Creamy Paneer, Tangy Tomatoes and a Gorgeously Easy Dinner

Oct 26, 2022 · 44 comments
Marjorie Summons (Greenpoint)
What the wall label doesn't tell you.
Marjorie Summons (Greenpoint)
I have been abused all my life because of who I am. I am done with that. World, deal with me. I am woman. Get used to it.
Marjorie Summons (Greenpoint)
I can breathe now. It's been a long, long time.
Marjorie Summons (Greenpoint)
Sylvia Rivera. Jane Jacobs. Over and over again.
Marjorie Summons (Greenpoint)
We wanted a Revolution.
Talha (uk)
I did it yesterday evening, its tasty and awesome! My friend Sarah gave me 100+ kito recipes for free, they are delicious and healty too
Sally (Stuyvesant Falls, NY)
No heckin' way I can get this in Virginia without driving for two hours. Sigh.
Marjorie Summons (Greenpoint)
Where did everyone go? Beth? Beth?
@Marjorie Summons What? More?
Marjorie Summons (Greenpoint)
@AEG I was completely traumatized by what happened here but please buy my book, "Tempest in a Large Teapot" coming out soon.
@Marjorie Summons Wow.
Independent Observer (Texas)
While this article is quite obviously comfortable here in the Food Section, I'd have to say that the Comment threads would be far more suited to the OP/ED pages. :-P Cheers and a Happy All Hallows' Eve's eve to all. \o/
So I do not have an Indian kitchen but with a friend’s help got the staple spices. She taught me a trick of buying blends, and for breads look to the frozen section of an Indian market where you can find frozen rolled out dough. With the few from scratch recipes I’ve made at home I deeply respect the science and art of Indian cooking which is applied to bring out truly complex flavors. I’ve also learned it’s not quick cooking!
Este Que (Weaverville)
Needs some pork belly.
Independent Observer (Texas)
@Este Que "Needs some pork belly" One could kind of say that about a great many menu items. :-)
Tuvw Xyz (Evanston, Illinois)
"Chunks of roasted cheese" stopped me reading thjs article. Roasting, frying or melting cheese denaturates it.
Independent Observer (Texas)
@Tuvw Xyz "Roasting, frying or melting cheese denaturates it" A life without pizza, eggplant Parmesan, grilled cheese sandwiches, Reubens, potatoes au gratin, omelettes, fill-in-the-many-many-many-blanks would be more than just would be absent of any morale for this particular foodie.
Kajal (DC)
@Tuvw Xyz Paneer is not like American cheese. It has a different texture. Perhaps you should keep an open mind. And mouth.
Alex K (NYC)
@Tuvw Xyz Paneer is much like halloumi, it won't just melt into puddles of cheese.
Where can you buy paneer? (Yes, I saw someone posted how to make it)
Independent Observer (Texas)
@RL "Where can you buy paneer?" Go to Google Maps, bring up the map of NYC, clear the search box and type in paneer stores You'll see a whole bunch of Indian Food specialty stores pop up all over NYC. Just give the nearest ones a call and verify they have it (which they definitely should since it's a very common Indian food item).
TGA (Los Angeles, CA)
@Independent Observer waiting you forgot to include sending these to Los Angeles
Saritha (america)
@RL Actually, I've been surprised to see it in the cheese section of my local Publix. Pleasant surprise! Now I don't have to stock it in the freezer from my Indian grocery store.
Marge Keller (Midwest)
Judging by many of the comments, it seems to appear that the tomatoes aren't the only "tangy" aspect to this story.
VCM (Boston, MA)
@Marge Keller And the thin skin also doesn't just belong to tomatoes. One with such a skin prefers to double down on her errors.
Independent Observer (Texas)
@Marge Keller These darned creamy paneer articles always do tend to bring out the devil in us. :-)
Marge Keller (Midwest)
@Independent Observer Right? I guess there's no such thing as a "simmer" and "cool down" or "leave alone until set" aspect to those darn paneer articles. Maybe it has to do with paneer making some folks needing to smear and sneer . . .
A Patriotic American (USA)
Looks awesome, will definitely put it in the dinner rotation.
ST (Amherst, MA)
You can make homemade paneer without too much difficulty - boil milk, add yogurt, stir, wait for milk to separate and precipitate. Drain, (you can keep the water and drink it!), squeeze to excess water, wrap in cheesecloth and either hang or press to dry. Much tastier than store-bought. For non-dairy folks: you can use tofu, but that's a different dish. Pretty good if you drain, then fry the tofu, but different.
Ellen K (Washington)
I used to live on dairy but now that I know its impact on the environment and cows, not to mention my own health, I will enjoy this fabulous recipe substituting extra firm tofu for the paneer, Kite Hill almond yogurt, and Miyoko Schinner's cultured artisan vegan butter. All the flavor, none of the problems!
Jagdeer Haleed (New York)
@Ellen K Removing dairy is great! Thank you! But almond trees are some of highest consumers of fresh water in water starved central valley of California. As long as there is outsize demand for almond products, production will continue. Please consider going a step further and also reducing almond content.
Diana (Seattle)
@Jagdeer Haleed Depends on what you care about - for dairy, cows are forcibly impregnated yearly and their babies taken from them (the males killed) so that humans can enjoy their milk. Those who care about animal welfare would thus avoid dairy. Those who care more about water usage should avoid almonds.
Alyssa (CA)
This is all good thinking but I also wonder : if there’s no demand for dairy, wouldn’t humans not keep cows? Then where would cows be? Just curious.
Paul (Brooklyn)
One of your few recipes I am not too big on. Not big on tomatoes, yogurt or curry. I had variations of it several times and did not care for it. I know plenty of people that do. More power to them.
Armen (Boston)
Sad trombone sound.
Marjorie Summons (Greenpoint)
@Armen Paul is a very nice person and I enjoy hearing about his life. I do not like people making fun of other people though. It's just me.
Armen (Boston)
I used to live in Greenpoint and at the time there were no good Indian restaurants there. I have no beef with Paul, I just like sad trombone sounds. In a world of negativity, the sad trombone sound provides a moment of brevity and respite. Read Paul’s comment again and then imagine the sad trombone sound afterwards. It’s funny. Paul was an essential part of that humour. More power to Paul. More power to the sad trombone.
Santa (Cupertino)
Add a pinch of garam masala to the tomato gravy, and sprinkle a dash of dried Fenugreek (methi) leaves at the end. Adds a lovely flavor to the whole dish.
SL (Vancouver Island)
Thank you for bringing paneer roasting out in the open. The switch from frying (never worked - sticky and icky smelling) to a happy roast changed my saag paneer in all the best ways. May this technique help more & I will be trying this recipe asap.
Independent Observer (Texas)
“It’s dairy with dairy with dairy with dairy,” she said. “I love it, but it’s not necessarily for everyone” It may not be for everyone, but it sure as heck is for me. \o/
Marjorie Summons (Greenpoint)
Melissa you are a genius. I love paneer and make it myself. It's easy. I use very good milk. Organic or if you can get it Clark's from Upstate. Saag Paneer is a fav. I love the article on Madjur Jeffries. She taught me cooking some 30 years ago.
SM (New York)
@Marjorie Summons I think it's Anita Jaisinghani who is a genius. :)
VCM (Boston, MA)
It's Madhur not Madjur, and Jaffrey not Jeffries.
VCM (Boston, MA)
True, Ms. Jaisinghani deserves that accolade first, but let's also give a hand to the writer... for her words made my nostrils inhale the aroma and my mouth water .
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