained full traction? She may or may not be a good governor, but putting her political aspirations ahead of focusing on her responsibilities to the people of New York State is reason to pause. The duties she already has before her ate far too important to give them short shrift.
AliceWren (NYC)
@Alex She became AG in 2018, which is hardly "recent." As of her political aspirations, why should a woman be expected to "wait?" I have almost never heard that tossed at a male candidate.
123fig (New York)
@AliceWren Because she's the one running thr case against Cuomo. Do you really not see the conflict of interest there?
So little surprise that this comes after the publicity stunt charging of Cuomo. Good riddance to him but to be honest I have been really pleasantly surprised by Gov Hochul and if she continues being this breath of fresh air in NY politics I see no reason to go back to the political games Ms James represents.
Unbelievable (Brooklyn, NY)
Maybe its my age but protocol states that she should not have run after investigating and removing former occupant. The appearance of impropriety is great here.
Independent (Scottsdale AZ)
@Unbelievable It's not her doing alone, although that she would run has been obvious from the start. Democrats, in their own way, are getting almost as bad as the Republicans. TERRIBLE!
David (Minnesota)
@Independent "Democrats, in their own way, are getting almost as bad as the Republicans." I agree that James has a major conflict of interest, but the BothSidesism has to stop. Only one party is trying to destroy small-d democracy, and they're doing it nationally. One Dem's statewide conflict of interest isn't even remotely close to what the Republicans are doing.
AliceWren (NYC)
@Unbelievable I have never seen the type of "protocol" you seem to expect stop any candidate for public office. Please point ot one while person who did that. In my several decades closely following the political life of this country, I simply cannot think of one. You are implying that the case against Andrew Cuomo was somehow not professionally investigated. Tell that to the numerous women who testified to his actions!
Elizabeth (New York)
What's going on with NYS case against Trump? I thought AG James was going to go after him. And I certainly hope her challenge for governor doesn't cause a rift in the democratic party & get us a GOP gov. In this political climate nothing could be worse.
AliceWren (NYC)
@Elizabeth There are several cases against Trump and much of what the AG's office discovered was passed on to the Manhattan DA's office. There are differences in which charges can be brought by that office versis the AG, and I believe based on my reading months ago. the Manhattan DA's options to prosecute are stronger than the NYS AG's office.
Mike S (Rochester, NY)
Letitia James is highly ethical, highly intelligent and imminently qualified to be Governor of NY State. Furthermore, she did not shrink from a truly unbiased investigation into Cuomo, who appointed her. I only wish I did not like Kathy Hochul but I do. I think Hochul is doing a great job and will have a hard time justifying a vote in the primary for James. Either way, the Democrats will (finally) have a solid candidate that is not a corrupt bully like Andrew Cuomo was.
Rick (Dale)
@Mike S Cuomo didn't appoint her, she won a statewide election to be Attorney General.
Mike S (Rochester, NY)
@Rick thanks for the correction. my bad
Sarah R. (NY)
“I’m running for governor of New York because I have the experience, vision, and courage to take on the powerful on behalf of all New Yorkers,” As James helps to unseat a sitting Governor because she was after his job?
dee (NYC)
@Sarah R. Still waiting for her to do her job and take down the Trump cartel. The optics here are terrible.
Haley Muth (Syracuse)
From what I've heard from a friend of mine who works in the government, Hochul has been a breath of fresh air. She's actually governing! Cuomo was always too busy politicking. I say let's let her do her thing and get our government back on track!
Donna Kraydo (North Carolina)
She announces her candidacy the day after her office charges Andrew Cuomo with sexual misconduct?! Coincidence? No way! Andrew Cuomo may now have a legitimate case that his prosecution was political. If there are legitimate grievances him they will be dismissed. Good grief!
Anne (Spring Hill, FL)
@Donna Kraydo completely agree!
AliceWren (NYC)
@Donna Kraydo What are you talking about? The recent charges have nothing to do with the NYS AG's office.
SteveF (NYC)
....she should be concentrating on charging Trump with tax evasion, etc. It is glaringly obvious now that her grandstanding take down of Cuomo was to set herself up as Governor-In-Waiting. Meanwhile, Kathy Hochul is doing an excellent job and should be elected in 2022.
