How Mike Lindell’s Pillow Business Propels the Election Denial Movement

Oct 27, 2022 · 217 comments
Stacy Harris (Nashville)
I keep telling myself that I remain proud to be a native Minnesotan.
Kevin (Chicago)
As a true believer in Gods word,i am very disappointed in Lindell.God can fight his own battles.Give God the glory and not you.Atheists,i am not aiming this discussion to you,just to Christians making fools of themselves. Don't discuss your conversion and keep God out of this mockery.Please!
RAC (Florida)
This publication gives these people way too much attention.
Barbara (Queens)
@RAC It's a public service to let people know what their money will be funding when they purchase My Pillow products.
Margeliez (USA)
What I’m still dying to know is are they good pillows? Would like a review. is Lindell personally wealthy? Where does the money reservoir come from? where do My Pillow customers put their pillows at night? I’d imagine these people have so many My Pillow pillows on their beds that there’s no room to lie down.
RS (Midwest)
MAGA types sleep better at night thanks to the My Pillow guy! He has a great corporate model of woke=broke and I bet he like me even lets his employee's off January 6 for insurrection day.
Mitchell myrin (Bridgehampton)
I feel sorry for the guy. Too many years as a crack addict can seriously damage your brain. His is clearly damaged.
skeptic (The high mountains of New Jersey)
Is anyone surprised that a grifter like Lindell supports the former president, one of the biggest grifters in the presently known universe?
Commentator (Sydney)
Suffice to say, MrPillow's in bed with Trump
DK Webster (North Carolina)
And the grift goes on . . .
Kenton (San Francisco, CA)
Is anyone else sick of rich men and their pet projects, conspiracy theories, and thinly masked grievances? Besides MyPillow Mike we have Peter Thiel and Elon Musk and Kanye West. If there was ever an argument for a 90% tax rate on the super rich, this article about this insane huckster would be it.
shy (western desert)
Whatever else, DO NOT BURN these pillows. Air pollution -- even more than Mikey's blarney itself. ONLY DISPOSE OF IN CERTIFIED SOLID WASTE TOXIC MATERIAL REPOSITORIES.
George (Chicago)
Are these Conservative PAC's buying his pillows to keep him afloat? They've done the same with DJTJ book to make the NYT best seller list as well as another book that recently came out.
Lisa M (Hartsdale, NY)
Mike Lindell has been promising for nearly two years now that he has incontrovertible proof that election 2020 was stolen from TFG. He shows up at rallies, appears on Jimmy Kimmel, each and every time breathlessly promising that he’s gonna share this proof with the American people. And then…nothing. Why? Because there is no proof, and the election was not stolen. There's another thing with this election business that no one ever talks about but is huge... These elections were all on the same ballot. So the whole idea of "the election is rigged" is ridiculous... Which one? Biden won in 2020 and Trump and all his followers said it was fake. Well, what about the 15 house seats the Republicans picked up. I don’t hear those “victors” claiming that, well, we actually lost, folks. Trump and his ilk are like petulant children who whine and say they’re not gonna play anymore if they lose. They’re the ones who turn over the game board before sulking all the way home.
mm (usa)
We dropped Pandora entirely because they carried My Pillow advertisements. You don't get to pump Trump into our ears.
Charles (Los Angeles)
I have accounts at several of the department stores mentioned in the article. They will all become inactive.
Matthew K (Los Angeles)
And I'm guessing these expenditures are being called "advertising expenses" on MyPillow's tax returns.
Bruce Ambrose (New Haven, Ct)
So many claims of "proof" that have never been produced. Shouting lies from roof tops do make them true.
Midwest Josh (Four Days From Saginaw)
Sounds like Fox News needs My Pillow's ad dollars just to stay on air.
HapinOregon (Southwest Corner of Oregon)
Yet another reason NOT to watch Fox, except, maybe, depending on the match up, football. Or the World Series...
jimerson (Seattle)
I was at an Ace Hardware store a few years back and noticed a "My Pillow" display near the registers. I looked at the checker, she met my eye. "We know," she said. I went back a few weeks later. No mo' My Pillow. I don't care about this guy's politics. I do care that he's trying to take away everyone else's rights by telling outright lies, and I hope he will eventually pay the price for his treachery, one way or another. He still hasn't come forward with that evidence he keeps saying he has and keeps promising to reveal. Instead, he's changed his core business from pillows to peddling an anti-election conspiracy scam, holding events and and charging his marks admission, while failing to produce what he promises, day after day. Bad business, all around.
I think Mike Lindell is a fringe conspiracy nut, but I bought a MyPillow for $20 and it has done wonders for my neck pain.
Paul Eckstein (Colorado springs)
election denial; Hillary's emails, it's all the same. a rallying cry around nothing from the party that had nothing to offer
Bodyman (Santa Cruz, Ca)
There is an impersonator named James Adomian, who regularly appears on Jimmy Kimmel's show, who perfectly captures the blithering idiocy that is Lindell. He's got Lindell's look and sound down perfectly. When Dominion finishes suing him and collecting the Court ordered settlement, he won't have a lot left.
Mark Whalen (California)
McDonald's has sold more burgers than mike has sold pillows. Neither are worth much.
Stephen (Sacramento)
Mike evidently needs to be remined that "thou shall not bear false witness."
Andy Marx (Beverly Hills)
I'm not sure what is worse -- his pillows or his politics!
Susan Weinberg (Montana)
I have boycotted Hobby Lobby ever since that SCOTUS ruled in favor of their company’s CEO. But on occasion I’ll go inside and “case the joint”. Prominently displayed near the registers are Mr. Pillow’s autobiography “From Crack To CEO” amidst other “inspirational” religiously themed books. Hobby Lobby still has no scanners at their registers, because the company still believes bar codes are the “mark of the beast” of biblical fame, despite the fact that the trope has evolved into something else over time from bar codes to vaccine “chipping”. Guys like Lindell and HL’s CEO Green traffic in religio/political conspiracy theories because they know their marks well.
Maxine Vandate (USA)
Mike Lindell started small by resorting to fraudulent advertising. This got him revocation of his Better Business Bureau accreditation: It also got Lindell a $1 million fine in California: The Truth in Advertising organization has a catalog of Lindell's sins:"MyPillow" Lindell also tried to sell oleandrin, claiming it was a 'miracle cure' for COVID. Oleandrin was or is made by a Phoenix Biotechnology, a company in which Lindell has a financial stake. Not only is it not a cure, but oleandrin is toxic. With this impressive start in mendacity, it's no surprise that Mike Lindell transitioned smoothly into a Liars For Trump role.
