Lisa Murkowski and Sarah Palin Survive Primary Battles, but a Democrat Breaks Through

Aug 16, 2022 · 130 comments
Jim (Idaho)
The only reason Peltola came out on top is because Palin and Begich split the Republican voters nearly 50-50. Palin will crush Peltola head to head.
NYWoman (NYC)
Perhaps. Or maybe, as she damaged John McCain’s chances for the Presidency in 2008, her incompetence and dishonesty will once again sink her.
Sue Steinacher (Nome, AK)
That’s why we will do everything possible to turn out the Native vote!
Alaska has huge tax revenues from oil. But with climate change initiatives, they won't last. The Biden administration and the U.S. Congress should guarantee that those revenues will continue from the U.S. Treasury in return for Ms Murkowski's vote on climate change legislation. The reason would be a hardship subsidy for living in a harsh climate. Climate change disasters, should they continue to occur and get worse, would very much affect Alaska. It is in everyone's interest there to support legislation fighting climate change, and the Democrats are still one vote short of passing the PEPP, and other climate change legislation.
tunaboy (San Diego)
So Donald Trump is supporting Kelly Tshibaka for Senate in Alaska. It's doubtful that Trump knows anything about her or what she believes in, except that she is opposing Lisa Murkowski. Trump's picks are solely about personal grievances and retribution. Trump doesn't give one whit about anything that concerns Alaskans. I wonder if he could even find Alaska on a map?
john R. Dykers, Jr. MD ( Siler City NC)
Gosh, I wish I lived in Alaska just long enough to vote for Lisa Murkowski. I love it here in central North Carolina too much to leave my farm. That lady has true grit. I am so ashamed of the members of my party who helped our fiscal conservatism be hijacked by a coward, bully, loudmouth who repeated the big lie so often that so many interpreted the lie as truth. He bused loyal Americans to DC and incited them to "fight" in a violent insurrection attack on our own Capitol while he slinked off to the White House to watch on TV. Hooray for the 10 House Republicans who voted FOR the second impeachment and for Richard Burr who voted to convict him. If only we could have had 9 more with COURAGE.
John Tollefson (Banks Mtn NC)
I am as proud of him as I am ashamed of my congress person Cawthorn
Person 27 (Alaska)
Like others, I lament that the NYT calls ranked choice voting "complex." If you are too simple to understand ranked-choice voting, then maybe you shouldn't be voting on the much more complex issues of government. Ranked choice voting disempowers the parties. They don't lose all their value as parties, but they can no longer freeze out the majority of the voters by rigidly controlling voters' choices. The loudest complainers are the extremists who are losing their say. I live 5 blocks from the capital. I watched the panel discussion with Mary Peltola, Palin and Begich. I laughed out loud three times at Sarah's answers, and that's when I knew she had my #2 vote. Sarah Palin has no ideas about how to solve Alaska's (or the country's) most pressing issues. She's an empty carnival barker out for herself. Nick Begich is equally empty, with the same proto-fascist leanings as Palin and the same blind submission to the Republican party, but his carefully crafted sound bites seem thoughtful and serious. I'd rather have the obvious fraud front and center, as "serious" Republicans like Begich are harder to extract. Mary Peltola is that really nice, smart lady who lives in your neighborhood that decided to run for office. Awesome! PS: Lisa will crush Tchibaka in the general election.
john R. Dykers, Jr. MD ( Siler City NC)
@Person 27 Educate me. I thought you did not HAVE to vote for a 2 or 3. Of course you don't have to vote at all. Or Educate me further; Is voting compulsory in Alaska? Sure hope you are correct about Lisa in the general.
Spruce (Maine)
@john R. Dykers, Jr. MD Voting is not compulsory in Alaska. You don't have to vote for a second or third option. You can vote for one person if you want. There is no way on earth I'd cast a vote for Sarah Palin. She's not worthy of even my very last choice or a single one of my votes.
Independent American (USA)
The Republican party is dead and what is/has risen is little more than the Fake Reality Extremists party (FREP). These people have no respect for democracy, science, truths, facts or fellow Americans' Constitutional rights whenever things don't go their way or they just don't agree with other people's personal decisions, regardless that it doesn't affect them in any manner that counts. I'm tired of hearing how disenfranchised they are when they're the dolts creating all the distention and distrust with all of their lies! I'm tired of hearing about their religious freedoms. The majority of Americans have always been trying to be respectful of that but that isn't being returned by passing legislations that are meant to shove that personal crud into other Americans' lives that VIOLATE the Constitutional rights that protect us FROM such legislations! I will never vote for any of these people. Never!
