Man Who Dragged Officer Into Jan. 6 Mob Is Sentenced to 90 Months

Oct 27, 2022 · 388 comments
George Price (Morrisville PA)
Trump has empowered all the crazies and the courts are too intimidated to punish them appropriately. The damage Trump and to GOP are doing to our country is horrendous. Attempting to kill a police officer should have at least a 20-year sentence.
KatPDX (Oregon)
Not long enough. Not long enough. 7 1/2 years for attempted murder? Sends the wrong message. This was calculated to cost the man his life, attempted murder. Makes me wonder about Judge Jackson's politics.
Sara (PA)
I really admire Mr. Fanone's standing up for himself and insisting the insurrectionists get their due. The punishment never seems like enough, but his assertiveness likely resulted in as much as there was. Rotting forever behind bars is barely enough.
Steve Hunter (seattle,wa)
This was attempted murder and these two men should have been charged accordingly. Their sentences are far too light.
Will (Out West)
"Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years..."
David G (Monroe NY)
The U.S. has always had political divides, but ever since Trump, we’ve had a meltdown that I’ve never seen before. I was born during the Eisenhower years. You can trace all of the violence and hate to Trump.
William Harris (West Coast)
is that really justice for attempted murder of a law enforcement officer? conservative courts. you simply cannot trust them to ever do the right thing.
a smidge of salt (Oakland CA)
I suppose this qualifies as some kind of consequence, but it falls so far short of what I had expected that it, too, feels like an assault. When I think of the motive and the horrific experience of the police officer in this case - and of the continued lunacy of election theft claims - I remain deeply disappointed in my country. I can no longer say that America is a place where democracy works, and I'm just so sorry that Officer Fanone was literally dragged into the rage that erupted on Jan. 6 as part of a broader effort to undermine our system of government.
Howard Herman (Skokie, Illinois)
Mr. Head should have received a much longer sentence, even more than 96 months. Mr. Head knew exactly what he was doing and what he set out to do, to assist in the taking down of the United States government. And he would not care who was harmed in any way in doing so. The January 6 attack was only the opening salvo for many people in America, many are still actively working to take down our government. Every individual charged and prosecuted for taking part in these vile, criminal actions must face justice and pay the stiffest and hardest price. Because if not, it will only embolden those still choosing this path to work even harder.
Sarah (Ann Arbor)
Why not attempted murder?
A stunning example of the ugly atmosphere Trump has unleased on the country since his feelings were by losing the 2020 election. Acting like a spoiled toddler with a machine gun Trump has unleashed his vile nature on our country a carnival barker malignant narcissist who has Woodward concluded was the wrong man for the job even more so in 2024.
jd (NYC)
Now if the head organizer and lead agitator Trump would be put behind bars for his involvement.
Jim K (Upstate NY)
I predict that Mr. Head and all those convicted of Jan 6 crimes will be pardoned if the insurrectionist ex-POTUS is reelected POTUS in 2024.
willw (CT)
@Jim K I can see them being pardoned by a DeSantis, as well.
Brian (PA)
@Jim K I agree, and I would go so far as to say any Republican POTUS elected in 2024 would do the same.
Kim (Illinois)
@Jim K I agree that 45 would pardon. Please note that 45's crimes go beyond insurrection and are best characterized as treason.
Mitchell Baker (Massachusetts)
It is a travesty, IMO, that 7 1/2 years is the longest sentence thus far. It should be among the shortest.
Gary (New Mexico)
If Trump’s elected in 2024, he has floated the idea of pardoning all the insurrectionists. So this violent criminal must be harboring hopes he’ll be set free in just over two years. All the more reason Trump must be arrested, indicted, prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned. His crimes are just as patent and, in their reach, far worse.
annex (west)
This is wonderful news, restores my faith in the justice system. This man deserved the sentence for his actions.
M-in-Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)
@annex While it's great that justice is served in this case, this is still a low-level nobody. The real criminals behind 1/6 have yet to be brought to justice, and likely never will be.
Ron (Texas)
The wealthy donors who actually financed the Jan.6th riots should also be charged for assault on the Capitol.
Concerned citizen (Midwest, USA)
People convicted of possession of marijuana have received longer sentences. This person committed attempted murder and is a home grown terrorists. Hope karma finds him while he’s in prison.
Paul R. (Oklahoma)
Perhaps I missed it but I saw no mention of this on the Fox News site this morning. Fox is complicit in January 6th.
Retired Law Enforcement (NYC)
Assault on a Police Officer should always be considered an attack on society as well as the individual officer. It is nice to see that this individual was held accountable for his assault, and the vocal support for this conviction and sentence. I am troubled that this support, by many of those commenting here, would be completely the opposite if it were not directly related to this incident. Unfortunately, many members of the public and woke prosecutor offices simply excuse the everyday incidents of assaults on our police that should be treated with just as much seriousness as this one. Being assaulted is not something police or other first responders have taken an oath to allow or forgive. It is a crime against the officer and against society as a whole and should be treated with all seriousness. You should not pick and choose if and when it is OK to assault the police, it is never acceptable. Period.
Solar (California)
It was reported in the LA Times that Head has had been convicted of 45 felonies prior to his assault on Officer Fanone on January 6. His lawyer said that Head became “entangled” with Fanone. As if Fanone wasn’t attacked. The judge wasn’t having it. His lawyer then said his client was brainwashed by Trump and “the media”. What a defense. It was obvious that Head still believes the election was stolen. Seven years is a light sentence.
Steve (Michigan)
@Solar Actually, there is some truth to the claim that Trump brainwashed people; he brainwashed millions of Americans into believing that he (alone) would bring back coal mining jobs, that he (alone) would bring back factory jobs, that immigrants are causing the loss of jobs, that we do not need to cooperate with other countries to combat climate change, that he won the last election by a "sacred landslide" (whatever that means), etc. Of course, that's not a defense to a criminal act.
Tamy (South Carolina)
I can only think there is something wrong with our laws that we did not confiscate more money and possessions from all who caused the 50 million dollars in damage. Why should the taxpayer pay this? Let Trump and those in power during the insurrection and those who caused the damage help pay.
Bobby (Dallas)
I have watched over the years as individuals charged with a similar crime in Texas, a few other states, receive a sentence of 10 - 20 years for this crime. Or more often, they are dead. I will never accept that there was not collusion, participation by members of congress, their staff, aides, etc, in the execution of J6 insurrection. I still cannot fathom how the U.S. Govt just let this happen. No one has answered this question, no one to my knowledge even asked how this could happen. We all know the answer to that but we would rather just get our emotional hit of anger and hate from media than pursue the truth. Something American citizens no longer seem to able to do. The DOJ is extremely soft on these people, our AG is not doing his job by holding on to ancient policies that protect the ruling class, the rich, the connected. All the while we the people get nothing but misery from them .
Gus (Santa Barbara)
7.5 years for attempted murder on a police officer? Should have been at least 20 years.
EV (missouri)
The sentence was not long enough.
Biff (Santa Fe)
A verdict that supports the boys in blue. What's that, Republicans objecting? Guess we know how much they really support law enforcement.
Sherah (Tx)
This “man” and I use that word loosely, did not get enough time in jail. 7 years is not enough. Personally, I think they should put him in jail and throw away the key.
Slocum Doc (Akron)
290 months would seem more appropriate than the 90 months Head got. He should consider himself lucky.
James Dougherty (NY)
What a disgracefully light sentence. In NYC if you grabbed a cop by the neck and were lucky enough not to be executed on the spot you’d be looking at a nice 15 years of vacation in a state run facility. Add all the other stuff, insurrection, mob assault, etc and this should be a life sentence.
Victorious Yankee (The Superior North)
Never forget, Fanone voted for trump. Just sayin'.
Wanda Pena (San Antonio TX)
Who Fanone voted for has nothing to do with Head’s disgraceful behavior. I wish Fanone had not voted for Trump. I also wish he had not been hurt and was still working in law enforcement as he wanted.
Billy Walker (Boca Raton, FL)
As the defenders of democracy the Capitol police deserve better - Dragging an officer into a crowd of this nature is basically an attempt to have a murder take place - Mr. Head and his buddies deserve to be put in prison for life.
Grabski (Morris County, NJ)
So why didnt Fanone and his colleagues use their guns?
Wanda Pena (San Antonio TX)
Two of the best and most important decisions of J6 were by the Congressional aides to take the box of Electoral votes with them as they fled the floor of the Senate; and of the Capitol Police not to draw their weapons to avoid an even bigger loss of life they could see would be unleashed by the armed rioters in the crowd, in the trees, on the roofs, on the perimeters, etc. Those 2 actions helped save lives and our democracy.
Damolo (KY)
Good to see this criminal prosecuted and jailed. But so much for the GOP standing for the working class. Its dear leader TFG lies and foments said working class into attacking the capital and beating the police, then sits back and continues to lie and foment while the working class pays the piper.
RH (Arlington, Va.)
A sad detail that I saw in another article about this sentencing was that, unlike many other Jan. 6 defendants, this defendant "declined an offer not speak" at his sentencing. No admission, no remorse, no regret, nothing. Instead, Head "stared straight ahead and rigidly shook his head." Also, as he was being led out, he turned and "grimaced" at his fiancée, according to the Washington Post.
Futureman EIU '79 (Chicago)
@RH He will be doing a lot more grimacing in the near future.
Eraven (NJ)
The only reason Mr Heed is getting away with a short sentence is because Mr Fenone did not die but he could have died. There was an intent to kill. That intent to kill should deserve a much larger sentence.
Gary Cohe (Great Neck NY)
Insurrection and only 7.5 years is a gift.
SMS45 (Coral Springs)
Any public official who has characterized the Jan. 6 insurrection as a peaceful demonstration should keep Mr. Head company for the duration of his sentence. We could call the incarceration an all expenses paid getaway.
J.R. (Virginia)
I knew immediately from the sentence that it was not handed down by Trump's lackey "Judge" McFadden. Thank you, Judge Berman, for showing how a real Judge acts.