Barbara (Myrtle Beach)
Despite Bannon and Lindell's claims that voting machines were hacked in 2020, the fact is that most if not all voting machines are not hackable. They are not connected to the internet. Procedures in my state require that each machine read "0" at the start of the day and a reading must be taken at the end of the day. The machines that count ballots are separate from the machines that produce them. In another state where I lived a few years ago, paper ballot were completed and then tallied by a machine where they were deposited. Again, no hacking was possible because they were not linked to the internet. That said, Mr. Lindell seems to discount his pillows so often that he should be investigated for fraud, as the true price of the pillow is far lower than his "list" price. My friends and I would never buy one, even if they were very high quality, because we won't fund the Lie.
lotus_65 (MPLS)
I know many businesses use cheap labor to produce their products. I just thought NYT readers would be interested in knowing that the pillows that built the business during it's biggest growth were sewn in prison labor shops here in Minnesota (and maybe others). Yep, made in the USA! The guys made 50¢ to $1.50/hour. But not many would make it to the top tier because due to overcrowding, once you achieved top pay, the MNDOC would ship you to do a year in county jail to help relieve said issue. As an aside, once you were in county, you'd likely spend much of the money you made sewing pillows because Ramen noodles and other snacks were prohibitively expensive. Meanwhile the MNDOC raked the remaining pay from the mandatory minimum wage in as "housing reimbursement." Clever business model for sure.
Maxine Vandate (USA)
@Barbara It depends what you mean by hacking. The machines are not proof against the people working with them if they decide to be dishonest. Lindell has been investigated and fined for fraudulent advertising, both because of misrepresenting discounts and because of unjustified health claims for his pillows.
Lynne Lehmer (Shipshewana, IN)
Good for you. I liked your comment.
LA Carlson (St. Paul)
He's an embarrassment to the state of Minnesota; would never buy his product.
Maxine Vandate (USA)
@LA Carlson I believe he claims he no longer lives in Minnesota. If so, the state is all the better for it.
Footballlion (New York)
No different from the President he supported; exploiting their national news forum to promote their own products and greed. Sounds like a run for office is in the works for this carnival barker too.
John (Noisy end of HMB airport, CA)
If there was ever a better indicator for the mentality/ignorance (feigned or real)/downright-nasty actions of Trump-enablers/radical-Christians/white-privledged people than this I'd like to hear it.
Astrid De Clercq (Antwerp, Belgium)
His verbal delivery sounds like baby talk.
Ms. Pea (Seattle)
Who is buying all those pillows and what do they do with them? Lindell supporters must have closets full of them. I only replace pillows about every two years, but he sells enough that people must be buying new ones every week. How does he sell enough pillows to pay for the millions of dollars of advertising every month? It's crazy to me when I read about his pillow empire. Supporters must have dozens of them.
jwally (wisconsin)
@Ms. Pea After reading this article, those are the questions that occur to you? Wow.
Charles (Los Angeles)
@Ms. Pea Those pillows are not very good and are uncomfortable.
Lawrence (Washington D.C.)
Will the Bureau of Prisons allow him to supply some of his fellow travelers pillows in their new abodes? Will Mike need bedding there as well? Do Trump facilities use Mike's pillows? Does Mike expect to be Sec. of Commerce if the junta retakes Washington?
Carol (Nebraska)
I'd sleep on a brick before I'd give this shyster a penny for one of his pillows. He and trump and made from the same cloth.
Vince Carter (Washington, DC)
Another huckster taking the uninformed peoples' money and laughing all the way to the bank. My Pillow is the modern version of "The Music Man." But I don't think Mike will find his moral compass anytime soon.
The End Is Where We Start From (Little Gidding)
Show me a Trump enabler that isn’t in it to make a buck!
Dan-O (CA)
That's a lot of advertising dollars. I would think that he'd run out of customers after a while. How many alt-right conspircy theorist people need pillows? Especially if, as he says, his pillows last 10 years. I guess that if you're a conspiracy theorist believer there doesn't seem to be a better pillow to lay your head upon, sweet dreams. My dreams are with Dominion.
William (Atlanta)
Donald Trump said before the 2016 election if he lost it would be because the democrats cheated. Even though he won he still said they cheated. He said he didn't win an Emmy because of cheating. He was the only president never to reach 50 percent approval rating and he was losing to a generic democrat the entire time he was president. He was down by 10 points to Joe Biden before the election yet these people think he won? He has produced no credible evidence of democrats cheating. Trump is a narcissist and a liar. This is the guy who used to put fake man of the year awards on his wall. That's who he is. How can these people not see it?
Jim K (Upstate NY)
"Joe Schmieg, MyPillow’s vice president for sales and marketing, said the company’s executives targeted podcasts popular with Christian audiences and conservative women in their 40s and 50s." Christian nationalists lay their weary heads on a MyPillow. You gotta wonder, just what is in that shredded foam filler material?
Maxine Vandate (USA)
@Jim K The important thing is that the pillows are white.
Casserole (Missouri)
@Jim K At this point, I'm thinking tin foil.
Tom Boxler (Alturas, California)
Agree..............a genuine huckster!! I turn him off every chance I get!!
Ned Jacobson (Nashville)
Outlandish claims! Outrageous lies! Total fabrications! And I’m just talking about the pillows!
Blackwater (Seattle)
Let's say you made a fortune in business selling a product that someone should smother you with. You are not satisfied, since when has anyone known of a rich person who was satisfied? You crave attention, like most people crave air. What else do people crave? (Not rich people; the other people.) They want to get mad at something. How can you leverage your extravagant wealth into a machine that spews nonsense that makes people mad and generates attention for you? Of course! Inane conspiracy theories! Sell zillions of pillows. (Maybe with hypnotic oils impregnated in the material to lull their senses...) Promote moronic theories that the masses will glom onto -- the stupider theories the better. Traverse the country appearing in public to whip them into a frenzy. They buy more pillows, which finances more idiotic theories which only idiots believe, and you get more attention. Which still doesn't satisfy you.
Mary jordison (Tucson)
The same wackos crying constantly about inflation and gas prices will literally flush their money down the MAGA toilet.
RG (Massachusetts)
Who buys this crap? I don’t mean Lindell’s disinformation, I mean his crappy pillows. Seriously.
AKJersey (New Jersey)
Mike Lindell and Donald Trump are both dangerous insurrectionists, trying to overthrow the government of the United States. Both should be prosecuted and imprisoned to the full extent of the law.
