Message Bubbles

Sep 16, 2022 · 131 comments
Skye Whalen (Brooklyn, New York)
I think this image is communicating how teenagers are being intimidated by messages online. This is because the person is lying down, on their phone with a book next to them, indicating that the phone is more important to the person in that moment. This could be a commentary on how people are on their phones when they should be learning. Additionally, In the picture the person is being covered by shadows of messages. This could illustrate how the person is feeling overwhelmed by messages either that they have to send, or that has been sent to them. Lastly, the person is laying on grass, and looking away from their phone at a tree. This could mean that they are looking for an escape from their phone in nature.
Helen Bat (Greece)
In that image , is a person to feel lonely. The only his friend is a mobile. He is indifferent for everything around him.
Emmanouela (Heraklion)
When i look that image, i see a person that feel lonely. A person that has lot of thoughts on their mind, look the sky and the stars and think all the problems that has on their life. Sometimes, we need to have time for themselves , to relax and discuss with us to find solution from the problems. We need to have a clear mind and time to see the things of our life with a different side.
kyriakh (Greece)
To me, this image captures the world's largest percentage.In my opinion, the most of us we have the phone for many hours in our hands.We want to communicate with message or to see what the other people do.In that way we are losing the real beauty which is out from social media.
J. Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
To me, this image represents our society. Our society is stuck in our phones and social media. Technology is taking over our world. This image shows the girl laying down in the nice green grass, on a sunny day, a book ready to read, with clouds floating over her. Yet she's still just staring into her phone. After studying the picture I realized the clouds, they aren't really clouds. They are resembling the text messages coming into her phone. Overall the main purpose of this photo is showing how social media is harming and taking over our lives.
Gowri Paliwal (San Jose, CA)
To me, this picture represents how our priorities are misplaced. For instance, if we were to go outside with our bag filled with school work and our phone, as soon as we sit down, instead of reaching for our math textbook, we would reach for our phone. I assume from the picture that she has homework because a bag and a book are beside her. The picture depicts a girl, ignoring the book and being entirely occupied with her phone. Streams of messages pouring in every second. Possibly the small 5-minute break she told herself she would take from reading her book has turned into a 1-hour long break. As she lies there glued to her phone, she loses track of herself and reality and misses out on the beauty of nature around her.
A. Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
The image shows how todays world is is controlled or influenced by social media. The girl was supposed to be relaxing in the park reading her book and enjoying nature and it's beauty. But she got wrapped up in her phone and now she is in a trance like state where the only thing she can do is scroll
Kyriakos the pro (Greece)
I think this image shows a girl being affected by social media. In a way she is physically outside, but she is mentally within her phone.
A, Block 3 (Hoggard High School)
This image really represents the life we live in today. The woman is lying outside as though she was sky gazing or having a little picnic but she got trapped on her phone once again which had her ending up looking at comments, text messages, posts, basically any social media that's out there. People probably forget about the beautiful world around them because of their devices. Almost everyone now has a phone and social media that drags them down with the lives they might wish they had or things people could say. I just think everyone needs to put the phone/device away once in a while to just enjoy the life around them.
A. Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@A, Block 3 I completely agree social media can really influence what we do in our daily lives. Taking a break can be beneficial mentally.
Eliana Barcelo (Tucson Az)
I think this picture is communicating that even though you are outside, you’re involved with your phone and it is like you are sucked in on your device. We talk to people now through our phones or through messages, Snapchat or even facebook i think this explains that there can be more to then a cellphone.
A, Block 3 (Hoggard High School)
@Eliana Barcelo Yeah I can see what you're talking about and what you mean because nowadays people will still be looking at comments, texts, posts, everything instead of the world around them that they should be appreciating.
N Block 2 (Hoggard high Wilmington NC)
I believe this represents the fact that our messages replies and comments follow us everywhere we go hovering in the clouds someone thing we will never escape in our decades we will live always following us. The other thought i had is we never appreciate nature or real life anymore just aimlessly looking at messages, comments, or worse likes we don't see the simple things anymore like the crickets crawling in the grass, the dog barking joyfully at its owner, the baby bird receiving its meal. Instead we seek virtual gradification.
J, Block 3 (Hoggard High School)
I think this image is indicating that everyone is addicted to their technology. Even though this women is out in the beautiful nature she is still swallowed up by her phone. No matter where we are, comments, posts, likes, replies, shares, everything follows us. Phones are supposed to be apart of our daily lives and it seems like they are slowly taking over our lives. Even outside in the great outdoors where this women has a perfectly good book beside her she decides to go on snapchat or Instagram or whatever app she is using.
Jesse (Montez)
I think this picture is communicating that even though you are outside, you’re involved with your phone and it is like you are sucked in on your device. We talk to people now through our phones or through messages, Snapchat, and more. There is a book beside her, and I assume she wanted to take a break from reading but she started talking with friends.
Natalie Chung (California)
I think the image illustrates how addictive social media has become. The message bubbles or the clouds cast a shadow on the grass. It is a natural phenomena but the girl is too engrossed in the contents of her phone to notice. The media now is designed to make you stay active on the platform. It is very easy to lose track of time while surfing the internet. It is scientifically proven that spending too much time on the internet causes lower self esteem and depression. This image portrays the effects of social media and brings awareness to those who spend too much time on the media. Based on my own experience, many people are influenced by social media platforms such as Facebook, Tik Tok, and Instagram. I believe people should go old school and unplug once in a while so that we can control how the media influences us.
