Skechers Says It Escorted Kanye West From Its Offices After Unannounced Visit

Oct 27, 2022 · 134 comments
Bob555 (NY)
If he had said the same thing about whites would there be such an uproar?
Shannon (Austin, Tx)
So what did Brittany Spears do that was so bad that she got put into conservatorship?
Bob (Portland)
@Shannon She didn't start calling herself "It".
Andy (Charlotte)
Throughout human history, many geniuses of their era were misunderstood - whether is was Nikola Tesla, Van Gogh, Galileo, or Ye. Hundreds of years from now, mankind will understand what Ye was trying tell us. Articles like this one, which seem to mock his efforts to penetrate the offices of Sketchers, will be seen as just another instance where the public was unable to comprehend his message. Once-in-a-generation genius has its price.
GPike (Canada)
@Andy Surely you are not comparing West with Tesla, Van Gogh or Galileo. They had, and are still having an impact on our lives. Right now most of the planet has no idea who West is. A hundred years from now he will have been forgotten for at least 90 years.
Rheace (SD)
@Andy ... ok, I think this is QUITE a stretch!
Professor (NJ)
History is rife with geniuses who where morally bankrupt. In Germany, Leni Riefenstahl and Martin Heidegger come to mind. Their achievements will be forever tied to their disgraceful sycophancy to Nazism. Never forgive them.
ray (wi)
Hopefully we won't hear any more about this person.
What I don't get is why it took Adidas so long to pull the plug on him given Adidas is a German company and it's history with the Holocaust, why didn't they act sooner. Totally baffling.
No (Georgia)
To me... It's pretty clear what he's doing. He's been playing edge-lord for years. It's his shtick. Being "edgy" requires you to challenge taboos. There are so few taboos left... And when he's done being an edge-lord, he'll flip back and laugh because there pretty audience forgives him and takes him back.
Sbar21 (Dallas)
When someone makes anti semitic proclamations people often ignore them. I’m grateful that the corporate community and many individuals have called out Ye for his intolerance.
Angus,Brother of Fegus (Salish Sea, British Columbia, Canada)
Sorry folks, but there is one final and lengthy rite of passage in this sad ruin that is Kanye West. He will need to appear on the garden set confessional programme special by Oprah Winfrey in the future. He will need to atone to Winfrey. Winfrey will be dressed in multiple muted layers, slumping in a chair, the occasional nod, looking serious and hoping she is contributing something of value to this grave national concern that is Kanye. This will be followed by a 'you-were-there' segment the next morning by Gayle King. King will give this the seriousness that evening network news readers usually reserve for vital events in North Korea. King's follow-up will be about a potential atonement, the neediness of Kanye.
so this is his dis-jointed bid for political-office/recognition in the current maga-verse style - he is certainly getting recognition - whether he or handlers are capable of meeting any minimal requirements for actually running for any official governmental position remains to be seen
Paul N. (Indianapolis)
LA Gear and K-Swiss offices have had to hire extra security, and reports are that Puma has shut down their facilities indefinitely. Only a matter of time before Converse follows suit. Is no athletic footwear company safe from this man?
Ernest Z (Sacramento CA)
“The episode comes at a chaotic time for Ye…” Hopefully it is clear to any and all that this “chaotic time” is the result of, and only of, this individual’s choices in word, action, and intent. He, like Florida man, Faux news talking heads, GOP/MAGA-verse, and their ilk create their own situations through word, action, and intent (often ill-advised if not illegal) - then complain mightily of witch hunts, persecutions, and bias. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. And use a little common sense if you opt to stay in the kitchen - an oil fire cannot be put out with water.
Futbolistaviva (SF, CA)
I think Kanye or Ye or as I call him Nah, as a musical artist is a hack and can't sing a lick. I cannot fathom why he is so popular and IMHO his music is terrrible to listen to. Now his tweets and interviews are a whole other story and even worse. Charles Blow in the NYT wrote a brilliant essay on him roughly 2 weeks and I don't think anyone can dissect him better than that except perhaps a dedicated pscychologist which Nah needs right now more than anything. If his friends care about him at all they need to mount an intervention and admit him to a facility before he hurts himself or other's.
Ksm (Georgia)
@Futbolistaviva except interventions don’t work so well on independently wealthy people. There will always be ‘replacements’ friends, sycophants ready to keep them company. That’s happened to a lot of very wealthy celebrities.
