What Are Your Memories of Halloween?

Oct 27, 2022 · 206 comments
Kelly (TW)
Since I was promoted to elementary school, Halloween seems that this holiday has not been seriously celebrated, so the deepest memory should be when I was in kindergarten. Maybe it's because I felt that I had grown up a little and that this holiday was only celebrated by children, but now I think about why my self-esteem is so strong and let Halloween end so early in my childhood memories. I remember that everyone was wearing the clothes carefully prepared by their parents, as if in a large-scale fashion week scene, everyone competed with each other, everyone wanted to be the coolest and most special person, and no one wanted to admit defeat! But what everyone cares most about is going out to ask for candy to eat, no matter what age snacks are everyone's love, not to mention children, so we can't wait to line up, usually out of control everyone at this time is unusually obedient, along the way we keep shouting "trick-or-treating ", looking forward to their bags can be filled with loot, and even compare with friends who has more candy. Maybe it's a little Halloween fun! Now that I am older, I want to take advantage of the last year of college to take advantage of Halloween and find a group of good friends to dress up with, not for the purpose of candy, or maybe to return to the deep happiness of my childhood.
N (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
When I was younger, I considered Halloween one of the best holidays ever invented. Like, on par with Christmas. What more could I want? I got to dress up AND get candy! Those were two of my absolute favorite things. What changed? I guess as I grew up, it just became a little less appealing. I have many vivid memories from Halloweens in the past. All of them are positive memories. But some of the memories hurt because they include people who I have lost. The one Halloween that I will forever treasure in my heart is the Halloween of 2019. My friend and I decided that after giving out candy, we'd walk around her neighborhood. I remember deciding that I would not wear my shoes (that was a mistake) because they were hurting my feet. We stayed outside until about three in the morning, being loud and obnoxious since we got a sugar high from all the candy. We randomly jumped on a stand in her front yard and began dancing as well. Why? Because we could. We pretended we were drunk all night just for the fun of it. I'm not even sure if we went to sleep until after four in the morning. We were having so much fun that the thought of stopping to lay still in bed was unbearable. A single moment not spent having fun was a moment wasted in our eyes. Maybe all of this just looks like a jumbled mess of memories. That's exactly what it is. All these little details have incredible value in my eyes. But it's not the things that I did that Halloween that are so special. It is who I was with.
C (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Growing up, Halloween was my favorite day of the year. My family took Halloween really serious. We would always decorate early and plan our costumes months before Halloween. I have lost my love for Halloween over the years. I celebrate it differently now than when I was a kid. When I was a kid my whole neighborhood was out at night, everyone was wearing costumes and having fun. I remember thinking how cool I was the first year my parents let me trick or treat on my own. We had a specific route we would always go on. First, everyone would come to my neighborhood, then my friend's neighborhood, then to his house. As a kid tricking or treating was good, but what we did after trick or treating was great. We would come home and pour out our pillow cases and see what we got. We would sort our candy and make a pile for candies we want to keep and want to trade away. I remember that I was the only person who liked almond joys, so everyone would give me theirs. We'd end Halloween night watching horror movies and eating piles of candy until our stomachs hurt, but the best thing about Halloween, in my opinion, is the leftover candy for months.
Janelle Caldeira (Cary High School)
Halloween is a fun holiday no matter how much effort you put into it. You could have the best custom imaginable or a really crappy one and enjoy yourself all the same. Halloween may be celebrated for just a day but really it’s enjoyed as a season, kinda like Christmas. Things typically reserved for said season are haunted houses, scarowinds, halloween parties, pumpkin carving, etc. Horror movie marathons being another star merit to add to the festivities. The most popularized tradition of Halloween is obviously trick or treating. Often in high schoolers, people believe you can grow out of it but I find the joy in evolving from trick or treating to just stealing candy. And by stealing I mean taking extra candy. I do this later in the day when the younger kids obviously have their chance to have fun and don’t do too many houses. It’s a bit more thrilling since the season is about thrills. For instance last year was by far my most memorable halloween. Me and 3 other friends gathered at my house to watch a horror movie series on netflix. We popped popcorn and we cramped together on a couch. Later we applied our very crappy, very last minute costumes to go trick or treating. That in itself was a trip since our costume required costume makeup; and none of us had experience applying regular makeup. Anyway the true highlight of the night is when we may, or may not have “borrowed” a cauldron of candy. This further cements in my opinion halloween being one of the best holidays.
Zoe (Atrisco Heritage Academy High School)
The most memorable Halloween I had was this year. I bought most of my costume pieces but I also made some parts of my costume. I do have favorite costumes in total I have 4. When I was younger I wanted to be 2 things at once so one costume was a vampire tinkerbell. The next was a Katy Perry hello kitty. Last year I was Tiffany and my best friend was Chucky. This year I was Raven and my boyfriend was Beast Boy. Last year there was some drama but it was still a good halloween. This year was my favorite halloween. My brother, boyfriend, and I went downtown and went trick or treating in a "rich" neighborhood. A lot of people didn't get mine and my boyfriend's costume so when some people did my boyfriend was so happy. When we got home we watched Corpse Bride and traded halloween candy. That's the one tradition we have on halloween, watch movies and trade our candy. My parents anniversary is on halloween and they went to go watch a movie and we spent time with them when we got home. My parents did "taxes" and took whatever candy they wanted. This year was a good halloween it was definitely memorable.
Tiffany.C (Taiwan)
The most memorable Halloween for me is when I was in elementary school, and I remembered this memory every Halloween. I've worn pumpkin costumes once, an entire piece made by my mom's friend. I remember watching The Nightmare Before Christmas with my friends on Halloween when I was a child, a must-see cartoon every Halloween. And I like the scary atmosphere of Halloween the most, you can also see everyone's creative costumes.
Zoe (Atrisco Heritage Academy High School)
@Tiffany.C The nightmare before Christmas is definitely a must-see cartoon every halloween. I grew up with that movie it was my parents movie. My dad was always Jack and my mom was Sally. I didn't watch it this year though I watched Corpse Bride and I think that's another must-see cartoon.
Analeah (Atrisco Heritage Academy High School)
The most memorable Halloween I have ever had and will always remember would be when I was in elementary or middle school and went trick or treating. When I was younger I would always dress up as a witch no matter what, and I never knew why or what made me want to be a witch every year but one year I remember I decided to dress up as a broken doll. I remember I didn’t have the exact outfit choice or the exact makeup choice because it was all from Claire’s. But this Halloween was special because we carved pumpkins, did Halloween makeup, invited my cousins to trick or treat with us, and went to the rich side of the city to get good candy. I remember walking in a dress-like costume in the middle of fall when it used to be freezing cold back and we had to wear bulky jackets with our costumes. I also remember seeing so many pretty houses and their decorations, a bunch of kids walking around, and hearing doorbells ringing with the saying “trick or treat” followed afterwards all around me. I remember wearing glow sticks that my family gave us to keep track of each other, so we won't get lost, and always telling people what I was for Halloween because they could never figure it out. This day sticks out to me compared to all the other Halloweens because it felt like the last time I was a kid, it felt like a true Halloween, spooky and scary, and as well as how much spirit was in the air that day.
Mia Block 4 (Hoggard high school)
Candy trades, no Halloween tradition will ever have a chance on this one. My sister Macy, her best friend Jade, and I've ritualized this every year since I’ve known the city of Wilmington. Much less now as I'm a sophomore while Macy and Jade are seniors in high school. I find myself grieving over times we were camping together for girl scouts, getting tackled by waves everyday when mom took us to the beach during summer break, and inevitable screaming fights, one resulting in me chucking a 3 prong binder straight to Jade's face. Mom would drive us to each of our requested neighborhoods, to accompany our friends from school and get the ‘good stuff’ from the wealthier side of town. She would trail behind us in our old Honda minivan with the back seat doors opened, while we acted as trash men jumping in and out, from one house to another. Getting home we immediately got to business: dumping our candy on the floor, sorting through our contents: Reese's with Reese's, Twix with Twix, Skittles with Skittles, until we got through our entire piles, setting aside our favorites we’d hate to see go. We make several trips to each of our stores, trading until our bags are filled with only our most desirable candies. Nothing ended a Halloween night better, as an innocent little infant, than a cup of soda and 16 lbs of the best flavors of sugar. Besides mom limiting us to a precise amount of candy each night, Halloween was always the best thing for my sweet tooth self.
Beau, Block 4 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
My most memorable Halloween was last year (2021). I made a big papier-mâché pumpkin head with: an evil face, mesh eyes, a smashed in part surrounded by fake flies, all painted in a murky orange brown color to make it look old. Although it was quite a challenge to see late in the night and to have to carry a big pumpkin on your head in general, I still had a lot of fun. It was the first Halloween that I really committed and did my all with making my costume. I started working on it in late August that year, working off and on, mostly due to having to wait for certain materials, and I finished around early October. I'm also really proud of my use of recycling with this project. A lot of art these days can produce a surprising amount of waste, so I was proud that I used more than what I created. Old cardboard boxes from my grandparents, old newspapers, clear plastic packaging to make the fly wings, and a few other small details that were from reused materials. It was also the first time I didn't trick or treat in my neighborhood. I went to my friend's neighborhood, about 10 minutes from my house. There was a level of uncertainty in it because once it got dark I had no bearings for where I was since it was so unfamiliar. But in the end it all worked out and I had the time of my life trying to balance a big pumpkin on my head. This Halloween was a bummer since it rained and we only had 5 people come to our house, so I'm glad that I had my Halloween party before that.
N, Block 4 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
I love every part of Halloween, the chilly air, the color-changing leaves, the costumes, and the candy. The best costume I've ever worn was my Cleopatra costume. Like Zell Rivera in the article, I purchased my costume from Spirit Halloween. It was a white dress with pink and pink and gold glitter around my waist. It came with a golden headpiece and a straight black wig. My mom did my makeup, long black eyeliner. The article talks about Spirit Halloween and how they meet everyone's Halloween needs each October. Every year, a store goes out of business in my town, and as soon as they leave, Spirit Halloween appears. Ashley Coventry in the article sees the same type of thing, the Halloween store always jumping on a big empty building. When I was younger and a new Spirit would appear I would get so excited. I couldn't wait to wander the isles staring at different masks and costume bags. As I've gotten older, I stopped enjoying Halloween as much as I did when I was a kid. I don't put as much effort into my costume buying and planning as I used to. This year, I didn't even trick or treat, I just hung out at my friend's house. Decorating at my house, however, is pretty serious to my mom. As soon as October begins she grabs the purple and green lights, the fabric ghosts, and the fake skeletons from the garage. We have a big decorating day and after Halloween, we pack it all back up. While my Halloween spirit may be fading, I'll always love the holiday and remember my memories.
Khy (St. Paul)
i really hate Halloween i hate everything about it the kinda is good i just hate the scary thing i just dont have good things about it.i dont even know why people like it its the devils day i hate it . everybody is up lifting the devil on this day i really wish it wasnt a holiday.
mackenzie belda (glenbard west high school)
halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. when i was younger, my parents would always let us buy costumes. i personally think i had the best ones-daphne, a bumblebee, and even pocahontas. it isn’t just the memories of the costumes i had when i was little, it was also the things we would do. my parents, aunt, uncles, and grandparents would always take my brothers, cousins, and i to pumpkin patches so that way we could pick out our own pumpkins to carve in our backyard for halloween. although they didn’t look very good, they still created a lot of really great memories. my parents would always watch halloween movies with us as well. we would watch scary halloween movies, funny, or even just ones that we found comfort in because of the memories surrounding them. i’m happy to say that i was able to do these things with my family, and that’s why halloween is so special to me.
Jack D (Glenbard West High School)
The spooky season has always been a special time of the year. School is has started up again, football is back, and the anticipated Halloween is up next. Halloween used to be special, it used to be a time where you could go out treat-or-treating with your friends and rack up enough candy for about the next 6 months. I remember staying out late, walking from one side of the tracks to the other, lurking to see which house gave the most prestige best candy. The feeling walking out and seeing beyond else consumes and spooky decorations was so amusing as a young kid. But as you grow older, and mature it doesn’t have the spark it used to, that energy and anticipation it once had. This year I was so caught up in school work and football, I had no realization that halloween was only a few days away. Before I could eat all the candy in the world and feel ok after, but now my I can’t tolerate as much as I once could. As you grow up, you asset to make smarter decisions and take more accountability when it comes to things like these. Both an exciting and exhilarating time off with friends, but also an eerie, dark, spooky night— Halloween as a youngster in Glen Ellyn.
Mia Block 4 (Hoggard high school)
Halloween candy trading, after a long night of trick-or-treating, was one of my favorite traditions as a kid. Dressing up in spooky costumes, mom driving us to big neighborhoods all the kids from school would trick-or-treat, and letting us have free rain of the neighborhood, as she trailed behind us in the old beatdown bronze minivan. We'd get home at around 8:30 desperate to open our candy bags and sort through our retrieved contents. Precisely organizing our candy into a store format, Reese's with Reese's, Twix with Twix, Skittles with Skittles, until we've got through our entire piles. Setting up around the room, commonly accompanied by my sisters bestfriend jade; I've known her since I've known Wilmington, she's like another sister to me. We’d make several stops to each of our candy stores, trading for the candy we prefer. Nothing ends a Halloween night better, as an innocent infant, than a cup of soda and 16 lbs of the best flavors of sugar. Besides mom limiting us to a precise amount of candy each night, Halloween was always the best thing for my sweet tooth self.
Lilly (Union high school)
“We celebrate the whole month. It’s bigger than Christmas for us.” This is what someone stated in the article along with many other examples of people who love Halloween and before this year, I completely disagreed. For some reason, Halloween had never been something I enjoyed. Each year everyone would get so excited but I never cared for it. Maybe it’s because I don’t like a lot of candy or the cold. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have great friends and they would always leave me out. Maybe it was because my family made everything too complicated. Although Halloween had always let me down, this year, this year was different. Rather than feeling rushed going door to door asking for candy in a huge crowd of people, I simply stayed home with a friend. Growing up I always thought more was better, but this has shown me that value is greater than quantity, having this one good friend to spend October 31st with has given Halloween a different view. I look back at that day and think of how fun it was watching Hocus Pocus 2 and dancing to monster mash in the kitchen, I don’t look back and wish it had been different. This Halloween is ultimately the most significant because it’s the one that changed my perspective. I’ve always tried to force Halloween to be fun when I just needed to allow it to be.
Mia Block 4 (Hoggard high school)
@Lilly I love your story, not just because it relates so much to me, but it shows purpose and the value of having just one good friend, rather than having a large quantity of fake friends. This year is the first year for me as well, that I didn't have plans, costume stress, or disappointment towards the holiday. Just me and my boyfriend, with matching Christmas onesies from Walmart as costumes, and a fun time sitting outside, talking, and listening to music. I cherished this Halloween far more than many others, knowing I'm spending it with someone who genuinely cares for my well-being, rather than fake friends who feed off drama.
Jadea Jones (Vancouver, Union HS)
I enjoy this time of year. Spooky season. It used to be about candy when I was little. There’s so much more to fall than just Halloween: There are scary movies, cold weather paired with hot drinks, and color-changing leaves, the candy is just a bonus. Being able to dress warm and comfortable. Sweats and hoodies all day. So once the cold weather hits, I know what time of the year it is. Since I'm now at that age that doesn’t do trick or treating, I still find this time of year to be enjoyable. When October hits many people automatically think of Halloween. But we miss the whole part of it being fall. It’s also my birthday month so there’s that. Once it's Fall the air feels cooler, yet the warmth from the hot drinks feels a lot more comfortable and homey. The aroma of pumpkin fills the air, and it can be quite overwhelming. This time of year makes everything better, or maybe it's just me trying to convince myself that Autumn is superior.