Otis Yahn (Glenbard West High School)
What I think this picture is trying to communicate is our new world of communication. The way we talk to people now is through our phones either through messages, Snapchat and more. It is all communication. Through this it can interpret with life not literal look it’s a twitter bird no, the way it reflects off of us into the world. So I think this imagine is just showing a more dramatic way of our new life of communication.
Angelos (Hamburg)
I think that this image is saying that we spend a lot of time on our phones, whether it is looking at social media or talking with friends. In this photo, there is a girl laying outside, in a park, and talking with people on her phone. There is a book beside her, and I assume that she wanted to do a break from reading but she started talking with friends, and then she went on social media and forgot that she went outside to not be on her phone. I can relate to it because I know I spend too much time on my phone whether I am at home or outside.
Mr. D's ELD Class Period 6 (San Lorenzo, CA)
This picture shows a person laying down on a blanket, staring at their phone, and a bunch of message bubbles. We can infer the message is people spend too much time on social media. This is relatable because I, and some of my peers, spend too much time on our phones. Phones are important for emergencies and to stay in contact with family. However, if we’re not careful we will all lose the ability to learn and be a real person. To avoid this, we should not live our entire life on our phones.
Mr. D's ELD Class Period 5 (San Lorenzo, CA)
This picture shows someone laying down in the forest staring at their phone. We can infer the message is people are ignoring everything around them in order to stare at their phone. This is relatable because I use my phone too much. For example, when I should be enjoying my family dinner at a restaurant, I watch Youtube videos. Phones are important because they help us connect to distant loved ones. However, if we’re not careful we will all become too lazy to live life. To avoid this, we should spend time without our phone.
L, Block 4 (Hoggard High School)
I think the image is showing how technology has really infuriated our everyday lives and has become such a big part of our reality. The image is showing how we need to step outside of the blue light screens and need to experience things for ourselves and not just from an image on the internet. In todays world all people do is scroll through Instagram to find what they want to get out of their lives and they don't actually spend time doing it for themselves. People are so focused on what's going on inside their small handheld device they don't even notice the important things going on around them. Some people may post or text about #savetheenviroment but they aren't actually doing anything to change it or make a difference. Everyone could make such a huge difference if they just looked up every once and a while to actually take action and do something to help.
Andrea Buddy, Block 2 (Hoggard High School)
I believe this image is portraying the passing of time as the girl laying there, staring at her screen, remains completely still. As a society we are so attached to our phones that we are unaware of our surroundings, like how this girl is surrounded by trees and is only looking at her phone instead of looking up at the sky. I personally can relate to this because I sometimes get so wrapped up in my phone and having constant gratification that I don't even realize the time, the weather, or even my surroundings. I've been trying to be better with how I spend my time especially with technology, but it's only gonna be an even bigger problem with our future generations if we don't start to learn when to power off.
Lila Powell (Glenbard West)
This picture shows a women on her phone, but beyond that it demonstrates how your phone is the center of your life. Both the flying air bubbles and the book next to her portray how little she cares about anything but her technology. People nowadays fixate on their phone and get suffocated by the temptation to keep scrolling or tapping. People don’t really experience life anymore. They watch it through their phones.
Powel (Hoggard High in Wilmington, NC)
This image shows how engulfing technology has become. It has fought its way into every single facet of typical, daily life. It's in schools, houses, work places, parks, restaurants, etc. Even when trying to escape it and enjoy nature, like the girl in this picture, it is constantly there. That's what this picture is representing, technology is inescapable and all consuming.
L, Block 4 (Hoggard High School)
@Powel, I definitely agree with what you are saying about how technology is all consuming. It feels as though time flies by when I am on my phone. Minutes feel like seconds. Hours feel like minutes. Days feel like hours. It goes by in the blink of an eye, blink and you will be in the future. It is an important part of life that we experience things. Being human we have to learn to do things for ourselves not by watching people do it for us. The human experience is an enormous part of living and the only way we can do that is by doing things for ourselves.
J, Block 3 (Hoggard High School)
This exactly what I was thinking. Our phones and other technology take over our brains so easily, humans are so addicted to technology that it interrupts there tasks. things are so easily forgot about even if a single notification pops up.
J, Block 4 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington)
I see a female surrounded by messages in her phone, when she could be enjoying nature. nature is a beauty and people don't take that for granite in a good way . we miss good opportunities because of technology .
Andrea Buddy, Block 2 (Hoggard High School)
@J, Block 4 I agree about how we underappreciate nature, I love how you described nature as "beauty"
A, Block 2 (Hoggard Highschool in Wilmington NC)
To me this image shows how people are so connected to their phones instead of nature. Going outside and looking at your phone isn't the same as going outside and really taking it all in. Experience nature and feel connected to that instead of Wi-Fi.
Berkeley Turnmire (Glenbard West Highschool Glen Ellen Illinois)
In this picture I see a girl surrounded by message bubbles, so surrounded that she can’t see the world around her because the bubbles cover it and surround her. I think this depicts the control phones have over us, even though she is outside she is not taking the time to look around she’s doing exactly the same thing she’d do if she was in her house laying on her couch. She’s missing life around her as the texts bubbles float over her like clouds. This really relates to teenagers now a days being too sucked into their phones.
