Eric Adams Is Elected Mayor of New York City

Nov 02, 2021 · 133 comments
Bruce Wayne (Gotham)
What was Sliwa's percentage of the vote? That should be part of the story. The Times used to show such details, but that was long ago when they used to do actual reporting and not just wall-to-wall opinion making. (P.S. According to the New York Post, Sliwa got 28% of the vote. Which isn't bad for a non-politician running on the Republican line in NYC.)
VLB (Bloomsburg, PA (Formally Cherishburg, PA))
The day after those election blues How the mighty fall swiftly like the wind, like the next chilly Autumn rain.
VLB (Bloomsburg, PA (Formally Cherishburg, PA))
Our former district and capital city just elected a black woman for a mayor. No one has mentioned this in still our segregated city and suburban Plainfields of Harrisburg, so why is the NYT hyper focused on race for Mr. Adams?
BG (Bklyn, NY)
I find the comments concerning Mr. Adams to be very mean spirited. Already your condemning the man. Why. To the NYT please can you stop with a Black man a Black woman. Enough drawing attention to skin even though it's an issue with America. Mr. Adams won the election period. That's how I'll judge Mr. Adams on his promises not because he's black. We applaud all of the extra hard work/ accomplishments people of color have achieved, don't belittle it to only their skin tones. Brown and Black Asian and Native American people in positions of authority worked damn hard to get to where their at career wise. Not because of skin but the ability to get the Job done. Thank You.
Meredith (New York)
Reports are that Adams got 67 percent of the vote and Sliwa just 28 percent. That should be the headline and is not even cited in the entire article. Sliwa also ran on opposing vaccine mandates. How could anyone run on that in New York and expect to win?
SR (Bronx, NY)
Ask the unions and cops' malevolent associations, which keep opposing and protesting those mandates at our safety's expense. And sliwa didn't just oppose those mandates, but went out to said protests with mini-giuliani, the wannabe guv'nuh. You would THINK that's the shortest political suicide note in history[1], but people actually like rudy—and son andrew—because CRIME! and stuff. Some people are sadists AND masochists, I guess. [1] With the brexit trainwreck currently the longest.
Ma (Atl)
Stop talking about skin color! I do hope that New Yorkers and nytimes hold Adams to a higher level than they did De Blasio. But I fear that Adams will financially reward himself as he plays the same political games as the previous mayor - coddle the rich, attack white people to appease the POC, and take to the gym with expensive car service.
Jose Pieste (OH)
OMG. The SECOND Black mayor of NYC. Another first! And if we have a third Black mayor. That will be yet another first! The firsts will just keep coming. (The “progressive” media exults in racial politics. Given the results in VA and NJ, at what point will the progressive media consider itself part of the problem?)
Bill (USA)
Fingers crossed he turns out to be a good one. However, based upon what I have seen thus far, I'm concerned this could be one of the most corrupt stewardships of our City. That said, cat rancher Sliwa would likely have been equally as corruptible. However, I think we are heading the way of anything is better than Big Bird.
SR (Bronx, NY)
An even bigger horror is the results on the five Ballot Measures thus far, with ~55% reported.[1] While it's nice (and a "Wait, we DON'T already have that?!") to see an established right to clean environs, and to give the civil courts a chance to take more cases (if only to not leave people waiting or even DYING in jail!), the Nos to the others—ALL Sane no-brainers to vote for[2]—are baffling, especially on ending the racist "registration" delay and ending the need for a reason to vote absentee. Do we REALLY want to redo the mess that happened with Covid wrt even ALLOWING us to vote absentee, in the next pandemic? (And there WILL be a next pandemic. The climatepocalypse will be a slow, torturous, unstoppable death when it comes with its ever-more-frequent pandemics and other horsemen.) It's more (now-redundant) proof New York is a swing state. It's certainly not a "far left" one, but you'll soon wish it was. [1] 2021-11-03, 11:13 EDT [2] Well, the first one's State Senator issue perhaps could've been addressed not by capping, but by massively INCREASING their number and tying it to population, something like what the original first amendment of the Bill of Rights ( ) hoped to do. That would've helped the State Senate avoid the US Senate's current problems, and I feel the US House could've really benefited from that amendment.
Lowell (Abu Dhabi)
You elected a man who thought until 5 months ago that a decent house in NYC cost $90,000. A People's Mayor, for sure, with his finger firmly on the pulse of....well, he's not sure.
Rufus (Planet Earth)
@Lowell - you can't get a decent house for $90,000 within a 100 mile radius of New York City.
Nreb (La La Land)
Mr. Adams, a Democrat and former police captain, will be the second Black mayor in the city’s history. Now, let's see if he becomes the FIRST mayor to end crime and violence in New York. We will see.
Meredith (New York)
To other readers-- Are any other commenters getting email notifications lately? For a week, I'm not getting emails though my comments are published. I called Times customer care. Still have problem. Last time this happened it was a system glitch of some kind, affecting many commenters.
Stephen Bashein (Potomac MD)
As a former New Yorker - born and bred in Brooklyn - and now expat living down south - New Yorkers deserve the “leaders” they elect . . . correction . . . .that the 8.5 million New Yorkers allow 1 million (about 25% of the eligible voters - better than the 17% who doomed NYC to 8 years of D’B) to elect for them . . . Amazing how little value NYers place on voting . . . . BUT I bet many do scream bloody murder, with their 2nd favorite lie - that Republicans are always restricting voters . . . 😳. Their most favorite lie? Anyone who disagrees with them are racists . . . .😂🤣😂🤣
VLB (Bloomsburg, PA (Formally Cherishburg, PA))
My former state district recently elected a black woman for mayor. I think I’m the ONLY one whom mentioned that fact in comparison to Mayor Adams of NYC. The local press and elections are not focused on that, even though our capital city is still largely segregated between the city and suburban areas. I wish her all the best too.