Brigette C (Ashland Oregon)
The FREP’s, love that
Naomi Olson (Mertarvik, Alaska)
More Mary Peltola! Alaska Native in the House! Why is she always being dropped from the headline? She is truly what Alaska wants and needs.
Shoshana (Alaska)
Yes! I am so very excited!
Hayley (La)
@Naomi Olson You had to scroll to the end of the article to see her picture. But my understanding is that she is the front runner? Shouldn't her photo be at the top?
Diego4ever (San Diego)
I hope Ms. Peltola reminds voters that Palin spread lies about the Affordable Care Act when she said it would result in death panels and other nonsense. We do not need more people like Palin in Congress.
John Bowen (Carlsbad, California)
I always found the honorific title of "governor" a wee bit disingenuous after she walked away from the job to see whether she could find success as an entertainer. She was about as good in show business as she was in politics.
Kensluck (Ft. Florida)
The fact that the former Republican representative of Alaska, Don Young had served Alaska for almost 50 years says something about Alaska voters. They need to stop pushing their vote buttons for the same person year after year. Before Lisa Murkowski was Senator, her father held that Senate seat for twenty years. He then appointed Lisa, his daughter, to his seat after he became governor in 2002. Once more a family dynasty in place from 1981 to now 2022. I would hope they show Palin the door since she quit as governor after two years to pursue more profitable activities as talking head on Fox New, and celebrity on Dancing with the Stars. For once, I urge the Alaska voters to think outside the box and vote for the Democrat, Peltola. Maybe even try the Democrat, Mr. Gara for Governor. What have you got to lose?
Sid (Cambridge)
What have you got to lose is what got us Trump in the first place. Let's agree to never use this argument when it comes to electing public officials.
Larry Thiel (Iowa)
I'd say it's extremely doubtful Murkowski wins that seat.
Jim (Citizen of The World)
@Larry Thiel, Then you don't know Murkowski, in her last election she didn't make it past the primary but won as write in. You should do a tiny bit of research before opineing about a topic you clearly know zero about..
tunaboy (San Diego)
@Larry Thiel I wish I could make a side bet with you on who wins the senatorial election in Alaska. Since you are "extremely doubtful" that Murkowski will win, you should give me some pretty good odds.
Larry Thiel (Iowa)
@Jim I do actually know that because it was in the story you and I just read. It's offensive to me that Murkowski got her Senate seat by being appointed by her Daddy. I think that's wrong. And when she loses her seat, I'm going to be gleeful.
Autumn (New York)
If any Republican woman should run for president, it’s Lisa Murkowski. She’s proven herself time and again, and it’s a shame that the mainstream media consistently overlooks her in favor of flashier politicians.
Jim (Citizen of The World)
@Autumn, They don't she's not a headline hound, she keeps her head down and silently does her thing.
Michael (London UK)
Kudos to the state for embracing ranked choice voting. Conservatives don’t like it here in the U.K. either because they see it as a threat. Most English mayoral contests employ ranked choice but the current Conservative government is seeking to end that. They say because it is “too confusing”. Really it’s because they see political advantage in using a less democratic system.
Tony Bickert (Anchorage, AK)
In voting for Palin, at least half of all Alaska republicans have abandoned the horse sense that has defined them since statehood. Whether indoctrinated by the evangelicals or conned by Trump, I can’t imagine discussing even the weather with a Palin supporter. I will say this to sensible conservatives out there: It’s raining today in Alaska.
Jim (Citizen of The World)
@Tony Bickert, As someone from Alaska, I feel the same way, it's time for Alaska to try something different other than the same republican Kool Aid.
Me (NYC)
I really can't fathom the direction or tone of this reporting. We should praise people like Murkowski who when the time came put their country first against serious threats. It takes courage that should be exemplified repeatedly. Not questioned indirectly.
George (San Rafael, CA)
The article calls ranked choice voting "complex." It's not complex at all. You simply pick your choice to win by 1st choice, 2nd or 3rd. A better word than complex would be "innovative."
Spruce (Maine)
@George Thank you for saying that. Alaska has done well in educating people on ranked choice voting. Numerous mail flyers with clear directions, tv commercials, ads in local papers. Ranking something one through four isn't difficult, something most five year olds would be able to do. Calling it complex plants a seed of negativity rather than describing it as a democratic process that more accurately reflects the will of the voters.