A, Block 2 (Hoggard Highschool in Wilmington NC)
@Berkeley Turnmire This is a perfect description of not only this image but the way life is for many people.
Olkeriil Kazuo (Republic of Palau)
We are preoccupied with social media. It has become the normal way to communicate. The normal, natural way o communicate is - to kiss it goodbye, it's never coming back. Whatever normal was. I relate to this because I have been telling my family and friends to get off their smartphones for once. See life before it passes us by.
N, Block 4 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
I think this image is saying that social media/phones take up too much time in our everyday lives. In the image you see a girl laying down in nature, but instead of looking at what's around her, she's staring at her phone. Text message bubbles float over her like shadows from clouds. This relates to society because phones have become a big part of most peoples lives. Phones take up a lot of time, energy, and thoughts that could be going to more important things. I relate to this image because I am often distracted by my phone. I believe that phones are very important, but I spend more time thinking about mine than I should.
Jacky (Glenbard west high school)
For me , the picture represents the anxiety, the stress, the problems etc of social media. I think that we constantly go on social media and see what everyone’s doing and we compare . We compare our looks, our lives, how happy they are etc. in my opinion being a teenager theses days is really hard, you do anything to fit in, and if not you do anything to stand out and be noticed. You dress like everyone, you talk like everyone, and you try and do what everyone else is doing. We spend so much times on our phones not realizing we have a life to live. For most people evything revolves around their phone and social media, they think they should always be texting people or that they have to keep up worth things and that’s not how it is. Social media brings so many problems and we don’t realize it . For example relationships , school, and mental health.
Brianna Sanchez (Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn, IL)
In this picture I see a girl laying down on her phone. I think this picture is indicating the current problem in our society. We usually tend to be sucked up on our phones and forget our social life around us. Our phones make us feel like we should always be on it, whether it’s both messaging our friends and/or entertainment purposes. Which I can personally relate to this problem, it’s like we’ve forgotten to have a social life because our so called “social life” is through social media. This leads us to poor communications which then leads us to just quick messages to our friends. We’ve developed an addiction that causes people to not be able to put their phones down. Like the picture, it makes us not be able to enjoy a nice sunny day.
CJ Desmond (Illinois)
I think that message bubbles sort of symbolize how when you are talking to someone virtually you are protected, rather than talking to someone in real life. Also I think that people are too focused on social media and not focused enough on the real world. People are more worried about staying up with the latest trends or to see what other people are doing rather than experiencing things for themselves. All in all this picture really makes you think on how consumed people are with the internet and the protection bubble behind it.
Michael Fox (Glenbard West High School)
This picture to me truly represents how the cone pet of technology follows us everywhere we go, and how out of hand it has gotten. Simple showing how no matter what every day activity we act upon, a trail of technology always trails in the back of our minds. As it has became very knowledgeable that technology and social media has taken over our society- this picture helps support that idea as even when we are alone with our thoughts, the thoughts of social media and technology never fail to stay present in our heads. Although social media has allowed our society to prosper in certain ways, the ultimate result always remains as a lingering itch in our head wanting to read that next notification, and send the next text the minute your phone buzzes.
Clay Coyle (Illinois)
I think that this image supports how society is making people obsess over text messages and social media. It relates to society because people are constantly trying to catch up on the next biggest thing, which makes them think that their happy, but really can give them anxiety and depression due to the stress. I think that social media is an important thing to be utilized due to the speed of communication and broad array of topics on the apps to explore, but shouldn’t be used as more than a tool and communication network. Once it becomes too much, one should cut back on their usage for other healthier alternatives.
Ava Heard (Glenbard West High School Glen Ellyn, IL)
To me this photo is both quiet and loud. This picture is portraying to quietness of someone being outside and scrolling on there phone enjoying a beautiful day. Yet the loudness of the texts that never stop coming show how people today are consumed by technology, to a point where they are no longer able to enjoy the fresh air they are laying in. Beyond that, people today no longer enjoy the beauty and entertainment that nature itself has to offer. We are so quick to reach for our phones when we are bored to find something to keep us entertained. I can relate to this because many times I find myself reaching for my phone and going on social media, when instead I could be enjoying the things right in front of me. All in all, I think this photo greatly represents the shift in society today where we are physically present with the world around us, but mentally not here causing many to miss out on the beauty the world has to offer.
Emma R (Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn, IL)
I see it communicating how sometimes we miss things in the real world because we are so focused in the technological one. This girl is laying in the outdoors with messages passing by that could be seen as having a conversation through text. Texting has become convenient because of distance and it’s efficiency but I think we all take it for granted. Like the girl in the picture many of us would just text someone outside instead of actually putting the effort to interact with them and that’s a bigger picture of how technology has effected us.
Nora Sun (Walter Payton College Prep)
The Internet has made us passive and dissociated: In the image, a girl lies on her back in nature. She holds a phone in her hand, with the book beside her abandoned. Though it’s difficult to tell whether her gaze is on her phone or towards the sky, we know that her view of the sky is obscured by the shadows of text messages. This is metaphorical for how texts occupy her mind and time, flooding her vision and leaving no space for her to observe the natural beauty around her. The message bubbles above her move rapidly, representing how the fast speeds that texting allows us to communicate at sometimes lets other people overload us with new digital messages, leaving little room for ourselves to be present in the real world.