VLB (Bloomsburg, PA (Formally Cherishburg, PA))
Congrats and prayers for the new mayor of New York City! Granted I’d had the chance, I would have voted for him.
Elaine NYC (New York City)
Our new Mayor Eric Adams will be a true Champ for all of us! Eric is a deep thinker who has been planning the journey to become our City's leader for three decades. I have known Eric for five years, and I supported his run by campaigning for him, though I have never before campaigned for a candidate. Eric is a superb listener, blessed with both a tremendous intellectual curiosity and an extraordinary ability to understand both policy and people. Eric understands how the NYC DOE needs to be restructured from the ground up so its serves the needs of young people rather than behaving like its primary mission is as the City's biggest employer for adults. Eric understands that young people need to learn to eat healthy so that we can combat our deadly addictions formed in childhood to sugar, fat and salt. Eric understands that our agencies are charged to protect and serve, so he will institute one number for us to reach all of them, ensuring accountability so that we can pinpoint where reform is needed. Eric understands and loves New Yorkers. We are so fortunate to have a talented visionary in the driver's seat.
Barry Moskowitz (New York)
@Elaine NYC , I respect your opinion, but for Mr. Adams to be a "true champ for all of us," he's going to have to go against a career filled with divisive rhetoric. Not only did Mr. Adams tell an entire demographic group--Brooklynites from "Iowa" (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) to "keep away," but he also wrongly accused two other mayoral candidates "racist" (apparently for having the nerve to run against him) and he also once insulted Herman Badillo, the first Latino Bronx borough president, for marrying a Jewish woman. If Trump had said things like this (and he said some pretty objectionable things), my fellow Democrats would have rightly condemned him. In this case, everyone rolled over for the darling of the "progressive" machine.
Edward Fellowes (Los Angeles)
While the end of DeBlasio's tenure is thankfully upon us, (arguably the worst mayor the city has had in generations), Eric Adams is a lightweight at best, not up to the monumental task of restoring NYC's economy and positioning it for endemic COVID. He coasted to victory, and won the primary largely on the back of a complicated system that no one understood and that the NYC Board of Elections botched. There's little to celebrate here.
Third.Coast (Earth)
@Edward Fellowes [[arguably the worst mayor the city has had in generations]] Giuliani refused to move the city's emergency response headquarters to Brooklyn because he didn't want to cross the East River. So, September 11, 2001, the headquarters were still situated inside the World Trade Center. I think that cements Rudy at the top of the list of worst mayors in NYC history.
Rufus (Planet Earth)
@Edward Fellowes -"Eric Adams is a lightweight at best, not up to the monumental task of restoring NYC's economy" - why not? we had a con artist reality actor with no political experience , in the White House..... oh never mind.
RA LA (Los Angeles,CA.)
In a city where registered Democrats out number Republicans by 7 to 1, The Eric Adams margin of victory does not portend well.
Robert (Houston)
Katie Glueck's first sentence reads: "Eric Leroy Adams, a former New York City police captain whose attention-grabbing persona and keen focus on racial justice fueled a decades-long career in public life, was elected on Tuesday as the 110th mayor of New York and the second Black mayor in the city’s history." How many black mayors must New York City elect before the New York Times will quit referring to their race? 5? 10? It is insulting to the candidate that his achievement somehow has something to with their race.
Third.Coast (Earth)
@Robert I agree. Giuliani and De Blasio are both "white" there any significance to that fact? No. The "other" black mayor in New York history, Dinkins, was an ineffectual party hack. Note that race is headline material but Dinkins only gets a passing mention with no notable achievements. Dems better start getting results oriented and worry less about "representation." Sliwa, a guy who has made a mess of his own life, got 68% of the vote on Staten Island...going against a former cop! Adams better show that he knows how to hire and manage a competent staff and he better show that he knows how to be a leader.
David (Vancouver)
@Robert I found that odd as well. There have been similar comments with regards to the newly elected mayor of Boston who is both a woman AND of Asian heritage. Whoa! A double whammy. I'm sure De Blasio when elected was not referred to as the 109th White mayor in the city's history.
Harjit Singhrao (San Bruno)
New York will soon turn into what San Francisco mayor has done to the wonderful city wait and see.
B D Duncan (Boston)
This may be shocking but on the east coast we have democrats who acknowledge crime is a thing and quality of life issues matter. New York will be fine.
delores (queens)
I think he'll be good, but continue to think there are fraudulent goings-on in Queens elections. As example, Queens had the 2nd highest borough vote count for the red beret dude -reaffirming that Queens is basically conservative. Given that, the Schulman and Richards wins make no sense here. Especially, Schulman who voted for a new Kew Gardens jail - something the area adamantly opposes. Clearly, something funny is going on in Queens elections.
David Henry (Concord)
He's quite full of himself. There will be scandals and calls for recall/impeachment before the summer.
Third.Coast (Earth)
@David Henry [[He's quite full of himself.]] Yes. He's the polar opposite of the demure Curtis Sliwa.
Congratulations Mr. Eric Adams! I hope that he will help clean up NYC for the better of all residents and visitors.
clarity007 (tucson, AZ)
Adams will be hampered by far left Democrats to any quest to suppress the city's rampant crime. A safer city is just not on their agenda.
DC (Florida)
I can't wait to see his response when the nypd is caught on video beating some hapless citizen,what will he do?