SanPride (Sandusky)
I’d vote for Letitia James in a heartbeat for NY state governor. My only concern is the potential loss of a superb attorney general who has relentlessly pursued crime and criminals in NY, including a vile individual who attempted to overthrow our democracy.
Ken (New York)
@SanPride Do yo have any evidence to back up that claim? James is 0 for76 as far as I can see. Has TFG been punished for anything? Certainly James hasn’t been involved if he has.
NYC (New York)
As a former constitutent of James her office was dreadful and she provided absolutely no constitutent services. When she was Public Advocate she did nothing, but advocated to protect her REBNY friends. Let is be known James could barely find her way to over the Whitestone Bridge and now she has the audacity to want to run state-wide. NOPE!!!
RS (Washington, DC)
@NYC "I helped litigate the case to unseat the sitting governor, now I want his job! Vote for me!" Why does this script not seem suspect and why would it seem problematic, especially in NY where they have been exposed (literally) to just about everything.
Benjamin Greco (Belleville, NJ)
Dirty politics in public view is bad for the Democratic Party. I wonder if the Times editorial board will call this out.
Vicki Robertson (Rochester)
Tish James lost her progressive credentials when she torpedoed the indictment of the police that killed Daniel Prude in Rochester.
geraniums in pots (new jers)
i guess it's pretty obvious now why she went after cuomo. almost makes him seem like an innocent now. did she think it was a good look to announce a day after he was charged ? maybe she's not smart enough to be governor of a great state like New York.
Joe (NYC)
@geraniums in pots Cuomo was long, long overdue for a come-uppance. I mean, seriously. If he had been a more honest, more dignified holder of office, he would have survived the scandal that engulfed him. The reality is he alienated virtually everyone and turned allies into enemies with an amazing ease - completely unnecessarily. Say what you want about James - but she did the state a service by being firm on Cuomo. I'm not sure he should have resigned but it came to that because no one - and i mean no one - was going to bat for him. People say he abandoned his dog but who believes that? It was obviously the other way round!
Thomas Renner (New York City)
This doesn't seem right as she headed the investigation to unseat Cuomo. This really puts credibility to his claim that she ran a political motivated witch hunt for her own ambition. I much prefer our new governor as she seems peaceful and open to working with everyone. James comes across as very hard to work with.
Lucille (New Orleans)
When she was announcing the results of the Cuomo investigation you could see and hear her gears turning as she posed for the media in preparation for her star turn as candidate for governor. Good luck, New York - you will need it.
Pystcat (Western PA)
@Lucille Yes! Her presser came across more like a dramatic reading than announcing the results of an investigation.
Joe (NYC)
@Pystcat to be fair it was a dramatic moment lol. i mean, the guy was set to be gov for life.
Pystcat (Western PA)
So much to unpack here... 1) she should have recused herself 2) she's now cast doubt on the legitimacy of the Cuomo investigation 3) Democrats really do eat their own...still waiting for the same energy put into Trump.
Charlie (New York City)
Talk about misreading the tea leaves. I've voted for her twice, but why James thinks her time has come is baffling. Obama's leap before finishing his first term in the Senate to the White House was an exception, not the rule. The gut reaction of your readers is the same I'm seeing online everywhere: This is not a good look for her.
Matt (NJ)
Leading an investigation to unseat someone whose job you intend to pursue. Those optics don't get any worse.
WorkingGuy (NYC, NY)
@Matt "#MeToo Brought Down 201 Powerful Men. Nearly Half of Their Replacements Are Women." NYT, 10/29/18 [corrected date] Source: https://nyti.ms/2HR1jgY Time for an update?
Uncommon Sense (Brooklyn NY)
@Matt See my comment that I predict if James doesn't win the nomination, she'll run on the Working Family line and thus likely split the vote in the general election. Hopefully this will hand a Republican the governorship here in NYS. Even the extremism of Rep Lee Zeldin and his support of Trump will be better than complete control by the Democrats.
Icarus Descending (5:15 the Angels Have Gone)
Whether or not it is legal, or an ethical violation, it is unseemly.