Samantha Zarate (Tucson Arizona)
This image shows just how someones phone can suck them in with just a few notifications. Even though shes outside spread out on a blanket, shes put her full attention on the small screen right in front of her without a care in the world. This shows just how strong of a grip our phones and social media has on us without even realizing.
Lexie (tuscon)
I see someone laying there rexlaxing on their phone
yllyana moreno (Tucson,AZ)
yes its girl laying down on a blanket but i think that its just a girl stuck on social media and no knowing what else to do in that moment because thats how its going right now with kids these days
Melody Tarwater (Sunnyside high school)
This image is saying that even if we try disconnecting from social media or from our phones theres no leaving it behind causeit will always follow your always getting new information so we can truly be intune with our world or connecting with others first person.
Anthony (Tucson,Az)
The image is talking about no matter what a person can do they will be texting or talking to someone while trying to enjoy life. It talks about how society is addicted to our phones and can't enjoy the simple things.
Mia (Washington)
I think that this photo id trying to show us how much we are on phones and social media these days. She is outside, supposed to be enjoying nature, but instead is on her phone. I think they believe we can relate to this photo of being outside on devices. It relates to me because I am on social media a lot too, but I do think people should use less devices all the time.
Deion (Arizona)
This image portrays how much time we spend on your phones. This is shown because the text messages don't stop coming. We are more addicted to our phones now than ever, there are many reasons to explain this but the pandemic has been a big part of this.
Crystal Lopez (Sunnyside High School)
This image is communicating that this person is too caught up in their phone to even look at the beautiful environment surrounding them. It means that we are so involved in social media to enjoy life and its beautiful moments.
Mekhi (Tucson, AZ)
the image communicates how teens or adults in the age range of 21-30 can get flooded with social media or being on their phone all day. Being on this new technology can be exhausting and wasteful.
Ava (Washington, USA)
I think that this picture is communicating that everyone’s daily lives are now consumed by technology, so much that even when you’re outside, all you focus on is your phone or other device. i think that it is accurate and that people should take the first initiative to try to get off their devices by using their time well and finishing their work so they can go outside and enjoy nature.
Justine Danielle (Tucson Arizona)
The image is saying that our society is addicted to technology and texting. This relates to society because everyone is on their phones, when driving, at home, at restaurants,etc. I can relate because I'm also on my phone a lot when I'm bored instead of doing things around the house or going outside I'm on my phone.
Gisselle Cervantes (Sunnyside High School)
This image is communicating that the minds of our generation are too wrapped around the idea of social media. We are so entertained by social media that we don't see the true beauty of this world.
Juancarlos (SUSD)
It depicts the daily life of people that possess a modern device and how notifications just fly into your inbox from having such advanced technological devices.
Mya Dicochea (tucson az sunnyside highschool)
People are stuck on there phones more than there thoughts.
Piper Burke (Glenbard west)
The image communicates 2 things: the obsession our society has in texting and communication online, and 2, how addicting and attention consuming technology is. We see the girl, laying in what appears to be a conversation of texts, some long and some short. And her entire attention is fixed on her phone, draining any other span of attention to the single thing in front of her. This really exhibits the idea that our society has adapted to an almost full online experience, we emerse ourselves in the wonders of technology daily, and we have full conversations without even saying a single word. This causes a dependence on technology that I believe in the long run will be the downfall of our society.
Ari (Glenbard west)
This image shows one main thing: you can talk to people from anywhere in the world now. Beyond that it shows how even from the comfort of your own home or even bed you can talk to anyone anywhere with smartphones. This relates to society right now because people spend lots of time on their phones and it’s amazing how you can talk to people across the world in seconds from you bed or couch. I think this is a really strong message because it shows how far we’ve come with technology and communication, that now we can talk to anyone anywhere from where ever.
gustavo (Tucson, Az)
I think that this image is communicating that we prefer social media over everything, we care about what people that we dont even know or people that we toght we knew but they are a whole different person. social media is basically a mask to say things.
Powel (Hoggard High in Wilmington, NC)
@gustavo While my reply was slightly different than this, I agree with all of those points.
arturo e (sunnyside)
the image pertains a lot to how society works today. As the girl laying down on her phone. being cunsumed by the message bubble clouds
Roman Avechuco (Tucson, Arizona)
Everything is based upon the internet now and society is going down hill because of social media and everything is revolved around social media
Leonardo (Guzman)
That when we are looking at our phones we are consumed the by social media
Arleth (Tucson,Arizona)
The image is communicating how society and life are revolving around tschnology,it show how much social media comusms our life.In my oppinion the image represents how the worls is now and how this affects us.
Arizana S. (Tucson, Az)
Visually it is a girl lying on a blanket while on her phone while text bubbles hover over her, they seem to be like clouds. The picture shows how we can never escape our technology, No matter where we are, comments, posts, likes, replies, shares, everything follows us. Phones are supposed to be apart of our daily lives and it seems like they are slowly taking over our lives.
lesly valencia (Tucson Az)
This image is showing how teenagers are being consumed by social media.Social media has a big impact on a lot of us, most of us don't know how to set boundaries. Seems as if social media is taking over her. People choose to rather text then speak in person.