Analeah (Atrisco Heritage Academy High School)
@Jadea Jones I loved reading your post, everything you have states is very agreeable. I also enjoy this time of year especially since its known as the spooky season and horror films are my all time favorite. I also like how you pictured a perfect Halloween in a way, from the candy, hoodies, and cold weather. Halloween is the starter to fall but I think how you stated that its more than that and went more into depth about the feeling of the season was a great touch.
leandre (atrisco highschool)
my usual memories of Halloween were just staying home because i was to scared or so to go out and have fun, but this year i tried to do something different and it worked. it was fun and i got a lot of candy and event met a classmate that lives nearby
zaharra (Beloit Wi)
My favorite memory from halloween was 2021 i went trick or treating with friends and we stayed up watch movies eats pizza and candy
connor villanueva (vale)
10/29/2019 was my most favorite halloween that was the day i met someone who would change my life my favorite costume is the grim reaper with a glow up eyes mask it was made by my best friend who works at home and makes costume we go to a place where everyone we know will all be there and we will get candy and have fun games to play pumpkin pie
Lilly McCarthy (Glenbard West High School)
My favorite Halloween costume was when I was when I was in kindergarten, I was the tooth fairy! That costume was both an amazing outfit and a really significant thing for me. My mom always handmade my costumes growing up, from Glinda to Luigi to a haunting vampire, always creating the best outfit for me. The tooth fairy topped all of those though. Today, I laugh at my odd choice, but I also hold it dear to my heart. That year, not only did my mom pour her heart and soul into the creation, but my dad (who is a dentist) contributed to the making of it as well. He took lots of little things from his office that made my costume all the more better. I can still remember walking in to school and knowing that I had the best costume in the room!
NG, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
My favorite Halloweens were when I was a little kid and my cousins would come over to our house and we would dress up as different superheroes or ninjas or something like that. We had this tradition where we would tie a donut with a string to the old wooden swing set by my house and without using your hands you would have to eat the whole donut before everyone else, sometimes the winner would get a cheap prize like something from the dollar store or something of that nature.
Jordyn Dewey (Union High school, Washington,)
Spooky season. Sweater season. A season that brings up many untouchable feelings. So much more than scary, the season itself casts its spell. Its spell leaves you addicted and craving more of each and every scent, sight, feeling, taste, and sound that the season carries with it. And what do we call it? Fall. What is it about this ever-so-adored season that makes it so easy to fall in love with? To fall in love with as if you are the main character in a Hallmark movie, falling for the lover of your dreams… to underappreciate them while they are there, only to miss them when they are gone. Maybe it's the brisk feeling in the air, the feeling that leaves chills down your spine as you step out the front door in your brown patent leather knee-high boots, draping fur-lined fon brown trench coat, and black cotton leggings that hug every curve of your legs. Or, maybe it's the mouthwatering scent of pumpkin spice from the coffee shop across the way— the scent so desirable you can taste it invading your mouth and throat while overwhelming the rest of your senses. Could be the iconic Halloween must-watch films, both comedic and cheesy but never quite scary. Could be the serene sounds of birds chirping in the still gray sky, the only thing in sight, the leaves drifting from their past homes, and the continuous rows of pumpkins placed firmly on every 2 out of 3 porches. Or maybe… it is precisely all of these things that make up the fondest memories of Autumn for me. How about you?
MH (Hoggard High School)
I used to like Halloween. Most of the kids like getting free candies, putting on costumes, going trick or treating with their friends, but someday I realized that I wasn't enjoying Halloween as much as I did when I was a kid. October 31, 2016, I went to a Halloween party. I was there with my family and my friends. My friends and I went around the party getting candies and going on rides that were there. I think this Halloween was pretty special to me because it was my very first time celebrating it. I remember that I didn't really wear a costume but a dress with a cape so that I kind of dressed up like a witch. I remember after the party we had a drawer full of candies in our house that stayed there for months. Now it's 2022, Halloween has passed. I didn't go anywhere nor did I do anything special. I stayed home as usual, laying on bed watching YouTube and scrolling through Tik Tok. I started to realize that I wasn't really enjoying this day as I used to, it was just another day, nothing new or special. I thought that maybe I've grown out of it and just like that, Halloween was over. I guess that in my world Halloween doesn't exist anymore.
Helen Long (Glenbard West)
I have always loved Halloween. I grew up in Chicago though so I could never stay out late trick or treating and it was always with a parent near by. Halloween reminds me of both the changing of the seasons and the spookiness fall brings — making it scary at night and always being jumpy, especially with living in Chicago and all of the alleyways. I loved dressing up though with my school friends and trick or treating around my block. My birthday is always in October so I love going to a pumpkin patch or six flags fright fest to celebrate. This year I went to fright fest twice.
Stephanie (Providence RI)
I enjoy Halloween though not as much as Christmas. I really love the weather and the changing of the leaves. I'm not much of a scary movie but my top scary movies that I like to watch are Halloween, Chucky, Scream, Jeepers Creepers and others. These movies in my opinion are very scary. I am a scaredy cat and I will jump at literally anything even if it's meant to be funny. Though I laughed it off deep down I was truly scared. My dad used to make scary noises during the Jeepers Creepers movies just to get a reaction out of me. My favorite costume that I have worn is my attack on titan costume that came with swords and the harness which was fun to swing the swords around and do epic poses. Halloween is indeed a fun holiday and can stand on it's own like every other holiday.
Evan (Glenbard West HS)
I love Halloween. I love both the weather (when it’s not raining or snowing. Yes,it does snow and rain on Halloween here sometimes) and I also love the holiday itself- although I’m getting to the age of no longer trick or treating. I also love good horror movies, even if they aren’t scary cause they’re just fun to watch. All of those old slasher movies (Halloween, Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc)aren’t even really “scary” but they’re still fun to watch. The concept of horror has changed alot, going from cheap jumpscares and light gore to full on psychological horror movies that are legit chilling. My favorite scary movies are Silence of the Lambs, Candyman and Zombieland
Myer (Glenbard West Highschool)
Halloween is one of the best times of the year, good weather, it’s in the fall, my birthday is close to it, and it’s in the best month. I personally like to go to scary things and have fun dressing up. One of my favorite Halloween moments was in 2020. My friends and I all did the classic wear basketball jerseys and go trick or treating. We all met at my friends house before going out. It was a Saturday night so we got to stay out later than usual which was a gift sent from God for a 12 year old kid. After we went trick or treating we counted up are candy like every kid loves to do then u stuff your face with as much as you can. We watched a scary movie to close out the night but this night just sticks with because it was one of the first times that my group kinda spread out with other people which was really fun. That night included both a lot of fun and a horrible stomach ache.
Tierney (Glenbard West)
My favorite Halloween memories were in elementary school. It will just never be the same as when I was younger. My favorite part of all was the glen oak Halloween parties. They were both excited being with my friends and scary when going through the haunted house. There was a dance floor, candy, a buffet, and a haunted house. It was everything I could ask for when I was younger. That was about a week before Halloween but on the actual day of Halloween, I would rush home to put on my costume and get out trick or treating. I would trick or treat with my friends for so long my dad would bring a wagon to pull us in when we got tired. Then we would go to a party until late and sort candy for hours. It was so much fun. As you get older it’s just not the same as it used to be but I still have many lifelong memories from those Halloweens.
Kate Harvey (Glen Ellyn, IL)
One of my favorite memories from Halloween was four years ago. I was in 4th grade and loved Halloween. My friends and I wore both colorful unicorn onesies that kept us warm throughout the night and matching glitter that would spice up our costume. A few days before Halloween, we all got ready at my friends house to go to the Glen Oak Country Club party that we went to every year. Once we got to Glen Oak we ate dinner and talked about who would go first in the haunted house. Finally, it was time. The haunted house was known for being very scary so we were both terrified and second guessing ourselves. After we got the courage to go in it, we came to the conclusion that mostly everyone really liked it and wanted to go again. Not only did we get to celebrate Halloween at the Glen Oak Party, but we got to do it all over again on the actual day of Halloween. We got ready all together and started trick or treating. Everyone always wanted to be the one with the most candy so it got very competitive. When we got through almost the entire town, we all sorted our candy in my friends basement and spent the rest of the night playing scary games like mafia, ghost in the graveyard, and we even used a ouija board. Although Halloween is still fun, it was always one of my favorite times of the year when I was younger.
Julia Bollman (Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn, IL)
Halloween was always the one time of year where as a kid I could stay up super late and eat all the candy I wanted. I loved running up to people’s doors and guessing if it was a full size house. The iconic trading pile, weighing our pillow cases, coordinating costumes, carving pumpkins all made Halloween so fun. But by only focusing on the spirit of Halloween you miss the true season of fall. October is not just about Halloween but rather the build up to it: trees changing color, apple cider, pumpkin donuts, the weather, the smells. We have to both take advantage of the weather before it turns bitter, dreary and slushy and enjoy the comfort and warm feelings fall brings. Beyond that, Autumn makes me feel so appreciative and recognize the many aspects of the season. It’s more than the candy or costumes and more the enjoyable environment.
Eric Tran (Glenbard west Highschool Glen Ellyn, IL)
Halloween is both one of the greatest and unique holidays and a unique moment in the year for everybody. Something about Being able to dress up in spooky costumes and go
Cecelia Brosdal (Glenbard West Highschool)
Halloween is both my favorite holiday and the best time of the year. It is the one time of year when I enjoy being scared. I feel as if I can watch horror movies constantly and go to haunted houses with my friends. My family loves to scare me. I enjoy making Halloween cookies and decorating them. The night of October 31st is the one night a year when you can dress up as anything and stay out late trick or treating with your best friends. At the end of the night I always sort and count my candy. I love Halloween.
C (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Cecelia Brosdal, Halloween is also on of my favorite days of the year. There is something about it that is just perfect. It has always been a tradition with my friends and family to decorate cookies and carve pumpkins a few days before Halloween.
Scarlett Cronan (Glenbard West)
My favorite Halloween memory had to be the ones I made this year. Halloween was on a Monday so it definitely wasn't as exciting as everyone thought it was going to be. I and my friends were just sitting in my room when we finally decided that we were not too old to trick or treat. I got dressed up in a Mike Wasowski costume, my other friend was a neon football player with a clown wig, and the last one was by far the funniest. She was wearing a hazmat suit and a shower cap, when anyone would ask her what she says she would say a cafeteria worker. We went around trick-or-treating for a solid 5 minutes, then we met up with my friend and joked around. Even though it was a boring Monday, we all certainly made the most of the situation and it ended up being one of my favorite Halloweens so far.
Olivia Rylander (Glenbard West HS)
My favorite Halloween memory is Halloween 2019 the year it snowed. Now many people would think that it would be a bad Halloween but me and my cousin didn’t. We went to Spirit Halloween and got matching cow onesies. Went home but on leggings and sweatshirts then put the cow costume over. We were the only trick or treaters out so we got extra candy. It was a great Halloween. The day after Halloween we went to Chick fil a in our cow costumes. They ended up giving us free ice cream.
Trinity (Union High School/Vancouver, WA)
I burst out laughing with my brother and mom sitting on the couch as my dad walks out of his room in a skin-tight ninja costume. My family seemed whole at the time me my brother dad and mom - I can't remember laughing that hard ever so young my dad was laughing with us of course. My family had many problems but at that moment it felt as if time wasn't moving. I wish I could stay in that moment. I remember my dad and I decided to be a red robin and a werewolf, my brother always wanted to do his costume without us. My dad LOVES werewolves it's his favorite mystical creature, I am a team vampire kinda gal. Like in the movie inside out that years Halloween became a core memory in my mind.
Katie (Union High School/Vancouver WA)
Princess Leia, Hermione Granger, Cruella de Vil, Batman! These are just a few of my many Halloween costumes. However, if I'm being completely honest I spent about 10 minutes going through my camera roll to assemble that list. Although I hate to admit it, I don’t remember the majority of my Halloween costumes, and that's because they never really mattered to me. So what part of Halloween does matter? Is it the candy? The decorations? The scary movies? Well, yes, it is. It’s the candy, the decorations, and the scary movies -- It’s the traditions. When I think back on Halloween the things I remember most are stuff I've been doing since I was a child. I remember our annual family trips to the pumpkin patch, sitting in the garage carving jack-o-lanterns, eating Papa Murphy’s pumpkin-shaped pepperoni pizza, and of course, I remember the long nights spent making sure I’ve gone to every single house in the neighborhood. As I’ve grown I’ve forgotten to plan halloween costumes and I’ve neglected to visit spirit halloween, but I’ve never forgotten our most important traditions. So every year when my favorite halloween song comes on, I’m sent back to my childhood days when all I cared about was convincing my brother that he should give me all his Twix. I guess that's what's great about dressing up for Halloween, it's the childhood nostalgia we get whenever we put on a witch hat or yell trick-or-treat as our favorite neighbor --the one who gives out king-sized candy bars-- opens the door.
Nick (Union High School, Vancouver WA)
BOO! My dad jumps out at me when I walk in the door, and my face lights up because that scare wasn't just any old prank my dad was pulling-- today was Halloween. An eternity of impatient waiting goes by while I wait for the sun to set. As the last glimmer of light disappears I fly out the door with my two best friends. We knock on door after door screaming ¨TRICK OR TREAT.¨ king size after king size. This could be one of the best years for candy yet! As were walking on the wet sidewalk our biggest fear is in the distance-- high schoolers. I was shaking in my hot dog costume. They stroll past us staring into our souls. What seemed like an 8-foot man said in his deep growling voice ¨whatever you kids do don't go into the maple crest trail forest.¨ the only logical thing to do in our sixth-grade minds did the exact opposite of what they said, and boy did we regret it.
NG, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
@Nick I like how you told this story I think it flowed very well. I think you had great word choice and a nice story.
Jacob Hart (Vancouver, WA)
“Trick or treat!” I screamed at every person that dares open the door. Halloween is a time I look forward to every year no matter the circumstances. However, the vibe of halloween wasnt the same this year because of the weather-or, rather, were all just getting older. One halloween ill never forget was my 6th grade years halloween. It was unlike any I had before this time, solely because if the fact I wasnt home, but was at the coast. Exploring the town during this time was surreal. I went trick or treating in the town and ran from shop to shop gathering every type of candy imaginable. Somewhere between the water and the aquarium was a kid with a huge grin on his face while looking into his bag. Further in the night I traded candy with my friends and I negotiated my way to have all the candy which is an expense of halloween. Truly an unforgettable experience.
J (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
It was October 31, 2016 I was on the back of a trailer sitting on damp hay bales going through the woods. My mom, sitting beside me, assuaged me throughout the ride. As the tractor slowly cranks and finally starts , the engine roars and we start to go. I grab onto my moms hand with one and the hay bale on the other, as I hear eerie music sounds and leaves on bushes are rustling as I turn around and see a clown with a chainsaw chasing the trailer, then seconds later, I see a pig with blood on its mask come out from under a bridge trampling over a few sticks saying it's not over! The clown, after still chasing us for about two minutes, sprinted into the woods and nothing happened for about a minute, soon after we entered a corn maze with around five scare crows standing there with the green glassy eyes following the trailer with their eyes. One starts to walk, jog, then sprint full speed towards the trailer, and jumps on the back and falls off saying it's not over yet as crows come over and peck his body. We finally got back and I was glad that the ride was over knowing I wouldn't be coming back. I got home and Pumpkin pie with whip cream on it was on the table ready for me to eat. This was my most memorable Halloween and will not be forgotten.
