Word of the Day: prerogative

Oct 26, 2022 · 34 comments
Daisy (Chicago)
Freedom of speech is the prerogative among our community.
Maira (Pakistan)
Its principal's prerogative that when to start the college internal exams.
Naseem (hyderabad)
It is prerogative of Ukranian Children to have War free country for their safe living.
tyler (school)
My prerogative in basketball is to score
Landon (ny)
the centers prerogative is to get the ball to the quarterback
Daniel (NY)
My dad has a prerogative for his amazing song.
Matthew (New York)
Americans over the age of 21 have the prerogative to vote.
CAM (Seattle)
@Matthew over 18
isabella (usa)
the clubs vip room was a prergative
Mohammad (New York)
The Kings title is peragotive to the royal family.
Hannah (New York)
It's the president's prerogative to lead our country.
Bella (New York)
The ability to purchase a Birkin bag is prerogative to people who religiously buy Hermes items.
Matthew (U.S)
A bodyguards prerogative is to protect the person they were paid to protect.
Charles (New York)
People who think that they need to be seen as royalty use prerogative terms in speech.
Gina (New York)
Clothing companies have a prerogative to push out new clothing lines at least every season.
Conor Ford (New York)
It is our prerogative as students to do our homework every day.
Connor (United States)
The sales manager's prerogative was to get the new products in stores as soon as possible.
Brayden (New York)
The copyright served as a prerogative.
Madison (USA)
It was her prerogative to make sure the paychecks got mailed by Friday.
Olivia (New York)
My prerogative is my own items.
Ava (New York)
It was his prerogative to test the food.
Luke (New York)
The president has a prerogative of living in the white house and having bodyguards.
Schmidt (Hamburg, Germany)
As the treasurer of the company I work for, it’s my prerogative to keep track of sales, oversee all financial transactions, make budget plans, and advise fundraisers.
Olivia S (United States)
I make all the big decisions - that's my prerogative as company director.
Sam (United States)
It was the marketing department's prerogative to push the product out to people.
Caleb (New York)
In an office place, it's the boss's prerogative to fire and hire people.
Tabitha L. (USA)
The princess felt it was her prerogative to always walk in front of everyone else.
Peyton (US)
They gave prerogative powers in exchange for money to fight the war.
John (Taiwan)
As a political adviser of the king, William consistently counselled moderation and compromise between the unqualified assertion of the royal prerogative and the puritan views of popular liberties which were.
An (Japan)
Many in upper-class society have a prerogative for a surplus of luxurious items.
Sydney (New York)
There is a prerogative for any United States citizen to choose whether or not to vote.
Chloe (United States)
Since she's my best friend, it is her prerogative to borrow my things if she needs them.
Lila (New York)
The movie director had a prerogative of her movie.
Sadie Burr (United States)
It was the king's prerogative to rule over his people, whether he let them live in peace or disharmony; it was all up to him.
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