Celebrities Are Just the Start of the Expanding ‘Jeopardy!’-verse

Sep 25, 2022 · 205 comments
Rose (USA)
Jeopardy hasn't been the same since the ousted producer Mike Richardson when the woke mob came after him.
LolaLane (NYC)
I don't care for Ken Jennings but I watch the show for the game, not the host. I like Mayim but she is a bit slow to say if the contestant is correct or not which slows the game down. As for Celebrity Jeopardy, I wish they would play the game without all the tomfoolery. The game is also dumbed down for them. The worst player in regular Jeopardy would wipe the floor with these celebrities. I've been watching Jeopardy since the Art Fleming days, when I was in grammar school, and will continue to do so. It's a fun half hour and keeps my mind sharp.
P Duffy (Montreal)
Simu Liu, Ego Nwodim and Andy Richter? Aren't 'celebrities' supposed to be people that one has actually heard of? Sorry, but as nice a man as Alex Trebek was, I thought the original show with Art Fleming was better.
Mr. Mike (Pelham, NY)
They ruined Oreo's by having 25 variations of what was already great and perfect. It rendered the brand meaningless. When the idea begins with "wouldn't it be great?" more often than not, the idea should die on the spot (except for Blockbuster and Netflix). They will milk the show and its heritage for money, which will dwindle as they offer variations of variations, again, ruining what was and is great. Who CARES about how wise or dumb "celebrities" are? They are destroying the perfect premise of the show, the anyman/woman rise to champion based on intellect and nothing more. Stop fooling with greatness!
Campbell (Irvine, CA)
If anyone wants to watch the Alex Trebek Jeopardy! shows, they are available on Pluto TV 24/7. Pluto is a free online streaming service. Jeopardy! has its own channel
yorkme (kittery me)
The questions last night? TOO EASY
Bill (Yorktown Heights, NY)
Watching this last night reminded me why I was so thrilled that Ken got the weekday job over Mayim. She's just one reason why the celebrity version is inferior to the weekday show.
Jim Shertzer (Winston-Salem, NC)
@Bill Regrettably Ken doesn't "have" the weekday job. As I understand it, he splits the daily shows with Mayim, who returns in December and has all the evening shows and specials.
B Sharp (Cincinnati)
@Bill Oh He did ? I was not aware of that. Great .
Chevy (South Hadley, MA)
Bring back the Senior Tournament. I always thought that I would have that one last chance to shine after being too busy with my real life to take time off as a regular contestant. Life begins at 70 !
Bob (NY)
It's easy to know when it's Celebrity Jeopardy, the contestants look handsome and pretty and either don't know or try to fake their answers to the easy questions that they are given. It's insulting to the audience.
David (Houston)
@Bob It's literally called "Celebrity Jeopardy." It doesn't record on your DVR if you have "Jeopardy" as a series recording. Don't like it? Then don't watch it.
Manny Pedi (Depends Upon The Day)
Why? This format has been quite popular for a very long time, so it if ain't broke..... And Mayim doesn't hold a candle to Ken, so keep Ken full time and don't mess with success. I was on with Alex and he is the spirit beyond the show. These changes don't do it for me. I, too, won't watch for an hour of Mayim. Get Smart, producers.
Real Estate Broker (California)
Here's a tip from a decades-long fan: just have Ken Jennings host regular Jeopardy! and that's all we need. We do not need and did not ask for a Jeopardy universe.
Gnirol (Tokyo, Japan)
@Real Estate Broker We did not need and did not ask for Facebook either, but now they've got a couple of billion users or something like that because they created a demand and found a receptive audience. Back when I was a kid, no one asked for a hula hoop from Wham-O either. The people who produce Jeopardy! have one goal and one goal only: increase viewership and the price of a 30-second commercial. That there are enough people interested in a game show that isn't just fun, to make the show financially viable is nice and a tribute to those 9.3 million viewers, but increasing the profits would be much nicer, if you were a producer. If some people find the contestants on Jeopardy! bland and the show not noisy and "fun" enough, they may attract new viewers who didn't know they could like Jeopardy! by adding a celebrity format. Not saying I would watch it, but I already watch the Jeopardy! segments posted on YouTube and generally speaking, if I am satisfied with something, I don't jump at the opportunity to "buy" something new just because the maker of the product or provider of the service says I should. But that's just me and people like me. There are other people who are never satisfied and try every new salad dressing or aluminum wrap that comes on the market, even though the one they've been using has served them well. Same with TV shows. Don't take it as a slight to people like you that they want to draw in new fans. That's why they're in business.
R (New York, NY)
Champing at the bit for the Tournament of Champions. Matt, Amy, Mattea, Ryan, Andrew, Maureen, etc. THESE are our celebrities!
The Meshugana Gadfly (NYC)
Why does Mayim Bialek delay her rulings on responses?
Andy (Seattle)
@The Meshugana Gadfly This was my biggest gripe with her as a host of 'standard' Jeopardy. It often meant clues were left on the board at the end of rounds, which is frustrating.
ellen (richmond)
@The Meshugana Gadfly I wondered the same thing.
dkmezzo (Concord, NH)
@The Meshugana Gadfly I've wondered the same thing. Rather nerve-wracking.
Carole (Concord NC)
Have so loved Jeopardy since 1984 -- HATED losing Alex; was charmed by Aaron Rodgers. But Ken Jennings should be the host and the only HOST. Will NEVER WATCH when he is not.
Gnirol (Tokyo, Japan)
@Carole I am baffled by comments like this. Somehow it never occurred to me that the host, whose only real purpose is to determine by the length of time it takes him/her to read the clue, when the contestants can buzz in, was the point of watching Jeopardy! I always thought that the point, whether it was Art Fleming, Alex Trebek, Mayim or Ken hosting, was playing along with the game and enjoying the suspense produced by the competitiveness of the contestants. It doesn't make any difference if the host is charming or not if every day the scores before Final Jeopardy! are $18,000, $1,400 and $800. You can tune out before the last commercial (and that's a big no-no as far as the producers are concerned) and know who is coming back as champion. That is what can make the show boring, no less boring than watching a 59-3 football game every week, even if it's your team doing the winning. (I remember going to Ohio State home football games in the 1970's and almost always leaving early because I was bored with the lack of competitiveness.) By the way, in the original format, contestants could buzz in while Art Fleming was reading the clue, and they did, before he finished the first word, and more importantly before they finished reading it through. Lots and lots of wrong questions and lots and lots of minus scores when Final Jeopardy! rolled around. Also boring. Thus was the rule instituted that you couldn't buzz in before the host finished reading the question.