Mark Whitney (San Diego)
Say what you will — 'FBI' as a promo code is smart and funny.
Catherine Cross Uehara (California)
Those pillows can’t be non-toxic.
JFH (Keller, TX)
How much of Lindell's political activities is he deducting on his business' tax returns? Other taxpayers shouldn't be subsidizing his personal views.
Maggs (Twin Cities, MN)
The Mypillow store at the Mall of America was gone last time I visited. Not sure when it closed. But even when it was still open, I never saw customers in there - just one lonely guy behind a counter. (And this is when there was plenty of people shopping elsewhere at the mall.) There are still a few other stores around, but business can't be that good if they closed the MoA store. Maybe the whole operation is a front for something.
deepharbor (nh)
@Maggs Putin has to launder money to overthrow the Constitution and this seems to be one of his ways.
Steve (Vermont)
People, all of us, like stability in society. Trump, and his supporters like Lindell, promise to "Make America Great Again", to return us to a more stable time in history. What they deny is the fact that change in every society is inevitable, for better or worse. Biden has one vision of change, Trump another, and people are choosing sides, expressing these feelings in the only way they feel is open to them.
Humulus Lupulus (Hazy, IPA)
As a general rule, business owners spend money on their own interests. Lindell is among those who saw an opportunity, created by Donald Trump, to increase his wealth and business activity by tapping into a large demographic. That demographic has shown they are a market, they are not a movement for Lindell and others to stoke. The folks pushing the Big Lie are an informal chamber of commerce, building up support for a like-minded group. In a similar manner, many businesses monetize patriotism, veterans and their "Christian" faith. I now see our great American flag not as a symbol of freedom and of the great nation we are, but as signaling. Those folks who need to make sure others know they are "patriotic Americans" fly, wear and sell the flag, similar in my mind to those who flew and still fly the Confederate flag. There is no merit badge for patriotism, and no American is more American than any other American. Lindell and the other business owners who provide financial support to Trump and his tribes know what every dollar they spend is worth to themselves and their business. There is nothing moral about what they do, the same when democratic businesses and groups contribute to is a financial decision based on self-interest.
Fred white (Baltimore)
Lindell's always been a clownish carnival barker for his absurd pillows for suckers. No wonder he has latched onto the greatest huckster in our history, Trump, and ridden that connection all the way to the bank. These guys were made for each other in schlock TV heaven.
Paul (Earth)
Really, there are people in this country that buy into this insanity? We are lost.
Paul (Earth)
It should be noted that without the forced subsidization of fox by the cable and streaming services fox would not be a viable business. The service providers charge every subscriber $2 a month to carry fox, the highest rate in the industry. If you subscribe you have no choice. Contact your server and demand they stop forcing you to subsidize fox.
Larry (Left Chicago’s High Taxes)
The left has politicized pillows. Unbelievable!
The End Is Where We Start From (Little Gidding)
@ Larry Um. I’d say it was the My Pillow Guy who politicized pillows, and he did it to make a profit off of people like you.
jwgibbs (Cleveland, Ohio)
My God! Are there really that many gullible, uninformed, downright stupid people in the United States of America?
joes1960 (Commack NY)
@jwgibbs ....yes
Margo Channing (Nw York)
@jwgibbs Yes, yes there are that many and more.
PhilfromCa (USA)
Apparently yes.
Todd Howell (Orlando)
I’m glad Mr Pillow is doing well financially. That will help Dominion recover handsomely and still provide Mike with a little money for the snack machine in jail. I hear everyone loves those pillowy honey buns.
Fred Smith (Antarctica)
"In 2022, nearly two-thirds of all advertising minutes on BardsFM have been dedicated to MyPillow" Wow. This sounds like hell on earth!
Evidencedbased (Decisionmaking)
Crap pillows. Lies that tear apart democracy and fuel hate wrapped in fake Christianity. What a wonderful legacy.
Brian Hogan (Philadelphia)
Election denial is bad, but I think that lying on behalf of war-making is worse. Please stop it.
AJR (Oakland)
I would never buy one of his pillows, but just hearing about it has created severe sleep disruption and fatigue due to apnea and insomnia for myself.
Bill S. (Fort Lauderdale)
Anyone in my orbit who discloses doing business with a direct enabler of the insurrectionist former president and or his acolytes is anathema to me forever. Including relatives.
Mike (Peoria, AZ)
Wife bought some towels from Lindell; in the box was a book he allegedly wrote about how he transformed himself from a crack addict to a CEO. His photo on the cover shows a crucifix hanging outside his shirt. He's using the usual GOP playbook of pandering to evangelicals, thus I've no doubt Lindell is going to run for office; that's where huge grift can be found and he's a born grifter.
magicisnotreal (earth)
@Mike That picture is supposed to be taken by his drug dealer when he was still using. He pulled the "I was so bad off my drug dealers refused to sell to me" line!
Nan Socolow (West Palm Beach, FL)
Isn't it amazing that anyone can believe that the 2020 election was stolen from former president Trump! Election deniers, such as the Pillow Guy Mike Lindell (and TFG himself), are in the big business of selling snake oil to the American people.
Larry (Left Chicago’s High Taxes)
@Nan Socolow Hillary is already claiming the 2024 election to be stolen. Democrats swear the 2000, 2004, and 2016 elections were stolen
Margo Channing (Nw York)
@Nan Socolow And sadly so many of them are eagerly lining up to be taken by two of the best grifters around. Go figure.
Karin (Florida)
I'm a registered, bleeding-heart democrat, horrified by what this guy is perpetrating, but, I have a little problem: I love my MyPillow. I bought 2 of them way before Mr. Lindell became THAT guy. I'd really like to get another one or two... I envision a big ol' box on my doorstep with MY PILLOW emblazoned all over it... Sigh....what to do, what to do...
@Karin Don't do it! There are many fantastic pillows on the market. Do the research - check out Consumer Reports for the best ones.
Mike (Nevada)
@Karin their are waaay better pillows out there. Try a goose down filled pillow, pillow guy will have nothing like this in stock. His are made out of shredded rubber.
Jules (California)
@Karin Keep looking. There are other great pillows out there.
northlander (Michigan)
“Killing me softly” in other words.
Jerry Davenport (NY)
Guess Lindel wants to be the Soros of the right. It’s going to be tough matching Soros’s progressives cloud.