Tom West (SoCal)
Mayor-elect has to slow play the obsession over public safety. Wild Hooligan's are not rampaging the streets of New York. He's a former cop. He's got a game plan to address perceived Hooligan's. He needs to be soft and gentle about it; or he will scare a lot of New York's finest homeless.
Bev A. (NYC)
I feared for this City, and am relieved. The combo of sliwa and lynch would have been totally disastrous. Good on ya NYC!
SM (New York, NY)
Hopefully Eric Adams will bring order to our city. Low level offenses escalate and become major crimes. I wish him the best.
NY (Not NYC)
@SM Prosecutors are refusing to prosecute low level crimes. The mayor won’t be able to do anything, because the prosecutors will not hold or bring charges against low level arrests.
Third.Coast (Earth)
@NY This is happening in a number of cities around the country.
Barry Moskowitz (New York)
For many New Yorkers, the victory of Eric Adams was a win for the city's ascendant "progressive" machine, which seems to have hijacked local politics. In fact, although I remain a Democrat--for now--I think the best hope for breaking the power of "progressives" lies in the victories of a few Republicans in outerborough areas of Brooklyn, etc. Those victories, I believe, indicate that working- and middle-class New Yorker may feel increasingly abandoned by the wealthy powerbrokers who visibly pooled their money and resources behind Adams' campaign. Sadly, far-left Democrats who claimed that Sliwa is a "trumper" actually wound up acting like far-right Republicans who voted for Trump despite Trump's background of divisive, even racist rhetoric. My fellow Democrats were right to stand firm in their denouncing Trump's chauvinism. But now they hypocritically endorsed Adams despite his record of divisive rhetoric--against Brooklynites "from Iowa" (nudge-nudge, wink-wink), against a former Bronx Borough President--a Latino--who married a Jewish woman, etc. In many ways, Adams' victory and his "progressive" champions remind me of the past century's Tammany Hall, the political machine that had a strangle-hold on NYC politics for more than 100 years. It will take time to see whether Adams will deliver on his promises to fight rising crime, etc.--but his record does not give me much hope.
Independent (Not NYC)
I don’t know what a NYC mayor can do about public safety when the newly elected prosecutor in Manhattan is anti incarceration and has said he will refuse to prosecute “low level “ crimes. When the prosecutors release the criminals that the police arrest, then the police stop making those arrests. By the way, the mayor will be unable to address bail reform laws. That’s New York State law, not NYC.
Dave (NYC)
Thank the gods Adams won because there was no way in God's creation we should let dyed-in-the wool trumpers like Sliwa (the clown) and Pat Lynch (blue mafia) running our city. Maybe having brown shirts (blue mafia) running Minneapolis is good with white mid-westerners but not NYC. We can't just fold to minority rule.
Lee (NYC)
I applaud Mr. Adam's goals to make NYC safe again and hope he recognizes that adding more bike lanes will not achieve that. Cyclists are making this city un-walkable. These cyclists need to be licensed with big bold licensed plates tied to their back wheel. And we need police officers to ticket the many who ride on the sidewalks, go up one way streets in the wrong direction and zoom through red lights. My biggest fear is not crime on the subways, it's not Delta, it's not vermin, it's those brazen cyclists that infest the city streets.
Eyes Wide Open (NYC)
@Lee irresponsible cyclists, many of whom with POOR riding skills and no understanding of law or etiquette, are inarguably a major safety and mostly a quality of life issue quality of life in NY that should be addressed NOW - on the other hand, the problem of ELECTRIC bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and small (publicly rented type etc) gasoline powered scooters in "bicycle" lanes, are by far a more severe threat to life and limb. These are the vehicles that MUST be licensed, regulated or banned immediately. They represent many terrible tragedies waiting to happen.
Lee (NYC)
@Eyes Wide Open Agreed. When I say cyclists, I guess I mean anyone on wheels, excluding babies in strollers strollers and folks in wheel chairs.
Joe Schmoe (Brooklyn)
@Lee: A major problem with a great many cyclists is that they want to be treated like a car when convenient, but ignore normal traffic rules at other times. Pick one or the other. Me, when I'm cycling around NYC I never make myself a nuisance to motor vehicles by, for example, hogging a lane and pedaling at 15 mph. So I keep out of the way of motorists because I'm not traveling in a car. I will also safely speed through red lights at my discretion. Consistency.
Wright (Rhode Island)
We all need to (including the NYT Staff) stop highlighting Mayor Elect as "Black". He needs to be viewed first as an experienced police captain who exhibits good leadership, moderate political views, and loves his City. I am optimistic and wish the Mayor Elect well. W
SM (New York, NY)
@Wright I agree. The skin color must be out of the résumé.
Eric (Brooklyn)
Congratulations. Met and was well impressed. Gives hope to those born in hard times not to die the same way. Again Congratulations.
Aaron (San Francisco)
Here to finally make New York a safe place for business. The future looks brighter than ever for the Fortune 500.
monica (brooklyn)
@Aaron what do you mean "finally"? New York has been the financial capital of the world for 100+ years...
Robert Pryor (NY)
Why no numbers yet? 11 am Wednesday.
Wayne (Brooklyn)
Great news. Let's hope this will finally inspire Mr. Adams to move to New York.
Anand Raj (Tamil Nadu)
For a start, I would congratulate Mayor elect Mr.Eric Adams. He is certainly taking charge at a time when economy, racial issues and fatigue among people due to pandemic are at the zenith. Trump has done everything other than strengthening the nation both home and abroad. Every mayor or governor taking charge henceforth have an added responsibility in uniting the people. Mr.Adams has the experience of being a policeman too. I believe he would be able to approach any problem from different angles and give his best shot in resolving the issue. Hope for a fruitful tenure ahead.