Hayden Whitney (Union High School, Vancouver Washington)
A rainless night, a white suit with gold highlights and a red cape, and a group of friends almost numbering 20 -- this is what makes a perfect Halloween. Late 2021 is when the world started opening up again. For a year and a half, my friends and I would talk online or not at all, due to the global lockdown. Around October is when we had our first “reopening”, the first in a succession, and the cities around celebrated by returning to the tradition of Trick or Treating. Everyone I knew was excited; it did not matter what age you were, everyone had plans for Halloween. But what made our plan special is that we didn’t have one. It happened spontaneously; I joined 3 others in trick or treating, and the farther into the night it got, the more people joined. Familiar or unfamiliar, known by name or by action, we amassed a massive group of teenagers, almost all costumed in black cloaks, camouflaged vests, suits, and everything in between. Far into the night, we traveled, hopping neighborhoods until we looped back to our homes. But that is not where it ended; we began the trades. For almost an hour, we traded the treasures we compiled. We all had our wants, and what we were willing to trade for them. We all walked home happy, satisfied with the first Halloween in nearly 2 years.
Wendy (Taiwan)
Halloween is one of my favorite holiday because I like horror movies and we can see people dressing up as ghost, skeleton, and spooky characters. Some are scary, and some are funny. As same as Christmas, there will be many decorations in the street and shops. Remember that, in elementary school, we would go trick or treating around the school. I always want to get chocolate bars, so my mom and dad will buy me a lot of SNICKERS. No wonder I was quite chubby at that time. HAHAHA. And I was a fan of Harry Potter, so I dressed up as Hermione Granger. I just became the main character of my favorite book. That was so fun! This year, I want to dress up as Esther in Orphan, the scary girl!
Azul (Union High School -Vancouver, WA)
I love Halloween. I love it more than my birthday. Whenever Halloween comes, we plan to watch Halloween classics such as Hocus Pocus or Nightmare Before Christmas and enjoy trick-or-treating even though some people might argue I’m too old to be going trick-or-treating. I mostly like coming up with a costume every year swear I’m going to do something super extravagant -- and then I forget to plan and start. I also like carving pumpkins with classic smiley faces with triangle noses. I love Halloween and hope I never grow out of that love.
James (Union High School - Vancouver, WA)
Most people will say "Halloween is for kids" but is it? Halloween is not just for kids-- it's for everyone! In my family, Halloween is a fun, exciting, and adventurous holiday. We have several traditions we try to do each year but sometimes we like to mix them up. These are some of my favorites. A few weeks before we like to go and get pumpkins and then carve them. Carving pumpkins was probably my least favorite activity but I loved cooking the seeds and seeing the aftermath of my art. On the night of, we make brains, blood, eyes, and witches brew. Also known as spaghetti, meatballs, and root beer. My favorite was watching my dad make our homemade witches' brew. He put water, root bear extract, and dry ice into a big pot and stirred it causing "fog" to spill out the sides and cover our table. After that, we would clean up and go trick-or-treating for a little bit. When we got home me and my siblings would pour are candy out and trade with each other. Then I would hide mine in a secret spot because my siblings loved stealing my candy or my mom would throw it away because she thought I had too much. So yes, Halloween can be a fun, exciting adventure for everyone!
Olivia, Block 4 (Hoggard High School)
Frightening nights and brightening lights, That's all I can remember. Trick or treating my way through the neighborhood laughing a giggling house to house. But one thing on my mind. Not candy nor scary movies but instead the anticipation growing inside my stomach as I rounded the next corner. The tall man with the crunchy pale white mask was waiting behind any stop sign to scare his next victim of any age between 5 and 10. He wore this mask with crimson red blood stains on his clothes and a roaring chainsaw in his right hand. Just because I may not be fond of my Halloween memories their are many others you would have loved these freighting feelings I faced. After reading the responses to the spirt of Halloween article I found out that Zula and her family celebrate Halloween more than Christmas. This was crazy to me as Christmas is my families favorite holiday with its warm and cozy feeling and since we don't do much more than trick or treat for Halloween.
Liliana (Union High School, Vancouver WA)
Costumes. Candy. Pumpkins. Trick or Treating. Ghosts. Scary Movies. These are all things that remind me of Halloween. Halloween has been around for--2,000 years and is a well-known holiday celebrated where everyone participates in their year-round traditions. Even though many people focus on the aspects of trick or treating, and getting free candy. My favorite tradition with my family however is when watching Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus or Nightmare on Elm Street. We always sit on the couch, cook the popcorn that smells too good, and just enjoy our time being together. Us being together is probably my favorite part of Halloween. We always have fond memories from these times together and it is nice spending time with the people I love before heading off to college. I love spending time with my family and Halloween is something I know I can always look forward to because of my amazing, loving family. The article constantly refers to and focuses on costumes and Spirit Halloween. Instead of focusing on the sugar rushes and endless supply of candy--think of the people who love you and do everything for you and focus on your time with them before it is too late.
Alex (Vancouver WA, Union HS)
It was October 31st, 2016. A black sky freckled with small bright stars. It was the first year we could take my little brother trick-or-treating. I dressed up as a floral fairy --a pink silky dress, pink and white flowers in my already tangled hair, and glittery wings that shined bright as the gleam in a puppy’s eyes-- my brother was a power ranger(classic). It was my favorite because before that night, I didn’t know it’d be the last one I’d share with him for a long time. He’s strange, light brown eyes, hazel curls that seem to flow for miles, maybe, pale skin like a zebra without its stripes, curious hands, arms and legs long like vines -- brother. I remember laughing too hard at him because he’d already grown out of the costume that we JUST got for him. Of course, he didn’t mind because he’s a kid, a kid whose innocence is pure, pure like sap straight from a tree, a tree who cares about nothing but growing, because growing is all we can do. I wish we stayed that age forever.
Lana, Union High School (Vancouver, WA)
The weather, the leaves, the candles, the candy– Halloween. Coming from someone who doesn't even celebrate Halloween, I can confidently say that it's one of my favorite times of the year. Halloween is in the fall, which is my favorite season, and a big part of why it's my favorite time of the year. Not to mention all the spooky decorations people put up. It's always a fun sight to drive around and see who had the best decorations. Let's not forget all of the nostalgic movies and Halloween tv show episodes that start to air. The author illustrates how all of these different people enjoy Halloween and dress up, which I love. Seeing people enjoy and express their creativity this time of year is always amazing to see. This year, I've definitely seen some of the most clever costume ideas.
Liliana (Union High School, Vancouver WA)
Costumes. Candy. Pumpkins. Trick or Treating. Ghosts. Scary Movies. These are all things that remind me of Halloween. Halloween has been around for--2,000 years and is a well-known holiday celebrated where everyone participates in their year-round traditions. Even though many people focus on the aspects of trick or treating, and getting free candy. My favorite tradition with my family however is when watching Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus or Nightmare on Elm Street. We always sit on the couch, cook the popcorn that smells too good, and just enjoy our time being together. Us being together is probably my favorite part of Halloween. We always have fond memories from these times together and it is nice spending time with the people I love before heading off to college. I love spending time with my family and Halloween is something I know I can always look forward to because of my amazing, loving family. Instead of focusing on the sugar rushes and endless supply of candy--think of the people who love you and do everything for you and focus on your time with them before it is too late.
Cassandra (Vancouver Washington)
Growing up, I always associated October and Halloween with coming back to school, gloomy weather, homework, and sadness. However, I have grown to appreciate this time of year, as I now associate this with halloween, colorful leaves, and crisp weather. The smell of the morning breeze when I walk to school in the morning makes me remember the times me and my siblings used to rake leaf piles in our backyard, or how we’d all walk to school together. Seeing and feeling the weather change brings me the most happiness, like when summer emerges after months of rain. Observing every halloween decoration on my street, brings me back to when we would decorate every inch of our home for halloween, and how much my family would trick to treat for hours, until our arms would give out. This season is the most nostalgic, and every year brings me a different experience and new memories, of family, traditions, and happiness. No time of the year brings me joy like spooky season.
Keira (Union High School/Vancouver, Wa)
An angel with mechanical wings? The Tardis from Doctor Who? These are both great examples of the ideas my dad would come up with for my Halloween costumes when I was younger. Every year we would make a costume. He would brainstorm months before Halloween and none of his ideas interested me except for when he brought up my best and favorite costume --- a wacky wavy inflatable tube man. After coming up with such a great idea with only two weeks to execute it, we had to start planning. It took us a couple of days to figure out what to use for the body to be able to move like a blowup tube. We decided that an expandable play tunnel from Ikea was the best option, other than the fact that it was green and pink, and I wanted it to be blue. After we bought the tunnel from Ikea, we made our way to joanns to get blue fabric, giant googly eyes, and mesh for the mouth so I could see out of it. At home, my mom measured the tunnel and started sewing up a cover for it with the blue fabric while my dad and I cut out armholes and a mouth. Once we got the cover over the entire tube, my mom attached the arms with strips of fabric dangling from them like streamers hanging from a ceiling fan. I wore that costume two years in a row because I was so proud of it. Unlike Zell Rivera from the article, I didn't need to go to spirit Halloween multiple times thanks to my dad and I’s wonderful ideas.
Claire (Union High School, Vancouver Wa)
A pirate? Cowboy? Princess? Halloween is an exciting time for kids. Dressing up, eating loads of candy, and staying out late. I used to look forward to this day every single year. It was all I could think about for months. I remember my siblings and I would spend weeks picking out costumes and planning everything out. Every year my family and my cousins would hang out on Halloween and go trick-or-treating together and it was a highlight every year. We all made memories that will last a lifetime. But these past few years have felt different. --They have been dull and felt lacking of something. Lacking the childhood magic. The magic that makes you think you hear Santa on the roof the night before Christmas or see the tooth fairy in the middle of the night bringing you a coin. Losing this magic and this innocence is a hard part of growing up. And it’s hard to know that I will never feel like this anymore. That I will never be truly excited for Halloween like six-year-old me was. That I will never get back that childhood magic we all once had.
alexis, Block 2 (Hoggard Highschool in Wilmington NC)
Lately, Halloween hasn’t been my favorite or something that I’ve been looking forward to, but I will always remember my most unique Halloween experience. It started like any other (except that my best friend wasn’t going to be there): get ready, go across the street for the party, eat, then you’re off. I was with a new group that year and we were older so trick or treating wasn’t our main priority, but of course we still did it. I was dressed as an angel which is pretty disappointing but I liked it at the time and my next door neighbor was of course: nothing at all. The 5 of us walked around as the sky got darker and darker and slowly some of them would leave until it fizzled down to my neighbor and I. We’ve known each other since 3 years old and we’re so close as kids. As we grew up things happened and we grew apart little by little so we never really talked about deep stuff anymore. That’s important because on that Halloween night we talked about everything. That included things from music to bad relationships to some of our favorite childhood memories together. It was so nice to see him again.
Ben (Union High School/Vancouver, WA.)
Out of 365 days of the year, Halloween falls on October 31. Sadly the last time Halloween was on a Friday night it was 8 years ago, but that night 8 years ago was remembered so distinctively as I got dressed as a pirate I was filled with excitement for what was to come, the throwing away of the Almond Joys and the devouring of the Snickers bars, this made my friends and I prepare for the time of our life with a scooter for each of us to fly through the neighborhood with as a way to double our score. We headed out into the night with not a fear in mind, Not a fear in sight. We were already an hour into trick or treating that one hour turned into two and that turned into three. The problem with giving a group of seven-year-olds scooters and Underestimated the amount of energy they had is not knowing where they will end up. As my parents were driving around in the car looking for the gang of seven-year-olds riding scooters into the night - - - we were miles away from home losing track of time and wondering why everyone was out of candy, then we came to the realization it was over - - - the holiday of gold was over and we were lost no one in sight, with sacks filled with gold and fear that we had not seen let alone dreamed of we were lost in the darkness of Halloween.
Rosemary Fuentes (Augustus Hawkins High School)
I enjoy Halloween and I love dressing up as clowns. My favorite costume that I've worn was my costume last year. I dressed up as Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story. My favorite memory from Halloween was last Halloween, I went out with my friends and went trick or treating. It was very fun and memorable because we stayed out pretty late, it was so enjoyable and nostalgic. The scariest movie I've ever watched was Midsommar. I think the movie Midsommar was more graphic than scary but I still think it was pretty scary. Another movie that was pretty scary was Insidious. Insidious has a lot of jump scares. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, I don’t have a tradition I just go out with my friends and trick or treat, but I enjoy doing that every year.
Jack Chibucos (Glenbard West)
I have watched many horror movies in the past 2 years, but there is one movie that will haunt me forever, Sinister. Sinister is about a family of 5 that just moved in too a new home located in Chatford, Pennsylvania. The Dad of the family used to be a detective for deadly crimes, and he has been in love with mysteries even after his retirement. The Dad secretly picked this specific house knowing that every family who has ever lived there has died without a single trace left behind. A couple minutes in the Dad goes into the attic putting the last bit of moving boxes away, when he finds a mysterious looking box. He opens the box seeing many super 8 tapes with weird names on them. He then looks around for super 8 projector curious for what’s in the tapes. Later that night when his kids and wife are sleeping he plays the tapes finding horrific videos of each family dying. He then sees a face in one of the clips he rewinds and slows it down to get a clear look at the face. He then jumps back frightened by the scary mask. I would tell more but I don’t want to spoil it. So if you want to get scared watch Sinister.
Ethan Zagortz (Glenbard West)
I am someone who really enjoys Halloween. Too me, every aspect of the holiday is exciting. Both the weeks leading up to and the actual day of Halloween are generally a fond time for me that I greatly enjoy. My entire family enjoys Halloween so getting decorations is something we are able to do together. Costume planning is something else I enjoy. It’s fun t spend time planning on it and looking at all the different ideas. I also personally love the cooler weather the most. The whole feel of the outside is perfect and I love the season. On the actual day of Halloween, I also have a good time. My parents go big for candy so we always have lots of people, at our house and sometimes I’ll also help give out candy. It’s generally just a good time to be with friends and get some free candy. I usually carve a pumpkin the day of too, and it’s usually a fond time for me.
Joseph G (Glen bard west HS Glen ellyn IL)
I remember as a kid going around my neighborhood with my family and running from house to house in my costume eating tons of candy. It felt as if I was on a sugar rush I thought no further than candy and king sized candy bars. After Halloween would be done, I remember always trading candy with my sister and her always giving me the Reese’s because those were my favorite and still are. I would give her stuff like starburst and jolly ranchers that I wouldn’t like. The best costume I have done throughout the years was probably the zombie hockey player that had a puck and looked like it was in my head or the Luke Skywalker costume that I had when I was little which had a cardboard X-Wing that went around my waist and I dressed up like Luke in his suit.
Sophie Landry (Nashville)
My most memorable Halloween was when I was 6 years old, I decided to be Ariel that year. I was so excited to wear my red wig and mermaid tail that I got from Spirit Halloween. The day finally came, I walked down the stairs to the kitchen to see my then two-year-old brother in a matching Flounder costume. Let's just say I was less than pleased and proceeded to throw a colossal fit about matching with my little brother. I still look back and think of my Ariel costume, which is still my favorite to this day. My family always carves pumpkins the day before Halloween and watches "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". I treasure all the times I have spent with my family throughout my many Halloweens.
Bella Y (Glenbard west)
I love Halloween. I love the scary movies to watch with your family and friends. You can decide on a costume with your group of friends and go trick or treating. I alway trade my little brother with our candy. I also love dressing up my dogs in costumes and taking pictures of them. You can’t forget haunted houses as well. Last year was the first time my brother went to one since he is younger and it was so fun. I also love going to them with my friends because all of us together just make everything more fun and interesting. It’s the one time I actually want to be scared.