Dan (SLC, UT)
If the Dems would embrace an E-Verify national mandate, they could own the immigration issue and it would make the calls for a very expensive and ineffective wall moot. The senselessness of unlimited illegal immigration needs to be stemmed. We need the world's brightest here, not the cheapest labor. That alone would show those who have struggled economically that they are being treated fairly. And a loss sense of fairness is what is driving people's support of hucksters like Trump and Lindell. And I'm sorry, but if you take student loans, you should have to pay the back. Why should a kid who didn't go to college have to subsize someone who did? It's really the worst incentive. Allowing them to restructure their debt to something more affordable would be much prudent and FAIR. The GOP has pushed lies and conspiracies for 40 years. They lost their audience to the ones who want to act on these lies. We need commonsense solutions, not absolutes from both parties. That means compromise. Something a lot of people today find unpalatable. God help us all.
magicisnotreal (earth)
@Dan E-verify has been the national standard since the 1996. There is no unlimited immigration and we are having a labor shortage.
magicisnotreal (earth)
@Dan As for the school loans it was set up as a loan shark scam specifically prohibiting the lendee from taking or having any legal remedy to get out from under it to include bankruptcy. No matter what you have to pay and interest (The Vig) accumulates every day.
Gary J (Missouri)
Guessing the low wage employers don’t want e verify
Reconciler (Redondo Beach, CA)
Aren't there laws to prevent claiming advertising costs as tax deductions when the advertising is political?
Jerry Davenport (NY)
Good point but Lindel does not push politics in his tv advertisements as far as I know.
MDM (Akron, OH)
Hoping that the voting machine law suits take every dime he has.
@MDM Me too!!
WM Fessler (Vancouver, WA)
Looking forward to Dominion completing their legal action against the former crack and gambling addict. He will quiet down when he is bankrupt.
CA John (Grass Valley, CA)
What is intelligence? And how does it relate to us? A simple, but fair definition is the ability to take in data and use that data to ensure survivability. A deer running through woods gathers input through its senses and using that input to avoid tripping or running into trees. That is intelligence. Now suppose this deer were able to ignore the input, to ignore the truth? Suppose it could say, that tree isn't there? It might end up slamming into it, and killing itself. That is not intelligence. So we can say ignoring facts is not intelligence, it is the opposite. Mr. Pillow speaks for himself when he denies the truth.
Joe Siano (Darien, CT)
As Anderson Cooper once asked Lindell (in all seriousness), "How do you sleep at night?"
Marian (Montville)
Lindell has a right to state his opinion. He is also entitled to support any philosophy or political party, with the money he made. It would well serve our democracy, if the FBI or any government agency that took away his cellphone, that also serves as his business computer, gave us an explanation of what he did to deserve that. What action on his part was deemed illegal? Let’s hope that the object off this action was not to intimidate others to stop stating their controversial beliefs. Right or wrong, is beside the point in a free country.
Steve (Ithaca, NY)
@Marian - I think there are many adults in America that have a child s understanding of of what freedom and free speech really are. A badly behaved child at that.
SN (Ellicott City, MD)
@Marian The FBI must present rationale for a crime(s) they are investigating to a judge when getting a warrant to confiscate someone's phone. Divulging these details publicly may undermine their investigation. The FBI weren't the ones to announce confiscation of his phone; Mr. Lindell chose to publicize that information.
Bill Biggerstaff (NC)
The last thing the Trump party wants is for this country to remain free. That's why it has disciples like Lindell roaming across it.
Van Wyck Wilson (Santa Fe, NM)
Mr. Lindell can be given credit for his entrepreneurial skills. But it is difficult to understand how anyone would give him credibility given his bizarre assertions and behaviour, even if he supported the Democrats instead of the Republicans. And from various reports his pillow products are less than stellar.
Arthur L. Kirkland (United States)
I saw a large pile of My Pillows at an Ollie's discount store, priced at $9.99, the other day. Being a culture war casualty has consequences.
Rachel (MA)
@Arthur L. Kirkland Yep, and at Ocean State Job Lots stores, at least in the northeast. They can't give them away even with their "crazy deals"!
Brian B (Nashville Indiana)
Hard to trust the opinions of any businessman, especially when the nature of his products is built around sleeping on the job.
Texan (Fort Wayne)
I can’t believe how easily people can be fooled to purchase stuff!
Dave The Magnificent (Here and there)
At least his annoying commercials are no longer playing on the channels I actually watch.
Kakistocrat (Iowa)
Over one billion dollars of "free speech" have flowed into republican campaigns. Of course, we are not allowed to know who is speaking so loudly. WHAT they say, however, is abundantly clear - democracy is dead. The billionaires now simply own our country outright. Lindell is at least out front with his sedition, and, is living proof that it takes no brains to buy a country, just money.
Maxb (California)
Mike learned well from his prior life, he continues to be a manipulator to get what he wants. I think he colors his hair to look younger, part of the total facade. His pillow like Mike are empty, the really good ones have down, foam, a filling that supports. Snake oil salesman for sure.
Tabula Rasa (Monterey Bay)
Supposedly runs the business from a Cell Phone. While going door to door on a fools errand.
WPC (Essex Fells, NJ)
I bought a dog pillow from the online retailer Chewy not realizing it was a My Pillow product. I was ashamed when my son noticed the tag and called me out on it. Be careful when you buy pillows from any retailer so you do not help support this traitor.
Meryl g (Nyc)
@WPC Why not go one step further. I didn’t know that Chewy sells MyPillow. I will verify, and if this is correct, tell Chewy that they are losing me (and my dog) as customers for this reason.
Blake (Oakland)
I wonder what percentage Lindell pays Trump to be part of this sick game show.
RD (Houston)
A future Edward GIBBON (author of THE HISTORY OF THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE - published: 1777 - 1789) will cite this as one of the causes when that person writes THE HISTORY OF THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.
magicisnotreal (earth)
@RD Not really. The problems started with Brown v Board of Education. Racists really do hate that ruling and they have never stopped trying to destroy us ever since. They've only become more organized and in control of more of our government than most realise.
old fella (Utica, NY)
@RD I'm now writing "The Decline and Fall of the American Empire." The chapters will parallel Gibbon's chapters. Jan. 6, 2021 will line up with 406 AD. The election of 2024 will parallel 476 AD. After that the Ostrogoths, the Franks, the Normans, the Vandals, the Visigoths. Just you wait and see.....
Kay Bee (Upstate NY)
I'd put my head down on a rock before I slept with one of his pillows.
KenA (Hawaii)
"a rectangle of shredded foam" That explains a lot, and aptly describes the individual brains of the people who idolize him.
George Tyrebyter (Flyover Country)
They say "get Woke, go broke". Well, the counter is "Go Trump, get dump". Mike is in process of being dumped. He's completely confused about the events of 2020, and I won't buy anything from him.
