Meadows Ordered to Testify in Georgia Election Investigation

Oct 26, 2022 · 92 comments
Richard (Madelia, Minnesota)
Fear of testifying UNDER OATH. What a bunch of cocky cowards. When did refusing to respond to a subpoena become acceptable?
Jim (Indianapolis)
Meadows should be compelled to testify, just like his equally slimy colleague Graham of S.C. They know what they did was illegal. I'd also like to know what's happening with Meadows' N.C. alleged voter fraud case too?
James (Waltham, MA)
This is a seemingly endless cat and mouse game where everyone called to testify uses dodge and delay tactics to avoid testifying. Can we not have just one blanket order that compels these people to testify?
Grabski (Morris County, NJ)
Of course, once Herschel and Kemp are elected, the governor will end the Fulton County farce.
Leigh (Georgia)
@Grabski Kemp is the current Govenor of Georgia. Why would he wait all these months to command that the judicial proceeding halt if indeed he has the power to do so? Being rel-elected will not change his job description, nor add to his powers.
JohnH (Boston area)
@Grabski: No farce, Grabski! Those guys tried to force an ethical official to break the law, and the investigation realy ought to put at least some of them in jail.
Moses Cat (Georgia)
@Grabski Kemp is already the Governor. I don't see how he can interfere in this way. He himself was excoriated by the TFG. In any case, you don't seem to know much about Georgia.
Cj (NYC)
Joe Biden helped put the “get out of jail free justice” Clarence on the SCOTUS.. maybe he should finally take him off?
Greg Gerner (Wake Forest, NC)
Advertisement on Fox TV: Been served with a subpoena to appear before a grand jury that you'd prefer not to comply with? Wondering what to do? Call the Law Offices of Clarence Thomas for quick relief. Results guaranteed! (All major credit cards accepted. Fee payable in advance.)
Concerned Citizen (United States)
What are you afraid of, Mr Meadows? Testifying under oath? It seems to me you would and should welcome the opportunity to tell the truth, instead of being compelled to speak on the record via sub poena. Unless, of course, the “truth” you speak in public and would have people believe, is different from what you know to be the actual truth. Some public figures are like that. I hope you’re not one of them.
Scott (TX)
@Concerned Citizen - it’s called entrapment.
Jim (Indianapolis)
@Scott I get the distinct impression Scott, that you believe that "republican politicians" are above the law.
Allison (Texas)
@Scott: If he hasn’t done anything wrong, he can’t be “entrapped,” as you call it, because if he hasn’t done anything wrong, there’s no crime that he can be accused of. If he tells the truth and hasn’t violated any laws, he should have nothing to fear by testifying. After all, he’s just providing the facts about events, right? Giving testimony, as any honest person involved would do. So if he sticks to the facts, he has no reason to worry — if, of course, he is indeed innocent of any wrongdoing.
Paul (Trantor)
“Meadows Ordered to Testify in Georgia Election Investigation” He won’t appear. Nor will Flynn, Graham, and anyone else in the Trump/MAGA/Republican enabler orbit. Are you getting it yet? Impudence, flouting the law, raw power. Trump and his people will do anything to gain power. That means ANYTHING. If we don’t nip this movement in the bud, all is lost. But it won’t be overnight. Turn up the flame, the frog is cold.
Tracy (Arizona)
@Scott That's the second post where you said the same thing. Entrapment is tricking someone into committing a crime in order to secure their prosecution. Trump really did collude with Russians; he really did try to get Ukrainian help to damage his political opponent; and he really did do all he could to overturn the will of the people on 2020. Those are crimes committed by Trump. No one coerced him into doing it.
Scott (TX)
@Paul they won’t appear b/c they know it’s entrapment. Just like the dems tried the Russia hoax, the Ukraine phone call, and now Jan 6th. They will do anything to try to destroy their political opponent. It’s laughable.
Steve (Richmond, VA)
He and his wife were registered to vote in three different locations. I know NC refused to charge him, but what happened to the the other locations? These maga crooks are getting away with the kitchen sink!!