Michael (Blue Virginia)
Mayim Bialik as the "Jeopardy" host puts SNL's "Celebrity Jeopardy" to shame.
Lebeaumec (LA)
But for the results of Final Jeopardy, the show was boring. The "answers" were too easy and an hour is too long. I like Ms. Bialik and will watch Celebrity Jeopardy! again because of her. Hopefully, the other "celebrities" will bring excitement. Did not work for me last night. This is from a J! fan and former contestant.
Cantare (NC)
@Lebeaumec I’m also a big fan and former contestant. I agree with you. I watch to play along, and find it incredibly boring when the questions are obviously dumbed down like they were for last night’s show. It’s a miss for me.
Murray (NYC)
I love Ken Jennings. I don't watch with Mayim Bialik because of her hawking of quack medicines and her not knowing the answers herself. Aside from that, I'm sick and tired to trying to turn everything into a "universe." It waters the concept down. Also, I have been finding Jeopardy too dumbed down with the pop culture answers. And...where's Jimmy and Sarah?
Jim Shertzer (Winston-Salem, NC)
@Murray Jimmy is now stage manager for "Jeopardy!"
CatScratchFever (NY)
Jeopardy’s management has gone downhill lately. Every day I look at the New York Times Jeopardy Clue of the Day. I keep seeing the same clue, which appeared on the show a couple of weeks ago. I’m not interested in Celebrity Jeopardy ever since I read that it is hard to get celebrities to agree to appear since they are afraid of looking stupid on the show. No wonder people complain the the questions seem dumbed down on Celebrity Jeopardy! I would much rather see a non-celebrity who can answer questions on a variety of topics quickly. Also, get rid of the fluff topics. I don’t care who won Emmys or Oscars. More history and science please!
David (Houston)
@CatScratchFever And you can still see that non-celebrity do that Monday through Friday.
Boomer Stu (Southeast US)
Apparently many will never forgive Trebek for being mortal and are ready to give up the show without him. I watch for the game itself and to challenge myself; the person reading the answers is not make or break either way. And for the record, I think both hosts are fine. That said, having Will Ferrell as host of the celebrity version would be a ratings bonanza.
Kelcy (Colorado)
I foresee the coming end of Jeopardy. Many don't like Bialik and many don't like Jennings. I'm in that category. He has to bring himself up in every show. It's gotten very old.
Tulku (Georgia)
Nah. At least Ken and Mayim are polite, not condescending or snarky like the former guy was on every show. The show is much more enjoyable now. Much less ego.
jcs (nj)
I watched it last night but didn't really like it. The questions are too easy. I don't like Bialik...so extra time for her to host is a definite "no" for me. An hour is too long...especially with the easy questions.
B Dawson (WV)
I’m sure Harry and Meghan are already lobbying for spots on the show.
Larry (North Carolina)
Watching Celebrity Jeopardy is like going to the zoo. We're amused and amazed that the chimps can do so more than we think, but in the end, that chimp is not going to be able to make an omelet or drive a car. It's nice to see celebrities answering questions on Jeopardy, but the large majority of celebrities would be embarrassed if pitted against the worst of the regular contestants. And like the zoo, it's fun to go to once in a while, but gets old if visited even more than once a month. As for new twists, how about a bonus for running a category? It would give contestants an incentive not to jump from category to category in search of the daily double and to sacrifice some money and control to block a fellow contestant from running a category. I read a while ago a twist on traditional chess by combining it with boxing. The contest would alternate three minutes of chess with three minutes of boxing. Boxing may be a little brutal but how about one round of Jeopardy and one round of hot dog eating? Sounds awful? It's still better than watching half an hour of Wheel of Fortune.
DCNancy (Springfield)
@Larry A bonus for running a category is already in the works. Supposedly, the contestant will get a bonus but that money won't be included in his total winnings.
Teacher (San Francisco)
@Larry The original Jeopardy introduced a "Run the Category" bonus in early 1974 right after I had run a category in Dec. 1973. The prize was a trip to London. In the original run all contestants kept their winnings with the highest winner returning for the next show. Five wins was the limit.
Boomer Stu (Southeast US)
@Larry Maybe Full Contact Jeopardy?
Linda hoquist (Topsham, Maine)
We watch nightly when the show is not in re-runs. We like Bialik as a host slightly more than Mr. Jennings but both have been very good as hosts. Won’t be watching any Sunday Jeopardy - it’s football season.
Manny Pedi (Depends Upon The Day)
@Linda hoquist I didn't get the $3100 I had earned in 1985 but did get panty-hose, a transistor radio, and a set of china.Would have preferred the $3100. But it remains a highlight of my long life.
I’m not tired of Jeopardy but I sure am tired of the pro Ken brigade. Yes brigade. Through the whole search for a host they were there on Twitter, YouTube and the NYT. Give it a rest. There are millions of us that enjoy watching Mayim Bialik. She makes the game fun to watch. The reaction to the co host announcement was welcomed by most people. Ken has made mistakes hosting. There seems to also be resentment toward having a woman host. With abortion bans and it seems a real effort underway to undermine a woman’s right we need a woman host more than ever. Much luck to Miss Bialik.
oeddie99 (Boynton Beach,FL)
I've never been a fan of Celebrity Jeopardy!, I've watched it but they dumb down the answers to the point where "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader" has more difficult queries. The idea I would love to see is Politician Jeopardy! I'd love to see Mad Marge vs Lauren Boebert vs AOC! Or how about Herschel Walker vs Tom Cotton vs Bernie Sanders? Or McConnell vs Pelosi vs Manchin? Now that would be great theatre, educational and funny!
Marlene (PA)
@oeddie99 Now there's a novel and interesting idea! I would love to see if today's politicians could answer the US history questions, or even the geography questions! As for last night, it was so boring with those easy questions, I switched off for the last half hour and just came back for the final question, since my PBS show ended earlier than Jeopardy did. It wasn't worth it. If they have to make the questions so easy for the contestants, the contestants don't deserve to be on. Instead of celebrities, I love the politician idea, or how about past presidents, or rocket scientists? Or, at least people who read actual books, not just people who read Tweets?