Sherlin M (Glen Ellyn Illinois)
Do I have a Memory of Halloween? Yes, I actually do, when I was younger I remember I was trick or treating with my siblings and there was this one house that had a moving robot or something that was going back and forth and I was crying because I was scared. Then, we went back to the house once we got out candy and then family came over and they brought McDonalds and we ate. After that we were playing this game thats called Loteriá and we decided to watch a movie. I don’t remember the movies name but we were just watching a movie. After all that we decided to rest and thats a memory I have of Halloween.
logan whitman block 2 (Hoggard high school Wilmington, NC)
My most memorable Halloween was quite the startle, it was a night that actually brought me true fear. I was with my family walking down the road when out of nowhere my dad jumped us from the bushes and scared the living daylights out of me; I will always remember that night. Another time was just last year, when I dressed as plague doctor, byfar my best costume ever, I was lifelike in every spectrum, I spooked all the little children ( no thievery of course ), and I enjoyed myself while I plundered every house of its delectable treats. It had its drawbacks of course; you see, the goggles would fog up and it would be very hard to see so unfortunately I had to ditch the mask. I didn't really like that bit. Usually, every hallows eve we would carve a pumpkin. I wanted to carve one with a scary face, while my sister wanted to draw the most lulling face ever. Then we would watch movies of the Halloween theme and late at night dumb all our candy on the floor and get our picture taken adjacent to it. Sadly the mind grows, and with a growing mind comes an unruly thought process that blocks all the fun for remaining of high dignity. Sometimes it feels to me that's all that high school is about; it changed me, and I hate it.
Grace, 4th Block (Hoggard High School)
I am a person who loves Halloween, I love dressing up and going all out. I plan out my costume at least a month in advance. I get my ideas either from Pinterest or a costume I saw in the past. I love fall every year, mostly because it's close to Thanksgiving, which is close to Christmas, which is my favorite holiday. When I lived in Montana we used to stay at a flat above a sushi restaurant downtown. We would go trick or treat, then come back and hang out with all our friends. My all-time famous Halloween costume was probably my genie costume from a few years back.
Ella (Ellisville)
My most memorable halloween was when was in the sixth grade when my private school friends and I were the closest we had ever been. We all went to my friends house and stayed up til twelve in the morning (which was a big deal back then) running around the subdivision just doing the most random things. That year was also one of my favorite costumes. My best friend and I were thing one and two from Dr. Seuss, and we went all out that year. The entire night we went back and forth from friends houses who knows how many times. It is one of my core memories from that school year and I wouldn't trade it fir the world.
Lazerik (Glenbard west hs)
I don’t really have Halloween memories but for this halloween I just painted my face as a skull looked very cool had blood on my shirt with black jogging pants and blacks tims and a jacket it was fun because I hung out with my friends got a bunch of candy went home then came back out stayed out there til 8 this year halloween was over a W
Perry B (Glenbard West)
Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, always getting dressed up in to a costume made me excited all the time and especially going trick or treating. One tradition that I do with my family is every year we carve pumpkins, hah that has been one of my favorites. After we get the seeds out of the pumpkin and cook the seeds and then after put seasoning on them, one of the best things to do. Another tradition I have with my family is watching scary movies, like the movie “The Conjuring” is one scary movie we have all seen together.
Ellianna g (Glenbard west, glen ellyn IL)
Growing up I had always loved Halloween, I love planning costumes with my friends, going trick or treating, and seeing all the little kids dressing up. My most favorite part of Halloween is after a long night of trick or treating all my friends decide on one house, then we organize all our candy, then trade off the candy you aren’t interested in. When we were little me and my friends thought we were the only people to be doing this, until we came home and saw all my brother and his friends trading their candy, the exact same way.
Gideon kovabel (Glenbardwest high school)
When I was younger I went to a scary Halloween event at my school and it was scary the teachers were jump scaring kids and my fight or flight instincts came in and I kicked my principal in the face when I hade the Tim’s on.that was my first haunted house like event
logan whitman block 2 (Hoggard high school Wilmington, NC)
@Gideon kovabel I got to hand it to you, that sounds awesome. I wish I could've gone to your school, sounds like fun!
Ava Dunham (Glenbard West HS)
Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, spending time with my family and taking my little sister trick or treating has always been a highlight of my year. My favorite costume I’ve ever worn would probably be my costume this year, which was a cowgirl. I bought some of the stuff from spirit and some of it off of Amazon and me and my friends wore it. Some traditions I have with my family used to be carving pumpkins and then baking the pumpkin seeds. Now that I’m older we don’t do that anymore and I hand out candy instead of going trick or treating. I really enjoy going to haunted houses with all of my friends. Beyond that I also love going to see scary movies with my family. This year we watched Barbarian which was a pretty scary and weird movie. I like the fall breeze and the smell of leaves during this time of the year. I used to go to the pumpkin patch with my family every year and I loved getting apple cider donuts and going to the haunted houses. I really love horror movies so I like the overall atmosphere of Halloween.
Danny Monahan (Glenbard West High School)
For me Halloween was very important and celebrated as a kid, me and my family carved pumpkins, dressed up, went trick or treating. I always loved having competitions of who can get the most candy with my friends and then we would come back to one of our houses, poor all of our candy in each separate piles, and trade with each other. This gave us the chance to giveaway the candy we didn’t like for some we did like, for example I’m allergic to peanuts so I would always trade away my snickers, and Reese’s for Twix’s or KitKats. I also remember going as Mario and Luigi with one of my friends when I was younger, as well as 4 of the Chicago Cubs best baseball players at the time when they were in the World Series. But now Halloween for me is just a chill holiday where I hand out some candy, eat the leftovers, and maybe get together with friends. I still love the overall vibe Halloween has with the colors and fall leaves. When I was younger I could never watch an horror movies because I was too scared, but now I enjoy watching them with my family or friends on Halloween. I think that this holiday has become something amazing, especially for the children.
Grace Bertrand (Glenbard West HS)
I recently just finished watching this little series on Netflix called “The Watcher” and it was sort of bone chilling. A family moved out of New York City to a safer suburb area. They now live in this beautiful mansion and are settling in nicely. But they start receiving letters in their mailbox suggesting that someone is watching them. And of course weird things start to happen in the house, unexplained. And the letters keep coming getting creepier and more threatening. Eventually the family gets so freaked out that they decide to move back to the city and out of the house. And believe it or not it’s true, for the most part. I did some research and the family received three letters in total. But this case remains unsolved, which is the scariest part of it all.
Carmella Block 2 (Hoggard High School)
Halloween 2012, or a couple days before; my family and I went trunk or treating. I was dressed as a cavewoman in the blazing north carolina heat and fake animal fur scratching on my skin. I was low key, getting crazy, running around being a nuisance child. Then I ran INTO a tree, there was a beehive, I got stung, six times. But I still love love LOVE Halloween!
alexis, Block 2 (Hoggard Highschool in Wilmington NC)
@Carmella Block 2 This is so unique and I can picture the whole thing. You'll never forget it!
G Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
I have had many great Halloween’s over the years, especially trick or treating with my friends Vinny and Ryan, but eventually I got older and am now a retired trick or treater, but by far the most memorable was one of the first Halloween’s I stopped trick or treating. Every year my neighbors throw a Haunted house in their front yard. I always thought it was fun and wanted to join in on it but never did. On Halloween my parents went to watch a movie with other neighbors and I had nothing to do so I decided to get in the spirit of the season. I would dress up with this cheap plastic, fake looking Jason mask I found in my closet and walk over to the haunted house to see what it was about and see if it would be fun to experience. It was, they had many different parts of it all spread out around the front yard. I went through half of it before a woman dressed up like a witch sitting in a chair complimented my costume. I said “thank you” and then she suggested that I join them. They were low on people that year and needed someone to stand off to the side so I did. People came and went, I scared them and it was fun. Meanwhile I talked to the witch most of the time. That night was very fun and I will definitely do it again in the next few years to come.
Andrea Buddy, Block 2 (Hoggard High School)
Halloween isn't my favorite holiday of the year, but something about watching scary movies, dressing up with friends, and making life-long lasting memories makes me look forward to it during the fall season. When I was younger, I remember begging my mom to let me watch the original Scream movie. She was hesitant to the idea at first, but eventually gave into my constant nagging. We popped some microwavable popcorn and watched it together on our living room sofa. I was about 7 years old when I decided I was getting too old to be dressing up as a fairy for every trick-or-treating outing. Part of me misses the feeling of being a little girl, excited to boast about how many pieces of candy I collected from one night of trick-or-treating. Although Halloween and I share some memorable experiences, it won't ever compare to Christmas for me. I'm happy that people like Zula in the article can share their love for Halloween, but I just can't relate to the fact that they celebrate Halloween in a way that's bigger to them than Christmas.
A, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Unicorn’s were the most popular costume on my favorite Halloween back in 2018. There were sparkles sprawled out around my cheeks and a rainbow colored tutu sitting around my waist. We even had a “professional” makeup artist do our majestic looks. It was my first Halloween with my friend and I was thrilled to be with her. We went trick or treating down a long road on Wrightsville Beach and I filled up pillowcases worth of Starburst and Reese's cups because they were my all time favorites. We ran into many of our friends throughout the night and had the bright idea to run away from our parents to be alone. There was no fun in being followed around all night by nagging parents who just wanted to relax at home. They knew we were safe so they didn’t try to ruin our adventurous night. We walked down many roads with houses colored in bright lights and blown up creatures but only one road stood out the most. As we walked down the street many houses were decorated the same as before but around each corner there was someone dressed up in a scary costume to chase you down the street. I was terrified but also excited because of the adrenaline rushing through my body. When we bravely reached the end of the street there was a haunted walkthrough put on by one of the neighbors. I was petrified when I stepped into a dark and almost claustrophobic walkway leading me to different rooms throughout the house.
A, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@A, Block 2 Part 2 Soon after entering I was jumpscared by a person in a bloody pig mask that seemed almost too real to be made from silicone so I bolted all the way out while screaming. We went home, it was getting late and our parents picked us up on the side of the street. Turns out they knew where we were the whole time because of an iphone tracker. I went back to Ava’s house then quickly fell asleep from my huge sugar crash.
J. Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
Halloween is certainly not my favorite holiday, but it sure can be fun. Every year, the excitement of Halloween decreases, even this year didn’t quite feel as exciting as it did when I was 10. As we grow older, these holidays are starting to feel more stressful than fun. I’m at the age where Halloween has become more about parties and cute costumes, rather than what it used to be: trick or treating and having fun with friends and family. Not that I don't like dressing up and going out but sometimes I wish I could go back to the old days. Nicole Bates stated “I'll probably end up spending $300 on my makeup and costume”, to me, this is where all the stress piles in. You have to pick out a cute costume that is probably pricey, stress about if it comes on time, if it fits, etc. All of this for a goofy looking outfit that will probably be worn once. Dumb if you ask me. Halloween can be overhyped, but it's the little memories that matter when I think about it. Like I said, Halloween was definitely different this year, but not necessarily in a bad way. I still hung out with my family, but I brought friends this time. We sat in the garage playing cards till it was time to head out, we didn't trick or treat but watching my little cousins run from door to door with a wide smile on their face, almost made me feel like I was 10 again. Growing up is tough, and I think I’m starting to realize that Halloween is never gonna change, but I am.
B, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Halloween is a fun time of year, although it's personally not my favorite holiday. It's a fun time to dress up, see your friends, and most of all, eat candy! All my younger years I would always be a soccer player and my brother would always be a ninja. I never really liked going overboard with my costume. I was what you called, "simple". One family tradition we do with our whole family is watch Halloweentown on Halloween day and then we go and carve pumpkins on the porch. My favorite candy to receive is sour punch straws. That long sting on the tongue while the sugar melts away in your mouth. Not a better feeling in this world. Always lived Halloween as a kid and always will as a teenager.
Olivia, Block 4 (Hoggard High School)
@B, Block 2 I love that you and your family watch Halloweentown each year as that is my favorite movie for this time of the year. I don't love Halloween because of its spooky feeling it brings. You mentioned that you think Halloween is fun but not your favorite. Why?
Quinn Foerster (Glenbard West HS, Glen Ellyn, Illinois)
Growing up as a kid, I would always look forwards to Halloween, it was the one time of the year that I could get all the candy that I wanted. One of my favorite halloweens was in 2021, I couldn’t think of a costume so I just put on a cowboy hat and went as a cowboy. That year was one of my favorites because it was the the year before one of my friends moved away. We went to our friends house, we watched the new Halloween Michael Myers movie, we went trick or treating, and we had a fun time. The reason why that Halloween always stood out to me is because of the fun I had even when my friend was about to move away.
Hannah, block 2 (Hoggard High school in Wilmington. NC)
It was the night of Halloween, October 31st 2017. My best friend and I are all hyped up and so excited. We decided to dress up as ghost busters with our 2 other friends. It was sadly a Tuesday night so none of us could have a sleepover afterwards. During school, we could not stop thinking about how much fun we were going to have that night. School was finally over, and I went home with my friend to get all ready for the big night ahead of us. But of course we had to stop at Chick-fil-a first, because what good is halloween without eating Chick-fil-a before? Right as we got home we jumped right into our ghostbuster costumes and wanted to get out so we could be the first on the street. Her mom said it was too early to start, so we walked along the street all dressed up to waste time. About an hour or two goes by and it was finally time to go. Her mom drove us down the road to Harbor Island because we heard they had the best candy. We got there, started searching for our friends while running up to houses getting candy. We kept looking for our friends but couldnt find them. But that wouldn't stop us, so we kept getting all the candy we could. Once we hit up all the houses on the island with candy it was still only 8:30ish, so we had her mom take us to landfall Harbor Way street. Her mom took awhile to get us, so we found a random driveway and had a dance party while we waited. When we finally got there, and they were already closing down, it was a bust.
H, block 2 (Hoggard High school in Wilmington. NC)
@Hannah, block 2 We had decided just to go back home and count and eat all our candy. We were hoping for lots of candy, but when we counted it all, it was nowhere near how much we expected. We were sad, but had a great time. It was for sure a Halloween to remember.
J, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Halloween definitely isn't the holiday I look forward to the most, But I do still enjoy it. My costumes are never anything crazy. I'm not super creative but I come up with something. As I get older every year Halloween changes, when I was younger I was so excited to go out and get candy then come home with my friends and lay out candies into piles, the non-trading file (no exceptions-Non-negotiables), and the trading pile. Organizing into groups based on the type of candies Sour Patch, Skittles, Snickers Peanut M&M’s, lollipops, etc. all in there in piles. Always in the trading pile were Twizzlers and Three Musketeers, and never in the training pile were Snickers and peanut M&M’s. I still had fun this Halloween although it was different from all the rest, I had what you would call a halloweekend. I still got dressed up and went to a Halloween party with my friends on Saturday but on Halloween, I went to the soccer game. I’m too old to want to trick or treat and because of the pact the next day nobody my age was having parties on Halloween, they all already happened Saturday or Sunday, so the soccer game seemed like the best way to spend my Halloween. When we left the house it was barely sprinkling so we figured it would stop but it didn't. We got there and it got heavier, not quite pouring but not necessarily a sprinkle, whatever comes in between. We chose to stick with it and stayed. It ended up being a good game, Hoggard won 5-0 and I enjoyed spending my Halloween this way.
