Word of the Day: deprecate

Oct 27, 2022 · 46 comments
Naseem (hyderabad)
The bench deprecated the bail plea of accused for having sufficient cogent evidence against him.
John Cena (Lithuania)
The answer is never violence; instead, the answer is toxic deprecation of anyone you dislike.
Leané (Utah)
My mom was deprecated when my brother yelled at her.
Rohit Singh (Cleveland, Ohio)
I was deprecated when Roman Bustos curled my deadlift max.
Andrew (Utah)
The teacher deprecated the students for being disrespectful and talking in class.
Owen (UT)
My mom deprecated me for misbehaving.
Roman (UT)
I am very deprecate of Russia starting a war with Ukraine.
Micah (Salt Lake City)
After the kid got in trouble for fighting during the school day, the teacher deprecated him.
Carolyn (Utah)
She overheard mean comments and began to self-deprecate.
Tony (UT)
All students in Spanish 3H class deprecate the teacher's assigned homework to read a 300 pages book in Spanish.
Christina Wapner :) (Sandy, Ut)
The boy deprecated his friend after he made a rude joke.
priya (usa)
My friend was sad when he felt deprecated in class.
Chadicus (Bikini Bottom)
I hope that I don't show off my self-deprecating comedy style too much. I don't like to hold back.
Boone Stauffer (University of Toronto, Canada)
He deprecated the existence surrounding my thoughts of nervousness and turmoil.
Boone Stauffer (University of Toronto, Canada)
He deprecated my thoughts of hope and opportunity with insults fueled by anguish and jealousy.
Grant Carroll (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
I felt less secure about myself after making a self-deprecating joke.
Landon (ny)
my mom was deprecate when i said i was a patriots fan
Matthew (New York)
He deprecated his feelings about the subject.
Brynn (NY)
He made a depracated joke about himself
Jackson (NY)
The woman would deprecate herself after a stranger embarrassed her.
Grace (NY)
My mom deprecates my brother when he sneaks on the electronics.
isabella (usa)
i have self depricating humor
Stephanie (NY)
I was so confused watching the news last night, my parents were deprecating the guilty person for his actions.
Hannah (New York)
Many kids will deprecate vegetables.
Daniel (NY)
The teacher in the classroom was deprecating the student for not doing his homework.
Bella (New York)
I was deprecated after I made the minor mistake of thinking three plus nine was eleven.
Matthew (U.S)
Many people on twitter are pretty deprecate.
Charles (New York)
The man made a deprecated joke about himself.
Gina (New York)
Many adults deprecate the amount of time spent on electronics by teenagers.
Olivia (New York)
Deprecating yourself can often cause more doubt and uncertainty.
Brayden (New York)
My friend had very self deprecating humor.
Cara (New York)
I deprecate sushi.
Ava (New York)
Hannah went to therapy because she was very self deprecating and it was hurting her self esteem.
Anthony (New York)
The bullies continued to deprecate the boy.
Leah (New York)
The boss deprecates her employees.
Chloe (United States)
Every morning, Vera's little brother finds a way to deprecate her outfit, whether by saying it's too tight, too loose, or an ugly color.
An (Japan)
Stereotypes are deprecating because they label certain things or ideas on an individual and only see them for that. An example of this prerogative point of view is the stereotypes of Asians or Black people. While Asians tend to have positive stereotypes like being smart. Black people tend to have negative ones such as being in a gang or always causing trouble. Although both claims are completely different that does not dismiss the fact they are still stereotypes.
Colin (USA)
I don't know how but some people deprecate vegetables.
Lila (New York)
The police deprecate the drunk driver from driving home.
Sam (United States)
He deprecated his dog for eating his things.
Tabitha L. (USA)
The woman who ran the water facility deprecates her workers.
Caleb (New York)
His office issued an apology after he made some deprecating remarks about her opponent.
Sadie Burr (United States)
The royal family deprecated commoners, any one person who was not of or near the same status as them was immediately cast out of their kingdom.
Sydney (New York)
My friend was deprecated when the results to the election were put out. She wasn’t happy.
Schmidt (Hamburg, Germany)
As halloween grows ever closer, I grow increasingly excited to trick or treat on one of my favorite holidays. However, there are lots of people who don’t celebrate this superior spooky day. They might just have other plans, but it is known that many christians deprecate halloween because they believe it’s a pagan holiday where evil is celebrated.
Jamie Swan (Seychelles, Africa)
If poor behaviors are not punished accordingly, this will deprecate the true reason it is wrong and make it become a habit.
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