Karen A (Rochester, NY)
@Marlene Political Jeopardy sounds good until you remember how politicians ramble on during debates and never really answer the direct question. Maybe it’s a better idea for a SNL Jeopardy match. That might be funny rather than excruciating;)
Elaine S (Pennsylvania)
@oeddie99 You just made me laugh out loud! That's a great idea! I like both hosts, though I think Ken is a little smoother. I also think they both have better personalities than Alex Trebek, as heretical as that is to his legions of fans; they seem more interested in the contestants. As far as "celebrity" Jeopardy goes, it's like Dancing with the "stars". I didn't know who any of the contestants were.
momokozo (Colorado)
I like the humous side of Celebrity Jeopardy. It shows the world just how dumb some famous people actually are, compared to the "average" people on regular Jeopardy. Maybe a new spin-off - Celebrities against average folks - could be really entertaining!
Sparky (MA)
fortunately, i've never heard of any of these 'celebrities'
Deirdre (New Jersey)
I just can’t get passed Mayim Bialik pushing quack medicine as the host of jeopardy- it’s just so wrong
CatScratchFever (NY)
@Deirdre I agree. It shows that the producers don’t understand what the show is all about. I never watch when she is hosting as a personal protest against quack products and the people who promote them.
Karen A (Rochester, NY)
@Deirdre One of the benefits of streaming is not having to watch commercials so I’ve never seen Bialik’s product plug. I have a feeling she very much regrets doing it. Another benefit of streaming is not having to listen to political ads during the election season. They are all contentious and awful. It’s worth the cost of streaming several of the affordable networks just for that. I hope Bialik improves to where people forgive & forget a (really) bad decision and can enjoy her as host. Seriously, there are millions of Trump supporters and he made some really poor, unscientific and dangerous pronouncements about fighting Covid. How bad is Bialik’s endorsement of a schlock product in comparison?
Christopher (NY)
They're going to kill the golden goose with so many iterations of Jeopardy.
Paul (Brooklyn)
A few comments. 1-Trebek was great but anybody is replaceable. When push came to shove he was basically a game show host not a God. 2-Don't overdue it. What is next Kiddie Jeopardy? People can get sick of it. 3-I would like Jeopardy to be transparent on how they pick their guests. if the truth be known white males would only be on the show since they both love useless trivia and are the quickest on the buzzer.
JBC (Indianapolis)
Ah yes. The American money-grabbing way. Take something successful that's already a bit of cash cow and then spin it out into every imaginable combination until you oversaturate the market, wear out consumers, and alienate your true fans. Good luck with that.
D Price (Wayne, NJ)
I just watched tonight's Celebrity Jeopardy! with my husband. The questions were so dumbed-down that as soon as it was over he said, "They should change the name to Stupid Jeopardy!"
Mgwh (Connecticut)
"I'll take intellectual elite whining for $1,000, Alex." I'm so surprised at how critical people are here. Jeopardy's desire to branch out and try a tweak in addition to (not as a replacement of) our beloved game won't "spoil the game forever." Folks, it's on a different night, it's got a different host, and it's targeted at a different audience! Monday through Friday will stay the same, and it's perfect as is. If you don't want to watch the spin off version, then don't -- just stay in your New Yorker magazine bubble and let the rest of the world enjoy, please. And remember, it's not really about you. It's about having a place for an insurance company who has an emu as a mascot and a supplements company with an unproven memory aid to hawk their wares. If someone thinks they can sell their products on a Sunday night celebrity Jeopardy show, then that's the core of if.
R.F. (Shelburne Falls, MA)
I've never understood this country's obsession with celebrities...and now this. I won't be watching. However, I always did enjoy the SNL version.
Anne-Marie Hislop (Chicago)
No doubt they'll ruin it. Jeopardy! has long appealed to me for the ordinariness of the contestants - yes, very smart, knowledgeable people, but bank teller, teacher, librarian, truck driver, stay-at-home mom. The occasional celebrity tournament was a find side-show. I confess that I'm less interested in all the rankings that have been spewed lately (e.g., that the current winner is now in 10th place in amount won or in number of games won) - and there has been more and more of that (personally, after someone has won a few games I start to root against them - nothing personal, I just like to see different winners). Well, nothing good lasts forever.
A.L. Hern (Los Angeles, CA)
Category: Old Maxims $1000 clue: “Artesian expression for wearing out one’s welcome.” Correct response: “What’s ‘Going to the well once too often’”? A concept with which Mr Davies & Co. should become better acquainted.
Vic (Hell's Kitchen)
I'm glad "Celebrity Jeopardy" will be on in prime time because that means I can still watch regular Jeopardy while ignoring the celebrity version. Jennings is the better host. He's more attuned to the game and understands it better than Bialik, who often seems to be flying by the seat of her pants with her delayed responses and show-biz demeanor.
JMac (Lake Hopatcong, NJ)
@Vic That delay in responding to contestants answers was a common problem for the hosts during "try-outs". It seems like Bialik still has issues with this. Trebek seemed to be able to tell a contestant they were right or wrong before they even answered. But he was capable of correcting your pronunciation of your own last name.
Teacher (San Francisco)
Bring back the Senior's Tournament! And I would be happy with less Pop Culture and more history and science. I miss Art Fleming (and how annoyed he'd get when no one knew an answer) and Alex Trebek but the new hosts are good. Art Fleming also hosted College Bowl which had really tough questions. Get rid of the fluffy, cute categories and give us a brain workout.
Jim Shertzer (Winston-Salem, NC)
@Teacher What an odd coincidence that both Art Fleming and Alex Trebek died of pancreatic cancer.
Kurt Schilling (Indianapolis, IN)
I'm sorry, but who are these people? Never heard of them. What makes them "Celebrates" in the first place and who cares? More and more, I'm thinking that Fat Nikita back when he addressed the UN was right. Alles ist caese. (It's all cheese.)
Louise (USA)
Anyone else sick of celebrities? Celebrities this, celebrities that... TV's brain dead now, all game shows, ugh, ugh, ugh...
Jim Shertzer (Winston-Salem, NC)
@Louise It's not just "Jeopardy!" with mysterious "celebrities." Most of the game shows on TV seem to call celebrities people whose 15 minutes of fame expired a while back!