PLMM (California)
This man is a huckster and snake oil salesman who has done more damage to democracy by spreading lies…BTW those pillows are junk.
John Brown (Washington D.C.)
@PLMM Let's be honest, the pillows are great. Say what you want about the man. Goya beans are great too.
Bodyman (Santa Cruz, Ca)
@John Brown...Great? Great for what? Certainly not sleeping. It's basically just a pile of foam rubber in a cloth bag. Give me a goose down feather pillow any day.
Kevin (Colorado)
I feel sorry for the people who buy his products because of ideology, they are only a group wedding away from what the late Reverend Moon once pitched
George Drastic (San Luis Obispo, CA)
I would rather sleep on a rock.
Lou B (Republican-land)
@George Drastic You might as well... there s not much of a difference
Margo Channing (Nw York)
@George Drastic My parents bought two of these things years ago they lasted less than a day and were sadly thrown in the trash.
Steve (NH)
Oh Lord, what has become of this nation? :-(
The Big Lie is now the foundation of the new GOP and lies in the political world lead to fascism as if all elections are frauds why have them just appoint a strongman as supreme leader for life , someone like Trump.
air (Denver)
It amazes me that these millionaires and billionaires are marketing themselves as victims, who are being silenced. With their money and power, they can buy whatever advertising they want, and they do. And the ignorant herd buys their products to "support" these false narratives, believing that these "heroes" are fighting for the common man. That's the pitch, "I'm doing this all for you." Martyrs with ever growing bank accounts. What a grift.
Lauren (Chicago)
How do I know this is a real pillow?
KenA (Hawaii)
@Lauren @PLMM If his fans want a pile of formaldehyde-emitting foam costing $50 .... to lay their heads on for 10 hrs each night - who are we to judge?
Joanne (Canada)
For your neighbours in the north, this man is beyond disturbing, never mind the falsehoods he continues to peddle. Beneath it all is the apparent gullibility of many Americans to believe--without proof--these lies. Does no one look beyond these outlandish claims? What happened to proof? The frenzy of claims has developed a life of its own, misconceptions and outright fabrications buttressing the next round of falsehoods. People seek out those who support what they believe...and then believe that sheer numbers must validate their claims. We appear to be witnessing the descent and destruction of America. Our hope is for logic, reason, and belief in facts to ultimately overcome this aberrration.
RLG (Simsbury, CT)
@Joanne At least you get to observe these many gullible Americans from a distance. Imagine being stuck in the midst of them. Makes it difficult to sleep on My Pillow or anyone else's.
Dan (Southwestern, Ut)
@Joanne My country is in a self destruct mode that it may never be able to stop let alone reverse. The Democrats, “radical left”, has been pilloried by many carnival barkers who ignore their methods are much more harmful to our free and fair elections. Lindell, Bannon, Dinesh D’Souza, Trump and his family and many more will be more of a cause for the experiment in democracy to completely fail. And for some in the party of Trump the failure would be welcomed as a reason to elevate him to supreme leader would be the result of their actions. As I look at the politics of our northern neighbor I realize you too have issues with politics. The western provinces against the “elitist”eastern provinces, Quebec against the English speakers, and at times the adverse comments toward your PM. But nothing in Canada can compare to the putrid politics in the U.S. So, when my country fails perhaps Canada can truly win the War of 1812 and adopt my country.
Phyliss Dalmatian (Wichita Ks, Homosassa Fl)
Absolutely no sympathy here. It’s not like he wasn’t warned. The first rule of Trump: HE poisons everyone, and everything, he touches. The second rule: ignore that at your peril. NO one escapes his curse, and wrath. Seriously.
Another Michigander (MICHIGAN)
I suspect we will never be able to separate Lindell from Trump, MyPillow, Election Denial, and Dominion Voting... (I guess we can add Fox News, lies, and grift to that list). When the Dominion verdict comes in ... we'll whistle at the amount (as we did with Alex Jones), and simply make another pot of coffee.
Milton Lewis (Toronto Ontario)
Mr.Lindell may be a marketing genius. Trump has seventy million plus loyal voters and pillow users. This is a substantial market place. Bigger than Canada and Australia combined. Buying a pillow is like a vote for Trump. That is a pile of pillows. And dollars.
RLG (Simsbury, CT)
Only in America could a snake oil salesman turn a presidential election into a promotional campaign for a 20 dollar bag of shredded foam.
S.L. (Briarcliff Manor, NY)
@RLG -Only in America could what was once a respected doctor, turn Dr. Oz into a snake oil salesman who is running for Senate in a PA where is bought a house temporarily because he actually lives in NJ with his snake oil saleswoman wife.
Randy (SF, NM)
I can't help but be amused that Fox viewers are buying Lindell's cheaply made bedding and resting their heads on lumpy sacks of foam scraps sold by an irrational, unstable liar in order to show support for their "team."
Deirdre (New Jersey)
Dominion is going to win their suit against the liar Mike Lindell. They are going to win big. It’s one thing to pick on a politician who can’t sue you- it’s quite another to lie about a company that can. MIke Lindell is going to lose bigly along with Sidney Powell, Alex Jones, and Fox News.
Pillow Advocate (Minnesota)
The individual holding the sign upside down says all you need to know about the types of people who support these charlatan hucksters. It’s really sad that pillows have entered the world of partisan politics. For the record I have slept using a mypillow pillow, it was cheap and poorly constructed much like the talk coming out of Mr. Lindell’s mouth. Please take my word for it… I’m a pillow advocate.
KenA (Hawaii)
@Pillow Advocate You used one of his pillows? .... how was it to lay your head on formaldehyde-emitting chunks of foam for hours? I use cotton pillows, and launder them often - sometimes putting them out in full sun. Someone should take a magnifying glass to, and chemical gas-emitting reading of Lindell's pillows.
Keith Elrod (Atlanta)
I sure wish you people would get off the “election denier” kick. A person who thinks the election was stolen is no big deal. Its their opinion and nothing more. The fact that he and others believe the election results were not up and up have literally had NO affect on my life. Oh lordy I remember the screaming that Bush won thanks to thr SC and it really was Gore. It seems Hilary still thinks Trump won because of some Russia interference. And right here in my state Stacey Abrams still believes she’s the one who should be living in the Governor’s Mansion. Who on earth cares and why is it only a problem when it’s Republicans disputing election results. Give it a rest.
magicisnotreal (earth)
@Keith Elrod You are missing the story. They are taking action based on this lie. Changing laws and rules to take away voting rights and to make it so that it doesn't matter what the vote is these republican legislators are empowering republican civil servants to throw out the vote and decide what the out come is supposed to be. Even if they weren't it is a problem of enormous proportions that hundreds of thousands of people are deluded, angry and looking for "justice" for that delusion.