Brian (Brooklyn)
The apparent lack of masks or social distancing at Adams' victory speech is disappointing. It sets a bad example at a time when we're still seeing nearly 1,000 Covid cases a day in NYC and the recovery is very fragile. That said, I'm hoping that Adams will keep the pandemic on the front burner and not ease up on mitigation and vaccination efforts.
George S. (NYC)
Now come the hard part. For Mayor-Elect Adams gaining the office was easy once he won the Primary. But now he faces the dilemma of actually implementing not only the policy positions he endorses but also maintaining support from an extremely diverse electorate. An electorate that is comprised of groups and individuals who often hold opposing policy viewpoints! On issues both great and small, be it specialized schools or traffic congestion -- the Mayor-to-be will find a City where its celebrated diversity is often in contrast and conflict with its fractured contentious mayhem. Oh the bright side, Mr. Adams has nearly two months to celebrate his electoral success before he actually has to do something. And for us New Yorkers, we too still have almost two more months during which we can blame every "bad thing" that happens here on Bill de Blasio!
Andrew (Minnesota)
And there will be plenty who will do all that they can to see that Mr. Adams fails, I'll-wishers instead of well-wishers. When are we finally going to learn how to pull together. I keep recalling Lincoln's House Divided speech.
Andrew (East Village)
Adams has faced a ton of criticism, plenty of it warranted, but I am very optimistic about a future under him. He was my first choice in the primaries, and I was happy to cast my vote for him during early voting. My hope is that the police, who have largely been apathetic over the past year or so, actually begin doing their jobs under him. Too many sit on their phones in cars. A homeless man comes to abe lebewohl park every weekend and threatens people, throws trash and outdoor furniture around, even one time stripping naked! One time the police finally came, and said "what do you want me to do about it?" My hope is Adams, being one of them, gets them back on board.
Michael (New York)
@ Andrew. This is my experience with NYPD as well. Apathy mixed with mostly no masks. Do better. Get behind this mayor and make things safe for everyone- especially the underserved.
web_surfer (pak)
@Andrew That's right!
Andrew (Australia)
Congratulations, Mr Mayor-elect. Bring NYC back better than ever.
BG (Bklyn, NY)
This was a good wake-up call to All Democrats. Get it together. Or the ground gained will be lost. If your an elected official Vote Democrats to support your President goals and the hometown people who elected you. We are in perilous times when my grandchild come from school crying because their classmate is hungry everyday inspite of getting lunch. They can't share because of C19 . We can afford to send her to school with enough for lunch snacks etc. Some parents can't go the extra mile with food. So putting the right people in office to address hunger issues housing job training is vititaly important, SAFETY to walk our streets. SAFETY for children to be in school travel to and from school.
Bonnie (New Jersey)
It doesn’t matter what color Mr. Adams is; I just hope he’s not a DeBlasio clone! The city went downhill fast when DeBlasio took over and got worse! It’s like the 70’s again with gun deaths, sexual assaults, subway safety insecurity… We can’t undo the progress made under Guiliani (Before he became a talking head for Trump) and Mike Bloomberg. They turned the city around in so many ways and made it tourist and worker and resident friendly again. Now, because of DeBlasios lazy eye and unwillingness to take action on crime, instead blaming the police, not to mention tying their hands and morale, we slid backwards. Hoping Mr. Adams has a clear view of New York’s needs.
Jasr (NH)
@Bonnie Mayor Dinkins made investments and expanded the police force. He also implemented community policing. Giuliani took credit for the effects of reforms under Dinkins.
monica (brooklyn)
@Bonnie which residents of NY are you referring to when you say Bloomberg/Giuliani made NYC "resident friendly"? Surely it can't be the houseless people and bipoc folks frisked and imprisoned for low-level offenses?
ESF (New York, NY)
Kudos to Eric Adams; I support him and wish him the best. A slightly different viewpoint on the fact that he is our second Black Mayor. Women are 53% of the City’s population and there have been zero women mayors. Blacks are about 24% of the City’s population, and now we have had two Black Mayors. Why do we not wonder about these factors for women? Women too are the future of the Democratic Party.
Yertle (New York, NY)
@Carl K Yeah, if only people had been doing that for the past 200 years then we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.....
ESF (New York, NY)
@Carl K I agree, and wish that was true. But the headline reads “…Second Black Mayor”. My comment is just an interesting data point about the City’s constituents, since the NYT & others are looking at race as one.
Tom Chapman (Haverhill MA)
@ESF I am so bloody sick and tired of the various "Groups" that do nothing but whine about how Blacks, Black women Asians, Gays, Trans folks who insist on using their own pronouns and excoriating anyone who doesn't guess right on the first try, disabled and any combination of the above are Entitled to hold some high public office because of the particular Identity group that they happen to belong to. Eric Adams has just been elected Mayor and the first thing someone says is"Why not a Black woman"? That comment is the reason why the Republicans are going to sweep the midterms in 2022 and retake the White House in 2024. For people such as ESF from New York, the perfect is always the enemy of the good. But they can neither define 'Good' or 'Perfect'
Mike (Philadelphia)
Very Jealous of our neighbors to the north, if only we could get a new mayor. Mr. Adams will be in for a challenge but I think NYC was ready and in need of a change at the top.
MIMA (heartsny)
New York is so ready for a new mayor.
B. (Brooklyn)
Yes, but not this one. Not with his history of divisive remarks.