D Price (Wayne, NJ)
I have a memory of Celebrity Jeopardy! that I can't possibly have dreamed (nor can I find it on YouTube) -- yet no one else I know claims to have seen. If any NYT reader recalls this moment, please let me know it really happened. After Lynn Redgrave buzzed in with a string of wrong answers, I recall a bemused Alec responding with, "What is stupid?"
esa (Phoenix)
@D Price Search engine found a brief story about Trebek mentioning he could "only once recall[ed] a time where he put a contestant down for the struggle on Jeopardy! "The only time that I can recall that I deliberatedly did a put down was for Lynn Redgrave in a Celebrity Jeopardy! thing, and she was doing doiwng well and said, 'oh, my signaling device isn't working very well' and I looked at her and I said, 'it's not your signaling device." Source: outsider.com
osomite (San Francisco)
There's a jeopardy-verse? Who would have thought? And it has super heroes? Who are the villains? I wonder what the story arc will be?
B Sharp (Cincinnati)
After all these comments on Ms. Mayim , she is on. Off goes my TV.
Mark (9658)
Wow, I don't recall knowing that Alex Trebec died.
@Mark He died on November 8,2020
Manny Pedi (Depends Upon The Day)
When Mayim Bialik hosts I don’t watch with the same enthusiasm as when Ken Jennings’s hosts. She’s qualified but so is mayonnaise on a ham sandwich
Maria Bouchard (Danvers,Massachusetts)
I would love to see the cast of the Big Bang Theroy on the show That would be entertaining and nostalgic.
M (US of A)
Jeopardy! has been dumbing it down after Art Fleming and Don Pardo! It used to be a much more difficult game but now it’s all rhyming categories and stupid plays on words categories.
RCS (Princeton Junction)
As a longtime “Jeopardy” fan, I’m not inclined to watch “Celebrity Jeopardy”. From my vantage point, “Jeopardy” celebrates the intellectual capabilities of ordinary people. It promotes knowledge and education. However, the above key purpose of “Jeopardy” will be totally diffused and discarded by introducing a “Celebrity Version”. Celebrityhood of the contestants will take precedence over the pursuit of learning and “Jeopardy” will turn into a “kitschy” Reality Show. Oy!
David (Houston)
@RCS Then don't watch. Regular ole Jeopardy will still come on Monday through Friday just as it has for almost 30 years.
Vera (PNW)
I love both hosts equally for different reasons and I think the producers have done a great job focusing on what will work for most fans. I won't be tuning in for celebrity Jeopardy because the line-up looks completely disinteresting to me but to each their own. If you don't want to watch something then don't, but why dis what others enjoy? I'm also putting in an extra good word for Mayim. She clearly loves the job and it shows..Same with Ken. I like that we have a switch of energy and this might stave off the attachment to a single host like what happened with the wonderful Alex Trebek. I still miss him, but I am finally able to move on. I will always love Jeopardy!
Michele K (Ottawa)
@Vera Exactly how I feel - thanks for saying it.
TL (Bethlehem, PA)
Agree with the people who worry about overexposure. Davies should know; he had to watch (and supervise at the behest of ABC) "Millionaire" increase the number of episodes per week and add a celebrity version, all of which contributed to a remarkably quick burnout for a show that was a phenomenon for its first few months. Well, the old Hollywood dictum applies: If something is worth doing, it's worth overdoing.
SteveRR (CA)
Let loose the Disneyfication of Jeopardy. Endless spin-offs of questionable quality. An overall dumbification of a valuable crown jewel. An appeal to the average TV-watcher who could not answer a basic $100 Jeopardy question if their life depended on it What is not to like - go Disneyfication of life in general and the Star Wars universe in particular.
John (USA)
@SteveRR "Endless spin-offs of questionable quality" is quite an accusation. How can you speak on their quality, none have been made so far. And rather than endless, most of these are simply suggestions that are being tossed around because Michael Davies actually has his finger on the pulse of the jeopardy community and listens to feedback. Jeopardy is a sport, it is tracked like a sport and people train for it like a sport. Why should we not reflect this more on the production side? The fanbase has repeatedly asked for this shift and Davies is delivering. Look at the subreddit, look at twitter, talk to jeopardy fans in real life (which I have among my friends and also when visiting the taping), the vast majority of opinion is positive. Look to the box scores for instance, starting to include those dramatically increased discussion post-episodes and revealed a fascinating aspect of the show that was previously hidden. This is not to appeal to the average TV-watcher, it is for the die hard jeopardy fans like me who watch every day. Seriously, check out the weekly podcast where they read comments and directly respond to the community while introducing potential ideas.
Stephen Boyington (Derry, NH)
@SteveRR Psst! The spinoffs will only upset you if you watch them. They will be like a tree falling in the woods to me.
SteveRR (CA)
@John Hope that you enjoyed the train wreck that was Sunday Spinoff Jeopardy!
Michael (Idaho)
As a watcher for 5 decades, I’m stoked that the producers are going to try new tweaks. That said, I’ll make a prediction: they will all fall as flat as New Coke and Jeopardy will go back to focusing on what has worked for over 50 years.
Observer1 (NYC)
Sean Connery or bust
B Sharp (Cincinnati)
@Observer1 WAs Connery anytime there ? I know the episode parody, which was great actually.
ronk (San Francisco)
“MAGA Jeopardy” - with correct answers based only on alternative facts.
@ronk Actually, having the Trumpster play a round would expose him as the dolt of epic propirtions he truly is in a manner never seen in interviews where he always finds a way out of the Q being asked. And then never gets a follow up holding his foot to the fire.
Karen A (Rochester, NY)
@ronk I love this & it caused me a much needed laugh out loud response. Thank you.
Simon Li (New York)
Truly, the best thing about this article is its references to SNL's celebrity Jeopardy clues. But no Sean Connery?
bonhomie (waverly, oh)
I love “Jeopardy!” It’s the “Star Trek” of game shows!
Stacia (St Paul, MN)
I love all the new J! possibilities. Also love their embracing of Buzzy on the podcast. The writing has changed for the better - more current events and pop culture. It has to evolve to stay relevant as knowing all the things becomes easier.
Curmudgeon (Minnesota)
Having grown up with the Art Fkeming/Don Pardo version, I find the new iterations to be slow. Originally, contestants could buzz in before Art finished reading the answer, causing a lot more hair-trigger responses. No time to think while Alex read the entire question. Much more a battle of wits. Now, it's almost like the Groundhog Day version.
Jon Vargosko (Arlington MA)
I dread the possibility of a Jeopardy Preschoolers Tournament.
mattelmhurst (Queens)
@Jon Vargosko I think that sounds delightful.