Mom Ulla (NYC)
This man has been destroyed by fame and money. It’s gone to his head, made him think he can do and say anything, no rules apply to him. He’s currently having a harsh encounter with reality. Even he cannot get away with blatant antisemitism. In visiting Sketchers he’s trying to push back, to reassert his “greatness.” To maintain his megalomaniac ego and his finances, he needs a new shoe deal now that Adidas dropped him. Did he think he would force Sketchers to make that deal? If he’s not more careful he’ll soon do something that crosses the line of what’s lawful and wind up in jail.
Valerie (Nevada)
Kanye West is manic depressant and desperately needs medication. Watching a human being spiral out of control is not and should not be entertainment for the masses. Until Mr. West has sought medical assistance, the kindest thing to do for Mr. West and for the world at large, is to not report on his antics. Instead, let the silence of the world encourage Mr. West to seek medical attention for his disease.
MLeeP (Chattanooga)
Finally something good has come of “cancel culture.” I hope and pray, that one day, Ye, will go away.
Valerie Wood (New Mexico)
It is difficult to feel any sympathy for this individual. One bad choice leads to others. He seems totally unaware of this in his occasional moments of clarity.
Stretchy Cat Person (Oregon)
Yet another one of those times where I'm thankful that I don't pay attention to Pop culture.
Mark Shyres (Laguna Beach, CA)
At first I wondered why Adidas needed to make a point of how much business they stand to lose when ridding themselves of Ye . Perhaps, based on their history (and horribly inexcusable slow response), they felt it necessary. But they also made a point of keeping ownership rights of the designs. and certainly had no expressed intention of pulling product off the shelves, or ceasing future production (without the need to pay Ye any more). Do you hear someone shouting "Ya".
Gabbyboy (Ft Collins CO)
Stevens is an “arts and cultural” reporter…but calling “Mr. West” an artist is insulting to artists everywhere. He’s a cultural bad boy and I’m hoping the media quits him soon, let him be a bad boy on his own time.
Nicole (Hamden, CT)
I so hope to no longer hear about a man called..."Yay!"
Mike Moser (Madison)
This dude is so tiresome. Please don’t continue to cover everything this “Ye-sless”piece of X does or says. That’s the best way to stop the hate from spreading. There has to be some fresh influencer out there somewhere that preaches love and understanding. Find them and then run a new story profiling the goodwill every 2-3 days for the next month instead.
Buster (Philly)
Anyone who feels compelled to proclaim what a genius he is (Mr. West, Mr. Trump, et. al.) usually...isn't.
george plant (arizona)
many jews have been staunch supporters of civil rights, right for your homework ye
Juliette (Oregon)
Artist are considered a mercurial personality type for a reason but my impression here is that he's probably having some kind of breakdown. Going into a corporate office uninvited and filming is a call for help. He's lucky he wasn't physically harmed. Where are the people in his life that really care for him and his wellbeing?
Mary Ann (Phoenix)
@Juliette How is waltzing into a corporate office a "call for help?" Good grief, it's simply a case of a spoiled rotten celebrity who has been coddled and uplifted by all the brands now so quick to drop him on his bum displaying his typical entitlement and doing whatever he pleases.
EmCee (El Paso TX)
I’m a Jewish and I’m uncomfortable with how corporations are reacting to West’s remarks. Freezing him out is only going to make him angrier and to double down on his antisemitism. Attention is what he craves and attention is what he continues to get.
Al B (North Carolina)
@EmCee I'm not Jewish, but I am uncomfortable with trying to placate anti-Semitism or any other any form of intolerance. History is not filled with many examples of that working out well.
L S Friedman (Philadelphia, PA)
@EmCee Great! Invite him to your home for Shabbat and give him the understanding and brisket he craves.
Jenna (Austin, Texas)
@EmCee what would you have them do? The last some we ignored a guy who called for genocide on Jewish people that’s exactly what he got. I’m not comfortable with financially supporting people who say and do these things, regardless of my or their background.