Eric (Brooklyn)
@B. Can you please be specific
Wow. The top line is that he’s Black and he’s mayor. So much for making this city live able for the non-millionaire set. We get what we deserve I guess. The self satisfaction of my fellow New Yorkers is a big part of why we keep getting beat down in the class war. I have a neighbor who lives outside near the building I live in…he never tires of telling me how this is the greatest city in the world. A city that can’t house the residents I can’t say is “great.” A system, a city that can’t even provide the means for residents to satisfy the most basic needs is by no stretch of the imagination “great.” But aren’t we great. We elected a Black mayor in a segregated city and a time of intense revanchist racism all over the country. Let’s remember this greatness when the NYPD kills another resident, mows down protestors, remember how great we are when the mayor stands tall against every attempt by workers to improve our lives, remember this greatness when the billionaire set builds another tower in their Lex Luthor attempt to block out the sun, remember this greatness when the mayor does nothing while he attends expensive dinners with his real bosses down the street from my friend who agrees, “New York is the greatest city in the world.”
Ralphie (CT)
good for him and all that, but who cares if he's the city's 2nd Black mayor? There have been and are lots of Black Mayors across the country - mayors of major cities. So, I don't think the Times or anyone else has to trumpet someone being Black when they do something-- or interpret everything along racial lines. And by the way, Dinkins wasn't much of a success as mayor.
Znlgznlg (NYC)
@Ralphie - Agree with you about Dinkins, but let's not forget Dinkins increased the police budget, and that was a good start for Giulianj's superb policing policies. Maybe Adams can emulate that part of Dinkins - and most of Giuliani when Giuliani was sane and mayor.
George (NYC)
He has a huge task ahead of him! I wish him the best!!!! Give us all back the NYC we love!!!! Go get them!!!!!
Mike Edwards (East Bay, RI)
"...the start of a more center left Democratic leadership." And a more youthful one. Joe Biden is 78 and Nancy Pelosi is 81. We voted them in to remove Trump but they were clearly interim appointments. Time for someone like Eric Adams to show us how it should be done. Congratulations Mr. Adams. We wish you well.
East Coast West Coast (Southern California)
For once, can we keep race and color out of it. He is simply a male that won a political race. Please stop the historic connotations and incessant mention of racial justice. An overwhelming majority of Americans have had an earful of this narrative. Virginia is a prime example. Let’s not forget to mention Minnesota. Please, do take note. When will the media become objective and color blind. Adams is a middle of the road person and will not be a racial crusader. Time to come down for n rampant crime in NYC. Time to focus on issues NYC cares about vs. the same old progressive sing along. DeBlasio was an absolute failure and sad to say but true, Giuliani was middle of the road and a very good Mayor.
B. (Brooklyn)
Adams told bright-eyed, hardworking transplants from Ohio to go back to where they came from. He told us not to call 911 when young men were blasting the nights with explosives, many of which landed on people's roofs and shot through windows, but to speak nicely to them. One woman was murdered when she did so. He consults Al Sharpton. I am not hopeful that his interest extends to those of us whose labor and taxes subsidize a too-large segment of our city. Birth control: the great economic leveler. Fewer babies mean more time teaching them to speak, to listen, to be ready for school. Think how much better our schools could be if parents put off procreating and had only the number of babies they can support on their own. And we wouldn't have to build ever more low-income housing,
SR (Bronx, NY)
"and sad to say but true, Giuliani was middle of the road and a very good Mayor" And it's sad to see it said, but not because it's at all true. Ask the OEM he moved to the Twin Towers AFTER they got bombed the FIRST time[1], or the blacks his cops targeted for sport. You might not get a response, mind, but that's probably because they're DEAD. He's middle of the road, if the road is a remote ditch in the 1860s. [1] Suffice to say that the lyric "blowin' up like the World Trade" was not a prophecy of 9/11.
Brooklyn’s José Franco The Lust For Fame (Is The Last Thing Wisemen Conquer)
Congrats Eric Adams - I'm hoping you the best out of my own self interest & the city. In a ‘truly woke society’, the only thing we really have the power to change is ourselves - For by pointing out to a friend that he is wrong, & that what he says & thinks is flawed — I embitter my friend more than if I used some rude or insulting expression. Place no expectations on others when sharing love, kindness & good vibes. Since at times, your hard work will go unnoticed, unheard, ignored & unvalidated. Despite this, strive to be conscious, grateful, forgiving, envisioning a thriving NYC, in the moment & blessed. Mayor Adams, in a world that’s billions of years old, recognize you were born into a little span of life. Keep incorporating processes that remind you where you come from & how you got here. Keep telling yourself every good worth possessing must be paid for in strokes of daily effort. Personally, at my worst, I postpone & postpone until my better possibilities are dead. By neglecting the necessary concrete labor, by sparing myself these little daily tasks, I block the light needed for my higher possibilities to grow. Eric, always let the sun in! This is why I believe “What Happens Next” is the best approach since nothing is promised & nothing is guaranteed. All we really have is the ‘now', the past is behind us, while the future isn’t promised. Eric Adams, embrace the fire that comes with uncertainties NYC Mayor faces. Never run from it & don't be afraid to ask for help.
Congratulations Mayor Eric Adam. First priority for you should be law and order. Crimes in city is getting out of control . Quality of life must be improved. Parents anger at school issues in Virginia cost the Democratic Party loose the election. Mr.Mayor must look into those kind of issues. I want to emphasize that safety and security of the city residents is the urgent agenda for the city residents.