Hamish (NZ)
We watch Jeopardy from New Zealand, it airs weekday afternoons. It's one of the better quiz shows we get. Some of the quirky categories leave me scratching my head, but I think that's part of pleasure of the show. It's an original concept, doesn't try to copy anyone and does it's own thing. It's also only half an hour so it's pretty quick. I would struggle to watch it for an hour most days, but if it's just a few one offs per year I might make the effort. One of the things that makes Jeopardy so good is that the competitors are random members of the public. As long as that remains the essence of the show then it will be around for a long time to come. I think Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik are great hosts. They were the best that auditioned for the role.
Jim (Columbia SC)
You say that Jeopardy's viewership has held mostly steady after Trebek's death. What were Jeopardy's average ratings before Trebek announced that he had pancreatic cancer? I imagine that the ratings rose after that announcement, especially for the episodes airing after his death.
David (Houston)
@Jim I believe the ratings rose in 2019 because of the interest generated by James Holzhauer's streak.
sp (ne)
I used to watch Jeopardy every night for years. I kept watching after Alex Trebek died. I watched all of the "try-outs" for hosts. However, having a producer of the show(Mike Richards) who part of his job was to prep the hosts trying out for the job, but he was also competing for the job. Sorry, I felt played. When he was named the permanent host, I was done. If he had wanted to be in the running to be host , he should have not been in a producer role at the same time. He had no business interacting with his "competition" never mind being in charge of prepping the guest hosts. I felt bad for everyone who tried out to be the host-- that the job was already taken. It reminded me of being at job interviews where the job was already lined up for someone and you are just called to interview. You think you have a shot when in actuality you never had a chance of landing the job. It was a reality tv stunt. Get the fans engaged with the new host search, build buzz, up the viewership and meanwhile the job was already going to Mike Richards. I don't watch reality tv. I felt played by the management that runs Jeopardy. I thought it was a production with integrity. After the fake host search-I just don't think the show has any integrity. I have never watched it since. I wonder what their next reality tv stunt will be.
RR (Albuquerque)
@sp Did you read the article? Mike Richards is long gone and what did or did not go on, "behind closed doors" as you suggest, may or may not been the case. Consider how difficult—and certainly extremely sad, the task of finding a new host to step into the shining spotlight which Alex Trebek created for so many years. Why not forget about any nefarious schemes you seem to be so attached to, and enjoy Jeopardy as you once did? Ken Jennings is terrific and so is Mayim Bialik. You've missed some wonderful "brainiacs" aka excellent contestants, while you felt "played by the management." I hope the plans described in article don't result in a Jeopardy Multiverse or a production which resembles the "Masked Singer" or similar. I agree with others who have stressed the appeal of Jeopardy comes from the diverse knowledge and experience which is unique to each of us—every woman, every man, every person. Celebrities come with a known backstory and we know what happened during the host tryouts...I had my favorites and so did all the diverse Jeopardy fans! After the dust settled, or dirt, as you might call it, the right decision was made in selecting the host team. Get captured by Jeopardy's quirky appeal once again!!
Laurence Bachmann (New York)
@sp Anger at a producer's stunt shouldn't keep you from enjoying a game show that tests your own knowledge while featuring other intelligent folk compete. You seem to be cutting off your nose to spite your face. Write a finger wagging letter to the show and tune back in.
DT (Michigan)
Jeopardy had an assistant producer who really did the job, but he was ousted for some reason. Jennings is a bore; Bialik only a bit better but she says "no" with a vengeance. The spin-offs do little for me.
Geoffrey Graham (San Diego CA)
@DT i enjoy her split second pause before she says "no".
jkerouac110 (Seattle)
Jennings is good. Bialik is not. I will not watch her.
Mark (Cathedral City CA)
This is a pity. I was a 3 day champion ($47,400) in 1991. I have continued to watch Jeopardy over the decades, but have found it less interesting as time goes by. I am now 70 and clearly not in the contemporary culture loop. Numerous categories now leave me scratching my head. So, now we have this silly Celebrity Jeopardy...an hour loaded with celebrities who are mostly a dark mystery to this old codger. If this play well with young people, fine. However, this saturated approach will make me turn off permanently on regular Jeopardy too.
LL (Oakland)
@Mark I'm also a former contestant ('78 & '96) and I'm a year older than you. I know who all of the announced celebrity contestants are. Age is no excuse. There was a contestant this week who was on Jeopardy in 1972, and she did very well (haven't watched my recording of Friday's show yet, so I don't know if she's still champion). I find nearly all iterations of Jeopardy fun (except college Jeopardy -- I don't know why).
Laurence Bachmann (New York)
@Mark Silly to you but not to those clamoring for Celebrity Jeopardy. And as a former 3 day champ you must know that 70 year olds are not the demographic TV show producers are trying to draw in.
Peter (Berkeley)
@Mark Exactly! Who are these people, anyway?
C. Schwinbarger (California)
Tournaments I love. Celebrity guests are anathema to me. Boring. And I don't know why. I love their new host and hostess (I just committed a PC no-no, ha).
The Hez (New York)
Dear Mr. Davies: You say you read all the Jeopardy buzz, so I hope you're reading this. Jeopardy stands apart from all other game shows because it is conservative and not flashy. It is not Family Feud, or even Wheel of Fortune. No one is looking to win a car here. Your audience has shown loyalty because we are a loyal bunch, but when the gimmicks become too much we will tune in elsewhere, or maybe even pick up a book. And, by the way, Ken Jennings should get the full-time job!
irene (DisillusionedDem)
@The Hez A half hour of Jeopardy is fun, but I have other things to do and other things to watch. I don't need three or four more Jeopardys a week. And I only hate-watched Amy and Mumbling Matt and was elated when each of them was gone.
David (Houston)
@The Hez Simple solution. Don't watch the spinoffs. Stick to your Monday through Friday routine.
Jon (Ca.)
Since I only get high speed internet and not cable TV I've had to give up on Jeopardy.
@Jon. Just get yourself an inexpensive digital antenna. That’s what we did and we are able to view network TV.
Jane (New Hampshire)
You can watch it on YouTube. Google Jeopardy and choose the result that says “full episode”. You can also watch it there before it actually airs
Dalia Rollett (Santa Cruz)
@Jon you can watch it free every day on YouTube, no cable TV needed
Over here (Over there)
We watch Jeopardy most weeknights. But I figure the celebrity version isn't made for us. I looked at the list of contestants in the story, and I didn't know who most of them were. So no, we likely won't be there. I'd rather watch "average" contestants such as Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio, Ryan Long and their compadres in trivia.