Frank Beal (Göteborg/Pittsburgh)
@George And the winner can end up being somebody nobody really wanted
Jim (Citizen of The World)
@Spruce, Yeah, it's like watching a foot race in the Olympics, you have first, second, and third place. The only difference is you don't have those in the stadium casting votes. But it's the same principle, and you've got to be Palin dumb not to get it, since it's based on the number of voted each received, first place having the most and so on. It's not rocket science.
Ray Wulfe (Colorado)
I'd consider a crossover vote for a center-right candidate, but abortion rights are an absolute deal breaker.
Joanne Roberts (St. Paul MN)
The real winner in Alaska: ranked-choice voting. It seems to bring down the extremism. “North to the Future” may well be a harbinger for the rest of us.
agonyFranck (hudson ny)
Palin is an empty suit. Truly an example of celebrity through politics, and politics for celebrity. She's smart to avoid the press, in fact she should avoid anybody that can read, she might learn something, and be forced to actually form an original opinion. I still remember her being interviewed and her all to apparent inability to form a coherent answer to simple questions. I thought then how disgraceful and frightening that the GOP would even consider this woman qualified to fill the office of the president. Worst of all she showed Trump the path he could take. His reptilian brain saw the niche in the electorate she appealed to, and the rest is the near downfall of the Republic; a near downfall that has yet to run its vile course. Lord, and voters save us from these people.
Chester (New Orleans)
@agonyFranck I actually admired John McCain and was considering voting for him in 2008. Then he selected Sarah Palin as his running mate, and the more I heard from her, the more concerned I became. As the above poster wrote, this is not a person who should be a heartbeat away from the presidency. McCain's choice of her changed my opinion of him. To this day I still wonder: What was he thinking?
bluewhinge (Weatherford, Tx)
@Chester Well, he was also friends with Lindsey Graham, so maybe he had problems with assessing character?
agonyFranck (hudson ny)
@Chester Agreed, I had a wary respect for McCain. I think they were reading the polls and became a little desperate, and simply did not do due diligence on Palin. And I do not think it took long for them to realize the mistake. Yes, she reinforced a base element, but she repelled the independents and suburban GOP. Who wants to vote for a man running with an uninformed, soon to be a punchline, out of her league, running mate?
Anna (Sonoma)
Anyone seriously supporting Sarah Palin should read 'Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin' by Frank Bailey, a former dedicated staffer who truly believed in her cause. A fascinating read!
Frank O (Texas)
Sarah Palin. Again. Whose unwed-mother daughter was the poster girl for the failure of conservative "Just say 'No'" sex education. But then, "trickle-down" economics has failed continuously, ever since it was invented 40+ years ago, and conservatives still peddle it.
Theresa’s (NJ)
I’m sorry Murkowski is still in the running. She’s a disappointment to Republicans on many levels that have nothing to do with Trump. Also she’s another long time politician. Alaska could use a change. She doesn’t hear what people want. We need change.
john R. Dykers, Jr. MD ( Siler City NC)
@Theresa’s Advocating for "change" for the sake of "change" is not thoughtful. What way to change? What is the essence of improvement? How do we make governance more functional? What makes a strong economy is the capacity to plan. The stability of a republic with a peaceful transfer of power and reliable transparent elections is the strength of a republic, Without a republic, we can have no democracy. NYT take note; worry about the loss of the republic, not just the danger to our democracy.
Spruce (Maine)
@Theresa’s Looks like you are in NJ, so how much do you know about Alaska and Alaska politics, not to mention the unique needs of the state? I have lived there for decades. While I am not giant Lisa fan, I do appreciated the fact she is level headed, has a good grasp of state needs, advocates for Alaskans, not herself. She is well respected in the state. As another poster pointed out, change for the sake of change is mindless. Tshibaka doesn't know our state and was Dunleavy's lapdog, now she's trumps little pet parroting his nonsense. That is not change we need. Tshibaka is poser in Alaska. Most of us know it.
Roger (Pa)
Campaigns and elections in the USA are overbearing and interminable. I've had enough of some candidates after one encounter.