Achol Magot (Tucson Az)
I think this image is saying you are always receiving a message. I feel that society is always sending you a message. On a personal level I feel that i'm always getting a message from the world.
Brianna Machado (Tucson Arizona)
The message this image is trying to tell us is how much our lives are consumed by the media. Even when we are doing everyday activities we are constantly on our phones. The media had a really huge impact during the year 2020, During Covid-19 everyone was inside and our whole lives including work and school were all through a screen. It's showing how much of an impact social media has had and how we are so caught up in whats going on online or on our phones, that we don't even stop to realize whats going on around us.
Bryanna Lopez (Tucson,Arizona)
The message of the image is how big social media is now that is part of the new world. Technology has been increasing rapidly in the past years and it's now so normal for people to be using technology that it's now part of everyone's life. You can tell that social media is now a big part of the world around us.
Jose (Tucson Az)
This image shows how life is now days people spend too much time on social media and not actually looking into the real world. back in the day people would be playing outside with friends hanging out and now most people just want to be alone and on social media.
Emiliana (Tucson)
This image is of our society today. We are consumed by social media nowadays and that's the only thing that is at our attention.
Brandon MOran (Tucson, Arizona)
I think that this image is showing that social media is all around us . There text messages that are clouds that reflect how the be flowing all over our world but its on ours phones .
Nataly (Tucson , Arizona)
I think the image is talking about how our lives are being consumed by social media, people used to talk to others and make friends but now we feel uncomfortable while talking to unknown people. This image makes us reflect about how we need to stop living inside social media and start living our real lives.
Silvanna mungaray (Tucson)
I think this image is saying that there are so many things going on the internet and how much kids and teens are involved in the media. This image relates to current events because on the internet you can literally see everything that is happening around the world and in your society. I can relate to it because I tend to use my phone when I don´t have anything to do to make time go by. Eveyday you learn something new when ever you get a chance to look at whats happening around the world. SOmetimes being on line doesnt hurt , you learn new things. But it also isnt bad to not be using social media sometimes having a break from the things that are happening around the world .
Alejandro C (Tucson Az)
What this picture shows me, is out generation getting lost in the social media world, where our technology takes up most of our daily lives, someone thats outdoors to text. This image mostly pertains that most of our daily lives is spent on social media, mostly texting by the look at the clouds.
Gabi (Tucson)
When i look at this image I see the world today, and how we are consumed by social media. I see a picture that shows we'd rather look at texts and pictures than admire what's right in front of us.
Jenessa Garcia (Tucson AZ)
I think this image is showing how life is today because there are different types of social media and how the world is stuck to their phone all day instead of reading a book. This relates to our society because everywhere we go there is social media.
Katie L (Glenbard West)
As I observe this image, I can see the impact that social media has on us. The girl in the photo is laying on a blanket surrounded by grass and trees; yet she is still on her phone. The message bubbles are communicating the fact that we are always thinking about what people could be saying about us. There is a book lying next to the girl, but she has decided to scroll on her phone. Everybody knows that the better option between going on your phone or reading would be to read a book, but who would really choose a book? Social media can be used positively but I think this image has an important message that we need to notice our social media presence and try to regulate it.
Esteban (Tucson, Arizona)
I think this image is showing how social media consumes our daily lives. It shows the constant need that a lot of people have to constantly be on their phones.
Velsi Lujan (Tucson Az)
To me, this image is telling us how society is living their life nowadays and how we spend too many hours on social media. We are so into technology. It shows how mostly us, youth live with technology, we spend most of our day with our phones, on social media, and that is consuming our life, because the reality is that instead of doing important things, being with our family we are in our own little world with social media. We are focusing more on if someone liked our post or if they comment than have an active life. Nowadays children and teens prefer to stay at home chilling in their beds with their phones or computers rather than enjoy a nice walk or going to the park to play with friends. The image is telling us how technology is taking power over us, because instead of living an active life we are stuck in our phones all day. Instead of spending time with our family we are in our room checking things on social media.
Roman Canez (Tucson Arizona)
I feel like this image is depicting how much time we spend reading text messages/ navigating or using social media. Especially with how prevalent it has become in today's day and age.
Iliana Navarrette (Tucson, AZ)
This visual portrays what life is like these days. We all have gotten social media into our daily routines that it has come down to us not being able to live a day without any type of social media. This visual shows us a girl laying in the park and trying to enjoy nature but can't get off her phone, the messages just continue and won't stop. Social media is slowly consuming everyone and in the near future it seems like it will worsen in our daily routine.
Paola Lopez (Tucson, Arizona)
When I saw this image I thought about how many people, mostly teenagers, tends to use technology everywhere they go including me. Technology is what we use the most and have a lot of influence among young people, and social media is the best example of it. Through out that we kind of forget what surround us, like connecting with nature or talking to real people, it's consuming, like an addiction, because we can't stop using it and we limit ourselves to see the real world.
Nico (tucson, arizona)
I think this image is telling us that no matter where we go we are consumed by social media. Social media is viewed in many different ways by different people. My opinion on the image is that it represents how the world works now.