Jen R (New York)
Wishing him the best. Tough job ahead for Adams. Unless NYC stops letting corporations buy up all the real estate the city has no chance. Small businesses went down in the pandemic cause their rents were astronomical. No rental protection for small businesses in NYC. There are no rent protections for the majority of residential New Yorkers either, unless you’re lucky enough to have a rent stabilized apartment. If hard working lower and middle class people can’t afford to live in NYC - crime and homelessness will only get worse. Doesn’t matter how many cops you have.
Renee (NYC)
Can’t believe folks are hoping for the worst already for Adams and Abrams they are not in office yet Could be a lot of people did not sleep last night. The lack of sleep during Mr Adams tenure is going to wreak havoc on their lives.
Garth (NYC)
Unfortunately Manhattan now has a district attorney that is on the record as saying shoplifting on the $250 is no longer a crime. Get ready to see what happens when crime is legalized
Maria (Cresskill NJ)
@Garth You've taken that comment completely out of context. "ADAs in ECAB (Early Case Assessment Bureau) shall charge the most serious offenses that fit squarely within the conduct at issue, and shall not stretch the legal definitions of the elements of crimes to “over-charge” cases. For example, ordinary shoplifting cases should not be charged as burglaries."
Garth (NYC)
@Maria So another words if there’s more than one victim only the victim who had the larger crime committed against that matters? You seem very cavalier when it comes to crime victims
Ma (Atl)
@Garth NY already legalized crime by getting rid of bond payments for those that 'cannot pay' them and for getting rid of the true definition of violent crimes. But, it does appear it will get worse with the new DA.
Jim (Philadelphia)
Great job NY. Hopefully, sanity will spread around to other cities. May the middle win, even middle left.
Jb (Us)
I give Adams six months until he has some back room payoff scandal. This guy is a disaster in the making.
SR (Bronx, NY)
Remember the reports that he was dining with the vile john cats at Rao's? It's like he's TRYING to get a payoff scandal six months BEFORE taking office, not after. That said, I voted for Adams. sliwa, like the rest of the vile qop, has a stellar, debate-proven talent for making other vile-qopers (in Adams' case, a former one) look good by being absolutely horrible, and here it worked!
Bostonbob (Jupiter Florida)
The right man for the job. Let’s make NYC safe again.
DS (Manhattan)
More important than his race is that he is a centrist.
Frumious Bandersnatch (New York)
He faces a staggering set of challenges as the city grapples with the consequences of Bill De Blasio. That’s better.
teeceenyc (NYC)
I wish this man well. He seems up to the task of restoring pragmatism and common sense to this wonderful city.
PATRICK (Pennsylvania)
I'm hopeful Mr. Adams will be cognizant of the highest responsibility of defending Freedom for New Yorkers, but I fear that as time progresses and many officials have bent his ear, he will slide into despotism and fascism simply out of planted rage. Mr. Adams should always remember that he is Mayor, not enforcer. Thank you.
Judi (North Carolina)
If the Democratic Party doesn’t make the best of Adams’s significant victory, grooming him for a bigger role in the party, they will be making a mistake. Not that critical mistakes are something new for this bunch. And they need to stop pretending they aren’t in the thrall of corporate America and rich campaign donors. Your voters know better. Republicans are playing the long game, and with smart strategists like Younkin, Nikki Haley, Liz Cheney and others, and attention on state houses and the courts, they are poised to win big in the coming years. One more thing, Democrats: stop undoing your president. He hasn’t even completed a full year in the aftermath of Trump’s destruction. He has been cleaning up. Move on from babble about losing topics like Afghanistan and defunding police. Understand who American voters are. They are probably not the ones you would like to have.
Adam Stoler Bronx Urban warrior (Bronx NY)
HE is the mistake law snd order is a fear inducing Republican theme May work elsewhere but in nyc it’s a disaster
Judi (North Carolina)
@Adam Stoler Bronx Urban warrior I’m willing to give him an opportunity. I would like to visit NYC again - post-pandemic, should this day ever come. I lived in a crime-ridden large city and, after many years of waiting for political leaders to clean things up, left the town - and the state.
Me (Miami)
Pretty predictable, the real story is Virginia putting a Republican in office…..the Dems should be worried. People are tired of these failed policies.
Jen Italia (San Francisco)
@Me Not only that, but Virginia has their first black female Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Sears. Ms. Sears has an outstanding professional, academic, and political background – very well-qualified and has a lot of potential. What a fantastic victory and historic milestone. Wishing both Mr. Youngkin and Ms. Sears much success. It will be exciting to see what they do.
PATRICK (Pennsylvania)
This is no longer just an aberration. "The Wall" is turning NYC into "Fort Bragg". Believe it. Truth is stranger than fiction in a Television world.
Upper Westsider (NYC)
“We’re not going to just talk about safety,” Mr. Adams declared. “We’re going to have safety in our city.” Please explain how this happens with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg who says he will not prosecute illegal gun possession unless the weapon was fired, will not prosecute shoplifting unless more than $250 is stolen, will not prosecute a host of other crimes which impact the daily lives of law abiding New Yorkers. Why would police officers waste time and resources making toothless arrests? Removing the assumption of consequences from the minds of criminals is a recipe for more crime.
Lonnie Anaheim (NYC)
@Upper Westsider Don’t ever worry what the DA says, worry what the leader says, and the leader of this city is the Mayor. I like everything Mr. Adams said in his victory speech, this is no starry eyed progressive this man is pragmatic and wants to get the job done, you can set the tone of your whole term in your victory speech and who is up there with you. I like what I saw and what I heard.
dc (Here)
@Upper Westsider Yes, disappointing that voters who complain about crime have overwhelmingly elected a DA who may follow the soft-on-crime policies of Boudin in SF and Krasner in Philly. God help us.