Dan Seiden (Manchester VT)
These are encouraging signs for our democracy. Voters are protecting abortion rights. Ranked choice is also a VERY good idea. You can vote your conscience, then be practical, and, hopefully, not end up with a nonsense candidate.
shyegye (LA)
So, now will Begich's votes be distributed between Palin and Pelota for the special election, or will only those of candidates who came in 4th or lower be distributed among the top 3? The mechanics that will decide the special election would be useful. Did I just miss them?
Mechanical Engineer (Boston)
I suspect the bracelets she gave out were silicone (rubber) not silicon (the crystalline material used in computer chips.
Chester (New Orleans)
@Mechanical Engineer Good catch.
reap (nyc)
Wish Pelota all the best. It is great that she campaigned on bipartisanship.
Dr. Biff (SoCal)
The single "democrat break through" candidate is a rare voice conservative voice on the left.
William Harris (West Coast)
palin? really? i don't have much faith we can save the democracy from the anti-american republican crime and terror syndicate.
john R. Dykers, Jr. MD ( Siler City NC)
@William Harris Yours is a valid sentiment. But we need to have similar concern about saving our republic (NOT Republican) which means a government of law, protection of minority rights, and a freedom from fear of tyranny. We must have this stability and freedom to have a democracy. Our republic is currently endangered by a theocratic SCOTUS and gerrymandering. One big mistake is our thinking that democracy is easy. Staggered elections, term limits, peacefully losing an election, are valuable and hard to come by; paid for with generations past and lives, given and lost.
Cindy (Seattle, WA)
I remember when Palin was running for Vice President. She would tell people at her rallies that Obama was "palling around with terrorists" and the crowds would start yelling "Kill him!" and she would stand there and smile, and I thought that she should be brought up on some sort of charges for conspiring to murder a sitting US senator. McCain, at least, would shut that stuff down at his rallies.
Deb (Blue Ridge Mtns.)
@Cindy -When Obama was president I heard hard right talking head Mark Levin call for his assassination on Limbaugh's radio show. I was so shocked I almost ran off the road, and thought surely FBI would pay him a visit - nope.
Jim (Citizen of The World)
@Deb, You have no idea of the F.B.I went to see him or not, just because it doesn't hit the front page, doesn't mean it didn't happen.
Deb (Blue Ridge Mtns.)
@Jim - His words and actions have not changed an iota since then - a very good indicator that no one from law enforcement suggested he tone it down.
Jonathan (Seattle, WA)
Why is the NYT helping perpetuate the idiotic notion that ranked choice voting is "complex?" You get lathered up about how we're losing our Democracy; and then introduce a simple solution as "complex" - it's not. Most of us have had a first, second and third favorite choice at the ready since we were discussing around the dinner table which of our classmates we liked in kindergarten class. As a Rangers fan I knew who I would root for when the Islanders played the Devils. This "complexity" claim is a subtle & pernicious form of both-sides-ism. Stop it.
agonyFranck (hudson ny)
@Jonathan 100 per cent correct. Find me someone that does not have a favorite, and then something or someone right behind that choice. I think its human nature.
Excellent points! It’s also a widely used system in other contexts.
@Jonathan As a Devils fan I will always root for whoever is playing the Rangers.
Oh, no !!! (USA)
Lord help us!! Tina Fey, where are you??
Andy Nonnamous (NX)
I was in Alaska when Mrs. Palin resigned as governor. People on all sides were furious: Alaskans don’t quit, but she did. It’s not that long ago that they don’t remember. I am thrilled with the emergence of Mary Peltola. She’s getting a donation from here, six time zones away.
FerCry'nTears (EVERYWHERE)
@Andy Nonnamous And the voter in this article who said people like to bring up that she quit. She said there were legitimate reasons why she quit and then did not name those reasons. This is the level of thinking
BR (Bay Area)
It’s fascinating that Alaskans can choose someone as flaky and ignorant as Palin, but also write in and choose someone like Murkowski.
Scott (Bronx)
"The races Tuesday also tested a new complex voting system that allowed voters to rank their preferences in the special election." Why does NYT persist with this claim. Ranked Choice Voting is simple. Rank your choices 1,2,3... I've read this in several articles and seems to be an editorial choice. Maybe the more polarized single choice system that allows a candidate to win with 30% of the vote sells more papers because everyone is angry, I don't know. People all around the US and across the world use RCV. It enables candidates to appeal to a broader constituency instead of appealing to the most volatile voters.
@Scott Yes ranked choice voting is "complex" and Palestinian terrorists are "militants". Orwell is turning over in his grave.