George S (New York, NY)
I find it interesting, and yet another example of sheer political hypocrisy, that the Republicans who angrily chant "go woke, go broke" and want to punish businesses, from Disney to Delta Airlines to Coke to, well, you get the idea, for daring to express political views or to "challenge" edicts from people like Ron DeSantis, cheer on this huckster. Far from just opining on issues, Lindell has actively engaged in touting the false election myths - but that's apparently okay as it's the "correct" position. Sickening.
Ron (outwest)
With enough money criminals and criminal behavior is set aside but we all know that Lindell's support for X#45 was based upon money. The biblical phrase, "Money is the root of all evil" is pertinent here and we see all manifestations in X#45 and Lindell. But, a lie is still a lie and all of X#45's claims are resting upon one thing proof the election was stolen -- even his political aspirations.
GrandMa (MN)
He needs to rework the 12 steps. He is a frightening embarrassment to Minnesota.
Ken (St. Louis)
MyPillow Lindell seems to be confused about more than just sensible politics. Consider, for instance, his suit and tie. Shouldn't their colors be reversed: the suit being red and the tie being, well, anything but blue? In any case, the best thing this nuisance can do for the rest of us is to immediately start using his product in pursuit of beating Rip Van Winkle's all-time sleep record. Our airwaves would thank -- as Eric Trumpty says -- "the MyPillow guy."
Anonymous (NYC)
Suddenly anyone that’s given a microphone is an expert!! That’s exactly what’s happening with Mike Lindell as well as all of these podcast hosts. They spew untruths and people are buying into what they are saying. They should be held accountable and monitored by the FCC just as the regular broadcast channels as the world of podcasting is akin to the Wild West..anything goes. Mike Lindell is a dangerous example of what money, an inflated ego, a big stage and a microphone can do!
Adam Stoler (Bronx Urban Warrior)
Oligarchs eliminate public education substitute for profit failed institutes Teaching thinking much less critical thinking Aka the dumbing down of America Is well on its way Frightening
Howard Herman (Skokie, Illinois)
If only Mike Lindell knew how Donald Trump and his family laugh at and mock him behind his back for supporting such lies and garbage about the past presidential election. And spending $40 million to promote these lies and garbage? Who are his business and investment advisers that go along with this nonsense? I would suggest that Mr. Lindell start spending some of this $40 million on some medical care for himself to try to bring him back to reality but he appears that he is beyond saving. Just another example of the hold that Donald Trump has on many of his supporters. And this keeps Mr. Trump relevant and still laughing on the way to his bank.
weiowans (ia)
He also has an advertising company which he seemed to hawk to the Trump campaign according to Michael Bender's book.
Dan (Southwestern, Ut)
I watched Lindell’s and others actions in supporting the attempts TFG was exploring-and using-to remain in power. For many their reputations and associations were soiled when their support of fringe ideas was revealed-martial law, military seizure of ballots and tabulating machines, fraudulent forwarding of “alternate” electors. Then Lindell went one step further-he sacrificed the good will of his company to support his beliefs that TFG was cheated along with supporting and promoting means to usurp the will of the people-one being martial law. In the sacrifice of his company I watched his product, which was a good product, removed from the retailers swiftly. I thought that was harsh-but fitting. Many will state Lindell was exercising free speech-which in some respects is true. But, to actively support a “coup” is questionable as to that freedom of speech, akin to the yelling fire in a crowded theater. Many state we who refuse to purchase his products and retailers who also refuse his products are hurting his U.S. based workers. Perhaps so. But actions do have consequences.
magicisnotreal (earth)
@Dan free speech is not an unlimited right. Sowing sedition is specifically named as a crime in the founding documents.
David Bible (Houston)
Right Wing wealthy, besides the Pillow Guy, are also involved. For some reason a billionaire sees fit to spend millions of dollars to get the America that billionaire personally envision. Authoritarianism, small government, no regulation, theocracy, oligarchy, as long as they rule and the rest of us make do.
I do not need to patronize My Pillow to find a good pillow. Seem like Mr. Lindell is a talented marketer and makes decent products. Yet he seems so unhinged clinging to his mantra of election fraud. I've seen a handful of reports of voter fraud from all parties but have to agree with the former cybersecurity chief and even the former attorney general; there was no large scale voter fraud in 2020! The outcome fairly represented the decision of eligible voters. Recall one of the 1/6 rioters screaming into a camera, "What do you expect us to do?" The answer is simple, go home and organize. Overall, it is sad and disturbing that so many fellow citizens have lost their ability to distinguish between huckstering, pandering and demagoguery and facts.
DR (Toronto)
This article is the tip of the iceberg and a good conversation starter for those seeking a deeper understanding of the intent of certain Americans to create a Christian nation using tactics and commentary similar to that of oppressive regimes in Iran and other theocratic governments. I never knew about until today and forced myself to listen to the august 22nd podcast. Listening made me better understand the disconnect and dissolution of civil conversation now happening between many Americans.
Mike (Phoenix)
Profiteers never change. Lindell saw an opportunity to shill more of his products via the MAGA road. He did so. Now he reaps the consequences.
Tom (San Diego)
1. Send money to Trump. 2. Buy a few more pillows. 3. Give to the church. 4. Blame the government because I don't have any money left at the end of the month.
Olivia (NYC)
@Tom Biden is to blame for people not having money to feed their kids, pay rent and buy gas.
J casmina (NYC)
How is this company still in business???
ABC (Flushing)
@J casmina Simple: They offer what people want. Democrats do not — and this is why voters are not voting Democrat. I voted for Biden b/c he’s not Trump. With Trump gone, I will not support endless liberal ideas nobody thought through (defund the police, open borders, my life doesn’t matter, decriminalizing to fool people into thinking Dems lowered crime, coddling criminals, men in sports competing as women, unlimited taxpayer paid freebies for invading the country and breaking the laws, criminal photo only shown if white and more).
Tamara (Cincinnati)
“Every dollar you spend at MyPillow helps fund Mike Lindell’s efforts for this nation,” Mr. Kesterson said on his podcast in September. And right there is the reason why I will never, ever purchase this man’s products. I have no interest in helping others destroy my country.
Donna M. Darboli (California)
Our Democracy is on its heels thanks in large part to a former addict fabulist hawking bags of foam. America is all grift all the way down.