Hennesy (Tucson Az)
In this picture, the image is communicating how society and life are revolving around technology. Teenagers are consumed by their phones every minute of the day, or maybe the text bubbles resemble clouds and how we are forgetting nature as it is with using our phones, but texting is how everyone gets in contact with each other. It's showing how our generation has become.
cruz (Tucson AZ)
its showing how and what society and life is like in today world and how much people are in social media. and represents our life and how much we consume our self's in media. it shows the bubbles of the text messages and other notifications.
cesar (Tucson Arizona)
Upon seeing this image, I was reminded of how today's population, namely youth, has developed a constant demand to be near their phones or other electronic devices. It demonstrates, in my opinion, how increasingly more children prefer to play on their phones or go on walks outside. As seen in the image, a girl is outside reading something on her phone while message bubbles have been inscribed in the grass to represent how technology is all around us, including the outdoors. It sounds tiresome to think about spending all of our time on our phones, and it definitely is. Why then do we continue to do it? The graphic also depicts people slipping into the virtual world of their smartphones. Even while it could be unsettling to think of it that way, practically everyone has fallen into this "portal" at some point.
Ruben Luevanos (Tucson Arizona)
it makes me think of how people today, mostly teenagers have fallen into a state where they always feel the need to be around their phone or devices. It is also showing me that people have consumed and committed their lives to social media and it has turned into something people depend on lately. This image is also showing me on how the world communicates with others on social media throughout the world.
Karenia Encinas (Tuscon, AZ)
In my opinion, i believe this image is telling us how nowadays, we're always on our phone and being on social media, instead of really focusing on what's in front of us. For example, the girl laying down on the grass and just looking at her phone, she is outside where she can be reading that book beside her or looking around her surroundings.
Asiyah Patel (Glenbard West Highschool)
I believe this message is telling us that we are too wrapped up in social media. We may be outside enjoying the air but as soon as we step outside we our on our phones texting while outside. We are too focused on social media that we don’t try to enjoy nature and daily activities.This relates to current events because all we do is snap pictures and snap each other all day. If we are actually doing an activity without electronics: we feel the need to pull out our phone to take a picture. All we do is: take out our phone and send it to everyone. I can relate to this image personally because I would personally rather be on my phone than doing something outdoors. Every time I do something cool I feel the need to take a picture of it. My opinion on this message is that we should try to put away our phones for a little bit each day so we can actually enjoy what’s happening around us.
Ana Ruiz (Tucson, Az)
This visual defines us as a society. We are so dependent on our phones we don't really know how to set boundaries for the sake our ourselves. We are so consumed by the fear of missing out that we never give our minds some peace. This is the way our world circulates around now.
Jairo Verdugo (Tucson Arizona)
This picture is a metaphor for how we live. We spend a lot of time staring at those word-filled little bubbles on our displays. A lot of time-consuming dialogues taking place in bubbles. Beyond that, since we stopped interacting and shifted more toward texting, this has had a significant negative impact on our lives. Making it simpler to communicate on a screen than in person.
Saul Soto jr. (sunnyside high school)
in this image i see a girl peacefully laying down on a blanket and using her phone. this image shows how life is now days people spend too much time on social media and not actually looking into the real world. back in the day people would be playing outside with friends hanging out and now most people just want to be alone and on social media.
Mike Avelar (Tucson, Arizona)
The image is showing how much people are focused on social media and other peoples opinions on them. People are starting to revolve around these false perceptions of someone behind a screen and not reality. I can relate because sometimes you fall into the trap of shaping your life the way you see it on social media or the way someone perceives their "perfect life". Everyone has struggles and I want it to be known that it is okay to go through some hardship and not everything is the way it is shown on social media.
Viridiana Victoria (Tucson, AZ)
I believe this is representing the way our current times are viewed. How most seemed to be so absorbed and into our technology and superfical matters, that we dont or havent acknowledge what around us, naturally. I can say that Im guilty of doing this, ignoring what around and focusing in my own little world with whatever I have. I do find this sad though, as we're missing some pretty interesting and good things, that could honestly change a lot.
Milio (Tuscon,Az)
It shows how society and life is like in today's world and how much people have consumed their lives on social media . How social media has affected so many people in so many different ways.
Jacob Lopez (Tuscon Az)
This image shows that a girl is lying down on her phone instead of joining the outdoors,Its saying that people spend too much on social media and never enjoy the outdoors like they used to because social media took over and there were less enjoying the outdoors.Society has changed alot and this is one of them.Usally when people are on social media they just look at the internet and then once there donde they enjoy doing other stuff but now its like more people kids and teens are spending way too much on social media and less time enjoying and doing other stuff.
Francisco Dlc (Tucson, Arizona)
The image is showing what society and life is like nowadays. Pretty relaxing it seems.
Diego (Tucson Arizona)
This imagine is showing how nowdays people are attached to social media and their lives revole around social media. Also It shows that even when youre in a peaceful place you still need socials around you, for you to enjoy/have a good time.
jose moreno (tucson Az)
I think this image is saying that there are so many things going on the internet and how much kids and teens are involved in the media. This image relates to current events because on the internet you can literally see everything that is happening around the world and in your society. I can relate to this image because I am always on my phone no matter what I am up to, whenever I hear something happening around the world I simply just search it up and it comes up and tells me all the details about it.
Bianca Leyva (Tucson, Az)
The image communicates how we have it today as teenagers and on social media. It's the constant notifications on what somebody said and what this person is doing or did you see who that person was with. The text bubbles going all around them could be text messages, maybe rumors, or gossip. This person is outside in nature and may be trying to relax. Still, social media or the internet is calling their name, showing them signs to check their phone. In this day and age, social media, whether you like it or not, have around it you at all times.