JMM (Ballston Lake, NY)
“In the Senate race, Ms. Tshibaka has sought to capitalize on longtime conservative frustrations with Ms. Murkowski, including her vote in 2017 against repealing the Affordable Care Act…..” Man - this is still a thing with Republicans? NO one is talking about the ACA anymore. And given that Murkowski got herself back into the Senate with a write-in campaign during the tea party era, my money’s on Murkowski.
Chester (New Orleans)
@JMM Mrs. Murkowski is a politician, yes, but an honorable and decent politician. Alaska is fortunate to have her in the Senate.
just another guy in (Ohio)
Once upon a time there were liberal Republicans. They no longer exist. Now even moderate Republicans like Lisa Murkowski are on the verge of extinction. We really need to have some people in Congress who are willing to compromise and work with the opposing party to pass the legislation that Americans depend upon. That's why it is crucial to retain at least one Senator who doesn't march in lockstep with the Trumpist hordes.
john R. Dykers, Jr. MD ( Siler City NC)
@just another guy in May I suggest that the "other" party might help instead of "opposing". Two heads are better than one, even if one is a goat head.
MP (SF Peninsula)
Palin cut taxes and handed out free money when oil prices were high, then turned tail and ran when they fell again and she had to make hard choices in the face of deficits. Someone should have explained to her that “spend and don’t tax”, the ubiquitous, intellectually bankrupt economic theory pioneered by Ronald Reagan, only works when you can print money, and then only until you’ve bankrupted the country.
FerCry'nTears (EVERYWHERE)
@MP I have had people tell me that they are a Republican because they believe in sound fiscal policies. Why they believe that the Republican Party is good with money I do not understand
Person 27 (Alaska)
@MP You are wrong: she did not cut taxes. She raised them. Palin came into office after the FBI had raided the capital and left with dozens of boxes marked "evidence." I believe they convicted 7 legislators for taking bribes from the oil companies, and they even almost got Ted Stevens (he got off on a technicality ). The oil companies briefly lost their grip on our government and Palin worked with Democrats and pro-Alaska Republicans to raise taxes beyond the 3rd world level we had been charging. This kept us flush for many years after, but her successor, a former oil lobbyist, spent 3 years working on a big tax cut for oil, and now we actually write them a check for $800,000,000/year just to say "thanks!" Sarah had (and deserved) a 90% approval rating her first year in office. I used to open up the paper and say "God Bless Sarah Palin." When she became a national figure, she threw all that away and became the hate-spewing empty drum she is now. As her mentor would say: "Sad."
Holly Macquarie (PNW)
That’s not true. Alaska does not have a state income tax or sales tax. Palin instituted a tax on oil company windfalls , and it was quite popular with the public, but not with big oil. Bill Kristol and others who were the mouthpieces of oil companies got her VP nomination to get rid of her, then put an oil crony in who managed to get the taxes repealed. Palin shortly after went over the deep end, probably with alcohol.
Bonku (Madison)
Rank choice system should be introduced in WI and all over the nation. Maintaining a minimum election stanrard for neutrality and efficiency throughout the nation became so crucial due to systemic and sustained efforts by the Republican party to destroy voting rights and the election process itself in states where they control the state assembly, senate, and Governor position. WI is among those unfortunate states where democracy is under serious threat. Rank choice system will also help the Republican party to miminize extremist elements, Pro-Trump or otherwise.
frankly 32 (by the sea)
Thank you Alaska for a shot of optimism. 1. Leader Mary Peltola, we learn, is a Yup'ik Indian would become the first Alaskan native to represent the state in D.C. 2. And we also learn that she "has strongly championed abortion rights, called for higher taxes on the wealthy and has sought an approach to development of Alaska’s resources focused on sustaining communities over corporate interests." As a Yup’ik woman, she has says "a pro-family ethic shapes her identity." So, howdy and oh boy, then Peltola is the polar opposite of Sarah Palin -- and Palin's professed affection for her is obviously just a feint to cover her flank and curry favor among native Alaskans. (I'm prejudiced and think that native Alaskans, as the first peoples deserve more weight in the state than their 15% of population suggests) Oh, my, oh my, doesn't this present us with a revealing snapshot of what the parties represent. On the Republican side, we have former cover girl Sarah Palin, an alloy of resource exploitation and evangelical christianity. And, on the Democratic side, we have a native working for a sustainable future where the states resources are shared by its people. Like Norway did with its oil. Now won't Peltola be a great addition to Alaska's ruling class, Washington DC and the squad! Could be these are the first clues that our national ship of state -- a very large super tanker -- is slowly turning to a more survivable course based on realism. A Trump correction.