Kibi (New York)
Can’t believe anyone likes MyPillow. Can’t believe I once bought one. Like sleeping on popcorn.
zula fricks (world headquarters)
Having a lot of money may allow a person to spout skewed views, but it does not raise the intellectual level or critical thinking ability. This is frightening to say the least.
firlfriend (usa)
This man is a snake oil salesman. Period. Full stop.
Eddie Torial (State of Mind)
I threw mine away.
Climatechangeclimatechange (City)
Reminds me of Ivana selling bracelets - and promoted by kelleann. Illegal. Ya can’t sell your corporation stuff during a political rally. Plain and simple law there.
Sean F. (Oregon)
The GOP will succeed where the Confederate South could not, and end the American experiment. Forget about China and Putin - the conservative movement is our most vicious enemy.
RLG (Simsbury, CT)
@Sean F. Richard Haass, retiring head of the Council on Foreign Relations, said exactly the same thing.
Counter Measures (Old Borough Park, NY)
@Sean F. These Republicans are not conservatives! They are insurrectionists!
Renee M (CA)
Mike Pillow is just another right-wing grifter. Sadly, there are tens of millions of marks out there begging to be separated from their money.
Lou B (Republican-land)
@Renee M As PT Barnum once famously said: "there's one born every minute"
Joyce Lee (Boston, MA)
How can anyone take this man seriously? He is without shame. Toping that off he's cozy to the former president and we know all about him. I would not buy toothpicks from this man.
pb (calif)
Republicans have probably bought tens of thousands of cheap pillows to subsidize Lindell. They all ended up in the landfill.
Mike L (South Carolina)
It really is sad & pathetic that this accidental entrepreneur can cause so much trouble for democracy. Just another snake oil salesmen selling lies & deceit.
Jack (Berkeley)
Wow, am I really the first one to comment? Big responsibility. Hope I don't blow it. My thought questions are: What if Mike Lindell completely changed his tune and told his election denying budget pillow enthusiasts that in fact Donal Trump did lose and that the conspiracies that he has been peddling are baseless? How quickly would his star vanish? Or does he have the type of connection to these folks that many of them may use it as an excuse to stop pretending to believe the lies too? (I think a lot of people just pretend to believe) Could Mike Lindell actually help if he got the gumption to do the right thing? How can we convince him? I'd buy a pillow maybe two (if there was a discount). And I always wanted a reason to skim "From Crackhead to CEO." Maybe option that into a movie? I think Mike would like that. Pillow craftspeople keep their jobs. Democracy saved. Would have been a choice Burt Reynolds role. RIP. Maybe Cruise is free?
NeuVu (California)
People should not buy Lindell's pillows which aren't special but are overpriced. Vote with your pocketbook and stop funding this whacko.
Park Bench (Washington DC)
Those pillows were actually a good choice for my guest rooms. Reasonable prices, no allergy problems, machine washable, guests enjoyed them. Anyone who hated them were transferring their political prejudices to perfectly good products. It made no real difference until the flying monkeys started attacking Lindell personally. None of my overnight guests ever cared.
Eddie Lama (Nyc)
Mr. Lindell has been sleeping on his dreamy pillows too long it has sent him to LaLa land And never came back
Dave k (Florida)
Never will I understand the anti-American actions of his ilk.
Ed Callahan (Whitestown IN)
I’ll never forgive them.
Phil (Atlanta)
Republicans, American Conservatives, and Evangelicals have one single core value that trumps all other values: money. Honesty, integrity, ethics, learning, helping others, Democracy, and anything and everything else take a back seat to their one core value.
MDM (Akron, OH)
@Phil All the while claiming to be Christian, nothing they do or say has anything to do with the teachings of Christ. Jesus would want nothing to do with any of them.
Pat Baker (Boston)
I owned these products 10 years ago and liked them, but I won’t buy them again and contribute even a penny to this man.
Justwonderin (Seattle, WA)
Who would have ever believed that using God, hatred of the FBI, fairy tales claiming rigged voting machines and love of trump, would sell millions of pillows? The GOP has been selling hollow promises for decades, now they are throwing in a pillow, because the promises aren't selling quite as well by themselves. Of all the ploys utilized by the GOP to win public office, the most odious, and certainly the most dangerous has to be their spreading of hatred for our U.S. government. For decades it was the Federal Government in general, but the hate has been expanded over the past few decades to zero in on the IRS, and now they are demonizing the FBI. Makes you wonder what's next?
Kevinlarson (Ottawa Canada)
A further example of the damaging consequences of the SCOTUS decision on Citizens United. With that decision SCOTUS officially ushered in oligarchic rule.
acacias (nyc)
I really liked that pillow. I threw it out though because I couldn't stand sleeping on something that guy made.
S.L. (Briarcliff Manor, NY)
Trump used the presidency to enrich the coffers of his failing businesses. Lindell saw an opportunity to get business too. With no expenses except traveling to an event, he gets to advertise to a bunch of like-minded people who will rush out to support him. This is just another marketing ploy.
indyVoter (pangaea)
As an independent voter, I appreciate this story, but I think it should go further into the recent history of alleged fraud. From the 30 house democrats who refused to certify the election when John Kerry lost his bid for the presidency. From Al Gore and Stacy Abrams to Hillary Clinton's insistence that fraud has been committed. Yeah, politicians are funny that way.
weiowans (ia)
@indyVoter Hillary Clinton did not claim fraud, she claimed election interference by foreign countries, which was proven true.
Margo Channing (Nw York)
@indyVoter Not for anything but Gore and Clinton accepted the results publicly. All of this could have been avoided had someone said to TFG when he was about 4 the word "NO". Alas they did not hence The Big Lie and the minions who believe him. He did in fact Lose.
John Davis (Austin TX)
Thanks, NYT, for listing the stores that carry his pillows. Nobody hates another for the good things they do - in this case, I’m assuming his pillows are an honest deal - but it’s hard to respect someone who needs to sew distrust and straight-up lies. Is this vainglory the motivation for his pillow business success? Maybe not so much about the quality of your sleep, but more focused on the fear and anger of your waking hours. Resulting in less sleep?
tom (midwest)
it will be interesting to see how far his delusions take him and whether he can continue to con customers as well.