RamS (New York)
Jeopardy is a money-making commercial endeavour designed by the best Mad Men in business. Everything is about image and style. To the extent the patina of knowledge and intellect exists, it is there to promote its commercial aspects. For all its warts, if you want a purer version of knowledge pursuit, then look at Wikipedia.
Bob LaBlah (Central Ohio)
“We know you value consistency.”?? Ahem… There has been no consistency since Alex Trebek. And that’s just one of my thoughts. Its a GAME SHOW, people. Why the circus surrounding choosing a host and staying on task? I have been a devoted fan of Jeopardy for many years. I even own the t-shirt that advises others not to call me at 7:00 ( it’s airing time in my region). I will continue to watch it, as I am always curious as to how I’ll perform in the categories, as well as rooting for the players. And while I prefer Ken Jennings as a host, I think Mayan Bialek does a fine job. Let’s face it, even Alex could be a little awkward in his interviews with the contestants. Celebrity Jeopardy has always been entertaining to me, as well. But why not keep it as an occasional program? Circling back, let’s have some consistency for awhile.
Jane (Denver, CO)
I have watched versions of "Celebrity Jeopardy" in the past. A few of he contestants are smart, but most of them ae not. It is boring.
Michele K (Ottawa)
@Jane And same goes for the college tournaments.
Bialik comes across so unprepared every show IMO I do not enjoy watching when she is the host.
B Sharp (Cincinnati)
As we remember Alex Trebek was the host for so many years,.an unknown person who became a celebrity . It is only fair to have Ken Jennings to be the permanent host, he won so many times. Mayim Bialik is an actor, does too many commercials which isactually a turn off.
Molly Bloom (Tri-State)
What happened to the potential host replacements that Mr. Trebek is rumored to have named: Laura Coates or Alex Faust ?
Bill Brasky (USA)
Rumor. Ken Jennings is the greatest Jeopardy player of all time and a fine host.
Jim (Columbia SC)
@Molly Bloom They didn't get the job.
Julie Tea (vancouver)
@Jim Alex’s picks for host didn’t get a chance to try out. We can probably blame the producer who was secretly planning to put himself in the host position throughout the hiring process. All I can say is thank you to those who tracked down his obnoxious past comments and brought him down, otherwise I would never have watched Jeopardy again, he had a voice and tone totally unsuited to the show.
James F. (Brooklyn, NY)
Minority opinion is necessary, my opinion is in the minority. America has become a game of fools. I am sure they vote and have opinions, but what are they based upon? In today's society, do we need to celebrate games and the game personalities?
Susan (Boulder, CO)
I've loved Jeopardy! a long time. I even got to be on the show (naturally I lost - so what?) when Alex was there. A dream come true. But an hour-long show with so-called celebrities showing how ignorant they are, hosted by Mayim Bialik? No thanks.
Bruce Connors (New York)
After watching for decades without Alex its just not working for me.
Bach (Grand Rapids, MI)
Why does everything good seem to copied to the point where all the goodness is gone? Ever wonder why the xerox’ed copy never looks quite as good as as the original?
David (Houston)
@Bach The original still airs Monday through Friday.
Please, please, tell them to make Ken Jennings the permanent host. Give us that consistency and leave Mayim Bialek to the celebrities. Jennings is a great successor to Alec Trebek, likable, knowledgeable, the real deal.
Cary (Oregon)
Wow! More opportunities for celebrity worship! Yippee! The rich (and famous) continue to get richer, and the population continues to get more submissive and less intelligent.
And the world just buried our Queen!
Patricia (Denver)
Anyone remember then Mayim was a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy? She was terrible - missing a simple science question!
Mike Kruger (Chicago)
Some of the new stuff will work. Some won't. We won't know until we try it. America wants Weird Al Yankovich on Celebrity Jeopardy, of course!
David Williams (San Diego county)
@Mike Kruger, Huh? I've heard of the royal "we" but never the spokesperson for the entire US.
Bialik is pretty awful and her product endorsement of fake "brain boosting" products is a sad symptom of our times. I wish Jeopardy was more interested in maintaining integrity and less interested in celebrity,
Meg Scarps (Stamford CT)
It is a game of trivia. No more no less. I cannot comprehend the fuss over the former host. I found him pompous and arrogant.
Cary (Oregon)
@Meg Scarps The show reminds me of a spelling bee. Amazing feats of memory that mean nothing and are essentially without value.
David Williams (San Diego county)
@Cary, Er, it's a game show; it's not supposed to create a cure for cancer.
David Williams (San Diego county)
@Meg Scarps, Well, there had to be one.
Dorothea Nelson (Lenox, MA)
Please only use my inidtials (DP) if you enter this post. Mayim Balik is a poor choice for Jeopardy ost. Her grammatical mistakes grate on the ears; her utter lack of style is hard on the eyes...I won't go on. It would be a gift to see her go!
Dalia Rollett (Santa Cruz)
@Dorothea Nelson are you only willing to insult someone while anonymous? I don't care for her as a host either but at least be willing to own your comments!
Leigh (LaLa Land)
@Dorothea Nelson Oops.
Susan (Athens , Ohio)
Uh-oh!!! Dilution of a classic brand!!! Mistake!!!! In other words, don’t fix it if it is not broken.
Bodie (Los Angeles)
Celebrity Jeopardy? Is that going to be like DWTS? You know B and C list “stars” with dumbed down questions?
burfordianprophet (Pennsylvania)
Jeopardy serves as a wonderful and fun intellectual stimulation for my wife and me; we don't allow any shouting out of answers in our house, giving slower folks in the room a fighting chance too test their knowledge too without competing with faster folks. The producers should coach Mayim Bialek about her delays in ruling on responses -- that is truly distracting. If she is unable to rule faster, they should consider a replacement.
Deadline (New York City)
@burfordianprophet My guess is she's waiting for the judges to tell her how to rule. She should also stop correcting people's pronunciation.
Rick Brown (Kiowa, Colorado)
Having celebrities respond to dumb-downed clues on Celebrity Jeopardy is almost as great an idea as making a celebrity President and giving him dumb-downed intelligence briefings.
Betrayus (East Hampton)
@Rick Brown They should consider making Trump the new host! It would be comedy gold.
Joe (Traverse City, Mi)
This is wretched excess.
Anthony (Michigan)
Ken Jennings was meant to do the job as host. He is tremendous. And as far as I know, he isn't an antivaxxer.