Renaissance, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Halloween is more than just running around after dark collecting sweets and treats. Halloween is the set of pictures next to my makeup bag of my friends and I with wide, sugary smiles. That sweet night of adventure is seeing everyone’s creativity and creations. Halloween is annoying Geo and asking their dad for the joke of the week and staying up late despite knowing it’s a school night. Halloween is sitting in a circle in the living room trading our treats so we’d each have our perfect collection. Halloween is the welcoming of sweet, sweet fall; the best time of year. Autumn is the welcome of all things wonderful: pumpkin pie, crisp and crunchy leaves, a relief from the summer heat, oversized sweaters, perfect evenings for reading from inside a blanket burrito, hot chocolate and fragrant tea, and most importantly, family and friends coming together since last winter. It’s time to smell nothing but cinnamon and nutmeg with the tiniest hint of pine. Sweet potato soufflé and homemade applesauce is returning to the table, along with plenty of new memories of laughter and song in the kitchen. But most of all, Autumn is my greatest love, and I wish I could stay here forever.
Vaani Phayal, Block 2 (Hoggard Highschool in Wilmington, NC)
Halloween, the one day of the year where I had an excuse to dress as the princess I always aspired to be. The first Halloween I remember started off fresh out of the shower, dripping with excitement. My mom patiently waited on the bed with all types of colorful, glittery makeup. I slipped into the blue bedazzled dress, each plastic pearl and diamond reflecting the gloomy sky peeking through the window. As my mom perfected my striking blue eyeshadow and bold red lip, I watched Disney Halloween specials. I put on my purple velvet jacket and sparkly plastic Cinderella shoes. As any princess, I was obligated to take the most time-consuming pictures. The excitement and joy of being able to get dressed up for no other reason but to get candy is the best part of Halloween.
Tracy (WA, Vancouver, Union HS)
Halloween. My favorite holiday. Christmas, eh. Easter, eh. Halloween? Absolutely. A couple of years ago was one of my core memories. It was late at night and my friends finally arrived. This year, I was going as a ninja. I had the mask and everything. We ventured outside into the real world and began the ritual of the “trick or treating”. The magic of it all is spectacular. It’s the way the rain pounds on my face and I don’t even care, it’s how I get the best piece of candy and I grin from ear to ear, the way me and my friends would compare bag weights. I remember this night clearly. How we would go up to houses that had the king sized candy bars and bid them a good night. Oh, Halloween. The one night where I could dress up, forget about everything I’m stressed about, spread laughs with friends, creep out my family, be who I want to be-Halloween.
N, Block 4 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Every year as October approaches I look forward to Halloween more and more. Every year, my family decorates the inside and outside of the house and carves pumpkins. I love the feeling of fall: the crisp chilling air, the orange, yellow, and red leaves, and the Halloween decorations around town. My most memorable Halloween would have to one when I was seven. I lived in a small neighborhood with few kids so me and my brother got most of the candy. I was dressed up as Cleopatra, a costume we'd bought at Spirit Halloween, and had an itchy black wig on. We tried putting my dog in a superwoman costume and in a wagon to carry her around in, but she didn't like it. The thing I remember most about this Halloween though was how much candy I got. I sorted all of it by type and I had probably around 500 pieces. Just like the first image, I always enjoyed going to Spirit Halloween as soon as October began. I couldn't ever wait to find the perfect costume.
H, block 2 (Hoggard High school in Wilmington. NC)
@N, Block 4 My family is just like yours, we always love to go all out for Halloween. When my brother and I were younger, we also always went out trick-or-treating together and came back with hundreds of pieces of candy. We always had so much fun in our neighborhood full of kids. Halloween is definitely a great night to remember as a child. It holds a bunch of memories we would never forget.
reese (ellisville)
Growing up I never went trick or treating or really had the right neighbor hood for it. Now that I'm a teenager though I've been doing lots of halloween activities. My favorite costume so far was when I dressed up as captain jack sparrow two years ago and my favorite tradition is candy trading with my siblings and friends if they tag along with me. When I think of halloween it reminds me of pumpkin spice and eating so much candy I get sick.Halloween is a holiday all ages should be able to enjoy, there shouldn't be a certain age when you aren't able to dress up and go out and having fun with your friends at halloween parties or trick or treating.
B, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@reese I have the opposite experience of this. I always loved trick-o-treating as a kid but as I got older the love for it kind of jus got away from me. This year I really realized how much I missed it, since it was raining a little not a lot of kids came by. This just really put in perspective of how much I take this holiday for granted.
K, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Again, the second weekend of October, we’re pulling the creepy decorations from the attic. We bring down the purple lights, the box of ghosts on strings, and the white trash bag of tombstones and plastic skulls. My younger siblings and I, as usual, spend hours setting up the graveyard and twisting the lights around the poles. But my favorite part is always standing on the railing, sticking spiderwebs all over the porch, and almost falling into the bushes. I know it sounds weird but the adrenaline of teetering on the creaky railing brings out my Halloween spirit more than anything else. I think it’s mainly because I’m with my family and scaring my brother and sister with the same 7 year old masks. When my stepmom comes out to inspect our work she says it looks good but I know she’s lying because as soon as we go inside she starts setting everything up differently. Except for the spiderwebs. She can never navigate through the sticky maze of white, orange, and green. It’s funny watching her pulling all the little tufts of webs off of her sweater. My sister likes to get on my shoulders and stick jelly stickers on the window above the door and my dad always gets mad but he’s too short to reach the window so she and I just laugh. Holidays are always when my siblings and I are closest. Especially Halloween decorating. Even though I don’t particularly like it that much.
Ava (Union High School/ Vancouver Washington)
This time of year is very special to me as a person who doesn't get to see her family much. This time of the year I step around on the white tiled floor of a red and white store with my mom to the left of me smelling candles- fall candles. This time of year I am helping my mom construct the hard crust of a wonderful pumpkin pie. This time of year I'm scanning the sight of leaves falling onto the road creating an orange and yellow blanket. This time of year i'm watching my sister go door to door - eyes big, candy bag open, smile from ear to ear - requesting candy from strangers by the words of, “TRICK OR TREAT!”
K, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Ava I love the structure here- smelling candles, the pie, all of it makes my season.
J, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Ava I like how you describe the look of the store instead of naming the store. All the fall scents are one of my favorite parts of Fall too. I also like the way you described trick-or-treating with your sister. It leaves a good visual.
Growing up in a close-knit neighborhood, holidays were my favorite. The mutual understanding throughout the neighborhood of decorating the outsides of the houses as extravagant as possible, and the hospitality of my neighbors made me look forward to the months of winter and fall. In other words, it wasn't a contest like some of the holiday movies portray; we were all simply just enjoying the seasons as a community. Growing up, my parents would host the best-themed parties that include activities for all ages. For the men there would be football on, for the ladies there would be a table full of appetizers to snack on while they chatted, and for the kids, there were endless amounts of fun. My most fond memories of these parties were specifically at Halloween. My three other siblings and all our friends would go trick or treating as usual but then we would come back to my house and bob for apples, play ghost on the trampoline with toilet paper, and go on my dad's annual hayride. These memories have stuck with me throughout my teenage years. They symbolize a time in my life when the community was close to family and there was no terror to be outside carefree at a young age. I will cherish these moments for a lifetime and only hope my future kids can experience the same joy-filled holidays.
L, Block 4 (Hoggard High School)
@Kate, I especially love seeing the Halloween decorations in my neighborhood. We make it tradition to drive around to see all the lights, headstones, Halloween blow-ups and skeletons. Halloween parties at my cousins house were always the best part of Halloween. Running up and down the neighborhood in search of the best candy hotspots. What is your favorite Halloween tradition?
N (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. I used to like it a lot more when I was younger since I had more friends to go trick-or-treating with and more energy and enthusiasm to walk from house to house, stacking up on as much candy as I possibly could. Now, I can just buy candy if I really want some. And most of the time, I don't even want any. Plus, I am really introverted and would prefer not to walk up to random people's houses, asking for candy while dressed in a costume. This Halloween, however, was quite enjoyable. Earlier in the day, my mom told me she had met a really nice woman who she said I would have lots in common with; she spoke 3 languages and loved traveling the world. My mom said that I should go and meet her while the rest of my family went trick-or-treating. When I walked up to her house and we greeted each other, she was quick to invite me in for a homemade meal. We talked for a while, learning more about one another. I met her husband and her daughter as well. They were all so welcoming and their home felt like a very safe place. For a while, I forgot that I wasn't in a close family member's house. The way all of them treated me made me feel like I had known them for years. I am so glad that my mom met her and suggested that I meet her too. That had to be one of the best Halloween nights I have had so far.
Andrea Buddy, Block 2 (Hoggard High School)
@N I agree with the fact that I also liked Halloween a lot more when I was younger, I think as we get older we outgrow certain habits like having too much of a sugar intake for one night.
Hunter (Union High School, Vancouver WA)
What's your favorite memory of Halloween? Is it trick or treating, or just spending time with your family? My most memorable Halloween memory is when I was still in elementary school I really liked playing assassins creed 3 and the character in that game always seemed to catch my attention as cool and awesome. So when my parents asked me what I wanted to be for Halloween it was an easy choice -- The character from assassin's creed 3. So I remember getting the costume from Spirit Halloween. A couple of days later was Halloween so a couple of hours after school was over I put on my outfit and went trick or treating with my brother, door to door asking for candy and saying trick or treat. Then after trick or treating me and my brother counted up our candy and ate more than we should have and then went to bed.
Isabella, Block 2 (Hoggard High School Wilmington, NC)
Write you comment here: I can always recall; The buttery popcorn mixed thoroughly with black and orange m&m’s, the assorted chocolates, my favorite being KitKats, my family's being the good old Hershey kisses, and the hot dogs perfectly seared on the grill that left a warm feeling in my stomach. My dad would challenge me to a throw off, throwing little pigs in a blanket across the room, never landing in my mouth. Food always brought us together for any occasion, but because of the sweet treats, I always looked forward to Halloween. Year 2020 Halloween was my favorite Halloween. Spent with my family, we all watched Silence of The Lambs on our now retired tan itchy couch. The blinds were drawn shut and fuzzy blankets shielded our bodies from the horrors displayed on the screen. We had an array of snacks for extra enjoyment, I don't think my dog enjoyed it so much — she couldn't have any. My parents weren’t scared having watched the movie a couple times, but this was one of the first ones that shook me. I thought I had hid it successfully but my parents continue to remind me otherwise. Ever since then Halloween doesn’t feel like Halloween. Having spent this year with my boyfriend, it was fun of course, but it was different from my young experiences. We got stuck in the rain while walking around, it was beautiful and calming.
Isabella, Block 2 (Hoggard High School Wilmington, NC)
@Isabella, Block 2 I observed the kids who were so overjoyed by the mass amounts of candy that they couldn't even feel the pitter patter of the drops, it made me wish I was that age again. It made me wish I could feel Halloween as loads of sweets and running around in my Walmart costume.
Vaani Phayal, Block 2 (Hoggard Highschool in Wilmington, NC)
@Isabella, Block 2 I love the imagery and senses you added, I can taste and smell what you're describing. When you said " Ever since then Halloween doesn't feel like Halloween." I couldn't relate more. Although Halloween is still super fun, going trick or treating is more romanticized by the kids. Makes me miss being younger.
Emma Kagan (Glenbrook North High Schol)
My favorite costume that I've worn was my second grade Cleopatra costume. I think it was my most creative idea and it was back when I actually cared about dressing up. I didn't get it from spirit halloween. We looked but they didn't have it so we just ordered it from Amazon.
Billy (Glenbrook North High School)
This time of the year is the best because of the environment. i like all of the different colored trees and trees with no leaves. i think it looks cool. i also like seeing pumpkins and jack o lanterns that are carefully carved and look good. I also love the food, the apple cider and the pumpkin spice and candy. i like the eery feeling of halloween and the adrenaline that pumps through you. Also spending time with family and freinds is the best part of it all.
Giovanny (Glenbrook North High School)
My family and I don't celebrate Halloween for several reasons. First of all it was based on a Pagan holiday called Samhain. And some traditions in halloween have old origins, giving candy was a way for the Celts to appease wicked spirits. Wear costumes so that when wicked spirits come around they will mislate them for other wicked spirits. Carved pumpkins or turnips are used to repel evil spirits and the candle represents a soul trapped in purgatory. Pumpkins are more commonly used now.
Renaissance, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Giovanny I love learning about the history of holidays, especially Halloween! Many modern holidays such as Christmas and Valentine's day were once Pagan holidays, but since then have been Christianized and watered down. Did you know that Samhain is a symbol of the earth dying and going dormant until Spring, but also of the harvest? Like many holidays around now, Samhain is also to remember those who have passed and to respect the dead. It's a wonderful time of reflection of our own mortality, and how we should value life. I hope you've had a wonderful Samhain!
Luke (Glenbrook North High School)
Halloween traditions I share with my family is we go to my aunts house every year. We trick or treat around our neighborhood and eat all of our candy. We also watch a scary movie.
Abel (Glenbrook North High School)
What is your favorite costume that you’ve ever worn? Did you buy it at a store like Spirit Halloween? Or did you, or someone else, make it? My favorite costume was when I wore a lot of random items such as swimming goggles, a visor hat, and a basketball jersey. I did not buy it at a store. I took a lot of random items and threw them on me and it turned out to be an amazing costume.
Ori Yedlin (Glenbrook North Highschool)
What was your most memorable Halloween? What makes that day stick out in your mind? The most memorable Halloween was when I went trick or treating with my friend and his sister 3 years ago. it was snowing hard. We were throwing snowballs and jumping into the white fluffy snow. we also got a good deal of candy, making the overall day a success.
jack (glenbrook north highschool)
My favorite part about this time of year is the smells of leaves and watching all the leaves fall to the ground. i always get excited when the leaves start to fall in the start of october because i know that halloween is coming and soon thanksgiving.
Nathan (Glenbrook North Highschool)
My favorite Halloween costume was the Scout Trooper. I wore it this Halloween. I bought a part of my costume on Etsy.com and made the other parts. My grandmother helped me make the ab armor for my costume.
Brandon (Glenbrook North Highschool)
What was your most memorable Halloween? What makes that day stick out in your mind? I remember this one halloween, where I dressed up as The Incredible Hulk. It was awesome! I bought it at a store like Spirit Halloween. It was so cool, it had pads for the muscles, and a cool mask. I got a lot of compliments when I wore it, and got full size candy bars at almost every house. It was great.
Andrew (Glenbrook North HIgh School)
What was your most memorable Halloween? What makes that day stick out in your mind? My most memorable halloween was in 4th grade because that was the year I got the most candy. My favorite costume I wore was Jason Voorhees. Recently I've been starting to grow out of Halloween, so I'm starting to celebrate it less and less. During this time of year I really like it when the leaves are changing colors because it always looks really nice outside. I don't know any stories passed down by my family.
Adam (Glenbrook North High school)
What about this time of year do you like best? What sights, sounds, smells, tastes or feelings stir up fond memories of the spooky season for you? The parts I like most about halloween is the weather, I like how it isnt too cold but it isnt too hot. It's just the right weather. The dead leaves that fall to the ground too also add a little bit of spooky that I like a lot.
Carmella Block 2 (Hoggard High School)
@Adam I love how describe autumn, it really paints a picture!
Chloe (Taiwan)
This year's halloween is the most impressive to me, because my friend and I painted halloween makeup for the first time, this year I dressed up as a bunny rabbits, then my friend was a carrot and then we went to the Xinyi District parade, a lot of people were there at the same time , and it was raining that day, but because the atmosphere was lively, we didn't feel it was bad, but it was a good memory.