David Cary Hart (North Bay Village, FL)
Mr. Lindell continues to promote his baseless conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, over nearly two years since the 2020 election, Lindell has offered not a scrap of evidence to support his claims. In an attempt to divert attention from the absence of evidence, Lindell has claimed that this conspiracy theories ARE evidence. His is a self-serving enterprise. I can find no difference between Mr. Lindell and Alex Jones. Both men are cynics who generate revenues through the promotion of baseless conspiracy theories. Lindell is no angel. He is not a victim. Lindell has had various problems with state regulators since well before the 2020 election, and consumers' reviews of his pillows have never been very good. This article suggests that Lindell lost the big-box stores because of his politics. I am inclined to believe that the pillows do not sell well in retail environments where people get to touch the things and where they can easily return the puffs for a refund after a sleepless night.
Gitchigumi (Michigan)
@David Cary Hart That's the actual problem with the far right. All you need do is say it and they will believe it. Proof isn't necessary.
Maani Rantel (New York)
Mr. Lindell is the perfect addition to the Trump train: a huckster who has defrauded millions of people with his business practices. Mr. Lindell and MyPillow have a long history of false advertising, bogus claims and lawsuits. He has held himself out as a "sleep expert" (which he is not); he was forced to pay back consumers over $1 million for making medical claims about his products that were untrue; he had a bogus BOGO offer that led to another lawsuit; he was forced to pay over $1 million for failing to pay sales tax in NYS; and he lost his Better Business Bureau accreditation. Finally, in a move that I'm sure Mr. Trump finds utterly brilliant, Lindell claims that MyPillow is the "official pillow" of the "National Sleep Foundation." Except that Lindell is the founder and sole shareholder of the National Sleep Foundation, a (fraudulent?) not-for-profit. The only difference between Trump and Lindell is that people who send Trump their money get only a trinket in return.
weiowans (ia)
@Maani Rantel Exactly why Mr. Lindell finds himself a republican. Both men are con artists.
PLMM (California)
My parents, loyal Fox News viewer, got caught up in the bongo mess. Those ‘I;lows are cheaply made from foam that you can buy cheaply at you local store. They are horribly uncomfortable.
Wolf Bein (Yorba Linda)
Politics aside, Mr. Lindell is uniquely American. Think about it, someone selling pillows made from plastic (not goose down!) employs 1500 people, can afford to be a significant part of a major TV channel’s ad budget, and flies around in a private jet. Only in America!
Radical Roach (Dippleville)
@Wolf Bein And as an American he spews misinformation and lies about who actually won the 2020 election. What a country!?
RS (Midwest)
My pillow does have great sheets and pillows. I have not tried the slippers yet but I bet they're also comfy!
Randy (SF, NM)
@RS Buy some! Buy everything and send the rest of your money to Donald. He NEEDS it! For grins and giggles I looked at the reviews at the website. Lindell's customers remind me of obsessed tweens gushing over Taylor Swift.
Dan Rathernot (Vancouver, Canada)
I cannot imagine his business lasting much longer. The product is one that a typical person would only buy once. Anyone who has bought a foam chipped pillow, a product widely available at trade fairs, knows these pillows are no better than any other pillow, and frankly worse if you bought them to help with neck pain. The product is also widely sold by other retailers, as there is nothing special about it. The idea that “invented” something is pure marketing fiction. His campaign is about selling pillows and nothing else. If it wasn't, he wouldn't be yelling promo codes and offering deep discounts at Trump rallies. I will give him this though, he is very entertaining.
Len (Pennsylvania)
It's hard to watch Mike Lindell after seeing the actor who parodies him on Jimmy Kimmel. It is so spot on! I find it astonishing that there are millions of people in this country who think Lindell is a hero, who think he supports their "world view." that he is fighting to save the country. American Democracy is predicated on an informed and involved electorate. It will go out the window if people refuse to accept facts and, instead, would rather believe a conspiracy pipe dream, that Democrats eat babies, that Donald Trump will come down from a cloud and be whisked back into the White House before Joe Biden's term is up. Children engage in magical thinking. When we become adults we have to face certain realities. Lindell lives in a fantasy world. He is nothing more than a con man.
JimsFace (Los Angeles)
@Len I had to answer your comment, as you are so totally correct. I asked a prominent psychologist way back about people like him, but back then his was just an annoying commercial-I asked if someone goes through life, as a child, with all of the fantasies, and childhood dreams; if they scuttle all their relationships, live on others' money; and basically lie to themselves SO well, they truly believe it themselves (NPD) that folks like this might go through all of their lives, and pass on, without ever knowing what complete and utter morons they are, nor know of the millions they have possibly damaged in that process-he asked me what my question was... The question was (and this answer disturbed me greatly) if someone goes through to their last day on earth with these delusions, do they die happy...??? In preface he said, given those very popular circumstances you won't like this answer, but yes...they do. It is typically, he said a miracle or epiphany is the only thing that might awaken this sort of person (I had a relative, nay a few in fact, like this) is that kind of spiritual awakening, that are less than 1% of the NPD type personalities, that actually change... What we never understood until a few years ago, yes 2020 was that there are literally millions now, stuck in the same reality, a non-reality-so... So, the Meta idea of a virtual world (stolen from Second Life) is going to be successful, as more and more seek to "hide" from a reality, that they cannot avoid..
Beth (Newton, MA)
I would not normally respond to anything about Mike Lindell but since you saw fit to print this on the first page (online) I feel obliged to speak up. I ordered a pillow a few years ago before the Trump affiliation. NEVER again! To support in any way the evil that Trump has visited on this country seems to me the worst kind of complicity. I can understand differing about policy issues but I cannot forgive what Trump's has "reign" meant to the children of this country growing up learning that lying is good (the President lied constantly), the that respect for the office of the president and for the laws of the country is not foundational to their upbringing, etc, etc. The damage he has wrought will have implications that last far into the future if not forever. Mr. Lindell's pillows applaud this criminal behavior. That many choose to buy them leaves me bewildered and depressed.
rich (nj)
Thanks for the photo showing retailers that sell products from mike lindell. I will take my business elsewhere.
Margo Channing (Nw York)
@rich Many of those companies no longer sell his stuff.
Richard Goldstein (White Plains, NY)
Why sedition charges have not been brought against all and sundry is mystifying. Why funding a coup isn't illegal, when a potential voting irregularity might be, is even more peculiar.
Margo Channing (Nw York)
I once admired this man for starting up a business where everything was manufactured in this country. No longer, the man is deranged and quite dangerous. Hopefully his ongoing lawsuit with Dominion bankrupts him.
gARG (Carrborro, NC)
Disengaged in politics .... until he found "politics" was well aligned to his bigotry. Like so many others, he also likely found that a lack of knowledge was welcome, if not appreciated in this new right-wing "political" environment - so now he's engaged.
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