Cert (Central California)
Mr. West's appearance on a specific Music Award Show (something I really don't watch routinely) where in he nearly shoved the newly acknowledged and awarded Taylor Swift on stage, saying "That award is for me!" turned me off on him altogether. What date and year that was I don't know. But if he is schizophrenic, and I have known people who are - male, he is dangerous. Schizophrenics can have delusions of grandeur, paranoia aimed at groups, and are physically volatile - they can strike. Many have hallucinations. That is my opinion. Secondly, apart from urging him to receive and take medical care for his condition, everyone should encourage him to learn facts about the Holocaust, and the History of the Jewish People. He could start by visiting the many memorials and sites dedicated to the Jewish people who have been murdered for centuries, throughout the world, just for having been Jewish. He could read the Encyclopedia Britannica from 1911 that has many entries on the pogroms, an English Queen's deliberate killing of a boat of Jewish people by drowning them, and here in America. That Encyclopedia was written well before Hitler and other mass murders. My family definitely has a Jewish lineage. It is very apparent in genetics on my mother's side. However, given the way things are today, I am afraid of even validating this. There are very few Jewish people in the world today, living. Please don't persecute people for their faith or heritage or both.
Tell The Truth Or Go Home (San Francisco)
There is no excuse for anti semitism. However , how come we never see the same level of outcry and anguish and hand wringing when people with large public followings make similar or even more offensive remarks against the blacks, Muslims or other minorities . Is that not in itself being bigoted ?
Jesse Kornbluth (NYC)
Prediction: Kanye's stuff pulled from stores and warehouses will be solid for pennies to wholesalers in Africa and Asia, where, in a brutal irony, we'll see his designs on people of color.
Karen (Albuqerque)
What happens to the stock of pricey Ye shoes now that Ye’s been banned?
D. Whit. (In the wind)
The world is his oyster and he decides he does not like shellfish.
Kathryn (NY, NY)
There’s serious mental disturbance and then there’s ugly, ignorant, base behavior. What is at play here? Until this man gets the appropriate treatment, he should not have access to weapons OR his children. He is a terrible accident waiting to happen. And it is unfolding right before our eyes, in plain sight. Who will be responsible when he does something absolutely horrible - something that is irreversible?
mbl14 (NJ)
@Kathryn 100% correct. I do believe he's away from his children as much as allowed. He is in serious danger of harming himself and others.
Tristram Shandy (AZ)
@Kathryn 1. What is the “appropriate treatment” for Nazism? 2. He’ll be responsible.
Ms Bliss (Bronx, NY)
I understand Kanye West was diagnosed abort a year ago as having bipolar disorder The man needs help. Doesn't he have family or close friends who can organize an intervention, get him into treatment, help him to manage his symptoms and be restored to a normal life? He's on a path of self destruction.
BladeFan (Flyover Country)
@Ms Bliss Who cares? There are many persons far more deserving of our attention than this foolish creature.
rbyteme (East Millinocket, ME)
@Ms Bliss Wealthy people have the luxury of being allowed to go through life inflicting their mental illness on everyone around them.
Ryan (San Diego)
Let him burn out. It would be nice to stop hearing from him or about him.
David (Outside Boston)
who is this guy again?
Diana (Cincinnati, OH)
Why does the NYT prefer "Kanye West, also known as Ye" over "Ye, formerly known as Kanye West?" As someone who has changed my name to symbolically remove myself from a cycle of abuse, I empathize with Ye's efforts of self determination and shrugging off what he refers to as a slave name. Can we not accurately report the news and condemn morally reprehensible actions while respecting the basic humanity of our subjects?
Montessahall (Elk River, Minnesota)
@Diana - Clearly, you care about the “ye” vs. kanye” name issue. I bet most folks couldn’t care less.
Franco51 (Richmond)
@Diana Far more people still know him as Kanye West, hence putting that name first. Pretty simple. No inhumane conspiracy.
Cornelius (North Carolina)
@Diana Kanye West is the man's legal name. This narcissistic bigot can *self determine" and denounce his "slave name" all he wants, but no one is required to jump through hoops trying to keep up with his latest publicity stunt rebranding.
Donna M. Darboli (California)
I think he'll retain lots of fans. Fans of anti-semitism.
David (London, Ontario)
@Donna M. Darboli Didn't you actually mean to say "I think he'll retain lots of fans. Fans of semitism."? Fans of anti-semitism will surely be opposed to his remarks.