Marshall Bindewald (Union High School/Vancouver WA)
Random charcoal shoes, blue denim jeans, green shirt overlaid by a huge cardboard box with holes in the sides and the iconic pixel-y design, and a blocky head with eye holes and brown pencil hair, it’s Minecraft Steve! During the summer and fall of 2020, I was so into cardboard art. I would crank out item after item taped onto cardboard backings: armor, tools, gems, mob drops -- if I was actually in the game, I could have survived for days off of all that I had made. When Halloween came around, the Steve head was already made, so all that needed to be done was the main body. We slapped some Velcro on it, and fastened an entire diamond chestplate on the front to round it off. I cruised the streets that night with my candy basket in one hand, diamond pickaxe in the other. That has to be my favorite costume of all time, and I’m not sure if I, or even the Halloween store that Rothman and Feinberg investigated, Spirit Halloween, could ever do it better.
A, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Marshall Bindewald I love Minecraft Steve! That costume will forever be iconic to me. I remember begging my dad to put pieces of paper on a cardboard box to make me Steve but than I decided to be a mermaid. I should have picked Steve. I enjoy the way you described your experience with your awesome costume and the creativity you put into it.
Avery. Block 4 (Hoggard High School)
What once was the holiday I looked forward to every year with candy, costumes, and friends, is now merely another night of 364 other nights. Instead of spending weeks planning my costume, trick or treating with friends, and collecting more candy than I can carry in a tie-dye pillow case, I just throw on a sparkly dress, some horns, and go to a party as dressing up and trick-or-treating do not bring me as much joy anymore. It is sad? Yes, it is sad to not care for Halloween as a teenager because some of my best memories came from October 31st. My first memory was when I was five years old, dressing up in an iridescent-white ghost costume my mom made for me. This is one of my core Halloween memories because for one, my mom spent a really long time making this costume, and two, as I do not remember much from my childhood, this night is what I think of when I try to remember parts of my childhood. Some part of me wishes I still enjoyed Halloween as much as I once did, but I also view this as a way of growing up. Even though my parents always say “Don't grow up too fast. Enjoy your childhood,” in truth, I am glad I'm growing up and moving on to more important things than candy and costumes. But on the other hand, there will always be a small fraction of my heart that ignites when I smell candy corn or see ghosts, devils, and goblins roaming the streets on October 31st.
M, Block 4 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
Spirit Halloween and I have a love-hate relationship. I was terrified of it when I was younger; I couldn't even take five steps in. The threat of a viridescent wrinkled motion-sensored witch which would laugh demonically whenever I strolled by was too strong. However, with the help of my twin sister and my mom, I was able to clear the entrance. We always had to make sure we went weeks in advance; as mentioned in the article by Vanessa Lopey, the line going in spirit Halloween can be atrocious within 7 days of the official holiday, not to mention its bare, picked over walls. Childhood halloweens all blend together for me; there's some practice, some tradition around all of them. My favorite one in particular was when me, my sisters, and our family friends-the Spissos-all crammed into two golf carts together. Our parent chaperones of each golf cart would blast their favorite songs out of a pool of 70's, 80's, and 90's horror movie classic intros, outros, theme songs. We would sing the parts we knew, let our parents sing the parts we didn't, compare candy, contemplate on whether we should start eating it or not; which pieces are to be eaten, which pieces are to be given to our dads (designated candy trash bins) and which ones are to be saved for when our supply runs out. We contemplate persuasion techniques to convince our parents to let us go to one more house; we gawk at our king sized bars. We are sound asleep within three minutes of being forced under our covers.
Avery. Block 4 (Hoggard High School)
@M, Block 4. I love how you used specific details to develop your story from the very beginning. I also liked how you talked about multiple memories you have about Halloween. The ending of your story was particularly satisfied because I can picture a bunch of little kids giggling and being tucked into the covers when you said, "We are sound asleep within three minutes of being forced under our covers." One question, does Halloween mean as much to you know as it once did?
N (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
@M, Block 4, I really liked your comment! Not only did you add humor to your writing by adding that fist paragraph about Spirit Halloween, but you also added all these tiny but significant details that made the comment more unique to you. The description you gave for the Halloween on golf carts made me feel as if I were there in your memory. Great comment!
Marissa (Atrisco Heritage Academy Highschool)
What I like about this time of year is watching all of the leaves change colors. I love how the fall breeze feels on my skin and the air just smells like fresh ice water. I love how people are starting to bring out the fall decorations and the sweaters. I love this time of year because this is when SWEATER WEATHER begins!!!!! I love this time of year because this is when my sister gets excited to dress up in her new Halloween costume and forces me to match with her. I love how no matter how ridiculous I look in an Anna costume, she is beaming with happiness in her Elsa costume.
Rumalia (Atrisco Heritage Academy)
I don’t think I have a top memorable halloween. I think all my halloweens are pretty memorable. What makes them all stick out in my mind is the family time I get to spend. We go to a party, then trick or treating, then we go home and watch scary movies. I love our traditional halloweens. Our costumes are always so cool and really thought out. I guess the family time is what I look forward to when halloween comes around.
Cailin (North Carolina)
Halloween has a very special place in my heart. I love the rush of adrenaline I get from being scared. The fall foliage is aesthetically pleasing and brings me great comfort. The smell and taste of pumpkins, chocolate, coffee, and apples stirs my appetite.
Rumalia (Atrisco Heritage Academy)
@Cailin yes I totally agree with you. This is what makes halloween so fun and exciting! I love the way you put halloween into words!
R, Block 2 (Hoggard Highschool in Wilmington, Nc)
@Cailin Im so glad someone else can relate to this! I too love the adrenaline I get from Halloween, I always try to find haunted houses when October comes around to get that rush!
Marissa (Atrisco Heritage Academy Highschool)
@Cailin I agree! Although, I am a big baby when it comes to being scared, it gives me such an adrenaline rush! I love how this time of year is just so aesthetically pleasing!
Joi Wheeler, Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Some memories of halloween that I remember was when I dressed up as a doctor. I think I was 6 or 7 at the time. We went around forest hills where all the big bars of candy were at and our bags would be filled with tons of candy. Seems like, back in the day, almost all the lights were on with people just giving us candy as long as we said those three magic words, Trick-or-Treat followed by the 2 magic words, Thank-you, (well, this is how I remember it). Even back in the day loving and caring parents were checking their children’s Halloween candy. When we would get home and it was time for us to go to bed I would hear my mom coming into my room and taking a couple pieces of my candy, but when she saw me and my brother eating it little by little she would get upset and say “You wanna get cavities?” Then whenever we would sleep, she would be the one who would wake up in the middle of the night and take all the good pieces of candy in our box. The good childhood memories.
M, Block 4 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
@Joi Wheeler, Block 2 I love how you called those words magic, inherently, that exchange magic; "Trick- or- Treat!" Candy. "Thank you!". Sweet elderlies complementing your costumes, young couples matching their costumes, adults explaining their costumes to you. There is a sort of loss to this as I'm not trick or treating this year, but I think some moments are more valuable in the safeholds of nostalgia, as you call them, "the good childhood memories."
Owen Roddy (Cambridge-Isanti High School, Minnesota)
First of all, I love the Halloween season, not just the 31st, but all of October. Everything about it is just the best. The decorations, the haunted hayrides, watching scary movies with friends, and so much more. And then to cap it all off, the day of Halloween. As a kid getting candy and running around the town was just the best time ever. Now that I'm older, I love it even more. I haven't dressed up in a few years but handing out candy and seeing the little kids having so much fun is so much better than doing it myself. Plus, you get to help yourself to the candy your parents bought for you to hand out. Overall I think that Halloween is the best holiday and I think that I like it more than Christmas.
Laura, Block 4 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
It’s all like a dream, blurry and hard to remember. I can never think of a specific memory or costume when I think of Halloween. Instead, it’s more of the feelings that I get. I start to feel the fall breeze brush through my face, refreshing my body. A warm sensation inside, causing me to feel sleepy the way I used to after a long night of trick or treating. I also have a faint smell of hot chocolate, a nervous sweaty feeling inside. All I know is that I spent every Halloween with my family for the past 14 years. This Halloween, I hope to spend it with my best friends for the 1st time.
Paige F (Cambridge-Isanti High School, Minnesota)
My favorite memory of Halloween is trick-or-treating with my mother and her friends as a kid. Growing up my mom was a bartender, so I was always meeting all sorts of colorful characters. Every year my mom and her friends would get together and take their kids trick-or-treating in the neighborhood where their work was located. We would start at the bar, around 5 or so, and say hi to people we grew up with, we would get our candy and gifts the owner personally made for each kid then leave to explore the rest of the town. Since we were some of the only kids that trick-or-treated there we got lots of candy and homemade treats! At every house, we stopped at we saw another close friend, one lady, who always watched her grandson on Halloween night, would always give us dozens of cookies! Some houses would make bags with all sorts of treats for the kids, and others would dump handfuls and handfuls of candy into our pillowcases. We stayed out late and ended the night seeing my grandparents who would shower us with candy after scaring us with the witch that terrified me with no fail every time I saw it. These memories always flood back each October and each time I find myself reminiscing about those wonderful old times.
N, Block 4 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Paige F I enjoyed reading about this memory. I think it would've been a lot of fun to go trick-or-treating with your mom and her friends. I like how you added the small detail about the woman who would give you a bag full of cookies. I relate to the final line about how you reminisce about Halloween memories every October. As soon as the month starts, I look forward to colder weather and Halloween celebrations at the end of the month.
Joshua Pierce (Atrisco Heritage Academy)
I have many memories of Halloween, and since I usually go to a church event, my best memory is serving in booths with my friends, and volunteering for the mini games. In the end, we got many pillowcases of candy and went home.
Dylan, 4th block (Hoggard High School)
Best time of the year. Whatever happens in this time of year needs to happen in the others: cool weather, leaves falling, golf season, Friday night football, and the best candy in the world that makes October and only October perfect, candy corn. The icing on the cake of October is the last day, Halloween, because of: costumes, pumpkin carving, trick or treating, scary stories, and most important of all, candy. The past 13 Halloweens have been something memorable (the first two I didn't remember, 15yr old), but the best was 2 years ago. When the first day of Spirit Halloween opened up, it was like candy corn to my eyes; anything in the store, I wanted. Making a dent in my mom's credit card, while helping expand the 10.6 billion spent in all of Spirit Halloween stores. But the most memorable thing about this Halloween was: Before we started to go around the neighborhood to go trick or treating, my two sisters and I would each bet 5 dollars on who would get the most candy and if you lost you'd have to jump in the freezing pool, then after going around the whole neighborhood, we'd count and the suspense would begin. My younger sister and I were head to head with the count, 100…101…102…103, I thought it would never end until I saw my sister's pile with one left and mine with 2. Relieved, with 10 more dollars in my pocket and watching my older sister get to jump in the pool with her humiliating loss. Not being able to end the day any better,
Ava M. (Cambridge-Isanti High School, Minnesota)
My family has several Halloween traditions. Every Halloween, we go to a family friend's house and sit around a fire for a while, eating candy corn and cookies. Then, my younger brother and I leave with some kids and parents from around the neighborhood and we all go out trick-or-treating. Because we have done this in the same town for years, we know which houses give out full-size candy bars and make sure to go to them eventually. After a few hours of intense trick-or-treating, we end up with a bag stuffed with candy and are tired and ready to go home. Once at home, no matter how late our night has gone, we always sort the candy. We dump it onto the ground, separate it into piles, and organize it all. Once sorted, the trading begins. A few years ago, I was able to con my little brother into giving me quite a bit of his good candy in exchange for a couple of suckers or Twizzlers. Now, he has become much more skilled at the art of trading and will demand an actual fair price, which I have no interest in if it means giving up some of my good candy. So now our nights usually end in a standstill in which neither of us is willing to give up any more than we have to, and our trading is complete.
Lee (Taiwan)
The most memorable Halloween was when I was 11 years old. At the Halloween event in elementary school, the teacher asked us to dress up. I didn't like this activity at first, because it was troublesome to buy costumes. At the time, there were very few costumes, and the girls were either witches, princesses, or butterfly fairies. I always go to the mall with the family to buy Halloween costumes. Sometimes I complain to my dad because I don't like that costumes. I look forward to the Halloween event to go to the parade and get candy. Only at that time can I get a lot of candy for free, so I feel very ecstatic.
MH (Hoggard High School)
@Lee When I went to Halloween parties, I also didn't like the trouble that I had to go through to pick a costume that I knew I wouldn't wear the next Halloween. I only looked forward to this day for the candies too, I mean at what time of the year can you get a bucket/ bag full of candies for free except Halloween?!
Itzel (Illinois)
There’s is always one Halloween that I can remember in detail because it’s was one of my scariest and most embarrassing moments. I was in elementary school and, like most kids, I went trick-or-treating with my cousins to a new, richer, neighborhood in hopes of getting more candy. It was chilly evening but my vampire costume helped keep me a bit warm throughout the night. What I wasn’t expecting was to get a surprise right as we began trick-or-treating -at the fifth house if I remember correctly. It all happened so fast but as the front door started to open, after ringing the doorbell, all I saw was a massive dog running towards me. No one had to tell me anything because I started running the other way immediately. All I could hear during those couple seconds was my own screams, my cousins laughing and shouting coming from the adults that were with us. I’m pretty sure I cried afterwards and kept my distance from all the front doors we approached that night but the funniest thing was probably what everyone told me after the incident. My mom actually saw everything and said the dog was an inch away from biting my costume- my wig to be precise.
L Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
Halloween is my friends and I’s favorite holiday. Each year, we reminisce on our favorite memory: October 31st, 2016. In the droopy fall afternoon, my friend and I roamed the streets dressed in a minion and banana costume. We were ecstatic over how much sweet candy we had gotten so far. Candy was all our 9 year old brains thought of at the time, and we couldn’t wait to get home and count our loot. Approaching our next house, I eagerly knocked on the door. A tiny man opened it, and happily scooped us two Twix pieces. We thanked him and walked down the stairs, looking for the next house. I walked through the yard peering ahead of me. Suddenly, I heard a twig snap next to me. I turned to look at it. There a terrifying man stood, staring at me. His face was covered with phantom white paint and deep reads highlighting his dagger eyes. His mouth was surrounded by the same red outlining his smile. He wore a flamboyant bodysuit filled with all the colors of the rainbow. I let out a piercing screech and hauled to the streets, my friend following closely behind. Once we got to the road, we took off down the street. Past houses, mailboxes, and horror filled decorations, my terror fueled my feet. Eventually, our tiny legs couldn’t carry us any longer. We stopped, looked back, and stared at the house. I could see the bright outline of the clown who had forgotten us. Hiding behind a tree, he waited for his next victim.
Beau, Block 4 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
My most memorable Halloween was last year (2021). I made a big papier-mâché pumpkin head with: an evil face, mesh eyes so you can't see in but I can see out, a smashed in part of the pumpkin surrounded by fake flies, and it was all painted in a murky orange brown color to make it look old. It was the first Halloween that I really committed and did my all with making my costume. I started working on it in late august that year, working off and on, mostly due to having to wait to get certain materials and finishing around early October. I'm also really proud of my use of recycling with this project. A lot of art these days can produce a surprising amount of waste. So I was proud that I used more than what I created. Old cardboard boxes from my grandparents, old newspapers, clear plastic packaging to make the fly wings, and a few other small details that were from reused materials. This Halloween was also the first time I didn't trick or treat in my neighborhood. I went to my friend's neighborhood, about 10 minutes from my house. There was a level of uncertainty in it because once it got dark I had no bearings for where I was since it was so unfamiliar. But in the end it all worked out and I had the time of my life trying to balance a big pumpkin on my head.