Ann Donahue (Los Angeles, CA)
@J.R. Agree. Judge Berman is brave, frank and fearless. At every sentencing, she states the truth about these insurrectionists, that theyre cowardly, murderous and the opposite of good American citizens. She reminds the world at every sentencing that these trump puppets tried to crush our precious democracy. Grateful for her and her patriotism.
mjbarr (Burdett, NY)
Sadly the man behind all of this probably never be held accountable.
Roger (Pa)
Assuming Head's a rational person, he'll have ample time to think. I hope he feels the price exacted on his freedom was worth his fealty to Donald Trump. Someone should ask him about that. His response might help others think more clearly about being hoodwinked and used by a self-consumed rabble rousing demagogue trying to enrich himself with other's power and money.
Wendy (NYC)
Mr. Head’s attack on Mr. Fanone (was) “some of the most barbaric violence on Jan. 6.” Indeed. The defendant should have received the maximum sentence for his vicious, cruel behavior. He actually deserves even worse. And Mr. Fanone is a true American hero, for standing up to these thugs on January 6 and continuing his outspoken condemnation of their attack on this country.
tim (Atlanta)
I'm sure President Trump is taking good care of Mr. Head's family while he's away, as he is with all his other supporters who sacrificed so much for him.
Dksw (MA)
@tim I seriously doubt Trump takes care of anyone other than himself. Why “his” people continue to support him, astounds me. He has made it publicly and abundantly clear he doesn’t like them. Maybe you are being facetious?
Judi (North Carolina)
The attacker should have received a longer sentence. He was sending messages with his violent actions. The justice system should have sent a stronger message to those paying attention.
JWCornelissen (West Lafayette)
Good. Probably won't deter the "True Believers" Hopefully it will deter people who get caught up in the hype and create the critical mass.
John Evans (Albany NY)
@JWCornelissen Government-sanctioned punishment, such as incarceration, is indeed supposed to act as a deterrent (among other reasons) to citizens living in a democratic society. But it is very difficult for me to believe that the millions (?) of Americans who have drunk the Trump koolaid will be deterred by the news of this incarceration. According to experts (or at least those folks regularly quoted in this newspaper), there are multiple reasons why people buy into this story. If they have already gotten "caught up," it seems to me that it is impossible for them to perform that most basic of mental activities: to change one's mind. I hope that I am correct in my assumption (delusion?) that most of the "critical mass" are more interested in talking on social media, planting signs on their front yards, and wearing flag lapel pins than they are in going "full Albuquerque" on a police officer just trying to maintain order. The miscreant mentioned in the article no doubt thought that this was his big chance to be a hero. So our debate (between you and me) is just this: how many of these oath-swearing, super-proud hero-types are there out there? Three percent?
Steve (Michigan)
@John Evans Three percent of the adult American population is a lot of people, well more than the number needed to cause lots of deaths and injuries, substantial property damage, and lasting damage to our democracy.
Dennis Quick (Charleston, South Carolina)
That sentence seems awfully light. But it's unlikely the "law-and-order" GOP will demand that the sentence be increased. Ninety months for attacking a police officer and committing sedition. Meanwhile, some folks get shot to death over a traffic violation.
Talia (Washington DC)
Listening to Mr. Fanone testify about the events of that horrific day he is fortunate to be alive after being attacked by this individual and the vicious mob. Mr Head got a light sentence. For the premeditated havoc and destruction him and his mob buddies instigated at the Capitol based on a lie. Longer sentences are necessary. I wish Mr. Fanone and all the officers well and hope he heals from the trauma.
l provo (st augustine)
@Talia Not Sure BLM protests and subsequent riots had such an incident.
Mark (Germany)
Viewed from afar across the emerald sea it seems good that the rule of law is being applied – I hope it was also applied during the summer of love when people were attacking a federal courthouse ? If it was equally applied, then you a thumbs up from across the ocean. If these losers are domestic terrorists as some of the commentators are stating then some of the rioters during the summer of love certainly are as well I hope they received stiff sentences as well.
James (Waltham, MA)
@Mark There were apprehensions, arrests, and prosecutions at violent protests spurred by the death of George Floyd, although the majority of protests were peaceful. There were few if any arrests of law enforcement officers who fired paint balls at news reporters or detained news crews for no reason (a now forgotten chapter, apparently).
Kent (Greensboro, NC)
@Mark The term summer of love was first used in 1967. It was again used in 2020 by the Seattle mayor, whom has since retracted that use of the phrase. However, the phrase is still being used by far right wing groups including neo-nazis organizations and sympathizers whom want to equate the protests all across the US against the killing of black people, which is a well known fact, with the fiction that inspired a group of citizens to overthrow their government. There could be no higher level of cognitive dissonance with the sympathizers of tyranny than this.
McK (VT)
@Mark the summer of love was 1967.
Claire (D.C.)
Not nearly enough time gor attempted murder. If the GOP took this coup attempt seriously, sentences would be much harsher. Sadly, just a dlap on the wrist.
Citizen-of-the-World (Atlanta)
It’s like Liz Cheney said — the foot soldiers are being held to account and punished while their general, mastermind and instigator, Trump, hides behind his power and privilege. It’s time for that to change. He’s been subpoenaed. He needs to man up, speak up, own up. Oh, but he’s a lying coward. Who watched it all on TV as it played out. Please turn in your Bibles to Proverbs 6:16-19.
Susan H. (Canada)
@Citizen-of-the-World Proverbs has to be among the best of the books of the Bible. Ancient wisdom...
Michael (Maryland)
"Law and Order Republicans".
Sean (Amsterdam)
They should be jailed for life, no matter how small their role. Their apologies are fake, their remorse is a lie. They'll do this again in a heartbeat, and what's most scary is, depending on the state they're in they may still be eligible to vote once they serve, or, god forbid, run for Congress. And you can be sure all these people going to prison are now martyrs for the White Nationalist Right.
maggie (toronto)
@Sean Indeed. And if someone-who-shall-remain-nameless somehow manages to get the big job again, he will likely pardon these "patriots" on day one.
I hope Mr Head utilizes his time in prison to repent for his actions on Jan 6th. He had sacrificed seven years of his life, his family’s, betrayed the values of his country and had put the life of wonderfully Officer Fanone at risk to support a proven lier and a cheat to remain in power. What a terrible and saddening thought! PS - Keep those comvictions coming!
Judi (North Carolina)
@CRL He won’t serve the full sentence, which was too light.
Steve (Michigan)
@Judi Under federal law his stay in prison can be shortened by "good time," which means that he will have to serve around 80 - 85% percent of his sentence before being eligible for good time reduction. However, given his attitude and his history I suspect that it will be difficult for him to earn any good time!
Mom (Texas)
Was it worth it? What a waste of a life.
Spike (San Diego)
He will do hard time. OK. That any reader should exult in his future beatings, rapes, or other horrendous acts (should these actually happen) does not speak well of the rest of us. We should take no pleasure in anyone else's pain. It is not a happy time.
HGM (Los Angeles)
@Spike Officer Fanone might disagree with you.
Cathy (London)
Duped into being messenger/ slaves for the elites...the cult mentality. I would have thought they learned the evils of Jim Jones.
Horseshoe Crab (South Orleans, MA)
The sentence for Mr. Head is very fair considering the vicious assault he carried out. But the real defendent here sits in Mar-a-Lago and he will escape any punishment. This was not a patriotic act, this was a coup and the man in Florida should be charged with sedition, these dupes and thugs like Head, the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys also should be disciplined to the full extent allowable under the law. This was out country's darkest hour.
Steve (Sonora, CA)
Me: How long is his sentence? Wife: Not long enough.
baba (ganoush)
It’s absolutely head spinning that the GOP “law and order” party has convinced so many that somehow the Jan 6th violence doesn’t qualify as an attack on the police. “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lies became the truth.” George Orwell 1984
l provo (st augustine)
@baba The elites in Great Britain convinced the population that they were chosen by God. In India you have the untouchables cast in their role by Karma. At one time those born outside of Europe were considered subhuman. The onslaught of human rigging the system for dominance is never-ending.
Talia (Washington DC)
I remember watching Mr. Fanone plead with the mob to not kill him he has young daughters a family….he thought they would kill him with his own service weapon at the bottom of the Capitol steps. Mr. Fanone was also tasered multiple times all while doing his job not running away but standing up to the mob and doing what was expected of him. This was attempted murder.
Sal Monella (Bronx)
Now file a civil suit an take everything he and his family owns. 90 months is too light for aggravated assault of a police officer.
Fern (Home)
He should have gotten 10 years, minimum. We need to incarcerate more actual criminals who commit crimes against persons even if it means building more prisons.
me (monroe, ar)
Should be more like 75 years.
l provo (st augustine)
@me If he was a minority, his sentence would have been life.
Thomas Renner (New York City)
People like Head are very lucky indeed that they live in America and in spite of them and their leader, trump and the GOP, our justice system still works in a fair and impartial way. You see in many countries if you took part in a protest let alone an insurrection you would disappear never to be heard from again.
Jean louis LONNE (portugal)
Almost every day we read of a person convicted for some activity surrounding Trump. Seems like many people around him are paying for what he incited and influenced. Please, the head of the serpent.
Nam (Cambridge)
This sentence isn’t long enough. This is not a deterrent.
Dev h (LA)
Not severe enough of a sentence if you ask me. *waits for "noone asked you" reply. Seems so many have received very light sentencing.
R. Anderson (South Carolina)
I want to see and hear former chief of staff to Trump, Mark Meadows, testify under oath to our January 6 Committee.
Lexie (Los Angeles)
Not long enough!!