Santiago Moreno (Tucson, AZ)
It seems like a person on their phone giving their time on there instead in the outside world and not picking on what's going on.
Eduardo Molina (Tucson, AZ)
This image is communicating our time in social media; that we are always thinking about it/seeing it like clouds. That social media is taking a big part of our lives go to noting just letting it go just as it was noting; maybe the note book is showing us that we are not doing our assignment.
Karina (tucson az)
In this picture it shows how life is with texting,is it trying to show how people will let anything pas by them and not pay attention due to texting they get distracted by typing a message and everything around them doesn't exist. for example in this picture the girl is laying on the ground and she is texting, she is distracted with sending a message and letting everything pass by her.
Marianna soto (Tucson,Az)
In this image, I believe that messages are being shown almost as clouds, as if they circulate our world the way messages/communication does.
Alex Medina (Tucson, AZ)
For me, the image tells me that social media is taking over young peoples minds. The picture shows how nowadays everyone just looks on social media too see bad things with the government. I personally cant relate to this picture but I know people who can relate to it. I think people should take a break from social media because most things on it are negative.
Erik Gastelum (Tucson Arizona)
It's showing how people waste most of their time on social media or texting instead of being productive. It seems like Social media really affected many people especially when everyone was in lockdown from the Corona Virus.
Antonio Quihui (Tucson Arizona)
The visual shows someone not doing anything real, and just being stuck on the phone scrolling throgh social media like a robot and just damaging their mental health.
fernando (tucson arizona)
its showing how and what society and life is like in todays world and how much people have consumed their lives to social media.Also how social media has affected so many people in so many different ways.
Madison (Tucson, AZ)
This visual portrays what society and life is like nowadays. As we evolve, we create and adapt to new things, and now that is technology. Poeple have consumed and committed their lives to social media, it turned into something people depend on. This goes for teenagers more than anyone. This is a visual on how teens are so consumed in their phones that they have no conception of what is right in from of them, what is real. Using text message bubbles to take the place of clouds is a smart way to show the values people hold and what the world has come to as a society.
Paula Tanori (Tucson, AZ)
In this picture, I can see myself reflecting by being consumed by social media. This picture is an example of teenagers nowadays showing that you could have a beautiful view to stare at and still the necessity to be on the social media looking for the exact same beautiful view to share.
Alexa Duarte (Tucson, Arizona)
I think that the picture is portraying some type of message. It might just look like a teenager laying down looking at clouds in different shapes but I can see what message the picture is trying to give. I get the idea that it is just a boy on a daily basis seeing all these things on social media. This picture also shows that even when we do outdoor activities we are always on our cellphones instead of doing outdoor activities.It is a representation of what life is today and is an idea of how much technonology impacts our lives.
Jc (highschool)
In this image, I believe that messages are being shown almost as clouds, as if they circulate our world the way messages/communication does. Like clouds, they are almost always there, big or small(Size probably communicates importance), with social media and the internet ruling our younger generation.
Edgar Garcia (Tucson Az.)
in my opinion, This image is saying and explaining how the new generation and society nowadays communicate. When cell phones weren't such a big thing so people will go out and visit their friends. Now a day kids, adults, and especially teenagers use calling and texting as their way of culmination. As a teenager can say that having touch with somebody far away is easier on the phone but is not the same as the cultural way of hugging and having fun. society has changed in a lot of ways and this is one of them, nowadays they choose to stay in touch throughout the eintenret.
Ivette Cruz (Tucson Az)
Looking at this image, I see a girl lying down and using her phone. She feels left out because the world around her is moving fast. This is what social media has become a part of our lives. In our everyday life we wake up and social media is the first thing on our minds. We get filled with anxiety waiting for a notification on our phones. We spend more time on our phones instead of enjoying the beauty of our nature and connecting to it.
Frank Quintero (Tucson, AZ)
When I look at this image, I see how teenagers revolve their whole lives around media, we see things in our daily life as superficial, believing that people's lives aren't that much different than ours because all we're exposed to while online are people with the same kind of lifestyle as ours.
Raine Flores (Tucson, Az)
While looking at the image, I see a girl lying on the grass. She is on her phone, looking at comments or she might be looking at text messages. You can tell because there are lots of text bubbles going across the screen. This relates to society because most of the world is always on the phone writing down comments or texting other people whether it's positive or negative. If you were to walk around a school, downtown, anywhere in any city. You'll see lots of people on the phone no matter where they are at. I personally can relate to this. I'm always texting my friends and family on my phone no matter where I'm at, but I am able to put it down and watch a movie or hang out with my family. In my opinion, I believe this image is telling us how much we are on the phone, no matter where we are at. We're still able to communicate with people with just one little screen at any time.
Alejandro Cano, Jr. (Tucson, AZ)
What I see in this image is a girl laying down outside staring at her phone while texts whiz past like if they were clouds. What this image means to me is that no matter what we're always on our phones sending and reading texts. Someone could be in the most beautiful place in the world and they would most likely still be on their phone
Ahtziri Lucero (Tucson, Arizona)
Observing from this photo, this girl is alone but also communicating at the same time. But her head seems to be in it's own world where its flooded with messages. The person in this image is on her phone clearly, it creates more context to why she's looking up to message bubbles. For what this picture is communicating, it shows that many people live in this particular way. Messages off their phones consume them completely in their worlds that they don't have the chance to look up and see a real world.