Olivia (NYC)
@Upper Westsider You said it. Bragg’s win was a blow for the city. I’m not hopeful that our great city will rebound.
Ralph Petrillo (Nyc)
NYC will take care of itself if it has security . Metal detectors are needed at every housing project and if crime continues then it is time to have a emergency declared with a restriction of closing down high crimes areas at 11pm to 6am . Everyone inside, sorry but it needs to be done and watch violent crime crash. Most crime and murders committed in the late hours. Concentrate on security. Lower taxes on small buikdings with less then 4 apartments and two stores by 75%. There are so many empty stores and the value of these buildings are way down. Yet taxes have not been reduced.
Rick (Harlem)
So just like last year innocent poc on their way home or to work will be stopped by cops which only serves to further erode the little trust these communities have in the police. There’ve been plenty of times I’ve gotten home from work at 3 am or had to leave to get to work at that time and I’m not interested in TSA style security theater adding extra time to my commute. Throw the book at anybody doing something heinous like rape, murder, or assault and take lesser offenders on a case by case basis. Making entire communities dislike the NYPD only gets us to where we are now
B. (Brooklyn)
People should be able to walk at all hours. They should not be able to loiter on street corners and in front of 24-hour bodegas at all hours. You're right, Rick. But social justice warriors and our current crop of politicians like Jumaane Williams and Alvin Bragg won't let you "throw the book" at criminals. I think that horse has left the barn. Time to put bars on your fire escape window. I remember the old bad days. Only then, in the 1970s and 1980s, politicians agreed that crime was bad. Now they feel sorry for criminals and want to pay them a hefty stipend not to commit crimes.
For Justice (Brooklyn)
He needs to do something about homelessness. I have yet to see this city address the issue with any sustained impact at all. There is an intersection between all these issues- housing, economic recovery, public safety, addressing income inequality and health disparities. Surely we have the leadership and innovation in this great town to set the template for the world in motion. Let’s see. Let’s hope.
Ralph Petrillo (Nyc)
@For Justice Good idea . Maybe the city should buy some hotels that are now much cheaper due to the lack of tourism and then instead of renting rooms the city will own rooms .
@Ralph Petrillo : But many of the people living on our streets have serious mental health issues. They need to be placed in mental health facilities and given the medication and treatment they need. If they are simply given housing, many may not be able to take care of that housing.
Ma (Atl)
@For Justice The only way to attack homelessness is to provide shelter and food (not in high end hotels with food from 4 star restaurants) and mandate that the homeless use the shelter provided. While the shelter provided cannot and should not be super nice, it should be adequate and it must be safe. Following that, those that chose to stay in the streets need to be moved to said shelters or arrested. Sorry, there is no other answer as too many prefer the streets, drugs, and theft to support a drug habit and 'free living.' Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, we must revise our laws to allow family to institutionalize a mentally ill member. Too often, family hands are tied as are doctors who cannot force one to take meds. This needs to stop. ACLU - please do not get involved this time; you've created more damage than you will admit when you fought the right of families to institutionalize.
mina ahmadi (london)
Not a NYC resident here but I am encouraged by Eric Adams’ victory. The centrist approach is the only one that can work in a nation as divided as ours. Dangerous excesses of “utopia now” can only tear the country apart. Crime is without doubt the number one issue where the survival of great American cities is concerned, and the increase in police presence and better law enforcement are crucial to changing the dangerous trajectory of increasing homicides in urban America. I hope Mr. Adams can fulfill his campaign promises to deliver order and safety and to make NYC هفته نامه ملت بیدار
Hector OfPriam (Troy)
@mina ahmadi Unfortunately (depending on your perspective) in the US, centrist, actually means conservative, and conservative, means far-right. So this is a more a win for Republicans than it is for Democrats.
PATRICK (Pennsylvania)
I know I've been rather a pain to many for years claiming elections are rigged, even before Trump. For years I wrote here about how seemingly impossible it is for the electorate to be so evenly divided between conservatives and liberals. One question I had many years ago was, is there a genetic predeterminate of psychology such as in X and Y chromosomes determining our gender? But in the last couple of years I have been lobbying heavily for paper proof ballots that were finally widely used in the 2020 primary season, and unsurprisingly, Trump and Republicans were very upset by their use and tried desperately to convince the public that paper proof was no proof. Consider that. But now I'm looking at a snapshot of your reporting of the New Jersey Governor's race, as in "Horse Race", with 88% of votes tallied and both candidates are separated by only .05%. To me that's a big giant waving red flag. So consider this; if electronic vote counting through Television and internet is so remarkably close, seemingly impossible to me, will outstanding counting of mail in paper proof ballots show a wider percentage of the vote, thereby indicating a high likelihood of electronic vote counting manipulation? You folks are the reporters. At some point, you have to get beyond your cynical view of claims of rigged elections and begin to explore such things as I outlined. It may be that subsequent paper proof ballot tallies will show discrepancies with electronic and Television reports.
PATRICK (Pennsylvania)
Could it be that Trump's barrage of anti-ballot rhetoric indicates he and his colleagues knew comparing vote tallies of Electronic reporting and paper ballot counting would have proven a rigged election or voting reports?
PATRICK (Pennsylvania)
I'm really grateful you posted this. It's a practical way to check claims of election fraud. It goes beyond hearsay or conspiracy theories and gets right to actual counting as checks of election legitimacy. I am very grateful. Thank you.