Lyla (CA)
@Anthony I'm not a fan of Mayim but TBF to her, she is not an antivaxxer. She was vaccine hesitant at one point believing that children in the US get too many vaccines, which considering our children get 14 vaccines now, it's a lot. There were 4 vaccines available in the 50s, 7 by the 80s, and now we're at 14. And you have to remember, many vaccines require multiple rounds. I'm a mom of a young, fully vaxxed child, and the schedule is overwhelming. To give you an idea: "Now, children could receive as many as 27 shots by 2 years of age and up to six shots in a single visit. https://www.chop.edu/centers-programs/vaccine-education-center/vaccine-history/developments-by-year My vaccine card as a kid was just that--a card. My kid's vaccine proof is two full pages. And I really wish we could have an intelligence conversation about these things and how we got here without shouting people down as antivaxx.
Cathykent (Oregon)
To bad another show spinning for the dollar and dumbing down America
malibu frank (Calif.)
Uh oh. Get ready to jump the shark!
David Williams (San Diego county)
@malibu frank, Alex, what did Fonzi do?
Ed (Colorado)
"For [Celebrity Jeopardy], producers chose contestants who are known to be fans of the show or to have some trivia prowess. This season, those contestants include: Michael Cera, B.J. Novak, Patton Oswalt, Ray Romano, Iliza Shlesinger, Aisha Tyler and Constance Wu. (The first episode features the actors Simu Liu, Andy Richter and Ego Nwodim." These are "celebrities?" Never heard of any of them.
David Williams (San Diego county)
@Ed 'These are "celebrities?" Never heard of any of them.' If you truly never heard of even one of them I'm guessing you're not to good at the game.
Elliott Humrich (NYC)
@Ed Nor have I! That bothers the heck out of me!
Lola (Virginia)
@Ed You never heard of Ray Romano?? Do you watch TV at all?
Charles (Los Angeles)
If Will Ferrell is hosting Celebrity Jeopardy, I'll watch every night. Unfortunately, Turd Fergerson passed away so we'll have to get some new contestants...RIP Norm!
David Williams (San Diego county)
@Charles "If Will Ferrell is hosting Celebrity Jeopardy, I'll watch every night." Why?
Brian (San Francisco)
Big Jeopardy fan here. But an OG Jeopardy fan. One episode each weekday with regular people is all I want. New shows, including one with so-called “celebrities,” is not on my list of wants (and I can’t be only one sick of celebrity this and celebrity that). The money-hungry producers should take care. They might end up killing the whole enterprise.
Lola (Virginia)
@Brian They're had Celebrity Jeopardy on and off since the early 90s. If you don't like it, don't watch.
Grittenhouse (Philadelphia, PA)
Taking advantage of what seems like a surge in popularity for a show to expand is what often ruins it and ends up killing it off. Celebrity game shows have always been fun, but everything depends on the host and how it's run. The last time I watched Jeopardy, the questions didn't make sense, were poorly written, and didn't follow the format of the show. It led me to distrust the producers and figure that abnormally long winning runs were manufactured by tailored questions. In all the years of traditional Jeopardy, there were very few long winning streaks. Given how other shows manipulate the viewers and players, why would Jeopardy be immune to tampering? I'll take Art Fleming for $50 anyday over any other host.
What, no beans?! (CA)
@Grittenhouse You are forgetting the 30+ years when champs had to leave after 5 wins - that's why there weren't long winning streaks in the past. Also, the questions are written long before any particular contestant may appear.
Lola (Virginia)
@Grittenhouse Have you heard of Standards and Practices? Game shows are closely scrutinized and have a S&P rep on set. Your conspiracy theories are ridiculous.
Mercury (Calgary)
McDonalds overloaded their menus with choices that flopped and went back to basics. Hoping the same for Jeopardy.
David Williams (San Diego county)
@Mercury, Yes, one can only hope Jeopardy will be a good as a godawful fast food chain.
David (Houston)
@Mercury Wait....when they had all those other choices, they got rid of the Big Mac and the Egg McMuffin? Oh right, they didn't. Just like the Jeopardy you love still airs Monday through Friday.
eric (kennett square, pa)
I am 81, my husband 82, and we have been faithful "Jeopardy!" watchers for decades. At our ages we think of this show as a means of a healthy way to keep our minds working which is more often this: "Wait! Wait! Give me 15 more sections." I am thinking there should be "Senior Jeopardy!" for contestants over a certain age, maybe 65.
Bill Camarda (Ramsey, NJ)
@eric That's an inspired idea. I would *love* to see Senior Jeopardy. A slight variant for folks who still know a ton but might buzz in a few nanoseconds slower. Deeply respectful of the heart of the game (unlike celebrity versions), certainly with a built-in audience, and less likely to overextend the franchise than some of these other extensions. I might even try out (again)! :)
P. Maher (Vancouver, Canada)
@eric Great Jeopardy fans think alike. lol At 70, watching Jeopardy and getting a good percentage of the answers right and getting timed out on others, my brother was impressed and suggested I could be a contestant. "Maybe when I was younger," I replied. "I don't have the rapid recall now." Then it occurred to me that there should be a "Senior Jeopardy" just like you are suggesting. Let the games begin!
Upstate (Northern NY)
@P. Maher We seniors already have computers,phones , and commercials "dumbed down" for us. Please don't do the same with "Jeopardy."
East Roast (wherever)
I like Jeopardy, but there is just too much tv nowadays and too many streaming avenues to view. This might sound crazy, but I miss the early 2000s with just broadcast and cable, no streaming. Too much of a good thing is not a better thing. It's just too much.
DCNancy (Springfield)
I watch Jeopardy every night and love the basic show. I have no interest in a Sunday night Celebrity Jeopardy (I've never heard of the first episode's celebs) or Daytime Jeopardy, which now airs in my viewing area. It's getting to be overkill and people are going to get tired of the show. Sometimes it's better to just leave things alone and not meddle with a good thing.
P. Maher (Vancouver, Canada)
@DCNancy Agreed. To update an old proverb, overkill breeds contempt.
BigFootMN (Lost Lake, MN)
Not likely to watch Celebrity Jeopardy! I watch to see how I stack up against people that know a lot. I don't think that just being a celebrity means that you know more than the average person. I have watched for so many years I forgot when I started. Some when Art Fleming was host, but mostly when Trebek was on. Trebek had a beautiful rapport with the contestants. He could make pointed remarks without offending them. Ken Jennings is closest to Alex in that sense. Of course he spent the most time around Alex. I am afraid the powers that be are trying to stretch Jeopardy! too thin with these additions.