Son Of Liberty (nyc)
Ye also known as Mr. West is being condemned for comments that are actually moderate for the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and 3 percenters and part of their founding principles. It's clear that both political parties should condemn Ye and these hate groups and when we see that they don't it means that they privately agree with their doctrines. These doctrines must be what the GOP has always meant by "Values Voters".
sophie tucker (sliver springs)
Good to see the "crackdown" on Kanye for his anit-semitism remarks, but can we have the same "crackdown" on the politicians and militia gun-toting right wing political miscreants? Is Kanye being made the example? It's not just Kanye West that needs to be blacklisted....
T (Colorado)
@sophie tucker Remember when Nike and all those other corporations pledged to quit donating to the seditious GOP? Yeah, that lasted a few months at best. It shows the moral, or rather amoral state of wealthy and corporate America.
Jesse S. (Anaheim)
Everyone who's saying that he's in a mental health crisis is right. Yet, his anti-Semitism has to be reported as such. It's up to him and his loved ones to address his mental health issues until he becomes a physical risk to others or himself. Mental health can explain many things, we can't let that excuse bad behavior. Also, his hate is very specific. That said, it's always good to account for all factors when we judge someone.
mbl14 (NJ)
@Jesse S. Agreed, it doesn't excuse his remarks. But it explains them. I mean, I've had shouted at me horrible sexually suggestive things by mentally ill homeless people before. They were disgusting remarks, but what did I do? I ignored them as the rantings of a crazy person and kept moving. Kanye is essentially at that level but as a celebrity with millions. It's apparent most people seeing the recent snippets of Kanye's behavior have no clue how serious his troubles are right now.
kagni (Urbana)
Somebody needs to take care of this man or he will end up in worse trouble.
Bill (California)
Kanye? Ye? We all know the only one that sticks is mr Kardasian.
Anyone else sick of hearing about him and his ex-wife ?
jimerson (Seattle)
Ye was paid millions by companies that wanted to associate their brand with his. He has devalued his own worth as a corporate partner by targeting other people with threatening language, so those endorsement deals are now considered bad for business. Companies have a right to protect their own public images, too. Adidas benefitted tremendously from Run-DMC's "My Adidas" (1986), and Darryl McDaniels (DMC) has spoken publicly about his own mental health issues. But he didn't threaten a whole group of people he identified by their religion with "death con 3."
SLD (California)
Stop putting him in the news. He already has delusions of grandeur. He’s been in a manic state for awhile now. I’m not sure who can help him out, but he definitely needs help. I feel badly for his kids. So much money and such a miserable life.
jimerson (Seattle)
Here's the pattern: 1) Public figure makes outrageous, hateful statements, exercising a right to "free speech." 2) Public figure is criticized and/or ostracized for saying them as others exercise their rights to "free speech" in response. 3) Public figure loses cushy corporate deals because company stockholders don't want their business sullied by association. 4) Public figure does not bother to explain why or what was meant by the inflammatory language used. 5) Public figure complains about being victimized or cancelled. Ye has gone full MAGA. Ye. Elon. QAnon.
BTO (Somerset, MA)
Ye needs to go away and take his followers with him.
Welcome Canada (Canada)
When you associate with Trump, these shenanigans always happen.
Wiffley (Oregon)
Ye who?
JoseNeoCheRevolt (Chicago)
He’s allowed himself to be used by white supremacists to the detriment of USA Black/African American people that really could have used his help. He’s not a genius, geniuses don’t perpetuate hate and live for themselves and whatever notoriety they can attain to build their own wealth and power. He’s actually, a bit ignorant…
Graf von Growl (Mid-Atlantic)
This fool gets too much publicity. Hopefully that will be changing now.
Me (Miami)
Oh please. Leave the guy alone. Is he not entitled to his own option or free speech? Or is that juts for the spineless, woke among us?
Ignatz (Upper Ruralia)
YE has a brand new bag..... Black White Supremacist. * credit Dave Chappell.
Niobe (Livermore, CA)
Of course, the far right wing will call this cancel culture. It's actually how a civilized society polices itself.