Mike (Brooklyn)
Brought to you by the good people of Kingsport, TN. At this very moment MAGA election deniers are raising money for his appeal and family.
crystal (Wisconsin)
@Mike They can raise all the money they want, but he pled Guilty. There will not be an appeal. They can save their money to defend him from the civil case that I am sure is coming.
furnmtz (Oregon)
It's time the DOJ changed the "rule" about not indicting people who are running for office, or who might be thinking of running for office. I couldn't care less if they were campaigning, if votes had already been cast, or if it was the day of the election. ANYONE who breaks a law before or during a campaign, including the candidate and his operatives, or during a presidential transition needs to feel the weight and the full force of the law coming after them with a long, meaningful sentence.
allen r (Tallahassee)
No sympathy for any of this, but he did plead guilty and must have made a statement at sentencing of contrition or at least the facts of his actions. Is that available?
Wordsworth from Wadsworth (New Wye, Apalachia)
Thank you Judge Jackson for your comments from the bench. More judges should rebuke and reprimand more sternly. And if there was ever a case for such, it's this one.
Patricia Caiozzo (Port Washington)
Head’s barbaric treatment of Officer Farnone merits an even longer period of incarceration. It chills me to the bone that candidates like Vance say Democrats are making too big of a deal of the attack on our Capitol. I am certain Officer Farnone and his family and the other officers who were outnumbered and treated savagely would fervently disagree. I am glad some of the perpetrators are being sentenced but I am outraged that GOP lawmakers who were in contact with organizers of the insurrection and were protected during the brutal attack are going scott- free. Gosar offered a blanket pardon to the protesters before the attack. It pains me that the January 6 th Committee will be disbanded after the GOP wins the House. Seated in that chamber will be GOP lawmakers who believe that former guy won the election. I am buoyed when I read about perpetrators of January 6th being found guilty, but the true instigators and perpetrators will roam the halls of the Capitol spewing their lies. Being on the right side of history just doesn’t seem like enough right now. I hope every day in prison for Head feels like a year. I wish the guilty GOP lawmakers could be right beside him.
Citizen-of-the-World (Atlanta)
They don’t believe the election was stolen, they only say they believe. It’s self-serving willful ignorance and intellectual dishonesty, that’s all.
Non-Attorney Spokesperson (Springfield)
Am I missing something? Why would a judge “reward” this deplorable person with six months off of his maximum sentence? I wouldn’t cut a minute off the sentence, which is pitifully short. Attempted murder should carry a life sentence without parole.
Bret ((OH))
PROFA, finally receiving their due. Warms the heart. Keep the convictions coming.
Marc (Houston)
Calling all hypnotists! Please deprogram Tucker Carlson
Flyer (Nebraska)
In my state we have local, state and national republican candidates running for office that claim they're "tough on crime". None of the have mentioned the deadly riot on December 6th. Hypocrisy in it's finest form.
alan (MA)
@Flyer They're Republicans, which automatically makes them hypocrites.
Jac (Earth)
I had a "discussion" with a republican today and he stated New York City was a very dangerous place to be and the republicans would fix it. I said it was a little scary in places but not nearly as scary as being in Washington DC when a republican lost an election. No light came on for him. Sad.
Marston Gould (Seattle, WA)
@Jac well said.
Guy Walker (NYC)
@Jac I've lived in New York City for over 40 years and never have I had a friend the victim of gunfire, but last summer, 2 friends were shot in mid state NY, one in Red Hook and the other in Germantown and nearly died of his wounds inflicted by a disgruntled employee. After speaking with workers in the mid NY state area, I've heard a common refrain that the minorities run rampant committing crimes which is exactly the opposite of what I've experienced living in 3 different boroughs. Blaming the powerless is an evil and stupid concept all to prevalent in New York State. Thank you, Dick NIxon for the Southern Strategy.
Miguel d’Lucerro (St. Louis)
Think about this … “Albuquerque” will be spending 90 months in a federal prison for his actions against US Capitol Policemen, Michael Fanone. I imagine that while in prison he will have a lot of time to think about his behavior on Jan 6th., and even more time to think about what’s going to happen to him during the night hours or during shower time. I imagine that prison life is going to be violent and dangerous for for Mr. “Head”. I have no mercy for Albuquerque Cosper Head … deal with it, prison life and all it offers you for 90 months. As a former military veteran serving during Viet Nam, former officer Fanone, I salute you and thank you for your service.
Roland Huettmann (Switzerland (currently))
@Miguel d’Lucerro None of these guys is thinking... they act in a mob. There is the psychology of a mob. There is no rational thinking. That is why they love Trump -- the boss of the mobsters. None of his cult members must actually engage in thinking. No thought - no pain.
Lorrie Choman (Pennsylvania)
@Miguel d’Lucerro Hey Mr. d'Lucerro, it may seem small and awfully late, but Thank You too.
Bill Ross (San Francisco)
“Some people are directing their vitriol at Officer Fanone and not at the people who summoned the mob in the first place.” We should call people supporting the mob - mobsters.
Mark (Germany)
@Bill Ross What should we call the people supporting the summer of love protests ? there must have been some as it was allowed to go for far too long – who were they ?
Mrsmarv (Dutchess County NY)
@Mark ~ enough with the whataboutism. Please.
Heart of Lightness (Kinshasa)
45 has promised to pardon this guy and all the others if he again occupies the White House. Nuff said
Claire (D.C.)
@Heart of Lightness: Well, tfg is a liar, do if he becomes president again (heaven help us), we’ll see.
Cort Johnson (Lake Havasu)
The more jail the better…,
Brad Blumenstock (St Louis)
Amen. The sentenced being handed down for these crimes aren't nearly severe enough.
Norman (Kingston)
Let’s ask Kari Lake if this sentence was justified.
Betsy (New England)
I think he should get an extra year for every piece of Blue Lives Matter swag he was sporting before Jan 6th
Bryan b (Boston)
Tbone (Hawaii)
Do these criminals now realize they have to go to prison for years and have a record for what? They‘ve been used and spit out by Trump. Played for no good reason. Losers.
HJM (California)
I truly hope this brings Michael Fanone some peace. That poor man............
Claire (D.C.)
@HJM: I’m thinking Mr. Fanone will not be happy with the verdict, not long enough. I hope Mr. Fanone sues him in civil court.
Joinery Piling Up (Charlottesville)
@HJM I hope his book is a NYTimes bestseller!
j m (midwest)
This article should have appeared closer to the top of the page. Cruel and lawless behaviour like this needs to be called out loud and clear.
Equilibrium (Los Angeles)
Great news. The more of these lawbreaking fools who receive stiff sentences the better. There has to be some deterrent value in seeing these rioting domestic terrorists going to jail. It is truly hard to grasp how craven, how utterly deluded, and how vicious so many of these people were. Such a dangerous cult of personality. Trump must never touch power again.
Steve (Charlotte NC)
@Equilibrium Agreed. In the videos, these domestic terrorists are animals. They reflect the most disturbed, bottom of the barrel parts of society. NYT ran a truly insightful article that depicted income and education stats for the traitorous dregs... it's shocking. Many of these violent, delusional people have little in way of financial resources and minimal education. They are dysfunctional and dangerous people that would have likely ended up in jail anyway.
GraceC (Asheville, NC)
Not severe enough of a punishment, I'd say. What happened at the Capitol is an enormous example of boundaries being crossed. Do these people who invaded the Capitol not know anything about "mob psychology"? "Mind your own business?" "Do unto others what you would have done unto you?" " To the least of these, you do unto me".
Fordham (L.A.)
@GraceC The LAST things these rioters had on their minds was verses from the Bible. They were as far from God that day as they could be.
L (Empire State)
@GraceC: I'm thinking the rioters in that violent mob are not really those who sit around pondering deep questions of human behavior and ethics.
Yossarian (Maine)
Future republican congressman or Fox personality.
Rahn West (Toronto, Ontario)
This is all good news.
James (USA)
His name alone warrants incarceration
David (Seattle)
@James The best comment I have read in some time. Thank you!
Carol (Jersey City, NJ)
Why are there no photos of these two criminals (Head and Young)? They should not be anonymous, but instead their faces should be plastered across the media.
Jim Madison (Philadelphia)
@Carol Probably a conscious decision. Photos would be misused by those who would make them martyrs, and an inspiration to future copycat criminals. That is why you you don't see too many photos of school shooters either- want to minimize people seeking notoriety and copycats. I would certainly give up any indulgence in my personal curiosity or other emotions, for the betterment and safety of society. Let them remain the nobodies that they are.
Jon rogers (Charleston, West Virginia)
Here's hoping he suffers terribly during his prison term.
Maridee (USA)
It really heartens me to know these thugs are getting time in prison for attacking officers and attacking the Capitol. The brainwashed continue to meet their just consequences. Now, if only their fearless leader gets his own comeuppance!
frank (eugene)
Problem is these clowns are coveted and protected as members of the white supremacist gangs in prison. They come out even more hardened than before.
James (CO)
And how about Trump and the other inciting cowards, will they ever be brought to justice?
Mark (Germany)
@James would like to know about those behind the BLM/ Summer of love riots will they ever be brought to justice or was nobody organizing the riots the same way no one was really organizing Jan-6 ? Somehow I end up blaming social media was making it too easy to get people excited with minimal effort in both cases rather Marxists of America and Mr Trump in secret meetings.
Ed (Washington DC)
Every single rioter who stormed the Capitol and entered through the breaches made that January 6th should be prosecuted for their treasonous actions. And included in that prosecution should be those who incited the riot, including Hawley and trump. Anything less isn’t justice.
Planetary Occupant (Earth)
Dragging another human being into danger? Not the sign of someone who cares about others. This sentence is all too well-deserved.
Catherine Crawford (Vermont)
To Guantanamo and toss the keys. Every single one of them, including the instigator. I'm still eating Zofran like candy.
Robert L (RI)
"The sentence was one of the most severe penalties handed down so far..." really... really... Fifty Seven and a half years / Without Parole ... might come closer to some sort of justice...