Guadalupe (Atrisco Heritage Academy)
My most memorable Halloween was when i was younger we used to go trick or treating the older cousins were in charge of taking all the younger cousins to get candy. it's most memorable to me because it was one of the only occasions the whole family would get together. it has also become a family tradition now I'm one of the older cousins taking my younger cousins to trick or treat. I hope to carry on this tradition and continue it for my children and their children, but I have my doubts now days the streets aren't safe and neither is the candy the news is filled with criminal reports, there's a large amount of shooting in the area that I live I one year for Halloween I was the mad hatter and that has by far been my favorite costume, it was full of colors and during the time I wore it, it wasn't that popular so adding see anyone else wearing the same costume.
L, Block 4 (Hoggard High School)
The cold wind brushing past my face. A sensor activated jumping spider. A fog machine. Halloween was always spent at my cousin's brick house. Walking up and down her friendly neighborhood street and running up driveways to get our sweet-sweet prize. Her neighborhood always had the best candy. Skittles, m&m's, Kit-Kat's you name it, they had it. 2017, I was a “league of their own” baseball player. Wearing their signature baby pink uniform, white knee high socks with a single red stripe and a red baseball cap sitting on top of my head; I was ready to eat my weight in sugar. Wearing the small pink uniform I remember freezing, but even in the harsh wind it didn't slow me down. I met ghosts, witches, zombies, vampires, mummies, fairies, princesses, ninjas and dinosaurs. Door to door, my neon orange bucket getting heavier each time and my feet progressively getting stiffer; we finally decided to call it a night. I was practically a popsicle when we got back to the brick house, but with a bucket filled to the brim with treats; I called it my best Halloween.
L Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@L, Block 4 I love this story because it is so relatable. I always remember my feet getting so sore after trick-or-treating, but not wanting to tell my parents because they would say, "That means it's time to go home!" I also remember always being so cold because I would never plan for the weather. I would have to cover up my costume with my parent's hoodie!
KB. Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
My most memorable Halloween would have to be when i was wolverine. All my child hood friends dressed up and my two best friends where Anakin and Luke. I was super excited because my costume was really cool. it had the long shiny claws and the blue and yellow mask to match the muscle suit. We where trick or treating around the neighborhood stocking up on candy when we decided to knock on one more house .it was super foggy and dark but had one ominous light on the candy bowl. It looked spooky and our parents told us to walk up already knowing what was about to happen. we walked up and a creepy voice from the door projected into our ears. we looked up and see a talking head on the door and it said what are you suppose to be, wolverine and me and all my friends ran.
Noah Chamberlain (Cary High School)
Your response: My experiences with halloween have been pretty much all positive. Ever since the first one I remember it’s been a pleasant experience for everyone who was included with my group. The very first costume I remember wearing was Linus from the Peanuts and I remember wearing a penguin costume last. I think halloween has been my favorite non-christmas holliday for a while just because of the vibes that the season gives and the mood that I’m usually in when halloween is near. The weather is getting colder, people are starting to wear long sleeves, and everything is just starting to feel right. Once halloween is near, it means that christmas and winter are right around the corner, and that is one of my favorite feelings ever. My family has a fire in our driveway and invites neighbors to relax and enjoy themselves as the kids in our neighborhood come trick-or-treating. Sometimes we use our projector to present the movie It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown for the kids and adults all to enjoy watching. I think the tradition of Halloween in general is a great opportunity for children to be creative with their costumes, admire their friends’ costumes, and chow down on candy. All the stories in the article look back fondly one halloween as a whole and the various traditions that people take part in during halloween. Halloween is a great holiday; it encapsulates the feeling of autumn and that’s what I love about it.
Isabella, Block 2 (Hoggard High School Wilmington, NC)
@Noah Chamberlain I love your vocabulary. Not only is Halloween a fun time to dress up and eat all the good foods seasonally provided, the autumn weather and feeling that comes along is absolutely precious to me. The cold weather that can be solved with a hug of our loved ones and warm tomato soup off the stove, the sweaters and comfy socks my mom would lend me and never fit right. When I was a child my neighbors also came around to share the Halloween joy, but the past two years we have grown up. Leaving us to go to parties instead of gather around in our yard and make smores.
Ramon C. (Union High School)
Halloween, What about this time of year do you like the best? What feelings stir up fond memories of the spooky season? Halloween feels like its one just a normal day for me, maybe it's just me growing up and losing interest in it. In spite of that, some people may disagree and are very passionate about it moreover I don't see anything wrong with it. Furthermore, this time of the year I'm very fond of how the weather is and just how beautiful it is to look outside, this is just a personal thing but how I dress as well cause sometimes its not rainy and I can just wear a nice fit with a hoodie without being super hot or being all wet from the rain. Halloween -- A time to dress up to trick or treat, what about this time of year do you like best?
Brynlee Strong (BIS)
My favorite part of fall/halloween is almost everything. I love fall more than anything. It is one of my favorite seasons. The food in all is just amazing and the candles and coldness and feeling. Last year I lived in this neighborhood that was amazon. My old best friend was my neighbor. Everyday after school and on the weekends we played in the canal and in the streets filled with leaves, frost, the fresh smell of pumpkins, and halfway through the fall season most of the time there was snow. I am in love with these memories and miss them.
Guadalupe (Atrisco Heritage Academy)
@Brynlee Strong a lot of people around me love fall,l for the change of weather and the scents like pumpkin spice and chai, but I am the complete opposite. I hate anything pumpkin and anything spice. fall has the be one of my least favorite holidays. I prefer the warmth rather than the cold. I think the only thing I like about fall is that it's sweater weather. I do love knitted sweaters and cardigans in particular. but overall my favorite season has to be spring.
Ian Bullock (Bend International School)
The most memorable Halloween for me was when I was maybe like 5, I don’t have any idea because I was young. My mom made me a cardboard surfboard and I was so happy to be a surfer for that Halloween but the part that stuck out to me was 30 seconds before we left. 30 seconds before we left I decided I wanted to be a football coach and so I went into my garage and made a costume with headphones and a black shirt. That is my most memorable Halloween because my parents talk about it a lot so I hear about it a lot. I don’t have a favorite costume that I have worn but I have done it with a lot of military people. I love those. I also really liked the one I did last year. I found a blow-up sumo wrestler in a thrift store. I liked the one because I have never done something like that before. Most of them are like military people I buy at a store like Spirit Halloween, but like I said I found the sumo wrestler at a thrift store. I have never really made my costume except when I have made a last-second decision or in the past like I said my mom made a surfboard for me. I like making my costumes because you can tweak them and make them how you want it to be.
Beau, Block 4 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Ian Bullock I relate to your line of "That is my most memorable Halloween because my parents talk about it a lot so I hear about it a lot". As of the time being I can't remember if it was our 1st or 2nd Halloween, but I do know what I wore. My twin sister and I went as a bumble bee and a ladybug for that Halloween, which both of my parents, as well as family and friends, raved about. We were dragged around in the classic radio flier red wagon and the only reason I know which wagon specifically is because we kept it for many years after. So I would say that that was my most memorable Halloween that I don't remember.
Naythan (Ladera Ranch Middle School)
I have many memories of Halloween, and since I usually go to a church event, my best memory is serving in booths with my friends, and volunteering for the mini games. In the end, we got many pillowcases of candy and went home.
Cruze slays (Bend,Oregon)
My favorite costume is probably the one I am using this year. I usually just go on amazon or some other online shopping website. I usually get a few items this year. I bought one thing. It is a blue light-up purge mask that has X eyes and a smiley face. It looks like this. I am going to use a hoodie that I got 2 years ago. It seems like it is dripping blood and it is cool. My favorite Halloween memory is when I went to my friend levis house and we went trick or treating (2019.) I got a whole pillowcase full of candy and it took me forever to eat. I gave like 20 percent of it to the school because they do that. When we returned to his house we dumped out bags and I got 4 full-sized candy bars. After we ate a ton of candy we went into his hot tub and then we went home. What I like most about this time of year is the beautiful nature because the leaves turn yellow and you can get some pretty good lock screen wallpapers.
Cooper H. (Bend International School)
My most memorable Halloween was probably two long years ago. That was back when I was still really excited about dressing up and stuff, and I was really looking forward to it. That was also the year I found the isolated house on the corner in the neighborhood below me that always has king-size. I remember, too, that that was the first year we had any responsibility and could start to go off on our own instead of shadowing our parents or having our parents shadow us. I remember that year that my mom didn’t want to go get a costume (or we couldn’t scrounge up the time to do so, I can’t remember.), so I just put on an old, worn, fake “army coat” and threw on some camouflage pants, and that was that. We went around, trick-or-treating until like 8:00 since we weren’t allowed to stay up late back then. We had a Halloween party, and I can’t remember where, but it was with the friend group we go on summer trips with often. It was probably cold, be being 10 I couldn’t feel a thing. My favorite costume has to be this year’s. It is all black, and it comes with a veil and everything, and it has some glow-stick-thingys that light up the shape of a stick figure all over my body. I look like a stick figure, especially in the dark. Every year we go trick-or-treating and also have a halloween party with our friends, and we decorate out house some. However, we don’t go all-out, and it DEFINITELY isn’t bigger than christmas for us.
Dylan, 4th block (Hoggard High School)
@Cooper H. I couldn't relate more when you said, " That was also the year I found the isolated house on the corner in the neighborhood below me that always has king-size." About 4 years ago, this house started making king sized candy and ever since then, it was my first and primary house to go trick or treating because it was like finding gold since everyone these days do little candy pieces. Man I wish I could be like you on Halloween, my mom always stays with me and my sisters because she can never get out of the moment of her kids trick or treating because we’ve done it every year with her and she won't miss a single Halloween till we go to college. I also couldn't agree with you more, Halloween will never be bigger than Christmas even if it was the best Halloween and worst Christmas (which isn't a thing).
simon (bend,or)
My most memorable halloween was when i was 8.me and my father made dressed up in duo costume.It was the blues brothers,my dad's favorite movie.it was so memorable because at school my eye had become inflamed and was very red and itchy,but i did have sunglasses on so i could cover it up.I think my favorite costume i ever wore was a ninja costume,A bad one at that but i loved that costume and my mom had even bought these two glow swords with LEDS in them.I bought the costume and the sowrds.One of my family's traditions is that on every holiday we watch the charlie brown special of that holiday,like charlie brown's christmas or charlie browns halloween.I think my favorite time of these year is halloween night because you can hang out with your friends and eat candy.
Rayna Rhodes (BIS Bend OR)
What Halloween traditions do you share with your family or friends? Do you look forward to coming up with a costume, watching scary movies or carving pumpkins every october? Some traditions my family and I have are going to the pumpkin patch for a day, carving pumpkins, obviously trick or treating and watching scary movies. When me and my FRIENDS hang out we watch scary movies, make pillow forts, walk around the neighborhoods in our costumes and trick or treat together. I always love doing those things so when October hits, my friends and family immediately start planning things to do. What was the most memorable Halloween for you? What makes that day stick out in your mind? I remember a few years ago i was trick or treating with some friends and we went to this house with crazy decorations and a dj in the front yard, So we went up to the house and were about to finish walking through the driveway when this HUGE spider can running at us and we all screamed and fell to the ground. It was a remote control and the guy operating it was laughing and kept doing it to other people. I remember it being really funny so I think that was my most memorable Halloween.
J,Block3 (Hoggard High School)
My best memory of Halloween is from my 7th grade year me and my two cousins went out trick or treating to the neighborhood next to ours due to everybody that would have candy there we knew they'd have the best and plenty of it. So we start the night trick or treating door to door and we come up with enough candy to fill the bottom of our pillow sack when we get the idea of “how about we fill this whole sack by the end of the night” and that's where the candy heist spree started. we came up to the first house and we saw they had a bowl out and so two of us runs up to the bowl I hold the pillow sack and my cousin dumps the candy with the other as lookout and that's basically it we went to every house we could that had candy and took all we could. We accomplished our goal of filling up our bag and went home to distribute it between ourselves making jokes and fighting over who got the most candy in the end though we all 3 went home with Walmart bags filled with candy. This by far has been the best Halloween I've had since just a few months later one of my cousins moved out the neighborhood and our trio was just a duo now and in those same days COVID hit ending my 7th grade year shortly which is why I cherish this Halloween so much.
Bodhi Counsellor (Bend international School)
My most memorable Halloween was about 5 years ago when I went trick or treating with my naber. It was my favorite Halloween because I normally don't go with other people normally just my sister. My favorite costume I have ever worn is probably this year's costume because I have a 35-dollar sword that I got to go with it. The costume is from an anime that I watch called Demon Slayer. One Halloween tradition my family has is carving pumpkins but we don't carve them like normal pumpkins cutting all the way thru instead we scrape off the skin of the pumpkin so that light shines thru only that spot and it allows us to make much more detailed designs.
Margeux (BiS)
My favorite halloween costume i've had has to be a mummy or a masquerade person. Me and my dad made both of them. I also love carving pumpkins. It takes a lot of thought to think of what I'll carve though. A few traditions we have is watching the halloween movie “The nightmare before christmas” and one we recently came up with is making sugar cookies and decorating them with family and friends. When I think of October I think of pumpkins, Hot apple cider, Pies, the crunch of leaves under my feet, curling up in a warm blanket with my dogs and reading a good book And the smell of the good food cooking down stairs. For me halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I don't remember what year it was but it was my favorite halloween with a bunch of friends. All the houses in their neighborhood were decorated a lot. It was fun.
Elisse (bend international school)
Some Halloween traditions I have with my family are we decorate for Halloween while losing to Halloween music, we have a big bonfire and inviting friends and family also having a Halloween party on Halloween, and having food, drinks, and trick or treating of course. I look forward to the fall months all year. It is my favorite. I love carving pumpkins, dressing up, watching scary movies with my friends, and practically everything about fall/October. My most memorable Halloween was probably last year I had friends over we roasted marshmallows, when we were trick or treating we went to a house that kind of set back from the other houses and when the guy opened the door he said that we were the first trick or treaters in 50 years but by the end of the night we had enough candy to fill two twister-bordes!
Isa Cash (BIS)
I love all Halloweens, I don't think I have had a favorite. They all are amazing and so fun. I usually go trick-or-treating with my best friends ever. This year me and my two other best friends are gonna all be spiderman. My favorite costume i've ever worn was probably my hawk costume from cobra kai, me and my mom made it together and it was so fun to wear and I got a lot of compliments. We usually dont go to spirit halloween because its really expensive considering you can go to goodwill get a costume that was worn once from spirit for a fraction of the price. Halloween isn’t a super big tradition for our family, we usually dont think of it till the week of Halloween but when it comes around we get super excited. Every year on the day of Halloween we go to my best friend olis house and have a party there for the parents and the kids trick or treat together. And we do it till late usually to e start around sunset and go till like 10 or so, my goal amount of candy is 20 pounds so I can make 60$ selling it to the candy drive. I think thats a doable goal considering last year I got 17 pounds and
Eden Langsford (Bend International School, Bend OR)
To be honest, I don’t really remember a lot of the halloween days in my life, but I remember a few. One of them I don’t remember the costume, but I'm pretty sure I was wearing a purge mask or I was a cat. That Halloween night, after everyone finished trick or treating, we went out late and got a lot of candy, maybe even the rest of it, from people who were still awake & giving out candy. I remember going home with a pillowcase FULL of candy. To be honest, all of my costumes haven’t been all that great over the years. I am still waiting to wear the best costume I’ve ever worn. Every halloween I just look forward to trick or treating with my friends and messing around. This time of year is my FAVORITE time of year. I love the fallen leaves, colorful trees, rain and light snow, the smell of autumn scented candles, pumpkin spice lattes and hot chai tea, and seeing all the halloween decorated houses. Not many things remind me of halloween all year round, but halloween movies and certain types of music do.
J. Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington NC)
@Eden Langsford I love your story! First off, I love how you made your story really easy to read by the way you separated the paragraphs. Second off, I love how you not only incorporated times on Halloween, but also the time of year; different fall colors, scents, smells, foods and drinks. I don't remember many of my Halloween days either, but I wish I did. Great job!
Joelle (Bend OR)
I think that my most memorable Halloween was when I went with my parents as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. We kept daring each other to go up to this one house with scary witch automation that screamed and jumped at you when I got close to the door. My favorite part of that year was when I could reach into a treat bag or a trick bag, and I ended up getting a packet of ramen from the trick bag. I think my favorite costume that I ever wore was a costume of a “sparkly penguin” that my mom made for my sister and me when I was maybe 4 or 5. There was a dress made of sparkly fabric and a hood with an orange beak. We still have them today, which brings back so many memories. (My mom let me wear her lip gloss that year for the first time and I felt so grown up.) During Halloween, my family has some funny traditions, like forgetting to buy pumpkins until a couple of days before Halloween, or putting out a bowl of only Starbursts on our porch, even though nobody trick or treats on our street. We also tend to make, thrift, or order out costumes online, since the Spirit Halloween store tends to be a little too intense and scary for my highly sensitive sister. I look forward to Halloween all year since the cool nights and cold winds are perfect for a spooky atmosphere. I love seeing all the creative costumes people have, and smelling the inside of my bag of candy. It’s a little weird but it smells really good.
Vincent (Bend International School)
When Halloween comes around I enjoy the coming of the cold and the fresh air that comes with it. My family likes Halloween and participates in it but we aren’t like crazy about it. I don’t like walking around with my school friends and I feel when I do, they kind of go crazy and try things that are most likely going to get them in trouble. I think that I don’t need to go do these things and I can hang out with my family or do something that I enjoy instead. I think that I enjoy Thanks Giving more because it is hanging around with family and people that I don’t see very often.
tino (Bend OR)
My most memorable Halloween is one that I don't actually remember. Apparently I dressed up as a fairy and I was wearing a purple tutu/dress thing and I had a wand. My sister dressed up in a lion onesie and we went trick or treating. My favorite halloween costume ever was when i think i was either five or six. I dressed up as Toad from the super mario bros series and it was a costume my mom made. It was a stereotypical chef's hat with big red polka dots sewn onto it and I had a blue and gold vest thing. Another costume I loved was when I dressed up as Luigi from mario bros and had a glue on moustache the size of my face. We don’t really have any halloween traditions anymore, where i used to live we would go over to a friends house and have a big party with about 15 people and eat burritos, and then we would go trick or treating. The smell that reminds me of halloween most is meatloaf, i know it might sound weird, but one year me and my family went trick or treating and found this house with the most awesome decorations. They had a fog machine, electronic, motion sensing skeletons that would move and make noise when you passed them and they had a bubbling cauldron that, for some reason, smelled like meatloaf.
August (BIS Bend,OR)
On halloween my family celebrates big time. Me and my sister will either make or buy a costume and then trick or treat on halloween. My most memorable halloween was definitely durling covid. We had our learning pod over and we made a huge haunted house in our barn and threw a huge party. My favorite thing about this time of year is the cool temperature and the holiday vibe. We are always with family and celebrating and ski season is just around the corner. Sometimes we decorate the inside of our house and we always watch the charlie browns halloween movie. My favorite costume was probably when I was five I dressed up as a pumpkin on halloween.
Zizrael (Atrisco Heritage Academy High School)
@August I agree with what you said about Halloween. I feel the same way. It sounds like you had lots of fun and that you really enjoy Halloween.
Riley Steinman (Bend International school)
It was the night of the 31st, October 2015; children screaming, vampires drinking, ghosts haunting… Let's just say it was scary! It was 8pm, I was walking up Hawkin's, (the street our house was on in Eugene) with my brother, and 2 of our best friends. It was like my life flashed before my eyes, two kids I would say were teenagers came up and pantsed me, yeah, you heard me. They pantsed me. Thankfully I was wearing underwear, but man that was probably one of the scariest halloween's of my life. But honestly at the end of the day it was funny, plus that night I got the most candy of my life. Halloween is definitely up there for one of my favorite holidays, (I mean who doesn't want pounds and pounds of candy)! But man, when you eat a pound of candy in one night, let me just say it does not make you feel good. Why Halloween is so fun to me is the vibes that come with it. First of all the season is one of my favorites, fall. Because sometimes it snows, then other days it's really sunny, but everyday leaves are falling. But also whenever I think of Halloween, I think of a Pumpkin spice chai tea, mmmmm…. Hocus-Pocus, is hands down one of my most favorite movies ever! It already is my favorite Halloween movie! Another great one is Hubie Halloween.
David M. (Sherman E. Burroughs HS)
My most memorable Halloween is when I was ten (my sister was 12) and we were out all night trick-or-treating. But this year is already shaping up to be great with competitions being super competitive. My favorite costume is probably this year where I will be an old lady who is secretly a witch. But before this, my favorite is probably when I was a greaser with my sister in 3rd grade. I don't really have any Halloween traditions with friends as I was a bit of a recluse in previous years. I love the atmosphere of Halloween. I was never a fan of pumpkin spice, but it's the season for just hanging out and I'm all it.
Princess Monsalud (Hesperia)
My most memorable Halloween was my first experience when I was 5. We had just moved to the United States and our neighbors were really nice. I got to see so many other children in their costumes, I was an angel in my pjs. What stuck out in my brains was the candy, because I had a huge sweet tooth and loved sugar, but my parents didn't let me eat them all at once. My favorite costume is the duck costume that I wore last year. I bought form Amazon.I like to go trick or treating and visiting haunted houses. I look forward to the candy(still) because candy is so delicious.
Lexi (Somewhere over the rainbow)
Most of the Memories I have for Halloween are great memories. yes, some are bad but it doesn't hinder my love of the holiday. During Halloween, I get to dress up as whatever I want to be, and get to hang out with friends on Halloween. I also love scary movies and would recommend watching Black Christmas cause it is a great scary movie to watch.
Julyssa Comet (Hanover Horton High School)
The best costume that I have ever worn is going to be the Chucky one I’m doing this year. One of my friends that I work with is going to paint my face as Chucky. We also have to go to the store and get blue overalls and other clothing that Chucky wears. My favorite “spooky” tradition would have to be ding dong ditching and going to parties. The scariest movies that I have watched would have to be the Jeepers Creepers series. My older sister forced me to watch all of them in a row and we started them at 10 pm the day before Halloween. I wasn’t able to sleep for three days straight because of how traumatized it made me. Keep in mind, I was only 10 at the time. I have not been able to watch those movies since then.
Blythe Shroyer (North Carolina)
October senses Leafs falling in a spiral down Painting streets with orange and brown Festive music plays around Carried out by the gentle breeze Brisk cold wind refreshing against the skin Notes of pumpkin spice Enough to fill the sky Pumpkin pie, candy corn Small round pumpkins bright red orange Mummy cookies, Dracula's juice Wrapper corpses all over the room Feelings stir like witches brew As soft as caramel covered apples Warm and comforting Glance around as you see excitement For Halloween frightment.
Emily Mae Comet (HHHS)
My favorite memories of Halloween were dressing in family costumes. Two months before Halloween we would decide what we wanted to be as a family then my mom and I would go out and pick the fabric. For two months we would spend time together sewing everyone's costumes. My favorite costumes we made were the frozen costumes and Winstone costumes. The frozen costumes were very intricate and turned out beautiful. I will forever love the Flinstone costumes because that was my favorite cartoon growing up.
Summer Comet (HHHS)
Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. It was always hard for me to sit still at the dinner table. I was almost certain that if I didn’t get out there right away, all the candy would be gone before I did. When I was 12, you could walk for hours unattended by your parents. Almost every house was decorated and people answered their doors offering bowl after bowl of candy. We carried pillowcases to hold our loot and by the time we came home, they were almost entirely full.
Laura, Block 4 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Summer Comet The way you described that impatient feeling of going trick or treating was amazing, I would always feel the same way.
Sam A. (US)
Some Halloween traditions I share with some of my friends are as follows: 1. We always carve pumpkins with our families 2. We always watch Hocus Pocus at least 3 times in the span of October. 3. On Halloween night, we'll go out trick or treating with our families till the sun goes down, then we split up and go with our friends. I do look forward to halloween as i'll be able to avoid homework and have an excuse to spend more time with my friends. Also, I have a massive sugar tooth, so I also look forward to the candy.
Mayson Comet (HHHS)
I don’t have a lot of Halloween traditions, but I do have a couple that I and my friends have. One of the traditions is when we get a decent size group and we go trick or treating throughout multiple neighborhoods. Another one of the traditions that I have with my family is that we always carve pumpkins in the backyard, which I am looking forward to doing. In previous years we have had a big bonfire because when we clean up the yard there's a lot of leaves. I do look forward to Halloween mostly because of the candy, but also because of the scenery. All the leaves are changing and it's super pretty.
G Block 2 (Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC)
@Mayson Comet I can relate to your comment a lot, my family does that every year too and it seems like all I remember every halloween I've ever had we all carve pumpkins in the back yard, doesnt matter what it is, it's always fun.
Logan Comet (Hanover Horton high school)
My favorite Halloween was the year I didn’t go trick or treating. I love dressing up and stuff and when I was younger I couldn’t wait until it was dark enough for trick or treating but one year I didn’t go and I loved it. My sister went to one of her friends' houses and stayed the night so me and my dad just went to our favorite restaurant and ate there. It was cool, it was all spooky and there were people with some cool costumes and it was different from every other year so that’s why it is my favorite.
Addie Geber (California)
My favorite part of Halloween is watching scary movies and going trick-or-treating with my friends and family. One Halloween that sticks out the most for me would be when I was in 6th grade. It was the first Halloween when my parents allowed me to go trick-or-treating for the first time alone with a friend. At the time, the town I lived in was relatively small, so everyone knew each other; my friend's older sister was going with us, so my parents allowed me to go trick-or-treating without an adult. I remember my friend and I stayed at her house to watch a scary movie and then went trick-or-treating for hours, filling our pillowcases to the brim. I had a lot of fun that year and it will be a memory I will never forget.
Preston Gross (California)
There are multiple things that I like about this time of year. For one, there is football every October. As well as football, there are usually a lot of treats like candy or baked goods this time of year. Finally, it is getting cooler. For how hot it gets here, that is always a relief.
Steven Comet (Hanover Horton Hs)
My most memorable Halloween memory was when I was a freshman in high school and my friends and I decided this would be our last night where we actually would trick or treat. We all had 3 different costumes and we would change into each costume to get double the amount of candy. We each had 3 pillowcases full of candy that lasted us months. Then we just wandered around and found some train tracks that ended up having an abandoned train cart still on the tracks that we climbed up on and just watched the sky until our parents told us to come home.
Austin Comet (Hanover Horton HS)
I don't really have a memorable Halloween to say but I also don't remember a whole lot from the other years around Halloween time because foot season just ended so i was having lots of headaches during that time so i didn't remember anything. We also go trick or treating on Halloween, then we go home; we also go home and go through all our candy. I like the little chill that starts to come over us, but I definitely like all the scary movies.
Reyna Comets (Hanover-Horton HS)
Halloween always excites me. Every year my aunt and uncle used to throw a halloween party. All of my family comes over and the food is always amazing and my aunt goes all out. We had our cousins over and we would always go trick or treating together. After getting back home, my cousins and I would always dump our candy on the floor and trade our candy. We don’t do that anymore because we are holders and now my aunt has a toddler and a newborn, and I still miss it to this day.
vin (Sherma E Burroughs High School)
Best costumes are the ones you can edit. One of my favorite memories of Halloween is one of a witch costume where I have edited it by adding gears and other pieces to the costume to make it my own and special. I dont have a favorite scary movie but I do enjoy the Saw series. I recommend watching the human centipede. My favorite memories are usually doing Halloween to spend time with my friends outside, and collecting candy
Jayani Croos (Ridgecrest, CA)
My favorite and most memorable costume from the Spirit Halloween was the costume I had in the fifth grade. I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and my mom had bought me this blue plaid dress from the Spirit Halloween and shiny red slippers from Walmart. I remember I woke up extra early on Halloween day so that my Mom could do Dorothy braids for me before I went to school since there'd be a Halloween parade of all the costumes the students had on. The Spirit Halloween store is still so unique and special to me to this day because it always made me feel this reassurance every year around Halloween that I would get to feel new and unique with a new costume.
Nick (Ridgecrest CA)
My favorite Halloween memory has to be trick or treating as a kid. Halloween is the one holiday you can dress up and pretend to be something else. Dressing up in a fun or scary costume was the highlight of Halloween. I loved spending time with my parents and with my friend, while getting to dress up.
Luke Comet (HHHS)
My favorite Halloween memory was in middle school 7th grade I dressed up in a lab coat covered in blood but it was real deer blood because my dad worked at a meat shop and I just rubbed the coat all over the deer in the freezer and then came to school with a mask and that bloody coat with muck boots it was a cool costume.
Mariah Comet (Hanover-Horton High School)
The best moments I have from Halloween are the little get-together we would have in our garage. Our culdesac kids and parents would join us in our garage for a movie and a heater. After trick or treating, we would all gather to stay warm and sort our candy. We did this every year and I always looked forward to it.
Audrey Comet (Hanover Horton Schools)
I haven’t really done things for Halloween but trick or treating and I hate walking and the freezing cold so it wasn’t that fun. I had fun last year trick-or-treating with my little siblings because where we went there were a lot of places that had full-sized candy bars.
Emily Workman (California)
Every year on the first of October, my family and I take out all of the costumes from previous years and they bring down the Monster High dolls I used to play with as a kid. We carve pumpkins every year and usually, I love the feeling of Halloween and the lead-up to it more than the holiday itself.
Joshua Pierce (Atrisco Heritage Academy)
@Emily Workman My most memorable Halloween is when I was ten (my sister was 12) and we were out all night trick-or-treating. But this year is already shaping up to be great with competitions being super competitive. I don't really have any Halloween traditions with friends as I was a bit of a recluse in previous years. I love the atmosphere of Halloween. I was never a fan of pumpkin spice, but it's the season for just hanging out and I'm all it.
Nathan Comet (Hanover Horton schools)
My Halloween traditions are going out and sitting in a tree. It used to be going out to my old house to trick or treat. Now it's my cousin coming out to my house to sit and hunt. It's fun to just sit and hang out with family and we try to find something to do very late but normally it's us sitting in the tree.
Tristan Comet (Hanover Horton High school)
Halloween is my favorite holiday the thrill it gives you from watching horror movies. That is the best thing when it comes to Halloween yea trick or treating was fun when you were younger but now it comes to doing scary things. Because with being older you like the thrill of scarring someone going to a haunted house. Now that I am older I watch scary movies with my aunt and we watch this huge marathon of scary movies that lasts for 24 hours. My favorite scary movies are either Micheal Myers or Scream because it's during Halloween time but if it's just a scary movie then anything that has to do with demotic encounters like passion.
Xiomara (California)
My favorite Halloween costume was Mario and Luigi. Me and my friend planned out our costumes a month before. We bought onesies from amazon but made custom hats and bought cute shoes that matched our outfits. I still remember how good our costume was and we, later on, went trick or treating together.
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