Jpat (DC)
@Clyde Benke A civilized society wouldn't also choke a hapless man to his death. George Floyd was not seeking fame. The posthumous 'lionization' was a result of the moral outrage at the police atrocity that eventually led to his death.
stephan morrow (nyc)
A gd example of someone who has a large voice in the body politic & who has a lot to be grateful for - turning on his benefactors. If he's not in an institution he has to be held accountable for his racism just like a white person doing the same thing. A few corporations have been pushed over the line but Farrakhan has been uttering the same abhorrent vitriol for decades. I first heard him on WBAI from Mad Sq Garden to 30K community members who seemed to be relishing his remarks, I also remember a childhood friend of mine whose older brother was a member of SNCC and at a certain pt was ejected by that organization bec it was deemed that it should be uniformly black. And I remember the sheepish look on my friend's face as he nodded in understanding. How ironic that so many young idealistic Jewish students were members of the civil rights movement (including the 4 who were murdered by the Klan) and B. Dylan singing at Martin Luther King's elbow on the D.C. Mall. But the nakedness of this anti semitism by West is so extreme that even a few corporations have had to put some distance between themselves & him. But it's so tepid. No backbone to the mainstream anymore. Or another example of self-absorption in the NY bubble while horrors are happening in Ukraine. Like the dying days of the Roman republic when factions were @ each others throats rather than protecting it from the Barbarians. S.M. Artistic Director The Great American Play Series
Jesse S. (Anaheim)
Everyone who's saying that he's in a mental health crisis is right. Yet, his anti-Semitism has to be reported as such. It's up to him and his loved ones to address his mental health issues until he becomes a physical risk to others or himself. Mental health can explain many things, we can't let that excuse bad behavior. Also, his hate is very specific.
Martha (Tennessee)
This man is so sad. Obviously he is suffering from some major mental health issues and has an overwhelming obsession with being getting more and more attention. What he needs is for everyone to just ignore him for a little while.
BladeFan (Flyover Country)
@Martha Not just a little while.
Liz (CA)
@Martha- Are we talking about Putin or Kanye?
Ignatz (Upper Ruralia)
@Martha This article is NOT about Trump.
SMB (Portland)
Please explain why Adidas is going to be losing $250 million for cutting ties with this guy?
Ignatz (Upper Ruralia)
@SMB I wonder too...I didn't think your basic White Supremacist went in for hip hop shoes.
Greg (CA)
@SMB Could be a combination of a requirement of the contract (a payout), short-term loss of sales revenue, and the cost of liquidating (sending to a third-world country) his product line's inventory. I expect to see a lot of weirdly-damaged Adidas shoes on the kids used in Save-the-Children ads, as we move forward.
Focus Group # 68491 (Crested Butte, CO)
@SMB You don't have a search engine? In any case, here is the answer: Adidas has a line of sneakers with Ye that does over a billion dollars in sales.
G (midwest)
Is "deathcon 3" some sort of slang reference or him just showing how ignorant he really is?
@G At it happens, its the latter. The correct reference is i believe Def-Con (not Death Con). It refers to the US Dept of Defense's readiness posture on its "Defense Condition" scale. It ranges from 1 through 5 with 5 being nuclear war.
Melissa (Minneapolis, MN)
@G - I don't think he's terribly well educated.
Edico (Los Angeles)
“Over the past month, Ye has … said he would go “death con 3 ON JEWISH PEOPLE.” As anyone with Internet access can readily verify, the correct term is DEFense CONdition, not DEATH CON. There are 5 DEFCON levels, and level 3 is an “Increase in force readiness above that required for normal readiness”, and the “Air Force is expected to be ready to scramble in 15 minutes.” This is yet another unfortunate case of malapropism of which there are so many every day in America due to a fundamental lack of education.
jimerson (Seattle)
@Edico This one's more than just a malapropism. He knows what "DEATH" means, and he chose to use it, even if he doesn't know what "DEFCON" is.
ohboy23 (19047)
Take away his weapons and keep him away from schools.
Honkeur (NYC)
Celebrities overconfident of their power to influence fans…kinda disgusting. “Imma have my own January 6 insurrection over in the Sketcher’s lobby”
Franco51 (Richmond)
I’d guess that, a month ago, they may have welcomed him. Adidas, if not for the PR firestorm, would still be happily making big money with him.
Double Dee (California)
Something doesn't add up with this story and Sketchers press release. A large corporation like Sketchers has a dedicated corporate security team and undoubtedly, physical access controls preventing uninvited guests from gaining access beyond the lobby of a building like HQ. How is it that Ye just waltzed right in with an entourage and started filming? Why are the "executives" named as escorting him out, and not "security"? A COO or CFO isn't going to get up from his desk to go escort someone out of the facility who showed up unannounced.