Scott (TX)
@Steve Crooks? Let’s see…. Russia hoax, strike 1. Ukraine phone call, strike 2, now Jan 6, strike 3. This is all a show that dems are trying to play right before election time. It’s pretty pathetic actually. But if that’s what you guys want open borders sanctuary cities abortion on demand, keep trying. So far it’s laughable. And Biden stinks.
Tom Hayden (Minneapolis Mn)
Oh they’ll just appeal this ad nauseum and nothing will happen. The constitution dies with a whimper not a bang.
Pat martin (Fairview, OR.)
The can try to run and hide, but karma is always going to get you.
George W (Portland Or)
It’s amazing that as a country we enable and encourage treason and disloyalty. In other country at any other time he is in irons
Tracy (Arizona)
@Scott So you admit that Trump tried to peddle disinformation to try to smear his political opponent. Good. Progress.
JohnH (Boston area)
@Scott: Scott, the "hoax" label is false, and has been slapped on, for example, the very real epidemic that killed a million people. Trump knows he lost the election, and so do you, and it is on the record that he attempted to force an election official to break the law. Meadows was an integral part of the scheme, and needs to tell the truth. Get a life, Scott. Stop believing things that have been proven false!
Scott (TX)
@George W like Russia hoax, Ukraine phone call, peddling disinformation to try to smear a political opponent? You’re right.
Todd Eastman (Putney, VT)
Mr. Meadows is dancing on a razor blade... ... he will not win in the long haul...😎
dupr (New Jersey)
He should be in jail already. And what happened to his voting in different states case. Why did it go quiet all of a sudden.
Scott (TX)
@dupr all they are going to try to do is play the entrapment game if it goes to court. That’s what the Dems are known for, playing dirty tricks to try to get people kicked from office.
polymath (British Columbia)
I would be much happier if all claims of executive privilege by anyone (including whoever is currently president) were declared illegal in the future.
DAC (Canada)
I had always believed that it was a citizen’s civic duty to give testimony in court. I would expect that duty to be more strongly felt and more strongly demonstrated by people who have sworn to serve faithfully in government. These Republican court-dodgers are a disgrace to civil society.
Grabski (Morris County, NJ)
@DAC Obviously as a Canadian you do not understand the concept of civil rights No one has to participate in a “perjury trap” as a way to get a witness to “sing.”
Ken Burgess (Vancouver, Canada)
@Grabski This has nothing to do with civil rights. Meadows's lawyer is making a jurisdictional argument.
JohnH (Boston area)
@Grabski: Testimony under oath is not a perjury trap, unless you commit perjury. Take the fifth, like Trump, however many times you need to.
David S. (Brooklyn)
Wasn’t Mark Meadows also in constant contact with Ginni Thomas (among others)?  The more things come to light, the more that Meadows seems to be central, not peripheral, to the events of January 6.
Bill (Lone Tree)
We hear a lot of talk from the Republicans. I would suggest that all news services cut off politicians that won't testify under oath. I am tired of lie after lie being broadcast without the proviso that the speaker will not submit to saying it under oath. If they are not willing to speak under oath in a court of law under the penalty of perjury, why are they allowed access. They should not have access to public airways to spread their propaganda.
A. Xak (Los Angeles)
The higher up their position is, the less trouble they get into.
Harold Jordan Esq (Pittsburgh PA)
Well, it seems that The Supremes a.k.a. Trump's Six Majority Justices who sit on SCOTUS, are going to have to sing yet another chorus of "My World Is Empty Without You, Trump". Their vocal chords must be awfully tired by now. I know that my ears sure are. And I used to like the original hit by The Original Supremes, but then I'm from that era.
Michael Gilbert (Charleston SC)
Republicans clearly believe that laws do not apply to them, only to the "little people". One thing is clear though, that one large overarching RICO investigation into the obvious criminal activities of the Trump administration would have a significant effect. Why hasn't Garland used this tool? This action would put a net over the whole bunch - including Trump.
Sailesh Kapadia (Pittsburgh)
Isn't he the guy who was going to the White House and informing them on what was being discussed in the various committees in the Congress?