Dave (Lafayette, CO)
Why is the booking photo (or any photo) of this now-convicted violent criminal omitted from this article? Every other egregiously violent criminal has his or her photo included in these sentencing articles (it's pretty much SOP in both the local and national press for crimes of this magnitude). Why aren't We the People allowed to see the face of this particularly seditious criminal? - or to know anything about his background that might provide some clues as to what led him to commit these violent and treasonous acts against Mr. Fanone - and against our entire nation? I agree with others commenting here that if this violent criminal had been Black - his fate (both at the scene of the crime and in this "kid gloves" treatment here in the Times) would have been considerably worse. So once again, why is the Times shielding (for the most part) the identity of this particular (lily-white and no doubt "Christian") traitor? Perhaps a back room deal between his lawyer and the press to spare him from the public shaming that he (by his vicious criminal behavior) has so richly earned? I hate to speculate without any concrete evidence, but that's what happens when public information (the fruit of We the Taxpayers as we fund our Justice system) is hidden from Us.
Bret ((OH))
@Dave Point goes to Dave.
Paul Ruszczyk (Cheshire, CT)
Attempted murder. Should have gotten life without parole.
William (Williamstown MA)
When will there be a movement amongst the friends and family of those imprisoned for attacking the Capitol against the person responsible for sending them there in the first place? He gains all the benefits of the base of support for election denial and so far, absolutely none of the consequences that his closest supporters are experiencing. At some point, do the followers start to catch on to the fact that they have been conned just as so many in his business dealings?
Steve (Charlotte NC)
@William "....When will there be a movement amongst the friends and family of those imprisoned for attacking the Capitol against the person responsible for sending them there in the first place? ..." Never. They are as dysfunctional as he is
Mojowrkn (Oakland, Ca)
His parents should get 20 yeas for naming him Albuquerque....
rebecca (California)
@Mojowrkn why? It means white oak. Not sure what Mojowrkn represents, but maybe it's no better.
Joinery Piling Up (Charlottesville)
@rebecca Relax, “white oak” should have been cut down
SCZ (Indpls)
At least a modicum of justice is being meted out for what Trump's mob did to Fanone and the rest of the police.
Bruce (Los Angeles)
As the judge said wisely “The dark shadow of tyranny unfortunately has not gone away,” she said. “Some people are directing their vitriol at Officer Fanone and not at the people who summoned the mob in the first place.” Well, it is way past time to cut off the vile disgusting head of those that summoned the mob and still are a grave threat to our constitution.
B Sharp (Cincinnati)
This cruelty against another human soul is unacceptable. And here all Michael Fanone and other police officers were doing was protecting the Capital.; And this criminal behavior is for what ? Was it worth it ?
Tony (Noblesville)
Hopefully the convictions keep coming as I believe they will. Some sense of democracy still exists after all.
Vince (NJ)
No republicans will ever get to tell me about their support for the blue line ever again.
SandyLand (San Francisco Bay Area)
Most of the perpetrators were identified by posting their exploits and bragging about them. Or outrageous headgear. They are so sorry in court and a more sorry group of people in so many other ways. He deserved the additional 6 mos.
Tris (Sacramento)
@SandyLand Sartorial crimes committed for sure. They should have took a hint from the French students in May of 68. Nice trousers, A-line skirts. These USA insurrectionists are a dumpy rabble.
rebecca (California)
@SandyLand his victim's life will be forever changed. Frankly I think the sentence could have been higher.
Gigi-303 (Denver)
The rioters believed their actions were justified and never considered those same actions to be criminal. It just didn’t occur to them that there would be consequences which is why they filmed themselves in the Capitol and then posted all over social media…not the sharpest tool in the shed.
Vince (NJ)
Every conviction should carry an order to announce in public, “I do not support the blue line. I never did support it and neither do any of the people who were present at the Capitol on Jan 6th”.
John Evans (Albany NY)
@Vince Yet...some of those who showed up to "flip" Congress were MEMBERS (past and/or present) of your so-called "blue line." Others were members (past and/or present) of US military. So what do those folks ACTUALLY support? Hint: "the Constitution" is NOT a correct answer.
Peter (New York City)
“He grabbed Mr. Fanone around the neck and told the crowd around him, ‘I got one!’ Mr. Head then forcibly hauled Mr. Fanone down the Capitol steps and into the mob, where he was beaten, kicked and attacked with a stun gun. Some in the crowd tried to strip Mr. Fanone of his service weapon as one rioter threatened to kill him with his own gun.” And a short while later, the American president told Head and the mob, “We love you. You’re very special.”
John Evans (Albany NY)
@Peter One of the very few examples, documented, and heard by all, of Trump actually ... ...telling the truth.
Mary (Maryland)
What a disgusting person. I’m glad he will be jailed for 90 months. I’m grateful for the service of those who protected the Capitol and our legislators.
Scott Kurant (Secaucus)
"Legitimate political discourse" my tuchas.
TastetheDifference (Cwmbran, UK)
The rioters only thought the election was stolen, because their leader, Donald Trump keeps saying it. Donald Trump is responsible for Jan 6th.
Incognito (California)
I wonder how they feel about being in prison while their master is out playing golf.
VB (San Diego)
@Incognito They don't think. That's how we got to this point.
Weatherist (Neither Here Nor There)
These violent felons should be sent to Guantanamo. Put them in cages. No mercy for following the most cruel, inhumane, hate-mongering pseudo-elite ever to lead the Republican party. No mercy for delivering the insurrection and damaging and defacing the people's house. Shame on every violent "protester" who fought capitol police, who disrespected democracy, who hurt our entire nation.
Mark Keller (Portland, Oregon)
Given Albuquerque Cosper Head'a barbaric tactics, and his incitement of the mob, he is very, very lucky that Officer Fanone was not killed as a direct result of his own actions. (Thank God Officer Fanone survived.)
Anonymous 2 (Missouri)
@Mark Keller He's lucky to have gotten off with only 7 years. His barbaric, treasonous behavior sentenced Fanone, a true patriot, to a life sentence of PTSD, traumatic brain injury and loss of faith in the American justice system.
Kay Johnson (Colorado)
Why don’t the Dems have an ad with Trump on loop telling these criminals “You are very special people. We love you” after they beat Fanone to a pulp??? He’s the guy picking all their candidates. Unreal.
VB (San Diego)
@Kay Johnson Because, as we have all seen for decades, with rare exceptions, Democrats do not run effective campaigns.
John Evans (Albany NY)
@Kay Johnson Quick!! Send this note to DNC. Now!! They desperately NEED people with at least half a clue as to using ads to get eyeballs.
Kent Anderson (Sterling Heights, Mi.)
The people I could implicate. It's very tempting, but there's my own safety to consider. Glad to know this criminal will serve significant time for this hideous act.
DLN (Chapel Hill, NC)
I don't care about inflation or whatever the Republicans are using to convince voters to vote for them. I will NEVER EVER vote for a Republican again. The damage they did on Jan 6, 2021, the damage they did to the Capitol Police force, the damage they did to our democracy, voter rights, the damage to our environment and Climate Change and on and on has convinced me that they can never be given a vote. I wish this particular criminal could have gotten over 10 years. Think of the Americans (yes there are more than one) in Russia serving 9 years or more of hard time for possession of a miniscule amount of THC or derivative. This man got off easy.
Out of Stater (Colorado)
@DLN - thank you for this eloquent heartfelt post. #neveragain #NeverTrump
David M (Dallas, TX)
@DLN I agree, I don’t see ever voting for a Republican candidate, either national or local. I grew up as a Republican. Though I did not always vote Republican I did vote for every Republican president until Trump. I’m proud to have not ever voted for him and because of the him and current parties support of his delusions I will never vote Republican again.
Steve (Charlotte NC)
@DLN The Blue Wave of Justice and Democracy is coming..
Citizen (USA)
Why was the mob so angry? What kind of discontent would lead a construction worker to travel across the country to protest on the steps of our capitol? Is it he that is tyrannical or the 1% who hog all the riches while ignoring the problems of poverty, drug addiction, and unemployment in our country? How dare he, you say, but has no one stopped to consider that this country was founded on such protests? The tyranny of the rich in this one party nation is starting to look a lot like what brought about our 1776 revolution against the rich lords of England. Shame on us for buying into this propaganda and standing with power rather than with the people.
Beth (Sacramento)
@Citizen that’s ridiculous. Construction workers are generally well paid. In any case it was trump’s big lie that brought this on. This man liked way trump treated others and his tough guy talk. He was attracted to the macho white American model trump held up as ideal. Shades of blue eyed Arayans. He was whipped into a frenzy by trump , his minions, oath keepers, proud boys, Fox News, Tucker, Hannity, Breitbart, Alex Jones and all the right wing wackos that approve and support this behavior. In the end, as an adult, he is responsible for beating a law enforcement ofiicer protecting our Capitol. That you would excuse his behavior is just about bad bad as his behavior.
Tracy McCarthy (US)
@Citizen Each person is ultimately responsible for their own actions. That is the essence of these judgements. 'You' may have been led astray, but in personal action, the buck stops at 'you'. And they done did wrong.
Steve3212a (Cincinnati)
@Citizen What? The incoherence of this apology for the Capitol rioters is breathtaking. Maybe Trump can understand this.
Poppy (CA)
It's still interesting & troubling that the National Fraternal Order of Police had to be shamed into finally, albeit weakly, condemning the January 6 rioters who injured dozens of officers, some so badly that they had to leave police work. The Chicago FOP president offered a full-throated defense of the MAGA rioters who stormed the Capitol! The NFOP has never spoken up on behalf of officer Fanone and others who were grievously injured by the MAGA mob. The NFOP refused to call out right wing bobbleheads & pols who attacked officers who testified to the 1/6 committee. Trump revealed the Thin Blue Line to be empty words.
Steve (Charlotte NC)
@Poppy Wow! Thanks for sharing that info. FOP sounds like a truly corrupt organization
Eric (NJ)
The capital police had guns. They should have used them.
Lois (Hawaii)
@Eric The problem with that is that so did the protestors, and they were also trained (current and ex military...). It would have been a blood bath.