Jesse S. (Anaheim)
@Double Dee They rightly wanted to embarrass him and make a statement. There's no deep conspiracy here.
firlfriend (usa)
@Jesse S. Embarrassed him? He did a fine job of that all by himself.
MyOpinion (NYC)
@Double Dee "Why are the "executives" named as escorting him out, and not "security"?" Because he was a wealthy celebrity... and cameras were all about.
Brian Morisky (Portland)
I would like to read something from the perspective of "how do we help very affluent/famous people that are obviously struggling with mental health issues but choose not to seek help". This feels more Howard Hughes/Michael Jackson/Elvis than Mel Gibson (though MG may have had mental health issues as well as genuinely holding racist/anti-Semitic views), but "we" really don't know. The only people with access to assess also have a financial interest in proximity to Ye. In our capitalist society we equate wealth and celebrity with all good qualities including intelligence and integrity, hopefully this creates a tiny crack in that narrative.
Tristram Shandy (AZ)
He doesn’t want “help”.
MyOpinion (NYC)
No hear Ye... No see Ye... Ye-hoo!
Better4All (Virginia)
Skechers is a class product, Ye isn't. Never the twain shall meet.
Franco51 (Richmond)
@Better4All Had he come to them 2 months ago, before the recent PR nightmare, they’d have celebrated his arrival, I’d guess.
Farina 🦄 (Puget Sound)
Kanye may be in a mental crisis — which certainly is being taken advantage of by Candace Owens and her husband so they can unload Parler— but his embrace of Trump and conspiracy theories (which somehow all lead back to “the Jews are to blame”) isn’t his sickness working alone. It is too easy for people with Dunning Kruger to get misinformation and disinformation and believe they know better than the experts, that they are onto secret knowledge. A significant number of Americans (and other nationalities!) are falling prey to manipulation on the internet. How do you get from “George Bush don’t care about Black people” to “White Lives Matter?” It’s not mental illness, but it feels like it.
mbl14 (NJ)
Again, as I made my point in another article, he is mentally unwell. This is only going to get worse. Of course commenters here still don't get it and just think he's ...??... I don't even know what other conclusion you could make. All of his behavior for years now has indicated increasing mental instability. He's headed for involuntary commitment or death.
Spencer (St. Louis)
@mbl14 Then the people who claim that they care about him should get him some help. "Mentally unwell" does not excuse his hate. If you read any biography of Hitler, as well as his ramblings in "Mein Kampf", you could also claim that he was "mentally unwell". Does that excuse his behavior? People like this need to be stopped.
sophie tucker (sliver springs)
@mbl14 What's the excuse of the racist militias and politicians roaming the halls of Congress? Are they mentally unfit as well?
Radical Roach (Dippleville)
@mbl14 "... he is mentally unwell. This is only going to get worse. Of course commenters here still don't get it and just think he's ...??... I don't even know what other conclusion you could make." Other conclusions? He's just a bigot.
Bill (California)
There was a time any CEO of a shoe company would have been head over heels if this guy walked into their office. Those days are gone. They will never come back. My guess is in a few years he’ll ask the ex if he could make an appearance on her show so he can drop his Next song.
Johnny (North Carolina)
When he was still unknown He would show up at (record label) unannounced and walk into people's offices unannounced and break out into spontaneous rapping unannounced. He's been "just showing up" since the beginning. It's known behavior. Harmless. Unless we go to DefCon 3. Then maybe he shouldn't be in the building.
Andrew Porter (Brooklyn Heights)
Impulsive act on his part met the reality of showing up unannounced and uninvited at a company's offices. Who does he think he is: Michael Moore?
John (Maine)
Would Ye's anti-social and hate filled values qualify him to run for an office in the Republican Party? Trump had him to the White (ironic) House. He has all the right creds like so many of the Republicans running for election in 2022. Perhaps he should throw his support to endorse Herschel, who has complete control over Republican #1 value: lying. Ye has all it take to be a Republican now.
GPike (Canada)
@John Just imagine, if you can, a conversation between West and Walker. I'm trying but can't quite get down to a spoiled 4 year olds level.
Sam (West Of Texas)
Absolutely true. He was just on Tucker Carlson’s show last week. He and Marjorie could be on a presidential ticket together and MAGA would be in heaven. And all the other Republican sheep would fall right in.