The Stable Genius is Neither (Oregon)
@Sailesh Kapadia I thought that was the clueless Devin Nunes.
Javaforce (California)
If I or ignore a Jury Duty notice I'll face consequences. Mark Meadows is a free man who tried and may still be trying to overthrow our government. The DOJ is letting Trump, Meadows and so many others get away with crimes. Jared Kushner's hedge fund seems incredibly suspicious yet he's faced no consequences at least that the public knows about. Mark Meadows could legitimately be facing life in prison or worse for trying to overthrow our government. If he was facing serious consequences he would not be so cavalier.
SPQR (Maine)
I rarely watch these hearings on TV, but I enjoy knowing that they are proceeding. I hope they last for a few more years, until everyone of Trump's supporters and the legislators they placed in office has to confess their guilt and retire from public life or go to jail. We need to make every Republican who supported Trump's attempted coup pays some price for attacking the foundations of our country.
Vanessa (Millersburg MO)
It doesn't matter who's a Republican and who's a Democrat. What matters is what the legal codes say. I have yet to hear of a law in which anyone has managed to make something illegal for only one political party, try as they might. What matters is whether any specific laws were broken, and by whom. Making that determination requires obtaining factual answers from people who have them. It's really pretty simple.
Bill (Lone Tree)
@Vanessa That is why Republicans are avoiding testifying in court. They are free to lie to the public and even broadcast their lies on public airways. Lying in court is another matter. Lying in court leads to a crime of perjury. Pleading the fifth is a protection that protects a witness in a legal court room but does not exonerate them in the court of public opinion. The biggest problem is that a sizable proportion of our electorate doesn't want the truth to come out and are behind any attempt to suppress it. We have seen where Republican appointed judges are running interference for witnesses and defendants.
Joe Van Steen (CA)
These are the same people running on a law and order campaign, along with an economy which they threaten to wreck if they get elected. Who is voting for these people and why?
mike williams (buffalo,ny)
@Joe Van Steen This is called "political projection" and the pubs are masters at it and their voters believe this nonsense without hesitation or a thought to fact check it.
JohnH (Boston area)
@mike williams: When 60 courts, up to the SCOTUS, reject assertions because there's no credible evidence, you would expect reasonable people to accept the conclusion that the assertions are empty. BTW, mike--were you an NCAA wrestler in college? I may have roomed with you in 1964.
Carter (Pennsylvania)
I think the story should say: a powerless judge, who will soon be overridden, politely requests that Mark Meadows testify, if he were to be so inclined.
Doug (Melbourne, Australia)
I wonder what they have to hide that they are fighting so hard and spending so much money to avoid answering the questions. Don't they understand that the truth will set them free? Although maybe not for long.
Deirdre (New Jersey)
Alyssa Farah Griffin recounted a conversation she had with Mark Meadows when she handed in her resignation. Meadows told her, "What if I could tell you we’re actually going to be staying?" Meadows is the key to the phone calls in GA, the goings on in the Willard Hotel, the 62 court cases and all of the criminals who conspired to overturn the 2020 election.
Daylight (RI)
Why is it that people like Meadows, Giuliani, Trump, etc. can get away with these appeals and extra reviews? Is it their wealth? Power? Connections? Most normal people would never have these kinds of opportunities to skirt the law. They might be doing something within the law, but they are absolutely slimy, unethical and dangerous characters who should be prosecuted as any one else would. They all think they are above the law, like their teacher, Trump. What an unfair, unequal and unjust society we live in.
Karen (Seattle)
@Daylight Yes, it’s all of those things. And yes, because of those things it appears they are above the law. Shameful. The biggest takeaway for me is why if they firmly believe they did nothing wrong, and the election was indeed stolen by space aliens or whatever other nonsense, won’t they testify? Well, we know why. It was all a hoax. And because they refuse to testify that should be the end game for the true believers. But of course there is no end game…. Critical thinking is no longer a necessary attribute.