Joanne (Boston)
@frankly 32 - I sure hope you're right!
frankly 32 (by the sea)
I appreciate it when the Times includes the numbers of votes. at 2 am, from other sources, I see that 50,000 citizens in Wyoming stood up for Liz. Let us salute them and recognize that's a decent core and maybe a place to start. (of course 113,000 were Harriet Trump puppets, but its Wyoming, land of rape, Indian massacres and where, after shooting a man in the face, Dick Cheney got a standing ovation from their House of Representatives!) MEANWHILE, in ALASKA Mary Peltola at 2 am, led Palin by 58,000 to 47,000 with 38% of the vote, so Peltola only needs 13% more to win the general. and twice as many Alaskans dislike Palin as like Sarah. And because ranked voting comes into play, Peltola's chances are better because even Palin has her as her second choice. This is obviously going to be a gigantic battle, likely turning point and must see democracy. We can expect the GOP, evangelistas, and extractive industries to pour money into Palin's pockets and begin their signature smears. But Peltola has good roots and is a great story, so that very well might run off her back. What an opportunity this presents in the great land that Seward bought for pennies -- and, just to show you how stupid people can be, was blistered for.
john R. Dykers, Jr. MD ( Siler City NC)
@frankly 32 Good history lesson and I agree with you EXCEPT the hunting accident which you describe as "shooting a man in the face". My county, Chatham, in N.C. was a world destination for quail hunting in the 1960s when I moved here. Mike Dugan and I went every Thursday morning during season. Crucial only to go in pairs and always see each other; when a covey takes off the rush is fantastic and the shot must be quick. The angles are indeterminate. i don't know the details of the Cheney shooting, but for the most careful it is precarious. I shot 8 for 8, the limit; actually one miss and one double, and quit. We have NO quail now; chicken manure grew fescue for our cows, so deer everywhere. There were no deer in the 1960s. Man made 'climate change'
Elizabeth Mayersohn (St.Louis, MO)
Victories for Palin and Murkowski signify different messages from the electorate. It seems disjointed to put those two names in the same sentence!
But Palin hasn’t scored a victory. She’s just made it to the second round, in second place.
JFR (Yardley)
It is truly dumbfounding how blind the GOP faithful are to the truth. We all (GOP and DEMs alike) hold strong views about some things, not because we have personal, one-on-one experiences of or with them, but because we rely upon others that we trust, others who do know or are very, very likely to know. How 40 million Americans can put their trust in Trump and his ilk, how they can choose to believe them and not the broad and overwhelmingly numerous and well-schooled individuals that are screaming warning after warning that Trump will say and do what he can to enrich and empower himself? Are those 40 million Americans as self-serving as he? I don't think so. This is a mystery that we had better solve if our country is to survive.
john R. Dykers, Jr. MD ( Siler City NC)
@JFR Propaganda. Our brains interpret the familiar as true. Tell a lie big enough and often enough and people will believe it. Stay in your echo chamber and you hear the same thing over and over.
wrenhunter (Boston)
I’m trying to think of any man in the GOP with as much integrity as Murkowski or Liz Cheney. Still thinking.
FerCry'nTears (EVERYWHERE)
@wrenhunter Adam Kinzinger
john R. Dykers, Jr. MD ( Siler City NC)
@FerCry'nTears Susan Collins. MAYBE Richard Burr.
JosefK (Ormond Beach, Fl)
Mary Peltola "has strongly championed abortion rights, called for higher taxes on the wealthy and has sought an approach to development of Alaska’s resources focused on sustaining communities over corporate interests." On top of all that, commenter Alaska Tom says she is interested in and not hostile to science! Please, Alaskans, elect her as your representative in Congress.
Boaty (Sarasota, FL)
Ms. Peltola sounds like a wonderful candidate. I hope the Dems send money and support her candidacy.
Len (PA)
I had hoped Palin would be relegated to the dustbin of history. If she gets elected to Congress it will be a very sad day for the Republic.
Chester (New Orleans)
@Len But what a boost it will provide to the late night comedians!!!
NYWoman (NYC)
I suspect Palin will shortly exhibit her usual ignorance, dishonesty and cruelty attacking the Democrat, and that will finish her.
dugggggg (nyc)
Palin was the proto-Trump, the darling of the tea party. ugh.