Mark Holmes (Twain Harte, CA)
Hmm, maybe megalomania and delusions of grandeur aren’t good things after all? Let’s also escort him out of our collective consciousness, irrelevancy will take care of the rest.
Gay Dawn (Key Largo)
@Mark Holmes Well put!
Lesley Sparks (Charlotte, NC)
Hear Ye, hear Ye. S i l e n c e
cat (MI)
All this corporate performative outrage will disappear within the next two or three "news cycles," and new contracts will be quietly written.
Sallie (NYC)
This may be an unpopular opinion right now...but Kanye West clearly needs help and I feel sorry for him. He has bipolar disorder which is a very serious mental illness and he has been manic for quite some time. His antisemitic comments are inexcusable, but I hope that he gets the psychiatric help that he so clearly needs soon.
M.F. (NYC)
@Sallie If you wish to feel sorry for anyone, perhaps you should start with the families of the 11 Jewish people who were murdered four years ago today at the Tree of Life Synagogue. I sincerely do not wish to seem as if I'm "publicly shaming" you, but do think a grown man who's decided to stop taking his meds nonetheless needs to take responsibility for his very, very dangerous words and actions.
Focus Group # 68491 (Crested Butte, CO)
@Sallie His bi-polar disorder and mental illness means he needs to have a conservator for his wealth, like Britany Spears had. I'd think that will cure his 'mental illness' very quickly.
Dimples Dorian (San Diego)
His mental health has gone off the rails. Hope he gets the help he desperately needs.
I guess when you're sketchy you think you'd be welcome at Skechers #bYE
It’s sad that he’s surrounded by only enablers at this point. There’s no voice of reason to help him. And he’s certainly incapable of that himself.
Sallie (NYC)
@CT - I agree, he clearly needs help. He is in a manic state, the people who love him should get him the psychiatric help he clearly needs.
Dahlia (Napa Valley)
@CT I believe you may be talking about trump?
k francis (laupahoehoe hawaii)
@CT being "surrounded by only enablers" seems a benchmark symptom of our celebrity culture. who says "no" trump? to musk?
d ascher (Boston, ma)
Kanye is close to the total emotional breakdown that he's been flirting with for years. The "thing" with Ms. Jenner may have been what put him completely over the edge. It is unfortunate for him that his meltdown is happening in the public eye - although that is where he has insisted on hanging out. One can hope that, for his sake, he gets the mental health help he so clearly needs and has needed for some time.
Kat Adair (Silverthorne, CO)
It sounds like he did not have a relationship with them at all. Unfortunately, a certain group will see this as yet another example of “cancel culture” and it will play right into their hands. Especially since he’s trying to buy Parler…they’ll see it as politically motivated, when he’s being rightfully punished for bad behavior. The man needs serious help.
SEAN (Phila & Southern, NJ)
Kanye West will soon be Completely Irrelevant & a mere FootNote in time...
tunaboy (San Diego)
@SEAN soon be? yeah, as in Now.
JD Athey (Oregon)
@SEAN Possibly. But he won't go away, he'll keep showing up somewhere. The attention and publicity is the main thing. Just like his buddy TFG.
Gay Dawn (Key Largo)
@SEAN Im at a loss as to how this phony bro aka Uncle Tom ever became relevant other than to marry into an extremely wealthy dynasty(which I am also at a loss in understanding the relevance in that clan). It is a uncouth cultural desert of greedy tasteless individuals riding on a digital tsunami of teen worship.
Sarah Eckhart (Boonville, California)
For the record, Bill and I are no longer fans of Kanye West and condemn his antisemitism in the strongest possible terms.
Philip (Scottsdale)
The timidity of our leaders to address bigotry out of misplaced fears of mirages such as critical race theory and political correctness has opened up opportunities for businesses to show moral leadership. This might be a case of doing well by doing good. Companies such as Adidas and Skechers may forgo profits and market share in the short run. But consumers have longer memories than politicians and doing the right thing is always a sound business strategy.
Kim McKinney (Wisconsin)
Agree! It’s unfortunate our politicians haven’t figured that out.
toot (SoCal)
@Philip Dishonesty, hypocrisy and mendacity have been the de facto business policy of Corporate America for more than the last hundred years. It could take Uriah Heep to school.
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