Stephen Ebert (Plymouth, MN)
@Eric Against “innocent” white folk? No way!
Steve (Charlotte NC)
@Eric Agree 100%. Anyone coming thru those doors should have been dealt with using lethal force. The rest would have turned tail and ran.
Steve (Toronto)
Justice. Now time from the instigator to face his comeuppance.
Stretchy Cat Person (Oregon)
That's the way things happen in America these days. The lowest on the totem pole get convicted, while those at the top get off scott free.
JaySquared (Swing State, USA)
Not remotely enough.
J Kirkwood (pgh)
not severe enough of a sentence.
Purple Patriot (Colorado)
Sending these ignorant underlings to prison is necessary but it's the traitors who planned the insurrection who need to go to prison for a very long time. If they don't, we can expect more seditious conspiracies until one succeeds.
Sagemeister (Boulder, Co)
Sentences for the worst of the seditionists should be much longer, at least what the prosecutor is asking, in this case 96 months, give them what they deserve. Thank you Officer Fanone!
Hk (Planet Earth)
Law and order. Isn't that what the rioters wanted? Mr. Head will get to see what "law and order" looks like from inside in a prison cell.
Shim (Midwest)
Not severe enough!
Toast CT TX NC (North Carolina)
Basically this guy inspired a lynch mob on a police officer defending our democracy who was brutally attacked. The guy should get 20 years plus. No chance of probation.
John (San Francisco)
I don't think the government should have accepted any of these plea deals. They should have forced every single one of these traitors to endure a trial, and if convicted, the traitors should be sentenced to 10 years, minimum. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Being brainwashed is definitely not an excuse. Do anyone honestly believe that religious terrorists aren't also brainwashed? You're responsible for your own actions, period. Unless you're a child or have a mental disability. Being gullible and/or stupid are not excuses.
Roger Hall (Santa Maria)
Not long enough.
Seabrook (Texas)
If this should happen again, the capitol police should be instructed to use lethal force if necessary to protect themselves and their fellow officers!
Ken meagher (Ridgefield CT)
@Seabrook Absolutely agree with you.
Carol (Green Valley,CA)
@Seabrook Unfortunately, the mob would probably out gun them.
L.Sullivan (NJ)
@Seabrook agree. I fear the criminals will employ more aggressive tactics and hide their faces.
dlb (washington, d.c.)
Ahh, how happy the base is to serve their master no matter the sentencing.
dupr (New Jersey)
Personally, IMO, the cop abuser should have received 15 to 20 years not 7 1/2 years. Fanone was close to receiving a pension and lost it all because of this hateful attack by people who claim to support the Blue. The right is always complaining about the Democrats saying "defund the Blue" as they tried heir best to "Kill the Blue."
Lizzieinmatera (Matera, Italy)
@dupr why on earth did Officer Fanone lose his pension? He was wounded in the line of duty.
Tina (Pittsburgh)
@Lizzieinmatera I'm guessing, because he chose to leave the force BEFORE his stated retirement date?
Matt D (da Bronx)
Meanwhile if you search for his name on any of the right wing news sites nothing comes up.
Bwspmn (North America)
@Matt D I have definitely noticed that about Fox- news events they find unpleasant are buried or ignored completely. Fair and balanced, they are not.
Caesius (LINY)
Too short. Should Former Guy ever get a chance and pardons these miscreants...there's the spark to light civil unrest the likes of which we haven't seen since '68.
Eddy (Santo Domingo, DR.)
That was not enough.
SCZ (Indpls)
@Eddy No, it isn't enough. But it's enough to make him hurt. Now it's up to him whether he tries to become a decent man or a bitter, self-righteous lunatic like Michael Flynn.
Jeb (Out yonder...)
It should be double that.
Carl! (NJ)
@Jeb I like to imagine that sentencing judges in these cases are assigning half the jail time to the defendants, while adding the other half to a cumulative Trump sentence. I have a rich inner life.
M (Rochester)
But what happened to 'blue lives matter'? I think in addition to his sentence, everyone convicted for the riot should write an apology letter to the capitol police...and Hillary Clinton, you know, while they're locked up.
TastetheDifference (Cwmbran, UK)
These rioters have had their minds poisoned by Donald Trump, and the constant lies on TV, radio, and digital media. Thank you Alex Jones.
Bwspmn (North America)
@TastetheDifference ……and many, many others who have put their party ahead of the Constitution.
BayArea101 (Midwest)
For this criminal act, I should think a minimum of 15 years would have been more appropriate.
Donna Graham (Lake Hill)
Not to be uncharitable - or anything - but I will gladly organize a petition to have him serve in General Population after the mortal cruelty he committed. Sadly, he may only emerge more of a white supremacist than he is now.
DG#1 (Dayton OH)
The foot soldiers go to prison, thankfully and deservedly, and Trump goes to play golf. Trump has done absolutely nothing for his base, nothing! And yet one right after another follow him blindly, right into their jail cells. When will they get it?
Ubetcha (NY)
@DG#1 Stop using logic. This is all about feelings. He tells them the stories they want to hear. He snubs the elites. He makes them feel good. They are him, and he is them.
Cort Johnson (Lake Havasu)
Never. They don’t care that he’s been shown to be a pathological liar again and again. Makes no difference at all to them. This is the death of reason.
Deirdre (New Jersey)
These sentences are much too lenient for the crimes committed. These violent insurrectionist terrorists should be getting 25 years. A term long enough to dissuade others from following in their footsteps. Today there are people just like them getting their vitamin D a few yards from ballot boxes around the country - dressed in bullet proof vests, armed with guns and mace, faces masked - their vehicles license plates covered - all while they film voters dropping off their ballots and take pictures of voters and their vehicles. These thugs are defiant and unrepentant and still terrorizing us.
Sam Culper Jr. (Seaford, NY)
Democrats are in disarray, fighting among themselves and, like Gov. Hochul, displaying blatant corruption (Buffalo Bills stadium). Perfectly reasonable people will vote Republican and that will be the next administration. Pardons for Mr. Head and all his codefendants will be just a matter of time. So much for justice.
Betsy (New England)
@Sam Culper Jr. There are no perfectly reasonable people left... let alone any 'perfectly reasonable' people who are voting GOP Oximoron.
Nutty (PA)
I would like to know what was going through his mind and what his malfunction is.
Sam (SF)
@Lish Howard. Proportionate to the crime would have been 20-30 years. He is 43 and will come out of prison at age 50 or less. This man should stay in prison until at least age 60. His crime was that severe. He will go right back to sedition when he is out
And yet Trump continues basically unrestrained to spew his toxic verbal venom across the airwaves and social media. Once he's stopped the Rs will say, " If only we had known. Why didn't someone speak out ?" They knew then and they know now. The Republican Party, especially Mitch McConnell, will carry the stench of Donald Trump for years to come, long after both are gone - and deservedly so. "Trump Stink" won't come off in a confessional or an apologetic campaign platform -- It's permanent !!
Steve (New York)
Well the Trump supporters aren't for defunding the police. Assaulting the police, yes; defunding, no.
J Peters (Vancouver)
Another pawn sacrificed. Well done justice system.
Jim (Philadelphia)
The long arm of the law.
BillyBob (Houston)
“You know, if you didn’t know the TV footage was a video from January the 6th, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit.” Rep. Andrew S. Clyde (R-Ga.)
Ubetcha (NY)
@BillyBob Jedi mind trick. "These are not the droids we're looking for."
Steve (Charlotte NC)
@BillyBob No shame...
Julie (Pennsylvania)
Keep these sentences coming until we reach the top. Trump and his band of terrorists need to pay, including the terrorists in the GOP.
GeritheGreek (Louisville, KY)
Yes, yes. It's so easy to forget to mention how many Republicans holding seats in Congress were at rallies and giving speeches alongside Trump or standing-in for Trump shouting the same lies while knowing they were doing so. Perhaps a few were stupid enough not to know they were lies, but if that were the case they have no business holding a seat.
cbindc (dc)
His kind needs to stay put until Trump is sentenced.
Russ (Bennett)
I would have no pity for any of these insurrectionists and I'd put them in a jail cell for the maximum that the law allows, but who suffers more, Head, or his wife and kids?
GeritheGreek (Louisville, KY)
He should have thought about that. It's no reason to give him a shorter sentence.
Betsy (New England)
@Russ If he still has a wife... then she deserves what she's getting.
Mary (Maryland)
@Russ The families of people jailed for “offenses” like having pot also suffer. It might be that the wife and children of head will actually benefit from his incarceration. A bully in one sphere is often a bully in other aspects of life.
Jeff (Rosendale)
Hopefully this criminal will experience some of the barbarity he dished out (or worse) in prison. Nothing would please me more than coming to hear that this criminal gets emotionally disfigured for life for what he has done.
RFM (San Diego)
The Capitol police deserve all of America's thanks and a medal for their defense of congress against the January 6th mob. Mike Pence should be leading the effort. Instead we get silence from GOP congressional members whose lives they protected, members such as Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, Ron Johnson, Josh Hawley etc. The GOP lack of public support for these officers is despicable.
Steve (Charlotte NC)
@RFM GOP is utterly morally bankrupt
Cheryl (Worcester, MA)
And this is how the mob treated a white, "self-described redneck who voted for Trump in 2016" (to quote from the publisher's blurb on Fanone's book, Hold the Line). Not sure what to make of that, but I guess their capacity to turn others into enemies is unlimited. This guy was on their side, except for the shredding-the-law part. And they tried to kill him. None of us--not even any of them--is safe from the MAGA crowd. Wish more Trump supporters could grasp this simple truth.
Taz (NYC)
With time off for good behavior, Head will be still be in his forties when he gets out. Not much of a punishment for trashing democracy and an officer's life.
H. Clark (Long Island)
How about 90 years? That would be more appropriate. But before he begins his sentence, put him in a room alone with Officer Fanone, and let Officer Fanone have his way with him for about 10 minutes. If he lives, then he can start serving his term.