NYC Born (New York)
Ms James has wanted to run for Governor since day one and should have recused herself from the Cuomo mess. Seems like a conflict of interest.
m & j (buffalo,ny)
@NYC Born No she had never said if she wanted to run. Also, she is the one who opened the investigation into Gov. Cuomo.
NYC Born (New York)
@m & j Her name has been out there as a potential gubernatorial candidate for a long time. Could see this coming a mile away. That she initiated and lead the investigation is unethical.
Pystcat (Western PA)
@m & j kinda makes it worse, actually.
Sara (Princeton)
I was hoping she would focus her attention on indicting Trump? All too quiet on that front. And if Trump and his family don’t get punished it will be not just a huge blight on American law, but a continued threat for our democracy. And this is a conflict of interests as he just went after Cuomo. Why am I not shocked…no one helps Steve Donziger, and the conflicts of interest run wild in politics.
m & j (buffalo,ny)
@Sara She turned all of her investigation materials over to Cy Vance who is the head of the SDNY. All of her materials from her office were sent directly to SDNY. Also, it is she not he; she is the one who opened the investigation into Cuomo.
M (Long Island)
Cy Vance is the DA for NY County (Manhattan) = state court. SDNY = federal court. Two different jurisdictions. There are several ongoing investigations into the Trump Organization that are occurring simultaneously, overseen by different entities.
Matt (NJ)
@m & j Cy Vance is retiring in 2 mos.
Richard (Winston-Salem, NC)
Given the subject’s direct role in facilitating Governor Cuomo’s less than dignified departure, it is a decidedly bad look to announce a candidacy for the same office.
Mike (Philadelphia)
Wanted to be AG to get rid of Mr. Cuomo, this was the plan the entire time. Doesn't do her current job, already looks for a promotion, welcome to politics....
Vicki (Queens, NY)
@Mike AG James wanted to announce before Jumaane Williams declares he will also run for Governor. He is running for re-election as NYC public advocate on Tuesday, but he quietly filed paperwork with the state Board of Elections two days ago to run for Governor. So she was running out of time to publicly launch her candidacy with a bang ... ur I mean release a lackluster pre-recorded video on a Friday afternoon. As for Williams, apparently he doesn’t want the job he is currently running for. So I left his bubble blank on my ballot.
EB (San Diego, CA)
@Mike Ms. James' move here is what my grandmother would call "unseemly."
B. (Brooklyn)
Jumaane Williams lives in Fort Hamilton -- that is, on the gated military base. He never has to clean up after drug-addled and booze-soaked derelicts who wander onto his property to relieve themselves, or worry about walking hone from the subway. He blows through school zones, racks up speeding tickets he doesn't pay, and plays the man of the people. What people?
Donna Kraydo (North Carolina)
She's just opened the door for Cuomo to claim that his criminal charges were politically motivated. I don't really care about Cuomo's political future (sorry Andrew, I did appreciate your Covid briefings) but this stunt also opens the door for Trump to make the same claim. I had high hopes that even if Congress couldn't or wouldn't provide oversight over Trump that New York would. What a disappointment!
m & j (buffalo,ny)
@Donna Kraydo She sent all of her paperwork to Cy Vance. He is the one prosecuting TFG. It is not over yet. TFG cannot make the same claim.
AliceWren (NYC)
@Donna Kraydo And wny should any of us care what Trump claims or for that matter, Andrew Cuomo? Neither is noted for integrity and one is pretty clearly a constant liar. They are both going to claim the charges are politically motivated regardless of what Ag James does.
Catwhisperer (Upstate NY)
@Donna Kraydo She just opened the door for Cuomo to make another run for Governor. I can just see him, smugly, counting all the conflict of interest issues. Bad move, Tish.
Rick (Dale)
I voted for Tish James but how about she do the job she was elected to first. She hasn't even been in office two years yet. Also, isn't it kind of strange that she becomes AG, issues a report that essentially deposes the sitting governor, and then immediately announces that she's running governor herself. She should be Attorney General for a while.
AliceWren (NYC)
@Rick AG James became the AG in 2018. That is five years - not two years. Nothing unseemly about responding to complaints about former Gov. Andrew Cuomo. If she had not had her office investigate, you would probably be complaining that she was protecting a fellow Democcrat.