Adrian Robles (Tucson az)
I see a girl laying down, nervously looking at her phone. The comment bubbles floating around most likely refers to social media comments or texts etc. which the girl is stressing over.
Yamilette Cruz (Tucson, Az)
Viewing this image, I see how invested we are on social media. The girl in the picture is staring at her phone instead of enjoying the outdoors. There are clouds of social bubbles. Time passes by and we get invested in the media instead of being present. There are so many things happening in the world but we are too distracted with the media to notice.
Luis Moreno Molina (Tucson AZ)
I observe a person peacefully laying on the grass,using their phone device. This picture expresses the lady using her phone maybe a little too much,and the world is moving on without her. You can´t even see the blue sky in this picture,It shows all the messages and notifications shes receiving.
mariana (Tucson, Arizona)
I think the imagine is telling us how people like to relax and chill. It's something that I like to do when just hanging outside, what the girl is doing is laying down on the grass with a blanket on her phone either texting her friends, or even taking pictures of the sky because of how pretty it is, but I think she is texting her friends because on the image it also shows text message floating by
Erick Lugo (Tucson AZ)
The image shows a girl laying on a blanket in the park and with social media being the clouds to her life. what this image shows me is when the girl is trying to escape the social media world she is constantly being followed from it and cant seem to find a way to get out of it.
Tatiyana Nash (Tuscon AZ)
I think this image shows a girl being consumed by social media. In a way she is physically outside, but she is mentally within her phone.
Shree Nidhy (Japan)
Looking at this image, I see a girl lying down and feeling like she can't catch up with the rest of the world as it repetitively moves on without her. She lies still gazing into the infinite texts in her group chat and despite being a part of it, feels left out and insignificant in the online conversation. With the ability to communicate to a whole network of people at our fingertips, the messages we receive, especially the ones we struggle to reply to, can be all-consuming. Every notification reminds us of that hopeless feeling of being excluded or unable to relate. Every time we pick up our phones, we feel anxious about seeing messages we haven't responded to or worry about the lack thereof. Technology makes it difficult for many of us to find peace with ourselves as we see other people's lives online and subconsciously compare them to ours.
Will Shasteen (Glenbard West High School)
I think this image conveys the “shadow” that our constant access to instantaneous messaging and social media has cast on our everyday. It clouds our enjoyment of our experiences, as you are not able to completely process your surroundings when you are being constantly bombarded with messages, and Snapchats, and notifications from a device the size of a pop tart. This image really represents to me the disconnect that technology has given us from nature, and the filter it has activated over our everyday experience.
Airysh (Glenbard West High School)
Instead of the sky, we see what is on our phones. We see messages and many other things besides what is around us in life. Most of us with phones fail to appreciate the beauty of nature because our gaze is too focused on our phones. Society takes everything for granted, like underappreciating the unreplaceable world we live in for something small that gives us instant gratification at the touch of a button. The more immersed we are in technology, the less appreciation we have for the world around us. I try not to relate to this image though there are times when I am just like this image, too focused on my phone that I forget about everything and become glued to my phone because whatever I see is far more important than anything around me. I believe that message conveys how texts and technology as a whole can take over our lives just from a small device.
Makayla Heard (Glenbard West High School)
When I look at this image all I think about is how we are consumed with technology. The image shows a girl laying on the grass outside, which should typically be a relaxing activity for a person. On the other hand, this image is communicating how in todays world the simplest activity’s are over taken by technology. All most people think about is social media and the messages they are receiving, which causes us to drown out everything else. This is what I think this image is communicating.
Emilia Serna (Illinois)
When I stare into this picture I can’t help but see an ugly reflection of myself. A teen, consumed by their phone, looks more like a self-portrait than a made-up art piece. I’m unable to complete a task without looking at my phone. There’s a buzz. Then another. And another. A ring, and a ding, a vibration and a hum. Look! A new notification! What a surprise. One more, two more, three more, four. iPhones are a lifeline, their addictive chemicals pump right into our veins, and we can’t tear the drug away. Beyond that, the image criticizes the reality millions of people live in today. As phones become more of a necessity, and less of a luxury, our self-control and balance seem to diminish. We have glued our phones to our hands, and unfortunately, I think we used permanent glue.
Sydney Nimsakont (Glenbard West High School)
Seeing this picture, it makes me think of how people today, mostly teenagers have fallen into a state where they always feel the need to be around their phone or devices. I think it shows how more and more kids would rather be on their phone than play or walk outside. As demonstrated in the image, a girl is reading something on her phone outside, as there are message bubbles marked into the grass, symbolizing how technology is all around us, including outside. The thought of always having our noses in our phone sounds exhausting, and it for sure is. So why do we still do it? The image also characterizes people falling into a world that’s in our phones. It sounds frightening to think of it in that way, however almost everyone is guilty of falling into this “portal.”
Mia Palacios (Glenbard West HS)
This image is a representation of our lives. We spend a lot of time behind our screens, watching those little bubbles containing words. Bubbles full of conversations that are extremely time consuming. Beyond that, our lives have been heavily impacted because of this since we have stopped socializing and moved more into texting. Making it easier to say things through a screen than face to face.
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