Rick (NY)
Trebek was great, but the game is greater. It will survive and even thrive.
David Williams (San Diego county)
@Rick, So was Fleming and it did.
Deadline (New York City)
I've been a "Jeopardy!" fan for decades, even a contestant once (during the Art Fleming era), and I remember when a version of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" first came on the scene. It was pretty awful. Clearly, the celebrities showing off and getting attention had replaced what was fun about the show -- the clues and answers. The celebrity contestants regularly came up with inane responses and babbled about how silly they were. Then someone wised up, and the celebrities were apparently being screened -- and maybe told what the point of the game was. We had some clever people playing the game straight. Cheech Marin comes to mind as a truly great player, but there were others. From the lineup of "celebrities" for this new incarnation that has been announced, it sounds a bit as if they're going back to the original idea -- Look at me; don't bother with the game. That may be that the lineup consists mostly of people I've never heard of. But I'll watch tonight, and we'll see. The only things I know I'll never watch are sports and pop-culture "Jeopardy!" Those are two categories in which I always do poorly.
Hamish (NZ)
@Deadline I think it's the sort of thing they will try, it will flop, and then they will go back to basics.
Richard Blaine (Not NYC)
This is a good show, and it has been on the air for a long time. . But the viewership isn't interested in celebrities. That's not why they are watching. They are watching really talented players. . Would you watch football to see the NFL, or to watch TV stars who can't block, throw, catch, or kick? . Would you watch hockey to see the NHL, or to watch TV stars who can't skate? . I would pay good money, though, to watch real Jeopardy players demolish the reputations of reality TV personalities, or, better yet, elected Republicans (or both). . That might actually be enjoyable.
Kenny (Michigan)
@Richard Blaine "Republican Jeopardy" OMG what a hoot that would be!
Molly Bloom (Tri-State)
@Richard Blaine An "All Republican" Jeopardy would be like an SNL skit. A real SNL category that would stump them: "Current US Presidents"...
AJPeabody (Long Island)
@Richard Blaine Of course! Politician Jeopardy. The Final Jeopardy topic could be "Conspiracy Theories."
Jack Lee (Santa Fe)
"Celebrity" Jeopardy? Jeopardy for people famous for being famous? Jeopardy is for intelligence and knowledge, not a thing for boosting people who are what they are for something else entirely. Celebrities don't need to play on Jeopardy any more than non celebrities need to be on chat shows. Let's keep this pure, can we? Celebrities are not a sub group deserving of their own Jeopardy.
Art Kraus (Princeton NJ)
I don't know why they need these "celebrity" episodes to run for an hour. The same for "celebrity" Wheel of Fortune. Since they are both Sony properties, why not air a half hour of each, back to back, like most markets who air the "regular" syndicated shows do.
M (US of A)
These “celebs” need to somehow sell their latest book, movie, podcast, blog, instagram account or whatever!
John @CF (Cleveland)
LEAVE IT ALONE. The current crop of college graduates don't know when the Korean War occurred, let alone care. The audience is baby boomers, millennials and even me, the Silent generation. TV executives: We have most of the buying power $$$, so do leave something for us enjoy without current mucking it up with has-been actors. Just get a well seasoned weather announcer from Ohio; local, unaffected and focused.
Rose (USA)
@John @CF " Gen X was a reliable audience base too.
Ed H. (Bridgewater, NJ)
@John @CF I disagree that J! viewership is as dominated by older Americans as you're saying. A Civic Science survey of 4500 people earlier this year had some surprising findings. Of those who said they watch on a regular basis: * 34% were between 18 and 34, i.e., Millenials and older Gen Z. * Only 11% of GenXers (including myself) watch regularly. * There was almost no variation based on political affiliation. * 26% of regular J! watchers are also regular cannabis users.
Bill B. (Not where I want to be)
I was a fairly avid viewer off and on over the years depending on life's schedule and it's probably silly and someday it will end, I guess, but I've never once seen an episode since Trebak passed away. At first I avoided it like the plague as it was like replacing a relative, but it's easy to overlook it now in the streaming age. I don't watch network TV for anything anymore other than some sports or a special now and then. It was the only game show I was ever hooked on as an adult.
David Williams (San Diego county)
@Bill B. " but I've never once seen an episode since Trebak passed away. At first I avoided it like the plague as it was like replacing a relative..." Silliness.
Jessica (Regular Virginia)
It’s not surprising that Jeopardy! would grow bigger after Trebek’s death, there was no way that he could perform all these hosting duties but who would replace him while he was still there? Celebrity Jeopardy being on prime time does not take away from the standard syndicated episodes so I’m not concerned about it diluting the Jeopardy! brand but feel no need for an hour long episode of celebrities —that seems like overkill. I do worry about the internet running the show though but since they are listening bump up the dollar amounts and the prize amounts for second and third place. What is inflation?
Troy Waters (NY)
The powers that be sure missed the bus when they didn’t offer the Contestant Coördinator Alex’s seat at the helm. Not only had he worked there almost as long, only 1 week less that Alex himself, he was perfect for the job. His name is Glenn Kagan.
Seriously (Missouri)
I also love Jeopardy. Just the way it is. Celebrity Jeopardy, not so much. I can never watch Wolf Blitzer without thinking about how little he knows other than what he reads on air. Perhaps if celebrities competed as regular contestents, so as to weed out those who really don't belong.
Paco (Santa Barbara)
I thought Wolf was smart until I saw him on Jeopardy!
Leigh (LaLa Land)
@Seriously I so remember Wolf's embarrassing turn on Jeopardy. I couldn't believe someone in his profession could be so clueless. Maybe he was having a hard time mastering the buzzer?
Currents (NYC)
I love Jeopardy. I also know that when there's over extension in anything, the bottom falls out. Please don't overdo it and destroy a great game.
Patrick Ganz (Portsmouth, NH)
@Currents So true. What has made *Jeopardy* great is its consistency and non-flashiness. Try to stretch it too far and the brand gets diluted and becomes unappealing.
Edgar (NM)
@Currents Exactly!
Andrew Kennelly (Redmond, WA)
I have never been a fan of "celebrity" editions of game shows. Inevitably, the pace of the game is slower on account of all the inane banter as the celebrities attempt to be funny or witty or cutesy. With these surely-to-be-silly celebrity episodes, Jeopardy will be eroding its erudite image.
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