JABarry (Maryland)
trumpy republicans are simply not subject to the laws Americans must follow. Clarence should have recused himself when the supremes ruled a Congressional subpoena had to be obeyed. he should have recused himself when an Appeals Court ordered graham to testify before a grand jury in Georgia. But he won't even recuse himself if his wife is ordered to testify before a grand jury. they are all above the law.
Suzanne Swanson (Stillwater, MN)
We are looking for where to move where justice, mercy and care for each other is present. This stuff is absolutely outrageous. If you are so concerned about the legality of what you are doing that you can’t answer questions? If you do all these things to sell your soul, you must be held to account. I believe our country is facing a reckoning. Clearly this is not new…look at Jim Crow, McCarthyism, broken treaties with Indigenous Peoples…etc. We have now heard our secrets in the past and most of us want to do better…relative to each other and our beloved Earth. These men have been enabled by their race, their privilege and each other. We are doomed if they return to power.
Marty Ruprecht (New Jersey)
Sadly he need only delay testimony through the elections. If Republicans win, this ends.
Critical Thought (Orlando)
@Marty Ruprecht No Marty these are state courts, not the Jan 6th committee so the elections will have no bearing on these subpoenas. The only thing the mid-term elections could end would be the Jan 6th committee, but that is all planned. The Jan 6th committee will produce their report before the first week in January when the new congress is sworn in. This grand jury is collecting the evidence and testimony necessary to determine if Trump's call to Georgia's Secretary of State was unlawful interference under Georgia law. Additionally, if it was unlawful, who besides Trump committed an indictable offense related to the call? This will all continue without regard to election results.
Jeff H. (Mount Pleasant, IA)
Not in Georgia or at the Justice Dept. The Jan. 6th committee, yes.
Tom Hayden (Minneapolis Mn)
Not necessarily in Georgia however.
Todd Howell (Orlando)
Go ahead Mark, it’s time to plead the 5th.
Neal Charness (Michigan)
It sure seems that the commonalities among Graham and Trump include a drawl and a large resevoir of cowardice.
Dean (Washington)
With these activities together with the Supremes activities both solo and joint is it any wonder that people have a problem about lawyers???????
Nicholas Fillmore (Hawai’i)
Indict him.
Sarah (Ann Arbor)
No worries! He’ll just have his pal Clarence Thomas table the subpoena.
Howard Herman (Skokie, Illinois)
It appears that Mark Meadows has much to fear, the wrath of Donald Trump and the wrath of justice. Time and again we see how individuals have sold their souls and integrity in the service of Mr. Trump. Mark Meadows will certainly not be the last person we read about in such predicament. There are still plenty of others. So was it worth it, Mr. Meadows?
Judi (North Carolina)
@Howard Herman This is a guy who has no conscience. If he escapes punishment, he will lead a wealthy existence.
Mike o (Washington state)
One cannot help but wonder where the funds are coming from in regards to the legal fees for all these (apparently baseless) appeals to refuse to cooperate with the subpoenas. That call to Georgia by tRump had nothing to do with official presidential duties... and everything to do with attempting to corrupt the Sec of State in Georgia and attempting to defraud the USA and Georgia in regards to the 2020 election process.
Armo (San Francisco)
If I were him, I would call Clarence Thomas immediately.
Allison (Texas)
@Armo: No, tell him to go through the back channels and call Ginni Thomas first. That way, Clarence will have plausible deniability the next time he refuses to recuse himself from any Jan 6 proceedings.
Clark (Vancouver USA)
What are these guys hiding?
Judi (North Carolina)
@Clark Nothing. We know what they’ve done. They simply want to avoid consequences that could be financially detrimental to them. They’re too corrupt to care about their reputations.
peter (brooklyn)
when will I be able to read the Times and it won't be one story after another about a member of the previous administration or a spouse of a SCOTUS justice trying to overthrow the government and then defying a subpoena?
Mark W (New York)
I’d say these stories are important and newsworthy. As long as they keep happening i would expect and hope that we keep seeing them. I’d expect nothing less from any legitimate national newspaper. Should you want to read about something else, there’s a lot more to read about. The Times has 3 or 4 sections a day covering everything from Science to food to arts to sports to business. Knock yourself out
Ken (Seattle)
@peter Good Question. I think it will happen when these members of the former administration start answering questions of obvious public importance about their actions and their bosses' actions in the days and weeks prior to the January 6 insurrection on Capitol Hill. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see some of them act in the public interest for once?