RMS (near Los Angeles)
@dugggggg Palin was the "I can't believe they electetd someone that dumb" Republican before TFG came on the scene, at which point we found out that there was no bottom limit to the IQ that Americans would elect. Also, what is this bit about Alaskan women admiring Palin's accomplishments as a mother? As best I can tell, the family is/was utterly dysfunctional.
Sara (Princeton)
I found this article bizarre. I’d like to understand why Palin gets so much more publicity than her opponent, Peltoma? I’d expect this at a biased right wing news outlet. Especially since Palin represents everything that is wrong with this country, “ She posted a Facebook video of herself waving signs with volunteers…” “…on a busy thoroughfare in central Anchorage, groups of Palin supporters… roamed in a final push to get voters to the polls.” “Decked out in Palin gear, Lisa Smith, 73, a retired educator, argued that Ms. Palin did not need the publicity. “The long-term Alaskans know her, and she has a history that is solid and caring.” “…Trump, who made a rare visit to the state in July to promote Ms. Palin…” “Ms. Palin appeared to retain a strong well of support in her hometown of Wasilla, a small city of 10,000 north of Anchorage, and in other parts of the state. Many of her most ardent admirers are conservative women who praise her accomplishments as a politician and as a mother, …” “Melinda Michener, 62, an elementary-school teacher who has known Ms. Palin since Ms. Michener’s husband became a pastor at Ms. Palin’s childhood church.” “…she entered national politics in 2008 as the vice-presidential nominee for John McCain. “ Come on NYT you can do batter than this lopsided article,
Fighting Sioux (Rochester)
@Sara - I will make a bet another reader of this article believes there should have been even more coverage of Palin. At least some of us are now aware of Mary Peltola.
I just heard NPR's 5 second update and it just said "Sarah Palin was one of the candidates who advanced". No mention of Pertola there too...
Chester (New Orleans)
@Sara If Palin is elected and moves to Washington DC, her first public comment will be: "I can see the Russian Embassy from my new house!!"
C Ray (USA)
Republicans under trump: Clear and present danger to America, her people, and her institutions.
Bob M**** (East Of Eden)
Alaska is setting an inspiring example with so many women running and winning office - until you realize that the foot-in-mouth disease afflicted Sarah Palin is one of them. Sigh…
atb (Chicago)
@Bob M**** When many of the women are brainwashed Trumpies, it's not so inspiring. They're for equal rights only for themselves.
Jakn (Stone Field)
Not to jinx anything, but can this story and a few like it mean theres's a chance for no R tsunami this November? Might the congress even remain in D hands?
MidtownATL (Atlanta)
@Jakn The Democrats are likely hold the senate majority, and possible pick up a few seats. There will not be a red wave. Look at the generic congressional ballot polls. The averages at fivethirtyeight and realclearpolitics show the Dems and GOP basically tied for Congress. And the momentum is on the Democrats' side. The Republicans may still take the house majority. But if they do, it will be with a very small margin.
MP (SF Peninsula)
The dog caught the Roe v. Wade car, and is now flailing on the side of the road struggling to swallow it.
Jsailor (California)
@MidtownATL Even though the two parties may be tied, most polsters agree that Republican gerrymandering will require a 6% democratic majority to break even.
Fighting Sioux (Rochester)
Hearing about Mary Peltola is why I subscribe to the NYT. I wonder if she was mentioned on Fox "News" ?
Alaska Tom (Alaska)
Mary Peltola called me personally a couple of weeks ago and asked me to attend one of her meet and greet events. She asked me what I did for a living. I told her that I was a chemistry professor. We talked a bit about the periodic table and the existence of synthetic elements. She had some knowledge about that. She said she was a strong supporter of public education in Alaska and the university. Very pleasant conversation. She got my vote. I hope she wins.
Alan Wahs (Atlanta)
It’s a real plus when elected officials believe science is real.
Steve Kazan (Alaska Fan)
Who’s going to take better care of Alaskans? A woman who is on Fox New every night or one who calls constituents directly and supports public education. Calling all Alaskans to vote. I love that state!
John Tollefson (Banks Mtn NC)
Liz Cheney is the next Ross Perot (1992), Bernie Sanders (2016), or Ralph Nader (2000). She has formed an independent organization that will support a presidential run as an independent. She will pull enough sane Republican voters (yes there are a few) away from the Trump Republican candidate (Trump or de Santis etc.) to give the election to the Democrats. She has said her duty is to keep Trump out. She doesn't need a seat representing a backwater state to do this.