Brian (Denver)
To Donnie’s supporters who may commit a felony in his name - notice that he hasn’t spent a single penny in legal defense on those who commit crimes in his name. From the 100s of millions of dollars he raised, not a single penny. Your life and freedom mean nothing to him.
Jck (Portland, ME)
So Mr. Head was charged with assault of Mr. Fanone instead of attempted murder. Why? Given the circumstances (the mob trying to strip him of his gun/threatening to kill him with it), what was feeding a police officer to that violent mob, if not trying to get him killed? Mr. Fanone will never be a police officer again. Never.
GeritheGreek (Louisville, KY)
Exactly. Great point!
To the Judge, keep up the good work. To those who say this a useless exercise I feel sorry for them. They are the enablers of people like Trump...if anyone believes America is a failure it is them. They don't have the guts to exact justice. And I hope to God those who run our Justice System realize Trump is not invincible. Like Durst who got away with killing (at least 4 people) for nearly his entire life, Trump has managed to intimidate the weak around him who have this defeatist attitude. I am betting Trump will meet his just fate sooner than most think.
Bob (Gainesville, FL)
Head nearly killed Fanone and 7.5 years in jail is all that results? Self-annointed, self-appointed Rightist extremists continue to get away with near-murder for egregious violations of law instead of being made examples of for all of their violent comrades-in-arms. Their contempt for the law has expanded steadily from occupying Federal lands and installations out West, to blowing-up Federal buildings in OK, to attacking the very seat of government in the nation's capital. Timothy McVeigh paid with his life for his cowardly deed, but his fate was unique. Up to this point, the Jan. 6 insurrectionists continue to be treated leniently as Head's sentencing illustrates. Head's fellow rioters are carefully watching and noting what the legal system does and so far they have reason to celebrate the light punishment they have received. Had they been people of color, they would have been mowed down where they stood on January 6 by the same overwhelmingly White security forces protecting the Capitol without compunction or remorse. Democracy has the right to defend itself, but that effort must be consistent, color-blind, and punishment must handed-out on an equal basis. Harsher prison sentences for the crimes committed on Jan. 6 will help convince would-be rioters to obey the law, regardless of who they are and what color they may be.
Susan (San Diego, Ca)
@Bob I agree! So many impoverished black men have been incarcerated for decades for selling drugs; we're talking assault with intent to commit murder and seditious activity from Mr Head.
GeritheGreek (Louisville, KY)
I hadn’t thought about McVeigh. Excellent example.
Ubet (West of here)
@Bob Ah, yes. Timothy McVeigh. Don’t forget the man and his team who prosecuted and brought that horrid murder to justice.
Robert T (Colorado)
Remember, and tell your neighbors: a vote for a Republican this year is a vote in favor of police-beating, Capitol-defiling insurrectionists like Mr. Head, and against the guardians who stand in their way, like Mr. Fanone. Yes, for ANY Republican. Only a few have defied Trump, and even they would add to a majority who align with him.
Letty (Texas)
@Robert T, And after all the GOP and their supporters have done to destroy our country, they’re still ahead in the polls. Unbelievable!
Carl (Arlington.p, Va)
I don get it. Under D.C. law, aggravated assault with intent to kill carries a sentence of up to 15 years. Assault on a police officer, up to 10. I would call dragging someone into an angry crowd that beats him up aggravated assault with intent to kill. Too light.
GeritheGreek (Louisville, KY)
Ninety months in jail is one of the most severe penalties given to members of the January 6 mob? This man, Mr. Head, who grabbed a police officer around the neck and pulled him into an angry mob to be kicked and beaten and have his life threatened as he attempted to maintain the integrity of a line of police officers trying to protect the Capitol, members of Congress, and our democracy against a mob instigated by President Trump in an effort to overturn President Biden's election. Mr. Trump's attempt to interfere with the transfer of power after a fair and honest election, using his familiar mode of repeating a lie until those willing to buy into his false claims, despite his having been repeatedly proven to be an unrepentant liar, had been whipped full-fledged riot mode—one that I consider to have been a failed attempt at an insurrection against the United States of America. Ninety months doesn’t seem nearly enough to me—not when police officer's life was in extreme danger. Not when the mob was threatening our very way of life in order to appease the first POTUS in our country's history to refuse to engage in the tradition of a peaceful transfer of power after he failed in his attempt to gain a second term. At least he is going to prison, but anyone who lines up to help perpetrate illegal action against the honest running of our government should be facing sterner sentences—in this citizen's disillusioned opinion.
JCinTX (Dallas, TX)
Not nearly long enough. People this dangerous should never be free to harm others. IMHO, extremely violent offenders should all receive life with no parole. Just one person's opinion.
TrevorN (Sydney Australia)
Justice has so far landed a few minnows; it's time to go after the bigger fish, like Trump.
Joe Giardullo (Marbletown)
There should be a civil trial as well and this guy should spend the rest of his life paying off the judgement.
Mark Rehorst (Wisconsin)
There are still some Trump fans out there who think the riot was started by "ANTIFA" and "BLM" people. I have to ask them why would Trump be saying he's going to pardon all the rioters if he thinks they're ANTIFA or BLM people? Unfortunately logic and reasoning are not Trump fans' best attributes. I don't know how a democracy can function when half of the population is incapable of thinking rationally.
JM (San Francisco)
@Mark Rehorst They don't actually believe that Antifa or BLM started the riot. They just say that because it gets the left riled up.
DD (Washington)
He should have received the maximum sentence. The officer could have been killed by the mob.
Steve (CT)
This guy Head is clearly one of the members in the Basket of Deplorables to which Hillary Clinton referred in 2016. Back then, the basket was probably about 250,000 strong. After six years of amplification by the Fox News and Trump megaphones, we are now contending with perhaps 150,000,000 Deplorables, half of whom voted in 2020 election, most of whom silently support the genuine rigging of future elections by Trumpublicans, all of whom are willing to flush democracy in order to get their way 100% of the time. I can't envision how America is saved from all this.
Stephen Ebert (Plymouth, MN)
@Steve Nah, I put the number of deplorables at a wee bit under 100 million…including their kids. What is doing us in is the 30-40 million of “swing”, independent voters who fall for the “we need change” and “what have we got to lose” a la 1930s Germans.
Out of Stater (Colorado)
@Steve - Hillary was right. Hillary was right about everything.
Mark (Germany)
@Out of Stater Hillary managed to lose to Mr. T. so she was not right about everything methinks.
Dan (Lafayette)
I wonder if Mr. Head also violated any non Federal laws that could be tried in the local DC superior court. If convicted there, he would be out of reach of the inevitable Trumpista pardon. SMe, of course, goes for all the other defendants from Jan 6.
Glen (Texas)
7 1/2 years. There are hundreds if not thousands of people imprisoned for that much time and more...for possessing one joint too many.
Bwspmn (North America)
@Glen Perhaps there are in Texas.
Mutt Furball (The Great Flyover)
Where he may be loved long and often!
Rob Gregory (Greenwich CT)
How is there any debate here? This person should do hard time, for a long time.
joe (WA)
He is still subject to civil suit. Mr. Fanone and his fellow officers and their families should sue every one of those convicted for attacking him. They should be compensated for all of their physical injuries and should be awarded punitive damages. Every asset these people have, savings, retirement accounts, homes, cars, trucks etc., should be sold to pay the injured. Not fair to their families? Too bad - you were / are part of the Trump world. Now live with the consequences, the injured police are going to deal with them for the rest of their lives.
Stephen Ebert (Plymouth, MN)
@joe LOVE your thinking…punish all the wives who are “standing by their man”…
JM (San Francisco)
@joe Let the civil suits begin!! Let's see if Alex Jones was fine 2 Billion for defamation, think what attempted murder will yield for Fanone.
Steve (Charlotte NC)
@joe Yes, financial ruin for them.
Crankshaft1 (Eastern seaboard)
Happy to see people brought to justice and held accountable for their actions in a court of law. Sad to see how effective one man is at using his wealth, fame, and power to dodge responsibility, shift blame to others, and manipulate the legal system.
Dr. Juvenal Urbino (Fictional, Columbia)
I'm glad that Judge Jackson is outraged that “some people are directing their vitriol at" the men and women who were “protecting the very essence of democracy," and not surprised. No one should be surprised at what the mainstream "republican" party has become. They told us unequivocally who they are in 2016.
DS (Denver)
If the assault was brutal, does it not constitute attempted murder? If a person of color snatched an officer off the court house steps in rural America, what would the crime be called and what would the sentence have been? I know of someone who received a similar sentence for a much lesser crime. Unfortunately, this will do nothing more than turn this individual into a martyr for his supposed cause. It will do nothing to change his heart and if anything he might be capable of far worse when he gets out. There is more than one issue here and corruption on more levels that I care to count. I firmly believe that fear and ignorance are the root of all evil. Punishment will not deter it or alleviate it. Until we collectively take steps to resolve the root cause there will be no meaningful change in our Country.
Richard (Connecticut)
These people must be held accountable not only to the actual victims but the American people as well. 90 months was better than most of the sentences handed down but still does not reflect the damage they have done to our political system.
David (Columbus, OH)
Just curious: Are the people in the crowd who did not physically harm anyone accessories because they cheered on the perpetrators? Just wondering. I did not read anything in the story about an admission of guilt, not even an admission of wrongdoing, let alone an apology to the officer and/or the American people. Trump will be gotten. I believe there is no statute of limitations on what he did. The wheels of justice move slowly, but expect the pace to quicken once the mid-terms are over. Don’t vote for THEM, vote for a DEM!!
Snarkk (NorCal)
If you and I take down and attack a local police officer and hold him down so others can severely beat him/her resulting in serious bodily injury, I think it is a near certainty I'm going to get a state prison sentence of more than 8 1/2 years. I don't understand these light sentences for violent assaults and battery of law enforcement officers in the middle of a completely violent insurrection...