Didn’t Ms. James run for her current position by stating she would address trump and associates for their decades of supposedly illegal activity? Why don’t you take care of that before wanting to move on.
A Goldstein (Pdx)
If only I knew which candidate would best be able to manage the worsening maelstrom that will continue besetting the great New York City and the rest of the country. Anyone who thinks they know, doesn't, so unprecedented are the times ahead.
Shelby (NYC)
@A Goldstein it’s Cuomo sadly and I have never voted for the guy yet!
Cedric (Boston)
Am I the only one who is sick of politicians overseeing an investigation or election (Brian Kemp) and then running in the race they managed? There needs to be a federal law against this and until then we must enforce a norm where we as voters won’t elect those who betray their oath so blatantly. And I’m someone who would have been happy to vote for her for another position, she’s done a good job until now. There should be an independent review of the Cuomo investigation though the evidence so far looks strong he committed some degree of wrongdoing. The strong appearance of a conflict of interest in this case is clearly a sign of a need for reform.
m & j (buffalo,ny)
@Cedric There was an independent review of Cuomo. That is why he had to step down. There is no conflict of interest since she is the one who started the investigation to begin with since that is HER JOB.
Shelby (NYC)
@m & j he stepped down because Republicans hate him for being anti-Trump and Democrats wouldn’t support him. If he had the support he’d still be there like Trump until his term ended.
Jim Shultz (Lockport NY)
New York City progressives have dreamed of winning the Governorship for a long while. And now competing ambitions and a multi-Brooklynite field will probably keep that from happening. The good news, Kathy Hochul, the beneficiary of all that disunity on the left, is a good Governor.
m & j (buffalo,ny)
@Jim Shultz Hochul just stepped into that role. Now she wants a new stadium? Happy that taxpayers will pay for that in NY. That means you and me. That is the last thing we need right now.
Vicki (Queens, NY)
@Jim Shultz There is definitely something in the water in Brooklyn. It’s called Hubris.
AliceWren (NYC)
@Vicki And you are from Queens! I think both boroughs are great in many ways and part of an even greater city.
CC (Miami)
She tweets about taking on "the powerful" as governor, but clearly doesn't understand that she actually needs to collaborate with "the powerful", rather than alienate them, to get things done for NY. Why drive the little wealth that remains - and that pays for much of the state revenue - out of the state? The last thing NY needs is another politician with no business experience. She has no idea how to attract new jobs from business-courting states like TX / FL. She might be great for those who want to see "social equity", but in terms of her ability to run the state government and make NY state thrive economically, she'd be a disaster.
Lou (Rego Park)
Governor Hochul has been doing an excellent job so far as has Attorney General James. I would have hoped that they would run again in their current positions as a strong team rather than as opponents. Another example of us Democrats working towards individual interests rather than the collective interest.
Blanche White (South Carolina)
@Lou Excellent comment. It seems always as if the Democratic party is their own worst enemy when they can't even strategize for how the race will best be run. When AG James hasn't been in her position for that long and she now wants to jump up the next step, it all just shows her political ambition. To brag about how many times she has sued the Trump organization is very unprofessional when what she should have said was that she would go after criminal activity wherever it existed without regard for how wealthy and powerful the offender was. With a new Governor and a female one, why not support her in working on issues and dealing with the pandemic fallout and working on recovery. I have noticed, too many times, that the way she conducts her job, it is not so hard for diehard Trump supporters to look at her performance, in rhetoric alone, and see a political hit job. She needs a lot more experience before moving up the ladder. This is not a Hallmark movie.
PS (Florida)
@Lou No longer a NYer but Gov Hochul mishandled her first test as governor by not knowing how to handle a tropical storm. Anyone who watched Cuomo's briefings in 2020 could have done a better job.
GED (Los Angeles)
Wildly unethical. This announcement gives complete support to the claim that the "liberals" couldn't beat Cuomo at the polls, so they did it via a one-sided supposed "investigation" with the pre-determined goal of usurping the votes of a majority of New Yorkers. Such lack of ethics doesn't indicate a worthy candidate for being the next Governor.
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