MC (Arizona)
@John Tollefson One of these things is not like the others. Sanders did not run after being defeated in the Democratic primaries, and instead endorsed Clinton for President. Sanders supporters like myself dutifully voted for Clinton in the general election. He did not cost Clinton the Presidency. Nor did Jill Stein, for that matter, unless 94% of Stein voters would have voted for Clinton rather than staying home or voting for someone else. Which is highly unlikely. So 2016 doesn't belong in this list. That said, I hope your prediction about 2024 comes true!
Budman (Boston)
@MC No, Stein was a spoiler. The number of votes cast for Stein in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin exceeded Trump’s margin of victory over Clinton.
frankly 32 (by the sea)
@John Tollefson Oh Dream ON! To be a viable presidential alternative she would have to get realistic and honest about EVERYTHING which would mean renouncing the Republican embrace of resource exploitation, gross income disparity, unequal rights, voting manipulation, Supreme Court packing, evangelical christianity, elimination of abortion and minimal taxes on the people with money Oh, and her own father and his Iraq invasion! How likely is that? But, if she did manage to do half of that, I'd consider voting for her.
Evangelist for Reality (NYC)
“People want to bring up that she resigned being governor, but there are reasons for that, and they were legitimate, and she was looking out for Alaskans,” said Melinda Michener, 62, an elementary-school teacher who has known Ms. Palin since Ms. Michener’s husband became a pastor at Ms. Palin’s childhood church. The reason if I recall correctly that little Miss America resigned from being the governor of Alaska was that she was caught up in a criminal conspiracy in her own office. Yep she’s a real winner. 
oscar jr (sandown nh)
@Evangelist for Reality Yup those pesky facts are a killer.
John Tollefson (Banks Mtn NC)
At least we know she's not above the law-how much jail time she got.
Frank O (Texas)
@Evangelist for Reality Exactly. I wonder why the NYT, etc., never mention that investigation, which was dropped when she resigned.
J (New Orleans)
There are issues with both Republicans and Democrats (more with the Republicans), but at least the Democrats stick with intelligent people as opposed to the 2+2=5 Republican crowd.
Laurence Hauben (California)
I thought it was 2 2 = 0 on the Republican side
Robert (Atlanta)
Alaska used to be quirky for oddballs/run by sensible adults. Now oddballs gone to politics/sensible adults melting away. Where in the world can a person run away to these days? Time to clean up the living room and stay.
Holly Macquarie (PNW)
Most of the wiser Alaskans long ago decamped to Hawaii, Denver, and the islands around seattle.
Jean Cleary (Mass.)
Well, the Alaskan voter proved themselves to be wiser than the Wyoming voter.
Fred (Seattle)
@Jean Cleary It's not the just voter, it's the system. Wyoming has a traditional party primary that enables extreme candidates. Lisa Murkowski would have lost the primary under that system. But Alaska has just moved to a jungle primary that allows easy crossover voting and includes independents, similar to the system we have in Washington State. Alaska's system even has ranked-choice voting in the the general election.
Seamus (Portland Me)
@Fred Ranked choice favors the sane candidates. Happy with it in Maine.
Chester (New Orleans)
@Jean Cleary Tuesday showed us the difference. Wyoming voters are led by Trump while Alaskan voters are led by their brains.
Par Ici (Par Là)
I live on the East Coast and have never been to Alaska….yet. But one thing is for sure: I’m with Mary and will be making a donation to her campaign today! Fellow Dems…..Let’s do it! Mary Peltola! WOW!
CT Resident (CT)
Murkovski should join Democratic Party along with Liz Cheney and Romney. I am sure they will be rewarded with some important posts for the loyalty.
Nathan Hansard (Roanoke Virginia)
NO. These guys, especially Liz, would fit in like a polecat at a dog convention.
Keith (North Carolina)
@CT Resident Murkovski may at times, but Cheney and Romney definitely don't have views that the Democratic party represents. Be glad there are still some sane Republicans. Perhaps in some distant future their numbers could swell.
Mark Charles (Middletown, CT)
@CT Resident All three of the politicians you listed are descended from generations of Republicans in their respective families. We need these people to stay in their party to help steer it back to something resembling sanity.
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