Twg (NV)
Good! I hope along with the prison sentence, Mr. Head is required to go through some kind of de-programming, because the MAGA crowd is a cult if ever there was one. The sentences should be severe for those who committed acts of violence on January 6th. Yet, I don't think Mr. Fanone and his fellow officers from that day will feel too much peace until those in elevated positions of authority, including Donald Trump, are held fully accountable for inciting an insurrection: an act of sedition.
Jason Galbraith (Las Cruces, New Mexico)
As a prosecutor who swore his first oath to the Constitution sometime before taking that job, I don't know if it would be worse to see these men's sentences commuted because a Republican President was elected next time, or to see them get full pardons because no Republican President was elected until after their sentences were fully served.
Brad (Missouri)
I live in a state that reminds me daily that racism and nationalism (and/or fascism) is alive and well. These sentences are a slap on the hand given that their aim was to STOP the legal transfer of power of our government. Yes, they are foot soldiers, but it takes these commoners to put and keep their leaders in power. Each should get 20 years min with zero parole. Government officials, like Trump, Hawley, Green, et al, should get LIFE with no parole. We are talking about the very FOUNDATION, the CORE of our Democracy. It deserves to be protected with as much force and consequences deemed possible for god's sake...
CA Reader (California)
Mr. Head deserves every minute of his sentence, and rightfully Judge Jackson should have heeded the recommendation of the prosecutor and sentenced him to the full 96 months. Even to read about the barbarity of Head's actions is nauseating in the extreme. It is miraculous that Officer Fanone survived that hideous assault. Many others, including the "big fish" who were active behind the scenes, must be indicted, tried and punished. We are really teetering on the brink here.
Allen (US)
I’m glad that the assault on the US Congress and Capitol is being investigated and prosecuted. I’m glad that this assault and battery against a police officer was investigated and prosecuted. I hope that all assaults against police officers will be investigated and prosecuted. I have no hope that all the assaults, physical violence and threats against police officers in the 2020 anti police protests will ever be investigated and prosecuted.
Rapscallion (DC)
@Allen That's weird, since protesters across the US were arrested and convicted for far less than assaulting police officers. If you were genuinely concerned, I would have expected you to actually keep an eye on those court cases.
Richard (Nashville)
Just okay ... why not 96 months instead of 90 months? My problem with all this is that the leadership who orchestrated the whole idea, and unleashed that mob on our capitol building, to injure the Capitol Police officers and disrupt a sitting session of the Congress, are still walking around free. And not only that ... they don't even seem concerned about being held accountable for their actions. Justice is not being done here, folks. We demand full accountability.
M E R (NY/Berkshires)
I have listened to Officer Fannones testimony & 3 or 4 interviews from his book tour. I am relieved a serious sentence was given. It is infuriating that similar sentences for the rest of the criminals have not been forthcoming. I hope the courts will stop taking political sides & just rule on the crimes committed. Beating up on the police should not be taken lightly.
SMB (Savannah)
Good. We need Justice as a country, and so do the victims. A violent insurrection that sounds 140 police officers courageously protecting the seat of government is as bad as ISIS or other terrorists. To the police who fought the barbaric Trump mob for hours that day, thank you for your service.
Eugene Gorrin (Union, NJ)
Well said. And yes, per the article 96 months was the maximum sentence. I too would have preferred that Judge Jackson sentenced Mr. Head the 96 max rather than the 90 months he received.
Matilda (Maine)
Mr. Fanone is one outstanding human being, he did his duty trying to protect US Capitol building, and all the elected officials. I certainly hope justice is done to all who followed a false pretense spread by Trump, and those who tried to overturn the election results. Many silent Republicans, and inner circle members of Trump's delegation have done nothing, continuing to spread all the lies that the election was stolen. Attorney General Barr and others told Trump there was no evidence of a stolen election. Mr. Fanone is a national hero in my book! I wish him the very best!
bob yates (malibu ca)
A feel-good story to start my weekend. Thank you, Judge Jackson.
Mike B (KC)
Trump is going to pardon them anyway. Won't matter a bit how long you give them.
Bwspmn (North America)
I think that, if you asked “them”, they would tell you it matters to them. Sitting in Federal prison waiting for a pardon that may never come is not a slap on the wrist.
Mary Hilton (Norway ME)
@Mike B How can Trump pardon them if he never runs again. I personally don't believe he will. Time will tell.
dlb (washington, d.c.)
@Mike B Private citizens don't have pardon power.
Robert Pryor (NY)
Why did Judge Jackson give him 90 months when the prosecutors recommended 96 months? Was 96 months the maximum sentence he could have received? The nature of this crime was so appealing that Mr. Head, should have received the maximum sentence allowed. Mr. Fanone will suffer for the rest of his life from the injuries inflicted on him on January 6, and Donald Trump is as guilty as Mr. Head for Fanone's injuries. I do hope that Fanone and the other injured police, receive just compensation from civil case against Trump and his foot soldiers that are in process.
Mary Hilton (Norway ME)
@Robert Pryor It's called the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and it determines the length of sentence based on many factors. But the prosecutor's recommendation is almost always the primary basis.
Warfield Hayward (Keene NH)
@Robert Pryor Agree with you completely. Fanone was simply doing his job and he faced a life threatening situation. He will likely have PTSD for the rest of his life. Head will be out in what 3 years. They should have special sentencing for these folks. 10 year mandatory with no chance of early release. Those are the most sacred buildings in NA and we do not exist as a country if our fairly elected officials can't conduct the business of the people. Trump duped these people and he needs his own special mandatory sentence too.
Camille (NYC)
@Robert Pryor I think that giving a sentence which is less than recommended by prosecutors makes it more likely that the sentence will be upheld on appeal.
CityTrucker (San Francisco)
Giving meaningful sentences for assault is well and good. But every single one of the rioters should have also faced charges of sedition and obstructing the work of Congress. Any sentence of less than 20 years is a slap on the wrist. And the 'leaders' from trump to Hawley, should be facing 60 years, like the Puerto Ricans who attacked the House in 1954.
Warfield Hayward (Keene NH)
@CityTrucker Agree 100%. 20 years to life is even better.
Pat Pickren (Florida)
Why aren’t all the attackers who injured people being charged with attempted murder or at least given 20 years for these atrocities? I think it’s because people are afraid of these crazies, from the jurors all the way up to the judges. I know the politicians are afraid of them. These terrorists need to be the ones who are afraid - not the good and decent people of this country.
Steve (Charlotte NC)
@Pat Pickren I'm not afraid of the cowardly terrorists. I've lived a good life and am proud to be an American. Evil shall not prevail.
East Coast (USA)
Mr. Head gets 90 months in prison to stew over his foolish action while Trump and his enablers remain free and continue to spread the lies. Mr. Head's life is essentially over.
@East Coast The irony is that all Trump does is talk...he is a coward just like these followers. He can't face failure or the truth. All he has is a cadre of lawyers who get paid or not to defend the in defensible. And this should be a warning to the rest of the Republican liars like Taylor Greene who now wants to target American Corporations which saw the light and stopped giving to their Party. Who do they think they are...that they can brow beat people to contribute to them. The lowest I have ever known.
Weav3 (Northern CA)
@East Coast, ‘Foolish’ actions? ‘Appalling, cruel, seditious, violent, and despicable’ better describe Head’s behavior. And that of all those who incited him.
Rick (s.w. florida)
The more apropos and new and improved Right Wing mob shout out: "Lock Us Up! Lock us up! Lock us up! . . .
Andy (San Francisco)
WHAT!? A consequence? A sentence that’s not a tiny slap on a wrist? A few thousand more like this, including Mr Coup himself, Mr. anti-Democracy, Dictator Trump, and I’ll be happy.
Lyle Ross (Houston)
This is an opportunity for the Dems. Here's how the GOP works. They talk their base into rioting and it is their base that pays the price. Trump and the Republicans who called for this will never pay a price.
Eric (L.A.)
you're right. it should be commercial
Shy Hamlet (Florida)
@Lyle Ross Sorry, you confusing an opportunity for the Dems, based on logic and reason. The Trump base does not do logic and reason, they only do emotion, one in particular, hate.
Kathy (SF)
The Republicans are users. They use their base, they use tragedies, they use fetuses by pretending to care about them so they can oppress women. They use, abuse, discard. Let's discard them for a change. Let them earn a living instead of using their constituents' money to play on social media like neglected and disturbed teenagers.
Aaron (San Francisco)
Every single major sentence that gets handed down to a commoner for January 6th while Trump not only remains free, but is about to formally run for President again, is an indictment of the DOJ and of the system as a whole. It is simply outrageous that Trump hasn’t been charged.
miles aweigh (Eugene Oregon)
@Aaron The DOJ will not indict him before the election. There are several cases being built (too slowly for many of us) ongoing. I believe he will be charged, for what, we will have to wait to see.
Linda Camacho (Virgin Islands)
@Aaron Wait for it. Ot's coming, and it's going to be simply grand!
cynthia (Florida)
@Aaron I think he will be charged shortly after the November election .
Max Meyerling (California)
With good behavior Federal prisoners serve 85% of their sentence... so Head will serve about 76.5 months in prison for his offence if he behaves while in custody. It seems to me that if justice were truly served, Head would have been sentenced to 20 years, not a measly 7 and a half years. Those who want to play up to a lynch mob by doing what Head did should be severely punished. Head's punishment should be such as to be a warning to others with similar inclinations. I realize that the sentence for the offense was restricted by law....the law should be amended when it comes to violent acts against police protecting our Capitol and our Legislature or congressional members and employees similarly situated. Head was engaged in insurrection and sedition in addition to being a showboat buffoon for a mob.