PATRICK (Pennsylvania)
Actually, my slow working mind just figured out the strategy I outlined here in comparing percentage spreads of electronic vote tallies with paper proof ballots tallies percentage spreads in the last 2020 election, may prove my point and give reasonable suspicion to go back and analyze the other elections.
E. Smith (NYC)
To Mayor-Elect Eric Adams: Congratulations on your victory and best wishes for success in the days ahead. Keep the faith.
PATRICK (Pennsylvania)
Um? It was an election between two Wall Street NYTVPD candidates. So what are we to think about the legitimacy of the election? Could it be elections are rigged by the choices of candidates?
Orange County (California)
I sincerely hope Eric Adams can do something about rising crime, especially in the subway. Bill de Blasio was a very divisive figure and he’s not going to be missed. His clashes with Cuomo said tons about de Blasio’s lack of maturity. I also hold de Blasio partially responsible for the pre-Giuliani decay the City is going through. The other half I blame on PBA union leader Patrick Lynch and his rank-and-file being insubordinate with the mayor. Both de Blasio and Lynch are to blame for New York’s decline. I hope Lynch and his rank-and-file will treat Adams much better than they did with de Blasio but Lynch owes it to himself and his union not to make unreasonable demands and that they should obey the new mayor to take the vaccine if he orders it and not talk back at him or organize a protest march. Otherwise Lynch and his union should find another line of work.
Ian E (Brooklyn)
Funny. Your location says California. I’m in New York City. Been here for 20 years and NYC is not collapsing nor is crime out of control. Yes, there’s an uptick but we’re in a pandemic. People are hurt, angry and our government really come to our aid that we’ll. I’m sure you read it somewhere, but most of it is not true.
angela (NYC)
@Orange County I agree with you 150% except for the de Blasio, Cuomo conflict. It was Cuomo who was being immature by being a bully towards de Blasio.
@Orange County If you're in California, how do you know there's so much subway crime? I ride the subway every single day and don't see it. Are you just taking the word of the media? Don't.
Alex (New York)
The Dems best savor this victory. There won't be many others. The biggest problem? Look at Nate Cohn's comment about Youngkin's win. "As Democrats try and make sense of the wreckage tonight, one fact stands out as one of the easiest explanations: Joe Biden has lower approval ratings at this stage of his presidency than nearly any president in the era of modern polling." No, Math Guy. That's cart before the horse thinking. It's that the democrats aren't doing anything to support the non-elites that are causing them to have terrible numbers. Biden doesn't have lousy numbers that are causing the dems to lose; the dems are so busy carrying the water of the hyperwealthy that the masses simply can't be bothered to show up anymore. It will be even worse at the midterms while Adams, Biden and all the rest continue to back policies that don't equalize the wealth gap or deal with climate problems. Biden turned in a lousy performance at the climate summit, and people know: if you aren't rich, don't look to the dems anymore for help. They stopped helping back about 40 years ago.
For Justice (Brooklyn)
@Alex. But what is the GOP doing for non elites? The trickle down has done zilch for decades. The no increase in minimum wage in ages while tax cuts for the rich thrive is abominable. The lack of Medicaid expansion in red states during a pandemic and long COVID will reap havoc for years to come. And need I mention infrastructure? 45 did Zero in his term. I think we can agree that our elections are who can talk the talk on the news cycle around election time yet not necessarily do the work as a term is being served. I always thought why are already talking about 2022 (since 2020) instead of what are these officials doing TODAY.
Peter (Syracuse)
@For Justice What have Republicans done? Nothing, you are correct. But what do the people think? They think that Republicans are fighting for them against the elites they hate so much even as Republicans make those elites more elite. Why does this happen? Messaging is a big piece, but a complicit corporate media that fails to report the real truth about Republicans is an even bigger part. Just look at how they handled the lies of the Youngkin campaign. CRT in schools - not a thing but absolute truth in the media. Local control of schools - absolutely, but in the eyes of the media, not happening. And we don't even have to talk about Trump, Trumpism and the terrorist attack of 1/6.
Skell (Greater London)
@Alex I read about the Virginia results thinking Dems needed this wake up call. Maybe - just maybe - they'll realise that everyone loses when Dems relentlessly discredit their own candidates because they aren't picture perfect (angels don't exist on earth). They 've got to start rallying 100% behind ANY Dem candidate. Save the bickering for when you have a clear majority. Republicans will back any conman, loudmouth, billionaire or decent parent as long as they are Republican. Repubs don't need to work too hard to attack their rivals. Dems do it more vigourously, relentlessly for them - handing them fence sitter votes. Having discredited and chosen not to vote for rich Dems who might shape policies for the majority, the country ends up with rich Republics whose policies are all about making the rich richer.
Mor (California)
Not a NYC resident here but I am encouraged by Eric Adams’ victory. The centrist approach is the only one that can work in a nation as divided as ours. Dangerous excesses of “utopia now” can only tear the country apart. Crime is without doubt the number one issue where the survival of great American cities is concerned, and the increase in police presence and better law enforcement are crucial to changing the dangerous trajectory of increasing homicides in urban America. I hope Mr. Adams can fulfill his campaign promises to deliver order and safety and to make NYC an example to follow. And yes, I am looking at San Francisco where the increase in violent crime and failure to enforce the law are making this beautiful city uninhabitable.
NYT Bashes Israel… Again (NYC)
@Mor Eric Adams cannot do any of this unless prosecutors are willing to prosecute. The key to Public Safety lies with those like the next Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, who list of crimes he will not prosecute is longer than those he will. Toothless arrests and a lack of consequences embolden criminals.
Olivia (NYC)
@NYT Bashes Israel… Again With crime up I don’t understand how Bragg won.
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