Steve (Charlotte NC)
@Mark W I think the OP was just expressing his exasperation with the events
Jim (TX)
It is important that advisors, lawyers, and friends of a sitting US president (and others) know that they cannot help such people in doing illegal things.
Blanche Covidian (Its Horrible Now In Pennsylvania)
If they didn't break the law in any way, or otherwise compromise their crummy careers, what exactly are they afraid of the Hoi Polloi finding out? Why so much secrecy?
SST (San Francisco, California)
This concept that Republicans do not have to adhere to subpenas is so dishonest and wrong that the judicial branch needs to step up and save itself before it disintegrates. We are watching the Republicans destroy our democracy by simply refusing to face the music on behalf of a rogue, criminal former President. Sad.
Chris Morris (Idaho)
Plan A; Get it in front of Thomas.
alan brown (manhattan)
A lot of air will go out of these investigation after the Midterms irrespective of the outcome of the election. Some Grand Jury proceedings, not altogether tainted by politics could and should continue.
Conan M (Sf)
it is sad to see how much the momentum to hold trump accountable for his crimes has diminished. garland has a press conference to let us know about chinese criminals. the elephant in the room is the criminals still promoting the big lie. this very article is not prominent in the NYT page and is evidence that ppl are giving up. It is as if bringing our leaders to justice is just too difficult. the midterms are upon us and after the gop wins the house or the senate all will be swept under the rug. the stall tactics worked. meadows wins. We all lose.
Somewhere in Tucson (AZ)
If they have done nothing wrong, testifying shouldn't be an issue. Correct?
Bob (Columbia MD)
@Somewhere in Tucson . What you say is exactly what Mr. Trump said while in office. But now he and his lackeys have changed their tune. Big time.
NorCal (Northern California)
Everyone is above the law in America, it seems. Or at least some are privileged.
Deirdre (New Jersey)
Where is the Georgia attorney general and why isn’t he helping DA Willis? All of these republicans clearly interfered and tried to corrupt the Georgia vote. Why isn’t the state standing with Fulton county?
crystal (Wisconsin)
@Deirdre The AG in Georgia is a Republican. They will most decidedly NOT be helping the Democrat Willis in her lawsuit.
Deirdre (New Jersey)
@crystal it’s his job Everywhere he goes he should be asked why he isn’t doing his job- he’s the AG for all Georgians
Sweetbay (Gainesville, VA)
@crystal: Though he did stand up to Trump when asked to "find" votes.
Deirdre (New Jersey)
It's pretty rich when Mark Meadows who most likely committed voter fraud by voting in NC in 2020 without living there, then went on to commit election interference in GA (a state he also didn't live in) by harassing the GA Secretary of State. Why is this man not prosecuted? Where is the GA Attorney General and why isn't he investigating as well?
Todd Howell (Orlando)
@Deirdre Great question, where's the GA Attorney General? Well, he/she was witness to the crime and recused, as was the US Attorney General in GA above the lowest tier prosecutor (county) naturally had to pick up the case as those above her couldn't fairly prosecute a crime they witnessed.
Cindy (Nagrath)
Mr. Meadows needs to be held accountable and testify. He was one of Trump’s chief enablers in perpetuating the lie, looking to overturn the election results, and contributing to the January 6th insurrection at the US Capitol. Meadows is a sycophant whose behavior exemplifies cowardice and a lack of backbone or a moral compass. Meadows actions, or lack thereof, constitute treason.
Steve Beck (Middlebury, VT)
So why not Lindsey Graham?
john keeley (beavercreek oregon)
Those lies will only get you so far .
BTO (Somerset, MA)
Meadows will probably do the same thing as Graham did and ask Justice Thomas to spare him from having to testify. After all everybody knows that Thomas is in Trump's back pocket via Thomas's wife. In today's world justice isn't blind anymore, it's just plain stupid.
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