Jim (Citizen of The World)
@Max Meyerling While I agree with your sentiments, 7 years in a federal prison is no walk in the park, since they won't be serving their time at club fed, where people like Bernie Madoff spent his time. If I were the judge, I'd would've given him well beyond what the plea agreement was since judges aren't bound by them. If I were the judge I'd take that 85 percent into account and go right up to the stautory limit. When sentencing these defendants who attempted to overthrow the government by force. Because their imprisonment won't end after they get out, it will be very hard for them to find a job, and rightfully so. With any luck, they'll run onto some federal prisoners who don't appreciate democracy being attacked, and will meat out their own brand of justice. I too belive that judges in these cases shouldn't be lenient, or show mercy, since none of these rioters were willing to do the same.
Rapscallion (DC)
@Max Meyerling There is no such thing as parole in the federal system, so I have no idea where you got these made-up numbers.
Warfield Hayward (Keene NH)
@Max Meyerling Very nice to see I'm not alone in my disgust with what needs to happen. Yes, longer mandatory sentences for Head and Trump would be great. Agree 100%.
Steve Kennedy (Deer Park, Texas)
Good to see some degree of accountability, but we need to move beyond the foot soldiers to the inciters: "The president’s [6Jan] speech was riddled with violent imagery and calls to fight harder than before. By contrast, he made only a passing suggestion that the protest should be nonviolent ... " (NYTimes, 12Jan2021)
Peter (San Francisco)
I am glad Mr. Head is going to prison. When will prosecutors convict the Big Fish, the one who instigated it all? Will Trump do time someday for his crimes?
Richard Donahue (Boston)
@Peter Trump will never do time and the convictions of the rioters are collateral damage for Mr. Trump that he will ameliorate if elected. A sad but true scenario.
Pete (Florida)
Mr. Head was taking orders from Trump. Please note this story when people say Jan 6 was not a big deal. I've never heard of this until today. These sentences help everyone understand Jan 6 was a big problem.
Fed up American (Uvalde, Texas)
"But they were just peacefully protesting." How many times has one read or heard that line describing these barbaric U.S. citizens? I cannot see any person who still follows Trump or waves his gross MAGA flag as American. The word 'traitor' comes to mind. I don't like them. I don't trust them. And it's disgusting the way grown people (many way past their 50's) worship and idolize such an immoral man. I'm happy to hear these two "peaceful protesters" are getting served with justice. Now they'll have plenty of time to fantasize about their 'Dear Leader' and maybe even write him a few letters asking for commissary money.
J Kirkwood (pgh)
well said. so true
EMiller (Kingston, NY)
And I would venture that this person who assaulted Officer Fanone is an avid supporter of Blue Lives Matter.
Rusty (WV)
@EMiller it appears he has been supporting them, with job security; multiple arrests for dui, domestic assault, weapons charge, drugs.....
cynthia (Florida)
@EMiller Probably has a sticker on his bumper.
Jim (Citizen of The World)
@EMiller, Not only is he probably a supporter of cops, but he probably believes that crime is rampant. Which it red states.
mike mcnally (somers point, NJ)
Good and everyone who assaulted a police officer deserves the max sentence and no plea deals
Jim (Citizen of The World)
@Mike McNally, Here's the thing with plea deals, judges aren't bound to them, they could literally pick up the plea deal from their bench and rip it into pieces just before sentencing the defendant to the maximum time in a federal prison.
Sjsocon (VA)
Every day now, we see that our Judges and the Democrats are fighting FOR Truth and Democracy; but the Republicans in Congress, are fighting FOR TRUMP and lying to win offices by continuing to tell lies about 2020 results to the voters. How did we get here? Where do we go from here? The exception to the Judges who are fighting the good fight for Truth, is Clarence Thomas. He keeps pretending Jan 6th and that Trump tried to overturn the election with help from some Republicans in Congress ,and that fake elector plan, including help from his Thomas' wife, didn't happen.
Lish Howard (Northampton, PA)
This is the first sentence which seems proportionate to the crime. The naysayers, the peaceful protest rally crowd, cannot deny that this never happened at a BLM protest nor that, if it had, they wouldn't be howling for the defendant's hide.
GeritheGreek (Louisville, KY)
Not really proportionate. Not at all.
John (San Francisco)
@Lish Howard It's nowhere near long enough. Once Head is out of prison, he'll be able to lead a normal life. Ofc. Fanone will never be able to lead a normal life again. I'd like 20 years to life, with parole eligibility after 20.
Peace Corp Volunteer (NH)
“The dark shadow of tyranny unfortunately has not gone away,” she said. “Some people are directing their vitriol at Officer Fanone and not at the people who summoned the mob in the first place.” When that day happens, I want to see Honorary Officer Fanone cuff 'em.
Carol M (Los Angeles)
Still not enough, but at least make him serve every day of the sentence. I don’t care what kind of an angel he is in prison, he committed a horrible crime against another human being, and he committed a crime against our country. Whether that one was adjudicated or metaphorical, it happened.
Hans Hageman (Moorestown, NJ)
Hopefully he will serve his time in one of those Arpaio-style prisons that conservatives love so much.
Elizabeth (Chicago)
Capital Police are Blue too…so Back the Blue should have held in their case.
Lyle Ross (Houston)
@Elizabeth, wait, we actually think they believe in back the blue? No, they support police beating up people. That is, people who don't look like them.
akephalos (Los Angeles)
@Elizabeth true but we're talking about ignorant, selfish hypocrites with a Christian's victim mentality so logic goes out the window.
Desert guy (The Desert)
Yet the planner and instigator of the entire thing, Trump, still walks free, holding rallies for other insurrectionists who will soon retake power in Congress. We are finished.
Dee (NH)
Desert Guy, think positive. Trump’s day is coming. You or I may not see it, but he will be punished, either by the JOD or by God. You can count on it. Ol' Larry Litigious, no matter how hard he tries, no matter how many times he or his people whine that there is a 'witch hunt' against him, no matter how many people support his 'the election was stolen from me' rhetoric, he will go down.
Jim (Citizen of The World)
@Dee, I would agree, it may not be for the January 6th attack, but it will certainly be for the theft and hiding of classified documents to which there is no justification for him having.
Richard (Nashville)
@Dee Perhaps, but my problem with relying on God's punishment is that I don't get to see Donald Trump suffer. Something that I want very badly.
Cookie (Orlando)
Should have been more! We can never let this happen again.
Abdul (San Diego, CA)
Should have gotten the maximum.
Peggy (Arizona)
Eternal thanks to Mr. Fanone & Judge Jackson for doing what they can to uphold our country's norms.
John McDermott (Grand Island, Ne)
A very well-deserved sentence and kudos to the judge for eloquently expressing how law-abiding Americans view this whole dastardly assault on our democracy.
lewtoo (ne ohio)
should a got the max-
scm (CA)
Keep the sentences coming!
JanH (NYC)
We didn't start the fire (Poland)
Light sentence for a traitor.
MSP (minneapolis)
May he rot in prison.
GeritheGreek (Louisville, KY)
Would that he were going to.
Michael Patlin (Thousand Oaks , CA)
Throw the key away
Steve Epstein (Folsom, CA)
That’s pretty weak justice.
Joe McNally (Connecticut, USA)
Thank goodness. And even still, so many members of Congress, who officers like Michael Fanone strove to protect, side with the violent rabble and curry favor at the ballot box with seditious, half-brained, so called "patriots." Gutless pandering to the mob.
Paul (Colorado)
I hope Mr. Fanone is OK.
Steven H. (Spain)
@Paul, you know, I’m not sure Mr.Fanone will ever be okay.
PPKG (Va.)
@Paul Get his book - in audio format, if you can. It's read by Fanone, himself.
Nikon Agreed Buttons (NYC)
Seemingly “regular people” committing violence… They deserve prison “Mr. Young had admitted to using a strobe light to disorient the police and then to grabbing Mr. Fanone’s wrist, restraining him as he was set upon by the mob.” Yikes…
joe (Binghamton NY)
7 year sentence seems very light for someone assaulting a Police officer. If this was happened anywhere else where someone dragged and severely assaulted a Police officer, this traitor would seen lot longer prison time.
John (San Francisco)
@joe The federal system is a joke. In most cities, you get a longer sentence for assaulting a bus driver.
Sailfish (FL)
@joe Michael Fanone had a heart attack and a concussion after being shocked with a stun gun and badly beaten by the pro-Trump mob. And then Trump claimed the rioters were actually “hugging and kissing” police!
Sandy (BC, Canada)
@John I'm more interested in seeing justice done, as based on the individual circumstances, when anyone is assaulted... whether a public sector worker, private sector worker, business owner, unemployed, homeless etc... rather than basing sentencing on a hierarchy of job category. Personally, I too would support a longer sentence here. But keep in mind that a bus driver is trapped in a confined space. They don't carry weapons. Unprovoked assault is always wrong. Judges must weigh all factors. Cheers.
Paul W. (Green Bay, WI)
Good! Grease up, Albuquerque! When Trumpers vote, this is who they support. Remember that, ctizens.
MediaMogul (NYC)
No parole for these clowns. They have to serve the full term
Michael Patlin (Thousand Oaks , CA)
No payroll on Fed sentences . You do it all.
polymath (British Columbia)
Michael Patlin — that may be, but there is a rule that allows up to 54 days off for good behaviour per year of a federal sentence.
LTR (New York State)
what is the rationale for referring to these traitors as "rioters" rather than "insurrectionists"?
Jack (Southfields)
Honestly if these treasonous people had a darker skin tone they would be getting 25 year sentences.
Martin c (California)
@Jack Someone with a darker skin tone probably wouldn't have survived.
cynthia (Florida)
@Jack Or they'd been shot on site .
Ann-Louise Howard (Montreal)
Having seen Mr. Fanone in many interviews, I have been struck by his steadfast commitment to his truth despite the gaslighting he (and America) has been subjected to. I have also been struck by the apparent toll this clash of “realities” has taken on him. I hope this clear ruling and long sentence bring him a measure of peace.
cynthia (Florida)
@Ann-Louise Howard He's eloquent as well.
Letty (Texas)
@cynthia , He’s quite articulate.
l'historienne (northern california)
@Ann-Louise Howard i hope he sues!!
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